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    THE DAILY BEE-FRIDAY , JULY 17 1885. 1
United Stated Depository
The Oldest Banking Establishment
in Omaha.
EttablUhcd In 1S57 , Organized M NallODil Bank
Aupist 26th , 1653.
CAPITAL . $500,000
SURPLUS and PROFITS . . . . 100,000
orricmu ) AND DIRECTORS :
HERMAN Kooirrzii , President.
Juim A. CumoriTos , VIre Pr lclcnt.
Acofstrs housTzu , 2d Vloo President.
F. II. DAVIS , CMhler ,
W II. JtKoqmni , Assistant Ctshlci
A. J. PorrLiaov.
A Qenorftl Banking Business Inns-
Imact tltno cerllflratfB bearing Interest
Draws drafts nn tbo iitlnclpul cities In the United
SUtcn ; ilia London , Dunlin , Edlnburg ,
c Hlos ol the continent and Kuropo.
NoticeNotice ! Notic
To all who are dlsoisoJ or nlllfctcd , no mutter how
lonft tbo Btamllns ; came and In healed. Feamalo dis
eases wluro medicines liavo tailed to give relief ,
a frpeolalty ; como one , como all and bo healed by the
Magnolia healer , the only euro escape fiom any dig-
caso. For examination , our charge ! are 81. for each
troatmint , or visitations $2 ; terms utrlctly cash.
North Stita St. , ono mll weal of FalrOroundi
Omaha , Nob. I * . 0Box 633.
Town Lots in Denver Junction
Weld County , Colorado.
Denver Junction la n now town o ! about 21)0 )
nhabitanta , laid out in 188-1 , on the great
trunk railway across the continent , at the
junction of the .Tuleaburg Branch , 1 < J7 milca
Irom Denver. The town is on second bottom
land of the Platte Hlver , tbo linest location
between Omaha and Denver , and is surrounded -
od by the baat-lnying lands west of Kcornoy
Junction , Nob. ! cllninto healtliy and bracing ;
altitude 8.GJO foot. Denver Junction bids to
become an important point , ai the U. 1 ? . II.
R. Co. , are putting up many of their buildings
here , while the B. & M. H. R. Co. . are expect
ed goon to connect at this place , The pressnt
chance for good investments In town lots will
dcarcely over bo equaled elsewhere , For sale
by the lot or block in good terms by
Agent , Denver Junction Cole ,
riucccuoEa TO JOUR a. JAGOKIJ
the old gtind 1417 Farstm St. Orders ty Sell-
I solicited and prctupti ttteadedlo. Teipiini ! )
llEMfUY l itKE. ATlcumor youiiuu i iniiiruupnco
cautlne Premature l > ec y , NenronsDobihty , Lost
Jlinhood. TlnK tried In vain every known
617 Dodge St. , - Omaha
without Shoulder Draco , $1.50
.nicw , with Shoulder llrnce.
made of ilnuCoutllloul > lo Utcied ) 3.00
TV ti ri > ln-i. iv Ithout Shoulder llrnce. 1.75
Aliilomllial , " " 2.00
lOtollyoftrs . l..O
Young M' 11 to 18 years 2.00
Highly recommended by the loadlnc
Modistes , the fashionable Dressmakers nnu
the most eminent Physicians In the United
States and Kuropo. Circulars free.
Bold Owner * of Patent ftnil nmmhtdirf r ,
.S3 33ST
1517 Douglas Street , Omaha ,
and loading houses everywhere.
183 anil H7 Wftlinnh Arrnuo ,
O H X Oft. . < 3r O .
SUM ricrruKn of
Hair Cloth and Wi'ro
Bustles , Hoop Skirts , '
Hair Clotli Skirts.f
TW1 cut represents The
I.inptry , the most j.orulnr
rnmiunnllon of llustlo nnil
lloopHhirtevcrmaile. Alady
who liu worn one. will ne > er
wear nny other Hjle. tacli
Rklrt H Btamwrl upon the
lianct ! I'llmleil June ! ! . 8IJ
Ho. 110,411. tZTAny ono tell-
Init FttniottrloptBklrtnolfO
ttammil. will bo tlenlt wltjj
im-onllnirtolnw. Bold by all
> .w ' iir-xtalldrv Roods tioiuci
NO. 2 ,
IB the Highest Achievement in Writing
Machines in the World.
