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Mondav Morniiig Nov. 24
tyW 0 - -
SO. 7 rtarl Btteet , Near
The council rucotn tonight.
II. U. Stewart , artist , at Chapnian'o.
See U , Holler's now itock of cloth ? .
"Burr Oaka" is ino attraction nl the
opera houao Una evening.
Another assortment of hata juat ro
celvcd. J. J. Auworda it Co.
All the trains wore several hours late
yesterday on account of the atorm.
The atorm cauacd a postponement cf
the apirltual aoclal until next Saturday
evening ,
Place your ordcra for crayon portrait
for the holidays with Stewart , the artut
at Chapman's.
Justice Sehurz ontortalncd about i
dczin of hia frlonda the other night wit !
an oyator auppcr.
Saturday evening Justice Schurr. per
formed the ceremony making
and Tillio Schulln husband and wife.
Ucuiomber that Seaman In positively
closing out hla business and you will nav
money by purchasing your gooda atlOi
all cash purchases of fifty cents and up
warda at J-teamnn'n closing-out aalo , 40r " ,
The mayor oirora $50 to any citizen
who will capture a burglar and deliver
him at the city jail. Why not offer the
reward to the police ]
J. T. Ilartoria cleaning out the dltchoa
along < wonuos A , B , 0 , etc , , In a manner
which pleaaoa greatly the residents in
that part of the city , who say that it Is
the best work done yet in that lino.T ed
Since the burglars made a break for
the private olllco of Mark Diiryoo , man
ager of the Ogden house , oven the bell
boys have boon armed , and a sorry tlmo or
time Is In store fur the next thief found
loitering about thoro.
The mud and rubbish has boon allowed
to aceumu'ato so on the paved streets ?
that a atrangor visiting the city would
hardly know that Council Bluffs had any
paving. There should bo aomo system of
cleaning adopted.
Even the democratic organ will not
have the gall to say thlo time that Coun
cil Bluffs sent a largo and enthusiastic
delegation to Omaha to attend the ratifi
cation. A little too wintry a night.
A delegation of young men from the
Omaha association will visit the V. M. 0.
A. this nvoning to hold the monthly con-
fcronco. Tnoso gatherings have all boon era
profitable and troll attondod. An in altii
creased attendance Is expected this oven- 'ov
Ing. All young men are invited to bo U.rac
present. ;
The Nonpareil laysjit "believes that it hia
is honorable journalism to acknowledge
siul rectify errors that may occur In its
columns. A gentleman always apologises
when ho finds that ho Is in error ; a conceited - ing
ceitod fool never. " As that paper hai
never apologlr.jd for publishing that
bogus Noirs editorial , and never ac aloi
knowledged or rectified numerous other wit
grave errors that have lately orept into OX Uoi
Its columns , it seems In Ita own opinion hln
to bo "a conooitod but give the old lady but
time. She is a little alow getting around. elm
Very True. Jll
It ia not atrango but very true thai wh
when people wantboota or shoes for mud wn
snow and actual sorvicti they know thai 01
is the only kluu wo keep , and coaiu to Bill
us for thorn. Wo appreciate thn favor V
shown us. / . T. LINDHKY & Co.
"Tell tlio Truth. " del
The Globe , which IB , hi fnct , only the Th
deur old lady's evening doec , gives the
above hcadint ; to an article attacking fol
TUB BEB. It starts out with , "THE UKB ,
with its usual bad raleoa wii
grace , a hue am
cry concerning the excavating on loner iigi Hi
Broadway , preparatory to paving. Ifr ,
Tilton should have road the contrac ! but
bsforo publishing hla attack agoinot the not
city etc. " The old '
government , lady'a lat
twilight nap is characteristic of the old toTe
lady herself , and is on a par with the
bous NOWB' editorial. Lot the Olobo
surprise iU lf tor once and "Toll the
Truth " The fact IB , TUB UKB makes IK
such attack , aud raises no such hue IUH uur to
cry , aud the He ia nindu un out of whul
cloth. Yut the Olobo Itaolf admits there
is sumo cause for complaint , but that
"tho prrparty ownorH will have little if
any oxlru excavating to pay for " They
may liavo BOIJIO to pay for after all , ohl
To Hliou
Ktmembor wo ivo Chioago discounts
mid terms on Rubber Iloott , Shoes and
and have the largest ezclusivo
west ot Ohlcauu.
