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Gbneral Grant dulls Nsw Yori for
Monet McGregor ,
A Search for iho Eternal Spring
of Youth.
Ilia lfcinov l Congtdorcd Illtlinccl niul
Suspicious Ulcers Hob Utm
at lll Voice.
NEW YOBS , Juno 1C. The Bun this morn
ing says :
"Many of thoeo Informed ns to General
Grant' * actual condition look upon the plan of
removing him ( ram a comfortable homo with
grave mitirlvlnRS. That his life now bangs
upon n very Blonder thread there is vary llttlo
doubt auong them. His throat in ono aspect
wns worse last night than over before. Col.
1'rod Grant ( old a reporter last evening that
his father had totally lust his power of
ipeech. Ho is still able to articulate
faintly , but oven thoeo moat accustomed to
his mode of speech cannot make out what be
says , except &t very brief Intervals , when his
throat was temporarily clogged with mucus.
This is something that has never happened before -
fore , and has developed in the last twenty-
four hours. It is said that his mouth can no
longer bo opened sufficiently wide to enable
the physicians to muko ocular examinations ,
and wlion they feel of the affected parts tbey
give the patient such excruciating pnln that
they retrain from it aa much ns
passible. In outward appearance
when clothed and in his easy chair with
wraps about him the general baa not very
greatly changed. Ilia face ban aged , it is
true , and is seamed with wrinkles , but it re
tains to a great degree Its natural fullnecs.
But aside from this , he is but the shadow of
himcelf. His body is wasted almost to a
skeleton and the bones of his bands and
wristsshow through tha tightly drawn skin
with the ghastly distinctness of a caiisump
tlve. That which most shocks th"se
who of Into have seen the
general is the great malignant looking swelling
which has appeared on his neck under hia
right eat. It has tf late grown with great
rapidity and is now as big as a man's two fists
put together , It IB kept concealed most of
the tiino by wraps about his throat.
Of course the general' household are bettor
able to judge than anybody else what is pru
dent and what is imprudent ( or
him to do , but not withstanding their decision
that It is safe to make the experiment they
are going to make , there is among m any
who have closely watched his case from the
commencement a fealing of grave anxiety as
to the roiult. They doubt whether the
mountain oir will suit the general.
Win. II Vanderbllt'i ) private car was the
last of the three which insde up the special
train which waa to convey Gen , Grant to Mt.
McGregor. The general arrived at the depot
about 0 o'clock und at once entered Vanuer.
bilt's car , took n seat on the sofa , with his
own hands adjusted a woolen skull cap and
drew closer the neck scarf to as
to conceal the uely swelling
which filled out the right eido of the neck
even with tbo ear. He watched with appa
rent interest the movements of Dr. Douglas
and Harrison , who were arranging the chairs
and bags so that the general could be as com
fortable as po siblo during the trip. The
heavy drapery was BO arranged as to prevent
any draughts from reaching the sick man.
'MM. Grant eat at the general's right hand.
Tbo tide through the tunnel In the city
was the worst to be experienced
during tbo entire trip , The sharp
curves shook tha c r a little. Mrs. Fred
Grant , Mrs. Ulysses Grant and Mrs Sartorls
were also in the car , while the children of the
household were under tb& care of Col. Fred
Grant , in the forward car.
Geuoral Grant passed n restless night
This morning he looks much depressed and
emaciated. While ho watches everything
that Is done he does not speak a word.
BAnrrowN , N. Y. . June 1C. Col , Fred
Grant was naif reclining on a sofa with Dr.
Douglnb , and by the General's side when
Stony Point woa passed at 0:15 : , "When
Anthony Wayne stormed Htony Point. "
shouted Col. Grant above the clatter of the
train BO that the phjilcian and his patient
could hear , ' 'my grand-father , Oapt. Dent ,
was commaudur of the "Forlorn Hopo. " and
when they ro.iched the falls he had his men
stand on each others shoulders and then the
captain scaled the rampart over their
heads and stood on the wall and
trailed his men up ono by ono over the human
ladder. They then descended and opened
the gates of the fortroas and let Wayne's men
in. " The general inclined his head and smllnd
faintly at the recital of the incident. "Up
hero at Tocouderoga , " continued the colonel ,
"father's great grandfather and his brother
were killed in the French-Hnglish war about
17G1. " Too goceral heard and nodded assent.
About ten o'clock the general turned a
trille in the chair in order that he might com
mand a bettor view of the right bank of the
river. lie wanted to get ft glimpse of West
Point an the train huriied on. The scene
was growing faml'lan ' to tbo sick man , ecsnes
of bis cadetsliip were corning to view , and nt
, length , at 10:10 : , when the quarters of West
Point swept into view. The general noddid
acrofii the river and Again amiled AS Mis.
Grant glanced across at him to see if ho
was luting- the point they were parsing ,
IIu smiled M ho nodded. The Udies hurried
to the river lido of the car to watch , and Col.
1'reil. Grant pointed out the pllo of rocks
which ho hod hoard his father mention in tell
ing of the swimming adventures of student
life. Till ) general epoku no word , but fol
lowed the sccnea with hU eye , looking rear
ward until West Point was that out by the
carve of tha road. Once the general pointed to
tbo residence on tbo woit b < > iil ; of the liver ,
imd loaning toward Col , Fax ) , Graut at
tempted to ( peak , but could not make
himself heard. Dr. Douglas requested him
not to make aud effort to speak and made him
write what ho had to communicate which the
general did. ( Jr. DjiuUa mid : "I have
luado no ilFoit to feel hi pulse , could not do
vowbllo his brain was in motion. He is
showing leas fatigue than was expected. I
am anxious to reach tbo mountains so that I
naucleuuhls throat of tills chut , which la
irylcgtuHui. Hois feeling the heat , but
his strength i holding out remarkable. "
SAKATonA.N. . Y. , Juno 10.-Tho special
train btmiug Gen , Grant arrived on time. A
Krtnt crowd was at tha depot trying to catch
n glimpse of the general , Jlewav vltlblobut
a moment as lie steeped from the train whiclt
brought him from New York to that which
was to convey him to Mount McGregor.
