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Ornoi No. 814 AND 016 FAP..VAU ST.
Nw Tout Orrioa , IIoou 55 TBIBONI BCILD-
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calf lloncUj morning fell ? p blWS4 fe the lUt * .
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Ont Month , on trill . 10
All Communications relating to Newi and Editorial
natteri should b * addresitd to th * EmtOB or mi
11 u.
menus irrrm.
All ButlneM Letter ! and nemltUoeei should b
addressed to Tun Dsi Paiuiuixo COMPI.TT , Oxiru.
Drafts.Checki and Pott office ord r to b * toad * pay
able to tha order of the company.
A. n. Fitch. Mnnwer Dally Circulation.
TIII.S la the day we celebrate.
THE Anglo-Russian war cloud aooma to
have rolled by.
a man goes gunning after an
other In Omaha it ia called dipsomania.
Tin : ulreot car strike leads every paper
In Ohloga to remark that walking la
Mu. MAOKIN , of Chicago , la out of
politics. IIo would prefer , however , to
bo out of jail.
THE Omaha exposition promises to
provo a greater aucocoa than any state
fair oror held in Omaha.
FORMERLY when a nnu had snakes in
his boota U vraa calledlm-jams , but now
the classical lawyers call It dlpEomanla.
THE Hocking Valley minors are now
working steadily , and labor nfTiirs appear
to bo In a fairly satisfactory condition in
that region.
AMONCI the numerous candidates for
the goTornorship of Georgia are throe
odltors. They would rather bo governor
than write.
THE telephone companies have always
objected to profanity , and It Is intimated
that they propose to substitute "shool-o"
for "holl-o. "
JONAS , of Louisiana , has at last been
swallowed by the administration whale.
Ho has boon appointed collector of cus
toms for the district of Now Orleans.
Sioox CITY claims a population of
18,530 , an Increase of over 11,000 alnce
1880. It la snfo to soy that the census
takers have not overlooked anybody.
THE city council ought at least to order
flat-etono cross-walks to bo laid on Far-
nnm street. It can bo done at small ex
pense , and it ia a much-needed improve
MR. ADAMS will not return to Omaha
for two or three weeks. This will give
the viaduct committee of the city council
plenty of time to prepare another prayer
ful petition.
AN exchange Bays that natural gas ia
to be used as an illnmlnant in Kansas
City. That city has a big supply of it ,
and its usefulness has already been dem
onstrated in the inflated reports of its
TIIE Mormons continno to rope in con
verts from the ignorant classes of Europe.
There are now 514 Swedish and Danish
converts on route to Utah. The anti-
labor- contract Itw ought to be made to
apply to those intentional law breakers ,
has boon appointed stenographer and
private secretary to the secretary of the
Interior , who has been intimately
acquainted with him slnco his childhood ,
hud entertains a very high opinion of
THE president has made a Wisconsin
man chief justice of Idaho , and baa gone
clear to Mississippi to find an editor to
fill the position of receiver of public
monevfl at Eranoton , Wyoming. The
administration is not paying ranch atten
tion to the platform recommendation
that territorial appointees should bo cit
izens ol the territories.
FAIINAM street is disfigured by a most
unsightly set of telegraph poles. If
these poles cannot bo ditpensed with , It
Is to be hoped at least that they will bo
inhaled , which will greatly Improve
their appearance. There Is nothing orna
mental about telegraph poles , but at the
esmo time they can bo made to look neat
and respectable , and that , too , at very
llttlo expense.
THE citizens of Niagara Falls are mak
ing great preparations for the formal
opening of the state rciorvatlon at Niag
ara on July 15th. The commissioners of
the slate reservation will in behalf of the
s'ato ot Now York take possession on
that day of the lands selected for the
preservation of the scenery of the Falls
of Niagara. Invitations are being cent
oat to prominent citizens all over the
Two millions of Cincinnati four per con
paving bonds have been negotiated at a
premium of.Sl.2G per 81,000 , Omaha
owes loss proportionately than Cincinnati ,
has a better credit , and is moro able to
moot her obligations , yet eho has no bonds
drawing less than six per cent. Under
the circumstances , and pnrtlcnlaily now
that money is a drug in the eastern mar
ket , the Omaha board of trade ought to
Lave no difficulty in negotiating the sale
of seven per cent bonds for the money
needed in thocomtructlonof thopropoied
chamber of commerce building.
Wo cannot understand why certain
papers of this state go out of their way
on every possible occasion to attempt to
bolitlla Omahi , and at the earns time
puff outaido cities , and particularly Kan
sas City , Wo should think that every
paper In Nebraska would take pleasure
in assisting to build up the commercial
metropolis of this slato. The growth
and prosperity of Omaha are indicative of
the growth and prosperity of the state.
What helps ono helps the other. Wo are
led to make thoao remarks by several
statements whlh have recently appeared
in some of the state papers , Ono of those
statements Is as follows ;
Omaha has 00,000 population nnd Lincoln
15,000. The first named city has been chim
ing from GO.OCO to 70,000 and the latter
The fact Is that no ono has over claim
ed for Omaha a population of 70,000 ,
nor a population of over GO,000. The
estimates have ranged from 60,000 to
00,000 , and the census , which is now about
completed and will scon bo given to the
public , will , M wo are reliably informed ,
show that Omaha has fully 00,000 people
within her olty limits. This wo believe
to bo an honest enumeration. So far as
wo are concerned wo have always bean
opposed to exaggerating the population
and the commerce of Omaha , for If once
begun it must bo kept up , Omaha ia to
day the largest city in the three atatea of
Iowa , Kansas and Nebraska , Iowa , with
her 2,200,000 population has no city anywhere -
where near as largo as Omiha , and
neither has Kansas , The people and
press of Nebraska certainly ought to be
proud of this growing metropolis , which
wo predict will contain moro than a hun
dred thousand people in 1800.