With only 89 koya to learn an
operate. It prints 70 characters
including caps and small letters ,
punctuations , figures , signs and
fractions , It etho simplest and
moat rapid writing machine
made as well as no most durable
for free illustrated pamphlet.
Wyckoff Seamans & Benedict ,
Chicago , 111. , Solo Agents ,
0. II. SIIOLES , Council Bluffs ,
Agent for Western
516 N , 16th St. , OmahaNeb
5 pei cent Interest Allowed on time
Investment Securities , Mortgage
Loans Negotiated on City Property
nnd Improved Farms.
Wlioluvo trifled away Iliclr youtlifiillfior and power , wlio art
BiilTorlnK frnin tcriililt , DIIAIXS uml IiObSKS , vrlio are weak ,
JMI'OTliNTmiil unlit i < ir nunlano.
MEN of all ages , who find their POWER
auiliitnllty , ncno3. ! ! ! ! ! 'BBXl'At' blKliNiiTll weakened , by
cnily lublis or UXCr.rfSES , c rcccho aiiosltlvoand InstltiK
UU Ri : . NOinitlcr ui how lo.itlamllng ( lie case may be , or who
UasUlku Io rilri'.liv n few weeks or months use c * tlio celebrated
. . . . . .
, . isi.b. id. Ilia. 1 Illit4iiiii-iin lu
niarrlairn. ami iniiny other bynii1utne | IcartliiK to CO.NSUMITION or
INHAMTV , are promptly remu > uU Li > this trcatniuul , nuU vlgoroua
nuuhuoU rcsluieU ,
Married Men , oriliosewlio intend to marry ,
Iir.MrMllF.i : , pcrfwt Rcxiinl strcn lh means , health , \lporou3 oif.
V"l"lonp ; llfo ami the lovaanil ri'6i > i' < I of a l.iltliliil niic Vrnk nioiislioiilil ri'Etored to vlt'cr &
Jinnhoort lipfnro 1'rnofn. tchtlinonliilN nml i jluahlu tru.itlse ti stamps.
'jistii.lS7r.AddicssTho : ) Climax Medical Co , 5O4 , St. Lo is , Rflo ,
Remember These Bmoortant Facts
The iuluaj Life Insuraiice Company
I , It s the OLDEST active Ufa Innuranoo Company In thl ) oountry.
'i It lalho LMiUKST Life Insurinco Coinpuiy by many millions otdollars In the wotliU
S , Its r tc u ( premiums are LOWKU tban tliojo ol any other company.
i. It haa no "iitocktoMor8"taclalm riy part of IU iiroflts ,
b. It oflers no BClIHJIEd under the nauio of Insurance lor speculation by BpocUl closes upon the
niellottuues clench othcn
0. Its proaont available CASH RESODKCE3 cicced these ol any other Ufa laeurinca Company la the
world.It bu received In c&ah Irom all source ) , from February , 1643 , to January , IfifN 1270.502tSl.CO.
It haa returned to the people , In cash , fiom February , 1843. to January , IbES , S2ie,03Sll,00.
lUcash AsteUontbu 1st ol January , 1&S5 , amount to more than
General Agent ( or
Nebraska , Dakota , Colorado , Wyoming and
Office Cor.Farnam and 13th St.Ovcr 1st Nat'l.
Bank , Omaha , Neb
Gen , Agte. for
Michigan , Indiana , Illinois , Wisconsin , Iowa
and Minnesota ,
Detroit , Michigan ,
Special Agent for Iowa , Council Bluffs , IOWA
I' seenger Uevato * to all Boore , 1308 , 1208 and 1310 FarnamSl ,
A full aatortment of air and kilu ilrfod Walnut , Cherry , Alh Butternut , Poplar , liitdwood ,
etc. Hardwood and Poplar Panel , Hardurood Floarlop , Wagon stock , Stair Uullderj' Mata
rial , Red Cedar Post' , Comon Oak dlmenilon and bridge timber * , Cedar B rds for moth
proof cloteti , eta , Veneers , fancy wood for scroll eawlog , etc , , etc.
