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r > 14 1884.
Friday Morning November 13
Warden Nobcs conducted "I ! . C. ( iiitlin
back to the penitentiary ycstf.rday noon.
The receipts at the cleaving honso ycstor-
day amounted to 8255,910.5' ' .
" _ A workman at Ilor'e distillery WM badly
hurt on Tuesday , by being caught in the Rfr.
Tko Union Star club will give a ball nnd
sociable in I.ytlo'a ball , this evening , INo
\ombcr 14th.
Sines election travel upon the railroads
lias greatly Increased and neralj- all the trains
now are crowobd ,
In 'polioo ' court yesterday only two
plain 'Urunks appeared for trtaU l ach of them
reeoUod thausual doao , § S and cost * .
County Clerk Leavitt ban prepared tbo
certlficates-of election -nd all who are entitled
to"lhcm can procure tlio BMno by calling at hla
office ,
It'ls ow thought by the phyoiclana In at
tendance that Andreas ITirt , who had hts orm
blown oC by the explosion of n gun , wtll ro-
A complaint waa sworn out In the police
court against John F. Dierko , charging him
wlth'obtaining ten stecra under f also prctcnnos.
F. C. Foatner % vas the complainant.
A boarding house keeper named K. II.
il'rnnklln , at the corner of Stxtcimth and Ma-
eon street * , has skipped out , after becoming
heavily Indebted to n number of Omaha mcr-
i chanta.
The weather prophets in this city arn
now predicting an open winter and many a
ipoorman sincerely hopes that their rirodlotlonB
may provo true.
W. J. Wchlians & Co.'a delivery team
ranaway on Park Wlldo avenue Wednesday
afternoon. The wagon was ron against a tree
and quito b dly damaged ,
Train No. 3 on the Union Pacific road wan
about an hour lateleaving thia city yesterday.
Just Q3 the train was lo.iv ng tlm tranafor , a
drawhoad was nulled out of ono of the cars and
the train waj held until a now ono was put In.
The most common remark nowadays , next
to "JIOW'H election ? " is "isn't thii lovolv
woatlior ? I tiDvor saw ouch wo.ithor at this
titnoof year , but I am nfraiJ that wo will pay
for it later in the season. "
Albert Albcrmetz , a young mat ) who was
formerly employed in ono of the hotels In thia
citywaa arrested hero Wednesday by an o Hi cor
troin Sioux City for tampering with the malls ,
And taken back Wednesday evening.
A disorderly woman named .lomiio Davis
living at the corner of Twelfth and Dodge
etrooU.took a dose of morphiuo Wednesday ,
with the intent of committing suicide. A
stomach pump xoon brought her back to
A specimen of the genus tramp was lout
night compelled to beat a busty retreat from
the residence of Mr. Noligh , on St. Mary's
avenue near Twentieth , under a fire from ono
of the ladles In the house. It la not known
whether the visiting stranger was hurt , but
hts flight waa greatly accelerated after the
' "Crst'Bhot.