IN his article on civil service reiorm ,
in the July number of the Nortli Ameri
can llcvicw , Mr. Dorinan B. Eaton ,
president of the civil service commission ,
incidentally stated that ho had in his
possession a letter written by Charles P.
Olson , formerly of Boston but now of
London , offering Congressman Leopold
Morsa § 1COO to secure for him the ap
pointment of consul at Gothenburg , Ger
many. This statement has proved a
black eye to Mr. Olson's prospects.
Olson , it seems , was appointed by the
court of Alabama claims as an expert
witness to examine the books and records
of sundry Insurance companies and Indi
vidual insurers , and to make up sched
ules therefrom to bo need ai testimony
on the adjudication of claims pending be.
fore the court. He was to examine the
books and records and data of certain in
surance companies in this country and
other underwriters In Paris , Antwerp and
London. Ho made this work secondary tea
a general commission business in which
ho Is engaged in London. The consulate ,
which ho is so desirous of obtaining , pays
only about § 2,000 a year , but ho could
afford to use $1,500 of this sum as a
bribe , as ho could , by virtue of the con
sulship , make a big profit by introducing
Americ&n manufactures in Gothenburg.
Unfortunately for Mr. Olson , the article
Df Mr. Eaton met the eye of Mr. Cros-
troll , the prosecuting attorney of the
jourt of Alabama claims , and the result
is that an order has been Issued revoking
ill commissions issued to Olson. It islet
lot very likely that the enterprising
Dlsonwlll push his claims any further
for the Gothenburg consulship. Mr.
Baton did a good work for civil service
reform by his incidental reference to
Dhon. He killed two birds with ono
IN Illinois there is a law providing a
heavy punishment for gambling in grain.
Under this act if the losing party does
lot sue to recover within six months the
imonnt lost , then any other party may
wring suit to recover thrco times the
amount and retain for his own nso one-
half of the sum collected , while the bal
ance goes to the county. This law Is | |
loon to bo tested in qnlto a big case. t .
Dno Edwin Partridge lost $150,000 In tc
> raln gambling , his agents being a well ]
known Chicago commission firm , but ho. 1
Jldn't sue to recover vrlthln the limit of
tix months. Another party now comes
iorward and sues the commission firm for
450,000 , throe times the amount lost by
Partridge , Should ho bo successful in
recovering the amount , which Is not very
ikoly , ho would receive $225,000 , and
, ho county would receive an equal sum , f
Mr. Partridge would only bo entitled to
its witness fees. If this law were en'
orced it would put an end to grain gamb <
Ing in Chicago.
illy conducted the campaign for her t
insband'a return to parliament. She I
enema a thing or two about politics as G
ho is an American woman. Lord |
Jhurchlll made a bargain with her Ba
hat she should do all the work of the cam- 1t
and have all the glory , if victory 1d
lorchod upon her banner. The latest 1
able advices state that she has boon via- 1F 1d
orlous. She may bo said to bo the Mrs. F
'ohn A. Logan of English politics. v
NEW YORK is trying to question there- I
[ ability of the Chicago directory census , li
rhlch gives that city about 700,000 pop 0
ilation , and yet Now York has the
nbllmo cheek to claim a population of
,500,000 when Its directory shows only
trifle of over 300,000 narnos. In other
rords , Now York runs np a big popula-
Ion by multiplying the directory names
y 5 , while Chicago has multiplied only
y 4 , The f ct is that the usual multiple
i 3A , and the lowest 2\ ,
THAI old fossil , Judge Lambert Tree ,
I Chicago , was given a new icasa of life
ad prominence by being made a candi *
ate tgiinst Logan during the lost few
allots In the Illinois senatorial conteat.
lad it not been for that unexpected In
dent he would have remained upon the
shelf , where ho was placed years ego. Ho
has now been appointed minister to Bel *
glum. Incidentally , it strikes us that it
Is a llttlo late in the season to transplant
such an old Tree.
Proceedings in the British parliament
during the past week have been commonplace -
place and monotonous. The tory min
istry is cautiously feeling its way to avoid
any serious blunder. Even the proposed
bndcot Is being withhold BO far In order
to ascertain whether It can bo asked
from the liberals. The advantage gained
by the latter through the masterly retreat
of Gladstone at a moat critical period Is
now admitted on all bands , There Is
now no doubt that Mr. Gladstone docs
not mean to retire at present from public
life , and docs mean to lend the liberals
in the coming campaign , Moreover , his
health is not only good but very good ,
and his intellectual keenness as great as
over. So that the contest In the fall will
probably bo fully as lively as that in
1870. Gladstone's letter to his old con
stituency of Midlothian announcing
that ho will again bo a candidate
for their suffrages la simply an Inti
mation not only that ho la again
willing to represent that particular
section of his party , but that ho consid
ers it an absolute necessity of the con
tinued existence of that party that ho
should still bo its leader. Soon after his
defeat on the tplrlt-dutios question Mr.
Gladstone said that ho had permanently
retired from public life. And , Indeed ,
the intimation was not unexpected. It
waa known that hla health was seriously
undermined ; that at times ho Buffered
from an ominous physical depression and
prostration ; and that of late his voice
in his case a most miraculous
organ at times almost whol
ly failed him at the critical
moment. The reason for Mr. Glad
stone's reconsideration of hla denial of
further political honors is thereforeobvl -
onr. Ho again CDinca to the front at a
most critical moment in the history of
his party and his country only through
the pressure of absolute party necessity.
Ho comes forward , if possible , to save his
party from the disintegration with which
it is threatened. The question , In view
of a contingency which involves , per
haps , the sacrilico of hla life , Is : Will
Mr. Gladstone succeed in probably this
the last and rnojt heroic effort of hla po
litical history ?
