Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 07, 1885, Page 2, Image 2

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    At thin ( mason nnftTlr oi rr ttnn nti-dn t * one
fwrtof touts. IKONfnteralnto/JmoneTpry Iihr-
elcian'B tmmcrlftlon forthcaowho need LnUdinc up.
Ilnrrjrr , en < &ra HAM & KqjJAI. / ! * . . ? !
[ n the only Iron rnfdlrinothat A not Injiirlni
It Itnrirlicn llm lllontl , linlporntCH Ilio
, ' , , , . . > l rMI Ion
BTilciiiHc ( < toro n Aplii'lliPAlml ' - " - -
It does not M clPn nr Injure the t th , canro bead.
Dn. O. tl. nn KLr.T , leading iihjislcl n of
BprlnKOelil. O. . Mr" !
' "Hrown's Iron Illttons ! thonmelily pojxl irrdl-
clno. Inw It In myjinwtlro , n < l ilnd Us action
oiecii nil otlior forms nf Iron. In jve knfry , rr a low
condition nf tlio Tftcm , BrnWd Iron Illltrn I *
tiira II RpOiHlTOTioco , H7. Jtlsnll that la claimed
for Ito
OonnhiohM trndomirk find rrmrrd ml lines on
tmpper. Tulle no otlilT. Mtdo onljr by
liiiowN miiMioAi. < : < > . , n.H/minitUMn.
Ijcrpn' HAND HOOK nscfnl and nttrarUvo , rpn
talolng lift of prlfM for nclpos. Information alnrnt
coin * , etc. , Rlvon nwajr liy all < ! c > ] orB In mntlclne , or
nulled to nny nddrlBaon rccolut of 2o. rtamp.
a ? S2&LIHS
Xcrvnus Dlsrasos
, Siiro rur > s. fgr A
i.'rlltrn yinn'tintcn i/ircn In
imaiiii . .
< iuMi
ciisa iin < lvrtiili'it.
to Ktauipi for Celc'irnt d Medical
Works. AclcIrovR , if. I > . ri.AISKK , ai. i . ,
188 South Clark SSreot , CHICAGO , li.u
Royal Havana Lottery J
Drawn at Havana Cuba ,
Every 10 to 14 Doys.
licliots in Fifths ; wholes $5 ; Fraction ) pro rata.
Babjccl to no manlpaiiuoii , noi cualiclied hy ihe
parliccln Intoicet. It la the ( Mien ! thing In the
kutniB of cbinoo In ezletonoe.
Vor tickets apply to SIHrSKT A CO. , 121 ! Drotd
Way.N. V. City ; , or U.OriENS ft CO , 010 llaln Bt
KuuaaCItr. Uo.
For tlio benefit bl suHctlcg humanity , I deem It
only my duty to Klvo tliliunollcitcd toitlmony and
the old time treatment heeled up , but It bad only
bcenilrhcn lute the ryetera l > y tlm use of potash and
mercury , nnd In March , 1SS2 , It broke out In. my
throat , and concentrated Into ulisteomo of the doc
tors called cancer , eating through ray chttk , do-
Btroi'lnp the root of my mouth and upper lip , then
attacked my tongue , palata and lower Up , 'cstrov-
lag the palate and under lip entirely and hall my
tongue , catlnn out to the top of my left chock bono
and up to the left e > o. 1 could not cat nay eolld
/ood , but eubsUtcd on I'ljul j , ard my tongue una
eo far gone I cou d not talk buchnna mv wretched
belflcM condition the first of last October , 1831 ,
when ny friends commenced gh lag mo Swift's Spc-
clfla. In 1089 tban n month tbo eating places stopped
and healing commenced , and fho fearful nparturo
in my check baa been cloao and fit inly knitted to-
Rcthcr. A procoeaof a now under lln la progrcaslii } ;
llncly , and the tongue which was almost destroyed
ia being rcco\oroJ , and It < oins tnat niturola Bup-
rlyliiR a new touguo. 1 can talk ao that my friends
cnn readily underetnn-1 mo , and can oho cat eolld
food again. Ifnny doubt tbcto facta , I would refer
thoS to lion. John II , Triylor , bt&te ot thlj
illBtrlct , and to Dr. T. B. BradBeld of LnQrango Ga
JOHN F 1I'\ULKY ! , M Orb weld at. Is
Detroit , Mich. , May 16,1K5.
