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Wednesday Morning , July 2 !
So Mnta rr we
ET Cirtlei
. . . . . .
By Null - 110.00 p i ye
IlopnbllGfin County Oorivcn tlon ,
The republicans of Pottawattami cent
ty , Iowa , will moot In dolcgato convor
tlon at the conrt room In Council Bluff
'Wednesday , August 10 < h , 1885 , at 1
o'clock a. m , , for the purpose of soloc
Ing twenty-three delegates to the ropul
llcan state convention , to bo hold at I ) <
Molnos , Iowa- , August 2Cth , 1885. Tb
basis of tha representation in the conni
convention will bo ono delegate for oac
township or precinct , and ono dologal
for each fifty votes or fraction of ov <
twenty-five cost for the lion. Frank I
Jackson , secretary of state , at the lai
annual election. This will entitle tt
several townships and precincts to to tl :
following representation :
The primaries in the several township
will bo hold on Saturday evening , Angui
ICth , at 8 o'clock , unless otherwise 01
By order of the republican count
central committee.
Council Bluffs , July 31st , 1885.
JACOII SINES , Chairman.
Roller , merchant tailor , for finogoodi
Three drunks were disposed of I
pollco conrt yesterday.
1C yds. fine yard wide Bleached Mnsll
for 81.00 , at E. DoTrllng'e.
The case against the Sanders boy , fo
stealing from Brackett's store , was die
' missed yesterday.
Jnctico Schnrz yesterday united ii
happy wedlock E. Mannol and Miss Mar ;
York , both of Tracy , Minn.
A grand ball Is to bo given by the Ger
man ladles of the Catholic church a
Reno's hall to-morrow evening.
The congregational ladles are to glvo :
social and supper at the roaldonco of J
E. Harkncss , Friday ovenlnjr , commenc
Ing at 5:30. :
Next Saturday is sot for the decision o
the Aylesworth-Loofbonrow case ; It i
doubtful whether the decision will bi
made then , in fact It will continue doubt
fnl until It is actually mado.
The Guanolla brothers wont to Noola
yesterday after two follows who had boon
arrested and hold there , on the charge of
bolng the ones who assaulted and robbed
the German , Castor , In a box car the
other morning.
Remnants of Embroideries at half
prlco , at E. Bowling's.
E. B. Plnnoyof Fullerton , Neb. , is to
take charge of T. N. Bray's shoe store at
No. 102 Main street. Mr..Plnney comes
to Conncll Blnfls highly recommended ,
and bolng a pleasant young man , success
no doubt awaits him.
The plans for the now government
building arrived here yesterday , and cor *
talnly present a fine building on paper.
It Is to be four stories and an attic.
There have boon aomo changes from the
original doalgn , and for the batter It Is
25 yds. Good Bleached Muslin for
. § 1.00 , at E. Dowllng'a.
H. H. Inman , the auctioneer , waa yesterday
torday engaged in making a ealo at Sheppard -
pard , Field & Cook's , and haa had his
hands fall thin season. Harry Is as good
an auctioneer as ever came to Council
Blnffc , and ho gets great big prices at all
his sales. Ho can hold an audience until
ho gets the whole contents of tholr
"leather. "
A man named Pitrott had his ire kin
dled yostordny by a boy named Boocrof t
calling him "Protty Poll. " Ho could
not stand this ironical allusion to his
name , and when some oxprcssmon took
up the cry ho got BO hot at the chorus
that ho danced oil' and bad the Boccroft
boy arroatod for disturbing the poaco.
It is needless to say that the boy was dis
The Grau Opera company appeared at
Dohany's yesterday afternoon and oven-
log to light houses , While there are
aomo good voices In the company , there
is a good deal of over-acting , and a tlngo
of clownUhnots , that should bo done
away with to make the company very
popular. Tholr material , if adjustad a
llttlo bolter would inako the company
rather a strong ono.
The fire in Darkson'd barbar
shop nb an early hour yesterday
morning caused moro damage than ap
peared at the tlmo. It seems that the
joists of the floor are all charred badly ,
while the shop proper and the bath
rooms have boon so smoked and heated
that the place will have to be all refitted.
