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Police Oiyrn a Gin1 to Omaha's '
Late Bnrnlarles ,
"Big Sandy" in Jail for Knowing
too Much About theiiii
The Ulty oIllooi-H on tinIj < 'iV-Oiit | f r
rt or
About three o'clock yuatord y afternoon -
noon Otllcer Whalen arraUed Gtorpo
bettor known as "Big S ndy , " In
'Ui'.t ailonn , nt the corner of
Eleventh and liarnoy , wht-ru hewta
tending bar. Forbes waa given n cell in
the cily j.ill , where the charge "euspi-
cious charuotct" WAS entered upon the
record oppoilto his natno. Ltcr In the
day ciovoral of hla aeaociatis , among
whom wns ' "Dug" Unrns , came in to BCO
him. Burus waa nlso given a cell , but
no charge entered ngnlnat him , and ho
wag aftcrwatda released.
The police wnro very reticent aboul
the matter of Forbes' arrent , nud inaiatod
ho was in aimptv , aa a tutpicious chat-
actor , bat such hwovor was found nut to
b ) the case. Jt has been known for BOUIO
time past thtt a certain gaiit
fjr some of thu burglarieo lately commit-
uiittod in the city , but thotu who have
been nhadowing thujo men , and the do-
tcctivea employed by private parties io
look after them have feared to make nn
arrest. This fear grew out of a want of
Bufliciont evidence on which to hold them
before on examining magietrato. Yea-
tor day evening it was claimed , however ,
thiu the testimony so long wanted waa
brought to light and that there would
bo a general "round up" in the near
future of Forbes * pila atsa. This
evidence as uaual in snch casca , is lur-
nished hy a woman , whoso name in thia
ciao is Littio Coombs. Tnis woman haa
lived in Omaha for eight or ton years ,
and at ono time waa married , but ubout
three years ago was divorced from her
husband , und for a short time afterward
was tbo proprietress of a disorderly hotiooT
near Fifteenth and Oapitol avenue. For
about eighteen months past she has been
living with a young man named Qerbart
McClleltaud , bitter known us "Johnny"
McCllullaud. Young McOllelland has
borne the natno for some time past of
nnd his conntuut coinpamooship with
Forbes confirmed thiagunoral reputation.
Some tlirou weeks ago younj ; JlsOlolIand
and Mrs. Coomba hud n quarrel when alio
in ft Omaha , g < iug to Siuux City. She
> fterwnrdj mudu two or thrco visits Co
Omaha. On Monday last shu returned to
tnis city and ycatoiday enL to the police
; nd told her story uuon which Forbes
% vas arrested and upon which some three
or four o thin a will bo iipuruhuuued should
the police ba able to find thmii.
Mrs. Coombs was aeun by a repor or
Jaat evening and made the following
utatemeti * . SIMHO six or eight works ago
young McOlollmid told her that ht < liad
, boon a partner with "Bii Siudy , " P t
Oarroll , and a man named Lew in many
of thn burglaries that had taken placj la ;
thia city , and threatened
not to dtvulgo the f.kct to any ono living
She told him if ho had become a tliiof
and burglar eho would no longer live with
him , and soon nfcertvaid wttnt to Sioux
City , to which placa he soon afterward T
followed her , and , as aho say * , renewed )
his throats. Afttr her two viim to
Omahi from Sioux City , ho followed ho.-
each time up the rivar and aho u\oided
a ssane withhlm _ only after thu greitest
dilliculty. . Foiring further trouble from
him she resolved to disclose the matter to
the police and ace r lingly did so.
M.-s. Cjomba suyn that thia gang waa ;
the one that burglarized Duke's store
and th ifaho aaw part of the gauds stored
over MjClollana'd saloon and when it
waa known to tlium that a search war
rant hai Ijeen awdrnoutng'iinst ' thu pluco .
the plunder was taken out nnd hid in au ad-
joinmc ; building and wji t nt out of tin (
city by oxiiosa. MoVi tij'd gnciry it
store W.H also entered by thorn , * h-i B.IVH ,
and robbed of part of us cintoiita
Sovcral ether places whose names she
could not retnemb r were 'ilso ' burglarizdi' '
by them and in several instances consid r .
erable plunder nocured. Their opor.t-
tloiu , ehu sayf , wore not cmluiod to thia iv
city but expeditions wo aid often be \
innde by thuin
returning eomo times with a goud share
of booty. '
McClcllaud'a ohjicr , she snyj in di-
vnlging hia crimes to her was to tn ; blo
her f.j asaiit him in Irs
Attur he lud told her of hiii Crimea IIP
compelled her to commit to inomory cer C
tain memoranda undo by himeulf of the
dates of burgUries coamiittud by 1m
band , of the hour * nt night whim ho :
ouna homt' , oto , in order to an lint him
should he over bu nppruhendeu for any
of these crimes , Mia. OjomlvH aaya uliu
does not think any i f theau late robbjrioa
wore committud by tin-in , and if they i
wuro they were never imde known to her
A ortum party tl aoly orinneslod with
ono of the men who bolongH to this ul
loyod band was aeon last evening , who cr
and laugh ? at her atatsmento. lid eaya
they are false from beginning to end ,
and have been inado as a matter of revenge to
vengo on her part for being abandoned ri
by "Johnny" McOlelland.
Carrel , MuClttllnnd and Law were In
the city Wo'lneaday nuht ! , but the police
were nnublo to find thorn yesterday. A
vigilant eye ia also being kept for
sporting man named Frank Uurne , but
the crime for which bo waa wanted ia not
known. A quiet pointer was given last
night that before twenty-four hours had
passed by that twenty arrests would b
inado for Crimea commuted in thu city of
It is said that NT * . Coombs wa laal
evening put under : T)0 bail to appear M
a wllneai , but uwini { to the courti huing
closed the statement could not bo vorl
tied. A enloon-inun on Twelfth utrt'el
Is uaid t'J Imvo B'giifd ' her bond. Frank
Hum * , hit" in the oyuu wai nrroitod
by Oflisar Jlustyn und Judged in the city
) il , whurn the utmr H " ujiiJt'jUH | ch r-
uclot" alto waa tiuturud opposite his
HELUt'Ht.LD , i
The IT , I' . Train Wrm Jfor I'nf I'liilci' ' f
$ HO)9ar ( Si luijli-r '
Frank II l'df , ll'o m&n v.'h > t -
ed ut the Union 1'acifio lieariijiurlerA on
Bitnrday lost in th s city , for an attempt' '
29 , near Schuyler , was taken back to the
place of jurisdiction the curly part of thi
week , ilia examination , hild baton
County Judge ' . A. Orimioon. wns con
eluded yoaterdoy.