City Marslal Ulispio , of Sioux CItywrot
to the city marshal of Omaha , yesterday
dialing that a colored man named Tom Trlco
was in Sioux City , and Insisted that the au
thorities in this cicy wanted him. If ho ia
wanted no ono hero knows foras no such
man haa over been known to commit a crime
in theno parta ,
Examinations of applicants for positions
In the civil service of the United Stntci will
bo hold in Omaha on December 3 , The ex
aminations cover the "limited" aud "sen-
oral classes. " The firot U for copyists at a
Biliary of $720 to $000 a year , and the second
from $1,000 upward , 1'oreona deairoua of
being examined can obtain blanks , with copies
of civil ecrvico rules , etc. , on application to
Postmaster Coutant ,
A Biirpriaa party wa given at the resi
dence of Mr , Sherwood , on Sherman avenue ,
In honor of bin twonty-anvonth birthday , last
Wednesday Mrs. and Mr. Sherwood were
highly pleated , nnd great honor Is duo them in
their reception of the guoata , Music aud
Hinging were the principal amusements of the
evening. Some very beautiful pieces were
rendered by Mrs , Sherwood , LIIHo Wood , and
Mr. Harding , At 11 o'clock a supper was
spread , after partaking of which the happy
crowd took their departure , expressing them
selves as having had n pleasant time. Thirty
couples were present ,
On November 14 , 1781 , ono hundred
years ago to-morrow , was the consecra
tion of the first American bishop , Loahury , '
of Connecticut. Some of the ! American 2
bishops and clort-y are now in the old
country to celebrate the fact at the place
of consecration. A sermon will bo de
livered to-morrow by Archbishop Benson
in Westminster Abbey. The holy com
munion will bo celebrated at Trinity Ca
thedral at 11 n. in. to-morrow , aud an of
address delivered by Dean Millapaugh at
the Sunday morning service ,
Diamonds ! Diamonds ! Diamonds ! Finca
stock nnd low cut prices at Edholm &
Eriokoon's. _ _ nOtf
Everything nice at the fair Thursday
evening , and lovely ladies to wait on you. _
For rent Corner store , brick building -
ing , Sixteenth nnd Webster streets ; also
store in my now block next to the cor
ner. Enquire of Jolm II. Erck , Six
teenth and Webster. n4tf
Largest ; and best stock of Gold Pens
in the city at Edholm & Erickson'a , 3)
nOtf Opp Foatomco.
The Roes Printing On. , 100 south 14th
street , make a specialty of all kinds of I' .
magazine and other binding. Books
called 'for and delivered. Lowest prices.
Telephone No. 25U. n7-lw
Full line of Ofliou Sationory at Wheel
er Bros. tf
Gen , Howard will lecture in the Opera
IJouso November 21st , for the benefit of rr
"Tho Woman's Christian association , " day
The subject will bo "Egypt. " The proceeds - DC
ceods of this lecture will bo applied to the gun
fund for building a homo for the trioud- has
le s women , and for assisting women to
procure employment BO that they may bo
rescued ana became Belfupportin # . BUI
Meet ( n the City S { <
at S , KAIL'S , with
1308 1310 Douglas street. b-jot
Now Block of Kino Opera Olaasej fur 11
eale or rent otKWIOLM time
- - . Opposite P. 0 , and
ConicilBlnffs Authorities in Search jf
Omsha Sliders ,
Midnight Trnmp UlnclcuCH the
Hut the Croud liiul
\Vctlnosdny night about 11 o'clock '
the authorities at Council Binds
Swore- notified that a party of
Omaha people had crossed th
riror to engage in n prlzo fight upon the
bottoms upon the Iowa side.
The Blufia officora , eager to capture
the gang , started out in search of the
sluggers. They tramped up and down the
river bank , viaitod all the lonely and
desolate places to bo found , but without
discerning anybody who looked like a
pugilist , or any spot which resembled In
any way ft place where a bloody battle
had boon fought or where preparations
had boon made for a "mill. "
They had become exhausted , nnd were
just returning to town diaguatod , as they
thought they had boon made the victims
of a hoax , when lol as they approached
a clnmp of willows aomo little
distance west of the transfer ,
one of the eagle-eyed onea with
n smeller like that ot n bloodhound ,
thought ho could sniff the gore of a
bruised , battered and mutilated victim.
The solid column of Council Bluffa braves
was brought to a stand ntill and simul
taneously they placed their hands upon
the the handles of their Battling guns and
placed thnmaolvos in roadinosa 10 surprise
the villlans who would dare to desecrate
the spotless soil of Iowa by such a bar-
borons warfare. In the distance they
could BOO tha moving forma of the specta
tors , as with noiseless tread they owayod
this wan and that , aa the watchful ones
thought to got a bettor vlow of the com
Aa the self-constituted vigilance com
mittee gazed upon the auppoapd law
breakers , they dropped upon their knees
and reverently uncovered their heads
they solemnly uworo allegiance to the
great state of Iowa and vowed n vow that
they would avenge the great wrong done
their noble state , by the capture of all
parties implicated in the fight , or perish
in the attempt.
