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    TBEDA1IA 12
Tno Council Looking , Toward Nex
Season's ' Improvements ,
o Strcpl l-'orc-o Cor October ( ) J-
rtorctl Pntil Other Ml ucllu-
Hi-oils Ituslncss Ti'Ansnotcd ,
At the rcgulur weekly meeting of the
city council last uvcuing , t ctlng Mnyor
M urphy in the chair , members Uechcl ,
Wood worth , Uedfield , Hascall , Andoisan ,
Fnray , Thrano , Kaufman nnd Ford wcro
present , 'ihu mayor roporled ho hac
ivad the tninutcn of the meeting of Oc
tober 28 , mid found the sumo corroot.
ills report was adopted nud ho wns di
rected to look over the minutes of the
meetings of November 0 and 8 , and re
port nt the licit Reesion of the council.
rr.mioNs AND cnMMi'NirATiox * .
From the mayor , giving notice that ho
bad approved certain ordinances passed
nt hat mooting. Filed.
From Charles Nubor nnd others pro
testing against the violence ! committed
about the Third ward school house , lie-
From W. J. Brontch and others , pott
tioning that Howard batm'on Eighth and
Ninth streets bo p.i > ed nt the earliest
practicable momunt Ucfcrrud.
From James Grolf and others asking
that certain alloys ba doped down to
make them paaonblo. Referred.
From 0. F. Goodman nnd others , ask
ing that the Frtst ward bo divided into
two polling districta. Referred.
From City Marshal Cummings , asking
I leave of nbsenco from the city for two
&d.ny & : < < Granted.
From A. Norak and others , asking thai
k'somo mcnna bo used to prevent the Sunday -
' day night dances nt Kaspor'a and Kess
lur's halls in south Omaha Referred.
From Kato M. Ball , asking leave to
withdraw her name from the petition for
wniver of damages to lot 10 in block fif
teen , West Eud addition , lloforrod.
From Eugene O'Neill , giving notice
that ho had withdrawn his consent to
waiver of damages arising from the
grading of Gaining street. Referred.
From John Wallace nnd others , ask
ing that the B. & M. railroad bo mvdo
to construct n bridge across its track on
Williams street. Referred.
The application and bond of Hugh
Murphy & Co. as drain layers wore ap
The application nnd bond of P. W ,
Taipy ns drain layer wns also approved.
A number of bills wore referred with
out reading.
From the appraisers , appointed to fix
the damages arising from the change of
p- * lo of Cuii.mng atraot , , ' making their
n ; iort. Referred.
v bill of Jamoa Croijihton for lumber
and stationery furnished the city wna ro-
fo.ed. .
From James Creighton , presenting
et'.tomont of the time of inspectors on
pu ilio works for October , Approved.
From same , presenting certain np-
) .i > vod estimates. Approved.
" . claim of William F. Hoina of
$100 for checking up the city treasurer's
books waa allowed.
KVom Geo. R. Jlithbtui , calling atton-
run of the council to the condition of
the intersection of K'ug nnd Char las
otteets. Referred.
By Hnacall , that Jacob Hauck bo re
tained in city engineer's oflice. Tabled.
By Ford , that the committee on pav
ing , curbing nnd guttering inquire into
the ownerstiip , otc , of certain uuttoring
stimo nnd curbing taken by the Barber
Asphalt company from certain streets in
the city , nnd report at next mooting.
By Ford , that Jacob Houck bo retained
by the city to complete the sewer map
uud addition book. Out of order.
By Rcdfield , that the council sit as n
board of equalization to equalize certain
taxes on November l.'Uti and 18th.
A sidow&lk resolution was introduced
and adopted.
By Bt-chel , that the gas company con
struct street lamps on Twenty-fifth and
Harn-jy and Twenty-sixth and Farium.
By Thrane , that resolution permitting
thci city scavenger to charge 10 cunta per
load for refuao matter dutnpad at the
foot of Division street bo rascinded , und
thut Carl NoJson bo appointed n special
policeman and paid $ 10 n month by the
city lo keep the dump and road in good
order. Adopted.
By Radfield , that the board of public
wori.j mvito bids f jr fifty thousand or
moro yards oi paving , thut thtf aj/i'cilica-
tiona include Sioux Falls granite , Colora
do Miiuatono. mid Trinidad sheet usphalt-
um , tlmt the bidders bo required to give
such Rocurity aa the board shall dotcr-
mine to insure tha acceptance of thu con
tract , to remain with them oixty dnyp ,
nnd that auch bids shall bo for all or any
of the paving. Adopted.
Finance and claims , recommending the
allowance of the bill of Peter Gees , fur
boarding city prisoner ? . Adopted.
Same , recommending the allowance of
a numbar of bills. 'Adopted.
Sitno , recfmmending the allowance of
the bill of Houl it Co. , for street clean
ing. Adopted.
Same , recommending that the claim
of C. Collins for damages to property
near Twentieth and Harney , bo not al
lowed. Adopted ,
Streets and grades , recommending that
the petition praying for n change of grade
of West Far n am street be granted ,
Simo , reporting that the grade of
Charles street hud been established.
Fire and water works , recommending
that the petition praying for water hy
drants on Twentieth street , between St.
Marya avenue and Farnam , be granted.
Gas and electric lights , recommending
that the gao inspector bo allowed to ex
pend a sum not to exceed S-2j for in
struments necocsary in hia ofiica. Adopt
ed.A resolution by Wood worth that the
street commissioner grade down Wob-
flter Btreet between Twelfth aad Four
tcouth ulong the curbini ; was referred.
SidowalkB audbridgm , reconiuiending
that crosawnlks bo constructed in the ( lit-
farent wnrdd as follonfi : Kiin * . ward , 15 ;
Second ward , -10 ; third W M ! , Oj fourin
ward , 40 ; fifth ward , 25 ; autn ware , 10.
Paving , curbinpr. nnd guttering , rec
ommending thitt K. J. Brcnnsn bu al-
3owcd 8-1K7.G2 for extras nn hia Bt
SVIarya HVUIIUB contrnct for KtiUoring , end
$ ? l i ! 0 for the tmmo on ilarapy st/eot ,
Appropriating moneys out of vatione
necial .funds to pay for public work.
for the pay-1
mont of the street force for the month
of Oitobor. Mr. Fumy etnled although
the excess of men on the force had been
employed in direct violation of the coun
cil's order , the city wns nevertheless
Hnblo and they should bo psid. 1'asnod.
