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iDtHentsoItliBDay at Capiialo
tlie Slate ,
Strange Action of a Lawyer Who
Finally Qots Into Trouble ,
A Site for fho Norfolk Inenno Aaylmn
aclcctcrt Oonornl Notcs antl
l'crson l Mention ,
luoporttd by The BEE'S Bureau.
LINCOLX , Neb. , July 3. Not long
slnco a const&blo nt Bennett named
Hitchcock made complaint ngatnal
Thomas O. Ptlco for shooting at him
with Intent to kill. A conplo of Ben
nott's foremost lawyers made out the
aftidavits , getting the constable to alga
thorn. The case was net for trial at 10
o'clock yesterday and continued till 1 ,
and then when the defendant was herewith
with all hia witnesses and ready for ttial ,
and when the coiutablo fonnd ho bad
signed aflidavita ho could not substantiate ,
ho concluded to withdraw the complaint.
Suddenly ono of the nttornejs , Mr.
Bhor , appeared'upon the acoua end pro
ceeded to toll everybody that ho would
make the complaint himself. Tbo defendant -
fondant requested the constable to lot
his' complaint stnnd , and the caeo was
taken to tbo dlattict court , where justice
can ho properly dealt out. Bonds were
glvon for the defendant's appearance and
cool days will coma before the attorneys
will bo called upon to vindicate the
majesty cf the law.
U. D. Stcntiu will Bcrcam for the eagle
at Avoca to-dsy.
Mm. Jane and Miss Emory Wells , of
Stuart , la. , mother nnd slater of Mro.
William Orooka , of this city , ara spending
a few days visiting their friends hero.
Everybody and tholr friends will jellify
lify the Fourth In some of the adjacent
towns , except a few who may want "to
got full" and stay at homo.
The political pot is beginning to boll ,
and anxious want to-bo candidates nro
freely circulating themselves nraong the
dear people , signifying tholr willingness
to bo sacrificed upon the official altars of
tholr country.
The following Is the mall carriers'
work for the month of June : Mall deliv
ered 209 registered lottery 03,008 mall
letters ; 11,007 postal cards ; 10,400 local
letter. ) ; 4,332 Iccil postal carde ; 30.8-10
nowspors ; total delivery , 120,523 plocor ,
They collected 30,942 lottora ; 7,902 pos
tal sards ; 2,307 newspapers ; total ,
41,271 places.
A recapitulation of the tax levy is being
prepared by the clerk , and will bo de
livered by the auditor by next Tuesday.
Dr. Girth , the veterinary surgeon , who
Is on an official tour in this state , will re
main only a short tlmo longer. He is as-
elated here by 0. M. Druse , and together
they have made several discoveries which
will ho valuable to stock men If the re
port were published so it conld bo dis
tributed among the stock men and fir-
inors.Mr. . Dales , who waa at the last meok-
Ingiof. uo rouont , , appointed eocrotary of
the board by thorn , has tendered his
resignation as deputy district court clerk ,
-to take effect the latter put of this
Thursday night at Cortland a fight
took place which resulted In three knock
downs and no arrojta.
Surveyors were at work on 0 s'.root
fixing the grade for.tho now street railrray
lino.Major Klontsch has accepted an agency
to wholesale boor for Dick Brothers of
Qulncy , 111. , and will travel some in the
W. F. Wllcox , the architect , who has
charge of the St. Paul Methodist church
And the state university building will
upend about ton days In the city. Ho is
still suffering soverly with neuralgia.
Capt. Winters , representing Dick
J3rotnora , of Qaincy , 111. , Is visiting In
the city.
Mrs. Nightingale , of Alexandria , who
has veen visiting her slater , Mrs. S. J.
Alexander , for the past week , returned
to her homo yesterday.
Mr. Eugene Lyons , formerly of Pon-
tlac , III. , now ono of the leading bnslneis
men of Jnniatta , is In the city visiting
F A , Field , a prominent nunory roan
of Kearney , Neb , , will spand the fourth
and fifth set ing the boys do battle.
J. J. Imhofl took a look at the metrop
olis yesterday.
D. B. Welpton , a prominot insurance
man , pusiod through to Unadilla last
evening , where ho went to adjust n loss.
J. T. Youngblood , ono ot Lincoln's
ulco young man , has gene to vist paranis
and friends In Marietta , Ohio.
Among the day'a arrivals were : W. S.
Golden , Nebraska City ; J. II. Poole ,
Pawnee Oily ; George H. Powers , E , S.
