Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 28, 1884, Image 4

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Onimlm OtUou , On ) . tMU Kurnnr.i Ift ,
tfotr York Offloo , Hoxjm 00 Trlimno
nl ) UtvniVtf inotnlog dall/ ,
tcnr . $10. ' I Three Monti *
MMlOc * Month
Per VA-tk , 2J C nl .
Till T , rtJKM 01"D T1 T
On 7ou . W.W I Threa Montrip.
ttTMor.ttta , . , . . . . 1.00 I One Month. . .
it } Cenratuliwltorn rrltflti * lo News tnd WUirlel
to the WIO ni Tin
411 Ifcwlncu tetters led llcinlttteMi UcmW ho
< Hwi 'l to Tic O PmunBuia OovrA r , n * n .
DrafU , Ch ok and Pwtollra order * to b road * pay.
b ) to tlii ord t of Ins nardpAnr.
m BUB mBLisniNG co , , PROPS' '
R llOSHWATKIt- llor.
A.'H. 1'itcli , Mnnwrnr Daily Circulation , I'
0. Box , Omaha. Not ) .
TUB dootion n [ President Arthur an
eonntor from New York is much inoro
likely than the election of Oonklin ; ; .
WniTr.r..uv Ur.ii ) Is n little previous in
rt'fusin the Noff York imuntorolilp before -
fore ho has n chancu of accepting it.
Tiir.un tcotils to bo Kreat txcUomont in
the rtito of IJi-atrico and its outlyiuR
provinces on acojuitt of the indiolmcuta
rucontly found hv the ur . .ntjury. \ .
Tun I'hilndu'phii Call dcntcn the report
port that Wlllinn Astor gixvo his clatigh.
tor the city of Boston as n wedding pree-
ont. It was a $100,000 city of itoaton
bond. > '
WANUINOTON Territory wonts to bo >
< nrao a ntito , nnd will probably apply for
nlmiision .this winter. The territory
now nan an estimated population of
SOMB of the present cabidct oflicers ,
who were decidedly oppoood to the civil
ocrvico reform humbug , as they called it ,
have just diicovcrod what an admirable
thin civil nurvico will bo when it pots a
fair trial.
I'KIMIG ISiamarck has jotnud Dr.
Miller and J. Sterling Morton in becom
ing an nntl'iuonopuliat. " IIu chargco
the moiuborn of the Gcnnnn
national. legislature with riding
on fteo 'railway patties nil over ( ho em
pire , and ho advocates the revocation of
nil such
Tun president Inn at hit appointed A
commissioner of the labor bureau.
Oiptain Fubrcnbash , who is the lucky
man , will nt once procuod to org nisw the
Institution , hin principal duty being < o
collect , atalhtjca and information , Mr.
Jarrott , the disappointed candidate for
the position , has been taught that it is
bettor to ba discreet than lee previous.
JURY fixing hij boon wurkod up to a
Gno point \Vnshtngton. . It is assorted ,
BAys the attorney-general , that men live ,
support tholr fajiiliua aad oven become
rich In the practice of thin nefarious pro-
fission. In order to chock this businees
the attorney gtneral recommends that
the jurisdiction of the United States cir
cuit and district courts for the judlolal
district of Maryland bo extended for thu
purpuao of oocuricg trial iu fiueh courts ,
and before junoa drawn from the entire
-etato of Ql-irylnud , of otntB involving
crimes committed in the District of Col
umbia against the United Htutei.
ONE of the very first things that should
bo done by the present administration is
to ro-opou the Stinking Water land
fraud n. The land oflico at McO < ok was
fihowu to * bo crooked , and it trill not defer
for the republican administration to
BTThlt tUo coming in i f tha democrats to
clean it out. T/io / rcptnt of Inspector
Green ought to Imvo been euQiclont to
huvo cflUBud ( hit removal of tha cithers
and Ibo appointment of men who will
obiy the law rather than the mandnUu
of any coneropuman or nnv political boas ,
IN mentioning tliu "olunu ahtvea" of
the campaign , the St. L'jtiis Globo-Dara-
ocratBayu : '
A plurality of 1,100 In Now York do
-cidixj the pruaiihn itl ooutuut Tno con
trol of lliu lllin-ia IcuisLuuro depends
upon ono incnibur , rnrr > ing with it thu
clioicotf u United Suit s oeimtor. In
Now .lerwy the Biiuto is a tii' , with onn
district yut lu ( Heputo , the nuttloiuviic tf
which involves the tclectinn of nolikf
justice , a otato treasurer aud other im
portuut tflicerH , Several other otatm
present very eltnder parly itipjont.ts iu
their logUlaturea. And evou iu Misaouri
tlio doinocratio cui'idnto ] for pnvHimr
pullu through by a majoiiiy of oily DOU
hardly KB muoli as a sotf-rrapectiiu Amir ,
ioan citizen uhpuld bo willmcj tu put up
with in running for county ovortnor *
the poor.
THE Omaha Dr.K tindjl fault with Iho
Journals list t > t mompora elect to the
legislature. Tfila paper did not vouab
for the fkbsolulo correct nees of any of
tbo partial liitj it ptin a. but cxprota
ly elated that they were baaed on whal
could bo loarntd ut thu tirno. But as
they w rogood enough1 er Iho
eteal nd print without r > rrdit , it wpult
eppuar that the Btrf is i kin to the
uhiug tramp who kickt l for hotioy io go
on hie bread aud bu'tir But Wo can't
fford homy 1o th tlint can't
gather it. J/lncoln Journal.