Chancing the grade of West Fnrnnm
street. P.ifsed.
Ettabliahing the gr.\do of Pier street.
Thu council then adjourned.
A. Nou Oix'niil7.ntlcn to ( > ro\\ Out o
Ilio Ola One.
? 1 Monday , in pursuance to n call isaucc
by the president , N. B. Falconer , the
board of trade met nt choir rooms it
Rodick'a block. It was the first meeting
( f the board tlnco July 8th nt which n
quorum was present. After the meeting
was called to order , the proceedings w
several preceding meetings wore rend ,
and it wna found that on November 4th
the bonrd had on hand cash to the am
ount of S7,5.'C'J , nnd § 1200 in the savings
bnnk. The proceedings of the board of
directorn were approved. Announce
ment was then mndo by the secrotnry
that the board of directors had reported
favorably upon certain nrltoles of in
corporation which would innblo the
b nrd to hold ronl cntiita. The article
of incorporation were road ns follows :
Thn name of the corporation ia to bo "Tho
Oninlin Hoard of Trade , " nnd its principal
place of business shall ba in thia city.
The object of the corporation nlmH ba to
promote the commercial , manufacturing and
KCiicr.U Inlorcata of the city of Omnhn , ami
establish commercial nnd linnnciil exchanges
therein , nnd it ahnll hnvo and exercise uch
powers ns may Do necessary nnd convenient
to tlmt end , including the potter to acquire
nnd hold real u > Uto.
The authorized capital stock of ths corpora
tiou i fixed nt SICO.OOD , divided into mom
bcrehip shares of Sl' 5 each , etc.
The exlntenco of the corporation shall beeln
on January 1 , 1883 , and continue until dis
solved by ita own net or by the operation of
The business of the corporation shall bo con1
ducted by n bonrd of directors , eovon in nnnr
ber , to bo elected by tha stockholders ; such
election to take placa on the firat M inlay in
January , each yoar.
The oll'iccrs of the corporation nro to bq n
president , first , second , third nnd fourth vice
president , nkcreUry nnd treasurer , to bo
chosen by the board of directors and hold of
fice for one year. Tlio secretary need not be
a member of the board of directors , nor n
The highest amount of Indebtedness is not
to exceed two-thirds of the capital stock nt
nny ono timo.
All members of the old bonr-1 of trade ,
whoso successor this corporation is designed
to bo , shall bo Ipso tncto membera of thia cor
The full mid member ship nh.ires of the
capital stock shall bo nFecssnhla to the amount
not exceeding S100 per slmro for tin ( purchase
of real estate and the erection of buildings ,
but such nn awsincnt Khali only bn mndo
upon a vote of a majority ofjtho stockholder ? .
These nrticles nro signed by N. B.
Fnlconer , C. F. Goodman , John Evans ,
G. C Amcu , John A. Wakofield , Chaa.
F. Driscoll and W. W. Biiighnm nnd
will bo tiled with the county clerk in a
few days , having boon approved nftor n
full discussion of the same.
Thoao nrticlea are designed co aa to
permit the board to purebtwn real ustato
and in duo course of time build n cham
ber of commerce.
After aomo other minor business had
boon transuded the boarf3 tv.ijounied for
ono mouth.
Ikcal Kslalc
Tha following nro the real estate transfers
fors filed for November 10 and reported to
TIIE BEE by Ames' real estate agency.
J. Solil to J. Schroodof q. c. d. parcel
section 3(5 ( 15 11 § 2.
E Whitmore and wife to W , J.
Broatnh w. d. lots 0 and 7 Capitol addi
tion § 2,000.
J. I. Kedick and wlfo to H. Schmidt
w. d. lot 2 block 181 SB7f >
0. E. Mdjne and yrifo rG. . E. Borkcr
w. d. lota in Donecken's nadition $1,800.
S J. Donockon to 0. E. Mayno w. d.
lots In Doneckon's addition $1,500.
M. H. Cuslck to J. F. Qutnn w. d. 5
acres section ! ! 2 1(5115 ( § 300.
W. Weckor to P Dorn w. d. lot F.
Hnscnlls addition § 800.
E Peycko and wife to W. Wocker w.
d. lot F. Hascalh addition S800.
It Doru and wife to E. Poycko w. d.
lot F. Hascnlla addition § 800.
Nov. llth.
J. J. Loony and wife lo M. E. Loony ,
v , d , part lot 1 , block 12 , Kounfxa'o . ' 5d
add , SI.
H. L Garlichs to C. Fitch and wife ,
\f d , lota 4 nnd fi , Polham Place , § 1000
S. E. Rogers and wife to M. Kaoper ,
w d , lot IP , blnck 3 , Improvement Aeao-
eiation's add , § 000
S. O. Banj > s and wife to M. TIuss , w d ,
lots 7 and 8. Bang'o sub div , $800.
.7. A. Dull'to L Doll , w d , 88 acres ,
sec 5J1 , 10 , 12 , 5UOOO.
F. Buck and wife to W. P. Spoflbrd w.
d. lots 5 and G , block 251 § 1)00 )
W. J. Brotjlch and wile to G. W. lye
w. d. lot (5 ( blook 3 cub-division , lut 5
Cap. addition § 2.000.
A , O'Din.ihoo , et. id. lo Tl. E Cnvo
v. d. IOIH 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5. 0 , 7 , 8 , ! > , 10 ,
block (5 ( Kwlby l'lcn $3,175
NidiL MUlmnl.
Last winter the board of education
started a night school in this city for the
) oncflt of those who were unable to at-
end during the day , and yet are desir
ous of obtaining an education. Lut
winter's sthool was so well attended that
ho board has decided to reopen It this
winter. Ono of the best rooms in the
Dodge otreet public school building will
> o used for pupils in the central part of
ho city , and will bo far superior to the
oems used on D luglaa street last yoar.
Hr. George L. Fisher , who waa in charge
of the Douglas street night school last
oar , and gave great satisfaction , has
) cn engaged to lake chirgo of th-j Dodge
tr o ; night school. It was bo opened
ast evening , and will afford boys nnd
giria who nro omplojed during the day
i chunco for educt'ionul ' advnntagoH , as
roe of charge as in thu day schools.
