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The Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed Ked
Unes on wrapper.
JQSrA written guarantee of euro plvcn In every
case undertaken. IHj-Allconsiiltallonsrroo unil
> i crocl. Ur. Clarke's Celebrated Uoofc uuU
AVWtlDga { In plain envelopes ) tnc
* ; , JI , C.,180 Eo.CLJItK ST. UI11AGO , IU <
Frightful Case of a Colored Man ,
I contracted < k fearful cosa of blood poison InlSSS
wna treated uaortioof the bo > t phyalclina In At-
Unta. They uecd the old romodlea of mercury and
polosh , which biought on rheumatUm , and Impair
ed my dlgesthooigdip. K\ory Joint In mo w s
swollen and fnil otjmln. Whoa I waa given up to
dlo my phjelolana thought it wouli bo a gaud time
to test the vlituea ot Hwitt'a Srcclllo. When I com
menced talting a 8. S. , the phys'cun ' Bald I could
not llvotwo oceka under the ordlnnry treatment.
Ho commenced to glvoine llio mcdlcino strictly BO-
001 ding to direction j , which I contlnuotl for several
months. I tok nothing olao and continued to Im
prove from the t cry flrst Soon the rheumatism
loft mo , rar appotlto became all right , and tha utcara
which the doctor B lid wera tha moeti frightful ho
had 01 er see ? , bcgau to heal , and by the 1st of Oo-
tobor , 1684,1 wae a well man o 'aln. 1 am Btronger
now tntn I over was before , nnd neigh more. 8.S. S.
haa saved mo from an early grat o ,
Lorn McClonkon h > 3 been In the employ of tbo
Cboss3C iley company for sorao acaru , and I know
the bo\e ttitemcnta to Iw true. At the tlma ho
began.takln ? Hwllti Spoclllc ho waa In a hortble con
dition. I regard his euro nliicHt miraculous.
W. 1) . CROSIIT , Ifamcor.
Chess-Carloy Co. , Atlanta Dltisbn.
Atlants , Go. , April 18th , 1885.
* . M.
M.OKKTSI nin uifnir your 'Fluid Extract Bed Clort *
DIe < < aoin anil X\ t Compress for Cancer on the breast
rind urn well. 1 am satisfied It 1 the beat rnnedrfot
. . .
N-Mr wire haa for nome tlmo own aflllrtnl
with Bomctrdau llkoa scrof ulou al.-k-ft c. nnd f oonJ ai :
Iiun uapnj to ay the haa oxprrltnceo
. ' to f l | ! 1itriln'.0S'al ' ' of rn
jrour efforts ID of .
belialf humanity.
' lch you an
weloojne to u o for their licncilt ,
I am , very rctpectf ally , IL JUUUL
. . o. .
Uurm-i commenewl tatlntr roar Exu tied Clover ,
. "iT" * 1 ° , for Kryalpfloa. end b e nat heeri
trwibimi unco. It la herMiltarr wito nu. lulckyou
bM UM at blooa meolcln * knowS
Voan truly. W. II. BEIBEHT.
t. n. ItTman , of Grand Haplis , Jtlch. . nayi-e
wo Uacton advlncd him 10 use laote't Kxt hi-d Clover
Jiir bad cou of llczemo , or Korcr Kore on the JCR.
jot * o iwuiidj or your Solid litroct Itod ClOTea
.A 8pnnirM lldneTonloftndKenpraI Wood Port
Imported Beer n elG '
KrUnger llavarla I Cuimbacher B v rl IIk
Hlsucr IJohemlan | Kaiser . . . . .llremea IIa
Badirclser. . , . . St. LouU I Anhaueer Bt , Louis a
Bo'tf . . . .llllw ukee | Schllti-l-Isner.Ullwaukee ni
Krug'a Ouasha | Ale , Porter , Domeclloaud nifc
Rhine Wines.
