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    TEE OMAHA DAILY BliE- TUESDAY NOVEi\JJ3ttR \ ( l ' 884 ,
Tuesday'MorpiDg Novomb&r 11
The now cnRino house , corner of I'.lorcntl
nnd Dorcas stroctf , will l > o occupied Thnrsda ;
Thomas Hart , a hack driver , in Iho liap-
vy fnthcrof a 12-iionnd boy , who made hid np.
jwarnco the 7th inst.
Tlio Womnn's Clirlsttiin nunc'mlionvil
hold ita incctlnp Hi is nftornoon in it
rooin in the city hall at half patt 2 o'clock.
The Union Pacific will , boginninff on December
comber 1 , nm n tlirough Moopfr from Umnln
to 1'ortlanJ , Oregon , \ia the Oregon Shoil
An old mim cousidcrably under tliotttv \ \
cncoof liquor , Indulged In nrpcccli forCloxo
land on Vfttnam street yesterday , and U soi
btring up In tlio city jail.
Mr. N. ] ' . UiuJtalow , siiperintondont ol
the Union Depot Dining Itoom , W H Miglitly
injured by n falling rocket on latt Tlmrtday
Jiight. [ Dener Ttibuno-Kcpubllcau.
A young man on a St. Mnry'a axomio car
ycitrday , mailo | hlmsolf very { obnoxious
by blowing a tin horn nfter bohig repeatedly
requested by Iho p.iRRcngorB to dcstet ,
The Atlon Social clu b wan forinod Sun
tiny with Fiod Mfctz , jr. , prcslJont ; MAX
ISccht , Uce-prcsldentj Krirtik Ijingi ? , Becrotary
nnd troasutcr. The pirtlos will bo hold n
Uormanm linll.
The Baptist niiociation nnd Y. M. C. A.
convention Imvo cloned tholr laborn. Tha
ineotingn of both were highly interesting nnd
voro conducive of much good to thoao who
vrcro fortunate enough to nttond.
Mr. 1'ctcr Wlig , of tlio firm ot Wilg &
AVcstborg , on South Tenth street , 1ms exulted
the envy of nil bin rivnlp , juit by thu addition
of something they Imvo never neon before. Tt
consists of n bran now baby buy which nrrlved
on Saturday night and weighs over ton
l > ounds ,
Coroner Mnulo yesterday received n tolo.
grnm from Kichard Carlton , ol Town Falls ,
Towa , naktcg him to tihip tlio body of bh
brother , whose death , Sunday evening , tn this
city has been mcntlonoi ] , to that plncu. The
body , In nccordanco with the rtquunt , will bo
wont to Iowa 1'nllfl this nftcrnoon.
The rating hoiuo of Mnrltol fi Swobo , nt
the Union 1'aclfiu depot in thin city , 13 being
thoroughly renovated. The walls and ceiling
nro being handsomely docoratoil , tlin wood
work palntod , nnd when nil N camplotcd It
will prcssnt a ImnJsomo nppoaranco. All the
eating liouaoa along the road nru to bo fitted up
in n similar manner.
Kor. J. S , Dolwllor , pitorof tlio Kngllsh
Jiutuoran churchproachod | n sermon , SiinJoy
night to the young men of hia congregation ,
in which ho urged thorn tn fit thunmoUos for
the ministry. The Hpoakor was much moved
during his discourse , and apoko limn earnest
nnd forcible manner. It wai ono of his gruatcat
olforts during his pastorate in this city.
A Hhort limo ago Kudolph Dorn , tccro.
tnry nnd general miinagor of the Wustara
Ilorsa and Oattlo company , loft for parts un.
knowu. It has teen state that IIP was largely
indebted to personal friends , nnd that ho left
them nil in tlio luich. Tins company state
that ho loft his business with thorn in good
ohapa nnd that thuy nro not loaors by his ilia-
ppc.-irnnco ,
Ono night last wool : n dicchnrgoJ soldier
luiiiicd .Tolm ] ! ay waH nrrested churgod with
being drunk nnd disorderly. Upon doarching
bis person at the city jail only SI . ' 10 wan found
on } i\3 \ person. In the morning bo pleaded
Ruilty to thu chnrgo nnd wan givou $5 nnd
cost by tlio judgo. 1 Io wont down into his in.
nido shirt pocket nnd pulled out n roll of bills
amounting U over S10J , earnings ( ivo o
yoiM work foe tlio United SUtoi government
and paid his fine. Last night ho turned up
.at tlio police station without n cent , looking
( ir a place to sleep , having i pent Ins o.irnlnga
on n piolongcd drunk with evil companions.
lMilKINS-Iii thin city , November 10 , nt 11
o'clock n , m , , Krauoa * Kllnii , youngest
daughter of Jumos nnd Mury 1'orkinx , aged
11 mouths nnd 10 days.
