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Third Das of the Canvass of Now
YorK Voles ,
No Changes of Any Iinportanoo
Hew York Oity Returns Disoour-
agingly Eetarded ,
All but Two Outside Counties Of-
fioially Eeported ,
Cleveland's ' Plurality Shaved Off
by 101 Votss ,
Illninc'ri Manly Declaration or Princi
ples Brooklyn Mugwump Conn ,
ell Various Figures.
Another day passes with the cllicial canvais
of the vote of the state of New York ttill in
progress. The returm from the piling precincts -
cincts of New York city are phenomenally
and oven suspicion- ) flow , and of thcso al
ready in , the alterations from the firat counts
are either immaterial or subject themselves to
immediate readjustment from the mysterious
yet potent powers which team to control their
every function. Up to this morning there is
not ono return from the city or county of
Now York that is worthy of the slightest
credence , and which can with safety ba em
ployed in summarizing the returns. Outside
of the metropolis , oil but two of the counties
nro in , and from the total of their revised fig
ures , as compared with the New York Times
nnd Associated Press estimates ( almost , pre
cisely accurate ) , Cleveland's plurality is cut
down by 101 votes , and now stands 12(10. (
Wyoming Co - lilaineIIll , Cleveland 3- ,
189 , St. John -183 , Uutler 83 ; Blaino's plural
ity 1,232.
Broomo county Blaine , 7,182 ; Cleveland ,
5,780 ; St John , 4 8 ; 13utler , 1-H. Blaino's
plurality , 1.-M2
Albany county Cleveland 18,345 , Blaine
17.G9S. St John 312 , Butler 033. Cleveland's
plurality 617 , a gain of savcn.
Delaware county Blaine r-,931 , Cleveland
4,950 fit. John 437 , lJutler 112. jilaino's plu
rality 97S. No change.
Columbia county Blaine 0,421 , Cleveland
5,851. Butler30 , St. Jon 1G8. Blaino'a plurality -
ity 570 , a gain of 1.
S.C07 , St. .Tolm 1S3 Butler 22 , Cleveland's
plurality 575 , a los < of 70
Suhuylrr County Blaine 2,010 , Cleveland
2.C39 , St. .Tolm 1C I , Butler 111 ; Blaino's
plurality 577 , a lo < 3 of 2.
NKW YORK , November 13 I'ho vets on the
presidential tjcket as cunvashfd by tha board
of canvassers N an follows :
First assembly district ( fouttli election dis
trict missing ) Blnine , l'231 ; Cleveland , 12 5 ;
Butler , 92 ; St. John , 15.
Second assembly district Blaina , 2130 ;
Cleveland , 52S9 ; Uutler. ! USt. ; John , 8.
Third neeembly district Blaine , 2C24 ;
Cleveland , 5111 ; Butler , 126 ; St. John , 11.
1'ourth assembly district Blame , 23D1 ;
Cleveland , 5012 ; Butler , 120 St. John , 5.
Seventh assembly district ( two election
districts missiiiBliluino ) , 4053 ; Cleveland ,
4242 : Butler , SS ; St. John , 74.
Eighth assembly district Blaina , 4722 ;
Cleveland , 4140 ; Butler , 09 ; St. John , 10.
NKW YOKK , Nov. 13. The World this
morning na\s " in regard to the next senator
from Now "York : "Would it not bo to the
honor of the state and a credit to the people
if party considerations could ba laid ut-iclo and
the legislature \ > * induced to tender the U. S.
henator > < hp ! to Colliding ? "
"ho ( imphio thii < afternoon tays : "What
DOW , if Mr , Colliding hhould bo the demo-
ciatiu candidate for the senate ? Has he
friends enough amons : the republicans of the
legislature to secure his election ? "
Nnw Yoiik" , November 13. The indepen
dent republican committee of one hundred
mot to-night in the Brooklyn academy of
muelc. 1'ro-jidcnt Maxwell said that the
cpiestion to bo decided was whethei tlio or
i anization should be nmde permanent. Ho
was m favor of this for tbe purpose of holding
the balance of power between thn parlies.
Henry Ward Beacher saiJ that ho was alee in
favor of making the orgaui/aton ! permanent.
In local nmttoic , ho wa ui-publican , In na
tional multure a democrat. Ho believed that
Cleveland hud been elected by the indepen
dents and every man who helpid put him In
tha probidonti'il rlnir w&s bound to support
him until ho bad doim somothlur ; to forfeit
their support. They should keep the organiza
tion Intact , ready to be summoned at the
sound of the trumpet , A committee was ap
pointed to devise a plan for permanent organ
NEW YOHK , Novemler 13. The oflicial
canvats vote received at the headquarters of
the democratic state committee to-day from
various parts of the state is an follows :
Delaware county , Blalne's plurality ! )78. )
Columbia county , Blaino's plurality 570 ,
Uochland county , Cleveland * ! ) plurality
Schoharlo county , Cleveland's plurality
KmgH county , Cleveland's plurality , lfi.784.
Broomo county. Bl inou plurality 1.402.
Schuyler county , Blatne'd plurality 577.
1'nmklm county , Blaino'a plurality 1,11'JO.
Onehla county , Cleveland's plurality 30.
