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The Line of Defense of tbe Alleged An-
ilior of the St , Lenis Mystery ,
Maxwell's ' Story Completely Be
fogs the Detectives ,
A Plot to Obtain tlio Insnrnnco on
Prellor'B L-tfo Wlmt Will ho
Proven on tlio Trial.
A prominent ex-officer of tbo United Stales
Bccrot service In San Francisco , Interviewed
Maxwell , the alleged murderer of 1'rcller la
St. Louis , nnd furnished the Globo-Democrnt
the following itory of tbo plot , nnd what tbo
prisoner proposes to provo nt Ills trial , Tbo
line of defense is practically that which the
insurance companies have nJoptcd in refus
ing to pay the largo polielos on Freller'a body.
The ofllcer , who spent several days m St. Louis
immediately after the ctlmo was discovered ,
and who know facts about the CASO which
have cover seen light , told Maxwell frankly
what ho know , and asked him to give him
the truth of the matter. In return , Max
well was evidently surprised at the facts
which the Bectot eervic J officer had discovered ,
The prisoner talked frankly and freely , giving
an outline of hts defense , but declining to
outer into many details. The story as given
by tbo ex- secret eervico officer is as follows ;
"I went to the city prison last night , " said
the officer , "with a certain idea about Max
well , find , although ha disappointed mo nt
first sight , after a short tnlk I tound him even
more clover than I anticipated. The detec
tive * say ho is a crank , nnd come nstuto re
porters put him down as n fool , and declare
him silly , and conceited and brainless. They
are nil oil the track , The man is exactly whnt
ho looks cunning , fertile lu resource , solf-
rellaut , witb great control over his features ,
and motions , a man who has been playing his
port over since he left St. Louis , and who has
never once betrayed his secret , oven whoa
aroused suddenly from sleep when approach
ing the harbor of Auckland and brought face
to fnci with the accusation of murdering his
frlond. When I first entered the prison ,
Maxwell was talking with n man who was
cominiisioned by n woman , who lives in this
city , to find out whether ho was a relative of a
kinsman of hera in Ulaggow.
"Ua\o you ever been in Glafgow ? " ho
" 'Oh , yes , " ' Maxwell replied.
' "Well , we jou a relative of the Brooks
family of Glasgow J' "
"You might as well understand that my
name Isn't Brooks , despite what the detectives
say. I haven't n relative in Glasgow that I
know of , and only a few distant cousins in
England. " '
"Alter him cama a pawn broker , who has
detective instincts , and who remarked , after
a creful study of the prisoner , that bo had
the fingers of a straugler. The plain fact is
that Maxwell has the hand of n woman , small ,
thin and delicate , with fingers oen shorter
th tn the average. After these and several
others had gone I secured what I desired an
undisturbed half hour with Maxwoll. When
I told him who I wan nnd what I know of the
case , bis manner changed at once ,
"IIo seemed to feel relief , and lighting n
Iresh cigarette , he said : 'You know enough
about this case to know there is a mystery
in it which has not yet came out. I will tell
you frankly that I didn't murder Freller ; that
Prollor is alive to-day , nnd proof of his exist
ence will be forthcoming by the time of my
trial. You can't blame mo for lying to these
people. Hero is n crowd of reporters , tome
of whom try to wheedle and others to bully
my secrets from me. Then comes detectives ,
and say this thing and that has boon dissev
ered , we bavo nil this circumstantial evidence
against you , what can you say to it ? Know
ing every fact in the case as I do , I know
that they are lying , or ore on an entirely
wrong scent , so I simply puzzle them more or
stuff them with new inventions. They bavo
all got ono theory , and they are trying to fit
facts to that theory , instead of making n
theory from the facts. They have boon
In here to-night with ceitam articles nnd have
said , 'You did this nt euch a place , ' when I
know very wiill that no such occurrence ever
happened. They bavo traced mo very well
mmy first visit to this city , because I made
no effort to caver my tracks , I used the
aamo name and the same disguise as a French
officer all through from the tlrnu I left St.
Louia to the time I boarded the Auckland
steamer and throughout the voyage. It
came into my mind ou the train _ bocaues the
people atked ma questions , and it was nmuee-
inept to mystify tnoai and tell them stories.
' 1 his was the origin of the French cuptnin and
all his exploits. It was simply a blind to
preserve my identity unexpected , and to al
low me to reach the cole-ale ? , which , I thought
conld be done baforn any of the news of the
St , Louis affair could roach them , I didn't
know that cable cjmmunicatious was BO per
fect , or that the news could possibly baeont
to Auckland before the steamer reached
there. "
"But what about the Ht Louis mystery ?
Cau't you give any dotallb1
" 'All I can give you is an outline , and that
is more than any one olio has got out of mo.
They brought in hero to-night Gen. Glunle , a
lawyer of this city , who offered to get out
habeas corpus pipers for me to-morrow , and
who was eager to go on to St. L' uis as my
counsel. lie may ba iqu re , but it wouldnc
do for me to trust a strnngfr with my secrets ,
No , I prefer to wait till I get to St , Louis he-
lore engaging counsel , Here is tbo gist of
the St. Loula mystery which has puzzled the
country for four months. 1' oiler nnd I were
old frienda , Wo came to Kniton together on
the steamer Cephalouia , We were constant
companions , and made arrangements to meet
in St. Louis , nt the Southern hotel , nnd there
to carry out a ichema which 1'rellur bad de
vised for getting Insumuca ou his life. Wo
met according to ogretynent. Wo were in
room 141 lu the hotel fur about nil the time
\va spent there , but , mind you Froller was at
the hotel only three days. Ho remained in
seclusion for the remainder of the mystery at
the Southern hotel , and be left St. Louis allvo
and well on the tame day that I started west.
That wasn't Preller'a body found in the
trunk nt the hotel , When the case comes up
for trial I shall have proof of whcro the body
found in the tiunk was procured , who it was
bought of , at what hour it was brought to the
hotel , atd til the details of the plot , I can
toll you now that the corpse was brought to
the hotel in a tiuuk lu broad daylight and
carried up to room 141. K.erytMup was ar
ranged to give color to the theory of sudden
tuurder and hasty flight. Nothing wat
omitted which I thouitht would add to this
misconception , My design was to get o'ear
out of the country before the body was dis
covered , and once in Australia I thought II
would bo eaiy to buiy my Identity iu the
Eatt Indies until things had been forgotten.