Funeral will lake place to-day , Novem
ber 11 , at 2 o'clock p m. from tlio lONtdonco ,
It North Nineteenth street. Interment at
Jloly Sapulchar cemetery.
The circumstance ! attanding the death of
the child inakea the bereavement it very sad
one. She was goatod on thu lloor of ono of the
rooms , Sunday nfturnoon , n few ftut fromjtho
door. Thu opening of nnother door canned n
idraft which closed the door by tlio child with
a slam , terrifying the liltlo ono. Convulsions
ensued , and although every ulfort was nmdu
to bring her to , litr little angel spirit joined
the hnaveuly cliclr thia moruing. Mr , nud
Mrs , Perkins will have the sympathy of their
many friends nud acquaintance * .
J. S. Stull , VM\ \ , , county jndgo of Nenm-
ha county , ia in the city nttcndlug court.
Hon. ( i. W. K , Dorsoy , cougrossman-olrct
from the Third district , [ .was In the city yos-
J. L. Young , ono of thu loading attorneys
ot Leon , Decatur county , lowu , is in this city
on buiinosH in the United Statin court.
H , I'roJ Wiley , ono of thu substantial bun I
noas men of Kearney and a banker in that
city , wai In Nebraska's metropolis yesterday.
1) . H , Meteor , ouaof the luaJltig nttornuya
of Hrounville , and ono of tha rltlng young
men of the state , U In thu city attending
United States couit ,
Jeru J. Hccho and wife of Kurt Worth ,
Texa * , who have boon upending thu last two
weoki with 1' . .f. Mu'Slnuo left hut ui ht fur
their hooao In the Lune Star stato.
Mr. ( ! eo , I'h mejtjr , o o of thslopirntoru
of tlu Western Unloa at Niagara , N. Y. , has
been In thli city for sovt-ral days visiting h'n
old friend , Mr. K. ! > . Mullen , of the li , & M. ,
and started homo yesterday.
Mr , D , W. llltchcusk , general \voitern pat.
Benger agent of the Uuiou 1'aclflo company ,
with haadrnjartor * at Sao Francifoo nrrlvcil
ia Oanlm yestorJay and will upind n few
days visiting with old friends hero.
The following ajipouitmontH have been
announced by the Chicago it Northwest-
cm railroad company , r.nd touktU'oct the
fiat of the prceont mouth ;
. II. 0. WiuVer. trafllo nmnoger ; W. II.
StciinuU , utaittant to the gcut > r > il inarm -
ger ; It. H. Ilsir , general piusnii er spoilt.
' 4'fifl funeral frolght , iia\i \ > i aiid i ) a < uu-
ger Qi : < itit will ropi.icto thu tr > ilb ir.aiu-
( ; or , ului vill report io tlm rccuiid vice
Iiro.idwit fiBil gocen.1 jnauuKor.
M. JlfGlllTT.
Sc ; ' nd Vice l caiiUut an-1 G ftr l Man.
A "Plow fif Sonl" at Ihc Opera Hens
Oinaliii Democrats Fit-in In TlicliHe
llcf In tlio Klcctlon ( if ClD\c-
land mill
The resolution mooting hold by th
democrats last evening in accordance wit
the call of the national democratic centra
committee waa largely atlondod. A larg
audicnco with many ladies in it liatcuoi
to the speakers and the utmost enthusiasm
asm was manifested. The more mcntioi
of the names of Cleveland and Hondrick
provoked a storm of applause and cheers
For some tlmo before the speakers begat
bands played in front and a goodly dia
play of fireworks announced the fact o ;
the meeting.
James Croighton , chairman of the
Douglas county democratic central com
mittco , called the mooting to order , aftei
which ho made Iho following remarks ;
It is n great pleasure for mo to an
nounce the great victory won under the
banner of Cleveland and IIondrickB. Ho
had a fooling of great pride that ho be
longed to a party that had engrafted the
greatest laws ol tha nation. Thia moot
ing was called to face the designs of
base men to thwart the trill of the _ pon-
plo. Many independent republicans
Imd made the election of Cleveland poa-
dblo. If any man io now plotting to defeat -
feat the will of the people , may his
tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth ,
may his bonoa bo broken , and may the
jrass never [ jrow over his grave.