Yoi ealo by alldruzglits.
If. Y. , 167 W. 23d St. Drawer S , Atlanta , da.
ItEJicuvl'iiKU. Avlctlmof youthful Imnrud
ranting I'romttare IJecay. NenrouaUebllltir , Ix t
llinlioocl , Jo..liavlnff tried In rain every known
tcmcdjr.baa dlsooiereiT n iiluiple meana of eolf-cure.
hlph'he.wl.ll.nd.KItEUtat , In
Imported Beer
Erlanger lUraitk I Culmbachcr Bavaria
lllincr , llolicinlan Kalaer . . . . .Uromcn
BudwcUcr St. Loala I Anhauaer fit. LouU
' Uc t' > Mllwaukoo I Schlltz-11 liner.llllwaukco
I'- - Krug * ) ) Omaha i Ale , 1'ortor , Domestic and
I Uhlne Wluea.
EDMAUEEE , 1213 Farnam St ,
NERVOUS Diiyn to
I'ronmturC llrcllnn from orron or OICPSSOS , or
To troucr aliieateaottho KldnorH. lllud-
Scr. anil J'roHtiilo ( ilund CIIHICH wltlinnt
fitoniacb Uediolnci by the Mari > ton llolus. Vn-
rfcocolocunMlulihoutsursery.Trfi ' -
umonlrlslriM1. All norreaixiDrtonoo conllilcntlal ,
! . . ld h Utroaf vnuif.
Cor. 18th nnd Douglas Sta.
Capitnl Stock , - - - CI 50,008
Liability of Stocklioldora , 300,000
FiYG Per Cent lElcroslFaii OH Deposits
Oinooirss cftt X > iarootox-
lAitlS K. I10TD * PrcelJent
W. A. PAITON , . . , . . , , . , . , . . , , . . . , Vo rrpim n no
L. U. BKHNK1T , . . , „ , . . , lliaagloff Director
JOUNE. WILBUR . . . . . , , , Ouhlei
A Rontine Tiirongli Which All Visitors
Must Pass ,
I'ollcomon at Every Ilnml Admitted
By tlio Speaker's Order Pounced
Upon It You Xioltcr Absolute
OrdCr In tlio Gnllorlcs ,
* Juno When Am oilcan
LONDON , 27. an
can wishes to-visit his servants , the
members ofCongrois , at their work , ho
finds no obstruction in his progress be
yond an exceeding number of ttono stops ,
which are apt to exhaust his wind , un
less ho knows where to find the elevators.
Ho enters the building from any quarter
without challenge , and winds from pillar
to post and from lloor to fljor , until ho
finds hlmsalf In the doora of the galler
ies , from which he can step Into the
spaces KBsrvod for the public , the scats
thus set apart for his use 'jlTording ac-
commodatl on A > r about 2,000 visitors In
the house of representatives and 1.200 In
the senate. Once ineido bo must take
his hat on" and koop&tlll. And when the
day's session is over ho can go down
stairs and saunter in upon the iloor and
sit in the speaker's chair if ho chooeea , or
uttlko up an acquaintance with
the members who linger around
him , or seek miscellaneous information
from the clerks and pages.
But wo will suppose this person on his
travels and bringing up at night bofoio
the gates of-the house of parliament.
There is a rush of cabs all about him ,
streams of people are going every way ,
and a great glare of light la Hooding the
splendid structure and the Gothic beauty
of Westminster Abbey opposite. The
visitor enjoys the scone a few moments
and then steers for the principal onttnncc.
Ho encounters a policeman at once. Po
licemen are innumerable , omnipotent
and vigilant. Tory likely they were
noticing him ns ho was standing In Idle
admiration on the cutbstono. They ask
him what ho wants , and ho eaya ho wants
to go in. Then they explain in civil but
short sentences that ho must find a mem
ber , must got a pass from him , and must
present It at a particular door at a par
ticular time , and If , after investigation by
detectives ho Is reported to bean Inollon-
sivo person ho can then ba omitted If
there Is room. Being a stranger , ho
doesn't know any member and certainly
has to claim on any ono. Ho Insinuates
to the policemen that some flight assis
tance would result In an intcr-chango of
coin , but Is told to stand aside , and ulti
mately slinks o < Hn the darkness , qnito
relieved that ho has oecipod without
But perhaps the next day ho finds
some ono who knows a friend who la ac
quainted with a member , and eo gradu
ally ho works up to an Introduction.
