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Tueslay Morning , July 21 ,
By Cirri M eenli p r week
sr M U - - - " 110.00 pti ye i
Roller , merchant tailor , for fine goods.
There was no meeting o ! the city
conncil'laat evening.
( fl25 yds. Good Bleached Muslin foe
$1.00 , at E. D. DowllngX
The St. Francis ncadomy is to bo
raised , and the preparatory work has al *
ready commenced.
The man giving hla name aa James
Gastcy , who WAS arrested for boating a
German oat of $25 by a ring gamoastold
in yesterday's BEE , is to have n hearing
The organ concert to bo given by
Louis Falk , of Chicago , has boon post
poned until Saturday night noxt. The
ualo of tickets will commence Thursday
Excavation was bugun yoatorday for a
two-story brick building on Main atroot ,
between Ninth and Tenth avenues , op
posite the old foundry , which will bo
built by Martin Hughes.
Ono of the Sanders boys , who have
boon before the police court on several
occasions , is in limbo on the charge of
stealing some fish hooks nnd knives at
i store.
- The Bluff City boys challenge still Is
open , bat It Is reported that a team
is being formed In Omaha , which will
accept the challenge when It is the least
Minnie Johnson , a colored woman on
Fierce street , was arrested yeatorday on
the charge of robbing a man who had
been dangling around her house. It Is
claimed that she got $15 from her
The Little Red Stockings , the boys
composing which belong hero , have re
turned from their contest with the big
nlno of Crcaton , and nearly brought
back victory , the score being only 1C
to 15 against them , ten Innings being
Remnants of Embroideries at half
price , at E. D. Bowling's.
The county attorney declares that ho
will not prosecute any moro cases against
hotel beats , as there are too many costs
made for the county , and too little gained
by it. Ho says the county board has in
structed him to let hotel men look after
such cases themselves , as they are the
ones most Interested.
The mayor and Capt. Frainey returned
from Washington yesterday afternoon.
They did not bring back any very great
number of appointments , and It Is now
given oat that they didn't want any
offices , anyway , but just went to see
about some of their friends getting some
The Siato Ragistor speaks of Col.
Hoatlcy as editor of the Nonpariel. The ;
mistake grow out of the fact , doubtless ,
that the dear old grandmother is hitching
her chair over to the democratic side of ;
the bonso as fast as her 'rheumatic limbs
will permit. No wonder that the great
democratic editor should therefore bo
named as controlling the Nonpareil.
1C yds. fine yard wide Bleached Muslin
for $1.00 , at E. D. Dowling'a.
Considering the heated condition of the
night , there was a goodly audience at the
opera house last evening to hoar Grau's
opera company In "La Mascotto. " The
company hai just had a successful en
gagement In Dos Molnes , and start in
favorably here , the praise they won last
evening Insuring thorn a still larger audl-
once this evening. The last part of the
week they are to bo In Omaha.
The man who was arrested Saturday
for a confidence trick tnrned In Bono's
store five yoara ago , and aho for borrow
ing a few dollars of 0. C. Gregory , yes L
terday pleaded guilty , but claimed that
ho was led Into the deceit by drink. It
must have been a good slzad drunk that
lasted for five years , but hn will have A '
chance to got the whisky out of him , as flB
ho will lay In jail until next December to
await the action of the grand jury. 01n
25 yds. Crash for $1.00 , at E. D. Dow- 01
ling's. 01tl
Tno Young Men's ' Christian Ascoeiatlon tl
will give a number ono onterttlnmont nt tl
tholr hall on the corner of Main street al
nnd Broadway this evening. The enter h
tainment will consist of readings and im 'A
personations , illustrated by tableaux.
The following poisons will participate in fa
the exorcises : Mlaa Hatcher , Miss Tina L
Slovens , Frank Chamberlain , J. W. y
Smith and others. Music will bo furnished ru
nished by the Bluir City orchoitra and w
the Council Bluffs serenading club com ardc
bined. A most enjoyable tliiio may bo In
expected. General admission twenty- re
five cents , children under fifteen yeara of tr
age , fifteen cents.