Cheers , ]
The speaker then called for the rc.vl-
ing of the resolutions , and Hon. James
K. Boyd , chairman of such committee ,
after a few Introductory remarks , road
the following resolutions :
" \Vhoroaothodomocraticnational com
mittee has made a public announcement
that by the official returns reported from
every county in the state of Now York
Cleveland and Hondricks have carrloo
the atato beyond a question , that n
machinations or faiso claims or pretended
tended doubts of Blaino's managers
inn change the result , that the friends
} f honest government and.honost elec
tions can bo everywhere assured that the
itato board of canvaaaors will see that
; ho true vote is correctly declared ;
.horofoTO 1)0 it
Jlesolvod , By the democrats , indopon-
lent republicans and other supporters
if Cleveland , that they approve tliosontl-
nonts oppressed In the announcement of
ho national committee , and ticartily.on-
mdorao and commend its spirit ot do-
ormination that the true vote of Now
L'OI'IC shall bo honojtly canvassed and
orroctly stated.
ibjsolvod , That wo nronow na wo nl-
? ay a have boon , in favor of the purity of
ho ballot box , and that to maintain and
torpotuato the same wo will use all hon-
ruble means and every effort at our
Itosolvod , That in the election of Oro-
, -or Cleveland nnd Thomas A. Hondrlcka
ia president rnd vice proflldunt of the
United States wojrecognizo the junt voice
) f n freedom-loving people , nnd believe
t will bo the commonc'jmunt of uu era
if paosperitysuch as our country hai not
injovod for the paat quarter ua century.
The resolutions were than commented
ipon nnd the present political situa-
ton made the aubjout of dlecuation by
ovoral speakers , first of whom was
rhosald ; K'yht ' years ago opposite the
ipcra iiouiio ho read that Samuel J. Til-
len had been elected president of the
Jnitod States. All rujoicod but the ro-
lublicans who at that time were as much
lasatisfiod an they are to-night. The
lection of Olovpltnd has not only de-feat-
d the republicans but has made the
omiimtlon of any candldato by that
arty an impossibility. If ho under
load the situation this ia a revolution ,
nd that party which has ruled the
ation with a reign of terror
i > r twonty-four yearn will bo
0 utterly annihilated that
ho trump of resurrection will not raise
t. Ho could moot to-day a republic n
rho had thought himself u little above a
Icmocrat , with n little more grace , and
, Httlo moro humiliation on his part ,
[ 'his mooting was called to express thair
leslro that the vote of Now York should
)0 ) honoetly declared. There ia dollbur-
ito conspiracy in the state of Now York
n the part of Blaiiip , K king , Roach and
thor. ' , while the Albany Evening Jour-
al and nearly the whole Now York press
dinit the election of Cleveland , to rnpo
lie presidency from the domucratic party
nd glvo it to James d. Blaino. The
poaker then adverted to Church IIuwo ,
rhom ho classed with Klkins and Roach.
Ir. Miller then road n oouplo of tolo-
rama , ono from an Albany , N. Y. , KOII-
lonmn and the second from Senator tior-
inn , of Maryland , received yustorday
nd declaring the election of Olovoland
a bo beyond doubt. Ho would call thu
arty which would bo born
[ > ur years hence , "tho know nothing
unior. " The day of jubilee has comu , n
ay which ho long had nought. Bo good
n the republicans and listen to them as
hey are sadly fallen. Ho would say In
enon.1 , "turn the rascals out. "
ollowcd next.
Ho appeared not without a certain
ooling of solemnity. It is unique In the
liatory of the country that a party rop-
counting ono half thu votes should iaauo
1 call to protect it uuninst the use of
raud in the count of the unbought suf-
raj-o of the pooplo. There Is reason for
> uch a meeting. The republicans behoved
( ; they could carry Ohio in October by
in overwhelming majority they would
ido to success by carrying Connecticut ,
Now Jersey and Now York. In Oin-
linnati , called by some the Athens of
iVmerica , men with dinky faces never
teen there before , appeared at the polls
ivith the insignia of U. S. authority.
