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    * . H
Narrow Kscnpo
RocimtKR. June 1 , J8SJ. "Ten
Yew * RO I M attached wilh the mitt
InUnMMHldeittly palm In mr back and
Kidney * .
"Extending to iho end oftny teen and
to my brainl
"Which made mo delirious !
From agony 111
"It took three men to hold mo on my
bed at timptl
"Tho Doctors ttlod In vain to rolioro
me , but to no purpose.
Morphine and other opiatcsl
"Had no cffocll
"Aftor two months I waa nlvon up to
my wlfo
heard n neighbor toll wh\t Hop Bitters
had done for her , aho atoncegot and gave
mo some. The first doao cneed my brain
and Boomed to go hunting through my
system for iho pa'n. '
The fccon.l dMo cased mo so ranch tint I lcpl
two bourn , BomettilnK 1 li il not done for two inonthi
Before I hid used flro bottles , I was will nod at work
nshtrdiFi nnym&n could , ( oro\cr thrco weeks , Imt
I worked lee h ird ( or my strength , and liking a
hard cold ; I M S taken with lliomo-tnciito nml paln-
ulrhcumatlsm all torcugh my j tcm tint o\cr was
"I Mllcd Iho doctors ftfr ln , rind niter neural wcoky
thoylcftmon crlpploon crutchoi for life , ns thco
said. 1 mot a friend ml told him my case , and hs
nald II op Hitters h d cured him nul would euro me. I
poohod atlilm , but hovMSBocirncst 1 wag Induced
llo uio thorn aoln.
Ml In less th n four weeks 1 threw away my crutches
Anil wen to w ork lightly and kept on using the Utters
brfHowcok" . until I became as ell Many nun 1U-
ng , and Im o been no for six j e r since.
It haa aho cured my wifewhohnd boon
alck for years , and haa kept her and my
children well and healthy with from two
to throe bottloa per year. There is no
need to ba nick at nil If these bitters are
uaod , J. J. BEUK. Ex-Supervisor.
"That poor invalid wlfojSlstor. Mother ,
"Can bo made the picture of healthl
"With a fow.bottloi of Hop Blttcrsl
"Will yon lot them Bufferlllt"
Prosecute Iho Swlndlorslll
If when you call for Hop Bittera ( see
cluster of Hops on the white l bel ) tlio drug-
pt t handn out any stuff called 0. 1) . Warner's
Gorman Hop BHtera or with other "Hop"
name , refuse it and shun that druggist as you
would n viper ; and if ho has taken your money
for the stuff , indict him for the fraud and sue
him for dnmngcs for tlio swindle , nnd wo wit
reward you liberally for the ocnviitlon.
Washing & Bleaching
In Hard or Soft , Hot or Cold Water.
8AVK8 LABOR , TIIIK and SOAP AMAZI.SOLV , anil gives
nnlrorsalsatlsf&ctlou. No family rich or poor should
bo without It.
Sold by all proccrf. BKIVARR of Imitations well Jo
tlgnol to mislead. rxAiuivK Is tbe ONLY BAFR labor
( laving compound and always bears the abo\o eym
bclnnJ mtmo ot
AflCTrcllenl pflUInjtton ! cf rrolilta fl Tor. uowtiiel ortr OlM
ficUwotlJ , tnt i PyijjH.JJIi'lna : * ! > ec nul Ainwi , ftnltvll
Wwn-aof ctnjnUrWl , A li yonr rroce or drar fit for lia Epufiia * ,
U jumafMlandby DlC J. Q , a SILOnil'i SO.VS.
, w. wupmttAtm ,
oi r.
Hnttctter's Stem
nch Blttcrioooqacr !
and jiroicnti ) mail-
rialover * , djjpoc-
sla , clironlo conatl-
pitloii , n tendency
to kldnoy and bl Ad
der Mimcnta and
rheumatlgm , and la
In rases of bodily
\\cabnc33. Old poo-
fcrvlsuablo to con-
valoaconts and
ladloi In delicate
health. Ic If , mcro
< ncr , aiifcful med-
Icluo to ttko w th
ono on loni ; Jour-
6. un t o
acts the uHocti i f mental exhaustion. For ealo by
all UrupKisU doilora generally.
185 nnd 187 Woba h Avonuu ,
Hair Cloth and Wi'ro
Bustles. Hoop Skirts ,
Hair Cloth Skirts , f
TW cut rcprc cnta Ti
tttimtry. the iHO t popula
combination ot llustlo ana
Hoop hhlrt over made. A lady
wbo has worn ono will n e
vearmiy other ttylc. Each
SUlrt l Btampod iw > n V1,0
liandl 1'ittotril laot ! ! 1 , 1811
No. 110,411. tSrAnyonoeeP
fe mo Vtylo or btf ot '
Humped , will bo ilpalt wit
Thli Invalunble ineolfla revljly and perminently
cureitlllilndiolAgthma. The Pioit otntloato nJ
IODK itundlng c * e i lold promptly to Ita wondorfu
cuilnK propertloa. It la keown throughout the work
for tti unrlvAled cmcocy.
