Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 23, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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Smoke GH. Mack & Go's '
Cleveland , 0. , Celebrated
PlncitS fnr JSc elwi m Atncrli , and Exco'Mor
Clfjar I'ro eminent abm call others.
Our Cat Does Not Scratch
ctamrGoCUimbovo all romocUtlov for ailo anil
controlled by
D. W. SAXE and J. W. BEU , ,
KcnnarJ > V Hlgr * , l > ruf > , t/nooln , JJcli.
( I , II. Chapman , " " "
Kvann & Jmlion , Diug , Halting , Neb.
Dowty&Chlnn , DrunB , Cdumbuii , Nclj.
J. C. Ucllmcn , Drills , Cotincl IIM * , Iowa ,
DellO. MoritwuV Co , Utugr , Council llluff ? , Iowa
UusBchraK * . Ilooki , ota , Fremont , Nob.
W. H. Turner , Iook ) , etc. , Friinon * , Neb.
H. II. Whlttleaey.WrtiK- , Ncb.
C. I' . Henderson , , Iglam ) , Neb.
Direct Line for England , Prance
and Germany.
The tioimahlpa ol thla veil known line r
ct Iron , In water-tight compartments , and are far-
nhhed with every requisite to mule the IUMSBIKO
both ua and agreeable. Ihoy carry the United
SUtea and European malls , and lei\o Now York
Thnodayeand Saturdaya for I'lj mouth ( LONDON )
CberhoUK.Il'AlUS and IIAMBUlin
Hatca , Urst CablnC-luO. Stecrago to and
from Hamburg 810. O. It ItlCnAHDA CO. , Gen
eral Pass. Agent , dl broadway , New York ruiJ
Washington and La Lcllo streets , Chicago or Henry
1'undt Mark Haneon , F. K. Mooirj , Harry 1 * Dcul
Omaha ; Grononli ; iVSchooncgcr , In Country.
Notice ! Notice ! Node
To all who are illsoiieil or allllctod , no matter how
long the etandlng ; oomo and ba healed , Feamale dla-
cases whcro medicines Imo failed to gl\o rollef ,
a specialty ; come ono , coino all and bo heilod by the
Magnetic healer , the only euro escape ( torn any ilia-
cue. For examination , our chvgoi nrol. for each
treatment , \lsl.ittotij : 82 ; terms Ktrlctly cash.
North Stnto St , ono mlle wcji of Fulr Groan U
Omilm , Neb. I' O. llox 633.
IIKL. A victim of > outhfiilliiinniloncn
CAifint ; lroniaturo Decay , NorvouflDobiltly , Iji > Rt
Alanlmod. Ac , having tried In vain every known
rrtm-dy.hivBiliflcovprpd uRimitlnrucAniiof uplf-curo ,
vhich lie Kill hpncl I'Hii : : < .vfrj Ho - ulTort < n < .
> .llr- . Til 1ITKW1.-M
Aleiuldssohn A' J < islicr ,
X'axton linUdin ? , Cor 15th nnd Farnam Stu.
A. . J&JL&I&M.
Slfl.South 13th Street ,
1'Iret-cIftHS tallonncr in nil it branches.
Iiltlcn to Your " \Vlfo ,
The Uanchccter Gl'AJtiUS , June ttb , 18S3 , My
At one o the
Looking on the woodland wayal Will
clumps of rhododcndroms and great mass
ts of May bbsjoms ! ' . ! "Theto was an tn
( cresting groap ,
It Included ono who had bcona "Cotton
spinner , " but was now sa
1'araljzod'l ' !
That ho could only bear to llo In a ro
dining position.
This refers to my caoo.
I was Gist Attacked twelve years ago
with "Locoraotor Alxy"
( A piralytlc dlicaso cf ncr\o Gliro rarely ever cured
and was for several years barely able o
got about.
And fir the last Five yoara not able to
attend to my bnsincaa , althongh
Many thlngD hiuo been done for rco.