In addition to the evtd nm fiirnishot
by thn dotcotivo. wtittoti CMirp jioii bj
the dcfoi.dAtit liimst-lf wai alto udducti
in testininny. Trio defeniu ot.jsctcd to
the introihiction of Ins coi > ftAMon on Ih
ground that it wns obtained under induce
ments mtdn by ono in authority that he
( Ho'di ) should Invo iinmunity from.pmi
ishmoi.t for hia ir.iiiso. TntO' ' urt , how
uvor , ndn.ittod it. In corrolxiration o
Ills statement ninny other c icuuismucta
tending to show his gulH wore ' (
lirovon. Durii'g his examination "U
P. Mary , " once a disorderly womin o
this city , nat by hh side
The following i Uoldt's confession :
"To tlm U. P. U. H. ; Regarding this
wrecking transaction , T hare to aiy the
at train wrecking on the night of October
I did it myself. 1 wish the rompon ;
nlso to know that bctoro God I did no
intend that any lives should bo last 01
any other damngo occur if I could hcl |
it , but I only wanted to gain favor will
the coinpany ao na to get money out o
them it possible , or u job of work , which
I need , an I am out of employment.
I niu willing to swear to the above.
FlllSK FlKLDT. "
At the conclusion of thu t-xuniluatioi
Lleldt w.-vs held in the sum nf $3,000 for
his appearance nt the next term of court.
II. ) WHS uiinblo to furnish tnil and was
remanded to jail.
Tlio arrest aud detention of Iluldt wns
as nice a piece of detective work as has
been demo in this section fur sometime
and roil acts credit upon lilt. Charles
Emory of thia city , who so successful ! }
run down and cornered hia man.
Incidents of tlio Great
Day of
Kanuy KIMer died in London.
Blaiuo'rt plurality In Maluo is 2\ftiD.
Whitehall , Ilia. , Miffersd a 521.000 fire ,
lilaino'd plura'ity in Wisconsin Is 14.003.
Clovc'laml'n plurality in Indiana Is 0 , ! ! ? ,
The French government iacrdnsex Its war
Tlio Adami & Co. dint Rlim works at Pitts
buig htvo : huk. down.
Measures nro f ot afoot in G.inart to atop
puup T immigration.
Cholera In Paris lias entirely imbuJod. The
opidemio took SCO lives.
Mrs. Jacob Astor gave tin Now York
newsboys turkey dinner.
The Baities-Notion glove fight at St. Paul
was htoppo'l by the puhco.
The Italian imliamont voted the royal
family I'M t xprosHion of admiration.
At Philadflpli ! i nn Italian WAS _ stabbed
seventeen 111193 by hix mistress and killed.
Fort Worth , Tix i , o'lebratod thi Cleva-
hud victory List night without it fatality.
Tom .TntKH , a Now York pugil'nt ' , in train
ing xt Wilkoabnrro , I'd. , wai urrostod for bur
A doznn "ItsptiUtorR" O
Kentucky iiour wens-
ville , Killed .luliu G. liughos. Throj are > ir-
Piosident-elpct Diaz of Mexico promises for
II'R adiniiiis'ration a policy friendly to lliu
United Stat.s.
Too Dublin nationalist * hive decided to
2nuttt-t thu next election \\ith two candidate. . * ,
Parti oil being 0110.
Thn Frenoh depot * of ariiiiin ! nts are favor-
all with activity in prpptruijf inuuitijnn for u
r.uid tn-iuueuvre Iti Chiim.
The Mexican cotrmiH-ion to tha Worl l'
Fair , reached Xnw Orlean * . Thtir reception
ai utteudod with grand display ,
A cut of ten percent hii lujjn ordered in
the Wildes of O'iver 13nn. & I'hillii s iron mills
it l'itUburn . This ulFt-c.s 1,1X0 men.
t\t Wllltoibarro. Pa. , a forty-fojt colliery ,
II. S > voycr nperatur , blirno I. hops , § 6I' ' .
)30 Fiio huudied men arj out of
Several hundred loading bipfnei's men of
ilia o.-iatorn motr ipo'm ' are pi inning u ttlp to
New Orlo ns .Inmiary 8 , and a tour of tha
ni'hurn ctti-iH eij rjuto. (
At Springfi-jld , O. , Dort r John Mixwoll
ucuecded m poiiouitig till' u of his lour chil
dren , and boi K detected in a lutscquont at-
cmpt to emciUe waq put in Jail.
At Toronto , Canada , Joseph Quinollo ex-
imi o I tlio body nf hm cliitd , cut hand fium
the curptc , proscnted the uhtstly iiiointiT to
ii-i wife and olojicd with a wonuu of lucl
A t > h cklng trt ody , which cau < < nd it irraat
K'nuntion , o. currtd ut Piiris 1 IH wife of
Deputy CluiiK ilugiioa nhot And killoJ Morin
cniimiMHioiinr iigcnt at the 1'aLii dn .Tnntiun
bocniiKO ho hud alaiidt reil her. Slio WUH nr-
At the TlmilcHgivini : dinner of t'lo ' Amer-
icitn coli" IB'H in Berlin. Minister Kiusnii of-
ied 'Tnreo oherrrt foG rover Cleveland , thu
i.oxt iiiimiltiit of the United Statife , " nnd tlio
ahiur being lio.ulily ri'fpiin io I to , tlio f.iet
n iminediitto'y ' C'Ji'od ' to Cleveland. Kiug
' ' '
Oovorw- Uli'veluiul'H
Sp'tid Di'patch to the Glebe Democrat.