ED MAUEEE , 1213 Farnam St , feat
0 ]
Healed projKibaU will be revived by the under , atm
digued until do'ilock | i. in. ufTnuuday , toe iOtli day m
ol Aujiibt 1SS5 , for uavliif clitrlct tta , 3 , In the city
of Omaha , with ll ! iraiiminJ itonecn a Bind bane ai
ol 0 inhc In iBIcknitJd , Bauijlej ol BUM 1 to accom- aini
puiV each hid ,
7hopa\lng will liadon * In accordance \Utli plan tfc
and KIHH Mentions on filu In thu oiUa ) uf tliu board tl
uliniUlaorks ,
13Idd to bu accompanied liy accrtineJ check In thu orB
Bum of Clio thous ml dullorri , pajablo to thu B
dtj ol Omaha , as an oideiuxi uf guild falih. 'Hie or
Iwardof imblio vurksrc&unes thu rkht to reject orwl
any or all bidi. j. 11luv \ *
HUK-8-7-10-11 Chin , lloar.1 of 1'ublloVorks no
Tlio Original unit Only ( iciiiilnc. fami
f ifti > tilat ; f l it * ' i n * wurerrf wurtlil < * ImltntloDr. mi
ludltnrniaUu to LAPIER A l. . ' it llrbKuI.t for an
l < Milic lrr'i > Ruen > li > wltak no. iircrH j l . anai
< ( tui > ) l4 > Ui f r r.rih 'a'l ' in t < tt" * I'/nltirn mull. ai
NAME PAPER. < M * tr riirnilj-iil C'o.
, I'lilUiiM. ' Bi
UVIU UudUuu Nliurv , ! >
AtDr gii' Tudo luppllelby 1 , A. Qi
A Rifle on ibe R-ciy - Banks of the
Arkansas ,
And RnumlliiK Snow Ilftlls ou tlio
Summit of Mount Blnnco A
Mound of Klcsti null n
Vnstncss ofDralns.
Correspondence cf tbo BEE ,
Canon City , Colorado , may bo n place
of considerable importance , bat neither
it or the penitentiary beyond , where the
convicts are busily engaged ctutiog nnd
quarrying clone , liavo much interest for
us. Just now expectation "atanda on
tiptoe , " for wo know that the grand
canon of the Arkansas lieu just ahead
only six miles , ( hey say. The excitable
fat man , who has bocn til wonderment
and exclamation point a elnco ho loft
Denver with lohn , " "nhe , " "sublime
views , " "grand sights , " "hot place , " etc. ,
growa more excited and wants every ono
to "look out , "
There ia nothing remarkable to bo
seen nnlota It to an awkward , struggling
stream forcing ita way through clayey
banks. The Arkannaa. eomo ono says ,
The smooth , open country , with its dis
tant ranges and lower , nearer hills Is
passed. The banks of the roaring , white
Jltckcd river grows steep , rugged and
moro lofty. Euro , closets to the water's
edge , wo glide under a solid granlto wall ,
bosldo whoso Immeasurable , awful
heights the train dwindles to a moro
speck. The roar cf the angry river and
the shtieka of the engine echo and reecho -
echo from wall to wall , frompoak to peak.
Deeper , narrower , grows the gorge. Far
Into the tender depths of the sky , close
by the twinkling stars the mighty crags
roar their lofty heads thousands of foot
above us. In the "Rojal Gorge" the
awful grandeur of the Arkansas is most
sublime , but the canon extends for miles
and miles , terminating at Sellda a plc-
turaequo mountain city of about 0,000
Inhabitants , surrounded on every side by
diatint enow capped ranges. A mining
and railroad center this , where coke ia
manufactured quite extensively. Hero
pisaengera change cars for Leadvlllo , and
our train of seven coaches is divided into
two division ? , and each , with two en
gine ; , boginj the ascent of Marshall
Pass. The fat , talkative nun is silent as
wo rush over our zigzic road , sway
ing to and fro as wo wind np
the giddy heights. Perhaps ho la won
dering what would become of him If the
train should sweep off ono of these abrupt
cnrvoo , or the ovortowering boulders
should lone their equilibrium and hurl us
downward Into the black chatiiu , whence
the voice of no calling , the cry of no
love could over recall. Here the oldest
nhabltant , a Colorado editor and a
county treasurer , step on board. Slorra
Blanco , the highest mountain In Colorado ,
Mt. Ouray , the Sin Louis , and the dls-
tant source of four great , widely separated
rivers , the Colorado. 1'latto , Arkansas ,
and Rio Grande , are pointed out to us.
The sun sinks behind the western hills ,
and the dark plno forests balow are
wrapped in gathering gloom as wo reach
tha summit of the Rockies.
The air grows chilly. Around us He j
the everlasting hills tipped with snow ,
which reflect the rosy light of the setting
ann , while the green sky above is crowned
with a halo of amethyst , in whose tender
depths shines the evening star.
The train stopa hero about five minutes
and every ono hurries our , anxious to
gather a little snow this last day ot July.