J. L OAtDWELU city tlncoln , Neb ; write ) , Jan
It , 18SL B no uiloe Dr. Ililr's Asthm * cure , foi
more tb a ono ycr , tny wile hu been ontlitly well.
and not urea & ) mptem of the dljcieohai ppr red.
WILLIAM DENNETT , Ulchland , IowmwrllD Kov ,
M. 1883. Ihivo been afflicted with Ilay Fever km'
Aithmk slnoo IBM. I followed your directions an
am htptiy to lay that I never ilrpt Utter la my life.
I am glad that I am among tbo many who can ipeaf
10 favorably of your remedies.
A Taluablo M ptga trratlieoontalnlDCitailUiproo
from ttery Btato In the U , B , Cantla and Grey
liiltaln ; will be mailed upon application.
Any dninirtii not ht\ln { It In itock will procured
to order. Aak for Pr. Ilalr I Attbma Cure.
DIC a W HAllliSON. rroo'aCln'tl. O.
Tlio OrlKiii" ! "ntl
Ftfto ao > lklivtTfcttrtl&bl . Hw '
IuJlipfo bl ta LADIES. > < " UruituM for
"fhlrlir.l.T * * ° < > > > " ' ' < > ' Hivlaoe 40.
liuL ! IM ir * f rrlurii malL
NAME I uriulcul t u. .
At Drugglilt. Tiade luprlltdby J. A , Fuller i Co
IFEUI'1\ \
Hitorn aa ci , ten In tiult , ilx In garden aid
tlmlerlaot ! , tlx rxjui kuuie , ttable , wcl1 , clittrn , .Ic.
alllu if * U nil lia , ot will tiadofJ > Oiuaba prcp-
Countr 1r ) > > uror'd offlcu , Council UuCj.
Bold Uurglnry.
Last evening tbo money drawer of the
wholesale and retail farnltura store of
Jeobo & Son was robbed while . * r.
Jcebo was nt supper and his son , Walter
Jeebo , was on the second floor showing
oods to a lady. An unknown man on
erod tbo store , went to the oflico , pried
< T the front of the money drawer , htlped
linsolf to § G4 25 in cash and skipped
nt. Ho pat the front of the drawer
ick into Ita place and the burglary was
.ot discovered until Mr. Beobo had oc-
ision to eo to the drawer. There acorns
o bo no clew to the burglar.
Skipped From tlio Skating Ulnlc ,
An attachment has been issued on all
10 Bconory , cartalru , furniture , ate , , of
ho akating rink , In favor of Front
"ompton and Charles Illddlcmasscr , two
inploycs who claim a considerable
mount duo as wagoe , It Is reported
hat II. EC. Martana haa quietly gene
vcr the river to jNobraska. This will
robably tcrminato the dime musonru
nslneea in CouncllB at leas f r the
regent. Flnancaal disaster scorns to
ave overtaken the enterprise.
A C ARD. To Ml who are guttering from crrora
id Indigestions ol jouth , nervous weakness and
Iccay , lo a of manhood , eta I will tend a recipe
hat will euro you FIIEE OF CUAKGE. Thtsu ( treat
emedy wa3 discovered by A mlsslonar to boutli
Vmcrlco. Send eclf-addrcneod onvclopo llir. Jo-
Kpn T. INUAS Station "D " Now York
iOWA li'KaiS.
Tbo Sioux Olty fire department cotti
I2.0CO a year.
The Mormons have rented nhtll In the
own of Angus.
The ccnsua retnrna just In gives
Ottnmwa a population of 10,481.
Sunday night's storm domollahod the
ilackjmith shop of William Ilcod & Co. ,
, t Persia.'Jf a
A big galena find was atrusk by work
men in Dabuqao on Friday , while oxca-
ating a collar for William Hartlnger , on
Thlra otroot hill.
Burglars entered the residence of
Thomas Skoa , Oodar Rapids , at an early
hour Saturday morning , making away
with a gold watch and $11 ? In money.
Iowa Olty celebrated the opening up of
ho Burlington , Oodar llaplda & .North-
rn railway between that point and Olin-
on with an excursion yesterday to the
ast named city.
The civil engineering department of
ho agricultural college at Amos requests
roprlotors of quarries and brick-yards
o send samples of their building materials
o that Instltation for testing.
A printer named Oolo went to sleep at
, n early hour Friday morning on the
rack of the Chicago , Milwaukee and
St. Paul near Dubuque , was struck by a
acomotivo and killed. His homo was in
New York. .
The Iowa grand Icdgo of Druids , in
cseion at Davenport the past week ,
lected a full corps of ofliclali , and re-
lorted the disbursement of $18.000 the
tast year , paid to widows and orphans of
'cceascd ' members.