KI.MYIIA , N. V , November25. Spe5id.tlon
L'nnc'roiiiit tha time nf I'ri'hldenl-elect Cleve-
liind'H lufcignntlon tu governor i.i ut an end , nt
le.t t utter , for your corrrs-
nondunt I'fi'i-riain d tlm following fiointhi )
Iw-t HUthntUy to-da > _ : On .la uary C , Mr.
ovilciiiilH rw * gniibinn IIH guvornor will hj
tonilcrxl to the Icgin'atur ' ? . After it accent-
iinii' , I.i-utiiioiit diveriinr Hill HRMIIIII'M the
luliiw of L.'owronr Thi-io will be no form d
eioniony niuking Mr. Mill goverimr , H it in
iiiiilcrHtood Ih t liix ) ' ' ' firm haH dt-cid-'d tl.nt
IIH w II not bu govi rnor , only a li B guvoriior ,
Riling u vaii.ncv. On thd day ot -suinlii | <
llio cmt'es ' of governor , Mr Hill will H'jml ' u
iiUKmgo to tlio Irg'uiatuio. Ho li euiuged
n thu ineBnagu now , and ull fii.hh It , MI'I- ' ,
jt-ct toiovlslun , thin week. The mil jact of '
Kiiiviut 1 > bor v\i I recdva the crcattst atten
tion , Mr. Hill haa selected W. K. Smith , nf
linton cmiDty , 1 U ) chalrmm of the demo-
tlc Btato executive committ- , for privutn
secretary. Mr , Jllll will muka a
few ilnnRPs In the governor'M
BtulT. \ \ yho , of the UoinmiH-
Bary department , it IH undeiHtood , will
way to .1. 1' . l.ockc. prcKent private HfcreUry >
toMr. . Hill. Mr. Cleveland will roddo at thn
< erutive mannlon us lln guei t of ( Sovcrnnr
Hill until he leavm fur Washington on
March 1.
A man of seventy-two and a woman of
fifty-live wore arrested together in Kin
francieco recently for drunkenness ctiid
fast driving.
Dannie Jenifer , u uuw/ib'-y on the Panhandle -
handle road , recently found $80,000 in
an empty car Beat.
A I'cniujlvaniiin ii waiting for n
froiZ4-upin order to fill ncontrnctt r 150
live riUtlean&kfH.
A atrfot braai bind in Cincinnati
nafled ( in ii.Btltuto for thu duaf nnd dumb
the other day.
ytophen n , Fruncti haa boon rnp *
pointed inlicu coininiaiiuaer uf iutr
York. <
Tholuukrupt cluthicg Btxick will I'd
for tale nut tun djjH mure - ' 'Jun't Joocu
.ur oj.jji riuiiitj , you can now nl
very little ovurJulf the regular { < fici'tliu
UOMJs urn nil now nnd diruol fniiii u .
j.i'fd ' Cuutd o uianulbctory , nnd i n >
8'ielvo worn u < ods from ru'.nlorii TJ.u
liinkriii ) ' . CMblu Halu D iughi > > <
i-tin JOtU ana 1'Uti ' S's ' , H'jjn ' , Jltl l *
J-'lti'/ . lurB-thug / ' j ,
' " * " " " " '
loit HH GOAL tttliwtnn &Uro. .Jut' ' J !
( O iureJ/row /
piny can iwlvo Uio evidmcs of Iho till
plvni tn it by thfl Rovorament ec many year
bf fern
If thsRMiit * iron-it forfeited when tlicr
hn tint iH'cn .1 full cnniliMico \ with the con
dltlcnn > f tlm pmnt , i ; forms to Im ju t atu
tirul'dr tint munn piovlvnn aluui'd ' IM iiuil
by which the Htlrr * . who through ifrnnrinc
or bicunn they bo Irtril null cmit < lind beater
or wouU IHI forlHtr linvo made nottldini'it
on inch railroad imuN , rnn locurp n titlti fith
rr through tlio r.tilrunl compuiy or from the
Fovrrnnii'iit ,
If the t-vtullvp dcptrtmrnt of the Kove
inrnt dlw ardii the lnw nil 1 i * tie a patent t <
such d'ttler. ha tak n nothing by tlio itutru
wont , nnd in nn much nt tlm mercy of tlm cor
| iornto : M if ho had not received tha goVcrn
in-ul | Blent. CingitM al 'iio ' CAII relict o tin
tuttlei by UeclatliiR the prntiN for ( tiled.
The rcx | > rt of the ci > iniiii * < Ioncr of railroad
gUts the operations of lit * "Uico iluihip thi
tiHfal ycai on ling Juno SO , 1SSI ,
The propcity nml accounts of tlu railroad
co-nliiR within the jutifiiliction ot the ollici
have bcon oxntiilned , the Bovoral coiiip.\nl >
ImUi'g f redy nmmled all proper facilities fo
the inxprution uf their properties nml tha i < \ -
miiin.Unii of their honk * .
Statement" HTO rubimttcd In doti ll nhowlnj
tlco IndohtoilnrM of thi'snlnldlml rmlro.uls t <
the ITiiil.'d HtntcH , ottnhiRj nnd expense *
tiiiiuiclul condition , A mid 2t > prrcontum of no
oariiltiftB , nnd various other d.ita pertaining
t1 thrso road * .
The cnium'u'oner nlso HiibmiU del > llo
tnttuicmt xt thnslnViiifj fiiudauf tlio Ut > i.n
nnd ( yOntnl Paiilinltnilii-a I comp mica , > how
hitf the MIIIIR which have bu > i covcrml Inti
Raid fund * by tlm trr.vury of thu llnitti
IStntox , nnd the Hinount and rhsr.ic or of In
vestmonU iiimle by this aecroUry of the trcim
ury as ountodUn.
The public tlfbt uUtcment inuod by tlm
tro * ury deimrtment Juno 30 , 1881 , allow * tin
condition of the account * with the novura
1'iicilic rnllrond comp tides in to monie
actually covered In to thtlr en ( lit , huttikei
no account of momya In the Kinking funi
lipld by thotroiciirorof the Unit id States or
of the ooinp HBatlon for sprvle H not t that
timntettW t by the accmnting ullicer * .
