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Thursday Morning Deo. 4
' The now 1'Ailon nnd UMIaRlior Mi-c
MDR rapidly brought to completion.
Hoar "Under the Plms" nt I lie Flint
K. church thii cvonlng. It li n licantl
ful c ntata and will bo finely rendered.
The Arlon club will Rita III first part ;
thl evening. The committee ixnuroj mic
co and a grand tlmo is anticipated by all ,
at Uojd1 * Open Home Friday and Hftturda.
in "Three of n Kind. " The nalo of nonti open
to-day ,
A watch stolen a uliort time URO by a dls
orderly woman , who ii now dead , was roeov
. orod by a dotoctlvo from n lentil atrccl pawn
broker shop vostorJay.
Comfort Sack ycstorday brought * iil
npainit Charleii W. Sack In tha dlattict couri
to recover the nm of $ lf > OD alloRud tn bn dm
on two promissory notoj.
Kd llyan and Charles I'owern wrro boll
brought before the police court yeiliday to
answer to complaints that they bad bovn tnak
Ing threat * cRatmt the In OR of citizen * .
-Goo. nnd Cluuncoy Whlttlnff , the two
brothers who were ordered out of town lanl
August for over , wera seen In the city liuil
o\cuing. JuJge lionuko will have ImMiicsa al
Yesterday half a dozen very lar e doer
were laid down In front of Branch ik Co.'a
i.-ommUslon houno on Karunm utroot. They
were magnificent animals , nnd ono of them
WIVH a blacktall , n rare gpecloa ,
There will be a regular mooting of Dalugo
llono Co , , No.I , thii , Thurtday , ovo. ,
at 8 o'clock sharp. All inumbera nro request
ed to be present , a biulncBB of Importance is
to bo trannactud. By order of ( . Williiunp ,
president. A. T. Wlbcrg , ocrolnry.
W. 1' , Drown & Co , , stock doalern at the
dlock yards report the following a.i'os yustcr-
day : r > 7 hogs averaging 280 Ibi at ? . ' ! 85I ; I
hoga , avoratrlng 285 Iba. , nt S.V.O ; 02 hogn ,
averaqing 2G7Jbs. , at 511.85 : 50 luffsaveraging
290 Iba. , at 3.8r jfl2hoK8 , averaging 2.10 lbn.
at 31.00 ; 20 rough liutchora' stoura averaging
UCOIbs.nt $1.00.
Tlio ladles of the Temple Israel congrega
lion convened Tuoaday afternoim in the vestry
rooms of the temple for the purpose of ar
ranging a fair for the benefit of the benevolent
lent association to bo hold the first week in
February , 1S85. The following are the olli-
ccrs : Julius Meyer , IJi'l. , president ; Mrs.
Ucllman V. P. ; Mrs. Newman , troa nrcrMrs
A. Koeowalcr , recording secretary and Mr.J
Oborfolder financial secretary. The soliciting
committee are Mrs , Hold , secy. : Sirs. Ober-
folder , Mrs. llolltr , Mm. Max Muyor , 3\lrs.
Goldsmith , Mrs. A. Calm , Mrs. .Merrill nnd
Mrs. Simon nnd Mrs , Danbaum.
Capt. Sullivan had his oliicer yesterday -
day notifying nil property ownont that no
refuno , dirt or garbage must bo dumped on
paved streets or alloyc , us ho will heioaftor
enforce the ordinance nnd fine nil offenders ,
The garbage man will take all "tnlF put In
barrels off ns fast as it accumulates. This Is a
gdoil move nnd should bo pushed through.
. G. M. Lambertson , ' her slater Miss
Gifndry , Mineral Point , WIs. , MBH ( liautn ,
Lincoln , nnd MIsaMcWI.'Hnnu , Dwlght , 111. ,
are guesta of the Paxton.
Chas. O. Malloy , Lincoln ; .fas , G. Mackoy ,
Plattamouth , L. L. Piico , Odoll.J.K. Brown ,
Emoraon , 1W. . Schafer , Crete , S. W. Long
and wife , James ICivctl , Lincoln , E. H.
