Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 13, 1885, Page 2, Image 2

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land of the 1'latte Hlver , the finest location
between Omaha and Denver , nnd Is surrounded -
ed by the boit-laying lands west of Kearney
Junction , Nob. ; climate healthy and bracing-
Altitude 8,0 JO feet. Denver Junction bids to
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; 0JKB. ! Wlliium . Catbl'r
CllAli r.MAUDUUON , TCIlOa. L. KIUBAll ,
fVKOt B L , BTC.NK ,
The Jory Reinrn a Verdict for Mr ,
Rosewaler ,
Tlio Ilcmnlnlng Testimony In the
Suit A Complete Vindication.
Yesterday morning all the arguments
In the case of Mr. E. lioeowntor sgainst
the publishers of the Republican were
finished , and thocaao WAS snbmUted to
the jnry. Shortly afterwards , that body
came In , returning n verdict for Mr.
Iloaawntor , nausslug his damages at
$100. This , of coarse , determines the
guilt of Messrs. Yoit and Nye , in aUmp-
lug the article published na llbelons In Ua
nature , and accutcs to the plaintiff a
complete vindication , which In all such
cases Is the main thing to be doslrcd ,
Mr RoBowator nays that ho will donate
the $100 to St. Joseph's hospital.
Appended Is the closing testimony In the
I. 8. HASCALt ,
sworn for the defendant testified ua follows ,
examined In chief by Mr. Hall ,
Have lived In Nebraska , continuously forever
over twenty years , came hero In Match , 18G6 ,
that la I catno to Omaha , I had been to Ne
braaka before ; tin acquainted with Kdward
llosowater , the plaintiff in this caao ; knew
him sonio time in 1670 , have- known him ever
Q , Do you know the charge of rumored re
ports against Mr , llosowater which ia the sub
ject of thti action ?
A. Yea , I know tha substance of the
action la , and 1 know of these reports.
Q , Do you know what Mr , Itosawater'a rep *
titaUon waa In the state of Nebraska na to hia
having been loyal or disloyal during the war
or having been charged with being arrested i\s
n confederate spy ?
Objected to ; withdrawn.
When did you first hear if at all of the ru
mors and report ) regarding this charge ?
A. After Senator Hitchcock was elected
United States senator. I think m the winter
of 1S70 and 1871.
Q. State to the jury the nature of these
cbargea and rumors and from what sources
they came , and how frequently you heard
A , I heard them repeatedly and the nature
of it was this , that at the breaking ; out of the
war be waa In what Is known aa the southern
confederacy ; that the confederate government
gave all partiea thnt deeirod a certain Vcnod
to leave in and that lie stayed nfter that
period and that bo was on committees for re
ception of distinguished rebels as Jell Davis
and that ho waa ao acting , and did ao net aa
Stevenson on the Northern Alabama railroad ,
that waa ono ol the charges and another waa
that after the union army had passed aoutl
that Mr. Iloeewater among 'others won
brought within the federal line by the fore
of circumstances and from the time that h
entered the employ of the government an
through his certain secrets leaked outn
Waahlngto" .
Q. Upw general had that report been
circulation in the Btato of Nebraska ?
A. In tha atate of Nebraska it was talko
among political mon particularly ; ! know tba
it had been charged In communications an
public speeches ; I have charged it myself.
Q. llavo you made these charges in th <
presence of Mr. Uosewnter ?
A , Yes sir ,
Q. Speaking with reference to years , fo
liow many j oara has that report as you hav
named It witn the circulation that you say i
had been current ?
A. laoro was considerable excitement dur
ing Senator Hitchcock's term and Mr. Rose
water made a ntrong political fight upon him
and upon all those that sustained Mr. Hitch
cock , consequently it waa made very often bo
caueo he would claim to be a Simon pure re
publican , and he would attempt to show tha
, ho supporters of Hitchcock were rcbeloa o :
something , and these facts were brought out
Q. You Bay that you charged llosewate
with having been n man win careened to botl
aides. Did you make thnt cbargo at publi
Objected to.
Q , State specifically as you can what thes
charges were aa made by you In public meet' '
ngj at which Kosewater was present ?
