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Weilnosda ? Morning Nov. 26
Mo.ooi.ti *
New goods at Bliss' .
II. 11 , Slowfttt , artist , at Ohnptnan' .
See u. Heilor'a now ntock of cloths.
Now line of foil hal3 juat rccetvod at
The policemen cleared 923 aplcco by
Ihuir benefit ball.
Burr Oiku" was given again at the opera -
era houao last evening.
There are fourteen pavers beside the
holpora , at work on Hroadway.
Order your oyatora for Thanksgiving
of W. T. llraun , 401 Broadway.
Sjmo decant street cars will bo appre
ciated by Council Hlufla citizona.
Thanksgiving turkeys , drcajoil , arc
Rolling for fiftoan cento per ponnd.
The gaaial four is to giva asocial danc
ing parly in the Mtionio hall thin even
The atroot can will corainanco running
up Broadway to Madison nlroot next
There should bo aomothln ; ; done to got
rid of the mud and filth on the pived
Thia ia the lait d&y of aorvico for the
tortuof the district court , which opens
December 8.
Seth 1'holps , of Elliott , arrived here
laat ovdning with a car load of live poul
try for Thanksgiving.
Excellent finish , lifo-liko oxprosaion
true to nature , are the characteristics of
Stoirart , the artlst'a work.
Miaa Caldorwood , of Omaha , Is to pivo
aolo at the festival of the M. L. S. C. , in
Masonic hall to-morrow night.
"Dreams" It the name of the funny
play to bo given at the opera house
Thanksgiving afternoon and evening.
The marriage of Mr. J. 0. Mitchell of
the Wabaah road , to Misa Florence Uaoa-
dy , daughter of Mrs. Fritz , is announced
to tnko place to-morrow.
The entertainment given by the V. M.
C. A. last evening consisted of mucic ,
roidinga , conversation , a hurmonica duet ,
otc. The programme was n pleasing one.
Mra. White , who livea on Willow ave
nue , alippod on the icy aldowalk near
Itayliis park yesterday receiving Injuries
which necessitated her being tnkon houin
in a carriage.
The ciso of James Djnahoo , who was
arrested for knocking Boarta down nnd
robbing him , wai called up before Judge
Ayloaworth yesterday , but was continued
until Friday.
The Potter aistora , of Mount Pleasant ,
IOWA , will give ono of their popular en
tertainments in thia city December llth ,
under the auapicua of the Lidies Har
mony Mission society.
Arthur L. Frank , the wonderful fllilt
akntor , give another interesting enter-
tainmunt at the roller skating rink laat
evening. The rink is having many at-
motions thia aoaaon.
The Episcopal churoh ia to bo decor
ated on Thanksgiving day with llowora ,
fruit" and vegetables , which will after the
services be donated to the pour. All inicli
olleringa should bo loft at the church this
Congressman Pujoy h as atartod for
Washington to attend to his duties there.
This district oxpucta of him that he will
uao the annu undiuvora to aocuru the nd
uitionil appropriation for the government
building hero na if he had boon ro-electcd
With u domooratlo houao and too much
money in the treasury , there ought l. > be
little dilliculty In hia securing ua the
The following are the ollicora of tin
now lodga of Knights and L idles ol
Honor in thia city : Dr. ILuichult , post
protector ; J. F. Kirke , protector ; Mies
Cinio Hunting ton , vice proti'Ct'ir ; Miaa
Myor , chaplain ; J. F. Dtvia , recorder
and secretary ; W. S. Wright , Ihmnc'm'
aucrotary ; Elmer Stacy , treasurer ; Win.
Jluutington , inalde guardian.
The troupe which 1m for a week boor
giving a "Girnival of Novelties" at the
old opera houao , haa nut made much of
success financially , and to secure one
debt , Mr. St. John , of tholluvoro houee
yesterday attached Home of the baggage.
An attempt ia being made to arrange
matters HO that the troupe iiuy go on
with their performances elsewhere.
T. A. Ddiiton ycsUrday oomnuncud
suit agaiuat the city for $070 fur lilliui ;
Kighth Btrnut between Third and Fifth
avonuue. Ho Is the contractor whom
work was approved by the city engineer
10 long ago , but the council have refused
to laauo to him certilicatea of aaeeasmont
againat the abutting properly , insisting
that Ueaton hud arranged to sell the cur
tificatcs at a discount.
