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Friday Morning. July 17
JuJge Stcnberg moved yesterday into hi
elegantly refitted quarters In the police conr
room on the first floor.
The work of cutting down Frnnm stree
and totting up the curb-lino wai pushed for
ward rapidly yeiterday , the cool weather per
m'.tting ' itoady labor.
Ths Oaiaha Tarnvereln is arranging t
Rive n gran 1 concert and turning exhibition
on the 20th test , for the benefit of Prof
The body ol Frank Lawrence who com
milled suicide in the Qermanta house on
South Tenth street , WAS buried yesterday in
the potters field.
Jailor Joa Miller , oE Ih3 caunty biilile ,
la authority for the statement that the prosen
lot of prisoners , to bo taken shortly to th
state pgnitanttary , ara the toughest over son
to Nobeavllle.
The leave of nbicnca for seven day
granted Lieutenant Uoloncl John S , Brisbin
Ninth cavalry , in army orders dated For
Niobrarn , ' . Neb , July 10 , . 1835 , Is oxtoadot
ton days ,
A rare opportunity. Any ono wishing to
purchaio ono half interest in 40 bbl ilourin
mill in ono of the boat grain districts in the
stale , will do well to call on or address A. L
Strang Oo , , Omaha , Neb.
Work on the LinJrjuost buildlnp , near
South Tenth street , which was blown down
by the storm soma weeks slnco , is beln |
pushed. The old walls have boon romovoc
and the now ones will soon bo In their place
George and John Segelko , who have been
viiltlne their brother hero , William Segelke
for some time past , left yesterday for the oh
country. Joseph Lois will also slart to cross
the water for n visit to the fatherland ,
The body of the unknown floater who
wna found in the Missouri rirorWcdnesday wa
buried yesterday It had bocoruo rapidly decomposed
composed and vary offensive. The corpse was
not identified , very few people caring to ueo
It on account of its offensive condition ,
There WAS n lively runaway down Tenth
treot yesterday afternoon , a team of Inrto
breaking from a post near Tenth and Jfaruui
streets , The team was stopped near Jones
etroet , The driyor was thrown out , but no
seriously Injured ,
This ovonintr there will be n benefit
fit ball for Mrs , Mary Sustoritz , ( whoso two
boys' were drowned on the 8th of July , ) a
Hoffman's hall pii South Thirteenth street
Quito a larga number of tickets have been
sold. The affair will undoubtedly net a
goodly sum for the unfortunate woman ,
Mrs , Juliette Stewart , the mother o
Mrs , J , J. Point" , died yesterday morning at 2
o'clock , of heart disease , The deceased was
a resident of Omaha but for a short time
having como hero about three months ago
from Manhattan , Kansas The bereaved fnm
ily will have the sympathy of the community
in the fullest measure in this bereavement ,
which ia all the moro crushing in that It is
unoxpscted , The funeral services will beheld
held at the residence , corner Cuming anc
Saunders streets , at 10 o'clock a , m. , July
Wing Lee , a laundryman , who has his
headquarters at the corner of Thirteenth and
Dodge streets , was jumped upon by a tough
about half post eight yesterday and horri
bly beaten. It appears that the young man
wont into Wing Lea's laundry to get his
wathing which the Celestial refused to let
him take away without first making the
necessary payment. This the young man re
fused to do , and becoming angry , attacked
the saffron hued eon of the Flowery Kingdom ,
and boat and bruised him terribly. The
young man is known and It is not Improbable
that he will bo behind the bars within
short time ,
A very pleasant wedding was that which
united In the marriage relation Mr. Berry
Oral ? andMiss Umma Rector Wednesday
altenoon. The ceremony ras performed at the
residence of the tride , Hov. P. A. Hubbarc
officiating. The bride was attired in a bro
caded blue with French train , and trimmed
with Orient lace , whllo the eroom was drcssec
in the conventional broadcloth. Miss Nettle
J. Craiir , the groom's sister from Dsnvor ,
acted as bridesmaid , whllo Mr. G. Jackson
acted as best man , A large number oi friends
wore present , and the presents received were
both numerous and costly. An elegant wed
ding supper was greatly enjoyed by the
Ruoats ,
The other day a sheriff in one of the inte
rior counties , came to this city with a prison
er and stopped at tha Planter's house , lie
had a pair of handcuffs and going out left
them in cbargo of the day clerk. The latter
thinking to try a novel experiment , clasped
them upon the wrists ol an old gentleman ,
forgetting that once locked the handcuffs
could not bo opened without the key
which was in the bands of the
sheriff , For hour after hour the
two struggled to cot them off , but [ the
obdurate Irons wouldn't como. Supper tlmo
came , and the unfortunate prisoner grow
ravenously hungry , but , of course , while in
tight of a limitless amount of food , was like
Tantalus unable to satisfy himself. Finally ,
a blacksmith was called In and the irons wore
broken. The clerk at the Planters says that
ho will not bother a pair of handcuffs again ,
Police Court ,
Kick Wallace , the irroprotalblo darky
who ever and anon will got on a spree ,
faced Judge Stcnbrrg yesterday to
answer a charge of intoxication. The
judge , taking into account the culprit's
good record for the past low months ,
released him , telling him to go and sin
no moro. A man with the apoetollc-
temperance name of Stephen St. John
was arraigned on a similar change , and
was roleaiod.
Joe Smith had likewise been filling
himself up to the nock with rock and rye
Bo paid a fine of $5 and costs , and was
Lilly Woods and Jennie Smith , two
frail young wsmcn , are hold to answer a
charge of robbing Charles Williams.
n Debt ,
The "Army with Banners , " an organi
zation composed of colored Metbodla's ,
are preparing to wlpa oat a debt of $3,700
which now encumbers the A. II B.
church of this city , To this end ft grand
pisnlo will be given July 21 , at IlascaH'd
paik. In the ovdiitog hn there will bo
s graiid concert at ihu Oapltjlavenue and
Eighteenth street lull by the Golden
Link of St Joe , which U composed of the
following members : Mrp. Kannlo Green ,
Mils I. 0. .Morris , Miss 0. I MnrrU ,
Mlis I. V Ttrrlll , Mr. G , W. Green
Prof. B. T. IVrklru , Mr. A. D. Butler ,
Mr. William Sheltou , Prof. William Jl
On the nli ht of the 22 J , another con-
cert will bo given at the simo place b ;
the Onto Olty club , of Omaha. An ox
carslon Is announced to leave St. Josepl
on Monday bight , the 20th , and will ar
rlvo hero Tues jay.
