Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 15, 1884, Page 7, Image 9

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NOTICB. Spodil A vartlsornents , ewe at test ,
Found , To toMii For Sale , To Ron ! , WAntd , Board-
Inj ; , etc. , will bo Insetted In thl oolamn ft * ths law
rate ol TKN ( KNT3 PKIVLINK lot the flrst Ineerllon
and FITK CKNT3 TKK UNE ( or each subsequent n-
ertlwi , I/OMO advortlsaraentj ftt our oScc , No ,
Pearl Street near Broadway
mission , t ) . Wlnto\0lonwood , Iowa.
WANTKD Bj Haling man with ft tjpo wilter
o' ' his own , n dltimtlon M ttcncgnimor. Ad'
j OrcM L. llm olfico Council niuff .
TjiOU HALt Piano , II. K. Scfunin , Taper , lleofcs
JP and Statlonoiy , Council JllulTj.
Tj Oll HALf OH UKNT The Orvla I'lxckliisr house
JD mid machinery , located In this city , tor00" } '
160 hogs tie ilay. Odcll it D > y.
TTTANrKU Kvory body in Council llhids to t ko
YV Tinllm. DellvcreJ by ctrrlerkt only twenty
.sentl k wook.
OLD 1'APKllS-For eulo kt Ills office , t 25 oenUi
a hundred
Railway Time Table ,
The following tra the times of tha arrival anil do *
turturo ot trains by central standard time , at tbo
local deiots. Trains leave transfer depot ton mln
Ut earlier and arrlro ten minutes later ,
cmcuoo , BURUMaroH AND HUINOT.
6:35 : n in Chicago Express C:00am :
9:40 : a m Pant Mall. 7:00 : p to
TilOam I'ilall and KiprGM , 7173 pm
12:20 : p m Accommodation. t : < ! 0 p m
At local depot only.
0.06 a m Mall nud Express , 0 65 p m
8:16 : pm roolflo Kiproai , GI15 urn
6:25 : p m ' Kxprcss , 0:05 : a m
0.25 a in Kxprosa , 8:65 : p m
6:25 : p m Atlantic Exptcou , B.OS a m
B.Zfi a m Day Express , 11:64 : p m
7:20 : a m * Des Uolnoa Accommodation , 0:16 : p m
At local depot only.
6:10 : pm Aooommodat.on 0:00 : am
1:30 : p m I.Louis Kxprees 8:45 : p m
4:60 : p m Chicago Express 10:65 : a m
At Transfer only
6J : ) p m Express , 8:60 : p m
8:24 : a in Factflo KxprcBS 0:05 : a m
7:40 : p m St. Paul Express , 9 CO a m
7110 am Day Express 7.00pm
8:00 p m Western Express , 8EO : a m
11:00 a in Paclflo Express , C40 p m
Il0am : Lincoln Express , 1:13pm :
At Transfer only. *
Leave 7:20-8:30-9:30-10:30-11:40 : : a. m. 1:39-2:3 :
8:30-4:30-6:30-8:80-11:05 : : : : : p. m Sunday 7:20 : *
9:30-11:40 : : * . m. i:30-SSO--6SO-0:3 : : : : < Mlo5 : p. m.
Anlvo 10 mlcu'.ca before leaving tlrnr.
From transfer only.
E. Eice M , B.
ot other tumors removed nlthontlh
j knlfa or drawing o blood.
CHRONIC DISEASES ° 'klnd- ' " >
Over hlrty yoara practical experience OXoa No.
I'carl troct , Council Blufli
OConcultatlon tree
Office , Jfaln Street , Rooms 1 and 2 Shugart & Ifo-
Mahon's Block. Will practice In State and Fodcra
mns. OFninui , IL X.
Council BlnSj
Established 1856
Dcalerg In Foreign and omostlo Exchange an
Urrna Swnrltl
S Mala Street Council Bluffs
T < Sc W JdLITE.
Practice In State and Federal Courts.
Culloctlong promptly attended to.
Room in. ShuRort's Building ,
ZDr , W. B. Sherraden
Masonic Temple ,
Council Blulla owa ,
Mrs , H , J , Hilton , H. I ) , ,
! 2J Mld4l8Br avy. Council Blum.
' ADMISSION Gents IBo Ladles lOc.
BICATES-Ocnta ICO. Ladlej lOc.