Munson , Beatrice ; E. L. Stone , wife and
children , F. 0. Morgan , Omaha ; James
Spots , Y. F. Yandt , Mllford ; A. B. Colton -
ton , Galesburg , Ills , ; J. A. Campbell , L ,
Rothschild , Seward ; 0. J , Da IT , Nebras
ka Olty ; H. E. Goodwin , Ohlo go ; A. H.
White , Peoria ; F. Onmby , A. French ,
Boston ; William H. Wheeler , DIB
Molooj ; Mra. V. Whitney , Syracnse ;
J. N. Bloall , North Platte ; J. W. Me-
Klbban , Adams ; A. W. Crawford , Coun
cil Blaih ; W. B. Morrison , Hlokman ; S.
W H. Welch , J. R. Perkins , L. A. Bowers ,
f A. J. Hammond , Omaha ; J. B. Read ,
York ; A. 0. Owens , Red Oak , la.
Mr , Rhea , an attorney from Bennett ,
w&s arrested hero last evening on a
charge of carrying concealed weapons.
Ho pleaded guilty to the charge of having
the weapon , but claimed that ho was
justified In carrying It. Ho then changed
his plea to not guilty and became bole ,
torous. . The case was continued till 1
o clock Monday. The lawyer then demanded -
mandod his revolver , bnt Justice Cooh-
rano refused to return it to him , when ho
became somewhat excited , and the justice
Intimated there would bo a commitment
If he was not more docile. Ho was re
leased upon his own recognizance to ap-
paar Monday morning ,
Articles of Incorporation of the Swed
ish mutual fire
Insurance company , of
Axtell , Kearney county , were filed in
the eocrotary of slate's oftice. last ovoniiifr.
The state board whioh vltited Noifolk
In the Interest of tbo now Insane hospital
to bo bnilt there selected
, a tito and were
much pleased with the ground donated
and with the surrounding country.
Charley Carter , chief clerk In the land
commisoluncr'a cilice , returned homo la l
evening from a visit among his friends In
"Wheat Crop ,
, KM. , July a. Tha report of the
K neas itato board of agriculture for tin
month ending June SO ihowa an Increase in
tha acreage ot winter wheat over the cat !
mates of correspondents , euch as to mnlco thi
area of tha ctato about 2.0CO.OCO ncrcs. Tni
ovemgc yield will bo twenty bushels per fieri
for the state , which indicate * that thep.-oihic
in thn whole stnta will bo 127,000,000 btnheli
or 21,72 per cent of the harvest of 1831 nnc
ihort of tbo average annual product for fin
Tears about 20,000,000 bushels.
The corn area is about 1,022 000 acres , an
Increaaa of 20,000 over last month and 377,000
over tbo crop planted in 1E84. The condition
Is 82 per cent compared with Juno 30 , 1881
Thn prob&bla product is 109.171,000 buihela o'
21,700.000 short of last rear's ' crop.
Mils Daisy Slnwait , granddaughter of Gen
David Hunter , U. S. A. , will ba mariied In
October to Mr. Liddell , of Florida.
A twenty-year old lad Is among these seek
ing a divoico in Toccoa , Qa , Ho has been
married two years.
Two brothers manicd two sisters under a
porelmmon tree by the roadside in Banks
county last Sunday evening , and nil wont on
bridal tour to the cotton patch on Monday
morning , [ Columbus ( Ga. ) Enquirer.
Walker Blaine , son of Hon. James G ,
Blaloo , Is to ba married this Summer to Miss
Ettis , daughter of Kx-Gov. D. D. T. JTarns-
woitb , of Uuckhannon , W. Va.
Mlis Salllo Marie , the bride of Senator
Pondleton'dson , nt the welding wore a heavy
Ivory whtto tatin with full court train , the
trout n mass of rare point lacs. The point
lace veil was the samn worn by her mother
nnil , grandmother. It wai trimmed with
dailies and fastened to her hair with diamond
pins , Shu carried a touquet "f Nlpliotos
A minister nt n recent woddlng came very
near being broken up rlqht in the midst of
the corcinony , nnd nil by thn bride , n pretty ,
fragile , young little thing , and ono of hia
favorite imrlshoners. Slio had insisted on the
most rigid _ of the Episcopal church formp ,
nd her Unitarian minister had humored her ,
Crnagiap , then , his surprise ) as ho dictated the
Ines : "Promising to love , honor nnd obey , "
o bavo her distinctly niter her oath to
Tromlslnp to love , honor nnd bo gay. " look
up him directly in the face the while , Ho
md some dilliculty to control his inclination
o , and , not being prepared for the
ontlngoccy , let it Blip. [ Boston Homo
A matrimonial agent , with n rich heiress
m her book ] . Is just tha sort of business lady
0 succeed in Paris. Such n person has turned
ip thaio , and hns been largely patronized by
jaclielors In quest of wives with fortunes. She
ook a room and announced in n copious list
of ladies cligtblo and ready to marry that n
ich lieirca' , tha owner of 2,000,000 francs ,
was nnxiom to find a husband. The matri-
nonial agent had not less than twenty suitors
or the hand of the unknown lady. She re
ceived them separately , but would not di-
ulga the name to any ono under f 00 francs.