The somatlon of the day in England
centers in the "feelers" put forth by the
tory government In respect to the Irish
question , In the shape of a speech and a
pamphlet from Arthur James Balfour to
his constituents at Hertford. Balfour is
Salisbury's son-in-law , and the now chief
secretary for Ireland , and his utterances
have thus an empliatlc importance in in
dicating that the now administration in
tend to make a bold attempt to form
a majority in parliament by out
bidding the liberals for the sup
port of the semi-detached radicals and
the Parnollltos by a policy of homo rule
for Ireland. Ho declared outright that
ho desired no less than Chamberlain to
BOO Ireland governed by equal law trith
England , and all exceptional legislation
against the Irish abolished forover. In
his pamphlet Mr. Balfonr argues that tbo
necessity of Ireland no less than that of
England demands ita continuance under ;
the Imperial government , but that' '
It should have independent self-govern :
ment , and for this purpose ho advocates
the substitution of the present vice-regal
machinery of an elective central board.
Bow far the Salisbury government will '
go in such a scheme depends upon the
tray In which these tentative propositions
> ra received. But of course coercion i.
trill not bo hoard of , and It is acknow- ! ' *
jdged on all hands that that hideous an-
ithronism , Dublin Oastlo , Is doomed.
Oils Is a wonderful change of front for
Salisbury , for whom no measure of re
pression could be too severe ; and who
ias ( pent his bitterest Invective upon Mr. '
Gladstone for his concessions to Ireland.
Fho conservatives confess to have great
lopes for the coming elections.
Mr. Parnoll will probable servo In par-
lament of tor the next general oleotion as , s
, ho member from a London district In
nrhlch the Irish vote predominates. Mr.
Fnstin Mo Carthy will probably represent
.ho Irish district in Liverpool , and Mr.
C. P. O'Connor is likely to bo tent to
mrliamont by a Glasgow district. Moan-
prhilo Mr. Parnell is busily engaged with
.ho people of Ireland selecting candl-
lates for various districts Blcgar , the
[ ledmonds and other old members will ?
> o the candidates in the north of Ireland
ind In other districts whlcb are consid
ered doubtful. The districts which have
in overwhelming or even a safe national-
st majority will take candidates from the
low men who must bo called into public
ifo in consequence of the increased
lational power which results from the
ate seta extending the franchise and as-
Ignlng representation to districts in the
leu of the rotten borough aystom ,
Lord Salisbury's ministry seems dotor-
nlned to begin an energetic foreign policy
, B soon as possible , The Mahdl is to bo
mashed. This is apparently in compll-
tnco with the demand ot Sir Garnet
rVolasloy , who wishes to have the oppor-
unity given him for gaining the laurels
hat slipped bis grasp in the boastful ex-
icdltlon to Khartoum. But "appir-
mtly" only , for the determination to re-
tow the Soudan ompilgn by the con-
ervativo ministry la in reality brought '
ibont by the attitude cf France ,
d. Waddington has asked Lord Sails-
inrto fix an early data for the with-
rawftl of the British trcopj from Egypt ,
? ho Engl'sh premier's ' response to this
lemand is found in the renewed rap-
irochomont between London and Berlin ,
rhicb , though apparently directed against
lusila , is in fact aimed at France.
'rlnco Bismarck bas always advised
Ingland to " stick to Egypt. " In return '
o wishes free scope for the development
f his colonial cchemes in Africa ,
Franco Is very naturally annojod , M.
o Lesiops has made himself the month-
Icco of French chagrin , and prophesies
bat unlojs England withdraws from the
ind of the Pharaohs the Egyptian dls-
nto will end In an Anglo-French war , IP :
von Mr. Gladstone , at the time of tbo
osphore Egypt Ion business , when he U
rdered the Guards to disembark at at
lox&ndria , aw the danger to Brit- atM
h predomlnence in E ypt threat-
led by France , and the conserva- m
ves are naturally not loth to teLi
illow the line marked out by their pro- j Li
eceisors In cilice , in guarding British
itorests in connection with the safety of up
10 Suez canal. The tens of the EUR-
sh press during the recent Suez con-
ess In Paris waa not to be mistaken on
lis point , England h undoubtedly la un
krnoit in her determination to main- Jt
( aln her military footing In
Egypt , and France , though she
may resent British stubborn-
ncs' , has certainly no one to blsnin but
herself In not assuming , when eho had
the chance , a part of the military control
thcro. Lost opportunities seldom return ,
either to men or n&tlone , and Franco will
find It almost impossible to make good the
slna of omission committed by M , do
Freyclnot In 1882.
Lord Salisbury's determination to con
test the Inclination of M. do Lotseps to
"bestride Iho narrow waterway llko a
Colotsus , " and of Franco to reassert any
commanding influence in Egypt , has un
doubtedly received its inspiration from
Berlin ; and the threatened rosumptlouof
the campaign in the Soudan by England
can only have for Its object the keeping
of sufficient troops in Egypt to bo ready
for emergencies , in view of "tho anger of
Franco. "
Russia is continuing her preparations
for war. A thousand men are a work on
the Trans-Caspian railroad which ex
tends from Askabad toward Sarakhs.
Eight hundred men are employed In the
later place erecting fortifications and
building barracks for troops. It is also
reported that the Russians are building
a bridge over the Mnrghab river , which
flows pint Ponjdeh and Morv.
This work is not done with a peaceful
intent. It is simply part nnd parcel of
the design which Russia has followed for
the last tivo years or moro. Steadily dur
ing all that tlmo aholjaa had her eyes
upon the Gatoa of India. Persistently
she has pursued ono object in central
Asia. Until Russia can so menace India
that Enghnd will not dare to protect
Turkey and Constantinople , Unsslwn
ambition will not bo satisfied , It was
for this purpose ) that the Russian army
was advanced beyond the Caspian sea.
