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) r ftlChetk and I'.nt olllceordtre ta ho mido Jiaj
ble to the . ot the compniij.
K. IlOSKWATini , Kimcm.
A , II. Kitch , JIan.igcr Daily Circulation
Omaha , Nebraska.
fTnn | railroads have given Omahi
another bhok oyo. She is slightly dl
figured , but still in the ring.
THE removal of the fences from tin
public domain will throw an Immonc
quantity of necond-hand wlro on tin
Ttinix Is a vast difference between tin
number of appointments that Nobraski
democrats expect and the number tha
the/ will got.
TUB order of President Cleveland dl
rooting the removal of the foncoa from
the public domain may bo called a blow
at the birbod wlro industry. The cattl
men will no donbt have the sympathy o
the fence mannfacturora.
Tun oily oouncil very properly refuses
to stand the ralso of rent far the jail. I
Mr. Pattoo instats on an increase of rent
the CDunoll proposoa to vacate the prcm
Isos. Mr. Pttoo will now probably do
clde to let wtll onoogh alone.
IT hai been Bald of the Italian govern
ment lottery that it ia a tax o : : fools , The
same Is true of any other lottery , and as
there are millions of fooh in the world
Da Lrsipps proposes to tax them bj
mo ma cf n grand lottery sohomo for the
benefit cf the Panama canal.
Now that the mayor has ordered thai
the front dcora of ualooca must bo cloacc
on Saudny ? , the naloonkeopcra whose
places have iu r ar entrance will bo
obliged ta have bick doors put in. Wo
venture to say , however , that an Omaha
Hilooii without a back door is a very rare
THE pound ordinance has not bsen In
force moro than two weeks , but already
an attempt is being made to amend II
so as to make an exception In favor o :
milch cows. It is to bo hoped that the
council will not now tinker that ordln
anco to death. It ij a good law am
ought to bo strictly enforced just as
stands , It w&s intended to put an end to
tha pasturing of cowa in the streets and
trcapaselng on private lawns and yards
Tin : Etrurlo , of the Canard line , IIBS
juat beaten the record between Now York
and Qaeenstown , making the passage in
nix days , five hours , and thlrty-fivo mln-
utoa. Not long ago thii same ehlp made
a little moro than nineteen knots ornboul
twenty-two statute miles , on hour , for
three consecutive days. The Now York
Herald very appropriately calls her the
'Maud S. of the ocean.
SENATOR , TELLER , who while secretary
of the interior permitted the mtking ol
the oittlo leases In the Indian territory ,
is now trying to hedge on that question.
Ho denies that ho sanctioned the leases ,
hat that ho specifically stated iu his report
of 1883-4 that all rights were reserved by
the government to remove the cattlemei
whenever and in any manner that it taw
illt , cither on complaint of tbo Indians or
at Its own option. Senator Teller has
.demonstrated his ability to crawl through
a \oiy email hole.
Two or'threo policemen ought to bo
dmmediatoly detailed to do special duty as
aanltarp Inspectors. Their duties should
ba to carefully inspect the hack yardi
and alloya , aud wherever they find on ac
cumulation of Clth , garbage' , or any other
nufatnco , dulotorlous to health , to order
iho earne to be immediately removed
While tha builne a center of the city Is
fa a very cleatrly condition , as much can
not ba said of tlio ccsidenco portion. The
collection of gsi'bigo as now carried on la
not eatlsfaotory , .and thii service should
&t once ba materially IncroEssd , In view
of the ll&blllty of t ho appearance of chol
era too much cinnot , ' ba done in the way
of putting the city in a-clean and healthy
THE difficulty concer.ttiog Iho B. & M.
headquarters building hiv been cdjotted ,
and the bricklayers will rosnmo work ,
They propose , however , to give general
notice- that hereafter they ivill not work
upon any building iu which convict
dressed stone , or any other n-jstcrial pre
pared by convict labor , la ui'ed. They
certainly hitvo taught a leison ittt will
not noon ha forgotten in this city. Any
contractor who hereafter Iu any w j pat-
ronzs or encoungoi tha importation
and 4iio of convict products will have io
suffer the oomequencci. If the work
men of the United States follow tha o.x-
ample tet by the Onuha bricklayers they
will soon drive convict labor and products
almost entirely from the market. The
courco puraued in this city It cor-
ialnly more effective than the attempt * to
remedy the otil through Icglthtlon ,
whloh ia a slow prccass , bat at the pirao
time tbo cflbrtfl to * tfcuro propsr Ivgirli. of
iion upon thii nutter should not by any of
bo abandoned ,
* ) < fVt
The Chicago railway managers have
sot down open the Omaha raorchanta an <
shippers who dared to make complaints
regarding discriminations against this
city. This Is not only < ho case with re
gard to the complaints concerning the
discrimination practiced by the South
western pool association , hat It is also
the case t ith reference to the discrimin
ations of the Butlirgton road ou th
sonth end the Ncrihwcstern on th
north. These latter discriminations ar
simply outrageous. It is a fact that In
order to got the long haul , the Burlington
will carry a car of llvo stock from
Red Olond to Chicago for less than
it will transport it from lied Cloud
to Omaha. It is also a fao
that the Northwestern will carry llv
flock from West Point , Valentino , am
other places InTSebraska , to Chicago at ;
Ceis into than it will from ' ho name point
to Omaha. Thus la Omaha practical ! ;
ehnt oat from the north and south , am
her only tributary territory Is that whic
la ndj scent to the Union Pacific. The re
suit Ja that onr stock yards and packln
houses are made to suffer material dam
ago. One would have supposed tha
Omaha's protest would have received fal
consideration and that eho would hav
been accorded just treatment , hut 1
Boome that wo have boon eadly mlatakci
According to the special telegram from
Chicago to the BEE , Commiaslone
Falthorn , in whom wo have no fait
whatever , has decided that Omaha mua
grin and bear it. Ho virtually eaya tha
tlnuo In tholr efforts to Injure Omaha
and that our stockyards and packln
houses must not look to thosa roads fo
relief or justice. This great and power
fal commissioner , < in whcso hands th
fate of Omaha scorns to have bee
placed by some mysterious influence
has Issued his pronnnclamcnto that th
Burlington & Missouri and Sioux City
Pacific roada cannot como into Omaha , a
It would divert business from the throng !