Another ncliool wan also opened la > t
iveiiiiig , nn 1'dcilic stretl , between Tlmtccnlh
und Fourteenth ,
A ( ! anl nf
The ladiea of the Fiiat Ibptint church
deaire to extend their tincoro thanka tn
ilcssrs. Perkins it Lean , Mrs .Jnulyn , of
Metropolitan hotel , L. B. Williaiini it
Son , nnd W. B. Gring lor their guner-
isiiy ia gratuitously furnishing them
vith cola ut < d bedding for the oniertaiii-
mcntof thu dcle atoj to the J'.aptiit etato
Alto to the ladies of the Conjrculirjnal ( ;
church fur thn uao of t a bleu , und to
Wcstren t Macloiid fnr tablu furniture.
By OKDKK oc CouutnKK.
Nmiha , Nov. JOth , 1881.
FOR SALFO A good family horja
buTL'y and liaruwa. L , A. HATH ,
Pojt Ollico Box 30.
Cte's ' Trial lo Bfgifl Tc-flay Y/illi /
Gnlhrio a Stale's illness ,
An Application tor nn Important
ISrvtrnlnlnn CMilcr to l > o Mmlo
in tiio r. s cuiii't.
lu the United Stales court yesterday ,
circuit judge Brewer tat tilone , dislricl
judge Uuiidy being nunblo to bo present.
The time of the court was occupied in the
hearing of motions nnd domurrora. Judge
Dundy will bo in nttondnnco upon courl
this nftornoon nnd will empanel the
grand jury.
This morning John 0. Orrlck , of the
firm of Noble nnd Orrick , St. Louis , for
Ills client the Pacific Express Co. , will
make application to the court for n torn-
porary roalrAining order ngninat the Hnn-
nibal fc St. Joe nud the C. B. it Q. rail
roads. It appears tlmt the Hannibal &
St. Joe railway , now owned by the 0. U.
it ( J , has boon carrying the buainusa of
the 1'acifio Express Co. for aomo time
pn3t. A short time ago notice \vns served
upon the Express Company by the rail
way odiclnls thit the llantubnl St.
Joe company would no longer carry ita
its business after Nov. 15th. To prevent
the enforcement of thia notice the applica
tion io made , the exproan company by its
attorney taking the view that thn defend
ant Is n common carrier , nnd ns such it
bound under the law to do their business
upon the payment of n reasonable com
pensation for ouch services. Tno princi
ple involved In this cuna has boon decid
ed in the Southern express and Adams
express companies' cases , by Justice
Miller , vrhon it was hold they could bo
compelled to carry the business of the
express companies. As has boon saidtho
application for the restraining order will
bo mndo hero , nnd ohould It bo granted
the petition will bo filed immediately in
the circuit court of the Diatom district of
Missouri , where it will bo tried upon its
The notion of James F. Johnson
ngaiusttho K. 0. , St. Joe it 0. B. rail
ways for § 25,000 , damages , personal injuries -
juries resulting from n railroad accident
at Corning , licit county , Missouri , wna
yesterday removed from the district court
of Otoo county to the U. S. circuit court ,
on petition of the defendant railway ,
The jury in the case of Mount against
Stoelc , Johnson it Co. returned n ver
dict last evening of § 75.50. damages
sustained in the payment of attorney
This morning the cnio of I ho
stnto against ox-Mayor Chase for
bribery will bo called up nnd
the , trial proceeded with. Many of
thu witnesses have been cnbpoonaed.
Yesterday afternoon Deputy Sheriff
Crowell went to Lincoln and will return
this morning with ox-Maruhnl Guthrie
who will give tentimony for the state In
the coming trial. It is thought much
time will bo consumed before any testi
mony will ba adduced and it ia expected
several venires will bo exhausted before
n full pauol of jurors will bo secured.
Judge Neville \\ill preside over the trial.
Suit was begun by Mra. Sarah J.
Trout against the city to recover the sum
of 88nO damages allowed to have been
sustained to her property by reason of
the change of grade of Sauudora Direct.
The case of the city ngainat .loo Gor
man , who was provoked into assaulting a
policeman in front of I Ionian's barn ,
aomo two weeks ago , and who called into
requisition at that time the use of words
forbidden to bo publicly apokon , was
tried by a jury , the charge being tlio use
of obscene and profane language. The
defendant waa found guilty nnd was fined
§ 10 and costs. Not being able to pay
liia indebtedness to the municipality , A.
I' ] . Coggcshall , ono of the jurymen , be
came security for its payment.
folice Court.
In police Hcourt yoatcrday A. W.
Warner , J. Fox nnd John Ilollor plondod
guilty to the charge of disturbing the
peace nnd wore each fined in the sum of
§ 5 and costs.
Albert Schleshirigor waa the old man
who was delivering the stump speech on
Fixrnam street. Ho came into court with
r. hurrah for Cleveland , his favorite can
dldate , and pleaded guilty to the charge
drunkonViCBa. Ho wau lined $5 nnd coats
by the democratic judgo.
G. W. Dow , n railroad mau , came up
bcforo the desk with his facu in n badly
bruised and cut condition. Ho was i >
sorrowful sight to behold and the
judge asked him to explain how he
got cut up in such nn unscemingly man
ner. Ho said that ho was walking along
Tenth fit root Monday und accidentally
piiiHud between two colored women who
wuru walking with a colored man. Ono
tit the wuinun rminirked that shn did not
iku to be intuited in that manner by
white trash , whereupon ho turned nnd
inked her pardon. As soon as ho had
inished speaking the colored man struck
lim Sn the face. Ho then passed on
lawn the street to the corner of Tenth
ind Douglas otroots where ho laid his
land upon n man'd shoulder and naked
ilm why ho had struck him ? It proved
.o bo the wrong man and 1m turned in
tnd gave Dow a pounding after which ho
Dow ) wan arrested. The judgesaid that
10 had uvidontly boon badly punished ,
tnd only fined him $1 and costs ,
Apollo Club
On Tuesday evening , November 18 ,
the Apollo Social club will give its second
end party , this time at Masonic hall.
Ilio committees uro composed of the { bl
owing :
Master of cromnnin * If. K ( jrny.
Reception , C. K Thornburg , F. 11.
ICcKterH , J. A. Booth.
Floor T. 0. .Jones , A 0. Harto , W.
3. Kulli-y , Thco. Kicpun and Jou. A.
Gen. llou'iml on I
There is an excellent treat in Btoro T r
.liu pcojilu of ( his city in thn proposed
ci'.turu of Gun. O. O. Howard , on
"Kxn t. " The gentleman haa but re
cently returned from an extended tour of
Kur pc , und while absent there paid a
eng visit to the land of tlio Pharou , Ho
eel : note1) ) of the ) customs of tlio people ,
itibllo and private structure ) , fystoin of
{ ovcrnmunt andollior pEculhritioj of thit
Jiatant country.
