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Thursday ! Morning , July 23
The rftln of Tuesday night washed away
ems ol the curbs tone on l'rnam itreet , which
R now being put up.
Mrs. J. M , Appal , neo Goldsmith , ol
Dcnvnr , held n reception for nil her lady
IrienJs , at the residence of her mother , corner
Twentieth and Dodge streets , yesterday i
The reports nre boinpr quietly circulated
hero thatMnyorVauRhnof the UlutTs.haabaen
awurod by President Cleveland , of an ap
pointment to tha head of the government
secret lervico bureau.
The Law Library ftssojiallon , of this city ,
has just made a valuable addition to its list
of books. Complete acts of the Minnesota ,
Texas , Alabama , Mississippi and Tennessee
reports ha\o boon received making in nil 270
volumes , The entire cost is $1,700.
Inspector Campbell issued certifies tea of
inspection yesterday to steamers "President"
'John F. Lincoln , " of Sioux City , nnJ "John
Bertram , " of Nebraska City , all plying in
the waters of the Missouri.
The principal members of the Gran
Opera company are stopping at the 1'nxton ,
The other and lessor lights have found lodg-
C ing at the Arcade , Metropolitan and Gees
A man by tbo natno of Albert Schweck
was removed to St. Joseph's hospital Tuoi
day , having broken his leg while driving 6toe
nl the stockyards. His cnso is progrcsstn ,
Trod 1'aUser , the victim of the almost
trngody at Monday night'a woddlng in Botitl
( ) niaha , is reported as out of danger. Althougl
ho was pretty badly cut up liy the B.W in th
hands of his brother , ho will recover.
Dr. Unlbralth waa called upon Tueida ;
night to attend the case of a toan-a UlulTa rtis
tic -who had been inOmaha during the day an
had started to cross the river , when he wai
sot upon by a footpad , lie started to defend
Inmiolf when the mau drew a kuifo and in
Illctod a suvoro out on hla arm ,
The mule case of Meyer and Kuntz
which haa for aoino tlmo boon pending bofon
Judge Weiss , haa at length been settled. Yea
torday evening the judge returned a verdic
for the plainlilfa , altar five minutes' consider
ation. Ilia mule i s appraised at § 35 and tin
coats amount in all to about $123.
A plundered horao waa discovered Tuesda ;
night drinkingout of the same trough with a
lot of oilier anhnala on the corner of Thir
teenth and Jackson streets. The diseased
animal was taken to a occluded spot and
disposed of. Such carelessness ia crimina
and should , if possible , bo punished.
Tut ! B'Moggie Whittaker , of South Twen >
ly first street , ontartalnod a largo number o
her young friends Tuesday afternoon at a
select birthday party on the occasion of ho :
thirteenth anniversary. Refreshments wore
served in the evening and concluded a delight
ful afternoon's entertainment , Quito a mini
ber of handsome prcaenta were ahowerod upon
the happy llttlo celebrant.
William Redick , Es < i , is preparing a :
appeal to the United States supreme court In
the case of the Wyoming Cattle Ranch com
pany vs. John T. Stnwart. The case wai
tried in Cheyenne last fall , and a verdict ol
ever 5100,000 awarded theplaintill. From thii
finding Mr. Redick , as counsel for Stewart
ia preparing an appeal on the pround of vita
errors in tbo trial ,
About three weeka ago Mr. Julius Meyer
loot a valuable diamond stud. lie waa un
able to gain any clue to its whereabouts , and
had given it up'as gone forever , and prepared
himself to bcar'the loss an bett he could. Yester
day a boy named John lirandt came in and
presenting a diamond stud to Mr. Meyer
aakedhimifit waa worth anything , saying
that ho bad bought it from a man for 82. Mr ,
Meyers quickly informed the boy that the
stud had boon lost by him and a transfer of
the stone was speedily made , the boy re
ceiving a email sum of money. The stone waa
valued at $76.
Mrs. Alterson , an old resident of Omaha ,
living on Ilarney , near Kignteentb , mot with
a very severe and distressing accident yesterday
morning. She had been visiting during the
evening at the house of Mr. James Winshtp ,
on Fourteenth and Jackson streets , but had
boon prevented from going homo aa early aa
eho desired , by the heavy rain storm. About
3 o'clock this morning she determined to go ,
as the storm had ceased. Before she had gene
very far , however , she slipped from the side ,
walk into a ditch , sustaining a severe scalrj
woundae\eral inches long , a fracture of the
wrist , a broken rib , and many bruises. Dr.
Swotnara waa called in to attend the sulTerer.
Although Mrs. Altorson IB quite old and fee-
bio , it ia believed that eho will recover.
Two Country Glrln Oonio to Oinalm
In Boaroh or Work na Lured
in to Jnll.
The subject of n most pitlfal and dis
tressing story was famished by Oflicor
GtconTnoaday evening , when ho appear
police headquarters with two girl prison
ers , and led them into the women's cell
where they were locked np to remain
over night. Opposite their names on the
register was written " "
"Liroeny , and
when a reporter for tha HUE made Inqui
ries to ascertain what they had stolen ,
he was informed. ,0no man'who Biomed
to know all whispered la his oar ,
"this ii an ootray ions pieci of bastaeai.
Thojo girls are no more gailty of larceny
thnn I am. " With this much of a point
er to work on the reporter began an In
vestigation , the rasalt of whish is given
In what follow * . List Thursday Julia
Moore and Cells Morgan , tsvo rather prepossessing -
possessing girls , oaoh about 1C yoara of
r go , nttotly Ignorant of the world and its
Tricked ways , tot foot in Onialia und
ataited about frombcuso to house looking
for work , BS domestics In ptlvito fiini-
HCP. They had left their Jiomts , the
former coming from Columbns and the
latter from North 1'iatto , Imagining that
their lives there wore unendurable , and
filled with grievous paternal wiongs.
Thursday evening , after having walked
through the hot streets several hears ,
luu-barned and covered with the dint of :
travel , and having born uneucceisfal in
necaiing any place to work , they brg.n
to think thu glittering world was not
what their eilly young imaglnatioas had
pictured it , In tbo ilusk of evening they
were so unfortunate at to knock tt the
door of a disreputable domicile , on Ho-
f rd ctreok , between Ninth and
Tmtb , which wa ] occupied by
Rosa M&son , the same woman
who almost died In the city jail , Sunday
night , with hysterics bgcanso of having
been arrested of robbery. Noticing that
the two girls were innocent country
lasses , aho at once anvltod them In and
generously , though with devilish Intent ,
offered to furnish them with a room , to
stay there until they cnnld got work. The
apparent kindness of this woman was
gladly accepted by the two girls and they
remained over night. Friday morning
the Mason woman extended her kind
ness , by giving each of the glrlt , a change
of dross to wear until the clothes
they had on could ba washed.