lines. Commissioner Falthorn , however
acting nndor the direction of the rail
roads , graciously permits the Union Pa
cifio to stop consignments of llvo stock a
the Omaha stock yards long enough t
ascertain If there are any salon to bi
made there , and if not the llvo ntook i
sent on to Chicago on a through consign
inent. But It appaars that stock billed
at the Union Pacific's pro
portion of the through rate
to Omaha and afterirnrvd reblllod to Chicago
cage , must piy the local rate from Oma
ha. This ruling will ba equivalent to an
order to the owners of the stock yarda t (
retire from business. 'Wo hope there li
some mistake about this matter , but 1 :
there Is nor , then it Is about tlino to hole
an indignation meeting and take acma
When Mr. Kailey was appointed mln
later to Italy some ono forthwith rakcc
up an old speech which ho made in Rich
mend eotna years ago , denouncing King
Vicar Emmanuel as a tyrant and usurper
and declaring the occupation of Rome by
the Italian forces to bo an get of oppres
sion of the p > ps and the church. This
speech waa ropubllshed and commented
oai from Malno to California , and public
opinion Influenced by leading papers
whoso expressions were repeated and on-
doraed by the country press as la usual ! ]
the case was moulded ngnlna
Mr. Kelley , and with al
most ono accord the people
said that Mr , Kelley waa not a proper
person to represent thii country at th
Italian court. The Italian minister com
municatad all these facts to his horn
government , and the result was an Intl
matlon that Mr. Kelley would not bo re
ceived , althongh King Victor Emmanue
had climbed tbo golden ctolrs and boon
succeeded by his son Humbert. Mr
Keller , rather than take the chances o
being cnubbcd by the son of Victor Em
manuel , resigned hi ] appointment. Soon
afterwards ho was appointed mlniater t
Austria , and now lol and bahold ! tlu
country rejects Mr. Kelley because , for
sooth , of the friendly relations existing
between Italy and Austria. If there
over was n flimsy excuao for rejecting a
minister this Is ono.
Mr. Keiley , who has been driven from
pillar to post , and has bcon inado tbi
target of heavy editorials and the sharp
shooting paragraphs of would-bo wits
throughout the length and breadth of the
land , returns to Atnerlcs a very much
abused man. And nov wo are told that 1
Is understood at tbo state department tba
Mr. Ketloy'a career as a diplomatist is a
an end , BO far as this administration
Is concerned. If this Is true , It
only adding insult to Injury
But whether Mr. K lloy is. provided
with a foreign berth or not , the adminle
tralion will bo lacking in back-bone If it
does not Bay to Austria that she must ao
oept Keiley'or no one , and that If she
oDH not eccept him the must withdraw
icr minister from this country. It doea
look ai If the administration Is yielding
too mush to the cHete moairehles of the
old world , and bending the knee to roy
ally. It is shout time that onr govern
ment assert its independence , and com
pel foreign countries to accept such
men a * wo send to them as our repre
entathcj , or else sever A 11 diplomatic
elatlons with them. The adralnlstr * .
Ion jndges of the fitness of iti foreign
iplomata. The present admJnUtratlon
ccmcd Mr. Kelley a BulUblo man to ho
eprotent this country in Austria , and It
c oot for that monarchUl government to
question what Mr. KelUy raoy have
stud yaars ago rfgaralng Italy. Ti'iia la
llio iirzt lima that wo have ever hccra of
foreign government questioning the In-
aU'.ouablo right of free tpeech on the port an i
an Araorloftn citizen. The attitude t6r
Auittb towards Keilcy is aim- ng
ply a picco cf Inexcusable
Impudence which should not bo tolerated
by our government. If the administra
tion frero to look up the antecedents of
the foreign diplomats now In this country
it would in all probability find that some
of them In their eerier have uttered ten-
limonts denunciatory of republican Insti
tutions , and particularly these of the
United States' Yet no ono supposes that
on that account they wonld bo requested
to withdraw from this country. They
certainly wonld bo permitted to remain
undisturbed so long as they attended
strictly to the business for which they
werocent hero.
