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Incidents of the Da ? , at the Capital o
the Stale.
Six More Oountiea Make Thei
Census Edtnros.
Tnc Stnto 1'rolilljltIonlstB Adopt
HcrlcH of UcHolntluns and nn
Orj ; ti Other Events ,
Koportccl by Tbo DEE'S Bureau ,
LINCOLN , Neb. , July St. Portfolios from
tlio following counties nro returned to th
census bureou nnd ehow the present papula
lion ai compared with 1885 :
188 : > 18SC
Keyapiba . 4tii : : 7,00
Otoo . 10,228
Dnwea . H.Bfi'J
Shcri.Uu . U910
Hayi . COS
The followlug counties arc still Incocnp'oto
Choyoano , Chotry , Hownrd , Keith , Valley
and CliAso. Superintendent Line Is absent
fr n couple of dnys , Tbo portfolios of fourteen
of the cjimlo3 ! have been copied and arc
ready to bo sent to Washington , The citizens
of Crete are very much , dissatisfied with the
censua returnn of their city as on Thursday
the mayor of that city was up here Interview
ing the governor and superintendent of ccn-
Bus prevailing on them to have the count re
taken and the city council have appointed a
man in each ward to take a recount of Its
Brad P. Cook , fitft assistant iu the census
bureau takps n vacation of one week , during
which time he will rcmovo his family from
David City to Lincoln , Ho will occupy a
desk In the land commiflelouor'a olOca ,
Articles of incorporation have boon filed
with the secretary of state of the Nebraska
Modlcnl journal company of the city of Lin
coln , and in the Interest ) of the eclectic prac
tice of medicine and surgery.
Considerable complaint is ir.ndo by some ol
the old soldiers on account of their not boinp
nblo to Ret their pensions. Ono ol
them in this city , who Is paid irom
the Boston olHie , received n letter from
then notifying him ho would receive n chock
nt soon OB tticro were any funds to meet it
with. Much Inconvenience la occasioned by
thla alow method of doing burineis.
Land Commissioner Scott is busy signing
school land leasoa.
The state capital is profusely draped both
inside and out.
Owing to the somewhat uncertainty of the
weather of late all out door festivals have boon
indefinitely postponed.
The etato prohibition conference met In
this city on Thursday afternoon , electing the
llov. K. B. ( irnhnmof Douglat county , chair
man , and F. M. Wnrron of Otoo county , tec-
rotary , with A. G. Wolfenuargar and II. C.
BittenhenJer of Lancaster county , as nBsiat-
ant Becretiries. The following resolution wai
unanimously adopted ;
Inasmuch as it has " "pleased the Allwlse
COIHIII indor of the universe to remove from
thia uuth' bittlefipld the greatest inodqrn
ireiurnl , Ulysses S. Grant , we thoraforo , with
wo ami admiration send regreti to family ,
friends , to our own people nnd to every na
tion on the face of the oaith , for a world's
great man 1ms fallen. Wo will remember
him as one of the great men of America , n
man of courage , Ono that could face the can
non's mouth , manned by deadly foes , cne
that had the courage when ho saw the evil of
drink to turn hla glass at king's tables. Wo
honor him and will cherUh IIH memory that
bodied a total abstainer. "
Sister , of Otoe ; Woodward , of Seward ;
Lombard , of Dodge ; Girard , of 1'latte and
Williams , of 1'illmoro counties , were appointed
a committee on county orpul/.iUou. After a
few speeches the committee- resolutions
offered the following report which was
1 We are unalterably opposed to the traffic
In intoxicating liquor , knowing it is the pro
lific source of crime nnd human misery. It
strikes at the heart of every institution dear
the citizenship of our common country , con
taminating our statesmen , corrupting our
courti and ruining our paoplophyaicaUy , mor
ally nnd financially , and therefore should be
speedily destroyed.
2 In pursuance of this object , and recog
niziog the fact that tha dominant parties of
the country are either unwilling or unable to
commit themselves to the political policy of
suppressing this evil , we hereby invoke the
aid of nil temperance people to unite with the
prohibition party in the destruction ot this
monster iniquity.
3 Wo rccognlza the n'cosaity of concertsd
action aud compact organization , and call
upon all who roallza the importance of agita
tion and education to labor zaaloiisly for the
extension of the most thorough organization
into every county , precinct and school dis
trict In Nebraska promulgating prohibition
principles and enlisting an urouscd people in
the work of crystallizing public sentiment on
thin great question into public law.