A family of Arabs , who have been dl
stopping at the Eastern hotel , nnd have tb
been attracting attention , on the streets
for several days by tholr peculiar dress , lo
und by their still moro peculiar modes of th
getting money , were arrested yesterday CO
for trying to boat their board bill , and dlhi
the odd-looking trlba wera taken in a to. .
hack to the station house , where George hi
Gunnel ! ft tried to register their untpella- toW
bio names , and as ho sank exh usto 1 , Ed ha W (
Dates lumped them oil'on the books as tb
"six Arabs , " and Mullen throw them into al
the cooler. The father of the trlbo was
found to have 70 , and it la said that ho
deposited some uoro money in the banks to 1
jeatorday , BO that these who have been dli
contributing to them out of lympatby 'Sr ' (
can BOO that they are not spending what brl
they get. an
The Death ot Mrs , Mary nail , of
Uoomcr Townthlp , IOWA , liookctl
Into fty thcCoroner ,
Mrs. Mary Shields of IG10 Oaas street ,
Omaha , seeing in the BEE of Friday last
an account of the mysterious death of
of her mother , Mrs. Kate Anna Hall , the
wlf of Eli Ilall in Boomer township , wont
to Council Binds on Saturday and made
the following affidavit :
Mrs , Mary Shields being duly sworn states
that she lives at No. IGlOUasa street , Omaha ,
Neb , , and that she believes her mother , Mrs.
Knta Hall , came to her death by poison un
lawfully administered , and requests that the
body bo exhumed nnd an Inquest hold ,
Subscribed nnd sworn to before mo nnd in
ray nroicnco this 1Mb day of July , 1885 ,
Jnstlco of the L'oaco ,
Ell Ilall read the account of the sus
picion cast upon him by circumstances
of his wife's death In the papers. Also
came to Council Blaffc onSaturdayand on
learning that the inquoat was to bo hold
yoaterday , loft for homo via Missouri
Valley aeomlngly satisfied with the inves
Early yesterday morning Coroner Con-
neil of Council Bluffs , started out for n
drive to the farm of Ell Hall , of Boomer
township , twenty-two miles from Council
Bluff ) . Accompanying him were Constable
Wall McFaddon and Dr. J. F. White ,
William H , Mynsror and John Llndt
with Dr. F.JP. Bellinger in a pbmton
with John Dunn , as driver , wont out in
the Interest of Hall ; Charles Shield and
Hugh Shields , the husband of the lady
who made the aQidavlt and n roproeonta-
tivo of the BEE made up the party end
on arriving at the residence of John
Casey , about ono-hnlf mlle from Hall's
residence the coroner summoned the
About 10 o'clock the coroner and party
arrived ot Hall's and began ta oxhnmo
the remains of Mrs. Hall which were buri
ted about 200 foot In the roar of the
uouso of Hall. While the body was
being exhumed several persons from
Missouri Valley arrived on Itho ground ,
among thorn Dr. H. L. Dirnoll , who was
asked on Saturday nieht , by Mr. Hall to
como over in his Interest.
The graveyard contains the remains of
seven persons , the last two wives of Hall
and five children.
Hall bad no children by his last wife ,
but has two girls by his first wife both
living in this city , ono in Now York
state and ouo boy living on the farm.
Hall claims ho ban had three wlvoa
that he was married to , and they are nil j
dead. Ho admitted to the BEE man that .
ho did for a while have "another or so"
but wasn't married to thorn and only
lived with them temporarily.
The coflin was raised out of the grave
at 12 o'clock and a jury composed of
Hall's neighbors was then sworn in.
Mrs. G. E. Hayward doing sworn , tes
tified : Live in Boomer township ; was :
railed on Tuesday , Juno 22ndabout 3:30 :
a m. , by Mr. Clark , who told mo Mrs.
Hall was doid , " and they thought she
died of heart disease , and wanted mo to
como over and lay her out. There was a
bruise on her face and ono on her leg
above her anklo. Nothing said about
her taking poison to mo. Have known
Mr. and Mrs. Hall for a number of
y oars and no vor hoard any complaint of
either living unhappily.
Mrs. A. A. Yarrington testified : Live
In Harrison county and Know of nothing
else than previous witness testified. >
Dr. J. F. White gave in his testimony
In regard to the autopsy end was of the
iplnloa that deceased came to her death
From general congestion of the brain , and
he formation of a clot superinduced no
loubt by a small and fatty heart. There re
iraa also some granular degeneration of
ho kidneys. I observed no other ab-
lormal conditions.
Dr. F. P. Belllngen testified that ho
ixamlned the braid , liver , kidneys ,
iplcen , stomach and uterus and found
iho cams to her death by an apoplectic
It or clot , caused by congestion of the
jrain ; also had fatty degeneration of the
leart. .