THE shooting ot Mr. Outright , of the
Plattsmouth Journal , WAS the result of
the publication of a sensational article
seriously reflecting upon the character of
an estimable young hdy. The article
was baaed upon n most unfortunate mis
take. In justice to Mr. Outright it is
but fair to nay that his friends declare
that ho was ready , when it had been
shown that ho had made a grievous blan
der , to make every reparation , and that
the editor of the Journal promised to
make a full explanation and npology , yet
the father of the young lady doomed it
ncccuary to shoot Mr. Outright. This
may have been some temporary satisfaction
to the exasperated father , but now that
bo has had time to reflect upon his haaty
act ho no doubt has como to the conclu
alon that the explanation and apologies
that have since bcon made by the Jour'
nal are n great deal moro satlcfaotary ,
and will tend nurd to the correction of
the terrible mistake than if ho had shot
Outright a dczm times and killed him ,
It certainly Is a most unfortunate affair
for all partloi concerned. It shows that
too much care and discretion cannot be
exercised In the publication of sensational
articles involving the reputation of per
sono. Wherever there is the least doubt
the accused should have the bandit of
that doubt , and particularly where the
reputation of a woman la at stake. It is
better that a thousand " /sensations" /
should ba suppressed thin that ono Inno
cent person ahould bo made to snflor.
IN dlscnsilng the recent strike agilnat
the double-header method of running
trains , the Chicago Herald says that If
operating expenses must bo reduced per-
hap3 there are other directions In which
the trimming could bo done inoro justly
and to better advantage. It advocates a
lopping off at the top first , and its re
marks on this subj act coincldo with those
of the BEE in rogaid ttho recent re
duction of working hours on the Union
Pacific. The Herald
For Instance , the salaries of the general
officers might bo scaled , oven if the number of
such employes is not fuund much too largo.
As a rule the general oflicora of railways are
able men , but not overaurdencd with work.
They have congenial employment , other op
portunities for making money , and are re
quired to undergo no risk of life or limb ,
Taking as an example ono of the largest rail
ways in the Chicago system , and one , hap
pily , which baa BO fur had nothing to do with
double-headers , it la found that a dozen
general officers draw salaries averaging
§ 8,450 , a year each , while something
iko 900 brakemen must bo content
with yearly earnings of 6529 each.
Surely tha general offisera of this road could
bear a reduction of their ea'ariea without cuf-
Eering. The goner ; ! officer whoso pay equals
that of Bixteen brakemen , should bo among
the first to feel the rigor of economy. In-
veatigation in detail would doubtloos ebow
that , while the cent of transportation has
been steadily reduced in keeping with the
'ing oil In ratoa , the poorly paid have invariably -
variably suffered first. Heaven and the
struggling waga workers know that Che
earnings of the men of muscular toil have
shrunk with the decline of prices. It i ) Quite
possible that the salaries of the managers and
their chief aides are not yet ad justed to the
era of cheapness ,
DR. MILLER , who continues to assart
with periodical frequency that Sjtmuel J.
Tlldon was elected president , will no
doubt perano the following from the
Philadelphia Record with aomo inter
est :
Tears choke onr typo as we read In the
Oinaha JlcraU that "Grover Cleveland is the
only mau now living tint waa elected to the
Presidency. " This , from the paper of Dr.
George li , Miller , tha Old Sleuth of the Til-
den Democracy , is eicnply piraljzing. 1'er-
liapa however , tho'doctor is familiar with the
secret knowledge of which , it wna fondly
hoped , waa confined to Mr , Tilden and Mr ,
Andrew II , Green namely , that Mr. 8 , J.
Tlldon ha ] been dead for two years past ,
though ho did not wish the fast known.
AMONG all tha republican oflko-hold-
ere in the atato of Nebraska the great
man of the Omaha Herald found ono
nho was a very ofFonslva partisan , and
upon that unfortunate man the Herald's
torpedo battery has boon turned loose ,
although ho is now out of thn federal ser-
vlco. The name of the victim cf the
Hcr-ald& wrath is Freeman , and he hold
the Important position of postal clerk. .
Dr. Mlller < ' 'who was loaded for boar
brought down a squirrel.
TUK Herald asks : "Why ( s a Toxai
steer in the Indian territory like a ropub
icau office-holder ? " Because ho doesn't
resign ; bocanio ho ia going to grata ; because
cause ho feeds at the public crib ; because
10 gathers h y whether tbo sun shines or
not ; becaaeo the wooda are fall of 'em.
Give HI something herd.
IT is hoped that when Prof , Beenoy , of
the Ifebruka state unlverally , delivers
his ledtnro on "Injurious Fungi , " etc ,
before the American pomoJcglcal aocloly , d
will not forgot to give a full descrip
tion of the editor of the Lincoln Journal ,
tlian whom there ia not K bigger ex-
crcscencs in this great commonwealth.
