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Thnrssday Morning , July 23 ,
By Carrlu - - - - - - -to eenl p f wwk
tr Hall - - - 110.00 p r year
Itopnnlicnn County Convention ,
The republicans of Pottawattarai coun
ty , Iowa , will meet In delegate conven
tion at the court room In Council Binds ,
Wednesday , August lOth , 1885 , at 11
o'clock A. m. , for the purpose of select
ing twonty-threo delegates to the repub
lican atato convention , to bo hold at Das
Koines , Iowa , August 20ili , 1885. The
baala of the representation in the county
convention will bo one delegate for each
township or precinct , and ono delegate
for each fifty votes or fraction of over
twenty-five cast for the Hon. Frank D.
Jackeon , secretary of state , at the last
annual election. Thla will entitle the
several townships and precincts to to the
following representation :
The primaries in the several townships
will bo hold on Saturday evening , August
15lh , at 8 o'clock , unless otherwise or
By order of the republican county >
central committee.
Council Bluffis , July fllst , 1885.
JACOII SINES , Chairman. w
C (
BC ;
Roller , merchant tailor , for finogooda. 0ti
Yon can't afford to inles the Falk organ ti
conceit. thYi
Hocaro your seats at Bushnell'a for the of
Polk organ concert.
no i
Loula Falk , the celebrated Chicago ha
organist , at the Presbyterian church Sat ily
urday overling. fro >
Charles Allen was taken In charge by tor
the police yesterday for getting too much alii
under his vest. got ;
not k
Copt , Ovorton , who haa been confined hav
to his house with malaria fever for eomo froi
weeks , Is slightly Improving. wai
Mrs. LInkcy while milking rat of o
a cow a hop )
jumped tip and frightened the cow , which proi
severely kicked Mr a. Llnkoy In the head. the
HavorJy's minstrels to-morrow night atro
will have a homo moro than full If half wha
of thoBQ who mad
are talking of going re
ally go.
The Falk concert Saturday night prom
ises to be a grand ono. Those who have
heard him on the organ need no nrglng it Hi
to attend.
Amy Grlmmelman complains that
Harry Howard has stolen a number of It
her fillk dresses ; and skipped out for agree }
parts unknown. for a
If there could bo anything done in the appar
way of cleaning up tbo alleys It would bo courtf
moro profitable foreni t
expenditure of tlmo than
trying to break up the cemetery. with
A number tery ,
Council Bluff * sportsmen
expect to to Ncola g
go in the
coarse of a the he
week , to take part In a shooting match
there , the exact date of which has not
boon fixed. '
from t
The petition of Mrs. Batcholor for an and ar
Injunction restraining Lanzendorfor from This le 1
using a slaughter cltlzoni
near her honso has
boon presented to Judge Connor , argued , the cci
and taken under advisement. the clt ;
In connection with the teachers' honso ,
the fur
tute Miss Kato
Orary will
In the houses ,
Bloomer building this evening , her sub wholsoi
ject being "Iowa at the Exposition. " arise , a
The iocturo is to bo Illustrated caused i
by the
of the calcium light. states the eflo
The old Stntsman street school prop possible i
erty , which was sold to Mr. Nato Wil tern thr <
liams for the low or dlsoai
price of $2,000 , has ter , but >
sold now by him to J. R. Boll for the waU
$3,000. It Is being transformed into a It sooi
residence and greatly improved. attacked I
Kabccca passes at
Lemostors now asks for a tor are d
divorce from her husband , Jacob , to alanghtei
whom she was married In 1874. She ises ar
claims tor ore n
that ho has bcon very cruel to her , is it ?
and has got the deplorabln habit cf
choking her on the slightest provocation ,
Can there bo anything moro ridiculous
ihfln for a man to attempt to advertise Ho Clalu
Cornell Bluffs as being a terribly nn- I
healthy place , when the facts show to the Marsha
contr t ? and then turn about and insist
that hou "tbe trno of the city ? "
robbing tl
The city wolghmaster , William Galvin , two prlsoi
finds his business hardly lees
new iroub- Norton an
lesonio than his.old on ° i for an injunction - only a L >
tion Is now askec/ for to restrain him claimed th
from gelling liquon. ' ln Weston. The under the
ca o Is to bo Jieard by Jndgo Ocnnor la at it , and
Denuon. him , dome
through 0 ,
was afraid
refilled a
corner of Tenth afeiitii }
irton hai
Of. street , died yesterday morning walveu' exa
Of.fa ularlal fever. The whole family to await thi
been tufforlng from the same December ,
, nblo , and several of them are seriously $500 ball r (
il , dlded what
toy , and hli s
The entertainment prepared by the Ing further
Young Men's Christian association , and ho may bav
which was to have taken place Tuesday acts. Ther
arrested , al >
evening has been postponed until Tues to bo a part t
day evening next. From what the BEE
man has teen In the rehearsal , ho leols
aatlsfiod that the entertainment will bo a A report ;
very creditable and enjoyable ono. of the pape ;
Some of the boys employed in Loulo have gone
it Melzpcr's rcat&urnnt have rooms In
the upper part of the br.'ok ' building op Pioprlel
posite tbo opera homo , ou Broadway.