There waa another row at IJakoiupor's
Monday evening which ronulled in a nut
ting tcrapo , Auguht I'uterson ueod the
knife , Blabbing hit brother fioorgo Potnr-
son in the face and neck aoverul timeii ,
bat nut very tori aisly. Thu rtabber in
turn got a bad thumping. There bung
no dojiru 10 pnioju'e , the casu was dis-
inicaud yesterday , and young Polttrsori
allowed to go free , to gut uiunk again ,
and cut BOUIU one tlui1.
I1 I
, W. It. Davir , of Calliope , wliilo at the
.Northwestern depot yualordiy , had bin
\iiliso tro nil optii , ad h fiat jn tl.o wait
Ing room , and ft pair of bints stolon.
Soon after ; n follow giving hia name
W , U. Davis , wai arroatod for
the bjoti. Ho wns drunk , and admitted
taking the boots , nnd soiling thorn fo
Sl.fiO. He was locked up until ho could
gutaobpred , thojudgo not liking to sentence
tonco a mm who wai drunk.
Tim mayor in issuing his charaolorlatii
Thanksgiving proclamation urged tin
people of Council UlufTs to return thanks
"to the powora that be,1' because the an
loon inon p. ld tholr liconaos so promptly
in epito of prohibition. .Somo sprightly
minded youth auggos'n ' that the mayor
moanl that the people in returning
thanks "to the piwora that bo , " shall return
turn tliunkn to the miyor nnd city o ; un
cil , but thh cannot bo , for according to
sacred writ "tho powora that bo nro or
dained of fed ! , " nnd no ono _ would for n
moment believe that the nia or nnd city
cou ncil aru no ordained.
Complaint la being frequently inado
about the dummy depot as belli ; ! by no
moans auch n place an the Union Pacific
should provide for ita patsongora. Ono
Inntancu aullicos. A gentleman and his
rrifo who had boon nponding the ovonlng
hero , started to Uko the 11 o'clock dum
my for Omaln. The night waa very
stormy , ao that it waa anything butplcai
ant at'inding on the platform , walling for
the train , nnd thu regular waiting noin
waacloEud. A little side room was open
but it waa crewed with mon cracking rude
jokes and filling the air with tobacco
amuko. It WAB no lit place for n man ,
much losi a lady , but it waa that or
nothing. The city gave the Union I'a-
cilic a § 10,000 avenue on which to lay
Ihissldo track , the company promising to
run trains every halt hour , and provide
other accommodations , which have not
boon given. Under those clrcutnatancoa
the loaat the company can do is to keep n
well lighted , warm waiting room , where
women nnd children can bo made com
fortable nt loaat.
Orders by telephone for Hour , food ,
wood , coal , nnd hay , will be promptly
filled by Cook & Cooper , 700 Broad
Telephone to No , 11U for dry hard
itovo wood and kindling. Big supply.
I'ricoa low. PLATT 0KHTON. .
Window ahadca at coat to cloeo thorn
out. P. 0. Miller 13 Pearl atroot.
Two Slitcs ti > tin ! AIT.iir Which il < )
Nol AKrrr.
.Sain Hucknilnator , who has lived
lore for yearn , and in known to many ,
vas arraated yesterday on the charge of
ebbing a youn man named Fitzgerald.
( 'roin one side of the atory it appears
hat Buckininutor waa at Parks' mill ; in
B.vloou kept by Swoigort , and that a
ham row was ntirtod liotwoon norno in
ho Bivloon , for the purpose of getting
filx orald into it and then of robbing
liin. Filzgorald had hia watch
aken from him , and some
mall amount of inonoy. Vunterday
norning Filxgorald mot IJuckiniimtor on
Jroadway , and the latter admitted that
10 had the watch and that he hud pawned
t for a dollar ; it Hnx'a aaloon. The two
font into that place to find the watch ,
nd there Icarnud that it was in a tailor
hop near by , the man to whom Buck-
ninuter hud pawned the watch the night
leforo in the nuloon being a tailor ant ) not
an atlacho of tlio saloon. Mr. Hrix hear-
MI ; abmit the matter , pinned on hia spa
ctal pohcuiiiun'a star and arrested Huck-
ninster , and took him to the police
Uuokminster'a ' side of the affair wi.s
hat the yiuiiiK follnsv was getting the
vorat of it in tlio row , and he pulled oil
ho follow who was thumping him , and
ook Fif/.icr ; < ld out to the well to wash
) ll' the blood which waj on hU face ,
Yftor Kitiyurald hid left , Buekmlnstur
lappenud t spy the watch lying on the
ground. He picked It up , showed it in
he nuloon , nnd told finding it
; lo w\s coming to town and HO brought
, ho watch with him , and getting to drink-
ng ho b'iriowed ' a dollar on the w.ilch.