Ntw Yonu , November 13. The ] f aruld in
its Bummiry of the vote of Now York state
by counticu , ns far as aecoitaiued by the
ollicial count , gives Cleveland a plurality of
1,251 rotes. In case thu wlx countieu , liuw *
ever , where the canvuss rn adjourned , owing
to nome tauhiiku'.ity , nnd where the pluralities'
may bo ch-.ns\d. tinollicial figures nro given-
Tht' vets for Butter and St. John sro ai fol
lows : St. John 82,760 , But'er ' I' ft2t . In
the counties nlrouly cliniipcd thorot line
no material changn In the majorities
ftinco yestenlay. Blaine hai gained ono vote
in Columbia and two In St. Lavvratco county
nnd the last two votes In Schuylcr county ,
making his net gain ono vex ) . Cleveland has
Rained ( ix votes in Kings and lost ten in
Onolda , making his not lo B four votoj , Ihis
reduces Cleveland's plurality by llvo votes ,
making it now 1,2'iJ. Only three counties
Imvo not yet { nriiNhcil the ollicial roiult ,
Franklin , Greene and New York.
AVI rjti'ATTIJl ) 10 I'AHIS ?
NKW YOUK , November 13 , It was rumored
with almost the conviction of certainly in
operatic circles yesterday that Madame 1'fttti
would noting at the Academy last night.
Though , ns it turned out , the diva did make
her appcaranco , rumor merely altered its com
plexion , nnd vowed that fho would not Mnf-
Air. Maplcsan was found in the aftornooa
with n look of stern resolution on his face.
" 1 have had enough of this , " he burst out.
I want the public to understand that I do not
coma over hero ns a piuper. which is appar
ently what the directors wish it lo appear tint
I am. Directors forsooth ! " mid Mr. Maple-
sou fairly snorted with indignation. "Direc
tors should bo art advisers. What is their
art advice ? Why , good gnd , sir , two of them
told mo to-day that they'd rather not ho-r
1'nttl sing , while another gushed over the Mi
lan oporn company. The Milan people gave
a tolerable Fort of n show , suitable for the
couutry districts aid : as they have been
unfortunate I tlmll bo glad to give thorn a
compliment try benefit. But to mention 1'at'i
and Nevada , uot to speak of Scalchi , Card- !
nab , and the rest in the bamo broaHi with the
Milan lot is absurd. It all amounts to thlu : 1
won't have tlu-ir assessment , which was levied
without my authorltj' . If any of the stock
holders wish , out of the graceful appreciation
of my serv icon , to hand mo their checks , I will
take them. But I spurn an assessment forced
out of unwilling pockets. 1 am director hero ,
and in future 1 shall give opera when nnd
how 1 ploato without cousultlntrany one. " '
"I'ltttuo that 1'atti will not appear to
night ? "
'Of course Patti will appear. She has a
slijht cold , but otherwise she ii well. "
The rumor went , however , thai lasl Friday
Mr. Mapleson wrote to the directors and told
them that unless they iruvo him a certain largo
sum in cash , I'atti would not fling , us her
guarantee had not been fully paid up. The
directors refused point blank to do more than
they had alioady prouiiacd.nnd looked forward
with equanimity to I'atti's non-appearance ,
It wps also said that since her divmco is ob
tained Pattl will be only too delighted at any
excttjo to break her American engagement.
Hituerto she hao been unable to slug in Paris ,
ns her husband , the Mail ] is do Cenx , could
under thu French law teuu all her salary. It
vvas evonieportod that a telegraphic contract been signed by her yesterday morning
for n speedy appoarauco in Paris.
NKYOHK , November 13. The Star ( re
garded ai a Tamminy organ ) says : "HioTcnv
many hall committee of seven , appointed on
the part of Tammany organization to watch
the canvass of the electoral ticket , held a long
conference this evening with the chairmen of
the national nnd state committees to positively
deny the e.vstenco of any deal batweuu Tam
many hall tiul Ui 3 republican aldermen affect
ing the presidential CJutest , Ex-Senator
Foster chairman of the delegation , satisfied
tha representatives of both committees that
tin Tammany suparvisow would permit no
action in the board which would lose the dem
ocratic electoral ticket a single vote. He fur
ther volunteered the servici'i of a committee
to act jointly with the nationil nnd Btntu rep-
resflnt.itivcs and to carry out faithfully any
inttru tious which they deemed -.vould bo litn-
clicial to the national ticket.
'rt aTOOKlNG.
WASHINGTON- , November 13. Secretary Me
Culloch is busily engaged in the preparation
cf his annual report to congress. It is intima
ted that be will make some important recom
mendations in regard tonrovieion of the tariff ,
on which subject ho is understood to have
very decided views. Chartera of 721 national
banks , with an aggregate- capital of over
SIM.i00,000 , will empire during year 1585.
This is moro tlun one third of tha entire num
ber of national banks now in existence. From
nforma'.ion air.ady received by the comp-
tioller of the cuireucy , it id expected that . >
larg e majority of these banks will contiuuo
their exiatouco either by extending their char
ter or by reorganizing- under other titles.
Thcro are at present moro national binkn in
existence with larger aggregate capital than
ever before.
A ICitlidcallon an Auburn ,
Special dispatch to TIIK BKS.
Ai'Hun.v , Nob. , November 12. The attempt
of the democrats to ratify Cleveland's election
to-nighl was not very successful , Ex-Senator
Tipton was the speaker , und his elfurt was an
attack on Church Howe. The crowd b-c. mo
excited , and nt tha mention of Howe's name
commenced cheering , nnd kept it up to the
end , The meeting closed cheering for Howe
and Blulno and with groans for Tipton , in
which many democrat * ) joined. A pistol VV.IH
shot in the crowd , and one man , Chrl topher
Macleson , vvus ehot in the arm No arreitn
weru mado. The town ii filled with people
from the country , pant'JIni ; the streets singini ;
"Hang Jeff Davis" nnd "Marching Through
Georgia. " It is the most exciting night
Auburn haa over witnessed ,
Quito Tciiiiioi'ud Down.
