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P m : Morning , Jnly 10.
The proprietor ! of the hat stores ot the
city have agreed to clo o at 7 p. m. every
night until September lit ,
Congressman Holman'a tpctlal Indian In
vestigation committee , from the Unltid Stales
home ot representatives , will be hero on the
15th ot this month.
Grocers are complaining because gome ot
the higher grades ot sugar ru well M the low
r qualities ] cannot be obtained anywhere In
the city. The cauao ot the ttranga dearth of
the saccharine article is unknown ,
Ono ol the wont stink holes in Uio city
may be faund in nn alley in the roar ot the
St. James hotel. A blind man can find it
The nuisance Is caused by the waste and slops
from the Hotel Garni and should bo promptly
Klla Frazler , Mag Johnson , Mary Camp
bell , Minnie Johnson and Hello Santord , five
dinky members of the demimonde were run in
by the police at noon yesterday , charged with
disturbance ol the peace. Two ot them had
boon freely using razors.
The fire department calltd to twenty-
fifth and Ilatnoy streets yesterday afternoon ,
A. M. Clark's stable was nn fire , having
caught from sparks in some hot ashes that a
woman had emptied in the yard. Very little
damage resulted ,
Mr. William M. Buchanan and Mlsa
Dolly H , Orawford wore married on Wednes
day evening , July 8,1885 , at the residence of
Mrs. Armstrong , by the Rev. C. W. Savidgo.
The young couple were etoorlod to their now
homo on I'ierca street at the close of the cire-
i rnony.
County Superintendent Utunnor yester
day appointed George 1'olmbock , Daniel F.
Randolph and John Bloom , three disinter
ested appraisers , to nssois the damages arising
from the condemnation of ono aero of ground
for a school houeo si to for school district No ,
48 In Elkhorn precinct.
Hon. 1) . G , Hull Wednesday disposed of
twenty-three Important cases in the United
States circuit court by decree , submission nnd
otherwise , amount which were several cases
involving the title to n number of farms i
Kuckols and Thayer counties. The amouu
Involved aggregated over one hundred thous
and dollars ,
Arthur Furtell , manager of the Athloti
base ball club was presented by the member
of the club Wednesday night wlth > beautifu
badge. The token is of .hondaomo and costly d
lgn , consisting of a cross bar on which is on
craved the recipient's name , suspended from
which are n ball and crossed bats , togothe
with a round pis to on the reverse sides c
which are engraved the names of the club an
a base ball diamond.
W. 1C. Lynch was brought in from In
dianola yesterday morning charged with selling
liquor without a license. The defendant di
not attempt to deny tha charge , but ozplaine
ttoat he didn't know what ha was doing. I
appears that ho has been keeping beer in his
Loose , and among some of those to whom h
has dispensed his hospitality have been per
sons who for reasons of malice have brough
these charcrea against him , alleging that if hi
has not sold the liquor for actual caah ho has
accepted trade equivalents. The case wil
probably bo settled without prosecution ,
Lynch appears to bo an honest and well-in
tentioned man.
The Thompson-Huston Electric Llgl )
Company Open Their New
IMaoo of Business.
The Thompson-Huston Electric Llgh
company , owned by J. 0. Regan , a gen
tleman from Die Molnes , Iowa , opened
their now establishment , which Is situated
on Eleventh street between Dodge atreo
and Capitol avenue , last night , with i
great flourish of brilliancy and refresh
ments. Several members of the city
council and prominent citizens , who had
been invited to witness the Illuminating
event were present. The place has boon
supplied with machinery enough to run.
at the present time ono hundred and
twenty light ? , each of which has In Its
glairing and darkness piercing rays the
power of 2,000 common , oveiy day , tallow -
low candles. To create the light made
by these ono hundred and twenty
burnors'fonr ' dynamo'0 , each employing a
capacity' thirty lights , are required
and to propel them two engines , forming
n combined power equal to the strength
of ono hundred and twenty
horses have been brought Into
uso. Last night , however , only
two of the dynamos were started and they
went off like a splnlng top. The dynamo
has a speed of 803 revolutions per minute
and moves with great regularity. Oapt.
M. J. Fitzgerald Is at tbo head of the
concern , as its superintendent and
general manager. Bo Bald last night
that they now have twenty-five lights In
operation , and orders on hand to put up
Blity more.
Tlio Weather ,
The weather yesterday was highly
enjoyable In comparison with that of
Wednesday. Eirly in tha morning the at
mosphere was decidedly cool , and the
iVy cloudy. As the day were on the
clouds disappeared , nnd the temperature
gradually rose , until at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon tbo mercury Indicated a tem
perature of 85 degrees in the eh&do ,
"What booamo of the big storm which
was predicted to occur hero yesterday ? "
asked a reporter of the signal officer yes
terday moralng.
"The storm has pissed over us. To bo
more explicit , an extensive depression
prevailed west nnd northwest of ui yes
terday , which moved on Ooaahi Ust
night , and was central bora antil early
this morning , when it patsed on east
ward where ) tha tame weather conditions
now prevail as existed in our city yester
day , There is no danger of any big
ntoim In this vicinity , at least within the
next twenty-four or forty-eight hours. "
Following Is the
The local Btgnal officer received yesterday
the following bulletin from Wathlngton :
OrriCE Onur SIGNAL Owens ,
WABiJiNatON , July 0 , 1885 , .
Observer , Omaha , Neb : Indication * fni
Omaha and vicinity to-day ; Cool and gen *
eially fair weather ,
Got Hoihnd'd ( ; figures on your lumber
bill , whether you buy of him or not , acd
JOQ will nave innnoy ,
Sso the Omaha Lumber Co beforebny
ng building material 18th at , t U.P.R.R
VOK KENT Store , o nulnlng thrto
oora and bisement , 1207 Fornsm St ,
QustAvo Doohmko Fonntl Dona Un
der a Goes Hotel "Window Yontcr-
d y Mornlng-Snppoioil to HAYO
Fallen From the
Fourth Story.
The latest of the series of distressing
fatalities which have occurred within the
past twenty-four hours was revealed at
daybreak yesterday morning ,
Harry Astman , blcck watchman on
Fifteenth street , taw lying In the alley
between the Qoos hotel and Col. Floyd's '
place the body of a man. At first ho
thought the man wai titunk , but upon
closer examination ho found that life was
extinct. The body was shockingly bat
tered and was lying in a pool
of blood. Ho Immediately sum
moned the coroner * and the body was
removed to Drexel & Maul's , whore It
was soon afterwards Identified as that of
Gnstav Boohmko , a member of the firm
of Grottmatc & 13oohmko , the Twelfth
street grocer.