It Is estimated that Mr. Derkson's loss
will not fall short of $1,000. Ho has In-
snnnco which will cover this amount.
Some dkmage was done to Foster's drug
store by water , bnt this Is but small. The
dimago to the bnllding falls upon Mr.
Evoratt , who owns the blcck , bnt who Is
Insured. It Is a matter of congratulation
that the fire was put ont as It wai , for
had it got a good start In the Immense
drug stock next door to Deikaen'a the
whole block would doubtless have gone.
Tbo residents in the vicinity of the
now Seventh street bridge are preparing
a petition to present to the council in re
gard to the bridge wblch the county has
refused to accept , became It is not i
cording to contract. The bridge has bo
barricaded , and no approaches have bo
built , so that In its preaont condition tl
bridge Is pronounced a nuisance , and i
obstruction to public travel , and proven
the construction of another brldg
Thcso citizens who are thus bolng Inco
venioncod aak that the conncll notify tl
nldgo company to take the brldgo awa ;
and In case It is not taken away , that
bo thrown open to pnbllo travel. The
citlzans have had no bridge accommodi
Ion for a long tlmo , and have been qul
patient about It , and now they want i
have some consideration paid them.
The Quartette of Trampa tlmtTun
Possession of the Farmer's llouso
ntl Cooked Their Own Dinner
On returning to their homes in th
city on Sunday , after being nbont twonl
inllos north of here , Dr. F. P. Bolllngc
John Llndt , Alderman William I
Slynster , and John Dann bccomir
rather hungry , as they had loft the ell
'or their long drive without oatlng an
breakfast , except the n'.dorman ' who wi
In as bad n condition as the other
having boon compelled to dispose of n
his breakfast hurriedly , concluded the
had bettor drlvo to the farm of Isai
Xioglor , John Dunn's fathcr-ln-law , an
see if they could not got dinner , It bole
then about 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
On arriving at the farm house the
found all the doors and windows open c
unlocked , but conld find none of th
family. Dunn concluded that ho woul
food lila team and the others laid in tli
shade on the grass , the day being an excessively
cossivoly hot one , and they being con
plotoly tlrod out after their long rldo.
When Dunn returned from the barn h
had a basket of corn-cobs and went t
work cooking dinner during the absanc
of the family. Ho served up a fine dlr
nor to his friends and they ate in peace
thinking that every mlnnto Mr. Hlogle
and his family would rotnrn from ohnrct
but they did not put in an appearance
So the "big four" concluded to play
joke on the family and the following not
which nppoaredjn the BEE yesterday wa
fastened onto the table In a consplcnou
plaoo with a fork.
The note read :
IN THE WOODS , July 10 , 1885. Mr.
Landlord : Wo bo tramps. Wo came t
your residence very hungry and findln
no ono at homo were unable to cho ;
wood for a square meal. After lookln ]
aronnd wo succeeded in finding your lar
der , and have succeeded fn fully appcas
Ing our hungry apporltea , for which w. .
rotnrn our most sincere thanks. Your
truly , 4 TiiAMrs.
The tramp then loft fn tholr "turnout1
( which ia a good name for the convoyanci
they were In ) and drove out of sight ai
soon as the team conld carry thorn , con
sequently the formers of Boomer town
ship and the Zlegler family seeing thi
note were up In arms , while "tho blj
four" were In the city here laughing ir
their sleeves about what the Zleglor folk !
might think and do on their arrlva
Substantial abstracts of tltlo and roa
estate loans. J. W. and E. L. Squires ,
101 Pearl street ,
Die Flro Ohlonalnship Contest AB-
nmcs a New rintac.
There baa been a change in the tactics
ay which Walters la hanging on to the
jflico of chief of the fire department. It
irlll be remembered that Walters got ont
tn injunction In the superior conrt , re
training Captain Elchcr from assuming
ho office , and the latter filed an appllca-
, lon before Judge Connor to have the In
unction dissolved. Thla waa to have
seen argnod last evening before Judge
2onnor , bnt Walters , by his attorney ,
ins concluded to abandon that Issue and
tart in ever on a now plan. Ho has
iomraoncod an action ol quo warranto In
.ho superior court , and asked for a tern-
lorary Injunction In this case. The now
D junction has been granted by Judge
Vyleaworth. Thla action is intended to
; ot at the real merits of the case , and to
lotormlno who haa the right to the oflico
if the chief. At least this Is the reason
jiven for starting the now case , bnt it
ooks to the outsider very much llko an-
ithor dodge for the purpose of delay.
t Is not known jutt what will bo the
icxt move on Ilia part of Eicher.