Adrnlwlon Kree to Ladles each morning tnd Tues
day and Iburaday afternoons. UEO of Skatej 15
Manager. 1'roprletor.
200 limur Ilroadway , nt'atn to tba 1'ront.
Studi , rOlluct and come and Kxamlno , and see for
ounclvcH what you can buy for Ci at my plae.
< ] uotoou ai follow ui
131b K nnulated sufar for $1 03
30 li > ei"L' ! r for > I CO
15 IbiVH'u uxO sugar f r 1 CO
Ka ljurb Klrk'dwlilto llunlan SCUD for 1 0)
j l > ari falira equal to Kirk's UaBsUn soap for. 1 CO
20 bun Kirk's blue IndU so p lor 1 00
Dupont'n l > e t powder per Ib M 21
18 luicf ot matches for " 5
8j run t'ftlifurnla lioncy drips , per K l 6U
Sirup , arantcdttilitly | mro Vcrrcout maple
pcrfcal 100
Sorrham per ( , ' ! .
AJso , 1 lln llili cunantsHlbifor 1 00
IovrU'I.a , n-rmlnuIO toxoi for , 100
Canned lilno < betrles , presimcd , 6 tans lor . ICO
Camiud3l ] > y.lIowreicrfsli httoBjnipSfor 1 CO
CanntdSll ) l6tiUlllyTcmatoes | lOfor . . ICO
A No 1 white flub , per kit - 70
Tobtoto , I irllard Climax , per pound CO
T. T. 1I can sell jou acsorillns toqualty f.-oin
16oto7Coi > rlb. . . . .
riout-We sell tin celebrated Patent lancy r r
- . loptliia First Clm
Orocurv , nid warrant ocrjthliiR o tell Ooodi rle-
lltorcdficolnariy partoltlio cltj. 1 also handle
Olotesani Jlltions , Dry t'1" B"J Notion ! , Iloits
inlbboji , aulBKOcdnaiortmtnt of Tlnwiro He-
mtn'bt' ; I will not only bo not undersold on an )
ceod * , but w i I Bell 20 per cent below any Competition
Fit thaclt ) We are ntm rcccltl' can Involo otUMi
In vthlchttd can cite tbo griato4tl > ar ( { lii8crorollcro
in tbo city Ml oipcnsea are \ory llzht , with no
Itents o | ay I am enabled and will Boll chop far
CASH. Call when you Jay it tbo bust of Birjtlna In
'my line ,
Sfl9 Upper Brcntlway , Council
A Oioat Sell on the Council Hind *
Police Force.
The discovery of what was supposed to
bapit for n chicken or dog light , nnd the
rumors arising therefrom about there
liavlng boon n prize fight , liavo c.utao d no
little commotion. The police watched
the pit nil night in the hope that aomo of
the pugilisiio or. aporting parties would
nppoar. The ollieera were then to telephone -
phone to the mayor , who was also losing
iloop , nnd who liad n special force nil
ready to awoar In. It was to bo n grand
capture , nnd another feather for the
mayor'a hat. It now nppoara
: hat the whole commotion was
over n very little nnd laughable
causo. Some of the boya had dug the
the place , nnd thrown up the dirt , ox-
looting to cover it with a rude roof nnd
mvo it as n resort during the winter , ao
, hat when tired of skating , nnd wanting
o devour yolio 17-covered literature nnd
amoko cigarettes , they could got under
cover nud have n wild aort of n club-
nom , without any of the roatrainta ot
ionic. Iho discovery of the ground thin
dug up by the bays aooms the only
ouudation for the talk about the prize
Telephone to No. 113 for dry hard
atovo wood nnd kindling. Big supply.
Prices low. PL ATI OVKUTON.
Notion goods at reduced prices for 30
days. J. J. Auwordft & Co , 317 Broad
Window shades nt cost to cloao them
out. P. 0. Miller 13 Pearl street.
Wheat No. 1 mllllnff , GO@G5 ; No. 2 , GS ;
No. 3 , 50 : rejected 35 < g40.
Corn New , 25@28.
Oata For local purposes , 35 ,
Hay $6 00@7 00 per ton ; baled , CO@CO.
Kyo 35o.
Corn Meal 130 per 100 pounds.