Ijoohtn1 For U'ar ,
They h&vo bears in the west , enys the
Merchant Traveler , that arc hard to sub
due , and sa they hive need of strong
men and women. settlor's wlfo of this
class , on the cuUklrta of clvlllcstlon ,
overheating herself described as "half
hnman , ha'f ' nn alligator , " rciontod it ,
and declared tint she had "feelings ; "
but eho was not this woman the stoty-
tcllorwhom the hunter mot.
A Now Yorker on a hunting expedi
tion in the far west rode up to n moun
tain cabin and hilled a woman hinging ;
outclolhea in the front yard. "Good *
morning , madam , " ho called out to her.
"What yer lookln'for ? You must bo
lost , or sumpln1 , " she replied.
"Thank * , no ; I'm a hunter , nnd I un
derstood there were bear In thti neigh
borhood and would you glvo rnn eomo
points ? "
The woirnn dropped the vrhlto gar
ment in her hand , and came dotvn to the
fence ,
"Hlt'a b'ar ycr lookln' fer , la H ! " she
Inquired , craning her thin neck fortratd
in nn cngor way.
"Exactly , madam , " ho answered ,
stralahtontng up in his stirrups ,
' 'Well , stranger , yor in the light nlga <
borhood. Thsr'a b'ar hbro In plenty.
"Havo yon over seen any ? "
"Ishtdtny Ihcd. "
'Toll mo whera I can find a den. I'm
looking for a dozen or so. I'm not par
ticular as to numbers. "
"Oh , hain't yer ? Thot's what my ole
man aaid , but ho's changed hia min * now ,
I reckon. "
"Is ho afraid of the braioa ? "
' Not now ho haint. "
"Toll mo about It. "
"Woll , yor see ono day mo an1 the ole
man seen a b'ar cltmbin * in the hogpen ,
an * ho sod ho'd just put an and to that
b'ar with a club. 1 told Mm to git n gun ,
but ho ted b'ara wuz no great shakes , no
how , an' he'd go with a club. "
"And dldhe ? " Icquired the hunter , as
the woman stopped talking.
"I reckon ho did ; I wontln an' cllmup
to the roof an * purty teen I hoerd a
mighty racket out In the pon. After a
while It got powerful still outside , an' I
cllm down to BOO how it como out. "
"Well , " Inquired the hunter ,
anxiously , "did ho cet the boar ? "
"No , ho didn'r , the b'ar wnz clear
gono. "
"And your husband ? "
'Well , the funeral tuck place the next
day. Hit's b'ar yor lookln' fur , la It ?
Weil , stranger , that same b'ar Is 'round
Iiora yit. "
A Long StnigKlo with a. Bear ,
Denver ( Tex ) Chronlclo.
Fort Worth Is known not only OB being -
ing the homo of the Gazette and Peter
Smith , but oho ns being the town where
the panther , after his labors among the
pigs and other domestic animals cf that
neighborhood , laid itself down in the
days to rest and quiet In the deep , eo-
eluded forests tint Ho within the pre
cincts of that frontier town , The pic-
thor , however , was not a panther , so to
speak , but a genuine "bar , " and tlio fol
lowing letter from Mr. L P. Sublott , ouo
of Dsnton county's oldest- and best known
citizens , lolls about the "bar , " nnd how
he killed It away back in ' 57 , when the
Gazette and Peter Smith were unknown ,
and the town resembled a bald head
the territory was still but the settlers
were scattering.