I Wo denounce tha high license law now
standing upon the statutes of Nebraska aa n
diB > irac9 to the imral sense of our paoplo by
its legalisation of a disreputable business ,
under n nyatem of public bribery. High
licoaso and low llcanao being In princple the
stmu , differing only In the price for permis
sion to commit crime.
5 That wo recognize the great value to tha
cat no of prohibition of the t Iliclant and self-
sacrificing l.ibora of tin Wnmau'd Chrlstidu
Temperance Union of Nebraska , und wu bid
them Cnd spooj In tbtir work.
( i inatmufi m wo claim a govern
ment of the people by tha people and fur the
p'oplti wo therefore would ertnncl the right
i f auirriuju to every citiz"ii of full ago and
sound mi ml.
A central cnmmittfu WM appointed. It
was decided to huld tin stitd convention at
Lincoln during the ftitn fair , and an imita
tion WHU uUotidid to John 1' , St. John ,
candidate for president , to bo present nt the
convention. Thu Now Republic , n paper In
this city , was adopted as tha ollical | organ of
the prohibition movement In thu state , Cun-
fertmco odjouriio. ) about it o'clock ,
At tlioiiiflctiuK of the citizens committee
yesterday innrutng , to take action in regard to
iiiemorinl hunios of ( icu. Grant , Uuu. Cobb
W.H appointed marsh il : Governor Diuvtj ) ,
chuiriutn ; the lluv. H N , McKay , chaplain ,
Sub-committees on finance , inuiic , tpfakore ,
nnd thu procuring of a band and opera homo ,
were appointed to report this morning , nt
which tune a prcgrainina is expected iu be
nude out.
A pony team hitched to the front "ml of n
spring wagon took n epln out on O street ,
twittering teams and pedestrians.
Mrs. Brand P. CooV , who was n delegate to
the Wuman'd relief corps convention at Ptiit-
lauJ , ryturned to this city for to-day on her
way to David City.
The Her. K. Il.Ourtis will start on his va-
cition tour next Tuecday. Hit family will
accompany him. Ho will ba gone about
month aud hopes to have sorre pleasure boatIng -
Ing on the lakes , thut outing aside for a time
the nsro Involved upon the pastor during the
bullilin ? of a new church ,
It Is suggested that a petition ba presented
to postmaster McUride to hoiat his cold ware
A young man not n resident of Lincoln ,
fell in company with a couple of colored girls
who borrowed § D of tbo nice young man , and
refuted to give it up , He then went out
bought some brandy , and loading it with
croUm oil preceded to treat the glrlr , of which
they drank freely. The girla became very
much exerci'ed nnd ara trying to gut out n
warrant against that nica young man ,
Col , L A , Thrasher , of lola , Kan , inspect
ing agent of the internal revemto department ,
ia in the city.
Tin Hon. George Post , collector of inttral
roytnue , ia iu the city accompanied by his
The prominent arrivals to-day included. I ?
A. llarbou , Hitrvard ; I ) . V. Btcpheuson ,
Falls Cltyi L P. Kruus , L'eatrlce : ( JaorcaF.
Hrnlth , IJeatrlca ; K. U. Pralun , J. 0.
Kries Omaha ; N , 1J. Lochmulli'ii ,
Sheriff of Seneca county.
A Manlao wlili * n Axe.
Burdfoh and Whulan were aum-
juoued Trufraday ovcnlug the corner of
Sfivimtoeiith and Paeificairetti to cipturo
AU a'lcjoi Intnuo rnsn , D vld Tpjtevin ,
who wi sotnft tlmo ngo a lawyer In Coun
cil Bluffs. Tostovln's actions have been of
the queerest. He has boon accustomed
to parade up and down the honao with an
axe over his shoulder threatening to kill
everybody who dared to molest him. Ho
would stand In front of hla window and
with a book In his hand , gaza Intensely a
the moon nnd stars , and deliver himself
of long and Intricate theories about their
movements , all the tlmo soemlmly ; un
conscious of hli surroundings. Ilo would
go through queer , muttered Incantations ,
all tha tlmo making the wildest gesticu
When the two police pfllcers arrived at
the house , Tostovln was in the house , nxo
on shoulder. Fortunately , however , ho
made no attempt to fight them , but sub
mitted peacefully to an arrest. Ho was
placed In the county jail , whore ho will
bo examined by the board of Insanity.