Yesterday ho mot l itz eralil on the atrcot
md at once told him about linJing the
watch , and went wt'h him to luuit it up ,
and when in lirix'n ml 1011 wixn arrusttd
as dtnti-il. llo denied any intuntl'in of
; the man.
St. .Inhn liros. huvo bought , donned
and ri'furniahoi the Uuvoro lionno , MO
linmilwuy , ojiuiiaito thu onorn IIOUDII.
Cuunoil Itiull'd , where you will liiul cltmii
rnumtt , oluiin boda and well lilloit tablua.
Tonaa $1 50 pur day.
TlmnUh h inj ; Service- .
To inoirow being Thuiikagiving day
there will bu union aorvicea in the Dap-
list church in thia city , nt 10.JO ! o'clock.
Rev. Dr. McCroary of thu Hroadway
Mulhodibt church will preach the sermon ,
and the pastors of the other churchi'a will
participate in thuaorvicoa. Tnoru should
not only bo n Inrgo attendance , but all
nhould go propurod not only to clvo
hiuikr , but to show h w thankful tin y
ro by giving of thcr nitMiin to the rultuf
if tlioiii loss fortunate. The ciutnm of
aking a collodion fur the poor of thucity
us bucn ol'H-rvt'd on thcuu occaaiona fur
oars , nnd Ahould not bo ovorloukud thia
. Uov. DI- . ' h
line. DIJSIcCrmirj' u iiuw-oinnur
lore , but ho haa itlrcndy won favor tin u
inblio Hpuukur , mill hin aoniiuii on thia
iccHtion will doubtless bo ono worthy of
t largo hearing.
IllMMl'n Itlll/ . ' ' ,
The burniug of the building known ns
[ Jjnd'a elevator , un upper liroadway , up-
puura to have boon thu work of an in-
ccudiitry , the building not being oi'uiipiod
or used at the timo. The fiuiltlncea of
the fno alarm nyitoiu caused a delay in
the department netting to the liru
promptly , and thu building waa too far
L'onu for ntreniH of walur to suvo. There
was coi'Mdcrablu nuchinnry in the build
ing , und thu lofa is said to uxctud by
fiiivoral hundred dollara thn HIM unt of
of the inaunuico , which waa $1,000 ,
( 'liitflllK Out ,
To cluso the buaiuuAs 1 c U'or my block of
tnibcolIannouDbooks , picture , finy goods ,
notiotM , tire tcrouis , taiulu , willow and
cano high ohm and clnldron'tf rookerii ,
at prices nuvur known bcfuru in thn uiat ,
II K BiHiimn , pupur , bookit and tr Uo .
cry , HOI Uroadwuy , Council lilull'a.
.1. 11. Alklm hai Rona to ln Maine * on
ftjln ? It ! p.
William A. Holder m tlm JoyotiB falhor nf n
Dr. ,1. M. Wj'lnnd , of MluJon , wai In the
Itliilfs yentcrday ,
MltB Maud Oliver Icavoa for a viMt with
ftlouila In St. 1'rtul.
U. T. CroMtlftlo , Uio T itlld Sliux merchant ,
wfti at the Pacific yrolcrilny.
Mr. and Mrs. Tlioinau Colomnn are ! i.ij > | iy
hi the art iyal ol n fitip new boy at their homf
on Avenue 1) .
Oeorgo rier pachcrwholalolylcft lor Cheyenne -
onne with adrnmftllcttoupc.ha ? rottirnod anil
intondi ) Fpen < lliif ; the winter hero.
Mri. .1. O. Mclnllro and family are 01 to arrive from Lincoln to day to join
Mr. Mrlntlro null bsoomo icatdonli of this
city , i
K. A. Orimmclman , ono of Council Ululfs
own young men , IMEOOU to asfiimo a rotponnl-
bio position In a largu inrdlcino simp In St.
