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The Bxciusimi TQtir of the
Stock Men.
Greeted With Boyal Courtrsies tit
All Points ,
The Garden City's Brilliantly
Elaborate "Reoeplioni
Sat'ponding Busiaose at the Stock
Yards ,
/Imusing T rforuiEnoe of the Cow
Boy Band
Tlio Kvcicrsloiitst Ir franit c Pn > -
pfi TlHlt ft Ouiiitux Xho
'Hornc '
Siieciid telegram to THE HKK.
Cincyao , November 21. The cowbsy brass
bind , which scccniuantod the Colorado Cattli
linisoTs' association to Chicago , elicited lorn
applAv-sc by their performance In the Palme :
hott-OTotunda this forenoon. The perform1
unco was the frgnal for the stock ynrds excur
fcioniat ) to fona in a procession uud march tc
th-j M ichlgan Southern deot , where a speci
train awaited them. The party numbere
nbout 200 and bcbinJ was a squad of police
snap. Near the Mouroo stroofrentranco to th
.hotel the band took tip Its position nnd w .ltoi
for thoiprocc siou to 'form. A zero brecz
blew from the northwest nnd the muditinn
ikept thc'r lips to tholrnoutli pieces of the !
iinsirumonts for fear their lips would freeze ti
'the ' mouth pieces a little Inter when the open
in , " toot was callnd for. When it was callec
for the big double bass was mutj and it
owner dashed into n bcrUer shop to thaw i.
out. When ho got boob tha other installments
had succumbed to the icy temperature. Th.
drums , however , wrro not sutlicieutly cou
goaled to bo quite useless , and to their inspir
ing rat tnt-tas the procession marched to the
d-spat , Hanked on e ther side by crowds , twice
itssi'-o , nttrac.od by the broad , vvfciti som
breros nud huge Spairsh spurs clinking rby Hi
metic'vlly on tliu stone pavement At the da-
pot tin ovciiHion p-trty h d swelled until it
> Slled four coichos very comfortably At the
meeting held nt 10 a. in , , It was arranged that
thosd who wished to take advantage of the
excursion to St Pnr.l , tendered bjtlio Ohio
aago , Milwaukee & St. Paul road , should re-
; > ortatthu hotel ot2co during the evening.
' ( ThetMin will start at midui ht , and those
who \vi li to return to Clncngo or to Omaha
can do HO free of cl.aige. Many of the Color -
r rado party will go from St. Paul to Omaha ,
wbilo tlios.3 from will return by way of
Chicago. The hprco raisers of tha association
ncsepted an invitvt on to visit tl.o farm of
MnrkV. . Uunharr , a well knuwn breeder of
Porchernn-Nornuvn hordes They will rottuii
in time to board the excursion train.
ClilCAGONov ! 25. [ Assoi-iatod Pi ess ]
r T The westein ttuoh men Bpent the daj at the
toclc yards unii vvcro dmod ut the Transit
liouH1. To morrow most of them leave for St.
A KVicae OH-
LOUIIVIM.B , 2Jovombor 21 A pensition
was croited hero to-Uiiy by tha publication in
the Hustan Knigl.U of Honor Observer ,
clurgiug that t'.jbert J. Ureckocndgo , late
supreme treasurer of the Knighti oC Honor ; is
a defaulter by § 100,003. lasidentally tlio
s imo paper roferf to Ureckenridgc na "Rival
Captain Kidd. " In addition to its local le-
port , tlia Obsun-ar o litan illy arrii ns ISraLk-
uaridio as tiemir r.r vi itiblo for lar ; o sunn of
money "to wului/3 ancl orphans ot departed
bratbron. " Tno Observer is editjd < jy n Mr.
Gumming * , who is on intimata terms with
( ieiuril , stprmndiet itoruf the Knights
- if Honor , nndV. . Hrauch , who ( iiicnoded
Hra K3iiri'0'oas H iiireuni ) treasurer , lirfckun-
iidfaix iu thu icynutl denioj tha ohargfs ,
moiijuncnu t'ie v/h ilu tUmg a tissue of talnu
hood. Siil by "I hive rocnvod money
which lus iut IHOII ] > ai 1 out , I w.ih ordered
by the chancery c mrt to pay ivt mure benefits
after Octobar IS last , and I ob yoil tlw order.
I or this roisuii. l ieid n now a coumderabie
ninonnc in the P-'opIo H bank to thu credit uf
i Jii Knights of Houur ' The pnnornl opinion
among the niuinUtrsof the Knightsof lionor is
th it tnu ch irgn is uoc trui ) . lircckuuildga
Mill HUO for liucl.
CHII AIIO , November 21 , The motion for at-
ial.mnnt to compel county clerk Uyautc pro
duce IH ! tally cliEft of the pell book and bal-
.oth cf tha fcicond pracinct of the iighto : ntj
.u ijof this city vraa n-gnod in the
.court . this morning. Tlio nlkUon is miulo
that U.i returns fruc-i thn. precinct vveio taai
ptretl with In thu Loin in-Brand senatona'
.ctinttst . , and the hnal determination uf which
w.ll n.-ttli ) the question uf reputj
licr.n or democratic majoniy on the
loiut ballot in tl' ) stnto legislature.
Ulmlgettcleclartd the com t clearly hadjurid-
diction and directed tha county clerk to pro-
duo thob illuts , p ill beck and tally shoots 1)9
fore the grand jury v/Ithln one iionr. The
grand jury in tin ) inojntlinu adjournid to 2
o'clock thu aCt rnuon. The county cleric ap
peared bifort ) the wand tury nt 2 oVi < ck with
the tally theu./i nud poll-buuk in rc uunse tu
the order of tie court. The ) ury U now on-
gagtiii in huaiir.g toHtim < ; uy.
Jjcforo Iho grand jury re unvened , ar attor
ney a | > ; : eared btforu , lu/jgo lilodgett eariug
he reproaentcd th * ctndidnle fjr Itiu IIUUHU of
reproientativaa of the vtituji i < laluro whoso
diitiicf included ' .tin dlHiuted | precinct , that ,
nccuidtiifr to the returns msuia , his t liuut
was d ( leuted , but ti cat ho hid Impos t' at a
recount ( if tlio baliuis in a reulur ; uhctlon
( ' ( inttHt would dhow Ills client ch cttd , tnd ,
finally , Unit il thn foJur.i ! gra'id
jury vvcro ttllowpd > > handle the ballu'.H it
would prejiidico hit , cl'i'iits cmittrft. ( Jii ikn
Jlateiiu-nt tlwj judgH dHtidod to heir furtlt r
argvim-nt tomun uid ordenxl u'ur ' , mil. "
icfaniiine tha jui ) ehuuld nut liavo ui.cem in
the ballots an i Ouunty < Itrk Ityan Uierefurt
appeared before that f d.v nt 2 u'rluuic with
i lily hu pill book nnd UHy th"ot , uhlUi worn
ikKpecUd by mi ox pert from tha nib treasury
JUKI Uio result of lli u | f.\ion u not inado
iii i ' ! tun iiii < ; riAJt'DK.