The C-yoar old son of H. F. Stevens , of
iloux City , was drowned In Potry
Creek. The body was carried a distance
f eighty miles on the Missouri , and ro-
overed by a farmer's dog near Ouowa ,
ast Saturday.
A resident of Delaware county named
Dwiiol Catty , had a largo cancer removed
Tom his , lower jaw at the Mercer hospital
n Dubnque , on Friday. The operation
s difficult and dangerous , and traa
witnessed by a largo number of physl-
lana and surgeons.
Mason Long , the reformed gambler ,
ivho Is engaged in a holy crusade through
ho state , travels with the pomp and clr
cnmstanco of a conqueror. A fine quar
otto of male voices accompanies him ,
riding in his fancy canopied turnout ,
drawn by a $1,000 span of high stopper ; .
Mr. Simons and Mrs. Arnold , resi
dents of Cascade , have scandalized that
heretofore qaiot and respectable commu
nity by Simons abandoning his wlfo and
the Arnold woman discharging her bus
band und taking up with Simons , The
parties were heretofore respectable.
Weak lungr , spitting of blood , con
sumption , and kindred affections , cured
without physician. Address for treatise ,
with two stamp ; , WORLD'S DISPENSARY
Ned Bunt line Itclfttcs Ills Adventures
Ned Unutllno in New York World.
JNot in your boots , or mine , I hope ,
good reader , for I don't bcliovo in the
beverage that hatches that kind. But as
the "season" has opened and snakoatorlcs
will bo told by and to the summer board
ers in the country , it la well to knou
something about Satin in ccalos , In the
cold and lofty regions of tbo Oatskllls
poisonous Eorponts are almost unknown.
The hard winters are too ranch for them.
The Btiiped or garter snake , and the
brown water snakes , which hibernate
early and como out only when the days
are long and warm , both harmlesp , are
tha only reptiles aeon In those sections.
Bat in lower altitudes the "rattlor"anc
copperhead , ' the hissing adder and the
horn-tailed snake , the latter scarce but
very deadly , are found In certain sections
of this state.
Much as I have Hunted and fished In al
most all the lakes and trout streamr , and
through the foroata of the elate , 1 never
w but ono horttsiled snake , though
two were killed on the Sohohario crock
year or so ago.
Last spring I waidrlving down the east
brunch of the Delaware , near Margaret-
ville , on a treating expedition , and on a
dngway near the river I checked my
hones as I saw a snake over aix feet long
dart down the bank and across the roac
In front of mo. It went slow enough for
mo to get a good view of it. It bad a
small vicious-looking head , a rather large
body , and was striped in regular black anc
wblto rings the latter I should jadgo to
bo two Inches wide. I held my horses
in , for 1 felt anxiety to ceo a reptile like
that mixed up among their legs. Its tal
came out to a sharp bony point. 1 knew
In an Instant that it was & horn-tall , anc
on describing It to an old citizen in thi
village leatned it bad been seen two o.
three times In the same vicinity. It via
soon after killed , and was the only on
ever heard of in that section. Anotho
was killed on Alder brook , in Ulate
county , the tame seaion. They hav
deadly poison in the horned tail , wh
they strike into a victim.
1 was fishing ono day en the Btaver
kill , and had just thrown a trout out on
the bank that would weigh near a quar
ter of a pound , and slatted out to pick I
upor my basket. Before I reached it
brown water-make , full four f0et long
id that trent crossways In bis month and
ras making off with it pretty fait , when I
raw my revolver and sent a ball through
s neck , which destroyed his appetite
or raw iish. I did not basket the trent ,
None of the water-sn kes of our north-
m streams are venomous , The moccasin
nd cottonmoath ot the southern waters
re as deadly as the rattlesnake , and In
o Tray so chivalrous. The latter almost
nvoriably jjivos warning of Its presence
efore It strikes. Therefore It Is loss tea
a feared than Its almost constant com-
snion , the "pilot" or copperhead ,
utnrnor boarders who chooao cool , lofty ,
nd anti-malarial sections , If they avoid
ad whisky , need have no fear of snakes.
Kducntcd iiml Experienced.
Hood's Sareaparllla Is prepared by 0.1 ,
[ ocd & Go , , Apothecaries , Lowell ,
lass. , who have a thoroughknowlcdgoof
harmacy , nnd many years practical ex-
oiionco In the business. It is prepared
ith the greatest skill and care , under the
iKcllon of the men who originated it.
[ once Hood's Sareaparllla may bo do-
ended upon as n thoroughly pure , hon-
at , and reliable medicine.
llowlnulloj Should Bide.
hilndclplila Time ? .