That is the first etep. The member is
complaisant , and says ho will try. Then
bo gets the stranger's full name and ad
dress , and finally tells him to go to the
member's entrance opposite the roar of
Henry VII.'s chopol in the Abbey , show
i card , and keep on till ho gets to the
lobby of the house , whero. ho will como
out and give him the pass.
At the pzoper tlmo ho makes his ap
pearance at the door. A group of police
men and two or three overwhelming
doorkeepers In full dress defend it , but
armed with his credentials , ho boldly
makes known his errand and is motioned
In. The first barrier h paessd. Ho
goes to the end of a hall , and a second
group of pollco ask him his business. Ho
ehotvB his card and passes on , through
the great hall where the dynamite explo
sion occurred. Foltco are as plentiful as
hops , and the visitor la made aware that
his person la closely watched for protu
berances. Now ho Is in the lobby , with a
little assemblage of favored people who
have gotten am far as ho has , and ho gives
Ms card to a magnificent doorkeeper and
subsides Into line with others , all under
the inspection of the police. Pretty soon
the member issues from clozcly guarded
portals and cmiles and says ho
will try. And ho dooa try. Ho
walks rapidly off to some mysterious
part of the building , where .tho speaker
baa au office , and In fifteen or twenty
minutes returns , bearing an order from to
the speaker , en the member's recom
mendation and responsibility , for the
stranger's admission. So , following in
his wake , ho passes tlio third cordon aud
in an Inner where if ho
lobby , , trios PI
to loiter to look about him , ho la instant
pounced upon by a policeman and or
dered to niovo on. He is nhown a door , h
and , opening It , ho begins the accent of ac
winding staircase to find himself pro. ci
sontly before a turnstile. At this gate a Hi
very grave man sits with a lar o opou w
book , aud behind him two or three moro
poHcerron. The very grave mon hands „
the now thoroughly-cowed visitor a pen , dc
and bids him to write his full name , London - H
don address , and nationality. The pen dr
bid and sputter * , the visitor forgets
street and number , and as ho writes
United States ho breaks out Into a cold m
perspiration under the atony glare of the
policemen's oyos. Cut , rather to his sur
prise , ho Isn't arrested ; and now the last lie
barrier Is panned , and another gorgeous or
door-keeper motions him to a scat in a by
gallery about as big as a horao car , and
lees comfortable. .
Nothing surprises an American visitor
the homo of commons moro than the
small flizo of the chamber and Its limited
accommodations for both members and he
the public. Architecturally it Is n superb do
hall , and Its aooustlo effects ore line , but an
American notions It la entirely inado- do
rjuato in dimensions. It is smaller , ha
moreover than analogous chambers , not th
only In our own , but In most other coun- en
tries. It la too small to seat the mom- enDi
bora on the floor , though packed closely , ng
together without desk or elbow room.
And the gallery apace la contracted In the
extreme , There are In all five galleries 1m
which visitors have accois under more ce
lees aovoro restrictions , and the five
accommodate altogether perhaps 150 per
sons , Of this , the three galleries for miscellaneous an
cellaneous visitors hold sixty spectators.
Then there Is a reporter's gallery accom
modating forty , and a latticed gallery for ne
ladies holding perhaps fifty or more. offin
In these galleries the most abject or fin
der prevail * . One must noi talk or hang
his overcoat over the bench In front of
him , or read , or sloop , or eat , or take
notes. And if ho gets tired or hnnqry yean
and goes out , ho cannot return. an
Imagine the visitor satisfied with his of
experience- and once more at the turn ofJr.
atllo on his way out. Again ho passes Jr. .
under the sharp eyes of the very grave a1 ii
man and the police , and now begins a pe
eorlea of exhibitions more extraordinary on
thstn thoeo ho endured when approaching BlOj
tbo hall , for while the visitor pasted four Oj
sots of guards when going in ho p&eaea bean
leta tban seven before he reaches the an
liberty of the street , And even then ho
knows that he la under thoaurvollanca of all
police , and that detectives may bo allAi
shadowing his steps , and will vint his
lodgings on the morrow to see if his ac
count of himself is truthful ,
An Improvement Which AvoliU
TJglr/R the Hcds ns Bents
bv Day.