Wheeler post of the grand army of the repub
lic acted M a enaid to keep the crowd back.
MOUNT McGiiitaOH. N , Y. , June 16. The
general arrived hero at 2:15 : this afternoon.
The last staie of the journey was
the wont. The jolting caused the
general much palu and fatigue ,
'tlio Illinois J > Kl"l 'iire.
SpitiNomui , III , , June 1C. Five ropubll
cans were absent from the house this morning
And the remaining members of tbo party pre
vented tha transaction of Luiinessfor an hour ,
the democrats not voting , and then adjourned
to wait for a full attendance to foice the
Clough elto'.ion bill to a third raiding.
In the een te , thin morning' , after advanc
ing n number of liLjioiUut bill * to a third
re&dluSenator Mmitt moved to tale up
the home truck LID , which li intended for
the protection of laborers , but after a lively
discussion the senate refused. Amonc other
sills sent to a third reading was the house bill
known as the "soaked goods bill , " providing
agnintt Imposition In the mnnufactuto of
canned goods ; Senator Hill's bill , in relation
to fire-escapes , which , among other things ,
urovldos that etch public building two stories
in height or over shall have five tire otcaprs
Tor nt least each thirty occupants of the build
ing ; also that tire escapes ilull bo plated on
tenement flats of four stories or more. It was
called up on final postage and waa defeated ,
A bill fixing the qualification of county
judges and state * tttorneya waa advanced to
third reading , It provides that to qualify
[ ho candidate must bo twenty-Quo years and
a licensed attorney. Horoloy'n bill giving
county boards power to review claims against
assersment if disputed by n claimant , after
having been reviewed by the town toard. was
called u j on third third readingbut was killed.
In the house at 4:10 : o'clock _ this afternoon
the republicans scsured all their members and
and Immediately the general election bill on
which the house had been in deal lock for tbo
pait eight days was ndvanced to third road-
intr. The democrats didn't vote but the ra <
publlcini mndo a quorum. Curtis' senate
election bill waa then passed almost unani
mously , both democrats and republicans favor
ing it , The bill provides that precincts
shall not contain inoro than 450 voters , and
ihnll have two judges , ono from each of the
two greatest parties' , and three clerks , from
the threi greatest parties. The judges shall
make out the returns to the county clrrk ,
town clerk and secretary of state. Craw
ford's bill , regulating primary elections , " also
passed , thirteen democrats opposing. It Is
only operative when the executive committee
of a political patty adopts it. The house nlno
unanimously passed Curtiss * eonnto bill ,
providing for penalties of not more than $509
or both , to bo imposed on election of officers
who fttil or neglect to perform their duties no-
cording to the law.
At the night session n couple of drainage
blllsi were rend the third time and made the
special order for to-morrow afternoon.
The senators In the afternoon were in a tea
tive mood and did llttlo of interest and noth
ing of Importance ,
PANAMA , Juno 15. Advices from Colon
state that affairs in that city are In bad shape.
There la no police force and every man has to
Riurd hi a own property. About the only
buildinga erected since the destruction of the
town are little shanties : made from the iron
roofs of the burned buildings , These i
located on the sidewalks and in the streets in
utter disregard of order.
The flaw shin Tennessee , bearing the pen
nant of Boar Admiral Jouett , left
Aspinwall on the 4th for Savanilla
Dr. Juste Arosomona sailed on
the Tennessee. It ia stated that the visit of
that vessel to the coast on the present occiv
sion is in connection with efforts to bring
about a peaceful undorstsnding between the
belligerants in and about Barron-Quilla. Dr.
Justi Arosemcna it IB said has received in
structions from liagota to treat with thn
leaders of the revolutionary party
and to give them something more
liberal in terms than these proposed
to them by General Hayes a few days ago
These were the earno as thcso offered to and
accepted by Aizputu five weeks ago. The
rebel chiefs In Barran Quilla are men of highei
standing and heavier calibre than Aizpuru nnc
they told Hayes they preferred to light it out.
The government forces are gradually approaching
preaching the revolutionary fore 33 operat
ing on Barren Quilla as headquarters , and
lively news may bo expected from that quarter
tor soon. Gon. Reyes with the Cauca contin
gent is moving to effect a junction with the
lorces of Gen. Bricene , nnd Gen. Matthews
is corning down the river as rapidly as oossi-
ble to join his contirgent with those of the
two chiefs just mentioned. Their united de
tachment will number about 4,000 men. Gen ,
Quinten Is reported to be moving
down in support of theae forces
with 16,000 men , but he Is
said to bo too far away to possibly 'arrive in
time to assist in a decisive battle. The revo
lutionists are reported to bo in strong forca
4,000 men with excellent arms , and the in
valuable assistance of eight ormed steamers ,
Gen Santo Domingo Villa is in Cartagena
with a strong garrison , Events and positions
indicate an early and decisive battle on
iho result of which hangs the question of
Immediate success of the public on the return
to life and energy of the expiring revolution
and another six months of war , turmoil and
loss. The revolution is not ended yet and a
decisive victory for the rebels at Barren
Guilla would re&iudlo tha flames of war.
"War's Barbarities Practiced.
LA LiDinTAD , Juno 15. Desultory [ firing
was heard near this place last night and it is
beliaved that the forces of both parties are
The coming Pacific mail steamer is bring
ing 10) Nicaraguans. There is no United
States war vessel hero.
It is said that war is being carried on
with the usual barbarities of n civil
war. Briosa was butchered by tha Indiana ,
Montcrosa and Parrilla are both prisoners.
Letona still holds Ahnachapau not withstand
ing repeated attacks. 'It ia certain that
Rivaa took Cojnetepequo on Saturday. If
Memendez h beaten there is almoat sure to bo
a civil war In Guatemala ,
The Northwestern luUtati.