A. At different times I have charged tha' '
IB certainly could not be a very good repub
ion ; that he claimed to be an original repub
lean ; that he could not bo an original repub
icin when he stayed within these lines whe ;
t was hia duty to get on the other side , am
that he only got Into tha union lines by forci
of circumstances , and I charged him man ;
lines with being a confederate coward , thai
IB was there in their confidence ; that he was
vithin the confederate lines when ho ahoulf
lave boon out ; that all loyal men would b
north of the line , that having been by force o :
circumstances taken within the union lines ,
hat ho took the oath and went into the ser
vice of the United States and consequent ! ;
.hinga . leaked out. That ia tha inainuatloi
and charges that I have repeatedly made ,
Q , You speak of things leaking , what d
rou mean by leak ?
A. I moan that ho has stated in my presence
once , that he WHB in the confidence of Secretary -
ry Stan ton and that the most important thlngi
of the Government pasted through hia hands. .
Q. What was it that leaked ?
A. Theaecreta of the Government tha
went to the confederacy in such n way tha' '
, ho Government did not know where it cimi
[ rum i they were leaking all uf the time dur
ing the war ,
Q , On account of Mr. Roeewater'a relatio :
with Secretary Stanton ?
A. No"I claimed that ho waa ono of tbos
mlddlo agenta that wore liable to let thingi
; o through them like n elvo.
Q. Was ho liable to do or did he ?
A. That ho waa probably ouo of them thai
did it.
Q. What do you mean by probablj ?
A. What I picked up was circumstances.
Q , Prom whom did you obtain the circum
stances ?
A. After the fight became strong partiei
came to mo and told me
Q Who waa one ?
A. Ono waa William Spencer.
( j. Who was he ?
A. Ho chimed to be
Q. Who is he ?
A. A house mover.
( , > . Who elto catno to you ?
A. Different onea.
Q , I want the names ?
A. It ia like all rumors ; it is discussed and
.allied over , and from Mr , Roaewater'a own
itatementa as to where ho waa about the time
n connection with those things that we picket
up , wo made circumstances that wo though
vero strong ones ,
( J , Do you claim that the federal govern
nont established a proclamation that all north
ern men ought to get out of their linea , and
hat was tha reason that ho waa n apy ?
A. I did not say so ,
Q. Don't you know there were thousands o.
nen In Tennessee that were loyal that re
mained there ?
A , Yes , air.
Q. You said a little while ago that Mr
loaowftter waa In the confidence of Secretary
itanton in tno war department ; do you pro-
end to aay that while in the war department
hat bo acted aa a confederate apy and re
ealoJ eecreU ?
A , I laid that the circumstances that wn
i ad gathered would warrant that Inference ; I
lo not know certainly that he over betrayed
ny secret either confederate or union , but we
ot circumstances that warranted us In making
that inference ,
y. Uid you ever hoar this atory about Hose-
water lining a spy before 1875 ?
A The urat I heard of it waa when ho got
lixed up in this light with Mr. Hitchcock ;
bat was BOiue time after 1682 that it started.
( Waa not this specifically charged about
870 nbout bla btintr diiloyal *
A I could not confine myself to the date ,
> at if you atk too If it was nut reasonable to
uppote that it did not start until that time , I
would any that it pr bibly might ; it wai
somewhere from 18T3 to 1870' .
Q Don't jou know that Mr , llonewater
published in 187-1 , or aome pi a Co along there ,
ihesa ftuta In relation to Jelt Davis , charging
aim with being uapj ?
A , Mr , Htisewater haa made aoice ex
donation In the public prena at different
-lines , but one point I did notice that it kept
limin the linn ( it thn confederates up to the
line that bo ebould have been In the Uukn
iniw ,
( j , Thliia the-n hole point ?
A. Notir ; thisis one of the points ; the fact
In tSat be did not come voluntarily within
the linn , but having pot within thn linea the
provost marshal swore him In , and he went in
iikothU regiment that went out to fight the
Sioux Indians.
( J. Whereabouts were those apeechca de
livered in which you charged Mr. Koae-
water ?
A , At different times during the campaign ,
( J. You hid considerable ooatrover y with
Mr. lloiewalet ?
A. Yea air.
Q It was rnther bitter ?
A , Only politically ; personally wo always
talked of mattera ,
( J That la ono of the reasons why you
think he it a confederate spy because you are
bitter politically ?
A. No , 1 would not take my chances of
charging it'publtcally if I could not provo it.
Q Have you any proof of that fact except
whtt you have atated to tills jury of hia being
disloyal ?
A , I Imvo circumstances that I could enum
erate that I think establishes it to aatlafy my
mind sufficiently to warrant mo to charge It
Q , Tha circumstances which you ha\o rela
ted are tha circumstances that warranted you
in making that charge ?