MoPiiKUSoj : , Kan. , November 13 , Angusl
Tarhorn , a fanner of tills county , eot fire to
his house , barn and granary , then blow out
his brains with n shot trim. The buildlneu
were destroyed , with 'l,000 in money in the
house. Thu total loss Is 811.000. The evi
dence uhowu that li' ) intended to murder hii
wife und four children , but the denigu wtis
fnutralod liy Uio wife , No caiisn 11 atsii-ned
except that no was a mm of violent tamper.
Tlio JJjCiln ! ' 'Moiiiiioiilh.
FIIKKHOI.I ) , N. J. , November 13. The
IrindBomo monuiaent erected ti commemorate
Lho Imttlu of Momnouthiu L77H , wan unvei ed
to-day. Thirty-five thousand perannn were
present , Every house and itoro In the town
and the public buildings were elaborately
d ex : orated.
NFAV YOHK , November 12. Special to the
Chicago Trlbuno. Charles Francii Adamr ,
the president of the Union Pacific railway ,
said to-dav thai tbo first suggestion of n now
issue ot collateral tins t bonds topayotf the
floating debt was ono ho heard on his arrival
hero yesterday. The Union Pacific did not
propose to issue now bonds of any description
whatever , nor to authorize nuy moro irort-
gage. " . The not floating debt in July wns
* - , > ,000OOi ) , The bwks had not been trono over
nnc > , but were now closed to bo adjusted
up to September 30. While dividends vveio
suspended $600,000 n month could bo applied
to thu payment of the Hunting debt. The
company haJ n creat many quick asset * ,
which were proper tilings to soil olT for the
extinguishment of the debt , if n good price
could bo obtained for them , Uf the eld col
lateral trusts n little under Sl.OCO.OOO re
mained unsold. Other bonds , Including sink *
ini ; fund ; , Kansas Pucltio consulodated , and
Short t lue-p , could not bo deposed of , but tli9
control uf un prupstly would be eunomleiod.
The floating < labt gave no trouble. No
had been made to provide for It nnd there wns
no need of making nny. The dividends
would bo resumed as soon as the money to pay
them was earned , That was a quuatiun of the
future. The claims of the government ,
Mr. Adnina said , amounted to only SI-
600,000 , nnd the company could pay
them a : nny time without being crippled in
the least. The relations of tlio road with
other lines in Iho west were friendly , and
there vvas nothing t J menace its revenues.
Mr. Adams goes to Washington lo-ir.orrow
to consult with the counsel of tha road about
the United States bail case , whlili comm up
in the court of claims next week.
Mr. W. E. Connor , in tpoaklng to-day of
the prospsctiof the Union Pacific railroad and
the hopes that the oflicors of that company
had of Bottling the affairs satisfactorily , said :
'Tho Union Pacific people have no especial
reason to fear n democratic administration of
the government's altiii . Mr Cleveland Un
perfectly fair man toward corporations. "
CLEVELAND , 0. , November 11. The city
was thrown into a state of excitement to-day
by the report that Hcraco P. Woddoll , ono ot
tlio wealthiest men in the state , had attempt
ed to assassinate Sylvester T , Everett , a
wealthy banker. 'Iho failure of Everett ,
Weddell & Co.'s private banking house , some
months ago , involved Weddell to the
extent of Sl.OOJ.OOO. This , coupled
with domestic troubles , has greatly
affected Weddoll's mind. Mr. Eveiett
was ono of the partners in the bank , and his
losses in stocks are said to have been the
cause of the failure. He was also president of
the National Bank of commerce until spring ,
when ho vvus removed , and with other cap
italists organized the Union National bai.k.
Ho was city treasurer for several years , and
two years ago defeated for congress in
this district. The financial trouble )
of Mr. Weddell BO worked u ; > on him that
Tuesday evening ho left his residence on Euc
lid avenue and walked over to the residence
of Mr. Everett. Calling him to the door ho
presented a largo revolver ut his breast nnd
pulled the trigger. Foitunately the cap did
not snap ; if it had the bullet would have
crashed through Everett's heart. Befoio any
feu ther attempt could bo made on his life Ev
erett disarmed Weddell and culled assistance.
Fiom that moment Weddell has bzeu almost
completely out of his mind , acd id watched
over by detectives and physicians.
Fmlher inquiry into tbo attempt of II. P.
Weddell to Miojt S. T. Evcrttt ilovelops the
following : Weddell , accompanied by bis eon ,
drove to Everett'n house. The son rang the
bull and inquired for Everett , vvhu vveut to the
door , but Haw nobody. Noticing a buggy in
front , Eveiett called twice or thrice I j know
who wns there. Keceiving no reply he went
to the walk , .and on nearing the buggy a man
in. idc , nut recognised , suddenly and without
speaking1 presented a pistol. Everett , reali/-
ing his peril , made a rush and grabbe 1 the
inun by both hands , holding the pistol down.
Then ho discovered that it was 11. P. Wed
dell. After holding him some llttlo time a
street car came along , which Everett hailed
and called for help. Men icsponded , disarmed
Weddell and ho wns taken homo , where he is
said to have diivou hid family out of tuo bonce
and behaved BO wildly that the policj liil ; to
ba summoned.