Frco FrcljtitB to tlio F lr.
The following order his just boon Is
sued by the gonoril freight department
of the 0. & N. W. , and will bo found of
Interest to exhibitors nt the fair :
CHICAGO , July 14th , 1885.
To ogonta In lonra : Freight for oxhl
billon at tha fair and exposition , to b
hold at Omaha , Nob. , September 4th t
ILtb , Inclusive , will ba transported a
follows :
You will way-bill such freight at regu
lar rates and at owner's risk of damage
to Union Pacific transfer , noting on way
bill , "for exhibition at Omaha oxpoal
lion. " If re-shipped within five dayi
after close of fair , no charge of owner
ship having occurred , and with proper ov
[ donee from the oocratary of Its exhibi
tion , It will bo returned free from Union
Paclgc transfer to point of shipment on
this line.
Shipments of rare horses ara not to ro-
colvo the benefit of this circular , but In
til cases are to bo charged full tariff rates
joth ways.
The usual Hvo stock contract must be
executed In the regular manner for ship
monta of Hvo stock , and endorsement
made across the contract ( both orlgina !
and duplicate ) , as follows :
"Shipper or owner agrees to release
.ho Chicago & Northwoatern Railway
Company from all claims for damages to
.ho stock mentioned In the contract ,
while In transit or while being loaded or
inloadcd at the company's depots or
rarda. II. II. RIcOfLLOoon ,
General Freight Agent.
Traflis Manager.
For Trade. Nanco connty landa for
stock of goneril merchandise or hard' '
waro. Address John Lindorholm , Cen
tral City , Neb.
Mary French's Letter Jdoada to tlio
Capture or A Supposed Crock.
A day or two tinco the BKK mentioned
a letter , written by M ry French , the
woman who wia convicted In Council
JIuffj of stoallng from a boarding
lonso keeper and sent up to the poniton-
lary in Anamosa.
The letter , addressed to the pollco
authorities of Omaha , was devoted to
bowing up the record of Mary French's
'colld mnldoon , " ono J. L. Halnes. whet
t appears , had dosortcd her whensho was
arrested for larceny , refusing to respond
iO her requests for help. Mary eayo that
his man is a crook and a thief of the
worst daecription. That aho has known
ilm for aoveral yoare during
> art of which tlmo she has been
ila mistress and within that period
IB has committed any number of robbor-
cs , principally In tbo hotels of this and
other cities. He has also , she says , com-
mltted a number of jewelry robberies ,
and some of tbis plunder ebo directs the
lollco to find. Sbo accuses him , also of
laving cracked a safe at a little town on
bo D. & M. , not very far from Omaha ,
mt says that aho does not know the name
of tbo place. At Hastings , it ii claimed ,
10 also committed a big jawolry robbery.
Halnes , on the strength of the Information
mation contained In the letter , waa ar
rested Thursday night at UieUultod States
lutol and clapped behind the bira. When
[ Ueatloned about the letter to-ihy , bja ro
tortor ho laughed the matter oil wlthan air
if bravado , andeald that there was no truth
whatever in It. Ho claims to have known
ho woman but three months , having mot
icr In u disorderly lioujo on Twelfth
Gen. O'lirien will commonca nt 10 o'clock
o-day tbo arguing of tha motion for a
new trial in the c.uo of Tham.i ) lUlhrd , who
vas litoly convicted o ! murder in the first
In the districl court yesterday , bsforo
ludfid Neville , the attorney for Pat tlibion ,
ecently convicted of forgery , argued the mo-
ion for a new trial. Tha cist ) hr.i boon tnkon
mdcr advisement by Judge Xaville.
A cola ditel HiH , found nt liraunnu ,
tohvmln , nnd prob kbly a eoi o pice ] of the
Thirty Yoara1 War , lias been donated to the
niueum of Milwaukee , Wfs , by Mr. A.