'A. T. LlNDSBV it Co. , the
0'iuncll lilull'j , Iowa ,
( llillit.
L colored nmii named F/i'eiiian , living pel
oil Washington avenue , wna yt a'trd y or
frrcstod on complaint of tiome neighbors ,
wo * s-y Lo waa beating hU little child in
a tu osl brutal nmnutr. Free man has > iot
any gtcaljreputution fivx klndiiuii toward
his wilN uiwd children , biui if hu is hulf HA WOK
brutal as li i'liHr iui. tie hnuld bu madi >
to fcol tbo amat t < > f tH' ' law thin time. was
To close the bu iuO I "ifer niy stock of on
mUcolIanoous books , pio. ' " . " 'y geode ,
notion * , fire screens , ca u ' . willow and by
cane high chairs and ohildr. " " reckon ,
at prices never known before i.n J'10 ' w.'st' '
H. K. 8oatn n. pupor , Ixmks ana "tatiou-
cry , fXM Broadway , Cimucil BlufJj. of
Order hard wood of P. Over ton. ,
A Mm Hcl } Up on Main Street and
His PocKets
Another Victim Olaima to Have
Lost His
Several Arrosioct on
A mm named J. 11. Grouch , was licit
Up anJ robbed on Main street about 1
o'clock ' yesterday morning. Ho had boei
in the nuloon formerly kept by Oapt
Huasoll on Uroadw&y near Seventh
street , and on leaving there wont up to
Ma direct nnd down M in street to
nor Oregory'n ' bhokstnlth shop , whcro
ho wai attacked , thrown down on the
sidewalk , nnd after a utrugglo whs
relieved of what money ho had , about
38.00. llo noticed two men follow him
out of the saloon , and was quite certain
that they wore the onoa who robbed
him. From the deaoriptlon given
of them. ' Oflicoru Cualck and O'Hrion
yesterday arrested two follows , who gave
their namcH an Tom Howard and FranK
ClilTord. Howard waa cnargod with the
robbery and Clifibrd na an accomplice.
Howard had § 5.25 on hia person , and the
other had no money. They will have a
hearing to-day. The man who waa
robbed ia a farm hand. Ho did not ro-
colvo ' any aorloua injury , but hla clothing
ill badly ; torn.
A man named Foaa complained yester
day that ho had boon robbed of S-IO. It
appears that Saturday night ho waa in a
condition where ho required help to got
tel bed , and his eon and Mike Kildare ,
neil known to the police , are aaid to
haven put him In hla little couch. Foau
on waking found two ? 20 bills gene from
ila pocket. Klldaro was taken into cus-
ody ; ycatorday , and the pollco are work-
ng at the case to aoo if they can got moro
Igh upon it.
About 1 o'clock yesterday morning P.
M.No. Pryor , of THE BEB olTico , living at
No. 81 ! ) Sixth avenue , wart arrouaod from
slumber , and hoard somebody apparently
working at the kitchen door , llo wont
there i , and called out "Who ia there ? "
Dioro was nilonco for a inomont , and In
roaponao to another moro sharply put
query , the prowler replied that ho want
to t find the way to Dalo'n barn. Ho
did not wait for any great urging to go ,
but quickly aklpucd out , the marka of
ila foot showing that ho had taken across
ota in hia haato to got "to Dale's barn , "
Bomowhoro olae. Pryor had no gun
with him , but has now arrayed himself
iko a walking arsenal , this being the second
end visit made to his houso. If another
one cornea Pryor will doubtless get that
50 reward offered by the mayor.