Many ladies who have taken riding
.3sons cannot fall to appreciate the
aluablo Instructions given in the "Book
f the Horao , " which , if follownd , will In
ure easa and grico. The lady who boa
maitered the first lessons In the eqnoa-
rain art and can sit her horse properly
t a walk or show cchool center h then In
position to dooldo whether she will
earn to xula her horse or whether she Is
ontent to pass through Ufa dependent
or her comfort on the temper of her
toed of the c ese , nurse-liko attention of
omo groom or gentleman.
The horsewoman should sit so that the
weight of the body falls exactly in the
ontro of the saddle , without heavily
oaring on the stirrup , able to grasp the
prlght pommel with the rfght knee , and
rass against the "hunting-horn" ' with
.or loft knee , yet not exerting any mns-
nlar action for that purpose. For this
nd the otlrrup leather must bo neither
oo long ncr too short. The Ideal of a
'no horsewoman is to bo erect without
islng rigid , square to the front , and un-
11 qulto nt home In the eaddlo looking
oligionsly between her horse's oars , but
hrown back a little , so as to expand the
best and make a hollow waist , "such as
s observed in waltzing , " but always flext-
ily. On the flexibility of the person
bovo tbo waist and on the firmness bo-
ow all the grace of equestrianism , all the
afoly depends. Nervousness makes both
men and women poke their heads for
ward a stupid trick in a man , unpard-
nablo In a woman. A lady should bond
ike a willow in a storm , alwajs return-
ng to an easy yet nearly upright position ,
'his seat should bo acquired while the
ady'u horse Is led , first by hand , then
witha leading stick and finally with a
unglcg rein , which will tjlvo room for
antering in circles. Bnt where the pu
ll is encumbered with reins , a whip acd
ircctlons for guiding her horse she may
io excused for forgetting all about her
eat or her position. The arms down to
ho elbows should hang loosely near but
not fixed to the sides , and the hands , In
he absence of reins , may rest in front
if the waiet.
For all diseases of the kidneys , and
tver. Physicians proscribe Hunt's Rem-
The medicine that can search and root
out every part of kidneys o.- liver , is
lunt's Remedy.
Hunt's Remedy cures bilious head
ache , oostivenoBS , and dyspepsia , and
purifies the blood.
J. O. Sykea recently appointed interoa
ovenuo collector for Bliisiasippi to succeed
Tames Hill , baa tendered resignation , saying
10 is convinced that efficient discharge of the
lutles of the office would causa continued
, baenco from home and neglect of his private
and professional internals.
Angostura Bitters is known as the great
emulator of the digestive organs all over the
wcrld. Have it in your house. Ask your
; rocer or druggist for the genuine article , man
ifactured by lr. ) J. G. 15. Siegert & Sons.
Cnn'tlloto Careful.
Wall Street News.
The general superintendent of a Michi
gan railroad was on the train the other
day when the conductor stopped it to pu
man oil' because ho had no money to
iay his faro. When tbo train started on
, galn the superintendent anxiously In
"Aro you sure ho wasn't a member ol
the legislature , "
"Morally sure. "
"And that ho didn't belong to the
"I don't think ho did. "
"And that ho wasn't a workineman'i
advocate ? "
"Ho didti'fc look like ono. "
"Well , bo very carcfol. The only
people wo can afford to offend in thesa
; fokliah times are local passengers , who
liavo got to rldo on this road cr toke the
ilghway. "
TnB VOLTAIO BELT Co. , of Marshall , Mich. ,
offer to Bond their celebrated ELKOTHO-VOL
trial for thirty days , to men ( young or old
olllicted with nervous debility , loss of vitality
ind manhood , and all kindred troubles. AJflc
for rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis , anc
nany other diseases , Complete restoration to
liealth , vigor an-1 manhood guaranteed. No
risk ia Incurred aa thirty days trial is allowed
Write them at onoo for Illustrated pamphlci
Patrick WAS Awake , as Usual.
Wall Street News.
"Fat , " ho called to the man who was
levelling down at the far end of th
dumpscow , "why don't you bring your
father ever from Ireland ? "
" < Wt fiord It , your honor. "
"But the ateamshlps and railroads an
low carrying piseongera for nothing ant
; hrowlDg la a Turkish bath as a prom
lum. "
"True , air , as mo old woman waa say
tng lait night , but the stage fara from tbo
old man'a home to tbe nearest port Is a
Batter of fifteen oantr , and thut'd what
mothers ma and keeps him out of this
bless ed country. "
Watt Till ttio Clouds Koll By.JLove.
Bnt the clouds won't "roll by" as long
as dyspepsia holds ita crnel grip. Dyt
popiia beclouds the mind , confutes th
understanding and darkens the domosti
circle. Brown's Iron Blttora makes shor
work of dyspepri * . Mrs. H. L Taylor
Lynchburg , S. 0. , Bays , "I have used
Brown's Iron Bitters for dyspepsia , with
favorable results. I believe It Is all It i
represented to be. " Ask any druggls
what is the txperiencu of his patrons wh
have 3sed this great tonic.