Allen and M. Poderuon of Sutton , Nob. , nro
at the Metropolitan ,
Mr. A. n. Newton , tlio nclivo not til-west
pneaongor apont of the Memphis routu , arrived
here yesterday , Mr. Newton is In the city
to make the preliminary arrangement * for
starting two trains from Omaha to Now
Orleans over his road and for the putting on
of two through sleepers from Kansas City to
the cotton exposition without change ,
Judge Nelson , who has boon nssistlngjudgo
Dundy in his labors in the U. S. coutt , will
leave thia evening for his homo in 8t , Paul ,
Minn , Judge Nelson was In Omaha holding
court several yoari ago , and remarks that n
great change has taken place heio in the way
of growth and Improvement. Judge Noleon
hat been on tlio U. S , bench for nearly twenty-
Buven yoara , being appointed by James llu-
chanau to the territorial bench of Minnesota ,
nnd when that state was admitted into the
Unhn , in 18f > 8 , ho wan transferred to that of
the District court.
Tlio Clerk of tlioVontlior DlnkcH Up
IIIs November Ilcport.
The monthly woatlior report of the
Omaha aignul oflico has juat bucn issuud
and nhowa the following facts :
Mean baroniotor 30.172 , moan temper-
sturo 30,3 , maximum tomp-jraturo 00.5 ,
minimum 21).r ) > . Daily rainfall , .011.
nighost baromutor 30 082. data Hth ;
L-WMt buromotur 20.01)8 ) , ( Into JJdth.
Monthly ran go of barometer .884.
Hijht'st tt'inpuraturo G3 ( t , date 12th
and 10tli ; lowest temperature 21) , ditto
23 ; uroateiit dally ranyo of tompuraturu
331.0 on the 22J ; least dally raugo of
temperature 8 5 on thn 17th ; menu daily
radgo of temperature 21.1.
Mean daily dew-point. 315 , mcun daily
relative humidity , 730 ; prevailing di
rection of wind , north ; Total movement
of wind' 01)72 ) miles ; hichoit velocity of
wind uud direction , 30-uorthweet.
Number of foggp days , C ; Nn. of clour
dapr , M ; No. of fair dnyn , ti ; No. ol
cloudy day , 7i No , of days on which
roiuund snow foil , -I , 2 ; depth of unmol
ted ua\r on ground at end of mouth , 0.
Dates of aurflras , l t ; dates of solar
haloa. 0 ; datoa of lunar halos , lit ; date *
of frcnta , 2 , , 5 , 0 , 7 , 10 , 11 , 11,10 , 20 ,
Year. Year. Dogreoi
1871 . .7.30,7 1878. . . -IS.B
1872 . . . .30.1 1879. . .
1873 , . . .33. ' . ' mo. .
1874 . . . .310 1881 .
1875 . . ,3.Mi 188J. . .
1870 . . .3U 1883. . . 8 ! ) ' .
1877 . . . .31.0 1881. , 3'JS '
' ' . .
Yoar. Iiiclita. Yoir , Inchei
18717. 4.22 indie * 1878 0.SU Itichei
1872. . 0.76 Inchon 1871) ) .4S Incite
1873 , , f'.lU invhiM , 1880 0.70 Ittcho
187-J. I.i5 ( liichea 18 U 1'J'J Itichu
1870 , O.ltlmJiw 18Si Inch.
1870. l.lTlnciuM 18S3 . . . .lUllncuu
1877. 1.30iachc * 1WI 0,3. luchi
The Coroner's ' Jnry Hold Thompson and
Liz , "
The Evidence Tending StrongJj
Toward Their Guilt ,
A Summary of tlio Testimony A <
duccd t ( ho
Yesterday the inquest in the matte
qf the death of Nultio Howard , who wa
fatally burned last Saturday morning , wa
Coroner Maul at unco impanelled
jury and act to work examining witnesses
Air. Park Godwin had como down from
Sarpy county to nUond the inquest , an
Attorney Shields defended "Englis
Liz" Howard ahd John Thompson , Hi
two parties who are accused of the crime
Mr , Emit Bnllo was the first witncs
examined. Mr. Ballo testified that h
was ono of the three men who passed b ,
the hut of "English Lion the murnin ,
of the fire ; thought that it was about
o'clock at night ; had cloaod up his saloon
about that tlmo , and in company will
two other gentlemen , Mr. Peterson am
Mr. Ilassingor ; had gone up to the housi
of "English Liz ; " Ilnsslngnr knocked a
the door ; at first "English Liz" would no1
admit them ; aftcrwnrda aomo ono
opened tlio door. Wont In In company
with the two. Aa witness atoppod Inside
10 hoard nonio ono cry , "Tho house ia on
irol" Witness aaw Nottio lloward lying
in the Moor , wrapped in flames ; thought
10 saw Peterson throw n bucket of water
on her. After the fire was extinguished ,
Thompson came up and said to witncaa
and companions that they wcro no good
and muat leave , and acted ns though ho
wanted to conceal something ; also , re
membered Thompson saying , when it was
iropoaod to lay the girl on the bed , that
aho was drunk as a tick and that there
was nothing else the mutter with her.
