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Tuosilay Morning. Jnly 14.
Surveyor ol Cnitoms Campbell hfti boon
receiving bonded Roods lines June 1 , and says
that the receipts are materially increasing , ' '
Deputy Orobo arrottod yesterday morninft
wo young man , Kjon and Ilanlan , who were
canfiht in the act o ! stealing A pair of shoes
from Whtlney'a shoe store.
Deputy U. S. Marshal Allan will leave
to-day for Oicoola , where ho will sell thostook
of L. L. Wood , consisting of about ? C,000 or
$8,000 worth of goods , which have boon at
tached by Monroe 11. Smith , of Chicago ,
A man by the name of McMullon living
on South Seventeenth street was kicked by a
mule at the conal Sunday , Ho was very
badly injured , snitalntag a fracture of bis
collar boto , Ills wounds have been dressed ,
and at last accounts ho was resting easily.
Ahorse belonging to Mr. George Ames
WM hitched to n post nonrl-'ittoonth and Far ?
nam yesterday morning , suddenly broke
away and ran down the street , dragging the
hitching post attor him. II * was finally
stopped near the corner' of Fourteenth and
Douglas and returned to liia owner.
Whitmoro Brothers , of Valley , have con
tracted to furnish the Union Stock Yards
company of this city 2,000 tons of hay and the
hone railway company 1,000 tons , They
have steam power prossoi , a sidetrack from
the U , 1 * . on their premises , and nro about to
erect extensive barns lor handling and storing
this vast product. The hay crop is fast be
coming n very important ono in Douglas
county ,
The bjata for the rowing association are
beginning to coma In ono by ono and in a
short time It is hoped to have all arrange
ments complete for a grand opening , fo
which special lavlUtions nro to bo issued.
Florence Lake is beginning to bo quite n
resort for pleasure parties , and doubtless
when the association commences operations ,
the place will become greatly inoro attractive
as a suburban place of retort ,
J , U. Daniels , of the U. P. freight oudi-
tor'a office , who 1m just returned from a trip
east , is regaling bis friends hero by telling
them how ho saw Smith , tha absconding dry
goods merchant and F. C. Mole ? , the ox-
manager , at Put-in-Bay , Mick He says that
both of them claimed they were only away
from Omaha on a llttlo pleasure trip and do-
slrod to bo remembered to their many friends
in Omaha ,
A man living In Patterson's division has
made a complaint in the police court and at
this office , that two men , peddlers , Ilvintr in
that part of town , had killed and skinned a
oow which had boon sick for some eight days ,
and aold the meat which was horribly tainted ,
to various people living on the bottoms and
in South Omaha. It is said that some of the
people who bought the meat were afterwards
tnken sick , If this bo true , somebody ought
to bo punished.
SOB ! of North Carolina Tobacco Is the
Oases In tbo District Court General
Legal Matters.
The case of Wylio D. Olegg is still on
trial before Jndgo Novlllo. Yesterday
the dofonsn continued the introduc
tion of testimony to show the Insanity of
the prisoner. Before Judge Wakeloy
the caao of Feabody vs. the City of
Omaha was taken up yesterday. The
case , an old ono of a year and a half
standing , la ono ID which the plain
tiff demands damages for grading near
his property on Fourteenth and Jones ,
In the county court yesterday John and
Julia Flannlgan commenced snlt against
ho Continental Inanranco company for
$500 on a policy on which It IB claimed a
default has been attempted. The damages -
ages to property for which the payment
of Insurance Is naked , It Is alleged , were
caused by ono of the savoro storms which
* place In the early put of April.
' In the cabo of Dr. Linyon against
f Honors. 0. J. Oanan , John Hitchcock
p and O. E. Kay , to compel payment of a
j'l note of § 00 , alleged to have been signed
by theto gentlemen , Jndgo McCulloch
has rendered a decision in favor of do-
- fondants. The decision waa baaed on the
ground that the note itself showed forth
no consideration , and as no ovldenco waa
Introduced to show such consideration ,
Ita validity oould not bo sustained in
The case of Eliza J. D. Peabody va.
the city of Omaha was put on trial yea-
4 torday before Jndgo Wakeloy. This ault
Is ono brought for the recovery of dam
ages to the extent ol $10,000 , canaod by
'reason ot the grade established on Four
teenth and Jones atreots , wherein plaintiff -
tiff aver * that her property , lots 1 and 2 ,
block 100 , hai been rendered almost uao-
loss. She also alleges that Ingress and
ogress to and from sild property Is of the
moat dlflicult , dangerous and hazardous
nature ,
Mitchell M. Ohrk filed bis petition In
the district curt yesterday , praying to
bo divorced from Maria J , Glhrk , hia wife ,
, who ho charges of holding clandestine
meetings with ono William Thompson ,
at saloons and at hla ( Olark'e ) own house
when he waa away from home. They
were married ou the 15th day of January ,
Anotlinr "Smothered Bonsntlon"
How It .llcsultoa Two Hack-
men I n Trouble ,
All day , yoatordny , the alr was fall of
utramo ruuiora about a hack driver who
was cald to have been killed in 'ho morn
ing near the Fort by two fellow Jehus ,
The taloa were aa conflicting and lucon.