Themis no paper in Uuu country thai
fjlvpa credit innro genVroualy than the
BKB for oveiy original arliolo h .ojjiita .
from itsfxchanges. Thu Hat published
by the DKB was not stolen from tlio
Journal , nid the procf ' , of thut/act is In
< tbo diilerutco : in the tw 1 Hat * . The < no
publitbcd by the Jourral w o gro uly in
correct as to the inemueu o'ectcd , and
failed to thow thn political compluion
of iiH'iijbtfiB , . Unlcra thu Jowna
c'nims a conyrlght on tha names of tbo
iucmber bf talVn'Xt'Jigi ! ' lutur fi.VQ o imo \ '
mo what right it has lo charge us with
.olealing uliat U ioovrn to bo publj [
Tun prain dealers who canto la Ihi *
clly to ask for n lower tate on corn to
Chicigo visited the r ilf7fty oflicis poster
d yard ntAtcd the situation to the
odiciftlc , who promlaod thrm n nnuwcr
ns caily anpossiblo. . The Nibraska and
Iowa lines of conwo mint nrMiigo for the
reduction batwccn thnnunU'eo , and n
mooting of Iho general frtit-ht Rgouts of
the Inwa lines to coimider iho ci o i to
1m hnld in Chicago to-doy Omaha
It is high line that the railroad mon
R < jnra t f Nebraska ohould comprehend
the situation. Thorn is r n intense fell
ing of discontent nmong the farmers of
thin stale bordering on revolt. Like the
awful cslp that precedes a lerriblottorm
the apparent innction among our pro
duccrs ii in reality the forerunner of nn
ontbrotk that boclcn the rflilroadn of Nc-
britnlin no good. Evidences rf ( ho Im
panOiog trouble are accumulating from
day lo day. The following letter is ex
prcBMVo of the prevailing sonlimonl :
Aitiiottviu-K , N K , Nor. 26 , 1881.
To the IWltor ul Tin : 1)K
rieasu gtvo tuAOo in your columns to
the following :
3 < ' rmertl Shtll wo snffijr Iho curse of
railroad slavery forovct ? Wi'l you not
lot your ntrtnglh bo felt in our next
h'glsliturt ? Are you cowardd ? Dare
yon not npcak hko man ? D < iru you not
s/isott your n'ghti , ? Bat n ithort limn nye
the n. & M. could carry corn to Ghicfg.i
for thirty cents a hundndj now it mmt
havothirtyfivo conls. What does this
moinl It moans just thin : How much
will you otnnil ? Wo will take
half your crop this year , and if you will
stand that wo will tulco n little inoro mat
year , and so will keep on until wo taku
it all. Su Buy the rnilrcnda. Now what
wofnrmor want to du is to orginiza in
every counly in the state. Lot every
county in thu state of Nebratka hold , a
convention , nnd BOIII ! its delegates to Lin
coin this winter during the mooting of
the legislature. Work for the pinsago of
a bill that will rodnus this monstrous
Lut our repreeentativcB and senators
Fotl our power for once , Give them to
undontand that if they do nut give us
this needed legislation they do not repre
sent up. There is a tray to chock this
oXcotBtivo freight. It must and shall bo
done. I Mark the prediction : The tlmn
IsiiOtfar distant when Iho people will
right thiif wrongs with their might and
strength if law and jastioo do not prevail.
But the ruilrrnd mon blindly cay what
liiint of n country would you dave had if
it had not been for our railroads ? Wo
admit Iho railroads to bo a great civilizor ,
nod wo need thorn , but not to rob uu of
& 11 the products cf our labor. Lot me
suy again , lot uvoiy county in the ntatn
of Nobranka orgimiz ) , hold a convention
it Lincoln dining the sorsion of thu
egieliinro. Hero io a good and great
work. Who will bo the loader ? What
ion b coino of the great nuti-monopoliat
1 will tell you , farmcra , If Ihoro
were tnon throughout thu oUto DD hero in
York , I do not wonder that nothing hits
> eon nco'jmplished. Wo love gojd mon ,
mt they liavn not como < o the front ,
Jtimo to tin ) front nn.v with the bono aud
ninun' nnd lot us bu free from Mil way
slavery. J. M. S.
This Is si nificint. It dooj not ema-
tate from political mounttbinkn who
doiiro lo miku capital for thomiulvoa ,
jut voicon the auntimunt of qvt ry fttrmor
who has aattlud on the neil of Nubraiku ,
Whtlo the railroada arc waging acut-
throat war on passenger rates east of the
Missouri , they are literally choking thu
Ifo out of the people of this section by
.heir outrngoous freight ratea. Wo are
told that the people of Butler and Polk
counties itlouo could havu navvd fully
$020,000 on the orcp of J8 l if it could
lave been nliippod at the ruto tint pre
vailed in 1870. In that year the rate
was from 18 to * 2D cents on corn to
OhicjRo , and from 25 to O.'t cuiita on
whout. At thoao rates the railroada were
oirning from thrco-quixrtera to ono cent
tor ton par mile , which is regarded an a
> roh'tublo rate anywhuro. Now ilia ruin
< from 113 to . ' 15 cents on corn , and from
13 lo 40 ecu la on wheat. Them U no
competition in rates iu Nebraska. At
ovoryjoompotitivo p < int the mouopoliea
iivo pooled , and the rates cxauted now
on the main lines and branchou uro about
same. In vioiv of the veiy low piicu
which grain now commands in the com
mercial coutors in this country and in
Europe the til'ot of the freight rateu on
Jubntska I'H simply pnralj zing. Our farm
ers cannot meet ihuintutest on their miirl-
; ugognor can thry meet thflrordinary ix
lunsus. Mon who have runted land iu Nubriulu on ahurea of ono third
of Iho crop , vlitn the liurvi'at was over ,
and the crop wan iu the muiket , did not
; ot n dollar for their labor. How can
uch men p y their billu and olothu their
'auiilio&J Asuoiiibiquoncoip'a : nottho fai-
mi-r alonci who Bufl'ma , but the merchants
and manufacturers who depend on the
'armoro' trade are ctippled and driven
into bankruptcy. Aud in this connec
tion it should bo borne in mind that
Omaha la very neriouly ciipplod by thu
railroitd ooriuorants in the policy which
they have hoen pursuing. Omaha would
havu ranked with St. Paul aud Kansas
Oily to-day Lad it not boon for the ooltiah
courao pumuod by the railroad wrecker * .