Stealthily , on hands and knees , they
crept nearer , until the loader , thinking
the supreme moment had como , roao to
hla foot and in a whisper , whoso every
tone froze the blood in hia companions
voiua , exclaimed , "Now , by St. Paul ,
this Is the night that makes us or does us
quite. Chargol" With n maniacal yell
they rushed upon the clump of bushen
and found nothing , except a few
trees waving in the midnight air , and as
the wind moaned through the almost
barren branches , it seemed to bo mock
ing the bravo men who had risked so
much to save the state of Iowa from a
blot of shamo. But they found some
thing else. Upon clodo scrutiny it was
observed that a ring had boon marked
out In that clump of bushes and
the holes where the stakes had boon
driven were plainly discernible. The
graaa was trodden down and the twigs
and underbrush had boon bent and
broken , but the party had gene , nnd
naught was to bo soon of them. As the
party of odicors wended their way homeward -
ward , each exclaimed , as ho thought how
ho had taken the swaying trees for
running men , with Richard III. ,
"Shadows this night have struck moro
terror to the soul of Richard , " etc.
If there was a party of Omaha men (
wont from this city to Iowa to fight , It
has boon kept very quiet , and no one
except those Interested have hoard of it.
Ummty CommlhHloiiorH ,
WEDNESDAY , November IB , 1881. j
Board mot pursuant to adjournment.
Present , Commissioners Knight , Corliss
and O'Kooflo. <
The clerk was instructed to loan II. E.
Gray the largo picture of the now court
house for the purpose of making copies
thereof. A
Ujads No.JlSB and390 B were submitted
to the board and final action postponed
to the lilth Inst.
The affidavit of delinquent taxes of J'
M. Slmoral , and thn petition to appoint
Phil. Andrea justice of the peace for
Omaha precinct No. 2 , were referred to
J. 0. Cowin , Esq , county attorney.
The official bond of David J. Soldon aa
justice of the peace , Omaha precinct No.
, was approved.
This day the commissioners had up the of
question of opening a section line road
commencing on township line between
townships 14 and 15 , range 10 , com
mencing at a point 80 rods west of the
southeast corner of the southwest quarter
section . ' 53 , township 1C , range 10 , and at
running theiico west on section line 11
miles to connect with county road run ing
ning north and south , and considering
the above deocrlbod route a practical one
and of public good , do hereby doolarn the
aamo a public road 00 feet wide , nnd instruct - on
struct the county clerk to advertise the tie
same according to law.
lload 800 B waa submitted , and on mo Itwi
tion action waa postponed to the 10th wi
inst.Tho vo
The following Accounts were allowed ; tal
Okas. Johnson , grading West Farnain aai
utroot $ 11,35 chi
O'ICeelfe , services na county commis live
sioner , October , 1881 ? 103.00 amA
P. Knight , service * us county com *
mlnsiouor. October , IBS 1 111.00
W. Corliss , eorviceu nu county com
missioner , October , 1881 lt8.00 !
I ) . Duncan , Borvicoa as fraud tutor , He
October , 1881 8.00
J , Tillottnon , clerk of election , 1'irat tyi
district Second ward. . . , 0.00 stil
Adjourned. tht
( Seal ] H. T. LEAVITT ,
County Clerk. up
A cio of mysterious disappearance is Thi
reported ] from North Omaha. On Sun tioi
; last Alonxo Dorsey , son of J. W. vith
Doraey , took a now breech loading shot hea
and wont out for a short hunt , mid oha
not yet returned. tun
Young Doraey waa 23 years ot ago , not
amooth face , were a light mustache , wa
about 5 foot 10 Inohua iu height and
weighed M5 pounds. Ho had 011 u dark
Scotch oip , dark stck cent , light pauta ors
black atripoa , aud were Joathur Tim
* . Jlo waa last soon , nu fur as can TimD
heatcortaiiifd , nt Fljronco lake between nn ,
and 12 o'clock on Sunday. At this 900.
ho was with another party , n atraimJ J 8.
nnd the two hired a row boat Id. U
went out on tha lake , returning Homo 123 ,
Ken received of the young man , and
fond of hla homo anfl
ho was very
nweiiti , much anxiety is felt on their
mrtMtohl. here bout , If anyone
who saw him at or near J : bronco lake , or
olsowboro , will communicate with his
fithor at once they wilt confer n great
favor. It is not believed that ho would
voluntarily leave homo , and foul play is
Seal of North Carolina Smoking To
bacco is the best.