Some ono shouts "all aboard" just as wo
reach the coveted bank. Rushing ,
stumbling , puffing wo roach our berths
and ir lit fully ton minutes foe the train
to move on.
The oldest inhabitant waxen eloquent.
Ho has played a very important part In
the development of the country , and in
the most confidential matter-of-fact tones
tells us of incredible hair-breadth escapes
wonderful exploits. The old man
sincerely bellevea lite stories himself
repeating thorn so often , always with
Berne slight addition , during these years :
has made him forget where truth ceases
and fiction begins. LEVEL. '
A SeiiHtblo Alan ;
Would use Kempa | Balaam for the Throat and
Luoga. It ia curing more cases ot Couphs ,
Guide , Asthma , Bronclnti ? , Croup , and all
Throat and Lung Troubles , than any other
medicine. The proprietor has authorized
3chroter & Conrad , druggists , No. 211 i 'if-
teentli street , to refund your money if , after
akinR throe-fourths of a bottle , relief h not
jbtained. Price 00 cents and SI. Trial iic
rrtc ,
Itcal anil lioptlNiuni Names ,
ew York Cotnmarcial Advertiser ,
The discussion with respect to General
3rant's real name is bringing to the nut-
ice nn amount of Ignorance and mlacon-
leption which Is interesting , aa popular CO
rrors of tenacious hold always nro.
there are those who contend that Geu-
ral Grant's name was Hiram Ulytacs ; SIi
hero are those who Insist that la waa
Jlyeses Hiram ; and there la a deal of
ihattor on the subject , just ns there was Si
Trhllo ago concerning the question
fhothor tbo present president of the ou [
Jnltcd States ia named Grover Cleveland sp
ir Stephen Grover Cleveland. In those ah
lUcneaiona wo are bombarded with ovi- ho
lence as to the baptismal name and nil toi
hat. In the case of General Grant a at t
lotol register has been published In fac- In
Imllo to ahow that In boyhood ho signed pa
ilmselt "U. H. Grant. " tic
The whole thing rests upon a mltoon- th
soptlon. The laws of thla country know at t
lothlng whatever of baptism or bsptls- 10
nal names. Baptism baa no moro legal fa !
'fleet with ns thin circumclelon or con- wl
irmatlon or coramunlbn , or any other rh
irdlnanco of occleslastlcalladmlnlatratlon. dr
f baptism had aught to do with a man's ca
egal name , a very Ur o part of the pop- n i
ilatlon ! of thla country would be wnolly piUi
lamolesj. The children of the Baptists , Ui ,
or example , who are not baptised In In- of 1
ancy , would have no names until In go
dnlt life they submit themselves to that at ;
rdlnance. The Quak'ers do not baptize pe
nil , and many others are like minded , stth !
Yet all these persona have names. A ,
nau'a name la that which he calls hlmtelf set
nd la called. When Bret Hart habit- Si
ally wrote hlmtelf Fumls Bret Harto , bi : ,
bat was hii name , but when ho droppo'j wo
he Francis It ceuted to be a part of his UK
amo. The tame thing happened with 82i !
liyard Taylor , aud Brauder MnUhuwa , tat
nd certain persona have thought It pol
Itty to Insist that Mr. Whltelaw Ksld's
amo In really Jasob Whltelaw Held ,
ieir contentionrcatlng [ upon thoasaertlou s as
-trua or false that ho was b p > .lz.d by Co :
lat nsmo The Uw recognizes no encb ret
ict. Jtlr. Reid aud tha other gentlemen
tentloned may have botn biptleed with
iy conceivable number of namoa , hat In
w their names are now Whltelaw K ld , B
raudor Matthews , Bayard Taylor ,
rover Cleveland , etc. , because they
by those name * , So In General Grant's
caao his mme was Ulysses Simpson
Grant , whottier he wns baptised by that
or any other name. The whole miscon
ception growa out of the two errors , first
that baptism has a legal character , and
second that it requires a legislative
net to make a change in a man's name.
Both are errors of a tenacious character.
1'uor AVomnn ,
Weak back ; tremulous nerves ; rhcit-
mMic muscles ; dyspeptic stomach ; torpid
liver. Bad combination , Isn't U ? Well ,
vltaliza your blocd with Brown's Icon
Bitters. Tone your narvcs ; banish rhon-
matlem ; drive out dyspepsia , Then you
are a new woman , Mrs. W. A. Crawford ,
Tullahowa , Tenn. , had nervousness and
neuralgia , She derived great benefit
from the use of Brown's Iron Bitten.
