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Friday Morning , July 10 ,
iBUEScnirrioN BATES ,
. - - - . - SO oenta p week
Br Mall | - - - - - (10.00 p l yeai
Heller , morclmnt tailor , for Cno goods.
Eighteen prisoners in the county j ll.
Great aalo of shootings at Cocko &
4' Soati at Foster's drag store for Stevens
concert ,
The city council la to have another meetIng -
Ing to-night.
Don't fail to hoar Misses Stevens
Oliver and Morcal.
If yon doslra something rich in music
attend the opera house July 14th.
Axel Christiansen , a clerk in Elstnan ,
lloddn & company's , has had a tumor
taken out of his neck.
L. Vordan has opened his jewelry store
at No. 531 Main street , In the etoro for
merly occnylod by L. F. Bookhoff.
Great snlo of muslins at Oocko &
The many friends of Frank 0. Novell
will bo pained to learn of the death of hla
youngest child , Gordon , which occurred
at Minneapolis on the Gth.
Clearance sale of parasols at Gecko &
The ntms reached this city yesterday
of the death of Mayor Tom Lodwlcb , of
Harlan , who lias boon at Oolfax Springs
for his health , and who died there on
Tuesday night.
At the residence of the Rev. D. H.
Oooloy , No. 720 Seventh ntroot , this
evening , a Baptist sociable will take
place , to which members of all other
denominations are Invited.
Ono enterprising citizen was soon yes
terday taking a door to a shop to have a
glass put In it , It having boon accidentally
broken , and it never occurring to him to
take the measurement , or send a man up
to the house to put it in.
The Rescue company got out yesterday
to do a little street sprinkling and suc
ceeded In bursting fonr lengths of hose ,
either the hose Is too poor or the water
works too good , probably the former. *
The cause of the further postponement
of the decision in the Aylosworth-Loof-
bonrow judicial contest is that Judge
McHonry has been too busy to road np
the evidence , and moro time woo granted
The Druids are now located In their
now hall , which they have fitted up in
Tory attractive and convenient shape , it
being located in the building , corner of
Broadway and Main streets , ever the
express offices.
'William Forrest Patton Is said to have
relinquished all claims to the appoint
ment of consul to Singapore , and to now
have hla hopes pointed to a position as
railway postal clerk. There might bo
worse men appointed.
Tickets are now on sale at the nnlon
ticket office , No. 507 Broadway , ever all
lines , for the national toaonora' associa
tion , which meets In Saratoga , N. Y.
The tickets will be on sale until July 15 ,
Inclusive , good to return on until August
31 , the round trip being $40.30.
Wells Cook has accepted the position
of general agent at largo , of the "safety
fund system" of the Hartford life and
annuity Insurance company of Hartford ,
Oonn. , and will locate the Oouncll Bluffs
branch of the western department at
No. 22 Pearl street.
The party given by Mr. and Mrs.
Georga Koollno jr. , at their residence on
Park avenue was an elegant affair and
enjoyable to all who. participated. The
grounds were brilliantly Illuminated , a
large platform erected for dancing , and
all other needfuls supplied for a happy
gathering of friends.
The Rav. Mr. Rogers has kindly con
sented to glvo a lecture on the ancient
tabernacle at the Young Men's Christian
association hall to-night , which will
doubtless bo very Instructive. Ho has a
miniature tabeinaolo which will bo setup
up so all may too as ho describes. It is
hopjd that a largo number of persons
will bo present. Admission free , and all
are Invited.
In the proposed cutting down of the
fire department , it Is reported that the
veteran Sam Morrlcon Is to bo lot out.
Ho ban been with the department for
years , and is ono of the trustiest and best
men , and it will bo a great loaa to the of
footivenees of the service to have him go.
It seems that there are tovoral men who
could bo moro easily dispensed with.
Complaint has been made that there
liava been lewd characters frequenting
the driving park after dark , and Mr.