ONE Dnncau , recently sppolnted pojt-
miater of Lincolnvllla , Me. , in place of
oliVnslvo republican , i ] noabla to on-
upjn the diaohargo of hla dalles , ba .
at * present ho ii an iumat3 of the
ssunty ja/ ! / , Turn the raeoU oat. > g
MR. HILL , who btcirao governor of
Now York by the election of Cleveland
to the presidency , ia laying tha pipes to
bo hla own enccaior. Do Is making
promises with a liberality that Indicates
that ho proposes to bo ronominatod and
elected if promises ere considered worth
IN Mexico they deal with train robbers
In a huiiness-liko way. Four convicted
Mexican train-robbers are to ho shot. In
the United Slates they wonld bo cent to
the penitentiary for a comparatively
brief period , which could bo considerably
reduced by good behavior.
No\v niul Xlion Ono Grown Uioh
Honest Iifilmr Tncr Usually
Tholr Money aa
Ilnnclimon ,
The Indian's first Inlorojt in civiliza
tion la manifested in his love of whlaky
and his faeclnatlon by the gatno of poker ,
writes a Helena ( Mont. ) correspondent
of the Now York San , The great ma
jority of euch savages aa ara weaned from
the warpath never got beyond thoao
amusements , but there are few rod mon
in various parts cf the country who hnvo
exhibited n disposition to amass wealth ,
and have succeeded pretty well.
Of tbo Shoahonea in Nevada and Utah
there arc three or four who may bo asld
to bo independent. George Washington
and Bhcshono Jack are bloated stock
holder ! nnd aristocrat } . The former
began stock-raising In a small way sav-
oral yearn ago. At first It was hard work
for him to gat anything cr to keep it
after ho got it , because his dissolute ,
li8ppy.Ro-lu.cky companlona exerted an
evil influence on him , but when ho finally
succeeded in marketing a coaplo of pigs
ho was In great glou. Ho put the first
money that ho over caved into a tunk ,
and about half of his trlbo followed him ,
giving vent to tholr disgust in groans
nnd grunts. When the bank failed
George was neatly bsaldo hlmtolf with
disappointment and rage. It took half a
dozen white men to explain to him how
It was that a man could put his money
In n bank aud never get it again , while
the bankers were psriuittad to go about
their business. George Washington bo-
HOVRS to this day that the bink falitd
on purpose to glvo its officers n ehancj to
ran awiy with hia hard-earned money.
Some white mon gave George a little
help after hla mtsfortnno , and ho soon
had other pigs. Then ho branched oat
Into stock raielng ia general , and by cars
fill economy and the most untiring luduc-
try ho haa obtained considerable proper
ty. It is estlmatud that ho now oirns
§ 2,500 worth of ponlo.i , cattle and ho has
$300 or S-100 on deposit with A mlno boas
who once helped him. Ho calls around
to see tha boss every day of his life and
ha * done eo for five or six yonra. When
ho comes the name dialogue la gone
through with.
"You got 'em ? " ho will siy.
' Yen , 1'va got 'em , " the boss will re
"Well , you keep 'cm. Mo to3 you
every day. No eoa bank man ; mibbo so
once a year. Hoop vamouso all Dime
coyote ; no good. "
Shosaono Jack ia meaner than dlri.but
ho haa a level head. Some of his associ
ates are envlons of him , but most Indiana
ar < j too lazy to care about anothcr'o good
foitane. Jack has a farm , a house , sev
eral horsss , cowa and pigs , aud consider
able money. It io almost out of the
question for tiny ono to boat him in a
trade of any kind. He is not an untu
tored savage , for ha knovra ever ? trick ,
r.nd bo is ono of the very few Indians
who mike money by playing poker.
What ho gets ho koeps. Jack sold a pony
tn a young busk not long ago , only a part
of iho prlco being paid down. It waa
agreed that the purchaser thould como
around every four weeks and make a pay
ment. The young Indian kept his word
tor a few months , but ct last when ho had
almost , settled the ecjro ho experienced a
financial drawback and failed to appoar.
Jock waited a day or two , and then
hunted him up and him return the
pony. Two months later the purchaser
secured the money , nnd going to Jack
ho demanded the pony. Jack then
raised the prlco of the animal $5 , and
charged $2 extra for boarding him. Thii
nearly broke the young man's heart , but
cs ho could do nothing else he agreed to
iy the additional charges.
Jack haa a great contempt for banks
and bankers , and no ono has over baen
able to indues him even to i-ntsr a bank
ing-house. Ho carries his money In an
old leather glrdlo , nnd when ho apenda a
cent it lo because ho wants something
pretty bad , and there is no other way cf
getting it. Ho never pays anything for
railroad fare , though ho travels around a
good deal , nnd what ha oats costs him
little or nothing.