It was with this in view that Askabad ,
Tijend , Morv , Sarakhs and Pond job were
successfully taken. It Is in pursuance of
this original purpose that the railroad late
to bo extended , the Mnrghab bridged
and Sarakhs fortified.
The change in the English ministry may
alter the policy of England , but it does
not affect the policy of Russia. The people -
plo of England and America think of the
accession of the conservatives to power
with reference to its general effect upon
England , Russia watches ttoalthily ,
like a cat , to see ono thing only , and that
is how her schema of conquest in Central
Asia will bo affootod by the change in
Lord Salisbury and Lord Randolph
Churchill were especially severe in their
denunciation of Rnseia during the Glad
stone administration. It was therefore )
thought by some parsons that Russia
would , after Lord Salisbury had assumed
the government , demand an explanation
of the remarko made by him and Lord
Randolph Churchill. But Russia Is too
much in oirneat for that. She Is deter
mined , if possible to secure Herat
peaceably , if she can ; forcibly , if she
must. She Is willing to forgot the in
sults which wcro cast upon her by the
conservatives when they were out of
power , if she can keep them qnlot now
that they are In power. Sooner or later ,
though , the clash in Central Asia will
The valiant republic of Hayt' ' , on
learning that a single man-of-war was
taking our minister to its shores , at once
released from confinement the American
sltlzsn Mr. Van Bokkelen whom our
itato department for a good while back
iiad boon trying to get out of confine
ment. We rather regret the release.
Wo are not anxious for a war of any kind
m this continent , but a collision with
; ho republic of Haytl might bo a great
hing to the people of that country. This
American republic Is nothing moro
ban a slice cf Gold Coast aavagory trans-
irrod to a West Indian island. From its
brmer French masters it got no more
'ban a most superficial varnish of civilt-
atlon and Christianity. Yondoolsm , with
ill Its attendant cruelties and horrors ,
s the really established religion of the
lountry. The people are sinking steadily
o lower and lower degrees of savagery.
rVo have great confidence In the future
if the negro In contact with the white
ace , and none at all In his working out a
ivilized future in separation from that
'ace , and this , unhappily , is what Tons-
aint 1'Ouvertnro and Independence
ichlovedfor Haytl.
Germany is determined to get posses-
Ion of Zanzibar. There is a petty dis-
rlct lying to the north of Sultan Say-
rld'e realm ever which Germany claims
ho protectlonato. But the proximity of
'anzlbar , wo are naively told"endangers
ho peace of Wltu " this Is tbo name of
ho protected district and so the danger
auat bo removed. Sayyid , the Iamb , Is
vidontly destined to bo eaten up by the
lorthern wolf. The wolf has Already
lain moro African lambs than ho has
loon able to digest.
Liout. H. J. Gallagher , Sixth U. S. cav-
] ry , is visiting frienda at Council Bluffs.
Capt. M. LCourtney , Twenty-fifth U.S.
ifantry , is visiting fiienils in Des Molnos , In.
Col. 0. II. Carlton , U. S. A , , will leave
'exas ' in a few days to spend a few months I (
n leave , I i
Gen. W. B. [ lazen , U. S. A. , will sail for | f
luropo early in July , to be gone until Sep
: mber ,
Gen. II. A. Morrow , U , S , A. , and Mrs.
[ arrow nro on a brief visit east from Fort
Idney , Neb. .
Gen , George Crook , U , S , A. , is expected I
xst in September to join lire , Crcik , now '
luting in the east , C
Col. E. B. Willston , U. S , A , , and Mrs.
/illston will spend a portion of the Summer
i the White Mountains.
Mra. E. W. Very and Mrs. Benet , wife of
en. S. V , Benot , U. S , A , will sail for
'ranee early in July.
C pt. W. H. Vinal , Sixteenth U. S. infnn-
y , is spending a portion of the summer at
Lognotic Springs , Union county , O ,
Lieut. Benjamin Alvorcl , Twentieth U , 8 ,
ifantry , will spend a portion of the summer
ith hla friends In tha east ,
Lieut. N. Wolfe , Second U , S. Artillery ,
id family , are vitlting in the south befoio
inlng at St. Francis Barracks , Flo ,
Lieut L. P. Brant , First U. S. Infantry ,
ill open n recruiting rendezvous In Geneva ,
. Y , , early in July.
Assistant Surgeon Ezra Woodruff , U. S.
, , has rejoined at Fort Maplnnta , M , T , ,
om a visit to Fort Leavenwortb ,
Capt. Robert McDonald , Fifth United
ifantry , on tick leave from Fort Keogh , is
lending the summer at Aebovllle , N , C ,
Oapt. F. B. Hamilton , Second U. S. Artil- I f0
ry , left Little Hock last week to Inspect
iBelBsippi militia in camp at Greenville. .
Lieutenant B. W. Laavell , Twenly-fouith M
. S. infantry , and bride , recently marrried
Cardington , Ohio , are viiitfng at Cameron , d.
issourl , d.B
Lieutenant 0. W , MBBOH , Fourth U. S. B :
fantry , has been visiting bis brother , Lieu Sc
nant J , S. Mason , first infantry at Fort
avenwcrth. to
Paymaster W. It , Gibson , U , S. A. , will IE
end seven or eight weeka In the east before IESc
Ining hii new etttion In the department of
ucas ScT
Mra. Augur and daughter hare gone to T ]
, 'aiibtou , Illinois , where they will remain
iti ) Gen , Augur retires from active eervico
Licntennnt H. C. CarUuRli , Fifth TJ. S.
artillery , nnd Mri. CArbangb , now nt Wlllot's
Point , will join At Fort Columbus , Now York
harbor , about July 20.