Iho a t cxpcilmcnt being Kcrvo stretching
Two jeirs ago I nas % otcd Into the
Homo for Incurables ! Near Manchester
In May , 1882.
I am no "Advccsto" ; "For anything h
the uhapo of patent" Medicines ?
And made many objections to my dear
wife's constant urging totry Hop Blttors
but finally to pacify her
Concealed ! !
I had not qulto finished the first botilo
when I felt a chnngo come ever mo. Thla
was Saturday , November 3d. On Sunday
morning 1 felt so strong 1 said to my room
companions. " 1 was sure I could
So started across the floor and back ,
1 hardly knew how to conUIn mjaolf. I wa
I all Qor the homo. I am gaining strength each
dai , and can ualk nulto ( afo ulthout any
Stick ! "
Or support.
I mn now at my own hou'c , aad hope soon to b
able to earn my nun 1st Ing a alu. 1 h vo been a
member of thu Manchester
"Itojal Kxchango"
For nearly thlrlj jcara , and win most hcnrtll ;
congratulated on going Into the room on Tliursda ;
att. Vorj gratefully jours , Jonx ULACKLUKN ,
UAStllrsTKKEng ( ) Deo.,21,13j3.
Two j tars later am perfectly well.
Prosecnto the Swindlers.
If when you oil for Hop Hitters ( see green clustc
ot hops on the white libel ) tlio druggist hamls on
any stuH called C. D. Warner's German Hop It.ttcr
or with other hop name , rcfuso It and shun tha
druggist as veil would a v per ; and If ho his taker
your monc > for the stud , Indict him for the frauc
andBUO him'or dama o * IT the swindle , and wl !
reward you liberally for the omlctlcn.
This Invaluiblo tpcoflo ! readily and permanent !
cures all klnda of Asthma. The moat obstlnato am
long Btandlngcaacstlcld promptlj to Ita wonderfu
curing properties. It Id keovtn throughout the worl
for Ita unrivaled elllcacy.
J I * CALDWELL , city Lincoln , Noli J writes , Ja
IS , 1S3L Slnoo mlng Dr. Hair's Asthmi cure , fo
moro than one yearmy wlfo has been entirely well
and not even a sjmptcm of the dlscasohiaappcarotl
WILLIAM 11BNNKTT , KIchland , lowa.wrltcaNov
Cd. 1833 Iha\obeon atlllctcditli Hay Fc\er am
Asthmt since 1859. I follow cJ your directions and
am happy to Bar tint I ncncr slept hotter In inj life
I am glad that I am among the many who caii ejicak
eo favorably of jour remedies.
A Taluiblo 04 page treatise containing similar proo
from e > ery State In the U. S , Canada and Urea
lirltaln ; Mill bo mailed upon application.
Any druggist not Imlng It In stock "III procured
loonier. Ask for Dr. Hair a Aethmn euro.
DH. U. W IIAin & SON. I'rop'a Cln'tl. 0.
JL\S FlCTtrilHl OF
Hair Cloth and HVro
Bustles , Hoop Skirts , '
Hair Cloth Skirts , ?
BLACK * " - Z
T1W1 * cnt rerre ( 'Ut i ii
I.aiiKtry , the ino t | iopuliir
roinlihKitldii of Ilmtla niu
llooiihlurti'vcrinailf. A lady
ho has worn ono will nnvt'C
vtap any other ftjle. hncl
Skirt H stamped upon 1 ho
lianil I' June -J7 , 1S7I
o. 1IC,111. EST.AnyoneM'11
Inj Kiinuntyluorbklrt not FO
ft.tVnpcil , will 1)0 dealt with
n i online to liw. BoM by nl
i < - -
Pneumonia ,
Wasting * Diseases
Iftf 1 1 1 fffc H W * 1/7 / !
W H I \ K F * o.Utoty and JTa.