A , No , I do not eay that.
Q Are thorn any further circumstances ?
A. The circumstances are that Mr Spencer
proml'cd me that he would furnish the names
of individuals that would prove those facts
satisfactorily ; there were different parties
that claimed to know theao facts by reputa
tion , of having been in tha vicinity nnd of
bavin ? known that ho was there as well na
Mr , Spencer , nnd they claimed that there
was plenty of proof at hand that would sub
stantiate the charges that ho waa on thcao
lilies and an active man in the confederate
lines and did not claim allegiance to the
United States , and from hla own statements
at different times which I picked up ; I have
always watched hia statements and they
would aflirm the fact that ha was where theao
reports eay he was ; I have hoard him ndmlt
that ho wai south after the war broke out and
that ho waa in the vicinity there In Northern
Tennessee or Northern Alabama ; the date of
his becoming connected with the United
States government of course was n little tin-
certain , and that waa what I waa trying to
fix ; but Mr. Rosewater , in hia vindication ,
chime that ho was connected with the gov
ernment organization and military telegraph
company , and that in that capacity waa
where ho aerved the union cause ; that it waa
n tenlblocactlfico to the United Statea gov
ernment , having had these confidential rela
tions with the other eido and having served in
such a canacily there , the inference naturally
comes that he must have acted aa napy onu
way or the other.
sworn for the dofendont teatified as follows :
Examined In chief by Mr. Hall :
I live in Omaha and have for thirteen yeara
am a clerk in the poatoflice.
Q , What if anything did you know about
the peneral circulation of the report in the
elate of Nebraska , before December , 18S2 , of
the fact that Mr. Itosewater had been n
trnitor to his country at tha opening of the
rebellion and had been n spy.
A. AH I can any ia that I hnvo heard such
Q. How general should you say if you know
that they had been circulated and in what
manner ?
A. It was common talk among the people
that I was associated with.
Q. How long had these rumora been In cir
culation before 1882 ?
A. I cannot say as to that.
Q. For several yeart ?
A , I should judge BO.
Cross-examined by Mr. Savage.
Oamo hero from Kentucky ; was not in the
army ; came here as n poatalclerk _ ; Mr. Hill
wai chief of the postal service ; he was sue-
ceeded by Mr. Hoggs nnd Mr. liocgs by Mr.
Vandervoort. Mr. Vandervoort was chief ,
of the service when I hoard this report ; it \
would be impossible for mo to name any of
my associates who made this common talk.
Q Try and name one. man whom you heard
say that Mr.Kosewater was n confederate apv.
A. I do not think I could do it ; have heard
Vandervcort say that he was in the rebel
army , but never heard him say that ho waa a
apy.Q Will you awear that you heard anyone
prior to this publication of December 8 , If 82 ,
Bay that Mr.Hosewater was a confederate apy ?
A. No , I do not think I can.
Q You have heard it einco 1832 hnvo you
or have you not ?
A. Aa that I could not say ,
Q , Wta it one ef the counsel ia thia case ?
A. No sir.
Q. One of tha gentlemen connected with the
case ?
A. I was asked if lover heard such a thing
na his beirig n rebel spy , or his being in the
rebel service , nnd I told him that o heard the
charge made that he was in the rebel service.
Q. Have you ever heard the charge made of
bis bsing n rebel spy ?
A. o cju'd ' not eny that I have heard it , but
I have read it lots of times ; could not name
any paper ; my associates were generally pos
tal service employ BOB and the public generally.
Have kncwn Mr. Koaewnter personally. Did
not have much acquaintance with him until
within about eighteen months ,
Q. During that time your relations have
been perfectly friendly without nny hoatllit } ?
A. So far as I know ,
Q You believed that he had been a traitor
to the government ?
A I would not want to swear to anything
that I do not know about.
1'AT 0. HAWKS ,
awnin , examined by Mr , Hall ,
Know Mr. Hosowater ; have known him
nbout seventeen years ; have been in the
state of Nebraska seventeen years last April.
Q You have heard the tettimony of some
of the witnesses ( n this case' !
A. No , none except Mr. Lawton and the
latter part of Judga Hasc ill's.
Q. Do you know the article which is the
foundation of this suit ?
A. I do no know that I do ; I know that
them is a suit between Air , Koiewator and
the Tribune Printing company , but I do not
know anything about it.