Springfield Republican ,
The two now parlor sleeping cars that
are to bo put on the Connecticut Iliver
railroad next week , to run between this
city and Quebec , are constructed on anew
now and novel plan , and by day parfoot
parlor cars , with no indication about
them that they are Bleeping cara , and by
night they ore complete sleeping cars ,
with nioro convenient arrangements for
sleeping than the exclusive ( looping cara
have. Each car contains twenty chairs ,
covered with the finest of damask and
revolving after the manner of parlor-car
obalrs. The berths and bedding by day
are placed in perpendicular cabinets , that
are folded back against the sides of the
car botweon.tho window , giving the oilbct
of claborato'finttb. At night the chairs
ore taken apart and folded down near the
iloor and are not mod at all In arranging
the berths , and ono advantage that will
occur to everybody is that the same upholstery -
holstory does not do service both by day
and night , as Is the case In sleeping cars ,
The lower berths are not as high as the
lower berths in Bleeping cars , because the
height Is not determined by the height of
the scat , and the upper berths are also
lower and easier to got into. Each berth
in each of the ton sections has a light
from a window and is furnished with
bovel-edgcd mirrora , and the beds are
hair mattresses upon steel springs. Each
car has a hrgo wash room , smoking room ,
cloaot and bullet , and the ventilation is
believed to bo as near perfect as it can
bo. Each section Is furnished with a
child's seat , which let's down from the
side of the car , and no arrangement has
been spared that will add to the conven
ience and comfort of travelers. The cara
are finished In mahogany inside and out ,
and are very handsome , besides being solid
and substantial. The overhead Interior
is beautifully , decorated.
A Walter In a Bujto City Kcstaurant
Frightens Customers by Hia
Startling Orders. .
Butte City Intor-Monntaln.
Ono morning recently a hungry pil
grim wont into Pat Oonlon's restaurant
and ordered some toast , boiled potatoes ,
poached egg a , n rare steak and some hot
cakes. Tno waiter , "Professor" Harris ,
wont to the kitchen and roared out to the
Chinaman : "Gimme a graveyard stow ,
potatoes in the dark , two men a-horse-
back , a moonlight on the lake and a
llambean. " "When the pilgrim hoard this
remarkable order ho incontinently fled
from the house , forgetting his hat and
muttering that he'd be gel darned If ho
proposed to tackle that kind of a break
fast , and that if the people lived on such
things in this country ho proposed to re
turn to Missouri. "
A reporter of the Inter-Mountain , who
happened to bo in the restaurant at the
time , approached the waiter and asked
for an explanation of the order , and the
professor gave the following vewlon :
"You Bio , " ho Eaid , "wo got tired of
common fJacea and besides , wo try to a
teach the Chinamen the language. A
graveyard Blow moans milk toast ; pota
toes In the dark Is boiled potatoes ; egga
circus style means scrambled ccrgc ; rough
and ready means pork and beau a , a flam
beau Is light , hot cakor , and moonlight
on the lake is rare beefsteak. The waiters a
all have pot names for those things and
wo throw potatoes at the China cooks till
they know what wo mean. "
Another boarder carne in and the pro
fessor roared out with the voice of a sena
tor , "Gimme a saddle bags and a spring i\
er , apuda on the side , ton-penny nails
and a single to come a-runnln' . " Then
the reporter followed In the wako of iho
THE VOLTAIC BELT Co. , of MarshallMich. , ,
offer to send their celebrated ELECTBO-VOL- yc
on trial for thirty dixys , to men ( young or old ) bePI
allllctcd with nervous debility , IOBB of vitality PI
and manhood , and nil kindred troubles. Al
for rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis , and
many other diseases , Complete restoration un
health , vigor and manhood guaranteed , CO ;
No risk ia incurred , nn thirty days' trial U
allowed. Write them at once for illustrated of >
pamphlet free ,
There is moro drunkenness in Now York at fo '
present than waa over known there.