WW i 1 B W B to I B aaatitedlnrtitorinorUalpowm
3DO NOT II K DEOEIVKD. Many Druggists and Grocers trho do not bare Dairy's Pare
JHa.ltVliliIcoy In Htoclc , attempt to palm off on customers , whiskey of their own bottling , -whlri
belnc of nn Inferior grade and adulterated , pays them a larger profit.
jtead cu your address and vra will mat ] book containing valuable Information. Sample Quart J3ottl
pent to any address In th United States ( East of the Rocky Mountains ) , securely packtdin plain
pint , JZxprtta charges prepaid on receipt of I&l. ! ( Z y or Six Dottlea sent for 13G.OG
UFFY MALT WHISEE7 CO. ; Baltimore , Md , , U. S.J
I'jBocugcr Klerator to nil iioora. 120i5 , 1203 and 1210 Farnam St.
liO&TJI ] ,
Manufacturers of Ornamental
Dormer Windows , Wiadow Cape , Hetallc Sky Lights , Ac , Tin , Iron Klato roofers ,
Dili S , 12th St. , Omaha , Neb , Work done in any patt of the country ,
lesaie m
M , HELLMAW & CO , ,
r *
From PflYcrly lo Affluence and Bac
to ite Gnller ,
Tlio Cnrccr of Johnny Skuo niul 111
Tlirco Mllllona < V Typical Mush
room Millionaire.
John Skftc , a prominent mining opoon-
Inter , who accumulated Immense wealtl
in the Uomttock mlnos and after/ware
lost It , died In Ssn Franclaco on the 17th
Mr. Skao was three times n mlllloualro
and is bollovcd to have died penniless
though upon this latter point dllfaron
views are entertained.
The history of Mr. Skno'a olovatlon to
the dignity of a millionaire , and hi
rapid return to the humility of n poor
mati would cxcito the deepest wonder In
n community where the wheel of fortune
revolves moro alowly than la agreeable to
the adventurous California ! ! . Mr. Skao
was barn In Canada. One of his parents
being Scotch and the other Irish , it 1
rather difficult to classify him nationally
It Is an established fact , however , that
like the mjprity of men who have ac
quired great wealth on the PaolGo coast
ho started In the race for fame from an
humble position. Ho was a telegraph
operator of uncommon ability , which
was utilized In the business of transmit
ting between the Oomstcck and the Sar
Francisco stock market. The grea
lode was almost bursting with
the promise of untold millions
and the whole coast was In the threes o
a malignant mining fever. The wires
wcro burdened with the history of the
lode from day to day , and there was no
ono who rend the story with moro Inter
cat than Johnny Skae , the telegraph op
orator. It lives In the history of the Com
stock and the anecdotes of the tolegrapl
offices that the llttlo Canadian operator
not only road the secret dispatches , but
unllko the majority of his craftpossessoc
the business tact to make capital of his
knowledge. Tbo information thrust be
fore him day by day made him master o
the situation as far as his capital conli
extend , and ho continued to expand the
limits of his operations until the telegraph
graph oflico know him no moro.
The easy pico of a prudent bondholder
was not to the liking of Mr. Skao , however -
ever , and ho embraced all the opportunl
ties that the stock market olTerod for ox
cltomont until the fame of the big bonan
? \ sot half tiso country at its wit's end
Johnny Skao had but a small amount o
stock when It commancad to climb the
scale of pricas , bat ho dashed at the
market , and , with astounding reckless
noas , followed the accurltlon unti
Consolidated Virginia was close
to the ono thousand della
limit and California mining stock was seat
at an equally exorbitant sum , When th
'deal" ended and the tidal wava of ox-
cltemont had receded , loivlng the mark
ct strewn with the wrecks , Johnny Skao
was $3,000,000 ahead. Ono by ono th
crop of millionaires was gathered Into
the Nevada bank and lost to the outsid
and no longer endearing world. Wit !
the others wont Johnny Skao , so repot
said , and the public mind , having satisfied
fiod itself that the ox-telegrapher was n
longer a millionaire , expunged him fron
Its most sensitive spot.