Gen. S. D. Sttugis , U , S , A. , arrived nt
Fort Monde , Dakota , laet week , and as
sumed control of that post and his regiment
the 7th cavalry ,
Mnj. George II , Burton , inspector general ,
United States army , was to join lajt week
At Fort Lsavcnworth for duty in the depart
ment of the Mijeouti.
Gen. George D. Ilug Icn , U. S. A , , hin
cot comfortably settled nt San Antonio , nnd
has taken charge of the A , G , O , headquar
ters , department of
Ft , Leavenworth In n few day * will lose
thrco valued ofliccru , Mni S. B. M. Young ,
J , J > Upham , nnd Copt , ( i , I } , liusacll , who
join their regiments.
Col , II. 1' . Hughes , U. S. A , , waa expected
in Sin Francisco last , -week to report to Gen ,
Fopo for duty ( inspector general of the di-
vltlon of the 1'nciQc.
Capt. Clmloj Morris , Fifth United States
nrtlllrry , returned to Fort , Columbus , N , Y ,
H. , the /alter / part of last week from a visit to
friends at Charleatown , Mass ,
Assistant Surgeons It. G. Ebcrt , U. J ,
Gibson , It , B , Bonhom , W. 0 , Gorgas and
N. Strong , U , S , A. , ench attained the grade
of captain Juno 1C , by length of icrvico.
Limit. 0. P. Mlllor , 4th U. S. artillery
loft Fort 1'roble , Mo , last week to enter upon
his duties ns professor of military pcienco nnd
tactics at the university of Vermont nt Bur
Liout. T. P. Powell , 9lh U. S. cavalry ,
whoso service In the field with his troop in
tha Indian territory last year had somewhat
undermined his health , Is recuperating at
Danville , Va.
Cnpt. G. F. Footo , 8th U. S , cavalry , who
nuived with great credit during the war m the
Michigan voluntoeri , nnd was breretted fur
gallantry nt Stone Kivor nnd Jouesboro , ia to
nppoar before n retiring board , iu session at
San Antonio , Tex ,
Clnrn Morris will open the now Chicago
opern house Auff 17 ,
Mnry Anderson is enjoying herself at Glen-
tjhotn , Ambleeidp , England ,
Luander Kicharilson has gene to Palis to
sea Sardou about n play for Mmo. Jnnish ,
Mr , Lawrence Barrett Is to play next sea -
son that old English comedy " 1'ho Wonder , "
Flptow's "Martha" was sung in the city of
Mexico Juno 11) ) , with tha text translated into
Sp intah verse.
The Willamette university nt Salem , Ore , ,
has n full Hedged conservatory of music with
160 pupils during the voar.
Miss Lillian Spancer will star next scnion
in "Article . " " . " "
.17 , "Uamlllo. "Tho Now Mag-
dalcn , " and "An Unequal Match. "
Ludovic Halvey , who bait not written for
the stage In too many years , is working on a
comedy in four acts "Les Provincialcs" for
the Vnnotcs theater , Paris ,
A large theatre and club house ia to bo
erected in Chicago for tha production of Ger
man drama nnd opora. Mr. Atnberg of the
Now York Thalia theatre Is engineering the
scheme ,
Mme , Sarah Boinhardt will begin her South
American and Mexican tour nt llio Janlero on
Way 10 , 18SG. From tha City of Mexico she
will ( jo to San Francisco , the first stand of her
tour m this cumtry.
In the Albart hall , London , may now bo
seen the finest collection of old violins ever
got together. Ono of tbb mo it interesting
of the instruments on exhibition is a Stradl-
vatius of 1GS9 , lent by Sig , Arditi.
Carleton , tbo baiitone , is diligently rehear
sing the New York Cniluo company in "Nan-
on , of which ho expects great things. After
the Casino run of "Nanoa" is completed
C'arletou will star through the country with
Herr William Candidus , Gerrnan-Amorl
can tenor , returns in October , to ting in Eng
lieh opera under Theodore Thomas , Other
members of this company ara Emma Juch
Sarah Barton , John Gilbert , Alonzo Stoddart
and George Sweet.
Stanton , secretary of the New York Metro
politan opera house , now In Europe , has en
gaged for the coming season of Uerman opera
tlorr Albert Stritt , toner , of the Frankfort
ipera house , iu place of Herr Schottj Uorr
jeidel Leipslg , conductor ; and Mme Lillie
dohman , ono of the light sopranos of Ger-
Mile. Rbaa's repertoire for next season in-
sludes "A Dangerous Game" and "The Power
if Love , " by Sardou ; "Itsgina , " by Francois
Mons ; "Lady Ashley , " by E. A. Barren , of
ho Chic IRQ later-Ocean ; "The American
3ountesB , " by Howard Carroll , and "Ebb and
now , " by Mile. Khoj horsalf. "An Uunequat
tlatch"and "Frou-Frou" will also be given.