Why was it necessary fur the railroads
tok , their "war" iariff
tptjp } iju pro-
duotsuPtil the grain dcnlara luado their
ajpoal'for red 6tlou ? Is there any valid
eicuso why'th'yy thould ohatga more for
hauliug grfld than they did flvo years
a o ? > Is jfc-not K glttlmo for Iho people
to M 8i ' UJojS r'lgMa und gut fair treat
, Dri Nprviri Oroup , president of the
Western Union telegraph company , Ima
leen ( it Jo cntiTupoii a vindication oi hi )
coiDjmny against the charge of improperly
middling with .thu recent tlieliun ro-
luius h d , aibing ! the rejwrta to suit it *
political ffiorjaa. The ovidt-nt him wntl
oVjt-ct of Dr. Gj re en in to convtiU'o thrf
Aninirnii people that thu Wfatera U. iun
ia uttiotly a neil partfain cnrporution , < < ii >
gagi-d in purely commorcid butineim f'r
ri'.vtniin ) only. Now wu do not propoao
to entt-i- into A dltcuialon of Iho merits of
Mr. ( IriWa icfon ! ! . I ( thu Wi-eU-rn
| Union tulfgrajili cunpany would stluwi
strictly to itx own legitimate bnfiinoss as
n pjbhc c.mior instead of colleclirg nowa
mid peddling it out to hotel ? , drug stores ,
saloon ; , pool rooms nnd theatres , and
other ostabllihrnenlfl , in the ciiica nnd
towna through whioh its lines run , it
would not bo obliged to Mil itself on iho
The only le i Imato business cf the
Western Unijn is lo Iransmlt dupitohes
by tiltgrnph. The buslnesj cf colleclirg
anil selling news belongs to the niso.
ciated jiresn , prim agencies nnd private
ecttopiieo. It is bcMiiso the Western
Union telegraph company , under ita
greedy management , goes out of its
proper rphero of a common carrier of dis
patches that it io now compelled lo go before -
fore tbo people with a vindication of its
course. It is no excuse to eny that thn
n'soclatfcd prcpa could riot nflotd to pa >
for all Iho outlay of collecting nowa for
its palrons , and therefore the Western
Union haa to turn Itself into a news
egency. Why should not the postollico
do thu Homo thing and convert itself into
an agonty for gathering information froxi
stations that have no telegraphic com
intinlcatlon ? Tnero would have been no
trouble for the associated press to gut all
the moiKT it needed for colleittng thu
nofTH provided the Western Union had
not undRrtakon to bccorno a dealer in
news bulloline , which could have readily
been supplied lo Iho public by newspapers
in nrory locality by issuing extras. Sup-
poo0 thu government had controlled the
telegraph system , would it have prosti
tuted Ito functions as a carrier of dis
patched to become n dealer in news and n
peddler of bulletins ? All the talk about
the ineflicioncy of the associated press not
getting the latest election returns Is more
bosh. There is no otato in the Union
where the leading papers of both parties
would not contribute snfQciont lo pay for
all election returns from the cities ,
towna and villages within their own ter
ritory , and that would have been suffici
ent for all practical purpotca.
Co'eiitio ) manage * to knap above ( rround
without u doctor.
1 ixon county will expoiimout with town
ship nrunuizithn ,
Tin recent iinprovomontu In Lone I'ino nro
o tiinatuil kt § 7r > . ( HJi ) .
A goMiiun "hirjl of froedtm" was leccntly
capture I at Hartingtuii.
The Union l\icifi < > payroll at North 1'Iatto
amnutituil to $ i'2XlO ( last month.
Thi ) new liuntlflt cliureh at Crrichton
tvhlah cent § 3000 wiw d < dicat'd ua tlu 1'3J.
Norfolk nrii'i8ifl _ ) : to rrfranizo n compniiy
with a capital of $10,010 to build water
we irk p.
A salnr.ri Impor at Plniuvlew ,
ciiiinlv liao bouu i.idlctnl ter dlrptiihlng the
AN malia county fanner raised two crips
nf | niilo' tliit yeur ; vliu utcouil cro [ ) tuidcil
fioni thu li t.
O.-iptnlu I'hll'IpR ' , nlio waa shot a few \vfrkn
BRO whilj uttt'iuptlui ; to muku an nrit'Ht in
Cidiir county , dtutl l > t wcik.
Tick Nul on , of Wuhikn , lost § 2,000 barn
by firn li nt rt'lc. Fivii herms niul u quantity
ot giutn nutl Imy "ere coi , mined.
A ma'i In Nuimiha c tinty la getting out tha
limloiH fern Ittrn > J by10 fium d flruru of
trucfl which hti planted tvrtnty jca.s a u.
Prniil , ) firfi hum dfxtrojrrt ] iho raiign from
1 % lluuvrr to the north furk "f thn Jieiiubli-
can , nnd fr in thu li , aud M. tj thu 1C. 1 * .
Th Waterloo ( tizelto doli'icrntdy ' n'Hirts
that thut town "doo.s umtjn some of thu
must Bttipid men UH cltini that any place
could , "
Wn iy it iniHly , without any doslm to
stir the ri'Kiilaru" into now life mid uui'ully ,
that Bavorul Undo TOIII'H Cubius nro still loooo
In the ulattt.
Mr . Hunry Kocfnr , of I inonln , on Snttu-
ilayfull on thu Htcpj appro .oiling lhi'p"nh f
thnir family rnHidmalird - > kln ( < hur urm at I lit )
wrlut , llu bnnu protru 'inj ; .
J. W. Iffury , a pliotoprnpli'r nf Cedar
Hupid-i dl-p'aiod ' thn lu-gutlvo < > f IJH own with
tli ill of iinothfr ui > * a wife m.d dinappour. d
willi thu ulr.iddw mid Biitmtanci' ,
Tim biiM'KSJ in > u nf IfanliiKH are pttting
up a o iinnilttt'u tu KM il lo Omulit thiu wuek
touonfor with thii hivif'H uf tlio niilioad com-
pmiliw In repaid to jubbera rntoj out of thut
city ,
Thu two wings of the i-titn cnpi'al mo to bo
0 mn-iiUd witn u eiivuitd wo.idpn hrii'gx ' f > r
the i ! ( nvenli nc.i nii'l ' comfort of the coining
leg t-latiir. . Thin ill enuble the lobby t J Kin-p
la out ul the wot.
Tim jMiniiccDiliKt Ipiiirio { > n o nliu'ly ' in-
> lti tliH ( Jiiidnii Vrf + i limn to ' tuku H r nplo
of brick * nnil piu H Niinio fHiifii intohi'uiii
nliiiii. " The uuutiiiR will fuithulJi adjourn
t U Ul'CHa tllO Uprritltlll ,
The ontcrpr hli > K bn < inoi > a m n of T'liim
Crti.k MIniilug 11 fund t > i efn.y ( ho ix
poMtiiHuf linking nn muvinn u-ill in thu NIWH.
An In ror iMiru tl-nt fl > v. | . ( j untrr woidj to
blimck i.t u tlr pth nf & U futt ,
A l-ymr o'll child i f u Mr , Milier who
HUB iiboiit HX lulliH boo liutrt of . jrje.H" ,
win burin d lo di'iith on TimiH.luy IMHC whiln
| IHJIU ! | run i. d uliUBt'.ck . uitti tuacht-H , Tno
iinloitonaio child wua d-i.if and iliniiU.