A Ht3A.Vy VEUDlOr.
A Crippled llralcoiiiftti Uecclvos Fif
ty TliousMitl l > jllnr from the
Sanui Fo Itallrond for Injnr
lc BiiHtalucd Through A
Cureless Conductor ,
Kansas City Journal August 9.
The ciso of Jarad Oono against tlio
Atchlson , Topeka & Santa Fo _ railroad
company , for damages for injuries 10-
colved by him , which has boon on trial
for the last eight days In the district
court of Wyandotte county , resulted yes
terday morning In a verdict in favor of
Oono for the sum of $50,000 , being the
full amount claimed by him. Tula Is
the second trial of the oaso. It waa first
tried last winter when the jury hung ,
ton standing for plaintiff and two for the
company. This time the jury wcro a
unit from the start. Cone waa the rear
brakeman on a passenger train coming
east on the night of December 5 , 1883.
The train stopped at Newton for supper ,
where a car was put into the train. The
night was rainy and dark , and BS Cone
was on the railing between the sleeper
and coach east of U , fixlug the b3ll cord ,
Corcoran , the conductor without waiting
tu know whether the train was la condi
tion to go , and without warning to Oono ,
signaled tbo trim to pull out. Cone
waa thrown between the cars
and was carried or dragged
under the train 800 or 1,000 feet , and
was found lying by tha track a low
moments after in an insensible condition ,
his coat badly torn , his pants and draw
ers torn to tlireds , his skull fractured ,
hla right arm broken at the wrist , the
palm of his right hand torn out , the
back of it scarred and mutiliatcd so
that a portion had to bo amputated , his
right leg crushed so that It had to ba
taken off below the knee , and tha fltnh
torn off hla left side. There was a car
load cf wltnoflroa cximlnod , and the ex-
pensQ of those two trials to the company ,
alone , cannot bo much short of § 3,000 or
§ 1,000. Every exertion has bjcn put
forth by each sdo in this controveny ,
and it has been tried with all the in
genuity , skill and nblllry the partloi
could bring to boar on. The part of the
plaintiff , Thomas P. Fonlon and Joseph
G. Waters have bean hia principal coun
sel , assisted by George S. Chaco and
Joaoph S. Enswlngor , while on the part
of the railway company , 0. N. Sterry ,
J , B. Scroggs , A. A. Hurd and W. 0.
Campbell have been the attorneys. Ooo
hundred and thlrly-alx questions of fact
were propounded to the jury by the rail
road company , and which they struggled
\tth ; until they answered them. The
jury would have been out for a short tlmo
had they not been delayed by making
answer to these questions. It is said that
this is tha biggest verdict over returned
in the United States in a personal damage -
ago case.
An Knocli Arcleu Case.
A Parkersburg ( W. Va. ) correspondent
ont says : "Mrs. Lucy Colllna , of Caldwell -
well , O , , was Mrs. Gearing only five
years ago. At the beginning of the war a
she was Mrs. John Aaklason , John was
her first husband and ho changed her
oatno from Abbott In 1800. When the
war came on , In 18G1 , John enlisted and
went off Into the Army of the Potomac.
He wrote homo often , but at last ceaaad
to write , and all his wlfo could learn
from the regiment was that John turned t >
up missing ono night at roll-call and bad 3
been given np for dead , His widow
amo here and met and married John
Soaring. Finally ho died and loft her ?
with tnree children , the oldest being :
'ourtoon years old. The widow Gearing
hen moved to Oaldwoll , O. , where eho
narrled John Collins , A month ago aho
received a letter from John Adkleson ,
ler hnsband. He says be was cap-
urod and held a long time , and when
iberatod wrote repeatedly to his wife ,
mt got no answer , and concluded aho
van dead , He then enlisted in the rega-
ar army , where ho has been over sinco.