Those who watched the stock marko
aud tbo figures revolving around It know
that Johnny Skae was still Interested It
the securities , but It took a practice !
eye to detect his presence. Ills reckles
system of "doubling up" until hla "mar
gins" were too thin to support his a
castles had made a sad Inroad on h
three million "clean up , " and loft him t
hang his hopes on a few speculative pro
perttos. In this uninviting category wa
the Sierra . Nevada mine , o
which Mr. Skao was preeldeii
Hope long deferred had mad
the Sierra Nevada stockholders very sic
Indeed. Tbo stock was down to bedrock
but even at tint state Mr. Skao did no
want It. The market suomed dead. A
sudden dcalro for travel possessed th
mining men. Mr. Skao , obeying th
popular Impnleo , went east. Ho had no
reached his destination , when the ontlr
aspect of affairs on the Comstock and on
the San Frsnclsco stock market wa
chanced * by a few dlspalchca. One o
theseinformed Mr. Skao that there wor
Indications of a bonanza In Sierra Nevada
vada , and ho came back as fast as
special train cDnld carry him. An exam
inatlon of the mine convinced him that
great bonanzt was In protpect , and , wit
all his characteristic rockloasnoes , ho
dashed Into the market. Ho had enl
3,000 shares of Sierra Nevada and not
great deal of his $3,000,000 clcan-up on
Consolidated Virginia.
All that ho lad , however , wont to hi
brokers , and the dubstantlal firm on Pin
street which ho patronized was orderec
to "doublo up.1 The firm donblod fo
the bold npecnUtor , and ho bought on
his broker'd money until tha stock stoo-i
at § 273 a eharo. The same tactics and
tbo same firm hand stood him In gooi
stead In the Consolidated Virginia and
California oxcltouiont , and seemed to bo
loivlng him well again. Ho became the
ion of the hour. Before It had boon
Flood , but the uewotar ocllpaod tbo Ne
vada bank , llo was hailed as tha "father
of the now bonanzas , " and his prospec-
: lva millions counted up by hi ] admirers
until Vandorblll'a fortune seemed only a
pittance. Songs In his praise were mado.
alleged poet , now ungeged on n stock
lapor , dessribed the magnate's hasty ro-
urn from the cast in a parody on "Sher-
dan'a Ride , " and headed "Johnny Skao'a
tide. " The oulogl/'d magnate loft no
stone unturned to increase his popular-
ty. Ho lost f 50,000 , it was said , at ono
> okor game in the Palace hotel In ono
light. Hla unostentatious acts of char-
ty hero , however , were nothing to hla
lenerolent exploits on the Comstock ,
rhcro a millionaire who docs not live up
o the tenets of tfco town Is regarded ai
it for no nobler purpose than to label
lira for congress or the senate and ship
ilm to Washington ,
For weeks the fsmo of Mr. Skao
ranscended that of any millionaire on
ho Pacific coast , but the wane of his
tar was teen observed. The crots cuts
lithe 1,700 foot level of the promised bon-
nan stubbornly refuted to yield $2,000 as.
aye , and by rapid uageo the public dig-
rust of the property Increased , until a
lorphery horeo kicked the last prop from
ho conlidenco of the market and prcclp-
tated a panic , Tha subsequent events
ending to produce the present stagnation
n the atcck market are too recent to
need B description. When the echoes of
ha crash had died away Johnny Skae ,
ho temporary idol of the Oometock , the
'father ot the now bonanzj , " the ptlnco-
y poker player and the Uriah eieaplor
f Nevada hoipltallly , was virtually a
mrjpor. Ho held h'a ' stock to the top
gure , and when the crash came tha mar-
ins were swept away. After a while ho
s beard of In the Columbus dlatrlc' ,
nd was reported to have made another ]
triko , but the report was evidently baiod
n Ills luck , for he aoon after turned up :
a an Inmate of tha small pox h ? pltal. j
Ho served for sorno time as bookkeeper
of that institution , and then disappeared
from public ken until the police found
him In a helpless condition on the street ,
and locked him up In default of $5 ball.