Such acts can only bn under-
itood when rend in the light
if 1870. Ho know Jay Gould
. cry well nnd if there in ono man in
Vmuricit that knows how the "ct will
amp" it is ho. When ho to id ( hit Gculd
un i'oiii to Clovnland and told him what
i llnu fellow ho i , with Yanderbilts Isas
. oicd in the roar } w thoin-ht the nlmighty
Iriibr UIKIVV uftur all which way to jump ,
llu loved to go brk to tliOKOod old
inini of .fill'erBon when thut pu-nidtftit
went up P.iiitKylvania Avonuu on h TIO
bu-kiind UJHUI-CIU into i llu-o byujin-
HoU'f ' the juscti. Ci-vi.Und n n Ktuijiio
insn the fi ; a of a 1'rosbyUriiui mti.isttr
and will restore to un and our chlldre
the lost virtue nnd vigor of our govorr
was the next speaker. Ho apnko at con
MdorAblo length upon the election Ian
of JSow York. Ho also referred to th
fact that the associated press , Gould
Vanderbilt , and the Now York press ox
ccpting the Tribune had conceded th
election of Cleveland. The then nhowoi
how the count now stand- , But , con
tinned the speaker , the republicans d
not aland by the figures but cry "wai
for tlio count. " The board of supervisor
who make the count hare only tw <
things th do ; one to roportfback al
defects in the returns , second remedy nl
clerical errors , and if they tranncoiu
their authority there may bo n higho
powt-r that will correct them. When tin
Aim cnos down to night on the canvan
the official count will bo declared tin
same as the unofficial ono yesterday.
HOS. osonoK w. DC-AM :
was the last speaker , who reviewed thi
political situation at noino length , am
whoso remarks vcro greeted by cheer
and npplauso.
Thn question of the adoption of thi
rosolutloun was then put by Ohalrmar
Crcighton and unanimously carried
After giving throe chcera for ( Jlovolanc
nnd Hendricku the meeting adjourned.
Slio Is Huiy AVItli the Union 1'aclllc
Ever ninco the clmngo in the management -
mont of the Union Pacific railrond Dame
Humor has boon busy talking about this
and that of the road , nnd predict
ing various changes. Many of thoao pro-
ilictiotn Imvo "panned out" all right , and
many moro of thorn nro atill to bo ful
Dame Rumor aaya that many moro
chango.i are to bo made in the various de
partments of the road before all is settled.
During the past few weeks a number of
[ Sentlomon from the Grand Trunk road
have been 33011 in thia city by ono who
saya that ho knoua them nil- They como
here and say that they nro out west in
search of health and that they
ixro not looking for orozpocting anything
from the Union Pacific company. They
nro ( mid to obtain passes and fjo out upon
the Union Pacific and are usually gene
ibout ten days , just Ion ; ; enough to go
> vor the entire system , nnd then they
return to the oast.
Tiiooo jaunts may bo very benoGcial to
'hoir health , but Dame Rumor says that
hey are looking nftcr something besides
loalth nnd that n number of them will
lopnor or l.ttor ruturu to Omaha to innko
.his city Uioir future homo.
Thoao may all bo idle rumorn but they
nako aomu of the amnllcr officials foolery
ory uncomfortable and when they lie
lown to sleep their ro it ia not ns refresh
ing as it might bo.
SI. I'liiloinunn'H Academy.
Few of the citizona of Oinahi know of
ho work which is being done by the
lariah of St. Philemon I'a cxthodoral
during the present year St. Philotnonu'a
Lcadomy has boon built nt
, ho corner of Ninth and
Howard ntroots. The building ia of
; ) rcaBod briolr , Vos-13 fooi upon the
pound end three stories in height , with
i spacious bmomont , It ij heated by
toain and lighted by ( jas and coat com-
iloto C'23.000. It i ] a parochial school ,
ind iBiinder thoimmodiato charge of Rev.
? nthor T. W. O'Connor. The class
rioins will acconiodato four bund rod
lupils , nnd t proaonttlioro are 300 pu-
) ila enjoying the bonolit of thia inati-
ution. Six eiaters of mercy act as toach-
irs. All the branches uauall tnught in a
iommon school nro taught here. In ad-
lition to this the children are nlso taught
nuaio by Mias Fanny Arnold , organist ,
.nd choir leader of St.Philomona'a cnthud
rnl. This institution is doin ; a t-ood
rork among the mambora of the parish
nd is well conducted.