I will show you bow entirely I trusted
Preller , and how completely I wa bis assis
tant in this scheme , whenl tell you that 1
don't know to-day bow large an Insurance
he carried on hid life. I kuttw it wat for
li ? sum , aud gave my help in the enterprise
solely because he was an old friend and as
sociate. Where ho is , or what arrangements
I have for communication with him , of course
'tis out of tha question for me to toll , but
vou can rest assured of the accuracy of these
facts I have given you , and they will all bo
proven on trial , '
TUB raisoNrii's VOTAGK.
A peclal to tbe St. Louis Kipubllcan frou
San FranciBCo ghei tbe following account o
I'reller'e ocean trip : Alter the steamer wa
decked the waiter who had attended to Max
well's wants during the trip , and who , besides
"he clficerr , WM tbo only one who had any con-
Iderable opportunity for seeing and convers-
ng with the prisoner , was interviewed , First
ho rooms occupied Lby the patty were m-
pected. These were three staterooms on the
larboard lido of the saloon. In one Maxwell
was kept under the constant surveillance cf
eno or the other of the officers , who kept watch
and watch over him during the entire trip day
and night. Across n narrow passage
was the second stateroom where the
detective off duty slept. Ail-
oining this was a third room , which , for the
jca lon , was converted into n dining saloon
with n small table lashed by ropes to the floor.
Icro Maxwell took all hit meals , inasmuch as
bo saloon parsenger * had objected to his
iresonca nt tbe cabin table. While eating
he officers sat on cither side of the prisoner ,
nd the greatest care was exercised In nllow-
ng him to handle implements that might be
urned to fuicldal account.
"How did Maxwell conduct himself ! " was
iked the waiter.
"Ho acted in a circlets , seemingly light-
lOarlod manner all through the trip , showing
10 tfgn o omotiou until just ns bo wai taken
vor the tide ot the vessel to ba landed hero ,
? hen his lower lip quivered , hia face was very
> ale , nnd ho seemed to bo exercising A strong
( Tort at self-control , "
1 DM ho talk much ? "
"Ho was ready to convoreo nt any time ,
Ithough careful to avoid nil mention of the
rime for which he was arrested , "
Did ho acknowledge that his name was
"No he claimed that his '
; name was D'Aug-
or ; that bis father was n Froncbman , nnd his
mother an Irish R oinnn , "
"Did ho keep up his French accent nt nil
imot ? "
"Generally yes , though nt tinioi , in the
mldtt of conversation , he would seem to for-
ot himself and would lapse into as good
English ns you or I can speak. Several
lersons tried to get him to converse with
hem in French , but ho was unable to do
o. "
"How did he occupy himself through the
voyage ? "
"In novel-reading nnd cigarette-smoking ,
ihero was n good tupply of light roidine on
toard and he wai a steady reader. There
was hardly a moment when a cigarette was
not iu his mouth or in process of manufacture ,
is ho made all ho consumed , disdaining the
eady-mado article. "
"Uidhallioanyliquoi ? "
"All that he could get holdof. "
"How WBB his anuetitt ? "
"Good ; he ate hearty meals , nnd teemed
o enjoy everything that was furnished
him. ' '
How was his conversation , profane or
otherwise ? "
'He ' eeemed fond of telling smutty tiles ,
nit beyond n frequent ejaculation of 'God
) le83 mo , ' there was little said by him to ma
.hat could ba called profano. "
"Did ho take nny exorcise in the open
rtir ? "
'Not ' that I know of , although there were
many reports that ho wai teen on deck nt
night. Ho seemed to wish co remain ns secluded -
cludod as poisible "
"How did ho sleep ? "
"That was n peculiarity about him. Ho
slept mach of the time durlne the day and
"ay owako nt night. Ho was often seen when
IB thought no one was looking caretully ex
amining the bracelotB on hia wrists , aa if
tudying how they might bo removed. "
"Could he look any ono in the eye when
conversing with him ? "
"He could etnre dozen of
a men out counte
nance without n wink. "
"Hid Maxwell any money so far ns you
knew ? "
"Not a cent ; it WAS currently reported In
ew Xealand that he pjid all he had ( some
$125) ) to his lawyer , "
"What is your opinion of the man from
what you have seen of him ? "
"I think ho is a sneak ; ono who would pre-
end to be friendly until a good opportunity
occurred and then bo would stop nt nothing ,
even with his best friend. He has n peculiar
vay of studying people out of the corner of
lis oyq , when he thinks they nro not looking ,
which is decidedly unpleasant to the ono so
observed , "
"Did be ever express nny concern as to the
result of his trip ? "
"No ; he was shown a newspaper with an
iccount of the crime and how it was expected
o convict him , but he only gave a slight
augb and said be thought ho could explain it
all when tbe time came , "
NEW YOBK , Aug. 13. A dispatcn received
rom London at the office of the Wabaeh
company in thia city to-day announces that
at n meeting of Wabash bondholders to-day
, he following plan of reorganization was
manlmously adopted , with slight modiBca-
.ione :
1 Foreclose and reorganize under both
2 New company to issue debenture mort
gage bonds entitled to six per cent Interest ,
jut dependent upon the Income , and not ac
cumulative , of which $3,600,000 are to bo prc-
: mod bonds , to bavo voting privileges , the
whole amount of bonds to bo $30,000,000.
3 Into these bonds convert several mort-
gaga bonds of § 16,000,000 , nnd collateral trust
bonds of 50OCO.OOJ. Collateral trust bonds to
bo endorsed preferred bonds , $3,000,100. lie-
servo fur use of the new company , 5500 , ( JOO.
Keserve for stock nnd bond aubicriptlon ,
St.000.000. Total , S3J.OOO 000.
