Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 16, 1885, Page 8, Image 8

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Deputy Marshal Allan went to Nebraska
City yesterday moimng ,
The "Knights of Labor , under the anipices
ef L. II. 2,8 J5 , have their Br t annual picnic
at Ilascall' * pmk Saturday , July llth ,
Friendship Lodge No. 802 K. & D. of H.
will have a rpocial mooting Tnotday evening
Juno ICth , at 8 p. m , 1C1C Capitol avenue.
' -Annual meeting ofthol. O.O. F Pro
tective Auciallon Tuesday evening , Juno 10
at 8 o'clock , for election of officers and other
important business. John Graves. Secretary.
An old man by the name of Bullock had
hi ) pocketpicked of $70 Sunday | nl htin one of
tha Thirteenth street cars. Some of the
nimble lingered gang who had been working
at the picnic probably did the Job.
The services of Thomas Harriion , the
noted evangelist , have been secured for the
Bennet camp-meeting , which Is to bo held at
Bennot , Lancaster county , Neb. , July 31 to
August 1C The progratnmo of the meeting
will bo published soon.
t Mr. Boverldgn , of Chicago , and father of
the young stockman , 0. 0 , Beverldgo , recent
ly arrested for obtaining money under fatso
pretenses , is In the city , and has for a long
time been cloiotod with his son. There are
no now developments in the case.
The fl. A M. road is riltraffing the banks
of the river at points between the city and
Plattsmouth. The banks have been slowly
washing nway and some such measures as
these ara nooossary to prevent n dangerous
Increasing undermining of the tracks.
Saturday afternoon a very exciting and
Interesting game of base ball was played on
the old U. P. grounds , between the clerks In
the offices of tno auditor of passenger accounts
and the freight auditor , of the IT. P. head
quarters. The score resulted in favor of the
former , 20 to 12.
On Saturday evening a pleasant surprise
party was tendered to the lloafey brothers ,
at Eleventh and Pacific streets. There were
thirty couples in attendance. Dancing was
kept up until midnight , when an enjoyable
repast was served. Every one left , having
had a good time , and wishing tha Heafoy
brothers success in their new homo.
Sunday n number of small children
were ploying with a bumnn skull , near the
corner of Thirteenth and Davenport streets.
When questioned by a passer-by as to how
they had came into possession of the ghostly
toy they said that they had "found It an
alley. " The top of the skull had been sawed
off , and it was evidently once the possession
of eome medical Institute.
George Linde , who lives on the Biendorff
farm fifteen miles northwest of the city , re
ports that his place was qulto severely visited
by the storm Sunday morning. His corn
cribs wore blown dovrn , his fruit trees demol
ished , and things generally torn up , The
house w a not blown down , though the famil
took to the collar expecting such a catas
The Baptist Oouncil.'of Recognition will
take place this morning at Council
Bluffs , on the occasion of the ro-organizatlon
of the new church In that place , the pastorate
of which is to bo assumed by the talented Dr.
Opoley. The Rev. Mr. Harris of this city
will give the charge to the chnrch , while Dr.
Hnrlbert , of Chicago , will preach in the eve
ning. A large attendance from Omaha is
Smote Seal of North Carolina To
I James Iieo Arrested After a Hard
Ficbt Sunday. ]
James Lee , ono of the dangerous
young criminals who infest the vicinity
of Grelghton college , wns nrreated by
the police Sunday and lodged In jail ,
after a terrible tussle.
It Booms that Loa cam a np behind
Special Policeman Jainoa and wi thout
provocation hit him on the back of hla
hand with a "billy , " disabling him.
Jarnea Immediately telephoned to police
headquarters for assistance. A policeman -
man was dispatched to the scene of the
trouble , but before ho arrived Lao was
gone nnd conld not bo found. isor
Liter , a warrant was swoin out for
I : Leo'a arrest , and placed In the hands of
Oflicor Oormlck for service. Officer
Rorrloa accompanied him , and the two
together went to the honoo
of the Lee family whore they found the !
young belligerent hiding In the collar. ioA
tough tussle ensued , bsforo the two
officers succeeded In arresting Loo. Bo
bit Rowlos eevorely on the hand , and in-
jaroa him en otherwise that that officer :
was compelled to use hla club vigorously.
Finally ho was taken and placed in i a
wagon and lodged in jail.
The gant { which Infests this portion of
Omaha Is certainly a toupjh OHO. Ra- i
epeotablo people In the neighborhood are
continually complaining of their lawless
acts and depredations. It Is to bo hoped
the police will make every effort to break
it up.
Dranitf adTtrtlied nbfolnteljr for *
rUoannniepdownon a liotitore until hciUdtb a
r moT tnttoovtfrand mell. A cbenitit will not & r * *
4Ulr d to detect tb > pr e ncu ol amaioala.
rrs tiEiLTuri-usu ius NEVER iren.
In mlltU > n homes for quarter of c'ntory It bal
I taoii lb coaiuniara * relUbla tcir ,
, Jr ) , Price's ' Special FlayoriDg Exlracls ,
Hit tlnnHtuo > td llci < uiaiilBalgr < IBa > orl Nud
Dr. Price's Lupulln Yeast Gems
- Dry
CHICAGO. V " ' - ST is.
BLOM , In this city June 1-1 , ' t 70 p.
m. , Jotephlno , wlfo of 0. K. Blom , ftfod 25
FnnerM yesterday t 3 Pm. . , from her l te
res.deuco on South Clark itreet near St.
Mary's avcnuo.
Scttlliijfn Strike ,
NEW OASTLK , Pa. , Juno 15. Tha difficulty
existing between the freight handlers employ
ed by the Buffalo , New York & Thlladelphia
railroad and tbnt company , terminftted yes
terday by Superintendent Witter requesting
the men to renime work at their former salary
pending an Investigation of their grievances
by higher officials , and promising the men
they would bo given a decision by next Sat
urday. The men accepted the proposition
nnd "double-header trains were immediately
put to work and have succeeded In rriovlne
the larger portion of freight which was de
tained along the route , "
Queen Victoria has recently promoted Sir
Anthony Muigravo to bo "knlht of the
errand.cross of the order of St. Michael nnd
St. George. " Sir Anthony Musgravo Is a
son-in-law of Mr. David Dudlfy Field.