The performance of the new opera "Sigurd"
n Paris was attended by n great spectacular
lisplay. The tale is taken from the old Teu-
onlc NIbelungenlied , and In one passage rep-
esents Sigurd , nfter being alternately opposed
iy the terrors of demons nnd the blandish- "
dents of nymphs , in the act of reaching the
lime-encircled castle in which Bruuehild is
onfined. The burning gates nnd walls sur- ,
ounding tbia castle are probably the greatest
Ugo conflagration ever attempted , and at the
ehsarsal fairly terrified a portion of the audi-
ory ,
It was a very effusive tlms at Wallack's
few York theater when "The Black Hussar"
raa played for the entertainment of the
'rcnch admiral and oflicers. The Herald
ays that Ml s Marie Jonsen'a pretty and
aivo rendition of "O ! hey mamma" pleased
tia visitors beyond measure , and they de-
landed recall. When Mmo. Cottrelly ap-
enrerl just before the trio in the la t act with
mimaturo stars and stripes and tricolor on
ha siimm't of her headdress , nt was fully a
limits before the storm of applause allowed
er to say a word. Than when at the finale
' .in shown a roprcecntation of the Bartholdi
tatue , and choruses and _ orchestra united In
bo soul "Marseillaise "
stirring , the audience
330 to its feet on masso. It joined iu thn
horus. To crown the whole It ia on record
hat Mies Emma Abbott ran up to Mauagor
IcCaul and said ehu had waxed BO entlum-
etic tlmt she hud joined in the "Marseillaise"
nd "Hail Columbia" and could not help it ,
The Western Newspaper Union , at
Oranha , in addition to furnishing all
sizes and styles of the best ready printed
ihcots in the counU * ) ' , makes a specialty
} f outfitting country publishers , both
ivith now or second-hand material , sell
ing at prices that cannot bo discounted
in any of the eastern cities. Wo handla
ibout everything needed in n moderate
li/.cd printing establishment , nnd are
lolo western agents for some of the best
nakes of Paper Cutters , Presses , Hand
ind Power , before the public. Parties
ibout to establish journals in Nebraska
> r elsewhere are invited to correspond
vith us before making final nrrango-
nents , us wo generally have on hand
iecond-hand material in the way of
ypo , presses , rules , chases , etc. , which
ian bo secured at genuine bargains.
> cnd for the Printer Auxiliary , a biG
Qonthly publication , Issued by the bict
Vestorn Newspaper Union , which gives ctm
, list of prices of printer's and pub- m
Isher's supplies and publicly proclaims 111
rom time to time extraordinary bar- revl
; ains In second-hand supplies for news- vl
lapormen. 8' '
Omaha , Nob. trhi
Heal Estate Transfers. hiot
The following tranafora were filed July
i , with the county clerk , and reported tu
r the BEE by Amos' Real Estate agency : tl
John A. Fleming and wlfo to G. Ed-
und Poycke and others ; It 4 , blk 9 , it
cOnrmlck's add to Omaha ; w , all
$2,150. , hi
J. 0. Wilcox and wife tn Caroline If
Inmle ; Ita 21 and 22 , blk 25 , YVIIcox'a in
scond add to Omaha ; w , d , $1,400. 01
Edwin D vlB and wife to L. H. Proo. 01wi
r ; It 24 , ForbcV aubdiv aw } aoo 31-10- wi
! ; q o 8280 90 , on
Isanc S , Llascall nnd wlfo to Frederick th
! h fj r4 of U 0 , blk 12 , Kiuntza'a
aird add to Omaha ; w. d. § 1,500.
A. GregK loghram and wife to Emma
, fllggluboltom ; U 14 , blk 7 , Shull'a frc
icond add to Omaha ; w , d , § 3,500 , to
HofflheOiie Hnndrfifl and Niulli An-
ArrntiKOiticnlH Completed for To-
Day's K\crciecs TIio I'nrmle ,
Speeches , Contest ? , And n Gen
eral Good 'JUnie.
To-dny , the ono hundred and
ninth anniversary of Amorlcna Inde
pendence , la to bo royally celebrated in
Omaha. All prapnntlons have boon
made for a great a ay of oport a celebra
tion probably unltko anything ever BOOH
hero , will mark the day. The proposed
arrangements h&vo been heralded near
and far , and without doubt numbers of
people will coma from the country to
spend Iho day in the matropolla.
A mooting of the various committees
wni hold last night In Col. Srnytho'a
oflico to nrrnngo the order In which the
various bodlos taking part in the parade
are to move. The following Is the order :
Marshal of the DAY and Aides ,
Platoon of 1'ollco.
Fourth Infantry Band ,
Gen. W. P. Carlin and Stiff.
Detail of Infantry , Seven Companion ,
Battery of Artllery ,
Governor Dftweg and din IT.
Mayor , City Officials nnd Press ,
A. O. U. Bond.
A , 0. II. Societies ,
A , 0. II. Rlllee.
Musical Union Band ,
Omaha Turnverolnnnd other German Societies
Union Pacific Band ,
Omnlm Light Guards.
Viro Department ,
Excelsior Band ,
Omah > Wheel Club Mounted on Bicycles
Grand Army of the Republic ,
Old Veteran Corps.
Citiruns Generally in Carriages nnd on Foot ,
Mule Brigade ,
Cowboys nnd Bronchors ,
The committee oil arrangement for the
Fourth of July met yesterday after
noon and determined upon tholr line of
march an follows :
First Division Marshal nnd Airtos , Police ,
Fourth U. S. Infantry Bind , Gen. Carlin nnd
Staff nnd U. S , Infantry nnd Artillery ,
which will form at 10 o'clock sharp on Six
teenth street , right resting on Djuglns.
Second Division Gov. Dawoa nnd Staff ,
Mayor nud City Officials and the Press , A. O ,
H. Band , A. O H. Division , A O. U. Rlllw ,
will form on Fifteanth street , right resting 011
Douglas street.
Third Division Musical Union Band ,
Omaha Turavercin , and other German socie
ties will form off Fourteenth street , right
resting on Douglas street ,
Fourth Division Union Pacific Band ,
Omaha Guards , Fire Department , Excelsior
Band , Omaha Whocl Club mounted on Bicy
cles , will form on Thirteenth street , right
resting on Douglas street.
Fifth Division Omaha Drum Corps.Grani
Army ot the Republic , Old Veteran Corps ,
Citizens generally m carriage and on foot ,
Trades Assemblies , Mule Brigade , Cowboys
on Bronchos , etc. , will will form on Twelfth
street , right resting on Douglas street ; will
from there march down Dauglas street to
Ninth , from Ninth to Farnam , up Farnam to
Sixteenth , out Sixtbonth tolzird , where there
will bo n countermarch to Jefferson Square
and disband ,
Edwin F. Stnytho JIM baen BO-
lectod for marshal of the day , with John
H. Butler , Jnllna Meyer and Capt.
O'Malloy aa hla assistants.