To make the plcnlo both pleasurable
profitable and Instructive , the following
gentlemen have been requested to ad
dresi the people :
Rev. Wm. Anderson , Savannah , Mo
Ilo7 , S. S. Jones , Ellvrood , Kan.
Dr. StophonsDn , Omaha.
Prof. Joncf , St. Joseph , Mo.
Rov. Goo. W. Woodbay , Omaha.
Rov. A. Lawls , Kantas Olty , Mo.
The following captains with their com
panies will report on the night of the 2 ° .
Company A , Sidney Allen , captain.
Company B , 1" . J. William ) , captain
Company 0 , 0. Scott Jackson , captain
Compiny D , S. W. Aloxandcr.captaln
Company E , A. Ktrchsfolo , optati ,
Company F , Geo. Dickinson , captain
Smoke Seal of North Carolina To
Xho Gun OIul ) Hlioot A. Western
Sportsmen's Tonrnmuont
Stnto G nio Laws.
The Omaha Gun club hold Its rogula
ahcot for ( ho gold modalWodnosday afto
noon at the Athletic park , twenty Poorl
blackbirds , single rlao. Following was
the score :
Parmoleo 1
Lnn . , 1
Kay 1
Strassborgor 11
Hughes 1
Howard 1
Smith K
The medal waa won by Parmoleo , wh
made the excellent score of 17.
The Omaha sportsmen are In receipt o
an luvititlon to attend a sportsmen'
tournament and conventionwhich la to b
hold in St. Lonls , beginning Sept. 2f
1885. Thii will be the flrat convontloi
of the kind over hold In the west am
nlll doubtless bo largely attended.
cpodly Omaha delegation will bo proaont
The convention was called at a mootln
of the Missouri Sportsmen's association
at which the following resolution wa
passed :
' 'Jtesolred , That for the purpose of organ
izlng a permanent sportsman's convention fo
the object of devising means by which wo can
hnvo uniform game and fhu law * In nil th
states tributary to our state , that the Missour
State Sportsmen's association call a comen-
tton of alt tno organized clubs In the states o
Missouri , Arkansas , Texas , Kansas , Nebras
ka , Iowa , Minnesota , Michigan , Wisconsin
Illinois , Indiana , Ohio , Mississippi , Alabama
Dakota , Colorado , Now Mexico , Kentuck ;
and Tennessee , to be held in St. Liuis , Tues
day , September 29,1885 , each club to have
two delegates , and that wo now select a com
mittee of live to arrange the same ; that a copy
of this resolution be furnished to all the sport
ing papers and ail other papers favorable to
the cause in the states noined. "
"Why don't you publish the state game
laws recently enacted 1" said a prominon
sportsman to a reporter yesterday. "Tho
[ inblication would be of Importance not only
bo local sportsmen but to those through
out the state who may bo Interested hi
noting the important features of the now
statute. "
The following is the law in full :
"It shall be unlawful for any person to kill
jnsnare , or trap any wild buffalo , elk , moun
tain sheep , deer , or ante'ope ' , ( except for the
purpose of domestication ) between the firs
lay of January and the first day of October
n each year , or to kill , ensnare , or trap , any
wild grouse between the first day of January
and the first day of September in each year ,
or to kill , ensnare , trap , or net , quail , or wile
turkey. between the first day
of January acd the first day
of October In each year , or to ensnare , trap
or net the same at nt any time of the year ,
or to buy , sell , transport , or carry , or have in
possession any such animal or birds , between
the dates within which the killing , ensnar
ing , trapping , or netting , of such animals or
birds is prohibited by Uw. It shall also be
unlawful for any person , ogeot , or employe
of any association , corporation , railroad com
[ iany , or express company to receive , carry
transport , or ship any such animal or bhd
at any time of year. It shall be unlawful for
any person to go upon the premises ol
another person or corporation for the pur
pose of hunting , trapping , netting , ensnar
ing , or killing any animal or bird at
any season of the year , unless by the
; onsent of the owners ot said premises. It is
further enacted that any person , agent , or
employee , as aforesaid , who shall violate the
irovieions of this section , shall bo deemed
'nllty of a misdemeanor , and upon convlc-
, ion thereof shall pay a fine of fifteen dollars
'or each buffalo , elk , mountain sheep , door ,
mtelopo , or wild turkey , so as aforesaid
tilled , ensnared , trapped , netted , bought or
sold , ihlppad , transported , or hold In nosses-
ion in violation of this section ; and the Bum
of five dollars for each grouse or quail , BO as
iforetaid killed , trapped , ensnared , netted
lought. Bold , shipped , transported , or held in
lossesEion in violation of the provisions of this
ectlon. Having In possession any
of the named animals or birds ) bo-
ween said dates , ehall be deem g.
uthorittea of any city , town or precinct
vheronny animal or bird shall hava been
cllledorheld In possession in violation of
aw be found , are hereby authorizad to cause
bo same to bo seized with or without war-
ant , and to ba distributed among the poor
lersona of luch dty , town or precinct ; and
ny person who ehatl go upon the land of an
ther , in violation of this section , shall , upon
onviction thereof , pay for sucti offence in any
> um not less than live dollars nor more than
( ty dollars , and thall be liable to the owner
f the premises In any action for trespass , "
Mr. Charles L. Todd , junior member
f the firm of William Preston & Oo. ,
wholesale flour dealers , and for a long
me In cbargo of the city trade of that
inn , IMS sold out his Interest to engage
n other business.
The business of Wm. Preston it Oo.
trill bo continued by William Pretton'and
joorgo fllohorlsnn ai heretofore , with
cadquartera at DOS , 510 and 512 Pierce
t , where they hope ta moot all their
Id friends. WM. I'KESTOK & Co.
Omaha July 11 , 1835.
Tlin Pair Directors ,
The board of directors cf I ho Omaha
ralrassociation held a mooting Wednesday
'resident Garnoau In the chair , and
ilcssrs. J , II. McSbano , 0. Parker , J.
r. Olark , George OauGeld , and H. G
JUrk present.
President Garnoau reported the con-
ract for rebuilding the grand stand , as
elcg rolot to Smith & Potter.
A motion was made requesting Mr.
Charles n , Brown to moot the cxecutivo
ommltteo of the association , and take
tops for the cunpletlnn of tbo lotse ,
Mr Park > r was directed to make
pccitl t-iTirt to tocurn a Rood exhibit of
nachlnery Several accounts were al
owei , and the board adjourned.