elttent aa they word mauy , and the moat
thorough invcatlgnUon failed for a tlmoto
cither prove or dlaprovo the truth of
them. The true story rnua that :
Ycstcrdoy morning a telephone moa
waa ago received at McShano's livery
otablo from Maj Croft of roidhouan fame
saying that Geo. 8p lding , n hack driver
who worked for the e.tabluwru in trouble ,
having boon fngaend In a quarrel in the
vicinity of tha rosd house A man wa
linraodia ely scut out , Uh cfticor * Bloom
aud Elarrigan , Arriving there thu >
fonnd r. nice c' dl'lon of aflftlrt *
"Windy Hob , " P.illan and B b
llirnea had bottu out at
tVo mad house on ( lie nrapago. They
had brcomo iucenrod at < hn Imck drhcr
Spaldlng beraugp they bolh > vd ho h d
ran Into them about two o'clock in the
morning near the fair gronndi , whllo
they had in the carriage a party of f aat
women. It Booms that they immediately
followed Spaldlng to the road honso and
assaulted him unozpeotedly. Ho atood
np for awhllo and severely pnmmolcd
Pollan , but when "Baby" Barnea' elo-
phantlno carcau hove in night and ho
itnrtcd to ralae hla Brobdlgnaglan fiat ,
Spaldlng murmured gently , "I'll aeo you
later , lovo" and slid out. Thwarted In
their plans of securing rovcngo by pnnv
moling Spaldlnp , Pollan and Barnea
turned tholr attention to hla hack , and
amaahcd the windows , and broke things
np generally , afterward ! turning the
horaos looao , The Inmates of the hack ,
two yonng men and two young
women , were very much frightened ,
but hold their peace. The two men then
turned tholr attention to the road homo ,
and are said to have been engaged for
some time la the delightful pastime of
throwing all the fnrnlturo out doors.
They wore soon taken In tow by the po-
llco and landed in the city bastllo. In
the meantime the story had
leaked out that Spaldlng , the hack
driver , waa mlaalng and nowhere to bo
found. When the two prlaoners , there
fore , were arraigned Justice Anderson
frowned npon thorn an possible murder-
era , and bound them over In the sum of
2,000 to await the development of fur
ther evtdoncD. They were remanded to
jail and looked by Joe Miller In ono of
the collars of "Murderer's Row. "
Everybody waa awaiting the finding of
Spaldlng'a body with breathless Introest ,
as the only thing necessary to provo that
a fonl crlmo had boon committed. But
all these horrible anticipations were
knocked in the head when Spaldlng
came limping Into town and explained
that ho had been hiding for safety. His
story Is about as the ono related above ,
except tbat ho claims that was not the
cause of Pollau's misfortune.
Arrival of the Soldiers At Orossncld
Morrow to Assume Command ,
Gen , Brook , adjutant general of tha
department , has received two interesting
telegrams from Onpt. Powell , who loft
hero in command of the three companies
ordered on Tuesday last to the scene of
the Oheycnno dlfiiculty. The first ono
waa received Saturday night , and woo
dated at Wellington , ( Kansas. It reads :
"Arrived hero in loss than 30 hours
from time order was received at post.
Are in excellent spirits ; have not had a
drunken man on the trip. Extra hard
broad with us. Many thanks of com
mand to chief quartermaster for admira
ble arrangements for transportatlonjnbout
ton miles to camp. POWELL.
The next was dated at OroisGold , Kan
sas , ( near Harper ) and Is of not ao joyful
a touor an the proceeding ono. It will
bo soon that a soldier's Ilfo In "glorious
Kansas" Is not ono of unalloyed ease and
"Arrived hero last night about twelve
o'clock. There la not a stick of wood to
bo had hero. It must bo hauled by
wagons or sent on the cars from Harper ,
nineteen miles distant. No water near
the place except at a spring two miles dis
tant , which Is private property. Wo
have to buy water at 25 cents a barrel
for hauling to us. It will bo hard work
to supply twelve or fifteen companies
here. We have dlflicuUy In supplying
three companies. No trains beyond
Attica unless extra. POWELL. "
Further than this , nothing has been
hoard from the Omoha troops or , In fact ,
from the acono of the Indian troubles.
Col. Morrow , of Fort Sidney , has boon
ordered to take command of the three
companies. It is understood that the
Ninth cavalry has made all preparations
to head off the Indians in case they at
tempt to strike the northern trail which
loads through Nebraska. This is the
usual method of procedure of the Indians
when they got into trouble , but they will
bo beautifully headed off In case they at
tempt anything of the kind this time.
Gen. Howard , who has been oat west
for the past several days inspecting the
outlying posts , started ; frcm Salt Lake
this morning and will be in Omaha about
Xlio Usual Monday Morning Array of
Judge Stonberg was wall ocanpiod with
baslnois yesterday morning , as ho Is every
Monday , and the docket caioa were disposed -
posed of in rapid aacoesjlon.
A. M , Mackay , James Oolo and Frank
Boldon , a trio of rags , were arraigned as
homeless , worklessand dangerous tramp ; .
Ono of them was committed to jail , and
the others wore ordered to leave the city.
Mike Kratte was arraigned on the
sttmo old charge of disorderly conduct.
Mrs. Kruto with her email children was
present , and pleaded tearfully for her
husband's release. Krutto backed np the
plodding of his sponso with unlimited
promises of reform and was discharged.
Tom Hardy , a negro , was fined $10 and
costs for resisting an officer. About 2
o'clock Sunday morning Officer Bloom
c mo across him flourishing his knlfo ,
threatening to out everybody Into shoo
strings. Bloom tried to arrest him whereupon -
upon the negro turned upon him and
showed fight , Ho was finally subdued
after liberal doses of the club and was
token ' bruleod and bleeding to the jail ,
A. Campbell , likewise drunk and dis
orderly , paid a fine of $5 and costs.