A llttla while ago Jask triad to buy a
piece of fertile laud In a valley which bd-
longed to oome white settlers , and ho
went to them litco this :
"Whito man solid on bottom land. In
dian have heap mountains , stones , ani
rocks ; no giod , Indian heap hunt. Wblta
man heap tarm. Mo white man. How Bl
rnach little ploco ? " BlB
Unfortunately , the settlers were not 0
dleposul to oncountQO Jack'd ambition to ai
bo rv white man and ha did not got that 01
particular ploco of land , though ha has irI
since then Bocnrod considerable properly I *
in ono place and another. tire
Old Golorow , of the Utes , is a man of re
some property , and takes puticu'ar ' delight - red
light in lording it over his nssoo'ates. Ho r
Is too vain over to bo very prosperous in B
a financial way , as he will epand money Bd
froaly to gratify any whim that ho may 01
hftvo or to accomplish anything that ho 01rl
thinks will add to his importance In the rltl
eyes of other membars of his tribe. One tl
of his pat schemes Is to buy papers or tlS tlB
books , and tsmmo to road them to the
Bsvajos. Whenever he geta possession S
of a pimphlot , migiz'no ' , or book ha will at
call ai miny of thu xodsklns abaat him atui
as pojslbla , and in a dramatic way read uiV
them "tho ROWS. " His only conception in
of a printed page is that it contains
news , and whether ho holdi It right side ot
up or not ho will reel off a lot of stuff oi
obout the things that n'ro going on in the oiPi
world whlob will ovoka many kl-yle from Pi
hia hearers and cage grunts from thosa at
who do not pretend to understand , The ar
CJtea have no regular munoy-makora , er
though u good many of then pretend to
) aorao farming. With the majority OQ
tba idea is that the government snould la
pay them for farming. lawi
One of tha wealthiest Indiana ia the wiM \
oountry ia Obiaf Peono , of the Spokane an
trlbj , who HV.IJ naar Spokane falla ,
Washington territory. Not another man
the triba bat a nick In which i ] not ail
morally certain to go ia curd-playing or br
liorse-raolng , Poono Jus a long lit ad , ld (
luowil business taut , nnd n oonsumlug on
iedro to gat aboa-l Ju the wotld to toiao an
xtent , Ho never plifs cards , rtcoa haml
lorsfcs or drinks whliky. Many vcatfl ml
o ho made up hla mind that it Trasonlyicoi
n question of time when the whites wonld
ba wanting land at or near Spokane fallr ,
and ho took np the best land in that vi
cinity , and made some effort to cultivate
U. llo built a rndo homo and lived
there , apart from tha trlbo , though exor
cising his authority as usual. In the
courao of tlino , when the Northern Pa
cific road was surveyed , ho saw further
opportunities for making money , which
ho did not permit to pasn unimproved ,
and by the time white Bottlers began lo
nrrlvohowas in possession of the best
land in that vicinity. Ho sold out at
good prices , Docketed his money and said
nothing. Whan the town ot Spokane
Falls was laid out It WAS found thai leone
owned aovcril good lota In It. Thcco
havo.bcon said at n profit , and the money
invested in hones , cattle and bonds. As
soon as Peouo made his trades ho aban
doned farming , and tnklng his money
and portable property , ho rejoined his
trlbot. Ho lives now ns plainly as any
of hii brothrou , and in evan moro care
less than they about ii what ho eats and
wears. It Is said that ho Is worth $25-
000 , and that thcro la no such thing as
gottiog any of It away from him.
After the Plegana of Montana had
bon subdued and broken ia spirit by the
United States army and the Crowe , their
traditional enemies , they devoted thnu
solves fr > n time to money-making. E/-
ory ono of them worked llko a beaver ,
and f Jr a time it seemed as though they
were to bicorao n tribe of Indian Ccu-
SUKS , but the inhuman neglect of congress -
gross , or of somebody In authority nt
Washington , by which they were de
prived during ono cold winter of the
necessaries of life , reduced them to star
vation , aud the fen" members of the trlbo
who had exhibited a disposition to buy
and sell and triclo wcro overwhelmed
with the common tflllotlon. Ono of the
most prominent of this class said , irhoa
spoken to recently :
"No us ? . White nnn hog. White
nun take heap everything. Mo no play
poker. White man holu hoin too flood
hand. "
The Columbia river Indians in Oregon
are thrifty and Intelligent In many ways ,
but their material progress is Badly re
tarded by a atrango anoeHtltion wi.lch
they h vo relative to Und. Saveral of
the moro energetic inombera luvo made
money , and it waa supposed wnon the
whites offered to sell them land that they
would jump at the chanca. A few of
the mora advanced appeared to bo wil
ling to make the purchase , though evi
dently harrastoi by doubts and fours ,
bat they finally backed out. It after
wards transpired that the trlbo has al
ways neld RO a religions principle that it
waa sinful to t radio in land , ns It amount
ed to the sjnio thing aa dealing iu hnmon
lleah. Their God had given thorn the
land to live on , and If they they did netlike
like one place they would go to another.
It waa all thulrs and no one man had a
right to eell it.
Ojeme , the YaqiU Ohlrf , AVlio DcIIco
the Mexican Ilopubllc ,
A Mexican paper says : While tba
world Is wondering at the singular BUCCSJ
which haa placed El Mahcii on tha bar
baric thrano of the Soudan , Mexico haa
apparently found her Muhdl In the per
son of Joao Maria Cdjemo , who holds a
nceptra of terror over donors , as the Mo
hammedan chieftain does over the Sou-
din. Gjjeme , cMef of tha Ynqnl and
Mayo Indiana , was born la 1842 , In the
tiny town of Torln , oa the banks of the j
sllant Yaqul river , which crecpa to tha
Pacific from Sonora/s heart of forests.