Mr. Clark testified : Live in Boomer
owBshlp ; was called by the son about 12 , .
'clock midnight , and I found her laying ? :
in the walk in front of the house alive. ,
ily wife nnd I remained until she died in '
ibont two hours. Nothing was said or
bought of the cause being poison.
The jury which was composed of A.
rfansfield , J. Killpack and Thomas Casey
hen retired and In a few momenta
irougbfc In a verdict that the deceased ,
rlrs. Kato Ann Hall , came to her death
rom general congestion of the brain.
Quartette of Tramps Tnko PosseH-
nlori of a Faniior'H IIouso nnd eh
Oooi Their Own Dinner. t '
On Snntlsy afternoon on returning da
'rom church to tholr bomo on a farm ID of
3oomor township , the Bon. lenacXIogler ,
no of the old inhabitants of Pottawatta- eti
ale : county , and his family were surprised lot
in entering the /aim / house to find all
ho windows nnd doors wide open and on ,
ho dining table a lot of empty dlsbes en
hat proved to them that during their in i
baonce at church aomo ono had been
entertained at the expense of Mr.
ilegler. %
In a few minutes ono of the family
Dund the following note :
Is THE WOODS , July 19 , 1885 Mr. On
jandlord : Wo bo tramps. Wo came to
our icsidoncu very hungry and finding
0 ono at home wo wcro unable to chop J
oed for a eijuaro mon ! , After looking the
round we euccecdcd In finding your Jar- , pai >
or , and have succeeded in fully appeas- paiW (
ig our hungry appetite * , for which wo I
aturn our most einccro than KB. Years tor
rnly , 4 THAMI/S. Bit
The above note wns carefully spread BitMr
at in full vlow and appended to the
lulng table by firmly Inserting a fork l
irough its center Into the table. ten :
This frightened the whole household Ian
nd they hunted the rooms and even Arl :
loked nnder the boJs for the tramp ? ,
linking possibly they had the trampa
rra11ed In the house. While the family
Id the hunting the landlord fished out bav
la old rusty shot gun thinking ho wonld her
isch the tramps not to "monkey" with Th (
Is homo during his absence , but It waste low
to hto , they hid fled , at least there I
ere no signs of tholr pretence about the ) in
DUBO , and the family agreed to notify all Nel
10 neighbors llvln ? near them and go on
hunt for the bold tramps. cler
It sac ma in Boomer township that the
rmera have whit tboy call tlio Mutual
rotectlon society. They were notified
turn out In fall force. 'Squlro Gid- ley
ng , WilforU H ynes , K Goodwin , day 7
] Ulrn Page , William Goodwin , old seri
Illy Petersen , Billy Cusirortb , Bur-
Idgo nnd Johnson , it Is said , wore T
aojg the g < .od old sturdy farmers that b/1
bunted up their old shot guns and with
their ponies starloi In pnnalt of the
tramps , They kept np the hunt nntll
after dkrk on Sunday night but without
av&U , and on yesterday morning ono of
the members of the society cntne Into
town to Inquire if anything had been
harried here of the tramps' actions. No
information could be learned in this city ,
and the Mutual Protection society of
Boomer township by this time has prob
ably given np the hunt. AllhowovorwlU
take care to lock and bolt their doors
and windows hereafter nhon leaving
homo , as Mr. Zloglor left his nil open
when the family slatted in the farm
wagon for church on Sunday morning.
The tramps could not have ooon In
any hurry to leave Mr. Zlcglor's place as
they even woat into the collar and
skimmed the cream off the milk for nso
In tholr coffee. Tholr meal which they
cooked themselves was n well cooked ono
and it certainly was not their first nt-
tempt. '
Substantial abstracts of tltlo and real
estate loans. J. W. and E. L. Squires ,
101 Pearl street ,
I'.m-ly Misled.
While riding out in the country on
Sunday last Dr , F. P. Bellinger spied , as
ho thought , n now variety of duck wad
dling around in a barn yard about seven
miles from this city. From appearances ,
the doctor judged the ducks to bo natives
of some tropical cllmo ; ho thereupon de
termined to purchase at any price.
After hitching his team by the roadside
ho proceeded to hunt up the landlady ,
who put In an appearance finally with a
good-mornlng-to-you'slr smile on her
countenance and Informed the doctor that
she could not part with her now pots.