Witness \raa afterwards cross-examined
ay Mr. Shields , but with no material ad
lition to his evidence. Witness thought
ihat they were in tlio house altogether
about five minutes ; remembered seeing
some ono run to the window and throw
) ut the burning clothes ; thought it was
W. n. Wilson , a colored man living
next door , was put upon the witness
stand and testified to the circumstances
> f the discovery of the fire. Witness
irst wont out of the door and seeing the
lames rushed back into the house and
Iroasod himself. When witness went in-
o the house the girl Nottio lloward was ;
ying on the floor midway between the
rout and back rooms. Thompson told
nc that the girl had [ tipped over the
amp while in bed and sot herself on fire
, nd that she had boon drunk that night.
'English Liz" appeared greatly moved
> nd kept saying "Oh , she's dying ! "
lolpod lift the girl on the bed after she
lad relapsed into nnconaciouanoaa.
'hompaon kept saying she was only
.runk and ought to bo lot alone ; did not
oo the lamp overturned.
Jacob Peterson , the companion of
3allo , waa next upon the Blind. Tosti-
iod subatanclally as Ballo. Had known
'English Liz" and Nottio Howard for
lovorol months ; wont into the houao and
ound the girl Nottio sitting on the bed ,
11 on fire ; saw Thompson "go up to tlio
; irl , and throwing a blanket around her
mil her od'tho bed ; witness then aoizad
i pall of water and throw upon the burn-
ig girl ; uftor witness had extinguished
lie fire. Thompson came up and said :
'Got out of here , ' you s of b , wp
on't want you in hero ; " witness then
oft with Ballo and Haulngor.
S. F. Haoaingor then test Hied exactly
s the other two , Ballo and Peterson.
Mr. Joe Hamill , of the Times , then
ostifiod. Witness said that on Docem-
icr 1 ( Monday ) , in company with A , J.
[ ondrick , of thn Dispatch , ho had visited - .
lie dying girl for the purpose of getting
tor to inako a statement as to how the
rime was committed. Witness wont up
o the bedside of Nettle lloward and
lid : "Nottio , do you recognize mol"
ho oaid , "No , 1 do not. " Witness than
eked her , "Who wan it that burned
oul" Nottio said , "Somo ono. " Wlt-
icss Haid , "WhoV" Nottio Bald.'Thomp-
ion , " in a distinctly audible , though
husky , whisper lone. Witness then
lakod her if "English Liz" had anything
o do trith the burning. Thoglrlropllod ,
'Yes , oho poured oil over mo. " Witless -
loss asked , "What did Thompson
lo ? " "Ho lit the match and act mo on
ire , " auid the girl. Witnesses said that
the girl then sunk back on her pillow
and said she didn't care lo Bay anything
norc. " The girl appeared to bo perfect-
y conscious and there was no Incoher
ence in her talk.