The "interest ncom-jd nnd not yet paid by
tin United States , " nmuunUuj ? to $1,9:18,105. :
30 , was payal > l ) July 1 , 1S3I
Tin t'it l iiidehtodnosB of the soveril sub
fldiz d I'flcllio raihoadi to the Unit d State ;
nn Juno30,188 , is reported by the cjmiiiH
eli'iicr to bo as follows :
Union Pacific ( Including Kan-
s 8 1'ncitic ) Sli6.l3OfiC ! ! )
Central I'.icihcIncluding ( West
ern Pacilic 5ICir,825 fl
Sioux City and I' citiu 3,291,310 ' ! )
Central Urauch Uuiuii 1'ft.ltic. . 3,2 lr',80S
Total 127,823 010 18
Union 1'aiifio ? lfiWtfl7C 73
Ccutrjl t'jcilic 8.09i,77H ) 7
Sioux rity Mid l > .icillJ 131 138 32
Coutral Uranch Union 1'iicilic . l 'J.S.'S 18
Total LM,8S8'J2y 10
ncd In favor of tlu Unitoil
Stutti'i , but not dun ui til
niatutlty of principal , 1M ) . > ,
lb9J 102,931,791 08
Due from Union 1'acifio ? ; > ( ) , U2HIO (
) uo friim Uoutrid L'aciliu li,6.)7,013 ( 14
) no from Sioux City ttul
1'Mcllio 3,159,178 37
Jui fniiii Ctlitr.d JinxucU
Union rnultio 8,07Ci-l8l ) 08
Total 10.U.179I 08
Tlio tinking funiln of the Union and Centra' '
? acihc cunipuni'W , hold by the treaiiinr of the
Jnltdd Stati-H iiiidur the uct of May 7 , 1878 ,
am. . uiitrdt. . Sfin8lflU982 on Juno 30.1881 ,
ho Union L'acilic haviiig to iis cr dit S-t.-Ufv
57fi3l niul HIM Central I'ncifie § 2,018fij3.48.
Iutr tinuntH hive b cn miilo by the secretary -
tary of the trousiiry a ? follow- :
Chi rjc'or of Tnlo-i Pa- Cunfrat Pa
c'll ' . oflc. Total.
rn'd loan 81
(5 ( pro ) . . . . . $730,700 (0 oj
ItltidolOM \
Jul 'SJ(3 ( pr < - ) 1. 10,00) CO
' . , 'dlo.m ' 07
32fii1 05 oo 831. 50 rn
Cur ! < nry llj 111,0-0 0 HJ.,0,0 Cu
s.oo.n 001
I'roui. i J ITS.O O 43 170.6B3 7S S6i 6 , 4 1U
TotJl cout 10
Thu niriDUnti remaining In the Unltod
itatps trn.iniry uidn\eut < ) d on Juna 30 , 18) ) ,
weie ns
Cr < ( lit of the ITni. . n Pacific. . . . ? 0)1 ! ) ? , 18r 91
Cieditof the Central J'.icilio . . l(8'l ( 150 7fi
Total . 'J08liir , ( > Cti
The last investments for the Union I'ncllio
uiio undo during lliu nniiith of Maroh , 1881 ,
ho MIIII of $ , ( ! ' 1,1 00 havi ig bi eii iu\o ttnl
i the thru1 per eont fviniliil I.nui u ( July li ! .
bSI n' < n piuniiuin of SI . 'J Ti , or an uverugH
f .TO'Jjier ( dt Thn Int. , I invti tinniitx tor
his company ninniintto Si,2rO,100 ! , at a | > r > i-
uiiiiu ( it Ifl71,1f'ja I. , Tlio inter.ii.t on the
inkiog.lun i iiivi-tiii-nlH ti > .Imi'i.'IO , Ib'l ,
mnounttd tn SH'J.1-7U7 or 83ihl : > 2.45 IOP
lut'ithi ) piciiiiuin pui i. 1'liH am > u.a . r.nnin-
iU in the tiot-ury iiuinvettud Juiio 3'i ' , 18sl ,
vat SU,48r'Jl. ! )
Nil iiiventin.'iiti . liavn licen ma''o for thi )
Central PaciHc HIIICH Novoml r 27 , 188U Tliu
otal iVHUmnU i for thid cunipmiv u.iniiit. . to
la7u.8 * , ut n pioinium of * JU ffl.72. The
niiTOit. mi the slnling fund Jnvit-tin-'iiU to -
line 80 , 188 J , amounted to \7 \ ' , U < 7 M , or '
0. Ib.VJ ) leHnthun the preiiiluin paid. Thu
mount , rum < ining in tlin trnii'iiry iiiiinveBti'd
un-j fO. 1883 , wni $8 tW2 S md JiinoIfO ,
8I I , it hi'l iiicreiiHeil to Sl.HS'J.lf.'J. ' f.