Q. That is the article ( banding witness n
paper ) state whether you ever hoard any ru
mors In the state of Nebraska to the same
tenor nnd effect aa that article ?
A. I heard Mr. Hascall once or twiua mak-
Jug a speech about it aoino years ago ; I heard
it spoken of at the time.
Q , How often had you heard this ?
A , I did not know whm this thine came
out ; I waa in Washington City when thin was
published ; I read it at tha time. About the
time that I hoard Mr. Uascall talking about
it I do not know where it was ; wo talked
about it that night ,
Q How long ago waa it that you heard of
thnt ?
A , It must have been eiz or eight yeara
ago , ton may be.
Q Did you say that Mr. Halcall made
hat speech to a public meeting ?
A. Yes sir , that is mv recollection ; the
first Iheard about it Mr. Hnecall waa making
the speech and talking nbout it ,
Q. Did you over nfter wards hear it . .om
any other ijuartert ?
A. I think that I heard Gen. Strickland
and Gen. O'Brien and myeelf got together
and we talked nbout It after tbo meeting wna
over and probably I read It In some of the
Oross-oxamlnod by Mr. Savage.
Q , Where was thia speech made ?
A. I do not remember , but probibly Judge
Hascall will ; he made that speech as certain
as I am aittlng in this chair. General O'Brien
ivill probably remember it ,
Q. Con you remember whether it was an
open air or inside ?
A. It may have been down on Douglaa
street where we had the headquarters at that
time , I could tell better if I knew whether
Mr. lioaewnter nnd Mr , Hascall were on good
terms or not. Haecall haa spoken on every
: orner and saloon In Omaha , Cannot tell
where tha speech was made. Know there
waa more than ten people , a house full or
itreet ful1 , Presume that Mr , Koae-
, vater waa there. Cannot fix the
ilace of the speech. I could
lot give the language ujed ; Haacall won not
in good terms with him ; ho ( denounced him ;
vfls in Kentucky when the war broke out ;
eft and went north ; my relations with Mr.
toiowater have varied as to beng ! friendly ; I
rould get mad at him some times and he
rould abuse me some times and he would
lubllib tome things that were not true and
oine that were ; do not feel hostilent present ;
lo not feel unfriendly to him ,
Paul Yaudervoort waa then called. Hla
ostimony de\eloped no LOP points of ovi-
With thia the defondscc roata nnd the fol
iwiiiff testimony was Introduced ou behalf of
be plalntilf in rebuttal : \
( J You heard the alatement of Mr. Hai call !
A. I did.
LJ. Did vou hear the opecch to which hs a ! -
ludfd in hl.i testimony and also the ono t
which Mr. Hawen alluded ?
A. Mr. Hn call , that at various times i
speeches he made this cl nrge ; I never heart
but one speech nnd that was nt the cour
homo at n wnteworka illicnsslon where linns
come nnd Hascall were on ono aide and my
self and tha cltt/'ens on the other ; I think
very emphatically pronounced tha language a
falsehood at that time but It wna not a charg
na contained in this paper ; ho said in tha inu
endo that I waa captmcd , that I WAS in th
confederate acrvicn nnd t tinted it was false
Q. Did you ever see any owipapor nrtlcl
making the same chnrtro prior to the appear
nnce of thia article which wo have under con
sidcratlon *
A. I aaw an article at ono time In th
Omaha Newa which I waa told Vandervoo
lud written which bore aome semblance to
thli ; it was not the tame thing ; Ibolievo tha
I published n denial of that ; I published
some documents.
Cross-examined by Mr. Thuraton ,
Q. When waa thia water fight ?
A. I think It wna in 1881 or that waa th
culmination of a ten or twelve months' con
Lawd , temper do win' co dat sheep ,
What am out in dls driftin * enow ,
What am lost its wny from do folo
An' ain't got nowhere fo' to go ,
Do oddera are nil gadderod in ,
Da shepherd am watchin' 'cm all ,
But do little ono los' in do anowdrif '
Am wnltin' fo' do shepherd's call ,
Do aparror dat fall from do roost
Is noticed by do Master's eye
Lawd , go out an' ' fetch in dnt sheep
llefo' It lays down fo' to die ,
Do Master turns out do weddor ,
Ho tempers do cole Winter win' .
Ho tinkle do bell in de tnowdrlf ' ,
Ho am leadin' dar little ono in.