3o accidentally learned that hia wife was
Iviug and had nmrlod Gearing , but ho
ept silent till ho hoard of Gearlng'n
oath , and then wrote to her. The letter ,
fter niuoh delay , reached her , She s
lien wrote to him , elating iho situation ,
rhtch was one of perplexity to all con-
ornetl. "
1'lncer Ml now In Idaho. B
lioshono Idaho Journal. te
Considerably interest prevails at Sho- rn
lone , Salmon Falls and elsewhere on rnas
naka river on account of the opinion ex- th
roascd by Sir llobt. Furqucroon , the ah
olnont English geologist , who has boon 8'
pending several days at tbo Great Sho- to
aone Falls , twontvtwo miles south of
ore. Ho la confident that hundreds of
ins of fine gold duat has found lodgment Yc
the foot and below the grjat fall ) , hav- thi
ig , been washed down tbo river for agoa thiwi
aat. An associated press dlsuatch men- gpi
ons this fact and states that the question gpiDt
lat now agitates the world ia how to get all oai
the gold , as the water Is upwards of an
00 feet la the grand canyon below the tec
ills , The theory looks plausible as the tecme
hole country through which the Snake MiLo
vor runs ia rich with gold color , hun-
reds of miles above and beloir these
itarao'.e ; and by the action of the waters Lobe
channel has been ground ont in eoino
l&cos a thousand feet deep. This entire be
v formation , together with tha sands lit
tbo desert contain moro or less fine nil
Did , It ia aald the lava beds themselves At
some points will aitay at least $2 00 Br
er ton , and a report Is made of finding fla
piece cf laVA in eastern Idaho , whloh an
towed free gold , probably a deposit of fai
idiment or a wash of Hour gold. At BtC
ilmon Falls norr plicer ground has juat ve :
cu opened in a clay deposit whloh la tin
onderfnlly rich and verifies the Inves- Yo
atlon of Sir Uobt Farqueraon , From alt
fl to $100 per day la nowactually belug blr
ken out to each Burlap machlno at thla It
Aid or man Charles Brooke , Sr , , of Kan-
City , Missouri , writes that Hud Star
High Care Is the oulyuudlclna that ever
moved his cough ,
Tlio Ohlciijo Grant Club.
Briu.sun ELD , 111 , , August 10. A special to
Chicago Uilly News sayi : The secretary
stats to-dar imued R csrlificato of incorpo-
tion to tha Grant club of Chicago. It i >
ited the object is to maintain the principles
tha republican party.
\Vlmt the Mnro Slur l > f > Hereafter
The Effect of Kunnlne Blood ,
Now York T/ibwne.
The bnsiesi day In the week for Robott
Bonner is Fxiday , for on that day the
Now York Lsdgcr goes to press. Ho
spared few minutes yesterday , however ,
to talk with n Tribune reporter about the
great performance of Maud S , at Cleve
'ThoculUnc down of her record ono-
hiilf a occond , " said ho , "was not a eur-
prUo to 1113. I expected it , for I had had
telegrams dialing that oho was all right.
Yon know I told you about n week ngo
that eho WAS forty pounds overweight ,
but the weather has boon favorable feu
overcoming that dlfllcnlty , and I have no
doubt she has bocn ieduced In wo'ght.
It was really the first fast mile sha has
had this saason , My brother Divld , and
my Bon Frederick have boon with her for
about two weeks and had full charge of
my jlntorosta. The Tribune printed a
dispatch cent mo from my son. Frede
rick Is very careful , and always weighs
every thing ho says , and his statement as
to the condition of the track can bo relied
"It was indeed a romnrkablo porform-
ano ? , even leaving oat the condition of
the track , which WAS admittedly some
what alow. First quarter In 32 ; ? , a 2:11 :
RftU. The second quarter was trotted in
3U seconds , a 2:00 : gait. That made the
J " mile I 01 j That was fast onongh to
"ako the life out of n horeo yet she made
the next quarter , around the turn , in 31
aoconds , a 2:04 : gait. Around the curve
in not tha plaoo to show the highest rate
of apood , ns everybody know * , but as
she was probably right within horsslf , of
course Blair did not check hor. As an
ovldonco of her ctpiclty , the fait that
under the circumstances of a alow track
and the first fast mile aha had had this
a cnson , she trotted the last half railo a
quarter of n second faster thin aho did
the Crat half , speaks for Itself.
It was the four mile running
blood that Is In her that
stayed her up for eush a perform
anoe , without It such a feat would ba im
possible. The whole experience in
breading trottera proves it Thorough
bred bleed la Indispensable if you would
combine staying qualities with speed.
Both Maud S. and Jay-Eyc-Seo , the two
oitest performers on the trotting turf
that the world over saw , have the four-
mlle running blood coutalng throngh
their veins. Ono traces through its dam
to Lexington and the other to Boston.