Nellie Fuller , tlio woman who attend
ed Nottio Howard , during her illness ,
ras the next witness. She snid tnat shn
md known the dead girl about four years
Witness described the manner of her go.
tig Into the house and discovering
hat the lloward girl was in jlamcs. I lor
eatimony developed no point of apodal
ntornst. Thompson had gone up to the
lodaido of Notlio lloward early Saturday
naming , after the fire had boon oxtin-
juishud , and had said : "Nottio , can you
iver forgive the man who
> urnt you ? " Notlio paid , "No ,
' 11 Dover glvo you away. "
Witness was then questioned with re
gard to the interview of Mr. llnmil with
ho dying girl , when she made the aUto
nout criminating Thompson and "Eng <
ish Liz , " Her tonlimony was a sub
stantial verification of Mr. Haiml's testi-
noiiy. She had boon in the same room
Ltid heard the whole thing. She
jeliovod that the girl Nottio lloward was
wfootly conscious when she made the
itatouiont. WitnoBs said that both bo-
ere and after this inter via fr the girl hat
refused to say anything about the occur
ronoo. In fact she haa hardly been In i
o million lo make an inlolligont state
raent boforr.
Her testimony developed no point o
pocittlintoroat. Thompson had gone to Ih
bedside of Notlio Howard early Saturday
morning , after the fire had bnen uxliu
guished and ho had Bald , "Nottio , cat
you over forgive tbo man who burncc
you1 ! Nottio said , "No , I'll uever giv
you away. "
Witness waa then questioned with regard
gard to the Interview of Mr. Hamill will
the dying girl , when she made the state
ineiit crltuin llug Thompson nnd "Kng
lish LJ2 " Her testimony was a substan
tial vorllioition of Mr. lUmill's tustiniony
She had been in the aatno roou
and hoard the whole thing. Sh
believed that the girl Nuttio Howard w
perfectly oonscioca when eho made th
otutumunt. Witness said tlut both bufor
and after this Interview the girl bad re
fused to say anything about the ooour
ronceIn fact Bho had hardly boon in a
condition to make an intelligent state
ment boforo. . . . ,
Mary Elaton and Nottio Hoach , who
were in the room adjacent to the ono in
which Nottio Howard waa lying when she
rnado the Btatomonl of the crime to Mr.
Hamill , testified. Both had hoard the
statements implicating "English Liz" and
Thompson. Their tosllmony was sub-
alanlially Iho same on this point , as that
of the two preceding witnesses , Inas
much , however , as they worn not close to
Iho bedside when aho made the statement
and could not hear so distinctly , the tes
timony of Mary Ehton and Nolllo Hoach
waa hardly as explicit.
' A roccBS was taken until 2 p. m , when
the testimony was resumed.
were exhibited before the jury , nnd it
wna shown that the lamp hr.d boon found
with the top nnd burner screwed off and
lying on the lloor. The conclusion
reached was that if the girl had reached
over nnd accidentally pulled over the
lamp upon herself , the top would have
been fond broken off , or if the lamp had
exploded , it would have bcon wrenched
oil' . On the contrary the lamp indicated
that no such process had taken place , tu
Hint the top nnd burner had boon un
screwed by some ono.
Ofllcor Donovan was the first wltnoas
called in the afternoon. Ho hoard the
police whistle blowing about 1 o'clock in
the morning and thought it might bo
murder. When ho got their the dead
[ , 'irl way lying an the floor. Ho waa told
by English Liz that the lamp had ex
ploded , while the girl WAS lying on the
bod. Tlio lamp was Bitting on the sland
Full of oil , and Iho globe on the lloor
unbroken. The wick waa not in the
amp. The globe waa lying in the west
side of the room. About two weoka ago
witness wont with Marshal Ctimmings tu
ills house and recovered some stolen
; oods. English Liz nnd Thompson had
old him the night of the accident that
hey had a quarrel with the dead woman.
English Liz and Thompson further said
.hoy were awake when the fire broke
out. Thompson had on his pantaloons
md Liz won wearing a Molhor Itubbard.
[ 'hoy said Iho quarrel aroao ulnut n
On cross-examination by Mr. Shields ,
Thompson when ho waa arrested sat down
in the bed whore the dead woman was
ying and ho asked her , "Do you know
mo ? ' ' Nottio Howard said , 'Who are
you , John ? " Ho replied , "Yoa. " Thomp-
on then naked her , "Did I do any tiling
0 you ? " and the woman shook her hoad.