Ladies' Slribloy & Co.'a ( ino and medium
dlui line shooa reduced In price.
How SomoIInn to 1'ny for UohiR Too
Burn ot Hln lOleutinn.
Saturday afternoon some of the novel
bet : made before election wore juid off ,
much to the amuaotnont of the by-stand-
, who watched the sport with glee ,
although the weather waa anything but
fovorable < for street corner gaping. E.
. Odoll , the secretary of the board of
trade : , waa ono of the victims. Bocauao
favorlto , Blalno , did not got there , ho
to make good his promUo to GUI
which ho did by kicking his
whlto Blalno hat along Broadway , about *
"Hurrah for Cleveland" ovury ( imo
kicked. There wasn't much left of the
or of Odoll'a voice by the time the of
kick was over. Gus Bergman marched
along with htm , boating a big bass drum
with two atloka , ono not being enough to
oxproaa ] hia delight and enthusiasm.
Bergman , as a bittm drum soloist , showed
hlmsolf to have great force and spirit ,
lacked in that delicacy of-touch which
characterizes p.noli artiata aa Wall Me.
Faddon. . Still hii debut waa a success.
Jim MoMahon waa another victim He
wheeled George Mtirwoud along Broad
way In a barrow , and ho too nhoutod for
Cluvulaiul , , as often aa hia gasping breath
nnil waning strength would permit. Neil 4
Voorhla : was atill another victim.
IK had to shout for
Cleveland as often aa his
democratic friend , John Tumplotoii , did.
They carried brooms with ling * on top ,
and Decor Kopllngor , and \Vhlttloeoy ,
the brother of the Ulobo'a city editor ,
followed ! ault. Altogether It was a novel
procesMon. It wan cut atiort by the
wind and anew , which proved alike dia
agreeable to victor and victim. Harry
Hunter , of thu Nonparlol , waa to have
bciHi ' among the alioutura for Cleveland ,
aa the old lady who employs him has
yet given up that Blnino la defeated , or
was excused by Mr. Tompleton until
later in thu suasoii , but he utill promises
come out in dun time.
AVhnt IH till )
What in the matter with buying a good
pair t'f ladles shooa for one dolhr out of
odd lot baisliot. Former prlco two
four dollars. / T. LINDUEV & Co.
Tlio Mlhxionnry JMci'lliiKH lltilil Hero
In accordance with the action of the
Proabytorian synod , mleaionary conven
tions nro being held at different points In
state to awaken , especially among the "
PrCHbytoriatiD , renewed and Inotoated In
terest In the work uf uproading thu gos
In forulyn Inndr. Such a oonvr tition ,
iiuiro properly meeting , was held here
yeetorday. It waa planned to Imvo a
Saturday evening mooting , but the storm
delayed the trains eo that some of the
apcakuru did not arrive and the meeting
not hold. Yesterday furonoon there 2
a Isrgo and intorealvd audience
gathered in the opera house tn hear Huv.
. Jchnson. He jpoko particularly up Alio
the work in India , n subject with
which ho has benn made very familiar
a reulduuco there of
twenty-two year * , end ho on B <
I'xpcols soon to return to that Hold in nidi
which hohas so long labored. Ho tpoko
thu necoaeltica ot the work
, the accoiei- l >
bility of the people which the work has
already Rccompllehcd and ii nccompllsh-
inp , and jzavo seine very interesting nar
ratives concert IIIR thu cud'oms and pr-
cnliaritica of the people.