ivery ono paid the $100 , and all wcro sent to
various parts of France. As might be ex-
> ectod , they returned to Paris love lorn , the
clover lidy having disappeared with a total of
10,000 franca.
A woman in Vermont recently applied fern
n divorca on tha ground "that a man In Now
York wanted to marry her. " This woman
ros undoubtedly honest , nnd stated the real
acts in tha case. She did not accusa her
husband of infidelity , drunkenness , neglect ,
iruelty , or oven ill-temper. Sha tacitly nc-
mowlodged that ho was n pretty nice sort of
1 man , and n fair average of men as they are
pund in Vermont ; had no particular fault to
md with him ; but desired to have her mari-
, al relations with him sundered , because "n
nan in New York wantoJ to marry hor. "
Evidently she desired to marry him , or she
would not have sought to obtain a divorca
rom her present husband.
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , Juno 29. Harry Win-
torn , a mulatto waiter , and Guatie Giosman ,
'nughter ' of n former merchant of this city ,
wore married Saturday evening by a colored
waiter on the West eide. An attempt was
made to consummate the marriage Friday
ight , but the mother of the girl prevented
hia. The girl then agreed to have no moro to
o with YVmborn.Thls was only n ruao to pain
Imo , as the next evening they were married ,
Vhilo the fact of tin marriage was denied to
night by the mother and daughter , Winborn
admitted to an ofllcer that the ceremony had
aken place. The ofli-or later confronted
ho pair , when Winborn said to his wife :
'There is no use denying , glvo the whole
hlng away , and we'll try and make it right
with jour parents/1 To this the girl made no
eply. Her family are very much excited
iver the affair , and threaten vengeance on
iVinborn. Mr. Giesman said to-night that
10 had been unaware of the intrigue. The
irst he knew of nny _ trouble was Saturday ,
when his wife told him a detective had been
at the house , but did nut tell the reason for
us coming. _ To-night ho learned for the first
ime that his daughter was married to the
legro. Ho sought the assistance of the po-
ica to have Winborn arrested , but they de
clined to interfere. Giosman says his daugb-
er is 1G years old , and , as she had always
> een kept at homo , could not imagine where
he had become acquainted with Winborn.
Che latter is said to bo quite a mhsber. He
s a fine looking fellow , and about 25 years
Dr. D , L , McLaughlin , of Tecamnh , Is at
he Pax ton.
C , W. Pool , of the Tecumieh Journal , was
n the city yesterday.
Mr. Byron D. iijnt will celebrate the
fourth nt Glonwood ,
Mr/ Dave Anderson loft last evening for
Dea Moines to spend a few days.
II. J. Zemil and E. 0. Zemll , ol Bermuda ,
iVeat India , are nt the Paxton
George M. Hosier , a prominent cattle man
of Corllilo , Pa , is at the Paxton.
Mr. Josao Lswo has returned from the
Troy , N. Y. , Polytechnic school.
II. L. Waleh nnd 0. A. Bird , of North
? latto , registered at the Paxton yesterday ,
Miss Emily Fay , troin St , Louis , Mo , , is
n the city , visiting her slater , Mrs , Ilcch-
stroaccr ,
Mr. 11. G. Mncleod , of the Grand Union
Tea company , is visiting friends in Plaits-
Mr. 0. M. Bnchnmn , of the U. P. head
quarters , will epend the Fourth visiting his
folks at Shelton , Neb.
Mr. J , J , Imhoff , proprietor of the Com
mercial hotel nt Lincoln , was nn Omaha vis-
tor yesterday and n guest nt the Paxton ,
W. A. Paxton , jr. , son of the Hon. William
A. Paxton , returned homo from college yes
terday , to spend the summer with his parents.