I I hJU'lli ) ! : I VUi H'.OM JltLLOON AT
Kl l-Al/A AH.
Lturu. Ala , Nuvemb-r M.-About . ' 1,000
ilu in att'/idaiao n. the fair no going os
hete vvlliioMud the balloon aiconsion of Mi. *
Nt'lllw Leburclu ) lint Uternoun , b t v.iru no ;
piepartd fur its . .Ufioit fatal result. Shu M
the pupil of l'nif - r J. N J'n.t , Mid thU
wus her tfnnn J u ciii-i" , ttie lirit iio nniig
* ' . tlio MinUn. Ala , f ilr I nt w k. The Uli
.iJonaiit iii..ii'inid . I" nLout 2.000 feet
ii the ulr , ml ttd > greeting from
thy d.iii LI. fiiwlpititWB i o-
p'w n l.iw Kii'JiiU "he wa u
uovttfo ( be ciuvk.l ruiit the air with cheers and
clapptd lliolr hand * in-PpUud of her nervu ,
ud saw , w.tb ft ( ling * " ' relief , the great air
ji ontttr l"l * : ! ' * dwrwcr ) / there a
Hrent anxiety lest something pV.ouhl happen to
itr. Slowly the balloon cano down. Hover-
like bird In the
ns ; in indeciMon It seemed a
r looking for place to nllgrt , and then.
Hh a moro rapid movement , It wont inward
nd downward toward n clump of trees.
Vhether Mi s l.cbirrcho lost her balance or
er head is not known , but when the balloon
vas about half n tnilo from the st-vttlug point
nd yet a considerable distance from the
rounl , the crowd of gai-ars were
ppallcd to sco her leave the ilen-
er trpOfo bar ou which she
t , nnd the ballc-vn proceed without her. bho
\isiblo between earth and sky the frag-
icut of a second , and the screams of women
nd children foreshadowed an awful fate for
or , People from all directions followed the
jourso the bftlluon Ind taken , and noon the
air grounds tvere emptied ol the syiiipithu-
tig men auJ horror stricken women aud
hildren. Arriving at the scene thn poor girl
vas found stunned from the shock , but ,
trnngo tu say , no bones broken. Physicians ,
quickly in attendance , administered morphine
lypodenHcally to ease her suffering , when
ho w KS brought to the hotel In this city ,
whore aho now lingers under the Influence
hodriif. The extent ol l.rr Injuries rlll
lot ho itov eloped until to-motrow ,
lipaANsronr , November 21. The Sun
lay before election Itov. W. 12. Loccl.s , pas-
or of the First Presbyterian church , preached
against adultery and Immorality in politics.
Since that time the locsl daily domociatic
) aper has published scurrilous iceintintions
-oncoming Louck's character , which were
vvico retracted. This afternoon it renew ei :
Iho a-sault. Meeting Mr. lcnlhaln , the
editor , ou the street , loucks took him to task
ib.ut the publicitioH. The editor npphoi
an ollenslto epithet to the clergyman
whereupon the latter atruck Loutham a \lo
ent blow , knocklnr him across tbo sidewalk
The preacher stood ready to continue tin
ight , but the editor retreated. It Is sail
lut Louck's congregation support him in bis
PAHIS , November 21 , As n reprisal for at
tack mode by the Chinese upon the French
gun boats , Kclair anJ Tremor , on the 19th
inst. , on thoClalr river , while Ihey were re-
victualling tl o garrison at Tu Yuen Wnu ,
Gen. DaLislo telegraphs to attack Blackll igs
and Chinese regulars entrenched In fortified
works near that placo. The French forces
captured the fortifications French loss , eight
wounded. Iho
men killed cud tvvouty-livo
Chinese evacuated the Tom ? Kan valley.
Duchesno next day stormed without Ions ,
three fnrtiF.ed villages , and destroyed or cap
tured all ILo enemy's supplies. Tno enemy is
iu full rotrent , taking refuge In the mountains
and foreetc.
TlicSlorni in tlio
BOSTON , November 21 During a storm
last night the Fitchburor K'y Co , s hay and
storage shed , -KM * feet long , was demolished.
In Forfolk county much damage was done.
Trees were uprooted , and feucoj aud chimntys
blown down.
NEW YOIIK , November 21. Tloitoim con
tinues here but the damage is not seiious. The
heavy ratu last night welcomed , in it extin
guished forest fires that were threal ning vil
lages and alarming the peoplo.
PUOVWENM : , November 21. In Newport
the wind b'ov fifty miles nn hour. At Klls-
worth , Maine , several schooners were driven
No IOJH of lifo reported ,
Iowa UMurnH
CHCIAAO , Novembei 21. The Intar-
Ocem sp ciid says tint the Iowa Loard of can
vasteis completed the canvass of the returm
fur presidential electors to-dny with the foi
lowing rcsf.ltIJlaine , V.)7OS1 ) ; fusion , 177-
2bU ; republican plurality , lt ! , 03. It is im-
powiblu to nx Iho St .John uloctors exactly
as theio vvna no uniformity amotif ; the b 'Hots
throughout the htito. The St. John vote
however , vvns close to 2,000. The cinva s of
the eongres'ional and btato mturna will begin
December ' .
Tlio C. & N W , Ulvldonil.
NKW YOHX , November 21. hu Chicago
nnd Noithwestern Kailwny Co , dhcctors
declared a dividend of two per cent , on pre
ferred stool : and three and ono half p ° r cant.
on common , paynblo December 20. Vice-
Pic'sidont Sykos the compm h is oarmd
sufliiientin Iho five months ending November
1st to wu-rant moro than I ho payment of
diiidcndo. 'Ihopiotits fur Nuvcmbur will bo
ah largo ns thu gross earnings und amount to
nearly Uro millions.
Go NH You 1'lcnhc
TjOSliov November 21. Thu
, pu-dnys pe
destrian go as 5011 please begin at 11 to-dny
ut the acrmnri.ini , for the Antic ; belt. Thu
contest will eontimiu twelve houtr each day.
Theio were twelve ttaitors , no no of whom
were American. ! The naincH uf the ci > mpoti.
turs nre as follows ; liovvell , l/ittlowaod Vaudt1 ,
Peer , P ( ttit , UirgjnVron Cartwiight ,
1'ranVH , ( itari < o Maton , P , JMacCaity , ( > . Con
nor , H. Hart.
JNKVV YOIIK , November 24. At nuneoting of
10 Uaptist ministers to day Hov. Mr. I'hillipM
olFored n resolution that thn association du-
claru Itself nottaipontiblo for the "wild utter-
nmos" of Hov. Dr. Justin 1) ) . I'nltoii at the
last week'd Bo'Hion. Thu resolution was not
seconded and tLn m.ittt r was droppjd. Itov ,
Dr. Talmago tl ir. made nn nddrocH on ovulu-
ih' canvass ,
Srni.Vi.HFi.ii , 111. , November iM , The
atuto cnnvasnini ! board mot hcio to-day und
canvassed thu entire electoral ticket except
that of Cook county , which was found to bo
Informal , being tigntd by only ono member
< ithocanva'iwiB buard , Adjourned till to-
iri.rrow pending docieion on the matter by
lie attorney general ,
UBV OIUKA.NH , Noveichor2l. The Timoj.