That day they renewed their search foi
work , but were again unsuccessful. Fri
day night the notorious Lottn Coombi
waa also an Inmate of the Mason rancho ,
also several wicked men. They made a
lively party for the now gaoiti , forcing
them to drink boor and wine until both
were out of their heads. When awakened
Saturday morning they then realized the
kind of don they wore In and left It as
quickly as they could , wearing the bor
rowed dresses. They wont to a respect
able honso on North Sixteenth street
and secured lodging. In the meantime
Madam Mason employed an alleged do-
tcctlvo and lawyer to find out where the
outraged girls had gene to , and have
them arrested on the charge that they
had stolen her clothes. The plrla say
that they took the clothes bask to her
house Sunday ovonlcg but there was no
ono about the premises.
Judge Stonberg upon hearing of the
case yaatooday released the girls , and
no prosecution against them will ba on
For Trade. Nance county lands for
stock of general merchandise or hard
ware. Address John Llndorholm , Cen
tral City , Nob.
A Uuod Hunch of Oattlo From Spring
Held The Corn-foil Cattle.
ThoOmiha stoctc market atlll continue
to boom and the rocolpts and shipment
still show a healthy and substantial In
crease. Tueaday was n lively day aa we !
aa yesterday. Among the good looklii :
"hofly" bnnchoa of cattle brought I
was that of Messrs. J. D. & A.
Spearman , of SprlngSold , Nob. , who aol
aomo eightcon or twenty carloads , c
abont three hundred head of cattle In al
The cattle wcro all of good weight , an
brought a No. 1 prices. Measra. Spear
man are very heavy cattle growera , an
their action In soiling their stock hero 1
ratifying ovldonco that they have groa
faith in the Omaha market. Heretofore
they have been shipping their cattle t
Chicago , but having found tnat they can
do jast aa well or better hero have deter
mined to ship only to Omaha. Thus 1
the fame of the homo market extending
among the cattlemen of the wesl.
A goodly number of hoga have als
boon dlapoaed of yesterday and Tuesday ,
Quito a largo number wore aold hero and
shipped through to Chicago.
A reporter In conversation with ono o
the stockyards pcoplo yesterday learned
that the supply of cornfod cattle la now
"tailing off' that Is falling off , and wll'
soon cease altogether. It la believed
that the graaa'fed cattle will soon b
swinging into the market in nnllmito
numbers , BO aa to famish the slaughter
houses with the falloet desirable quota o
beeves. The slaughter-houses are ran
nlng on rather slim supply at present bn
In a few days will undoubtedly be abl
to do a rushing business.
Seal of North Carolina Tobacco Is th
Oao of tbo Soldiers at Fort Omaha
After Another With a W rr nt.
Frank Diy , a prlyato in company B ,
Fourth infantry , stationed at Fort
Omahajwas In the city yesterday ovenlng
swearing ont a warrant for the arrest o :
Private Tlmmo , who aoldle In company
E. At police headquarters Diy rela
ted the burden of hla grief. He said , "I
am a married mm , and llvo with my wife
just ontildo of the barraoka. " Night
before he was doing guiud duty , and
Mra. Bell , wife of Private Charles Bell ,
who was also on guard that night , was
staying with Mrs. Day , This man
Tlmmo had been down town during the
afternoon , swearing eternal allegiance to
the old ihg In several bumpers of the
atnlT that cheers , and went homo feeling
quito leery. Shortly after dark ho wont
to Day's houau , and commenced making
trouble for the two women. To elude
being taken hold of by him , they ran ont
of the horjuo and took to the prairie. Ho
followed and chased them all ever the
surrounding country , until beaded off by
eomo of the other soldiers and was taken
into the barracks. When naked why ho
didn't have the follow tried by court
martlet Day answered ho could not
ffot proper justice , therefore wanted to
bring him before the civil authorities.
lie wont to Justice Andoreon to get the
Seal of North Carolina .Smoking To <
bacco Is the boat.
A SorlcH ol Oaincs Are Arranged Be
tween tlio U , 1 > , nnil H a (
Congressman Jim Laird , of Hastings ,
having some leisure time on his Iiandd , Is
now devoting himself to making a bieo
ball match between the Omaha and Hast
ings teams. Last evening all arrange-
uienti were completed for a series to be
played between the two nines on Satur
day and Sunday , Ono of the games will
bo played In the afternoon of Saturday ,
ind two In the morning and afternoon of
Sunday. The club winning tire oat of
the three games la to take tbo entire gate
receipts. The entire town of Hastings
rrtll doubtless come down prepared to
back their team to an unlimited extent , )
rhey will doubtless find plenty of holes
ieru In which to put their money.
The Union Pacifies will be strength-
sncd up to the very laat notch , before
mti'rlng the cjnteet , and will , it is con-
Idently expected , be able to sit down
jpon the Ilaitingi hoosiers with cruih-
ng elfact. The series will doubtlois ba >
in Interesting one. Lovers of the na-
iouil sport should not miss an opportu
nity of eeolug first-data base ball , )
An InteroitldR Hoport Prepared by
Assistant District Attorney
By an act of .congress approved Marc !
3 , 1873 , It la provided that the attorno ;
general ahkll make to congress an annna
report of the business of the dopartmon
of justice , for the last preceding fiscal
year , alao statistics of crlmo In th
United Slates , as well as a statement
catos clril and criminal pmding dnrln
the preceding year.
In confortnanco with this act the dls
trlct attorney of each sUto is required t
furnish the necessary data from hla dls
trlct to compile the report.
Following are the principal Horns o
the report for the district of Nebraska
which has jnst boon prepared for sub
mission to Mr. Garland , by Asslatan
District Attorney Bartlctt :
There were two civil cases tried in
which the United States was a party ,
daring the last fiscal year , and ono clvl'
case was dismissed.
The aggregate amount of judgment
obtained by tbo United States in clvl
cases was $12,037.34.
Number of criminal prosecutions terminated
minatod daring fiscal year ending Jun
30 : Internal revenue cases , 81 ; post
oflico cases , 5 ; oflonsoa against ponslor
laws , 2 ; embezzlement , 3 ; miscellaneous
22 ; total , 113.