0. A. Murray hold for a similar charge ,
was released ,
Ed Clark , who was charged last week
with running off with the wlfo of a man
nnmed William Waters , wai brought to
trial upon the charge and rolo&sod ,
Waters , the husband , was arraigned on
a charge of bentlng his wife , and was
held for farther evidence. This cue , It
may bo remembered , grew out of the do-
eortion of Waters by his wlfo , and her
action in taking a threo-yoar-old child , of
which Waters sought to retain possession ,
Sadie Molirldo , the only and notorious ,
once again faced the judgment bar , to
answer to a charge of disorderly conduct ,
Tha judge , taking Into consideration the
fearful fact that Sadlo bnj b.oen In ptisan
almost alnco the beginning of his term of
i flico , released her. The overjoyed young
woman Informed tbo court that she was
going to leave shortly for Now York , and
the judo ( ; promised to glva her a bonus
of $5 when she presented her riilrosd
tlokot at a voucher of her Intention to
leave the city ,
Anna Henry was fined $5 and costs for
lutoxlcatlc n. Sadie York and Mary
Jinan charged with intoxication were ro-
1ssfd , while Flora Benson was held for
Mr. Ellis Tj , IHerbowor and bis bride re
turned ) ester Jay morning from a very pleuint
month's trip in the east , and are stopping for
the present at the residence of Mr , James K ,
The Dollcuclcs to bo Fonnil'In the
Local Marts ,
nsn ,
In the fresh water article , white fish ,
trout and bass retail at 15 cents per
pound ; whlto plckorel la soiling at 10
cents j croppio and porch can bo had for
12& conti ; catfish sell for 15 cents a
pound. Blue fish are Tory plentiful and
bring 20 cents a pound. Fresh Colum
bia river salmon nro worth 25 cents a
pound. Fresh mackerel 15 to 20 cents
oploco. Halibut Is worth 25 cents.
Codfish tongues are rare , but retail for
20 conts.
The best cuts of sirloin soil for 15
cents , rumps and nppor part of round
steak at 12 . Roasting ribs , firm and
juicy , can bo bought for 10 to 12 cents.
Veal la extremely scarce and comes high
from 25 to ' 20 cents , according to the
cholconoss of the part. Swooi broads can
ba purohasod-at 25 cents a pair. Corn
beef Is selling at from 5 to 10 couti , DC.
cording to outs , Prlmo leg of muttons
can bo had for 12 cents ; mutton chops
12i to 15 conts. , Ham Is a stnplo article
in good demand nt 12\ " cents In bulk , 25
conta sliced. Pork 10 to 12 conts.
Sausage 10 to 12 | cants. Spring" lamb is
soiling for $1 for fore quarter and $1,25
for hind quartcrr Spring chlokens are
worth from 30 to 40 cents aploco.
Old potatoes from 85o to $1,00 a
bushel , The Colorado and Salt Lake va
rieties are -worth $1.10 to $1.25. Parsley
is sold at 50 cents a dozen. Homo grown
cabbage is bringing from 5 to 10 cents a
head. Fresh radishes are selling at three
bunches for 10 cents. Cucumbers sell
for from 2 to 5 cents aploco.
Fresh homo grown lottnce , nearly out
of market , is sold at 35 cents a dozen.
Fresh tomatoes are in lively demand at
from 15 to 20 cents a pound. Homegrown
grown tomatoes will bo in market this
week. Green peas sell for 45 conta a
peck. Marrowfat poaa bring 45 cents
also , string beans 5 to 8 cents a quart.
Wax beans can bo bought for D to 8 cents
a quart. Now potatoes are worth 20 to
30 cents a pock. Green onions are sell
ing at three bunches for a dime , southern
onions three pounds for a quarter. Mint
is worth 5 cents a bunch. No w turnips
retail at 25 cents a peck.
Summer squash are beginning to como
in and aoll for 5 to 10 cents each. Car
rots are worth 5 cents a bundle.
The local markets are well stocked In
the frnlt lino. California oranges bring
from 25 to 50 cents a dozen ; Mossluas
soil from 30 to 40 cents per dozen ; ban
anas , fresh and rlpo , are very plentiful
and can bo bought for 25 to 50 cents a
dozen. Black raspberries sell for 20
cents a quart. Gooseberries are worth
12A cents a quart , currants 12k to 15
conta. Bed raspberries 30 cents a quart ,
blueberries 15 to 20 cents a quart.
California fruits are In the market ,
apricots 15 cents a pound , poaches 15 to
20 cents a pound , plums and green gages
15 cents a pound. Bartlett pears 15
cents a pound. Watermelons are coming
in , selling from 40 to 50 cents apiece.
They are of good quality. Southern
peaches , just In the market , soil for
from $1 to $1.75 a box.
Eggs have a standard price of 12& cents
a dozen. Butter , best dairy and cream
ery , Is selling for 20 to 25 cents a pound.
Smoke Seal of North Carolina To-
Tbo Indlnii Problem ,
OMAHA , Neb. . July 11,1885.
To the Editor of the BEE.
Did you aoe those Indians who passed
through our streets Saturday morning ?
Well , as peaceably as they appeared
then , just BO peaceably yon will find
thorn anywhere on the pralrlo , If the
white man will lot them nlono. The
easiest thing on creation to do In order
to clvillzo the Indian , who Is no heathen
la to got him array from contact with
the whlto man of his wigwam , the Indian
agent and the antler disarm him pun
ish him by the whlto rain's laws , If ho
is found to hare promised protection to
the cattlemen's herds , In exchange for
arms , ammunition and whisky glvon by
the latter.
The unscrupulous white man of the
pralrlo keeps the army continually in un
necessary commotion at the expense of
the tax payers of the entire country and
only for his own primary benefit that
of starting up the Indians.
C , R. Thorpe , Wahoo , N , 0. Wilson , Den
ver ; W. G , Honnoberg , Burlington , are at
the Arcade.
Dr , Julius Gerth , tbo recently appointed
state veterinarian , accompanied by O , M ,
Drmo of Lincoln waa in tbo city yesterday and
made a pleasant call at the BKE office , They
are hero for the purpose of making the ac
quaintance of tbo prominent stock owners of
the city.