Mr. Kwtitt of the B. t M. , lias gone we t
on business.
T. B , Burrows , U. S. A. , and wife , are nt
the 1'axton ,
Cliarllo Towniend , ono of tlio mast popular
traveling men on tlio road , is at the Mtllnrd
Goo. W. Post , collector of Internal revenue ,
Is at the Millard.
Ben Frank , of Block , Frank A ; Co. , Lout *
villo , ia nt the 1'axton ,
Mrs.H.Mcany has returned from Columbus
where sm ! has boon vlilttcg.
Mrs.Dr.Glbbi in entertaining her daughter
Mrs. McLaughlin , of Waterloo.
Captain Sltidcn loft for Fort Laramlo las' '
evening to take part in a court martial.
C. II Ilendricks returned WoiJnoday from
trip to St. Paul and Fort Suelling.
W. II. Eastman , of the Council Bluff
Herald , took dinner at the Paxton yesterday
13. G. PattorBon , of the Union Paiific oflice
at Denver , Is In the city on a visit to friends
Mr. Thomas Swobo , ono of the proprletoi
of the Millard hotel , has gene to Chicago.
Mr. J. D. Sheldon has been appointed sue
cosssor to Mr. C. 1C Crallo , as chief tolegraj ]
operator of the Union Pacific company.
Wiley lixon , who for a number of year
waa policeman at the Union Pacific depot , lof
last night for California , where ho will rctnai :
for Rovornl months ,
The followinc Nebraska people registers
nt the Mlllnrd to-day : J. II. MacColl and 33
M. F. Lellany , Dawson county ; Mr. nnd Mrs
M. A. Kico , Pnwneo"City ; J. K. Ivos , Crete
Mr. S. H. II. Clark , J. K. Market , am
several other * , went out ever the B. & M. rom
Wednesday for a few days' hunt , They occti
pied n Union Pacific special car.
At Paxton hotul yesterday the followinj
Nebraska people registered : G. W. Carloto ;
and wife , Sholtou ; G. II. Cutting , Kearney
F. P. Ireland , Nebraska City ; W. H. Ashb
nnd wife , Wymoro.
Engineer Olds , having finished the work
surveying tlio B. k M , routu to tlio Omah
stock yards , will start in n few weeks fo
Buenos Ayres , having boon engaged to mn ;
out a rood in South America.
JournaliHtiu Vlsltorn.
A select party of Kansas journalists nr
rivou in the city Wednesday via the B
ifc M. , having como from Concordia , KB.
to Odoll , Nob. , ever the now lateral o
tha Burlington system , now about a
month in operation. They all seem mud
pleased with Omaha and the activity o
its business. Mr. C. W. McDonald , editor
tor of the Ropublicau-Empiro , Concordia
and Mr. C. M. Dunn , of the Messenger
Minneapolis , KB. , gave the BEE a pleas
ant post prandlum call to-day nnd exchanged
changed fraternal greeting ? .
It is to bo regretted that the entir
party did not make their presence known
01 arrival , for nothing would havi
pleased the Omaha newspaper men mor
than to afford their Kansas brothers
every opportunity of seeing Omaha as i
is , Our morchanta
would do well to remember
member this now ayonuo to northon
Kansas. If the business men there ore a
thoroughgoing : men as the nulll-drivor
seem to bo , there ia a chance for our ma
tropolis securing a valuable demand mar
t Wednesday the marriage of Dr. M
0. Riokotts
nnd Mian Alice Nelson wa
solemnized nt the residence ) of the bride'
parents by llov. P. A. Uubbord , of th
A. M. E. Church. The groom Is a talented
ontod young physician , having gradua
ntod from the Omaha Medical college las
spring with high honors , which entitles
him to n great deal of credit as ho had to
work hard against fate in order to ob
tain his education. The bride is n ploaa
ing young ladyand ia in every way iittec
for n life companion to her worthy 1ms
The young couple were attoudnd dur
ing the ceremony by Mr. Oscar Uicketta
and Mies Ida Bruca.