In the aftoriioMi at the opera housa
there wrm a fair slz-d nii'lienco ghthorcd
to hear Miss lln-plan speak on the work
in Slam , a fifld whrrn she hm been U1 r-
In ? for five years. Ikr address was a
very interesting and Inatructivo one
Another meeting was arrancrri for the
evening with Hev Dr. Mi'choll us
speaker. llo Is a member cf the board
of foreign missions of the 1'rcsbytorhn
church. U v. T. S. TUiloy , the state
sy indis l mieelonary , Mrs. Walker , ot
Colorndn , and ethers who nro greatly in
torestctl in the work , wore alee present
ItfHlli H
Reynolds Bros. , fine shoes reduced in
prices. Call and pot the now prircs
/ T. LINPSBY t Co.
A Mfin mill Hln Wire TA'ulk From
Davenport to Council Mlnffr ,
There appeared at pollco hoadquartora
hero Saturday ft man and woman who
had , Indeed , a strange tab , they claiming
to have walked clear across the state of
Iowa , from Dxvonport to Council Bliifl * .
Their pitiable appearance , their apparel ,
their marks of exposure , their shoos with
solos worn clear off , a'l ' acomod to bear
witness to the truth of their statement.
They were objecfa of pity , indeed. The
man gave his name as Duke
Gregory , and said that three years
ago ho married the woman in Omaha ,
her name being Clark. For two years
ho worked at brush-making , but a year
ago mot with ati accident which crippled
his feet , nntl laid him up for six mouths
Being out of employment and out of
money , ho concluded to start back for
Omaha , hoping there to moot some of his
old frionda , and qot employment. The
officers nt headquarters chipped in
enough change to got the norry couple
plenty to oat , and paid their faro across
the river.
Try the Uanan Shoo.
0. O. Jlilo * of Denver , is at the Pacific.
T.jM. JJnlloy of Kaglo Grove , nut in Sunday
at liochtflcfl.
1 * . J. Gallafjlmr of Webster , was nt Boch-
telo'a yesterday ,
Mr. .Tool E.iton , the gas mau , has returned
rDin the east.
Loolbourow and wife wore at the
Ogden ycntorday.
j. F. llnclno of St , Louis , took his Sunday
dinner nt the I'ncllic.
Conductor Sanderson , of the St. Paul , spent
Stimlny at the Ogden , with his wifo.
Kov. J. W. Harris , of the ISnpllst church ,
of Omnh- * , was hero Saturday in route for
Nebraska City to preach thcro yesterday.
lion. 11. O. Neal of Oregon , spoilt Snnday
nt thu Option , where ho wan called on by Mr.
1'iuoy , Mr. Wirt , mid ether Council Bluffs
J. P. Full , the broker , of Silver Oily , wa
in the lilnlTj Saturday , anil palil his rcipocti
to this olBco , nml g vo ordorn to Veep right
along nemlinp him TllK HKK.
Thomas Griffith died at his residence ,
300 Pierce street , at 7 o'clock p. m. yes
terday , aged 70 years. Notice of funeral
Llzzlo Dugan , a colored girl , has boon
aont to the reform school by Judge Aylos-
"Sport" Miller is now taking stops to
liavo his wayward son sent to the reform
Uov. Thos. MoClullati , of Tabor , ouo
the professors in the college there ,
nroached In the Congregational church
hero yesterday.
Wheat No. 1 mlllliiR , 60@G5 ; No. 2 , 58 ;
No. 3 , 60 : rojoctoil 85s40.
Corn Now , lfl@23. !
Onto For local purpouofl , 35 ,
Hiiy-8'i 00 ( < 97 00 per ton ; baled , 60@GO.
Kyo 3V ) .
Ooru Monl 1 30 pnr 100 pounds.
Wood Good supply ; prlcoa nt yards , 6 00 ®
Ooul Delivered , hard , 9 60 per too ) soft
f > 0 per ton COAl
Kuril Kulrbank'a , wholesaling at OJc ,
Vlour CJty Hour , 1 50@2 00.
Urooms i ! 95@3 00 par doz ,
Cnttlo Dutcher cows U 25@3 75. Butcher
Btoorx , 8 7fiC > 1 00 ,
Shoo ] > 2 60@3 00.