Kefi'ienci to ih'i foreKninif ttblo hhnws lint
June. ! ' , 1881 , tlm HUIII of S-.dS'.CI ' 'i.lili , Im-
on ing In the vii king fiindu of tlio two coin-
laiiiu" r. In Uni tieaHiiry dtipiiitnii-nt
ininv > sttd. The ciiinnds < Kliiiur ( Migx < ti ill it
lii- amount buiininediuii'ly InventeJ in order
hut Iho Hevuri > l rinkng funds may earn a
ouMHiablu r. to of ii.taieHt ,
The coiiiininiliiiicr ugaln ctlls attention to
hq control eray Ixtvecn thn govo nment and
he Union Puiiliu railway c < iiniiany as to what ol
oni-tiuiti's 'net eainingn" utiilur the act nf
May ? . 1878 , The correspondeuco hourinp on
hi < j eubj ct was punted in liU > uiMirt for ) HS , ' ! ,
nges 3l Hil. A bill to utulioiizH the funding f
f the debt of the 1'iicifi.i railriMdi txlng m
I. r oiKcurslon In the conimllK o ( in the iiulici-
ry of the fenuto , Mr , Lh rlu i'rancla '
VilainH , Jr , th'n n din ctor of thn Union PA-
iliu tulway coinpany now pipotduiitad -
lrep .l a commiinicatlon , iindrr data of Jtiim
7 , US I , to lion , George F , Huor , a mombar
if ilm committee , in which ha | rpn eiJ I.H a
MMI of stttUment pindii g action f the I
ourtn , that ml divldundd uhunld bo paid on
huHtosk of the company during the rum lit
'ear ; that th govcrnmont ilinuld withhold
layiii. nt for all nervlcm rendf r d not only on
ho ftidod I'-it the non aldid portloin of thu
oad ; and that the cumpany should foilhwitn
i.iy into tlia tronMiri' onuccoiintof thr Biiikli u
nnd he rum o' 8713 81 ! , ( ) < > , b. ing thu umount
guild due tlm Ui.i ed Mtitt-H , In rath fur thu
eur H'ullnu Dec inbir l. ISS'J , On the H.IIIJK
Ulo H'ni Genig ) Fi I'Minu idri , chairman In
dm o l tl.ii rt.p-iituiout tlut thu comii Itteo
n thi judiciary of tha senate ha 1 paood thu
ollowing res lullon :
Hu'olv. d , Thit thin c mmitteo will print-
10110 until thu Iii" t Mondiiy in DeiiuiilHr ,
.H'l , thu fn-tli" ' cormiil mlon of lliu m itturH
mi iiv under the act uf May 7 , 1878 , iclitii'K F
o the Ui I in I'nciho railnmd company , fit. ,
tlm mid ounp.itiy ( hull imuudUiiily cairy
ut thn . If. r . f vr | Ad-ni" , I.H . i-tiit-il In h < *
Ciiiiinume.itloiid < < l ( I Iii'inl7 , U8I , ddrrrxxl
n tlm Hon. tidiridi F. 1 1 cur , nnd on tli'i x-
iie u > 'dei ci.ri.lliii . . ! "iat lhl < iictio'i of Do
imiluliy anil uf tint Ui'llt" ) H- tin It r "ilv-
ug llio in nf-y H d HMm.iiy . Hi tal i foiiiiniin > -
rutiiiii nun i md clu.ll IU.VH no .If.ct 1,11 iic.y
miixltvi'r f.nlelturo in' ( illi'ir rlg t of lliH to
/nitfil KtttcH i' cinrfl or ariiilng , IT tu occur
r irl B , ngiliiKt ihn > a.l . ' ' "mpiny of niu i f
tfl ollicom , but tint all liu-'it ' , | .uiifHi , and
orfeltiirtiM | jall Htiind as if thuto Mlb h d not
f > n dune. 1
PiirnU'iiit lo Ihin nrrnnccment thn Union \
aci lo roilvtity conipuny d p mtu't with th i
t tioj-iuor of the Ui.ixl Htili-K nt
JIIIIB 20 , l rf I. tr Hum of
to l > o wrtifd to the credit ol th
sinking fund , "hut it U not to bo omiMilem
tliAX tbo'Oinpmy a ttnt to the R < Vfmtiiont'
tatcment or clalw of the ntnoxint otimi par
nlliR ! . . or the plrtti enl that Miolil I enter Inti
the deto'inln Uon nf them. The eimpnny
aUortR-rtcM thntltht to have n jii'Hial ' iln
termination o ( the Hiitnunt * to bo | > id hy tin
goveriitnout for trMmporUtljti , and rtl o who' '
fliull bi dfdiictrd fniiii Rro g car. lnp In cults
to an-oitain net taming * " The company h1
o tllod , uudnr its c > rpor to o l , nn n i.lgii
iil iit nf nil It * enrniiwn for tf ii-porUtloi
cnrtlcoH rvtidtttrd for the givorninc-iit over ! "
Inei otviio i and opcrati d by It. Tin * nMlftti
mtiit remains In force until m lt r in dinputn
n < finfdly detonidnod. The full ri > no p.m
donco on tliotuliject ulll bo found lu the com-
inla loiier'i rvHiit. |
Tha total biliinco claimed by UIP „ . . . .
Ono In cimh from the rntui Pacific
Railway tompviy under the act of Mav
li > 78 , for the wtmfiom \ \ July li 1S7S , to Do
ceinhpr 31 , 18S2 , amouoU-d to 917TI. > .54
but the nun of SGH.3 8.83 dopogltol vlth tin
assistant tro Miier at Hostou July 2(5 ( , 18S | ,
hn\ini ; by coimcnt of the company lu'eii no
coptMl Jitnfl 30 , 1SSI , B pay input on accouni
am ) covered Into the Mnkinefund , thinainoun
Urtfducedto 81,15 8,383 71. H the whoh
umount claimed by the cmnp my on aocoun
of tins conU'cljd llcini for now conttritctlui
and now equipment eluukl bo dodu.tod . , llifr
would dill leiniiln nn utieintritoil haUnco o
$007,181105 , which the comiiaiiy claims li
overpaid by the addltioitnl allowauco Itil
recflvo for earning the mails.
The following st.iti'itioiits rho\v the titnuria
condition uf tlio Union and Central Pacifn
llallroad comjiaiiim Juno 80 , 1881 :
Pun'ded debt
Interest on funded debt itcciuud
not duo 707,7i."JO' '
I'mtod States subsidy bunds. . . aH.M'.t.fil'J ( K
Intcri'Kt on United States tub-
sidy bonds accrued not duo. . . S3Cl tr > 5t 2f
Hills paynblo S7 205,533 14
Accounts ihiyible. . 2,512,42. 7
Pay roln and
vouchfi-H 1,1HWH90 62
Dividends unpaid. 83,88J 77
Coupons due and
unpaid 1,570,1829,1
Called bonds . . . . 32,01000
Total debt 1W > ,927 1II ) 0
Capital stock tilHuS,500 ! II
Total Block aud debt 2COl'JJCIH G
Coil of road rtctl equipment.SIG' H ? 1
l'ii"l , material aud stores on
hand 2,4$2,2l3 r
Cash on hand l.tlh-,070 } '
Compati ) 'A fcti c'ifl and bonds
owmd by comptny. . . . . . 1,072,3530 , !