An Inquest was hold yesterday
which the facts attendant upon th
young man's death were brought out. I
appears that ho had como into the Gooi
hotel about quarter past 12 jcatotda ;
morning , and after taking a glass of bee
asked to bo atslgnod to n room up stairs ,
as ho wanted lodging until morning. Th
clerk , Glaus Itnsi , gave him a room litho
the fourth story , opening out upon thi
alley iu the roar. Boohmko complainoc
of the heat , and asked the clerk tc
raiao the window. This was done
and biding ilusa goodnight , with the re
mark that ho wanted to bo awakened a
0 o'clock in the morning , Boohmko proceeded
coodod to undress. This was the las
soon of him alive. When .found ycatorda
morning , the unfortunate man had non
of his clothing on except a pair of pant
and It la supposed that ho must hav
started to undtosa and became sleepy an
sitting down upon the window ledge t
enjoy the cool 'night air , loll Into a
slumber. Although Boohmko had been
drlnklnp slightly during the night , hi
was qnlto evidently not undo
the Influence of liquor when hi
retired , and the fatal accidon
can not bo ascribed to Intoxication
Neither is the theory of suicide at al
tenable , judging from the facts at hand
The jury returned a verdict as follows
"Tho said Gustavo Bochmko came t (
his death by falling out of tbo fourth
story window of P. Gooa' hotel , room
No. 3 , through carelessness of bis own. "
E. A. HcClnro , Goo. Medlock , John
Burgess , Ben. Winslow , Patrick McGov
era , Jacob Hanck.
Boohmko tras a young man about 25
years of age , and nnmarrled , and for thi
past year had been In the grocery bus !
ness on Twelfth street. The deceased
has brothers In Sioux Olty , Iowa , and
Cleveland , Ohio , who have boon notified
of his sad death. The body will bo held
awaiting their arrival.
An Appeal For Heat and Kccremtlon
For the Milliners ,
To the Edltoi of the BSE.
The early closing movement Is a sub
ject that is agitating the millinery house ,
again. It will bo remember that about a
year ago all the millinery stores agreed t <
close , but It fulled to work for reasoni
best known to those who kept open zighl
along after signing their names to close.
A number of the leading houtos closed
any way right along through the dul
ceaion , although they will suffer loss If a
number of other houses keep open. There
Is not a shadow of excuse or reason for
keeping open after 7 o'clock. It Is a
well kuown fact that the millinery busi-
nets is done principally by ladles
and girls , and If there Is any
branch of business In which ladles
are engaged that employe and
employer nooda rest and recreation
It Is those engaged In the millinery bus !
ness. It Is a business that requires s
great deal of close attention and worry.
Some ono may say , "Why don't those
that want to close do so. " Well , that Is
good as far as It goes , but the trouble la
very few milliners can afford to leave
their customers go elsewhere , and that Is
the only reason why a number of houses
refute to close. They hops to catch some
trade that would go to those who are
cloeod. Some will cay that they bollovo
in letting everybody do just as they
please ; If they want to keep open all
light , lot them have that privilege ; whtlo
Dthera take a more common sense view of
the matter , and claim that if all In the .
bualnesa would close at a certain hour
ihero could certainly bo no loss to any
) no , but would bo more than repaid in
; ho needed rest and recreation.
It Is to bo hoped that If all the mil-
Inory stores will not close that some
itepi will ba taken by the ladles of
Jmaha to find out the parties who keep
> pen and urge upon them to close at an
jarly hcur. In New York city a great
nany stores close at noon every Satur-
lay , giving the employer and employe an
> pportunlty to visit the parks , etc , for -
; enoral recreation and now some of the
oidlng Christian pressed are urging the
inbllo to refuse or refrain from buying
; oods Saturday afternoons from parties
vho keep open. Why ahould not the
[ oed people of Omaha take this matter of
larly closing into comidoratlon and re-
Uio to buy goods after half past six
'clock and glvo their hired help certain
tftcrnoons for shopping. By this means
iarly closing could be brought about
factually. EARLY OLO.SINO.
L Compromise KtTecteil in the Bower
Tax Bull * , and the Coses Thrown
Out lit Court ,
Yesterday final cottlemont of the sewer
lasea pending In the district court and
FnUlco Andenon's court wai ducted.
Thirteen of those suits were pending
n the latter tribunal , repreionting the
Itigatlon of tax-piyer * In the various
lawer districts , Nos. 13 , 1C , 10 and 21 ,
n which there his been so muh trouble
luring tbo pist few months. Olty At
torney Connull , and the lawyers repre-
'outing the oltiziii litigants , appeared in
Judge Anderson's court this moruipg
tnd i ( reeled n settlement , the caita being
thrown ont * . The bails of settlement
v s the loadjaitmont of the levy made
> y the city council , and provides for a
reduction from the original coat of
o ittrucllcg the sovTorr , of 5 of the extra
: est cf making eu-fuo sewerage and
catch bastni. The cases In the district
count 30 In all ( all but five of which have
been settled yesterday ) were compromised
on the sam6 bails. The total tx which
the property owners have been fighting
was $72,000. Of the amount , according
to the terms of the agreement , about
$12,000 has been rebated , leaving the
tax-payers $00,000 to p y. This Is a
gratifying compromise , and will un
doubtedly save the city long and pos
sibly very costly litigation.
The County Convention to bo Held in
August ,
County Superintendent Brnner was
busy yesterday mailing the prospectus
circulars of the Douglai county teachers'
Institute , which convenes it * this" city
from August 10 to the 22i. The Insti
tute last year WAI a great success and It
la proposed to have the ono this year
meet fuller nnd higher roqniromontr.
Jas. B. Brnnor will act as conductor ,
while the Instructors are to bo Mrs. Jon-
nlo Koyaor , Air. A , A. Munroo and Mr.
Brunor ,
In the circular announcement Mi
Brnner soya : "It Is therefore hopoi
that all the teachers of thla county , am
others who expect to become aucb , wl
como prepared as willing receptacles t
become benefiitod by the exorcises of th
mooting , and exert themselves to thol
utmost to make It the most succeasfu
and profitable institnto Douglas count ;
over enjoyed. If sacrifices of tirno am
money are nocciaary , it la nothing mori
than members of other professions an
frequently called upon to make to ad
vance the varied interests they represent
and the teacher can least of all afford to
bo non-progrosslvo In this busy , bustlln
ago of progress and Improvement.