IIo finally succeeded in buying throe of
th ? ducks by paying the farmer's wife
$5.00. Subsequent developments show
that these ducks are simply n cross be
tween the common barn yard duck and a
Guinea hen , worth about twenty cents
each i , but still the doctor values highly
his 1 now fowl.
Dr. West.Dentlst , No. 2 Pearl street
A Traveller Induced to Glvo up His
Kcvolvcr anil Tbori Ilobbcd of
Ills Money.
Throe mon arrived yesterday morning
on a Kansas City freight train , and hav
ing mode chance acquaintance on the
train , they sauntered off through the
freight yards for the city , after getting off
at the depot. Gno proved to bo the vic
tim of a schema put np by the two others ,
for on getting away from the depot , ono
if the sharpers innocently asked the vlc-
ilm to show his revolver , and the sharper
aklng for the apparent purpose of exam- o
ning it , suddenly painted it at the vic b
tim , with a throat to shoot him , if ho A
node any outcry. Aa ho thus pointed a
ho weapon at him , ho told the other 8 ;
iharper to 30 through the victim's pock- 81f
its , and they robbed him of all ho had , f
tbout $20. They then hurried away , tltl
md by the time the frightened fellow tlSI
iad como to his senses , and made com- SI
ilaint of the outrage , they were beyond SIr
each. The police were yesterday hunt- IIP
ng for them with the usual success. The P
Ictim gave his name as Reison Caster , al
f Gentry connty , Mo. Two tramps 01tl
rero arrested on suspicion , bat ho could tlw
iot identify them , and they were dls- tlSt
harged. St
Read Judd & Smith's offer of $1,000 01di
orrard in another column. diT
Just Itccelved. "
Fifty pieces of American silks in black * nt '
nd colors , "all grades. " Every yard ia
rarrantcd to us by the manufacturer ,
Insurance in Iowa.
The aggregate amount of new business
ransacted in Iowa by the three loading
ad largest Ufa insurance companies in m
io country during the last two years , as ra
iown by the lowal insurance commls- lie
oner'a reports was as follows : lieWl
'owYorkLlfe $2,914,030 so )
Suitable , of New York 1.EC3 G87 soba
tutual Life , of New York 291.065 bawi
Total S 1,801.682 feio
" I ,
of :
Prank Careen , of Sioux City , was In the sk
ty yesterday. t
A , W. Spooner , of Iloopor , Kansas , is in
le city. Cb
Mrs. John Ouren , of Silver Creek town- Cbwl
lip , la reported aa being very low with wl
'plioid fever. 'IC '
fa <
Officer Smullen received a telegram yeator- COI
&y containing the news of the euddon death en
his brother in Pennsylvania , on
G. W. Ferguson , of the PaciQc houie , Cli
artod for Chicago last evening with a car-
ad of stock from his farm , sh
Misa Ilattio Gardiner , who has been teach we
g m the public schools of the city , Is now fat
ijojing aieit to the west , and with friencla wo
Colorado , a
Mr. Becker Jr. of pci
, , Jonosha , Wls , , a
other of S , Itacker thi
, arrived In this city
istorday , to assume a position in Do Val'a wren
irdware store , on
1L , Everett , who formerly lived hero , cal
id who is now in the abstract business in bu
tnnha , is the father of a nice little maiden tor
lie arrived the other day. cul
Mr , Warren , assistant superintendent of In
Hartford life and annuity insurance com by
ny , was in the city yesterday , the guest of pei
'elId Cook the shl
, agent hero ,
Mr. and Mrs , John Churchill , Jenso Wal- abc
rs and his mother , were among tlio Council ord
ulfs friends who attended the funeral of
rs. Williaaa Phillips , at Xeola , on Sunday
> , IS , Gardiner received the sad news yes-
day of the sudden death of his brother-in- of
, the Hon. James JMcMahou , of Ann llm
bor , Mich , , a member of the Michigan leg- can < "
aiure , , ,
ab I
Mrs , P , T. Mayne and her throe daughters "
vo BUrted fur Livingston , Montana , where sloi
son li statioLed as train dispatcher , ord
icy expect to spend noinu time In the Yel- bly
iratone park before their return , for
W. Sullivan , who formerly lived In
iaha , anJ whu now resides in Sidney , ;
b. , was ia the city yesterday , Ho haa just
eived notification of hla appointment aa r
rkntthe Choyunno river agency , Dakota , { all1
The case of Loucke for assanllng Kel-
has been postponed until next Mon-
, Ivelley is laid to have baen more
ioualy hurt than was at first thought. Jl
'ho higheit point ever reached by wan was
balloon-'J7,003 feet.