Special Telegram to The BEE ,
SALT LAKE CITY , Utah , Juno 10. A certifi
cate of incorporation has been issued to the
Utah & Wyoming Central railway under tbo
laws of the territory , The capital stack is
placed at 83,5000,000 , and tha articles of in
corporation provide for the construction of n
broad gusgo road north from Salt Lake City
to tha shore of the great ealt lake in Davis
county , there to connect with transfer boati
to operate on the l ko. The railway line is to
run to a point on the boundary line between
Utah and Wyoming , nt or near the
mouth of tbo twin creeks. A similar organi
zation has benn formed in Wyoming fo : tha
extentlon of the line in that territory , One of
the corporations declared that the line was
proposed to connect with the Chicago &
Northwestern which expects to cross the
Wyoming line in August , affording it a
through connection with the Central PaciQs.
It was considered cheaper and more feasible
to establish the line of transfer boats across
tbo northern part of the groit Salt Lnko than
to build around it ,
Tlio Trial of Kiel.
OTTAWA , June 1C. The crown counsel who
are to conduct the prosecution in the case of
the government agalnat Kiel are here receiv-
ng instructions , and up to the present time
the date of the trial baa not been fixed , It is
understood tha defense will first attempt to
prove Illel'd American citizenship , This
proven , his counsel think be
can only bo tried for waging
war ajainst a foreign country ,
The trial would then have to bo under court
martial , but as martial law waa not proclaimed
in the dominion ttio trial could not be con
ducted in this way , and would have to ba
abandoned. If tried ni a CauadiGU citizen ,
tbn charge must be high treason , Three of
tha jurors are to bs half.brood ? , and the jury
would disagree. This would involve a new
trial , when the tame difficulty would uudoubt
edly ba encountered.
Tlio American Meutianlor.
UAKRISIIDRQ , Pa , Juno 1C.-The National
council , jualor order , united American me
chanics convened in thli city this morning.
The busineii of tha morning was of a routine
character. Thelreport of the secretary was
read. It showed tbo order to bo ia a caucera-
ful condition. To-morrow the delegates will
visit Gettjsbury ,
Dismissed , . . '
Gen , Smith to bo Tried for the
Navy Department Frauds ,
The Cabinet IloeolvcB to Spread tlio
National Wing Over Prisoner
Hniitor Notes.
Special Telegram to The BEE ,
WASHINGTON , D. 0 , , Juna 1C. The court
of inquiry in the ciao of Paymaster General
J , A. Smith , chief of the bureau of provisions
and clothing in the navy department , waa
made public to-day , It relates in detail the
facts and circumstances In regard to the pur
chases of beef nnd pork , of flannel , of butter ,
etc. , and surnames the conclusions of the
court as follows :
"That Paymaster General Smith :
1 Hna been derelect and negligent in his
duty and culpably Ineffitient in the perform
ance thereof ,
2 That he has , to the detriment and pecu
niary loss to the government , favored Austin
F. lirown in Ills orders nnd contract.
-That he has violated the laws regulating
the duties nnd responsibilities of big office ,
and that those violations were to the detri
ment of the government.
4 That he has been in many wars utifaith
fnl to tbo trust imposed upon him in his
0 That the mildest interpretation that the
o of his
in tbo performance of them.
The secretary of the navv has decided to
order n court martial for the trial of Gen.
Smith , nnd the detail for the court will bo
announced in a few days.
There are at present 180 special aponta of
the pension bureau whoso terms of office will
expire on Juno SO next , but the new appro
priation bill allows their reappointment for
another year at a reduction of Ealary from
$1GOO to $1100. Th-eo appointments come
under the clil service rules , and it is not
probabla that the entire number will be reap
The treasury has decided that leakages of
spirits through worm holes or npruog stnvon
are not entitled to the benefits allowed in case
of casualty.
A number of tobacco dealers havo'com
phinfid to the pojtoffio department that a to
bacco firm in Ohio is conducting a gift enter
prise in offering to distribute S30.CCD among
consumers of their tobacco in prizes grade J
in proportion to the amount consumed as
shown by n numbe , of tin labels that are
affixed to each plug.
The business has grown BO rapidly that other
dealers in tobacco have combined to employ
a counsel for the prosecution of a case before
the postoffico department with a view of hav
ing the advertising , circulars and fhgs of the
objectionable concern excluded from the mails.
The matter is under consideration at the post
office department.
The postmaster general has decided that
white men who are members of Indian tribes
are eligible for appointment ns postmasters.
Applicants for the positions of postpffice inspectors
specters will ba examined by a committee ap
pointed by the postmaster general for the
purpose , on the 18th and 10th insts. , at the
civil service commission. ,
The president' appointments to-day were.
Postmasters W.H. H. Mjlntyar , Gam-
bridge , Ohio , vica G. D. Taylor suspended ,
J. W. Sherman , Otceola , Iowa , vice W. J.
Agnew , ( suspended ; C. O. McCreedy ,
BalUton , N. , Y. , vice E. F.
Grose , suspended ; D. W , Krisher. North
Manchester , Ind. , vice Shelby Sexton , sua-
pended ; Ker ( Boyco , Augusta , Ga. , vice
W. F , Holden , suspended ; II. P. Menefee ,
Boznman , Mont. , vice E , C. Anderson , sus
pended ; Baron S. Wesson , Import , la. , vice
J. R. Stebblns , suspended ; W. J , Lawrence ,
Sing Sing. N. Y. : Henry Eldrldgo , Union
Springs , N. Y. ; William H. Swan , Mount
Morria , N. Y. ; Effinghnm T , Brown , Aurora ,
N. Y.
The postmaster at Bozeman was suspended
upon the report of an inspector , showing gross
carelessness in tbo management of the office ,
failure to collect nnd account for box rents ,
and especially failure to icnke reports of de
posits nud quarterly account after notice.