The teachers of this county are o
well remunerated for their services a
are these of any other count ,
iu the state and for tha
reason , If no other existed , should atrlv
to have , at least , as good an institute a
there is to bo found within the confine
of this commonwealth , and [ should In al
educational matters , keep fully abroai
with the spirit of the tlmoa and mnk
their influence for good bo felt.
Instructions in all the different sub
jects required to bo taught will bo given
by competent instructors , and method
will ba exemplified In the several roclta
tlona , so that all may receive the great
cat benefit.
"Tho county superintendent may , nl
Ills discretion , revoke the certificate , 01
refuse to grant a certificate , to any teacher
or who refuses to attend the county Inati
tute. "
A teachers examination will ba hold
on Saturday , August 15 and 22.
The Monthly Report of City Fhysl
clan Lciaemlnfj.
City Pbylaclan Leisenring has filed his
monthly report of the deaths In Juno ,
from which the following points ar
taken :
Deaths by suicide :
Cerebro spinal fovor.
Typho malarial and simple continued fe\era
Dlarrhccal diseases 1
Cancer :
Phthisis pulmonalls
Heart disease
Hydrocephalus J"
Meningitis tnd encephalitis '
Peritonitis ( not puerperal )
Angjnn pectoris 1
Accidental poisoning 1
Unknown 1
General dobllity 1
Old nge 1
Struck by lightning 1
Injury of spine and lungs 1
Total 40
Under 1 year 25
Between land 2 0
2and 3
3and 4 2
4and 6 1
20and25 3
25 and SO 3
SOund 35 1
10 and 45 3
45 nnd 50 2
50 and 55 3
3ver 70 1
? Irat ward 11
Second ward 13
Hiird ward 3
'ourtb ward C
rifth ward 7
iixth ward 6
.tales 35
females 11
Colored 1
Carried 10
llngle , . . . 35
VIdowod 1
Buried in IIolv Sepulclior cemetery , 8j in
'rospect Hill , 10 ; Laurel III11 , 3 ; Public 8j
iBrman Catholic , 3 ; Bohemian , 1 ; removed
rom the city , G ; unknown , 1 ,
Vhlte 80
Colored 2
total 82
-lale 34
remalo 48
Knndi adrertlitd ubioluUly r ° r *
PI o e ntcr > downon a bet itore nntll h t dth
mov0 tli coTtriuid Bmell. A chemUt will nol bt r * .
ulnd todottet U > * prwtnco or unmonU.
TS Hiii.Tiiri.-um ins NEVER tiitx ( JIEITIOSXO.
In n million home , for quarter or n century It bi
itood la consumer * * reliable tcet ,
uiciKS or
Dr , Price's ' Special Flavoring Extracts ,
Tb ilr f Mttuoil dtlldooi w d tuUral Btfor k ow , * 4
Dr , Price's Lupulln Yeast Gems
lor Light , IleUthj IJrtid.Tbo Beit Prllcp
Y , t In tb * World.
3HICACO. - , - - BT. MUlf
"l " t iinr TI | ' 1111
Ool , Gibbon Appointed to Bnocood
Oon , Augur At Fort LiOAVonwortb ,
Telegrams rooolfod at army hoadquar-
tera Wednesday afternoon announced the
promotion'bf Ool. John Gibbon , of the
Seventh Infantry and now stationed at
Fort'Liramlo to the command of Fort
Leavonwortb , vlco Brig. Gon. Angur who
will bo rollrod to-morrow.
Col. Gibbon la well known in Omaha ,
and greatly admired for his qualities both
as a man and n soldier. The news of hli
promotion la received with no small
pleasure , the moro that the honor la
thoroughly well deserved. By his pro *
motion Llont. Col. Morrlam , now of the
Second infantry becomes colonel of the
Seventh , while Maj. Fletcher , notr of
the Twenty-third , becomes lieutenant
colonel of the Second.
Col , Gibbon was a cadet at the United
States Military academy from September
1 , 1842 , to July 1 , 1847 , when ho was
gradutod and promoted In the army to
brevet second lieutenant Third artillery.
Bo served In the Mexican war and was
assigned to the position of second lieu
tenant Fourth artillery , In which position
ho afterwards served In the hostilities
with the Somlnolo Indians. In 1850 ho
received a promotion as first lieutenant
Fourth artillery , serving In various post *
tions nntll 1859 , when ho was commis
sioned ciptaln of the Fourth artillery.
He served durinc ; the war of the rebellion
fcom 1801 to 18GG , receiving 5 commis
sion in 18G2 as brigadier general United
States volunteers , serving for a tlmo as
chief cf artillery in Gon. McDowell's
division , and being thereafter breveted
major , lieutenant-colonel , colonelmajor-
general , both of United States volun
teers nnd United States army. Ho
was concerned in the capitulation
of Gen. Leo with the army of Northern
Virginia , being ono of the commissioners
to carry into effect the stipulations for
the surrender. Ho was mustered out of
volunteer service January 15 , 18GG , and
on December 1 , was placed in command
of Fort Kearney , colonel Thirty-
sixth infantry , which position ho held
until M&y,18G7thoreafter being stationed
at vatious points in the department of
the Platte and then Dakota. Ho has
been for the past few years stationed at
Fort Laramie as colonel of Seventh In
fantry. Col. Gibbon has been greatly
distinguished In numerous conflict ! ) with
the Indians In the department of
Dakota. He Is abravo soldlor , and well
quallGod to fill the distinguished position
which ho Is to acsnmo.
Smoke Seal of North Carolina To-
The young man McElroy , who was dis
covered a few days ago In a perishing
condition near Creston , was taken to the
homo of his father in Rlnggold county ,
whore ho was refused admittance by the
fatherly brnto , who refused to glvo his
own son shelter , alleging the nnfortunato
young man was 23 years old and his own
rhle powder noror virlai. A marvel ot purely
itrenfrth and nholosomenetl. llore eoonomlcil th n
be ordinary klntb.and cannot be sold In compel ! '
Ion with the multitude of loir test , abort weight
Jnm of phyachrto ponders. Bold only In c ni
FOHTIIE TnurnENT or iu
The largest Medical inotltuto Woat of
Mississippi River.
'Iftr rooms for the accomoilatlon ot pnttrnti. Tba
'hrtlclan and burgeon In clinrca of the Initltuto ) mi
ia BixU'en yean' oC Bucceetfuf practice , nncl Is aided
ijr aulitanta of rare eiperlcnce oa epeclallnti la
firlr rtrlous dopartmrnts.