Seal of North Carolina Tobacco ia the
801110 Interesting Polnta from tlio An-
nn l Report of Troaanror Back
The annual repoit of City Troainror
Buck haa just been filed , The following
la n brief summary :
T xcs collected , regular. 8 3&I.D25 47
Taxes collected , special 447.057 83
Total S 822,083 35
Proceeds of bond ! acid 8 02,125 00
Costflin police court 4,610 00
Fines In police court 0,310 80
Sale of real estate 13,018 01
Donation for Indiana street. . . . , 200 00
Donation for Jefferson street. . . . 807 10
Donation for Cumins Btroet COS 00
From Douglas conntyjf or Farnam
etroet grade 90008
Refunded ( Olark street overpaid ) 207 00
Licenses of all kinds 1GC.937 . 3'J
Library , fines , etc 139 25
Permits issued 003 00
Donation for Douglas street 1,230 00
Refunded by Barber Asphalt Oo
inT.D.7 2.216S3
Sundries 023 15
Total 81750 Gil 66
Total collections 1GG2C04 , 01
Total disbursements 1 472,511 48
The regular bonded debt of Omaha la :
10 per cent duo in 1889 $171,850
1900 G0100
1901 100,000
1903 100,000
1903 100,000
1904 170.0CO
1903 100.000
Total $807,95
Bonds voted and not yet issued. D per
cent duo in 1005 8 50,00
Annual interest on above mentioned
bonds' 51,81
"Tho short tlmo paving bonds outatnnd
ing amount to $391,000 ,
Of those § 00,000 trill bo duo In th
next sixty days , and will bo paid out
balances In paving funds shown In fore
going account.
On account of doliy in issuing llquo
licenses last year quits an amount o
llconso money appears in the report ivhc' !
ronlly belongs to the year previous , mak
ing the apparent collections from thn
Bonrco larger than wore actually due.
Notwithstanding the many calls inad
upon them for payment of special assessments
monts , the taxpayers of Omaha have
generally responded that I can report t
you that the delinquency In the city fo
the current year la now less than 0 4 '
per cant , which is a llttlo bettor ehowin
than was made last year. The delln
qnoncy on the 1883 tax Hat Is now 1 3
per cent ; on the 1882 tax list Ices than
1-0 per cent , and on the 1881 tax list ,
1-2 per cent. I bollovo taxes are as wol
paid as they are In any town having a
largo a transient population. "
The Condition of the CoronI
Throughout Nebraska Elevator
"Yes , " said Mr. Hlmebaugh , the ole
vatonuan to a BEE reporteryostorday"th
crops of the state are in very fine condi
tion. I returned last night from an ex
tensive trip over the main line of th
Union Pacific , going as far west as Cozid
the next station west of Plum Creek , and
balf way between Kearney and North
Platto. Oozid , you know , is near the
west boundary of the heavy grain-pro
ducing region of the state. Having
carefully Inspected this region I can aiy
that the present crop cf wheat , corn ,
oats , barley and rye , all the way from
Omaha to the west boundary will bo
equal to that of any previous year , if
not better. I have also taken espnclal
iftins to communicate with the different
jarts of the state north and south of this
i > no and everybody says the same thing
about the crops that never before has
euch abundance been noted in the pro
duction of the cereals. How is harvest
ng progressing ? Ihe rye is nearly all
larvcsted already , being In the shock or
ho slack ; the barley is being harvested
this week , and Ia nearly half out already ,
while the wheat Trill be ready to harvest
1011 week , aomo of it probably by the
irat of the week. The acreage of wheat
his year will bo fully up to that
of last year , eo far as I
can now BOB. The crop of oats is mag
nificent , whllo the acreage of corn will bo
lot lesa than 25 per cent , and not moro
ban 40 per cent , more than the crop of
.881. The other cereals will make an
equally favorable comparison.
"Thoro is another thing to bo noted , "
continued Mr. HimobauRb. "I have re
ceived communications from all over the
tate with reference to the crops , and I
iavo yet to hear of a locality whore the
ropa have been destroyed by hail or hard
storms "
"Is there much elevator building go
ng on throughout the state ? '
"Yea , considerable. As a conservative
estimate I think I may cay that here
will bo about forty orfifty now ones
milt in the state this year. About one-
bird of those are on the U. P. system ,
whllo the other two-thirds are on the B.
it M. and the Sioux City and Pacific.
'ho Cracksmen Accoinpllsli An
other IMcco of IVorlc.
As remarked in yostordoy'a BEE there
B quite evidently a gang of Bafo eracka-
mon at work ID tbia city. Their pirtlca-
ar forte ueoms to bo the eucceosfal rald-
112 of grocery stores. The burglary of
ifulvlhlll & Shelby's grocery store and
lat of Enowold , la now followed by n
afo robbery whloh occurred in tbo gro-
ory atoro of J. 0. Slatter , , on the corner
f Sixteenth and California street
v/cdncaday night.
The cracksmen got into the store from
10 rear , coming through a feed loom.
They ihui went to work
nd drilled a hols in the
afo , near the combination lock , next
aklng a jimmy and forcing away tbe
omblnntlon. The till was then prlud
> pen and about § 50 in ciah atolen. The
> ooks and papers of the firm were taken
ut and scattered in the back yard , and
were found this morning , together with
omo of the tools which were uted.
There ia very lit la cine to the craclcc
men. Some slight snipiclon rcs's upon a
oang man who csiua Into the store In
16 afternoon , and after making a email
mrchaao aakod to ba allowed to go into
: o back yard. It Is anppojod th t while
iero ho made a survey of the premlies ,
with n view to determining the easiest
lethcd of effecting an entrance.
II HI ) .
NEWMAN-In this cltv July 16 3.45 a. m ,
MrKrlca 0. , wife of Key. S. li Kuwman ,
age 62 yearn and 4 months ,
Funxra ! I'nday af 2 p. m .from the Bwedlih
1 K. chuicU G15 North KIghte ath street be-
we eaud
TlranAt adrertliwl M abwlaUlr ror *
n can < ? Sown on hot itOTe until h Udth
r raoT tb cor r and until. A ehamlit will B t M I *
olr d | dlMot tbi prHMioo OI ammonia.