His paranto wore Pantaloon Loiva Ov
jome and Hllarla ilultomea , the latter ,
nil mother , being known yet through
that country aa the Sibyl. Thu baptismal
waters of Catholicism from the bauds of
the adventurous Italian missionary
Father Roimnnl rested on his head
when a boy in the town of Navajoa.
From earliest boyhood Osjame took to
the chase , and refused to work on a farm
when he could scour the deep fores ta with
his bow and arrow. When thirteen yean a
of ago ho ran away from homo , and from
that day his lifo was a conalaat rcstlesj
march , n Bohemian existence. Ho en
tered the servlcD of J. R. Bourse , an
American miner , nt Alamas , a town on
the projected AUmai and Mazitlan rail
road. Wino and women soon drew tholr
cha'ns ' abont him , and , fired by jealousy
and drink , ho drew his human blood
by stabbing Abraham Jollmin , who was
Mr. Bourso'a steward. Ho-then Hod.
In 1872 , when the governor of Sonora ,
Iguaclo Petquerl , started out to assist
the governor of the neighboring olnts of
Sinaloa against the revolution headed by
the bloody Muqtuz , Oajamo joined the
state troops , Darin , ; the campaign ho
gavd proofs of great valor and of uncom
mon military skill , and was nude a
colonel in tha Mexican nrrny. During
lalaaro moments of the campaign he
learned to raid and write , for , as ho
novcr would go to school , ho did notovon
know the alphabet when ho entered on
tub exciting period of his life.
Wh n pcaca wai listabUnhod CUj mo
returned to his homo , preceded by cut un
common fame. At that tlmu Julio at
Bloroycqul , nicknamed the Jaguar , ruled
the Yaqtiia Ho was one of tbo most
sanguinary caciques ot Mexican history ,
and known &a the American Nero.
Moroycqui ! confirmed the rank of colonel
earned ! by Oijemo in the governor's
army , and tha latter soon bent his extra-
ordiuary talent ) to repressing disorders
the government of the former. Little
by little Oajcmo acquired popularity , aud
the Indian cimpi soon became too nar dl
row a theatre for two such men. Ono
day < Ojjomo , with tea picked men sur
rounded ( tbo pilaco of the Jaguar , and
going < In assassinated him , nnd was imme
diately ! procUimad his successor in pow
, a place ho has nines held ,
Whila In Navajoa ha solicited In mar
riage the hand of a dirk-syed belle of
that town , tha daughter of a rich planter.
His salt refused , Gjome "rotra ted In
good order" and wont biok to tha Yaqut S3
river , thinking that time would ameliorate
ate bis snfforJiigi. Afterward ho' made
hi" mind to BCD the g'rl ' ( Juana Nat- ol
vaez ) , and ho started on a dark night and
disgulso ta visit her. O.i tbo w < ty ho
was ambuihed by II , J. OiBtro , a brother
shlef , who waa bit rival for tha possession
thla Mexican Helen. pr
Oijeme proved to he a successful cfa
Paris. Singlo-handed ha killed Oiatro
md threa of hla men , baaiies wounding or
mother , and arrived , blo3dlng from aov ov
jral woundi , at the dot of Joana Nar.
rwz. She fled froai her hnnia in his . ,
ininpaoy. Sluco that lima Oajemo haa '
ad a tugltlve life with hla baud of Indian " '
yarrlora , and has cljfiad the potror of the
\Iexlau rajmbllc binong tha nnantiius
md marshes vt Sonora ' -
Cojorao Is wall built , has horocnlean
uuiuics , regular featuio , with a savage no
Imprajuod upon thuin , and has a ch by
irciiqae , abrupt tn&uner. He It a splon-
norsomin ; has saved hla own Ufa SCI
tavfril ccaieloni by hid float running
tid excellent swimming qualities He
an uicocquerable will , u protaneo of
ilnd wJilch uuvar doietU him , aud a yoi
ourago whlolj bordew on temerity , mi
Flfitiros T lcon From the City I'liyal-
ulivu'a Iloport for July.
Oily PhyaVan Lolsonrlng has just
filed hit mortality nni birth report for the
month of July. The births for that period
were 4G. The [ deaths were 92 , CAUCOJ
assigned as follows :
Sulcldo 4
Mangles 1
Scsrltt Fover. , 1
Cerobro Spinal Fever S
Kovorn 6
TMarrhoo * S3
Inanition 1
Cancer 2
Consumption C
1'neiimnnm , , , , . . . . . , . 1
Heart Disease 1
Meniopetisand Kiicophlmlotes 2
Convulsions , C
OoiiKestion of Lungs 1
TuborculosU , 1
CouRejtlon of Ur ln 2
Drowned. S
Accident 1
General Debility 1
.Burned 2
Tumor ot Womb 1
Hnpltcofflitt , , . , 1
Unknown 8
Miscellaneous C
Of thoto deaths , 48 were of infants ,
under ; ono year of ago.