WBIII roaCmcULiKon Deformities nil Brirei , niriui
aorwouKN , I'llei , Tumorii Canc n , CatarrlJi Droncltl <
li , Inhtlttlon , ElrctrleliT , riralrilt Kpllepi } , Kldoej- ,
; e , r.8kln and Blood Dlittnei Wdtafor
n FKivitr , BricIiL anil N > RTOCI DUeaiei , bcmlnal
i'etkneai , Spermatorrhoea. Srphllta * ( licet. Htrlcture , Varl *
ncelaanilall dl > oa ri of Ilia lrln ( r anil Reiual orcani
'MeitreatoilbjrcorreipontlenruorrnrkbnHlly Couddenttal
ledlelnenont bjmallor cipren xllhoul marki to Inijl.
ate contentl or lender , AilrpbM allUtltT * to
ItbtJtreetCorneroi CapitolArenue , . OUAII/ "
All admrthfmcntt in the tjiecial euluinnt utll
t charged at the rate vf 10 ctnti per line for the
I'rst iniertum , and 7 ctnti per line for each subit-
vent insertion : Xo aJvtrtiieinent mill le inserted
or leu than t ! tenti or the tint time.
Thete ailvertiitincnti vnll be inserted in both Horn-
nyand Kvtnlny JUitwtu , representing a circuit-
ion o/over Eiyht Thmuand , Thil clan of adver-
Itementt must jioiitively be paid in advance.
VfOMiv TO WIN At noce andwlthcut delavon
L l real e t 1e , Inlarreor euall im unit nn fine
otuit , Lranniuade a'unon coUt'lil' , cl-ftltcU or
ny SricJ Ktutlty , ircruvMr , qulilh aid rt Ibe
we't potBibla ret r. Ai | > lv it IhfOmiha Kman-
UI Kifliirgf , Iti8 Kairtmtt .uptl'ln Tflttt
L f ONBitoloin Initimi ; ) aoil up arJ on
> 1 Biat-olaw teal eaUte > ecnrlly. 1'ottor & Colib.
616F tnau > et _ _ _ _ 119-U
k I OMiTTOUJiN On Teal c U < o cunty in aij .
VI amount from lido to J2500. at renooable
ktcg of UUretit Nocommlatlo is rntigtd borrower.
. E. Mijne iiCo , B. W , Uor. Utb and Katnam.
6)3 July ! !
kJf unirl MONiTll IIOMTI II Monty to Loan On
> 1 chattel ucuilty by W. U. Croft , room I , With
ell bull llntf , K , K. corner 15tn and lUmey After
t n of eiperlenctt aid a careful etuJy of the bud
tea cf loinlnz money on pernonil pioperty , I have
tl t ftitftftii a ijitem wberchy the publloltu
suil In iuci > CMOJ U done w y withuid I am nol
In ft petition to meet the demands of til ho beooma
temporarily embammtd tnd dcalre to nli money
without delay ami In ft qalcl manner , flousettrn *
era , profcMlonal gentlemen , mechanloa and otben In
thli dty can obtain adrtnccs from $10 to $1,000 on
luch ecurlty la. honnheld tnrnlture , plancx , ma
chinery , bert , w oni ( , warehouse receipt * , cocur-
td Dotes of hand , eto. . without remorlnfr aama from
owneri retldenoa or plao of buitnem. On * I th *
advantage * I ofler U that anyp r ol any loan can
b paid at any time which will reduce the Interest
pro rota and alllosnj renewed at the original ratM
of Interest. I bars no broken In connection with
my offloc , but pcnonallyiuperlntcrid all my loin * ,
t hare private oulcej conneotrd with my genera !
ofboo N that cnitoreera do not come In contact with
each other , consequently tcaklrR all transactlom
itrictly pili ato. W. It. Croft , room i , Wlthnell
building , N. K. cor. 16th and Harney. 693-Jly-S5
VTOKET LOANED at a F. Heed AtCo's. Loan offlc
IfJ. on furniture , pianos , hortot , waroni , personal
property ot all kind ) and all otha mtlcles of value ,
irlthout remrTikl. Over lit NatldnaJ Bankcorner 18th
tnd Farnam. All butlneet itrlotly oonfldentlat
720 If
JMfONKV To loan on chattels , Woolley A Harrlton ,
'VI ' Room SO , Omaha National bank building
It/rONKY / TO LOAN On teal estate and chattel !
LV1 D. L Thomas. 722tf.
K/fONBT / Loaned on chattels , cut ratt , R. n
llltlokeU Dought and ( old. A. Fornun.SIS S , 18th Bl
MONET TO LOAN In lams of t-SOOand upward.
O , T. Davli and Co. , Beat Ettalt and Loan
Idtnts , U08 raroam St. ' 721 If
W 'ASitn-Qltl at S. K. cor. 17thandLcavenwcrtb.
T strt' eiltlto doeencral hotisoirotk. lira T.
M. Orr , 618 I'loatunt Ht. 609-10
-Fcmalo cook at City Hotel.
010 10p
WAMi-n A good girl for general bouse notk ,
OS if. 10th St. 031 0p
ITJINTKI ) A kitchen gill ; geol wages. Call nt
> 1911 Wtl'stcrSt. ' PSMOP
WANTKD A gltl for K"iernl hou'onorkln ' ahtnl *
ly of thrco , 110 8. * 4th t. 002l l >
WjtNTKD-n pool female tooVn ; H Qormiii ( 'lils
fur private families ; ( ; oed Hi > i"fH ; call at nine ,
1110 Kntnam street _ 837tf
WANTitn A woman for iren'rnl Imiisownrk , and
In milk n ww. Mis. Wattx , , Soyl'leasant St.
f 05-1 Op
W Asir.D Gltl In em nil family , 1013 Chicago St.
89t yp
WANTID A competent Qorman or Arcorlctn Rlil
for ( terr-ral housoirork ; mustb a coed laun
dress ; f mall family , 421 Content St , bet Ht. ifarv'a
A\c. and llarncy at. 876-0
TJl/'ASTUD A peed woman cook , Southern hotel ,
TT cor. OthandLcaNcnnorth 03-9p
Wi A girl fcr general housework , 1015 Cap-
8'2-ip ;
W AMr.D A good woman cook at 1011 Dodge St ,
Wi T o girls at Dorau House , 013 Farnam
street. 745tf
LiDTAOKNis No\oltlc3 In ladloa' and
chllilrcns' wear. Over 40 now designs Noth-
Ilko them Sell rs fast as shown O\er 1,000
agents nako $700 monthly. Address with stamp.