Judge George A. Mcecli and family , of
Chicago , who have been on an extensive pious
ire trip through the west , are at tha Paxton ,
en route hcme.
George 0. Sears , wife and daughter , n very
mndsome young lady , of Portland , Oregon
en route homo from the east , were Paxton
; uests yesterday ,
The Hon. Alexander Kamsey , ex-United
States senator from Minnesota , also ex-secro
ary of the interior , but now n member of tha
Utah commission , was In the city yesterdiy ,
en route homo from Salt Lake. .
Mr , George Malvia , bx > k-kooper for the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. , left yesterday
afternoon over Wabaih to St. Louis to spend
.ho glorious Fourth among his many friends
in that city , It is whispered that when he
returns ho will bo accompanied by Mrs. M ,
At the Metropolitan : J , Bllleter Arm
strong , I , p. Kelnssyand wife , Blair : T , J ,
Uamond , Plattsinonth ; F. W. Prato. How-
rdj Gt Borden , Salem ; G , T. Watson and
on , Greenwoodj A. J , Caryentor , Chicago ;
K. N , Jeukmi , Denver , Cob ; T. W , Burns ,
Gltaw , III ; D. Brown , St Joe ; II , 0. Cor-
baliir , San Francisco , Cal ; M. D. Townsend ,
Comnount , 0 ; nnd B. B. Nine , bt. Louis.
Seal of North Carolina Tobacco Is th
Another Batch of Testimony in tbeBal
lard Mnrfler Case ,
The Old BlntT Mntlo nt Reporters
Au Expert on the Hulijcct
of ItiHAnily.
The Ballard murder trial lisa icachoc
that point whore the attorneys Trill havi
an opportunity to air themselves bofoti
the court and jury. The evidence wai
all completed at 5 o'clock yoUcrda ;
evening , and court adjourned until 9:30 :
Monday morning , Much tlmo has boon
consnmod In the trial of thlscaso consider
Ing the amount of testimony taken on II
Yesterday morning Judge Neville secret
some ef the attorneys quite sharply for
tholr waste of tlmo , upon the strength of
which General O'Brien ( oak Oceanian to
work off that stnlo old gag about repor
ters being thcro to try the case ; to preju
dice the minds of jurymen and spectators
igalnst the accused , by giving expressions
In the proceedings that are partial nnd
ono'sldod. lt so happened that only
the BEE reporter was present
when Gen. O'Brien ' struck hii oxtiotuoly
dramatic nttltndo , nnd attnctod the
jross , and ho tried to look at that modest ,
ronng Individual , fiercely. Ho oven
rent so far na to move that the reporters
> o excluded from the court room , while
Mallard Is on trial , but his honor , Jndgo
Seville , emphatically declared , that ho
would not entertain such an unreasonable
and foolish motion for the short , fleeting
pace , of an instant. So far as the BEE
s concerned , not a line , nor a word of
srltictsm or opinions h.ivo been uttered
n Us reports.
The murder trial , before Jndgo Novlllo
n which the lifo of Thomas Bnllard la at
take , was resumed yesterday morning
with the usual crowd of interested opoo-
.ators on hand.
Chris Hartman , a man who had worked
with Ballard , moro or JOBD , was called to
ho stand as the first witness of the day.
Ir. Hartmnn'a testimony followed in
about the same line as that given by wit-
icsses for defense , Thursday , and was in-
ended to show that the murderer had of
ate years , by recsou of excessive drink ,
locomo Insane , and was not responsible
'or his act.
Dr. Spalding was recalled to the
witness stand for the purpose of proving
.ho . development of moral insanity in
Mlard as well as mental insanity. His
ettlmony however , was virtually a rope-
itlon of what ho testified to yoiterdsy.
'ho circumstance related by ono witness
yesterday of Ballard having at cno time ,
rhon beastly fnll.wont about the street
Hitting his head against barrels , boxes
nd brick walla is what brought nrJ this
morning the moral Insanity question.
Ohne. B. Borkntt , ono of the attorneys
or Ballard was called to the stand. Mr.
Jerkett had known the prisoner ever
Inca he came to Omaha , about seventeen
'oars ' ago. Ho had never known Ballard
o bo what ho considered a sober man ;
was always trying to get drunk ; witness
witness know Vorpoorton and so far as
ila knowledge extended the two men wore
n friendly terms ; Verponrton often csr-
iod money from the saloon and turned
t OTor to Ballard ; didn't think that Bal-
ard bad very many mental faculties loft.