VnillllnI.rii > onOriiiiac , rlr. , flavor CaU0
Crenmkl'iiiitliiKif ) cii drllcuielyanil unto
urally in Hjofrull IVum n lilcli ( livy ureiuiiile ,
mirtnio or TMI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
o , III. 8t. Loula , Mo.
Dr. Prlca's Cream Raking Powctor
Dr. Price's Impulin Yens ! Gems ,
licit Dry IIoi > Veu.t ,
-AO C 33-2T
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies , A marvel ol purity
strength and wholeeomeness. Uoro economical than
the ordinary klnds.and cannot bo sold In competi
tion with the multitude of low toil , iborl weight
lam of physphrte powders. Bold only In can !
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Smoke a. H. Mack & Go's
Cleveland , 0. , Celebrated
Gat Cigar
Finest 8 for 25o clrar In America , and Kxccslor ! 6c
Cigar I're eminentabo\oall others.
Our Cat Does Not Scratch
xcclslor 5c Cigar above all competition , for sale and
controlled by
D. W. SAXE and J. W. BELL ,
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G. a Chapman , " " "
Kvans & Judson , Drugs , Hastings , Neb.
Dow ty & Chin n , Drugs , Cclumbus , Neb.
J. O. Uellaven , Drugs , Counc 1 Bluffs , Iowa.
Dell O. Morgan & Co , Drugs , Council Bluffs , lona.
QasHcbrige , Hooks , eta , Fremont , Mob.
W. II. Turner , Books , etc. , Fremont , Neb.
H. H Whlttlesey , Drugs , Crete , Neb.
P. 0 .Henderson , Grai cl Island , Neb.
Apollinaris ,
" The dangerous qualities of con
taminated drinking water are not
obviated by the addition of wines ot
spirits. "
Medical Officer of Privy Council , i
Qf all Groctrs , Dniggittt , & > Min. wSFScattfS
OVER 4OO,000 m. IN USE.
well adapted to rnuuh country roniii nnd
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commendatlcii ) . Address II. J. K , , Ucoomoo.m-lip'
TT7ANTRD Uy a mtii and wlfo with two mull
TT childrena situation with a farmer. Address
W. J. K. Ueo office. 103-14p
WASTRD A petition , or any work as gnrdnor , In
this clt ) ; Just arrived from the Fait ; experience
of S5 years ; references on hand. A. X Dee Office.
T\7'ASTiti ) By a young man of first class business
Tr ability and best ol i cferancts , a ( ojltloii In a
mercantile liousr. O. tf. Boo Office. 92-13p !
2 or 3 unfurnished rooms for a Kinnll
family. Wcarul3co office. 12S-lSii
WANTRD Two or three furnished roams for 1 ght
housekeeping. Addrcal A. 13. C. , Bco olllco.
WANTKU A sheppard dog , 6 or 0 months ( Id.
Clock and tan prctcrod. Apply from 10 to 12 at
Nebraska Implemi nt Co. 14th and Haincy , good
price. IID-IS
" \TrAKTED A furnished room.ln plernant locality ,
TT where no questions will be asked , by a lady who
U occupied and who can f uinUh good reference. Ad
dress X Y. Z. city P. O. 104-15p
V cal and Instrumental scholars at
1011 California et. Miss L. F. Chamberlain.
WANTED Every ady In need ot k sewing ma
chine , to see the new Improved American No ,
P. E. Flodman & Co. agents ; 220 N ICtb. SSOIt
Fort BUST Houto of G rooms , ! 40 Chluga Bt , 2
blocks from car line ; fine location. Inquire next
door. 873-13p
TT'OR RKNT Three S room cottaztt with cistern ami
JP out houses. Inquire at 1C21S 18th at , south of
Mtson Bt. , 122-lCp
BEST House on Chlcigu St. , between 14th and
Fore Ste. John Swift. lll-14p
RKNT A tlirea story bas'no's ' block en Far-
uam street. Inquire at McCiguo's , opp. poit-
office. (03-13
FOB KENT Convenient to business , 8 room house ,
fOth and St. Mary's ayenue , $30 per month. E.
Fearon , 12th and Farnam. 937'15p
BUNT A. 3 room ottapc , 819-60 a month.
Fort Bwttzler , 215 8. lith street. 993-13
RUNT-House with 8 roorvH , cellar , hard and
FOR water , 810 per month , cr 16th & PaciBc.
Ilotiso cf 5 rooms , 3 closets and pantry , 8.16th st.
bet Center and Doicas ; soft water : $10 cur rronth.
039 14
RENT nousj with o room * , cellar , washhouse
house , 808 S. 23d st fi. T. Voes. 074-17p
Tjttm RENT Cheap store , 311 N. 16th street
KENT Earn , 1707 Cats street.
FOR 988-17p
ion RKNT A building V2x04. Inquire at llo < ton
dry goods store , a. lOlli et , 036U
RKM-Cbeip , two brick Mores ith cellars ,
FOR good lootiun for dry K 'd * and restaurant
Inqrlro of J , L. lliCague orat 171UJ , Cumlng street
In tulldlng , C43-14
TTIOR RENT Twp story and I ascment , hoire nine
J ? rcorcp , u H. Ir 'lit , 628 1'leiiaiu Bt , 0r,0 13p
ITViRBiiST "ouaj ol 8 roonrs , modern Improve-
Jt ? ututH , ( 'CHiablii , $30. Ballou , 317 H. 13th
Bt. MO 14
RKXT-New co * Hire , full lot , 4 roorrs. a ntco
FOR , $1-1. rollou Bros , 317 B 13th St. 09-14
. Drlclc boime 10 rooms Cass ht. , bet.