G. II. Campbell & Co. , 0 South llay stio&t , Chicago.
TTT ANTiiD Qoodclrlafor hotels , private families ;
VT kite ) en and laundry * oik. Call at Omaha Em
ployment Lurcan , lliO Faruam tt. 317-tf
TT7ASTKD Three oipoiler.cod women canvassers ,
W 6 per da } , guaranteed ; room 7 , Ilodick block.
WANTIO First-olata dining room girl at the Met
ropolitan hotel ; none otnor need apply. 824-tl
WAMKD A. gnod feeder on a cjllndcr pr < B < rail
this mnriilinat Omaha Lltbugnph Co. 110 and
IH 14th street.
TITAVTKC Young mill 18 to 20 yctra of age to
VV work In store andtako tare of horse. Omaha
3c etore , 1209 Farnam St. 025 0
WAhTiD A gents fo' city anil country ; bint bell
ing article in the land ; Hirnll capital required ,
rail at 018 13th Bt. J. Holclierg. S01-fy
A aiLSTSWANTKD. Address St. Loula Hcctrio Lamp
XXCo , St Loula for Circular , cuts and terms of the
candle power atarah Xlootrlc Lam p. Sll-JlylZ
WAMKD A flretclasa wood turn-r. Address or
apply it once to Neb. Planing Mill Co. , Cur.
th and O streets , Lincoln ,
W 'ANTED A good baker , 1107 Chicago St.
5030 ] )
WAfiTBD a. Qitt < h 3 baker at the York Bakery ,
Tork , York county. NU > . ; ? oed roferenccH re-
Ircd. Adilrca.-i Smith d. IJnceshaw , York. York
cuiity , Ntl ) . 823-llp
ANTID Three A No. 1 trardin men for Iowa.
Call at once on Jobl n & Satkott , 1509 farnam
fAS-ND ! Second cook and dishwasher at Maus1
roetiuiant , Douglu St. , hot. 16th and lOta.
T'ANiFU \ man anJ wlfoto run a milk cUlry. D.
L. Thomas & Ilro. Cro'ithtoi ' block. 843 tf
WAMPD-A flraccjass btller maker ; ono teat Is
capable of taking c ) a ge cf shop Steady cm
iloymcnt nlllboglTin. MOLO but at her and tern
lerate men need app'y. Fremont Fouodry & Ua-
bine Co. , Fremont , Ntb 821-10
WANTPD * gent > In evtry county to tollclt for
the Mutual BercQt ft Delation cf OmkhaNob.
; all on or address Otto Lubtck , Secretary and Oen.
ralUaniger , 1222 Farnam atreot. 718augl
riTANtii ) Work by ayouuzfellow , will anl can
TT do most nj thing. Addreai II. 0. lioo Ofllce.
fTTAMKn By a ycung man of first class huilness
VV ability and boat of icferanc-a , a | 0)ltlon In a
letiantlle house. O. if. Ilee Office. Oi2.13p
D Iiy youiiK man from old ccuiitry , well
educated , employment ; will'iiton.aao ' blmsilf
aeful la any opacity. Apply L. , Bee Olllte.
n/ A TBD A potltlon ai organist by a young gen-
TT ( Ionian with ttrtojeara experience ; references.
unite a , Organist. lifoolllo" . B12-10p
niTANTKB To tr do a road cirt for a Ureo sizs
VV pony that will go single. Address W. D. flee
( lice. filS-llp
(7ANTKD Every ady In need ol a sowing m -
V cblne , to eee the new Improved American No.
F. E. Hodman & Co. agents ; 220 N loth. 83011
7V3RBRW House with 3 rooms 4th and Walnut
? bt. Inqu'ro ' li. ti U. Land office & 20 S 18th Ht.
7'OR RUM Seven room oottage , goel [ option. In-
L1 quire C'maba Barbed Wire Co. (2111 i
Hoiisj ot 8 rooTB , modem Improvr-
J mints , den laMi , fJO. Uulluu IlrCH , 317 H. 18th
t. BOO U
T Nuwei'nu'e , full lot , 4 room ) , a nice
? home , ? 14. FiUlou II CB , 317 8 ISth St.
you BUM Ilouioof B reciTS , ! 40 CblciL'o St,2
L1 blocui frcm car lice ; HID lucillon. Inquire next
oor. , 878-Op
rpoitEEST llrlck bcni o 10 rmiH COSH St. , her.
H 14thundl5th ; 4ap raontb. C. F. MajnefcCo. , D
1th and Kainam. rOj 13 t
7 < OR RUST A flrsSclam cottage , wi-h good larga
f lu'iuwllliolnrnniiiiiiir abotrt Oc'olur " > t. In- i
ulio at KJtiolai & : KrlckH n' , opp f > . O. SOOtf i
TtOB nrsT House of nine rooms , w th birn. Cild i
j well and Gauaderd eta , Inquire 1700 Jackson St.
788-llp i
70R BIKT A new cottage of 4 rooms , kitchen , o'a- , '
J tein , etc , Chicago Kt. , toulli ilde.llrit bouie
eat frnm ! 5th St. Inquire on promUes bit. 0 and 8
clock any evening. Thoa McUotern. 8CI-18p
7'OR BINT A tttble for U horeoa one blook eouth
- of tfco U. P. depot. Inquire of U. Ice , grocer ,
12 Lojvenworth. 734tf
ITOBII'OBBBST fllBS. 10th Bt. Inqulic UW Jackl
5aon it. 7o9tt
70S RENT Will rent furnlahed residence- for two
1 mouths , No 420 N , 13th at. Oood references re.
ilrod. Apr/ly on premUiu. 801-9
i oasaXT Cottage t roomi , houae 10 looma. J.
1'hlppl Roe , Seward and Campbell SSl-tf
7'OR HUNT In Nebraska National bank building !
1 tl'fitlbor , one Hulte of two rooan laUly occupltd
Greene A Ureckcnrltfgr , tcond tlojr , one la'
m. Apply at bank , -015.VO
7 < oii IKVT One wtll fu nlnhexl ruam for t i > gcu *
Mltmeii , In Itediot'u Muck. Inquire loom 2 or at
K. llutnctfh18 Hth Et. 9S1-1C1 -
roR RUNT > lee nt ne Iy furnished r"omi 10 ft
Cai.ltil avenue , lulh iuomgaa ; nohllli tocliu b.
,914 , 10 ?
J'OR EK.HT One lolte ot raouu , new furniture
1 eoutheastand weit cxoaure6 | ; mlcutti Inel
klk from 1' , 0. 1810 California. 8C3-9p
4 , coodfuinlihtd room for J3 to Slo per
month. Addrctu K N. C. Ilee Ollice. 917-tf
OnrxT-l-'urnUbcJrooma , Hr l bonio weit cf !
f Uenliotllcton Ilainiy St. 90S-Cp !