DENTON , Tex. , Jane 2,1885. To the
Chronicle : As I coo my name has been
used in connection with a bear fight , I
will explain. In the year 1857 , it being
eomo time after the soldiers bad left Fort
Worth , there were n few families living
there , and I worked in a email saddlery
shop , near where the court house now
stands. On a dark , gloomy day , when
there had coma a very sadden rise In the
Clear Fork of the river , overflowing its
banka , I left my shop a little sooner than
usual to go home * , as I lived toward tbo
depot , eoran three-quarters of a uillo
from the cquare. I took a road that led
out near where Main street now is , and
when aomo half mile from my shop I saw
a black boar , which I supposed io be
about two years old , I commenced hal
looing , thinking some ono would como
with a gun or pistol and assist mo , and wo
wonld got bruin's moat , as it was
useful in the farxlly at that time ; hut no
ono came but two doge ono being a
pointer of good slza and very active , be
longing to me , the other a largo bull dog
belonging to Oapt. E. M. Diggett. The
dogs ran onto the boar as common dogs
would have done to a pig , it being the
first bear they had ever soon , I reckon ,
but the bear took ono of thorn In his
sweet embrace. The other dog was on
the bear as quick ns thought , BO they
took It tlrao about being hugged by the
bear. Wo were on a branch where there
were rocks and I used them to the beat
advantage , hitting him where and when
I could until wo cot to a small field that
was fenced in with rails sud pales. The
bear hero took advantage > jf the fence
and commenced hla favorite gaino of
boxing. I then commenced on him with
my pockot-knlfo , but ho did not stay
still long enough to let mo do any dam-
ago. Ho turned his attention to me ,
however , sufficient to lat the dogs get
hold of him. Wo then had a rough and
tumble with the boar itud dogs , nnd I
came In whenever I could gat n rock or
rail , or something else , until we cjot to
Mr. Dnggaot's kltihcn , where BO mo
negroes were standing watching the fight.
I told them to go into the house nna ebat
the door ; bat , instead , they loft the door
open and ran off ; so In went the boir. 1
then shut the door and wunt nnd got my
gun , and shot the bear after , perhaps ,
eomo ono and a half hours' ' hard fight-
Hunting a Honey HtcallngBoBr ,
Ban Francisco Chronicle.
A monster giizzly has , during the past
two weeks , been raiding the bee hives at
Mr Ebrltrht's place , at PJlarcltos Lake.
From his large foot-prints It la estimated
that ho will weigh ono thousand pounds ,
Several of the local hunters have tried to
eecuro him and the liberal reward offered
by Mr. Ebrlght. The eceno of hla vleita
is among the tall oaks and pines embow
ering the house and outhouses. Glints
of moonlight only steal through the can
opy of leaves , making tlia aim of the
huntera , perched In the forks of tbo
tros or on the onthoucea ,
very uncertain. This was the
case on Saturday evening last. Mr.
Ebrlght and another noted hunter took a
position close to tbo hives and eilontJy
waited for his be&rship , who usually came
at about 11 o'clock. Soon after that hour
the grizzly was eeen slowly coming to
ward them , oftentimes rising on hla
haunches , BO if tiding observations.
Keeping him covered with their rifles ,
and anxious to obtain n good shot , they
watted until he lore down n beehive fifty
feet nway from him. Both fired at once ,
and the repeating rifles sent shot after
shot Into the fleeing bear. Hearing him
struggling in the undorbruth , they felt
confident of tucccis. A tmall ,
nctlvo dog pursued the boar
Into the the thick underbrueh , and the
hunters followed as rapidly na the dark ,
tnnnel-llko trail would permit. The dog
soon caused him to halt ; but the dark ,
ness In the trail again favored hts escape-
The trail was narrow , low , and dark , and
still fcr A good mile through this laby
rinth the blood-spoU and strong odor
gave every hope of his nenrnosa and
speedy capture. Reaching open ground
and moonlight the trail was lost , as ho
gained an Impenetrable canon beyond.
Dogs were secured for the following day
and half n dozsn good hunters scoured
the woods and canons In a viln effort to
capture him. His scalp ia still to reward
some bold woodsman.
A Hair-Lifting Experience Out on the
Spo klng of the recent Indian out
break and massacre of settlers in Now
Mexico , Capt. John Collar , of Down , in
this country , related to a reporter an ex
citing and almost hair-lifting scone ho
witnessed out on the woitorn plains just
after the Jnloaburg Indian outbreak in
18GG. Capt. OolUr'a regiment , the Thlr
teonth Missouri cavalry , was ordered to
pursue the hostile red skins nnd had fol
lowed them to the Dlack Hills country.