Wood Good supply ; prices at yards , 6 00 ©
0 Coal Delivered , bard , 0 CO per ton ; soft
I 50 per ton
Lard Falrbnuk's , wholesaling at 9 c.
riour City flour , 1 B0@2 00.
Brooms 2 95@3 00 per doz.
Cattle Butcher cows 3 25@3 75 , Butcher
atsore , 3 76(3-1 ( 00.
Slioop 2 50@3 00.
Hogs i 00@4 25.
Poultry Live old hens , 2 50 per doz ; spring
chickens , 2 50 per doz.
Butter Creamery , 28@30o ; choice country
Eggs 24 per dozen.
Vegetables Potatoes , 30 ® iOo per bushel ;
onions , 40@50c per bu ; apples , cheico cooking
or eating , 2 6U ; beans , 1 50@2 00 per
) uahol ; Sweet potatoes , 2o oar Ib ,
Cider 20c per gal.
Oiangos 8 00 per bid.
The Prospective Dady of the "White
IIoiiBO Under the New Admin
istration ,
Albany Special to Philadelphia Times.
Hero it is regarded aa settled that Gov.
Cleveland ia the nest president , and al
ready the cjoaaipa are busy with conjec
tures as to who will bo the lady of the
white house. There ia a well defined belief -
lief among hia frienda that there ia a
young lady In Weatern New York who
will soon bo led to the altar by the prssi-
dent-eloct. Others who have known him
long and well say that ho will never
marry , and that this talk simply comes
of the fact that ho has shown this young
woman some alight attentions alnco ho
was elected governor. Early In life his
tapes and ambitions for a wlfo were
crushed by the hand of death , and hia nf
action for the lost ono has kept him
: reading the wino-preas of lifo alone. If
: ho reports that ho is marry are not trno ,
; hon his own immediate family will fur-
ilsh the lady to do the social honors of
liis administration.
It ia generally believed by those who
him beat that there will bo leas
Nativities during hia term of oflico than
there has been for many years past. Ho
lias been a hard-working governor , and
will probably continue his industrious
habits as president , Bachelor as ho is
the White liouso will , however , have a
most creditable mistress. There are four
ladies in hia immediate family , cither of
whom can well do the honors of the
liouaohold. His oldest oiator in this
country , Mrs , W. E. Iloyt , of Fayottes-
villo , would fill nny position with credit.
She ia a middlo-ogod lady , of pleasing ad
dress , who has spent a good deal of time
nt the executive mansion hero since her
brother has boon governor. She haamado
many friends hero in the capital of the
atato , and will doubtless do the same in
Washington , whore she will probably
go on the 4th of next March. Mies It.
E Cleveland ia thomnidon Bister. She
still resides in the little homo cottage nt
Holland Patent , just above Utica. A
good public speaker , a quick convorsa-
tionaliat nnd generally a plain woman of
intellectual force , she would do her share
in entertaining her brolher'o guests at
the national capital. Mr. Cleveland has
a sister who for twenty years has boon a
missionary at Ceylon. She haa two
charming young lady daughters , Mary
and Carrie Hasting ! , whom the governor
has boon for years educating in this
country. Ho has given them every advantage -
vantage nnd they have improved thorn.
They will , no doubt , bo a part of their
uncle's family circle at Washington , as
they have boon at tlmos here.
With Mrs. Hoyt or nny ono of the
three other ladies syokon of , the social
end of the grat democratic administration
for a quarter of a century will bo will
ausaained , even ahould the president
elect continue a bachelor.
By using Dr. Frazior'a Throat and Lung Bal
aam the only sure euro ( or Coughs. Colds ,
Hoarseness and Sore Throat , and nil dlaoasou
of the throat and lungs. Do not neglect a
cough. It may prove fatal. Scores nnd
hundreds of Kratoful pooplu owe their lives to
lr. ) J'razier't Throat and Lunp Balsam , ami
no family will ever bo without It after once
using it , ' and discovering its marvelous power.
It 13 put up in large family bottlot and Hold
for the Binnll price < if 7S cent per bottle. Sold
Kub & Co. and C. I'1. Goodman.
PitUburp Chronicle. _
Both Were Satisfied.
Yonkorfl Statesman.
"Excuio mo , madam , " trnid n gentle
man politely to a lady from -rrhoap hcnd
ho had accldontly pulled a faleo switch in
crowded car.