The demand for cattle ranges in Nevada I
duly Inrrcating ,
IloraCord'a Acid 1'liospuato ,
Dr. J. L. Pratt , Greenfield 111. , ssjs
"It Is all that It claims Invaluabl
as a tonic in any case where an acl
tonic Is Indicated ,
How tbe Time Passed
tbo Bull m Fight ,
Two Annies SnnubblltiR Tor Green
Apples A. Balloonist' * Ex
Vaihington Republican.
Gen , J. E. Johnston's late article In
oply to the strictures of Jefferson
) AVB on hlo osndoct after the first
i ttlo of Bull Ilnn , shows pretty plainly
hat the confederate army was
n no condition to make an Immediate
dvanco upon the national capital , and
hnt oven If It had advanced promptly It
wonld hnvo boon mot by a strong force of
veil-organised troops , who retreated
torn the Hold In good order on that
memorable 2ht of July.
Shortly after the battle the bnlk of the
onfoderato army nas thrown forward to
Controvillo , and Lingatrcot'u brigade ,
umbering about 3GOOmon for duty , was
dvanood to Fairfax courthouse.
fjongstroet'a troops while posted at
'alrfaxhad ' their first Usto of that most
Isagrooablocf all the duties of a soldier
Ickot duty in the presence of the enemy
resenting us It does ell the moro dloa-
reenblo features of skirmishing , without
tie excitement of actual fighting. Dut
; was a good school , for the strictest dU-
Iplino was maintained by the officers
ommandlng the picket lino. The brigade
Ickota extended from Annondalo , on the
Jexandtia pike , In n cordon across tend
nd beyond Munson's hill , opposlto
Vaehlngtou , and nt the latter point they
wcro within speaking distance of the
ickota of the enemy. The Seventeenth
Virginia Infantry , to which tbo writer
elonged , had charge of'tho line In front
EMuneon'a hill , and , springing above
ho mass of intervening forests , tbo white
omo of the cipltol was plainly visible ,
nd seemingly very near , from that olc-
atlon. When the picketing first began ,
nd before the regular cordon won ostab-
Isbcd , two companies ol the regiment
were sant down to Falls church , the ro-
orvo being posted In the outskirts of tlio
Hlage , and the outposts thrown ont
own the turnpike toward Washington ,
Now , there Is a splendid apple and
each orchard situated at the foot of
iluusou'a hill , the fruit of which
was only rlpo enough for the
tomachs of school boys and
oldlors , which van a bono of
ontentlon for the opposing picket ? , as it
was between the lines , The conscquenco
was that It became a regular battle
; ronnd , and a number of both eidos In
ho struggle for possession got pains oth-
irwiso than these occasioned by munchi
ng green fruit. I have said in a previ
ous article that this firing on pickets was
Ittlo better than murder , and what ex
cited angry fooling still further was that
-hero were a number of Independent
scouts from the far south , not regularly
connected with any organization , who
voro accustomed to stalk the federal
tickets as a hunter docs a stag , and shoot
.hem down from ambush , Such warfare
md no earthly hearing on the result of
ho campaign , for It was , In the opinion
of the most of us , nothing but nsiasslna-
ion , legalized though It might bo by cir
Gen. Longstroet , In order to put a
stop to this desultory firing , marched out
'rom Fairfax courthouse ono afternoon
pith two regiments of infantry and a
mattery of the Washington artillery , and ,
nklng position In front of Muneon'o hill ,
all oiled the federal pickets from oat the
orchard , advanced bis Infantry and took
loaeotslon of the hill. A line of pickets
was then established to the loft , beyond
Fobroy'a farm , and to the right in front
of and beyond Mason's hill , which was
occupied by the enemy. It was then
strictly enjoined upon the mon not to
answer the fire of the federal picketo
anleas they advanced from their position
to assail our line. After this both sides
quit their foolishness , and the pickets
walked unconcernedly on their polls in
full rifle range without molestation.
About this tlmo a captive baleen was
sent up dally In the direction from us to
wards the Chain bridge , and with a epy-
glnss the aeronaut and his Associates
were plainly in view aa they stood up In
their basket to take up their observations
of our position , for the purpoio , as wo
supposed , of ascertaining our reserve
Force- prior to forcing the picket lino.
Ono day It was seen that the baleen had
broken loose from ita cable , and il
floated about a half mtlo high
er toward oar lines , and was
soon directly above them. The riflemen
began to make n target of the air-ship ,
and Ita governor , findiug things growing
warm , throw over ballast , telescope ,
chair.1 , etc , and immediately roa ? higher.
z'ly the balloou drifted bjckward ana
vcrd for an hour or so , and wo hopoJ
It would ba finally carried within our
linec , and all the cavalry were put upon
the alerr , but finally it entered a stratum
of air. which wafted It back swiftly tow-
aid tha Potomac , where It descended.