Tlio I'Jnttfiiunutli .Iiuunnl rujHtho
riatx uhiicitniu up tu Umitlia atunl < y
to cthibrntu took niUuntiiKO " f t u tire in
h'ru Ifiicki1 hat Htorn In rituru luimuvllh iww
1 o CIIMIII tiliM. No doubt of it , but r | .ub-
licaiii jiut up thui'Hth.
Tnu Bhtn Ixmti of a maatndim ir.nimirii v 33
IncliiN in l-iicrth , IIS t&ohtm truiinil thu lui t
uii'l Uliiul M nroniid the em-.llfHt ] > art , IIAI
litxii f'lumliii ' Illtclicock cmintv. Tim liuno
indiuiilt-ti that it in it part of thu anatomy of uu
iminial at lutitttwilvn feet , in tuixht
A Fn-mnntor named Ituukinastvr i/nt too
full to breutt the blizzml Kutuniny nixht and
nut own t'i riBt HU frt owillod no liig UK
hit head , III * boot * wuro cut olf. und tivo IIIIUIH
bath Iu u tub of iou wutcr sullicid to brli K
buck ai.Imitou ! to 1 1 < peduln.
A dlmnjnupr nf Knlor lightning But up his
tent aid Uppul IU baireU In Clanloii lunt
wtvlt , but btforo th' < tupt IH of the ton had u
cluuo ) tu Bunplu thu Btuclc a e mitnttno of
cltiz u > pulitttly but brmly in\itod Liu to
I110VU 1/iTj 111 ! V4U1II06CX ] ,
Onthulnlphtof thi 19th , at Libeitir , Will- lIuflHiuith , n 11 li M. br wm
caught between thdruwhtn In whll-i o > up1ii ( ?
c r mid win U-riibly bruited o IMHICB nt-ro
liniken. but the uldunuu wi i terribly man-
gluil. Ilp ka kllvuutlMt nccounU.
Tim Or and I-luiid lndp [ > iiili'utfay'i "Thi >
tmtliiK Ima en uloiiK thu llauof Inn Unioti l > u-
clll K'a'l ' liavM benii linnd liv thii iom | > any to
uu Oinslu compHiiy. wh will t ke cli.i ia 1) -
cuintit-r 1 , U4iit. li.iker vi.iu-d Oinnha Hut-
mdiiy UIKMI thu buiin a. wo am toll "
A u'ri ) broke out Wednesday inornirK nt
Dnnln''duairjjii ' K pinperly \ lml ulfJV-
OO'J ; InmiMiico 3l.0 Thu h rncs < bhupnf
Mr M.utui lint tuocumbvd , full-iwod by rit-w.
lilt Kr i'oU'B ' u r-'l toie , iMerlrrV HUM mar-
L-t-t , Ur. NnperKtr'n iwlJeiuu aud I'tIKe HII ; ! a
few iitlivn.
Tha l ) > xl v county tux Hit for 18SI ia can-
pl'toJ. Tlio f. iiiug > bov > Hu t .t l vnnniiiii
if8J7-2'JQI will p mlucp riliiil. < > 7.
Ihu Union I'uclnu w H HM II I u' $ ICIS I per
inilu , tT inlli-i Tli ri. U , A 1' ut Sl.tO i pr
mile 7 8 iniK ami thi F , K. 4 M. V.iit
SI K" " , 27 tnlli * .
T * uui--li vu doll ua lm < li-'on nfunt I nj a rn
xvftiil for lint ini-H or information leurlinjf to
the urrtKt i'f i nut K li Kitloii unit uiiti ur two
( tlu < ri who rin iilf vkltlmumo muit , aa'rni. \ | .
irty iwloiiKliirf io tin SiriiK'i-il | ' .S'.iuu
I liithlxir , fruiii HUflU.n , by air , A. H , IVvlur ,
till ) C"IIUII | ) 't Hgfli : ,
A miooUi tiilVin | doliiff thn ( tit with n
rouiblLntibiiumcliiiiu for h.lllnK uura uud
Binding feed. He myn hfl In not el'Ing ' the
rftinpiQ m.cSuin * , but IK mnply Mimlni ;
ih. ir p .ixl qualities * Still he would tnkn
rdttn but Iu mint \i\\o \ tc rtlfi ( l date-
mi nt "f w i At t''u fainnr WAS wnrt.1 buforu ho
w < iiM di-poo ' f the il/l.t. In nbo-jt two
urfkn. i-ftnwaid ilin f MLIT l'nin lo hit
torn w that h'j linn ilgncd a note for $20 > ,
The l/1ncoln NBWS sniffi the battle from
nfnr nn < l a Kingly nay."Tha Omah1 * llKK
holil * th'i h'p ' ml in A lively tilt with the He-
pil.llosn w.nrh | U Hprnrnitly Ixirdn li K on In-
n\ltt nt 111 vlndlcatlvn rnctiiy wlio bu.i'ln f
mu h tin ] IniRont clitiiUliu" ) u tory inco sfnl
O-ircir flnnncially , lint lota < ( gritn'id pnnti of
buvtncFH vim , niul > omo < on In Mr. lt < e
wntor' puokpt. IVirtjcii y dot.'t . nppo r to
. if. ct thu BUR with On ) bi/ head , tin' , the
dtli-r fallow l < in id , t cctno Rosy wou't sub-
uiit tu the ciiicilictl m nn "
A Ncbraikii fnrmcr in 'wltlnR It bin local
p.T 1C ? .tdn % h < nf cl.ulera , Biyn that a ti.o .
illtvare U bnUitlit kb lit in by r > a-nn of
dirty | cnn n'.d com diet clunRe In th ripht
direction will , by riiinovuu the c.HH" , proliicn
the euro. Kirot , cluuun tli < > hog t > hiitli , Inch
grrmt.d. nnd then f- ( l wh llv on o..t' . As
'on ns HID In Rd ntop ilyiig nit Rhiift Ihtlii
Tn , liiitC'intlnuM ' thuoitF. ( J.vo lim nnd
nit. Thu h K will not uuly Kut well , but will
f ittcn much fa-tcr than on corn diet.