Of thcso cases the number of convlc
tlons were : Internal revenue , 48 ; post
office , 5 ; embezzlement , 2 ; pension 1ft WB
2 ; miscellaneous,18 ; total convictions,75
Of the ramo number the acquittal
wcro : Embezzlement , 1 ; miscellaneous
1 ; total 2.
Of the same number there were dls
continued , nolled or quashed , interns
revenue cases 33 , embezzlement 1 , mla
collanoous 2 , total 30.
Aggregate amount of fines and penal
ties Imposed during the year , Interns
revenue cases SI,020 , poatoflico $500 , pen
slon $85 , embezzlement $75 , mlacellano
ous $1,352 , total $3,031. Amount re
allzed on penalties Imposed daring th
year , total $1,429.77.
The number of criminal prosecution
pending July 1 , 1885 , is lit.
In anils to which the United Stats
was not a party , there were during laa
year 395 cases pending. The numbe :
terminated during the aamo period , 352
The judgments for plaint'wore ! ! ! 139
judgments for defendant , 0 ; discontinue
and dismissed , 1G4. The amount
judgments for plaintiff during the yea
was $926,702,77 ; for defendant ; $2,500
Number civil cases In which the Unltoi
States is not a party , pending July 1
1885 , 240.
The Usual Houtlno of Business . '
Swindler llrotigbt to Trial ,
Judge Stenborgwasconfrontodyeatorda
morning by a goodly array of criminal ]
who answered to the rarlona charge :
placed opposite their names on the pollco
Kate McNamara , a woman wb
had been en a spree and wound up in
jail was released. Maggie Sims , wife
the oughty Col. Frank Sims , waa like
wise corralled last night , for being In
state of over exhilaration , from too much
whisky. She had sobered down th !
morning , contcssod her fault and was re
Harry Lynn , charged with disorderly
conduct , waa discharged.
Peter Green paid a fine of So and coat
for being drunk ,
John Hondrlckaon waa arraigned fo :
obtaining goods under false pretenses.
It seems that on the Fourth of July , he
Trent into the drug store of John Hell on
en South Tenth street , and representing
himself to bo the agent of Slncoro'a dye
works , procured from Mr. S. B. Boll , a
suit of clothes , to bo dyed. Eo has neve
returned the clothes , and when arrested
this morning , ho waa wearing the suit
Jtidgo Stonberg , after hearing the caao
sentenced Hendrlckaon to pay a fine of
$25 and costo , and to make restoration to
Mr. Bell In the sum of 820.
A Short Komlnlsccncc.
Tuesday night as the steamer "Nellie
Peck , " which stopped hero over night and
wontdown'therivcryeatarday mornlnrrwaa
coming Into view , an old resident who
was viewing the sight from the north
balcony of the court house broke Into
reminiscence , a brief bit of which la re
produced : "I well ramombor the days
when the river t radio was quite largo on
the upper Miisouri , and when Omaha
waa considerable of a river toirn. In
those days , fifteen or twenty years ago ,
about the only way wo had of reaching
the sonth or santhweat was by water. Wo
nsed to have tough experiences In those
Jays. I remember one tlmo coming np
the river from St. Louis In the llttlo
jtoarnor " 8am Gaty. " The captain
was a first class scoundrel , and
during the ontlro trip made fre
quent attempts lo sink hla boat , by run-
nine ; It violently ashore , onto snags , otc.
Wo finally reached Omaha In safety , and
glad enough wa weto to get ashore , I can
toll you. Well , that captain continued
rnnnlng the boat for a short tlnia longer ,
A few weeks afterwards , wo received In
telligence In Omaha that the boat had
taken fire and burned , almost to the
waters edge , on the way from St. Louis
to Omaha. I thought the circumstance
was very suspicious ia view of my ex
perience with the captain , and wrote to
the Insurance men in St. Loulp. The
apshot of the matter waa that when the
aptaln applied for his Insurance money ,
io found that ho w a "headed off. " The
natter was litigated , and , I believe , the
saptaln lost the suit. "
Vol > r * k . LJOAII and Building Asso
Subscriptions can now bo made for
iharca in the first eorlea by applying to
ho secretary's office with Jeff W. Bed-
ord , 213 Sonth Fourteenth street. The
laymenta are nude monthly at rate of
mo dollar per share.
Out of town parties wishing to sub-
crlbo for shares In tbo Nebraska Loan
ind Building Association can do so by
ommanlcatinR with Secretary F. J.
orthwiok , 2KJ Sonth Fourteenth street ,
Dinahs , wno will be pleated to furnish
my Information desired. '
\Vtmt Wary 8nyn ,
Readers of the BEE will doubtless re- if
uomber the case of Mary French the
roman who robbed a Council Bluffs >
nardnc-houBo ! ; keeper and then fled to
Joiaha where cha waa arrested in com-
any with her "solid mnldoon. " This
woman , recently convicted and lent
to the penitentiary at Anamosa , has written -
ton a letter to the Omaha authorities in
which aho declares that she was an hon -
est woman before she met ono Haines ,
alias Loudon , who la a professional thief
and throw her into bad ways. She goes
on to expose him , because when aho
was arrested the laat tlmo for robbory.
Hainca refused to anawor her appeals for
aid. She alleged that It was his practice
rob guests at thoPaxton , Mlllard , Can-
field , and other hotels In Omaha , and soil
the goods to Council Blulh fences. She
also says that ho was Implicated In the
robbery of a railway safe , but falls toglvo
the name of the company. Iho burglary
at the St. Janus hotel , Hastings , Neb. ,
Mary says , waa done by lialnes , and ho
turned ever a portion of the plunder to
her. Among It was tome jewelry which
she left with Jailor Shonlz for identifica
Bottled In Omli .
It waa noted In those columns two or
throe days ago that Din Wheeler , secre
tary of the Omaha exposition association ,
was then at Plattsmonth preparing to
move his family hero , where they will
henceforth rosldo. They have arrived ,
and were yesterday busily engaged get
ting fixed in their now homo. Speaking
of Mr. Wheeler's removal from that
place , the Plattsmouth Journal has this
to sty :
Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler loft this morn
ing to establish themselves in a now
homo in Omaha , where the kindest
wishes of their many friends will follow
them. As they boarded the train they
remarked that the day was an anniver
sary with them. On Tuesday , July 21 ,
jnst twenty-ulght years ago , they began
housekeeping In Plattsmonth. Their
latchsfrlng will ever bo upon the outside
to all their old neighbors of this city
when they chance to be In Omaha.
Ural Kstato Xransfom.