Convention cil' CudIciiu-n.
ClliCAao.November 13. The oecoud annual
convention of tha American Btockmou ns-
Htm bled ut the Khaiimm nouo at 11 this
morninff. Nearly 500 delegates wern projcnt.
Thomas Stnrgis , of Wyoming qxolhcio Hecro-
tary , rood a call for tbo convention. On mo
tion of Judge Curcyof w yoming.IIon.Dawilt
Smith , of Illinois , was elected temporary
ary chairman. 'Jhouias SturgiH was
elected temnorniy uociotnry The roll
call showed delegates present from Iwenly
two stales and territories. The committee on
permanent orgaui/.atKn nnd order of business
was appointed , composed of ona member from
each state nnd territory r presented.
tiovornl gentlemen from Canada were in
vited to take part in thu convention. At noun
it adjourned till Imlf-pant two this nfternnoii.
Thin evening Jeo. 15. Loriiig , United Slates
commlsiionor of ngrlcultniu , will road a paper
ou cattle. Among tlio paper * to bo presented
Dr. Salmon , of the United States troasuty
commission , and others.
In thouftcrnoon pormanontoigani/Ation wa'i
effected as follows : President , Dewitt Smith ,
of Illinois ; Sucrotnry , Thomaii Sturgla , of
Wyoming ; Afitiatunt Secretary , ( jeurgo E.
Morrow , of III ! OIH , Kich stitonnd territory
ropiesented wan allowed ono vice president ,
Cnmmittloa coiupo ed-tif ono member from
each of tliRso twenty-two utatos and lerritorloj
were appointed to organize u national amocir ,
lion and prepare icBolutioiiH J. IS. Grinnoll ,
of Iowa , inado n lengthv repoit of the legisla
tion secured bv the notion of the last year's
convention , Papers from Miner * . Uadi-dun
and Hopkins were then tend mid adjournment
taken until evening when Comminiionor
Luring delivered an uddro H embodying hU
on the cattle inriintry.
ST. JOIIN-HIIUUO , Vermont , November Ut.
Laid night ( Jove nor St. John nnd O. M.
Stone , cimduUto fur tcovornor on the indepen
dent ticket , wuio liung in ttiligy from a telegraph -
graph polo
Lowno.v , Xovcmlwr 13 In tha commoiiK
to-day Hiirtington , socrrtnry o ( state for war , j
morel the iipproj rim ion of ono millioa I
pound * for thu Nllo uzj edltijn. '
Alarming : Virulence of the Cbolora In
and Almit Paris ,
The Death Kato Increasing with
Each Day ,
Strenuous Sanitary Efforts Made
to Stwo the City ,
Further Eeports of ' 'Ohineso"
Gordon's Death ,
The Tariff Question iti England
and Franco ,
Tin * Troubles In K ypt anil China
The KrnnolilKt ; Bill Kuropcun
Polities Oilier News.
PAMH , Nov. 13. Tlio telephone company
has granted tlio use of their olticoj for calling
assistance for choler.i patients , The 1'atrlotlc
League converted iti meeting hall into n
cholera hospital. The nrchbisho | ) of 1'nria IB
n dixily visitor at tlio hospitals. It ia uotlcan-
bio that the suburbs of this city , where tlio
drainage is bad and Ilia water more sewage ,
are unaffected by the epidemic ; also that tlio
environs of tlio cemeteries nro scatcely affected
by tlio disease , while in several portions of tlio
city , which are well supplied with water ,
several cases have occurred ,
PAIIIS , Nov. 13. The people continue fonr-
less , tliough tlio epidemic is threading , Ono
vvarehouso Monday sold 20OUJ yards of red
llunnelfl , whtch is supuosod tj bo preventive
against cholera Iho troops and policemen on
night duty are allowed turn with their coffee.
The oxodusof foreigners increases : i continu-
oni stream of vehicles line tlio neighborhood
of the railway stations. Doctors think that
strong , healthy people are not liable to bo at
tacked by the disease. No hospital attendants
Imvo bion seized , houco the plague is not con
sidered contagious. The slums of the city
have been Hushed with water heavily charged
with carbolic acid. Three ciacs occurred in
the police depot , situated in tlio slums. It Is
loared the disease will spread rn.idly there.
The prisoners in the station there
nwniltug trial or disposal after sen-
tancca are huddltd into nauseous holes
wilh scarcely any daylight nnd with the foul
est odors. Their bsd linen , which was seldom
cleansed , in now being washed and disintectod.
There has boon ono death to-day at each of the
following places : A.U Vcrvilliers , Cllehg , lion-
Ituno and Taatin , Deaths also occurred in
villages adjacent to these places.
MAnsKir.T.ns , November 13. Three friars of
iho Ecolo Chrietlonno have died of cholera.
The school has closed. It is believed the iitinv
ber of cases in Toulon his been understated
through tlio influence- the hotel keepois.
Numerous fugitives from Paris have arrived nt
Genoa. Spaniards residing in Paris have re
turned to Spain to avoid the threatened quar
LONDON , No\ ember 13. Tlio Swiss gen em
inent forbids railway cars fr > .m Paria to cross
the frontier until passengers have been , eub
jected to thorough medical Inspection.
1'AHls , November 13 , G p. in Fifty-eight
deaths from nlmlora have been reported sinea
midnight Thirty cases in ( lie city and the re-
maiuder in the huapililii. Two deaths nro re
ported nt Oran.