0. E. Baldwin , ouo of tbo attorneys for
ho etato , was also examined ; ho had
; novm the murderer a lone ; tlmo , and
also know the murdered ; Mr. Baldwin
was attorney several years for Alex
) amen while he was alive , and haa been
ho legal adviaor of 11 H. Damon einco his
leath ; he had also been the attorney in
hroo or fonr cases for Ballard ; as to
Vorpoorton , he waa a strictly honest and
reliable man ; Tom Ballard was a good
man In his line of business , which waa
runner for hotels , and was never in. such
londltion that ho could not do business ;
3allard waa discharged from the St.
fames hotel on wltnesss' rocommenda-
loii , for the reason that they wanted to
urtail expenses ; as attorney for Mrs.
Damon , witnesa thought that Henry Ver-
poorton waa the best man to put in
charge of the hotel , oven over Smith ,
who waa then the lessee. They wore
compelled to discharge Homebody , and it
was decided to discharge Ballard.
At the conclusion of Mr , Baldwin's
oatlmony the conit adjourned until 2
The court waa called to order at 2
Obarlea Olmatead was called to the
stand again , this time by tbo defence.
3o testified that Ballard commenced to
; et drunk on Tuesday night before the
tilling cf Verpootcn took placa on
Being cross-oxamlned the witness said
.bat . ho saw Ballard on Saturday btforo
ho murder , but ho seemed to bo straight
ening up then. "On Thursday , " eaid
.ho witness , "ho came and snapped a re
volver at mo three times , bat I thought
10 was fooling. "
The dofenco also called Ira Smith to
ho stand. Ho tattlGcd that on Tuesday
morning before the murder , Ballard
called him out of bed and eald , "I'm
Jrinklng , and am going to get drunk. "
Sunday morning , however , he acted na if
10 was over the oproe.
Mr. Joe Miller , the county jailor , was
; ho next witness. Ho testified ttmt when
jroaght to the jail after killing Verpoor-
: on , Ballard was under the influence of
Iquor , staggered around , and ho gave
ilm liquor to sober up on. Continued to
glvo htm liquor for ono week.
The cross examination brought out
nothing now of Intereat ,
Dr. Spauldlng waa recalled to make
Bomo little corrections , or rather to re-
atato some of hia previous toatlmony ,
wherein ho had remarked that the ap-
loaranco for a canso for committing aomo
irlme , through force of moral insanity ,
might seem llko pure , unadulterated
With thla the defonao reated Ita case ,
and the prosecution commenced to Intro
duce Ita rebuttal testimony.
John F. Bllvena was called to toetify
ai to the condition of Ballard on Sunday ,
March 15tb , whether drunk or sober.
Witncta thought ho had boon drinking a
[ ttlo , but was not drunk.
Samuel Stevenson , who saw the shootIng -
Ing , thought that Ballard was sober ; ho
also felt satisfied that Ballard wai sensible
enough to know right from wrong.
Dr. E. A , Kelley waa called to the
stand na nn expert on the aubjeol of In
aanlty , Dr. Kelly had spent three yearn
and a half aanphyalcUnln ttoetato Insane
asylums of Ohio ; insanity , ho said , con
elsts In a derangement of the cerebre&l
centers and gray matter of the brain ; he
never knew ol intormltant insanity but
there la remltant Insanity ; the actions ol
Inrano patients of all klnda and classes
wcro detcrlbed at considerable length
hern la no such thing as insanity on an ;
> no "subject , nor is moral Intantty s
classified by scientists ; dipsomania la nn
uncontrollable nppotlto for strong drink
dipsomaniacs are not llablo or llkel ;
to commit crlmo or do Injury to others
nnloao attempts ara m&do to restrain
thorn from doing about as ( hey pletiso. 1
hypothetical question concerning all the
facta In the case put to the witness , for
the pnrpoao of ascertaining his opinion
regarding the canity or Insaalty of Bal
lard at the tlmo ho killed vorpooton
ratted a lengthy objection and argumon
from Gen. O'Brien , but the objection
waa overruled and the witness answered
substantially as follows : "I should s y
that such a man was not Insino. "
The cross. examination did not produce
anything different from that glvon In the
direct examination. It demonstrated ,
liowovor , the fact that Dr. Kelley la nt
nnnaually bright expert on the subject ol
At the close of Dr. Kolloy'a testimony
Lho evidence was announced es
being all in , and both sides
rested. The case ivas then adjourned
until ! > :00 : o'clock Monday morning , when
, ho arguments will commence.