The following transfers were filed July
21 , with the county clerk , and reported
for the BEE by Amea' Real Estate agency :
Larmon P Pruyn and wf to Fred V
Fowler , w d , eof " \ bt 3 , blk 2 , Lake's
add to Omaha. $1.000.
U S of America to Avon E Askwlg ,
patent , 40 acres of nwj- sec 35-1G-10 ,
Douglas county.
Joshua G Benstor and wf to Henry D
Shull , w d , lots 1 and 2 , Wllcox'a add to
Omaha. $500.
Dexter L Thomas and wf to Frank
Leo , w d , west 145 feet of south 25 foot
of lot 19 , Kountzo 2i add to Omaha.
Dexter L Thomas and wife to Nils
Hoglund w d w 145ft of n 25ft of e\ cf
lot 19 Kounlzes 2d add to Omaha ,
§ 192 50.
Robert L Garllchs ( single ) to Knut
Knutson , w d lot 3 Pelham place odd to
Omaha , $500.
Henry 0 Jones and wife to Valentine
Grolf , w d lot 13 blk 0 town of Elkhorn
S75.Henry 0 Jones and wife to Mrs Caroline
line Greif , lot 7 blk C town of Elkhorn ,
§ 75.
Malvlna Brewer and husband to John
Hamlin ; H 1 , blk 9 , Shlnn's First add to
Omaha : w. d. $2,500.
Baxter L. Thomas and wife to Jens
Hanson ; o 145 fs nA It 18 , Kountze's
Second add to Omaha" ; w. d. § 400.
Augustus Kountza and wife to Joseph
Doplto ; ii of It 3 , blk 7 , Kountzo'a Third
add to Omaha ; w. d. S900.
The Chicago , Rock Island and Pacific
Railway has inaugurated a series of ex
cursions to Oolfax Springs , the popular
resort of Central Iowa.
These springs are too well known to
require any extended notice. The first
excursion will leave Omaha at 8:15 : a. m. ,
Thursday , July 30.
The rate has been made $1.95 for the
round trip from Council BlulTi.
For further information call at the
Union ticket office , Paxton hotel , or ad
dress S. S. STEVENS ,
Gen'l Western Agent ,
Omaha ,
Nearly ono-half of the people of the United
a ro engaged In commercial pursuits.
Vnnllln.I.oim.n.Oriinsro , ec. . Clnvor , ,
> eiiiii > , l iicldlniri.t-c.iiii ilHlcnlelynml nnb
irallyiiithclriill fniin ulilcli theynrr mmle ,
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
lliCQBO , III. Ot. UOUlO , MO.
Dr. Price's Cream Ba&Jng Povvdor
> r. Price'n Luinilin Voast Gems , \
llrrt llry IIo | > Vfn.l.
Apollinaris ,
"Pure water should be available at
oil til/test but //it's is especially necessary
in warm weather. " Lancet. T
O/atl lirKtrtDrusfitti&Min / ( lleaUrs.
hialral pMifcwaU vull lie riivncd until < \u'iut 3d ,
8i" , In thu Io al IleiiiiliiiirniiiiiiiitLt , . .f tin. < iu , jf
'latn-e , Ntb , fur tin ontroluf ull tin n-nto juru
IIA' fnnn sutler Hurts , Inotln , diniii , ' halli and all ,
laiiiHH Ilrins , .UIH.H , I'Uits ' , > f amuHt.tiit.iit sh. . j ,
ti un tin of the Svienth lltuiiiuii
NibraakaS'ildiir ' * and bailer ) , to bv held at tin ,
in ( . ( Ikitrnt , Ni liraaka. fr m hLjitcinlitr 7th to \
Stli 1-b' AppH' ' ati.innnill al , , . IK , rttxiM il I > r ibu
ri ll c if ail ) jut of tht ri9'hUi aU > iiitutiontd
hw ft jliloti pr nuat H t * IK. tit Iar0ta * lut.t.tlii < f
Idlers of Niur44H % aittt Kati&an tr btrld All
jmniuia aiionuand iti uiuto * h .uld ht ;
ruill ujxji. J r H ,
( inn if i n > uii lUu < > ana l'r r
' ! , Jul. 17 l3t <
Alt atle ertitrmentt in the tpeeial tvluinnt iriU
> charged at the rate /10 eenti ftr line for the
Krtt intertion , and } unit per tint for tack tubie-
jutnt intertion : A'o adeertitement uill tit intcrttd
'or leti Man tS eenti .for tht ttrtt tim
L DAIS Made on mtcstato security In amounts ol
ItOOandupjcallfor t rms. Frank L Eterett ,
1609 r'arnatn. SOS-Aug IB
MOMIV TO UHN In sums of $10 000 and upward ,
on first clas business cltj property , for (1 ( | * r
i No ( eirniljstoiisot any kind rharceiJ 0 f
Da\ls. Fptetal Loan spent N , Vf , M I.lle Ins Co ,
1(05 Karnam Street. fS < aug0 !
MoNKr to WAN At once and without delay on
reft estate , In large or einall mounts , on time
to suit. Loans made atw > on collttertlr , chattels or
any ( rood security , iroruiill ) , quletlj and itt the
on put possible tattf Ari'U' at the Omaha Klnan-
clal Exchange , 1ECS Vatnam it. , U | t lrs. 784tf
] \ J"OMI to loan In sums (200 anil tipirardt on
IViflrBt.class real estate security. Potter A Cobb ,
1MB Farnam st. 719-tl
. TO LOAN On real wtnto security In ny
amount from (500 to 125,100 , at reasonable
rates o [ Interest. No commissions chargi * ! borrower.
0. K. Ma ) no &Co. , S.V. . Cor. Uth and Farnam.
llonoy to Loan-On
1 > 1 chattel security by W , R. Crott , room 4 , With ,
cell building , N. E , corner 16tn and Htrnoy After
years of experience and a careful BtuJy of the bus ) ,
new of loaning money on personal property , I ha\e
at last perfected a system whereby the publicity
usual In such cases Is done ft * ay withand I am no. (
In a position to moot the demands of all who become
temporarily embarrassed and desire to ralso money
without delay and In a quiet manner. Housekeep
ers , profcsilonal gentlemen , mechanics and others In
this city can obtain advances from $10 to (1,000 on
such security as household turnltu 11 pianos , ma-
chlnery , horses , wagons , warehouse receipts , secur
ed notes of hand , ( .to , , without rctnoi Ing tame from
owners residence or place ol business. Also
en flue Watches and Diamonds , Ono of the
advantages I offer Is that any part of any loan can
bo paid at any time which via reduce the Interest
pro rata and nil loans renewed at ths original ratra
of Interest. 1 ha\ono brokers In connection with
my office , but personally superintend all my loans ,
I fia\o prhate ollicca connected with my general
oflico eo thai customers do not come Iri contact with
each other , consequently leaking all transactions
strictly pihato , W. K. Crolt , room a , Wlthnoll
building , N. K. cor. Uth and Uarney. 693 jly-SD
VfONEY LOANKD at 0. F. Kccd fcCo's. Loin office
ill. on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons , personal
property of all kinds and all otbo mtlclos ofalue ,
without removal. Over 1st National Bank.oorncr 18th
ind Farnam. All buslnoes strictly confidential
720 If
\TONBY To loan on chattels , Woolloy & Harrison ,
' ! Hoom 0 , Omaha National bank building
721 tt
, Vf ONEY TO LOAN On real estate and chattels
1V1 D. L. Thomas. 72211.
