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Saturday Morning , July 25 ,
Bj Oarrltf - - JO wetk
- - n i
. . . . . . . . fio.oo p r r i
lit ) til licnii ( 111 in ] onvcntlon ,
The republicans of Pottawattaml conn-
ty , Iowa , will meet In delegate conven
tion at the court room In Council Bluffs ,
Wednesday , August 19th , 1885 , at 11
o'clock . m , , for the purpose of select.
Ing twenty-throe delegates to the repub
lican state convention , to bo hold at Das
Molnca , Iowa , August 2Clli , 1885. The
basis of the representation in the county
convention will bo ono delegate for each
township or precinct , and ono delegate
for each fifty votes or fraction of over
twenty-five cast for the Hon. Frank D.
Jackson , secretary of state , at the last
annual election. This will entitle the
several townships and precincts to to the
following representation ;
Boomer 2 Layton 5
Bolknnp -I Lincoln 2
Crescent 2 Lewis 3
Oontcr . . . . ! Mamlonla 8
Canon. . . . 4 Minden 2
Grove. . . . . ' Neola
( Junior. . . . 3 Norwalk 2
llardln. . . . 3 1'leasnnt 2
Jlnzol Dell jt Kockford 3
Jnmes 8 Silver Crook . . 3
Knno let ward 0 Vnlloy 4
" 2dward. . ! > Wellington , . 3
" 3d ward. . Wnvoland. . . . 3
" 1th ward. 10o Wright 3
IVOR Creek o York 3
Kn ° X
Total 117
The primaries in the novoral townships
will bo hold on Saturday evening , August
IDlh , at 8 o'clock , unless otherwise or
By order of the republican county
central committee.
Council Bluffs , July . ' { 1st , 1885.
JACOII SIMS , Chairman.
Roller , merchant tailor , for fine goods.
Bed springs end mattresses at unheard-
of prices at Handel's.
Great bargains in cooking stoves , tin-
ware and crockery at Mandel'a.
Tickets are now on ealo at Foster's
drug store for the Purjtan and Cavalier.
Tickets on sale at Foster's drng store
for the lecture of Stephen A. Douglar.
Reserved seats 50 cents.
Some of the prisoners are now bolng
kept at work on the streets cleaning oil
the mud.
Concordla lodge Knights of Pythias Is
to Indulge In a picnic to-morrow If the
weather smiles on the enterprise. of
A memorial service for General Grant
will bo held at the Broadway Methodist to
Episcopal church Sunday evening at 8
Permit to wed was yesterday given to
Moses Doty , of Garner township , and
Miss Katharine Beck , of this city.
D. B. Clark hnrr i * * " * " >
award of the jury In the condemning of
land for the now Kansas City road bed '
near this city.
Ed. Bennett , the cashier of the Ameri
can express company , who was overcame
by the heat yesterday , Is recovering from
the ellbcts rapidly ,
Now lot some one got out an Injunction
against anybody trying to get out an
other injunction. That would bo a fit
ting climax to the injunction rago. city
Mr. McBrldo and Frank Cook yester
day presented to Abe Lincoln post ,
Grand Army of tbo Republic , through
Wall McFaddcn , a largo picture of
Grant. the
An unoccupied house at the corner of
Ninth avenue and Sixth street , owned by
A. B. Walker , was struck by lightning
Thursday night , the chimney knocked oil In
and the roof somotrhat Injured. him
Arrangements have boon rnado for a men
lecture hero by Steven A. Douglas , jr. , bio
on Wednesday evening of next week.
While hero Mr. Douglas will bo the guest doulTl
of Mr. Gcorco ; Koellnef on Park avonuo.