FORltr.NT ; ? | ] nontb. 0. E. 11 a j no & Co. ,
1Mb and ranmm. cOaaS
RKNT A first cloHrt cottage , with good large
FOR nw ; 111)9 fnrr > nc on or about October let. In
quire at JMholra & ErluLs n n , opp I * . O. EOOtf
RUNT A new cottaeo of 4 rooms , kitchen , o's-
FOR , etc , Chicago St. , south side , flrt house
west from iEth St. Inquire un premises bet. 0 and 8
o'clock ony evening. Thos McQovern. 8CI-Hp
RKNT A itable for 8 bone ; ono block couth
FOR tto U. P. depot. Inquire of U. Leo , grocer ,
222 Leaven * orth. 7S4tf
RKNT-018 8.10th at. InquliO 1623 Jack !
RKNT Cottage 0 roomi , bouse 10 rooms. J ,
FOR Roe , Bewnrd and Campbell. 31-tf
IIK.NTfun Ishcd rocm 417 N. lllhSt. , between
Fen aud Cats Et. H0-I4p
rien nMiirnI led roomr , at Hit Oth
FORRFXT I'JdOomd I'leio. ' . 100 | 8p
' Slninlfihed front rocius at $3 tnd ? .i
F'ORRKNT 113 . IBtfc. 103-iBn
RKST Do-liaUn fcrnlfhed room , inoiTein Im.
pro\emcntr , Hit Cipltol Ave. 033-18
HS.VT-In rrkate fim'ly ' , jleaiant , furnished
Foil , with breakfast , It desired , t2 Sou h Ave >
ane. JOOC.lBp
nr.sT IloiHJtit ( nrilntcJ Iron * room , mlta-
Fore lor two KCiillonnri.BU N. IStli Bt. 031 Up
Tou BEXT Hiiidaomoly furnished rccins , 1701
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
R NT Two Ur e coolroom , furnl-hod , a' o 2
FOR all riyims , ( urnl licdrhllc0'o ; | of l > tn , < tf. ,
In fine house. Ca'l at 610 He ant strict. Oo7'l4p
RKST With Ij3 id , ikely fii'iln'Jed ' nouth
FOR iooinno' ; ieB'dorc ' > jaoleiiOjiivn ; truces ;
Icrrts roaionible , 635 1 Iraiant streU. CCC-Up
\ BEST To sultfn of rooms , three to o ch
1 suite , 1410 Dodge ttreet , text door to Krlckwn's
[ oTdry Btoto. OM Hp
Fornistedor nnlurnlBhed rcoos , 1612
Burt street. P02-U | ) _
TTVIRIIK.IT-Suite of newly furnUhul rooms , 10)1 )
J ? Callfo ula Bt. K. D. Van Court. 9J3tl
TTloa RKNT furnished room. Inquire drug stoic
Jj lOih nd lbugla > . P77-ll
ITiOR BBM llouse cf 7 rooms , lath room , hard
J ? tiU Bolt water , 1112 S. lith bticet. B77-17P
T70R RKNT Ono fine furnuhed rcom , 1719 } Cuming
J tt 1)37 14
RKM-IO NebrssVa National bmk bull ling !
FOR bt tlx > r , one unite ot two ioooBUt ) ly occuphd
by Qriene & Hrcckcnrldg * . tic tJ flOJr , one la ge
room. Apply at bank , 015.8U
IJ'OR RNT Megant nenly luruUlud t < emi 10'S
JJ Capitol nenu i l tn ioomga j n ? bill * to ( Hub.
WAfrro-\ ! fninlihed room for 13 to t\0 \ ft
month. Address B. N.O. Dee Office. 917-tl
tj'umlihodroonn , Hut hon e west of
i n r ld ofllcs on lUmsy st , 003-15p
WAN-run inlt of two or three famlihed rooms
tieur business lir July Jsth. Address , sUtlni
term ? . J. O. F , ntrmUicin office. OtMSn
FOR RtsT Nlcoly furnished rooms , SM9 DoditeT
_ ,701.16p
] T o KUT-Nlccljr ( um'slitd ( tout room nt 1112
' Howard St. PSJ-Mp
" TVmmm Kocmwllh boinl for tire gentlemen In
JL' pih tB family , 1618 Ctp'.tol Arc. SOS-lip
Tpou RXNT Two nlco rooms on tothst. . nesr 8k
JC" " M r 's Avo. Inquire 8W cor. 16th nil DodgoSt
OR RKST Furnlihcd rooms IS'.t F rn m St.
837 S < p
JOR RUNT Unfinnlshsd rooms In Ucotner's block
! Cor. 8th and Howard. SOOtf
| 7 < OR RKXT-Furnlshed rooms for light houeecplng
I1 In Uccmcr'i block , Cor 8th and lloward 79JU
FOR RK.VT Furnished frant room , with bay win
dow , In a brick home , 605 N. 17 h St.
IT\OR \ nwr-Largo handsomely furnlthcd rooms ,
' . single or ou-sulte ; excellent board , 1713 Dodge.
TpOR RKNT With board , nicely furnlihed south
U room , with use of parlor ; also gar , and bath , K09
Jones St , 848-tf
j on RUNT Pleasant room furnlehed , 1424 llowan
? St. Mf
FRRRVT Juno 25th , two connected rooms with
board ; front room , south-east. 1011 Webster.
. 857-jly lp
fT'OR HIOT A front room witn bay window ; modern
JD Improvements , suitable for 2 gentlemen , South
cait corner 1 at and Farnam St. 450-tf
JlOR KXT l-wo o cgant omcca n Oushmann't block.
I SOl-tl
JtoR RRNT-For nwnufao'urlni : purposes or hall ,
? argo room 4U75 , 8dfloor , No. 110 S. lith et. ,
enquire at 1109 Dodge t..A. J. Simpson.