IfONEY Leaned on chattels , cut rata , It. H
LYltloketaDOU htaud aold. A. Korinan,2133,13th St
IffOHET TO LOAM In Jams of (300 nd upward.
1VA O. V. Davis and Co. , Bell Etlsle and Loin
tpnnts. U05 farnamSt.
\\J\\T1T ) Immcdlatcl ) , CO diiilr ' roem cirli f r
IT the next , trio tran pnitatlon. I'atl RtlUO
Tarnam St. 3CO-23
n A cook and chambcnnti.l tt Iloran
house , 013 I .iraani St. 353tt
I/AMKD A good kitchen girl at N\V \ tor Hamil.
T ton and 1'ler Ms. , North Omaha 352-2lp !
7AMID A gill In lamllj of thiee , H18 Daven
port 355-22
WiSK ii-Good dining room fc'irl NW cor. 14th
andJnckeonSt. Mis. Hill. 3 < 6-24p
WASTRD Ladlosto can\as lor Ncu Homo tew
ing machines , oil at olllco , 122 N. 16th St. ,
good wages nnd nice work. J. T. Lcako , Manager.
WANTED Nurssgirl , 1303 Farnam street.
WAMitn L ih oROCts 810 a daj with mv wcn-
derful brard mw rubb r undorgarinont for to-
malcs ; ladles pi. \ . U sxer it. Msdam I. Little , Itjx
443 , Clilcam- 133-1
TTT3i ) - - ' n U wlth'rgpood pincialn VoUl1 , prl-
I ' \a o f.inlllLM , conk , dining ro. in giil-i , ll'ihun ,
and liundr ) woik tto. , canal a\i LnJ g otl.t"H |
and good fir R % 'J , $1.50 , $1 and S > per wick. Call
onUmalia KL ] 10 > rueut Bureau , 1120 Faruam at.
W AMKD A L-oodwoman cook it 10111)odgoSt ,
i , nr AOKMH Novelties In ladles' and
chlldrene' wear Oiei40 now designs. Noth-
Ilko 1 hi in Sell rs fast M shown. Otor 1,000
agenti' male $700 monthlv. Addrces with stamp.
E II. fampUlI St Co. , 0 South Hay street , Chicago.
611 JIS8
TJI/ANTKD Thrcn experienced women canvasiors ,
IT Jflper da ) .guarantcei ; room 7 , Iledick b'ock.
f A : TKB t'lrbt-olaM dining room girl at the Met
ropolitan hotel ; none otner need apply. 821-tl
Wi -At once , 10 cinrnsjcrs , 1210 Dodge
St. Dr. Ilortzmann. 351-21
TT A young man to carry an evening
W route on Dally lieo. SI5U
WAMBD A. few experienced camatiern ; largo
commleelen paid , and a ready telling article.
Call on cr address L. D. WoodrulT , YcikNol.S33 SSp
An experienced city s'.lcstran for tea )
and cigars. AddrotHwlth references. K & P.
care Buo cilice. 827-22 $
T fANTHD-Lho C an a'siMln fiery county In the
United States to eell iu\'a 1'VTnvr RK\KRSIULE
HAD ino.N , which comllntstwo Sa < \ Iron" , Polliher ,
FlutcrA.c , ono iron oolng the work of an entire
DGt of ordinary Ircr ? . Is eilf boiling b ) cas or lco-
lamp UOKS AHAWITH HOT hiiciinvp I' Ice
mcuiratc. A largo nnd lading Iniomu Innurcd to
good cam assert ) Addrcav , for clrculit-8 , A.C. , > o\
stu IROS CO. , ns Pcodo ht. , N V 616us 3p
" n , in o cry township In
. . tat h comtrj" tell goods thai are u cmiitlc' .
I > o competition , h h j $ Im.ljo75 c nts
for sample. At1.Ire88 Wa > land & tlaybou no , 09
State tt..Chkns'o 111. 310-V7p
, o A Ioy 17 or 18 irars oW , German or
TT Hcintiinaiiaj prcftnod S , Lcltmtu llO Far-
. T-ror tne Chamrifii Ink Krawr
Omaha , Neb
llfAMKn-ARonti to sell tre Perio'8 : Family Atlas
Vl of tl.o Woild , aid Koll'slii8tiutor.on weekly
niymcn'e. Call a'tcrnoou or adJrcBf > 302. N , 13.
Street , Omaha. 189-2 > p
A OKMHWANTitD. Addresa St. Louis Kloctrlo Ijimp
/i Co. , St Louis for circular , cute und turmaot the
candle power Marsh Electric Lamp. 811-11)12
TXTAMfD Agents In eitry county to lollclt foi [
VV the MutualIkr.cHt Amoclatlon cf Om&ha.Nob.
Call on or address Otto Lobitk , Hccrctary and Gen
eral Mam ger , 1222 Karnam ttreut 7iSaugl
ANTKD-SI'Uillon ' liy DrUjr Clerk , German ,
W B'rifle , 30)t'arsrU. lor liperienio.CHpeel
illy In praoiletl cbcmiKtry and inanu'JOHirlii ) ; . [
lt t rtcumtncuilitloria olsn from lait em ] lour.
Iddresa Dm'gilt lova Home , Kast Lea Moluis , la. '
7AhrrD situation by ft n > ht i UK o ok In hotel
Vl ( .iifbtaumnt AJdrcss Cjok , lljooilljo
15 J2p
T7ATHKni | lnirjcnt b ) HlrRleman with elngla
VV oreloublode'ivrrv teiin , In grocery rr otncr
lusiiiesp. AddrttHdtliMry.