Minsk ! , a resident of Omaha. Now York
The printed copies of the proceedings of
lie third convention of the Nebraska State
'uemon'd association , hold at Lincoln , Jim
my L' } nnd 21,1880 , nnd of the soasou tour-
lament , htld nt Omaha , July 2.'l 27 , IbSI
re now boiog distributed. The volume ta a
otnpreheiulve ono of siity-threo pages ,
d pers
JuJge Stonberg , of the police court filed
with the cliy dork yesterday , a statement of
ines collected during the month of Juno I In
ila court , amounting iu all to $1,813.05. Of
his , § 1,050.05 belongs to the school fund. The
oats In the city cases were § 070 , in state
ases § 15.30. The foes In state cases were
Con. Howard has received very favorable
eports from Oen.McCookcommanding officer
f Fort Dougla3concerniDir , Mormon troubles ,
.rrangemenU have been made to forestall and
reventany calllthn bjtween irrespouslblo
otera aivj the loyal cltizous of the territory ,
loulcl any occur , Yesterday was the day on
which It was anticipated Hut the Mormon
vratu wouU boil over , and uo unfavorable
eportj La\o yet been receivedr '
The liaest window decoration ia memory
g lion , ( irant is that In thu atoro of S. 1' .
lorse \ Co. Dn9 entho window apaoe is
tbenupby the memorial display. White ;
ays of light , with dark shadows botn-eotiaio
eprosented by f jia * of cloth cf like color ,
rhlch converse toward a picture of the dead
lero , which is placed in the renrof th win
oar. heavily draped In black. In front of
m picture u u cross , covered with blauk :
loth , aud bung with wreatha U ( lowers and
upportlogasnonl and buckler. Xuar the
toss Is another draped ccgrnvins : of lien ,
Jrant. The whole presents a striking sp-
arjnc ; , cspeclslly st :
Additional Emtas of the SGIW Felt
OTGF Gen , Grant's ' Doatb ,
A Meeting of the Citizens' Committee
to Commence AwmKcnionts
For Memorial Services ,
The fooling of sorrow , over Gen.
Grant's death , In Omaha , was much moro
manifest yesterday by a largely additional
display of mourning emblems covering the
fronts of business houses , and about
many private residences. In every di
rection that the eye may bo turned It la
greeted with the sight of black and
white bunting hanging In festoons and
gentle folds around and above wlndowe ,
doora , columns , otc , and hundreds of
fligs float at half mast ,
Already preparations are being -
ing made to pay proper and
fitting respect to the life , the services ,
and memory of the departed general.
Senator 0 , S. Mandorson , Mr. Edward
Rosewater , Dr. George L. Miller , Mr. M.
V. Mono , Judge Woolworlh , The Hon.
John M. Thurston , Judge James W.
Savage , John S. Collins G. 0. Barton and
others of the committee named by Mayor
Boyd In his proclamation , calling for
memorial services , held a mooting at C
o'clock yesterday In the parlors of the
Mlllard hotel. Mr. P , 0. Hawoa , from
the committee of attorneys appointed by
Judge Neville ; W , P. O'Neal '
from the G. A. R. commlttoo ,
and A. M. Clark , irom the Omaha Vet
eran club , were also prcsant. All of
these various committees are to bo
known ni a general commlttoo on ar
rangements. The meeting was called to
order by Senator Manderaon , who stated
Its objects. A general discussion fol
lowed , In which all had nn opportunity
of expressing their views as to when and
what kind of aorvlcaa should bo hold.
A majority of opinions favored waitIng -
Ing nntll the day of the fu
neral. Finally , on motion of
Dr. Miller , Judge Savngo was elected
permanent chairman of the general com
mittee , and later Mr. Collins was chosen
to act as secretary.
On motion of Mr. Roaowator the chair
man was Instructed to appoint in duo
time all the snb-committoes , selecting
members from among the citizens , the
bar , the grand army , and the old
veterans , required to perfect all the
necessary details.
The meeting was then adjourned sub
ject to the call of the president.
This morning a citizens' cammltteo of
Council Blufff , composed of Messrs. Mar
shall , Pusoy and Field , waited upan Gen.
Howard and Invited him to participate
In the memorial exorcises to be bald In
that city. They have recalvad tha follow
ing reply :
"J. H. Mnrlnll , W. H. Pisey , II , H.
Field , Council Bluffs. Sirs : Your kind and
pressing invitation to be present with you In
Council BIufTj and participate in memorial
tervices on the day of Gen. Grant'n funeral
orvices , is received and I write you the same
nswer tint I have given you poraonally
hat it will afford ma sad pleasure to acopt
your Invitation , and further as you desire it ,
so civo ; you a brief address touching the life
and services of him whoso losj wa now so
deeply feel.