Sinking funds In bauds of
truntfej ca h 2"rt,802 21
Kills end uccjunU ro-utvablo 2,5113,4l'J OJ
Jtouds and Btockn uf other _
coin aiiicR-cot S,8''t ! -III Cl
M lscellaicous liivoitiiinnt , . % ( tJIU , ( n
Interest repaid the UiiUed
Stitos by trnnsportttlon. . 7,037 , : ! ! 1 18
Duo fr in United Stiles for
tiatisportat on 9,698,232 11
Land contracts mid land
cash 13.C3-170 ! ! til
Advances payiblo in botdn
nnd ttoekn 7,3Mi.O ! j HO
jinking fiinilH In United
StnteH tnmsury 1 ! 270,100 CO
S215,011,30 : 47
including luud
18.915,713 80
Surnlii' , excludinr laud
sales FG2S.S723S
Funded debt S 53,153,000 00
IiitoM'Ston funded dolitacctiMil
not duo l VJ.fC.'i OC
United Sta'i H BiiliKlily bomln. . 27.8fi5CHJ 00
Interest on United SUton bonds
accrued nut duo 20,792,11501
Hill * unvuhla SI,1000 00
AconntB pt > nhla.MK8 -111 * til
HoBpitut fund. . . . -i,25G7-l : )
Inluieet nnd tlivl- ' "
denda unpaid. . . KSl.OCrt 00
10178,720 : tr
Sinking fund uniuvested l.W..V.ill . C.7
TrimleoB1 laud jnortgnRd t l30GVt ! 110
Total debt 12i03C,855 ; 31
Capital stock 69,270.600 00
Total stock and debt . lfi'iaitt,355 ' 31
CoHtof road . 8141 327,529 'to v'
Aa . 3,282,283 PO
: n < h mi hand. . . 107,57570
' "uulnnd msiteriul
onhaiid . 4,821,89951
looks and bunds
owned . 1,080 , 07J 32
H-ci'lliiiiiviim in-
J. B. tian > porta-
ing fund ac
count . 8,918,10207
Company's rink-
ing fund * . 5,913,01008
til'H ' & account *
receivable . ! 30,757 C4
.mount in hinds
Of tlll-t"IIH of
lind iiijit ago
to r uil on in
Thu comp ny cBtlm.tiH fanning laii'ln mi
Hold it' . $ i. " > ,2rill , < 0 J and wnter-lroiit and luiuln
In i iin K/imu ucn , Oiiltland , an I .Sajrumiu'o
niS'.Jft ,0i0In / all , ! 5A'00OtO ' in addilijii
to the abmo n.i-nlH.
The coiiiinirtuKiiicr iig.iin invitns attention to
the Hubj-ct of Iho Inn mgof fie deblH of the
i-everul J' ciliu rullro.i If , and mimvn IIIM uug-
t'lvtioii thu > thu pit' cnt uncoitiiin moilu of
payment bo coinniiit d tu ono of lixid nbUga-
Hoiii having the nutrnliui. H in muniltht
that the m t"nf Mi.y 7 , lh"8 , has not aleiuuto- '
Iv a ciiinp'iflied ' ! pnrpni-o. It would Hei > m
of ihe highiHt iinporCkiicri thut con rent taku
iiiini idlitu un 1 hnul lotion 1 oiling to tlm ill-
tiinat.i ol tliU indub'cdneiK. Under
exmtmg l"Wrt tlm ilel-C IH > tiu ( ! ly incrui-lngnt
ttio rate i f tivr ? ! , < ( ) MOO pir annum. I am
of npiiil n that the hurt muthud of dud-
ing with thin iiidi'bUiliictB would b u an hor-
Ize ttio fun fin/ i f the debt on an ex ciiiion of
time and to the ptjiiHiit of lixul
fliuiitintH ut Dta'cd po i i.U . In ( oiiHtdorAtiim
tliU oxtoii'ion , the con panics Khould ha ru-
ipiircd lo tliu nixhminoiitH ot nil earnings al '
rcidy accrunil for governmiint tr > n p-iriutlon M
over nunIdod poitiotmof their rotdK , AH
u tin o e rningn for like to'viciM ever all ro.iiH
owned , IOJHHI ) , or opifaUul by theto compa
nion ftould bu plinlged by thu letum of thu ut
in the imvinont of thn accruing InstallmoiitB
of UIH debt an they inatiire.
If It bu not diM-mi'd by roogrcBii oxw1lont |
to tlniH lund the debt , the di rutlon nf the
secretary of thu tii-.uu.y an lo the Inventmcnt n
nf the Hluklng fund , which in nuw conlineil to o
pr cent. Uiiitod HtuKa boiidn thould bo mi-
laigtd , u the inUnxtiif thn whole Invoitmeiit
thiiH fur mudii h IH not yit fijiuldd tao pruml-
uins piid for the liondK.
[ Sundry rofriuiices to poifiim , Ycllow tonii
Park , etc. , auaceeding tli9 ah jre am crowded
out of the prfxcnt UKIIO but will nppoar to
rnonow. Kn 1
Becuro your seats and avoid the ruth
at the dior fur tlio H'.anloy'u Female
Mnstodons. They appear at the Aoadniny
nf Musio Thursday and FridayUovoinbor
N i.t.d . ON TKIIM8 TO
I'UK-OIIAHCR in order to make
room for our Holiday Ooodn. U i not
mm i luokillg ut thn IMTL'HIIIH dllVrcd
iM.\x MKVKII it lino.
COAL , iriclii'linu' Wiildir. itlnck , $1 " < 0
8' ) 00. C'OUTA.ST it SfJUIKKS 21'J
South Huh.
new c rd.
- - -
' x onL.'id -B iiow fri in 18 to$40
at M..X . PJfj-Hr .V BroV noi2i ( ! '
v nurnxn MIJN.
Korluncs Hiuulril I nun tlio Pool
Hot to tlio MOJR AVIui PI n nod
Tholr l'\ilih to ( Sroxer.
Now York Journal.
Dozens uf well-dressed men , most ol
whom rroro now silk liato. crowded Kelly
it Klias'a yestordny. Tuey were nl
duilins' , nnd It did not noud n clalrvoynnl
to toll thu observer that they had nil be !
on tlio winning Mdo nt the Into election.
A big placard hung across the black
board which bore the words ;
Kloclion beta on thu general result ntu !
on New York nUto will bo paiil from 10
n , in. to 10 p. in. to-day ,
Mr. Kelly bucked IMnino piirBotiollv ,
but his firm took bets on anybody and in
every conceivable Bliupo. A iuo soiei )
boy rushed in during the afternoon mul
oxclnimud :
"Mr. Gould wnnta to know if ho cim
drnw these Btakcs now ? "
"Cortalnly , " topliod Mr. Kolly.