On account of the Illness of Mr ; . Falk ,
the organ concert has been Indefinitely
postponed. This is a disappointment to
the music lovers , but the assurance is valla
given that they will yet have the treat at blaze
some future date. of
Married By the Uev. J. Fl k , at his clgai
residence on Benton street , Luther Hoi- uaua
comb and Mary A. Coy , both of Council that
Bluffa. They started for Valentino , sove
.Nebraska , carrying with thorn the good hard
wishes of kind friends. then
Peter Lanstrop , who is dealing In real ho
estate in Kansas and Minnesota , and who elgai
Is getting up wcokly excursions of land
purchasers , Is making his headquarters A
with William Lautrop , at No. aOG repu
Broadway. tlmo
Despite the threatening weather there dusky
were a goodly number who attended the ory
lawn party and supper glvon by the Con- was
grogntlonal ladles at the residence of J. from
E. Uarkncsa , on'FIrst ' avenue , yesterday eyes
afternoon and
J [ One of the self
largo plato windows In the
Council Blufls ' green
carpet o
company'a store
, on
Broadway , was broken yettorday In a that
rather mysterious way , there being eev In vli
eral theories of the cause , with no very plclo
satisfactory to provo any of them. trade
The stroke of lightning which Injured donci
the chimney of the Empklo hardware warrant
company's block Thursday night canted was
such a shock to Mlsi WyckofTs bonrdirg vised
house , on Fourth street , that the plaster
ing nearly all fell from the walls of ono Ar
The trio who were so badly clubbed In July
an altercation with Oflicor SmullenjTavo and
boon disposed of , the Brat starter , TJm home losve
Ryan , being fined $5 and coits , bis fura
brother , the giant , bolng dlsihargod , and ft 03
the third one , James Turner , being fined olnttj
ns a plain drunk. this |
The IJomo of the Fildidlo.'s seems to penso.
bo feeling the general depresilon , the re lars c
ceipts for tbo week being $10.93 hi caeh , ticket
and $5 In addre
merchandise. To thus pro Chins
vide for a'/amlly ' / of forty odd takoa eomo Bluffa
financiering , and by no means meota the
needs of the Institution.
The lioueo located on the corner of
Seventh avenue and Ninth street , lately
owned by M. A. Upton , and sold by him
tel Mr. Amont , was struck by lightning
In Thuriday : night's storm , and the chimney
noy knocked off and the roof somewhat
damaged. The house was not occupied.
Frank Iluntor , deputy clerk of the
United States court returned yesterday ,
having been called from his ofiictal duties
by the I Illness and death of his father ,
who died at Browning , Mo. , a few days
ago , , and who was taken to Summit , Iowa ,
and laid to rest besldo his wife , who died
some twelve years before.
Dave Twombloy , who baa served ac-
: optably as foreman of the car depart
ment of the Chicago , Milwaukee & St.
Pan , his resigned this position to accept
a bettor ono on the Ivtmsas City , In the
south. G. 0 , Cftsc has been appointed to
fill the I vacancy thus cauaed , and there lane
no doubt but that ho will fill It well.
At the Congregational church tomorrow
row morning the pastor , Rev. 0. W.
profts , will preach a memorial sermon on
the llfo and character of Gen. Grant.
There will bo no evening eorvico , It hav-
Ing boon decided to suspend the evening
lorvlcos for six weeks on account of the
Oflicor O'Biion was busy yesterday
hunting over the city for some follows
who were wanted oleowhoro on a charge JL
of larceny , acd of whom ho had a
description. Several persons were picked
up on suspicion , three bolng found in the
notorious colored house on Pierce street ,
opt by the Johnsons , but they proved
to bo 1 railway boys and not the ones
The statements made by the other
papers i of the city that Deputy United
Itates Marshal McCroary hod been suc
ceeded by West proves to bo premature ,
for no such change has been made , and
may not bo. McCroary has the assurance
anct that ho is to hold on for the present ,
and perhaps permanently , and that there
will at least bo no change until Marshal
Campbell comes hero and looks over the
Ituatlon. :
Judge Connor has Issued the desired
njunctlon restraining City Wolghmastor B.
Calvin ' from running a saloon at Woston.
Jalvln seems to bo in hard luck all
.round , his city office not proving as 0.
profitable ! as ho expected , and now his ler
now venture has gene wrong. Ho will
have to join In with the other members at
the 1 political trio , and bog the Wash
ington authorities to glvo him an Indian L.
feed , or aomo other lucrative position.
"Doc" Scott , who Is ono of tno well-
known characters In the city , has been
complained of before Justice Schurz , by
Fred Bokompor , who declares that Scott
has been committing perjury. The
iavu from the fact that Scott , all j
who kept bar for Bokemper , sued him
for wages , and In the trial of the case ,
some tlrao ago , before Justlca Fralnoy , JR.
Scott aworo that ho did not work for N.
Bokomper just for his board , which
Bokemper now declares
can provo was last
deliberate perjury. Scott has not been
arroeted yet , and hence no tlmo sot for a
Prof. 0. B. Llpfert has arrived In the
Ity , with the Intention of permanently J.
ocating hero and opening an academy of
music , giving Instruction In all branches
the art and
, securing for this purpose
needed assistants. Ho comes hero with
reputation ; of being a thorough musi-
and an excellent teacher. Ho Is
specially skillful In the handling cf the the
orga and piano. Mr. Mueller , whoso ally to
lame Is so widely and favorably known you
musical matters , speaks very highly of toucl
, and Is giving him all the encourage
ment and help In starting that Is possi whoeW
, and as there Is an excellent opening
for such on Institution , ho will
doubtless succeed.