With much esteem I remiin , gentlemen ,
yours respactfully , O. 0. HoWAnu ,
Brig. Gen. U. S. Army. " J
Geo. A. Ouster Post No. 7 , G. A. R. ,
held a special mooting Thursday evening
for the purpose of arranging to take part in
paying the last tribute of respect to their
their departed comrade. The whole
matter of arrangement was dele
gated to a committee consisting of Gen.
Geor o M. O'Brien , W. P. O'Neill and
D. St. Geyor. Gen. Grant was
an honorary mombar of Custor
pott and the members expressed them
selves aa desiring to honor his mem
ory by performing on the occasion of hla
funeral the Impressive rites of tbo funeral
memorial service. This matter , however ,
has bean loft to the commltto to arrange In
conjunction with the commlttoo ap
pointed by the mayor.
Following ara the resolution ] adoptol
\7iiKREAS , The solemn tolling of the funeral
bell gives note that our comrade and great
commander , General Ulysses S , Grant , has
joined tbo solemn procoaaion of old soldiers ,
which movoa with alow and steady step to
ward the open portals of the tomb , whither
we all are rapidly hastening , and as good and
true soldiora , should make early preparation
to follow our renowned leader. Therefore ,
HKSOLVKD , That in the death of Ulyases S.
Grant , Cu tor 1'ost , of which ho wai an hon
orary member , and the Grand Army of the
ftepublic loses an honored member , and the
people of the United States the nn who sol
idified and madn permanent tha union of the [
state ? , seconded and sustained by the strong
arm of a loyal soldiery and a firm and able
U-Holvod , That GEO. A. Uuiter Post No. 7 ,
G. A. 11. , extends to thu family of the depart
ed hero ita warmest sympathy iu their
bereavement , the further nsmranco tlmt na
eoldiora who served with him aud pirtlclpt-
ted iu many of hlj brilliant victories , wo also
mourn the bsa ol our oatoame.l commaudur.
Ilesolvod , That a copy of thof o resolutions
bo forwarded to hN mourning wlfo and chil :
dren , und also published ia tha papers in thia )
city.Keaolved. . That , the members of Caster
post weir the usual bvJera of mourning for
thirty days.
Rev. J. W. HarrlB , pastor of the First
Baptht church Is arranging to have nntnn
memorial service * , Sunday evening at Ills
churcb. It ia proposed to have all the
congregations in the city join In these
services. Gon. 0 , Howard and Hon. J.
M. Thurston have been Invited to spo k.
How a YontiR Mnn with Prayer
Book Went Hack on his
Ono year ago yesterday the 24th of July
1884 , there landed in Omaha , a young
Irishman just from the old country , one
Frank Baggon , who hailed from tlio town
of Olonls , connty MonBghau. He fell in
wlth a friend here , Mr. Sam Montgomery ,
in ojtlmablo young man , who also hailed
From county Monaghan and who had
known Baggoa intimately in the old
jountry. Baggon was a piously Inclined
man to all appearances and carried
ibout with him a pouderoui prayer book S
o which ho devoted considerable tlmo Jifil Jiw
sncl attention.
The two yctiDg men , Montgomery and
Uaggon started out ia the
stock buslnesa , la
Montgomery ogrealng to furuleh all the lahi
noney , if Usggon would attend to the hi
jualness , When this favorable propoei- hiI
lou was maJo to the youug Irleh- tt
nan his face tthi
fairly beamed hi
fflth honest joy as ho made hiul
hasty accfptiuco cf the offer. Ilo 81
was iinmedUtel/ fitted out , and sent 81P
brough the state tj bay cattle and sell It P >
[ them In the loc J orket. Ho was a
shrewd young man ai a. good judge o
stock ; ho soon sncceeiU iu turning hi
money to good advant9 , and to all np
pearancos the now firnwas in a flontlih-
ing condotlon.