SICK HEADACHE. Thousands who M
hava suffered intensely with nick head
nckooay that Hood's Saraaparllla has wl
cured them. Ono gentleman thus re tr
lieved , writes : "Hood's Sareaparllla Is
worth Its wefoht in gold. " Reader , if InI
foil are a sufferer with sick headache , InBr
Ivo Hood's Sarsaparllh a trial. It will Br
ioyn positive good. Made by C. I. ISI
Hood & Co. , Lowell , Mats. Sold by all lee
Irugglsts. 100 doses Ono Dollar. on
Chinamen on the Columbia river put up ial <
non ( at12 cents a case. tw
If you suffer from looseness of the bowcla ,
will surely euro you.
iowuro of counterfeits and nak your grocer cot
druggist for tlio genuine article , prepared wh '
yDr.J.G. B. Slegoit & Sona. Sal
The number of degrees conferred at Yale
.his year was JJ7B ; at Harvard , 280. wh
A. Lovely Complexion , pol
"What a lovely complexion , " wo often 1
iear persons say. "I rronder what aho wlf
toes for it ? " In every case the purity chn
ind real loveliness of the complexion wai
loponds upon the blood. These who wai
lave sallow , blotchy facoi may make 1
heir tkln smooth and healthy by taking Gn
inough of Dr , PJorco's "Golden Medical out
discovery" to drlvo out the humora lurk- roe >
ln > the system. Hoi
Three tons of oardlnea were caught In one J
laul of a eelue at Santa Barbara , Cfil. , ro. gul
ently. : the
Young and old , the strong and weak ,
promptly cured by lied Star Cough
Jure , bac
Hawkers of cheap literature in country
lelphbarhoods are selling a small biography
Gen. Grant for , the new autobiography JEa
iniehed during his distressing Illness , JEa
1'ho Crazy Quilt. I
Tills new and fashionable device of the froi
'oung ladies for uting up old bits of allk nvi
nd tatln is ono of the most popular moans
cponding ap&ro evening * . The quilt is
moro colors than over appeared In
InBoph'a qoat , The proper way of using
"crazy quilt" Is to throw it over every
lereon who suO'ora With debility and lies
a lounge. Administer Brown's Iron
3ltten and his joy will bo complete. n
zy quills have to bo made to order , vw
ypn can buy Brown'a Iron Bittera of w
my druggltt. (
Hay made from wild grass ii prefeired to
ilfalfa , wheat , or barley by how-owners in
\iizona ,
Xho Delicacies to bo Fontul in tlio
Loc/il Marts.
In iho fresh water article , whlto fish ,
trent and bacs retail at 15 cents per
pound ; whlto pickerel la soiling at 10
cents ; cropplo and perch cm bo had for
12 $ cents ; catfish toll for 15 cants a
ponnd. Blno fish sto very plantl-
fnl and bring 20 cants a pound.
Fresh Colombia river salmon are worth
25 cents a pound. Fresh maokorol
15 to 20 conla aploco. Hallbat Is worth
25 cents. Codfish tongues nro rare , but re-
toil for 20 cents.
The best cats of sirloin sell for 15
cents , rumps and upper part of round
ttoak at 12J. Roosting ribs , firm and
juicy , can bo bought for 10 to 12 J cents.
Vcnl U extremely scarce and comes high
from 25 to 20 cents , According to the
cholconoaa of the part. Sweet broads
cnn bo purchased at 25 cents n pair.
Corn beef Is selling at from 5 to 10 cents ,
according to cuts. Prime leg of muttons
can bo had for 12 contamutton ; chops
12i to 15 cents , Ilara in n ataplo article
in good demand at 12i cents In bulk , 25
cents sliced , Pork 10 to 12J conta.
Sausage 10 to 12i conta. Spring lamb
Is aolliug for $1 for fore quarter and $1.25
for hind quarter. Spring chickens are
worth from 30 to 40 cents apiece.
Old potatoes nro worth from 85 to
$100 a bushel. The Colorado and
Salt Lake varieties nro worth $110 to
$1 25. Rhubarb can bo bought for 3
cants n pound , Parsley is sold at 50
conic a dozen. Homo grown cabbaga is
bringing from 5 to 10 cents a head. Fresh
radishes are selling at 3 bunches for lOc.
Cucumbers sell for 5 cents apicco.
Fresh homo grown lettuce , nearly oat of
market , Is sold at 35 cents a dozen' . Fresh
tomatoes are In lively demand at from
15 to 20 cents a ponnd , while green peas
sell for 45 cents a pock ; Marrowfat peas
bring 45 cents also ; string beans 10
conta a quart. Wax beans can ba
bought for 10 cento a quart.
Now potatoes are worth 20 to 30
cents a pock. Green onions are selling at 3
bunches fora dlmosouthcrn onions three
pounds for a quarter. Mint Is worth 5
cents a bunch. Fresh boots 5 conta a
bunch. Noi ? turnips retail at 25 cents
a peck.