The total number of deaths under 5
yoRM of ago wcro 50 ,
Between tha ages of 5 tn 10 years
there wcro 2 deaths ; 10 to 1C , 1 death ;
15 to 20 , no deaths ; 20 to 25 , 5 deaths ;
25 to 30 , 3 deaths ; 30 to 35 , 4 deaths ;
35 to 40 , C deaths ; 40 to 45 , 2 deaths ,
45 to 50 , 2 deaths ; 50 lo 55 , 2 deaths ; 55
to GO , no deaths ; GO to G5 , 2 deaths ; G5
to 70 , 3 deaths ; 70 and ever , 2 deaths.
Flfty-on3 of these deaths were of
males , 41 of females ; 11 were married ,
78 slnpb , and 3 widowed Only 2 deaths
wcro these of colored persona.
Thu greatest mortality was in the
soojud ward with 32 dostho ; the deaths
in the other wards were First , 22Fourth ;
D ; Sixth , 15 ; Third , G ; Filth , 1.
Sixteen informants were lud In the
cometiry of the Holy Sopulcora , 32 In
P/ospoot Hill , 13 in Laurel Hill ; 17 In
potter * ' field ; one in Jowiah cemetery ;
six in the Gorman Catholic , three In the
Bohemian cemetery and sovcn , romovcd
from city.
Of the 4G births , 44 wcra of white
parents , 2 of colored , 25 boinq m&lo
births and 21 female. Four births were
stlll-boru. It ia curious to note that , BO
far aa birtlia Mid deaths are concerned ,
the number of colored persons In Iho city
remains thu name , 2 deaths nnd 2 bltths
have occurred during the mouth.
AVI ) at tlioMcn Think and Say About
in Hours No Strike ,
The now order of houru at the U. P.
shops has gone into efidct , and the men
are gradntlly DO tiling cbwn t ? the inevi
table. The men cootn to acco t the
change ( u something that cannot bo
avoided , bat hops that prosperity will
soon restore tha work to its normal volume -
umo , so Hut the old hours cm bo re-
adopted. Some of the man clatm that
the company has been rushing fta work
ahead to bo batter prepiroi for a strike ,
in , ai3Q the emp'oyoi aaould decide upon
ono when tha hours rrero reduced. It is
not probiblo , hovovur , that any etrlko
will take place. A roporlor who ques
tioned & nnuibar of the mon found
that while there is a good deal of grum
bling among the men on account of the
change , especially among thoEo whose
wages have hitherto been the lowest ,
there appears to boa sentiment that to
Inaugurate a strike would bo folly. As
ono man expressed himeolf to a reporter
to-day :
"There are not the slIghtREt grounds for
belief that wo mon will strike on ac
count of tida reduction ta eight hours ,
Wo will stand the change as best wo can.
Thera IB ono thing , however , that la cer
tain. It' the company had reduced onr
wages , a strike would have beoa inevit
General Manager Ca'loway expreaiea
himself as of tha opinion that basinets
will revive BO that in about two months
the men can bo put upon their old workIng -
Ing hours. The redaction , ho Bald , ox-
toudoi to all the company's shops , and
wonld afloat all the 1,500 mon emplpyed
therein , cntttng dovn tbo czpunnos
something llko $100,000. The reduc
tion will diminish the uxpaiiioj iu tha
Omalu chops about $10,000.
Tlio Mayor'o Orrtor Goes Into Ell\ct
Mayor Boyd'a order closlrg the eiloono
midnight wont into effect Taofday
night , and pretty thoroughly enforced by
Klarshal Cumminga and his men. The
Senate , McToguo'a , aud other chophouses -
houses of the city closed at midnight ,
laying that it did not pay to run a res
taurant after that hour , unless liquor
could bo said.
llarjhal Cammlnga eaya that Olggins
did not quit soiling l.qaor at 12 o'clock ,
did the other ailoon ko/pers. Ho had
mon -watching the place , who say that n
while Biggins closed his doors at mid-
nlgliS and palled down hii curtains In
the most douorouj manner possible ,
liquor ll > * ol as fraaly after as before thu
closing hoar ,
The manner of procedure , ! * la alleged ,
was to send the llqaor up stain ta the
33oond story , whera it was dispensed
the thirsty eouls. The bar below was
scrconod from vlow curtains
strictly by , tl
though the policemen watching the csau olbi tlol
jlalm that they oould hoar the clink of bi
jlasaei long alter the hoar when "grave TnOn fctTn
yards yawn , etc. " On
Yesterday gMarshal Oummlngs cx- frc '
arcsiod to Juago Stenberg hla desire toile sral
ilo against Mr. enWi
a complaint . Iligglni , Pu :
ibargluc ; him with disobeying the muyor'o
rder. fhe judge advJu d him , haw-
ivor , to proctira further ovJdenoj baforo
aklut ; this step ,
Ojpt. Sullivan ea'.d ' yesterley that 1 e
houht the best thing tuat could bo due e
rould be to raid tno pl&co and socura ovi-
lenca as positive as could ba desired ,
Mr. Iligclns In convocation with a
eporter y aturJay , said thu tha cloiod h's '
ftljon promptly at midnight , and know
tothlng ; of any liquor being sold cxept
the bottle after .that hour. If ho
hose to keep hla curtains down so ai to is
crceu hla bs.r room It wts hla own afi'tir. IV !