A trainid : writer , Ocu , ll' in also
i trained nbeervrr. U'lipit ho obal ) de
scribe , therefore , will borcrHi describ
ing , ni A worthy of n Inrco udieno. The
lectuto will ba delivered in the opcrn
house on the 25th , nnd the pr.o.-od . will
bo npplied to the uao cf the \Vmnens
Christian nisoclntion for the b-mfit of
the poor of Omnhn.
Mr. John 1) . Howowni seen about tha city
Win. 11. MuiiRor , " 1Kromont , h m Omaha
un legal business.
Mrs , Julius C. Her nud her daugh'rr have
returned from lloleun , Montana.
Mr. lnm ! ey , landlonl of tha Coi/ens hotel ,
has returned fiom n trip to Chicago.
J. S. Stull , ! > < ! . , county judfjo ot Nenrn-
ha county , U in the city nttomllng court.
W. U. Wood , cf the Union Pacific railroad
company , haj rotuiuod from n \l lt In the
Mr. W. H. Irwlunnd.J. 1 > . lla koll , both
iulerosted largely la the stock interest * of the
west , are nt the 1'axtou.
Soliciting Knight Agent Max\\oll , of the
Union 1'aclfie , with headipnrtcu nt Kansas
City , spout Sunday in Omaha.
Mr. fJhiM. S. Maroon , of the law linn of
Manon & Whoeden , Lincoln , Is lu the city at
tending United States court.
Mr. Vrank McCrary will act as clerk of
the U , R. circuit coutt for n month whtlo Mr.
Albon Kratik will indulge in n much needed
Mr. O. N. llaimoy , secrotnry and trovnirer ,
mid Mr. M. M. Marshall , president nnd gen
eral manager of the Oinahi linrbiro com
pany , went east to J ow York on business
Mr. S. 1' . Norman , npont for the "Margaret
Mather" company , registered at the Mlllard
yesterday. Ho If hero to iirraiigomonts for
the nppcaninco ofbia company in this
city next week.
Miss Georgia Young , of Hiawatha Kansas ,
cut Sunday In thia city the guest , of her
ouslu , Mr. Will Young , of Tlrrol I Cook's.
She was accompanied by u lady friend , Mrs.
Itanning , ol thu eamo place.
Mm. W. C. llulcttnnd daughter , of Adilati
Michigan , arrived in Omaha on Sunday and
are nt the Millard visiting with Mr. C. C ,
HuloU , cashier of that hou e. It Is the first
time MM. Hulett has visited her sou in the
\\-iutmiditisnncmrcnof much ploasuio to
W. M. Itobortson , of Madison : W. T.
llandall , of Columbus ; Claudius .limes , ol
Sewnrd ; K. S. llarnor of Kearney ; C. S. Rey
nold's , of Fremont ; S. H , Sodwick , of York ;
nud A. h. Uurr nnd D.V. . Carr , of Alma ,
registered at the Millard yiatrrday.
V. nr. O. A.
TJio Y. M. C. A. library in this city
contains 9119 volumes , many standard
works being among the number. The
books miy ba road by any ono who visit
the rooms , but no ono is allowed to toke
nbokar.-ny In the reading room in
kept on file aovon duily , thirty-six weekly ,
sixteen monthly nud two semi monthly
mnvspapsrs and periodicals , making n
total of Hxty-ono publications which nil
urc free to USD , nnd strangers nio espe
cially wtilcomo. Tlio nvorngo daily nt-
tendnnro in the reading room so far during
the year 1881 haa been 110 persona. Mr.
A. D. SchonnorhorH'i'd'tli'o ' librarian , nnd
lias a happy faculty of making it pleasant
for thoao who visit the rooms.
[ P fiul Gnllly and Sontcncril. [ ' .
In the district court this afternoon
Robert Miller and George Smith , having
plead guilty to the charge of petit lar-
couywero sentenced to the county jail by
Judge Novi'lo ' for twenty-five days each ,
and fined § 1 and the costs of prosecution.
WillininDodson.whohad plead guilty
on his arraignment to the charge of grand
larceny , was sentenced to the penitentiary
at hard labor for two years.
John Tumor , n colored boy , who had
nlao pleaded guilty , was nlso iivon ; two
years at hard labor in the ponitontiary.
Jniues Thomas , who , also , upon his
arraignment had entered the plea of
guilty , wns Renteutonced to the peni
tentiary for four ycnra.
A CARD. ToiUwUu .0 n-anlng from erion
nd laditcrotlonfl of youth nei\ous wrftinoni , owl )
( iD-jy , Ices ol manhood , oto. , I nlll end 1 icclpl
itlKitwillcuroyou , FUREOFCJIAnOK. Tbl K' = l
'ji-mwly ' was ( ) i ooTcr * < l tiy tnUtloncry In SouU
iMi < 'il . ScndeeK-aJdruBsU rmelopo to IU . JO
1 niu'ii f. ISM ia. aMlu D. How Vatk.
Trains nrn now run on nil the elevated
rondu in Now York on Sunday for the
price of five cents. The company's
method of observing the Sabbath quito
Htiitu the public ; nnd the patronage of the
roajs on these days h noirly double what
It waa on the corresponding duyu of luat
do not only dintltn
Kiin tliomiulveH by their flavor nnd iironiaic-
odor ubuvo all othoiH gunurully nsod , but they
uro nlao n Hiiro preventive for all dUooNoH orii'-
inatlug from thi ) digCHtlvoorg.tns. Ituwnro of
counterfiita. A k your grocer or driiggint for
tlio iomilnu article , iniunifactnrud by it , if.
J. 15. Suifjort to Soim
San Francisco has but just adopted the
now standard time , which , for the P.icilic
coast , id ton iniutilos faster than that of
the city ,
Du. DANIKI , T. NJMOK : , Chicago , says :
"I find it n pleasant nnd valuable remedy
n indigention , particularly in overworked
uiun. " _ _
A paper chimney fifty foot high has
it-en uructud in A manufactory nt iires-
A lioniui/.u iliu 1'olitloiaiis Ijosl Hltfli
While poMtlciMin uverywhoro wcro ( inarol *
ng Tuesday , October 11 , 188 1 , thn 173rd grand
nontlily Drawing nf the l.onla-
MU Htut < ) Lottery came nlf , M , A. D.nphln
N'iiw/leanu.l.a.tti ( whom till inqniriix tliould
no addrrHded ) . Ticket No. 78 , 1 Mi drmv the
lirrtt c ilt'il ' irUiiof S/fOr / ( ) , nnd It WUH Hold
n nholu ticket to u vtoll known bimiucHu man
of the Crrtccnt City nul paid to K , I ) . Mnwto
of tha I.uuliiim Nutiuiuil Jiunl ; then' . No
r7t .0ilifw thoBccond pii/.oof . ? 'J&K0 ( ! , Hold
in fiftl h nt onu dollar uach-ono lifth oich l
Jlonry Smith , jiidtlcu nf the puaco. nnd Win.