"I own Dexter and Karen , each of
whom rolgned as king in the course of his
trotting career. Dexter is old and in the
sere nnd yellow loaf , llarua is still
frisky and fast. Neither of these , how
ever , la to compared to Maud S. I do
not n y that within a year or two a horse
may ba brought out that will oollpso any
thing the may bo able to do , for in the
advanced state of breeding at the present
day wo do not know what to expect. I ,
for one , would welcome a trotter that
could do it , for I have devoted a great
deal of time and money toward finding
oat the limit of speed.
"How fast do I think Maud S. will
trot ? That Is something I do not llko to
talk about , for it ia unpleasant to inako
predictions that may not bo justified in
the future. I will say this , however :
Her present record is not the limit of her
ability , and to say she can trot In 2:08 : is
not saying too much. My brother David ,
who is a careful horseman , thinks she can
easily accomplish a milo between 2:07 :
and 2:08. : "
In regard to the Cleveland track and
the climatic conditions being favorable
to the highest speed of the great muro ,
Mr. Bonner eald : "I can best cover that
point by giving a statement of Maud S.'s
former manager made to a reporter of
woatern paper before this trial. 'I be
lieve. ' ho said , 'that Maud 8. would
stand a better chance of boating her ro-
uord over the Rochester , Chicago or Pro-
vldenco track than she would over the
Cleveland track. ' Tnat I think is the
general Impression. "
In regard to further efforts to bo made
y Maud S. thla season to beat the re-
rJ Mr , Banner said : "I shall undoubt
edly give further exhibitions with her ,
3tit just where or when I have not , as
ot , made up my mind , nor have I de-
idod as to whether I will harness her
leublo with ono of my other horses and
IBS how fast a taam can trot , though it is
nora than possible that I may do so.
rhla I am determined upon , however ,
hat everybody shall have an opportun-
ty of seeing her before she In perman
ently rotirod. As to her condition af tor
tor effort at Cleveland , I have only to
how you a dispatch from her driver
fhloh I have jait received.
The dispatch read : >
July Ml , 1885 Robert Banner.Vi \ -
l.-un and Spruce streets , Now York City :
have driven Maud S. ibis morning. She
SB fine as silk. W. W. BAIK.
Mr. Banner received the folio wing con-
ratnUtory dispatch from Willutu H , Ab
fanderbllt : la
SAUATOOA , July 31 , 1885. Robert 10
ionnor , Now York Ledgir , Now York : I 4
elegraphod answer to VY. Edwards this Ire Ur
lornlng , Maud S. ii a wonderful mare , UrJ
I always said. I believe she can boat to i
lie world with perfect ease. Besides , 1
iio is BO handsome and goutlo , I con-
ratnlsto yen , and hope she may oontlnuo
pleaeo you. W. H. VANDEHUILT.
Nervous Debilitated Mori ,
"ou nro allowed a tree inuijor thirty dat/s of
10 usa of Dr. Dyes Celebrated Voltaic Jielt
ith Electric Suspensory Appliances , for the
leejly relief and permanent euro of Nervoua
lebihty , loss of Vitality and Manhood , and
kindred troubles Also for many other dls-
leea. Complete restoration to health , vigor
ad manhood , No risk jg Incurred , Illustra-
pamphlet with full information , terms , etc ,
tailed free by addressing Voltaic Belt Co , ,
larshall , Mich.
Of HUOllll 1''A1110.
eng Branch Letter in Chicago Tribune ,
I BOO Uelmbold hero ono of the hat-
Dons of Long Branch. Ho has a short
ttlo body accl a big , swelled , inharmo-
lous head , with coarse hair over it.
bout the time Flak arrived at Lang
ranch , Holtnbold arrived and owned a
iih drug store , and had a four-in-hand ,
id next he had nothing , not oven his
.rally , while bis brother has his druc ;
ere , while the newspapers who had ad-
jrti.oj him io the extent of tens of
lousands of dollars had his duo bllla ,
on see him now aomuwhat qulolod and
tored , and when his wlfa walks with
in along the street she takes hts arm ,
is a question of forgive and forget. me
trhen I ! liy ITM lcfcno s vo her Cwtorla ,
When alia vra a Child , elie cried /or Ciwtoria ,
Vflea eliebecame ilies , elio cltinf to Cantoris ,
IVTuii ati liad Children , alio gar * tU o Cutoria
Free from Ophite * , J.'mefJr.t nnd 1'otsons.