RB luuLTiiriuui iu Nivirt nm qitinonn ,
In million homti for qunrtir of a ttnturj II bai
Stood tht conium ra' reliable ttit ,
Dr , Price's ' Special Flavoring Eitects ,
Dr. Price's Lupulln Yaast Qama
For Llffht , 1I H1 > T Dread , Tb Deit Dry llcp
y ut ID th World.
IVnntcd , Zwo Husbands ,
Editor of Omaha BEE ,
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sort the following : Wo , two glrla ol
Wymoro , nro "dead craokod" to got
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wealthy PLEASE lot us know through , the
columns of your paper.
paper.Vary Ilospy .1 & si ,
( Over )
P. S. You -will bo suitably rewarded If
yon find ua a husband such no wo have
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strength and wholeaomeness. Moro economical than
the ordinary klnds.and cannot bo sold In competi
tion with the multitude ol } ow test , short weight
alnm o ! phvixibrta ponders. Hold only In cans
UOYAj BAK1NO POWDEIi 00. . 108 Wall St ; 1I.T
Drdorw for First Copies filled TO-
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against the dangers which are common
to most of the ordinary drinking
London Medical Record.
Of allGrocers , Dru nts , & Min , Wat , Dtaltrt.
The largest Modloal instltuto Woat of
MIsalBslppI River.
Iftr roonn for the acromoditlon or pattenl'Tna
by lcUn and Mirscon | n chnrco of the Institute rial
Lau Blxtt n jcura' of tuccfurul practice , ana I > alaoa
r uMlH4nt of rare oiiwrlcuco aa tpoclalteu la
fii-lr varlomdepartmcnu.
Ltd coQitiils or fcenuer Aumi All letter * in
StUatrcet , UorntrofCtpUolAfoaiit , OUA11/
< tW < Kfp rrtitementt in the ipecial tolumnt uill
bt charged at the rate tflO centt per lint for the
flrtt intertion , and7unliptr tint /or eaetiilie -
quent irwertiom 2fo advertitement wilt tt inter ltd
'fir ten than IS tfntt or tht first time :
MOSKTroWAV In iurn oVVlO 0)0 and upward !
on HmtclaMbUBlntssclty property , fer OJXT
rent. No cormnlrs'ona ' ol any kind charccd. 0
Davis , Special Loan * Rent N. W , M Life Ini Co. ,
1605 Farntm street , f8'auftl 0
TO WAV At onto nd without deUv on
MOKRT estate , In large or tmall imiuntn. on time
to suit. Loans made ' o on collttirili , chatteli or
any Ktoil Mcurit } , ircmptly , quietly rd at the
owe t possible ratis ArrW > t the Omaha Kinin-
clal Kiclnrgf , 15C3 t'arnam tt , upttalra. 78 < tt
\TOKIT to loan In siimt (200 and upwardk on
IrlOrst class real estate security. Potter A Cobb ,
1618 Farnam t. 710-tf
OMIT TO LOAN On real rttnto security In any
M amount from ? 500 to $25/00 , at reteonablo
rates ol Interest. No commlKlons rnatcM borrow or.
0. E. Mane & Co. , S. W. Cor. Uth and Farnam.
\ft ON TI MONXT 11 MONRT 111 Money to Loan-On
1\1 chattel security by W. II. Crolt , room 4 , With-
nell building , N. E. corner Utn and Hirnoy Atlcr
years ol experience and a carelul study ol tbo busl.
ocsa ol loaning ; money on personal property , I have
at last pcrlrvrted * system whereby the rubllcltM
usual In such cases Is done away wlth.and I am noX
In a position to meet the demands ot all ho become
temporarily embarrassed and desire to raise money
without delay and In n quiet manner. Housekeep
ers , prolcstlonal gentlemen , mechanics and others In
this city can obtain adncos trom $10 to { 1,000 on
such security as household tnrnlture , pianos , ma
chinery , horses , wagons , warehouse receipts , secur
ed notes ol hand , eta. , without removing tame Irnm
owners residence or place of business. All *
en line Watches and Diamonds , One el the
advantages I offer Is that any part ol any loaa can
bo paid at any time which will reduce the Interest
pro rata and all loans renewed at the original rates
ol Interest. 1 have no brokers In connection with
my ofllco , but personally superintend all my loan * .
I ha\o private offices connected with my general
oflico eo thai cuttomors do not como In contact with
each other , consequently making all transactions
strictly pilvato. W. 1U Crolt , room 4 , Wlthnell
building , N. K. cor. Uth and Harney. 603 JlySD
ONEY LOANED at a P. Hood &Co's. Loan office
on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons , personal
property ol all kinds and all otho mtlclos ofa1uo ,
without retrieval. Over let National llmkcorner Uth
ind Farnam. All business strictly confidential
720 tl
\/l / uNKV Toloau on chattels , Woolluy A Uarrlson ,
'VI ' Room 0 , Omaha National bank building
721-tl ,
dfONEYTOLOAN-On , real estate and chattels
iVl D.L. Thomas. 722tf.
? Loaned on chattels , cut rate , H. R
ticketsDOUghbandsold. A. Foiman,2133.13th St
723 tt
ttfONKTSO I/OAW In snmsof WMand upward.
W'i 0. F. Davla and Co. , Be l Katata aail Loan
aon < < . 1KOK Farnam 8 * 724-tf
\TRIV A good kltihcn Irl at N\V coiner Hnm-
W Iton nnJl'Icr Btrcct. 212-1 Op
AMKD A competent nurae girl at 1023 Domlas
street 211-ISp
ANTKB Good cootf , 2C07 Dodgost. Mrs. O. U.
W llltchcoclr. lOJtf
TTl7'A > Trr ) Olrlfor goceril housooricllll Taun-
W dots bt. 187-lCp
Wi AMKD Nuitcglrl , 12 to 15 jcars old , 8108.18th
Et. l 016p
i ANTED Kitchen Rlrl , German preferred , 1013
Howard St SOZ-lfp
Cook and kitchen help at Faclltc
W house , 10th and Davenport. ISO Idp
ANTED . A barber , at 010 S. 13th St.