Democrat Mubilo hpeclal , says a cullifion hut
night nt Pordldo on UIM Umlsvi'lij ' & Nahli.
villa railway between nortl. bound pistongor
and H iiitU b iiinil froi/nt. 'ill 3 ongmotr was
burned t nloath Six pi'iaecgerH were l.illixl ,
and many wounded
Tlic AilaniH-Oilcililuo CiiN" .
I.ONIXJJ. , Novemhor i.J .fuigo Mnmdsly ,
uf the court of iU | ( cn'ri bt-ncli , order" ! ) n ntuy
uf oxfcution ( ii the Adiiiih ( ijlerldgc case ,
The judica explained his action liiturd.iy in
uvtrrnliiif ; thu vnrcilct of till jury was takou
in til1 ; interest ut both pirtmn ,
A llOlllhlllllM ( CllI.O
NKW ( Juu.tN . November 24 A rycluno
Ktnick St. John's [ ; irUh Satiaday , ci-uiliigl * > i
of life und property. Tlm rtnldniuki uu the
Martin nnd I'urrct | 4iutitiiii ( WOIH cuiuplatxly
deiuulished. Aiut lie I'm rut was inktaiitly
kilh < i Tlm rcsldmicnu'i Mlal iret'j pUutattun
was deitroyol und MUUrut klllotl ,
'J'lio Itay him i CJjun\ > 4 (
liosrov Nou-mbnr 21. An pRrthqiukn , ic-
purtud inUIKIH furt uf New Jfnmpt-birt ,
vuiH felt In thU viulnlty also , at 12.10 ,
'I ( if lKl > tnci ! Hi-lit.
CAIUO , November 21. KiisHi alui deniHiic'u
rejirusentatlun in the Caisiie do la Dt'tto Pub-
ISurncd ,
KVASSTON , 111. , November 24 , 'I ho Con
grcgatioDal church beta burned lint m rjuK- !
J/oss ? 0,000 ,
" [ to Fnoeial of Gloc ? Fights in
New York , "
The Mitchell-Burke fiasco at
Madison Square.
V Large Audience ( of Policemen
aud Reporters ! )
Ihreo Desperate Rounds , Ravisad
Gospel Rules-
A. Disgusting Travesty ou tbo
Mauly Arti
V Fljtrt Without * Winner an Hx-
titbltlnn Wltlioiit ApplnnKC
Hiul oCi'iilillo Spnrrlii ; ; ,
New YOKK , November 24. The
talkcd-of boxing match between Charles
litcholl nnd Jack linrkv , whovvoro to ha\o
'ought eight ruinds under Marquis of
Queonsbury rules , In Madison Square garden
to-night , turned out to bo a liatco. About
,00 , spectatots anil fifty reportois went to see
the gi oat exhibition of "spmriiiB for points. "
Among the 5CO were the police , captains of
v ailous precincts of the city , who had been
pecmlly ordered to bo present. Ono sport
remarked , "This Is the of glove
fights in New York. " AtlOo'clcek Mitchell
nnd Burke nppenred on the singe , accom
panied by Billy Madden. Hob Smith mi-
nouncod that "In conseqnoncn of the Interest
taken in matches by tlm district attorney
and police , nnd from ft desire
that all prcecnt should bo nblo to get
homo in time to drown their Borrows
Messrs. Mitchell nnd 13urko would ; gi\o
Clunker exhibition of sparring in three
rounds , according to the Litest rules of the
peace society. " The men were dressed in
ilnin wlnto tights nnd dru er * . When
'timo" WIIH called , they ndMincod toward each
other , ottered the right hand of poid follow-
Hhip , and then drew back to admiioonch other
They "chucked" each other under the chin , nnd
smoothed ono another' . ) checks In rcnlly
affectionate wny ouco or twice. When the
first tl.reo miuulos vvero over they gracefully
boned nnd retired to their cornerB. Tlio
croud which hnd incrensed to perhaps 1IOJ
persons groaned feelingly , but the hghtt ra only
milled. The second and third rounds wuni
bimilar. Unco Mitchell pushed his chosk
against liurlvo'a glove. for which Iwrko apolo
gised. Then Mitchell patted his opponent'
right cheek , nnu in scriptural
fashion , Mirko turned tha left tu
bint. Another time when llurlcc
got close enough to Mitchell , tlm lattci
put his glove i > 3 far ns ho could iu the funner'n
- mouth i-o it went on until the third lonud
was < ver. A moru dingiihtod crowd tlnn tlnl
which left the garden II.IH Bt-ldom been s'-en u
tills or any othei city. 'Ihoto was no deciBior
ns to who was the winner , but thut would
- Invo been of no usp , nn there was nothing t
divide between the mi'ii.
.V. .1.
NEWAHK , N. J , November . Tlie demo
, crnts had n meeting of rejoicing to-night
Aftpr the parade , Vice President elect Hun
drloks said : "It is nnpoHsiblo for mo to nd :
drei i yon nt length I think you , men o
Now Jersey , for the honoryouh'ivo ' done ( ! ov
Cleveland nnd mjsolf nt t ho recent el oction
[ Cheers. ] 1 hn\o no honor possible to bo en
joyed by any man greater than that whicl :
is 01 pressed in the confident ! ! of the peeplo
- and llicro ! a no mode of cxprosHin
tliat confidence higher than UN
ball-it in the bo < c. [ Cheers ] Oi
the fourth day of this month , Now Jersey
did oxpreps ner judgment that wo should lie
the chief olhcors < f HUB country That judg-
mi nt stands and will hlun i former , bai-auso
umu/h of tha other Htitas hnvu concurred in judgment of the nation under tin
constitution of the Unik- 1 Stitui F ir the
part Unit you have iiorno in that pravo and
responsible work , 1 oxprois In you my
hi n tore thanks nnd roganls. To the .Sullivan
club of the tity of Nmv York ( u part of the
seier.ading body ) I derfio to express my
thanks mvciy special twins They l.avodoii
to ( ino who H doan r 1 1 mo thnn my ou n lift
honor tj night. It wni imiHiihiblu tliat him
should lo hero to icreivo this honor at tin it
bands. They d ( tire to oxpiu's to Imr tlitii
respect nnd tin ir regard foi this banner
the beautiful biumer thnt expresses cm
inutucl love for Iiolmid. ( Chcero I Up n
thnt banner it was wiitten by heiiojlfusUci /
tu Ireland , " u f cntlmont that , nil men of nil na-
lions and nil kliidrodu of the ( tan I
ought to respect nnd honor
JiiHtioc to Inland thulium fivcn J'nglnud her
lirmut soldiers , Ireland , tint Ins sent U
thU country of oim , meti who Iiavn fought In
all the warn , men who have helped this whole
land men who have illimtrntod the slrtiUM ol
civili/aLon und Cliriutianity "
Cn.veu.Kll , November 'ZA \ Herald npec
ial to-night from ( iamblir reporla that Mrs
\Vn kcr , living two mllui from town , liiy 11
and , boin ) ; a ] iliitimli > l , refund uiedical aid
but wnn piiKuaded tJHiibnut to trcatimnt hj
n in b n nui/jucl IJiirrnvvH , wlut Nild ho WHH i
moihiun under thu i lliicucn uf the Hjiltlt of m
Indian thief , liunotvs faid thnt tin
woman WAH nlfticti'd by dovili wide )
hoproceoled to drive out by bonting hit
about thti held aud shoulders and other wim
maid eating htr , In con eiiionco | ot whith slu
itiud hut Wednesday , after co'nlig to
xainiuir-hcd the duvi n , Tin n ha InniHU'd that
thu evil upiritM cntcrul Ida wifn nn1 ! ho boat
her savagely hut KIO Isut u'lvo nnd tin
IIIIUDU whuro Mrs , Wclhcrdird win lorkuit ami
nib/lv ( pormittud to * nttT it until Hntiudaj
wlion ficrouain , Dr Wclkir , foicml Ids wn\
in uikd fiiund horuirfifo Htrctclnxl on thu | H d !