\I7AMKD-By buslntsilidy 31eara clJ , losltlon
I * as roiiimeKlil tra\clr , for fcorne hile8al
louse Dlrfet Mrs. I aura Warren , P.O i'y S3t ! Jj >
I\TA-.Trn A jurlncr with two hundred il" lira to
Tt uD a'e In aprollt l > ! o uianufacturlci ; bmlnes'
d Jrona T. , Dee ulllce Sts ! 2p Sa
tTAMfD Man mid "lfo would IIVo to take < h > rgo
IT ofarrttaurant at moderate ealury. Addrois I
T. B. , care lice 813 22 | 3r
iI7AMi'D-Tj lorrow ? l,000 < n K K. eccurlly. I
> puable In ono and two \earf Addroi Htatlnt ; go
mount ot Inteieit 8. 8 H llgeolllce 3)7-2 < p
fl/'AMBD-rrlvate dancing lessor * , a lady nre-
IT ferred : icleieuccirtiiullid. Apl ] > 1814 ( ill- 1
irnlatt 335-2p UrI I
tf-'AMSD Iljardcrf ; escillent botrd ( lean , air ) ei ,
IT rooms , comfortable beds ; ( ! . ' . " od | l r < 0 per
oek ; como and tr > . 1318 CaplUl A o. ' 77 23p terI I
7AMKH Uouie or 4 cr S rcurnsmar lll/hHcuool , atI
\ goud reference. J T. I Bane , 1S2 V.Hth Jit.
ii7AMii ) Twuotj fl ii t'o d tcart. to work oa ;
\ DUckllill branch bDux City i I'aclfla II II
m four djl an rcr di ) , bo rd and feed leaauQ-
blet > thlpb > eadof week.'rco traieporlatlon Iu-
ulre at blaven HI u 0in baer ) 1 Utul.lfii U r {
tin Oounc.UliuUi , low * ! i91 2/p _
5 1
T7ANT D 6CO people to brlnif the r watctoi to
WhuImS Eilekion'Btsoeicpalrod ilitU'actiou ' 1101
mrmticJ , 131 tf for
) tlf AMTKD-KTcry * AJ ln nef < 1 ° ' wing ma.
r T ciolnf , to we the new Improved Amrlc n No.
r. E. FJodman A To. aeents S20 N l lh. S30H
IJ'OR RKIT-NOW hcu fl room , ? H per month.
Inquire 2Id and Iltiit Sl U > s IKrgnueat ,
3 > 0 2Jn
for BKNT Store nxiin , lilt rrnam St.
1 O f ! U\ljAl i > . S4JS7
J7 < oR RKXT Dcaiitlful suburban tcjlctcnte piopcrt ) ,
4 " rtt ( if giotind , liric hon o7 rooms , llnoloi i-
tlon , fpltndld i lew , etc , or * II tell ImnroTctrcnts
with & 5oirslea e of crounl Bt a sacrifice ' V
tfane ft Co , l.Mh ami Fainam 31311
If OR BRNr-Hof.9 Xo. 1813 I'arinc , Cor. 14th St "Tf
809 ! 3p
1pOR R < T Bilck hctno to roonn , suitatlo for
' boirdlnc fcoiMc , Cnw St. belwccii Kth and 1Mb
. C A it i i e A C ) . ISlh and Farnim. 293 tf
FOR RRM-Chcip stor , 311 K. Ulh street.
76 24p
FOR RRVT-lIotificj of 0 and 0 roorrs In No 1 loca
tion. Apply at cilice ol C. I Tajlor , 8W. cor.
14th and DoiulM. J75'f
IfiORRRsr A lulldlne2xfM. Inquire at Mo < ton
1 dry goods store , . loth ft , BJfUf
J7 < OR RUNT A ttablo for S homes ono block foulh
ot the u. I * . dtpoL Inquire of U. tec , grocer ,
22toa\enworth. 784tf
IflOH RUNT Cottiwro 8 rooms , house 10 room * J.
1 1'hlppi Hoc , Seward and Campbell. SSMf
110OMS KOU ItifilNT.
F I OR Kim Two unfurnished IATHO front rooms
1103 llontrdSI.
OR RSST Two ttlcolv " furnished rnniin for lUlit
K , na "furniture lor silo chc i ) . 1612
IfoR nr.NT Two futnlflicd front rooms with or
1 ttltlicut lie-aid , 17H CalllornU street. SoU-SSp
OR RUM lUnJsjmcly furnished retires , 1701
t'aHtol Avenue 3J7-I p
Ii 1i i oRRKNT Itoom. Inquirj drue itoro cor 10th
1 IJouphi S3DII
FOR RUM larcc , Imcd'omclv furnliheil room" .
elncU or en sultf. modern conunlcncesj CXLC-
lent board for frentlcincn , 1718 Dccljto Slltf
F -I urii'ihoil ' floor , til comj kto fur lionsa-
Apiinifl ( ii'caco. ' ao 2Jp
F oil RKSI Itonms In Iol3 ( h'l ifO St /iiil" to
O I. UaMsiK Ml.7
F Ion : RRVT Doulila ( niljr. furnlahoi' , nisi ! UiL.lj
room , fu-nl'hcd , ISO ! ) Chlca-3 Sf 3JO-27i |
IOR BB.Trooms ind Mtchen , ru-nr tHlli 01
1' crci St , ? 3 pir niontb 325 S5p
17\OR RUNT A ik'isiiit fii'iilshcd front room , at
Mils' 15thSt,0p Herald 3102rp
FOR RUM rnrnuliod or unfurnUhcd new tottape ,
with I KO jarc' , 2ht St , one block noilli of St.
Marx's Axe. 283 22p
F I OR RUNT A 1 irgo pleasant furnished front room
1513 Jones St. 2h2-22i ,
FOR RKNT luinlehed rocm , 1809 Jnrn'xm street.
FOR Handsome furn skid romg , 18 0 I > mln'0
170R KKM Fiirulshed room , 1717 Casa street "if
i1 Joe. Itoattj.
TTlOR RR.\T Furnished rooms , from $7 t'lSlf , ' > 13 '
J } Plcraant etrdU 03-2p
FOR RP.ST Furnished front room , 1303 Carvilol
A\cuuo 195-22n
FOR RKNT Furnished rconie , 1517 Daxcnixirt St.
of newly ( urnleneil rooms , 1811
Callfurnla st , E. D. Van Court. 87311
pen RHST Unfinished rooms In liccmor'a block
! for. 8th and Howard. EOOtt
TT01 RUM Furnlehed rooms for light houiccplns ,
Plr Bccmcr's block , Cor 8th and Howard 70 > tt
Tfloa RK.NT With board , nicely furniihod south
Ij room , with use of parlor ; also gao , and bath. 1409
Jones St. 018-tl
F I OR RUM Pleasant room furnished , 1123 Howard
St. 427-tf
' uoocganiomccs nBughmann'sblock.