M. Kennedy planter , luth of ( Jrecnvillo ,
Mi H : iinu-lillli to W. 0. lrlXf ! | , of
imtliur to K. ( J. lioiinatt , No 'JtO S
> tr ut , Clilcui ? ! ! . Twu-liftliH f the third pri/
i.l $10.00 1tickol No. 47l-"il-wa , < won by ( . ) .
C. J'V.1 , I'urta e , Ww. 'J'lio fourth pri/ f
fKi , ' " ' ' , i h , WITH won by Km. 13,8HSnnd
'il.MI , mild in fifiln of onn dolbr inch , and
rcatleicd verv pnjmi cuouBly , noilh , K.iith ,
PUDS i.nd witet , to pjrtii'H In .M.nnplii" , Toi'ii ,
I'luluduliihin , l'irnd Now Yoilc ( Jity. &o ,
tin Hut it will over go on , nnd if j > n ln\o.t
it may tiuko you lint will nut break y < > u.
Dr. F. Svcnoniua , who liai been rn-
gttgud in studying and measuring the gla-
ciora in Noirland for I hi ) piHt fo * yoara ,
reports that there nro ubout a hundred
iort ia S odcn , but they < ire very
ll , u'jvoring in nil un area not aboi'o
vt ' ( ji'iili iq'nro iniica ,
Legislative ilaoipiallons Already Un
der Way at Lincoln ,
The House Plan for Packing
Committees Fully Matured ,
The Land Ring Fortifying Itself
Against Investigation ,
A lihvly Ucvlv ! ' 1'tillllenl S
mill S
Special lo TIIK HKK.
l.iN'COi.S' , Xcb. lsn11. . The election i
earcely over \\lion the fcchomlnp begins. The
election of PiiwoR by ninnjoitty of 10,0.0 ! lens
limn Hlnlnn cot * In tlu > ulnto MirpriMui no one ,
mnViitbo IXweS hlnnolflio has prctcmded
to bellevo that bo would explain tlio whole
nuttier of tb school land frauds to the people
in such n comincltiB manner tlmt ho would bo
ni clean n follow us the world produced : but
now tlmt tlio legislature In elected the ritieflU'r *
\ullliefiinlOHchonip. Chinch Huwo nnut bo
in order to put up eoitnuiltceii fur llin rail-
runiU and the Iniid riii . In the limi o thn
Kiuno RniiR will put forwiud Allen W. 1'iold ,
of lliin county for speaker. VMA li ni mi-
KTupnlom n | ) olititmii ns ever Uod gnve.
broatli to , nnd bin county in the Instlepulnturn
wtm nut Kitdi ni to cummoml him to any honest
innn. He and IIH ! Hlnkora nro nlrnaily.circlliig
nronnd over the slain getting pledfiea from
memlierii elect vmw the pt < nKo Mit | < . Carua
has loi'ii hnro holi-noblmit : with Hill Stout nnd
Dnwus , nnd no ono need doubt but tluit
in this v Inter in succeujfnllv ns they did two
years ngo. If they can get Hriul Sli ! ililer for
cli'rk nnd Alien 1'lolds lor bpunkur , the lumeo
will bo fixed. Then n puiiR of liumvit ( ) IIHMI
will bo nolacted ( by Kendall , l ) ( Ii it ( Jo. ) for
the committi'o of public Inndr nnd Imildingn ,
nnd wlnn any resolutions nro Introduced look-
hip toward nn ! uvp tic.atioii of tin- school land
fraud , the BIUIIO will by BOUIO jumping jnck
in the inlenwt of the iliiR bo referred to the
committee on public Inndii nnd lu'.IUIiiiga.
lit the Bciinlo , so fnr ns hoaril from , the re
publicans will hnvo
A JtA.ioniTV or HRMV ,
nnd the question of whether the lieiitminnt-
govi-rnor nhnll build np the committees or
whether the enmo nhnll bo constructed by the
semite caucus will depend upon the vote * of
Howell , of York , McAllister , of L'lnlto ,
ChorrVjOf GIIKO , and the senator from the
Kurt \ \ anhiiigton district , whose nnmo I can
not now recall. The railroad punt * will bu
headed by Clmrch Howe , Mclc 1'anl , C. 11.
Norris nnd the Garnet Striker from Sewurd
If Cleveland la elected Uio rnilrond gang will
shout p.irty , party , in hupo < i to terrify the
timid fellows nnd acm them into xticklnr to
the paily bows , lint , the Unit nn st stnncl by
the people nnd aid in finitiating these little
Bchoim > . WAHAHII.
TItOUUt.i ; A A1N.
KANSAS Guv , Kovumbar 11. In cotitu-
( juonco of tha uomplicntluiH of the ruto wnr bo-
Uvocn Chicngo nnd St. Louin the ltnrlim < ton
hn ii nin withdrawn from ( ho ICunai.n City
HKiecmcnt. Tlio rrinnining members have
agreed on n into ofoto Chicago , nnd $1 to
St. Louis , being a fm-ther cut et $1.
" 1'lUKs" KIHTOll.
Specinl IcU-ftrnm to TlIK URL- .
ClIICAi.o , Novombsr 11. In Uio proVato
court room this morning' , thu hoird of the
Storey cstato nnd their lawyoru nnd the jndgo
nnd nnditorH , were nil treated to n surprise.