After the ceremony the guests partook
n wedding supper which had boon prepared
pared by the well known caterer , Mr.
Thomas Wheeler.
The Central HoHpltal.
The Central Hospital , which Is located
the corner of Fourteenth and Jones
streets , ia a hrgo , fouratory frame build
and about fifty pationU can bo ac
commodated there.
Although the hospital lias been open
only three months , aa many as eight pa
tlonU have boon in the trardsatono time.
ia comfortably fitted up and ia supplied
with all the modern appliances and con
vonioncoa. It ia In every respectnhoapl
, there being lying in , eye and oar nnd
surgical departments , also a free dispen
sary for out patients. The surgeons h
charge of It are Drs.SHrotnam and Ralph ,
who are assisted by a consulting board o ;
physicians. . It is a good institution
nill doubtless bo largely patroni/.od ,
Tin ) CIillil'M Hospital ,
The ladies In charge of the Child'
Hospital assert that there are now twen as
one childrun being cared for in the in. Cc
atitution , and that It is linpossiblo fur
them to nocommodoto any moro. The
upper ] story of the building is not yet fin.
and when this ia completed innny
children can ba nooommodated. all
ladies ro very anxious that this per
of the building should bo finished '
they huyu notjut the meana to go on
: the work , If any good , genoroua will
teartcd citizen has a desire to do H little
tharitablu work hero ia a grand oppur-
unity and if ho look far and ividoho will
lotfind ! a moro worthy cause ,
The following are the real estate trans-
filed for November 12 and reported to
BKK by Ames1 real estate agency. copt
. II. Bowman und wife to D. S. Pat-
w d , lot 0 , block 15 , Shinn's add ,
. as
Ooltnor and Wife to 0. ed
lota 1 , 2. 8 , 4 , G , \ 10 , 17 and 18 , blk
Millard , $5500 'i '
X Hoarding JI on so Kfop'-r Ships the
For a year or moro past a man named
R. II. Franklin has been keeping n
boarding house at the corner of Six-
oenth and Mason streets , In tddltion
, o his boarding house ho has also kept a
meat market and grocery storo. A few
daya ago ho said that ho was going away
; o get married. IIo haa not been heard
ol einco , and haa loft behind hin a num
ber of crodltora who are very anxious for
lis return.
Thia man Franklin has a history
which la well known to a gontlonun iu
Lhia city who volunteered to relate It to a
BRE reporter yesterday.
At the February term of court , 1878 , In
a little toun in Ohio , this man Franklin
was placed upon trial for burglary. He
was convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary
tentiary for two years. A year late
thla same gentleman had occasioi
to visit the penitentiary , and there saw
Franklin. After serving his term Frank
tin made a little money and finally driftuc
to Omaha , where ho opened a moat mar
kot. lie waa mot upontho _ street on
day shortly after his arrival by the gen
tleman above referred to , and at one
recognized him. Franklin bogged th
uontloman not to say anything in rogar
to his past life , as ho was now try
ing to load a bettor ono ; an
the gentleman , thinking hia stor
might bo true , complied with hia rcquosl
During the past few months sovora
boarders atFranklintfhouso were robbo
during the night , and no clue to th
thief was obtained until now , when it i
suspected that Franklin was the man wh
committed the Crimea. The gontlema
whoso house Franklin burglarized i ;
Ohio now lives in a little town butwee
this city and Lincoln , and he succoedo
in capturing Franklin after ho had com
milled the crime.
From all accounts , Franklin is a ba
ono , and the city of Omaha ia to bo ran
gratulalod upon the fact of his havin
taken his departure.
nnd Olmi'k Appcnl to th
Courts to Secure Tliclr LOSBCH
ly FIr .