"I have neen enough of you to con
vince rno that you nre no gentleman , "
exclaimed the confused woman.
"And I , " returned the auavo man.
handing back the lost switch , "havo aeon
enough of ynu to convince mo that you
are no gentleman , either ! "
Tot Would A on TnUtV"
8. B. McMamii
She was rotdy for bed anil 1 ly on my n in ,
* In her little frilled cti | no fine ,
With her golden lioir falling out nt the uilge
Like a circle of noon Rimshlno.
Atd I hummed the uld tune of "lUrbut\
CroM "
And ' 'Three men who put out lo > on , "
When she sleepily sixiJ , M cho closed hoi blue
eye * ,
" 1'apn , fet would you take 1m mo1
And I answorcdi "A dollardo\r iltlta hoarl , '
And oho slept ) Inby uoary with play :
But I held her warm In my lova utruug arms ,
And rocked her and rockoil away ,
0 the dollar meant nil the world to mo ,
The land and the son aad sky ,
The lowest depth of tlio lowest place ,
The highest of all that's high.
The cities \uth street * and palaces ,
Their picture * and stories of art ,
t would not take for ono low , soft throb
Of my little one's loving heart ,
tfor all thu gold that was over found
In the busy wealth finding past
Wou'd I take for ono smllo of my darling's
face ,
Did 1 know It must be the lait.
So I rocked my baby nud rocked away ,
And 1 felt auch a sweet content ,
< \ > r the words of the song oxprcsaoJ to mo
Than they o\cr bnforo had meant ,
\tul the night crept on and I slept and
Of things fur too glad to bo.
And I wakened with lips laying in my oar :
" 1'npa , fet would you take for me !
'mily Lennox in the Cincinnati Times-Star.
"Oh , doarl" exclaimed a protiy , blue-
oycd girl , jumping down from the summit
of the Wayland tally-ho , and shaking out
lor pretty flannel aklrta , "I'm us atlff ns
n atatuol"
"Why , I thought you liked coaching ,
Thokla , " said her cousin Bob. "You nnd
Severance scorned to bo having a high old
imo up there on the box. "
Thekla shrugged her shoulders , nnd
icgan to pat her pretty golden bang , in a
anguld way.
"I'm tired , " aho said , briefly.
"Corao on into the honao , " suggested
Severance. "You'll fool bettor when you
; ot your dinner. This is the most prom'
sing place wo'vo struck yet. 1'vo got rny
expectations raised all the way up to
> roiled chicken. " .
"Morcyl" cried Thokla , ralsiug her
lark , level brows. "You don't moan to
ay you have nny appetite loft ? Why ,
you had your pockets full of crackora and
choose. "
"You don't know Severance , " said Bob ,
aaghing. "He's ono of Pharaoh's loan
kino. "
"I always thought there was a limit to
mman capacity , " Thokla observed ;
'thero is to mino. I don't care for any
dinner. Don't wait for mo. I'd much
rather atop ont hero on the piazza and
rest. "
"But , my dear " objected Mrs. Way-
"Now , aunty , please lot mo do as I wieh
just this onco. "
"But what will Dr. Browning sayT
whispered Bob. "You know ho "
"Dr. Browning's verdict is nothing tome
mo , " said Thekla , stiflly. "If you want
me to like this paragon of yours , Bob ,
you'd bettor not bo holding him up con
tinually. I always did hate those Sm .
less examples.- -
"Lovo and hate are near akin , Bob
retorted. "You couldn't hate him if you
tried. "
"We'll ' see , " Thokla answered.
And she shut her little tooth In a
quick , determined way.
"Hob , " Mrs. Wayland said to her
lopoful son , on their way to the hoiol
dining room , "I wish you'd have n little
moro tact. "
"They've made up their minds to mar
ry mo to that English doctor , " saidThpk-
a to herself , with a grim little smilo.
They might know that the only way to
urn mo against such an idea was to talk
about it. "
She had seated herself in an old Shak
er chair , but the fresh , green smell of the
mountain woodland was moro pleasant
o her than the odors that came drifting
out of tha dining room.
"I think I'll ' take a walk and got lim-
jorod up , " she said.
And taking up her parasol , she started
down the mountain road.
It wound in and out of a wild growth
of trees , with hero and there a mellow
path blooming with wild flowera.