Ifo Oot It FJOIII n IK
Franklin PJuapoy , an honest apposring nc
ocng msu , faed United Btatoa Oom-
ilfaloner nderuou yesterday to an-
twcr a charge of panting conntorfcil
money. Ilia case lud been transferred
from the pollco court.
"I did not knor the dollar
that I patted wcs counterfeit ,
your honor , " ho plaaded. "I re
ceived it from a young woman whom i
thought wag all right , nnd I had no idea
Out I was doing wrong when I passed
the money. "
Commissioner Anderson canolndcd to
release hlmaud , Empty wontawny happy ,
having tegiitorod n vow to ba moro
careful In the fnluro about "handling
the queer " The money ho attempted to
pass Is of the moat clumsy mako.
Comity TonchCM.
The teachers institute allll contlnnosto
Inoroaso in si ? ) , there being twenty-five
now arrivals yesterday. Superintendent
Brunor rjporti the attendance ns fully as
largo as last year nt thla time , and that
the teachers are intent on tholr work and
making excellent prograas. The pro *
grammo has baon changed so as to relieve -
liovo Sir. Brunor from instruction In
geography nnd writtan arithmetic , his
place in thoio branches being taken by
1'rof. U. E , Grimm.
The following nro thn now nrrivAls :
J. II. Ilnmllton , Thomas Sullivan ,
Sophlo Cleveland , F. Bertha Nagal ,
Annlo Weir , Bertha A. Blrkott , Carrie
Kumpf , A. E. Fitch. Fred Robinson ,
Nettle PrlohaTd , U. E Grimm , T. W.
Ivlrkpntrlck , E Ad-la Boworman , Susie
0. Phelps , Emini Ijonur au. Maggie Me
Liughllti , Mrs. Itindall , Lulu Fitch ,
Mary K. Wfilcott , Tilllo Sobosk , Nottio
Grimm , M. J. Clark , Myra A. BHsj.Mrs.
S , Gates , Lola Robinson.
Examination for toiohors' ' ccrtlGcatoa
will bo hold by Saperlntondent Bruncr ,
on Saturday.
Real Estate Tranerore.
The following transfers were filed Au
gust llwlththo county clorknnd reported
for the BEE by Amoa" Roil Estate agency :
ElIzabothL Svnbs ( linglol to John
OattrA , lot 8 , blk 15 , Credit Foncior aid
to Omaha , q c , § 5 ,
John A. McShano ( rtdowor ) to J. JJ.
LOB , lots 22 , 23 and 2J , Spring Bill , w
d , S1.200.
T. Herbert Schneider ( s'n ' lo ) to John
M.Volfd , lot 5 , Hltuobsugn Tlaco ,
Omaha , w d , $1,050.
Morris Morrison and wife to John A.
McShano , lot 10 , blk 9 , Kountzj's sup
plement , -1'h add' Omahn , part of lot 2 ,
blk 19 , S. E. Rigota' odd , Oaiah , and
lots 15 nnd 10. blk 14 , KounlzVs 0 J odd
to Omaha , wd , § 1.300.
Ella E. Litaou ( ilnglc ) to Mary A.
Jeokson , lots 2 , 0 end 4 , blk 5. Kirk-
wood odd. to Omaha , w d , $1,500.
719 South Sth St. , Omihn ,
Telephone COL1. Ccirctj ondcno uolicltoJ
Donler in
Hlladj , No 1 UouUhiR ? , HulVMrg Pqicr , i.c. ,
Ml bids must bo an flit In tha Hccrctary'H li '
pnprholaio Aug. JO. The rlilit ; u reserved to t
Jjc.t all lildu.
Pureoaandothor premiums offered , 10-
OH1 ,
Address , l > ilN' . II
Room 1 , Crolshton R'.ook , Oma Neb ,
Direct Line for England , France
mid Germany.
nt lioimihlpa ot thin well known line i
Iron , ta witer-tlght oomparluentt. nd r lot-
alihed nlth o ory requisite to moke the n&wnge
ujth eafo nd Krce bIe , They c rry the United
itites tnd Kuropean mills , and le § > a Now York
rau dtri nd B tuid j3 tot Plymouth ( LONDON )
anerbooj.lPAnia ud IIAMHUHF )
Itotoii 1 , First C blo03-100 Steerage ( o and
'torn Hamburg 810. O U HIOUAHUfc 00. , ( Jen-
I'aui , ARBiit , 61 uroidway. Now 7ork uij
WuMtift'iD und Ia Ixillo etrrcti , Cblfago or Henry
'unJt Mark llancon , K. K. Moore ) , Marry I' . Deal
Uronewlic Ititiwotitgii , | q Country.j
Magnolia Balm
a secret aid to beauty. r Sli
Many a lady owes herfresh-
icss to it ; who Avould rather
jot tell , and you carit tell.