Slater , who has the grounds In charge ,
has got tired of warning them away , and
so night before last ho called on the po
lice and had three women arrested , two
being white and ono colored. One white
man found In too close contact with the
wartby maiden wai fined about thirty
Obase , of the Atlantic Democrat , Is
hot , and hU many friends are hot , about
the appointment of Childi as poatuuster
there , It being generally conceded that
Chute has done enough hard work for
the patty to entitle him to this much of a
plum. The Democrat claims that the ap
pointment of Chlldt his caused a eplit iu
the democracy of Oats county , the rank ,
being now disorganized and broken , and
all nut of heart ,
There are a number of witnesses bore
from Shelby on A oiso being hoard before
Captain lllght , ta referee , it being f unit I-
hrly known as tbo Collins cssa. Oolllui ,
who was a widower , mairioi a lady
named Conn , and before marriigo a con
tract wis entered into by which Collins
agreed to give her a good homo In her
own name , and In consideration of this
she resigned all claims to his citato
which was qulto largo. Collins died be
fore fulfilling his part of the agreement
and in the administration of the estate
trouble has arisen.
Walter Allen , the boy who was como
time ago given some notoriety as causing
the death of his play-mate , young Mono
was arrested igtin yesterday on another
charge of showing too little regard for the
lives and limbs of other children , This
time it Is said that ho caused qulto a so
yore wound to the leg of a little glr
Darned Styors , the child of a neighbor o :
the Aliens' . The boy v-fts released on
bonds , and the matter may fall qulotly
out of court , 03 did the Morse affair. I
acorns that something should bo done In
such cues , oven If the alleged offender Is
only a boy. Boys oren can be raado to
p y moro respect to the rights and feel
ings of their school-mates , If offenses are
pnnlthod instead of being passed ever on
the plea of youth.
Road Jndd & Smith's offer of $1,000
reward in another oolnmn.
Hanthorn soils wood at his feed store.
Bogus Notes Heine Sent Into Various
Parts of low * Tor Collection ,
There appears to have been an oiton
sivo Bohemo attempted to squeeze money
out of Iowa business men in various parts
of the state , notes turning np at different
cities for collection , the endorsers of
which are being called on to pay. The
revelations made at OUumyra Illustrate
probably the way in which different parts
} f the state have boon worked. There ,
some two or three years ago , a well ,
dressed , smooth-talking fellowclaimlng to
roproaent a commercial agency , inter
viewed the business men and secured
From them property statements ever
iholr own signatures. It appears that
iftorwarda a few moro lines were printed
between this property statement and the
signature , making the endorsement of a
note which was printed on the other side
of the statement and filled out with
namoa. It Is said that various cltlea In
this state have been thus worked , and
that a largo amount of this fradnlent
paper is on the market , and that the at
tempt to collect it Is just beginning. It
s not thought the scheme will work , al-
hough some may bo Indnced to settle
rather than fight It In court.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing
between J. 0. Gertpacher and George
Gerspaoher , Is this day dissolved by mut
ual consent. The business will be con
tinued by J. C. Qerapaohor , at the old
stand. All bills duo the firm , or by the
5rm , will bo settled by J. 0. Gerspscher.
Personal bills will be settled by the In
dividual contracting.J.
COUNCIL BLOFFS , July 8,1885.
A Place for Young Men.
Probably there are many persona in
; ho city who are acquainted withjtho
work of the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation , ana think It Is a place where
meetings , religious and literary , are held
and nothitg else. The rooms are kept
open daily from 0 a. m. to 12 m , , from 2
to C p. m. , and faom 7 to 10 p. m. In
tbo rooms on file may bo found the dally
; npers of cur city and other valuable
reading matter. Any person desiring in
formation concerning railway trains ,
boarding places etc. , will receive prompt
attention by applying to the secretary.
The social parlors are elegantly fitted up
and are opened free to all young men.
The object of the parlor is to furnish a
place wharo any young man may como
wltn hla friends and entertain them with
as much freedom as ho conld In a homo of
his own. If any yonng man desires to
meet a friend for conversation or
otherwise ho is perfectly at liberty to say
to him , "I will moot yon at the Young
Hens' Christian Association pallors. "
This may bo done without asking for the
privilege as It Is to bo understood that
the headquarters of the association Is a
parlor like home for any young men who
may deslro to nse It occasionally or often.
A nice organ Is found ready for any who
like music and wish to use It.
There IB no building in the central
part of our city where finer ylows may bo
had than from the windows of this instl
tntlor. It Is located on the southwest
corner of Broadway and Main street , np
stairs , overlooking the city in every di
rection with a birds eye vlow of Omaha
in the distance. There Is always a fine
breeze of pure air In the rooms. Those
privileges BO freely offered ought to
tempt any young man attd It is to bo
hoped that many may bo bonefitted by
the advantages hero described.