This season , howovi things h vo no
been going straight , ai every now and
then Baggon would urn up with A
mournful story of howio had lost money
from his pocket , thoimonnt which ho
claimed to have droped through care
lessnosB at limes , bal ? something over
S-175. Ho still stuck t bis prayer book ,
however , and his plnni devotions sorvcc
to disarm all stiaplcson ,
Last week Baggon cno to Omahaanc
nhen asked how his -mlness was , re
plied that ovorvthlnt was Iburlshlng ,
and tht > t ho was maing considerable
money. Montgomery sked him Friday
for sorno money and Djgen replied thai
ho could have It on Slirday , ni ho had
just nude a tale of tclvo head of cattle -
tlo to a bntchor by thnamo of Marsh ,
and Tras to roccivo tht money the next
day. On Saturday Mdtgomory awaited
anxiously and In valuho arrival of his
partner. Ho did not cio , however , and
when ho made inqulrli ho found that
the story of the stock Jo to Maiah was
all a myth and that MJsh had not soon
Btggon since July 4. Inquiries on amore
moro extensive scale rrre then Insti
tuted , andanro onoughtwis , found that
Baggen had loft to tlty. Since
that tlmo ho hs > not turned
up , and it Is boltaved that
ho has left the climate for good. The
total of his stoallm r lll amount
to about $1,200 or § 1,3 ( ' , supposing that
his stories about his hatig lost money
are faleo and that ho pmotcd the cash.
Part of this money belngol to young
Montgomery and part wi advanced by a
friend , The police harbooa notified of
the n flair.
B gen waa a good lotlng young fel
low , SJ4 yous of ago , wllmuatncho , and
fair open featuresoyos rhor wide apart.
Ho spoke with a vorynotlceablo Irish
acont. It Is suppoal that ho has
skipped out for the west
Montgomery , who is half brother * i
Mr. E. Fearon , the 'gar ' dealer at
Twelfth and Farnain , sa , that If Baqgon
will send his address the mderous prayer
book will bo forwarded ( him.
Lawyers Have a FiclflDflhacMDgal
the Smith Stoelt Gioils ,
Affidavits Charging Fraud and
Counter TcfitimonDonylng ;
That Any Frau Ex-
Is ted.
The caoo of Cole vs. IVlcr , in which
that Smith stoik of goodai tbo matter
In controversy , was np yerday ( morn
ing , before Judge Dnudyn the United
States district conrr , on anotlon com-
poling the defendant , Slit IT Miller , to
show cause why ho shouluot turn the
goods over Into the cujfiy of United
States Marshal Bierborr. Sever nl
lawyers , wltneaics and others wore
prcsjnt , manifesting monhan ordinary
Interest In tbo proceeding It was ex
pected that the caao wouldevolop nome
rich and Interesting fcatuj. The court
convened at half-past Id'clock ; Judge
Wakeley and Gan. Cow appeared as
the legal represontativeaf the sheriff ,
with Judge Woolworthind John M.
Thnralon arrayed pgolnthem as the
attorneys for plalnlilT. VC\L the case
traj called Mr. Hunt , an lornoy for one
or moro creditors , filed n affidavit by
Lowey that ho could it got in time
to QIo yesterday. Jolo's attor
neys cimo in ith toveral
now affidavits to oftdot the
showing made by dofidnnts. The
ehorlffa attorneys secud these new
papers and went away io > an aoj lining
room to examine them. Tin carao a long
wait. Finally Judge DticJy becoming
impatient declared his reilniss proceed
If anybody had anthorit'to inaKQ the
Brst mov < > . Ho gave the \wjera \ until 2
o'clock to find out and aijotrnod court
uuttl that hour. In thotnantlmo the
EIBO of the United States M.WHllam K.
Lyncb , charged with selling 'qmr ' with
out a licence , was called np y the assis
tant district attorney and a no of $25
Imposed ,
Court convened at 2 o'cloo , "If the
panics are ready they will proceed , "
jald Judge Dandy. Gon. ( Join opaned
irgnmenta by making a shorstatement
Df the cao , which waa to thallact that
irior to Juno 28h ; a man by to nnmit of
Loyal L. Smith w. carrylugon hero , a
jry cooda bnoliuaa , mt about
the 28'h ho tjok a tolion to
jo away , and It devojped tub-
lequenlly that ho Imlgino t Uy. The
trade bsUvco/i / Smith and Lop , botwcen
Lowy and Oolo , between Colcind Sheriff
Miller , and the poeactalonohbo properly -
ly by Coroner Uruxul , wore a rehttd In
3otc.ll , nldo the matter cf pccuir.f ! a b nd
tc. , etc. Appraliara von ecKctod
n the l.l'.h of July , rlr , Ames
md Mr. Donahm bslng iio parties ,
fhoy rnado the appralscmoct t § 55,000.