1 Preferred bonds issued for endorsed debt
to bo redeemable at the option of the company
after five years , or at any time within twenty
j'otre from date of mortgage ,
G - Issue now prerorred and common stock ,
share for share , for old stock , and offer the
aamo to the stockholders , who will subscribe
For the now bonds reserved for that purpose ,
and at the rata of SS.COper share for preferred
nnd SG.OO for common. The holder of 1UU
shares of preferred stock would thus receive
100 shares of now preferred stock , by uuh-
ictlblnc ; for S800 of the new bondd , and tbe
bolder of ICO shares of common would receive
109 shares of common stock by subscribing for
$ GOO in new bonds ,
0 Holders of new bonds to aubjcriba to tbo
reserved bonds to an amount not exceeding
two par cent of tha inr value nf the amount of
bouda Is-ued to them , M above Indicated ,
Tbe amount of new bonds to which thu sub
scription would apply is $22,000,010 ,
Two per cent on the amount will produce
7 Tha cith received from itack and bond
subscriptions will provide about $1,010 , 000 ns
follow * : 2'G,2G9 chares preferred at $8 , 81 ,
8)2,16'- ) . ' ; 277,380 shares common at SO , § 1,061-
SSO ; 825,500.000 new bonds nt two per cent
per ( bare , $510,000. Total , $1.010,432.
8 Now bonds or holders thereof agrea to
take pro rata all stock in default nnd pay tbo
subscription thereon , receiving therefor stock
nnd bonds appointed to such defaulting etocr.
A Senator on thu Blnnip ,
WACO , Tex. , August 13. United States
Senator Coke inaugurated tha anti-prohibi
tion campaign in McLennon county to-night.
Ho announced himself opposed to prohibition
because it was nn attack upon personal lib
erty ; declared It could only be enforced by in
quisitorial measures , incompatible witb par-
tonal liberty ; that the move was a politic *
one , aimed at and intended t > overthrow the
democratic party , an ] , as an enemy , mutt be
met aud vaniulsbed by the adherents of the
jiirty that has stood in defense of the per
sonal liberty of the people.
Anotlior lUilrofttl Pool ,
CiALVtsTON , Texae , August 13 The direc
tors of tha Gulf , Colorado & Santa Fa rail
way have ratified the pooling agrceinen
with the other Texas Hues entered Into yes
terday by President Set-ley. It It reliably
stated here that tbo term of tbe pool is fiv
years , Tbe sixty days vitbdrawing claui
was eliminated from the agreement with nr
understanding that all dlllaiences are to b
Arbitrated by outildo rallroiJs ,
U- .4/V.iL. .J
Daily Witnessed in the Sireels ol Span-
isli Cities ,
tying in Daytime and Buried at
Night Like Dogs ,
lore London Iicohory A Hatch ot
Interesting Telegrams from
Across tlio Ben.
PARIS , Augutt 13 , 'iho autumn ir.ameu-
era m the South France have been abandoned
n account of the prevalence of cholera.
MADRID , August 13. There wore 4,133 , new
nses of cholera reported throughout Spain
yesterday , nnd 1,033 deaths.
Them is great excitement in Seville over
ho government1 ! ! purpose to abolish the power
f the local authorities during the prevalence
f cholera , bjcauao of their inellioncy
and to itself assume direction of
ho city local affairs , The populace
are hostile to the doctors , nnd averse to in-
erenco in family matters , and strongly tup-
> ort the local authorities. Great crowds ns-
embled in all the public nlacts last evening
o discuss the situation , nnd the civil guard
vero called upon to disperse them.
PARIS , August 13. Koports from Mar-
eilles state the cholera received a fresh itn-
> etus from the extreme ) heat. The number
if now catcs is steadily increased , and the
lisoaso Is uuusually fatal on account of the
lent.MADIUD , August 13 The ravages of the
iholera in Granada are horrible. Scores of
'icttms ' drop and die in the street ; , whore in
tinny cases they remain for hours before they
.re . gathered up at night for n hurried nnd
inceremonlous burial in a common trench ,
? hirty-fivo now casts of cholera , thirty-ono
.oaths reported in this city to-day. In the
irovince outtldo of the city , seventy-fire new
ases , eighteen deaths. The director of pub
ic works , and the wife of another government
ulclal , succumbed to the disease. The
nuniclpal authorities have decided to de
molish the slums.
MARSEILLES , Aug. 13. Thirty-five deaths
n this city to-day. Tnirtcen patients were
admitted to the Pharo hospital , five of whom
ubsequently died ,
MALTA , August 13. A week's quarantine
ias boon decreed against arrivals from Gibral-
er , and it has been ordered that no passen-
: ers from any Spanish port or from any
French Mediterranean port shall bo allowed
o land hero at all.
MADRID , August 13 Some excitement was
created here by the report that Germany has
occupied Caroline Islandswhich were claimed
> y Spain.
LONDON , August 13. The Kugiieh Wobash
> end holders resolved to-day to institute pro
ceedings under the terms of the general and
collateral mortgage and appointed a purchas-
ng committee in which all property after
mrchaao shall ba vested , A scheme was then
> reposed the formation of a new corporation
ho payment of debenture with new bonds ,
LONDON , August 13. Mr. Francis , the
gentleman who yesterday flogged Mr. Pearce ,
nf the ship building firm ot John Elder &
Brothers , for the alleged betrayal of the for
mer's daughter , to-day instituted criminal
action against Pearca , Yesterday the latter
explained the difficulty to a reporter of the
. 'all Mall Gazette by aayint ? that the charao
of seduction was false , nnd
hat it was a case of blackmail
of a peculiarly bad kind. For this statement
frauds brines suit. Ho says ho thought
L'earce bad done him a wrong sufficiently
cruel in betraying his daughter under the
; uiso of friendship , without adding to the in-
'tilt ' of describing the family as blackmailers ,
Pearce is n rich conservative nnd bad been se-
ected by tbe tories to stand as their candidate
: or Glasgow in thh coming election , Francis
s n gentleman of reputable standing is society
and is a member of the government civil ser
vice , being an inspector of customs ,
ZANZIBAR , August 13 Tbe sultan of Zan
zibar was notified yesterday by Admiral
L'aschon , commanding the German fleet here ,
.hat unless be complied within twenty-four
lours with Germany's preliminary demands
soncernlng the possessions claimed lu Zanzibar
jy German subjects , friendly negotiations
would be dropped , The sultan making no
reply to this demand within the specified
imp , Putchon moved his squadron up in front
of the sultan's palace , and has taken a post-
.ion there It ii thought that this demon
stration will indues the sultan to accede to
jrermany'a demands ,
LONDON , August 13 The Duke of Uich-
rjond has been appointed eccrotary of state
or Scotland , with a seat in the- cabinet ,
Parliament , it Ii definitely announced , will ba
jroroBued to-morrow ,
PARIS , August 13 The chamber of com
merce eonta memorial to the government pro-
.esting against the pretension of Germany in
istumiDR possession of the port of Scguro and
Little Pope ou tbo west coaet of Africa , and
irgod the government to maintain the rights of
Franco a long that portion of Africa.