"Hero's an order on the stakeholder fur
S18.000. "
The boy rushed down toVnll strool
with it. A well known firm of brokers
were the stakeholders. The butter wni
not .lay Gould , but n gentlonian who had
once boon clerk at the Windsor hotel
Mr. Kelly had bet 810,000 to 418,000 01
Itlaino on tlui Kcnornl result.
Mr. Ilunry Morrison , the proprlotor ol
n "buc.kot eliop" at No. 67 Uroadwny ,
dropped in nnd walked out S20.00C
John ( ioorgo , a well known broker
wnn ono of the heaviest winner ? . Ho
backed Cleveland from the atari , nnd his
confidence In the Hul' ( < lo man was nuol
that ho wns rewarded by a Imul of ? H5 ,
000- Deb Cli > tt lonkoJ happy ns ho
drew out $10.000 , the amount of his
wngor that drover would carry the otnto.
Al Smith accompanied Mr. lUllott , ant
was apparently sntitfiod with $ uOCO.
At the Uoll'iunn houno the big snfo
which was reported to bo buratini ; will
its load of luoro was opened nt an early
hour. Mr. Stokes , who is reported to
hnvo hold $100,000 in election bets , f 1
lowed the ttxnmplo of Kelly Bliss niu
began paying out the money to the lucky
inon. The gorgeous birroom reaped
Imrveot nnd champa m flowed llko water
At Iho ofllco of Uiidgo & t/J. , nnd
ether booknmkors yestordny was devoted
to . Bottling up the wagers and that tirn
is ' credited with having paid out ( ! 0,00 (
during the day.
A anllow young man In n nilk hnt and a
light overcoat called into nn uptoivi
poil room during the afternoon. 11 o die
not look particularly well pleased as hi
aarr the lorlutiuto winncrn walking nil
with their gains. A aporting man , w
knows everybody nnld to a Journal reporter -
porter :
"That young follow la the faninua
'Dink DAVIS , the faro player. Ho haa
nnidu much noise about bis wages , but
ho dropped $15,000 on the elociion. "
' Dink" is the man who crealud con
atornalion nniong the f.iro bankti of thin
city J two yeara iigo , Ho broke three
banks in succession In ono week nnd at n
Barclay l ntreot game ho won § 40,000 in
ono sitting.
Davis is ntiid to hnvo lout moot of hia
winninga ainoo ttion and the result of thu
election haa proved nioro diaAitrous to
Among the well-known men who drew
out Urge minis from stnkoholdero ycater-
dnyworoDivo .Johnson , thn horeemaii ,
and Henry Woorlaholl'ur , the Wall street
"hour. "
B. Haas , Florist !
Anil Dealer III I'IUMOIH , Plant * , lliiiii'U | , Guttlnga
ItcurktloiiH , ito. OnuiilioUHo , vant of lliutcall'
* Arh , Ih lluvim roR.l.
Tulcptono , No. i > 02.
Private rooms lor achiltn atronNonalilo into * , Inclu
dint ; iiur In . l'rouiit ] attimtloii itlvon to cnicrm'ii
caeca , ratluntx cjui bu attoiulod hy their own nil
nlclan VI > lB | > niary for the poor OKJII IMcieuay
Ibundavaaud UaturdavH ( rum 10 to 11 s. in.
Bee Hive Photograph
2I North Kith Street.
Horaomlicr tlmt my
ro Iii8i > oot(3il IwforoliulnKilt'llvvrtMl
nun llio MICK IIIVi ; PHOTO
IKAI'll 8TUL/IO HMurlnif uvtry-
body ixjiluct latmfactlou.
.0. Ail him l. < ck Uix 1433 , C'ounill 111.1114 . lo\ta
Iron & Brass Foiiirj
OSHouthl tbUtroot , OMAHA , KKII ,
Mannfactur-m ot llr ' CuslliiK-i , Htovo C > itln
ml all ( ithur | { nc anthiK < A H/ircUlty. / Hjioclal alien
Ion K' ' 'f n to thu in mul .cturo of o kitliivn for | i ' .eiit
'jkMtiu * nuwlo ut a few houm' no Ion. Na work wl
> Uolitereil unltwi ivulifactlon li vlvun
fiuccot ) 01 * to Mr , 'HIBO. ( > son.
ALIHT , DOS run th btroet , lutwcon Karnain and liar
y. will with the alii of Kuuni n < r III tn , oliUlnln | (
r inyine i < Unoo In tlio imut ni'l ' jironont , iul or
rtoln oondltloni In tha future , /loot / * r.d thui
llft'ln * nrili-r Pfvfprt ftllMlvllnri vnftr nt *
Matter nl Amilicatlon of Will'tm ' OalUh fjr 1'ur
u. 1 1 tj ktll Ilijiior
Not Ira U hereby Klt n tliat WlUlim d'n'Mi ' did
DMII tliu VMIi lUyof , MJV. , A , 1) . lh.31 , filu hlH& ) > | iII < a
tiimtilh' .Muiir aiil/'Kv Uuiin ill f Onuht fur | 0-
nit to mil Malt , Hilrltiiuun | mul Vlnoui Iiiiioru. | a-
BiliUKKtili'ur luvdldiui , in cia la i miij aimml ul
urK > IB dily , ki til. ! ' ' . ! u .nth IMi mr. l , Bnl
Kurl.Oii'Uh ' * , , Ne'i fr in tin illli .by . t Al ill , IMI ,
tn llio I Ull ilny ol April IB D.
If tlitru IM nu oljjtctloii , rvinonttrunoo or | > rote l
Uh l vtltliln two Mtiukn irom N V. iDtli , A. U.
181I , th.i .al < J ill' vli | lu/fiiiit'd
MlU.I M UNADIHIt Aiilcai.t | | |
n20-l wS ki. J J. I , . < ' Jt'.WITr < lli'k
DR , SWill'WAM. '
Office luth atroot , drat door north il
farnaiu In lioyd'n Oior hoimo. Loavc
orlor ( at ollici or H i 'i Arw ' ( oro.
Haidonc N > . 101'J Farimni fit.
HvRidoncH 'JVluphniii ) . 57 ! * .
Ollico Tulfljihono , 150.
MISSES fl , & F ,
Oj | * l Ll' Hiyil'd OjK'M HulllO
1515 Farnam Bt ,
IftOIl Hit-HAtX-KlccmitrMUtoiiMKinl'MnamMI .