Kf a man lies faith ca ho ortcr ,
Ef ho prays oa ho orter pray ,
Ho kin make a motif at do mountain ,
An' do mouutain'll move aw y ,
Kutland , Vt , , has a red headed colored
An octopus rncasurinr ; nearly fifteen fee
from tip tc tip is on exhibition nt San Jose
Oa I.
Oylon spiders weave webs rn strong that a
walking stick , when thrown Into it , is en
tangled the inoshcs ,
T. II. Lowls , n St. Paul arcb.tolrgist , ha _
discovered a mound at Prairie du Cluou tha1
perfectly outlines n mammoth buffalo.
Dr. Gouchcr , of Nashville , Mich. , is having
mounted a five-pound calf , born at Oastloton ,
Barry county. It ia perfectly formed and bo-
Moved to be the smallest calf ever born ,
The largest grapevine in the United States
crows on the premises of Mr. Madden , in
Pike county , Goorgiu. It is eighteen yeara
old , is thirty-four inches in circumference : il
Its base , is quarter of n mile loug , auJ yields
five wagon loads of grapes.
A young lady of Portland , Ore. , while
breaking eggs for making cake , n low days
ago , found a lizard marly two inches in length
and alive In one of the eggs. The Oregoman ,
which tells the story , vouches for the hocesty
of its informant , who is the father of the
young lady.
A Lowell , Mass. , man found two perfect
white roses growing on his pear tree recently.
Thtir stem ? , together with the stems of three
pear tree leaves , wore joined in n woody stem
lees than an inch in length , which supported
them. The pear blossoms imve all disappeared
from the tree aud the fruit is set.
The tropical gooseberry , which Is cultivated
in Florida , grows on a handtome tree from
ton to fifteen feet in height. Tha fruit is
rather smaller than the Siberian crab-apple ,
and the shape a flattened globe , It contains
one hard seed. The fruit is only moderately
valuable , but the tree ia ornamental.
A curious discovery was made recently when
n lightning rod , which had boon in place fif
teen years , embedded in soft clay , wa re
moved. There was found attached to it a
solid lump of iron ore weighing ninety-six
pounds , supposed to have been produced by
the conversion of the clay by the action of
Among other forma of animal life which ha TO
disappeaied from the earth is the sea-cow.
This great animal , which has been variously
classed with the whales , with walrines and
seals , and with elephants , waa a toothless veg
etable feeiler.jind often weighed three or four
tons. It was soon alive nnd described in 1741 ,
but in 1780 it appeared to have become en
tirely extinct.
A Salt Lake jeweler haa invented Q novel
timepiece in the shape of a steel wire stretched
across hia show window on which a stuffed
canary hops from left to right , indicating aa
it goes the hours of the day by pointing with
its beak at n dial stretched beneath the wire ,
and having the figures from ono to twenty-
four. When it reaches the latter figure it
glides across the window to one again. There
is no mechanism whatever that can ba seen ,
it all being inside the bird , The inventor
says he was three years in studying it out ,
A few dayssinca a gentleman living above
Dalton went to his crib , and Jylnp in a evil in
ono corner was a rattlesnake in bulk largo us
a half bushel , A few feet from It waa bia cat
gradually approaching the monster in a creep
ing manner , ojes liveted , yet lacking that
springy electricity peculiar to the feline when
ready to spring upon its prey. He hurriedly
killed the soake , breaking the charm which
was luring the cat to curtain destruction , when
it skulked away. The make waa said to have
been five inches In diameter , and when skin
ned the hide held a measured half bushel of
sand , Dalton ( Ga ) Argus.
The white ant is n small insect , with a
bloated yellowish white body and a some
what large thorax , oblong shi psdaud colored
n disagreeable oily brown , There is no limit
to its depredations , and it Is so much feared
that no one in certain parts of India and
Africa attempts to travel with such a thing aa
a wooden trunk. On the Tanganyika plat
eau , says a recent traveler , I have camped on
ground which was as hard as adamant and as
innocent of whitn ants apparently as the
pavement of St. Paul'- , and wakeued next
morning to find n stout wondon box almost
gnawed to pieces , Leather portmanteaus
hare the mine fate , and the only substance
" hlch seems to defy the marauders are tin
No Cattle
ClliCiao , III. , Juno 12 , A telegram to the
Breeuera' Gazette- thia city , from Judge
Jonea , of Ohio , chairman of the board of live
stock commiaiiouors of that atate , says that
the reported new outbreak of pleuro pneu
monia in a Jersey herd at Dayton is false.