JL1 834-11
IJ'OR ' riKNT For manufao'urlng purnosos or hall ,
JU argo room 44x75 , 3d floor , No. 110 B. 14th Bt. ,
enquire at 1409 Uodgo bt. A. J. Simmon.
F FOR RR\T- Centrally located furnlahcd rooma at
623 ! BOtith 15th fit. 713-tl
[ Ton RKNT fjtrcc front room on first floor with or
C without board : inquire t 1901 f arnam StB
B T-tf
iOOifd With boarddoblrablA for summer. Apply
bat St. Charles Hotel. 716-tf
JjUKhALK-Va'uiDli ) prcpeitv lor H leS > V. corner
J7 of Mill end Jonsetreef LotH 13i ftct pquaio
T. 1th linprcieiuenl > i , rj'jt ng ( or 8231 inr monthllao ;
chance for circulation ; Unlnii I'Acille ihdged t }
open I4ih S'leot ' to south next iprlog. A ] > ply to
Mrs l'e bdyNi > . 1407 Jonis street Sll-3
Foil\log Om liI I will Ftll or lease on
long tlm , a flnonew ? room houhj.and fiirnlluro
Iho lionso has all modern Iniprovuroenlb and flno lo
cation 3 blocks fromcourt house. Address F H. S ,
217 8.18th street. 287tt
tjVR BALK House and 4 BO o of ground on Sher
JD uianA > o7 ; roorrs , well , cistern and barn , a'l for
$3,500 ; terms easy. A. Saundcra A. Co , opp. Pnxlon.
rpKO or 4 lot > Marlon l'laccwlU ; trade for residence
.Land pa ) dlfleroncoln cisb. W. II. Green , over
1-1 National Itank. . 79311
f OR SALS S3 feet on Cumlng betn eon 38th and 20th
1 u Itb house , * 2,700. Bedford & Souer. 717-tl
F OR BtLK Large house , nenly built , 0 rooms , all
modern Improxemcnta with i ot , at 171C Caaa
st ; Inquire at premises. 727tf
FOR SAIH. ItO Icet fror.t nn Vlrglcla avenue , ono
block from head of St Mar'e a\4. f3,0JO for
ill , or J1.800 for half.V. . II. Urecn , o\cr 1st Na
tional Hank. 10 tt
IVOR HALK Frrti lorn for nVo on liurt nnd CumlngB
J ? between 28th and Slat cheap , tngldo property
edford & Souer. 729 tf
ORHALK Hornc , uazon and hirncis for { 00. In-
t 1 qulro 131s I arnam ht. 833 23
FOR HlLX nil tear old horao , Mofght 1,300 Ibs ,
1010 Wi-bster street. 2CO 26p ,
' Or would tralo or a good horse and
F'ORBALK ; SO acres In ( kuncr count ) . Apply to 218
outh 13thS reel. 2 < etf
7011 hAiit THO wheel cut , cheap. Wtl
I1 hans & McK n , U03 Farnam. 5COt [
'OKHAI.K ' Furnlturi ) anil ku o ol hoarding houea
F 35tioni9. AddrtBL M Ileo ollloe
fOE BALK A nlco jounjt toMn of mares treed bug
t1 gleand harncua. Impure at Kdholiu t J'rlckEOim
pp IO 13itf
/ OBHAW Dollerand engine , ZOhorsopower boiler
I"ndeii < lne , In good running order ; want to Bell
'r the reason that they are not largo enough for
10 now machinery which cwIII put line our rcw
ulldlng on Hartley bt Clarke llron. St Co. , 1403
ou laaHt M7tl
on hand at a bargain , No 1 wioond hand
carriage phaeton and aide bar bugglea , a'bo urn.
rullas and eunbhjulva , at HU5-1411 Vodge Ht.
7 > ORSil.x A good piano , cheap. Mm. A C'aldei-
1 uootl , 1010 California bt. 712-tt
7ua Him 10 i res 2 mle ! from clt\ , near Ituscr ,
40r'dia | tf out , wtil located , $110 per acre.
Knit Inrgain
Cbolie lot In Denlso'd add , (676. r
One ( f the bo t irnpr ted ' rner lota In til
irpy coucty , 5CMOC , ilionUck of giiueral inurcU n
to at reasonable figures >
H'ixHO feet on I > ougU * reir 20ili Bt , J'.OOD. Hi
Corner lot tOdIO , on Kill St. , K mntzi'a 3d add. ,
room house , ci liar and will , i,800 l '
6d ftct on farntm , tear 18th , 9 0,000 ,
tO 20Jfc ton.S 10th ( trcct , Kourtie's Sd odd ,
I-K ! 4 room huuta , liable , * ta , $2SO
Lot * 10 , 1C , 17 nd 18 , block C , Ilanecoin I'llic ,
CbO , at cany Urrni ,
Lot 10 , block 6.Hin o ro Place , W5at oiay terms
Lot 20 , llJtk 17 , lUii'OOnilUw , II.J50 , at My
Lot 1C , Wett Kid a < H , Karnam Ht , South front ,
,759. tt tail term
Cu tutu , block 10 , 1'jrkoi's add , JI.OW ) , &t euy
L-.t dOiUO , east front In Horbuh'g 1st add , S'.SiO
oil ) tirrnr
Let 75il25. H 17th St , neir Center , tl.DVt
44 feet front on t'arnam near 19th Ht , SU5 per ft
P3U22 on lEth , neir Cvnttr , cait front , , mil
luso , ttib ! * , well , ft" , f..lOU. Do tot fill | u iinut
> tv , thUlta bargain
UnckelilB in 1'iUljenu , Clarlt'j , . Penile' * , IU
oinand llurrOak id'ia
good aiBjitmunt of hovsrsfor rent.
H J 24 _ P VULSEN & CO. . 1613 _ ratn > mdL _ _
irkiRLsm IVsnt unooiiuplod ground In the ty tor
warenouso houaui > 7 feet front on Ixjixmwjrth ,
irth bit 10th and 1Kb , will Sijofor V ) ) c ra. lltd-
' . >
44 \ UJfMon h rn j fit , rS.OOO
House and lot In Kounti * Ind Add , lot (0 ( i MO
Homo and lot on * outh llth sl.$220a
Hou o nd Ht on Oonvont st , near Haincy , Joe
60 choice lots In Kilb\ place and Jerome Turk ' on
ewy tr rm
A lull Intertft In an establlihM ll trj biumps *
th' citv
tnod In Ncimha , SUnton and Oto Counties
S acre tractn > rth Omahi , Jl.Vncry chop
I VIR uh ci mi iniin-Aiid want rc l eatat. in
t.lnctln , rll
SMCOfarm In fmiuntj , NbrH > .i.