1 ton Ivlock * trtm I'oslolllro , rotiifr lot , 07j laei
couth front , juotoii nrw Krtulc ; liouso 11 toonw , with
every innlftu lni'ro [ ' > cincnt , $3,000 null , bkl&nraon
tour \ ran' time , Itarefttn ,
rurcKii i cxiii .IMS y rci\m si.
7 > OK BA1.K SOI Thrco flno"l > Hfk twl Jcnpej on
1 JUli direct , liotnNii Dixlgf n.l K rn iu. All
inixtcm liniro\rincnts ] , ca t trout , anil an l
wlln ! y leper cent nut. Ono liilt wwili , UnUiioo on
lone tfmo. A conn , nit Kanum st ,
Tr > OKaALK-195-niie rpitilcnooon Mt I'teannt
I1 kvcouo , 1 | Mwkdofl 1'ark ktctuio , M rooiuf , all
moilom liii | < roM'mrntn. IAI to ( rot toiith front.
' 1'rioc * 7.l > 00.
conn , IBIS ramum st.
I poll SAt.K 180 lhni o ml lot on OrorjtU arc-
1 1111(1 , oiio-Ii U Mork routh ol t. llarj'a uvoiaio
ft root r line , ( ull lot. IIOIIM new , a roomi.
I3.COO r-
&CO11U , 1615 r rn raStr |
FOIl SAI.l172lSltlSl tpct cuM front , on llth
trcct , near Arbor , with hoimo 6 rooms , ttable ,
out liulKlliiKt , iliailo MH ! trult Irons Will Iw o l At
ft b xaln. I'OIIKH A COlill , 1616 Kainun Bt. .
FO BALK 109 South uitl * Mt ooruer 66i130 ,
with ill room lmuv > . new , iihftdo n < \ f t ult tiron ,
C'rdcn , ( lowers , etc. , on Ch&rlci itroet , Hhlnn'uSrJ
vlJlUon. ,600. ll.iri.-aln.
roiTKita conn , isis
FOH HAT.K 18 ! ) Home a roomi , ulfelot en Uth
Rtrcot. on 1ml I l.lock north rt Ht lUry'i Toau .
I'lloo 93,400 Kuv terinn.
l-OITKll & C011H , UU fuatta Ot.
I710H BALK 140 House T looms tn fine repair , on
' full lot , south front , on Douglai street , ndar
ZMh. I'rloo 4000. ; hasy tcrmii.
I-OIT1CK iii CO 111) ) , 1615 FuoamSt.
FOIl SAT.E 1U Fine house , 10 room * on Slit ,
full lot. corner nouthntiil cut fronti , ono Mock ott
ilructonrllno , nice Kroinuls. I'rlco J7.MX ) , En y
torms. VOlTKlt & COIIU , U15 K rnoin St.BJ
F > OR HAT.K Itt Hftlf tot , KOO < | | ' n tv ,
bouto , barn , tc. 1'rloo f 1.000 , oneor I . .
rOTTKlt & 0I1U , 1616jf u
IJ OH 8 AT.K 1W ( Two hoiucn , 7 rftom t ts
1 llotbach's 1ft n.Ulltlnn , comparative ew od
Kflod lliap ? . 1'rlirs J'J.POO , V2,7l < 0.
rOITKU A 001)11 ) , HIS Parnam Rt
] 7(011 ( SAt.B IBS-Oooil hoilM , lot IDilSd on lUii >
' lltoti ftrtct , tuim , outbiillilln ? ) . , 8.1,000. K.vfr
teinu. rOTTKIl i COUII , 181B Varntra St.
JTiOK BA1.K 171 tot south front ( Wil8S. Urocct
1 cotUre , IxsliNs olntcts xn.1 kath loom , many
KlDdi < 1 hiilU , thail.i trrcs , tA , $ .1,7Ca Ktry tarn * .
D , 1U5 r tcim Bt ,
? 0lt HM.K-T t * In HUUIclt aodltkmj , beni to Va
' city for rciUlt'iirm.
I'OITEH & COD11 , 15I5 fuoua Pi.
1T On HAtK-tnt , rawwil ' 'ami ' Improved , r > a
J' i > * rt8ol the city. Call on u § .
> " "tlA. . . . I'OTTKll A COUU , 1515 F.Atlutn Rt
FOH SAT.R-Trfilg Hi Intonation i
ami Lowe * vanu , kt from $400 io 8500 eaolt ,
CMh anil 110 vet month.
LPOTTEll A COBD , 1515 rnunk8t.
FOU SALE MO acres li milt * lonth ol Uafaa
itork 7 il . Will t U 80,100,240 or 320MrMla
Ixxly. taml ImptQVfd , huumw , l rD , orchint * . eta.
eto. IUru ln krom$45 to 155 p r * era. TVm
rOTTKll Jk OOUD 1615 fkirutn 81.
FOn BAtjR 50000 acroa of land In Chcyotit
IT , Nobruka , at tt.OO l r arro.
FOK SAtE 6,000 as ol'giKMl Und tu
county , atM 60 p cro. ;
rOTTKll OUI1 , IMS Pariuiu
TTIO l SALR Several ( cctlons In IHwhOn ootrnl/
JL < iJO 60 per acre.rOTTKU
rOTTKU k COUD 1516 Furuun Hi.
I7IU11 SAI.K 10.000 aorca ot tltelrablel and hi Ikn .
.I1 ulat Hnrpy , CuinhiK , Nanae , Mcrrlek , UuHiii.
Kvarney , Tliaycr and Lincoln countlca.
POTTEK & COUU 1515 Famaw 81.
liupdrtrr , Jolber'and U'nntactiircr'i Agent of
13th Street , Bet. Farnam nnd Iliirnoy.
Tlio Klorfilo
63 Can.lle I'owrr
Jewelry of a designs made to order. Large ntork of
'Diamonds and Fine ( Md Jewelry.
ovird Waltliam , Elgin , Lancaster and Columbus Watches
Cor. 15th nnd Dodiro , oiipoaito Postoflice.
s- , B
\ = > tn
g tnI
_ " * W
'I A nny one who inircliimpB gooita to 11 e i mount of &l C.lf ( or nero nt
' ! ,4i Piinuim Ptrect , before Dccomlior 1 . 1884.