In answer to nn order frum tlio court , nnd nf
tor n Ktrugr-lo by both Bides , the lawyer for
the widow , MrH. W. F. Storey , put on tile u
will dated Aupnut 10 , 1871) ) , iilmimt Identical
with the will of 1881 , nxcopt , thut
QUO or two points in it in
moro Invornblo to the widow. Tlio witneHiiw
to it nro Clinton Snowden , now on the W < i h
Hilton JEepnblicnn , at that time the city editor
of 'thu Clnc.ii-0 Times ; .1. A. Cliuiubcrlin. now
of the ItoHtuii Trnoiler , nt thut time nmiiai-
niK editor of thu Times , und .lohn Klridiron ,
then , us now , c.ibhier of the TimeH. It JH
from lop to bottom Storey s own handwiltliig ,
nnd written upon paper not calondcrod and
not ruled , HIICU an in UKCI ! in u nuwHimpur'u
editorial ritoiim for copy pnjier. In thii ) will
no cluuHO IH inserted dubaniiijf the widow from
marriage , or nllixiiig n jieiiulty in ca o nho
does marry. The cnso was net for 11 ( I'clnclc ,
but the partien to it did nut uppeur until ll'M :
u , in. At tlmt hour thuiu wi re on hand
A. li. I'attviHdii , the coii8 < TVii4 < ir , Ansnn
Storey , the doceubed'i ) brother and the luw-
yoru , Air.V. . O. aondy , Mr. A. S. Trmlo ,
Jmlgo l.yman Trnmbull , Luounrd Sweet nud
Mr. Kobblnn. Thoio wcro , btHidoH , n peed
nmny audltorH. The court , with n good donl
of nupority , united ofJndvu Trnmbiill if Mr * .
Storey win in umit. The judge nntmorou
thut hho wits not. 'Lot the attachment is-
mio. " Bald Jndgo ] CnicltorLoli-r , with oven
moro asperity. .Indgo Trnmbiill rattier tnlton
off his ( cut Uy tlioHuddomiui-H mill Hon.'iily ut
the uidur , prottHted , nnd while H.uming ilut
ho could BOO no n nson fi r Mr . Hiomy K pien-
unco , Biiid thut ho held n | ihyxifiin H
cortllicuto which allowed tliu liuly'ri
indlapueltion. "Call your t'iy ) ici "
onleiiil the court. " 1'lieni In no putitlon f r
thu probating uf thin will , " continued thti
court , "nnd in order to nruperly Met thin court
in motion It IB iiLcoeHaiy fur Aim , Hluruy to
appear hero nnd Hwuir to tin putltidii di-
clurlng thin will , in her opinion , tliu luat ItHtii-
mont of thodecuusud , I wlxh ultu tu iisl : her
whether ic in the only paper of the Kind In
her posHuefliun " AHur loui ; urgnmcnt. .Imlgu
Trumbull nuid lu hud unothir will in his
poiitBHiun ; thut ho WUH willing to proienl it
to the Lonrt but w.m uinvllllui ; lor it tu go < m
lilo. liu Hitid , in unnwcr to thu court , tlmUio
had thu docnmi'nt In hlx ollica. Thu
court diroctoil .Intlgr Tiumbull to prudnco it ,
which ho did , wluruUion | It WUH ) > bccd ( in lilc.
Hoiioun OH tliodocnnient was funded to thu
clerk , Air. Tinun hurried bvhind thuduur und
bi'Rtu ' rcuilin It. Jndgo Tininbull utiUod
thut nobody bo ulluvsed tu rend thu will until
it liud boeu mtrkod , tiled und u cuilltiod cojiy
Utan nf It Thii ) tlio cou.t ordcrod. Uion |
the tiling of UJIH will thu couit ordered thu
cjiso o\er until 1'Viduy niorning ut lu n. in.
Thoru WIIH tha turnout anxiety
on the part of thu holr. ) , ttio'r luwyoru
und .Mr. 1'ut'crnun , thu counorvator ,
to HUU the will likd by Jndgti Trnuibnll.
Trud wun thu flint to hurry unmiid und nud ,
Thou Mr , Uoiriy und Aiifon It Stxney wont
ovornt together ; tliiMi Mr , 1'ftllrrnou tuilod
for it , und without loading it turned
tiuslily to t.oo wlio thu witntb en were.
WAHIIINIITO.V , Novcmbar 11 , A norlei of
exainliiutiiinH for uipic.mtH | ! fur depirtmcnt
Horvlco at Wushingtoii hai been arranged for
Docoinber , thi ) wojtaml Hnitli , inclu Hug Mon
day , IJuct'inlxT lat , lii .Moiui'i ; NS'eiliKYiby ,
Ui'mmbcr ! l ( Jinalm. Thu n Lxiinin tioim
uill bj ( > f two graded , "liiuHoiT'iiul1 uuorul"
I'lin limited in fur uiiijintH | ut u salary of 3720
to 51)0(1 ) ( u } t > arntid thitgcii'jiul in fur clurki > liipi <
, i > . ij inlury ( if QUltU und npwiiriiH. 1'crH > IIH
dobirii.g tu inulci ) upp.lcati n ii.ul bu imiiied
ut thuru ux.iii'inptlulH cftii o'jtii'.n iipiihc titiii
blankH i > nd H copy ( .f thu civil rfmvicu luw ,
rult'ttand rcgiiLitiunuof thu po uiu > t > r ul uiihcr
place lumun , or of tliu civil nuiticu commta-
itinii ut , Wutliington , nnd m In n.o-t CM ; ,
thuru will not b i tunu to uilinii. of npilc4tlon | !
bving forwarded to llr ) Cdiiuni lon anil uotitu
of npphcntion lotiiti.inl lo uppllc nti' , tliu up-
plication , duly cjrrut-M ! , muy In biiMixht to
nxumlnutiou nnd dull vi rtd to the chief
'J IK * riiidilloiib
DUIIUN , Novombur U. Tlu trlul of Fred-
crick J , Alton , vicu prruident of thu Yunn
Ireland uocluty , unette'l Imt week on thu
tiriunii felony , begun to-iliy ,
Allen \\M cltcorcd npon pnlerlng the contt ,
lli'ftlor , member if parliament , yr t > rd y
cj led | . > tlir Irh | bnr , uppMrctl for Allnn.
lln ( l < Mii n4rd tlmt the lottrrs which Allen
hid willtcn to HIP Fpnlnn hfndqunrtrni nt
rftiid , ei\liiR dct iln of KcnlAii i rgnnizttlon In
Irclnnd , < hitild l > innrkfd in ns to proven t
HIP ] io iliilliv of any nd'ltl.iin or nb tr ctlnnii
b'lnp inidp. Thi ritiiiiral for thn rnron pro-
t. ' tid nKnni.t the innnmidn implied In thli
( Icinnnd. TinmiRlttrntu onlorpd thn drcn-
umrkM nnd ropiovod llenly for bin In.