Mrs. Horace Ihcictt h now on her roturti
trip from n \i it to her daughter In Japan.
She loft Japan on tlio Oth Init. on the "City
of Tuklo , " arrived i-nloly in San Kranciaco
yentordny , and cxpocti to reach her homo
hero by the Oth of December.
J. I1' . Klmbnll , of the well-known real 01-
lute and 1 an linn ol Kimball & Champ , bus
gone to Cr'dar Itapidp. whcro ho will tomorrow
row load to the hymeneal Miia huuieo
( ireano , ono of Cedar llapula' fairuet
laughtera , and whose f.tthur , Hon. William
( ireonu , In ono of thn moit worthy and in-
litontlal citi/cnn of that placo.
Dculli ii'Thim. ( Jilllllli
The death of Mr. Thomaa Orilhth on
Saturday night wan caused by a very
trivial affair apparently. Some mouths
ago ho run n aliver under a linger nail.
It bothered him only a little at first , but
gradually grow worse , despite treatment ,
and finally hia finger waa amputated.
The operation came lee late , however ,
for blood poisoning had already begun ,
and this finally resulted in cancer in the
stomach , and death resulted. Mr. Grif
fith waa berne in Ireland , and had
reached the age of 01 years. For ton
yearn past ho haa been a resident of this
city. Lie loaves a wife and ono boy aged
nine years. The funeral services will bo
liuld at 10 o'clock ' this morning from the
residence No. 30 ! ) Eiat 1'ierco atrcot , and
thu remains will bo burriod in the family
ilot in Fulrviuw. The casket in which
.ho form is laid la covered with black
broadcloth , trimmed with velvet , and the
silver plates bear the inscriptions "Our
Father" At Rest. " "Usst In Peace. "
Order hard wood of P. Overton.
Wheat-No. 1 milling C0@05 ; No. 2 , 58 ;
No. 3 , ftO ; rejected Sola 10.
Corn Now , 'JjfelM.
Oatn For local purposcu , 33 ,
liny ? H 00 ( 700 per ton ; balud , 60@CO.
Kyo ar > o.
Guru 1 ! ! 0 per 100 pounds.
Wood Good mipply ; prices lit yard ? , C 00 ©
Coal Dollvorod , hard , 9 50 par ton ; lott
60 per ton
I.ard b'ulrbank'n , wholesaling at 9j'c.
Klour City Hour , 1 502 DO.
HroomH 2 U5@3 00 per doz.
Cattle Butcher cow a 32.@J/J. Rntchor
loom , 7fiW I 00.
Rhoop a 00(5)3 ( ) 00.
JIogH I ( HI ® I 25.
rnouucK AVD ritoiru.
Poultry Live old IIOIM , " .10 per do ? ; apring
liicltoiiH , 2 50 per to/ .
Hiittor Creamery , l8@0c ! : ! ; choice country
Kf > ; -2l pur ilozon.
VfMjotablOH I'otatoen , .TO@IOc pur bushel ;
nloiiH , lOfenOc pur bu ; apple * * , choice cooking
r eating , 2 5U ; bniuiR , 1 60(2 ( ? ( 00 _ per
niHhol ; Hwcot outatooH , 2o i > or lb.
Cldor2flc per gal.
Oinngiw 8 00 per bbl.
Dr , W. H. Shorradon
Masonic Temple ,
Council Illulln
Mrs , nj ,
j t x f y
S. C. O.
I " 111 nil tlio follcmtnir tirnpvrty on ciuy tcniu II
200 Aero Farm.
. north ol Oounrll IllunV KOO > | tia
orchard , ami all ( tnnxl.
400 Aero Farm.
I'M | > tiillm ei-iof ! I.oiMti , llirrUon , county , Iowa , all
lt > ( cotl. 'coil > urtl , him. hmntij , orotKnl , tito ; 'J C
amiw under i > lo\v , f 0 acre * ' .imo k'raxi meiilou , 100
urrr tunU' | vmlllr" . ThU ( arm c3j buvull ill
vldwl | Lto thrui ; ilcelrillo m ll ( arm ) .