'hompaoa then askok her , "Who did do
hia ? " nnd Noltio Howard said , "J don't
' '
Marshal Oummings , the next witness ,
aid ho know nothing of the accident
ntil Iho follnwfng morning. Ho hoard
ihorlly afterwards that Mart Connolly
iad made throats agaiusttho dead woman
lie night before [ she waa burned , in a
'onth street grocery store. Witness wont
o that place but could find nothing. Ho
was directed , however , to a Mrs. Scott
rho stated thntt Connolly had said a
tiort time before the burning , "What
a there lo hinder mo bnrn-
ng up llioao houlos
YilnoBB further testified that ho had boon
old by some ono ( who , it was afterward
earned , was County Jailor Miller ) , that
'hompson had said ho would got the best
1 them. Notlio Howard had several
itnos given him "poinlora , " but always
inportunod him to loll no ono about il ,
9 they would kill hor.
This concluded the Investigation and
tie jury after a few moments1 dolibora-
Ion returned Iho following vordicl :
Wo the jury do say the deceased Nettie1
Inward came to her death from tlio effects of
nirna cmmod by kerosene oil thrown over her
lemon and ignited by John Thompson and
.u/.lo lloward , alias " .English Liz , " on Sat-
tday morning , November ! W , 1881.
ANDIIKW Honour ,
C. S. Oooimioii ,
V. J. ModHANE ,
A Now Tiling Under tlio Sun.
It has long boon hold that llfo insu
rance , whore mutual aocurity ia sought ,
ihould bo of n joint character , that is
-.uabnnd and wife , Bay , ought to bo Injured -
jurod jointly ia ono policy at the cost of
ilnglo insurance , tha benefit payable to
the survivor. The Kaw Life Association ,
of Kalians Oity , haa adopted this joint
Feature , and is the only company in the
United States so operated. The popu
larity of this plan has resulted in a
merited , wonderful business for the asso
ciation , which has already written ever
550.000,000 of insurance for ,1884. An-
jthor excellent feature is that the nssoci-
itinn is managed by old insurance men
jf business integrity , and ia baoked by
impla security. The name of the "Kaw
Life " ia bound to become a household
ivord the land ovor. deceit
Beauty , that transitory ( lower , can
Duly bo had by using Pozaoni'n medicated
sompluxion powder.
Seal of North Carolina Smoking To
bacco Is the best. PR i , ,
Tlio Death ot Mra. T. M. T. Illolinrilti.
The death of Mrs T. M. T. Itlchards
vho has boon BO low for several days
mat occurred yesterday nt 1 40 a * m
nt the residence of her husband , Cap. T.
M. T. Richards , northwest corner of
eighteenth and Farnam streets. While
lor death was not unexpected it was a
great shook to her friends nnd relatives ,
ilrs. lUoharda was born in the
year 1850 In the atatn ol
vontucky , nnd nt the time of her death
vus U i years of ago She haa boon a
; reat Bufi'eror for several years past , bo
ng brought low by that fnul destroyer ,
consumption , Mrs. Itiohnrda waa a
woman whose high atandurd an a Christian
worker , wife and mother , and whoso un
alterable sweetness of disposition am
uniform kindness to tliooo with whom aha
came in contact won ber friendships lastIng -
Ing unto death.
She waa an earnest and devoted member
bor of the Christian church , and no nobli
charity or work for tbo coed of thoai
around her but secured her earnest sup
Thoao wheat ) privilege it was to know
Mrs. Richards will mies her sadly , ca
pocially the youug who ever found in
her a warm friend and counselor. She
wea loved and reverenced by oil , am
while she will bo sadly missed she haa
found roat and relief from her aull'orini ;
in the arms of the Sivlor whom alu
trusted , and in whom she believed will
fullest faith , To mourn her loss Mra
Richards leaves three children , Maggie
Josie uud Willy , and the many frionus n
the stricken husband nnd little ones ex
tend their heartfelt sympathy in thei
hour of darkest grief. The funeral wil
take place to-day afternoon from th <
family rosidenca. northwest corner o
Eighteenth nud Furiiam streets.
Smoke Seal of NorUi Carolina
Ashby , GriHS , Wheeler , Parker and
Barnes Indicted
For CoiiBplrltiK to Dcfr/unl die U , S In
tlicOtoo Land Hftlcs.