Checkered ni the typical life In the west
ts It furnlihcs few tnch examples of nils-
advenluro as that of a man who , In two
years , reached such extremes of elllaonco
and poverty that ho might hue written
his cheek for ten million ; , and could not
pay $5.
The blaskborry crop around Davenport
rras a failure this year.
Davenport consumes or wastes three
million gallons of water a day ,
Four burglar * were b ggod by the
vigilant pollca of Amee , last week.
The First Iowa battery will hold a re
union at Dos Molnes during fair wook.
Twenty Injunction suits have boon added -
ed to the bntdena of Mnscatlno saloon
keepers ,
Lightning destroyed 200 tons of hay
belonging to the T rap pi 31 Monks near
The remains of a tramp were gathered
up from the Milwaukee trick near Gor
don , Thursday.
Alderman Baker of Hamburg shook
bis wife , live children and forty-live cants
and olopsd with the widow Towneond ,
last week.
A. G. Donolson , a prominent and well-
to-do farmer In Montgomery county , has
boon missing for nearly two weeks , and
foul play Is suspected.
Hannah Ltland , married lees than two
months ape , was struck by lightning and
instantly killed , about six miles from
Jowoll Junction , Saturday mornlrg.
William Spson , of LIvermore , commit-
ten sulcldo by hanging , Sunday night.
The deceased was about forty years of
ago , and it is supposed the deed was
caused by financial trouble ever his
father's will.
On the morning of the 17th , Adam
Meyer , a mill-owner at Tip ton , whistled
his men to work and started the machi
nery. Then taking his gun ho wont out
and sent two bullets through his heart.
No canao other than mental derangement
Is known.
P. W. Bragg , a Dea Molnos printer ,
damped his form Into Coon river , Sun
day , for a bath. The water soon cramped
hla quid lux and death followed. A
Mr. Waters , who went to the assistance
of the drown'113 man , narrowly escaped
being dragged down with him.
The Sioux City Journal oflico and that
of the United States marshal have baen
dlscDnnected and the phones taken out.
Bill Desmond stops into Mr. Perkins' '
slippers. The latter thus aocuroa a much
neodoJ rest from the burdens of public
oflico and will recuperate his wasted ener
gies In the sanctum.
C. A. Roe , a lustful rake , was con
victed at Marshalltown of aeaaulting a
young woman , but ho was turned loose
with a § 10 lino. Roe , or rene , is a lead
ing temperance agitator and spy , and the
men and women of the tcmparanoo alli
ance , blinded by prejudice , showered
sympathy upon him and promptly put up
tbo cash for the fine.
Lily Kimball , the sweet sixteen who
shot and fatally wounded her music
teacher , F. M. Giles , at Bedford Tues
day , la a fascinating brunette with largo
brown eyes and cherry lipa. Her seducer
Is a musical shylock of 40 , a grata
widower , having a wlfo and two children
living in Michigan. This Is said to bo
Lily's second love , having eloped with a
barber some tlmo ago and shook him.
Mrs. Low Apple has begun suit for
dlvoico from her husband , the editor of
the Guthrie Vidotto. From being the
Apple of his eye she claims to have de
scended to n football , and charges him
with being a rotten Apple through
whleky , but also morally decayed and
ready for burial. The town of Panora
la all torn up with the scandal , as several
women of local prominence are charged
with having plucked the forbidden fruit
and eaten thereof.