The regiment had gene Into cimp and
eomo of the "boys" had started out for
a stroll to see the sights and possibly to
shoot an antelope or two. Among others
who had thus gouo out were private
Joaephus llish of Grundy county
and two comrades of Capt. Collar's
compiny. They had gene about a
miles from the camp nnd near the foot
hills when they were swooped down on
by twenty-live or thirty Indians. The
firing was hoard In camp nnd the field ,
glasses revealed the fact that the boys
wore In n perilous position , but were
making a bravo fight , Capt. Collar was
ordered by his colonel to mount his com
pany and go to the rescue , an order that
was Instantly executed. They fairly flew
to the battle-ground , and long before
they came In range opened fire on the
Indians and thns notified them of their
coming , which partially hold them In
check and gave the beleagnrod boys fresh
courage. Ono of the boys was killed at
the first fire from the Indians , and Rich
jumped into a shallow ravine , while the
other survivor got behind n email tree
EOmo distance away and in the direction
of the camp. The Indians
divided their attentions between
Rich and the dead man. Rich
made a gallant fight , rising up and firing
his revolver and then dropping down to
avoid the shower of arrows and ballots
that rained around him. Bla bravery
temporarily checked hla cowardly nsaall-
ont , bat they were gradually closing In
on him nnd hla scalp wonld have been
lifted In n forr more seconds , but the
cloeo proximity of Oapt. Collar and hla
company made them suddenly skip to
the hills. Rich was not wounded , al
though two arrowa were sticking In hla
boot-heels. Ho was as white as a shoot
nnd almost speechless , and seemed not to
know his comrades ; but ho soon came to
hlunolf , and Capt. Collar says the wny he
cursed the flying Indians was perfectly
nwfnl. The dend soldier had fallen
sorno distance from where Rich 'ought
his battle for dear life , and several In
diana galloped to where ho lay to scalp
him , but they counted without their host ,
for the soldier wbo had taken rcfago behind -
hind a tree , though some distance away ,
was armed with a repaatlng rifle , nnd di
vided his favors about equally between
the scalping party and the dusky war
riors who were trying to kill his comrade ,
Rich , and ho saved hla dead comrade's
scalp. Several dead Indian ponies marked
the scodo of the miniature battle , but it
Is not known that any Indians were
Bfcrbcr-Mhop Decorations ,
Blakoly Hall describes the latest decor
ative craza ns follows in the Brooklyn
Eiglo : The decorative craza has struck
thn barber-shops now and before long I
suppose the bootblacks will have it. De
coration hai got to such a point that It Is
tiresome to the eye nnd everything but
beautiful. Noirly all the hotels , public
dining-rooms , picture galleries , and a
good many of the shops arc so much over-
painted , overdecorated , overnphobilered.
and overdone generally that I begin to
think that a plain , whitewashed room ,
with puritan furniture , straight up and
down chairs and sanded floor would
create a decided furor If It were Intro
duced into the heart of the aesthetically
decorated region of New York. I wont
intu a barber-shop the other day on upper
Broadway , which was ss gorgeous as a
factory girl's Idea of a palace. The chairs
wera models of the carvers misdirected
energy. The mirrors were surrounded
by xtracrdinary frames ; the floors were
tiled with various colored woods ; the ceil
ing TTBS a raiis of cnrlouf , uncouth and
disagreeable designs nnd the walla were
arrayed in the wllde&t excess aa far as
papier machp , plaquoa , stucco work and
drapary was concerned. At the six
chairJ stood six barbers , wearing bloneos
made cf striped mute rial that resembled
the old atylu of awning. A small nnd
very miserable looking boy with a rod fez
upon his bulging head But within n
cashier's enclosure , nnd the boss , who
waa prosmably responsible for it all , had
his chair raised on a platform , whence ho
kept supervision over the other men.