A citizen of Pierce , while out ono night re *
cnlly , painting the town red , want Ihto ( ho
Fanners' h. . uu and prcc oilud to thu dinirtf
riium , whom tlio Rirliforc nnd llmiiKht tu
make it lively fur thorn , lint hn mudoa-luht
inijciilculntlon ; the plrlt weiu tin many for
him , and they noon had him down on the floor
and l"pim rubbing ] ) it rout nil over hin face ,
nnd they fini < hoil up by tying n diclicloth ovi r
hln mouth. WliPu they K" ; through with him
IIH waim fight tu I ehuld , and ho could tcarcely
realizu nhuio the fun cimo in.
Nnturnl oiu-lo < iitieitnroFprltgnfnpai ! ; rnpid-
ly F.H cern > ncH in thott to. Scribnor IUIB a
cilf with tin head , tiarn nnd ticklish procllvi-
ties of n mulu. Went IV-iut cumts i.ut with n
pift with tha head of n dr ( ? nnd thn tail of n
calf. Iti'ing Him ho n pi < with two mouths
nnd thieut-yuc ; n Js'orth houp Indy has nn
pgrttcr that work-t n corn ehellcr ; l.oulsn
i-iclimt of York , has n which'd
five orphan rnbbiti of tender flge ! Ttcumioh
ha * A double pl nf th 9iaine n twini pattern ,
mid theru N n p'g with trunk llkn nn do-
plmnt at Unzlllo tnlllf. Cirponder & Stctner
i xhll It u cryntili/-il chunk of Shit p irk , nnd
din alstj. H Hnrlpy nhowa tl cko if young
duck * nnd clikkorm hatched out by the aid of
u tnid-wintoc Incubator.
'llio rpfusal of Iho nnpromo tourt to give
Siinuirrinan , the Minilun murderer , a now
lin'o cf II o , haa knocked the nerve clean out
of him , aud a comical crook , occupying ap-
pirtmontn In the Kuarnoy jail , has boon av
i'ffnf ' d ns n companiun to Siiumernmn ti < cheer
bun up. The Lincoln Journal leains thtt I/ .
0 , Iturr , Simmcrmnn'a attorney , will raukonn
nttimptto tocnron tchtailngnf the craoin
thn mproinn court , nnd if he fails of tbl ho
ill go to the supreme court of the United
Stttei. The proumi rn which lioexpoqta to
ftt tlin euro before the United St t i co'irt Ia
the constlltilioi nl question of the right to do-
priM ) a citizen of Jifoor liberty without duo
pro'resi of Inw-n > itht whi h he claim ; it
violated by the dtcUiun Hint a private pqiaon
may arrent a parly when ho haa good mnon
to l-elievo ho has cominitti'd felony. Thix In
part of Imlgo MnxwfllV lito decision iu the
gppl.c.Vj'on for n now of the cnoj.
Iho liiauKUiatiou Ball.
New York St.-a.
Jt ia a tlm honored custom to occom-
piny the cert-monies of a pro idcntial in
auguration with n grand ball in which all
that is joyous and eklttish and graceful
und exuberant in the euccossful party ia
o7.p'c'.ed to pnttlcipnto. It need haidly
eiiid ( list llio ball after the inaugura
tion of I'runldent Cleveland will outahino
anything of the a ortfor the past twenty-
four ycura.
If the gj rations of the dancera on that
occasion bo ua uiicoiiflued ns their j iy ,
tlifir btepi will bu mumorablo in thn un-
nnU of Washington ball. * . The president
himself , though not built in an elastic
mould , cnn bo depended upon to lead a
quodnllo with dlgnihud ngiliti : nnd Hie
oiMicoiitriitod itifec * : of his nupportrra will
be trimendous. F dlior Thurman's rosy
oritUmmu , the red bandanna , will bob up "
no less Roreulfiy than tbe friskier and"
inoro Imputuous pu.inja of Colonel Wat.
terB , > n ; and theclanalu symmutry of Sena
tor Bayard's academic postures will glvo
Grecian benuy to the whole scene
Mr Ueniiricks will gracefully unbend
huniolf to thu inttictcioa of thu lunciers ,
and n ibody can iriMgiqp : till they have
btthek ) , thepoHtry of Mr. McOouald's
Oalnncing to corners.
F.inoy ia foktiguod at thu inspiring pos-
niblhtu'B of a democratic Inauguration
b H. Wo cannot coutomplito without
emotion the vision of William Stoolft
[ lolrnim in a ulido galop. In thu sinuous
undulation of the Saratoga waltz Con
grcsaman Dorsheimor can diapl iy to por-
K'ctton those physical graces for which ho
la fumed , nnd u polka-mazurka executed
by lluburt O. Thompson would Have n
wtird f.incinattnu for every epuctatar. To
eomo Wndu Qumpton might aptal ) as
iho perfection of nunly oasu and btmuty ,
npit his limb ; but Senator
VoorhucH , throadirg the nuzaa of the
dunce lik < ) a Uivnylug pine , would hold n
luiga ciielu of ndmirurn.
All the indica'iiii a nro that it will ba a
raruly fea ivo aoouo , and it la lucky for
all who pirticlpatu that thpy huvo a
chance to diuiou to fiddles bsforo eottling
dev > n to li rd fictn. This statesmaiiBhip
IB a prutly et-rlous buainesa , full of BUT-
piiiou und diaippointmonts , uud it ii
rii ht to frolio and bo guy while the
future is full of hope and thu cflkis still
utl opun.
T > n > | > HC iu a. i'i ap .1.
Wnahingtun Hp clnl.
lininoiluiieiy atcerOluvolnnd's election ,
Commissioner Kdmuude. of this district ,
wrotu u letter of congnktulation to Gov.
Cleveland , which lit ) guvo out for pubhcu-
lion bi'foro thu prualdunt eK'Ot could havu
ri-ouivud it , in which ho artfully But forth
( hat ho was a staunch democrat , with the
implication that ao fur uti ho was con-
curnid it would not ba necessary for the
now president to reconstruct tbo district
guvurnmont. Uut thu local demtorata do
not entertain so high un opinion of Mr.
Edmunds' democracy as hu btmault' docs.