The department desires tbo announcement to
como to the knowledge of all postmasters that
failure to make reports of deposits of accounts ,
after notice , will bo sufficient ground for re
moval without further inquiry. The post
masters at Winona , Oeceola , Laporta City ,
North Manchester , Cambridge , Augusta and
Bal'ston wore suspended upon proofs of acts
of partisanship while in office. These acts
were of various kinds , Some were editors as
well as postmasters , aud their news-
papere , since as well aa before
the election have conttinod scurrilous and in
decent attacks upon the officers of the govern
ment as well aa malignant political foaling
towards adversaries in general. In some
cases it has alfo been established that the
postmasters kppt banging in the office a polit
ical placard of ono paity and refused to per
mit those of the other party to bo displayed ,
thete placards being sometimes indecent
pictures or cartaoua unfit for the eyes of
respectable ) persona. In other cases the post
masters were shown to have beou efficient
political tgents of their party , members of ita
working committees , its organization , and
taking particular part in the conduct of elec
tion bminnm , often to the impairment of the
duties of office. In several of tbo cases polit
ical notices , circulars aud newspapers of the
oppoelto political paity Here shown to nave
benn detained in the postoffices.
Unitad States Marshal-James n. Free
manwestern ( district of Tennessee.
Supervising inspector of steam vessels
Amoricus Warder , for the seventh district.
There was a full attendance at the cabinet
meeting to-day. The principal topic of dis
cussion was the case of Santor , a naturalized
American citizen , under arrest In Equudor.
The conclusion reached was that Mr. Santor
should ba recognized 111 an American citizen ,
and as such was imtitU'd to tha full protection
of this government. It is understood a de
mand will ba made for his release.
HOG oiJo&Krca.
WASHINGTON , Juno 10. The prevalence of
liog cholera In Nebiaska , the recent outbreak
in Wisconsin and the fears entertained of
similar outbreaks in other parts of the coun
try , have been made the subject of many
communications to tha comralteioner of agri
culture , who has bsen urged to make a special
investigation to determine the nature of the
disease , and tha available means for ita miti
gation or suppression. In compliance with
tha demand , Cnmtr.lasloner Coleinan baa
appointed Dr , G. Gerth , a veterinarian
of Newark , N , .T. , to proceed first to Nebraika
and make a thorough Investigation. Dr.
Gerth ia inspector of animals , meats , aud
sUuRhter house * for the Newark board of
health aud also has been connec'cd with the
NOW Jersey stata board of health and h's '
official capacity hud much experience with
diseases of awino. Tim inoat ncent statistics
place the number of awlue In Ufa
United States at over f-,000000
head , valued at more than S220COCCO , ) .
IMBPH among these animal * ia very heavy. In
1873 It w i estimated nt $2) , < 00,000 ; in 1882
It was G per cent of the whole numbr ja the
country ; In 1881 the loss Increased to 0 per
: cnt. llecent investigation indicate the
Dates nre mostly the ic'ult of contagious
diseases. The losses in Nebraska duiing last
Tear have been for the first time very heavy.
ileports from fortyx of the eoventy-three
counties show that out of 1,303.695 swine
160,4(53 ( were afflicted with tha disease nnd
W2/J21 valued nt S2,44t,778 , died.
imirisii POLITICS ,
LONDON , Juno 1C Cliurhill is holding con-
eronco to-day with Salisbury. It is reported
that the subject under consideration is the
nececsity 4or extension of the crimes net.
At the cloio of confertnco be-
een Salisbury nnd Lord Handolpb
hurchlll , Lord .Randolph proceeded to his
club room whore members were gathered to
tear the result of tha conference. Conservatives
ire generally disappointed that no progress
ias been made since yesterday and fear is ex
pressed that the delay to form a cabinet will
damage tbo prospects of the Tory party in np-
[ ironching general elections , Matters just
now nro at n stand still. iConscrvethos ap
pear reluctant to take ofllco until
the opinion of the wbolo party can bo taken.
Salisbury will confer with the queen again to
morrow , lu the meantime nothing will bo
done regarding foreign , colonial or Indian af
fairs without Salisbury having been consulted
The queen left Balmoral castle nt 2 tlii. af
ternoon for Windsor , accompanied by Prin
cess Beatrice.
DUBLIN , Juno 16 The Parnellites nro or
ganizing for the purpose of holding a monster
demonstration to show their pleasure at the
departure of Spencer from Ireland , Saturday.
Si PETHiiSBUito , Junj 16. The Journal do
St. Petersburg states there Is no truth in tbo
report that Russia hai taken possession of a
harbor in Corfu.
A D. D. ron nnooKs ,
LONDON , June 10. Oxford university con
vocation conferred the degree of doctor of
divinity upon llov. Philip Brooks , of Boston ,
United States.
ST. PETERSBURG , Juno 10 A fire nt Kizi-
larvnt destroyed nil the ruatorial for tlmTrans
Caspian railway. The workmen are return
ing to Baku , on the west shore of tha Caspian
MADRID , Juno 1C , Five new cases of
cholera in this city yesterday and ono death.
In the province of Valencia , outside the city ,
there were forty-eight new cases , nnd twenty-
seven deaths. The city of Murcla reports
forty new cases , and twenty-seven deaths.
Other parts of the protinco of Murcia return
102 fresh cases and four deaths.
Wlioro tlio Pool Abuse Begins.
Special Telegram to the BEE.
CHICAGO , 111. , Juno 15. Before the inter
state commerce committee to-day a repre
sentative of P. D. Armour & Company said :
When you come to spcial articles , tbo trans
portation of which was'confined to one or two
roads , the abuses of the pool began. Atbitra
tion invariably went against the shipper.
Live hogs wore carried to the seaboard at the
same tariff rate as provisions. Shippers
claimed that this should not be , as they had
to pay freight on packages amounting to
twenty-five per cent. This placed tuo Chicago
packers at a disadvantage , as nsmpared with
Boston and southern packers.