? e *
This powder never viries. A marvel ot pnroty
strength and wholoson : cnes ] , - Were economical than
the ordinary klnds.and cannot bo sold In competi
tion with the multitude of low test , short weight
alrm of physohrto powders. Bold only In cans
ROYA6 BAKING POWDER 00. . I0 Wall B > ; H.Y
OVER 400,000 mm. IN USE.
- 3 _ _ M V
ItaftlcBt ItldlllB Vclilflo mndo. lUde oa easy
with ono person as two. The SII-HK | | IciKJtbrnand
Hlmrtcn according to tbe weight thi'j carry. Equally
well ndripteU Io rnu li country ronrlH nnil
Dno drives of citls * . Inniifnrturfu nml sola by
all Icndlus C'lirriiiKO lliiilucru nnd Iculcr .
" Use nothing but Natural Mineral
Water , such as APOLLINARIS ,
free from all vegetable foisons"
Boston Journal.
Of all Grocers , Drag fists , & Mia. IVat. Oealtrs.
The largest Modloal Instltuto West of
Mississippi Rlvor.
Fifty rooms for the accomodatlon of patients. The
1'hyelcian onrt Burgeon In clmrso of the Initltnto has
hau slitern years' of succc rul practice , nna Is aided
by n Blitnnts ot rare experience us pccialUts In
tfiPlr various departments. , . , _
WRITI ran cuicnLARon Utformltlrs and Brtces. DUKIS.
* s or WOMEN. I'lloi , Tumort , Canctrn , Ciurrli. Bronchi ,
tli , Inlmlatlon , Kl etrlcltv , r rnly li. Kpllep r , Kidney , ,
JS e , I r.8kln n < l Blood I > f eani < 8 IVrllefor
on PuHMrR. 8mciiL ud Mtiirocs Dlioaui , Bcmlnal
Weakness , Snermntnrrhicn , SypMlls , ( Jlcoc , Hlrlctnro , Varl *
cocclo and all dl euse of tha Urlnnrj nnd 8oiu l orRans.
CB8estroatoUbycorr pondenceorPersonRllr Conndclitlat.
liedlclnciiont by mill or e < prr without marks to Intll-
catucotitftiti or Mender. Ailr Rsatllcttcrii Io
18tbHtreet.CornorofCapltolAvenm . OiUIIA. fKH
Ml advertisements in the special columns mill
bt charged at the rate oj 10 eenti per line /or the
frit insertion , anil 7 centi per line for each subse
quent insertion : Ko aJvertisement will be inserted
for leu than ! 5 centi or the first time.
These advertisement ! tcillbe inserted in both Mom-
ny and Jivenlny JiJitioni , representing a circula
tion of over Eight Thousand. This clan of adver
tisements mult positively be paid in advance ,
MO.VF.T TO LOAN On real eetato In guiua of $ ' 0 and
upward ? , tn any amuint. Oinalia Financial
Exchange , 16C3 Farnam HI
llonoy to loan On co'Ialcra'a In cumgof 825 and
upwardr , toany amount. Oicaha Financial Exchange
change , 1W1 Firnirabt.
Money to loan-Ou chattel ! In sum' of $5 and upwards
wards to anv amount , at low rates. Omabi Financial
Exchange , 1603 Farnam St ,
Money to loan On good securities ot any kind l.ln
any amount , t tbe Omaba Financial txcbancu , 1503
Farnaui St. , up-etairs. i2d-tf
K/t OMIT to loin kt lowest rates f Interest by Domts
iV'l ISthcndDjugbsatf. 078 tl
TITOMIT to loin In uilinj of } 200 and upward * on
1 > J flist-cla'H rcalosUtessourlty , I'ottor Ji Oibb ,
lalSKarnauist. 019-tf
H/fONUY / To loan on chattel * . Wo > lloy & Harrison ,
'VI ' liootii 20 , Omiba National bank building
838 tf
HJONHYTOI.OAN-On ' ! e.tate and ohattdls
iYJ 1) . U Thoni&n. 837U.
\f O.MT I IIO.NKY 1 1 HOSKT 1 1 1 Money to Loan -On
iTl chattel eternity by W , It. Crcft , rnotn 1 , With *
nell building , N , K , corner 15tn and Hircey Af'cr
years of experience rd a careful ttudy of the busl
utsacf loaning money on personal pioperty , I have
at latt perfected a syaiem wliero < > y the publicity
utual In such case * l
< dnnnauay wltb.ind I am now
In a poaltlnn tn meet the demand * of ill -ho become
temporarily cmharraueil and dcslroto ralto
without deUykndln a qu'ct '
cr > , pro'ccdouaj
gentlemen , morhanlct and others In
this city c nobt In advances from $10 to $1,000 i on
luclnecurlty as houuhold frulture , pianos
, mi-
rlilnny , beree , wagons , * arehnus rrctlpts ,
tdiioto cf hand , tto. . with ut iciu' ' vmg tame from
owners retldoi'ca or place of lnnlii'm ' , on a ef the
adiantiicm lodor Ii ttat anv part of any lo
i can
b pall at any time which will reduce the Interest
pie rat and all loans rei owrd
at ths
original r ' t-
of Inforcs' . I hate no brokers In o"nnotrn | with
my crUco. but penrnally superintend
mv n ,
I have | > rlvao ! olHcus ronneo'.fd with ruy general
oflico o rla cuUoirtrs do not In
coiro ooutict wltli /
eirh fiber , oonwuuently rtaklrg all trans ctlor
" Crptroonl ( Wlthnel' '
K. nr 1Mb H Harnny 637 -
MONET L .ted uu th itjl * , cut ral It R
ticket * M ultanltoM. A , Porman.SlS
. . lath 81
M" ° . ? ISr5)IOAH ! ln aTT. '
'ivftTl1 "I0 Bt 810 x tf > * o
H TONEY LOANED at a F. Heed ft Oo's. loan office
IVI on furnlturs , planoo , horses , wagons , personal
property of all kinds and all othe rittloles of value ,
without removal. Over lit National Bank.cornerlJth
ind Farnam. All business strictly confidential
WAKTD-Olrl for general hsusewort : apply at
once 10:0 : Farnam st. SK-lGp
YT7Aar.D-Two ! good glrli at the Occident .
WASTHD-A ( rood girl Immediately. Mrs. 3 , 11.