At n niuutlng of thu JiU'craon democratic
a sjclation , hst ovoaing , resolutions were
adopted condemning the action of Com
missioner Edmonds "in relation to the
ntand ho has taken in trying to take
from Iho democratic citizens of thu
uiatrbt of Columbia , who have aided in
gaining the victory , the honor of
aiding in coUbrating the coming inaagu
ral curumoniiB " Too resolution * further
ut forth thai Oommlstbnor KJmunda
haa never bean identified with thu demo
cratic pirty or taken any put in its wel
fare , aud declares 'Mut w , iho JolForaon
Domocratio aairciation , ua tmrt of the
loyal democracy' of the District nf Colum
bia , Insist that Commissioner Edmonds
tuku a back seat , that thu democracy ( not
hi ) may Inaugurate their president , and
time wu ask all democrats to nid us i i de-
footing auy aohuma 'that this man of
utiuek1 may resort to that m'ght dcprivu
ua of our indisputed lights naciruiocrata. "
To thii the oouiuiiatiouer rupliua ;
"Why , I h v bjen a democrat all my
life. I voted the democratic ticket iu
Nuw York , where I was born. I was a
democrat for twenty yo re in I > wa , whurq
n IIHII'B ' dumocrocy ia u well tosti-d ns in
Miaaschuaetls or Vormont. What I
mean by that in tlmt in 1 iwa a nun ia
not a democrat for revenue. I was up
pointed a D , strict ommiini mor buc.uue
1 was a democnu , u id , na I am informed ,
upon thu requeat of nuirly one huudred
driuccrntic nuniboia of uouurum , who
upplii'd tu the president f jr my appoint
ment without my knowledge. "
Athrubulu , Fluuus , has a hotel for the
evdudvo use of colottd people
W. H. Vandcrbllt is trying n milk cist.
hu h w not yet loit I hgiip.
fkce ( till \vtn.T * n flatUGcd
Tcnnjson ban lived Ihrce-qtmrtcra of n cen
Chimney , an Kngllih actor , It raid to draw
vi ell.
ni'Aiil Dunn in commonly known as "Young
SutiDhlno , "
Hntlor now IJIITS his cigars at lha chonpe t
fl.itid in town.
"Mrs.Al'rofrssir lilt Shnfei" In ? her o
tamer In Aurthtrti Cdlifcrnh ,
Henry Jnine" goes licktnn ona b"tter. He
It writing "A Talu of Thruo Citlin. "
Hitting linll ha * knined to rat with a kntfo
nnd fork , ui.d is putting on nln ever it ,
I'nlll hni n mnd n now psrnt "Uuilor , "
Can the be in loin with thu politician ?
H if rumored that KvAntHNt Mnndy ia
font ] of old-fmlilonod New Kuglnon dough-
Sitting ltii'1 hn nn enormnus hfiad. Ho
wrnrsnNo. 7J hat.latgar tlun DenlflVcb -
Tlw CountcsK TJ'Aurny Is ti fitter of Mrs.
Mirlon oinvifurd. wifa of the f.iinom yourg
General Lnw Wnllaco pnyi f hat when ho n -
llrcx from tha mlnistiy to Turkey hu will
never bccspt another govornmetit odico.
Anna Jom ) on , a Wlllnm ! port. Pn , , we.
mnn , adopted the somewhat novel schema ol
lump her garter wlthQwbich to commit
suicide ,
King .Toreph I. of 1'ortugO , had n atntc
coat with tnentv buttjiif , each n diamond
valued at $20,000 , nnd thn ustof its orn.v
inentH bulug In kcepinf ; with the bultoiia.
Cliarloi 1'VnncIfl ' Adnms made n gncoch
recently , nnd the Icebergs IP thu Atlantic
were nn moved by it tlmt iu their uprontioua
excitement they broke thrc cal.lon.
MrH. ] frrl nghuyecn isdescriDed nn % lii dcnr
old lady in blnck , with full pulfx of Roft gray
hair on uithtr ido of a motherly faa ; , n beam
ing smile , n pair of gold-rimmed oyo-glaiasa
and goitle voice.
Maori King Tnwhlai left Knglnml for homo
drtPHd in an old nlnncn dUBter with u bundle
of lish-b Hies hung from cue buttonhole , tint
to no rrlonpy In hU puckot nnd a faded white
plume In hij cummer hulmot ,
There Is a boy in the interior of 1'cnrsyl.
vnuln whoso name U GoorgnViufi''lrt Scott
Hancock Pattison Sullivnn Ytrks WiuGeld
.Scutt. Hnccvck , Kobort K. t'atti-on and John
I ; . Sullivan are twpomiblo fur thU outrage.
Oounty intoturiincc ,
Kearney Preds.
A number of persons who trorkod and
voted for the fusion ticket , are to bo "sot
down on" "by certain republicans , " Ilov.
W. L. Green , is ono of the gentlemen
who has been .marked for early killing ,
and the editor of the Press has not been
forgotten. Ho is to bo "sat down on'1
heavily ; gentlemen , keep cool , aud don't
bo too anxious for a neat. You might
strike n cactus ,
L'it uj give ono or two business mon of
Kearney a gentle hint. This in a free
country. In BulCtlo county the opposi
tion numbers at least 1,200 vote ? , and
represents 7OCO pooplo. .Now , if you
wish to draw party lines in business , we
will help you , and will odvieoovery dem
ocrat and nnti-monopolul , never to buy
a dollar'n worth of goods out of your
stores. Wu do not dealra to go into that
kind of business , but if you propose to
moku war on thu business of thu Press
any further , in future wo shall publish
your names and buainees and A.slr every
man who boliovcs in the freedom of thu
bailer , of speech and the props , to refuse
in future , to p&tronizo political b'gots '
who would keep down all opposition , that
railways and grain buyers nniy rob the
people at leiauro.
W hold na long a pule , gent'omon , as
you ao and will knock the poreimons
if you wish to enter the list , to ascertain
whojo business can ba injured the most ,
nnd wo propose to begin the next time wo
hour of certain loud-mouthed business
blow-hnrdu bon tln r about "dulling down
on thu Prosa" nnd its business.
ely | > nio
top down on n botstovo nntllh Atodthc
'itft tlitco\Lrunil vmcU. A cltmiUt will not bo r *
d to detect tbo pru coco ol ammonia.
TS iiuiLTiirmm uta NEVER nt .i qu.sTio < < ED.
I ni\ million homix fnr qtiniHT of * century It bu
tootl tliu i-uiuHnioi i * rolltililo tei-t ,
jMxrns or
Br.PrlCG's ' Special FlaTorlngExIracts ,
riJUktnijfitiuwtldfllflou ( iiiiii lurjin tork 4J * n i J
Dr. Price's Lupulin Yoasf Gems
fur Light , llonllhllrrnd.Tl.n lluit Pry Hup
Yl-a.l 111 Iho World.