in a HUtu uf nudity. L'nloHS Iturrown \ < nu
to ho lusanu ho will lo tried for mnnulaughlor
TllO O. It III'
( 'III' wo , N'lvenih.'r 'Jti. "IJnclo" is
Hutch of Now York jiaBtid through Chicugi [
"I am jukt frinn thn coiivuntl'in uf cuttlcmci
In .St. louiH , " .tld he , ' 'althdiiffh I went thru '
an it dole /ato. It was \ * . \ coiivuntlon , bill
not altupatln-r bariuoiiiniix und I imagine tli tl
, ( ult uf the jo.ilniM /ii'ilin / i-tliiijltid
thcro will \ > two Stuck ( Jrowtrn * ufb'u intiui
fo/inei ) , oiiu fur the mntli und uu * fur the
" 1 ho St. I Miid fioaplo HtnrtriJ the w 'iwrne
fur the furuiutlon of u natiunal ; i Miciation
( tient ciinnlddiablo inoiuiy , und oxpd ted abe it
mx hundred delfgitUs ut tin ) coiivtiiition ,
Much tu thlrmupri o lher vu r hetwceii 1 ,
; < W or 1 ItOJ dcleg to ] in iii , but the ninth -
Teian , Now MM c i and AnIM Iwd nv ry'
tlnnjf rlitlr < iun wa > , being HII 1 r ely in the '
majority. This nouihern ( leh'gatnm , lioti < vtr ,
Included a ( ; rcat many men whu nuvt r owntnl
tilher COM' ni hull and it becJi/tc / tivdcntti ! <
the northern delegate * . that tin- convention
hftdbnn packed in lhoint e < tof thosrutliern
territory. There were two l \x t otako. The
northern men woio in favor of liniliig govern
ment Und in the north for gracing purinife * ,
and the Southern men favored the cvtalthMi-
inont of a govormnnnt tti l fr.itn ' [ \ > \M tj the
Norlhorn limit of the country. Thin scheme
Is Impracticable , booinso It would cost too
much money and would help the Southerners
too much. They mu t bring their entile
North any way to fatten , because thilr coun
try i only good for breeding purpose * With
n good Noi them KMInt territory , and aided
by the government , thing * would bo bettor
nil around. Accordingly , It U my opinion
that union some ftnucnhlo Adjustment i *
reached verv tixm between tlic n. ocifttliii"
formed in Chicago and Si Inml * , there will
bo a regnlir and general dlvmon of the live
tock intoroiU of the North nnd South. '
NKVV YoilK , November S3 CIov eland and
Hondricks are roiKirtod to hive hnd n line old
row nt Albany yosterdity afternoon. Hin-
dricka attempted to advise dovolaud M tullui
po'tsiblo formation of hi * cabinet nnd vvns sit
down upon.
Much lo the surprise of the politicians Vice
President elect Ilondricks returned I torn Al
bany late on Sftt\irday night and took up his
old quarters nttho Fifth Avcimoliutol. It vvns
noted by tbu observant man that hn did not
trgister hit name and that hli nuniior was
not sosoreno as when holcft to go nnd
liis principal at Albany that morning ,
"Why , governor , " romarited nil acquaintance -
anco this evening , "what has brought > ov
b.vck so BOOH ? "
"It wni my intention lo ntny in Albany > !
hour or two only. There Is n pros * of poopli
nronnd Mr. Clove-land .congratulating him n
present , mid until ho diapoies of them nnd tin
novelty of seeing the n xt president vvoarx elF ,
little can bo done In the way of businois. "
Whit do yon think of Mr , Cleveland' "
Ho Is n utco Rontloiniu and luxpitiblo , ' VVIIP
the reply.
Uov Ilendiicks' return gave rise to th
rumor that ho and the prosiili-nt elect had hni
n dilfurcuco of opinion. This is what vvai
caul in whispers hero nnd there to-night
vMien Mr llondiicks had ' ited his chic
formally nnd commoiiced 1 1 ulng about tin
cabinet , Oov. Clovolnnd Ut\v the conversatloi
- round to Mr. llondrlcks' liruoklyn
mtiuviting that it was too pnincunced for
brginumg , that ttey ahould proccoil mort
slowly , aud that after nil there was nmph
tune to nrrnngo matters before the "ml o
March , lbS5. This is aaid ii to hive nnttlec
, lr. Ifcndricks , who gave the president.
elect to understand ha did no'
ft like the Idea of Senator Voorlue
nesuining so much nutnnrity in UK
langutgo ho hadusodtuspoctnig the next cab
inet , etc.
AftiM the 8stesinnn from Indialm is laid t
h vvci left abruptly. It Is know that ox-Boita
tor George W. Jiright , nlta of Indinnn. is
clone personal friend of Senator Vooriieoi
while ho M not on the best terms with Mi
llcmlricki. "llo has n groit Inlluonco eve
Ir. Voorhum , " wna the astorlion nf gen
tlcmnn who knows it thing or tvvo of politics
ISo thli as it may , the souatar and ox-sena
tor Wright loft the Gilsey hou'o together thf
livening , nt ( i.'Jt for Albany In nirnvver to
tehgrim , while nt the same time Mr. lien
dricks was taking matters cody In his roon
nt the Vilth nveuno hotel.
SALT LAKK , November 21 , The Ocntilotnv
payeis bo an suit to-dny to resist the cell c-
' lion of a special tax vot'icl by the polygamists
in tin ? Seventh ward. _ They allege that the
tax is illegal and thi ; the school is conducted
in the Interest of tlio Mounoii church , by
< Mormon teachers exclusively. This H the fuel
test over made in Vn'i uf Iho boctarinn school
A Itlonily County Soul SMoollon.H ) \
SIMUOUK , W. T. , November 21. Thu ulier
ill started to-iHy with n posse uf eighty inoi ,
arir.ud with Winchester rlllos , to overpower
the mob in poisusaion of the court house at
< Divonpirt , who refuse to allow the records to
:1- bo t iken tu thin place which vva < ch IHOII Ihu
: county scat at the ohclion un the Ith inst.