Cornet , No' 881S Charles street , belwe-n Ireao
and James J83-17p
WiSiiD Olrl In small family , 1013 Chicago slT
T17AXTTD Acompstent girl t cook , waih and Iron
W In finally cf three , no children. Wa stS. per
week. Apply 18J4 Douglas St. B1217p
TUTAHnsD-AtCanfleU IIoUl , dining room girls.
YV None but experienced waiters nctd m > 'j' '
A good woman cook for general cooklcp
WAXTTD Capitol ave , for 2 days. 176-lCp
WANtKD Work by a Ont-olass laundress ty the
day or week In pth aU > family. Addre-a Cen-
ralDliiIng 1111 , corner of 18th and Dodge. iOMp
WANTKD-A good oompotent Gorman elil fcr
EInctal housework ; none other need apply ,
1017 Chicago street. 28311
_ _
Tt/ANrKD-Oood laundry flnlshcr , anrf number of
V > gltls for general bouse work. Apply t the Old
Uollabla Omaha Employment office , S17 No rth Iflth.
WANTRD-OIrl far general housa wo7k ; small fam
ily : Howard itrcct , Bth house absvo King. Mrs
Wilfthl/ 286-lCp
A good cook and a nurio girl to go to
Cheyenne ; good wages , llrs. Towar , 714 N.
19th St. ne WP
A girl for hsuso work. Inqulr * at 2311
California Ht , German pnferrtd. 219-15p
WANiRD-Nurso girl Apply Mrs F. M. Howard ,
Canflcld Houso. 2C1-H
i -
- girl who Ihci In the city to corno
In dattlmo and t ko care of Infanl. Apply 119
South 24th St. " * '
AXTKD Gill at 1510 Sherman avenue.
W 189.11 J. Jt. Counsman.
- First class cook end laundress , 2303
WANTED- . Mrs J. M. Thuraton , _ l"tf
XNTitn Three dining ro'm glrlf , 2 laundry girls
W 6 kitchongirls uicYdisbvt aShers' , 8 nurse"girls. .
1120 Farnam Street. lOMf
- good girls for nrst and second work
In gocd families ; wages * 3. W and W-Dp , 1UO
Farnam 8t. lofl-tf
WANtiD-Good fcmalo cooks for hotels and prlvato
boirdlng homes , oil 11SO Farnam st105tf
Three oiperlencod women canvassers ,
WiNTKD day , guarantees ; room 7 , llcdick block.
tIret-cloes dining room girl at the MetJ
ropolitan hotel ; none otner need apply. 824-tl
- shlpplrg clerk , one ial Eman , one
WANTKD-A drl\cr , at Ifnrtin'a Installment
store , 810-10
WAST8D-A watch maker and clock prcpatcr
Kdholm & Etlckspn'g. 310-17
Ono or two good canvassers wonted for
WANTED Musio Binder. John H. Cornoi. 2813
Charles street , between Irene and James et S07.17p
TT7MSTKD A\v ltorj Scandinavian hoteljllthht
600 men and teams for new railroad
work. Free transportation to and from
work. Apply at 1012 Barney St. F. E. Irwln ft
Co. 2j7-15
Live a cnts to work Life and Accident
WASTBD fdfa strong New Yorit company In
every town In Nebraska and Iowa Good commis
sion to workers Address E. C. Wllccx & Co. , Gen
eral Agents , Kansas C.ty , Mo. 276.27
WAKTBD Immediately , 40 good strong men that
aroustd to track wo/k , 1110 Farnam street
No others need apply. z'8tl
FOUR clgarmakeis wanted. Inquire of Ooo. B.
Godfrey , Fi cmont , Nob. 3fl-ly ] 1
WANTSD-Flvo gocd paper hanger at 118 rjortL
l th street. 837-tt
IOR B reliable family seamstress , call on or addro > 8
F S. W. corner llth and PaclBo St. , Omaha , Neb .
- In wholesale or retail drugs ,
F T books and stationery , or w.uwv. Five yfars
exncrlonco In drues and stationery. Beet of icfer-
ence . "N. A. E."Ueo offlco. S02-10p
rpo IIOTZLS Situation wanted by an active young
JL man who Is accustomed to right work ; have
worked In office , lunch counter and bar. Address avaA.
B. A. , Dee office. 271-1B
WANTKD Situation. Young man of 28 years do-
slrcs a position as collector or to do general
outsldo work ; references and cash security. Ii. 0. B.
Bee office. 270-16
WANTED-Situation ; middle ged man , anvthlng
honorable ; boada and good referenccstad'lresss
Vn , 010 S 14tn st. S30-17p
l /'ANTBD-roaltlon to travel In Nebraskageneral ; dry
W goods ; special line preferred from July lstUrge ;
acquaintance In tateboet ; reference fromprcsent em
ployers , Address box 45 , Wymoro , Nob. 156-Up
ASTID Mrs. JIary Grecnhood would like to find
W. the whereabouts of her father ana motncr.iir
and Mrs. Ausley Conen. Mr. Conen sells clothes
pins and all wl'o soils lace An ? ono knowing their
whereabouts will confer n favor on Jlrs. Greenhood
by sending wcrd to her through the Omaha Post
oUIco. 3C8 Up
TTTANTED A. good reliable fimil- ) horse ; enquire
YY 1818 Farnam et. 8H-17
WANTED Someone Io adopt a boy baby. Inquire
11 mother , at Poor Ilnueo. 290-17p _
WASTBD-Clcrks t'l learn Hhort hand Dy mall
nnd till good p'jtng posltlons.whcn oamuotent.
Sporl 0 low terms for tue Hummer. For circular & 3 ,
addrcsi Prof , debtors Blurt Hand Institute. P. 0.