Later developments In the Johnson-
Rand murder and suicide case at Eldon
gives the Impression that Johnson dl
not cut his own throat as coon aa ho hai
killed Miss Rand , but waited until th
neighbors began to gather at tha hous
and then took hla own life. Nothlo
now was brought out by the inquest , EJ
copt that Johnson did not like Edwaida
to whom the girl w s engaged , and sal
that she would r.ither BOB her dead tha
have her marry him , Johnson was vor.
Intimate with Mlas Hand , and they nove"
had any quarrel.
Scott county has 21 patients In the in
sane asylum at Mt. Pleaeant , and tin
oxprnse of keeping them therein $900 5' '
per quarter. Doa Moines county has 21
Miucatlno 15 , Page 17 , Pottawattam !
10 , Henry 15 , Johnson 17 , Wapello J7.
The other counties , 44 in number , In the
Mt Pleasant jurisdiction , have from i
lo 15 patients uich In the hospital. are confined in this fnjtltntim
county patients , costlnc taid counties nr
aggregate of § 17,325,09 fur the quarter
just ended. In addition there are 127
itato patients , coating ? u,47u , making a
total of C92 patienlo , costing the state
jucrtcrly § 22,800 90.
Aelii 1'lionplmto.
Dr. G. V. Donscy , Plqua , Ohio , says.
"I have used It in dyspepsia with very
marked benefit. If there Is deficiency of
acid in the stomach , nothing affords moro
relief , whllo tlio action on the norvoua
system is decidedly beneficial. "
A. 1'nrtlciilArly Af-rcoulilo Conductor.
Somerville Journal.
It was a West Somerville horsocar. A
motherly-looking Irish woman with two
big nurkct baekois got on the rear seat.
She had sovcrnl quoj ! iona to ask during
the journey , anU the genial conductor
made lilmaolf particnlar'y agreeable. In
duo tlmo the car reached Bowiloln square.
The voluble passenger started to got ont
and the conductor gallantly helped her
with her basket. ' . Gratified at his atten
tion dho paused a moment on the car
step nnd naked :
' 'Say , do ycgo in town at this taaio
time every day1 ?
The smiling conductor nodded asiont.
"Shuro. " taya she , ' 'I wanted to
inow , 1 im coming in again to-morcr ,
ind I thought J would like to rida wid
l-er. "
TThen IJaby nu tick , we g vo LerCMlcrls ,
Wlien Lo ww a Child , ( he iried fort'astorla ,
When > he became Mitt , she clung to Caiturla ,
tVTiiB ibcl&J Cliildrfu , the g titm Cutorii
Youthful Depravity ,
Council Blufli Correspondence.
Judge Aylesworth was yesterday
called upon to inquire into I'-o character
of a 15-year-old pirl named Belle McMil
lan , who wa ? stopping In Avoci , and
who was brought before the court KB a fit
subject for the reform achool. The o\l-
donco showed a deplorable ctato of
morals for so yonng a girl , she being evi
dently ruined in every respect. Her
father lives In Cass county , and from the
girl's ' statement and that of her elster , It
appeared that her homo was not ono of
the happiest or best. She claims that her
father beat her so cruelly with a hickory
club that she still bore the marks , and
that aho could not stay at home , and
would prefer herself to bo sent to the re
form school than to bo compelled to go
homo. It was decided to soud her to the
reform school.
Itoal UatRto Transfers.
The following are the transfer" ol real
oatato as recorded In the oflico of the
registrar , and reported to the Br.i : by
A. J , Stcphcnson , for Wednesday , July
22 , 1885 ;
B. P. Clayton to Charles U. Clancy ,
so jsw | , 2 , 75 , 41 , § 1,000.00.
Samuel Clinton to W. Siodontopf , lots
7 , 8 , 10 and 10 , block 1 , Stutsnian's
second add. , § 120.00.
John P. Filbert to Albert Mohnhn ,
lot 2 , block 15 , Crawford's add. , § 320.00.
Total sales , § 1,440.00.