, liluudshud ii probible
i. , AVcatlicr I'o-Pny
ih ) N , November 21. Upper Mil-
h pissippi Warmer , fair weather in thu south
. ern | orlion ; warmer , partly cloudy weather
and light snows in thn northern portion ; ruuth
tu wust vvinds. MI'Nourl : Partly cloudy
weather , light snuws In tliunnrthorn portion ,
wind shifting woit nnd nurthwoat , slight rise
in tempera uio.
. , November 21. ProsMiru has
been brought to bear on the government , by
the public indignation at the flogging of
prisoners at the instigation nf Attorney ( Jen-
i ral Miller , cu great that Iho government has
been compelled lo dem uid his rcxlgnalion.
Miller will luavo the government in about a
Cliicino , November 21. A Iho was discov
, ered in the Htoiouftho Chici ; < " paper com
pany ut 10 o'clock ti night , nnd now (10 ( 15) )
; thnutons to coiibiiino the untiri ! Indldini ; and
- , I/ATI li. The pijMTcmnp'iiy'H Inns ii 880
000 : insuinnco , S25 000. Other minor IIMSI-H ,
, chiefly to pi intern , nmonnt to S,00 ( ! ( ) ; fully in-
nurtid. Tlio building wai owiiod by 'J'rint
Onmpbi'll , nnd win dum.igud to the nmunntol
&r , ( .UO ; liiHiiroJ.
WIIEEMMI , November 21. At hloydsvill
Ohio .Saturday uveninx during n ihimocial
julhliCHtlu , Urvillo linwloy , Win llarnrs ni
JuEtpli lioperuero fntully , anu two bu <
dnngi'roii'ily ' injiiied by the explosion o'
Tlrl ) t-ol-IjiAY < ' .Men.
November 21. At nuuiio-
day , four ptiKiinorH CHOspad from countyad
by incaiiH uf Ihu ventilntjr , which wax n M.I d
_ by a ladder.
IJi'iulrlcUs Iliini'vviinl Itiiiiinl.
YOIIK , November 21 Vice ]
elect Hendricks luavm for homo to nlglit Ho
HtojH nt Newark , N. J , to wltneM a ( in. "
crutlj parade ,
Till ) Hiiriifil OjKirn lioiiM * .
KT , LOUIH , November 21. Iho mdinmcoon
| tlio ( 'rand opera hoimo , which bi.rnel taut
, Is S' 1 , 00,1 , much gro < tor t'nin nt firs
thought 'Ihu ipiutiun of r tijaktruc < lun Is
not dec Ided.
A I'olnlcr Iruiii ItlHiiuirok.
CAIHO , November 21.-It U lolldved thu
( iennan K'lvcrnnant has nuked tin Khedive to
appulnt u ( < orin'in mprDHpiitdtlviiin thu bo'iri
which niAiiugeii the tjAlmci do hi Ditltii 1'nb
Pirrsi i in , , Novombcr 21.-Tin puddling
depuitinent uf , Shui > i.liargui'rf nun mill WMK
c ounil'on acioiilit uf Huiiulty f
order * . The nail il > | .iitment . , will eliiw
: < Iiy nl/ht.
Tin ) Hvv aim < ' mri Mai llal ,
Novembir 21. Tim KWJIII
court martial han taken recess until Monda ;
next. _ _
Aiiuiiicr ntinl i t.i | ,
COMOCOUK , N. II. , Novembei 2l.-Th
shock of earthqiiako at Ili'imlkor und vfdoity
Itlv yutrnluy irionnnifi
Qjnli Q.Uis TottcriuE Railway
Empire ,
Lobbying to Soouro , bo Needed
Boon of Time ,
And Extension on tbo Union Pn-
cifio's ' Debt ,
Soiuo OaiiBes for tbo Depression
of Stock ,
The Threatening Dnneer to West
iV U tl. KntiinAVItli lint rnlnt KIIJH
of llopo Other Uiillvvii.v
Now H.
Jew York Special to the Chicago 'Irilmnc.
Jny Cionld seems to have some now scheme
n hnnd with Iho Union I'nclllc , the nntnro ol
Antch is not now clear ; but It may bo giuvieii
Int it hat no very leinoto loferonco to Wnnh
ngton. Washington dimmtches say them an
igns that n povvetful lobby in thu railroad am
mother In the vvhlnky lutaictt will gathtv
.hero this winter , nnd they may combine fi >
nw > nl ndvantngo , The Union 1'nciho peopli
ivnnt asixtyjcar extension bill pofBcil , ntn
lomo leading democrat'o senators are understood -
stood to be pledged to Its ruppurt. Kit l > ecnmt
i\ law it would give tbo ono thine which Mr ,
Ciould always stiives to otitniu where demand'
uro made , > ! ? . . Time. Time is the thing
immune nnytliing , agree to niiytlnne , BO thn
immedinto dtmnmN may bo staved oil. 1
"ho Thompson bill should pass , which require ;
A\o immediate pnj incut of 1(5 ( per cent of th
net earning ! of the company to the govern
nent In liquidation of Its debt , Mr , ( ionld'i
ireeent bull ppt-cuhtiou In the stock wuiild lit
; irought to n disastnuis nnd ( it may anyway ) .
, uit II time can bo gained thnro is nt feast n
fair chnnco that ho may he nblo to unload In
lenvy holdings nt n profit. The largo shot
jiitcrcbt in this slock , It may bo added , hn
jcen nil cloned out
TIIK DEUUNK IK 1 N10S I'Alll 10 ,
The great decline in the price of Union I'a
cifio from KiO down to about 50 was nccom
pnniod by n constant incronso In the niimlm
uf stockholders , nnd Westein Union is goin ,
through the same experience. Homo wester
railroad companies are in n like condition
Their ktockn nio getting widely distribntcil
nnd for the reasons given. A railroad man c
ifreat cxperionco nnd of acknowlcdgiid power
in Iho railroad world confessed n fuw days
ngit that the situation In roopott to the rnnds
wai vciy dark , llo spnko more particular
ly of the went , where his interesls He , llo
raid that tin ) excessive cUmiMim of tlm
roads , the slnliikago in the v. himoof bmi-
ness , nnd the low pi Ices of farm products
had starved the conipiincs to thnt dtgroo that
it wsn Impossible to get goodfmth obaurvtd
\inonf ; the manngeis. In hotter tunes tirilfs
would be agreed to nnd would bo in dntalned.
nt least for n yrar or mure ; now tlio railroad
men would meet , ngroa on a certain tnrlll uf
rates , oiid within tw nty-foiir hours after ad
journment It wtiulil lie found tint r.ich road
was cecretly triing to got business nwny from
lU CiimpolitoiH byolfermg Inner rates. It
was , ho said n pcramblu to got
onoiigh money for interest charges. With
ri'bpoil to the future , this gditfcmnn do-
i tared ho could see no immediate hopa for im
piuvoment The thing vvuulil hnvo to run it
Helf out Tlio f u mi r vvns gutting mich luvv
prices for his products that them was no mar'
gin left for llm rndrouU to make anything on
cnrrylng them. Having told enougli to mcut
then moro proving want' , the farming clapson
were locking up the rcnunidor in the hope of
getting butter ( iriceH later , nnd in the inynii-
titnu they vvcro bii ) mg as llttlo ai possible bo-
can o Ihcy w io selling s > little. Now outer
pi lues vv on ntn staniliitlll , and tlniro wan a
gimeral JupoBitlon to shave every thing ilown
to two Juiwt limits.