- ! ' Real Eatato Transfers.
The following are the transfer * of real
estate as recorded In the office of the
registrar , and reported to the BEE by
A. J , Stephenaon , for Wednesday , July
9th , 1885 ;
Mary A. Starrott to H. O. Soiffert , Iota
1 and 2 , block 12 , Macedonia , $1,000.
William Foiroll to Charles Thles , lot 8 ,
block 2 , Weston , $700.
Willitm Lyrtmn to I. A. T. Bates , e i
so 1 10-75 39 , $ .
blahala J. Winana to Aaron Forrla-
stall , o A so J 33-75-40 , $1,000.
Chicago , Uock Island & PacIDo railroad
company to Charles A. Illne , BW ( no 1
24 75 43 , 000.
Tctal Sales , $3,000. ,
Turning the Table * ,
Some of thoze against whom thoprohl-
altiomsta in Oass county have secured in.
junctions now propoao to turn the tables
and they have commenced suits against
tbo prohibitionists , claiming $10,000
damages in each case on the ground that
; ho Bults were maliciously brought for
, ha purpose of bringing these men Into
niblio BO&ndal and dirgraco , and Injuring
heir credit and reputation , Chicago
attorneys luve been secured to prosecute
ho o damage suits , and the determina-
ion cxproesod to path the claims to the
iltter ond. It eoemi that there Is moro
itigatinn growing cut of the attempted
enforcement of Ihu prohibitory law tlun
was generally expected.
Substantial abstracts of tltlo and real
ratals lo ns. J. W , and E , L , Squires ,
101 Pearl street ,
An Engineer Gota BndljManlcd In tlio
St. Fanl
There Is moro tronblo abou
the Feros , the brothers who eorr
ai dotccllvos for the Milwan
koo & St. Paul at this place. There ha
boon a great deal of Ill-fading among th
railway bojn against the Foroi , and sever
r l attempts have been made to get them
removed , bat than far without success
their superiors dooming them good men
to protect their property am
interests hero , Frequently the Foros
have had altrlcatlons , and been brought
Into coutt on various charges of violence
but they have been acquitted , but the 111
fooling has subsided but little. On Wed
nesday night another of these scones o
violence took place , and as usual there
seem widely varying statements as to the
details. It appears that ono of the en
gineers of the road , James F. DoLand ,
had some trouble the other night with
the younger of the brothers , A. E , Fero.
Fore wanted to rldo on the onglno up to the
end of the yards , claiming that ho
wanted to look after some tramps thoro.
The engineer n id ho had no r'ght ' to lei
anyone rldo on the engine , and Fore In
slstlng the engineer put him off. On
Wednesday night the older of the
brothers , L. N. , Fore , followed the
engineer In to the yards at a distance fron
the other railway boys , for the purpose ol
toeing if he could not settle thii difference -
once between the tvo , and as ho bogac
to talk , the engineer became angry and
some very abusive language was used ,
which ended In blows. Fore had i
loaded cano and It is said that ho used It
quite freely ever the head of the ongln
cor and ono of the employes of the round
house named Tom ChiUtianson , running
np , took the cano from Fero , and at
tempted to stop the fight , when the
yonngor Fero put In on appearance , and ,
pulling a revolver threatened to shoot
Christiansen , and making the latter run
off , the engineer being loft to the mercies
of the Feros. The engineer when ho got
through with ( hem looked as if ho had
boon run through a eanasgo machine. His
eyes were blacked and from a wound In
ila nose , and another on his lip , together
with a small ono on a finger , there was
enough blood to give him the appearance
of being much worse off than ho really
was. Ho was able to bo about yester
day , BB usual , although sere and bruised
and bearing plain marks of the combat , Ho
claimed that the wound on the lip and
that on the finger were the results of
sites on the part of the Fero a , and the
other bruises the results of the nse of the
club. He had them arrested , and Chris
tiansen also filed a complaint against the
younger Foros , the charges being assault
frith attempt to murder. The oasea were
< akon from Justice Frainoy to Justice
Schurz on a change of venue , and the
examinations began yesterday afternoon.