"Why , there is some golden rod ! " she
criid , rai the graceful plumes nodded
iindiy in the soft breeze. "How do you
do ? You nro early this season ) Oh ,
pou pretty thing 1 now I do love
you ! "
She gathered n great golden bunch ,
'ringing it with a few bright sumach
"How pretty that would bo to paintl1'
she mused , wandering on through the
mountain sweetness , her cheeks aglow ,
her eyes shining , and her pretty hair
drifting about in the broczo.
The dinner hour sped away.
"Goodness mo , " she cried , glancing at
ior watch , "I must go back. They will
jo hunting mo ovorywhore. "
She turned , and observed for the first
.Imo that she was in a little wooded in-
closure , around which tno trees grow
densely on all sides , whllu the mountain
.ops loomed up beyond.
"Why , which way did I come ? " she
exclaimed , with a thrill of dismay. Oh ,
pen , that's it ever there 11 remember that
) ld mossy stump.
She turned her stops in that direction
and walked rapidly , but did not come to
the clearing she expected. Deeper and
deeper she kept getting into the foroit ,
She know she was wrong , altered her
course , but still could not find the right
way ,
"I am lost ! " aho said , hopelessly.
But still she kept on till her foot were
weary , and nnd she dropped down on the
moss from sheer exhaustion.
The afternoon were away , but Thokla
was not very much frightened , for she
thought they would surely come to hunt
for bur.
Not until the fair summer sky became
clouded , and slip hoard muttoringa of dis
tant thunder , did she feel any real terror ,
"What shall I do ? " she cried , cluspini ;
lior hands together.
And her need of help became momen
tarily greater , for juat then there was
crackling of dry twig * , and n man , tall ,
broad shouldered and unshaven , came
stalking toward hor.
Ho stopped short when ho saw horand
Tliokla could hardly roproas n wild
scream ,
ft was evidently a tramp. Ho was
shabbily dressed , his boots were muddy
and worn , and on his back ho had
strapped his luggage in military fashion.
For a few momenta they stood etni Ing
at each other in rrntual astonlthmunt.
If ha had announced his intention ol
murlering her then and there ThcKU
would not have'been surprised.
But , Instead of that ho took off his old
slouch hat , nnd said , I" deep bat not
unkind voice :
"Ikcuso me , mia , but if ynu live ncnr
here you'd better go homo rlghl nway
It's going to raiu very I'nrd.
Thekla vas afraid to toll him ho was.
lost. She dared not lot him knorr tlmt
her friends were not within call.
"Think you ! " she said with ridiculous
Imntour. "I don't mind the rain. 1
think 1 shall remain here till the
passes over.
A loud peal of thunder made her start
oven M she spoke.
The tramp looked nt the sky and shook
liln hcnd.
"If you take my advice you'll go
liomo , " ho said. "It's going to rain very
hard perhaps nil night. Thoro. "
The big , polling drops amo down in n
sudden burst , accompanied by n vivid
Hash of lightning.
"t prefer to remain here , " Thokla re-
[ ilicd with the dignity of n tragedy queen ,
"But really , " ho urged , "it is not safe.
It never is in the woods , during n thun
der storm. "
" 1 wish you would lot mo Mono1" she
cried with nervous petulance. "Why
don't you go nwnj ? "
"When I llud n young lady nlono In
the woods "
Thokla sprang to her with
"If you dp not leave mo ntonco , " she
crird , "I will summon my friends ! "
"You needn't do that" ho said , shortly
and turning on his heel walked away.
The storm had como up rapidly , nnd
rain wns falling la torrents.
The thunder pooled forth In n quick
succession of sound , and just ns the fol
low turned nwny , there came n frightful
crash , that seemed to shnko the whole
A livid touguo of llamo darted down n
giant onk only n few yarda nwny , nnd
shivered It ns though it had bcon n toy.
With a terrified cry , Tliokla hid her
fnco in her hands nnd aat there cowering
with fright.
When the rumbling of that nwful
crash died nway , nnd oho dnrod once
moro to rniso her head , she saw the
tramp standing beside hor.
"You shall not stay here , " lip said ,
stenuly , "What nro you thinking of ?
You nro lost no , don't deny itl Como
with mo. Don't bo afraid ; I have n
compass. I can take you to the Moun
tain House. "
By this time , Thokla was too muoh
frightened to oppose him , and there wns
.moroovorm his voice an accent of author
ity which she instinctively obeyed.