The next c'ay It was at Its old tricks
again. The officer ccmmnndlnp ; the line
then brought up an EapHah Blakely
rifled field piece to Munson'd hill to take
a shot at a balloon , which was not moro
than two and a half miles cd. A hole
was dog In the ground to sink the trail ,
that the gun might bo given a proper ele
vation , and It was carefully sighted. The
first and eoond shots did not seem to
discompose the balloonlets , but tbo tblrt
shot told , for the air-shlp was hastily
drawn down. It wai afterword learned
that the aeronaut , whoso name , I believe ,
was Lowe , declared that the last thol
passed'BO near the basket that ho felt the
wIndago of the ball. No more balloot
ascents were made in front of us , one
the monotony of the picket vigil was no
longer relieved by the lively aerial visi
Gen , Johnson having determined to
withdraw his forces Into winter quarters
at Controvillo , ordered Longstroet to
march his entire brigade to Falls church
and In connection with the cavalry to
make a diversion to matk the withdrawal
A federal force comprising Infantry , ar
tillery and cavalry , bad about this time
advanced from the lineaj.'at Chain bridRi
up the turnpike to Lewlnsvlllo partly ,
perhaps , on a foraging ana reconnoiter
ing expedition , and partly to threaten
the confederate communications In tha
quarter. They Icgsn to throw np earth
works which seemed to Indicate they In
tended to make a permanent post of It
although the force being thiust forward
from the main line was somewhat iao
latcd. The ecouts soon brought in in
formation of this advance and Longstreo
laid a trap to ciptura the whole lot. lie
ordered the Seventeenth and Sevontl
regiments witha squadron of cavalry n <
a section of artillery to march up the
pike until they struck the country rca <
leading to Lewinsvillo , when they were
to turn to the right and'attack the feeler
al petition in front with iceming rehe
menco , but on being stoutly resljtcd , a
they undoubtedly would ba on account
of inferior numbers to the enemy known-
to bo there , they wcro to fall back
rapidly , as if In confusion , co as to In
dnce the enemy to puritto if potilblo ,
Meanwhile , the general , with the bulk
of hii forces under cover of the woods ,
was to cut off the pnriulng force from
their army. The Seventeenth and Sev
enth regiments mads too attack , as di
reeled , beyond Lowlnsvlllo , and on being
resitted , broke and ran in C3nfu lon , but
iho federal commander evidently "smelted
mice , " for Instead of pnrsnolng the
enemy poured their eharpnol from a el.x-
qnn battery Into the living mssa , and
would not stir from their Intrenchmonts
nntll Longstreot aseallod their flank ,
whereupon they retreated in good order.
Longitroot WAS much discomposed by
his blocking of what promised to bo for
hit period of the war n brilliant exploit.
Clio night following , the pickets , s vo a
ow cavalry , were quietly withdrawn , and
ho confcdorAttm took up the line of
march for winter quarters at Ctntrovlllo ,
without having struck a blow tiuco the
Bull Run battlo.
Prompt and plcataut. safe and suro.
? heto are the features of lied Star Cough
A Card From P. O. Jlnwcs.
To the Editor of The lice : In Mon
day night's Issue of The Br.o , yon stated
tt substance that " 1 considered mytolf
[ Fronted that it should bo stated , that
Senator Van Wyck had been associated
n any way with mo In the matter of the
Nebraska state claim , " I siid nothing
bat could bo tortured Into any euchcon-
When your paper published oomo tlmo
jgo that Senator Van Wyck hnd secured
o the state about $20,000 ont of thcso
Id Indian hostility claims , and that I
red rendered no service , had no busincis
with this matter , and that our delegation
n congresi should attend to It without
ompcnsation , and when I had a letter
rom the Interior of the state
with a clipping fron a lo-
al paper saying tint the
onator had caused the allowance , then
stated what the senator had done to
siat mo to obtiln a rehearing upon the
Poarman vouchers. " I have had al-
owed for the state up to last December
about § 1,000 ! ) of claims , running from
.801 to 1809 , when the last claim accrued
or which voucher * were Issued by the
state , about $0,000 were suspended , and
iho "Pearman vouchers" were disallowed
secretary of war , Hon. Robert K.
Lincoln. I prepared a now brief , and
ircoented additional oxpartl aflidavlts
yith the request , that the papers bo re
erred to the judge advocate general of
iho army ( Gou. Llobor ) for decision upon
; ho second section of the act Juno 27th.
1882 , as to whether the "Poarman
vouchers" were contemplated and covered
3y that act. When I assisted In prepar
ing that act , I knew of the condition of
the Ncbmka clalms for I have had them
For nearly 15 years , and woo notified that
any ordinary barrister could not dccldo
otherwise than that the disallowed vouch
ers were covered by the act. When I
waa in Washington In May I wanted
aomo ono of influence to present the brief
to the secretary of war. I went to Sena
tor Van Wyck and ho read the brief care
fully , and ho did not tnlnk that I bad
iiroperly sot up the point at Issue , madu
> omo suggestions and that day I corrected
it in accordance with the senator's views.