Order aciso of the justly-celebrated
Colfaz Magnetic Spring water delivered
it yonr residence. It Is a cooling and
icalthy beverage. Mr. P. Boysen will
Jolivor It as cheaply as you can buy It
from the springs.
Splitting from the Board.
For some time the board of under
writers has had smooth sailing , the oppo
sition which It met with on first organlz
Ing having been largely done away with ,
and the threatened action of the city
council , In making a heavy license , having
ended In talk. Now it is rumored that
fresh trouble Is to break the
quietness , which has reigned
for some time. It is said that
MoMahon & company , have withdrawn
from the board , and have taken the
agency of non-board companies , which
meanr , of course , that they Intend to cut
rates. How far this cutting will bo car
rled , T how long It will be kept up , are
quo&tions for the future , but ono break
being made , there will probably be muiio
along tbo line. It la said the old board
was broken np here once before by
the withdrawal of one Insurance
agency , and this may bo the
entering wedge tor another break ,
but It Is hardly considered now by tnoso
[ n the business , that any such result will
follow , as the present organization is
strong , and being very wisely and caro-
Enlly handled , The field for competition
being opened though by this withdrawal
of McMahon & Company , that firm will
probably got qnlto a goodly amount of
business among those who want ta gel
insurance cheaper than board ratea.
Mr , P. Boyacn counts among his cus
tomers for the Oolfaz Magnetic Spring
water euch parties as Messrs. Oliver ,
DoVol , Casady and Keller. All agrei
that nature's soda water Is far ahead oi
the manufactured article. Ho delivers it
for the same price that la charged at the
springs ,
D , II. Woodman ia off on his vacation.
City Engineer Broadbeck now bobbles will
too much rheumatism ,
Mrs. H. Friedman has gone to Des Molnoa
on a viiit to her sister.
Mr. and Mrs , Harry Curtlu have taken up
their abode in C. I" . Adams' house , just east
of Oakland avenue.
Henry Do Long has been called to North
field , Minn. , by a telegram announcing the
serious Illness of bis daughter ,
James 7 , Lee , manager of the retail de
partment of the Boston Tea company , went to
KeoUuk to spend the 1'uutli , and 1ms returned
with a bride ,
The B r.Lo in the Hoi shy mill at Bits-
citlnohai ind.d.
The Muicatlno oansus foots no 10,407
and the county 24,413. ,
Tbo expcnsj of taking the census of
the elite will reach $175,000.
According to the United States fntor-
nal revenue reports Iowa has 4,424 li
censed sillcrj of liquor.
Ono man was kllloi and three Injured
> y the filling of a ciga ia a coal mine
shaft at Whet Cheer u few days ago.
A lightning bolt struck the backs in
Charles Uumurou aud V , A Ski lea OF
Davenport Sundij , Both cat down iu-
Gon. Burdotte , the now commander ol
.he Gland Army of the Republic , was a
ivvytr at DeWltt , Clinton county , pricr
o the war.
There are 532 soldiers of the rebellion
residents In Scott county , two valorem
uf the war of 1812 , and fonr of the wai
with Mexico ,
During the year last parsed , Iowa pro-1
duced 2,501,154 gallons of whisky and
7,397,748 gallons of boor , which paid a
revenue of $2G43CL'5.
Iowa ranks highest of sll the states in
the number of cattle raised to the sqnar
mile of territory , the sum being 35.9 , a
total of 2,014,484 head.
The anti-prohlblllon county < of Dn-
buqna shows an expenditure of $20 ,
877.70 for criminal prosecution during
1883 , ( ho largest of any In the slate.
The building Improvement record a
Burlington for the year ending Jnno 27
shows the total cost to bo $191,525
Ono hundred and forty-one buildings
wjro erected ,
Mason City sharp-shooterj , while firing
at a target Wednesday last , were success
ful In killing a valuable mare , belonging
to a farmer named Robert Watson , living
In the Bamo township.
Ton thousand people witnessed the
laying of the corner stone of the now in
sane hospital at Olarlnda , and also the
laying of the corner stone of the now
$80,000 court house in the same town.