Box , St Louis. 205-15p
WASTXD To buy a good hone rd iihacto-i ; par
caihaud btlanco In monthly IrsUllincnts. Ad-
drees with full particulars , K. 0 , D. " Bee office ,
TX7"ANTr < i > Ono good carpenter to rents rooms snd
Y eteady woik. S , S. Hardy , 1010 S. Center St. ,
City. 282-lfjp
WANTKD Oooil agents to sell booki and albums
on monthly payments ; ealsry or commission ;
call at or addro a aoi N 13th et..Ormha. 176-16p
\ IT ANTED On I esponslble and well known person
Y > In each ooun y North , West oi.d South , to manage -
ago tbo Agencv far the ealo of the liouso hold PJior.
macy.a family Drug stern and Ito'llcil Instltuto com.
blood. Price ocly 10 dollire. A household neoessl'y
and bofct Belling article ever In tbe market. No com
petition ; ttca'ly employment all tbe year round For
particulars aid clrculus addrras "Tlio Sun Chemical
Co. , " Incorporated , 13 W. 4th St. , Cincinnati , 0.
f03-Si >
WANTED 3 unfurciihed rocma Hiltable for I'gbt '
house keotiliiB la a rrlvote hou o by a m and
wife. Aiidfesi"TII O. " Hfe cinco , 130-lTp
A oBxrsvrAKTrii ) . Address St. Louia Eloctrla Lamp
J\Co , St Louli for circular , cuts and tormiof the
fl candle poaor Ha'nb Electric Limp. 311-JlylS
ITirAKTKP Every tdy In need of A sawing maNe -
VY chine , to see tlie now Improved American No ,
I' K. Klndm nCo. oii-ntii ; 220 N 18th. 830'f
Tpoa HINT 3 room rot'age ' at $10 per month. War-
Ju renSwitzlor , 218 H. 14th HI.
FOR l ! T A new convenient a room haueo i on
Caldwcll Btrcct. one block VTcst cf Saunrters i Bt.
Apply at 1807 Itard Bt. 28 ) ] 8p
IT OK HUNT Furnished homo on car line , during
L1 July and August , to family without children.
S27.15 Bell&Shilur.
i /on KK F 6 room cottage ou J'oietoui\cu ( | ( e
I1 betutlful ( oration ; will tell tbe furnlti re un
inn t hi v lajmcnti , or rent It furnished , or Bill the
property on raiy paunectr , C ; K Mayne& ( 'o.,8. .
W. coruor 15tl andJarnam , 82L16 _
'on * M A nuwhouee , corner Webnter ami ISlli
street. ACdreas I. 1) , 'Ihomoi , Pott ofllce
FORBRST Houuandbt im 22d near Clark with
etaulx roomf > r 4 h"rsesSI5per mantb , Iaqnlrt <
it E. A Marth , B01nort 18th , i 872-tf
FOB I Hist Cottv/e robins and house roomi. J
Pblppi Koe , 15 S S. 6th St 831-tf
T7 < oi RiN'T rbreeitory brick store bullying ; en-
F quire uf EJward Norrts SO ) . , room IP OrounH
Blnok Ml tf
T70KRKKTIhrteofHre rn'rui onUr if baloets ; .
J1 Farnam aad IBtb , otcr 1'iedf ricU' . Hit it ore. ' I
J' 9 ' 6 H. t' , Pattoison ,
F I OR RIXT-A well farnlihed front r cm.lwo Mocks
fiomraeirUilcpot , 8.17. corner llthanJ Pacific.
OR KMT Fun Ished frcnt room 1809 Cnpltcl are.
OR MNT I ) k room , In a tlct'y ftirnlihrd otfci.
or om It , Crelghton block. 210-20
FOR KicjiT A handsomely fmntshod room , bath
rcoa ; 1720 Capttnl AMI 200-lfJp
FOR , Rn.iT-EI.'gnnt suite ot olio * rooms In Buih-
mit/s b'ock. Apply to W. It. Ilasbman.lfllh and
Douglas. 278-lSp
If OR Rim Elegantly fornlihed front room sutt-
1" able for 2 gentlemen or man and wife , El * North
17th. 88M6p
FOR RUST House cf 3 rooms , kitchen , cellar , at
003 North 13th St. 28MCp
FOR Rixr Handsomely furnlsfced rooms suitable
j * for | gtnllcman and wlfs cr two gentlemen at
2V09 - Dodge ft. 101-lOp
F on KT-A nicely furnlshediind well vtntllaUd
front room , wllh bath room attached , In private
family : first-clan locution and rctldenoc. Apply
to Paulson * Co. , No. IMS Fit asm St. ! 30-15p
I OR RXTT Very plca anl unfurnished rooms
inlYMohou'c,607N.lTth8t. , t3 - p
IOR RUNT Newly ( urntihcd rooms 1701 Capitol
avtnuc , corner 17tb. 215-17 | >
PR RitNT-Furnlshod room 1017 Chicago St.
220-1 f
T7IOR REST A 0 room house 722 south ICth Pt
< OR RK\T One large front alcove , room , ga , and
JP evcryconvculence , H23 Farnam St. 10 > tf
, - OR Riurr-Furnlshsd rooms , 18IB Dodge street ,
I ISO-July 0 _ _ _ _ _
fTlOR Rr.vr 2 nicely furnished rooml , suitable for
Jp gentleman and wife or gtnllemoo. wllh or with
out board | , fine location J020 St. Mary's a o.
RRVI 3 rooms furnished for housekeeping.
FOR 1018 CallforuU St. 103-16.
T7IOR RKNt-rurnlshed ami unfurnished rooms at
F 1B10 IlatnoySt 7.
F IOR R NT-KIcgant'y furnished room , gaj and n >
f tflittth room sultible for two gintleincn , 1421
Jones ) st 18M5p
0RRKVT-Centrally located furnished rooms at
F 023 south 1Mb 6t. 12'- " _ .
TI"OR REST For manufio'urlng purnosos or hall ,
X ? Urge room 44x76,3d floor , tto. 110 S. 14th et. ,
enquire at 1409 Dodge it. Slmtison.
mix Largo hin-lsomclv furnished cool room
modern oonvonlonce , with excellent board for
two gentlemen ; alto lablo board , 1718 Dot'gn ' O37'tf
TOR RRNT-Nioely furnished room suitable for two
? gentlemen , gas and batb , i25 ! Dodge. 054-tf
T.IORRKNT-FurnUhol largofront room with alcove
Jt ; groto bath , cto. , 1710 Cats street. 049'tf
OR RKIT Room with board suitable for one or two
I ? gentleman , 1812 Dodge St. 704-tf
I'OR RUNT Largo front room on first floor with or
1 with board ; inquire at 1001 Farnam St.
3o7 > lf
OOita Witti boird.dettiublefor summer.
J\ 4 St. Charted Hotel. 833-If
KENT Bovora flnocfflooaln Crouneo' block ,
Inquire Ed. Norrln , room 19 Crounse bloot
| ? ori 8At.s-Impio\od farm 240 acres ; Cats Co.Nob.