"IjV ) RUST A large furnl h d Iront room ISIS
JL1 aouthirest corner Hth and Jonea St , 814-llp
TtT'ASTun 'A ( tilt nf two ot ihtM funillhcJ room ) ,
TT nearbiulnest , by July l' > tb , Addrtsf , statin *
term > . J , U , F. , Rtpubllcin oHlr . OlMSp
FOR BIST Nlcoly furnished rooms , S209 Dodge.
FOR RUNT FuriiUhed tmm 1201 IIonard street
8 7-10p
loii 11 KXXT Nlwly furnshnl front loom at H12
Howard 8f. 8JS-14 |
U10R * * Roe m with board for two gentlemen In
pthate family , 1C1S Capitol Ave. ? 03-lSp
T Two nlco rejoins on _ ( Oth St. , ncirSU
M\rt' Avc. Inquire BW cor. 16th and Dodge St.
OR RIWT FurnUhcd rooms 18CP Farnam St
537 24p
-Suttt of rooms , 1011 California 8L
RIM Furnished front loom , 1309 Cajillol Av.
OR RUT UntiiMiUhfd rooms In Bcemei'8 block
It Cor. Stn and Howard. 8Xlf
Ipon RUNT Furnished room ) for light houieeplng ,
In Bccmcr'i block , Cor 8th and Howard 79911
FCR RKIT Furnlthcd frml room , with bar win-
dow. In a brick home , 80S N. 17th St.
IpOR RMT Largo handsomely fnrn ! < hed roomi ,
' . lnnlo or cn-iulte ; excellent board , 1718 Dodge.
765t (
FOR HRVT With board , nicely furniihcd south
room , with uie of parlor ) also gap , and bath , 1409
Jones St. 8 8-tf
F IOR RKNT-rioiaant room furnlahed , 1423 Howard
81. 42Mf
TTVJRRKVT Juno 25th , two oonnected rooms with
JTJ board ; front room , south-owt. 1914 Webster.
S37-ly ] 18p
FOR RRtT A frrnt room with bay window ; modern
Improvements , suitable for S gentlemen , South.
cait corner 19th and Karnam St. 480 tf
70R BKNT Two elegant 0Dices In Busnmann'a block.
j S9J.U
FOR nnsT-Kurnlthtd rooms , 1810 Dodge street.
! P3-July
TjVR RUNT For mnnufao'urlng purnoaoa or hall ,
JD Urge room 44x75 , SdHoor , No. 110 S. 14th tt. ,
enquire at 1409 Dodge tt. A. J. SluiDSoa ,
j'OR RitsT-Centrally located furnUntd rooms at
? ea eolith 16th St _ 713-tl
I OR RUN T FurnUliO'iTarRofront foom with alcove
L1 grate bath , cto. , 1710 CMS street. 715-tf
F OR RUNT Ltrgo front room on Hrat floor with o'
with board ; inquire > t 1901 farnam St
RuO o K iui.iauit I n BUUIIU I At > pi
M t es Hotel. 718-lf
F on s LR IBOncro farm York Co. , Neb. v. Tf
llattlB , Yt rk Nnh. _ S37jllSp
TTloRSALit A D U acrostojk and grain farm , all Im-
I ; proved ; four hours'rldo from the Omaha Stojk
Yards ; BCen miles from the city cf Frtmnr.t ; two
railroad within throe miles ; 300 acios under plow ,
the ro't In pasture ; board fence , running stream
through pacturo ; house with ton rooms ; will beauld
ohenplf sold tmmodlatclr ; on terms to suit. For
further particulars Inquire of Goo. C. Grodfrey , Fre-
mont. Neb 7l8Jutv31
m o or 4 lot' Marlcn Placcwll ; | trade for rcsldecco
JLandpay dlfferoccoin cash. W. II. Green , tncr
1-t National IUnk , 79Jtf
TT'ORBAI.B S3 feet onCumlng between 19th and 20th
JD with house , 82.700. Bedford & Soucr. 717-tf
FOR BAtK Ono cottnge3room , Hummer kllchcn ,
well and Hlabl' . on 3d aul Wisuer win , on leaned
ground II. Echullz. 888 Op
TTtORBALK CcilrnMa balllot , house 4 ronnn , near
JD tarsimd school , $1,000 ; ca y p\iyments. Hallou
Bre 8. , 317 S 13th a roet. 03-14
F OR SALK-A bargain Cottage home near street ,
cars , $14CO. Ballou Bres.,317 S ISlhst 899-14
FOR BALK Beautiful tightly lots , North Omaha , 2
blucka from street cars , $400 and $459 each 9iO
down , balance 1 , 2 and 3 3 ears Thuso arc grot bar
gains. No liner lots can be bought In the city C. E.
Majno & Ca , , S. W. cor. 15th and Farnain. 833-11
F OR BALI-A good lot KK150 , east front , shade
trees , Sblooka from Hanacom Park ; will tell on
email monthly mjments and small payment down ,
Address D. D. , Bee office. 7C8 9p
FOR 3 ILK 6(3 ( feet on Farnam novr Oth ; also Iota
In Highland Placa and Jerome Park , on ca.-y
terms. luttle b Allison , 211 south 13th at
349-jly 15
C. 2 lots , 88 x 140 feet on Karnam street ,
-P aouth front , elegant loottlon , must be Bold. W.
n. Green , over 1st National Bank. 6C9 tf
TOR SALR targo house , nenly built , 9 rooms , all
J ? modern Improvements with i ot , at 1716 Cftss I j
9t ; Inquire at premises. 727tf
TT'OBBAiR. 160 Itet front en Virginia aronue , ono
J ? block from head of St Miry's ava. 3,630 for
ill , or 81,800 for half. W. U. Urecn , over lit Na
tional Bank. 610 tf
rR SALK Corner lot. east front , to x 140 feet ,
ono block from Park avenue. 81,600. W. H.
BOD , o > er 1st National Bonk. 11I i
FOR HALr.-F rtr Inta for Bale on Burt and ( Turnings
between ! Bth and Slat cheap , Inalde property
edford & Souer. 729 tf
FORSti.H C113 good driving horeo ii1 leather top
phaeton , harness etc. IJcrae la Mud and can be
Irtven by a lady. Addreai P. 0. Box 277 , iky
Oil lip
FOR BAIKOR RRM A Hsoond hand Knabs Pltno ;
also n two Hfated wagon , cncap. Apply to 8.
racotH , 1118 Fainam St. p .