He had preeentetl a petition' ) the pool set
ting forth these wrongs , but it was ( helved ,
Dressed sheep rates were ninety-five cants
against fifty cents for live sheep. The ro.vJs
did this because they knew they would get
the business any way. Meats shipped In re
frigerator cars were confined to particular
roads because tbey bad to have ice stations
for refilling the cars at different stages along
the roads. Roads claimed thattha ; excessive
weight of tha refrigerator cars made it neces
sary for them to make extra charges , The
companies were perfectly free to use the re'
frigerator cars for return freight.
Jackson Marlon Gets to Live Longer ,
Special Telegram to The BEE.
BEATRICE , NBB. , Juno 15. A writ of error
has been filed in the supreme court of the
state in the casa of Jackson Marion convicted
of murder and sentenced to bo hung on Juno
26tb , and a stay of proceedino hna bosn or
dered. Marion has been twice convicted and
sentenced for n murder committed thirteen
years ago , and now has a now lease of life.
Ho killed John Cameron in this county In
1872. The time- for bis execution was draw
ing near , but he probably has a year longer
to live.
Events In a Kentucky Neighborhood.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , June 1C. A gentleman
just returned from Knctt county , Kentucky ,
reports that the Hall and Jones factions are
under arms , and an engagement between
them is imminent at any moment. The Hall
party number thirty-one aud the Jones gang
eighteen , and all are armed with Winchester
rilles , nnd defy arrest from any and every
HOUIC9 , Monday of list week on Beaver
Creek , Perry Sherwood and Bill Hawk , the
latter ono of the most noted and blood-thirsty
desperadoes In I ho mountains were waylaid ,
shot , and billed by ambushed enemies. Tbey
both belonged totlia-Hall fee tion ,
Grain In Sight.
CHICAGO , ILL , Juno ID. The following
[ iguroa taken from the official statement of
the board of trade , to ba posted on 'change
to-morrow , show the amount of grain Tn
sight in the United States aud Canada , on
Saturday , Juno 13th , and the amount of in.
creasa or decrease over the proceeding week :
Wheat 10.877,070 ; decrease , 393,302.
Corn 4GCl,44l ; decrease. 300,403 , Oats
2,430,501 ; increase , 214,162 , Rye 225,015 ;
increase , 2,878. Barley 208,611 ; increase ,
102,838 *
The amount of grain In Uore in Chicago on
the date named was :
Wbeat,14,685.10l ; corn , 724.011 ; oats ,
819,785 ; rye , 3/.720 / ; barley , 539.
Senators Sherman and Logon are billed for
speeches nt Woodstock , Conn. , on the Fourth
Of July.
Tha leased lines of the Illinois Central In
[ jwa caused a not loss of $91,454 to the com
pany for the five months ending May 31 ,
The Iroquois Olub of Chicago hae declared
n favor of the election bill now before the
legislature nnd urges democrats to secure its
msaago , '
The Colorado Cattle Growers' association in
convention nt Denver tabled the proposition to
establish a cattle trail through the state ,
from Texas to Wvomlnc.
Joseph Cottringer , charged with over-issn *
Jng § 160,000 of Central Transportation com.
> any stock , has been captured , He confessed
il guilt and ask no mercy ,
The Indianapolis base ball club has eold
out bodily to the Detroits , and will lake a
> lace iu the national league. Tha Milwaukee
mil Kansas City clubs are now the onlyjiiem
bera of tha western league.
Postmaster-General VJlas points to the
fact , aa an evidence of Cleveland's f irness ,
that commissions were given to eighteen ap
pointments made by President Arthur in the
cloilng day * of his term ,
A Mis. Dubois of Quebec , makes n public
itatcment that Big Boar , thn Northw it
icalper , is nH an Indian but a French Can i-
dlau named Lambert. Tim itory is that tha
noted scalper waa captured by the Green when
young and aubatquently muricd the chiflJ-
talu'i daughter , |
Chicago Swlatirs l/st as to the
Supply of M ,
Now York and Chicago at Vari
ance as to tlio Supply ,
Good Oattlo Command Good Prices ,
but Tcxans Unit Low Grades
UORS Como Up.
Special Telegram to The BEE.
CHICAGO , III , Juno 1C. Traders in wheat
were pretty thoroughly at sen to-day , owing
to the wide diversity in the estimaocs mndo
respectively by Chicago nnd New York stat
isticians regarding the visible supply state
ment. Operators had very generally calcu
lated upon an increase , but Instead the Chicago
cage statement showed a decrease of nearly
four hundred thousand bushels. This , to
gether with the estimate by the Ohio agricul
tural bureau that the next crop would not
exceed 270,000,000 bushels influenced
free buying early and the market
opened Jo higher. The Now York statement
indicated an Increase of somewhat more than
half n million bushels In the visible supply ,
and this held the market down and oausod an
early decline of Jc Under moderate buyinf
the market rose again advancing i@Jc ; eased
off J@SJc ; , and closed on the regular board Jo
over yesterday. The close on tbo afternoon
board showed no appreciable change. Liver
pool advices quoted spot wheat firmly hold.
There waa a decidedly stronger feeling de
veloped in coin. The visible supply state
ment showed a material decrease both by the
New York and the Chicago statements. The
market opened gc higher and ruled strong in
early trading ; then advanced S@gc additional ,
fluctuated , and closed Jo over yesterday ,
Light receipts estimacd for to-morrow aided
the advance.
OAT3 ,
The trading In oats was on a large scale vnd
the temper was strong with higher prices
prevailing. Near futures advanced j@Jc
while deferred futures ranged l@Jc higher ,
Provisions ruled strong. mes pork advan
cing 10@15c , while lard was 0@7ja higher.