_ lAI Jtcn acres wllhln 3 blocki f Post offlco ,
Weeping Water. ; will fell or trade for Omaha prep-
City. W. H. Croon , Omaha Neb. 2S3-tf
TTOR BAIB Oood farm In Washington Ca ; 171
J ? acres ; 80 aorea cultivated ; good buildings ; flno
orchard ; running water ; all foacod. EJward Norru
Co.i room 10 Crounao Block. 835tl _
- feet oaCumlng between IBthandZOth
FORBALB-3a , 82,700. Bedford & Soucr. 80-tf
sAU-mlf a section of land In Loup Valley ,
FOR Co. , well lmpr ved house , good barn , corn
cilb and growing crops ; also a good house and lot In
Fullcrton. Apply to K. Brlngbam , Omaha ,
OR SAMI i BOO acre stock and grain farm , all Im
proved ; four hours' rldo from tbe Omaha Stosk
Yards [ seven miles from the olty cf Fremont ; tw
railroads within tnroa miles ; SOO acres under plow ,
the ro't In pasture ; board fonoo , runnlne stream
through pasture ; house with ten rooms ; will bo sold
chtaplf sold immediately ; on terms to suit For
further particulars Inquire of Qoo. O. drodfrov. Fro-
nt. Neb. 830 tt
on HAtR-Uousa Bid lot a rooms. 2 closets and 2
J pantries , collar fcjd cistern , nearly Improved ;
good lee i tlon , cast trout . Call at 822 S. 18t St.
080 ISp
Fen BALK Four lots on Georgia av.In nanscorn
I > l ce , good location ; will sell In a body or sepa
rately at bargain. Terms to suit Address " 0 A"
Bee offlo. . -
FOR SAIK Full lot on 16ta street , three c lt Ken
en lot , 3 cisterns , well eta. , wou'd ' rent frr | 60
per mon'h ' ; if sold In SO days 85,259 , Potter &
Cobb , 1516 Karnam etieet. 265-21
FOR BALK-Cheap lots on 21st elrcct la Millard
Mice , eait front , only J1.200Potter and Oobb ,
1615 Karnam St. 281-10
T7 < OR BALE Store and lot 12th and Wlll'ama ' street"
Jt1 ono black from street car ; can bo used as dwell
ing house. Gosd lee tlo- > ; terms easy. Inquire F.
J. Rasper , 1122 South ISthsl. 25B-16p
ON Bouth 10th street , corner lot 66x140 lea' , east
front ; 7 room bourc , barn , all improvements ,
shrubery eta. , for $8,50) . Must bo sold. W. II
Oreen , over 1st Not'l Bmk. 231-tf
F on SAtK-Iarfte house , newly built , 0 roomB , all
modern lmprocmcnts with i lot , at I71B Cass
st ; Inquire at premises. 128tt
Tfr OR BALK A. choice lot In Hanjcom Place on
I1 Ocorina Avenue ; will sell at a bargain on term
to suit ; address D 0. A , , Use olHco. IWtt
T70R BALB-FivolotslTxlSO : together on Learon-
1 worthstreet ; boiutllul location , $1,000 One-
fourth eash , bolanoj on long time , easy tormn.
CrallofcJoneB. 210-tf
Fen BAIK Three beautiful residence , sh'n" '
3d add. Splendid view , 82753. Ecmlf , 16th
and Douglas. -
Fen BALK The oboioest lota in the cty only li
mllcD north cst of the Test office , prices ranslog
from 3155 to 91,003 cacb ; terms to suit. Ecmls , ICth
aud noutlu.
LntslnCiedltFiinclor add , and crnnd
vlo * etc , near " . P. and B. & M , detol , ? 60 nnd
upwards. liomls , 15th and DougUs. 978.H
BALK -Bin'lncs ? lot on 18th street 125 feet cast
frowtago. 812,600 ; alsonwaro lioua' , lot near
Nail workH 82 SOO. Ilomls , 16ih and Doujlas 078-tf
FOR HALK-Lot and a half In Parker's add 81EDO or
$50' ) for hilt lots ; two lots In Shlnn'a 2d addSOO
ooch. Demls , 16tliand.Doug'a ' 8 078
7VR BALB-Tvva lots in lake's add Sl.OOOand $ l,8cO
1 each ; thrco lots on Hamilton , west cf founders
street. 8510 , { 003 and $909 each. Uemls , oSth and
Dorglojste. OT&tf
roR HiLK-Acro lot on Cjmlug street frocti on
s. ' threaitrceis , f4tOO.
Tfcrco nuarterg ol an acre on California etref tno r
Sicred Heart Aoidcmy , 82tOO. IJtmlJ , ISth aud
Douglas. OT8-tr _
FOR SALK tots on Snundors street , 8I.OJO oich ;
e iy terms , Bomls , 15th and Uouglaj. 078-1 f
T7VJ * BALK Uemls1 new mops ol Omaha , $5 each
t jfomltjj6th anil Dongl d. S7.8' ' -
. iioctBof 4 ronros and stable with full lot on
Hamilton , near30th ami west of 8aundrssroet ! ,
81,200 ; evy terms to suit purohaajr. I1 MI * , Ifitn
and Douglas streets. fcJS-tf
d lots In Miy part ot Omaha , (1,100 to
SltCO. Ilemls , 15ln aud DoujUs. fc78-tf
T7oa BALK Oood 6 room house , lot 0x132 feeteast
T front , CHOO ; 8100 rush , balance $15 per mouth.
\V , H Oreoa , over 1st National bank. 8Mtt
Fen SAW -House full lot , well , clitcrn , l > > rn , all In
aoo'i oandltlon , one block from streetcars 11 000
eaiy terms. W II Omen , over 1st NaflDank. 663-tl
tfon. BALKFrtv Ion for sa'e on Burt and Cumlni-B
y bttwtenfDth and Slsl cheap , Inside property
odford & Bou r. * i 1 tf
T7V5R LKASB Best unoogupled grouod In the ty for
I * waredome house , 87 feet front on Lotvenwjrth ,
north bet 10th and lltn.wll ! lease for OH years. Bud-
ford & Soucr , C 5 tf
BALK Twenty-two feet on F > rnam street
FOR If taken lamedlately , W H Green !
( r
F IOR SALE A fine Jetieycalt cheap ; e a quire 1318
Fo * saLK Hone , wagon and a bargain ;
enquire 1 > 18 Karnam it. 818-17
sin-One of the bsteilabli > > < ed cash grocery
FOR ; will take city property In ex baone. Icy
Address "Grocer" care Ibll olllsc. 3C6-U
F ° Coetp , furniture to. , of boarding houie J.