Yoiterdsy morning , Ei McDonald , who Ueid Ja
reward in .
does cot tlso as early as the others , no a
ticed a fellow named Henry Brown Dr. Thcina
tbout the in acres of lam
prowling rooms a suiplcions
alleged to hi
mincer , and es Brown had been dls- to the doc tor'
charged from the employ of the firm , and
was not supposed to have any bnilnoss
there , McDonald at once concluded that
something was wrong , and as Brown
hurried out , ho slipped on his clothes ,
and went down to Inform the other boys
Investigation showed that some clothing
had been taken from the trunk of Charles
Shlpman , ono of the employes , and BUS *
plclon pointing to Brown as the thief ,
the police wore notified , and i tor ted out
after him. They failed to find him hero ,
and at last accounts It was supposed that
lie bad gene to Omaha.
Grau's opera company did not make a
cry great financial success hero , and bad
lomo difficulty In'adjustlng matters BO as
.0 get their baggage- out of the city , they
icing booked for Omaha the rest cf the
week. They will probably do bettor
ihcre. This Is a hardjseason for shows ,
and with a special heating up of the
heated term It Is enough to break up
almost any sort of a show.
Dr. West , Dentist , No. 12 Pearl street
The Cemetery Controversy Not to lie
Bottled In a Hurry.
It docs not Boem probable that the
attempt to prevent the city from burying
Its dead . . will succeed as quickly and easily
is Its projectors expected. The matter n
vas brought up before Jndgo Connor 01
fnosday night on the application for a 01of :
vrit of Injunction , and after being argued 1F 1
F ,
t length on some technical lair points It
ras decided that the case should go over su
ntll Wednesday morning of nest week , tic ;
1th tha undorstandlng that If the lo <
omotorv association was not ready it llB
aold make a showing at that tlmo and pa
cure the tlmo necessary to get inch thi
cldouco as is dcairod. It Is said that sill
10 association will not bo content with
wa :
10 local witnesses but will send to Now wfi
ork and Boston and get the testimony liki
experts , showing that the cemetery Is toi
such death and
disease spreader as
s boon represented. It will necossar- '
take tlmo to got this testimony plat
m such a distance , and the mat- ° J
will doubtless bo postponed to L
ow for this. These who are seeking to
the Injunction now claim that they do
want to prevent those who already
70 lot ] there from L.
MV V * * ISUA using them , and
m burying In them , but they simply yeate
at to prevent the sale and occupation Sh
my moro lots. This statement , they Bluff '
o , will do away with much of the BluffMr
sent fooling and opposition against Mr
proposed injunction. The attempt to turne
trforo with the cemetery will bo Thi
ngly resisted , however , no matter for a i
it pretexts or excuses or promises are
le. W.
man c
joins Hani Work for Some DoctorB
Bide y <
to Agree wltli Themsolvcs. North
Mra , .
seems hard not only for doctors to has re
among themselves , but sometimes been fi
doctor to agree with himself. An Capt ;
rent Instance of this arises in the the hen
has to I
s , as shown by papers filed In dlf-
cases. In the
attempt to do awy
was in
the further of
use Falrvlow
- .
the claim Is made
that certain
nox- well.