The pando will itart promptly nt 10
o'clock and will cease marching about
half past 11 at Jefferson square.
The following gentleman have
bson invited to make five mlnnto speeches ,
ind it is expected they will all ba there :
Mayor Boyd , Gov. DAWOB , Gen. J. C.
Qowln , Mr. Edward Rosawator ,
\ . M. Thurston , Judge Wakelop ,
Judge Novlllo , Dr. G. L. Miller , Hon.
& . J. Poppleton , Fred Nye , Capt. Sin-
ion , G. W. Frost and W. A. Guiro.
Upon Mayor Boyd's ' request Gen. Oar-
In will fire the salato of thirty-eight guns
it 8 o'clock at the corner of Seventeenth
ind Capitol avenue , opposite the high
ichool gronuaa.
The programme will inclndo epaaking |
it thn park first , and for the afternoon j
Djug'as street Is to be roped in and )
laed for n race track , and the
aces como off from 5 to 7 o'clock. They
rill inolndo the hose team , bicycle club ,
; reaaod pig , wheelbarrow , and fat mon'a
ace. There will also bo a greased polo
, nd ball throning. Prize * ot $25 and a
liver trumpet era offered for the
lose teams , and two medals , ono gold ,
ho other silver , for the b'cyclo club ,
"ho contestant lacky enough to capture
ho greased pig Ia entitled to it and may
arry it off with him. Two prizes are to
IB placed on top of the greased polo.
After the racoa , the pyrotechnic display
fc Jefferson park will bo the attraction.
? ho firoworka comprise some boautllul
ileces , Including buuie never before soon
a Omaha. The otlootlon inoludoa mot-
ooa , Pyrrhic cascade ? , Japineso fane ,
attorlcB , fountalna and other brilliant
rlnmphs of the pyrotechnic art ,
Inthointorvalbetwcontho closing of the
arado , and the opening of the contests
game of ball will bo played in the N
fternoon at the Athletic Park , between
tie Union Pacific and St. Loula nines.
Ino game will also bo played in the
lornlng between the name clubs.
A bicycle race has boon arranged bo-
weon Nicholson of Minneapolis , and
tltchcock of Omaha , for the champion-
lip of the northwest and will bo wheeled
o'clock p. in. , at the Sherman ave-
uo park , Nicholson ia ox-champion of
awa and Minnesota.
Arrangomonta have alao been made for
grand p'goon ' shooting on the gronnda
pposlto the Athletic parkplonty of birda
alng provided , Shooting will commence
t 8 o'clock. It la understood that
om 800 to 1,000 bhda will bo on hand
ir the eportumen.
Since the arrangements have been roi
DOU made with tbo military authorities iu ha
en. Howard has returned and will oo >
ipy ono of the carriages in the line of
.arch. Aa during hla absence Gen. Car-
n made all arrangements for military
[ presentation , ho will remain in tuper-
slon of that portion of the day's pro-
rammr ,
Every livery ntablo In the city has con-
Ibatod ono or more carrlagoa and enough
\vo been provided for the clly's oIHclali ,
All the racrshnnls are requested to
irn out to-day and have repreeonta-
on in the parade ,
The committee of arrangements dealro
understood that they have intentionally
Ighted no society or organization , in '
irrlodly making the order of parade
any aooloty has bson overlooked , the
embera should not heeltato to speak
Everybody li praying for good
aather to-day. Speaking from pree-
it appearances the tignal prophet thlnka
at Omaha will bo BO favored ,
The Iowa ( VudltorBlilp
KEOKOK , July 3 The Constitution' * special
imDes Moinea suya the evening papers will
night publish a column letter from Audi-
tor Grown to Gor. Shcrmtn chiming that thi
governor' * latest demands wcro Adroitly and
dlshontfttly framed nud tlmt it Is impossible
to comply without leaving the governor n pro
text to refuse to reinstate Brown ,
STATE oorriNus
PlAttumotith Is laying down a supply o
Thn rovUcd n'ccssoJ valuation of Dotga ?
county Is $3,17" . 1 9
Biillillntf Improvcmrn's ' in Kearney nro
numerous nnd subttntitfnl.
HfwlipR'j new hotel hv bccu completed ,
Thn cost approaches 500,000 ,
Tha first nntionnl bank of West Point with
n capital of ? 50COO , bai bcou organized.
The authorities ofjMlnden jerked a tiger lay
out recently nnd caged seven of the keepers.
A post of the Grnnd Army of Iho Republic ,
will ho organized nt Sidney on the Fourth of
J uly.
The consul jrivos Plnttsmoulh a population
of 5.SOO , nnd Cass county , in round numbers ,
The colored soldier who wns shot nt Hast
ings Inst week , is recovering , nnd will soon bo
moved to Omfthn ,
The contract for the Sisters' hospital at
Grnnd Inland has been lot , The building
will cost S8 000.
Twelve hundred Wnhoosiers pledpod thom
solves to reform from nose painting nt tha
recant cold water revival.
Tha Vnlontlna postoflico has bseti made n
presidential ollico of the third class with a
salary of Sl.OUO per annum ,
The North Bend Flail says when the Fremont -
mont llille club goes out to practice the pco-
! > lo of that persecuted town tnko to their col-
A young pnn of n farmer named J. Knor ,
living near Palmyrn , wni run ovnr n few days
ago by n harrow , Injuring the child In n her
rible manner.
B. S. 1'amsey , of Plnttsmoulh , mourns the
loss of n valuable mate. Mlko Williams bor
rowed her Saturday to take him to a country
dance , and neither the mnro no ; Mlko has yet
turned up.