The indlctmonto founded upon alleged
frauds in the sale of the Otoo reservation
lands , retnrnod on Tuesday evening
were made public yesterday. Thoao pre
sentments were returned against N , K ,
Grlggs , Col. Ashby , H. W. Parker , F.
M. Barnes and L. E. Wheeler , all of
Beatrice. The indictments charge these
defendants with conspiracy to defraud
the United States government in its sale
of the lands belonging to the Otoo tribe
of Indians and situate in Gage csunly
in this state.
l rom the testimony adduced in th
grand jury room upon which Iheso indict
moula nero founded , il appears thai
there wore two kinds of fraud committed
The first was the changing of the bids nl
the time nnd place of the sale. A bidder
dor would oiler five dollars or moro per
aero , as the case might be , and
after the figure ) for that sold
quarter were placed upon records of land
purchased , they would bo lowered nt thi
pleasure of the clerk or whoever wna in
charge of the booka. The second , and
what is considered the grossest fraud wa
the bidding off of these lands at the firs
sale in May , 1883 , when the purchaser
had no intention of paying out on it or
complying with the law.
It is satd that evidence was adduced
before the grand jury to the effect that a
society of about sovonty-fivo citizens of
CJago county was organized to prevent
actual Bottlers from buying those lando.
Their policy nt the first sale was to bid
; hem up bayond the price Hint bona fide
purchasnrs could afford to pay. The
ands would then bo struck oil to them
and they would fall to mnko their entries.
The olFect of thia proceeding would
30 to throw the land upon the
market a second timo. At the second
Bale not nearly BO many bidders would bo
present , and they could got the land nt
icarly their own prices. It is claimed
hat so extensively waa Ihia. fraud car
led on that ever ouo-half of the rpserva
ion was sold n second time. It is said
his society had its officers , and was na
iomplotoly organized aa it was posai-
> lo for such an organization to
)0. , Its head men were nt
ho December sales blue ribbons , while
those of the others were rod. The pur.
lose those Insignia served was to enable
ho members of the society to toll when
hey were bidding against their follow
The indictments against these do-
endants allege generally the charge of
conspiracy , and then sot up the particn-
ar facia. Quo of the particular acts
complained of against Barnes in the con-
piracy was hiring n third party not to
) id on a quarter which ho had
entered in May and not taken ,
t appears that at the first sale
10 offered 8110 per acre for a quarter and
jolng the highest bidder It was knocked
( T to him. Ho failed to pay the one-
uarler of Iho purchase price within
ilnoty days after aa required by law , and
unquestionably forfeiled his righl. In
ho meantime , however , ho had made
valuable Improvement upon it. At the
imo.of . Iho December solo , it ls > lleged ho
mid to hia former competitor § 100 not to
> id upon this ono hundred and nixty
One of the particular nets charged
gainst Parker is auctioneering oil'n
uartor-soction of land to enable the
uotionoor tu bid upon it , and being put
p for sale no ono bid upon it but him.
The qraud jury has boon
t work for nparly two weeks and arrived
t it ? conclusion only after n long and
ivcarisomo struggle. The parties Indicted
ro well known in this stale. Col. Ashby
vas a greenback elector on the democratic
ickot in thia ' fall s campaign , and is
nown throughout Nebraska In a profoa-
lonal capacity , being an attorney at
aw. Mr. N. K. Griggs was at ona time
Jnitod States consul to Chemnitz , in
jormany , and at ono tlmo speaker of the
louse of the Nebraska legislature. Mr.
'arkor at the time of these sales waa the
eg is tor of tbo land oflico at Beatricebut
ma since been auccoedcd by Hugh J.
Jobba. Mr. Barnes waa for fourteen
'ears storo-koopor at the agency there ,
nd la the founder of the village of
Jarnealon in lhat county. L E. Wheeler
was Iho auctioneer employed by the gov
ernment to'Bell the lands.