0. M. Leighton and others , constitul
ing the firm of Lcighton & Clark , whole
sale druggists in this city , instituted olgh
suits in the district court against varion
insurance companies , as follows : A gain a
the Niagara Insurance company of Now
York , for $400 29 ; against the Inauranc
Company of North America , fo
$1,105 72 ; against the Lancashire Insurance
anco company , for $1,105 ; against th
Imperial Fire Insurance company , o
London , for $1,105 72 ; against the Gor
mania Fire Insurance ) company and th
Hanover Fire Insurance company to
$2,331 ; against the Union Fire lusuronc
company , of San Francisco , Cal. , fo
$1,165 73 ; ngainst.tho Phoenix , of Hart
ford , Conn. , for § 1,105 73 ; against th
Firomans' Fund Insurance cimpany , c
San Francisco , Cal. ! , for SI , Tr' . " . 72.
The petition In the cases alleges tha
the plaintiffs stock of gonda at the tim
of the loss was woith § 84,500 , covered b
insurance to the niiount of § 72,000 , tin
damage to the siao being § 42,000. Thi
plaintilla further dlego that those sever
al sums are the proportionate amount
duo from those v rlous companies which
now refuse to pa ; I ho bauio.
Several rumors have been set afloat ; a ;
to why the companies rofuio payment
but nothing authentic could bo learned
After the summary disposal of the
ChaHo action , thocaso of the state ngaina
Clark , charged with obtaining money
under false pretenses , was called up. Th
defendant plead guilty and was after
wards permitted by the court to with
draw his plea stating , with his cock-oy
upon the judge , that it was hia twin
brother , whoso resemblance to him wa
very close , who committed the crim
complained of. "If your brother , " sail
the court , "has a cock eye you had bet
tor got him to defend you. " The cas
was continued ever until this morning
when it will bo taken up.
FOR SALE A good family horoo
buggy and harness. L , A , HATH ,
Post Ollico Box 30.
Dr. I'dinter Appointed U. I * . Surgeon
Official notiGcation of the appointmon
of OicarS. Pfnifl'eraa chief surgeon o
the Union Pacific railway , vice Dr. S. D
Mercer resigned , will ba Issued from th
Union Pacific headquarters to-day. Dr
PfeifFer , who arrived in the city yester
day , is a Boston gentleman and is now on
his way to Denver , but will remain li
Omaha for n couple of days
This now appointee Is quite
r'oung man. IIo ia a graduate
of the Harvrd medical school nnd was $
, wo years connected with the Maesachu
setts General Hospital at Boston. Mr. '
Pfoillor will bo statiohod at Denver where
" ho headquarters of the mocical depart II
nont of the Union Pacific road are. So .
soon as the now chief surgeon becomes
acquainted with hla work It is oxpoUed
an assistant to him will bo appointed in
this city ,
Sinoko Seal of North Carolina
Tlio Street Car * .
Work upon the various now lines of
thostroot railway Is being pushed aarapidly
possible nnd just as soon as they are
completed cars will bo put to runn ng .
upon them. Superintendent Smith informed
formed a BKI : reporter , yesterday that
juat as ooon as possible cars would com
mence running every ten minutes upon
the lines aud that cs soon as thia was
done the rara would bo started at six
o'clock in the morning and run until
midnight. Tlio T/u'rtoonth street line
probably bo ready for operation
within a week nnd cars vrill commence
running out that way. T
Hov. l > r. "WorttilDKIDII Accopls {
Hon. J , M. NVoolworth , member of the
commission on notificanau , yesterday re
ceived a telegram from Hoy. Dr , Worth-
ngton , of Detroit , stating ho would ac- Yiyn
the episcopate of Nebraska , if the
jiuhops and standing cominittomiof other
liocojos would confirm. Mr Wuolworth
requested by Dr. Worthington inform
Ounon Patterson , Becretary of this di-1 ,
oceso , of.hia , decision. ot
Canon Patterson will at once notify
the sixty , eight bishops and slxty-ono
Btanditic committees that the bishop elect
is awaiting their confirmation.