BERLIN , August 13. Emperor William
arrived at Potidam in excellent health.
PABIS , August 13 , A great number of
Jlermau spies ware dttcavered recently in dif-
'eront parts of Franco. It is reported that
.he government will order the expulsion from
French territory of all Germans who can be
iroven spies , or toasonably suspected to ba
HAURDBO. August 13. A prlvatn telegram
rom Zanzibar states that tbo dispute ba-
itveen tbe sultan and Germany hai been ad-
usted , and that tbo sultan admits Germany's
supremacy in the disputed territory , and
promises to withdraw ttiouca all Zanzibar
; roops ,
"CoNSANTINOI'LB , August 13. United States
Minister S , 8 , Cox hits convened a meeting of
the Ametloin residents of Constantinople for
next Saturday , to express condolence with
Mm , Grant over the death of her husband.
MADRID , Aug. 13. The seizure of tha Car
oline islands by Germany Is protested against
by Spain , which has ordered two war vessels
to proceed at once to the disputed ground.
BERLIN , Aug , 13 The report that Ger
many had occupied tha Carolina Islands is not
believed hera The Spachh government has
addressed n note on the subject to the Ger
man government.
BERLIN , August 13. Count Kilanoky ,
Austro-liungarian minister , tits submitted
to Prince Bismarck a plan of a commmercial
treaty between Auitna-Hungaria aud Ger
many , directed aganut all foreign countries ,
but leaving to etch of the two countries in
the compact independence in itj horua pojicy ,
It la believed the plan will not meet the views
of Prince Biimarck.
iTohn Iloach and tlio Government.
NEW YORK , August 13 , Mr. Vandoibilt
this morning received from Secretary Whit
ney an informal letter In which the eecrf tar ;
oUtoi that the government shlpi.would be fin
iehed in Reach's yards and with nen undo
us superintendence , nnd with suggestions and
itipervlslons of Messrs , Lowing nnd Wilson ,
The latter would meantime complete the inventories
vontorios nnd receive the appraisal of lloich'a
assets from the board of five , who will make
.ho appraisal. The schedule of assets nnd li
abilities made by Koach BTP in retdlnois , but
may posubly be held until tbo completion of
.ho government inventories , The two Invon-
.ories . will doubtless ba compared , nnd both
will be placed t the disposal of the board of
appraisal. _
WASHINGTON , August 13. Postmaster-Gen-
srnl Vllns loft Washington this morning for
ho west to take n vacation for three or four
weeks. IIo goes first to Chicago , thence prob
ably home.
WASHINGTON , Auguit 13. The following
s the list of army officers who have been
erving on detached duty , and who will bo
ompellod to join their regiments , in obudlonce
o Secretary Kndicott's recent order returning
Ificera who have been absent four years to
heir companies :
Cnpt. ,1. F. Gregory , corps of engineers ,
Cnpt. Clarence E. Dutton , ordnance de
First Lieutenant 0. B. BchoQeld , of Gen.
Schofiold'rt staff.
Firtt Lieutenant James Allen , of First
First Lieutenant A. W. Greoly , of First
First Lieutenant llobcrt T. Emmett , of
Ninth artillery.
First Lieutenant II. H , 0. Dumvoody , of
'ourth artillery.
First Lieutenant Hobert Craig , of Fourth
First Lieutenant Oscar F , Long , of Filth
Capt. W. M. Wherry , of Twenty-fourth
First Lieutenant Guy Howard , of Twelfth
nfantry ,
Capt , Gcorpe W. Davis , of Fourteenth
First Lieutenant Joseph A , Suowden , of
fourteenth infantiy.
Capt. Cyrus S. Roberts , of Seventeenth
Cape. J. S. Wharton , of Ninth infantry.
Capt G. S. L. Ward , of Twonty-second
Chaplain GcorgoG. Mullina , of Iwonty-
ifth infantry.
The postmaster general baa appointed Wm.
Dull Haynle , of BlnomiDgtou III , , chief clerk
.0 . First Assistant Postmnster General Sloven-
on , in place of James U. Marr , transferred
to nnothtr position. Mr. Hnynio is a lawyer ,
and is an intimate friend of Mr. Stavonson.
The acting comptroller of currency to-day
authorized the First National bank of Ab-
ngdon , HI. , to commence business with a
capital of 500,000.
The attorney general has decided that
lension agents are not entitled to a fen for
laying pension attorneys their dues. The
aw passed last winter fixing the compeusn-
.ion of pension ngents repeals the laws
previously in force , which allowed them a fee
of thirty cents in such caeca.
Second Comptroller May nard has disallowed
nn item of 831G in the accounts of Pay Direc-
; or Wallace for the purchase of one years'
supply of stationery for the use of the navy
yard at Noifolk , on tbe ground that every
safeguard provided by statute and by tbe
navy regulations relating to the purchase of
upplles in open market and in the event of
.rablic exigencies , appeared to have been
disregarded In this particular tranaaction.