? lWf.rm ( 9irlM M" tof I.inroln
Krsnlllfi nouoly , Ntbrnka.
18 030 firm In f
ranVliu < lunty , l )
AddreM Shornlii. SherwInA to , l i aniffl flto-
krro , Llnivlj , NrSr sV J-22 |
npR Rtciusoii-lirpro\od and unimprorc.1 lands
LMnJJebrask aiidlo to etchango for Omahji
report } . il < ; iruc , opp postotro. IS9tf
rXU > nClc \ Und pi cewithin 4 Mocks of the oar
/llno and within
two nmtbs rirs will run In
front of property Will ncll or will tralc for Innlda
property and | \ illtTerencalnatuoi In i vih Par
ties having inortsasa iiropcrtv < in trade and s-iuro
no propcrt ) free of fnciimbranee W II Oroen.
' -
o\cr 1st Natlcnal lUnk 127-tf
TTVm TRADR Nancoiimot ) lands for stock of ztn *
I1 cral lucrchindlio or hardware. Addrtm John
llmlertKlra. Central City. KcK S42aui21
I7iu. TRAHKKino bit scle for cootl horse , Addreta
T II U Hap Ktllcc. Council finds.
( \RA\n-rr-to ru-tUo Rcntn who r
k mlcimcn. KtotlioiH \ \ ncoj dclr i.
siwo.v i. tu , 10 wrir uoisios St s to K
_ _ _ SJO-SSp
F OR sji.s Store flttuicsery chcip , at O'OS. 10th
_ Hlrccl , Om lu _ S. I , Hchwartr ; _ 2'Jl-SOp
Ti OR8M.n-lcst ! iirintiinl bnkor > In tlio rlty of
jf Llnioln , nt lilBO tronl , , a Uo jtirs l ) so on
good two s'oryhrlik bull llm : wlt.i nliis furnWicd
ronitH upstair" . A complete bakery mid rcstaur nt
a pxiil route ruid wi.u-on and K nrst-cKvi rci'nurnnt
trade Uoodrcasom lorsclllnjt. J K. Crook , 1235
0 street Lincoln Neb '
, , 239-22p
'T'O RXCIUMIK \ ? 0,000 stock of bran now h rd-
J. ware , direct from the factory , for good Nubraaka
or Iowa land.
To rent Four splendid olllccs.
)70 ) tl H. C. 1'ATTKItaON. ISth nd KarnamSt
-A 21 room notrillng house with
gnoj trade and dolii Kuiil bii < lne9. will sell nr
dij for pro-on orn lion or for 81,030. Cimtrallv
locitixl. t'or partliuHracJtll nn or address A lllrkcl
Wtlnut 8t , Kane&s Cltu M . 2b ) 2lp
FOR mtu A nice fruit nnd tindyKtnro In bi'it
part of city. Address Cand ) , Ileo ollUe 25J Sip
FOR 8 ( t.t At a bargain , Metropolitan hotel , Ken-
c < auNeb. Adlrcjj Necdham Urns , KcnimaM ,
Neb. 2tfl 23p _ _
rpo KVCIIANOK - For Diraia nr Llmoln rotlilenra
1 property Unuto and grotinim In llctl Cloutl ,
$4,000. 10CO niroj lin I 111 tVtlutcr rotint ) at ? M
l > ir acre , no lucumluaiKe. Itay O lleckcr , lied
Cloud Neb l-3SOp
" . - Hour mill ; cipaclty 120 bbla. per
d j ; eluator capacitj , 20,000 hiuheln , K o I track
facliittea ; onl.i mill in Omaht , Will soil cr trade for
farinrropcrtj. Valued at 30,000. ! W. U. Green ,
o\cr lit National Hank. 705tl
BfBiMWi til\NCK-Abotit $ SOO HIH buy an ostab-
llshtd Luslnoss , togethir with Kate for ono } ear
of building. This Is a goad ba.gala for uomo ono
Aildrces S. P. , Ileo olllco. 818tt
A gtiitT IIOMH Kor Udlea during conllncmcnt
j VCorrcapondenceionfldtntlal. AdJrfHl Lock liov
(33 , Line. Jn , Neb. 80S-Au < 12p
LADIES If you want your plumes or tips cleaned ,
dyed nnd curled ; flret-olasB work guaranteed , go
to Henry Sincere , 1310 Jackson at. 493-jij 22
DR. A cniuTximitU ) Msgnello phyelclan , teat aiK
developing medium , o > er 019 north 10th St ,
_ tss.ji
LO I PI ilu cloth , Mother Hubli ud iloak Fin Jcr
u111 Ijo reuanleil liy lu.\iiij ; b.une at the stern
Of MoNamara & Duncan ! 28tf
"I osr-Fchool house spcc'flcations. Finder \\ill
JL/pleisolea\o at Bee cillli-e. 940 23p
LOST A In ) her about IZjeirs older ; \ | > oir
nhcnKst lekii alnjnt two weeks ago. AsulUUo
reward will bo paid for the return or any Information
leadlnz to his iccocrAddress W. H. Mutter.
305 2gp
CTRATitDOR ; roiKV A eiirrcll mire with whlto
O star In the foreheaJ. Kin lor mil recoil n a llbor-
alrenard by returning her to Cumlu'd & Qulrin. gro
cers,13th and Chicago street f.17-tf
No Operation , or useless trusies Dr. M. If. Moore
243 Wabash a\o. , Chicago , Ills. , at Ornaha ctery
80 daa. Send stamp fir circular. 433 Jly-22
BKD AM ) HOARD SJperweokat Cor , of If , anJ
Leatecwcrth St. S21-27p
SALBHMAV Collins on Itctall Pruzcl't anJ Orocora
In Nclriskajcin add to his lull line Imported
caatllosoipaolUe and fBjentlal clli , poifumo etc , on
liberal commission , by addressing with referne ,
importer box tJEONew Vork 1' . O. 819-2 p
TH U P. Park located 12 miles 8. W. on U. P.
rotd , Is now open to the public and can bo rented
for plc-nlc ] and social gatherings Special rates for
faropUcn. For terms , oall or Address Ii. C. Schwenck
Papllllon , Neb. 992-tf
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