asses arise , thereby endangering well.H. . J
lalth of the cjty. A number of phyei- West , o
sign on affidavit in which It Is United
; "That poisonous gasaes escape teiday ,
laid graves Into the atmosphere , Mr. E >
0 thence carried over into the city. ship , arr
deleterious " to the health of the remain f
s. P. Bellic
of the physicians who thus
H. N.
netery dangerous to the health of
take off 1
y , sees no danger In a slaughter
and In a case pending to restrain
ther UBO of ono of these slaughter frlonda hi
the claim being sot up that "un- J. H. i
m vapors and noxious exhalations 1 reporter ,
nd that low grades of fever are returned ;
to residents In that vicinity by loving hli
ct of these passes , " the doctor
In another affidavit "It
; Is im-
to Introduce Into the human - Mr. J. '
otigh tbo atmosphere any pohon few days i
so through decaying animal mat- turned las
It must como If at all , through In Kansas [
or or food supply. "
ms that when a cemetery Is to bo
, the statement goes forth that
rising from decaying animal mat-
langerons to health , but when a
r honso Is to bo defended that
Islng from decaying animal mul 209 Brc
ct dangerous to health. Which
, 20" dros
10 nubl
us to Bvo Boon Scared Into 1 belle good 1
Doing a Hliihwuynian , good
' BUffO
n eat Jeans al ] I
d Guanolla has Uootg and ah
brought back city.
'la the two men charged with
ho German , named Caster. The 18 poundiox
nors their 13 pounds gra
names as Peter ISpoandd oo
id Tom Casey. 20 ban white
Cacey who
, 1 SO liars hlue Ji
oy , admitted his guilt , and 22 turg 1'ilma
18 boxes u&tcl
tat Norton got Castor's revolver , Beat jiui > , f ,
pretext that ho foil sorKtiitn.
wanted to look Jioit English e
than suddenly turning it upon 10 boxes genii ;
mded that Casey should o 2-pountl cai
' go 5 8-pound
Aster's pDckots. Casey slid ho 103-pound en
Norton would shoot him If ho 10 pounds ulcl
nd Caster lOpounpt etaj
thought to also , Lorllard cllniai
d little to ssy for himself , but Navy plug toba ,
imlnstion mid was sent to jail flour Natural , all leif b/am tot
b acflon of the grand jury next
being unaWo to furnish the 0 (
cqulred. It has not been dote - Lower Tl
to do with the youthful OAs -
part In tSo transaction Is bo-
considered. It appearing that
'o been frightened Into his
o was found on Norton , when
out $17 , which Is supposed
of the stolen $20. In i
A Correction ,
And all mode
has been circulated by some aln
rs that Billy Smith and mytolf ORES
Into partnership , I wish to
he above statement , Noa. J15
tor carriage and buggy lino.
idd it Smith's offer of ? I,000
.uotlier column.
is Fuller , cf Cape CoJ , claims ICO
d In the beait nf Philadelphia
ave been wilier by William 1'ecu
'u BEcestrees , Sauy Mercer Fuller ,
Only nn Organ.
Keith has given his pencil a fresh
sharpening to thus reply to the Globe
A brief paragraph In last week's Bui
letln calls forth a frothy half column
from the Council Blufls Globo. While
absolutely gorging the democracy with
advice , from Cleveland down , our es
teemed cptomporary Is In too high a state
of chronic Irritation to accept any
even when given for value received and
In sugar-coated doses , Oar jocular illu
sion to postodicts made the Glebe
prance up and down the Missouri bottoms
toms like a mad bull after a red rag
Wo didn't know Its postoflico end was so
sensitive to the touch of a nowipapor
paragraph , Most democratic papers are
phllosoplcal enough to await the hand of
Providence good-naturedly whether It
holds a pill or a plum. It's all In a 11 fc
tlmo , and In the long run things are very
apt to level themselves into an equilib
rium , It Is just as well to laugh and/
grow fat , and wo ndvlso the Glebe to
take a pull at the teat of good nature and
got a little milk of human kindness In Us
stomach as a substitute for poatoffico fod-
lor. It will make It foci batter and
fron't hart tha teat.
It may bo well for the Globa to wrap
ta political orthodoxy in saw dust and
low it away In a refrigerator during the
lot month ; , It is less liable to malt
kway Into abuse of the administration
nd of prominent Iowa gentlemen whom
t has accutcd of conspiring to farm out
ho patronage of the state. If the Glebe
o the victim of local dirty work , ES It
verr , It ought to turn tbo hose on the
aigoan ftttbles. The right to solf-de-
3DBO is a sacred ono , oven If a man Is
inning a newspaper. The Glebe haa
ot to learn , however , that its proprlot-
ry rights do not cover the control
political opinions and patronage In the
back counties. " After It has moulded
ottawattamlo county Into some sort of
illtlcal symmetry It can squirt Us soap
ds upon the local linen of other conn-
s. If It trios to swing on our gate It must
Dk out for paint. Crawford county
s but ono blur on her district record
d _ thnt stain was tattocd into her body
lltic largely by the encouragement of
9 Globe. The Glebe degenerates Into
llncss when It talks about thucondl-
us of friendship ! It has had no
rmer friend than the Bulletin ; but
ilo wo admlro It as an wo don't
B to see it strain its key-board trying
make people ballovo it Is a piano.