W 188-ICp
> ASTPD A girl for general honcowork , Ina small
W family. Apply at 1.11 McbstcrSt. , city.
rfANTKD Ooo' lrllorgcn rl h'.imwork nt 812
> S ISth St. US-lOp
Jiri'Cdlatclj , a gcnd kitchen plrljpood
W wagca C II et 1914 WoVstcr street 1ST. 1 Op
* ; - A > rd steady wcmvn tn df ) chamber
wo. ' a < ip 84 per wcolf. Appl , tntween the
lltuts of 11 ant 2 ( . 'clock , at 912 Dctl Ua at 17SU
A\T ( A fill for general housework , B07 N
20tht. . 151-18
WANTHD-LadvoRett" ? 10aday with my wen
drrtil brci d niw rubber undergarment for fe
males ; Hi'lcs i. . ' will ever it. Madam I. Llttlo , Do :
4i3 , f ! i cm.'n , III. 138-1
\T7AhTPD Olila wlihlrpcood placfsln hotel' , prl
V > \a ofkmillej , cooks , dlDlnprocm girls , kitchen ,
ndliundry work eta , c n l a > s'flnd B odpl i.
and tAOl wtf B ill , S'.BO , $4 and $5 per week. Car
at On aba JSu.f.IOjrccntlluretu , 1120 Farnam at.
Two cirrp tent CM" . 50 h street on
half block South eSt ( llaij's Avenut. Mre.
Ilowcn irn 19p
WANTFU-Oocd gill ( or eincrel houfuaork. Oer
man I roferrcn. API Iv at Mrs. Wm. M. Cirune-
bium , iOj bouth 17th S' . , ntar Loavinnnrtb
113 tf
ANTED A good woman cook at 1011 Dodge 8t ,
W 77711
L Dr AOK.NT8 Novelties In ladles' and
WAKTKD ' wear. Over 40 now designs Noth
like them Sell sa fast as shown Over 1,000
agents make $700 monthly. Address with stamp.
B H. Campbell li Co. , 0 South Hay etroet , Chicago ,
ANTRD Three oiporlencod women canvaaiera
W 6 per day , guaranteed ; room 7 , Ilodick block ,
'ANTID First-class dining room girl at the Met
W ropolitan ; hotel ; nouo otnor need apply. 824-tf
AMKD Iwo oi TiTreo good eolicitord that can
wrlto life Insurance In the rouotij. SiUry or
commlsjion , Ack for room 46 , Mctropollttn Hotel
to-diy , S17-17p
'AVTMi'Onnd baiter 815 a week , cuarantocd
btwily woL,3l8S. 10th St. , U. F. Elaveer.
li A-cccnd biker , not over 25 jous ol
age , mint I o good on bread ( ill cakea Inquire
at Paxton Hotel store room 215 17p
cu An A l city salesman , geed pay Joelln
fackitt , 1109 harnaui St 103-18
TX7AMKI ) Agents to snll tbo Peop'e's Famllj Atlaa
V > ol ti.o World , ard Ko'l ' > 's Instiu.tor. on weoily
p jrnfn'p. Call a ternoon or adJresi 302. N , IS.
Htrent , Omaha. 188-2i | _
'ANTKD An asent to tike orders far crayon por-
W trsltc , 12(3IIo rd St. 103-18p
TTTANTni Alravellaga'csman who hai an cstab-
V > 1 suitl trade In Nebraska , to lulroduco our
now cigar , with which wo furnish the b Kt advor-
tttlrg ecfcoi o In tbe world Address with reference ,
IV , 1 > , Cu-hmin & Co. , Detroit , Mich. 170-10
Two atleirncn nod two eales'.iJliB at
WAKTRD Jewelry Co , room 0 , Crounie block.
_ D06tf _ _
A aRNrsWANTED. Adilress Bt Louis Klcctria Lamp
X\0o , St Louis for circular , cuts and terms of the
oandla power Marah JCItctrlc Lamp. 311-Jyl2 !
( rnt Inevtrj caunty to tollclt for
tbo Mutual HcrcDt amoclitlon cf Omtli , Ncb.
Call on or durc'fH Ottu Lob i k , iicretary and Uen-
era ! Manigrr , 1H22 faniam strict. 718aufl
B o tiiktun dy nttt class tluntr ; g > od
WANT furnltlRd It dea r.d. Address Af-
prcnttco bt Paul Ktb _ SOl-iOp
n Situation aa oojkkceptr or salesman ,
rry uouda , lujearsoipolcnce , epiqk Qorinan ,
AddrotsK II llto clllcc. SS-Up
TANTIDJI.BfO , lor tlueo to flvo yearrj abundant
\Y ro 1 uitatu itiourltv. Aduraia Ltn , euro Dee ,
AM D Where tan I Inve't SI'OO wl > b uorvic ,
W KOod advantage. Addreta \ . \ , lloa Olllco.
- Iiiaeiiuril mcrthandlaeitcro ,
WASTKD-SltUitlon * yeara eiptrlecc' , speak Dei.
man ind EojclUb , can furii'ah gcod reference. Ad-
U , U. Uf rtcuae , Neb. 18M0p
ri/ANTHD-A putter with tSOJ cr $1,000 In Bret
\ \ ilaasp ) lru builuci * Imjulruat U. K Mayue'o
UlEce 16th tnd Karnam ht. 142-lfp
- | > fOleto | tiring tboJr watckei ( o
WANTHU-MO tilckion'sto bo repaired. BitUlactlou
juarni.ticj 181-tf
iiTAMED Two or three furnished rootr.8 forll ht
I r houitkcti.lut ' , . AddrtujA. 11. U. , lite olllto.
_ _
r TANTKD-V cil anil Irstramental eoholara at
T ? 1011 U I IJinU U Ulet L. tf. Cbambjrlaln.
[ TirAMTKU-Every ady In nwxl ol * e vylngn : .
7T chine , tomutherwiw Improved Au rlcan ho ,
r. H riodioin * Co. enti Z20N Utb. B30U
ron JtEirr-nousEg AND LOTS.
FOR MTT-Onlr tU per month. * neat cottage of 8
rnomt , well tuitilthoj In BritMtli carpet * and
liirnltor * IhrooRboul , In ( ro.d mlghborbeod , near
ttrett c f line. 0. t i ! yn 4 Co. , 8. W. Cor. Uth
nd Farnatn. SOO-18
FR nr-ltou es of 0 nj 8 roorrs In No 1 ! o -
Hon. ApilyalofflMof C. I Taj lor , SW. oor
Uth acd Doujlaj. 176'f
J710R RK.STHomo 6 looms ml Mtchon , troo.1 ccllur
JD well and c'Btein water Apily UOf Pacific at
164 Up
FOR BRNT-fJood burn Itcnr 10 3 DcHlrro st
FR RR\r-Oroom house , on Chrkion Stbetwmi
U0.100 ind rictdo. Inquire on primNis.
ol 0 rooms corner t&lh ami
Inquire clJohn Hanlln til S
llth St. 143 SOp
Ipon Ritvr Two etcry and r moment , lioii'o nine
' rcorcr , cut lr jnt , 626 rietlani st. 0:0 IPp
FOR RRM-Hci\i9 \ with 0 roomr , ctllnr , waih
house. 8C3 8. 23,1 L II , T. Von. 07117 | >
RKsr Cheap store , 311 N. Uth street.