Commodore Oscar ( J , Badger , recently
released from the command of the BOB-
.on navy yard , has been placed on the retired
The following is n technical description _ of
, he now Immediate delivery stamp : A line
engraved on steel , oblong in form , dimensions
one nnd three-sixteenths by one and evon-
sixteenths inches ; color dark blue ; design on
left , an arched panel , bearing the figure of n
mall messenger boy , on the run , and sur
mounted by tha words , "United States ; " on
; ha right an oblong tablet , ornamented
with a wreath of oak and laurel , surrounding
the words , "Secures immediate delivery at a
special delivery office. " Aero a the top of the
tablet is n legend , "Special post delivery ; " and
at the bottom the words , "Ten cents. " sepa
rated by n small shield , bearing the numeral
MONTREAL , Aug. 13. Mr. Frank , a load' '
ing lawyer of Nebraska , is expected hero In a
'ew days to examine witnesses in a caee in
volving tha right to : in estate in Iowa
and Nebraska valued at half a million
dollars. Stephen Des Noyep , of this city , em
igrated to tha western states some years ego
with his wife and boy about favo years old.
Elis son , now n young man , became dlssatis-
led witn farmer's life , end went to New
Mexico. Des Noyes died , leaving a will ,
nnd bis next of kin applifld for and received
letters of administration. Another relation ,
however , who in the event of young Des Noyes1
death or the illegality of his heirship , would
l > o entitled to all the property , commenced
suit setting forth that the young mac known
as Des Noyes was not a son of the deceased ;
that while a b by in tha cradle hero another
child was subitituted for Des Noyes by a
woman who was a near neighbor , and who
bad adopted the , rightful son , nnd
tbnt after some yeais tbo boy who was the
stolen child died , and was buried in the east ,
while the child who was put in the place of
tbe true son grew up Without the Des Noyos
family ever noticing the difference between
the children , ns their nges and complexions
were the tame. It is ( aid that witnesses bore
have coma forivni'l and confessed tbe crime ,
Shoe tlio Wrune MRP.
Sr , LODIS , August 1(1. ( Tbls evening Mrs ,
Michael Karlln , living at 820 south Second
street , bad a wordy altercation with Charles
Heiber , a laborer , and n bricklayer named
Kvermann , regarding the removal of some
brick and other material In her yard , Her
sou , Jotoph , aged 18 , took her put , and is
said to have been slapped and knocked down
by Uerber , Mrs. Karlin told her boy toJ
Into the housa and get n revolver. He dll * '
and returning fired it , presumably at Hurt.
but missel his aim and shot John Braondal ,
no. innocent spectator , through the heart , killIng -
Ing him instantly MM , Karlin and her son
were arrested , and the body ol liraendal was
taken to the morgue. The woman is married ,
and has eight children.
Guarding ARMIIBC Yellow
AUSTIN , Tex. , Augmt 13. Governor Ire
land to-day Issued a proclamation reciting
that it has come to his knowledge that persons
from Vera Cruz , and posiibly othar places In
Mexico , inflicted with yellow fever , are enter
ing this state by wi y of Kl Paso , Laredo , nnd
other points , by railroad and private convey.
anca , in violation of his quarantine proclama
tion. He declares that quarantine shall be
enforced on the Kio Grande against infected
places in M xico , Quarantine stations will at
onca ba established ut Laredo and El Paso ,
aud an impection made of all incoming trains ,
Ilia Weather.
WASHINGTON- August 13. For the upper
Mississippi valley : Generally fair weather ,
variable winds , slight fall in temperature ,
For tbe Mlttourl valley ; Generally fall
weather , higher temperature , variable winds.
Prices Rninonsly Low , and a Karons
Feeling of Weakness ,
The East Saginaw Strikers Re
turn to Work. .
A Troy AVI Co Murderer Launched , to
Ills Long Homo-A. $ [ > OOOO
Flro nt Jersey Oily.
Special Telegram to the BEE ,
CHICAGO , August 13. There were at least
0,000 natives among the fresh arrivals , Sales
show no particular change , especially on best
heavy corn fed natives. Low grade natives
were equally as well ns yesterday. Toians
were quoted 10@lGo higher , and prices nro
nearly back again to where they were on
Monday. Tbcro was n train or two of Mon
tana rangers ou the market , and so far this
slass of stock is bringing satisfactory price ; .
Stockers nnd feeders nro more Inquired for the
past day or two , yet the general market remains -
mains dull , nnd pi Ices are ruinously low ,
Shipping steers. 1353 to 1,500 Ibs , S3.23 ®
5.9 ; 1.201) ) ' to 1,350 IBS , S4.UO@G.40 , 050 to
l,250lbsSI.40@510. Through Texan cattle
1015o higher ; 933 Ibc. $ ) .SO@1.10 ; 70J to
JCOJlbj , S3.10@3.80 ; COO to 700 ibs , 52.00 ®
3,40 Western rangers pcarce : only ono sale
of 280 Montana Texaua , 1,113 lb > , at SI,35.
From first to lost the trade wan dull , and
there was an unsettled nnd weak feclinir ,
Low grade nnd grassy packers dropped 15 ©
20c , and sold at n range of $ 1 00@ 1.25. Fair
to good mixed eold at SI 40 ® 1 CO , and beat
heavy at S4 55@4 CO , with n few fancy
assorted at S4 7U@-1.70. tacking nnd ship
ping , 250 to 300Iba , SI 25(21.C.O ( ; lightweights ,
ISO to 170 Ibi , $1.03@475 ; ISO to 210 Iba ,
SJ.OOffil U.
Special Telegram to The BEE.
CHICAGO , Aug , 13 , On 'change to-day there
was more or less depression , and an unsettled
feeling in pretty much all speculative lists ,
with nervousness coiniup from rumors effecting -
ing the condition of No. 2 spring wheat in el
evators , and from private French cables con
taining the cholera news , The cloao was easy
at declines noted. Wheat was a shade higher
at the opening , due to stronger foreign cables
nnd an advance of Cd in wheat at Liverpool.
The opening on September waa 881s against
SSicns the closing figures yesterday , and from
there it advanced to SSgc. About this tuna
another of those groundless rumors of hot
wheat was started , nnd the market fell rapid
ly off to 673 ° - A little nervousnesa was con
tributed from New York , where it WAS re
ported that margins wore'very generally bsmg
called on August contracts. No one hero bad
the slightest fear of any wheat being posted.