O ]
Success ,
'ho man who makes the Hard man
10 is a hard man to boat , The ec
oiler Music Co. , 103 Main street , only
seventeen aluce Juno 1 ,
B , Day , of Clarinda , w a in the city
erilT Forroll , of Mills county , was In the
'a yoitordoy ,
, and Mrs. Frank Yenowina have reid -
id from Spirit Lake.
a Misses Uerger have gone to Spirit Luke
season of recreation ,
K. Vanghan , Jr. , leiuos to-day for
k , N , Y , . to attend school ,
just Prank , the well-known railway
if Corning , was in the city yesterday.
j. Frary , of Omaha , was over on this
esterday doing sorno advertising for the
Bowman , mother of Harry Bowman ,
turned from California , wbero she haa
or coma time ,
, O , S. Hubbard was so overcome by
it Men day that ho ia still Buffering , and
take special care of himself ,
' , Ivory , Glenwood'g new postmaster ,
the city yesterday receiving democratic
.illation ? , nnd some republican ones as
. Duncan , of Ottnmwa , and S. K ,
f Fairfield , newly appointed deputy
States marshals , were in the city yes-
. Uck nnd family , of Boomer town-
Ivod in the city yesterday and will
or some time under the care of D. F. Retail I
igor. lwaje be i
McGreir , of Denlson , who need not
his bat to any insurance
man on the
elope , was shaking hands with old
ere yesterday ,
Clark , the lightning short-band court
emilo3 once again , his family having
from their summer viehlng , thus re
in of the reaponsibllty of auporin-
bachelor's ball.
W. Berger , who has bean spending a
with his family and
friends here , rot -
t evening to his insurance basinet
. IIo reports the
now company as
cry flattering outlook.
Sixteen i
tlwbcilaml ,
\aclway , - - Council Bluff * aHn orty ! , jj c
Ian fflngliam , 1
lalrchovolts. . . „ . . „ . . . 100 1 03
Ik Jeane 100
wool , 30c per yard. - 1 00
oca at prices 091jw as any houao ui-th
( nn f
OUOCEIUEa 11 tinl
0 euear , , . 3' 1
nuUUil iuar , 1 NOI
ofectlormy A augar , . . 1
Ilus&Ian aoap , Kiris , ' \l \
ndls eoap , Kirks 1 Pneum
soap , Ijutz liro'd 1'
trillion , , . .
I1 IT gallon
urranta , U pounds 1
Ine lwn Ije. , . .
ns itrawl > crm > In ajrup
ispcactiea , In ejrup. *
ia tomatoes
bUaridrlutl apples.
totaled urjJua _ ,
c toliacco per pouoil
eco , per pound (0
) eco , per pound 00
It Irom ii.10 to $3 53 per c M ,
mn Any Other House
[ . HLBEBT ,
Council EJa bang
E3 ,
ra iuipioTements , call bells , Ore x
am bolls , etc. , ia the
, 217 and 219 , Main Street. " - - S
tr , - <
Price $1
f. BOSTORZ. will be HI a
half do/.uu
For furl
Agent for
Ili/ladame /
Who for the pmi been prnct ! lnt (
San Francl x > I ) now o 8 N Cth Stro
opposite new Opeta I
Madame lUlcear gua tote
Or toKt\o nyondaKio or btloif out k
ne growth tl ball citn lout toeix weeks.
rlcoi reiuonable and guaranteed ,
0 accotf. dcalncts o ihcumatlim tnd
chronic climtts J t > l Rl ° ' hfl
. JE.
-rht Council Bluffs
The iSTork
552 3dwav >
Councilffs , Iowa
'ILATJ design-
i ail ibranches.
his coanv have
ae of tbst a ssort-
L stocLt pluinb-
.g good the west.
Estiins furnish-
H. Jkinbine-
> 2 BmDWAY ,
elepae No. 27.
[ um b't. Council Bluffs
lo < O and S ore " 'hero big bargains can
ton nd.