All survivors of the Twenty-first Iowa
Infantry are requested to join the re
union at Farley , August 19. All mem
bers Intending to go are requested to in
form the committee of nnangoments al
Investigation by iho Burlington &
Qnlncy railway company has led to the
discovery of ever 1,200 Grins In the state
that have boon engaged for periods ex
tending several years back in swindling
the company by fraudulently Invoicing
goods in lower classes , thereby securing
cheaper transportation. The compauy
claims to have been losing at the rate of
$2,500 per month by the fraud for sev
eral years back.
OA ;
Curtains. Oil Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Mattings ,
Rugs , Etc. , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to Ou
of Town Orders.
Upholstery and Drapery Work a
Our stock la the
Larpsl in flu
and Is being continually rcploniahr jd by
all the latest and choicest novoltle/ j.
405 Broadway Counci / Biufis
No. CO ? Bro dwty 'OonnoII Bind.
Railway Time Table.
The following btu Ku > times ot the arrival ted de
parture of toalri * bj c mtral standard time , al the
local depot * . Tftataa'jave transfer depot ten min
utes e rlf and anl' e ten mluntos liter.
0iS A u Mall and Express 8:50'P : M
12SO p it Acoommodatlon i(0 : p H
6 0 p a Express B.05 A M
0:25 : A M Mail and Express 8:53 : r H
7:26 A u Accommodation 5:15 : P M
6:30 : p a Express D.OO A u
D:20rA : M Mall and Express 0,50 P M
6:25 : r M Express 0,05 A H
cmcAoo. lOBuno/roif AJTO qoiaoT.
0:50 : A II til and Express 7:10 : p u
30 P A.ommodatlon ? :00 : p M
; 45 P tXjjrebi SSOA : u
W BISU , IT. LOOTS AKb plctPFfl.
2:10 : p H Local St. Louis Exproea L'cal
8:00 : PM TVanblcr " " Traustci 8:20 : PH
74 ; < 3 ru Lee l Chic > go & Bt LExp Local 8:50 : AW
7:85 : v 11 Transfer " " " " Transfer 0:05 : All
100h ; A u Mat ! and Express 0:40 : r H
8:15 : r II Express 6:25 : A K
Boux crrr AND pAcrno.
7:20 : A M Mall for Sioux City 0,50 P H
7:80 : F 11 Express for St Paul 9:25 : A u
UNION pAeiric ,
11:00 : A H Djnver Express 4:85 : p u
1:05 p 11 Lincoln Pats O'a &It V 2:35 : p M
7:55 : p u Chorland Hxprtsa 8:80 : A u
Leive Council ElLffa e 55-7:65 : 9:50 : 10:80 :
11:40 : a. m. lEO-2M-8:30 : : : J:23-5:26-C:25 : :
11:45 : p. in. Leave Omaha 8:25 : 7:25 : e:50 10
-11:15 : a. m. 12:50-2:00-3:00-4 : : : : 0-4:66-6 : 6
Pneumatic Beer Fa ncet.
Price fclb.Ot ) . A liberal discount
vill be made to pirties orderiDp u
lalf dozen Ptuirets nt one time.
l''or ' further particulars inquire of
K F. RAW ,
Council Bluffs , Irnvn ,
Igent for Western Iowa arid JNeb ,
The New York
552 Broadway
Council Bluffs , Iowa
ed and constructed.
in all its branches *
This comnanv have
one of the best assort
ed stocks ot plumb
ing goodsinthe west.
Estimates furnish
H. Birkinbine *
w .
Telephone No. SJ7.
NOTI'JK. Bpedal rertlsoments , rue as Lost
found , To Loan. For Sale , To Rent , Wa&ii , Board *
Inz , ' < < ! . , will bo Inserted In this column at Ihe low
lo of TEN CENTS PER LINE lot the flrat Insertion
nd riVE CENTS FER LINE lei each inbaeqnenl In-
on. Leave advertisement ! at oni offlo * . Ho.
1 Sit * * * . n r Ere d av
TRACK I Ino blcvc'.e for a Rood boreo , address -
WILL B. V. , Bee office , Council B.ufts.
805 15
- OB bookkeeper , first ( lass ret-
WANTED-Situation Ucnnin or English. Ad-
dices FH ; Bee oBlco Council Bluffs.
Situation on afsrmby a youngman s
WANTED . Addretu 0. See office , Counol
HALBA first-class grocery itook andBx tu 08
BIOR . R. Snjdcr , 6iS Broadway ,
BUST A new house , 6 rooms , desirable loca
tion , all conveniences , rent moderate. Inqulro
at CEO office.