Iho only foundation for the report waa the
ilaughteiingof a cow that had been affected
ivith diaeaao about one year ago nnd had ap
parently recovered. There had been no new
: asea ia thatsUta since last summer.
A Fatal Wrcclc ,
CINCINNATI , 0 , June 12. DispaUhea re
: elved by officers of tha Cincinnati Southern
ailwny from Somerset , Ky. , deny the report
lent out last night that a construction train
lad been wrecked by the caving in of a tuu-
lel. The story aroeu from the fact that Iload-
naater Slmmonda construction train going
outh last night was thrown from the track
iear New Hiver bridge by striking a cow , The
labooto and aeven cars wern ditched , five Iv
lorera killed and Foremin O'Donnell and 10
r 11 injured ,
Nw YOIIK , June 12 , Failures during the
aet reven daye , 207 against 222 last week ,
iud 205 the week previous to last.
Frank Smith , a prominent citizen of
'Ideii ' , Hard in county , fell from a ladder
latnrdoy and broke hit neck , caastng In-
tunt death.
Tlien I ! by you sick , we ave her Coatoria ,
Flioa ahe naa a Child , slie cried for Caatorla , |
riisn six became Mls , nh clung to Caatorla ,
ftien ahe bad Children , ahe gaio tUern CutorU
I'rcc from Oplnlvi , J : > , ii'lr.i , anil 1'otsons ,
F r Couglis Sore TJiroat , llonr-cnr. . . Influenza ,
Colil * . UroTH'liUI" , Crnup , \ \ hnnplnc Cough ,
Atllimu , < ntn r , 1'nlndn Chr-t , tilotli-r
nir Ml(0 ( otth Tli rant ti 11.unc * .
1'rlce no rrnt ft bottle SoM tiy DrnccUt * Uriel Peal-
cr . J\irtlet < " Imlwe their denier lo iiromptly
net llfor them iclll mvtre two bt > tteiL'rircii ! cAarVM
Cell Uwutrt n > l M nnUrtnrrr ,
lUlllmor * . n > r > ! nir,8. L.
V < S'JffiJ
SI. riiiirl --H',8l r-iiiiis ,
PlJI-aill * C Or I P IMtC * toi.K-
In tt.e . r-eUa'urunic.itof U-t. " '
. HLOOD liist.minib 4m o-s r I'ty *
Nertous " ,0siralioi. . 'Jehlllty Men ! ' \f t
Phjslcal Wuaknoss i Mercurial ati6 iitnc 1- < . :
iions nl Throat , Skin or Hones , ninnd Pol.j. .nj ,
olil Sores and Ulcers , * i -u , i .ti ! , i . , ! . '
l rc > , cn l\tr > t clontl2ti-rindii n. si'jlT.rrtvtul
Diseases Arising fron1 indlscrelloi , Exc'tz * .
'Exposure ' or Indulgence , * Mcb - . .roinciZC .if ia <
IVIoMnn elTcsLil m-rtoior e , JfWI.lrttaoKi jr Vi
aili'erMttrn m mirjt Htnp' ' . . , , , , -hr fnn.nti.tliiliB- ' ) ,
tmilcnlolht icclfij of ! nnu < ieoiin iti oMJuu vj.
rtndorlnu Marrlnto Imjjroijcr or < inli nn . ' 4
pmHi/.itljrcarpJ , mphi-i j | IMCU ) llm .Voi'r > n
It Ittminrplftpc , ffplt AQjBj'Irrit ' , C iiuuHRtlaa t
jieorbyiaiilirrie multntUr 1 Vilu > iVr lun'uci.
A Positive Written Guarantee
lr In ill ct > < e > . ) iio.llScci it Jt ctci-j Ur ?
. .fainphlotinpllau cr Oirmsn , H1 -
"tlblnirnbovort utosoB.lo tnjJoo" fcm
.Y > piir i. tterli Jltoi'fited to f'i'H su
Vxi , moo > - tr lo ft i u , j.p/- , , r -
cni iw > ! . i o a I LJ , < lat > uMi cr U
, . 'U.w A SrtJfc i rrM4 to * . '
' UPO tttt- ' < t'f 'V' ' V tftr 'no * *
James Hdicallnsiitiito
Chartered by thcStatcof Illi
nois for thucxritcsd p jrpose
of E'vinRlmmcdlate ' rcliclln
all chronic , urinary and pri
vate diseases. Gonorrhoea ,
Gleet andSyphills In all their
complicated fornib , also all
diseases of tlic Skin and
Blood promptly rclicvedand
pcrmanentlycured by reme
dies , testedin a J-'or/ylVrir.s
„ Aprriull'rurtlcc. beminal
weakness , icht Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , jmi/fliY//rnr / ( i. T/iere
< s no cxjicrimfitttnii. The appropriate remedy
is nt once used In each case. Consultations , per
sonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icines scut by Mail nnd Express. No marks on
package to indicate contents or sender. Address
t'i LVlf3 ! "ill
nl Iti-rciuii 5.Hi.