At tbe old atfcnd 1417 F rn ra ( Street. Order * bj
tclogrtph eo jolted mil promptly kttonded to. To'
phone No. 1U
Hardware Store
tut it ttlii
1617 Dodge St , , - Omaha ,
" to ( nun > > eHy pror * If. In Ml t of
t 0 , ami up. W. II Motie , UiXJ
TO tOAN In mm of 13(0 nn.l iip rds.
MUNKY r l anrt Co. , Uiftl KiUto uil l.o n
Al'n'n. I'
\TOSKY totncd 01 chatUli. JUllrtmd Tlc > et
Alhoujjht and eold. A. Foreman , JIJ S ISlh Kichance , utjte or rn 1l leant
OMAHA ourltv ' flloo hour * 9 t > 6
Mkd .v * . lOtolHundajt. 1EC3 Varntm Strwt.
Ill to'Dec 2
IIT NTKIlin'iloMfd ) irlfl f ir Rcnoml honje-
U wotkntTlO-l 7h s'rca , IhIM hcuief _ onN
K rorrer i.l Lcan orth ' . ' ? _ _
\1T ANTF.H - cnrab'n el'l tl c V' , H'h and r ri
> \ niVl n.lly hcr38eonilRlril > keit. C ll
at brick ra'ldtnca c r. lltli and 1'lin.e ti el . M
1) H -
7/.NTEH-OU1 forRonorvl houi-woik 1'lf. N
W ISIhHticct.
Immrdlilfly ,
oriienllinun t r c'ty ovivuo'iie , ii ty or r"ni
mtulfcn. AddrrmO , N. lluatcr,0mlih Neb 76ttp
A17ANTHU-\ impftenl anl roluble houk-ketixir
VV ct f ho ks toktp ol ovcntujs , A'i'Irpsi
"B. H " IhH otlioo. 7t-iJ7ii
" \\rANTii : ) Vrtl e canv s ors for tn ttlclo cl
merit , C ll t608. ! ISth fltrcoi , upmalrs.
JCO 2i ;
"lXTAJ rKI > SOmen fir r llro lwork. 11 Wa
V wflUr , 413 8.13th Kt : fl7-S-
ASTKD A. glil fnr toneral housework In a
mall fimllj ; no children. 101 S. 25.h ttreet.
TX/'ANTED A wo-uanciok * t KniroeC Ilouse.
„ ! ) \ po d LfimietcnH slrl fcrRi-ntra
hc.U83 ork , 2611 DoUl | ( s street. tSBtf
\ \ TANTKIttboIho iiROn sin u ery caunly in
N , bra-ka , to rcpre-ont tha Mauul ltoter > u
Fund Life Association of Ntw Ynrk. B. H. Ilobl-
son , g > .ii i K nt'loVaTah , Keb. 0777
ANTHD-Surie girl 1008 Kainam St
VITANTED ARents losoll In \ bnnVn anew work
V * by a popular author. Gallon or address Jouej
and llajelrlgR , 210 torth 17th St. , Ornah * Neb
\TTANTED To buy a o'ty lot to be pa'd In weekly
VV ormonthly InetaUmcnM. Addrew" ! ! . H " Hee
offlc * .
Ladl a and gentlemen to < al-o nlc1 ,
WANTED pleasmt work at tholrown homes ( dla-
tanc n objection.Virkncntby mail , $ I to ? 5
dij cm bi qulct'y ' , n icamasslng I'lciwoad-
d f a at once , O lobe Jl'lg Co. , Uostui , Misa. , box
5314. tBJ-JCO 17
\ \ 7ATKD Ladles or Kcntlomen In city or country
IT to take nice , ll ht andplcasint wnrk nt their
own hotroi ) , 2 to $5 a day easily andque-ly made ;
work Rpnt by n all ; no canva-elog ; i.o stamp fur reply
Please address Reliable Mau'l'g Co. , 1'liliadulphla , Fa.
VV ' or country , to taku nhe llfbt and pleasant
irork nt their own homes ; ft to $5 per day cosily and
quietly made ; work lent by mall , no canvassing ; nn
stamp for roulv. Please addreea Reliable JUof'i : Co. ,
I'hlladelphln , P * . 803-lm
' ' - nt mrl rellit-le
TT'ANTED-Sltuat'on hy co-npot <
V > girl aj cook Call at 1C03 Davenhort St 7il-27p
\\r.\NTF.l ) By your ( fmin fromKo'v Yorlf. aelt-
r ailhn In a h .tcl . or liu r * ni , ham 10 ' fars
In hr.tuls. Addnsd " 0 M. " lloo oll'cc. " 83-27 | >
\ \ 7AJJTEOrol I"i as coloa l . | y or oishlor in
\ } a drj gnod' or gtoori huu'e by ore uho hi
tia-iseveia y riexpcnciKC. ItcVttyiccy fuinl-htil.
Add o-s Mr-1. " 0 " N . 445 O rMMit 8 ! > o t 775-29p
" \X7ANfKD ryuGernnnwoman'rnnln < ln' lv ta
V > fau.ily. Addn.i "II. F " Dee cllio . 7527p
"TT ANTKP Ituatlon by jonnjr rLau of 1 ? yi i
It experiencoln dry Kocdi ) b ots nd slncu r-nd
eiocery siojtfi. city or n-unity. Oocd rif renci
Address "UC.U. " Boa oHlco. 7S8 2-p
V\7ANTED A sllnitian bv a young bill * s clerk
Vi ii notions , S years expoIcnoo. Addtess 'tl.
A.B."Beooinc > . 73Mp
TANTED-Situatlon by alady03 hoiia ktopcrfcr
\v Anlitoner. Adlries M. 0. 0. , Om&tn.
WANTED B > nuisiwith ton y.-ar < exrerlence ,
Bi'il oud rocmmemlAtlcn , cmrloyment lu-
qulro at St , Charles Hotel. 700-1 f
maiiibuuifen n&ocs uuuutiou M ouoc-
Alouug In wholesale totabllahmcnl la Onmhu.