800 Acre Farm ,
rlx inltca tu t olOnivua , Motion * county , Iowa , on
Maplorhi'r ; ifoml liouno , bam 3fi\l'0 d'Ct , fecil
riln.rhdli ut ) . ; JOO acres iliileriljw , l > a'anr In
lifr , im'ailo * nnd jiuturu ; a llrtt clwd utuok Unu
240 Acres of Wild Land ,
Sultnblo for Farming.
-A.Zj 3O
S50 llpail of Cut llo ,
75 lload of I
Ho il of Hogs.
Alco KanuloK luiplcmuntii miiuciont to cairj ou ul <
10,000 Hu hola of Corn , nnd 400 Tons of
Tame uud Wild Hay.
Wild ctork , crn , I" J ninl nuohlnory 11 ilhitlul up
un Kklil laruu , niul will ! H > K > I < 1 enl ) 111 connection
with U Itri'd ,
llcrvt < ftg''oilcliaiic lirCh'lM < Stock UTIIW , well
a4 } t r yorlt , l'u * < iilou ( ( inn on itatu u (
. '
U ! l en er JJiu
K. V , PAUWKU , ,
Uguuci )
Silks , Dress Goods & ; Novelties
% ? W JLw
in very cotuploto in variety nnd oxcellencc of"gootls.
Gloakings , Plushes , Velvets ,
Eider , Down and Jersey Cloth
Tambour , Turcoman ,
Curtain Goods , Window Shades , ; Eto , , Etc ,
Oil Cloth , Ituga , MatUngst MatEtc. . , Etc.
40.inBroadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa :
Special Bargains In WaiiPaper ,
M order to make room for an immense stock of Spring Coeds , I have decided to
ofl'urall goods now In stock , at prices never bcforo quoted in this city.
OKO. U. BE AUD , No. 12 ! Main Street , next to P. 0.
Kr nioIIoinortmo..Mlon , . ' . , , ,
tie M1VI K
\ auttma ml
n ovir kind
any 01 rtonnn
ISKIC'K IIOUSTH All ivo.l. i.-a.i.r.r.'ee 1
'W. P. ATLSWOIITII , iniO Ninth street.
Mtf ! | lirtalna , In Lace , H n , Turcoman , Etc oil'clothB , Mattlnna , Llnoleuuiantc
hoiceet and Best Selected STOCK in the WEST ,
'i line nnd bi convinced that wo are hondquartcra for all goods in our line
hoapoat j.l.ieo to buy C A Ill'lCTS , Curtains nnd House Farnisblnga In th
t'fty. UpholaUmncr nnd Bedding Supplies.
Mail Orders KiUod I'rnninrlvCiirdnne
- AM. Tin : i ATIST : STYUS ix
R 3T I
Dr.5tAlir.Sl ' 8 1 AM. 1'Al'EU I' Jl r > T IlltCCIVIU ) .
Gutting and Fitting a Specialty.
3VCE.S. S. O" .
In lown and Nebraska , and sold for the lo < ut mono ) nt 11H7 Broadway , Council
ninth , UWlk. I
jrt. JliVrunit hlni | OooJ nd NotloL * t linn TI i nnnnninm ir > _ f .t _ _ . . ' ! '
COaT uutli all uro di ! > 5d ot. } MRS , D , A , BENEDICT , MSDQlactnrcr j
From $5 to $15 Saved on Every Suit.
lly hauiifcour Clnthinp inAili t"ori'cr c\t the Afcnc } of thi Mi rih\nt T ' . _ llou * f
All KoodpiiciM fnil > J > rt t" tin rrmptcti protcrllr not ( he follnnlrir cuirantw : 1'ir.t The gtn\ , \ , . .
M n pr < c ntccl. SCCOIM ! Wo ttlw u rinraiitn fit . Thr IIMTI lull Iroin cutllii , . al aM , . "
thi irimiptit. rouith-Mt add not1 IIB lethe jifM "f iill tor n > or r > ; | df ihc i tic rxtru . , .
N rro ur brcwil hrinl orililnBcn | | ocMit or ' , liiilcn ( punt nil tdrntu nr ha I llcol , n fham'i.i. .t
wati'h porkcl Inpnnts or > cntnm kind nl tiuttons on coct or m' ; K. rmrr Kitln er serge lining m . , ;
or M'9l : , or p toiit htick osou lest or ( intit.