HORU 1 OU ( 1 25.
ruonuus AND rnutTB.
Poultry LIve old hum , 2 60 per doz ; spring
chlclcmis , 2 60 per doz.
Butter Creamery , i8@30o ! ; choice country
1820o. Al
KKRB 2t per dozon.
VogoUibliw - PoUtoea , S0@40o per bui > hol ; fl
onloimtO@60o pur IHI ; npploa , choice cooking flwi
oiituiKi ' M ; IMJIIIIB , 1 W2 ) 00 . per wi
buHiml : Swcnt ixitntonn , 'Jo var Ib.
Clilor-"Oo per Kn' ' .
8 HO per bbl. .
will wll ttio folloHiiiK iiropvrty on euy terms U
200 Aero Farm.
Kho iiillca north ot Council Illufl * ; KOO > | li rn , lioase
orclnril , Mid all fi-ncoil.
400 Acre Farm ,
, . lltrrUon , comity , Io , all
aril , bun , hotitiii orchinl , CMC. ; t 0
eiL'M umler plimV 0 KJIOI ' mo k'r.nuailow , l (
rrr < tliulwr ki il i 8tunThU Imni o3.i bo cully ill
tldv < l iLto tlirco do lr tlo mutll Urrai.
800 Acre Farm ,
"li inllci riwt oIOn , llonoiu rounty , Iivra , on
thc.M ] 'K'iUfr ' ; K'OIHI lioiino , burn SdltO Kit , frt'd
jiinlj , hl < l ) , etc. ; ' 'OOacru umliril w , luHincx ) In
ilinlior , invftJow anj jiMture ; tint oiuw stock l tiu
Invttr ) rc'si-oct.
240 Acres of Wild Laud ,
Suitable for Furmlng.
50 Head of Cattle ,
75 Head of Horses ,
IM)0 ) Ho d of Hog * .
FiimlDif IinpltmenU luitlcient tocairyou tiKl
f nn . AUu
10,000 Bmhuls of Corn , and 400 Tons of
Tame and Wild [ lay.
IJ ntnck , corn , foc.l ami machinery U dUUoi uu
iold furint , nj will IH ) Hold only Iu connection
MUI ( trn > i.
litre U atr' ' > o.lchano lorClii > lco Stock Itinu , veil
ockftl , n l ) loruork. IWnlon glun ou dito ol
uth > o. | | Unlrdl.
C' ll on or fttidro.1 ! C
CouucU VluCf. low * .
Silks , Dress Goods < & ; Novelties
is very complete iu variety and excellence of
Cloakings , Plushes , Velvets ,
Eider , Down and Jersey
Tambour , Turcoman ,
Gurtain Goods , Window Shades , " Etc , , Etc ,
Oil Cloth , Kugs , MattingSj Mats , Etc. , Etc.
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa :
From $5 to $15 Saved on Every Suit ,
Hi hi in ( ? > onr ( lothlng made tour icr st tlio Affrncj of Ihc Oreixt Merchant Tai'orliiif Hcu c ft
All ( rooilo oM nulijoct tn Iho crtnpMr protoctli n o ( the follonlrp RUftrnnttc : Mwt71ie epodj to bo
s tfirc enteO. Pecniid-Wo n * ) Kimmitie > lit llir.l Tfcpccc lelt twin rutting alwAjriMiit ulth
thoKatiucnt. ' rouilh Wo add nut itijr totlio | irrc i Insult ( IT nnj r nl ! l tlm ii tici'X'.ri , 8uhni
N' rrow or lirmd limi ) oriililiij | ( < n runt nr ri ; liulm ; | iiiit a I t < MIU nr Im I II cJ ; % Cbaina o skin ;
Mfttch i cKct In jionti nrc3t ; n.v klml ot Imttni.s on coat orM : , I'lrnuri \\\\a \ or wrge llnlngj In cmt
or t'"t , or 11 tcfit lituk MOM \vel or | > at > t .