> "D SYSTEM , " nai
fe-antJiiiuily Ins.Co
.vn\ \
ictt'9 , tl Irult , nix In Rirden anil
lx raoriM" , titablc- , welt , clatvrn , .
ondllltr ; Kill UaJutoi Oinalu * prop-
nty Trier's olllce , Cojncll UluHa.
N (
ill til , Ilcino 7acd E , Sl.HKtrta | X
FinhUtoii1 Uiu ccui lei
> a/i Beef Faucet
800. A liberal discount j
il to pirtiih ordennp al
fuitccts at ono lime.
hir pa-iiculara inquire ol
Council Dlultd , lowi ,
Western Iowa and I\eb
J. L.
tfo. G07 Broftdirftjr Oonnoll Blnffe.
Railway Time Table ,
Th following are ibe tlmei of the arrlrtl ted At-
rartare ol trains by central standard time , al tbe
local depots. Trains leave transfer depot ten inln-
otei tatllet and arrive Un mlnntet later ,
MiiaiBO and NORnnrnnui ,
0:25 : A M Mali and GirrMt 8:50' : r M
12:10 : p M Accommodation 4-tO r M
6:80 : r M Express S.OS A M
cnioieo AXO BOOK ittiAKD ,
0:25 : A M Mall and Express 0.53 r M
7:25 : A M Accommodation 6:15 : r H
6.SO r M Exprcta 5.00 A M
9.20'A M Mall and EvprcM 0.50 r M
6:26 : r a Express 0.05 A R
9.60 A Mill and Exprosa 7:10 : r M
30 r A * cimm odatlon 2.00 r.'M
:16 : r KK prom 8BOA : u
KAB11D , ST. tOnU
2:15 : r M Local St. Louli Express Local
3.00 r M Transfer " " Transfer 8:20 : r M
A M Mall and Express OMO r M
8:15 : r u Express 0:26 : A x
nocx cm ARO rAcino.
7:20 : A M Mall for Sioux City 0:60 : r M
7SO : r u Eiprosa for St Faul 8:26 : A M
CNION rAsirtc.
11:00 : A M Denver Express 4S6 : p M
1:05 : r u Lincoln Poia 0' & R V 2:36 : P M
7:55 : r H Overland K.\pr < 8 8.30 A M
* Leave ECouncll IBlulTs 6:56 : 7:66 : 0.80 10:30 :
11:40 : a. ru. 1:30-2.30-8.30 : 4:23 : 6:25-8.25 :
11:45 : p.m. JLea o Omaha 0.25 7:25 : 6:60 : 10
11:15 : a. m. 12:60 : 2:00 : 8:00 : 4:00 : 4:66 : 6:66 :
Curtains , Oil Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Mattings ,
Rugs , Etc. , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to Ou
of Town Orders ,
Upholstery nnd Drapery Work a
Oar stock la the
st in tiio
nd la being continually replenished by
11 the latest and choicest novelties.
105 Broadway Council B/ufis
. Rice M. D.
or other IHHOIH r movoJi without the
Knlfoor drawinK nf bload.
0\ci tblrty jcnrs practical experience. Cfflto Jfo.
I'e.Ml Htrcet , Council Dlutls.
NOTICE. Special k vertlneinentB , tua as Loel
Dond , To Loan , For Bale , To Bent , Wanti , Board-
g , eto. , will be Inserted In this oolumn al Ibe low
, te of TEN CElfTS PER LIKE for the Oral tnaerlloa
id TIVE CENTS PER LINE for each eubeeqnent In-
on. Leave aJvortlBomouts at OUT oOo , Wo.
I Street , near Eroaduav
* , 'im KENT Hou o No. 411 North Eighth street ,
Sroomp , cittern , honso ra'tied anil lot DHod ,
i ( "Mod rtjnir.
KhAT-nouao No. 132 Harrison street. 3
roomp , c or\ei itnt , anil in goncl rcpiir.
) H liHM IToiiso ho C-tn t-c.t . : itrtct three
1 minute ? u Ik Irom l' clli ] hcuee , 1 rouiiu oed
:1I , cistern , etc Mi Mai on .V Co. , 4 Tea 1 street.