A Young Man Thinks It Isn't Fair
for the Glrl'H Father to Strike lllm
In tlio Hack.
The course of true love doesn't ran
smooth even In hot weather , as one young
fellow found on Sunday night , when ho
escorted homo from church an estimable
young lady living on Harrison street.
The trouble this tlmo was that the old
man was around , and slipping up behind
the young man ho dealt him blow which
knocked the stars , flowers , and romance
clear out of his head tn a twinkling.
The youog man gallantly milled and re
turned the blow with Interest , and just
where the war wonld hare ended had It
not boon for the Interference of the
yonng lady and her mother Is not known.
The old lady seized the prospcotivo son-
in-law , and the young lady seized the old
man , and the strangely paired conplea
kept np the struggle and the loud
talking with occasional overtures
of peace and pleadings for qnlot
on the part of the fomlnlno voices nutll
the homo was reached , when the family
retired Insldo the yard and the yonng
man held his petition on the sidewalk and
challenged the old man out to deadly
combat , denouncing him as a coward for
striking him In the back and calling
slurs upon his professional honor. The
scone ended with the yonng man walking
off muttering and the old man sitting on
the doorstep while his wife sowed up the
torn shirt-sleeve. It Is taid that the
young lady haa had her pntlonco ex
hausted by the peculiar manner In which
the old manhoashown his opposition to her
choice on various occasion ? , and that aho
has packed up her trunk and left homo ,
declaring that she will not return until
the old man has apologized , and made
promises not to repeat the scones. The
parties concerned are highly respected ,
and for the sake of tlio young lady par
ticularly , the names are this tlmo kept
from public gaze , bat the neighborhood
in which the ssouo occurred was thrown
into such a state of poaslpy excitement
that one moro such sensation wonld
caute the full details to become public
Tlio One Dies of Paralysis and the
Other of Heart Disease ,
Philadelphia Loader ,
The Zoological society has mot with
considerable loss in the death of the only
polar boar and the only giraffe in the ex
tensive collection of animals at the
"Zoo. " About seven years aj > o the so-
loty procured a male and a female polar
bear , which were considered fine speci
mens. Thousands of visitors have aeon the
lent and substantial stone don , bath , and
jpen-air iron cage constructed for these
joars at the southern end of the pardon.
Although the don fronts to the north ,
md care was taken to keep the Arctic
nosta ai cool as possible , they scomod to
uffer considerably every summer. About
our years ago lightning struck a tree near
ho den , and the electricity , attracted by
he iron cage , shocked the male bear and
corcbed hia skin. Ho never fully
ecovored < from the effects of the
Ightnlng stroke , and as summer ap-
iroachod : each year ho suffered from
ttacks of paralysis. About two years
go bis mate died from paralysis , al-
hough In that case , it is said , the disease
ras not caused by the lightning. The
urvlvlng bear showed by his actions that
.0 mourned the loss of his partner. The
nly remaning bear , which died some
ays ago , weighed about 000 pounds ,
'ho recurrence of his paralytic attack
his summer was moro severe thaa usual ,
nd the ailment was aggravated by heat ,
'ho skeleton has been preserved.
The death of the giraffe , about a week
go , was rather sudden , and was shown
y a post-mortem made by Dr. Hulde-
oper to have been caused by heart dis
use. The giraffe had comfortable
nartora In the largo building occupied
y the elephants , rhlnoiceros , hippopota-
ma and some other animals. His hay
ick was fifteen or sixteen feet above the
oor of his cage , and
aa covered with earth , In which
mo grass crow. Ho had a comfortable
ick yard in which to air himself. Ho
as a fall grown specimen , being sixteen
iot high , and could reach a height of
iventeon feet with his mouth. His
eight was probably between 1,500 and
COO ' pounds. Ho had been a member
the "Zoo" family for years. The
celoton will bo preserved ,
Tlio Sony ol the Shirt.
alcapo News.