A "grapevine" telegraph was sent
.o Beatrice Tuesday night that theao
parties had boon indicted and yesterday
morning Messrs. Aahby and GriggH
arrived in the city. They aurrondorod
bemaelvea up to the authorities and
their bail Used ut $1,000 each. Eich
went the others security and worn re ,
eased. Barnes , Parker and Wheeler
will not wait to bo arrested by the mar
shal but will arrive in the city this
Messrs. Griggs and Asbby trero soon
at their hotel last night. They deny any
complicity in Iho alleged crookedness In
the books of Iho land ofiioo , and Bay the
iluo ribbon society was ono gotten up
by themselves and other Gage county
citizens to bid oil' the lands for thei
"I SUl'l'OSH 1 MUST. "
Wllholmlnu. Aluke't lluply J AVIioi :
Aalcod If Stio Would Marry
New York Herald.
The odds were four to ono against the
woman , nnd she didn't care whether ah
won or loat.
Well , what happened to her ?
Why , ahe loat of course.
A wedding procession Ibat looked like
a funeral parade tramped slowly up th
marble stops and through the nrahei
corridors of the City hall to the mayor' ;
ollico yesterday afternoon. There wen
four men and ono wpman. The womai
was Miss Wilholraina Moke , only thirl ;
years old. One of the men was he
brother , younger than boraelf. Auothu
waa Adolf Lindaborg , toil years older than
Mina. The oilier tire men were Inci
dents in tbo addlr. They came to aeo
Mlna and Adolf minted.
Tno facilities for sparking must Invo
baeu miserable whore thia blushing piir
lived. Adolf Boomed lo have mi idea as
lo what he tr&ntod , but the elderly bride
didn't appear to have understood the
When they trailed elowly into Mayor
Edson's room Adolf said bo came to got
married bo did not say ho wanted to do
it. Ho looked as vivacious about it as a
plate of cold stow , but ho doggedly kept
to hia declaration of purpose. Mits
Mina were tbo expression of a woman
whoso trunks had been kept by her
boarding house keeper. It wae evident
that Landsborg had been courting her
brother nnd not herself.
"Will you take this man for your hus
band ) " asked the mayor , after ho had got
Adolf's sluggish consent.
She didn't equirm , or blush , or hang
her head , or pout or twitch her eyes. A
sort of I-wonder-how-long-cho'8'gQing-to-
koop-thom-trunks expression stole ever
her granite phyaiog , nnd she mut
tered :
"I suppose I must. "
This wfta where the brother alia hg !
two friends got in their work. They
pleaded and coaxed her to say "yes , "
But she didn't Mayor Edson got in his
work , too , nnd refused to finish the
melancholy orglo. Next ho wont back
to his desk nnd wout ou signing payrolls
As the funeral paradu struck Iho
rotunda on the way out Adolf awoke to
the honors of his situatiou. Ho had
consented to marry her ,
"But she didn't marry mo , " lie said to
his friends. " 1 have n wife , but aho
hasn't a husband. "
Poor Adolu becimo tremulous when ho
thought of hia paradoxical status , ant
nway they wont again slowly out of the
north yestibulo.
The brother and his friends hold
council of state in the park , and then
Iho five mourners wont up stairs again
and found Judge Nohrbas in the city
court chambers. There was no hitch
this time , nnd no haste either. The
gloomy bridal form was gone through
with. Not a word of congratulation wan
uttered , not n kiss bestowed or taken ,
but the line marched ulowly out of the
building nnd wna noon lost iu n crowd.
uyittor I'lrntcs.
Vn , , December 3. Cov. ! Came
roll and oyster-inspector Hunter loft to.-utght
on the ntitoV new oyetor gun boat for a cruise
ill ) the Chesapeake bay after oyster pirates.
Tills Is the third expedition of the kind the
governor has led during his term.
S1OOO. Given
Ifnlnm ormiy Injurious substances cup be round
In AndrowB * Pearl Baking Powdr Is pos-
ttyelyPURE. JIcliiBendorsed , nmlh ? ilmonlalu
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convcye au Idea ol J aat wbkl
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lie ft Short Lint Otibk Tlmi
ind the boat 9 luctrcioJ
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attention U paid to paa onKor by oonrteout employe !
ot tb Company ,
UKllIUUi. Oeul Man&cer.
T , CL.1HK. Ocul Hiiut.
OKO.lIKlt KOUU , Au'L tteal P < iAx |
_ pas ®
/ . Jiicclto nrrict rllro of a uoir.l ireclalln ( aon r * .
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