Iho City 1'lacnrtlcil With a I'rotcst
ARnlimt tlioV y 'Women Ircsn
in Uhurcli.
Intense excitement and indignation
have boon created in Norfolk , Virginia ,
by the posting throughout the city of a
placard , the author of which is unknown.
It was put up during tbo night in all parts
of the city. It roads as follows.
Wo recommend public meetings to beheld
held , under the nutplcea of every Chris
tian church , to take into consideration
the speediest and most cil'ectivo moans of
purifying the temples of the Almighty
God and guarding them against Inroads
being made on public decency or moral
ity by an inconsiderable number uf the
female attendants of oar various churches ,
whom , through Ignorance or perhaps
worse , dare to outer the houao of prayer
in eeml-nudo nr transparent garb , which
would ba moro in harmony with the vo
taries of the Comiqno or the shrlno of
Babel thin tlio humble penitent Boosing
paaco with God. Wo therefore publicly
proclaim to whom It may concern that
all females who can so grosjly iaeult both
their own and the opposite sex as to ap
pear in tight-fitting dresses made of Tthlto
muslin or tranopercnt material of any
other colorwi Itout any outside garments ,
can have no claim to modesty , and are
unfit persons to enter respectable society.
N. B. If parents , pastors , and the
press are Incapable of teaching public
propriety , you will hoar from us In plain
er terms In tbo near future. By order of
the committee of DISGUSTED GENTIE-
A meeting of cit'/.3us ' wlll'bo hold at
onco. Already a purse of § 500 has been
made up as a reward for the npprehsn-
alon of ilia author of this poster. If
caught ho will faro badly.
llo AVas aliinr Himself.
Buffalo Kxpross.
The usual crowd was sitting about the
fire at the club the other evening , listenIng -
Ing to Stratchit telling eomo of his ex-
poiiencea daring his recent trip south.
Gawley was among the number , but
paid very llttlo attention to statements
which bad excited the liveliest interest In
the other ; .
This appaared to nettle Stretchlt some
what , and ho prepared to make an un
usual effort to rouao Gawloy'o ' Interest.
"Yes , gentlemen , " ho said , "tho
Florida climate is a remarkable ono. All
nature seems to expand under Its genial
influence and bath the animal and vegetable
able kingdom produce wonderful spec"
mens of development. For Instance
going up the St. John's rlvar on th
steamer , I ono morning baheld wha
aeomed to bo the trunk of an enormou
trto ( bating In tha water. To my sur
prleo I was told it was an alligator , an
not ccnsldercd a very large ono for thos
parts either. I secured a rifle , and
strange as It may poorn , shot him in tfc
ono vulnerable point. When wo reachei
our destination , which happened to b
the nc\t landing , I took a nlqgcr and
dog out to go back and bavo a look at my
all'gator. Wo tuwcd him up to tbo shor
and measured him. The alligator mono
ured alxty-throo feet and five Inche
from the end of his ripao to the tip of hi
tall. What do you think of tint , Gawloj
An all/gator / sixty-three foot and five
inches Icng. Doesn't that fislonl
yon' "
"No , " said Giwloy , quietly. "I'm
liar myeoif. "
Washing & Bleaching
In Hard or Soft , Hot or Cold Water.
Jtvua fjiiioR , TIHK and SOAP AWAII.VOLY , and gifts
anlreraalsatlafactlou. No fatally rich or poor ebould
IB without It.
Sold by all grocerr. HJVIKB ol Imitations vrrll de
ilgnei to mUTead. I'KABLI.NV U tha ONLY mm Ubor
laving compound and aluajabcarn the abo\o eyra
) Cl and name ol
, ,
j- -
jt * . Aik y u c1 ' * ' f' rffBtUl fcr tL * r ; i t
Muruuitd M J a 2 < * aa < mrd&c.Na.