HKt.THKriiKNi.TH or Tin : TVIITIKM IM Title
llOt < K 01 ItKT'lHiMlXi.VTIVKH AT THS il'tllMI
< KS lo\
W.V-IHN , TOX , Nmomber 11. Mcl'hcrson ,
secretary nf Ihu rrpubltcnn cocgrennlonnl com-
niitloc , snj-ii tlmt from the most authentic information -
formation ho hai been nblo tn.nccnro the next
house of reprciicntntivcs will consist of 182
democrats , 111 republican' , ono grcenbacker ,
( Hnnnmof I'onpylvnnln ) , nnd ono furintifat ,
( \\Vs\MT , of Iowa ) , glvlnir n domocratia majority -
jority oxor all o [ ; tl. ! A * comp.ucd with the
ini'iiibortlilp of Uio vntiutm partloi In thu i > rr < < -
( 'tit homo , thit cattninta rbown n loin of 111
votes lo thiMlomocroU nnd four to the inilo-
pondontf , nnd n Kniu of 2'J to the ropnMicans ,
nnd i > ni' tujiotiist vote.
CHICAGO , ? \ntember 11. DIphtlioriA has
broken out , among the pnplh of ono of thn
public n'huol * , nud se\orM fatal caio nio nl-
ready reported. The hi'dth dop.vrtment olli-
N nui coiMliloriiif ; Ihu ndvi < nbllity nf clon-
ins The ho.dtli uiimmisiionnr declares
tlmt the dlsfnsc is lertninly cptdomio In thn
oltv. Ono family I * reported M having lout li
rhllilri'ii out wf 7 in tliu Imt two weolci thronnh
the diiuum' .
l'\it Stock
ClIU'AOO , Xo\oinbor 11 , The nnmml fat
stock ehtiw opened in tlio oxpositidii building
hcru to night and wilt contlnno until n week
from to-morrow , Tno ehow wna inaugurated
with nn nddrons by Mnyor Harrison , The nt-
tendanco nt thu opening inndrnpcd | ! that ol
nny formct nhn\v. Thu exhibition in much
t'irgor nnd fiiurthnn before. It in
our epo-
cially nuticoablo in the presence nf good rop-
resontalion polled. Angus nnd llolateln cat-
tie , which have not heiotoforo npponrad in
tticooconiptttltloiiR , Short horn Hereford !
r.rti up to the former standard , nnd there m n
peed ehov , ' of heavy draft luirsiw , hufja , nnd
Mot NT A KKSOK , X. Y. , November 11.
John M. MaHttjon WAH nrrcstod last oxoning
un tliu charge of fraud , porpatrntod ngninnt
ChnrloH HMiilncks , who dupORitod with the
firm of J. M , MnitiHon 81,000 , receiving from
him n check when ho was about tu nsslgn nnd
know hlmrnlf tu bo iiiRotvcnt. Ho waived
e > > > mbmthm beforu n jnntlco of the pence and
nppcnlcd the c.iso to tliu comity court , which
xv id meet I'ecumlxu' ' 1 , whou thu matter will
bo laiil bofuro tlm grand jury. .Mahtinou WUH
hold to bill ill $ . " 00. Other chivrgos nro expected -
pocted to bo matlo itgnlimt him to-dny ,
tlio Old Man.
Niw : YORK , November 11. Joseph Wright ,
Jr. , of Habylon , lj. 1. , is nn ontlniHiiutiaduin-
ocrathllo till father , who is over GO ycnnj
old , ii n republican. On election day Joe
locked bin worthy progenitor in the loom of
liu b .use and limn pioyentuil him from voting.
A coinniittej of republicans c.illud with n
conch to lonvay the old gontloinan to thou
| u > ll when J JH forbaJn the coinmittru in big
ovyn lungniiga to enter Ihu house. The e mi
uiiltoo ui'iit away and now Hay they will have
louurrctted for n voter.
Volu of llluiolH.
CHIUAOO , November 11 , Thu NOWH ban the
ollicial retnniH on tha vote for prenidunt in thU
btnto for nil counting except Conk , ( which in-
clndoa Chicago ) with n clo > u oiitiinato on thu
vote in Cook , Thu ieiult is uifulluwH ; IMatno
: it7'l7r. : . , CloveUnd at2,31 , ! ) , Duller 11,10(5 ( , St.
John 11,7.'H. Jlaino' ! plurality , 'j ; , , ! ! ! ! . The
ollicial cunvu H of thu vote of C ok county wan
bj un to-day , nnd wilt not bo completed for
Hovoral day .
rH Hail
CIIIOAIIO , .November 11 , Daily Nown , St.
Louie : John MuCnllotigh arrived nt tha
Southern hotel , thin city , thin evening , and if
rumor ia tu bo credited , bin monlnl condition
jiitiublo in the extreme. Hoicnmn here
with the intention of opening In the "Gludln-
tor , " but thu j.ropimitiim ia to abnurd thai Uio
nmnagoment of thu Ulympic thoutro have
closed tha IUIIIBU rather than make nn oxhllil-
tiou of U < o inlirmltli'H of the actor , Thn ut
most Rocreov concrinliig him in iimintiiinod
by thoMO in charge of him , und nothing can ko
learned at the hotel.
Tlic Orchil ! Ail vein IIITT.
SKATTLI : , Wuuhlnglon Territory , November
11. The election In xtlll doubtful in thin
lonilcry. Clunicon f.ivor Voorheou , domocrnt ,
fur dalegalo to COIIITOSH. Thn only leBim bo-
twuen tiiutwo portion was that of railroad.
The ileiiiucrutH and dixalfecled lepu liciiiH do-
miiudcd Ihu foifeitnru uf the land gninta
which InpHixl over KOVOII vcnra ngo. They
httvo prubnlily won their light. VoorheeH1 us
tlmnted niDjority in about It , 000.
I 'en nny I vn n In I' ' | IIITH.
I'lin.AliKi.riliA , November 11. Ollicial ro
tttriiH from nil counllon of thn Btalo ut opt
Hull ! van , which In o-itinmtml at X > 0 plurality for
Cluvolnnd iivo ; lllailm a plurality of SO.b'til
The rcpiiblic.uiM will hnvo n majority of 1in
thu " ( mat ) anil 81 in thu IIOIIHU , n majority on
tin joint ballot f'f ' ! KI. Thu next congroeB
iloleguliiin in 'JO republicans und K doniocratx ,
u republican gain of ! '
A < 'los ( Hun lor Ci
HAN I''UA.SCIHCO ' , November 11. The nddi-
lional rctuniH from Uio monntnln dlnlrlcli of
odoxj county. Cnlifortiiu , lint Hnnley , doni'v fur congreHH in fi.Ht district "il nhund.