T OIl SALK An decant Wleoonelnsummer resort ,
1 250 acres , H0 tillablerailway station andetoim
lat Unihiu ; frnir.o house for hcincstoad ; pavilion ,
no c ilUrc , rtstiursnt , ice houbu , tenement house ,
ur cott"t'e'fl. barn , SCO fruit trees,3 acica prapes ,
w , horses , 13 boatc , etc. A flnu reacrt , ICO feet
o\o Vi'l com in r > cr , anil 120 feet al > o\u Barahoo
nil paj $5,000 n j ear. Address W. i. S , Hit
ice , CouneilDlufTj ,
poll SALK Lands Improved nail unimproved.
If you want a farm In western Iowa , Kansas
ibraaka or Dakota , lot us bear from j ou.
, iOR HALE Houses. Lota and Land. A. J
1 Ptephennon , 603 Klret a\enuo. I
by ,
\ ) KicAANfc B 0 , b 9 , b 10 , b 13 nre hotels in did. e. .
. crentlocatlcni for sale or for trade ,
) 183 , epocial baritaln , 400 u Imrrotcil farm worth
i318,000 , prlro for a short time f 16,000 , will trade
r low pilccd Western lands. Swan k Walker.
> 201 , saddlery Hardware manufacturing catali-
) llshnent etock anil inacliingry , value $7,000 , for
stern land Snari & Walktr , Council UlulTs.
> 203 , stock ( f dry p'Odp , roctrita and hardware ,
) > aluo , J5.000 , in an BOOU ea t rn Nebraska towu
r land. Swan * Walker ,
> 201 , etock of general merchandise In a good
J western lena town , \alii3 4,003 , wants an 1m
oted farm In vtutcrn Iowa. bw n i. Walxir ,
> E0f > , stock of hardware In Ftube Co , Indiana ,
} fnrlamlaluo about 81 OCO. Bwan & , Walker.
> 200 , newatofk of bar. ware In a ) l\o Nebraska
J town for land , tulue 83,000. 8 an & Walker.
> 207 , stock of JKrlctltural linpleineiits nd shelf
) hardware , \aluu about 8OOD , wants a goj lin-
o\edfarm. 8 an it Walker.
> 20) , a iin.OOO stock of clothing In a good Wts-
J coneln L\t\ \ , 3 Inlandnand bilanou cash or Imo -
o ed eecurltj , Dcautilul store room at low rent. r
an & Walter ,
) 210 , t lock of mixed hardware In a lite western
1 IOKa town for cheap lands , \aluu $0,000 , 8waa
> 21 ] , line Itrlck block , rents well , In a lite central
) la.t vin ono rcom occupied with Kincnl stock of
oils , wants an lmpro\ul fariraluu ; Lulldlnn
,000gooda , $7,003. &Man&calker ,
) 21J ttorknf boots , shoo * hats , caps and clothing
> \oluo.1 $3 OUO , in one cf tbo befct towciilu Neb. ,
lued f 3,000 for lands. Svt an & Wtlker Tin
) 213a$3OCO etock of tlotHnir , wants land In
J North Western low a , for (0,000 , and will pay
lercnce Bwan A , Walker.
> 2U , an $3,000 etock cf drills In central Iowa for
> land Bitan & Waleir ,
1216another etock of dnJi'8V luo IromfMfl to J700
) wlth lore building ard lot \aluo JSOo In a ncol
bruika town wants | > artly Improved land. Swan &
ilker ,
' 'OK full particulars , write to or call upon Swan &
Walker. ll > ou wantto sill , bu > , or trfcdBany-
n ; , ' , tell 8 &W abuut It. Hwau& Walker , Coun
111 u Ob Iowa
o-j , orriouB. w. H. M roue
Officer & Pusev.
Oounoll Bluffs , Iowa.
Established , - 1865
Standard Typewriter
At ths New Orleans Exposition.
1 Tlie Jury ul iHirds critically citmlncil the larlou * writing n.aihlno' , anl ilu'iilo-l by i l
thirds vote to Kite the hlghc-t award to the HrviMiTOv
? The dcrljlnn cf this jurj as lijnoieilbythe rornmltlea of awtrJf , ami other Jurors wclcaldo-i
.ointilutlr ' anew Jurj
3 Ihlj gerund jury il > crlllcilly eiamlnod the Mulius willl'K raichlne. ' , and rna > lo Ilio awird at a
first disi ircU mcilal , the hlgbcjt award , to the UKYIMJTOS StaiidirtlT/p > Witter , for " .Impllclty , dui -
li lity , eaioof manlpuUtluii anil ppstd "
4 1 no report ol this J mi M made , dditcred to ivnil rcniptcd for by the fonmlttse ot a > rdjon