THE DEATH RATE. ' . " " tt
PAIIIS , November 13. From triJnight to
noon to-day there were 33 deaths from clrler.i
here , 11) ot which occurred in the hiwpiUU.
A reviaod report for yesterday gives the total
at til deaths , all but 78 occurred in the him-
pitalu ; SI fresh ca-ies were received into the
hospitals yesterday.
AI.IIANV , N. V. , November 13. Tin guver
nor lo.dity transmitted to Iho state board ol
health n long communication from tbo national
board of liOi-lthon the subjnct of cholera.
Immediately upon its rocelpt tha stafo board
of health appii/.ed tha local health ollicorti ol
the raj > Id advance of cholera in Europe , and
the threatened Invasion of this country , ami
ankinp th'j oatabliahriK'iit and ouforcemcnt of
I'AUIS , November 13. Primii Minister Ker
ry communicated dispatches to the cabinet
this morning from which it would appear
that while passing from Khartoum lo Uerber
Gun , C ! union ImU been shot dead. It is
thought hero lint Ferry's fears of Gordon's
death are but the tovivul of rumor * to that
effect \vhich gained currency several days iigo
hero. *
Dovcoi A , November 13. The KibbablBh
meichnnt , who bus arrived hero in sevontoun
days from the camp of Alaluii , on the White
Nile , Hiiys that the Miiluli lost nil his muni
tions of war und that a novcro faminn hi
canned permits mortality among the robeta ,
The rnhols ci tured umessongnr Bent by ( sen-
oral Gordon to Dongula. General Gordon
purwnd the rebels to Abuhzug , capturing u
quantity of stores ,
( Jnnadft. and tin ; AVcM Indies
Lavno.v , November KI. Tlie Times Iti itn
editorial urgoj the Canadian government tc
reduce sugar imports from thu West Indies
thereby opening the West India market to its
own products corn , lieh und timber , whlcl
will enable Canada to export an cheaply aiii
largely in thu United Wtatcs , nail nlno Lunblo
UanatU to compote with Ameiicn in sugar relining -
lining wid other iiuiiinfuct.rerH by obtaining
cheap and plentiful supply of raw material.
There U nothing to prevent a mutually uih in
tagoiu trade with the Wesl Indies. It loat
with the Canadians theminlvcn whothnr t
allow America a uionopoy of tlio West India
trade ,
i'AltlH , Novemljcr 13 , Six inoro pi-rmjcn
wore arrested nt Monlcimu Les Milieu , chirgoc
with beiiu Implicated In the recent nttimpt tu
blowimthohouKOof thomlno foreman with
dyniinlU ) . JJjnumUu cartridge * ) VUJKI ex
pludul yesterday in iho hoii.o of thu mlinuf ;
t nt Tjcsoegrs department of the Yard.
1'ho o\ilo | lon caused consldorivblo dam.igo ( o
iropeity but no person ai injured ,
Cholcr/i In South
13 , Another cn o of cholorn appeared hero ,
iiR coat nlnrm. The utrictnst ( pmrnntino
will bo ubnervcd on nil vessels coming from
Franco. The Italian steamers nro expected
mon , They will tint bo allowed to enter port.
The pros * censures the ngcnt of the Italian
line mid nil other * who have t'icdtoovado
Lho sanitary Inw ,
Th < > lUnlull's Ailvnnci1.
CAIIIO , November 13 Later d ! patch from
thn Mudlr st'itei Hint ono of the Mnhdi's
chief lieutenants U marching niratnitt Dongohk
with I'.OOO iniMi and another with IL',000 men
and another with (1,00(1 ( ( inon in advnnclnc
ngninst the Knbbabish tribe.
Ifllh AVar
DuiiMN , November 13. United Ireland
says : "It U probable that n pcncrnl revolt
will recommend iUolf nn the laiplo t nml
most elfoctml wnyof c impelling the govern
ment to yield to Irinh donnvtids "
The I'Yanulilso Ulll.
LONDON , Novomlcr 13. In the homo of
lords this nftertmon the franchlso bill pused
first rcadlnp. The bill will to road for the
second Hint Tuesday next ,
The I ) I villa's Divorce.
I'AIUH , November 13. 'Iho tribunal con-
denmed 1'atll to pay the costs of her divorce
LONDON , November li ! . The question of
the imposition of some sort of tatiir * for the
protection ot homo products and industries
lias been brought tu the front iigaiu in both
Knglnud mid Franco. In this country the
question , which Is n veritable bugbear tu the
recent government , 1ms been revived by n
formal complaint from the nrtisnns in various
trades. A deputation of workingmen to-day
waited upon Mr. McAlistcr , M. 1' . , who is a
tory and an avowed protectionist. They
represented to him in forcible lauguago tin
hardships to which they had boon subjected
by the system of government bounties
to nmunfccturo B which has recently been put
in operation in several continental countries.