The BEE yesterday morning chronicled
fact thst several boxes of cigars had
given to the fire department as a late
slight token of appeclatlon felt of the our
vallanb way In which they put out the tory
the other night. Yesterday some grand
the boys were Inquiring where the to
had gene to. It Is claimed that as olst of
. No. 4 got not a olnglo sniff , and with
No. 1 got fifteen. Now the boys withBy
wonder what become of the rest of the
several hundreds. It seems that there is JN
hardly as oven a division of cigars as
Is of labor. The boys arc satlsQed
the donor meant all right , and that
Is ! not to bo blamed , but that the reward
fell Into unfortunate hands.
fellow whoso nama is Good , If his
reputation Is not , was arrested some
ago for being too Intlm te with a Au
maiden whom ho had the effront
to t Imht ho was going to marry. He
given j a few hours to remove himself
the city , but 'yesterday the police Thi
spied him and ho was brought tlngni
up Transfer
station to glvo an aicount of him
It seemed that ho had picked up a
was - bound - - - for i Chicago. had tome money Good said and lifibrent
ho was going that way himself , and naintnln
view of hh previous rsojrd the BUS The
was aroused that ho proposed to
' Clark
eft' hia
experience for aomu of the
Gorman's money. There waa not evi ling ,
enough agalnai him , however , to 3iul
. hla being held , but the German F , A.
put i on bis guard and Good was ad JhicaRO
to travel in torna oiher direction.
A J. D
Grind KvourHlon.
Arrangements have been made for a Charh
txcurelon to Oolfax , on Thursday , ! hlesgo
yoth , leaving Council Bluff * at ! ) 25 K.
arriving there In the
afternoon with
for , nrtailon
the cxcttrMunista to leave
for sndentj
at any tiino thiy m y chf-oso. The gent
for f the
round trip been
r aa placed at agent ,
. Thla glvoa thB people of this vl citio ri
an cxcelloat opportunity to vleit J. J
popular Mid pleasant roaort , and to frolphl
a nu-rry time with very llt Je ex ont Io
. Those dcslr'ni ' furthtr
; pirticu- pormti
can obtain thorn by calling ht the spiral
tflico , No , 507 Brotilway , or by Island
h > K S. S. Su-vfiif , ynieral azent NV
go , Uoak Island & PaoiBo , Council lntfn (
' JH-a d
Council Mi Cites Mm suitable
Arrangements ,
The ConittilUoes Appointed.
The storm Thnrcday night inlcrforrod
greatly with tbomcotlng of clUzana callnd
at Maaonlo hall to make arrangements
for the j day of Gen. Grant's funeral , and
aQ postponement was had until yesterday
morning , , when the following committee
of ono | hundred was chosen to make the
needed preparations.
E. E. Eardneaa , M. Gallagher , George
F. Wright , B S. Torwllllgor.J. M. Phil-
llpa , Martin Hughea , J. T. Stewart , 1
John Borsholm , W. 0. WIrt. Wells Cook
John Oliver , William Shepard , A. T. Elmw
well , John T. Baldwin. George Wheeler ,
D. 0. Bloomer , Ed H. Scott , William
Minster , D. F. Eichor , John Bennett ,
Owen Wlckham , E. Metcalf , William
Maloney , E. B. Gardiner , W. II ,
Vaughn , William Oliver , Fred Spotman ,
Thomas Evan * , John Dohanoy , H. E ,
Fields ' , Thomas Cavln , J. L. Foreman ,
P. Wind , P. Bootollo , Jno. Keller , J. 0.
Leo , Jno. Beno , Wm. Hardin , P. 0. Do
Vol , Dr. Woodbury , 0. M. Brown , W.
J. Hancock J , Henry Van Brunt , Dr.
Lscj , Vlo Keller , Samuel Elaoman , N.
M.Fort Pusey , Max Mohn , 0. Golso , J. L.
Forman , Mark Duryoo , L , W. Tiilleys ,
A. W. Street , Jno. Ltnder , Chris. Straub ,
Jm . Gallup , L. Prouly , L. B. Cousins.
H. 0. Hammond , T. M. Gault , Ohas.
Keith , J. M. Keith , S. S. Stevens ,
M. J. Atworlh , U. C. Cheney , W.
H. Burns , Jacob Sims , Dr. Plnney ,
Dr. Green , A. B. Walker , Lucius
Wells , W. W. Loomis , N. S. Patterson ,
George Cannon , G. 0. Prescott , John
Dickey , T. G Pleffer , H. C. Boobo , T.