The sales of the day ranged :
Wheat-Juno , 88@S8c , closed , 88io ; Ju
ly , 691@9c , closed. 89jo ; August , Ul@)2e ! ) ,
closed , Oljc ; September , 031@94c , closed. 93J
Corn June , -1748Jc , closed , 48c ; July ,
4Ci@-17Jc , closed , 47ioj August , 4Gi@47Jc ,
closed , 3iSc. (
Oats-June , 331@33jc , closed , 33 $ ; July ,
33J@33g. closed , S3ic ; August , 28@284.
Mess Pork -July. S1035@10.42J , closed ,
S10.-10@10.42J ; August , S10.4iJ4@10.DO , closed ,
S10.47i@10.DO ; September , S10.60@10.CD ,
closed , ? 10.B7J@10.CO.
Lard-July , SGG24@G.G5 ; August 50.70 ®
G.75 , closed § G.724@6.75.
Afternoon board Wheat Steady and un
changed. Corn Firm ; July } c higher. Oats
Firm ; June Jo higher , Pork 2jo lower.
Lard 2Jo higher.
The receipts are greatly In excess of this
time last week , but the increase is largelv in
Texans and low grade native ] . Of the Tex
ana there were about 100 cars to-day , and for
the past two days tbo runhaa equalled 200
cars about a quarter of fresh receipts and
they are selling 25@30o lower than a week
ago , and 80g99o ( lower than a month ago.
Uood grass Texans are now down to S3.40 ®
3.60 , and common S3.25@4 35. For corn fed
Texans there Is a wide range say 84 to S4.80r
Solid , finished corn fed natives were wanted ,
and sold at S5,10@5.40. Tlio above ore 1C ®
2oc higher than a week ago and are 10@15c
higher than yesterday. Steers sold for the
highest fitruroa for the season at S5.20@0,55 ,
Low grade steers , bulls ; oxen and common
cows in fact all sort of natives that have to
compete with Texans are 80@25c lower than
last week Such will continue to make low
prices until after the run of Texans. 'Good to
choica fat cows and heifers are selling fairly
well and compote successfully against Texaos.
Stockera and feeders continue m light
supply. The sales were : Shipping
steers , 1,350 to 1,500 pounds
$5.EO@5.85j 1,200 to 1,310 , pounds , S5.20jH5
6.GO ; 850 to 1,200 pounds , SI 90@0 20.
etockera and feeders. $3.25@5.00 , cows , bulls
and mixed , $2.40@4 50 ; bulk , S3.50@3.75 ;
slopped steers , S4.90g5.55 ; through Texas
cattle 75 cars car loads -corn-fed , $4.25 ®
4.00 ; graisers , 950 to 1,050 pounds , Sl.00@4'35 ;
760 to 900 pounds , $3,59@3,75 ; GOO to 800
pounds , S3,25@8.00.
The receipts were liberal , demand fair , and
prices substantially higher than yesterday ,
yet values are 10@15o lower than a week ago.
The great break of last week was on Thurs
day. To-day rough and common eold down
toS3.90@l,05 , and fair to good S1.10@4.16 ;
with best heavy at $4.20. Llpht sorts sold at
Si.00@l.20 , The prime cauae of tbo strength
to-day was the falling off in receipt ? . Hough
and mixed , Si.09@4 10 ; paching and ship
ping , 250 to 320 pounds , S4.10@120 ; light
weights , 130 to 170 pounds ? 3,0jro-1.30 ; 180
to 210 ouuda. S3.90@4.15 ; skips , $3.09@4.75.
PANAMA , Juno G , A battle is reported to
have boon fought at Yucal , between the fore03
of Bernal and Mnthena. Much loss was
suffered on both aides in what seems to have
tieon a most stubbornly contested fight , Tlio
advantage , it 11 believed , was on the govern
ment eido. Later advices state that the gov
jrDinout forces have concentrated in tbo neigh
borhood of Carthagena to tbo number
4,560 men , They are reported to bo in moet
distressing condition , without chocs and in
rags. It will be a month before they can
move on Gaitan'a force * , who are encamped
at Savant. Largais nearBarranqntlla , Gen ,
Mas was last heard from en bis way to Juaja
with bis division of 300 men ,
Oallao is still tufferlug from yellow fever ,
New and fatal cases ore constantly appear
ing , Physiciona aUo report tha presence of
smpullpox of a virulent character.
Wind Disturbs a Itnco Mooting ,
Sr , Looia , June 15 , Between the second
and third races to-day a very heavy storm
occurred. The wind unroofed ono of the
stables and made fragmenta of the awning
stretched from the roof of tbo betting stand
to the fence on the tontb side. The betting
ground was full , The crowd stampeded In
terror over fences and across the track to the
Beld where many laid flat on the ground
untsl the wind snbjided , Ilats , bookmaker's
sheets and some money from the mutual
stand preceded the crowd ,
Tlio Blnrk Ji no Itevlow.
LONDON , Juno 1C , The Mark Lone Kx-
pros ? , In review of the British grain trade
during the past week , says : A heavy rain
fall during the week has generally benefitted
spring town grain which was BO backward that
the nemi'tropicil weather which prevailed in
the first week of June injured It couilderably.
The beat wheat helda look exr edldgly well
and ara growing fast. Trale ueems to have
collapsed , The sales of Knglith wheat during
the week weie 30 733 qurrterg , at 33i 8f.
ligalrut 4pOSJ quarterr , at 37s H during
he corresponding week of last year. Foreign
wheat is further depressed. Quotations are
nominal. GI ( the c ast five cargoes were
Bold , nine- wore withdrawn And five remained
including two of California. About fifly-
Boven cargoes are duo. At to-day's rrmrkpt
there was no domind for whout and vnlue *
were nominal , Flour was depressed and flat.
Corn WAI steady at G ) Id. Barleys were
cheaper and oats dull ,
The Ottmimn Itcfinttn ,
OriCMWA , Ia. , Juno 10. The first of the
series of races between the Junior Fours , of
Cedar llipids nnd the OttumwA club ? , ono
nillo aud a half with turn , was rowed this af
ternoon on thoDca Moinea river near this city.