"Can you1 ? oho faltered. "If you will
bo so kind "
"You will go with rae , then ? " ho said ,
gazing down at her with a kindly pair of
clear gray eyes.
"Yea , " she answered , simply , "I will
go. "
Ho took off his coat then and threw it
around hor.
"Button this up to your throat , " ho
naid , quietly. "You will have your
death. "
"But you will get wot. No , no ! 1
am not so selfish as that. "
"Wear it ; I insist , " ho naid , in n tone
that permitted no discussion. "Cornel
Will you give mo your hand ? Don't bo
foolish ! It ia slippery and rough. "
Thokla had given up to him entirely
' You are very kind , " she said.
And putting her hand iti'his ' , slio wont
with him out of the forest.
I was a long walk through the blinding
rain , with the thunder pealing overhead
and the .lightning flashing before them.
TMoro thnn-cue jeii < ldaahrank shivering
to the sale of her slrnnvo companion.
"Don't bo afraid ! " ho said , in a * o : e-
that reassured her. "Wo shall soon bo
thoro. "
What with the storm and the waning
day , it was almost dark when they
reached the hotel.
"Oh , you don't know how 1 thank
you ! " said Ehokla to her unknown friend
when aho fonnd herself under the shelter
of the pizza , "You are coming In ?
Don't go any further to-nlgnt. I
will "
She meant to odor to pay his expenses ,
but there was a look in hia oyoa that sil
enced her.
"Thank you , " ho said lightly. "I will
go around the back way. I nm glad you
are safe , and hope you won't fool any
the worse for your wotting. Good
night ! "
"Good night , " Thokln said , kindly , for
she was touched by his goodnoes
"What n pity ho JB only a tramp ! " she
added , aa aho wont into the houao.
Her return caused a scene of wild ox-
cito. Mrs. Wnylnnd was in toare. Bob
and Soyoranco had boon out with lant
erns , hallooing like madmen , and the
story of her rescue waa received with ex
"Wo must see this man in the morn
ing , " said Mrs. Wayland. "Ho should
bo rewarded handsomely. Now , Thokla ,
go and change your clothes at onco.
Supper is almost ready. 1 hope this will
bo n warning to you. "
Of course they wont no further that
Thokla'n tramp was put out of consid
eration till morning , but when they came
to auk for him ho wns gene , nnd they
heard of him nn more.
The Wayland tally-ho had reached
Stratford , and the coaching tour was over
ended a little prematurely by the ill
ness of Thekla , who h.-d taken a frightful
cold , and lay ill at the hotel with pneu
monia ,
"I am so glad Dr. Browning ia here , "
sighed Mrs. WaylanJ. "I could not depend -
pond on those wretched country physi
cians. "
SD Thekla fell uidor the care of the
particular "him" whom she had made up
her mind to avol-i.
Ho was a tall , imolooking man , with
a full beard , and fmo , honest eyes ,
When oho was getting better Thokla
became well acqualntid with him.
"I always thougtt I should dislike
you , " aho said ono city , as ho eat beside
her on a pretense of wading aloud.
"Why ? "
' 'Oh , I don't know" oho uaid , Hushing
slightly , for she did. "But you are so
much like some one dao whom I "
"Ah ! who is this individual whom I
resemble ? " :
"A tramp ! "
' I have heard of bin. "
"My tramp ? JIa vaa BO bravo and ,
ttrong ao courteous , nd considerate ! 1
wonder what became f him ? "
Tlio doctor loaned ever her chair.
"Tfion you only GIB for mo because 1
am BO much liku him'ho said , reproach
fully. ' 'Conld you no like mo a little for
myself , Tholkat"
" 1 don't know pohaps. "
"I wiah you would ry , " ho said , taking
her hand , "bocauso 1 earned to care n
great deal for you , dor. 1 think that 1
fell in love with you c flrtt sight , that
day in Iho woods , when you throw
yourself BO confiditijly on my protec
tion "
"I you Doctor Iiownlng ! "
"Yea , you and I , Tolka ; L am your
tramp. 1 wan footli ; it through the
mountains for my heath. When 1 found
out Avho you were , am that Mrs. Way-
laud'A party \vnsnt the liolcJ , I left precipitately
cipitately , for I Imdn't nny decent c'oilica
\vilh mo , mid I looked protiy rongh AS
you sow. No Trondor you took mo for n
trflinp. 1 hndn't boon shaved for n
fortnight nud I was black ns a Hot-
tontot. "
"And i was you , roftlly"Thclkn ? cried.