Dr. Weat.Dantlst , No. 12 Pearl street
A Grand Excursion.
Arrangements have been made for
grand excursion to Colfax ,
n Thursday , July 30th leaving
Jouncil Bluffs at 9:25 : , and arrlv-
og there in the afternoon , with leave for
ho excursionists to leave for homo at any
Imo when they may choose. The faro
or the round trip haa boon placed nt the
xceodlngly low rate of § 4.95. This
Ives the people of thla vicinity an nx-
allent opportunity to visit this popular
nd pleasant resort , and to have n merry
imo with very little expense. Those de-
Irlntf further particulars c n obtain them
7 calling at the ticket oflice , No. 507
Iroadway , or by addressing S. S. Stovone ,
onerftl agent Chicapo , Hock Island &
'acclfi , Council BluH > .
1101 Kntato Transfers.
The following are the transfer" of real
itato as recorded in the oflieo of the
jgistrar , and reported to the BKE by
. J. Stophouaon , for Tuesday , July
L , 1835 :
Evan Manhall to Rilla Marshall , el
ij , 4 , 75 , 42 ; 81.000.
Ann Buttorfleld to Andrew N. Cook ,
> rt lots 13 and 14. oilglnal " olftt ; 8700.
Totol sale ? , 81,700.
Just llcculvcd ,
Fifty pieces of American silks In blacka
id colors , "all grades. " Every yard is
arrantod to us by the manufacturer.
1 E. Downyq.
fln Offensive Partisan ,
POBTSMOUTH , Ohio , July 21. Charles
tmarln , son and chief deputy of Poet-
uter Damario , absconded witb $2,700 of
The Bnililing Will Now iPraceeil
oil Delay ,
Some Changes Mmlo In tlio I1
For some time the building of the no
conrt honao has boon delayed by the n <
tempt of the county board to rrmko tl
city council nrrango for the Fifth avcm
Bower , before the advertising for blda o
the building. The conncll could not at
Its way clear to construct the sewer thl
season , and the connty board took tt
position that the building could not t
pat up until this wns dono. The no
connty jail ia about rendy for occupancy
but it was claimed that na there was r
aowor for It , it could not ba used , and th
old court honao could bo torn down 1
make room for laying the foundations (
the now conrt house , booauso the prlsoi
ors , now confined In the baaomont of tt
old building , could not bo moved 01
until the now jail was ready , sewers
and all. The board threatened to chanp
the location unless the conncll solved tl :
dlflicnltyat once , but bettor ro&son hi
prevailed ,
A apocial mooting of the board wi
hold yostorday. Supervisors Frlra an
Jones socmod to bo pretty well conGrmc
in the Idea that the work should not li
started until the city had arranged fa
soworago. There was considerable tall
and souio of it quite plain , and hlnl
wora thrown out about the cast on
'eollng still being in opposition to th
court honao being located hero , and
determination to obstruct the progress o
the work by frivolous excuses. It ap
pcarod that the county had already go
Its now jail almost completed , and tha
it was all nonseso to talk about changln ]
the location now that the people hai
voted the appropriations on the dintlnc
understanding that the buildings wonli
bo hero. The jail now npproachlnj
completion would tiavo to bo provlde <
with sewerage whether the city did any
thing or not , and the conrt house woul (
not bo ready for occupancy for two year
or more.
It was finally decided that there wa <
bnt ono thing to bo done , and that waite
to go right ahead with the court honsi
and trust to the city putting in the sowei
just as soon as it could. The two ob
jectlng supervisors expressed themselves
as willing to advertise for bids , providoc
they could bo given the assurance thai
the city would do the best It could. Aldermen
dormon Bennett , Shng&rt , and Staub
the three who hold over next year , as
sured the board that they would do thoii
best to got the sewer as soon as practic
able , and with this understanding the
board adopted a resolution providing foi
advertising forbids , to bo opnnod on the
12th of August , at which time the con
tract will bo lot.