UORRBST- Centrally located furnUned rooms a
raZS sou h 15th jit. 713-tf
| I > OR RKNT Furnlthoit largo front room with alcon
J grate bath , etc. . 1718 Casa street. 716-tf
RRXT Large front room on drat floor with or
without board ; Inquire t 1501 farnam St
T > OOMS With boarddeilrabl < if summer. Appl )
iXat SI. Charles notol. 716-11
FOR BALK 180 aero farm York Co. , Nob. R. If
Uatt's. ' Vork Nub. 837ijlyl5p
FOR SILK A 0 JO aero stock and grain farm , all Im
proxcd ; four hnura' ride trim tnc Omaba Steak miles from the o'ty ' cf Fr6rri&t ; two
rnllrouil within three mlloa ; 300 actos under plow ,
the ro't In ptstuio ; b.unl fence , rnnnlni ; ptrcitt
through | > aturo ; houw with ton roomi ; will bo > ld
cheap If sold immediately ; on terms to suit. For
further particulars luiulro of Goo. C. Orcxllrpy , Fie-
inont , Nob. TISJuiySl
TOR SALU A ( aw choice lots In Kllby Place actl
X' Jcromo Park , very chusp. A. Blunders & Co. , opp.
rTVvo or * lot llirlcn Placovtll ; | trade for residence
.Land pay difference In cash. W. U. Oroen , over
Itt National Bank- 733 f
TpORSALi 83 foot on Cumins between IBthtmtfOth
J ? with house , 82,700. Bedford & Soucr. 717-tf
Fort BALK Pcslrabla halt lot , house 4 roorcs , neor
cars anil school , 81,500 ; cosy payments. Italloi
Brts. , 317313th mroot. BOD-11
I OR BALK A bargain Cottage homo near strict
F cars , S14CO. Ballou Brca,317 3.13th fit. M-H
IJ'ORSILR 00 feet on Farnam no r Oth ; also lots
JD In Illghland Plnco and Jcromo l'rk , on caiy
terms. Tuttle & Allison , 211 south ISth st.
_ 849-ly IS
TfOR8ALK. 2 lots , 08x140 feet on Farnam street
-T south front , elegant location , must bo gold. W.
II. Oreen. over 1st National Bank. 609 tf
targe house , newly built , 0 rooms , all
modern Improvements with f ot , at 1710 Casa
st ; Inquire at premises. 727U
FKSAI.R. 160 lect front on Vlrglola avenue , ono
block from head of St. Ifury's avo. $3,630 for
all , or 81 , 600 for half. W. II. Urecn , over lit Na
tional Bank. 610 tf
FOR SALi-Fcrty lots for Bale on Burt and Cuminga
between ISth and Slst cheap , Inside property
cdford & Bouer. 720 tf
Fort BALK -Lunch room In % o& Iscatlon. Apily
atNo. 601 North IflthSr. 110 IBp
FOR BALB A new single harness lor hil ( cot t pile ) ,
1419 Dodge street. Ofli-Hp
roil BALI A choice lot ol fresh milk cows , S5th
1 and California. 071-17p
FOR SAI.BOK RENT-A Koooad band Knaba Finno ;
also a two Htated nagon , cncap. Apply to S.
Jacobs , 1I18 Farnam St. 992.l5p
TOR BAr.R Kcptaurarjt and bikery in the city of
f Lincoln , nt V235 Ostrett , atwo yoarlcato on a
good brick bu Idin. A cotrpleto bakery In e\ory respect -
spect , ith ajjooil wagon , good route ariil a flrit-
clisarentaurant trido. Good reasons for selling. J.
E. Crook , 12J6O street , Lincoln , Mob.
FOR BALK Doller and engine , 20 horse power boiler
nd engine , In good running order ; want to sell
for the reason tbat they are cot largo enough for
the now machinery which wo will put Into our row
building on llaruey St. Ctarko Bros. & Co. , 1403
Douglas St W7tt
a SILK A good pl no , cheap. Mrs. A. Calder-
wooJ , 1613 California ht. 712-tf
A LWAT8 on hand at a bargain. No 1 second hand
XX oarrlago phaeton and side bar buggies ; also urn
brcllaa and eunahadci , at 1403-1411 Dodge St.803tf
) Ki'OTS Uovilanii place within iTSockB Ttho car
Ztlioe and within two mnrtts cars will run m
front of property. Will sell or will trade for Innldo
liropcrty and pay differcncjin vtluos lucisb. Par
Lloa having mortitage properly cm trade end S'curo
now property free of fncumbranna , W. II , Or ecu.
over let Natlcrml Dink , 127-tf
Tj1 OR 8 tK The cboircst Iota In tbo city , t o
I * blocku west of Park Avenue and ono Id'ik south
of Leu cnwortb. Prices range from B vo hundred IH
tv to fix hundred 11 tv lUllarn. Terrrn made to cult
lurctascru , thlnceo lots must be fold within tin
1aB. Herd jour aildrces to room 81 , Arlington
Dlock , and owner of lota will call on you and show
you the lots. O. P. HUbblns. 112-181)
FOR BALK Kino liTfo 2 itory house , 8 rooms , gts
and chandeliers , city watnr upstairs mil down ,
well , cistern , sh > de , etc. , 0 blocki frm poetofflco ,
fna I cat bargain in Oraaba , 3,600.
Large 2 ttoryO room bouse ; hot and cold wa'.er ,
f 8 , furnace , intntlo and era cs , stnltary water
l.'sof , olictrlo bills , etc , G Llocke from poatodlco. A
barga'n , ( G,2&0.