078 17p _
OR RINT Barn , 1707 Cat street.
F CSS 17p
jV'R RKNT ATuTldlrTg mot. Inquire at Bo ton
I 1 dry goods store , M. loth tt , OJitl
FOR nr > r A first rloM cottage , with good large
Kvn.will bo fnrrtntoii or aKiut October 1st. In
quire at Kdholm A. KricLa us , opp P. O. SOOtt
RRVT A liable lor 8 horses ono block touth
ofthoU. P. depot. Inquire of It. Lcc , grocer ,
222 Leavennortb. 7.1411
TJ'ORRKVT Cottairo fl rooms , house 10 rooms. J ,
JL1 Phlppl Roc , Seward and Campbell , 831-tf
IJViRRHir Twjnlctlyfurnlihod rooms lor .
JL' keeping , and furniture for sale , \ery centrally
located. A. L , A. Bee olllro. 2U-17p
npsr Fine It reo furnished room , cast and
FOR front , half block from struct car , ( SO Fleas ,
ant St 189 20p
TjVm RRNT Furnished rooms , Irom ? 7 to SIB , filfl
JL1 Hcmnt street. 03-2p
RIIVT Furnished front room , 1303 Capitol
FOR 196-22p
WAMRn To tor t unfurnished room , not too far
out , easy of access n Ith prl\ Urges and no ques
tions askca. Address fclnglo Gent , llco olllco.
IT'on SRVT Furnished rcoin' , with or without
I ? board , at 1022 Hurt St. 194Gp
f'nn nr T-furnished room 117 N. 14thSt .lictwccn
Chicago and Cuss Et llfi-lfp
tultoof 0 roorcs , ttcond
FOIIUKST st. Dillon llros , 317 S ISth st
185 SI
REST Furnished ixoms , 1517 Davenport Ft.
RUST Furnished rooms , 012 S. 17th s .
FOR 176 10
Firnlstcdor unfurnished rro-rn , 1012
Hurt stteet fC2-17p
FOR iinvr Flntlf furnished front loom , 710 north
17th St llOISp
pen IIRNT Tv o Iloa'out luriils'ird rcom. ' , ona ttlth
bay window. N.V. . Cor 18th and iVotister bt.
K\T Two futnlfhed r > ume , ono l rgo ( rout
room \\lth boy window. And ono small r'cun at
$5 per month ; also ono unlurnl.luJ room , at Oft N ,
17th St 131-tt
TT10R RKST Rot m with board for two gentlemen In
J ; private family , 1C1S Capitol A\c. 80S ISp
OR RENT ric e nt furnished room ; , at 1118 Oth
St. between I'ailOc and Pierce. 100 18p
r OR RK.M 2 furnished front rooms at $3 nd ?
cachatlllSN. IStb. 103-lflp
F I OR RUST DcflraUo furnished room , modern Im
provements , 1721 C plol Ave 039-18
FOR HINT In private fam'ly ' , [ Uaant , furnished
room , with breakfast , If dielrcd , 812 Sou'h Ave
t. 100 < M8p
FOR RRVT Handsamely furnished rccms , 1701
C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 09M7
r.xT-bmto of nenly furnttncd ruoms , IB
Callfo.nlast. E. D. Vau Court. 87311
RUM furnished room. Inquire drue stoic
lOlhuidDougla- . 977-tf
TTVOR BUST IIouso of 7 rooms , bath room , hard
JD and wft water , 1112 S. llth Bticet. D77-17p
FOR RPVT In NebroHVn National bank bnlldfii ) ;
Ih K til or , ono uulto of tuo iooro lately occuplei
b > Ciricno t OretKciirldK' . ttcjnd floor , ono IVK
room. Apply it bank , 015'JO
oem for ? 3 to 810 pc
W month. Addrtsal' . N. C. BeoOIIlcc. 917-tf
FOR RENT Nlcoh furnUhcd rooms , 2209 Dodiro.
781-lip !
RK.M Furnlthcd rooms IS,8 Farnam St
SJ7 2 < p
RUM Unfu nljhed rooma In lieomor's bloolc
FOR . Howard. 80911
FOR RKNT Furnished rooms for light houeccplng ,
In Bceincr'e block , Cor 8th and Howard 79911
? OR RKirr-Largo handsomely furnl'hod roomi ,
L' . xlngle or en-suite ; excellent board , 1718 Dodge ,
RKNT With board , nicely furnnhed south
FOR , with use of parlor ; also gap , and bath. 1109
Jones St fl < 8tf
fjiOR RKNT-1'leasant room furnished , 1123 Howard
I1 St. 427-11
June25th , two connected rooms with
FRRFVT ; front room , south-east. 1914 Webster.
897-ly ) 18p
FOR RKVT A trent room with bay window ; modern
Improvements , suitable for 2 gentlemen , South
east corner lot audFarnamSt. 450 tf
rwoo cgancoiacoa nSushmann'a block ,
F 391 tf _
I/OR RR\T Vor manulao'urlng pnrnosos or hall ,
JD argo room 41x75 , Sdfloor , Wo. 110 8. 14th Bt.
enquire at 1409 Dodge bt. A. J. Blmuaon.
_ _ J14-tf
. 'OR RRNT-Centrally locatud lurnUntd rooms at
P 623 south 15th St. 713-tl
li OR BUNT Furnliho I largo front room with alcove
JD grata bath , cto. , 1710 Uaiia street. 71G tt
nsNT I.irco front room on first floor with or
FOR board ; inquire t 1901 Farnam St.887tf
r > 00MB With boird.deblrablefor summir. Applj
fiat Bt. Charles Hotel. 710-11
FOR SILK 6 acres ol land nqar city limits , cheap ;
tivoiable condition * ; reason , goltg awi-y from
town. Addreis J. V. Hee olllco. 174-tOp
T710R BALH \ BOO acre stook and grain farm , all Ira-
t1 proved ; four hours' ride from too Omaha Stojk
Parda jMvonmllcs from the olty at Fr6mor.t ; two
railroad within throe miles ; 300 acres under plow ,
the re t In pasture ; board fonoe , running stream
through paeture ; house with ton rooms ; will be sold
cheapll aold tmmodlatolr ; on terms to salt. For
further particulars Inquire of Gee , O. Qrodfroy , Fre-
mont. Keh 71BJuiy31
RKST House i rnonrH , 1th bain , deilrablo
L'allou llros 813thnt .