The local rnarko's are well stocked in
the fruit line. California oranges bring
from 25 to 50 cents a dozen ; Bananas ,
fresh and rlpo , nro very plentiful and can
bo bought for 25 to 40 cents a dozen.
Strawberries are not very plentiful ,
and nro at present bringing 12A to 15
cents per quart. Homo-grown "cherries
are an appreciated delicacy , being worth
15 conta a quart. Black raspberries toll
for 20 cents a quart. Gooseberries are
worth 12i conta a quart , currants 12
to 15 cents , lied raspberries 30 cents a
quart ; blueberries 25 cents a quart.
California fruits are in the market ,
apricots 15 cents a ponnd , poaches 15 to
20 cents a nound , plums andgraon gages
15 cents a pound , apricots 15 to 20 cento
ponnd. Bartlctt pears 15 cents n
pound. Watermelons are coming in ,
soiling from 40 to 50 cents apiece. They
nro of good quality.
Eggs have a standard prlco of 12& cents
dozen. Butter , best dairy and cream-
ry , is celling for 20 to 25 cents a pound.
iBig IJatch of Holiday Morning
la cormoquonco of the repairs which
ire being made in the regular pollco
sourt room , Judge Stenborg held Beneion
morning In the council cham-
Dcr. A heavy business was disposed of.
W. A. Linton for assaulting A. F.
Plorco waa fined $5 nnd costs.
Jake Hart , L. 0. Gibson John Mornn
ind Leo Hanover wore eachfincd § 5 and
John Doe , ho of legal fame , paid a fine
$5 nnd coats fordriinkormcoa.
Mnttio Smith was fined a olmllar sum
'or : ondo&vorlng to carminato the town.
Charles Whitney , accused of drunKon-
1031 , waa dlecharged , an were also John
Vlaloncy and John Dutchoy.
Henry Holmes , a great negro brute
ho had moat eoveroly bca'.on hia mis-
rcB3 < , Wattle Forrest , a whlto woman ,
7ua fined $10 and aontencod to ton days
th o county jail ,
Thorn I ae and John Davis nnd Dennis la tv
irown , who had been Implicated in the Ja 01
llnth street row Sunday night , were ro-
eascd , as they agreed to settle all differ-
ncos between themselves irithout re-
orting ! to blows.
Joseph Loftus and Charles Crawford ,
STO worthless vags , were ordered to leave "
awn at once.
Thomas Harris paid a fine of $5 and Kt :
oats for rofualog to obey a police officer InJ . . ,
'hen ordered to stand asldo at the races rmHi
atnrday. HiM
Weasel Fiitsoh nnd Frank Freeman , M
ho had boon acting "In a manner qnlto
osb , you know , " In talking with the
olico , were discharged.
The unfortunate Gns Schullz and his
Ifo were once moro arraigned on a
largo of disturbing the peace. Schullz
fined $20 and costa , while his wife
Two peace disturbers , Jack Jnrall and
roen Wiley , were released upon cleaning
the old jill and the old policq court
om. Judge Stonber evidently be
eves In making the prisoners useful as
ell ! as ornamental.
John Hteveneon and Joseph Gninan ,
allty of Intoxication , were released after
icy had promised to leave town.
Smoke Seal of North Carolina To-
UNSEN Anna , daughter of Mayaretba
and Henry Joueen , July 6tb , aged 'J months
and 2 days
Funeral will take place July 7th at 2 p , in.
omTnlrd and Fierce streets , friends are r
vitcd , nli
VThen Ilabj iru sick , wo gave bar CMtorlo , . bee
When aho waa a Child , ah cried for Coitorla , bet
IVhcn ahe became Ulas , lie clang to Castorla , ed'
Titii ibo bad Cblldrtfi , ebc garo them Cutoria ChE
tea ;
Absolut fJa
I'rco from Oplnics'nii < ic. rtii < f l'oaon.l ,
for Coii h , Sere Tliront , llonr cnc , InflncniR ,
C'olil" . IlronclitltK , Croup , Wlinoplntc Cough ,
Attlimn , Uiilnir , l'iiln ln Clint , injothtr
f fl ° c < "tloti * < > f tlieTtirnat * i"l ItinfJ *
Price SO c ntsnliottlp. Sold by Drapclitunnd BtU.
yet It for ( Arm ictltrecrti * lira bottlee , xi > r < ncAurcti
/HIM , tu tending onettollar to
1HK ( A.Kici.i.rn rnir.i.vr ,
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ir < Nut - .t i
It tlt7 ( tfcri ftbaw AM ! K I oil rciJint I R ( w.