The brush boy wors livery , and altogether
the whole esUbllshmcmt was about as
gorgeous as the moat ambitious barber
could dream of. A man whom I know
was just getting out of the chair. Ho
said to mo in a horaao voie , that I had
better toke his advice and get shaved
somewhere else , but by that tlrao the
brush boy hid got mo in hand , and I
looked along carefully and choeo the
mildest looking barber of the lot. He
didn't speak a word. None of the bar
bers are allowed to in this particular
ostabllthment. That ought to make it
famous , of course , and It Is mora or loss
of a good thing to have a silent barber ,
but a barber who is oppressively and
painfully eilont la is bid as ono who
talks. This particular one was solemn
looking and quick. Ho gave mo the worst
shave that I over had in my llfo. After
1 was shaved ho gave mo n large gilt check
about the slza of a visiting card. After
I had escsped from the brush boy and
paid my check to the cashier and got out
on the street I came to the conclusion
that a little less decoration end better
barbsrs would onhanca the value of the
shop considerably. A barber shop is not
an Inspiriting subject to write about ,
but since they are necessary to mon who
unfortunately cjnnot shave themjelves ,
they ihonld bo comfortable , and above
all they should never offend the eye with
discordant and silly decorations.
There Is nothing equal to It aa n beau-
tlfior. Pczzoui'a OompUxion Powder.
New Mexico has a population , txclunvo of
Indians who are not cHI/fna , of 110,000 , of
whom 111,000 are Mexican * , but few tf whom
ULderetand the national language.
Magical , iinrvolloua , miraculous , Is
what all tay of St Jacobs Oil , the con
queror of pain. Fifty cents a bottle.
A. "fconnu Iimly Kacnpcs From Her
Jailers nnd Mnrrlcs In Sj > lto
or Them.
New York Hernia ,
AcBt'iiN , N. Yi , July 11. Donglais
Bcardsley , a young man nbont town , for
the last year and a halt kept company
with Miss Mary Augusta Ohedcll , daugh
ter of the late John Chedoll , n very
wealthy man. A few weeks ego Mlsj
Chedell'd stepfather nnd nor mother for
bade Benrdsley coming to their house on
West Genessco street , nud learning that
she had met htm clandestinely Miss
Ohodoll's mother locked her In her room ,
where she was kept n prisoner till last
evening , when , with the uao of n rope
ladder and the asslatnnco of her lover ,
the made her eecapo through a second
story window. They Immediately pro
ceeded to the residence of William P ,
Boardsley , n brother of Douglass , on
South street. The Rav. John Bralnard ,
D.D. , rector cf St. Peter's Episcopal
church , was called , nnd several friends
and relatives of the Benrdaleys nnd Miss
Ohedoll were Invited to witness their
Whoa all was In readiness for the care-
mony the guests were Manned by loud
talking at the door , where the servant
was found resisting tbo attempts of three
men to enter the houso. The unbidden
visitors proved to bo Charles A. Smith ,
Miss Ohodoll's stepfather , her brother ,
Clarence Ghodoll , and Mr. Smith's coaoh-
man. They hnd discovered Miss Chodoll'a
flight and had been informed of her In
tended marriage to Boardtley. The ser
vant was being overpowered at the door
when J. Harmon WoodrnfT , n guest nnd
a wealthy manufacturer and relative of
the Beardaleyo , rushed to the door and
knocked Clarence Chedoll down. Smith ,
who was greatly excited , whipped out a
revolver and threatened to scoot any per-
Ron who d&rid to prevent him entering
the houso. Some ol the mon secured
Smith and the coachman and young
Ohodoll retired from the sccno. In the
meantime ono of the guests had tele
phoned to the police station and Officers
Oonoyboar nnd McCarthy arrived at the
residence , and Mr. Smith , after being
threatened with arrest , consented to reenter -
enter the hack In which ho and
hla stepion and coachman had In
tended to abduct Miss Chodell and re
turn to hla homo. Quiet having been ra-
stored , the friends of the Boardsloys
and Miss Chodell entered the house It
wan proposed to proceed with the cere
mony. The Rav. Mr. Bralnard , howev
er , remarked that ns the young lady was
not of age , and as objections had been
mode to her wedding with Baardsley he
would have to decline to marry them
The friends then said they wonld Bend
for Dr. Hartor another pastor.