,817 rt. 185-21
FOR BitK Nlca realilonro property on Park Av. ,
will take varant lots In part niymcnt. Dalou
Uroi , 317 U 13th street 1 6 21
rn oor4 lotOUrtcn I'JacejuIU trade for rcsldooco
Land pay nllterer.tuln cisli.V , II , Qreen , over
t.tNalioi.ollUtik. . . 703(1 (
17011 siLB-BJ feet on Cuming between 10th and ? 0th
I1 with house , * 2,700. Ilodfurd & Honor , 717-tl
TJ OR dALX - 2 lot , et x HO fret on Farnam ( licet ,
i1 south front , circuit lomtlon , mutt bo Bold. W.
II , Green , over 1st Nktlonil Hank 6(9tf
IJ'ORHALK Furge IIOUBO , newly built , 9 rooma , all
1 modern Improvumenta with ot , at 1710 Casa
it ; luqulru at premises. 7i7tf
BALK 1M l < ct front on Vlrifltla avenue , ono
ITVm block Irnm head of lit Mir/a ave. 93,6)0 for
11 , or ltOO for half , W. H. uruon , over 1ft Na-
lonal Hank. 610 tf
' BALi-Fcrtv lots for sale on Hurt and Cumlngg
between ! 9thaud8lBt cheap , lustde property
edford b Houer. 729 tf
rTAoRHAH-A bunch ofSlolB , near | roiurt > ; wll
I' mate ipeclal teimsfor Investment , mi leu ] ! ro ,
17 M ISlh ract. _ 185-21
ITORUAH-One geol family homo , ll/tt warcn
P ml raineia , cbfop W. A. Merrltcn , 1513
loujUs aliec-t J09tl
POI AIK Hnrtu , vajon ind fcarotta , fortOO. In-
iilri | ) lSI8F rn , 10317
| ? OR HALS6 tear ell horse , nuw coniinUolou
H wajou an I in * truck bniisj , 3.3 S Uth St. , ort
Dillriucoit.Ue. '
t 'JlO-jBji
gun-Lunch room In a ol Ucitlon Arply
FOR Wt North IB.U8I. no Ibp
FOR 8AW-A goo.1 btkerr , Inn gi ol lootllon.
cheap ; good reason. Address 0 , a ,
iVi * BALI A HM ! voting teira ot rniroi ( rood
gin and harneH. It. quire at Kdholm & i'rlckton'.i
p. r , o. _ _ _ _
aAH A nice family homo , first elats tn ever
FOR . Inquire at Kaholm A Krlckion'n.orp
0. 1S3 10
I OR SAM-A choice lot ol fresh milk cow * , 56th
F aad Cnltfcrn ! * . 971-Up
Boiler and cnelnt , Mliorso power boiler
FORSALS . gooj running order ; nant to Pfll
for tha rcuccti thai thcv are not Ur < o Mieuigh for
thonotr nwchlncry whlchnonlll put Into our rcw
bulldlnconlUrmy St Citrke II rod. Co. , 1403
OR SALR-A cool pltno , chctp. Mrs. A. CMJor-
trootl , Ifllfl C llotnlbL ( 712-tt
hMid tat r ? tn , No 1 rope h ml
cirrldjfo prnoton unJ side liar buctcs ; a'so um
brellas and sunshades , at 140MI11 Dodge St.
irtoratle \ 1 nd | T cowirhTn 4fTocYs oTtSe'cai"
A Illne and within two montts ran will run in
front of property.v 111 sell or will ttudo for Insldo
propcity and pa ) dlffcrcntilnilucs In cish Par
ties having mortage propem rin trade and stcuro
new property Ireo uf Incurubranco. W. II. Oreen.
our 1st NatlcnM lUnk 1S7-II
FORRALRThe cho rc t lo's ' in the city , two
Mocks went ot Talk A\cnuoand ono Mock south
ofli' u > ti orth Prices range from ( Uo hundred flf *
tv to fix hundred fl tvdcUr . Terms made to suit
purcbascrs , thirl eon lots must lie ioU within ten
days Eoml jour a < ldress t > room 81 , Arlington
lltoclt , andonncr of loti will call on > ou and ihow
joutholotfl. 0.1' . SttM.lup. 112-lFi.
170R RxcilAMiH-Iniprotcd and unImproveJ Unds
_ l ; In NebratVa and lena to cxchango for Omaha
property , llc'ague , op postoTco. tS9tf
TjVm Lmsn-Itcst unoccupied ground In the ty for
J ? warchouso bouse,87 loot fronton tonwjflh ,
north bet 10th and llth.wlll Icajefor 99 years , Bed-
tor J Ac Souor. 73 Ml
MARION mcn-fl good lots In this addition with
in 3 bUckn ol street can , can bo had on easy
terms. W II Green. oor 1st Nat'l Bank. 827-tl
FOR mm Two story brick house , corner
splendid \lo , two blocks from street c r
Shlnu's addition * 3,100. 35fO down and 815 ) )
nioith , ( J. E. Majno & Uo. , S. W. our. I6th anil
Kornam SS1-17
\cilAMiii A No. 1 stock and grain firm of
FOR tcrvsln Union County lown. Wnntn general
Btcckgl\o \ full dl irl | tlon and prolmtla xaluo ol
> cur goods , llorton \ eon , \VItalou . 210-lSp
\ . Onoof the liest rota I griK-crj stands In
IpoiiB\t.p ' , stock , ostnblhhcil tralo. Kelson
for si llloR other biialncs' . Address Retail ( Irocer.
cirolJeeonco 101-17p
\ - On aha or Lincoln rolldfnco
Tor\niAMiK-For ( nnil grounds In Itul Cloud ,
$4 000. lCKOmn.j lin I In tVclntcr count } at 9iO
lur acre , no Incunbianco. Ray 0 Uockcr , Itcd
Clcud Nub. l-S-SOp
\I7A\TKn-An rnturil | n ( , ' smart j ourg man with
V I Bimll capital as n particr In gents furnlehlng
goods and tblhtuK Ima'nosp. ' Address U. II. Omaha
Ueo 141-10
IT'OKBALK-Steam ' flour mill ; cipaclty 120 bblfl. per
J ? daj ; olovatorcspacity,20,000 tunnels ; K ° ° * track
facilities ; only mill in Omahi , Will so'.l cr trade for
( urm/rroperty. Valued at $20,000. W. II. Green ,
over lit National Bank. 795tf
B18ISK8S cn\\cn About $500 will buy an otnu-
llahud tuslnosg , togi-tber "Hh Itafo lor ono 3oar
of building. Tills Is a good ba gain for mini ono
Address a. P. , Boa olflco. 81811
o IXCIIANOII \ $0OCO stock of bran now hird-
ware , direct from the factor ] , lor good Nebraska
cr Iowa land.