Tha cfccl un the railroads was ulinvvn In
tlm aliniKt imivoru il war uf rates In thu c.ut
rival rutds nru cmrjing iiiHHPiigors fui inn
cent pcinlld , nnd curtain Wall Ftrout people
wh HU Jio nlattvo InteienU huvo been hint ,
by till nv diy luvo buun tnlkmg about up-
penis 0 the coiirti to slop it ; but in thouost
thu Hiiro ids am nnd hnvo hcnn furwirkH
past : nrring piHHengors 100 and /JOJ / milus
fur ? , an I there are no Hlgus uf an end ti
the itrifo yiit nppirunt. That would HSOIII
to 1) ) a good case for the conrtu , but vvi
- Inn nutlimg ab ut nppjrds to tlinui
Th facilities uf production nnd certainly
transportation / seem to Jiavi t ) mp irurlly
iiiUtripKnl ] populalion ; pr diicttim M iniuccH
ofunsimipllim , and until tliornhitiuiH uf bull ,
( 'tiliiwn ni.uiir to nil i quality thorn IK littl
lip o for Improvement in railroad biixlin'SH.
'Jieuo are the o | iiiiuns uf ono uf our promtin n
illruad men n gonth man ulioHO mtnrcHls , I
) han any , in the block market vru all on tin
nil Hili' Whin nnm in Ins position and u :
null ui'lo ' and vnrnul uxpoiinnce have lo con
rail thu Hitiiutiun lo bo thin , it HOJIH s.ifo
uy that wo are In Iho winter 8ca on in u ore
od thun out' .
ioxros , November 21. JVailini ; clear
ng bonus nf thu United Stales
upurl that the total /.TOCH ixclniriK'i '
f the week unded , 2.2 wi ru tSiJO,7H ,
00 , u ilecruaHc uf 15 , 8 per cent cumpari d
.ith thu uirrispimiluijf vvuol ; last jcnr.
CIIIUAUU , Novumber 21. Tlio ioncrnl ;
nun ngur nguits of the Trunk line met lion
'tilay tu conaldiT thu iin | ttidii uf the rrntuia-
l < 7i uf rales 11 thu Honboard , but ndji IMII"I :
\\'idnurtlay \ : ( withuuttcaching a ( uuciimuii.
i AIIU ru
XJIS , UN , , Novcmbei 21. Cheuju iinet. |
lurHlfS. 2'JO IIOXlMof BkllfiH lit 7 (
! * | , Hcgnlur saliH'-lll.OUO
ut.iV PnvatoHjIos ; 1,10(1 ( boxes u
11..W puiiniU of butler.
ur i viivii woi'.K ,
I'l m in , , November 21. The Pranks
town iiiing mill , wlm i liux beun Idle lour
month lesuincil ( i | iratluns to day , and it in
tliuivfiwill b ki-pt running all winter. It
In Hxp'Ul ' Hut ilu < now pijio mill recintly
built bllii-Hiinn linn , will stuit upVednui -
day , | ! Mig Kinpliiymciitto liOU men ,
| li : LMOV I'A ( II 1C IV I ( HIM.
WAHiVujos , Novom'irr 2.'t - The case uf
thu guv imeiit | Vrt , the b'ni m Paeilio Pauihu
Kallruiijtimpuny , In vvlilili lliu governim nl
clalnu artaln per ceiituf th < j nut uurningd
and tbu Uroad coinjuiiy claims piyment fui
traii < tporioii | , ciim up in tin conn ol claim *
today. jy | preliminary inattCM were dl -
pjimd uf VI tlm In d will begin rugnlaily to-
murruw fall Iho guvi inmnnl elilimi are
ulluw ud twill | umoiint tu $1,700,000 , , but
ngaiixt tin , til th railruid comj nny claim )
niUnn nratliu , ' § i.rioyooo ,
. . I A I l.S ,
fin , Nuvt'iiiber Jl. The Jim
lingtu'i unkiaes u du'lar ' rate Iu Ht. Lunl * .
Othdr llneill no * , inuot Iho cut , in tliu Jim
lltigton uiU luulvo honrrt longer thun thn
cgun , Nineinbcr'JI.A jmity
of tii 0fit | Jtalhvay und Nnvlatloii ( ulh-
'clnU ' left hlthin > fUi/if ( for Hunllnfli.n
whom UIPV will mpetthn olllclals of the Oregon
gen Short l.lno and drive the last iplko of tbo
lourtli IrannciintlnenUl line M C o'clock t ?
marrow afternoon.
81'NA'UmItIHON. .
Of imilUKMH.
Chlcaco .1'rlbune ,
llnlted States Senator Win. 1 ! . Alllnon of
iimmquo , Iowa , paxdcdthrough the city yes-
lenlny ou his way to Wo htngton to attend
Iho Inter HMMDII of congrens. Ho does not
anticipate that the rcxslon will bo an impor
tant ono from a political standpoint , believing
that it will be given up to appropriation bills
nnd other routine IHIMIICPH.
"What will Iho senate do with Cleveland
and his apiHiintmenli ! ic'xt prlnB'"was asked.
"That Is lniH | ) < Mblo to toll. YmifiHivvo
on't know jot what Cleveland Is going tu do
or can wo oven form an Idea , bocnuno ho has
o rooanl csiccially | to judge by and ho has
i > ld nothing an to what ho intends to do.
'ruin tlio hlllo 1 know nf the man , 1 believe
hat ho will bo rather conservative than ng-
; res ivo In his ndtnliiintratKm uf allnim , "
"Wlmt etfoct nil ! the change In ndministrn
ion hnvo un the bimlucus Iiittrttstfl of the
\ bad elfect , naturally , because men with
loney will be > very careful about inventing un-
il tUoy know esaclly what to ciiwit. How-
verm my jndgnieiit , there would bo hard
lines anyivay biciiu'euf the overproduction
i the country. Fnetonr > B nro closnm liccnnsa
hu warehouses are oveillowlng , nnd I see no
ninudiate toilet fur llus ntnlo of affairs. "
Ij UY .IU11V.