It is the intention of laying only the
foundation of the conrt house this sea
son and build the superstructure next
There have been some changes made In
the plans as originally presented. On
the old plans there was a largo projection
on the front of the building , in the cen
ter. In the now plans this projection
comes in the roar , thus making a better
appearance to any ono coming along the
street , this projection in front cutting oil
a view of much of the building , unless
ono stood directly In front of it. Another
change ia in regard to the engine room
and heating arrangement. In the first
plans there was a driveway loading to the
coal room and engine room , which were
Located in the basement. Now it has
been arranged for a small and separate
building back of the north wing of the
court house and jail , and the engine ,
otc , placed there , with pipes leading to
the building , To save the expense of
procuring stoves for the jail the coming
winter , it is proposed to build this house
at once , and heat the jail by steam , and
then when the conrt house Is ready ,
ihere will bo no need of any farther
ibango than to connect the pipes. In
regard to soworlng the now jail it la
.bought that a cosa pool can bo arranged
rhlch will answer all purposes for the
) rosont.
Read Jndd & Smith's offer of § 1,000
onard in another column.
True FriondBliip.
Vditor. DEAR Sin : I am surprised to
ind that I am the only resident of the
: lty who is a true friend to its interests ,
iomo time ago I bought a bit of real es-
ate not a great ways from the cemetery.
bought it cheap , for there were not a
; roat many people who wanted to buy
iroperty In that vicinity. There waa
ilonty of other property for sale , an
here are still many vacant lots In th
Uy , but I choao to Invest my mono
horo.I know that the cemetery was locate
hero , and had boon for forty years , an
b was on this account that I managed t
et the property so cheap. Now if I ca.
also a howl , and got some cheap icportc
n a cheap paper to help mo , perhaps
an got the cemetery abandoned , an
i ko my property moro valuable ; it ca
o assessed higher , and I will have to paj
MID taxes on it , and the city will b
icnofitted this much. I do this fron
inra friendship for the city. There are
o many lawyers who ore continnall'
ghtlng the city , that I think it Is tlm' ,
Imt sjmo ono like mo stood up for it.
'ho ' only thing that I can toe which may
o a disadvantage to the city la the ad
ortising of it as a cess-pool of corrup-
Ion and death , and frightening people
way from here , but It is necessary to
Use a ecaro , nrid In doing so I have again
lown my frlondshlpfor thoclty by select-
igan evening paper having the smallest
Ircnlation , and publiehlng in that my
ansatlonal reports about [ the dancer of
ving In Conncll Bluffs. Thcso reports
boat the unhealihlnees of the city willet
ot get out of town by this means , and
are at homo I hope it will lead to hav-
ig the cemetery abolished. I hope yon
ill not reproduce these reports In your
iper , for with your immense circulation
might hurt the city , but you can help
o greatly by trying to divert pnbllo at-
ntlon from the real facts in the caeo , by
tacking the characters of the trustees
the cemetery association , and by
rowing mud at everybody who opposes
e scheme. Pleaeo get the people to
Iking about how moan such and auch
en are , and they will forget all about
e real Issue. Of oouiaa there is no
undatlon to all
these sensational ro-
rts , but it is easy to get a ecaro started ,
d if wo can carry it far enough we can
tonly get the cemetery abandoned ,
t wo can get a new road cut through
from Oakland avenue , and thus opsn i
some properly which can now bo bong
for little , but which cm then bo boomo
By all means help us out and like mve <
you can then subicrlbo yourcolf ss
FronkShinu , of Orson , was In the city ye
It. W , Hazloton has gone on n trip
Spirit Lnko.
Mrs. 11. M. Wilbur leaves to-day on
summer tour.
Ilcnry C. Myers and Mr. Schlndclo left f
the east yesterday.
Mr. Irons , miller nt the city mills , has ROI
on a week's visit to Dakota.
Mrs. J , Mueller is in Boone on b vlilt at
to attend the opening of the Wells house.