They gaidthat _ thu effect uf these bounties
upon Kngliih manufactures was precisely the
Biino os though the gpvernniont referred to
had Imposed discriminating duties against
Knglieli goods. The granting of bounties had
at first sight n leas hustlln appearance ) than
tha imposition of Import duties , but its pract
ical effect upon Kngliuli industries was
just as bid or oven worse. A
J3elgl.ii ! manufacturer , for instance ,
could produce any given article more
cheaply than his Kuglish competitor , because
a p irt of its cust was returned tu him by his
government. The firs' ; result of ibis was , of
course , to shut out the Uugluh article fiom
Belgium , because ii could uot compote in price
with the homo-mado article. No\t , it injured
thotaloof Britieli goods in nil markets of the
world by placing them under an artificial but
decided disadvantage in competition with the
bountlod products. It oven destroyed to eomo
extent thu homo market for Knglieh wares ,
for many articles could ba made in Bel
gium and laid down in England at n coat lets
than that of their manufacture In England.
li'lnally and that was the worst feature o :
the case in tlio opinion of the deputation
thii unfair competition caused English manu-
fcc'urers to cut down the wages of their own
workmen to n point that was litllo above star
vation. Mr. McAlister listened attentively
to thoco nr mncnti and expressed his cntiro
sympathy with them. Ho faidthatho had nl-
vvnys looktd upon ICngland's froo-trndo policy
as n blunder becausn it had compelleil
other nations tu meet it by hostile discrimi
nations , eit'ier ' in the form of bounties or tnr-
iffi ) . Ho promised thftt ho would ueo his in-
Huenco anil vote to secure the enactment ol
countervailing duties against the products ol
those countries which subsid zed their manu
facturers with bounties. Tlilj promise was
balled with cheers , and thu deputation with
drew. The Liberal I are now nglinst nt
these outspoken utterances by Mr. Mc-AI-
lister , ivud they call upon tha Tory leadora
to disavow his "heroay. " The liberal papers
say that probably not ono man in lifty , oven
of the lories , believes In the McAlister pana
cea , and that bin only object was ti add tu the
embarrassments of thu govcrntntmt.
In Franco Premier Kerry has already dt-
cidod upon levying n moderate duty upon
foreign cereals , 1'ho public argument in favor
of tins measure is that It is ntciHin'y f > i tin
prelection of thu French farmer. The rca
causoof the Promlei'H dcciiion , however , Is
Raid to bo pressure brought upon him by n
powerful syndicate of bpcculatoro who aru
long uf wheat.
WAHIIINCTOV , D , C. , November 13. The
special press commissioner of the New Orleans
World'd Ex position Is perfecting arrangement ]
to have a cungieHsinnal cxcnreion ( if the sen
atom and ives from hero to New
Orleans tJ bo present r.t the opening uf the
Exposition on Diiuambor 1' ' ! . Invitations
have been extended to I'lesUlcnL Arthur am
cabinet , Mr. Cleveland und Mr. lilulno , nlii <
to I'jesidimt-elec' Jlaof Mexico , and Km
jiorur Uoni 1'odru , of.-l'.ra/.ll. Thu Mvxicar
congress will adjourn to attend the opening
DIJNVUIC , Colorado , Novombcr 13. Itobeil
Staudritig and wife vvuio discovered dead this
m. rnmg their homo on a ranch seven mlle.H
from Pine Grnvu , a. small vtutlon on thu South
Park road , Tlia circimifUncea Indicatu they
wt-ru murdered fur money. Standring waj
ono of thu Culomdu Pionoerd , quite wl lely
known , nnd wan an ordalnod proauhor of tin ;
null pulygnmy liranch of thu Murmou church
Wrathnr To-day.
WAttlllKHTON , November 13-Upior | Miss
Issippi fair vvuathur , northerly winds becom
ing variable ; Utionarv temperature in thu
southern jxirtlon , xllght rlsu In the northern
pjitlon. AliHsuurl ; lair wenthar , Htatlonnry
toinperatmu In the H'jutheru portion , tlli hl
risa In the northern portion , winds shifting tu
boutherly ; fulling baromotor.
DETIIOIT , Nuvembor 13 , The congruulona
delegation from this Uitu Htamlu HO\CII fution
Juts , und four republicans , The fnsionlutK loi-t
ono , uud gained thiee.
XKW YOHK , Novrinbor 13.A few wrekn
igo n pretty Inunlgrnnt girl named Eliza
Irinl/ landed at Castle Garden. In ivdayor
wo ho will dart for Michigan a the wlfo of
proiulnontbu Ider of that state who h worth
\t Iwt $75,000. Kliy. in 2fi venrs of age nnd
omw from Ifninburg , She wni ilreraoitory
roll nntl hud alittlo money in her purno when
ho huided nt Cnitlo Garden She had honrd
umors that n lono'immigrant woman was not
aft > , nven In New York , nnd , KCO-
"R " bonnvolcnt-looklng gontlpiuan in
hoC llo ( Anlen landing bureau , ho wont
.o him nnd nuked what the had bettor do in
itdor to obtain a nitmtion. The gentleman
ya iiuicli plcnsed with tha girl , and told her
hat ho had merely tutored the garden to call
in his fru'nd.i'x-Ai > soinblyinanlNlglutJch who
sin the registry department , but ho bollnvod
that hn could find lur n place In thuhouichold
f ii friend of his \YVstchenter county. The
> lace was focurcd lor Hliui , who has t'lnco r -
sivrd n number of calls from Iho benevolent *
ookiiie gentleman \\lio occured the plnco for
ler. Thn ncqualntniico resulted innnongnge-
iient , and in n fo\v dajs the pair will bo mar-
led. Mr , Niglut-ch xays that ho cannot give
ho name of Ins friend nt pros nt , but ho cm
ouch fur the fact tlirt ho has considerable
iropoity and stands welt In Michigan.
I.ENCI * ,
TOLEDO , Nov. 13. A largo amount of pow >
lor in n xlicd on Delaware crook , four miles
rein this city , exploded nt 10 this morning.