Nervous Hrnsuntlon , Pebllitjf , ManirtJ'j
fh ) < ; lcnl Wcnkncss ; Mcrc'irlnl anrf nthK ;
fc'ons ' nl throat , Skin or Uonrs , Hloqii pnljv ; : ' ;
Cld SutOS and IJICOf S. M9 trctul > Uh innrV' ' . . -
isrseai , on litc'l Bfl ntlUc TrlQelni" ! Pi' * ! , I'rtvttcl
Dlscasct Arising ( roni Indlscriilloii , Excsti
Exposure or Indulgence , - M5i' troluo ecne ci >
Mlowlnr tScctll uirTotueii ictllitf. < Hnl < ri or tls'i
L&ddcrectIrA ro njorj. rlmrlei n tin rare , rbyiictl detir ,
aTer ltntollit ideletx of I > > mfc1 < 9 , roniutita or livif.t :
rendcrlnB Marring * improper or unhappy. * "
f ntlpi tntrVpf , frento an , 0 lmi , Cinmlutlr& t < '
CB orb7a\llrrcr , > nillniltril. VrlK * fcriutilloi ,
A Positive Written Guarantee
t- tlrr , * , In . , _ ill . - conblf > _ - ! cues . _ . , lr.o | ! > , oniiwliirc ,
or ( j j-jjan $ )
Jamss Medical Institute
Chartered by theStatcofllll-
Inois for the express purpose
of giving Immediate rcllclin
[ Kail chronic , urinary and prl-
J vatc diseases. Qonorrlicca ,
GleetandSyphillain all their
complicated forms , also alt
diseases of the Skin and
Blood promptly rcllevednnd
permanently cured by rcmc-
dicslcstedinn'ortlY < irs
_ „ . Special 1'ractlee. bemlnal
Weakness , Night Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , jioslHvcly cured.Tltcro
Is tie experimentl < i. The appropriate remedy
is at once used In each case. Consultations , per
sonal or by letter ? sacredly confidential. Med
icines sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
DR.MMES.No. 204Wasliington St.Cncagolll. !
Sg ' V * r4nne Ol.OCJb'frf >
S atu tlic LIVER iitd KIDNEV8 , hcsroiiX TIM. UJuALiTW
nnd VIGOR of YOUTIf JDjv
Wantnt Appetite. I-
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> nd InDE. JJI/iJIl'EB.'SIKO , ' ! TOIIIC n fnl * nu ,
leody cure , lives n clear , liuJuiy complc rte
.frequent &tietiipli at , < 'iirlJ" > Ili > * only aa '
i i 'lie popularity nl tlio oiljUnV. . Doitoiwxpe
sjenl Kcttlu ; OmniN.tL AM > HBHT
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Snuixwie , 3Io.foi our "DM5A.MI HOOIC. '
* . - "
. , . , . . . . Irruai. Ulch. , Feb. , I8S3 ,
3. M. IXDOIK < t Co. . Moimon , Mich.
GENTS I am uslnt- your fluid Extract Dod Clorcr
Blossom and woe Compress tor Cancer on the brcas
and am welL 1 am eatls&od It Is the boit rcmadr toe
Cancer known. Yon nro welcome to u e tlilj for UK
benefit of Batrerlrifr hunuuiltr.
Itcapcctfally , MRS. L. A , JOHKSOX.
EH-Jly wlfo Jiaa foreomotlmobccn affllrtwl C
with om ( thin ? like a scrofulous unwise , and found no
rtllctnntll u ea > oyour Kxtr ct of lied Clevuratrial.
tam bopuy to tay aha has erpcrlencwl crrat rtllct
Thli Is Imtftdlcla testimonial of my appreciation of P
your efforM in balialt ot humanity. Juch you or *
welcome to use for their benefit.
lun v' > iy respectfully. II. AHMS. ii
UINTB 1 oommencod taklntr your Ext ncd Clover.
iwo rears ago , far Kryelpclna , nnd Ixve not been
tiwiibioi slncu. It is hereditary witto mo. TlUnt you
DAT * th * coat blood medlclno known.