Wu linlteo\cr\limly rill and waimno ntir cooili ami ] irlcs . OiirfrlTir\iioni f'How. lliutncsi
SulU'from ? 17 to sWniiJ $2f. Dress Stilts , Irmi giOnnJ up u\urc < mt < , from 117 anil up.
WANAMAKKU A. IIIIOW.VS , Tailoring Anciicy , Council Ultt * .
Foil Goods Unruly. Sails Mndo to Order in Latest Style
, en bhoifc Notice and a Iioasniiule t'rices.
205 Main . . . .
Street , . . Council Blnfts.
fl.OCO Elcctrlo Dolts roM fur the Month o ( Sept , by us ,
References Any of the buslmsa houses In Council DluCa. JDDD & SMITH Proprietor * .
Salearooma 319 , Broadway. Manufactory 30 , Fourth St. COUNCIL BLUFFS-
Keep Horseo and Muleu constantly on hand which
wo will aull in retail or wholceulo lota.
All Stock .Warranted . as Represented.
Wliolctnlo and retail dralcro Iu Oraln anil Ualwl Hay. Trlocg
eonnlilc. "atl factiou Outrautrtil.
Corner Fifth Avo. & 4th St. , Council Bluffis.
7 and 9 Mala street ,
A Complete Line of Fall Goods to Selecc From ,
'BiB '
J ? ! & $ .
and 344 Broadway , OODKOIL BLUFFS 1O\\A
Both new aud ? ocniil hand , ranjiing iu prices from $ ! J.50 to
? 25 each. Take advantage and call early to _ obtain.
the best bargains. I am making a bis : reduciiou in
Ae I nctxl the room t Jltjilajmy stock ot stores.
S2S Uroaduay , Council UluCffl. Iowa ,
i Mp
I ?
rSi Jbl/I/iii JrJiJJS ! i7ll.U C > AJLa& .
BLUFF \ . . . . . . .
It is with a feeling of the greatest pleasure and 'no small degree of pride , that we make this announcement , and we extend a
invitation to our friends and patrons throughout the entire community to examine the latest evidence of our business growth.
Cloak Department.
The low Ecalo of prices that will enrich our customers.
Ladies Russian Circulars ,
Jl wool English diagonal full fur collar and fur ornaments in bnck ,
0.00 ( worth $10.00. The sumo as above with corset waist and faced
rith satin , $8.50 worth 812.50 ,
Fine all WQO ! English diagonal , full fur collar and fur ornaments in
ack , four inches of fur around bottom and on both sides in front , cor-
ot waist and satin faced , $1)3 ) worth $10.
Heavy all wool MATALAS3E corset waist with sleeves. Satin
need , full trimmed , eix inches of fur on bottom 818 worth 824 : .
All wool fur , trimmed NEW MARKE'lS , 87.50 to18.
Extra fine quality MOHAIR SEAL PLUSH SILK LINED with
IEAL ] SEAL ornaments $25 , selling at other places at 8H5 to $45.
Canton Flannels in Remnants.
2000 yards Canton Flannels nt 5c worth 7c.
Glove Sale.
Second to none which has occurred in the pist , and which which
ill in all probability remain a MEMORABLE EVENT in the future.
LUPfN PARIS GLOVES in nil si/es and complete assortment
colors and black , f)0c lor THREE BUTTONS and 05c for Four But-
tons. The regular prices of thtso gloves as sold by other establish mente
is $1.25 for lliiuo buttons and $1.50 for four buttons , and they are
evtr iannguruted iu Council Bluffc.
Professional Man , Mechanic or Laboring Men , are alike interested in
where to buy Dry G'tolstho choices' . Our expenses are about one-half
that of olher houses , and wo h-ivo leatncd that
Dress Goods ,
Flannels ,
At sweeping -ednctioiis
Prompt Attention Given lo Mail and Express Orders ,