"Shirt-making la a great industry
hlch grows with the increase of popnlu-
on , " remarked a Wabaah nvonuo manu- 1
cturer. "In all Its branches , including boi
lorao work , such as the making of wool- tou
and heavy shirts , U probably affords cov
nployraont to 3,000 or 4,000 women In abi It
lilcago alone. There are about 800 nlll
rls and women employed in making fine
ilrts. ! They are all skilled workers. _
heir wages range from § 7 to SIC per Nol
nek. The ( yatcm employed by the best
ctorlca horn and iu the east Is piece-
ork. In that way no one girl finlshoa 1
shirt. She simply docs some carp
icial part. Ono of our girls who makes A
e highest wages docs nothing but turn Jj
cists and nock-bands. She never sows lor
10 stitch. Others stitch the bands , B
irao put the garments together , and are we
Hod 'body joiners.1 Others make the ] }
ittonholea. In our establishment , butor
nholos for shirts made to order are all 12 I
t by ono girl and worked by others. pro >
stock shirts the buttonholes are worked p I
machines , and wo pay a certain sum \1
t hundred for them. Every part of a Jj
Irt Is made by a dIntrant person , i
ley are cut out by mon It requires , , ro I
out three jnrds of muslin for an 15 i
Unary sizid ohlrt. " - * - * I
"How much linen Is uaedf'
ll Thtt la a secret of uaedf'B >
ich usinlly has his uaedf'B
cutting , uud to tell the amoant of B !
on uaoi would bo toglvo his figures to
( OOi
mpotitora. 13,0
"VMiat la the retail price of good order 13,0B
Irtii" >
"From $18 to $30 per dozon. Occa- taluB ;
nslly BOIUO very fastidious individual dine
lers a dozed shirts that coat consldora-
more. Stock shirts tboro intruded >
the trade soil for ? 8 per dozen./ B I !
"Are colored shirts worn much this > cb
nraer1 ? Will
'To some oitent , but they are not as WillF
pular as they have been , There aru thin :
prints , oven at the best , undo cspec- ell II
ly for elilrllngs , that can stand thu
ar of the laundry without fading , "
erty ,
orntn OTKK AUKKIOAX ixrim
J. L.
Ho. 507 Broadwajr Oonncll Bluff * .
Kailway Time Table ,
The following r th times ol the arrival and de <
future ol tralni by central standard lima , al the
local depots. Tralnt leave transfer depot Ire mln-
ntei earlier and arrive t n minutes later.
imoioo and wottinwianui ,
9:25 : 1 M Mall and Eipro i 8 : . ' 'r M
l ! : o r M Accommodation 4tO : r u
6:30 : r U Kt press 6.05 A M
9 : ! ! A M Hall and F.iprcM ( US r u
7:25 : A H Accommodation 6:15 : r M
6:30 : r M Eiprcea P.00 A M
0O : M Mull nnd Express O.CO r M
6:26 : r H Exprcsi D.OS A n
cmoAoo , iDKUicaroi AHD qmxor.
9:50 : A Mill and Express 7:10 : r M
3J r Al connn odntlon S:00 : r.u
M r Ktprotti 8MA : u
WASASU , ar. LODIS AKD rAcino.
2:15 : r M Local St. Louis Eiprcua Local
8.00 PM Transfer " " Transfer SiCOr *
10,0fi A M Mull and Express 6:40 : r M
8:16 : r M Express 0:25 : A M
7:10 : A M Mall lor Sioux City 8:50 : r M
7:80 : r M Kxpreia lor St Paul 9:26 : A u
I'.MON rAeiric.
11:00 : A M Denver Express 4:35 : r M
1:05 : r-M Lincoln I'aisO'a&R V 2:35 : r M
7:65 : r u OicrUml Kxprcss 6:30 : A u
'LeaveICouncIt ininfTn 0:55-7:55 : : 0:80 : 10:50 :
11:40 : a. m. 1:80 : 2:30 : 8:30 : 4:28 : 8:26 : 8:25 :
11:46 : p.m. ELoiuo Omaha 8.25 7:25 : b:50 : 10
11:15 : a. m. 12:60 : 2:00 : S.OO 4:00 : 4:55 : 6:55 :
Curtains , Oil Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Mattings ,
Rugs , Etc. , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to On
of Town Orders ,
Upholstery and Drapery Work a
Onr stock IB the
Larpst in lie
md la being oontlnnall/ replenished by
ill the laioat and cboiccat novelties.
105 Broadway Council Biufis
General Agent stlarge
Life and Annuity InsCo
NOTICE. Bpeclul a vertlsomoute , tuo > s Lot !
onnd , To Loan , For Sale , To Kent , Wants , Hoard-
g , eta. , will b Inserted In this column al the law
to ol TEN CENTS PElt LINE for the flnt Insertion
id FIVK CENTS 1'Krt LINK for each enheeqneDt In-
on Leave advertisements al onr oE ( < * , Mo ,
I fc'reet nntr I'rnorlwav
i Immediately , two dinlngroom ( rills at
O tlen House , Council Hilda.