A Desperate Slroggle Between Tp
Railway Corporations ,
Tlio OK , & V. , Seeks to Enjoin the O.
St. 1' . W. . & O. , From Fatting
Down a Track.
That old fight between the Chicago ,
Burlington & Qulncy nnd the Chicago ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha railroad
ompnnlcs , toe ecu re and occupy the right
f way from Farnam to Chicago streets
long tha river bank , broke out in now
liapo yesterday. Thcao two corpora-
Ions have long boon disputing and shak-
ng their fists at each other as to which
lad the best right and should occupy the
round mentioned. At first the Bnr-
ngton & Missouri River concluded that It
would go ahead and put down a track
uywoy , but was enjoyed by the
hlcago , Milwaukee , St. Paul & Omaha ,
lien It laid before the council an ordl-
ance , which If passed would give it the
tear right of way to run across F.ircam
; reor. , Douglas street , Dodge street ,
npitol avenue , Davenport street , Eighth
: roct , Ninth street and Tenth street.
iiilto recently the other company haa
) eon making a few moves , as though it
ntanded to commonca putting down
rack Immediately. To prevent them
op so doing however , the
hicago , Burlington & Quincy people
wont before Judge Neville in the district
ourt yesterday , with a petition praying
im to grant an injunction ogalnet any
nch proceeding ! ) . Jndgo Neville issued
restraining order which stands good un-
1 Monday , wnon ho will hoar the argn-
nonta fora permanent injunction. Plain-
tti petition alleges that they need moro
rack privileges nnd facilities for
10 transaction of tholr business
ere , and that having taken
roper stops to eocuro the same , they
casonably expect , and are led to believe ,
iat the ordinance will ba passed and bc-
orao a law at the next mooting of the
ouncil. Rumors iroro afloat last even-
ng that the Chicago , St. Paul Mlnneap-
lia & Omaha railroad would put a gang of
men to work during the night , to
aying track , apd aa there nra twb days
ogsthor now , in which court will Jnot be
n session , they can have plenty of time
; o cover all the ground under dispute.
A BEE reporter looked over the scene
bout midnight , bnt everything waa quiet
bcrn , and nobody seemed to bo atlring
bout ,
" \VbAsh Strikers Arrested.
KKOKDK , la , , June 3. Three men named
TcKenn , Collins and Burkley , from Council
llnfla , wore brought in to-day by Deputy
Tnitod States Marshal Fulton charged with
oing ring leaders of the strike on the Wnbash
oad at Council Bluffs on June Hlth and 20th
nd obstructing trains. They will be arraigned
n the federal court to-morrow.
The suspension of Officer Hinchey from
uty has created quite a commotion in pellco
ircles and may be the means of instituting an
muually interesting series of investigations.
Officer Hinchey is charged with violating the
rder wh < ch prohibits policemen from going
nto saloons and drinking when on duty. His
aso will bo attended to next week by the
ouncil committee on police.
Cho Greatest MedlealJTriumph of the Ago !
jO of appetite , Ilaweli cuotlvo , 1'aln In
bo licnil , Vflfh n dull ennnllon In the
ach part. 1'aln under tbo handler *
ilado , irullne niter eating , wlthmlli-
iicllnntlon fo exertion of badr armlnil ,
rrlmblllty of tamper , loir spirits , with
a foollna of Imvlna neglected sonio duty ,
V'enrlucs.i , Dizziness , I'lutterlna at the
Icarl. Dots before the oyci , HoadacliD
ver the right cro , Itestloisnoivllb
tful dronrna , Hlsblr colored Urine , an J
TDTT'H I il < t.8 nro especially adapted
o oucb cases , ono close olTecta Ducli a
They Increase tl > \iuetUe.acil cause the
ody to Take uu FK-nli. thin tbo Bjstem II
iiourlihcil.nii'l ' by tntlr Tunic Action on
ba Ulieeitl ve OrgaiiB.Ttcuu lar H tools ore
irodnciMl. l'rl"o'J5c. SIiirravH . .N.Y.
URAT IlAin or WHISKERS changed to a
QI.OSSV BLACK by a aiiiRlo application ol
his Dm. Jt imparts n nuturul color , nets
nstantanoously. Bold by Druggists , or
press on receipt of Ol <
MurrnvSt. . Now York.