Absolutely Pure ,
Ibis powder never varies. A romel 01 puidty
etionRth and wholcsomenros. More economical than
the crdirmry kl d , and cannot bo Bidd In competition
with the multltuJo of low tort , ( Oiort wolght nlumor
phofpbat powder , Sold only In rains. KOYAL
BAH I 'J I n WUr.ll CO. . ICO Wall utroct N. K
SIOOOp Civera
Ifalamoraiiy Injurious nibstaticcscar * be found
In Andrews' Pearl Baking Powdc . Js pos-
tUclypURE. JtcInRcmlortcil.nnclte-
ruceled Irani such chemists as S. Dnna ilays , IJos-
Inn ; M. Deliifontalne , ofClilcnBo ; nnd Guitavua
llode , Mllnnukee. Ncvprsold Iu bulk.
287. SSU& 201 K. Water SL
The Improved Keady
Contains tables showing the
and value of any quantity of merchant GO
at any price from a quarter of a emit to
ton dollars , cither by weight or measure.
Alao tables of wages and board by
the day , week and month ; board , scant
ling and plank measure ; cubic measure
ment of timber ; log measure and weight
of grain per bushel , and interest tables.
Also the interest laws of the diftcrcnt
states , Businoea lawn in daily us a Busi
ness forma , etc.
Thia valuable book which shot.1 bo in
the bands of every man and boy In the
land will bo sent postpaid on receipt of
fifty cents by the
Omaha , Neb.
1 aud 2c stamps taken. nov8-lm
a -3
r. u ) U b ,
citotjonMUD UD tiiuu KEACB
jTYoun ? stoo'c tir wle t ! urcsnotidimca anllrlnts
Rural Hebraska ,
Tlio loading Agricultural anil the Stock Journal of
the west ; 20 pages 83 columns , cut and ttltchcd ,
maglz nu form , a handsome Illustrated co\cr ,
and haa boon established 15 jcars. 'Iho beat meth
ods of western farming Fruit Growing , Etc. , and the
Ll\o Stock Interest of the great Glazing and Agri
cultural regions of the west
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foot of land ; who owns a homo , cow pi ; or chicken
can afford to bo without the Hural Nobraska.
The Best Write
Contribute to Itsrpaie9 , The IMltorblf are crisp ,
unbiased and to the point , It Is putbshed at the
low HUbfcrlrtlori price of $1,00 a jcar ha * a larger
circulnt'on ' than that of any other publication of
thia kind In the un-t , and occupies a Front Ilank
MIIOIII ; the bent Agricultural mid Lite Stock Jour
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The Homo Circle.
Department of "the Rural Nebranka U a npecla
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Agents "Wanted.
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and gl\o llonkH , I'ccket Knl\cs , Watches , Kto , I'RKH
to Days and GUI' ) who taVc subscriptions for us.
llluttrated Premium List 2 cents ,
The "Weekly Bee
And the IIPKAI , NKIlltASKA one \ear each for
$2,25 , only U cents mure then the price of the ( Una
alone. K\ery Boy and < < lrl who feuds us 10 cents
or agent'aoutfit ( , ( ample copies and Illustrated
i'rcmlum Mat , will roccho an elegant assortment of
lloautiful I'lclurn Curds. AddrwH
, S. SMITH & CO , , ice , 1C8 S. Hth St. , Om
Neb. m
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Buy your Fine Bronzed Hardware at Home for
less than Eastern Cities Can Deliver it.
Send for Our 250 Page Catalogue , only one issued in Nebrnask
Counter , Hay , Stock and Railroad Track ,
Orders for the Indian Deuarlmenfc given for Buflhlo Scales ex
clusively. Scale
1405 Douglas Street. - OMAHA. NEBRASKA ,
Visitors to the State and others in need of Men's , Boys' nudilclrenV
Clothing , will do well to call on
The Strictly One Price House in the City
And examine their goods nnd prices. They carry the largest stock , ni
sell lower than any other house in the city. Merchant Tailors
don't fail to call at
1216 FAENAM ST. 216
l'ASS NGiRJ ELF.VATOIt TO ALL FLOORS | 1.103 , 1203 ami 1210 Farnam St. , Omalii , Xeb.
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HON. KD\VARD RUSSKLL , Poitmaatcr , Davenpoit , tr.ra : " Physiclftn of
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