10 'J I'AClflo ltre < t ; goo 1 location , t " > blocks S ,
of U , P , depot. AdlrMi "X Y 2" Bee office. lltt
ITtoB SAH-T flna dr fi uiarfiwlth collf , 17lliaudq | <
47 tVilllaniltrMti. J Betinfy. JOHflp
Merchant tailors misfits and uncalled for clothing io be sold nl
garment ? , less than the cost o ranterial
t the Misfit
Clothing Parlora 1812 Douglas St. ,
Tl-cso garments are mndo from the latest style in fa'ir'cs ' , cut nud triramod in the highest art by only
, ,
lending merchant tailors.
Uelow is mad * mention of n Jew. This
525 00 Mcrclmnt Tailor Made suit , to bo sold fo $12 20
00 " ' "
40 00 ' it u it 1C 35
50 00 r" itn it .1 18 CO
itit .1n 23 00
CO 00 u it n
05 00 " ii 27 80
31 20
Was made up stairs for reasons .
o IE located in
OS .
ave s.juid never sell a
G 00 Pair " Merchant Tailor Mndo Pantaloons for . & 3 00
750 "
. goo
9 00 "
10 00 " . 4 30
. 12 00 " ' ' . 5 00
. c
15 00 " " ' "
. 7 CO rf
We wish to make mention
Spring Overcoats which are alike all others , made in-the highest art and must he
, seen be appreciated d
can be found in such elegance and at such pr'ces at the , a
- - , 1312.
Open Evenings until 9 o'clock1 Saturdays until 10 o'clock
JR RALK A first-class family horec. Inquire at
Kdholm & Erlckeon , opp. P , 0. 30J-17
FOUBAI.K Jersey cows at auction. 18 bead. High
class and reglsterd Jersey cons will bo sold at
notion , Wednesday , July 1 , 18'6 , at 2 o'clock , with-
sut limit or bv bid. Having concluded to sell my
ntlro berd cf 18 cow ; , and give my whole attention
o breedinghlgh bred native stock and Shetland po
nies , Ii my cauie for selling. Terms cash N I. D.
Solomon , Spring Valley Stock farm , Orrmhn , Nub.
282-July 1
FOR BALK Atll j r Croft's Stick yards , a car
load cf flno graded cows with young calvos. Or
ders taken for graded and full blooded young bulls
and holfcrs. 273-lBp
K ) STOCKSIEN-FOR SALE-A carload f > cry
_ _ flno half Gallowaynnd half Shorthorn bull ] fcr
sale at Union Stock Yards , by Wagner , Sav.iio i
Sanders. 51S-15
OR SU.K A good horEo suitable for a lady to
drive , cheap , as owner has no use lor him. C. J.
Venters , 1411 Capitol ave. 243-18
WA.STXD A first dw < i fresh young milch cow , not
over 4 years eld ; glvo breeding arid price , lock
Box 517 , Oniabo. 210 tf
Ai.n Valuable Chlckerlog grand piano nearly
new and Iittlo used , at largo discount at 1718
COBS street. 049-tf
s Wagon umbrella ) , flno new stosk at
140) and 1411 Dodge st. 72 tf
[ TiOK HALR A four hundred dollar plan at
P gain , 1618 CalllnrnU St. 61
R BAUt .Two No 1 phaetonone teconi band bug *
gy. Aiiwv l 09 nd 1411 Droliro > t 825-tf
Tj'ORRALi ! Choice lots In _ Paulscu's add , on street
2 ten i era lots , 2 1-2 miles from city , 8125 per aero.
1U acres tcljoi lug fort , ? J,5CO.
112 miles from city ,
B cro9 11-2 miles from fort , $000.
0 aircs4 in lies from city , wtlllmproml , 31 , S'O.
110 acre Impnncil farm , good orJurd , bearing , 2
miles from city , tl6 per aero.
6tcrc9 onKuuudcrsbt. , ncllimpro > cd , bcirlng cc-
tbard , 63,00 .
S.tOO acres , mpstly cult'vated ' ] nflno hsjland
with tame gns > , Umber , good pasture , 10 mlloj fcnco
two tenant hoaica , tno miles from Hlvor Sioux
bUtlonln Hurlson aidMenoni county , Iowa , $25
per acre. Beat ttootc farm In Iowa.
53,000 acres wild land In C'dntral , Western Neb. ,
from 73 to $7,60 per acre ou cny termF.
A lirfio uumborof impr.ncd farrrs InKirpy , Doug ,
Us and Wanhlngton Co. , at low ptlces.
An excellent firm joining Bmcr crossing , n thrlv-
Injr oountiy town In Sewanl L'o , oontalrilni > ! 49iitrci
will tlmbcreit and watered and highly Improved ,
for rent Dofk roomi No 1513 Farnam St , and a G
roDUl house , PauUcn tCo. , 1513 Farnam Bt.
F TenroUagci KtiJ flno rosHonces In dif
ferent p rt4 of the city , frooi $1,690 , to 816.0W ,
eadi ; all on euy terms.
Fur Sale Al a sacrifice , two ots In Slilmi s 3d ad
For Bale Four lots In Lono'siiddlllon.vcry cheap.
For HiU Hlx bU'ina'slatH on 8. 13th etreet ,
lUtttrnon'iikUb-dtihlouhastheUrioU lots to the
city at 8200 eich , < m monthly payments of glO each ,
I'd sons bujlog hero will be furnished money to
tulld right w y. PAVH RKNT , buy In thin addition ,
and thin hiveour own homo Only a law lots lo't
Fcr Kent Four houses at 80 ! , SW , ? 2G nnd 827.60
Tbreootli s to rout ; rail on or address It. 0. Iat-
to-ean. ISthand Farnam. 28&-10
D } Dillou Bro , 317 S 13th Bt.
FOKHALK lot with hernia ou Davenport St. ,
Corner tot with houii ? on Hurt at , 83,800.
House and lot noir LongEchool , 91,500
House ard let on Dlt liloa M.,91,000.
IIou o anil lot netr 23 > 1 and Lcavan'tli , ? 1 000.
MOI.BO . and corner lot In I'rienect I'laco , $1,009
Fifteen lotsncarLcavcnwoitb and 1'ark Avc > cb
Fine east front Uamooro Place lots , OOO.