W. McOagan , J. P. Oasady , George F.
Smith , James Portorfiold , Spencer Smith ,
Moj , Lyman , F. M. Iluntor , C. H.
Sholes , D. J. Rockwell , the Rev. Mo-
Mononiy , the Rov. McCrary , the Rev.
Cooley , the Rov. A. K. Bates , the Rov.
G. W. Croft j. the Rev. T. J. Mackay , in
the Rov. G. 0. CnrUtlanseii , the Rov. S.
M. Williams , the Rov. A. 0. Doubling ,
the Rov. J , G. Leman , Frank Cook , Dr.
Mscrao , T. Guitar.
At said mooting for the purposes afore
said the following gentlemen were ap
pointed as executive committee : John
LIndt , John Epentor , Henry Elsoman ,
James P. Wlckham , J. L. Sullivan , C.
Johns , 0. Botisen , L. Klrechf , E. F.
Holmes , E. J. Abbott , E. L. Shujjart , J.
. Atkins , Thomas Bowman , W. F. S pp ,
Maj. Marshall , J. W. Poregoy , W. 0.
James , S. Farnaworth , Phil Armour , J.
. DoHaven , Andy Graham , S. S. Kel
, J. J. Brown.
There was also appointed at said moot
ing a committee to draught and submit
a general mass mooting , to bo hold In
this city on the day of the burial of Gen.
. S. Grant , suitable resolutions expres A.
sive of the eminent public services ,
private and public virtues , sterling
worth and Inestimable character of a
long life of usefulness of Gen.
Grant , and also oxprosslve of the deep
sense of sorrow felt
by our people o
account of the natiou's loss in his death ,
and tendering the heartfelt sympathy of
the people of Council Bluffs and
southern Iowa to the widow and bereaved
family In this great sflliction through
which they are called to pass , to-wlt : C.
. Scott , J. H. Keatloy , C. M , Harl , J.
. Baldwin , W. H. M. Pusoy , 0. H. 10
Manning , Col. Dally.
Another meeting of citizens was hold
evening and various sub-committees
appointed , and adjournment taken until
Headquarters Department of the Platte ,
Omaha , Nob. , July 24 , 1885.
H. Marshall , W. H. M. Pasey , H. H.
Field , committee of citizens of Council
Messrs : Your kind avd pressing In
vitation to bo present with you In Council
Bluffs and participate In memorial ser
vices on the day of Gen. Grant's funeral
ceremonies , Is received , and I wiita you
same answer I have given you person
, that It will altjrd mo a sad pleasure
accept yout Invitation , and further , as
desire It , to glvo you a brief address
touching the life and cervices of him
whose loss we now HO deeply feel.
With ; much esteem I remain , gontlmen , ElLI
Yours respectfully ,
0. 0. UO\VAUD ,
Brig. Gen'J U. S. Army. LI
AI ! comrades of the union army In the
rebellion i , In memory and respect to El
countty'a hero , statesman and soldier , ElW
Ulysses S. Grant ho who led us to vic W
and has gene from us to join the
army above wo ask all comrades Tl
wear in
remembrance the loyal emblem
liberty for thirty days , emblem to con- ed
of black crape 2A Inches In diameter
rod , white and blue ribbon In cantor.
By order of COL JOHN H. KKATLEY ,
Chmn. Vet. Association.
JNO. LINDT , P. Q : Abe Lincoln Post. in
Read Judd & Smith's offer o ? I,000 Tl
in another column.
important Gathering of Bl Rail ing
way OHiolnlH.
There WBB a Isrga gathering of dls- ed
.Ingniahod railroad men yesterday nt the
Union Pidfio hotel. In thla rity.
Tholr < object was to arrange the pro.
lortlonato oxpennca to bo paid by the
< roada running into this city to
the transfer.
moet'ng ' waa attended by J. T. PI
, , general superintendent ; A. J. Kul-
nsalatant general
snperlntendoutBI ; 552
aselstant general freight ajjent , and
. Nash , local general egent of the
& St. Paul nllro d. CO
P ] Hlpley , general freight agent ; COT
Beeler , general Buperlnttndendent ,
F Merrill , ttiparlntendBut and
Kf I h , local general agent , of the
, Burl ngton & Qolncy railroad.