7UK SVLK An elegant WlEconeliuummer resort ,
2EO acreH , II0 tillable , railway station andstoim-
iat lamllng ; frame house fur homestead ; payllllon ,
nou.llitH , mtaurant , ice tiounc , tenement house ,
ur cott eo , barn , 310 fruit tries , 3 acres prapcs ,
n , hnrsee , 13 bonti" , etc. A fine resort , ICO feet
aWi conelii rer , anil 120 feet alio\u Dnraliou
will i paj J5.ooOujcar. Aildrcs ) W. & S , UEK
Ice , Council lllulTe ,
rOH BALK Lands Improved aad unimproved.
If you want a ( arm In western Iowa , Kanan
ibriuka or Dakota , Ictua hokr from you.
iiOU HALE Houses. Lota and Lind. A. J
Htcpl cn on , 60S KlrBt aemio. .
* o KXCAANQ B 0 , b , li 10 , li 13 , are hotels fri dlff.
( irontlocAtlcna for Halo or for trade.
133. special bargain , 400 a Imrrovcd farm worth
$18,000 , iirlro foraehnrt tlmeslG.OOO , will trade
low | > iictd Western lamia. Swan & Walker.
SOI , Eaddlery llard ro mmiulacturinc estab-
llshiDcnt etooli and micliliiBrj , > aluo S7.0CO , for
etern land Suan , t Wtukvr , Council illulld.
203 , clock cf drj Kooiis , Kroccrka and harduar ,
\aluc , ? 5,000 , In an gooaeastern Kclirmka town
land. UHDII t. Walker ,
SOI , stock of funeral inorclunillfo In a good
wcBterii Iowa town , value J.OOJ , UBIIIR an 1m
m-cl farm In wcelmi Iowa. hwjn& Walker ,
205 , stock of liarduaro In EtuLon Co. Indiana ,
for lamlaltio utout fl.OCO. Bwan & . Walker. CA
SOO ntwutorkol hardware In
, n ll\a Nebraska
town fur Und , > * luo3,000. Swan & Walker.
237.Block ol turlcultiiral Implements and shell en
hard H are. laliru about 8.00J. uanta a god 1m-
ed farm. HuanV lker. 0\ \
20 ] , a ? 10,000 Ktocli of olottilng In a good Wls- B\- \ <
cousin utt i 3 In landrt and tilanoo C BI or 1m- tl
i\ed eecurit ) . IJeautilul etoro room at low teat.
au Si WaUer.
210 , stock of mixed hardware In a IU western tlM
Iowa town for cheap lands , value $0,00 } , Swaa M
21 1 , line brick block , rentu w ell. In a lit o central
la.t wn ono rcom occupied with geucrtletockof
ids , wants an improved farrrtluc : buildlnir
00 , Kooila f7CO ) , UwaDsalkcr
ill stoolv'oi boot ) , iliooH Catscans and clothing 8a"
\aluoJ ? 3 000 , In cno of the btet towniiln Neb. ,
ued J3.000 for , anda. Swant Wilkir.
! 13 , n3,000 block of clotHnir. wants land In 28
North \Scatern Iowa , for Jfl.OOO , and will nay 28h
erence Swan i. Walker.
214 , an $3,000 stock of timgt In central Iowa for Ort ,
land S an & Walerr.
21f > , another stock of drUKaluo fromfSOQ to700 rla
witliHturu building ard lot talae fiHJ ma ( tool 0
irnna : town wauta iiartly Improved land. Euan & . 0c
Iker. ct
OR full particulars , write to or callupcn Swan &
Wa. . 'r. IIou want to sell , bu > , or tradeanx-
i- , tell S & W. about It. bwau & Wajkcr , Coun.
Illuila Iowa
Ti"rnTTr aTT riTTrririTrrtTrnriT rrrnr nr T _
FliVIT ,
acrc9 , tin In fruit , elx In pardon atiJ
terUcil , alx room houie , liable , will , clattrn , &c onclHIou. or will traJulor Ou ha proji-
Count ; Treasurer's office , Council Dlafls.
llrick bulldlnps of any kind raised or moved nnd nMlsfftclicm guaranteed. Frame hcu
moved on Little Giant truck ; , the beet In the world ,
1010 Mnth Struct , Council llluOs
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 0 Main St. ,
Complete Line of New Goods Always oil Hand.