Venn truly , \f , IS , BEIBEHt
R. n. Oyman , of Grand naplds , Jllch.iy.Aftef
two Uoctora adrlncd him louse I.oo3i"n ixt. : Kcd Clover
far a bad CABO of IVzcmi. or Fever Koro on the le .
onlj- used two pounds of your Solid Kitract ] ted Clorca
Am now wclL
ABaSprinif lledtolneTonlonnd ( rcneral Itlood PoiV
flerltliaano oaal. For nalo tir all dnjKfc'UU , or J. it
Loose & Co. . Monroe. Mich.
' .Vim Original nml Only ( Joiiuliic.
! anAalwar * ItrtUtile , lti > naroof worth If * Imitation ! .
mllit ui > blo I" LADIES. A k Juur HruL'slit I r
'ClilrlicnttVii riicll-l ' " 1" ! "k" ' " ' other , or ( udoio ( o.
ftampui ) in f > r piirtlcuUra fu Ittltr l y rt'dirn nmll.
. < 'lililicwtirClirnil < iil Cu. ,
DrugglslB. Tcado euppllcd by J. A , Fuller & Co
'I n i M [ < s I
Lots in Denver Junction
Weld Count if , Colorado.
Denver Junction Is n new town ot about 200
ihibit&nte ) , laid out In 1SS4 , on the gieat
runk railway ncroea the continent , at the
motion of the Juleaburg Branch , lit ? mlles
om Denver. The town is on eecood bottom
of the 1'Iatto Klver , the fiocet looatlon
etwsen Omaha and Denver , ncd IB eurround-
by the bast-laying lands west of Kearney pa
unction , Neb. ; climate healthy and bracing ; en
Ititude 3.G.K ) feet. Denver Junction bids to fn
ecorao an important point , OH tbo U. 1 * . It ,
Co , , are putting up many of their buildings
, whila the 1) . & M. It. H , Co. . nro expect-
i'Boon to connect at thin flaca. Tin jueajnt
banco for good investments In town lota will
arcely ever be equaled elsewhere , l oruale
the lot or block In good terms by
Agent , Denver Junction Cole ,
Since the completion of the new packing
and slaughter houses , South Omaha is mak
ing a wonderful ane rapid growth. Besides
the large pork and beef house erected for
Hammond & Co. , other dealers have com
menced the erection of similar institutions
and still others are contemplated for the
near future.rSeveral dwellings have been
built and twenty or thirty are now buildingo
Employment is now furnished to about one
hundred and fifty families , and conservative
estimates place the figure at eight hundred
to one thousand families that will find em-
ployruent there a year hence. This offers
great inducements to laboring men to secure
homes now while they are cheap. Specula
tors will also find it to their advantage to buy
at present prices. The company have made
no change from the original prices , but some
parties who first purchased lots have resold
them at splendid profits , in some cases at
double the purchase price. If in so shorfc a
ime handsome profits are made , what will
be the result when everything is fully devel
oped ? In the few other cities that are favor
ed with a first class cattle marketr fortunes
have been made by investors in real estate ,
and the same is certain to follow in South
Omaha. While the whole city of Omaha
will be greatly benefitted by the growth and
development of the cattle interest , South
Omaha lots will enhance in value more ra
pidly than any other by reason of the prox
imity to the works.
Manufacturers of all kinds w'll ' iind ifcto their advantage
to inspect this property ; gooil location , level grounds , track
facilities and plenty of good pure water furnished by the
South Omaha Water Works. In , fact , every facility to make
desirable for manufacturers , including cheap ground.
Will find it profitable to select property now , ns a year or
two hence with a population of 601)0 ) to 10,001) people ,
this will become a desirable place for nil kinds of business ,
and lots bought now , can bo had t vary reasonable prices
which will double in price many times in the next two vears.
Rich or poor , will find ifc profitable to make investments '
in this property. Free conveyance at all times will bo fur- ' .
mshed by ua to parties wishing to see this wonderful new
town and learn of its advantages. Wo have entire charge
of , and are the exclusive agents for the sale of all this
property from Q streets south. Splendid lots from § 225
S l4th STREET ,
We have desirable business nnd residence property for salo'Jn ; nil
arts of Omaha nnd do a general real estate business. Wo solicit bpy-
and sellers to call on us. We will give theiuflill possible inl'orraation
ree , and keep conveyance free to show property in any part of the city ,
Bedford fe Scuer ,