No. 2 spring sold early nt 86c but closed
nominally lower.
felt the itlluenco depressing other markets ,
nnd ranged irregularly downward within Ic.
A fair local business was transacted , though
the market failed to show any particular fea
ture. No 2 cash sold'at 4CJc , and Mo. 3 at
46Jo. The close was easy ,
showed very little features , only fluctuating
i < 5Jic. The near deliveries were qulto liber
ally traded in , but deferred futures were
lightly called for ,
were fairly steady early , nearly the whole list
holding up to yesterday's la'eat ' prices , but an
easier feeling soon set iu , The drop on the
morning session aggregated 202 in pork , the
close being weak m sympathy with whott.
Local traders did a moderate business , but
outside orders were scarce.
The SAW Mill Strike at East Sag
inaw Ended ,
EABT SAOINAW , Mich , , Aug. 13. The
great strike Inaugurated at this end of tha
Haglnaw1 river five weeks ago to-morrow ,
practically ended in the action of the em
ployes yesterday in agreeing to accept the
conditions of the mill owners , who were wil
ling to concede at first , viz : Ten hours and a
proportionate reduction of wages. This
thaws they wore tired of idleness and willing
to go to work. The mill of lilies ] 5ros. & Co.
started this morning with a full crew at
eleven hours , nnd Sanborn & Hill started thta
morning on the same conditions , making in
all sixteen mills running at eleven hours ,
The matter will resolve Itself into the follow
ing shape : Many men will prefer tha eleven
hours and the extra pay , and thu mills will bo
so run ; others will bs content to work ten
hour * , nnd accept reduced pay. Only four of
the ten hour mllli are running. A warrant
was Issued this morning fortho _ arrest of
Iteprosontative Bury for inciting the riot.
He is out of the city , but will be placed in
custody immediately upon bis return ,
Wife Murderer Hung.
TJIOV. N. Y. , August 13. James Horace
Jones was hanged in the county jail at 10:39 :
this morning for wife murder July 3d , 1881.
Jonea passed most of the night in prayer ,
This morning he refused to take breakfast
until after he bad recived holy communion ,
Last night in bis cell Jones made the follow
ing will : "I give and bequeath to Ibv.
Peter Havermaus , my spiritual ndviser , my
body , I hope and trust that he will sea it is
buried decently , and protected from mutila
tion , I alfti give and bequeath my heart to
Homo and my soul to tieaven , I appoint
Father Havermani executor of my will , "
Jones walked to the rcaffold with steady
step , and was wonderfully cool while the final
preparations for his execution were being
made. He refused to cay anything , aud ap
peared anxious that there should be no delay ,
After hanging twelve minutes ho was pro
nounced dead ,
Burning JJarrelH ,
Oirv , Aug. 13. A fira broke out
"Sarly this morning in a barrel factory on
Warren street , spread to an adjoining tene
ment home , thence to a two-story storehouse.
These buildings were totally destroyed. The
flames then spread to a row of * ix three-story
double tenement housei , occupied In nil by
seventy families , The tenants were driver
Into the streets in their night clothes end
many narrowly escaped with their lives
Total loss estimated nt $50,030. Tbe origin
of the fire is unknown ,
NEW YOBK , August 13. The Post , Wash
ington special saye : The internal revenue
authorities have reason to luipect that there
has been an extensive system of whisky fraud
by means of bogus barrels made of stave
thickened about the bunghole , some of whiob
as stated In these dispatches , have recently
been discovered in use In one of tbe Urges
distilleries In Cincinnati. Experienced reve
nua Bgenti are investigating tbe subject in
New York , Philadelphia , St. Louis nud Chi
CBjo ; , Partial reports received from eome ol
hone places tend to increase the apprehension
if the department. .
{ Special agent Sommorville , who ii invcstl-
; atlng the distilleries at Pekin , 111. , has not
ound any of these barrels on the promises ,
ml It Is believed ho has discovered that some
of them have been chlppul from ono of the
distilleries to Now York. It doee not seem
o bo tbo intention of the distiller * , however ,
o permit these fraudulent barrels to pi into
ho trade , since they would , of course , bs
o general inspection , Tbeio barrels are evi
dently designed to In used for the purpose
nly of what Is called "dumping" the whisky ,
r carrying It from the distillery to the reo-
ifjing o'tnbllsbment. On being "dumped , "
r lolt at tht. rectifying establishment , the
whisky Is giiBgod , and by u > o of these barrels ,
oturnod empty to bo utod ngain. One hnu-
Ircd of thoto barrels would b ) Bufficiont for
ho ute of a large distillery , nnd it would bo
losslblp , by moans of them , to defraud the
government of perhaps $175 dally.
I'lltr.ADKi.riliA , Aug. 13 Another seizure
f 1'eoria whisky was made yesterday at the
ailroad depot in this city. The cargo num-
> ored about ICO packages end was composed
f "funny" barrels of tbo same pattern ns
hoio recently found In certain wholesale
quor establishments. It is stated this fraud
ipou the revenue is confined , so far ns known ,
o several largo concerns in Pcoria , Three
non have already been detected , it is alleged ,
n uiing birrols , and shipping them
ar nnd wide. To jutt what
xtont the .fraud is practiced cannot yet ba
old , because thu matter Is still under invosti-
ratlon , but the scheme is regarded as ono of
he moit gigantic swindles over perpetrated
ipon the government. It is said the entile
ountry has been flooded witb crooked barrels.
? hey are 10 constructed that the gangers' rods
ml callipers do not gl\o a true register of the
tackige. When the liquor baa been poured
iut into bucket * , it has Loon found it meas
ured n greater quantity than tha paugprs'
oils thowcd , Ibii led to an. Investigation
> ud seizure ,
Tlio Mexican Government anil the
Cm MEXICO , ( via Ga'veslon ) , August 13.
? hu cabinet , niter n protracted discussion ,
las decided on tbo natu o of n reply to bo
nado to tha representatives of the railway
Companies on the question of whether the
nllwnys were to bo exempted from the
porotion of the decree of Juno 22d. The
government has decided that no ox-
sption shall be made in favor
if the railroads , and that tlio law of Juno 27
hull bo enforced to the letter. Subsidies
vill not bo paid , and not ono csnt of customs
evonue will be appropriated to the railroads.