Veterinary Specifics
Horses , Cattle , Sheep
DOGS , noas , POULTRY ,
In nso for over 20 years by Farmers ,
Stockbreeders , Ilorso It. It , , &o.
Used by U. S. Covornmont.
Mounted on Boilers & Eook Mailed Free.
Humphrey'Med , Co. , 100 I'ullou 61. , N. Y.
HumphreysJ Homeopathic
Jl IXTT | | , orivliL nd Urt rltl powder , for f 5.
8ou > BY UEUG < usT8or neat po tp > id on receipt ol
prto * AdilrMi.lIuinliliroyi' llaiiiuuimllila
McilUluu Co , , lU'J Vultoubt. , IVitw\orlu
Messrs. D. M.STEELE & CO Omaha , , July 26th. 1886.
Gcutlomnn Having rend the different testimonials in behalf of your celebrated V cigar , wo feel that wo-
cannot refrain from adding our testimony to the already long Hat , would be doing an injustice to the manu-
fncturor of , not onij the best cigar in the marhot but to the smokers , especially m North Omalm where wo
are located. Every day we hear complimentary remarks , and as our cigar trade has largely increased since
the introduction of the invincible 7" . Wo feel under obligations to say that the cigar is all that has been
represented and we take recommending the V to every smoker , Yours very truly ,
What is known as cumulative evidence can as a general thing be ac
cepted as a clinching argument either for or against. Our V cannon is
loaded to the muzzle with cumulative , and while we are getting ready to
fire our broadside on the glorious Fourth , suppose - YOU FIRE the fin
est cigar you will ever get hold of for the money.the
'one ' Oenuine Without Vallencia Cigar Factory's ' Name
on Label.
A T1 ZB 5T
- _ _ LJL. .
Kuhn & Co , John W. Bell ,
15th and Douglas ? t. 820 S. 10th Street.
Jas , Forsythe , Field & Farnsworth ,
N. W. Cor. IGtlurad Capitol Av. 2115 Cuming Street.
W , J. Whitehouse , Foster & Bro , ,
N. W. Ccr. 16th & Webster. Council Bluffs
DEALERS will receive GIUTIS with First order for 1000 "V" Cigaraono beautiful 7 x13 advertising pho
iograph in stylish hardwood frame , retail value $2.25 ; and one striking street sign ,
SEND your order , put out the sign we furnish and if the "V" does not prove the best selling cigar you
lave ever had , you can return within 30 days all unbroken and clean packages.
Write for prices and terms. Orders by letter ; postal , telegraph or TELEPHONE NO. 304 , will re
ceive prompt attention.
Bishop Sharpe , a Mormon dignitary , always
lens his letters to bis wives , "Youra , frae-
'onally. ' "
Sam Jones , the revivalist , observes : "God
won't keep a young lady pious who has her
waist encircled seven times a week by tbo
Arms of n spider-legged dudu. "
A lady addressing a company of Sunday
chool officers and teachers and giving a remi
niscence o ! her experience as a Sunday toach-
r , said that one of the inducements held out
rO her to take charge of a class ol boys waa
hat one of them was ' 'catcher of the nine. "
She thought if the nine were all like him nbo
lid not wish him to catch them for her ,
Boston Journal ,
"There is something that has preyed
toavily on my mind over since our engage
ment , dear , " he said , "but I am almost afraid
o tell you of It. " "What is it , George ? " the
oung woman allied , nnxioutly. "I am a
omnarabnKst. " "Oh , is that alll" she ex
claimed , with a tigh of relief , "I have always
been a Umversalist myself , but of course
when we are made one I eball expect to at-
end to your church "
Freddy went to Sunday school. He was in
he infant class.- Ono day his father said to
him : "How is this , Froddy'i You have boon
; oing to Sunday school for some time , and
mve never yet brought home a good ticket.
' . am really ashamed ot you. " "Papa , " said
ho little culprit , swelling up like a toad , "I
. ' 11 bring home a good ticket next Sunday , if
if I have to hook it. "
Teacher to class In architecture "Gentle-
mc .1 , you have examined tbo designs for to.
day' * Icssonst" Class "Wo have. " Teacher
"Well , then , Mr. Brown , will you kindly
toll me what the nave of a church It ? " Brown
"Certainly , sir. It is the Sunday school
superintendent who is cashier of a bank. "
"Your Mr. Brown is a queer kind of are
> ro cher , " said a Methodiit layman to a
L'resbyterian of the same standing ,
"Why , " queried the Presbyterian ,
"Because ho sweara when it is necessary ,
'or he told mo so himself. "
"It'ii true , too , but there's nothing wrong
in that. "
"Thero isn't ? Well , that's strange doctrine
for a Christian. I'd like to know how you ex-
' It. "
pla'n .