The race was won by the Cedar Knpids club
by two boat lengths in 11:20 : ,
Gon. Morrow Offfor Portland.
Special TolrgrAta to the BER ,
SIUNKT , Ntb. , Juno 1C , Gen. Henry A.
Morrow , grand commander of the grand ntmy
of the republic of Oregon and Washington
territory , leavoa here to-morrow with the
California delegation to attend the reunion nt
Portland , Mo.
Tlio Uanlnn-Xcomor Meeting.
TOBOKTO , Can. , Juno 1C. Edward llanlan
received a telegram from Teemor to meet him
at Buffalo to-morrow night to nrrango the
terms fcr n rnca between thorn. It Is doubt
ful if llanlan will bo abla to go then , but ho
will meet Tocraer thcro some time this week.
Clmndlcr IJoatcii for tlio Senate.
Coxconn , N. H. , Juno 1C. In Iho assem
bly to-day W. U. Chandler received ono vote
for United States senator ; Henry W. Blair
received 179 , and llarry Dinphstn 117. Blair
was declared to bo the choica of the assembly.
In the senate KIngham received seven v tea
and Blair fifteen.
A Gambler's Gorgeous "Chapol. "
Special Dispatch to the Globe-Democrat. 3
NEW YOUK , Jnno 13. Long Branch
baa something to talk about la advance
of the real opening of the summer season.
Phil Daley , the loading professional gambler
blor of the pines , whoso Pennsylvania
Olub la the meat gorgeous g-imlug hell tn
America , has to-day moved into the
villa which ho lisa added to hh belong'
ings. His neighbors hara for years boon
accustomed to the openness and splen
dors of his business , and aomo of them
had watched the erection of the real
donco ; but the embodiment of a cbapol
in the premises is a revelation whloh ex
cites them considerably. The honsn la
much bigger than the average of the aoa-
tide dwollingo , and ita architecture is
ornate in the extreme. Eccantrlc gables ,
Irrovolcnt pieces of roof , and other dc-
vlcoa , break the lines in all parts , and atone
ono corner rises a round turret somewhat
like the splro of a church. A solid wall
of brick , with an ornamental iron fence
and gate , surround the plot , The exter
ior curfaco of the honso la polished and
etained hard wood , In n semblance of
tiles. At each side of the front door is a
panel of carved wood , leading the observ
er to suppose at the first gllmpso that
thereon ho would find the naino of aomo
public Institution. Bat on ono is let-
tared "Tootuey" and on the other "Ma
gie" the names of Daley's two children.
The Interior ta decorated In a most costly
and showy siyU' Handsome natural
woods , exquisite fretcj , art tiles and elab
orated wall paper make the rooms quite
resplendent. ' The cost of the honso ,
aaldo from the beautiful furnitnro put
into It , Is said to hava baen § 100,000.
The apsitmeat which Is more curious
to Long Branchern than waa the blno
chamber to Bluebeard's fflveais a chapel ;
bnt no maglo key has locked Ita door
against intruders , and during the week ,
until to-day'a arrival of the dwellers ,
visitors have baen numerous. The fur
nishers were finishing their work and a
man had been deputized to explain , the
place of worship to all ocqulrora. The
chapel in mlnaturo Is twelve feet cquare.
The floor Is polished wood , with an ori
ental rug on it. The walls are frescoed
in an imitation of dark drapery , the pat' '
tern being copied from the hangings in
the Pope'a private chapel at Rome. The
coiling Is painted like eky , in shading
blno and gray , and at the center ia a
whlto dove on the wing , bearing an olive
branch. The ouo window is a piece of
extensive work in etiincd glass , cathedral
fashion. The altar is a structnrn fash
ioned like these in Roman Catholic
churches , but smaller , being about six
feet long and eight feet high. It Is
made of carved and finely decorated
wood , the prevailing eDiors balng maroon
and gilt. Two heads of angoh are em
bellishing features. The draperies are
specimens of flno embroidery. The
rorodos , or back p'uco ' , la ornamented
with carvings nnd Kuiig with cloths. A
solid gold crocn , ( ! tohavo cost $4,000 ,
Is kept in a safe at night , but by day Is
to stand on the altar. The receptacle
for the host , wafers representing the
blood ot Christ in the ceremony of com
munion , is provided E3 tn a regular
church altar.
The story goes that Daley hopes t3
atone for hla professional aina iu a gamb
ler by tblo attention to religion , but
these who know him well drchro that ho
has built the chapel in deference to Iho
\vhtiua of his wife , \ybo ia u notably piona
woman. Tjoro Is likely ( o bo eorao difll-
cully in the project to far oa the services
nro concerned. Dileywhuea to engage
tlio ItiV. Father MoFoy , pastor of the
Star of the ISoa Ohurou , directly asrosj
the ctrout , to celebrate a maaa in the
Daley chapel every morning throughout ;
the season , The priest Is willing to no >
cept the offer , which contemplate * a sep
arate ealary of § 500 per year ) but his
application to hla bishop for permission
IIOH not yet bsen acted on , and the im
pression is that it will meet with a refu
sal , on account of Daley's connection
with gambling. If BO , the request will
bo renewed by Mrs. Daley , In any cage ,
Iho chapl will bo need.
Jlata half dollar less at Frederick's
than elsewhere. Largest slooti ,
Furniture , stoves , crockery nnd glate-
ware at Banner's.
The Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul
announce , commencing Wednesday , the
tenth , they will make through passen
ger rates from the Missouri river by add
ing twelve fifty to tha present cut rates
in force from Chlcigo to New York and
other eastern cities. This will make the
through rate from Council Bluffr to No *
York twenty-nine fifty ( § 29.50) ) , fiwt-
class , and twenty-six fifty ( $20.50) ) see
onU-class , and other polnti in proportion.