Mr. Brainard then eald ho would rath
er perform the ceremony himself than
have thorn wedded by l r. Hartor , and
the marriage waa celebrated. Miss Oho
doll is a pretty blonde , with deep blue
eyes , 19 years of ago'medium height ,
slender , graceful , vivacious and accom
plished. Her share of her father's es
tate amounted to $98COO. The Chedells
nnd the Smiths are very aristocratic people
plo and have lived many years in Auburn.
Donglas Beardsloy , the bridegroom , le
rather a dude. Ho Is supposed to bo
without meant- , and haa recently engaged
In the coal biulnecB , presumably with
some other man's capital. His uncle ,
Nelson Beordsley , a banker , Is accounted
the richest man in Auburn , The newly-
married couple avoided the Smith-Olio-
dell party by driving to Wyckofi'a sta
tion , where tney took a train going south.
The affair has created n decided sensa
tion in the city.
ly indorsed by housekeepers nnd others
who have tried it. No uoap is required ,
and cleaning Is done with a saving of
much time and labor. All housekeepers
hould nsa it.
A Bridal Frcnk.
Baltimore America ,
The sight of a blushing bride , in fnll
bridal costume , sitting in an open buggy
on Baltimore street , met the eyes of all
passore-by yesterday afternoon. The
biide , who looked old enough to know
bettor were a wreath of orange bloesoms
and smilnx and veil , while her hands
were incased in white kid gloves and her
foot In whlto kid ahoes. At her bosom
eho were a largo bunch of orange blos
soms. The whlto contrasted qredtly with
her raven black tresses , which foil In
ringlets about her nock. Her husband
were a fnll enit of store clothes and a
straw hat. Ho had great difficulty ia
steering the poor horse , and the buggy
looked as If U would fall to pieces. The
bride and groom rode up and down Balti
more street , much to the amusement of
the crowds on the streets , and in vain
tried to find n photographer who would
lake them. At IBB. , they found ono
near Gay street. When the groom found
the place ho had much trouble in getting
iho hone and buggy up to the curb ,
nnd at last had to got out nnd lift the
buggy into position , Then ho lifted
his wlfo out , and she stood on tha
pavement In all liar bridal glory nnd
tinery , the observed of all observer. ! , but
she did not mind that and seemed to cnra
more for the eafo disposal of a bandbox
and n hco shawl than the ciovrd who
watched her. The coup'.o went into ono
gallery , but there they ojnld not ba
taken large enough , and so > they camel
down again and went Into ( mother. The
groom put on bis whlto kid gloves nnd
they had a perfectly "scrumptious time"
sitting for their picture in bridal cottume.
Several plates wera need before a good
negative was secured , because the groom
Insisted on klsslni ; the bride every time
the photographer's bnck was turned.
After the "ordeal" the bride took otf her
orange blossoms nud veil and opened the
bandbox and got out a white bonnet and
put It on. Tnon the ouplo left. The
groom went Into the middle cf the street
and after taking off the steamboat hawser
that tied the horse to the hitching post ,
turned him "oil" eo the wheel would not
dirty the btide'n white dress , and the
[ adyunaaalstedhoppod , Into the bag2yho
Followed her , and eoon the vehicle and
Its precious load went down the street and
out of the city toirard Philadelphia.
Iho king of Greece ia the founder of a dyn
"Tlio Proper Study of mankind IB
Man , "
says the Illustrious Pope , If ha had In
cluded woman In the list , ho wonld have
been nearer tbo truth , If not BO poetical.
Dr. R V. Pierce has made thorn bath
a life study , especially woman , and the
peculiar derangements to which her do-
lioate eystem U liable , Many women in
the land who are acquainted with Dr ,
Pierce only through his "Favorite Pro
scription , " bloas him with till their heart ? ,
for he has brought them the panacea of
all there chronic ailwoaUpecullar to their
eex ; euch as Icucorrlioi , prclapina and
othurdisplicemonts , ulcaratlcn , "Intein&l
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cancer , and oihor allmenta. Prluo re
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