"Simplest thing In the world , He swears
when it is necosiary ; but , my duir brother it
s never necessary to swear except on the wit
ness-Hand , "
There is a moral to this ttory , which you
can have , if you tindit. - [ Merchant Traveler
At a small social gathering in Kallamozoo
list week , one of tbo guetto , a eomewhat noted
D. D , , who his traveled much both at home
and abroad , related the followlcg incident
concerning hia vitit to the church of the Holy
Sephulcher at Jerusalem. Slid he : "We ,
too , visited this place , claimed to be the de
pository of so many sacred relics , and after
being shown all tha others , finally cama to
'tho dust out of which was created , '
and which was left over after hia creation was
finished. I at once Raid to the exhibitor :
'Now I bollevo you , I have had some diffi
culty in crediting all you hava told me about
the identity of many other relics shown me ,
but In this case there can bo no doubt what
ever , This must have bosn left over after
Adam was created. But I sea there la a con
siderable quantity of this dust quito enough
out of which to form Kvo. Why waa she then
not created ? ' 'Sir , ' was the solemn reply of
our puidc , 'for a very good reason : eho was
not there to bo made. " '
A Mire cure for Blind , Bleeding , Itching
and Ulcerated Tiles has been discovered by
Dr. 'Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr.
Williams' Indian Tile Ointment. A single
box has cured the worst chronic caeca of 25 or
30 years standing , No ono need Buffer five
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
ing medicine , lotions and instruments do
more harm than good. Williams' Indian
1'ile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
intense itching , ( particularly at night alter
getting warm in bed ) , acts as a poultice , givea
Instant relief , and is prepared only for I'ilee ,
itching of private parts , and for nothing else.
by Lr. 1'razler'a Magio Ointment. Curea aa
if by magic , I'imples.Black Heads or Grubs
Blotches and Kruptiona on the face , leaving
tbo skin clear end beautiful. Also euros Itch ,
Salt Uhume , Bore Nipples , Sere Lips , and
old. Obstinate Ulcers.
Sold by drugRlits , or mailed on receipt of
price , 50 cents.
At retail by Kuhn & Co , nnd Schrootor &
Becht. At wholesale by 0 , F. Goodman ,
Huso 1U1I.
CHICAGO , 111. , July 3. Chicago , L' ; New
York , 0.
DETROIT , Mich , , July 3. Detroit , Gj Bos
ton , 1.
ST. Louis , Mo. , July 3. St. Louis , 2 ; Buf
falo , 1. _ „ "
BUFFALO , N. Y. , July 3.-Buffaloj Oj I'hil-
adelphla , C.
ST. Louis , Mo , , July I ! . St , Louis , 2 ;
Pioyidence , 3 ,
! JolinMcOulluuti ] .Doomed.i" ) MVI
NEW YoBK.Ouly 3. W , JF. ; Johnson , attorney -
torney for John McCullough'a wifofla quoted
to-night as Bavin * tint the physician ) at
ISIootnlngdalo informed Mra , McCulloughtbat
her husband might have periods of apparent
improvements , yet bis disease ii progresiivo
pualyils of the brain and U absolutely Incur-
nba ! , ending in one or two years In utter im
becility and death ,
Booking Satisfaction.
About three weika ago It waa , that M.
G. MoLood made aa uruucoossful at
tempt to catch and atop a runaway horao
at the earner of Douglas nnd Fifteenth
streets. Ho was thrown into a pllo of
paving material , and badly injured. The I1
Vunawny borae belonged to Sir. A. ' Dlx- /
on. Yesterday MoLood Instituted a ault
for damages against Dixon In the dlacrlcb * .
court , fixing the extent of his Injuries at. r
§ 5,000.
Vnnlllu.r,7in < iii , ( > i-iinio , ( flavor ' *
Cr nm > , l > iulillii | [ < . .l > civa dellcnlcly u iwl un 4
urnllyu * ( he fruit fr < nil which tbeyui viiiude.
FKlftnio IY TH
Price Baking Powclor Co. ,
Chicago , III. Bt. Louis , Mo.
tiiviiu or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's ImpuUn Toast Gems ,
Ilett Dry Hop Ycntl.
WE JUUE IIUT we qviuiy ,