For sale Cheap and beautiful lots nimcbangh and
I'jttcrnon's Hub dlxlslon , two miles from city at $160
and OOeach onmonthlj payirentsoU5and$10.1'er-
eoni buj Ing hero will be aasleted to build right away
If desired.
To rent Four tplondld ofllcos.
63tf R. C. PATTERSON , ISth and Farnam St.
PitBBOSB ha\liif : Inlanta or children under six
jcara to board out , can find a good homo at 107
North 10th et. 767.1C ] )
AO.UIFT IIOMS For Itdlcs during confliicmeut.
CorrcBponilcnc : umndi ntlal. Addrrei Lock Box
39 , Llnc.ln , Neb. 808-Auy 12p
PRRHOVAL Will bo found at 1609 Davenport street ,
an experienced mmc ; best city reforcnc.0. 70S 16p
LADiKsIf jou wnnt jour plumes or tips cleaned ,
clyod and curled ; tint-data work guaranteed , go
to Henry Sincere , 1310 Jnckeon at. 49322 !
E. U. Hooper , tranoo olalrvoyai
JL and healing medium , over 718 North ItJihrt
_ 652-121
Vf RS. BCHRODRR Clalnoj ant and Magnetic hoalu
IVl Locites all pain and disease , 707 N , 10th St.
437 July 10
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
DR. A aiitsTKRFiKi.D Uignello physician , test M
doveloi Ing medium , over BIB north 10th St ,
OANS Ma-'o on real estate security In amount of
J'OD and up ; cill for terms. Brink L. Everett ,
! 03-Augl6
STRA\KD on STOLEN-Si'iirdij mornlDg a cheitnut
donelhorio.whitostirln forehead , mane on left
aloe , and left hind leg white ; had un saddle. Addrtm
with Information or rutnrn toandreceivo reward. O.
E , Strjkor , Mb cor. 18th andbcuth et. 178-lOp
T OST An Irhh tier dog , dragging a cha'n. on
JLJSundayevening. " 0.11. Ilushman , 1612 How
ard etrcer , " CM ooiUr. Ltoeral reward for return or
Information us to hli whcrotbouta. 184.10
TRAVKDoaHTOLiM-A mi roll mire with whlto
§ star In the ( orohoa 1. Fin jar lll receive a liber-
reward by ro urnlng her to Cumln'a & Qulnn , gro
cers , 13th and Chicago ttrcet , C37-tf
No Oprratlon , or useless trusifs Dr. M. U. Moore
243 Wabash ave. , Chicago , Ills. , at Omahk every
00 days. Bond stamp for circular , 499 Jly-22
NOTiCK-Ideelro to Inform tlio public , If at any
tlraol havoHJldanyttlogagalrst the character
of E. A Mush , butcbor on 10th and Oumlng street ,
I luva not done BO with the intention of harming
him , and I hereby retritt evorj thing I rray have
( aid agalntt him , aa I ImvoalwajH found him honeat
In ill bunlncaa traubaotloiiH , Tnto. bchmuotach.
DiimMAKiso-I.vilIoj wliblng tbo rcrvlcen of a
llrktcliuidrca m kir , applyat143 N 18th L
Perfect lit guarantetd. 125 lOp
U. 1' . Park located 12 miles 8. W , on U. P ,
rovl , Is now open to tbo publlo and can bo rented
( or pic nlci and social githerluga Special rates for
faro tlven. For terms , call or addrotaU. C. Bihwenck
Papllllon , Neb. 092-11
BROOD MAiUrt-l'artloa wishing to purchno brood
marra for ranch | i irpocea pleaae call at Hoaian'n
Llver > btitblr , 4l3witih ISthatioot.Omtha. S02-tf
/"liinw BILVKR TAU , iioji nit glvo you heart-hum.
v laga lodccmoil at nu nunt , each by the dealeru
Poyckn llro , Aveiitt
PiSTUKH On Klibnrri and I'li.ttn. T. Murray
70 tf
lUfrnltMivoreJ , tags rodcomed
one cunt each by the dealers. Peycke Jlroj
on banjo given by O E Oullen
L bick , at 1110 Capitol ave , 430 tf
PRIVIAVLraand rcaipoo'acl'aned man od rl ai
way , A. Kvans , 1203 Icd ) < e bt
Clliw SILVER TAG , It iloea not taint the breath , tagi
redeemed at ono ceit acb fcy tbo dealori. 1'eyck
Jroa , AgenU. B3S-tf
VfOTiCKls hereby glvtn that the ) itrtn rshlp hero *
L i tofore oiUtlng batwron the undersigned it ) liter *
: h 't tailors at Om h . Ntb. , under the firm niuio
if Vodlcka li I'M cr , ! < this rt ) Uhsolvcd by mutual
misuit.iii'l ' that tlie sail I un iiam w II be t irrlod on
iy Franc Vodicla > | CIIB , indJu . I'ttKi will roctho
II money duo lu the tlrui knd pay all the debta of
hi late pirlnt'shlp.
Dated this lOlh day i > l July , IE 85.
Notice U alioghei to tbojo who still uwe inmcy
0 tte l to trm Kicall nu Hjttle their aiciunta an I
ja going oa ) by ricxt ee . Jo' 1'Airz ,
to H Kill H I2lh HI , Om h , Nfb.
iLlbT , BOI r > ath ttreet , betwixo Farnam and Hal
my will , wlm tbeald ol guardian iclilts , obtalnte )
or anyone glino la tbt pant and present , acd oc
( rtalncondltloniln the fnturt. Boots and tbC4 |
ude t3 wder Cerf ct wHjUttlcn KatitaUri ]