The report wan hoard within n radius of forty
niles. Thu windows of the houses in the
vicinity were broken. At Urondwny , three
nilcs from the explosion , the windows wore
irok'n nnd shutters smashed. The workmen
n nnd around the shed sw the danger and
led far nnii'gli tuotcapo death , The old man
who had charge of the sho.i was thrown down
by the oxplotinu , but not seriously injured ,
A wagon in thu road 100 yards away was
lilown into n ditch with tlio occupants. The
[ oncos in the vicinity were leveled , nud limbs
li'.own from the trees. T o ruins ignited
from the explosion. The lire is being fought
to keep it from spreading tu n largo amount of
petroleum near bv.
CI.KVKLAND , O , , November 13. A nimble
nnd shock behoved tu have been caused by the
explosion nt Toledo , was plainly heard nnd
felt this morning at Leavittsbuifr , distant
from Toledo about 150 miles on the Air lino.
Here , 112 miles cast from Toledo , persons
who observed the motion , thought it was an
oarthquaku. At Chagrin falls , twenty-four
miles southeast of harp , was supposed cannon
were being fired in this city over election re
turns , and telephone inquiries were made to
ascertain what tin artillery salnto signified.
CLEVELAND , O. , November 1 ? . A shock
was felt this morning in various parts of north-
urn Ohio. It is ntttibutcd to an explosion in
the dynamite factory in Toledo.
ALLENIOWN , Pa. , November 13. Somt
time ago John J. Shacld , of this city , sent
beautitully finished horap Blioc Jioaring thi
words "Luck to Oev. Cleveland. " The fol
lowing acknowledgement was received to
ilny. "Siuco the receipt of your present lh
contest has been decided in fuvor of the part
wlilrli I represent. I shall givu duo credit k
the IIOIHO BIIIIO for what hai already happened
nnd shall carefully preserve it , in the hope
that it may bring miccois to my effort ] to give
tlio people- food government. "
Oioil of ljoclr.i\\v. |
NEW YOHK , November 13.On the morn
ing beforn election Park Commissioner Cum-
mi us nnd Deputy Commissioner of Public
Works Frederick If. llninlin drove J down
Lexington avenue with n skittish gray horse ,
which ran away after thu axle of the carriagu
was broken by the dropping of the wheel into
a rut ill the street between Sixty-seventh nnd
Sixty-eighth streets. As the horse ran bjth
gentlemen leaped out. Mr , Cummins es
caped without serious injury , but Mr. Hainlin
had one arm broken and received n HO-
rioiiH cut in thu luite. Ho was cared for first
nt Mount Sinai hospital , nnd afterward In his
homo nt No 300 Madison avoniio. Us friends
supposed tint , ho would recover in a reasona
ble time , and the symptoms were at first fa-
votable , but lock ) ivvsot In ivnd early this
morning ho died. Mr , Ilamlin was bom Oc
tober 1 ! ) , 1848 , in this city. Ho WAS a son of
Frederick V. Ilamlin , an ol 1 Now York mer
chant. Ho giadtnitod at thn college of the
City of Now York in 1SGS. Ho then studied
engineering. In 1870 ha was appointed as-
elitant unclifur In the department of pa * lie
park-H anil holpu.1 1 > lay out lorningfildu and
Riverside pjrks.
Uilihthcrlii In
Chleigo Times.
That cnnsidorablo interest is felt In tfcopruv-
alcnco of diphtheria in thu city was evidenced
yeHterdny by the largo number of applications
received nt the health department for copies
of the board of health circulation on thu sub
ject Over two hundred npplicanU anne In
person , to nay nothing of thu Inquiries coming
by mall , which Dr. Do Wulf regards as a good
oilion , lor tha obsorvanee of the rnloii laid
down by them , he tliinka , will not only
nsilflt in warding off the dlsoaso , but will
alfu mitigate its sovxrlty If it should appear
In epidemic form. Ono physician who wrotu
for circulars said ho had heard of from twenty
to thirty cases of tha disease in his neighbor
hood in thu pant ten days , which nerved to 10-
mlnd thu health il p.irtiiicnt that if thu malady
vvas provnilin/f / to liny great uxtont thu iihysi-
cians had been remiss In reporting the cases
CH Kqulrod by law , Thu records show that
less than half a do/.on cases have been reported
from the city nt largo for over n week. In
feet , ten cases ol scarlet fuvor have boon re
ported to ono of diphttioiin , which goes to
confirm Commissioner DjWolf in the belief
that the prevalence of the difcoaso has been
greutly exaggerated , and , furthermore. , that
thrro is no occasion of ularm over its spread
In the community.
.St. Johii < NI * > ' < > tf Nr.
OtArilic , ICanoas , Noveinbor 111 , St. John
says bo his liuld no lelutionH vvhatover with
any political party in thu campaign except tbo
prohibition part } ; that ho Mail made thu fight
strictly upon thu principle which he represent
ed ami rnyii ho will Uko the fluid again after n
fuw week * nut.
UondrloliH in I'lnliulolpliia ,
J > iui..iiti.i'iiiA1 : Novumbor 13 , Hendiicku
will loviow Iho democratic parade J'rlday
next ,
's ' Bnsiiiess on tbe Chto
and Proilncc Markets.
Lovrer Quotations All Around for
Cattle ,
Aotivo Demand and Weak PriccB
for Hogs ,
Wlioat RuloB Strouc with a Olos-
ing Gain ,
Fair Business and Slight Uneasiness - -
; ness in Corn !