Addresu"O , " care Bee. S88-H
\\T ANTED To tell tr de or n-nt blaciisnillh and
T ' vagrn shop with tools. ODO I lonlio i bn.slncbS
eslthlislril. Address Ueo. W. Ijiuib in { , W > epi g
\V t-r , Nub. 777 tip
rp\VD Ui'iitloiueo can havu a Ur < o hand uircly fur-
1 _ n's < cd iwuond f lory front ro.nn with exec Intit
board , 21iU bt. Marj'sa > e. 705O8o
" \\7ANTKD-To cicliange one of the b. . at retail i-ro-
rl rirl.sli ] * ) n'abafDi ual lutheci'y or
fnr land adjoInlnK theil'y. AddriM "A f , T ' Boo
Ull c. 7E7-tl
A I'hjsIcUn d srrn tu rent rfiiro
with HI mo othir jihysl laiint tiuteshtrehtihiM
no oltice houm. "A. A. ' Hi o olll e. 7U27p
AtTANTHSome ai.ak. s o fejil Ill-urn * ! ' kil eis.
'V Wjllp.y fl 25 a | leio f - > r bimnsatM f. Mil-
tir'n store No aiCHouih ISlh St , whu sul blun.lture .
tti vis ui.dciin tiB on wcik } pa uii-i.ts. 7 8-i (
\\'ANIK1) ) Inpilvntiifaiiilly , tn s'evh bo ril
* r erf , at aB y ieisoi.i.blu talc IB 2runil g
street. 712-27p
V\rANlED Business. An actt\o tn-rchint tf
f 7 th rough h > filu.'i'B education aivl bahtts c n
tuiii ) IntinK a chaiiuo January I.t IShft , wi lit'Htopur-
hum an ! utcto4 | j a ell cd'Milhhid mar antl o i.r
niaiiuf.Ti tu > li K tuslnce" , w uld buy c ut a eniall bus-
ni'i-H.hnH 91UOiXcui ) > hraii furnish rifcrui re * nfn hi h
oriiler end > .ould ixHctsami. | To necu o rei Iv , ml-
drejs Elvna fu.l nauieuid partlcula s. "Mtrclmut1
care Bee oltlco. Si-Bt ( ) lowkp
XIIJANTED $2,000 on flrtt-clw.a city eecnrlty.for 6
Vi yt , at 9 per cent. AddjESi ) Boi 8"0 I'ost-
nrT . 709-tf
aBST nnuaoa aca tctp.
011 RFNT T o rooo n ( urnVml erin
( in euctnd fl or ,
"I70UHENT--A 6 hon b'ock siulli
- - ro in e 'lie
F ufthe U 1' Drp t , on I'tciHu bctuu n Oth aud
10th tit M. Lie , Kioto , fid ard I.oneuwo 'I' ' .
IWaueu In cdai comity , 3iO arre-ln Wtant-ii , fotC'iiikht city rial uita'o , wi. . ) tnde nil or
uAit , /.lip y lo J. N. lie nolUs K07 Kun un t , ,
Om. ha. 778-29
FOR VENT 7 ro < m brlek hnum , turn , well
ami c'a oni.wlll n nt iluup to 11 eriiiht tenant r
H'H ( m o y moLtj y piyn e tn. AMb.8,1 07 Parnam
nt.ect. "OMf
IIJNV 6 rev in lou-e , tine yi.rJ , l'.vr < ava.
11OK , 15(7 lir urn fit. 701 tf
F OIl IJENf Nice lurnUlicd roi-min private ftrn.
HyTlU ! 0th nt. "CJ''p
F OI HENT-Splendia h'like , Rood location. $25
lerpioiith. R , U , r.tttrioii , cor , iSih a > d
F main. 77C-28
? KXCHANOK - Unlnj l' o Ho lUllwry Contract
IOU 16 J laiitl f Hi hi < i mhold fu 11'i-rr- , r ou\ \ I take
Lojfco aud bukirr , Cllor ddru 'K. " Jl Famum
ot. 747 27
If On HE.ST J.'urntBhcd rooms bilcii tlofk , ir o ern
I ; Improtcnie itg , i uu bl 'U ; frou I ot otll t , HV ,
oori cr ISlh aid C-p Ivlar ) . 0330 , )
, ' lltM Ilin B'OI eight r tiuit H uaiitl in
1'OH y M , II tKi n II .waru aud Pejst'it 8t' .
luqu'.rjW M. Tbomptou , Fiiv ; Nat Bank.
IjiuR IlK T For piitler , b l'i ' et % , Me'nvu.itan '
' i lub htll , i e ly dteor t d and tiirmthtd and
with all ui > lirn InpruvcmcuU. < tpi > lytu thotiumom
careilas I'u r & ( o. 7312
| Ot hKI T A > eiy num. Ununu at
1784 f i Itul ave. 733-.p
ItbNllln . 141tOtl'orftia kt ett and | rl
JJIIH tha furutuio lot nala. Ma 3 inn.lii'uxi '
roon * ( oncnl , "cl8
F -PleAiaut furi.Uhe < l rooiur > ' 6 H. 17th
| , Oltll N-'Fiirnuhet rionn Inlultdl pN. ) ' .
1' oonur 10thand liutenot. | C.ll altir3p. in
725 f
] ,10H IlriNT A lir/o ( u.n h d lr nl roo'nl'h
1 loa , fit ) per muDtb. BIT 'J > lb t.-ut. i
lord & < t\l \ Cuuiini * . 7l (
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liarilauds ( I Mat i ; iml'.rk utdbiie , y l.ook )
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quire tf 0. F. Goodman. 220-tJ
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OR RENT The corner st.ire 10th aiidTieavco
F woitn. Apply O. H. I'otcrson. 103-tt
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L1 cation. 0. F. Davis & Co , .605 Farnara M.
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"i. Whlto Uraud/Blkiicl , Neb. Ml-tt
ij0ll HAI.K Cheap a eocond hand high top bufify.
Inquire at Uluii on't Carriage Factory , Dougf. ,
between Uth and l&tb. 280-tf
I/OK HALE A whole took o ! clothing , hoots an
1. shoes , buildings at oout , retiring froui busineDh.
O. II. Potersou 804 south Tenth treot. 113-3m
FOlt BALE Two open tenond-cand bvu'le.i tun
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O r Pur * , at Fjlooner'n , Nov. 25th. f5 reward
J I ir rctuin of Ihu MUIC to N. V. l-alooi.vr.
781 2'p
p UI1BER STAMPS Oo y manufacturer * In Omahfti
IX Rees Prlntiu Co. Wl-tl
PIIIVY vaults , slnki and cesspools cleaned at tut
shortest notice and at any time of the day , In an
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