? ho government maintains that it owes the
allrpads nothing , except a small amount of
ubiidios , which would have accrued to them
ince the publication of the decree , and
hat this amount , and that falling duo In
uturo months , will be included in the fov-
irnmenl's floating debt ,
The government will not oven deliver up the
ubnidy certificates to the railroads , claiming
hat tbo roads have no right to them ,
ind that oven if the certificates
were still receivable for customs
lutics , the government would not b ] obliged
o deliver up more than oaough to keep the
ail road a supplied with the amount required
o cover their monthly subsidies. It is a
natter of common report that the government
s looking to Eogland for financial aid , and that
m the return of Minister St , John , n now treaty
vith Great Britain will ba arranged. Tne
rovernment is very favorably inclined to the
investment of British capital in the northern
ier of states as a counterpoise to American
nlluence ,
A Hlght lloyal "Welcome.
Special Telegram to the BEJ.
SIDNEY , Neb. , August 13. Geo. Thajer ,
returning from Wyoming , met with a
learty reception here to-night in the parlors
if HOD. J. J. Clarkson , at the .Railroad house.
\mong those present were Gen. Morrow and
he full staff of officers of the Twenty-first
nfantry , The brass band of Fort Sidney dis
coursed excellent music for the occasion.
Speeches were made by J. J. Clarkson Gen ,
Henry A1 Morrow and Gen Thaver , eliding
Croat applause. A largo number of business
nen were assembled. The happiest fee'.ing
irev.i led. Gen. Thayer expressed much sur-
) riie at the agricultural development of the
country. Ho Intends to write up the country ,
nnd speak of the glorious results achieved in so
ihorta time ,
"Sniuco lillco Alclican Man. "
SAN FiiANcisco , Aup. 13. Hop Keo & Co. ,
, ha largest wholesale Chinese manufacturers
of boots and thoes on the coast , have failed ,
Liabilities $110,000 ; assets unknown. The
irm has a prosperous branch house in Vic-
; oria , B. C , When the San Francisco house
; ot into financial trouble the Victoria housa
epudiated all connection with it , mid dls-
lonored its draft. 'Has was tbo im
mediate cau o of the failure. Members
of the firm are said to ba worth
over half a million. The question is whether
; ho creditors can succeed In reaching them ,
L'he principal creditors nra believed to 1)3
among the white laathor dealers aad tanners
of this city , but who they nro Hop ICeo re
uses tossy. This Is the firot Chinese failure
of any importation that has occurred hero ,
An Independent Newspaper.
PANAMA , August 13. The Star and Her
ald was notified n few days ago by the govern
ment that under tha existing martial law It Is
not permitted to publish any news relating to
, ho government affairs except that furnished
by the government. Tbo editor published the
notification and announced concurrently thai
unless allowed to handle the governmeul
news in Its own way , It would not handle it
nt'nll , official or unofficial , and that all men-
.ion of tbo government would bo excluded
'rum its columns. It is understood the sup
position of the paper was contemplated , but il
was abandoned wnen Infoimadtbo publication
was tbo property of an American company ,
Flro lu Cleveland.
CLEVELAND , August 13. A fire in tbe
S tui to van t planlnz mill anil adjoining bulld-
ingi was under control of the firemen about
thnu o'clock this morning after destroying
property. Including the mill , all valued u
about $00,000. The insurance covers abou
two-thirds of the loss.
Tbo democratic county convention met yes
terday afternoon at Uurllngtou , Iowa , ant
chose twelve delegates to the atato convention
at Cedar Riplds , and passed a resolution op
posing prohibition and favoring n license o
$500 ; also against placing any prohibitions
on the state ticket.
A general reunion of ex-soldiera began a
GaldwellOnio , to-day witha largeattecdanca
Kx Governor Noyei , Hon. Joseph IS , Foraker
and many others will arrive Saturday.
A dispatch from Saratoga tnyi : To-day'
storm , including rain , wiud , thunder one
lightning , exceeded anything felt bore i
fifteen years , and over four inches of rain fe
In three and one-half hours , A teamtte
named Ohatterlon was struck by lightning un
instantly killed ,
At Hoboken , N , J , , George and Henry
Martells , egad twenty-one nnd welve , driv
ing a wagon , were run-down by the express
train nnd both killed.
At Ithaca , N , Y. , four laborers on the Le
high Valley railroad , during a heavy ral
storm yesterday , sought ( belter under a blull
A landslide buried Michael McManus , Pat
rick Mahon and Michael Fuhey , all of whoi
were killed , The fourth mun etciped. Mo
Manus was unmarried , but tbo ctuera lenv
large families , .
PiiilauGlDtiia ,
A Day of Sport on the Diamond ,
Water and Traok ,
BmlROt of News F/oiu the National
Capital Tlio Wnbusli lloorjc-
nltlon A. Now York
PHILADELPHIA , Pa , , Auguit 13 , In the
rotting rnco to-day between Phallas nnd
tarry \Vilkcs , the first boat was won by
Vllkcs in tU' ! : ; the second boat was won by ,
Vllkos in 2.23 : Phallns won the third boat
n 1'J1J : : Wtlkcs won the fourth heat and
nco In 2:18 : .