LONDON , November 24. lit the commons
.0 . day CulKn , n liberal , gave notice that ho
.vould cill the nltontion of the house to the
jitrnonllnary ruling of .Imlro Mnnlnty in the
the ! case of Adnms Coloildgc , vvhoroby the
functions of Iho jurymen were made "a
mock , A delusion , and snare. " [ Cheers , ]
iVdnnis , tlniiiigh couimel , will move
before a full bench that the court maintain
the veidict uf tin jury , .liutico Mantnty'i
action uu Saturday has created n great out-
buist uf popular wrath. The curoiit strain
if nuvvspnppr cointneiit is tint the jndgo paid
much dofoienco to thn personal feelings of
Lord Coleridge. It is declared tint iluntice
Mnnisty's fondiicl was an Insult to the sustain
.if trial by jury.
Popular Troubles In Spain.
M \Dllll ) , November 21. The conflict between -
tweon tbo antlioritloH and the students of the
{ Diversity grows dally moro surlnns. Hun-
Ireds uf arrosU bavo been madn , in atfectinc
winch lai o numbirs of puuplo buvo been
woundid ) , including several members of thu
policn force nnd the gov lion nppuintnd
now Ultra Monliuo rector to succeed the
Sognstlnn rector who roiilgiied h t week. The
imlltaiy precautions that hate been adopted
rauRO the btrects to lujumblo a city in n slito
of nlogo The press retaliates with uxtruino
viulonco upon ilia prosecution of liberal nnd
republican papers
Tin1 Aiul-UiiKllHli 1'mvcrH.
LONIIOV , Nuvombei 21. Karl Crnnvilln ,
secretary uf stale foi forclirn nlFairs , is In con-
ttant communication with Sir IMward Mnlut ,
KngllMi dulegato at the Congo couferonre.
The situation IH unpleasant. Mulct , In the
confnrnnco , approved tlm ni | > intmiiit ) of u
cumnnllea of inquiry upon Knglaud' , < claim
tti OKI jVf.or rlvor , nud the noiiiinallon [ of
liiiron DoComcul , Tionch dolngato , ns prcol
dent uf tliu connnitU'o , is a marked ovi Jmico
of thohostlln combination ngiimit the Iliigllxli
Tlio OuiliTn. unit Nun Nui-JCh.
I'VIIH , Nuvuiiiher " ' . Kiom midnight Sun
day to I ! this DM'inii' , ' thoru luvo been six
deatlij in Iho city from cholera. Thu iminic-
Ipil cuuncil In day adopted a rrsululnm cun
Hiiriug the prefect of thu Suinn for falling to
cjiitimio Iho scculai iiliun of hiHpilals by re
moving nuns engaged as mimes , and calling1
upon him lo eontlniiu thu work. Thn protect.
replvmg In IIIH defense , sdd tint ho ng cod
with the council upon Ihu prlncipln iiivulyoil ,
but cuiiKidered It would bo imprudent to in-
move the IIIIIIH dunug thu i pldimlc.
PAIIIS , Nuvombor Tlio Figaro siya tint
I'ngla d'u di'clfiun not topirmlt the Congo
OJiifi'ronci ) to tutvbhsh nn internaliuiial torn-
ii fui the rogul ii in of tlio Niger wni in-
tliintlid nt In HID lirnt sosHirinof line infer
( inii ) . Sir IMward Malnt , tin ) Hrltinh dulo
gatu , doclnrud Unit thu c unmercu of the Niger
ih'lta was mult r lintl'h prutecti m. Knjrland ,
liowuvi'i , Im aborted would plidgu huiHulf tu
ihar the rlv r , rcgul ite navigation , nnd throw
thurlvei npcn tu lliu world ,
Cliolcni Itiillniin.
PAIIH , November 21 , Ninolenii duath
from cliul ° ra hue yesterday. In the twolvi
muni muling at noun thiirn vvcro three dnnlhs
Tnu ilrnth uf Admirnl Funitchaii is
iiminu d ,
IlrlllHli SMp Itiilldlii ; ; .
LONDON , Nuvombei 21. The ndinlinlty of
i o liw ; invited deulgns and tunderi for Un
liinldiiiuf | [ now men uf-wnr fium ship build
ng hr mi un tliu rlvem Clidc , Tynu and Mei
noy , nin mg whom ordcra will bo distributed U
remiily lliu present depression in the Klilt
mildiiig tiado.
iiuniiKK AM ) I'li.i.Ain : loimirrin IN OHIO nv
CoiiMlitiH , OHIO , November 21. A huge
crowd of the anil liquor oleiiiunt of liladcim
buri ; , Knox cuimty , made an atluck Saturday
light un Clnpin'ri aluuii. The proprietor
was Hit nek on Ihu head b ) a Htoiio , and hi
Lull fractured. All tlio Ihlior | was thrown
nlo Ihu sin els and when a phyHidun ninvcd ,
Jhiipin was c't ml.
or 'j-ni'j II'INIOST. : '
llll.M f Oh . ' . KU KIHK lOIII'KMPS ll'KN HlOlt
\ \ \\VIKS.
NKW YOIIK , November 21 , Policeman
irantnnd UdViiiH were connnlttu.l Iu await ,
.rial un tliu thaigsof highway rubbery and
itlimpljd Hhootuiif , Whlio drunk on duty
a t night , Ihuy attacked a man , robbed him
ml liied mvuntl chohat him vthilo hu was
iiiliiavnimg to iiHc.ipii Two other | iolicomui
im failed to in nut thu guilty olhcern wno
iiiijiumlcd by lliu mayor.
I'&rlnlnn lieu llcnilH.
PMIIH , Noveml r 21. Itadicil nowiipaj > rn
CCUMH ihu guvtrmmint of anj/eiliur crowds
iiinday by a netidlcHS display uf pullco and
illltmy ( area. Urgum/urH of tha meutiiiK
iiterininul tu make a duiiunstrutiun Mmiduy
oxt. Trouble n e\puctud ,
< 'linlcrji In Hjmin ,
MAIHIIII , Novi-iiiliLr 21. Twenty EOVOU
CUBIH and LOVUII death * ) > y chtilura occurred in
Toledo joiterday. The authorities have ea
tnb -.liuil i a inililar/ cordon
Jlloin .Miirjililni ) Ihaii iMouo ) .
KriiKUh , Novurnboi 21 Dr. P. II. O'Con
nor mitcid dtdty with mui fihiuo and landa.
num. Hit wu > i a druKK'jt ' hi ro fji twenty
ear . Flnuncial truiitiln ,
Do VOIIIIKV C'otiilllion ,
SAN FIIANCIHIO , Nuvombor 2 1. Do Vounj ;
coiillnueH ty Iminovu. Ho wmea u jocd ; i
mihl. ; No unf.-tv urnbit ) nympU'in ' * . . |
reopening Week on the Chicago Sloct
aod Proflnci ) Marteis ,
A Day of Nervous Activity in
Wheat ,
Ooru Also A ve to Moderate
Provisions Ru S-3toady and Al
most { ii
Oattlo Slow anull Throughout
the fusion ,
.SiiHpoiidrd to Gioct Visit-
Men llatllliiK rnilo
pecial telegram to the line ,
ClllOAno , November 21. The day on
change wiw charactcrired by sharp activity.