H 1 , Wadp , superintendent of trans-
; H G But'or , divlnlon atiper
ftl Kulghi , penurul freight
and F. M , Gnlt , loral cnmal
of the Wabash , Sc. L 'uU ' it Pa-
M Johnson , first amletnnt general
agerit ; tl F II'Rira , euporlntend.
Iowa linct , J. T. Given , general eu
prmtender t and S. S , Stevens , locil
agent of the Chicago , Kock
.t P olfio r iln ad.
S. ! Mellnn , lunis'snt grnoral super
eu ; H G. Hurt , stippr'ntendent
division ; II R. McOulloch , general
freight agent , and 7. N. Babcock , loot
general agent of thiChlcago and North
western railroad.
William E. Burn local freight agent ;
S. T. Smith , goneroiuporintondent , and
o. E. : Dorrcnco , aujrlntondent Nebras
ka division < of the Ulon Pacific.
gTho Chicigc , Btllngton & Qulncy
toad woto admlttodlnto the pee ) , they
to pay their share ( the expenses. It
hai been stated thaftlio mooting was to
got iho "Q " back Uo the "dlvy , " but
thla has boon donll by the railroad
nun.Tho mooting adjorncd to moot at Iho
name place two wika from yesterday ,
\ugnat 17 ,
The above were all the particulars
that could bo learnt of any of the per
sons attondlni ? , am In response to the
qaoary aa to what to object of another
meeting . waa , If allho basinets waa aim-
ply to check up ai divide the transfer
expenses , thn rcsptsa was , "just to Ulk
over matters a lllo further. " Thla
"talking over matra a little further , "
Indicates that all loot arranged yet per
manently and satinotorlly , and another
mauling la nocoBaat.
Dr. West , dentil over BEE oflico.
r. nnd Mrs. A. C Graham have gone on
n trip to Spirit Like ,
lira. J , T , Stovtartod family are sojourn-
ColfftX Splfagl
C , K. Stephen ) , c Lincoln , was among
those at Bechtelo's yiterday.
Mre. John Fox an < daughter , Emma , have
returned from a viiito friends in St. Paul.
Mrs , D. W. llaeiL'll is receiving a visit
from her mother , Mr Alvy , of Chicago ,
Col. J. W. Chapim still lies very low at
Ills residence comer i Sixth street and 1'ifth
C , W. Stover , ofDos Molnea , passenger
agent of the Atcliln , Topckn & Santa Fo ,
in the city yeatday ,
Gus Uaumtn , of o Mount Vernon llawk-
eye , has been epenax a day or two in the
city , the guest of VS. Ualrd.
' . D. Fuller has tinned from hia visit to
New York , and is ttirjR ready to start out
Iowa to rep-int the Mueller music
N , lleaton , caslr of the Norton county
bank , Kansas , was the city yesterday visit
ing Col. J , W. Chman , who owns an inter-
eat in the bank witMr. lloaton.
Edward Waltcrtho bookkeeper for Burn-
ham , Tulloys & Copany , celebrated hia birth
day yesterday , b ; inviting his fellow em
ployes to a little s per nt Louie & Motzgor's.
Substantial alract of tltlo and real
oatato loans. JtV. and E. L. Squires ,
102 Pearl street
ltoal liftto Transfers.
The followlnjro the transfer" of real
estate as rocood In the office of the
registrar , and jported to the BEE by
. J. Stephonn , for Friday , July 24 , p
1885 : "
Ucorgo H. Ipklna to Charles Door ,
lots 1C and 10)lock 3 , Howard's add ;
M. C. ITonton to Thomas Smith ,
part nem 13,77 , 43 ; § 44.
Amelia iJucr , ex't'x , to William T.
Smith , eUel < .77,42j § 700.
Total a'ales , 1,404.
Flno now seltlons of CO cent music
books , also cho : selections of 5 and
cent music ; Mueller's , 103 Main and
street. nllti
The lew York
' CAN (
552 3roaclwav-
0 ,
CoiinciJBlnffs , Iowa
\ng \ ,
& XSTDB AUUC icdFl rate
WORIS and YEN- well
TILA7ION (71011 (
design boat X1
andconstructed. tour Kino
PLIMBINGwork olllcf Hull
all its branches. FOK
This < oiinaiiv have
of : hebest assort * X *
stocks of L
goods in the west. for B201
Estimates fui'nish- JJ b
or Ian
. , B
H. proicil Jj O05
J )
Manager. J J
i T'l\0-\
| >
PLUMBING CO'Y1 Snail iirotecJ
J ) !