"Yes. Thnnk hcnrcn I was there to
snro yout and by God'a help , 1 Imvo
boon nblo to bring you through this long
illness. Thclkn , darling , if you could
loam to love mo n little '
4 It would bo sulUblo '
only n reward,1'
alio BAld , putting her hnnd in his. "Woll ,
I nm willing to try , nnd J I do not des
pair of success , doctor. "
"My darling ! " ho anid , nnd ho stooped
to klsa hor.
"You dear old trninp' " she nnaworod ,
nnd aho ncatlcd in his nrina.
" H't lie ktrt Jj/ certify An I at tujiertitt ( At ci
tnat unli tor all thr Monthly ami SfmMnnu *
Dtntnnji tf tktx > ti < ti4tta Statt Letttry Cmnrnnti
mil ( n \ > trton inanaqe ami control tkt Drauing
tkemitfva , nnd that the cams art eomluetal uitl
\cnttty , fairnttt. and in goottjaii touard all par
titt , otuj us authcntt the cempaiij/ un Mt cer
ti/lcatint\/M-ntnilei ef Mir tignaturu uttatlei
( n id adixrtuttf.tnti. "
. ,
Louisiana Slate Lottery cumvanf ,
laootporaltd In 1SSS tor 15 yem by Iho IwlslMnu
ar educational and ohailtablo purposeTlth a r *
l I ot 11,000,000 to which a reserve ( and ol eve
1550.000 has slnos boon added.
By an overwhelming popular tola Hi franchln
waa made a p it or the present Halo oonitllutloc
adopted December 3d , A. U. 1879.
Its grand dlnglo nuinhor drawings Uki
ilaco monthly.
Il no * or icalei 01 pottroncf . Look nt the follow Inr
l"5th GUAM ) MONTHLY , ]
Extraordinary Semi-Auinial Draw
[ u the Acnilpiuy ol Music Now Or
leans , Tuesday , December
1C. 1SS4.
Jndcrtho poiioiialsiiicni8loii ( | and maiiARcmcnt of
) K.N. O T .
(1UN JU11AL A. KAKLY , cf Virginia.
CAPITAL PRIZE , 8150,000.
jtirNotlco. Tickets nro Ten Dollntu only. lUhoa
$5. MUIi , (2Tcntn ) , SI.
CAPITAL ViUZR . _ _ . . . .CH09Ct ,
1 Grind do . ( OOCI
1 rte do . SJ.'cOl
i L/ / . io.o
4 do Jo 6X0. . 2J.001.
10 I'Ul/KS Of 1000 . 2)001 )
DO do 800 . 2500C
IK ) do 3X ) . a.CO (
SCO do 2)0 ) . 4).OCt )
OX ) do , 10) . OU OOC
1000 do . 60 . IO.OOC
ArrnoxiMATioN rauia.
103 Approximation prlica of tiOO . 20 00 ,
SOO do do KO . 20.0
iiOO do do 7S . 700'
IS79 Prices amounting lo . $513,101
Application for rates to dabs ehculd bo raada call
o the offloo of the Company lu New rioUie. . " " "
For further Information wrlto dourly giving full
addrcea. POSTAL , NU1KS , Express Honey Orders , or
tfiw York Exchange In ordinary letter. Currency
by Kxprcsa ( all sums of ? 6 and upvsarus at our ex
pense ) addressed
or U. A. DAUPHIN , Now Orleani La.
C07 Seventh St. WnsblnEton D ( I
Make P. O. MonoOrJ..a "payable and adjrcea
Now Orleans , La.
Pictures of All the Presidents
Free ,
A complete act of pictures of the 21
Presidents , each separate , with dnto of
inauguration , birth , etc. , mailed free to
everyone that sends lOc for sample copy
and illustrated premium Hat of the Rural
Nebraska , a 20-page , 80 column farm
and family journal established 15 yoaiB.