.red. 1. , i.i - . uiUM'lc
it-r- . * s re'.v'H o , K'li
l.l 1'Vl I ! " t.l ' Illlllll U
f i ) ; '
I lu 13Ji 1 AJl'BU'G JH07J V.'O.NJO ll nu Hi .
Clllt JHIK JOItai > S lllL > Jr > LMIUl'ICtlll
' ( iUfUI | ' .ui a ! t" " " ' ffr' * ' < K oui \
'lieon'ilitll | > ol ' 'iiMtf ' irini' Mi ; n r
„ Ut- i- > till Ul.If IV M.M > 111T ,
"Tl j-uui a lirn ilu'nioJr yirtMrMtO1
C -'t l.o.i ! " . Sin. ( or nut 'I.HJAM .bCOK 81
-ni , , < al-nncr- , . . < i-v > i.l ! ' " -mni. n'f *
Clover Blossom
, . M. LOO.Z & Co. ,
GKSTJ-I urn using your Fluid Extract Bed Clorer
uloeaom and \ \ ot Gomprees for Canwr on the breast ,
and am well. I am utlsflod It Is the but remedr for
Canccrknovrn. Vou arc wploome to ute this for the
benefit of Buffering humanity.
llcspictJallr , MRS. L. A. JOHXSOK.
, . TOLEDO , 0. , January 17,1882.
J. M. LOOSE & Co. , MONBOB , Mich.
OKNiLExr'j-JIywIfo has forsomotime been nffllcted
Wtb KomethlnglllioaHcrofiilouaitliirase.and found no
relief until the gno your Kxtract of Ked Clov ratrlal.
I am happy to y she has oiporlenced ( treat relief.
Thli la imt a flight testimonial of my appreciation of
your efforts In behalf of humanity , which you are
lam\eryre8pcctfully , II. AHMS.
J , M. I.oo * Co. . 0 o , . . " " '
GEXTS-I oommwced Uklng your Txr. Hcd Clover ,
* o ycara nco , for l.ryslptlus , ami have not bceu
troubled since. It In hereditary with mo. Think you
uatelbobost blood medlclnokno n ,
Yourn truly , w. M. SLIDEHT ,
It. a nyman , of Grand napla. ( ! Mich. . EnyAfter
two DpclorsiuHlBcd him louse Loose's Kxt. lied Cleverer
[ or a bad caBO of Frrema , or Kevc-r Sore on the ICE ,
Only used two pounds or your Solid litruct Itod Clover.
Am now well
As a Spring Medicine Tonlo nnd ( renernl lilood Purk
Icr 1 1 liaa no equal. For sale by all di UKSIUS , or J. il ,
I.OOSQ iS Co. , Monroe , llich.
Plattsmouth , Neb.
Breeder of thoroughbred and high grade
Hereford and Jersey Oattle ,
And Puroc nnd .Tereoy Ked Bwino.
1S5 nnd 1J7 Wnbadi Avenue ,
O I-II O J * . Gr O .
{ fair Cloth and Wfro
Bustles , Hoop Skirts ,
Hair Cloth Skirts/
Tlwn cut reprcxeiiu The
Lanclry. the moit itopular
; iiiWnalloii of liukilB arid
llooiihlilrtuTerrnadi- lady
who haa worn ono will in ; > tr
wear uny otber Hjlc , lain
Skirt U etamiH-il uf".1'0 ' !
liallilt I'tlmliil Junr i7 ! , 19ll |
ho. 110,411. ur. nyone ell.
ttampod , will lie < on t with
ncfonllnB to law. Bo d by all
JUIIratl * md tail Iron
'IP I 1 > I JV Gr Et ,
.oad Pipe and Sheet
ninJIII.UMI mini : \uLL rijii-h
riamtiErs'Oasanliieain niters
ilhADtidnftSls. OMAHA.NEB
Emported Beer
'rlansrcr . liavaila Gulrabachor . lUiorla
'ildic-r. . . Ilohcinlan Kalter. . . . tireincn
itthuUer. . . - Bt. LouU AnhaUBcr . . . . St. I.ouls
l fa . llllwiuUcrt I Hc-hlltz 1' lener.Mllvaukco
; ru.- ' . Oroah * i Ale , 1'crtcr , noinestloand
lllilnu Wliica.