T. OR BALI ! Horho and H agon , cheap. Inquire 1318 - ,
L1 f a'liatn street. 8800
FORHALK A Hccmul handpbaoton at A. J. Klmp- L
Muls.HOODui Ht. 890-ldii
PR HAt.K Restaurant and bakery In the city of
Lincoln , at 1235 Ottrcet , a two yoatlcito on a
; oed brick bu Idln. A complete bakery In every ro > '
ipect , with a good wogon , good route anJ a ( list-
lips rcitiutant trwJo. Ooodreosona for selling , J.
E. Crook , 12350 etroet , Lincoln , 1
8 5-lfK
HAI.K Boiler and online , 20horaepowcr boiler -
FOR engine , In good running order ; want to seller
or the reason that tbpy ard not large enough for
ho now machinery which wo will put Into our row
mlldlng onUarny St. Clarke Broa. & Co. , 1403
) ouglaa8t. t'47tt
FOR 8ALK-Steam flour mill ; capacity 120 bble. per
daj ; elevator capacity , 20.0CO bushels ; good track
cllltles ; only mill In Omaha , Will ro'l or trade for
nd , 810,000. VT. II. Green , over Jat National Bank ,
TTorRlJiTHBS-For tale , the rratorUl of a flist cliB
1 job a' d newepaper office. Addrots John N Hani-
ir , Pawnee City , Neb , 779-10
PVm aaLB A good piano , cheap , lira. A. Calder-
L1 wood , laiQ California bt 712-tf
A LWATB on hand at a bargain , Nn 1 eecond hand
t\ . carriage phaeton and aide barbugglea ; alga urn.
ircllas and uunshades , at 14W-1411 Dodge Ht.
fTiOR LHAga Best unoooupled ground In the ty for
D warehouse house , 87 feet front on Loavenworth ,
lorth bet 10th and lltb.wUl lease for 99 years. lied-
ord& Souer , 73J-U
s At a sacrifice , a new dwelllui ; cf ton
L' ' rooms , lurc-i birn , two full lotr , 8 blocks from
ticttcnrt ; will bo sold thoap on IODK time. If you
i ant a nice place at a Ijirsain this li a chance O.K.
Iiino4 ; Co. , H. W ocr , 15th and Farnam , 682 H
[ 701 BiLK-On it cctor line , good lot * In tbolci
U nelghliorbco I , at icf > 0 to t'j'jd each , on easy
crms. Ames , lf)07 ) Farnam , 920 It
ITARion PLici 0 good lots In thla addition with-
11 In 8 blocks of street cars , can be had on easy
arms. W II Green , over lit Nat'l Bank. 827-tf
710B HiLK SlgO ; seven year eld herat , harpees and
; top burgy : horeo has been used aa a family borae 60
ud UrtrfictlvHife.
ga0lot ; < G > I7K , InMlllard & . Caldncll's addition ;
2CO cub acd 2 J cits' tin o on balance.
? VOOOveacrceon ; Siundoraet. , and large house
nd barn. A very large bargain for tome one.
$ ) , ? ! o ; Two eturjf d ellli g on full lot , on car line , In
J5.800 ; a 7 room bouaaon lot 89x180 ; good barn , 111
nd a very complete place , on easy terms ; 1 block
om oar ilnf , 5
ICO ft oa I'cppIctOQ ATO. , only ? bllci from car line ,
ad ncir the park ; f7CO cath and itOiier mooth. (01 (
$ ( ,000 ; new o room bouie on full lot , one block faift
om Maunders it. , and ono block from green line ft .
in ; good barn and u nice home for BOUJO one.
Loti In Klrlewood to tell cr leave.
li.SCC ; full lot on Capitol Hill addition.
68x56.ouN. 19thitultb3 fcouioi u ar depot , at U
bargain ,
] 6'i ' feet on Ktrnam , near court liou'f. M F , Beari.
U. K , Bears , Williams lllock , 16th aud Uod < a Bt.
Bietf _ _ _ _ I'd
/OR BAH Corner 27th and Farnim , CC\137 , for I'dI
1 JS.tOO , terma very cat- . I'dC
22 feet on Fgrnun , let. 10th and 10th ; clinip. C.
. Maj ne & 0) . , 16th and rarnam. 879 9 C
iVB ) sitH-Corner lot 75x140 , In centtr of townex- ag
' ottlent plic fur four t'-oo cottages ; would gito a agI
; t leuUl bf WO per jear : a ret Income nf 17J r r I
mt on ti e luvoitU3 nt at d will Increaae 10 per cent agC
tr year In xlllig value , 91,000. J , tc.lliloy A. Co.
for "alo r o fits on dong'a ' Are ,1 blook touth C
Leaven worth Hlvery ; Uedrable ioilJ rce property ,
129 each. J , K. Ml y 4 : Co , , SIS U , ISth fit ,
ForSata-Kight lots on Virginia Ave , S Moclm
Muthof LcarenworthaL , east front IS 0 to JSO
each , deilraMerctldenoe prti < rtr. J. K. Kllcyll Co. ,
lisa 18th 81.
For fal One lot facing on Hanscom Park near
malnen'rano ' ; bcatlfnl location for rraldoooe , l > 50 ,
J. B. Rlley & Uo. , IIS S. 13th St
ForSale Faroametre t iropertyntar new court a bargnln. J. E. Itfley li ejo.,315 S. ISth 8t ,
For SaleFaroam street block , rents for $3000 ,
price $25.000 , naj terms.
For Sale-Corner tot In blook on rrd itr t oar
line , $90thli ; la i > oilllTily a bargain. J. R. Itlleyft
Co , 21ft d , ISlli St
For Sale Nlr.o'efn lota on Curctrc * and Butt , 4
Mo V tram milltity bridge. J. K , Kfler k Co. . i5
8.18th fit
Kor Hale Klth'coi ' to' * on Vlntcn St between
17th and ISthSt , fiOU : > eiOOO each ; there are bar
gains In ttftldenro and biulneca property among
thesn. They ate only OLD blecx ircin Isth streoi
ear line ; terms rasy.
We desire to state to oar patrons that we trend
no time nor printer's Ink on high ptlced property ,
nut can vouch lor the reasonableness In price ot all
above " rnebtloncj. J. K. Illler k Co. , 216 B. ISth Bt.
ITVIRBAU Nice lots on wtt Farnam , Dotlgo ami
JL Dnv enport ata. , $300 to $ .1M per lot Ames. 1507
Fo * BAU-By Hamlln & Blown , 311 a Utll SL
Hotiss mid lot In South Omaha , neat end ISth
street car line ; $1 150.