Idio a room cottage , all In spldidld rcinlr , ebale ,
etc , On 17th near Utl'fernla ' ttrcot , 18,000
Two cotUges , 7 and 8 rcoros , on 18th and 19th
streets 8 , of Sr. Uary'a Ave. , very easy tormscbeap ,
13,000 .acb ,
Full lot , cast front , shade , etc. , 2 tlccksB. of St.
llarj'a Alf. . on0th street , 1,000
Three choice lots In lltmcjin PJace , $1,000 cicli.
THO food lots on 20th and Clark streets , ? 2,70J.
Nlcu corner lot In Pirkcr'u odd , , tSlQ
8t'endld | lot on Firnam slr et , 81,2(0.
Houses nd lots In all parts < f tbo city on viry
easy | ajmentt ; money to loin , 6 houtes to rent ;
chi.Ice acre property lor sale W , 0. Hhrlvcr , Opp.
Postofflcf. 031-13
miUMiB-Improved and unimproved lands
FOR Nebraska nnd loa to oxchaogo for Omaha
property. Uo"ague , opppostortco. (89tf
FOR LUBI Ikst unoooupled ground In the ty for
waronouso house,87 feet front on Leavenworth ,
north bet 10thand Htbwlll Icasofor 93 years. Hid-
ord b Souer , 73 '
At abirgain , or will exchange fir city
FonutLK , a seoilrn of gro-l land In Central Nib ,
Adtlros 0. N. H. , I' . O. box tOD , Oroahn. 041-13i |
BALK-On it.cetcir line , good lot * In cholo
neighborhco-l , at I'DO ' to ? 5vO oicb , on easy
crme , Ames , It07 Farnarn , 010 14
flAci-e good iota In this addition with.
MARION of street care , can be had on easy
terms. W U Orccn , over lit Nut'l IJank. 827-tf
I oR HAI.K flbO ; seven year eld horsa , nurness aud
1' top bu/gy ; tiorto bai Lien used an a family homo
aJd Is rcrf ctlv Bite.
t8'0lot40iI76 ; , laMUIsrd & CsMwell's addition ;
$210 cash acd 2 j o us' I loco oil balance.
8 > , fOQ ; five acres on Baundcnmt. . and It rue house
aud barn. A > ery Urtte bargain lor ota one ,
} > , " > o ; Twuct ry dttvlllig on full lot , on car line
J62W ; j7rom hou e on lot bdilfco ; good barn ,
and a > ery complete place , on oany Uinns ; 1 bleak
from car llrif.
ICO ft on Popplcton Ave , , cnly2 l.lkj from cir line ,
and ueir the ptrk ; } HV cash and < CO ptr rnnnth.
Sl/0y ; LOW 0 room house ou full lot , one b'.nc' <
from.-launderstt. , and nso block from preen line
car i good barn and a nlro homo fur eornu one.
Lots InKlrkwood to mil or lease ,
t2SCO ; full lot on Ca(4t ( )1 Illll addition.
88x88on H. 18th at , ultb 8 Louies near depot , at
a bargain ,
16' ! feet on K rnsm , ucar court liouic. U K , Setra.
U. V. Hears , Williams lilock. Uth aud Uod e Bt.
BiBtl .
-Nice l9Hi ou wuit faruarn , Dodge and
Davenport tt , , 1303 (3 ( < j pel 101 , Arncl. 10.7
FOR dAU-In Ppilnfr Hill , hkndiomt 1st ! t tlo to
liOO ; 15 month , ( U percent Interest.
A met , 1507 Ftintm. BtO-ll
TJlOR RAID-Two ( torj hrlck houw , corner lot
JL1 tpleodM rl w , tire block , from street citR.
Shlno'sKldltlon $3,100. I5CO down nil 115 nor
month , a K. Wujno A Co. , 8. W. cor. Itth iml
F rn > m 8SI-1T
TjViR fUtii Ixitscn nd nc.\r p k ATP. , tt $ lJOa
i' tolCOOcaijt ; rm > . Ames , 1C07 FAinitr.
TTViRgAt.-Splendid miburbin acre lot * at 1160 to
JC1 JMJ. Ames , I60r Fanmm. SI6M4
FOR RKST-9 room home and ( rood barn on Keen
car lineUS per months
For rent It room house and largo barn on ted line ,
* 50 per month ,
M.IOO 22x52 , on Podge ; and brisk building.
Lot 44xlW ) and S story brick block on Dodge Sl.\
a bargain.
182 feet on K 18th to lci o for a term of years.
BO feet ( or silo < n Farnam.
180 feet far ale ou Farnam.
4 feel foi sale on Farntm.
Livery for ale , che p , good trade and will pay
f/orai the Marl. M. t. Sears , Will lams block , fsth
andDojgeSt 407.11
- walk of Han.
teem park , at 3178 to 250 per lot ; tmall pay
ments down , long time on balance. Arm * , 1601
Farnarn. DS6-H
FOR SAW- Near Hanicom 1'ark , nlco lots at
J560 to $550 o ch ; 1-3 down , long tlm on IM-
ance. Amos.1607 Farnam. 020-14
FOR BAU- Acre lots within SO minutes drlro from
oj > r hemp , nt JltO toJiOOporicic. Amcf , 1507
Farntra , 02014
TT'OR ' RALX Choice residence ! In des'rablo tocttlnns
f at rcisonablo prices and easy terms , Amu , ir.07
Farnam. D0-H !
Ii ORBAlK-Strainflotirmlllc ; paclty 120 bbls. per
d > ! eloTatoro p cllySOOCO bushels ; Rood track
facilities ; only mill in Omaha , will toll or trade for
farmjiroperty. Valued at 8JO.CCO. W. If. Clreon.
oer lit National Uank. 795tH"TI
TJiOR BALK-ODD of the best ro'a'l ' grocery etauJa lit
JL1 the city , clean stock , established trade. Kouon
for stlllng other business. Addrcis lleUil droccr.
c ro lloe Office. 101-llp
FOR sail A fancy store , well established 210 N.ioih .