The pictures alone are worth 10s apiece
and no ono who accepts this odor wili
ever regret it. Address n. S. Smith it
Co. , I'ub'rs , 100 and 108 S. 14th St. ,
Omaha , Nebraska. no8-lin
rroacrlptlon of a nolnl 0nocUllil ( noirr *
tired. ) DrugKliticinflllll. AdJr
> k. . DR. WARD co..i.ouisriNA.Ma.
Pructtco Limited to Diseases of the
Eye nnd Enr.
1503 Fnrnam StrootOMAUJ. .
Diseases and Health of Live
Stock ,
AH owners of live Block nro no doubt
interested in keeping their animals in o
Bound hcnlty condition , and are anxious
to bring to a halt any disooBO , no inuttor
how trilling , as POOH aa it makes itn op-
poaranco. To nccompliflh oltlior or both
of thcso , the Western Live Stock Heine-
r/y , manufactured at Omaha , has no
It ia easily given to cattle , horBos.fnvlno ,
and ahoop , and is an articln tliut haa
never failed to clvo ( satisfaction , if prop.
orly administered.
Thousands of dollars might bo saved
annually if breeders , farmers , and , in
fact , any ono from the person owning an
extensive herd to the modest gardner
with a pony and a cow , would keep
their animals in a thoroughly healthy
Keep stock healthy and over ; conta
gious disease that comes along Trill not
toke hold with the grip of death. To do
this there in nothing equal lo the West
ern Live Stock Homedy.
Do not trait until the horse is stolen to
lock thostablp door , but lock it nor
before the thief comes along , by the rut-
lay of only ono dollar for a trial packigo
jf the celebrated and thoroughly teatoJ
boon , the Western Live Stock Homujy.
Enquire of your druggist , or general
itorokoepcr , and if you are unable to ob.
an it there , Bond Ono Dollar for a pack-
igo , post-paid , to the
J5ox nO'.l Omaha , Neb
Special Discounts lo the Trade.
nov8 1m
Dr. Young's Electric HollH.
foil 7HH CIBK CK
ii , UMH vr MAN-
" " " " ' ' ' * ' " ' < "
' " " > * * " "I Nil ,
101 iiin-i. KIIIIOBH ,
1'ilfvroM how they nny lie curid. i d itouui
llcatli , HtruriKtli un.l . Ma'ilvigot , WITHOUT TII
urtiicisr , will bu uut fruoliy I'Ojton real | < t
. ,
Jill , It. VOUNU , 416 t'liiil btrcot , New York.
One of the Boat and largest ; Stocka in the United Staten
touselect from.
' n '
Ft Diploma of Honor , Modal of Merit ,
Power , Eiohness and Ssrmpatlietio Quality of Tone , $1 $
Elegance and Durability of Workmanship. j
Pronounced by the Artists and the Press , both at home and in . '
Europe , as the \
Sweetest Toned Piano Ever Made.f V vj \
-i ;
General Western Agents :
OTiere They Can Eiajoy Pure Air fa Water !
And all of the 0od nuci jilcanaul things that go to malco up a com
plete nnd liuppy oxistonco.
Tlio town of South Omaha if tiuunted south of the city Jof Omato
i the line of the U. P. Railwny , and it is lesa than 2J miles from tie
Jniuhu post oflicu to tlio north line c i the town site.
South Omaha is nearly H miles north and south by 2i east acd
; . and covers an area of nearly foursquare miles ,
The stock yards are at the extreme southern limit
Nearly IGO lots have been aold And the demand is on the incroa'e
yards are being rnpidly pushed to completion.
The # 00,000 beef packing house is progressincr finely.
The $30,000 Wntor Works are finished and furnish on abundant
lupply of
The B. & M. and Dolt Line Railways have a largo force of men at
work and will , in connection with the U. P. Railway , have a union depi t
near the park at the north end of the town. Suitable grounds will I o
Lurnished for Church and School purposes.
Now is the time to buy this growingjcity. They will not or
bo cheaper than they are to-day.
at the Company's oflico , at the Union Stocks Yards.
Assistant Secretary ,
oirutr Wtndovri , FluUla , Window C ruIrou Urcillnxi , Metallic Sky-llghtr , Ao. Ho , Iroulind BlateOoa | Q
trx HlOfinain lt ) ' Street Oiuah * Mobrukt ,
L. A. STEWAET ft GO , ,
1013 Jonea Street } ASKFOH UID OSS. { OMAHA HEB