The next morning I gave him the brioi
and ho presented it to the secretary of
war , with the request aa above stated. It
was referred to the ] ndgo advocate gener
al on tbo 10th of May , on the llth of
May 1 had an interview/with that officer
who said , "Ho would take up the brief at
loon as possible , " after I had explained
the whole case.
This Is the whole transaction eo far ae
Senator Van Wyck is concerned ; . but il
you think that 1 am disposed to ignore
; ho influence and general usefulness cf
Senator Van Wyck to the people of this
otato , I desire that you should undeceive
youreolf. I have bpcn on toims with ev
cry representative of Nebraska in both
sides of the national capital since the
state was admitted Into the union , no
ono of whom wa3 over moro coutteou ? ,
obliging , and moro willing to servo any
public or private interest than Senator
Van Wyck. What ho undertakes to do ,
ho neither neglects an opportunity , nor
docs ho permit a favorabln circumstance
to present Itself without taking advsn
taga of It. I esteem the senator too
highly to have your papsr or any Individ' '
ual undertake to create any other im
pression. In my business he has be on oi
valuable asalelanca to mo , and often
Union has given mo information aboul
locil and general matters which hive
placed mo under obligations to him , anc
abuvo all thlnpa I detest an ingrat ? .
Yours truly ,
Gov. Ross , of Nex Mexico , was sworn in
at tumho Monday morning nt Santa Ve
The unusual hour for the ceremony was
chosen as a compliment to his earliest prcdcc
easer , the first Moutezuma , Whoso followers
daily ntccnd to the housetops to look for his
return with the king of day.
TTBon B l > y iru sick , we ve her Cutorla ,
When aba WM a Child , aho cried for Coitorio ,
When elio became ifi , aho clone to Castor ! * ,
WU n ah * bid Children , aho garo them CutorU
Direct Line for Eugland , France
and Germany.
The ietm hlpa of this well known line are ball
of Iron , In water-tight oompartmeot * , and are far
clihed with every reaalglta to make the puwge
bath safe and agreeable. They carry the United
fititoa and European mills , and Icav * Her York
Tnnadaya and Saturdayo for Plymouth ( LONDON
Obeiboug , ( PARIS and HAMBURG ,
Itatca , Klrlt Cabin , { 010Q. . Steerage , to o ,
from Hamburg , 10. 0 , U. RIOIIAUD & CO.Gen
cral rasa. Agents , 61 Broadway , New Korlc and
Waehlneton * nil La Belle itreeti , Chicago , or Ilenrv
Pundt , uaik Uauien , F , E. Moorei , Harry Deuol In
Omaha ; Oren wlw * Rnhoenciren , la Council
Plattsmoutli , Neb.
Breeder of thoroughbred and high grade
Hereford and Jersey Cattle
And Puroc and Jersey lied Hwino.
I bftveapoiUlio reu d/fortb abort dli AKfbilrl ;
oie tlioatftnJiof cateiui tb HOIK kliidniiUiil foil
u illDrti > ltrucur il. Indftil. o "
lalll > > tlnlll MnJT" ' llOITl.Ka flIKO m'lltiaYALI'AIJI.ETilEATlSUonJblxJ
altrer. ulrixin , , , , > na ! ( l. Ar u.
fit < * < Mw | | M ) , < .p- ' t * vf
Ono of ho Best and Largest Stocks in tbo United
To Select From :
Pneumonia ,
Consumption *
Dyspepsia . ni
Wasting Disease. '
.Relieved anil Katnrt
BO NOT BE DECmvnD.-Manr Drugglsta and Grocers who do not have HulTy' * i1 *
Halt IVMnUcj- Block , attempt to pnlm off on customers , wliIsUeyorUielrovniisotUInB.whlcU
> clniof on Inferior erode end adulterated , pays them n larger profit.
end us your address end wo will mall book contalnlnc valuable Information. Sample Quart liottut
entto ony address In Uio United States ( Eastot the Rocky Mountains ) , securely packed < n plain
ate , Expreta charges prepaid on receipt of J3..2G , orBlx Bottles sent for JtJG.OO
BHFFY MALT.WmSHEfGO. , Baltimore , . Md.U.J.J , |
Sellinff Af/ents. Omaha , II. T. Clarlte Drug Co.
Remember These Bmoortant Facts
The Ifutua ! Life Insurance Company ,
1. It a the OLDEST actho Llfo Irmiraneo Company li tbla country.
2. It lalho LAItUKST Life Insurance Company by many millions of dollars In the world.
a Ita rates ol premiums are LOW KK than those of any other company.