I'lill rottinm from Delnorto nrti ntlll misig ,
it in expected they will give C'ariitlicri. rcji , u
Hinnll majority. Jf mi that will p'uco thu
cundldutuH about oven ,
Tlio IjOiK ! I'iiclllo
HAN KIIANOIHCO , November 11. The cor
rected retnniH from counties In the First con-
grrmional district of California give llciilny ,
( democrat ) , GO mujurity , The republicann
conccdu Ilia majority hut will Insist on a re
count. Henley will bo tha m > lo representative
of the democracy on tlm cntlro 1'ncillu count.
Tlio I'Irhl Iowa ,
UuiaiNQTON , In. , November ll.-'llioclli
clal cnnvuifl oi euoh county in the Firnt con-
dUtrlct , compliitod at noon , give
Hull , dumocrut , n majority of Huventy over
Woolnon ,
For rent Corner store , brick building -
ing , Sixteenth nnd Wubitur utntete ; nho
store tn my nutr bl > ck nuxt to the oi r-
nor. Kii < iulro of John II. lirck ,
teonth nnd Webster.
Ilio 1 -cord ,
LKXINOTON , Ky. , November 11. Tlm ilato
IH broken --Maud rf hut nmdo thu fui-teit milo
on rccunl. Tlm : ( ijiitcr , 7 > : i ; half , ll ; i ;
thr o-iunrtorH | , 1 : 7 ; mile , 'JiUllj.
A. I5nrjulii ; lu turner Loin.
In wimt most mini desire , to keep from
tilling u grave in A comutory lot ere Iiull
your duyn uro numbured , ntwnya keep a
HupoJy of Dr. Pierca'a "CUrtou Mcdicil
Discovery" by you Wlion the tirnt
dyuiutoiiiH of coneuinptlon nppoar lese no
time in [ Hitting yourm > lf under the trent-
nient of this invnhmblu inetliciiio , It
curcB when nothing ulmi will. I'OHBUEB-
ing , ne it ( loon , ten Union the vlrlno of
the biHt cod aver oil , it is not ( inly the
olui.'UKi't but fur the pleaaanttat to tuku.
Jt putitita nnd curichou the blood ,
ntroni tht'iw the Byotein , curca blotuhca ,
pimples , eruptions nntl other liuinorB.
A Vulnntilo Oti MI Tonic ICoad tliln
Donsr.Y Co , , Anrc. , Jannary 8 , 1883.
A / / . Scull ,0 Jlro.
Onntlomen 1 c < n certify to the fnct
, hi\t llun/if/f Tnnioh the best Chill Tone -
o 1 ever tried. L consider it better than
Qulnino. Kofpectfully ,
( Signed ) M M. KiwTnusotf.
Propawl by R , A. Koblnoon & Co. ,
Wholoimla Driigcinls , Louisville , Ky. ,
nntl nt r lftll by Schrotcr &
Uoclif , DrugKiufs , Omnhn. Retails
81.0(1 ( per bottle , nix bottlm ,
cr. no.
- - - CT-JJUII -
robua will noon boco.iie cutios-
Cntnrrh ia n conatitutiotml disotiuo.
Lloyd's Saranparilln is n conntittitlonal
remedy. It cures catarrh , Oivo It n
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
immigrants avoid the cotton'
A sum : cum : FOUND AT I.ASTI
A Mire euro for Blind , lllceding , Itching nntl
Ulecrutcd I'ilos han been dltcovored by Dr.
Willianm ( an Indian Hemedy , ) called Dr.
Wlllimn's Indian I'llo Ointment A Mnglo
mx has cured tlio worst chronic canci i > f US or
tO veura Ktandlng , Nn ono need Riillcr fivu
intnutoi nftor applying this wonderful Booth-
ing medicine. Lutluna , InttrumenU nnd dec *
tniules do moro harm than good , Willtiun'H
Indian 1'lln Ciulmrnl nbsorln thn tumcm , al
lays the tntonno itching , ( particularly nt night
after celling warm In lint ) , ) acts ni n pouHica ,
sixes Instnut relief , and U prepared only for
1'ilos , itching of the private parts , nnd for
notidno ol a.
Koad what Uio Hon. .T. Jt. Cofllnberry , of
Clovelxnd , says nbont Dr. William's Imliiw
I'llo Oolntment : "I have used scores of Pile
Cures , nnd It nlforda mo pleaiuru to nay that I
have never found anything which gnvn such
tmmedlntu nnd permanent relief ns Dr. Wil
liam's Indian Ointment. For nnlo by nil drug-
RRU | and mailed on receipt of prlco , COc and
$1. Sold at retail by Kuhn it Co.
Wliolcsalo Agent.
( ! 17 St. Clinrlos S M St. LoiiN , Ho.
I rrculnr gm < luiilenM o icdknl Collrqci , hm | ri-n lonf
inn ertllti tltf * | * r imtrrtttmrntof Cimnnic , KttrMm.Bmm
Ami Hioou lt Rt Mthen mi other rhjttclnn In BU t > * l .
w flty 1 tj ri ph AW find Hit itfl ifblitrnl * koow.
Nervous Piostratlon , Dchlitty , Muntnl and
Physical Wnnncss Mc\c \ uUI and other AHcc-
lions of Throat , Skin or Hones. Ulood Potconlng ,
31(1 SorCS and UlCQrs , h.o lrrfttrtt * tlh uninr.lkk4
lur * * on tdUiiitkntltlo jirlnctf' . H-Vlyrrltt lj.
Diseases Arising ( ruin Infllscrotlon , Execs a
( .xposuro or Indulgence , nMrh rr i "umo or
ron. tl.R ( l.ctii Hi-r'vou.iK' V ilrMlttV , Jl M or kl
nj itrr < < ctiii > uicmrtrjr , | Implc-n , i ttm tuns , | > liy lra
itrrilcnto Itto dorletj grtrtnitlei rnnrutl n nt
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A Positive Wriuen Guarantee
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Horses , Cattle , Sheep
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100 Fulton St , Now York.
Humphreys' Homeopathic
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Nervous Debility , Vital Weakness ,
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Nervous System ,
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Urinary Organs
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