Aiul all klmJs omusc ! l Instrument * . Pi&nos ml orirans sola on tlio Installment rlan. Shuliil nttru-
iiuntHof ovorj-ilcierlptlon tuned nnd repaired. UmliiR o\cr H > cu8 ; cxticilcint1 In the bualiicea wo Ice
TOiiOilciit ofgUInu the licbt ot EatlilDCtlou. Kcmctnl'or the place SlRii ot the Kilt or in
Sold by the leading denier in every
city and town ,
E ; Burhorn ,
17 Main St. , Council Blufls.
Graining , ( IHJInc , 1'npcr Hanstnt ; and Frescoing. 110 Ualn St. , Council Ulufli.
Keep Horses nnd Mules constantly on band whisb
wo will ecll In retail or carload lots
II ! Stock Warranted as Reoresented
Wbolvs&lo MidrcUtl dolors In Grain nJ llnlcil U f. I'rions rc -
tenable Satisfaction Oumntccd.
$ C IIL U TE R , o B 0 W LEY
Cor. Oth Av. and4tb St. , Council Bluffs.
For any case of Ki dney or liver disease or dyepepaia rheumatism , or any disqisrj imludcccl
by n lack of native power , that cannot be cured by the USD of Drs , Judd & Smith's Electric
oils and Appliances. I\o , 30 , Fourth St. , Council Bluffs ,
Norene & Landstrom ,
Merchant Tailor , *
Suits to order In li.toat styles at cheaneat poesiblo prices.No. ' !
No. 205 Main St. , Council Bltiff
Itcgnlnr Dinner 11:30 to 1:3O : , i5 cents.
505 Broad-way , Council Bluffs.
Che only all night house in the city , KverythiDB eer\ed in first clu style and on shoe
notice , llot and cold lunchea always ready.
1 . n"VT \
tUMLMij UAJ.W ) I U/.JJJ ,
NO. 2 ,
the Highest Achievement in Writing
Machines in the World ,
With only S3 keys to learn an
I operate. It prints 76 characters
' Including capu and small letters ,
punctuations , UKUTCH , blRna and
I fractions , It a the simplest and
| most rapid writing machine
niadu aa welloa AB most durable
iTScnd for free illustrated pamphlet ,
Vyckoff Seamans & Benedict ,
Chicago , 111. , Solo Agents.
0 , II. SIIOljKS , Council Blulfs ,
Agent for Wcatern
. Rice M. D.
or other tiiTiora rcmovoJ without the
j knife or druHlii ) , ' t UooJ.
i < r tli'rtj ' 3tu ! pr ctlu'il experience. OiEco
carl htrcot. Council Ulutls.
ladame F , J , Balcear ,
Who for the past 10 j car 9 has be
Francisco u now located at .N W X Cth Htru
Quito new Opera llouw.
IICEC Ualcuir guuranlceu to rcttoro
OBI ! anyoneahugh rauetacho or lirlni ; out t
nro lli ol titlr orhoarilln from ( our tutix wctike.
01 reasonable and iatl U'tliin KUttrantccd ,
incer ? , deafness mil ( i'cci lly rhtuuiatlim * nd
hronlo fllsiaet curca l > a natural gilt ol lo
1 > \ JD. , f. Jtalucat ;
-rhW thHtOouncll ISIiiirs
S. OKflOKlt , W , H. M. I'USie
Officer SL Pusev.
Council Eluffs , lo-wa.
Established , - 1865
Pncimiaiic Beer Pa ncct
Price $ ! 1 8.01) A liberal discount
will bo jual ( to pirtics ordering a
half do/.eu Faucets at ono tune.
For further particiilarH inquire of
It F. KAIN ,
Council Jiluirs , Iowa ,
Aircnt for Western fo\va and .Nob.
In Council lilulld hlng a
And all ino'Jcrn ImproreinvnUi , call bolla , fire
alarm belle , inc. , in thu
NOB , 210 , i17 ! anJ L'lH , Main Ktreit.
MAX > r 'JIN. ' - PllOI'IUKTOK
( tl < J MI > n. . | Inn * 7 lid f , iiMl ) *
nl.ul YM.liiiiln 1 t Mltli a.i ill. I
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