GD MAUBEB , 12) ) 3 Farnain St ,
213 S. 14th STREET ,
Have a large list of inside business and resi
dence property , and some of the finest suburban
property in and around the city ,
We have business property en Capitol Avenue , Dodge ,
Doiiglns , Fninnm , JInrney , Howard , Dili , 10th , liUhnutl
10th sreets.
Wo have line resideuco property on Farniim , Doug'as ' ,
Dcdge , Davenport , Cliicngo , Cass , California streets , Sher
man , St , W arye end Park Avenues , in fact ou all the best
residence ttieels. We have property in the following ad
Millard& ; Caldwell's
Lakes ,
Elizabetli Place
E. V. Smith's ,
Horbacli's ,
Patrick's *
Parker's ,
Gise's ,
Nelson's ,
Godfrev's ,
Loire's ,
iKirkwood ,
College Place ,
Park Place ,
West End ,
Capitol ,
Reed's First ,
McCorniick's ,
! Kountz & ! Rii til's ,
Impr'nt Association
Wilcox ,
Burr Oak ,
Isaac & Seldcm's.
Credit Foncier ,
Kountz' First
! Kountz' Second ,
Koiintis' Tliird ,
onntz' Fourth ,
Syndicate Mill , \ 4
Plaimdew ,
Hill Side ,
Tukev & l evsors ,
Thornbuirg ,
Clark Place ,
Mvers L Hichards ,
Bovds ,
And all the other Additions'to the
Adjoins the stock yards property in South Omaha
These lots are aold at $100. They are nicely lo
cated and will make convenint , cheap , and de
sirable homes for the employes of the stock
yards and packing honses.
Tukey & Keysors 8ub-divisioha
Located in West Omaba , two blocks ooiith of Lenvonworth fittvet , . .
fine location atd the cheapest lots in Omaha ; 135 for iuside lots and
150 tor corners ; terms § 10 down , balance 85 per month ; dent fail to
ee these if you want a bargain.
We have a few lots left in Kirlcwooi addition , which wo offer a' ' , low
t-rices , terius 25 downbalanco 810 per month. These lots are on high !
evel ground and are desirable.
This addiliou is mere centrally located than any other new addition
near the best Schools m the city. All the afreets are beinj ; put to grade
rhe grades have oeen established by the city council , and is very desira
ble residence property , only 15 blocks from Post olfice , prices lower than
adjoinirie ndditions for a homo or investment. These lota cannot be
Fen SALE-Lot on Datenjiort with fine
house. § 2,000.
Foil SALS Full lot 21st nnd Clark street , C
room IIOUBO , 2,300.
FOB SALE BeautHtil aero lot in Giaa'a add.
FOR SALB-i lot on Chicago atrcct between
13th and 14th , $2,500. ,
BEAUTIFUL lots corner Ftrnam and 20th
etreot cheap.
Fen SALK-I.ota InWnlnut hill , § 200.
Fen SAI.8-i lot with 0 room house 21st
street easy payments , ? 2OCO ,
FOB SALE Lot 28th nnd Fornain street ,
good property , 81GOO. ,
FoilBAlB-j aero on California , eaat of
Sacred Henri ; huuso , barn , nn-l cistern , cheap
l'"ou HALE Lota In Ilanecom plnco oaoh ,
ewo.FOB HALE 100 foot front on lGthntreetwiUi
pmall house juit Houtli of llurtinan Schoolon
ly 81,700.
FOB BALE Full lot nnd C room hcusecorner
llth and Cantollar , S2'100. '
FOB HALU Lot and 2 hoiuoa 18th and Nlch.
oUa 85,000.
furnish * } conveyance Jree to any
city to show property to our friends
and customers , and cJicerfully give in/oruia-
tiont'C < /arlin Omaha Property.
Those who have Ijaryains to offer or wish
property at aWaryain , are invited to see
Real Eotate Agents
23S.I4tfiSt. ! , bet. Farnam &Doueias