U the opening iu wheat the feeling was \ory
mottled and prices for n lime varied widely ,
omo sales being made at } c under and some.
tic over closing of Saturday , lint tlio mar-
: et finally sold off lo and then under actlvo
myliiR advanced > ' and eased off 8 , fluctuated
ml closed on the regular board about the
nmo as Saturday. On the afternoon board
, ho fooling was stronger , closing nt 74Ji for No-
ember , 718 fcr December , 7f > i for January ,
H2JforMoy. Torolgn advices quoted wheat
"irmly held but the cargoes olt coast and on
.lansagu as ijulot. Kocolpts hero wore larger ,
iiggrcgaling IB2cars. against 281 cars Satur
day ,
_ The market for corn was active on spocula-
Ivo account , and shippers bought moderately.
1'ricea ruled mntorinlly lower nil around. The
weakness was duo to liberal arrivals nnd to
Iho cold weather , which was more favorable
to the iuspcclinn of new corn , jjartios antici
pating nil Improvement in grading. Novem
ber dua'inod 2c nnd closed go lower. On the
nfternuon bcnrd greater strength was exhib
ited , and the mnrkot advanced 4@fic , closing1
linn nt ! Wio for November , SoiJcforlXcomebr ,
for January , 37 o for Mny.
Knlod stoidy and firmer , closiiu at 2fi-Jc for
November , 2)4o for Uocctnbor , 25 c for .lanu-
aiy and 2ac for May.
i onic.
llnled irregular and opened ntrotij , ' at 5@7Jo
higlier , cold ulf nt ISJrglfn : , rallied B@lCc , nnd
cli od steady , closing ut S10 53 for t'to ' jear ,
510 7fi for January , ? 10 90 for rebriiary.
1.AI1I ) .
Knled uti-idy. doling at 80 77J for Novum-
b'r , 5(1 ( 05 for liecombjr. $ l > 70 for January ,
i li 77i for Voliruiry Thu oitimatod receipt *
of c vttlo for thw dny It 8CO ) , ngiinet 8,173 last
Tr.idu was slow amlclnll fiom first to last anil
chances nro that it will inlu Ijvvcr all nronncl
th in nt the close uf last week yet salcn were
sj flow nnd thn demnnd BO limited tint thcru
vv.u lardy snllicii'iit businesj transacted to
nialto u market. Themweri' but few shipping-
uidors , and drtmod bi-ef . '
. . oporatOM . . werotjking' .
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o-jlyafoiv : "just enough to t along with , "
Bald thi'll ImjerH. There wvio only aliont 100
earn of TexaiiM among the nriitdls , and h.ilf of
them were iilnppiid direct from ICans is City to
droAxed ln'cf dcalera and cini. < lenvingonly
about fifty inrs on thn m.irl. i. . Theru wns
only one train of westerns , i Ivveenloud"
o'clocic n train inivid with -itors from the
Kt. Lonii convLtitiini , and from that ou there
wns little ur n thing doing in the mnrkot. In
the nbsenco of Hjlr , it is useless to feivo quo
tations. A better maikot is luoknl foi to
morrow. It would U ! o thu best mtivo fctaers
to m.iko ? ( i na.O ) ( 25 , really croud ouoi miy bo
( piutcd ut Ti nu O. " . " ) ami fail atl li ( < rt | 85.
xlin liuliday ntoars uf li > 00 and up might
brim ? ? ( } OOWO 7r > ; exp irts Sfi 20@C ( 0 ; poor
to fmcy Hhlppmif. S l.2ri@IS 00 , nuinly at
? ISO 05.0 ; butchers' uiws , S2.oOfe't ( : CO ;
ekerH nud feeders. JSIUOJ/M CO ; Texas cattle
at Si.h5Ma.25 fur c > ws nnd Ml , IO@3 75-
fur stccri" , Montana cittlo nverjginir lU-'l Ibu.
sold nt ? 5.50.
Kstlmiled ri-cfiiU | for the day , I'H.OOO ,
ng limit I'lst7 : list Monday. The market
upcned active and ftiougat C lOc higher all
around but with mixed and good pickers
mostly wanted. Scalpers nnd speculator ; )
uonni way or uihor gut a "straight tip" mid
wont in with a rush. They hold thn market
stiunff until iinarly noon , or say when they
had about noli ! out , then values began to
wrnkun , so wlut wasleftlator buyers gut cim-
Nlderably cheaper than thosa that bouglit early ,
imd thn innrket cliHod rather weak , yet with it
'ess nuinbar unsold than on baturday. Coin-
nun to fair packers sold around nbout SI.1G ©
1.20 nnd the btwt nacltera < it ? l.2C@1.3t' ' , and
tlioliKst heavy iill.'O@l 10 ; heavy , S1.25 ®
I ( lri ; light , § 1 001.3S ; rough grades , ? 1.00 ©
LONDON , November 21 , The Mark Lane
Hxprois , In Ha weekly review of the com
rndo , fays : Young wheat could scarcely look
stronger , and there Is not an autumn sowu
jrop of uny kind which has not an exception-
illy good average appearance. Wheat do-
ilinod IH pur quarter in London on Monday ,
ind priciH liiivo boon weakening over since.
ialoH uf Kuglndi vvhoat for thu past week were
! 8llU ! quarters , at.'tlH 7a per quarter , against
h ( > ,10 , quartern , at ( On fid per quarter for the
urreanoiining weuk lust year. Flour declined
is under the precsuro from the London bakers ,
who i educed the prlco of bread. Foielgn
vhcat in London Is uradii illy finking toward
hu nnfathoinablu bultoKi , nnd how far yet bo-
uru the bottom Is renchod m a matter of puru
jiecuUtlon Mai/I ) in linn , owing to Itu
ciircity. Oats uro lid per quarter lower. No
argues nir thu coast. Tno prevailing' east
vlnds nro keeping elf oxpectf d arrivals. Ono
nirfii was sold and ono withdrawn , leaving
hu matknt bare. Fur caivooj forward there
s hut Ilttlo domaiul.
WAIIIINOIO.N , November 24. Uovcrnor
ijuiro , of Washington territory , In his annual
eport Hayas "Although many citizens are
dlupojod lo qiie tion the wisdom of the lav/
conferring upon women the right to vote , es-
pcclally when attended with the rtqultomentu
that women should icrvo us jurow , Itmeeta
with the tpproval of a largo majority of people
and the women of thu territory nro for thu
most purt strongly desirous that thu enact-
J'jeut ' be lot lined uiwn our utatulu books.
I hus far it BCOIIIH attended with no important
result unfavorable to the welfare of the people
of the torrituiy " The luport presents a num
ber of loasons to 8iipoi | t the claim of Wash ,
lugtun territory foi itdmlBtiun Into the uniou
. . . .
119 .L Hf.sf *
Now Itallronil Oponcil.
UKAIIINQ , I'a , November 21.-Tho uew
rounajhanla Hclmylkill Valley railroad wan
formally ojiened , from Philadelphia to Head-
.Inp , to-day.