L It lus no " * tocktoldora"toclalm any part of It ) profits.
5 , It offers no SCIIHXIE3 under the naino of Insurance lor speculation by special cll3 C8 upon tha
nglfoitunca of each otfcr.
6. Ita present available CASH HESOEIICES exceed those ol any other Life Inturanco Company In the
world.It has received In cash from nil sources , from February , 1843 , to January , ISFf , f " 0B2r.5J.CC. (
It lias returned to the people , In cash , from February , 1843 , to January , 1SE5 , $210.094,211,00.
Its cash Aeaetaontho 1st ot January , 1885 , amount to moro than
GenorM Agent for Gen. Agts. for
obrnskn , Dakota , Colorado , Wyoming and Michigan , Indiana , Illinois , Wisconsin , Iowa
Utah. and Minnesota ,
Office Cor.irarnnm nnd 13th St-Ovcr 1st Nal'l. ' Detroit , Michigan ,
Bauk , Omaha , Neb M. P. ROHRER ,
Special Agent for lown , Council Bluffs , Iowa
A TDLLOCK , 1'npf. & Supt. G. f , N. SADLEIt , Asst. Eng It. W. BIAJIOND , Asst. Socy
Man'fg'a anil nullilara ol
Wronglit Iron , Sled , Howe
Truss and Combination
For Ballroads and Highways
Turn Tables , Draw Spans , Itoo
Tiujsor , I'icra
anil Sub
| hs'ey ' , Sfilre Tullock
A. McLouth , Aeont.
II. A. Wise , "
Please to-d us nstlco of all brldRO work to lot. Correspondence eclldtcd from orjgiiKcrj and bridga
Stoch antl Hurdwood JLuiiiber ,
JL2l and JL2JL ® JLeavemvorth St.
Solicit the attention ot cash and prompt time
buyers. Will duplicate eastern wholesale prices ,
paying freight to Omaha ,
TH03. OmOEB , W. II , M. 1'USE
Officer e& Fusev.
Gounoll fluffs , Iowa.
Established , - 1865
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange
cd Homo Securities.
No. 507 Broadway Council Bluff * .
Railway Time Table ,
Iho following are the tlmei of the arrival and de
parture ot trami by central itandud time , al tbe
local depot ! . Tralno leave tranifer depot lee mlo
otei earUerand arrive tea minutes later ,
fnuooknd HOKTHinamv ,
8:25 : A M Mall and Eipreea t'M't U
1IO : r H Accommodation ltO : r H
6:30 : r M Hupress 9.00 A M
0:26 : > u Mall and Expreea 8:53 : r u
7:85 : A u Accommodation 6:16 : r u
6:20 : r M Excreta P:00 : A ti
0:00 : > u Ha'l and Enprests B:60 : r u
C26 ; r il Expreoi 0.05 A M
BOBUnaroi A B 401x01 ,
0:00 : A Mall and Kxpreaj 7:10 : r u
Sir Accommodation 2.00 r *
: J5 t Kxpreyj 6:60A : u
WABAUJ , t. IX > DII AID rAoino.
S:16 : v M Ixic \ Bt. louli Exprcea Local -
8.00 rM Tranifer " " Tracefer 8:20 : r M
748 ; m LooilChlcigoi ; 8t LKxp Local 8:80 : A u
7:55 : r u Tranifer " " " " Tranifer 0:11 : A u
I0,0h A u Mall and Eipreu 6:40 : r u
8:16 : r 11 Exprtca 0:2S : A u
glOOI 01TT AND r ACintf.
7:20 : A M Mall lor Sioux City 8M : ) r M
7:80 r M Express lor Bt I' ul 9U : . u
en ION rAeiric.
1100 ; A H Djnver Kxfttn 4:3 : * p u
1:06 : f u Lincoln I'aki O'ft & U V 2SL : r u
7:65 : f it OrerUod Kxprted 8SO : A u
Leave Couocll Bluff * - 0 M-7:65-9SO-lCW : :
llW : a. m. l:80-M-8SO-4:2S-B:25-o. : : : : : : :
11:15 : p. m. Leave Omihi 0:25 : 7:25 : e:50 : 10
-11:15 : a. to , UW-2:00-3w-4soij,5-.55 ; : ; : ; ,
Curtains Oil
, Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Rugs. Etc. , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to On
of Town Orders. .
UpJtolslery and Drapery Work a
Specialty ,
Our etock la the
Largest in llie lest
and is being continually replenished by
all tbe latest and choicest ; novoltlea ,
405 Broadway Council Biufls .
To ork Mlo oJ Accident Ipsuranco for aitroog
Now York oomu&by , in every town m NobiaikaanJ
Iowa. Osod ccmroUilonto noikeri. Adiiiusj
E. 0. WILCOXiCO. ,
Oincial Ate II , KinuCl Mu