J t Jo
k Walker
, J Ia
Teleplione No. 27. lillerenco BS11
8V - at- WC.Ikei 1 < OK
I7 Wi
COJ CIL CLDF1S , IOWA , tiling ( ,
oil IIMffa '
I I J V i I i . , r . ' . .Ml
? . 80HURZ.
of lite Feaci
t , L.
Ho. 607 Broadway Council Blnffa.
Railway Time Table ,
Th loIlowlnR art lh tlmea ol the arrtral nd At-
rarlar.ol Ifalns by oontral gtandard lime , M the
local depots. Trains leave transfer depot l o inln-
atei earlier and arilve t rj mlontea later.
traoiooanJ noftrinnrniii ,
9:25 : A M Stall and Eipresi f.Wr M
12 : 0 r M Accommodation 40 : r M
5:30 : r U KiprosJ C.05 A U
BI5 : A M Mall and Express tM r M
7:25 : A M Accommodation f > :16 : r M
6:30 : r H Exproaa Pee : A M
0CO : > M Mall and Express C:60 : r M
6:25 : r u Express 9:05 : A R
cmcAoo , iDRUxaroit AITD qntxor.
9:50 : A Mall and Express 7:10 : p M
30 r Ai comm odatlon 2:00 : p. M
M r ! ; < preui 8:6 : < U M
ST. LOUIS AND riwnc.
5:16 : r H Local St. Louis Express Local -
S:00 : P x Transfer " " Transfer 3:20 : r M
, ST. ; o AKD council , iLDm.
100ti , | A M Hall and Express 8:40 : r M
8:15 : r II Kxpren 8:25 : A M
Sioux CITT AND rACine ,
7:2o : A H itall for Sioux City 6:60 : r u
7:80 : r u Express for St Paul 0:25 : A u
rAeiric ,
11:00 : A M Denver Kxprona 4:3 : ! r M
1:06 : r H Lincoln 1'tus O'o & n V 2:35 : r M
7:65 : r u Overland Kxpreea 8:30 : A M
"LoavoZCouncIl fBluffs - CB5-7:55-B:80-10:30- : : : :
ll : < o a. m. 1:80 : 2:30-8:30 : : 1:28 : 5:25 : 8:25 :
11:15 : p. in. ILoavo Omaha 8:25 : 7:25 : bltO 10
lil : a. in. 12:50 : 2:00 : 8:00 : 4:00 : 4:66 : 6:65 :
Curtains , Oil Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Mattings ,
Rugs , Etc. , Etc.
Careful ' ' Attention Given to Ou
of Town Orders ,
Upholstery and Drapery Work a
Our stock is the
Largest in tlie And
la 1 being continually replenished by
tbo latent and choicest novelties.
405 Broadway Council Biufis
TtRiceM. D.
TJfTPDfl or other tumois retnorej without the
billluJjnUj knlfoor dra lns ol blood.
CHRONIC 'DISEASESol , a kl Ja a s la > -
Over thirty jc.irsrr'ctlcal experience. Office Xo.
I'ratl struct , Council Blulfri.
( roe.
NOTICE. Special vcrtlecmenti , euo as toil
, To Loan , For Sale , To Rent , Wanta , Doard-
eta. , will bo Inserted In thlg column at Iho low
ol TKN CENTS PER UNE for the Bret Insertion
FIVE CENTS 1'ER LINE for each unbeoqtiont In-
CD Leave advortleomonlj ikt one office , He , by
1 Blieet , near 1'roadwav
'A.NTRD Flmt-clasH wiltor Immcdlatdy at Louie
& , Merger's , 5i6 Urcadvay.
° ItKNT-IInii nNf. 111 North ISsbtli street ,
Sroiuir , clctern , honuo ralHcd am lot tilled.
cnid nii'ir.
. HhST-Housi No. 132 Harrison elicct. 3
roonip , eon i ci lint , and in soccl rctnlr.
' lti.VT : Hoiuo No F18 Scott ttrcot , three
, minutes u Ik from 1'aclflc house , 4 rconi" , good
, cistern , etc .MiSlabon X Co. , 4 I'tn 1 ftruit.
S U.K An elegant Wleccnsln summer retort ,
250 ! acres , UOtilUlile , railway station andeto'in- _
1 Uinliiu : ; fraico hou9u fur lumcstead ; jiaMlllon ,
cclHrs , nctaurant , leu house , tenement house ,
cottiKec. liarn , 3(0 fruit trropS ncica prapts ,
hdrstH , 13 boatp , etc. A fine rrecrt , 'CO feet
Wi coiitln r.\er , and 120 feet alio\u Darahou
| ia > S5.000 a } ear , Addrcsi W. & 8 , HKK
, Council UlulT ; .