IIolH ) and S lo'H In Couth Omatn.J,103.
Uoass and lot t < n CallfornU t , $ SCOJ.
Lots In Hh'nn'R ' a'ddltloii.
Fa-mlflO acres In NemabA count ) , will excbongo
for inerchnml sf.
Three farms In Otos etMintj near S ractue.
taud In S'anton eiuinty.
For rent 0 loom cottage on Lcnvrnworth street ,
KijtiveHflom op-m himijffl ; pr month.
HIII'H ciJIecttil , ta H paid , money Untied oil
longtime. Hanlln&IIrJwn.Sllailth st t > 3911
TTOR oAMi-In Fprlng Hill , handsome hti at 11(0 to
I ? $100 ; l.'i down , SJnmonth , six per cent Interest.
Ames , 1537 Farnam. 020 li
IpOR 1 HAWS Two ttory brl'k houe , corner lot
splendid view , two blocks from street cvrn.
Shlnn'a addition (3,100. ? 5fO down and ? ! 5 per
nunth. C. K. Maj no & Co. , 8. W. cor. 15th and
Farnam 881-17
Tj iota en and near Park Avc. , at $1,100
toSl.tOO , caiytcrmi Ames , 1507 Fn.nam.
FOB BUM Cottage 6 rooms , Davonpott near i5th
St , 818.
llrlck homo , 0 roomi , Ehlnu's addition , $25.
Two nowttorng an 10th Ht. 0 K. Majno & Co. , S.
W. cor. Uth ami Karona ) . 8S041
PV1R8AI.K-Splendid subtirbio aero lots at JIM ) to
? 20J. Ames , 1K07 Faumin. 8fQ 14
FOR RRNT 0 room homo and good barn on green
car Hne > , ll2 per month.
For rent 11 room house and largo barn on led line ,
(50 per month ,
$3EOO 22xS2 , on Dodge ; and brlok building.
Lot 44x120 and 3 fltorj brick blook on Dodge St , , a
a bargain.
132 feet on K 10th to leaio f o : a term of ) oars.
80 feetforsilo nn Farnam.
100 feet for Palo on Farnttn.
44 feet far silo on Farnim.
Llicry for sale , oho p , good trade and will par
from the Mart. If. F. Bears , Williams blook , 16 th
and Dojgo 8t 407-tf
I7oRSttK 03 lots with lOmlnntoi uslk of Han-
f team park , nt § 175 to 8J50 p r lot ; small p i-
mcnts down , lotg tlmo on balania. Ames , 1B07
Farnam. D 0-14
FORSAM ! Kcar Hansrom 1'ark , nleo lets at
8550 to S3Mo ch ; 1-3 down , long tlmo on lal-
aace. Amos. lr > 07 Farnam. 020 14
F IOR SALS 100il49 feet on P. 16thSt. , house 4
? roomr , 8 ' ,200 ; monthly payments.
Full lot. sma'l house , b autlful location , S. 12th
St. , 81.80J. $10 down and monthly pavmsnts. 0 K.
Hano & Co. , 15th and Farnam , 878 11
OR BALK Acre lots within SO minutes drhofrom
Of on house , at 8150 to $ .00 per c c An > e > p , 151.7 .
Farnim. 92014
TjVm BALK. A full corner lot , two MOCKS vest of
J ? rod car line $550. Thla Is positively bargain.
J. E. Illloy & Co. , t6 1. 13th Ht.
For8alo-Lot 50x1(0 , 22d St , near Once , ? < JOO.
This is also a bargain. J. K. Illloy & Co.,215 S 13th st
For Sale Three Iota 60x140 , south front. 4 blocks
from street carp $350 each ; bargains. J. E. luley &
For Bale Two lots on Georgia av.Rodlok's.add.oast
rront , no grading , near Farriam , 75x140 (2000 each ,
thosa are rowonablo. J. E. Rlley & Co,215 8 13th St.
ForSalo Nine lots on Virginia ve. , $800 to $950
each. J. B. Rlloy & Co , 16 813th st
For Solo Ten lota onCumlng et. , and nlno on
Burt st , four blocks from military bridge. J. E. IU-
ForSalo Eighteen lots on Vlnton Bt , ono blook
from terminus 13th street car line. Positively cheap ,
r. E. Hll JSi Co. , 216 S 13th tt
Wo dcslro to say to our patrons thtt In the aboro
1st we can glvo assurance ot safe and proQta bio In-
fcatmsnt. Wo also eave property In almost every
luarterof the city worthy of Imettlgitlon.
J. E. BILKS" & CO. , 816 S 13th at.
" 8fl-tf
PORHAU ! Choice roeidemcol In dcs'rablu location !
I ? at rcisanablo prices and easy terms. Arris , U > 07
rarnam. 010-14
I710R BALE Two great btrgalns on Lcavcnworth St. ,
D one is ISlilS ? feet with house , 12(00 ; very cosy
orni ! , and the other 03x127 feet with house , $2,500 ,
ary terms. C. E , Maj no & Co. , 15ih and Farnam.
r7V > RSAtBonRiNT-Flourlrjmil nnd electoral-
D tachcd for hniHllop cra'n ; lonitfd at Ealictm ,
cmiba Co. , Koii'n. : Uent Aheataiid corn crowing
ntlon In Northern K&nitt. Apply to O. T. Hub *
n-d , Illa atba , Km 020-Op
fTtOK HALS A hil' Intcrott 1 a Bet of abstract
L bDols of DougU ] cJiu.ty , tlout ono hilf coin-
htcd , Iliceo banlex are In tha litut Improved
lothodandare le'laclo. AJdreal L. 0 , lleeollloo.
rji'siMisscllAKCB-About $500 will buy an catab-
Dllsbed Luslnosa , together with Itatc for ono jear
f building. Tills Iu a good baigain for some ono
.ddresj b. P. , ltc offloo. 818tt
FOR BALK A half partuerihlp In a good paying
buslniH > ; culya small capital required. Addrcsj
, Dee oCDco. 703 Op
| "Vj ExciiANOi ! . $8,000 stock of bran now hard-
L ware , direct fiorn the factory , for good Nebraska
r Iowa land.
For Bile Cheap and beautiful lota Illmebaugh and
'atteraon'u Uub-dlv laion , two mllea from city at 8150
nd$200 each.onmonthlypaymentsof 16 and$10. Per-
Dm huj lag bore will bo assisted to build right away
To rent Four iptandhl offlci-s.
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