_ A Plattsmoulh pound-maitnr Impounded
hu fnther-lu law'd cow nnd made the old man
whaclc up with him bpforo ho could take the
cow homo.nud milk her for the benefit of hia
hungry children.
The mntirwcrs of the Omaha exposition will
offer § 10OCO In premiums , beside n largo
number of spectnla offend by the business
men. The Oninhi exposition will ba n pretty
"fnir" exhibition. [ Fromoiit Tribune.
Two handsome young ladies , evidently
democrats , have laid siege to the Hustings
pnstoflico. They hive opened a small skntintr
rink over tha office , nnd expect by this racket
to drive the postmaster Into tha oblivion of
private life.
There are in the state 233.-175 persons of
school ngo , and the amount to bo appropriated
by the state is 8231,013 IS. This will give to
each scholar $10.05 , The number uf scholars
thoiva an lucrcaso over last year of 24,08 ! ) .
Si\ty-thrco counties in Nebraska will hold
tpachcrs' institutes during the summer of
1835. Three will ba of six weeks duration ,
two of four ivcoks , thirty-five of two weeks ,
seven of one week , and in five counties the
length of time is nut yet determined.
While n gang of fourteen railway bridge
builders weio bathing in the Logan , near tha
town of Oakland , Monday evening , ono of
the number , Chris Dalil , by name , was taken
with.cramps , and before euccor reached him y
was drowned , His body was recovered about yI
an hour after the accident. I
, * *
A mass meeting was hold at Fremont Mon *
day night to consider plans for n system of V
drainage of the Platte nnd Blkhorn bottoms ,
and to establish roads that will bo passable in
wet weather , A committee was appointed to
secure funds for a preliminary Eunoy.
The Johnson County Journal says : "Tho
prospect fur an abundant corn crop was never
more promising in this part of the county at
this stage of the sea on than at present. The
recent rains nnd warm nights have been n
? reat benefit to the growing crops , and the
farmers have boon employing every available
means to stir the ground and keep tha weeds
jown. A larger ucrengo than usual haa boon
planted. "
Corn is humplncr itself lively in Dedge
Bounty just now. The crop is in good condi-
; iou , with the exception of n few pieces on tbo
ow lauds where It has been top wut most of
the time for cultivation. It is farther nd-
ranced than for tha corresponding period last
rear , and under the inuil favorable * condition
rom this time on , it will make a splendid
irop , [ E'remont Tribune.
A Summer Sonj ; hi HoctionH ,
Now the wealthy merchant wearoth
On his head n common etraw ,
While his junior clerk nppearoth
In a nobby mackinaw ,
Now tbo sua hla surface fireth ,
Causiue human flesh to stow ,
And the summer fiend inqnireth
"la this hot enough for you ! "
Now the patent mower waketh
Sleepers from their peaceful rest ,
E'ra the golden morning breaketh
Or the robin leaves his nest.
Now tha Idiot who getteth
Twenty feet of garden hose ,
Squits from morn till night and wettoth
Skillfully each pajser'a clothes.
[ Boston Courier.
A AVlTo Murtlorcr Sentenced.
NEW YOIIK , July 3. John Carpenter , the-
ifo murderer , was sentenced to ba hanged
n the : ! Ut of August ,
low is the Time to Cleanse the
Blood and Beautify the skin.
\Vm. T. Totton. 672 North Tenth Street , PlilU-
ilpbla , reports tlmt onoofliln customers etaUd t
m inclJcntallythttt he win feeling so well and bed
.Inoj twenty-seven I'OiinUj ' in tlio last year , all ot
ilcli lie attributed to a nyetrmatlo court o ol the
itlcura Resolvent , whlcb hiaiuoted effectual when
I ether remedies ( ailed ,
Chan. lirady , Sonwrvllle , Mass , who refers to Dr.
J , Wood , diugijlst , ol this city.certifies to a won-
tful cure ot running sere > , on Iho uock wlilch hod
en treated by hospital iilijelclans without cure ,
d which jleldod completely to tha Cutlcuia mim
Uyskln disease , which rothtod several popula
medics and other remedial idvlsed by uhyslaing ,
s been cured liy your Cutlcura Homodlei. They
rpawod my moat laoguliio expectations and rapid-
effected a cure. J , C. AUBNTIIUK. , Ind.
til ot your Cutlcurk Ilpinedies k'lvo very good e t
ictlon , TAO Cutlcura I ( especially reocmmeud ( or
3 diseases ( or which It Is lued. I know from eiper-
ica Ita Y Muo.
DR. H. J 1'IIATT , llontollo , Wle.
\ ( eollns ot gratitude Impo's mo to acknowledge
> meat merits of your Cutlcura , arid I cordla lv reo-
iiuond It to the public aa a ( cry laluiule remedy.
II , tl. rOWKUS , Urldgupcrt , Conn
"or f 'o en cry where. FrlCb Cutlcura , the great
In Cure , ( .Oo , Cutlcura Uotp , an rxiul | > lto Hklu
autlllir , 25o , Cullcura l.tBolvcnt , thu raw Ulood
rlfler , tl.
Send ( or "IIow to Cure Skin Dlseawg : '
CUBA SOAP an ex lulnlto Toilet o p
and Nuriery 8anatl u
* "but still compelled by stern necessity
. .to ttand up to the w oik I * tote tin. " IIow
ilko oil onj wluo to the famlshuJ of old ,
1) a Cullcura I'laster to tbo achlct' Hides
k , iuo vuak and piluful muic'ca , tbeioro
it adu iuulni:0'iutih : , wl oicry lain audoacbo
loll ) toll Waiuiittd and o rgaut aud p rett ( nn
jtu to pain and iLfliUimatloo. At ( Jrufc'fUtii. t > c.
i ( or vi iv , mailed ( ree. l'omn UKCU M > Cuix
iiCo. , Uoitoo , .