far Couch * , Pore T hronl , HonruFnCK , lnflnonirc
IVlilA , Hrotichlll * . O'rmip , XVlitinplne Cough ,
A ft 1mm , < luln r , t'uln * In Clirnt , nnJothtr
Vrlcc (1(1 ( ( ccnlan tottlc Sold by Drncclnis urnl DcM-
cri > iwtlutinaWeto Imluct Ifttlr ttealer in f iromptly
jetttfort/itmieinrefelrelieat > ottlett'jetirtiitAareil
Ultit , lv tcnttlnff one dollar ( j
TUB ruuitis A.vonrLrn ronnar ,
l Uwcem anil AttnufjlclaTrr *
Bllllnort. JUrjIlrJ , r. 8.1 ,
. . luotpi- - ' . i
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' 1 Sti t1 itumt it i.rj jiir. . I'tji'e ' lair et.ifB- ;
M 'It ; rre * ( > > * * n i i ' ' -r ( Jw1t % lt.l *
Hiostrfitiiii. , Ol-bNU ) M n- '
aknef. > Mfcf iiflal rtiiri stn < - . ,
fc Drift nl thiual , Sklr > Qstpn , B'cn-i ' f'n- !
V J S res anil Dlcon , r .r-its vnivin'i. .
> ( OTsr e p-'B r - tcrflrfM' ' t- c1 j s cfl4 *
jiatt ' ct > "i-np i iv ! , rti'itti iw.r ,
% nnlco to lit toclilj "crai'tt = iHi' . of 13m , i \ ,
t orb. . M. .
\ Positive Wrlttun fiuorantes
f\r \ t In ill conDIc ! ! - V M-lt itcttcF/nf > i7
mphet ! , AnKliili * r H'rjoan :1 PWit , t'l
* -rlblnc i)0f ! n rli > aii'i , . ici .v. or fsin Jt. , > Jj.'fcji
i : tr . ' " K > 'tt f < vi t r
James Helical Institute
f Chartered by tlicStatcofllll-
ynois for thccxpress purpose
( of givlnnimmcdiate relielin
. .nil chronic , urinary and pri-
svate diseases. Gonorrhcca ,
, Gleet andSyphilis In all tliclr
complicated forms , also all
diseases of the Sliln and
Bloodpromptly rclievednnd
permoncntlycurcd by rcmc-
. diestcstcdln n Forty Years
. - . „ „ f > ] > cfti I J'racl Ice. Seminal
weakness , Night Lasses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , jiusUlvtIuctircil.Tficre
Isnutrjicriiiicnlinti , The appropriate remedy
is at once used in each case. ConsuItatUns , per
sonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icines sent by Mail and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
_ _ „ _ /.few--- , .
„ „ cfch mp gn , nadta til iununer < Trf II , jini
, mm of counterfeit. . Atiyoarcroctf rr drwrp'6 ' f ° * -
" - - -iii f. lmeltyD .Ja,3iBItCrKlm.SO.NS.
REMEDYI'liEU. Avictimof loathfulliuncudonco
ausing Premature DecBy , NonrousDebility , Lost
flunliood , Aa. , hucinc tried in vain every known
remedyhas discovered a simple means of self-euro ,
which ho will Rend FRKI2 to * TM'
I'ri'niiiliir' lcclino fromorrorjorcxrcssei ,
IiHt L'ovvi'l Diseases ot the H idticyn , llliiil-
tlcr , nnd I'roNtnto Olnnil C'I'll Hl > without
hlnmiicli Meilicinea by tlio Jlarston lloliis. Va-
rlroci-menredwithoutsurecry.'J'reatl enndte -
ttmonlnlMrri * . AlloorrcsporiilPiirooniilidcntlftl.
an v MtKr c. -
I have n poaltlvo rouiotly for tlio aborndisease { by Ita
IBO tnnasanilsof caueaot the worat Unit unUof fonff
Candtnclia\o been cured. InUcoit.hOMtrniiRlfl rnvfaltti
nltsolllcncr Hint I u. I BcmlTUO 1OV1F.3 ! HtHH ,
ogethcr ith n V A lu IItl.iTiliATISi ; ; on this dticiua
7auy BUITerer ( ilvooihreftaulid 1 * O ntldr. ce.
int. r. A. bLoc'uM. ' 1811'earlSt. , .Now Yat
This Invaluable specific readily end porminently
urea all kinds o ( Asthma. The most obstinate and
mt ; standing caacu i leld procij.tly to Its wonderful
iilni ; properties. It la keown throughcut the world
r Its unrivaled efllcacy.