3oronor Drcxel was dtosatsfied , with
.hla urpmcment ! , and eolccUl new ap-
irdeorH on the afternoon ol Jily 15. In
ho meantime Judge Woolirath , nttor-
icy for Cole , appeared Uut afternoon ,
rlth a bond , but claiming tla1 the stock
iad not been appraised , ! > * joronor re-
mod to accept a bond for 110,000 , for
ho reason that it wea InsuTiJent. The
icxt evening Marshal Blortmer made a
loraand for p-B'oislon of thj goods , hut
hen they had been turned tvcr to the
horllT , whereupon those ) rocoedlngs
Toro commenced , on t motion
irderlog the sheriff to show
uu e why ho should not ten th goods
iver. Aflilavlto bearing npoc the aolion
if the coroner in holding taeso goods
om Juno 14 , 3 o'clock , until l.lOo'clocK
iu the lih ( : , wore reai from JI. Lowy
nd Louis Colo. The aflidavll of Shorlil
rMler ws also read. Mr. Cowan held
hat in as much s the sherir hold the
ooda on uttaluncut3 Isiuedfnm tbo clia-
lict courttho mattorbalongsli tbatcourt
ud that complaints must go there , ferny
ny remedy thay may desln. On that
rtund ho would move that tin proceed ,
igs before Judge Dundy , ba dismlised ,
j having no jurisdiction In t o Unltea
tales ( Utriot court. A statimont , by
ohn 0. Drexel , regarding hla action
hllo holding the goods was read and
led ,
This aflidavlt was rnado moio partlcu-
irly to show that fraud had been usad by
iowy & Ojles attorneye , In forcing upon
Im the names cf Amei and Donahoo as
ppraiasraj to ahotr that by the action of
icsa nun In making the appraUoinunt
Is susplci Jiis were raised as to the fraud-
lent tranaactloju , and acSlng on that
uplclon ho refusul to accept the up-
ralssment , Judge Dundy ruled that
wade no ditfsrocca Low
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ho appralsora were aolected or whether
heir appraisement was honest , so long
as It waa not accepted.
Dennis Cunningham made a ( statement
o the effect that ho had boon offered
Sl)00 ( to sign the bond of Lowy & Cole.
lovont \ up to Wolworth.a cilice ono
morning , whcro the bond waa to bo
Ignod and 51,000 of the $ l,500pid ! over.
After getting tliera , however , ho though.
every thing vraBiiotriKhi , and commenced
studying how to net oat of tt. By going
away from the cflice. with a promise to
rtturn In ton minutes , and then g''ing tea
a tolephoQo and telephoning Hint ho
c ud ! not oJino back , Is tbo way ho
erciped. Several other allitUvita were
rend.Col Thurc.ton , onn tf the ntlo-nove for
3olo , reid an tdidarit from J. M.
Wool worthsitting , forthwhalholiiidBlnled
o Hermoii Kouniz , regarding tbo matter ,
ind manner of appraising the property.
The creditors had boasted that they had
appralncd the property si high that
.owy nnd Cole could not give n bond.
Jnder the creditors' pppraisamcnt eomo
of the goods wcro appraised at the coat
xico and others at Smith's retail pries.
rhlB Mr. Woolworth thought was unfair ,
and a uow appraieomont was or-
iored. Ho tacommcnded Ames aud
) anahoa as appralae . The farther
ransictlons nhioh have been repeatedly
mbllahnd , were related by Judge Woolworth -
worth In his affidavit. Mr. Thurston's
affidavit WAS also road by him. The afli-
lavlt of Frank Hanlon , denying Can-
nlngbam'a ' statement that 1,500 had
> ecn oll'ered him to filgn the bond , Ames
and Donihop gave their testimony deny-
ng that they had ever bean ordered to
mrlso the property for a forced sale ,
mt simply at what it would sell at ss a
vrholo , for cull , At the close of read-
ng aflUhvlts it wai left with
its honor to decide which had the
tflirmatlve. Judge Dandy rnlcd that
ilr. Colo's attorneys slioald show why nn
. < Ur for the goods to be turned ovur to
ho marshal , therefore they must tc ; as
ho phiuUll'i , In that order the argu-
nents were oommoncid and mado.
When the openitg arguments on cither
Ida had been concluded onrt adjourned
until 10 o'click thU morning.
I'ouipuncd. '
The Carpenters Union No. D8 was to
have hold a eoclal next Tuesday evening
at Knights of Honor ha'.l ' , but on ace ion *
of bid weather , which baa prevented
ho iiccoiairy arraagcracnts , ha ) been
lojtpuned until luitber notlco
Chairman committee.