BALK Lands Improved aad unimproved.
FOH you want a farm In western Iowa , Kaus 8
Nebraska or Dakota , lotua hear from yon.
gj'OK BALE Houses. Lota and Land. A. J
J ? Stepbenwm , 603 First avenue.
rpo XXCAA.NO tt 6 , b 9 , h 10 , h 13 aie hotels In old-
JL orontlocatl na for sale or for trade.
. special barzaln ; 400 a Im- roved farm worth
B139. , prlro for a shore time $16,000. will trade
for low priced Western lands. Swan fc Walker.
, paddlory Hardwire manufacturing estab-
BZ01 etoak and michliury , value $7,000 , for
western land Swan & Walker , Uouac.ll Bluffs.
B203 , stock rf dry goods , groceries and hardware ,
\ aluo , $5,000 , In an good eastern Nebraska town
for land. Swan * Walker.
, stock of general merchandise In a good
western Iowa town , value 4OOD , wants an 1m
proved farm In western Iowa. wn & Walker.
T > 205 , stock of hardware In Etubea Co. , Indiana ,
Jj for land , \aluo about 84,000. Swan & Walker.
, new stock of ban ware In a ll\o Nebraska
B200 for land , volue $3,000. Swan & Walker.
2)7. stock ot grlcUttual Implements nd ebelt
B hardware , value about 8,0011. wants a good Im
proved farm. Swan & Walker.
T > 203 , a 810,000 stock of clothing In a good TVIs-
_ L > consln city , 3 In lands and btlanoo cash or Im
proved security. Beautiful store room at low rent
Swan & Wallcer.
T > 210 , etook of mixed hardware In a Ihe western
13 Iowa town for cheap lands , value $6,00 : . Swan
& Walker.
, flno brick block , rents well , In a live ) central
B211 wn ono rcom occupied with general stock of
goods , wants an Improved farm , laluo ; building
18,000 , goods 87,003. Swan k ' alker.
stork ot boots , shoes bats , cape and clothing
valued $3 000 , In Clio of tbo beet ( owns In Neb. , ,
\ alucd $3,000 for .ands. Swan & Wtlker.
213 , a 83.000 stock of cIotMng , wants land
B North Western Iowa , for Jfl.OOO , and will jVy
dlflcrence , Swan & Walker.
, an $8,000 stock ol drugs In central JOB * [ 0
B214 * . Bwon & Waltrr.
, stock ot drugs value frnmt500t/e7oo ,
B216anothor bnlldlDg and lot value $ 00 ! A good
> cbraita town wanti partly improved land. 'Swan & ,
full particulars , write to or call w n Swan &
FOR . II ou want to sell , buy , ot tradeany-
tblng , tell 8. fc W. about It Bwan & W > Jker , Coun
ell Bluffs Iowa.
100 Main St. , Council bluffs
Retail Boot and Shoe store where big bargain ! can
Iwaja be found.
In Council muffs having a
And all modem improvement * , call bella , fire
alarm belle , etc , , is the
NOB. 216 , 217 nnd 210 , Main Street.
BUteeu acres , ten In fiult , six In garden and
tlmberland , six room home , ( table , well , clsteru , ic.
all In go.d condition , or will trade for Omaha prop-
County Treasurer' , office , Council Uluflj.
E , Eioo M , B.
01 .tbii taners ttairti wltbsil Uu
Orer Uut/
I , Fail stretl , Council Uloffl.
Us * .
Waves , Langtry and Pompadour Frizzes.Switch
es , etc , , ready made and made to order. Prices
cheaper than ever. Call and see for yourself ,
Formerly MRS. J. J. GOOBE.
29 Main Street , Council Bluff.
Brick buildings o ! any kind raised or tnovod and Mtlsfactioa ctwrantood. Frame houv
moved on Little Giant trucks , the best ID the world.
1010 Mnth Street , Council Bmfle-
Keep Horsea and Mules constantly on li and TThick
wo will Roll In rotall or carload lota
il Stock Warranted as Represented
Wholesale and retail dcalen In Drain and Baled Dar. lYtouiro- .
enable Batletacttor > Guirxntow' .