Ik lrablol9ta Ilort and Loire At . tV ,
For rtnt. 7 houses from 87.tOtoSZ5.00. 178-10
FOR * ALS-Onsouth22let , onelroomand one 6
rooujcot'ago , baru , w.ll , cU'ern , tf , on earao
lot , rent for 835 permonth , rnly $3,100 ; would sell
sei > rateU. I'jttirit Qahb , lilSKarmoi St. 050 tt
T7WH flAtH. A full corner lot , two blocics weit of
. redc rlme5WThis Is positively a bargain.
. E. lllley & Co. , 116 " . 13th St.
rorSale-IMMiUO , 2M St. , near Grio , 800.
This Is also a btrgalo. J. K. Klley & Co.,215 S 13th St
fcr Bale Thres lots 60x140 , south trout. 4 blocks
from ( street c > -t350eacl > ; burfUns. J. K. Itiiey &
Oo.H6fll3th8t. . , . , ,
For Bale Tolots on Heorjla av.Re-'IcV' ' * , dlea8t (
front , no ending , netr Faruam , 78x140-82000 etch ,
lbee are reasouabl * . J. K. lllley & Co,216 < t 13th Bt.
ForBale Nine lot * on Virginia ave. , IsOO to J350
each. J. tf. niley & Co , 16 S 13tb et.
For Bale Ten lots on Cumin ; St. , and nine on "
Curt tit. , fourblocks from military bridge. J. K. Ill-
fcro. , J15 H mil st
For Sale Bghtecn lotn on Vlnton st. , one block
from tormlnua 18th street car line. Positively cheap.
K.IUI y& Co. , 215S ISth it.
We desire to euy to our patrons tbtt In the above
we can give insurance of safe and profitable In-
\eitm Dt , tVe alee i ) vo property In almost erery
nuaiterof the city worlby of Invettlgatlon.
J. B , UILKY k CO. , J16 813th it.
8&'ti str
FOR BALK 7 room cottage , wo'I barn mi'l c'etcrn ' ,
" ou iSih street 0 blacks from shops $2,5(10 , ( , on easy
terms. Potter & ColiN. 1516 KarnamSt
IT ; K OFPKR TOR SALE East half of block 3 Smith's
rf add , coo fott front , two acre lots , nicest In
Omaha , fU'l vlow of city > nd Bluffs , making 10 lots
IG5 feet oich , will sell naif or all.
Lots 44 and 80 , Nnlson's add , 8700 each or will
sell half of cither ; lots 60x145 Kountz's Zd add. near
Oth and Center , $ ' 00 each.
Lot 6 , block ) , Knuntz'a-1th add , being store en
10th Bt , full lot.82,2CO , also lot 0 same block 81,360.
Two lots In S.utb Omaha , by Goodman's , with
house , orchard , cistern , and well , all 100.
Id nvo acre lota in Vineland , G miles north city
limits overlooking city and Bluffs , 835 per acre.
Lots 10 and 11 , block ID , Hanecom plaoa very
eighth81,200 | for both.
Half acre 1EO foe t front block 6 , Park piano , with
house , barn , well , and cistern.
Corner , 2 lots in Hawthorne on Cess et , 9CO for
both etc eto.
btE Call and see us , Dox'er L. Thomas [ & Bro. , Peal
Estate ; Koom B Cielghton Hock. 678-tf
DOR SAL-By O. F , Davis & Co. , 1605 Farnam St
H Omaha. _
House and lot on south Eighteenth St. , 81,000.
" " ' ! Twentieth " 81,400.
2 homes " Dodge nrar 3Bth St , $2,200.
S oU In Hansoom Place , each , 9 625.
House and . lot on Park avenue , 84(00. (
u i. ii Davenport Bt. , 812 000 ,
' ' " 8 .
" " " south ISth " 8 4.000.
15,007 aoica of land In Boons county , 87 to 910.
20,000 " " " Stanton " 87 to 912.
Land in Madison , Woj ne , Ditto and llall counties
on casytermr.
t < ni rl > nl inlonz mo. 6B8-
TfjonSAL Lots n Hlllsldo add cheapest and beet
JD Inslda lo's ' In the city , ( ilO to $950 exclusive
eeuta Potter & Cobb. 651-tf
F Ion BALK - Three choicest lots In Ilaneosm place ,
est-tf Totter a Cobb ,
MARION rr/Acx 0 ( pod Iota In this addition with
in 8 bUcks of street cars , can bo had on cosy
terms. W II Green , ' .
over 1st Nat'l Bank. 827-tf
L AW PARISFMIIIP A hwycr cf several vears j > .ao-
tlco In Pennsylvania , and fam'llar with tbo bus-
IneBsInWoehlriKton I ) . 0 , veuld like to form a
r'rtnorehlp with a lawyer In Nebraska , nhoae prao-
tlco requires additional help. B st of r < frcncj Iv
ou 08 to ability and character. Addrees "J. D " ill
D. street , Washington , I > , ( J. 251 IBp
T on BALK- One of tbobo t located moat markets.
P Inqulraat Obcro , HoOblck k Co. , otQoo 618 South
] 3th St. VSB-lSp
flT ANTKB Euslnej * , Actli-e vourg man -will Invest -
VV vest frJiu 8200 to SIOJ , with ervl > 8 Jlv1)N
payiofr luslioss ; U. B. O. , nooolllca. 2C5-1S
VXTAKTED To exchange B60 cros good farm load
VIn Cutter C. ) . . Neb. , for slock of general mcr- '
cbandlse. For full partlcultrs , addrcts "J W H1
Icck box No S , Wymi re , Neb. 231 22p
F'on HALK Hotel ; a nice small hotel. Rood looitlon ,
cheap rent and long lease. Apply "I1 S"llou
. -At a bargain , on auxmut of my health
_ . falling. 1 wish to dlpiHo of my billiard hall , It
is In tbo beet location In the city , nnd doing a good
paj Ing business at all times. Far full particulars
address 0 , L. Herman , Plattimouth. fob.
fTlOR BALK Druz store In a doslrabla looUlty , 'wll
J } In voice about Sl.600 KG Patterson , NE corner
13tu and Furnam 'BO-H
1 , 011 BAliiS Or vxohanve * full btoclc of clothing
1 boots anJshues , gent1 furolshlnggooJi , will ex.