8t. 1Q2-16
FortK\cilANoii * stock ol nlco tteau boots and
statlontrv , Invoicing $2,000 , tnvicbaiiKu for Und
In Nib. Addrns , L'ox 2JO , DCS Molnoi lona.
TT'OR BUR Alt established uuilncm : email K h
JL ? capital required ; bueliicur. Ad-
dress ' 'iarago , " Bco otllcc. 080-Hp
TOR HAtsJlllllncry § tcck and store fixtures , In
J ? Sprlngllutd Nobnska ; a good chance ; no com
petition. Address box 181 , SprlrKflelJ , Nob. OlO.Up
TjVjn RAM A hill. Interest li a set of abstract
JL1 booliB , of DoagUs county , about one hilt com-
listed , llieso baoks nro In tbo Ute < t Improved
method aud are rellaola. AJdrcss L. Q , Uoo olllop.
BfsiXKSs cliANCiAbout SSOO will buy an ostab-
llahcd business , together with If wo forono year
of building. TMs Is a goad bai gain for BOino ono
Address a. 1' . , llea olllco. SlStt
rpo KicitANOK A ? J,000 stock of bran now lurd-
JL ware , direct from the factory , for good Nebraska
or Iowa land.
For Bale Clioan and beautiful tots Illmobaugh and
I'ltteraon'a Hub-division , two miles from cltv nt 8150
and $200 each , on monthly payments of 15 and 810. 1'or-
eoni buying hero will bo assisted to build right away
It dealrcd.
To rent Four tplondld offices.
63 .11 B. 0. 1'ATTKllSON , 18th and Farnam St.
PXB80 ! < 8 having Infants or children under six
3 oars , to board out , can find a good homo at 107
North 10th at. 767-lCp
A QUIRT MOMS For ladles during confinement.
Correspondence confldtnllal. Address Lock Box
{ 39 , Line.In , Neb. 99S-Aug 12p
PRHSO.VAI , Will bo found at 15C9 Davenport street ,
an experienced nuno ; best city refercnco. 70S lOp
LAD1R3 If you want your plumes or tips cleaned ,
dyed and curled ; tlnt-olaes work guaranteed , go
to Ilonry Sincere , 1310 Jackson St. 493-jly 22
E. II. Hooper , tranuo oUlrvoyan
JL and healing medium , over 710 North 18th 3
M na. BCURODKR Clairvoyant and Magnetic healo
Locitca all pain and Jlaoase , 707 N , 16th Bt.
437 July 19
DR. A CHBSTKRriKLD Magnetic physician , test and
developing medium , over BIB oortu 10th St ,
. _ _ _ B68-J2
_ _ _ _
STBAnoitnroLBN From 16th et. , bet. Karnam
and Douglas , bet 10 and 11 a , m. , Saturday , a
cbcenut eorrcl horse , whlto Btar In forehead , mane
ou left side and left hind leg white ; had on siddlo.
AJartHS with Information or return to nnd receive
reward , C , E , Strykjr , NK Cor ISth and South et. ,
city. 12S-13p
T OST- Black and ton teller pup , 0 months old )
JLJH5 renard for safe return to 823 8. 20 St. 118-1B
LOST A Rtnall black d k umbrella with carved
box wood handle ; sultiblo reward fet Its return
to Chtrlea Shlverlck'a furnliuro Btoro. 87IM4p
J < TRAYBDOH8TOLr.x A eorrcll mare with whlto
7) star In the foreheaj. Fin lor will rccolva a liber
al reward by returning her to Cumm'i & Oulnn , ( rro-
ccrs,13th and Chicago street . C.17-1 f
No Operation , or useless Irasies Dr. M. If , Uooro
243 Wabasb avo. , Chicago , Ills. , at Omalik every
! 0 days. Send stamp for circular. 499-JIr-22
TjiiiUfT CLASH Short Hand writers furnished on short
JD notice free cf charge ; a' ' BO tvpo wrlteia to rontby
; he moclh. I pay ciuhfor Information \acnnclca. .
BtcnographeiH wlshlnir to bitter their condition
Bhould rlto mo. J. 13 , Hayneg , Box 025 , Umaho ,
Mb. 117-12
DnnssMAKiNO L > dlo9 ulhhlng tha services ot a
fl bt clan ilrcBiinakcr , apply 'nt 1143 N 18th Ht.
Perfect lit guaranteed. l5 < 18p
, in.ACK-1 Inv blcrclo for a good horse , ad *
WILI I ) . U , Ueo olllcj , Council IllulTs.
_ _ _ _ 90B15 _
U. I' . Park located 12 rnUea a W. on U. 1 > .
road , Is now open to the public and can bo rented
or plc-nlcg and social gatherings. Kpeclal ratca for
fare given. For torina , call or addreealL C. Bcbnenck
[ apllllon , Nob. 032-11
IkftOOD HARia Parties wlsbln ? to purchase brood.
Dinarcs for ranch purposes please call at Homan'i
Livery stable , 413 south lith street , Omaha. 802-U
fluxw BiLvita TAD , does not giro you heart-burn ,
Ly 1'ags ledeomod at one cent , each by the dealer *
Poyoko Bros. , Agents. 683-tl
T > AaTUBB-On Hkhoru and I'latto. T , Murray.
O , Its. r i lilt flavored , tags redeemed
L cent each by the doaJen. Poycke llio .
TNSTBUCTIOM on banjo irlrcn by Q B Oellen
JL beck , at 1110 Capitol ave. i80-t !
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