Ohoica engar cared hama lie per
pound nt Washington Market , 904 N.
IClh St.
Somiay Nigut's ' Cyclone Snaps Up Lift
and Properly ,
Iowa , Dakota and Nebraska Bent
With Great Euin ,
Many People llcnortoil Klllcil nnd n
Vast Amount or IVoporty
SIODX CITV. IA , , Juno 15. A sovcro wind
storm f truck this city about midnight. The
ppstollico was umojloj at n loss of $1,500.
The wholosilo dry goods store of Tootle ,
Livingston & Company was unroofed nnd the
end wall blown in. The loss ou the building
is 33,500 , and the damage to goods § 1.000.
0. Shenkberit's building , occupied by n whole
sale grocery lost a portion of its side wall.
The damage to the building Is put nt $0OGO
to the Keck of $1,000. A largo barn and res
idence damaged 85.0CO. J. D. Farr &
Company's butter nud rgg homo was un
roofed. Loaf , $1,000. The Standard oil
company's warehome lost ita roof and n portion
tion of the wall. The St. Paul & Omaha lost
on a pile barge , and boilers , aud engineering
appliances 81,600. The ferry boat Bennett
lost her noko stacks nnd pilot house. Alexander -
ander Blair's dwelling was demolished ; Slough
and Nikosell's store unroofed ; the mntbodlnt
nud the baptist churches blown down.
At Jnckson , Nob. , Douor & Barri's state
was blown down.
At Elk Point , D. T. , a number of buildings
are down. The railway coal house and wind
mill were demolished. No ono was hurt.
At Coleridge , Neb. , sixteen buildingR are
down. A , Hudson's general store was blown
to pieces , Two , children were killed and
three people seriously in the country near
At Hartington , Neb , n rink nnd n number
of small buildings were blown down.
At Wakefiold , Neb , , Anderson & Company's
store waa unrooted. In nil the country within
a radiua of twenty-five mlloa of the city much
damage was dona to trees , fences , wind
mills nnd buildings. A number C
farm homes were demoralized , At
11:30 : o'clock to night only ono
wire is working out ct tmvir. Amour' the los
ers in this city nre : I * K. Peck , residence de 1
molished , SI,000 ; J. H , Rivers , house down.
$500 , Itivors had threoribs broken. A omall
housa of Phil Jennings waa blown into the
creek , All over the city- smaller buildings ,
trees and windmills are down. Glass was
qrnken aud numerous residence unrooted.
Word is received from Lemars that tbo St.
James catholic church was torn down , tbo
steeple of another church carried nway , the
Plymouth mills unroofed nnd the arnoku stack
blown down , gas works leveled , the opera
house unroofed , tbo St. Paul & Omaha depot
wrecked , a now school house unroofed and
several rmidencea blown down.
DUBOQCK , Iowa , Juno 15. Specials to the
Herald give the following particulars of the
destructive storm of Sunday night inuorthcm
and northwestern Iowa , The meat damcgo
was dona at Cherokee , Mansion and Storm
Lako. All tha wires on the Illinois Control
between Fort Dodge nnd Sioux City are
down ,
At Aurelia fences acd buildings were
levelled in all directions and several persona
At Bemson a school bouse and the catholic
church were entirely demolished.1
At Willow Creek the water tank was moved
out of place.
Marcus appears to have Buffered t to most.
The west end of the station house is gone ,
tbo freight homo entirely destroyed
nnd the freight blown to atoms an
cannot bo found. Nearly every building
in town was damaged. Thomethodiet epis
copal cburch was completely luincd and tbo
Jackson lumber yard scattered in every di
rection , M. Y. Aime's bouso is gone and
two of the occupants found dead. Reports
indicate great damage of Hfo and property.
At Meridian the freight depot was badly
At Cherokee the new Shoot house waa un
rooted and damaged to the extent of S7.000.
Cars were blown off the track ,
At presort it is almost impossible
to compile tbo total losses sustained ortoglvo
the number oft buildings damaged , but at a
rough guecd it is estimated that more than
200 buildinga suffered to a greater or loss ex
LEMARB , In , Juno 1C. This section was
visited by the most destructive storm last
night over known In this part of the country.
Kain fell In torrents accompanied by fierce
electric storms. The gas bouso hero wai com
pletely demolished. The epiro of St.
John's citholic church , 1C5 feet high was. blown
down aud the building otherwise damaged.
St. James' catholic church was totally
wrecked , at a loss of 810,000. Many honsoa
and barns in ( .town and in the country
were uurcofcd and damaged iu & great
variety of ways. The loss in Lemnrg is esti
mated nt 3100,003 , wi'h an equal amount lu
LIio countiy. No iivt-e xvero lost in town , but
two men nnd two chililion were killed In the
country. The w. uncled Lumber seven or eight
and several of them nta dunforously ; hurt.
A Fugitive I'oBtmnsiov Caught ,
SAN FKANCIBCO , 0&1. , Juno 111. Postal Inspector
specter Seybolt , of tliid city , itcaivod a die-
patch to d y that Isnnc N. Hubs , ex-post
master of Lewiston , Idaho , who Issued money
orders to himaelt for over twenty thousand
ilnllarp , wng arrested today tit Han is ton
River , British Colombia ,
The Day On iho ' nrf.
. BAY , Juno 10Pardeo and
Joa Cotton ran a dtad heal , nnd divided
money lu the third race to day. The raca
was one mile ; liter , 111 | ,
V < inllln.I.cmoiiOniniie , etc. , flavor Caket ,
t'reiim , l'iiillliiif , .Vi' . , ( , delicately nud nut-
urnlly in the fruit from which Ibcy iiru umde.
pncrmro ti THI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chlccso , III. 01. Louie , Mo.
umcM or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems ,
licit Dry IIot Ycuit.
aroxt C-A.T/E : ZJ-ST o-xtocsxte.