Oatu * Hulo Finn mill Higher I'orte
mill UiiGlmiigcil
Special Telegram to THE Dm.
CHICAGO , November 13. Itecciiits wosturi *
ind Texans wore proportionately light'flay
2CO cars , which would leave about 0,000 na
tives out of the 10,000 fresh arrivals , Amone.-
tl < o natives was a largo per cout ol fat cattloJ *
that were Belling around about 5 75@G 00. All *
descriptions of f.-vt native etocrs may bo quoted "
at 10@15 lower than yesterday nnd 20@3 ( > .
lower than last week and oven last Monday.
Native butclior stock unlesi first class is nl o >
lower. Texans wore quoted lower but North *
western rangers underwent little or no change.
Of the latter , some fancy drives have sold an
high as 5 35 ( 5-10 nnd from these quotations
down toI 76. Good to choice 12CO to 1353
pounds , -10@fi DO ; common to fair , 1000 to
1MO pounds , 390 < 44 90. Saloa-285 Mon-
tfu I.IMVC , iruis. i ov , iUJ a.lcurilsKIl'l ,
175 NobraBkne , 1082 4 2P 83 '
, : Wyoming- " * ,
Texanc , 1010 , 400 ; 312 Wyomlng-texang ,
923 , 3 00.
Prices again ruled C@10a lower but at the
decline there vvns a brisk demand and the
market closed quiet with but fuw unsold in
each division. Hough nnd common pickers ,
sold around nbout 4 00@4 20. Light sorts , es
pecially ICO to 200 , sold around about 410 ©
- 4 60. Singers , 4 (10 ( , with skips at 4 00fjl ( 25.
The general mnrkot may be quoted 2j(5)30c ( )
lower than last week. Packing nnd nhip-
ing 2.0 ! to 310 pounds. 4 35 ® 1 Gfi ; light , ICO lo
210 pounds , 4 0.4 50.
There was very llttlo nctlon in Iho wheat ;
market to-day , but the feeling was stronger ;
and the closing prices of the day wore n ahalo
higher than yesterday. The receipts were , '
t small. Voreign advices report dull and weak- "
fefiilnftliough "private cibles reported n bet
ter f eel i ne. The market opened steads' , nd * .
vancod J but under free offerings receded J.
< became steadier , closing on the regular bonra
} J over yesterday. At the afternoon seas ion
another ndvnncu of } * 3 occurrnd , the mnrkot .
, cloHi'u tint 724 for November , 73j } for December ,
7J8&71J for January , Slg for May.
There was good pecnlativo and moderate
shipping business in o rn. Thu fooling was
unsettled nnd morn or loss uneasiness win dis
played by shorts. The market dovelopad
- strength EOOII nfter the opening , November i.J-
vnncing Ijjo nnd the voar advancing Jc ; thun
declined IJj for the former nnd lu for tlio lat
ter ; fluctuated nnd closed on the regular" '
boaid nt IJc higher for Novombsr and4c
higher for the year than yesterday. On the- l-v *
afternoon board , November advanced i.whie ! >
other futures advanced Jc , the market closlnc
at 4Be for Novrmbor , Sijc ) { for December ana
the year , nnd 383o for M ny.
Firm and abaul H higher , closing at "fi'j for
November , Uecomber and the year , and 87A@ .
6 ! ) for May ,
roiiK ,
Hilled quiet ( hawing litllo chanro ul 11 S2J
for Iho year , 11 37J for January and 11 45 foe
LA III ) .
Firm , closing at ( J 03 for November , G 81
for January. 0 97 for February ,
jMunJci-or Siilcidu.
NEW YOHIC , November 13. Jnmoa Jtyan ,
nn actor in Johnny Thompson'd Kighth street :
theater , went into n liquor ntoro adjoining the
theater last night accompanied by Lillie Ellin ,
of Brooklyn. Shortly afterwards a pistol shot
was hoard and Lillie WOH found on Iho floor
bleeding from n bullet wound in the head. The
bartender eays that Ityan and the woman were
In the back room when the shot wax fired.
Hynn says that the weinan threatened tothoofc
herself if ho did not accompany her home. Ho
nlilriuH that he was not in tha room when the
shoitlng occurred , The woman wns taken tea
a hojpital nnd died this morning , Kynn was
before the police magistrate to-day and -fill
have nn examination Saturday ,
The voting woman wni later identified as
Li//.Io Krucger by her eister. The deceased
disappeared from her homo , 181 Joy street ,
Tuesday , and was not aeon ag-Jn alive by her
AnolliiT > jullleu.
KKOKUK Iowa , November 13 , The demo-
crals hero jubilated Iftlt ovdninglover the elec
tion of Cleveland nnd Ilendrickg , There was *
ngrand torchlight procession , a line pyrotoch-
me displny nnd much unthutlnsin. The
streets wore lined with onthusiatitlc epecta-
lora ,
Down on Harper'n A\Vakly.
SALT LAKE , November 13. "Our IJonedict
ArnoldOeoi-ge William Curtla/'was placarded
on thu k-roast of an eflitfy hanged by the mln
en at Terrace , Utuh , The nowa has ju t been
icceived , _ _ _ _
The Jeiuiclto Hurt ) , *
WAHIIINHTON , November 13. Lieut. Grco *
loy called nt the wnr department to-day , after
reporting hlu arrival to Gen. Hazeu , at the
J HKiml office , and paid his respects to Sicrctury