Dr. Seybett , who has boon taking In tl
eight * and freili nlr at Spirit Lake , has r
Wtllmtn Htcbcv , pnsscnRcr Rent of tl
Hock Island , at Davenport , was in the ell
Dare Friedman , having left tha omplo ]
mout of II. Friedman , his etnrtod out on h
first builnoes trip.
Mies Anna Fleming and Miss Oora Kej
nold ( , of Chicago , are in the city , \siting ! tl
family of George F. Smith.
Mies Brooks , who has been iu the city visi
ing her sister , Mrs. William Hutchinson , hi
Rene to Chicago on a visit to her father.
W. I. Kir Imt , of the claim department (
the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul rnilroac
on ox-resident of this city , was a Counc
BlulFa visitor yoatorday.
Go orgoM , Christian , the proprietor of th
llotol Colfax , WAS in the city yesterday , II
was greeted with a hearty welcome by man
here who have tested to their satisfaction th
many good qualities of that ponular resort ,
Mrs. William Forney , of Cedar lUnida , am
Miss Jessie Ifayes , of Waterloo , cousins a
W. A. It. M. Ilighsmitb , night yardmasto
at the transfer , who have boon , visiting hie
and his family , returned to their homes thl
morning ,
J. II. Lamnr , late of D , Crawford & Co.
S t. Louie , Is now In charge of the silk nm
dress goods departments ia the homo o
Kleomnn , Hodda & Co. , which position wa
formerly occupied by Phil Aarons , who is nov
in charge of the same departments will
Cocka & Morgan ,
Madame E , J , Balcear ,
Who for the past 10 years has Ijccn practising
San Francisco Is now located at No 8 N. Oth Stro
opposite new Opera Houso.
Madame Balcear guarantees to rcetoro
Or to ( 'Uc unyono a htigh mustache or bring out t
no prcmtli ct hair orboardin fromfour toelx weoka ,
rlcej reaionablo and satisfaction guaranteed ,
0 ancors , deafness and cspcclilly rheumatism and
chrcnioducnecBCUied by auatuial gift of lie
-rhtG th St. , Council Bluffa
The New York
552 Broafhxrav ; '
Council Bluffs , Iowa
riLATION design-
3d and constructed.
n all its branches.
Phis conroanv have
jd stocks oi plumb-
ng goods in the west.
Estimates furnish-
H. Birkinbine ,
Telephone No.
S. A. PIERCE , '
)0 ) Main St. , Council Uhifh
: et ll Hoot anil Shoe ttoro hcro tiii ;
No. COT Broadway Ooanoll Blnff * .
Railway Time Table
The lollowttiff Me the times ot the trrlral od i !
partnra ot trilnt b ; central standard time , tl tl
local depot ) , Tratnt leave transfer depot ton ml
atoi eatllei and arrive ten mlnutoe later.
tmtuoo and xoiTirwxsnan.
8:25 : A M HMl ami Kiprofi t-.l-O'r
1S:40 : r H Accommodation 4co : r
6:50 : r u Kxpresa 8:05 : A
BSS : A M Mall and KxproM 8:68 : r
7:24 : A M Accommodation 6:16 : r
6:80 : r M Kiprcis 8:00 : A
emoAso , MUVAUKII AND IT. ritn.
9:20'A : M Mall and Express 8:60 : r
6:36 : r M Kxpresi 905 ; A
catOAoo. ecsUHaros Am > qntiOTi
0:60 : A Mall ami Kxpross 7:10 : r
30 r Ac comtn odatlon 8:00 : r ,
:46 F i-.x prom EOA :
WASAsn , sr. LOOTS ADD rAano ,
2:15 : r M LOCA ! St. Louie Kxnrcfls I.ocJkl
SWPM ; Transfer " ' Transfer 3M : r
10,0V A M Mall and Kinross B : 10 r
8:16 : r H Express f.U A
7So A M Mall for Sioux City 0:50 : r
7 : 0 r u Kxpron for St t'aul 5:21 : A
UMOX r-Aetric.