LIST. Vl Poth etrot > t , l eteea r'.tfnura and I7 ,
y will , who thcaid ol juirdlas rilt ! ! , clt&lnlw
ir aayone Uncs la tbe rajt aodpioseat , ted at
irUlnooodltljKi in the rnturt Ux-t ) aad i
213TSoutli 14th Street ,
Have a large list ofj inside business and resi
dence property , and some of the finest suburban
property in and around the city.
"Wo have business property 011 Cnpitol Avenue , Dodge ,
Douglns , Farnniu , Hnriiey , Iloward , IKh , 10th , lIHh nnd
Kith Bracts ,
Wo hnvo fine residence property on Fnrimm , Douglns ,
Dodge , Davenport , Chicago , Cuss , CnliCornin streets , Sher-
mnn , St .Marys oud Park Avenues , in fact on all the best
residence streets. Wo have property in the following'nd-
Lakes ,
Elizabeth Place"
E. V.Smith's , :
Horbaoh's , !
Patrick's *
Parker's ,
Sliinn's ,
Gise's ,
Nelson's ,
Lowe's ,
Kirkwood , "
College Placed
Park Place ,
West End ,
Capitol ,
Reed's First.
McCormiok's ,
Kountz & Ruth's ,
Impr'nt Association
Wilcox ,
Burr Oak ,
Isaac & Seldon's *
West Omaha ,
Grand View ,
Credit Foncier ,
Kountz' First
Kountz' Second ,
Kountz' Third ,
Kountz' Fourth ,
Svndicate Hill ,
Plainview ,
Hill Side ,
Tukev &Kevsors
Thornburg ,
Clark Place ,
Mvers & Richards- '
Bovds , "
And aths \ other Additions to the
City. :
'outh ' Omaha.
We nave the agency fo tne syndicate lauds in South Omaha. These
lots sell from $225 upwards , and are very desirable property. The
development of the packing house and othnr interests there , are' rapidly
building up that portion ol ! the city.
We have n few lots left in Kirkwood addition , which wo offer'at low
es , terms 25 down balance $10 per mouth. These lots are o'u hich
level ground and are desirable.
Hawthorne ,
This addition is moro centrally located than any other now addition
near the best { schools in the city. All the afreets are being put to tn-ndo
the grades have been established by the city council , and is very desira
ble residence property , only 15 blocks from Post oflice , prices lower tliaa
adjommeulditionaforahoraeor in vestment. These lota cannot bo
Ton SALE Houeo and lot on 21et St. Easy
Fen SALE 22 foot on 1'arnnm St. , near
llth St. , 88,000. ,
Fen SALK-Jot InWalmit hill , 5200.
B Fen SALB Lota on 20th , § 560 each.
Fen SALK 22 acres with elegant residence ,
good barn , fine troett , nhrubcry , fruit , hot and
cold water and all conveniences ] first class
property in eyory respect.
Ton SALK- feet on Farnam street , near
18th. Good business property cheap.
FonKKNr-Itoom41x76 , 3d floor , on llth
treot ,
Fen SALE Homo and lot , 25th nnd Ohlea
go street ; splendid corner , 33,600.
Fen SALB-First class business block , 8 ,
l' ° n SAtE-i Jot on Wheaten St ; ROO
Foil BALK Fine corner lot in Shinn s add )
tlon , 760.
Fen SALK-Lot in Millard Place , siwcia
Fen LKABE Fine business property on ICth
St. and St. Mary's Avenue ,
1'on SALE 1 lot on Chicago Ht , between
13th and II , With good house , $3,000. ,
JVe will Jurnisli conveyance free to any
\mrtof \ ] the city to show property to ourjfrieiute
rind customers , and cJicerjfully f/ive informa
tion rcyardiny Omaha Property.
Whose who havejtaryains\to offer or wish
property tit a\bariain"tare"Jnvitcd \ to see . Tj
Real JAgents
ZI3SJI4tlStbBt.FarnamADouela8 :