\Vf Intitoitcrjboily'o cMll nl oxntnino our Rocxh and prlcc-n. Ourprl-c'ranrc n f ill , * , , n. . , .
SnltsJ Iroin ? 17 to S30 Wid S * . Dress Suits , from S 0 and up. Otcrcoftts , Item 31 ? and up " " " ' " *
WAKAMAKCIl i IinoW.VS , Tailoring ARCIICJ , Co-moil uiu .
Fnll Qooch Ho.ifly. Puils Mndo to Order in Latest Stvlo
on . liort Nulico aud a Iton-sonnlt' Pricoa.
205 Alain Street , . . . . . . Council
fl.OCO Elertrlc Bt\ls \ t ohl t t the Month ot Sept , by us.
Rofcronwjfl Any of the bailncw hoiisco In Council niuHs. JUDD & SMITH Proprlctoro
Salesrooms 319 , Broadway. Mannfaotory 30 , Fourth St. COUNCIL
Keep UoracB and Mules constantly on hand whl >
wo will aull in retail \vholoaalo lota.
All Stock .Warranted . as Represented ,
\\liolctnlo niulrtitnll cioalcrs In Grain mil li.ik'l liar. "
eonablu. < > AtI faction OutraMi cd.
Corner Fifth Ave. & 4th St. , Council Bluffs ,
7 and 9 Main direct ,
A Complete Line of Fall Goods to Selecc From.
and 344 ITroadway , BLUFFS lOVt A
Both new and second hand , ranging in prices from § 3.50 to
§ 25 each. Take advantage and call early to ojlain
the le t bargains. I am making a bi j rodiiciion in
TJ 3E5. KT I 'OP ' TJ V
A3 1 necJ thu room t dUpIiy metorJc of atoted.
S'2b Council BluCj. Iowa ,
Knilorsol bj I BANZ I.HTT.
UniU llwl or T'ino or KiiiUh.
Kcst Modern I'ricutoUuv.
Thalviinball Organ , ao long aud favorably known in tha wait ,
SPBW AllT , Sole Agent for abovB lines of Goo'lfl.Varoronma ,
uncil I5luffa Corroxpon encn Soli itod to I.
Manager. Assistant.
Council Bluffs Detective Association
Will ito nil kiln or il , t < ti\i' i'irk liii I c , l'\prJ < li > i.'r > ] ili 111' lUil a > i > I'pinii * , M rc'lm' *
II Mlactorii9 , ( .onur i > i' > riii I'll In anil I'mnt i Iti-ctutioiis unj Dltmtttirnii4 Stil ! priir'
fmcrul t'ollrcti < inn niiili1 , Mmiii frit'iiJi ( nil i i. Ui\j Co * pr 1'iir ' # iU r-arl ofliTi-l f T the r.'f
unit com ! ' tion cf uti } jierori 'tr p * rnoim ffftu I luntrepru ! * ) itln tunHs c'ation Ml c irniiMmJV > ' | J
trlct ! > conlUlcntlol. Oliut. lU onlc Tcini If Omiicll li.ulU I ua I' r 1) < \ li13. ! !
201 Upper Uroadwny Cor. Stutsman St. , COUNCIL BLUFFS.
Orders in the city or country solicited. Prompt.titanium t-nd satisfacli
Guaranteed. Plans and Bpecilications furnished free.
Q " / ? ' T
Waves , Switches , Whatnots , Langi.'y a d Pompadour
Frizzes ,
Nos. 13J7 mid 21 ! ) S. Main St. . OODNC1LBLDFFS
Wu uuM call > our attention to thu faf t tint the
Bargains Which Cannot "bo Obtained
Wo tan ivuiuniv utt > r > liu < lv that u H . , whit t luuan ni' < l rnian what u m ) Hut thi ! * , iid > '
tt t tht truthlutncb' , ol our ftfc rtiond H t > Mll oJi't t xuni'iic ' > ur t k unJ alua t r vi uUi
THAT \\E UHFV lO.MI' iniuN IS I.VCHV I'UtTK l'I Ml ,
UUio iimjlc "nl whlrh will & trui .i.j uttonll > ii , I > . > ur. tcih , U U In .
when c I'lirclnwl ' our oo-U , iin.l that l < th ) r u can i.ler them to y < ftt n lu * uTi'-ro. A
it o , lulnaud silling tOc/cb ) ' ouicbiKg ,