11:00 : A M Denver Kxprcej 4:35 : r
1:05 : r M Lincoln I'M8 O'a & R T 2:35 : r
7:65 : r M Chcrlntnl Kxprcej 8:30 : A
* toavo Council IllluH ) 8:55 : 7:65 : 8:80 : 10:30- :
1140 ; Ik. tn. 1:80 : 2:30 : 8:30 : :23 : B:2S : 8:25- :
1115 ; p. ia. lLomo Omaha 8:26 : 7:25 : e:60 : 10-
11:15 : n. m. 12:60 : 8:00 : 8oo : : ! 4:66 : 6:1 :
Curtains , Oil Cloths
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Mattings ,
Hugs , Etc. , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to On
of Town Orders ,
Upliohtcry and Drapery Work a
Our stock la the
Largest in tie lost
md la being continually replenished by
ill the l&tost and choicest novelties.
W5 Broadway Council Biufis
General Agent attnrgo
Life and Annuity InsCo
NOTICE. Special t Yerttaomects , etc Lost
onnd , To Loan , For Saio , To Rent , Wants , Board-
ig , o. , will bo Ineertod In IhU column tt Ibo low
ita o ! TEN CENTS E'ER UNI : for the first Insertion
id riVE CENTO VER LINE lor eaoh nnbfwqnont In-
rn , tetne Rdvortlsamenti t ourofflcu.
1 fltiu < > > , rear
TST'A.NTKD Immcd'atelr , two dlnlngroom fitls at
rr Ogilen Iloim , Council tluOs.
TlOIl SM.K An clcpaut Wieconelii ntmincr rceott ,
? 250 ocres , 1 ( 0 tillable , railway elation and etotnv
> at lamlhij ; frame house for homestead ; pavilion ,
Ino c elUis , rtttauront , Ice house , tenement lionso ,
ur cottages , barn , 310 Irult trice , 3 nciea prapes ,
'iv ' , hnrBc ? , ia boats , etc. A fine reeort , ICO feet
ova \M cuiiftn r UT , anil 120 feet aljoio Uarahoo
Mil | > aj ? 5,000 a year. Aildttsi W. & S. , UK >
lice , Council Illullj.
710H SALE Ijinda Improved utd unimproved ,
1 II you want u Isrui In wcbtcrn Jowa , Kane 9
; bri ka cr Dakota , lot ua boar from jon.
4 > OH BALE Houses. Loto and Land. A. J
Ptcpreni"on , 603 Klret avenue.
o 11 8 , b 9,1 > 10 , b 13 are holds In Uifl.
. crontiocatUna ( cr sale cr for trade.
5133 , special barcaln ; 400 a Imrroutl farm worth
$18,000 , jiriro for a ulxirt time $10,000. will trade
r low priced Wcbtcrn lamia. H an k Walker.
> 20IaJUlcry intnufactnrini ; e ta. .
i Ililiicoit tto.k and niachlnsryalue & 7.0CO , lor
'btern land Hvvnn \Vaiktr , Couucll JJIulTs.
) 20a , iilock rf dry foods , grocirlcj and birdware ,
Ialuo , S5.000 , Inun good eaitcrn Nebraska town
r land , Hwan a
> 201 , etock of general merchandise In a good
) wcttcin Iowa town , \aluu 4.00J , wants an 1m
o pil farm In vcetrrn Iowa , hw , u i. Walker.
JtCO , atoil : ol hard ro In Etuliui Co , Indiana ,
for land , laluo about $4 OCO. Swan k Walker ,
' ZOfl , newetofkcfhar. w roln a llto NebrMka
; town for land , \aluo $3,000. Swan k Walker.
2'J7. ' stock of iKrlculturalimiilementaand sbell
i harilnare , valuu about B.OOJ. wants a good Ini-
3\odfl rra. Hwan k W lkcr.
I 203 , a ? l 0,000 Block of clothing In A good WU-
coneln iltv , 3 In lands and bilanoo caeh or 1m-
ived eucurlty , llcauttful store room at low rent ,
au & . Walter.
> ! 10 , ( tock of mixed hardware In a Iho western
' lo a town for cheap lauds , \aluo 0,00) . Swan
, line Ujlck block , rent * well. In a live central
Ji.t un one room occupied with general ttock of
ids , wants tn itnpro\cd farm , lulue ; tulldlni ;
JW ( , ( 'OOds $7 , ( 03 , Stt an i. tS alker.