Oor. 5th Av. tind 4th St. , Oonnc U Blulla.
Sold by the leading deFiler in every
cily and tovm ,
E , ' Burhom ,
17 Mniu St. , Co uiicil Bluffs.
For any case of Kidney or liver disenne or dyspepsia , rhsutnnt Urn , or any dtso&aa indadced
t > y a lack of nntive power , that cannot be cured by the Tea ot Dra , Judd & Smith's Electric
elts nnd Appllarces. No. 30 , Fo'urth St. , Council BluHs.
Norene & Land.strom ,
Merchant Tailors
Suita to order In latest styles at cheapest psoaa' ' _ > 10 'prices.
'prices.No. . 205 Main St. , Council Bluff
.Regular DinJCr 31:3O to 1 : O , 25 cents.
505 Broad-way , Council Bluffs.
The only all night houeo in the cat/ . Everything served in first class style and on shot
notice. J jot and cold lunches always ready.
Hclfcra and cowe ol. ' | ] Bgeg ( urnlshel any desired numbers ; ranchmen should correspond 1th
epurcha.ilcg elsowta'
W INFLOW & CRAMPTON , Waverly , Iowa.
3I. JP.
'Graining , Glldlnjr , Taper Danglne ; and Frescoing. 110 llaln St. , Council BluOs.
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 0 Main St. ,
Complete Line of New Goods Always on Hand.
N. 80HURZ.
Wee of flu Peace ,
ra03. omcEit , w. H. 11. PDBB
Officer & Pusev.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Established , - 1865
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Ex
Home Securities.
NO. 2 ,
Ia the Highest Achievement in Writing
Machine * in the World ,
With only 89 keys to learn aa
operate. It prints 70 chaiaoteil
including caps and small letters ,
punctuations , figures , slgni and
tractions. It stlio simplest and
most rapid writing machine
made as will aa no most durable
t & "Send for free illustrated pamphlet.
Wyckoff Seamans & Benedict ;
Ublcago , 111 , , Sola Agenti.
0 , H , SHULKB , Coucoll lllulfa ,
Agent for Western Iowa ,
Office llaln Street , Jlooms 7 and 8. Shugirllan
uoMook. Will prtctloo In SlaUaDd ttte goad
209 Council Bluff. '
Broadway , - - . .
20 jards print 9 J j
0 drees goods 1 - \
10 nublan gingham , . . , 1
I good gingham 1 00
bellealr cboYoltj . 100
good 'heeling 100
" Suffolk Jeans . _ 1 00
Best Joan ) all wool , 30o per yard.
bouts and shoes at prices as 1 jw a > any house In the
ID pcumli ox 0 sugar. .
13 pounds granulated lugar , , ,
18 pounds confectionary A sugar , ,
2 > bars white Husilan soap. Kirks ,
SO bars blue India soap , Kliks , . . .'.ilinasoap , I iuU liro'd '
18 boxes inatchcs
liest syrup , per gillon ,
Posl.orjiiiim , pir gallon ,
lleit English currants , U pounds 1
10 boxes geuulpo Lewis lye 1
C 2-pound cans itrawberrlei In sjrup , , . , , , l
DS-pound ctnipcarlies , In syrup 1
10 3-pound cms tomatoes 1 00
10 pounds .Michigandried apples , 1 00
! 0pounpi tvaporatej apples 1 OB t\ \
jorllard ( Ilinix tohtoco per pound < 5
Yaty plug tobacco , ptr pound , . . 50
sra'ur4lloi ( tobiooo , per pound , , , . . . 00
Flour , all brands Irom 91.10 to $3 B9 per cwt.
Lower Than Any Other House
Council Bluff
6 UroadwtO - -
Madame [ , J , Oalcear.
Who for to > rait 19 yean bus been practising
San rrancltco It now located at No * tt N. Oth Biro
( ) | > ollo now Opera Uouwj.
Madaao lialcear guarantees to rcetoro
Ortoglieanjronealiughmuttacho or bring out a
no growth if btlr orbaardlu fr mfour to U weeks ,
rlcoi reasonable and mtUfartlon guaranteed ,
Oaccars , dcatnow and especially rheumatism and
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ctreis. '
Dr. JE/ " . Ifitlcear ,
- brtG"I ffCouncil , 131u