SAT.K Lauda Imnrotod aid unimproved ,
II you vtant a ( arm In western Iowa , Kaunas
Nebraska or Dakota , lot us boar from j ou.
BALK-HouBCB. Lota and Laud. A. j The
Ptepronion , 603 Kiret avcniio.
KXCAANO U 0 , b P , b 10 , h 13 are hotels III ulCf. fcr sale or for trade.
! , epoclal bargain ; 400 n Imrrotcd farm north
$18,000 : , prlf o for a tlmrt time $16,000 , will trade
low pilced Western landa. tinan & Walker.
2 ( , eaddlcry Hardwire manufactunni ; cetali.
n > hment ( tuck anil machinery , /value / $7,000 , for
btein land Bwan A : Wa k r , UAucil IlluUu.
203 , ttocK ( f dry KOOilp , giocttlet and hardware ,
> aluc , Si.uOO , In un good eastern Nebraska towu
land , aw an 4. Walker.
OI , stock of general rncrchandleo In a ( 'ood
western Iowa town , taluo 4,000 , wains an Im
Him In vcstmi Ioa. kWdiul WnlKtr. es
-05 , stock of hardware In Ftutu" Co . Indiana ,
for land , aluo about ? 1OCO. Swan , V Walhor.
COO , new atoik of bar. ware In a llta Nebraska
town fur liiul , 83OCO. Bnan A. Walkor.
2J7. ! Block of irlovltiiral | linplrnicutn and stirll
haiduaro.aluu about 8QOJ. wants a gTud Im-
- \ farm. H an iV Walker
2CCC , 6IOOon stock nf oIolliliKT In a ffor > JVU -
conBln tltj , j In landa and lulanco cauli or | m-
Bccuritj. IJeautiful etoro room at low rout ,
& Walker.
210 1 , itock of mixed liarduara In a Ilio wMtorn
ft town fur cheap laudaaluo # 0,00 : . 8 au
211 , line hrlck blockrent well. In allvo central
t wn ono room occupied with general ttock of
, wonts an liniiro\cd farm , talue ; Luildlntf
18,000goods J7W)3. ) H an4.salker. .
Wi stork ol boots , tboOT bata , caps and clothlnK
alueJ ? 3 000. In cno oftholitst townslu Mub. ,
83,000 funands. 8wan& Wvlkcr.
, a $3OtO 6took of cJotMtK' . Hants land In
North Wuittw lows , lot $0,000 , and will | iay
H an A. Walker.
\ , an $8,000 otrck of drugs In central jowa for
lan-l. 8 aii & Walcir.
B21Bnnctber etook of ilrucaviluo fromISOOtn7700
with More bulldlnc ai d lot \ aluo ? SOO In a goo I
town wants jurtly Improved land. Swan A. . .
full jiarllrulara , wiltc to or call upon Swan
Walker II vm Hanttonell , bu > , nr tradoany-
tell ! B 4. VV abuutlt. Bwaui Walker , Uouc-
Officer & Pusev.
And a
Council Bluffs , OSI
Established , - 1865 MAX
At the Now Orleans Exposition.
1. The Jury of awards crltlc
lly cxiraln , l the .
iarlon.i wilting andilne' , ll I .lietlcJ ,
ly a tw
thirds vote to git o the hlffh ( . t x\ird to the ItrviMiroy.
. l oilcMilontftUjJiir ) wn > lgnoicJb > thoiommlttcoolaK
iniistilntlcgatiow Jurj rJand otliSr JilMrs weroaJde
3. . itcnm ! Jut- . | .o ciltlcilly cjftmlncJ tlio
willirg tntchlnts , iitul nude ilm awinl ofa
first chM KolJ nodal , the hlKlicjt aitard , to the UHMIVOTOS-
, UHMIVOTOSSUmliMTi * Wilier , for .lro | > llclty. duri-
lilllty oiso of manipulation nml speed. "
< . TJO report of this ] jry WM mvlo , delivered to nhd ,
for the
May CO. ly to ninltijo ol nvwdi mi
r > . Hie momlicrsof this Jury ere ncm discharged.
8No ether ( tiry txumltiod the ItMiiauioNSInndurd
Tj | > o-Wrltcr M Non Oilcihs.