,2U tork of boots , tliocn hata , rap and tlothlnj
, Milue.l 83.0UO , In cne of the but tonna In Keb. ,
acd j,000 for > andg. Swan & HMkcr.
SIS , a f3.0CO etock of tlotUnt' , wants land In
I North Wojtaui Iowa , foj f ,000 , and will pay
oreiica. Swan A. Walker.
211 , an 9 ,000 stock of druga In central low a for
Uii1. Swan & Walerr ,
! lanother etock of dru a vtlue from ( COO to $700
with Htoro building ard lot value $ SOQ In a geol
iruua town wanta partly Improved land , Swan &
Iker ,
on full particulars , write to or call upon Swan &
Walker. It jou wont to sell , bu ) , or tradeany-
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CountTreasurer' * olBce , CouncU Blufla.
lrick buildings of iMiy kind ruined or moved and satisfaction RiurantooJ , Frams houi
moved on Little Ulnnt trucks , the best In the world.
1010 r inth Strt < ct , Council UlatTi
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 0 Main St. ,
Complete Line of Now Goods Always on Hand.
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And all UnJs of mu lc l Instruments. I'ianos an 1 orcani coin on the Installment jlan. Mintcil nstru-
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Sold by the lending dealer in every
city and town ,
j Burhorn ,
17 Mnin St. , Council
Gliding , Paper Hanging and Prcecoln ? , 110 Uatn St.Council Uludj.
Keep Uorscn and Mules conutantly on hand which
wo will sell In retail or carload lota
/ It Stock Warranted as Renresented
Wholeialo and retail dealers In Grain Mid Baled Hay. i'rlcre rc -
souablo Batletactiou Ouarautced.
.SCH . LUTE R , fr BOWL IS lr
Cor. 5th Av. and4th St. , Conncll Bluffa.
For any C" > BO of Kidney or liver dlaoaRO or dyspepsia , rheumntiBm , or any disonso iniludcod
ay a lack of native power , that cannot be cured by the nso of Drs. Judd & Smith's Electric
olts rtnd ApplianceB. o. 30 , Fourth St , . Council Blulla.
Norene & Landstrom ,
Suits to order In l&tost styles at cheapest possible prices.No.
No. 20i Main St. . Council BlnfT
Kcsulnr Dinner 1l-.UO to 1:30 , 25 cents.
505 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
? he only all night honee in the city. Everything nerved in drat claei ttyloand on shoe
notice , liot and cold lunches always ready.
C. F. COQBilftABti.
Waves , Langtry and Pompadour FrizzesSwitch
: s , etc , , ready made and made to order. Prices
heaperthan ever. Call and see for yourself ,
Formerlv MRS. J. J , GOODE.
29 Main StreetCouncil , Bluff.
NO. 2 ,
rathc IFiyhcsl Achievement in Writing
Machines in the World.
With only 83 keys to learn * n
operate , It prints 76 character *
IncluillDR cops anil Binall letters ,
punctuations , flL'urcfi , elKtii and
( ructions. It Htho slinplcBt and
most rajilj writing machine
inado as w oil as ao most < lur ld
for free illustrated pamphlet.
Wyckoff Sea mans & Benedict ,
Chicago , 111 , , Solo A Ron IB ,
0. II , S1IOLUS , Council Bluifa ,
Afjent for Wo etern
E. Rice M. D.
AUfPDfl or ' ti'cr ' tumoiH reinovoj without th
llnuljaij , knife or drawinfot blood ,
HRONIC 'DISEASES , ofa k' ' j "p 'ty '
0\ei thirty ) cars pr ctliul cxptrlunc * . CUIce No.
' Htiuet , Council BlutTa. f
[ oa , omoici ! . \y , H. M. rcsu
Officer & Pusev.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Established , - 1865
Pneumatic Bisr I \ licet
Price $18.01) . A Iibo7r"'y
will be niadn to pirties UI
half do/.en Faucets at o i.
For further particulars . *
Jl F. TA'l
Council Biulld ,
Agent for Western Jowa a >