Xho Coining IVIectlnK I5cwceii ( tlio
Onixlia and Hniilln H TcaniH.
Tha Ilastlnsa grangers boldly announce -
nounco that they are oomlrjg to Omaha ,
to-day , to storm the town. They
propose to take iho Union PaclQcu and
wallop them s ) bidly that they will ba
ashamed lo rliy ball for a year after the
aeries of Ihteo gimoj U finished ,
Thlf ) ia what they claim to bo able to
do. "What they will really nccomplloh la
another matter. The Union Pacifies will
go In'.o the Oelti prepared to do tllro exe
cution , wbllo the llaatliK/'j ' team la
equally dctormhud to bo fully prepared
for the fray. The contest
will undoubtedly bo n close
ono and blood will flow freely.
The games are to bo played on Satur-
dey and Sunday , ono on the afternoon of
to-morrow and tbo other two on the
morning and afternoon of Sunday. The
nlno which wins the two out of the three
guinea will take the gate money.
Follomlng nro the petitions of the
nines for to-day :
Handle. . . . , Catcher Holier
Salisbury Pitcher Smith
Hockwell lit base IVIco
Birminghamd base ] -dmoral <
McKelvy Hi base Oavanaujh
Htrock Hhort stop Oibbs
Nash Lsft field Miller
Kunkhouser O'entor field. . . . Lmdloy
CanfietJ. . . . .Uiaht field King
1'KiiaoNAI ; .
At the Metropolitan : George W , West ,
ClarkBj A. Wilson , Linco'n ; JoBoph VuunK
blutb , Arllogtju , It. C , Mulliug , Uraud Is
land ; II. Boll , and wifti , Atuliiion ; C. C
Laitd , Ssiibnarj W. V , Miller , lihiri K
Dlotz , Scribneri J. H , Wiley , lialtimore ; H
M. Simpson , Wyoming ; 13. L. lletley , ,
Hampton , ami J , C. Conker , New York.
A Now Corporation
The Nebraska Loan und Ii adding aoio-
elation of thia city filed a charter with
tha county clerk ye to/day. The Incor
paratora uro K. T. Duke , L , II. Andcr
.un , 0 , K. Turner , M , 0. Maul , C. P
Sltedhain. 0. L Kritcber , Gaorgu
NVcodarc ) , M [ A Upton , and L , McGrccr.
Tiio capital atjck it phoed at § 1,000,000 ,
divided Into $5,000 share ! . The oflico of
the association Is to bo located at thla
JoBophStrnkcl of 010 South Tenth street
waa asleep in hla etoro early last ovoninc ;
uhcn a Bneak thief camu in anil Btola hla
gold watch , No clue to the oileudor.
Kiigono Bchlmdolf , the Stailt theatre
comedian , la still lying ill at the St. .Tosaph'B
hoeplttil , fciiircring from dropsy , A bnulit
performance In ta ba given for him r.ext
Tuesday , having been postponed hbt Wcil-
nesday on account of tlio weather.
" Apollinaris Water is an article
which is produced l y Nature and is
not the handiwork of man ; it is a
Natural , and not an artificial Water ?
U.S. Treasury , 28 Jan. , 1882.
O/allLtoctn , Dnissiitit&Min , ll'al. JJraftn ,
The largest Medical I'natltuta West ot
MIsBlsaippi nivor.
Fltlr room * for ( hu nn JHI Nation pr inttlnntt. Tl )
1'liyi.lfian nn'l ur ; m I'l rhuit'o of lh < Ihttltuto In ;
nuu tuU'Cii jc'ar of tfu innf < l M ctiu' . Jnl J Wwi
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their VUJJUUB < ! i . . .
U'IIITI ruitCini iHon Ixfnrnililfl > i < l Pr "t , 1 ntt ' >
fUixtl l'i. . s , T'im < iri t i. . rl , Ctttrih , UiuiKi
Inl.uUtinn. . Mr.lrhln . r i J ) U , K.lU4y | . | , klUK I ,
K..r 8k In in. . I llluml nmtturi U rlt fur
nn I'MViK brniii n l .Mmotn Mu in MiulniO
M't kD S < 8pprni tiirill < r . Hyl'LUlH ' , Glut , HrlcUirf.Yatl.
PO e.emiJall tliietnrl fih Vllonrj t.i ) fciuil 'ir iji <
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