7. IheiiirBcrjof tb. vmd nru honoralle tnd well known Ktnllcmen.
A. Morgan , Knq , tciilhein m n Kor cf It. 0. Dunn AtU , Now Oiltaim , La.j Kx.Ontotnor tldrociojaro ' duties
U 3. ' I'riuk llacan
of Kmjas , and iirfsldontol the U. S. txurdof rommliilonerf ,
Beaten , Ksq , chxmtu , KM ; ( lee A ,
stenographer ami ge.rctnryol the board . .
of U. S. commitIOIIOH , Culumlmi. Ohio ,
8. The .
these gciillcimnniid the history of tbo cntojt , uhlch wa ro
pamphlet ' furin , . preparing In
wo will l ! to furnish on > | p'lcatkn.
The Iclluuliig lathe report :
Iho World's .
No. 8)5 ) ; fjroupo ; chM OH. Competition. . Oilcans. Jury rcpjrt. Application
Iho undcrdgncd Jtircrs In the ho\o entitled clasf ,
kulng cJtcfully examined
th oxhlbll made
E. llemlnKton ASCIIS , Illon , New Vih ml nil ccnifcllnKMhlMtf , liy
of nilrst class medal for the concur In recommending the < ml
Standard Tjpe-Writer , for ' .
epood. riropllc'.ty , dunUHIj. oMe.f nun miUtlcm nj
Dated this 10th dtj of Hay , ISM.
( HAS A. MOt.UN , Uurors ;
fllANK 11ACO.V , J '
WlKOrr.SKAJIANS A DKNLDICT , 3SO Creadnay , New York
CBlcaxo OlEio , ES Madison Et ,
C. H. SHOLES , Agent ,
Council Blull's , Iowa.
Brick buildlngn of any kind raised or moved and satisfaction guaranteed. Frame
moved on Little Giant trucks , thu beet in the world ,
1010 tunth Street , Council Blufls
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 9 Main St. ,
Complete Line of New Goods Always on Hand.
all kinds of muslcM Instruments. PiuiOB nd orcans sola on the irstallment jlan. llinlcil nstru-
mentsot o\ory description tuned anU repaired. Ilmlnir oicr 14 jcars cxjiorlenco In the liusinoaa o lea
conflJcnt of gnlnff the hest ol eatUrncilon. llcmomlJtr the plane. Sign of the K'lt ' orj-Jii
Keep Horses and Mules constantly on hand which
wo will cell In retail or carload lota
II Stock Y/arranted / as Renresented
Wholesale nd retail dealera In Grain ml Baled Hay. Prices ro -
eonable Satisfaction Gunrauteod.
SC HLUT E R , c n 0 IV I V i"
Cor. 5th Av. and 4th St. , Council Bluffs.
For any case of Kidney or liver diaoane or dyspepsia , rheumatism , or any disawfl inilndced
a lack of native power , that cannot bo cured by the use of DH. Judd & Smiths hlootno
elts and Appliances. No. 30 , Fourth St. . Council Blulls.
Norene & Landstrom ,
Suits to order In latest atyloa at cheapest possible prices
itcKiilnr Dinner 31iO : to 1U : ( > , - . " cents.
605 Broadway , - - Council Bluffa.
only ( all night houeo in the city. Kverytbirft BW\C < I in firft el J style end on shoe
notlco. llot and cold lunches always roady.
Waves , Langtry and Pompadour Frizzes.Switch .
, etc , , ready made and made to order. Prices
cheaperthan ever. Call and see for yourself ,
Formerlv MRS. J. J. GOOEfE.
29 Main streetCouncil Bluff.
General Atfent at largo
U v FC-M ) SVSTKM , "
Life and Annuity Ins , Co
lu Council HlufTd hiUug a
all modern Improvements , call bolls , fire
alarm bolls , etc. , M thu
Nos. 210 , t17 ! and 21U , Main Street.
J , Balcear ,
W ho for tv o ra t 13 ca
San franciecfl H now loruttU at No i J > i.
orpooltu in w Onern Il"li
Jladaao Halteir guarantees to roitore
Jfoui ri'au nafclo and b IUfv timi fc'iiaratiUi'i- .
O r oLif , de l " ' ' ' M"cU1 J ll't"a"11 ln , " 1"1
il . . . > fcMtuiU fc-llt of he
. JE , ? .
rhl'i ' Hi St. Onimcil lluf ! (
blitorii acres , U-n I" tnM , blx In iranlon jJ
tlm'eilaud.bU room IH-UK , * UM , tl. | tit rii,4c.
all In tfu.U ( .jnJIiluu or ill tifcJelor Oumha | ro | > -
Count ) 'Jrnsunr'i "tllcvCouncil UluDl ,