change for Nebraska Laud ) . U. Ll.futorSOD.SOi U
10th St. , Omaha , Neb. Clfl-tl
FOR SALSIn Oakland Keb. first-clan meat market
aljo tliu furnlluro of the Ht Paul hotel. Poi par.
tleulars , luqulre or write Wlggom & UclJIng.Oakland
, builnosibihlbi
J will correepom ) ltha ( icntlcman , not lew than
It , whomuit betttlctly teraj era'o ' and moral Ad.
dress - Tomperaiice , care cf Dee office , 29Mip (
-John Ifamlln , formerly Nebraska City ,
J ban opened reil uU'.o oillco at 811 fl. llth St ,
PBRSOKifc Mrs. B. W. Hooter , tranoo clilrvoyant ,
and boallng medium , ov r 718 North idth St ,
C52-I81 Ioen
a. A ciUBTBRHEtD Uignello phytlcltn , test and
JLJ de"veiojfng medium , o > r Oil ) north HHli Ht ,
KariTinn Hotel , formerly Cre'irhtou ' hou e , newly
JLTurnUhVJi'toruii moie'ratTe''lStti aiid CapjUl ve. at I
puitft , ilchent and best Ice cream tlnay freih Li
Tin hand . . . _ ; nrdf n for pr'vate . ' . an-t . . boudlnT nou e
rromptly delnered. Cjrl Scdoild , 108 * > outh JBth to
ie' JjMermr.s. ,01 Jlv-1)
N 'ORRIS'Parlor ! llcstaura' t.
Board by tbo week , (3.29.
Meal tickets , 83.60.
Staple meals , 25 cents.
107 N. 16th street , near Dodge. 713-J
All ailments of the foot , sicoessfully treat
eO. by Dr. Birry , 1612 Douglas street. Office for
ladka. 7J2-jly8
STRiTEn One light bay horao with wnlte bind feet
and whlto star In tbo head ; was lo't or Etolin last
Saturday , In the vicinity of Ujjd'a lacking home.
Any I fjrmktlon will he rocclrod at 1' . Smiths , 21st
and Uumlng streets and bo rewarded. 311-17 | >
A young Iron gray mare , Z white hind
X legs ; enquire of Cm Istlan Thumjaon , uillkmai ,
P. 13th St. , just ontsldo city llmltn. 305-Up
TAKIV UP A pilr if bay work hcreei. Tbo ooner
can have tbo tame byol'Ing ' at Jamas F. Docley'8 '
ono rr.lla west cf the reservoir , on the HUIIary rotd ,
and paying charges. 80M7p
I oar Ono bav pony anil one correll lioric. Re-
J turn to l'aklng bouse , 18th and I ard , and gtt
rtwird S07-l5p
LOST A yearling Jorsar heifer , color Is dark tai ,
wltba Iittlo white ; Mrarcd away Into South Oma
ha , Juno llth. I will glidly reward any one for In
formation of her whereabouts J. W. Marshallcaro
C. IS , Maine 4 Oo , S. W. cojnerlSth and Fur num.
260 1C
oar largo red cow , T. Murray. 904-tf
FCIIHILK Handsome housonclil furniture ol 16
r < m house before July 1st. Parties going east ,
MB rioa aut8t. liS-lB
ifrs U. 1' . I'ark loo.toil la mlUa S. W. ou 0. F.
ICHI ) , Is now open to the public ] and can be rented
far plc-nlci and social gM\ating . Special rates for
faru given. Fur terms , call or aiUma u , V. Schw enck
Fapllllon , Neb. B92-tt
i JKOODUAKIS I'junei wbmn , { tn purcbaie bruott
IJruarrs far ranch purposes plcaso call at Hainan's
I.lvery ( .talilf , 418 noitli nthstreot , Omyha , 882-lf
A HANixjvm MOnr.HiEiDH Noiv law. rerBOos who
xLtook lioinutu * < ls In Western Kanais previous !
Jilou 16th , 1BEO , and aliandonoJ them without tnak-
inK dial proof , will learn something to tholr advan
tage bv addressing me by letter at onca. IsaiaUal-
holUd , land attorney , Kenneth , SncrlJan Co. , Kan-
las. . 0S-JljO
/ 1iiKweiiVBHTAO , noes njt give you noirt-hurn.
Ol'ogB redeemed at ono cent , each by tbo dealers.
1'eycko Uroa. , Ageuti. fl33-tf
) AHiprtn On hlkborn and 1'UUe. T. Murray.
/"tlinw BII.VKII TAO , Its fruit voreJ , tales redeemed
Wat ono contcacJibytho dealers. I'oyclie Ilroe.
' 8S8-U
on banjo glvou by O E Oellon
IdSTRUCTios Capitol ave.
, It doesnrit talut the breath , tort
VAodeemedatoiioceit r,3b by io dealers. 1'cyok
P1IIVY , vaults , alnia and octxpnols cleaned at th *
shortest notlct and satisfaction ( 'uarantcod by f.
Abel , 1' . < > , iluin J-m-.V
H ,
Plntfsujouth , Nob.
Breeder of thoroughbred and bi h grade
Hereford and Jersey Cattle ,
And Jlnroo und .Toraoy IUxl Hwino.
This Invaluable oofl3 ! rca'IIIy arid permanently .
cureaall klnda of Aalhina , Tbo mofct obatlnate anJ
lorg landlng oases i leld promptly to It * wpareriul
eurlng proi.crtlci. . It i * keuwu tbrongbcut tbi worU
for Id unrivaled illlc&oy.
J L. CALUWP.U. elty Tlnooln , Neb ; writes , Jan
19,1831. b noa mlug lr ) , Halr'u A thm cure , fet
more than one j oar , uiy wile his been entirely will ,
and not of the dliewo haj k '
even a ymptctn apptartd. f f'
WILUA1I BENNETT , Hlali'and ' , IwawrltesNOT.
BJ. 1883 lliavo been attlloted with Hay Kev r au4
Asthrat lnoo 1853 I followed > our directions au4
am hippy to say that 1 never slept better In tay life.
am glad that I am among the many who can eptak
fhtorably of your rvinedlM.
A laluaUe 01 psge treatise containing slncllai pioof
from every State in tbo U , B , Cans la and Great
IlrlUlo : ; will be mailed upon application.
Any druggist not having It In stock will procured ,
order. A.k for Pr. Hair ( Asthma Cure.
fill. IS. W UAIK & EON. Prop'n Cla'tl , 0.