f > The mcmlicrsof this Jury wore nc\
t No ether Jmy cxamlnoJ the lUtnsnroN Standard TjpO'Wrltcr ol Now Oilcans
7 The ? irners of tb.i award uro honoralle and nclt known RCiitlimgn. Their aJdrotsoi are lharloa
A. Morgan , ffsq , manager of H. O Dunn & Co , Now Oiltang , Li. ; K * Oorcrnor 1'rank tUon '
U. S. commlMlonor ol Kinsas , and prtMdontof the U. S. board of lomm'H loners , Chinuto , Kts ; OOD A.
Beaten , Esq , stenographer ami KiircUrj-nl the boatd of U , S commliuoiiorf , Colnmbui , Ohio.
8. Tbo anida\lli nf tht c ucnllcmcnand thehlitorj ot the c'ntott , which o ara | irepMln In
riatnphlci form , \\o will I'O plcf-cd to furnish on r i > 'ICAtlcii.
The fellow Ing it the report :
The World's iDdiutiltl nnd rotten l.\iitcmil l Gxifiltlon , New Oilcan ? . Jury report. Application
No. SI. ; group 8 ; rliia 614. Compelitlon.
The undcrtlgticd jurcrs In tlio abcno entitled clasf , bavlnj ; cstclullyoxarulnod the oihlbi ! raado 1 > T
If , IlemlriKton A. SCIIP , lllon , Ntw Ymlr , and nil ccinjctlnR cihlliltt , concur In recommending the award
of a first clats nicdnl for the Standard Tjpu-AViltcr , for slropllc'ty , duriMUt , ouoof ruin pnlatlon ani
Dated this JOIh d > of Maj , 18 < < j. OKO 11KA10N , 1
I'UAH A. MOHdlN.hirors ( ,
WIK01 T.SKAMANS i BENEDICT , 330 BrCid ay , Now Yolk.
Cblcago UfftCi 38 Madison Si.
C. H.SHOLES , Agent ,
Council Blufls , Iowa ,
Brick buildings of any Kind raised or moved nnd satisfaction Runrnntood , Friuns bout
novud on Little Glaut trucks , tlio buat In Uio world ,
1010 Muth Struot , Council lilull )
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 0 Main St. ,
Complete Line of New Goods Always on Hand.
' . J. Stt'A.VSON. C. E. S WANTON
id MI Unds of mmlcol InetnitncntH 1'ianon lint ort'one eola on the Irfitallmcnt rlan. Minlcil nstru-
entaof oxory description tuned and repaired. Hating o\or 14 jc.ira cxioilena ] : in the business vie fee
nQdcrit of gitlng the best of satisfaction. Itcinember the plaie. Sign of the gilt orfrin
Sold by the leading dealer in every
city and town ,
E : Burhorn ,
17 Main St. , Council Blufls.
Draining , Gliding , Paper Hanging and Frescoing. 110 Main St. , Council llluffj.
Keep ITorBCB and Mules constantly on hand which
wo trill ecll in retail or carload lota
III Stock Warranted as Reoresented
Wholesale and retail dealers In Drain and Haled Hay. 1'rlouj res-
eonablo Satisfaction Ouaianttod ,
ClfLUTE Ji .c- J } 0V \ L B Y
Cor. 5th Av. nnd 4th St. , Council Ululla.
' "or any case of Kidney or liver disease or dygpep < ii % rhouruntlam , or any ilinon3i imludcod
a lack of native power , that cannot be cured by the line of Drs. Judd & Sniith'd Kloctrio
Its and Appllaccen. Pvo. SO , Fourth St. , Council UlufTd.
Norene & Landstrom ,
Suit a to order In latest Biyloa at cheapest possible priaw ,
No. 20" Main St. , Conntl' Blt-ff
tfJ fH-mJ N J ! * . , * ' * * *
- f * 11 * r T r 11 i II IT > I
31IO : ! loW \ , U5 orntB.
505 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
only all night houfco in the city , Everything rrr\cl in first tloi etleand on eho
notice , J lot mil cold lunched alwa > n ready ,
Waves , Langtry and Pompadour Frizzes.Switch .
> , etc , , ready made and made to order. Prices
leaperthan ever. Call and see for yourself ,
Formerly HRS. J. J. GO ODE.
29 Main StreetCouncil Bluff ,