J U OAtiDWELIj , city rincoln , Neb ; writes , Jan
, 1831. Since using Dr. Htlr ri Asthnn euro , for
ere thin ono year , ny wlfo IIM been entirely well ,
nil not oven a symptom ol the dlsoieohaa appeared.
BENNETT , lllchlanil , I iwa , write ) Nov.
1. 18 ° 3. I have boon allllctoj with Hay Fuvcr and
6thmi since 1859 I folloival your directions and
hippy to oay that I never elept hotter in ray life ,
am glad that I am among the rainy who can sjicak
favorably of your remedies.
A M > luiblo : 04 page treatise containing el < nllar proof
om every .State In tha U , H , Caniji and Qreat
rltaln ; will bo mailed upon application ,
Any druzglat not having It In stock will procured ,
order. Ask for Ur. Ilalr a Asthma Cure.
UIl 0 XV IIAIK&SUK. Trap's Cin'tl O.
Man and Beast.
Mustang Liniment is older than
est men , and used more and
ore every year.
213 South 14th Street ,
Have a large lis * of inside business and resi
dence property , and some of the finest suburban
property in and around the city.
Wo have business property 011 Capitol Avouuo , Dodge ,
Douglas , Farnam , Hnriioy , Howard , 9th , 10th , 18th and
16th srcets.
Wo haVe fine residence property on Fariiam/.Douglas ,
Dodge , Davenport , Chicago , Cass , California streets , Sher
man , St .Marys niid Park Avenues , in fact on all the bast
residence streets. Wo have property in the followmg'ad-
JLalkes ,
Elizabeth Placol
E. 17" . Smith's , !
Hoj/bacli's ,
Patrick's *
Parker's ,
Gise's ,
kelson's ,
Park Place , '
West End ,
Reed's First ,
% * -
BtaCormick's ,
Kountz & Ruth's ,
Impr'nt Association
Wilcox ,
Burr Oak ,
JLsaao & / SeldoH's <
West Omaha ,
Csraad View ,
Credit Foncier ,
founts' First
Komrfcz' Second , ;
Kounts' Third , ;
Kounta' Fourth .i
Syndicate Hill ,
ls Kevsors
Clark Place ,
Mvers § 5 Bicharda.
And all the other Additions to the
We nave the agency fo tne syndicate lands in South Omaha. Thes&
lots sell from $225 upivarda , and are very desirable property. The
Jevelopment of the packing house and othnr interests there , are'l rapidly
buildiucj up that portion of the city.
We have a few lots left in Kirkwood addition , which we offer nh low
> rices , terms 25 down balance $10 per mouth. These lots are on high
level ground and arc detirablo.
Hawthorne ,
This addition is more centrally located than any other now addition
icar the best Schools in the city. All the streets 'are boiug put to grade
he grades have neon established by the city council , and is very desira-
le residence property , only 15 blocks from Post office , prices lower than
idjoinine : additions for a home or investment. These lota cannot bs >
Fen SALE llouso and lot on 21st St.
FOR SALE 22 foot on Faruam St. . near
1th St. , $8,000 ,
Fen SALE Lot InWalaut hill , S200.
FOB SALK Lota on 20th , $550 cnch ,
Fen SALE 22 acres with elegant residence ,
oed barn , fine trees , elirubery , fruit , hot nnd
old water and all conveniences ! fust class
roporty in oyory respect.
Fou HALK CO foot on Farnam itrnet , near
8th , Good business property cheap ,
FOB KtNT Koom 41i7Ci 3d floor , on llth
FOB SALE House anil lot , 25th and Ohio
BO streetsplendid corner , $3,600.
FOB SALB-First class business block , 945 ,
Fen SALE i lot on Whaaton St.i goo
house , 81,500.
Fen HALK Fine corner lot in Shlnn a addl
tlon , $760.
FOB SAtK-Lot in MillarPlaoo , pecla
Fen LEASE Finn business property on 10th
St. and Ht , Mary'a Avenuo.
FOB SALK i lot on Chicago St. , between
13th and 14 , vtflhgood house , $3,000 , -
We will furnish conveyance free to any
tart of flie city to show property to our friends
mdjcnstomers , ami clieerjully f/ive1 informa-
ion refartlintOnwlia JProperty ,
Those who have fatryains to offer o
property at a haryain , are invited to see its.
Real Estate Agents
I13S. 14ilSt. } bet. Farnam Mouirlas