About 0,000 people visited Bclmont park
o-day to witness the match trotting rnco bo-
wcon J , I. Ua o't ) brown stallion PhnUnt ,
nil W. C. Francis' bay gelding Harry
Vilkoa , for n special purse of $1,000 , , of which
1,000 wont to the tocond horse , best throe in
vo heats. Phallas wn * driven ns uiual by
.dwlu D. Bitter , while Frnuk Vnnnnss
old the reins over Willies , The
rack was in perfect _ order ,
letting was brisk , Phallas ruling n big favor-
to before the start nt 8100 to $23 , and some
dds on the stallion were forthcoming In nny
mount ovun after the first boat bnd fallen to
Vilkoa , Tbo rnco was eventually won by
Vilkcs , who took the firit , second nnd fourth
oats ,
First boat After three fnlso scores. In
vhlch Wilkes broke juit before reaching the
vlrr , n fair start was effected , Wilkes securing
half loncth load and holding it all the ivay
ound to the stretch , where Phallai left hia
eet , nnd the gelding won by two open lengths
Second hcnt The word "go" was given at
he second trial , aud Wilkes broke badly bo-
ere ho was n dozen yards pist the wire ,
'hallas having six lengths the best cf It nttho
uirtor , nnd almost as much nt the half. As
ho pair approached the three-quarter post ,
Vllkcs went up with surprising ease , Phnllaa
oming back as if anchored , nnd , on the turn
nto the stretch , the gel ding wont by him liken
trenlr , holding his ; iead to the wire , when ho
was two lengths to the good in 2:20. :
Third boat Wilkes having won the pre-
edlng heat witli such apparent case , the
nil after a few pools had been sold at 8100
o SSO In his favor , odds Increased as high as
'UIS to SiO. They were sent nway at the sec-
nd trial , Wilkes breaking so badly In the first
jundroil yards , that ho lost all chances , nnd
, v\3 a distance behind at the half mile. At
hreo quarters Phnllni madon momentary
iroak , i.uil Wilkea fchut up n frnctlon of tbo
ap , but although he trotted n very strong
ace in the stretch , Pnllas got the verdict by
< \ ii07,011 lengths , aud loud choeriuc. Time ,
:21J. :
Fourth heat Pools now nverngod S35 to
510 iu fnvor of WilUes , and layers of odds
vero rewarded by oosintj their choice win
mncllly by ten lengths. After being appar-
ntly beaten at the hulf mile , Phallus broke
> adly just ln-foro teaching the three quarter
.ole , and NVilkea going up , passed him on
.ho turn into the stretch. Bither , seeing that
. 'hnllaa was beaten , pulled him up in the hat
100 yards. Time , . 2:18 : .
In the national amateur regatta on the
Jborles river , this afternoon , the final heat in
.he . senior single shells was won by D. J.
Slurpby , of Boston , time 9:42 ; Mulcahoy , of
Albany , second ; and Scboles , of Toronto ,
The race for senior four-oared shells was
won by the Nautilus crew of Hamilton , On
tario ; Fairmonts , of Philadelphia , second ; Al
bany Rowing Club , third , Time 8:22 :
The eight-oared race was won by the Co-
umbia boat club , of Washington , Time
7:1CJ. :
In the double scull race , the Crosont boat
club , of Boston , came in first , and the Albany
rowing club , of Albany , N. Y. , second. The
Albany club claimed a foul and the decision
wn reserveNo ) time was given.
The final beat of the junior singles was won
> y Snvder , of Albany , in 0:31 : ; Mn-.thow
juipley , of Newark , N. J. , second ; Kyi , of
Patterson , N. Y. , third.
The referee ordered the double scull race
) etween the Crescents and Albany B rowed
over. The former refused to row and the
race was given to the Albanys.
MONMODTH PABK , August 13. Rather
mall attendance but good racing. The event
of the day was the omnibus stakes for tbroo-
rear-olda. Great intoiost centered on the
chestnut fillv , Wanda , but she was out of con
dition , ana Kic moml won the heavy puree
Seven furlongs : Elmendorf wou , Caramel
ecnnd , Mies Goodrich third , Time , 1:35 : ,
Three quarters of n mile : Two-year-olds ;
Edgefiold won , Dry Monopole second , Ham
mock third. Time , 1:1S1. :
Mile and n half Three-year-olds ; llich-
nond won , Wickbam second , TecauiBsh third ,
lime , 12 tO } .
Mile and n quarter Barnum won , Tolu
second , Albia third. Time , 2 18& &
Mile Throe-yoar-olda nnd upwards ; I'o-
tersbur ? won , Windsatl second , Error third.
Time , 1 51.
Steeplechase Short course : Puritan woo ,
Pnwneo second , Wellington third. Time ,
At Detroit : Detroit , 3 ; Chicago. G.
At Louisville : Louisville , 1 Pittsburg , 2 ,
At New York : No game , rain.
AtBonton ; Philadelphia , 1 , Boston 3 ,
Al Buffalo : Buffalo. 14 ; St. Louis 3 ,
At Philadelphia : Athletic , 12 ; Brooklyn -
lyn 7.
At St. Louis : St. Louis , 2 Cincinnati , 3.
A Cloud IliirBt In Now York.
ScjiENEOrADV , N. Y. , August 13 , A water
cloud burst occurred In Glenyille township ,
near the Now York Central and Hudson Itlver
railroad tracks , six mlleu west of bore last
night. Th railroad culvert and road btd
were waihol away , making n break of 120
feet. Crops in tbo vicinity were destroyed.
Trains ware delayed last night , but passen
gers were transferred this morning around the
1'OUGHKEEPHIK , N. Y. , Auglllt 13. JU-
parts of the railroad break near HclFuian'd
ferry , on the Nuw York OentrM are meagre.
Coiittiuctlnn trains are being hurtled to tha
scene. lUllroad men hero say no through
trains are expected from the west to-day
Nouwoon , N. Y , , Augatt 13. Tbo dam
age by cyclone last mjjht was somewhat over
estimated , The ) os of life sp far as known.
Includes only Michael Martin , a farm-hand ,
aud Airs , David Fitzgerald. Buven persons
are reported injured , including one probably
fatally so. Tha storm ranged over a territory
fifteen miles long and half to three quarters of
auilln wide. Over ono hundred residences
and Innumerable barns and fchedi were de
stroyed , Several sucar bushes were totally
destroyed. The damge Inflicted la Norwood
and vicinity is eitlmuted at 8160.000.
NEW YORK , Augutt 13. Notice Is posttd
on tha bulletin board of tbo New York Cen
tral depot that owing to the damage to the
company's tracks by lait bight's stonn , no.
trains will arrive trom points west of Albiny
until U o'clock to-night.
Carpet weaving , 2202 Chicles and 22d
Try Ed. Kupplg's urw moat market ,
804 N , IQth street. Lowest prices ,