Ladies ! Physicians and chomials have
nalyzed Pozzoui'a medicated complexion
lewder and recommend its use to their
rivoa nnd lady fclonds.Vlmt bettor
ould bo aald of it/ / Your druggist uolli
Itoncko A iiln Up < n tins lU-noli
toDlupnno uri'iVll Doory.
Ill J ] policu court yoatorilay Judge
iunoio's smiling countenance loomed np
rom behind the desk , nnd no ono would
mvo auppoaod from liia calm and aoronu
ippoarniica that ho was a defeated candi-
Into. The judjo ( ia not fooling very sere
> vor hia defeat , but , on Iho contrary feola
lishly * lAttorud nvor the cordial aupnort
yliich he received Ho Ima now aettled
lown to bnsinoB.i , and while hia ninny
riouda are .sorry to eno him defeated ,
hey nro glad to think that ho will at ill
emain n reoidont of Omaha.
The acsaion of police court waa not a
cry Important ono for Monday niornin
nulrm iniiuually aumllorowil of spuotatora
.ma in attendance.
Three diaturlmncuH o ! the po.ico worn
lsooed\f. ) | Two of them wore ( inert So
acli nnd coots , while the third pleaded
ot guilty nnd hia 0930 waa continued.
F. K. Norri , charged with Btimling
ickula from the Union Pacilia railroad
ompAiiy. was held for eznmination.
Win. Groy , colored , waa charged with
etanlt and battery. Ho waa arrested by
) IHcur O'eon , who alao osaoria that
i ray otabbod a nun n few days Biuoo.
Io was hold until witncsgoi could bo
Public upoakurd nnd siurjora find 1) . II.
) , > ujlti3S ! it Sona' Capsicum Cough
auro remedy for horaenoss.
ilx Prisoners In the nl-trlct Court
I'loail Guilty.
The criminal calendar In the district
umrt , btforo Judge Neville , was greatly
reduced yeaterday by a number of
irinnncra pleading guilty.
WiUlam Jonoa , Androvr Simpson ,
rcorto ! ; Millur , lUbort Smith and Oharlea
II. K'Jiiditl , each plcidod guilty to the
jhurgo of ( jriiiid Urceny , nnd Ohurlos
Hi > ni'r ult-adtd giiilty to the chnrgo of
rbliboiy. They were remanded back to
jul to Bonlcnvu duy ,
FOR SA-Lb A tjocd ( awily hnrao
atid Iwrutia , L , A , HATH ,
PualOllico UusUO ,
The Docket Called in ibc U , S , Com
Ybslerday ,
Kmlolpli loi-n , of School tmntl KAIIII
Hctorcii Chll THlMinnl.
r. s ( oniiT.s ,
The Unitcd.SUtcs circuit court for tin
November term convened yesterday morn
ing with the Jlon. Circuit Judge Dniel J
Brewer on the bench , .ludyo Dundy
who wan indisposed , did not sit will
him , but it is thought ho will bo nblo tc
bo present tliio morning. The day wai
coimmicd in the call of bolh the cquitj
and dockets. The former was cullee
to case No. 10I ! and the latter was com'
plotcly yono through with. To-di\y , il
Judge Dundy sits , the grand jury will be
ompnnnollcdnnd will ontoruponitsdutiee.
It ia expected that Judge IJrowor will ,
upon the convening of court this morn
ing , render his opinion in the uomowhal
celebrated Brighton ranch case. Should
thia case bo decided adversely to the de
fendant , the T.nghton ranch company ,
it _ h understood other suits similar tc
this one , with the camp cauao of action ,
will bo inxtitutcd against other cattle
: noa who have enclosed government
ands by fencing them in.
Yoslordfty the cnao of Warrhum W.
Warren ogainot the Union Pacific rail
way company for § 10,000 damages ro-
suiting from an alleged fulao imprison-
ncnt waa removed from the atnto dis
trict court to thia tribunal.
Before Judge Neville the case of C.V. .
Itount agninnt Stcolo , Johnnon & Co. ,
nvolvlnp ; § 1,000 , WM on trial. Thonuitia
on an attachment bond , mid < ; roi H out of
ho assignment of the plalntiffn father , a
grocer on Sixteenth ntreot. The plaintiff
llogoa that hia goods to the amount of
$1,000 were taken on an attachment
ngsiiust his father.
A petition for a divorce from her hue-
mud , Ira JHitjby , has boon Piled in this
ribunal by Mrs. Ularn Iligby. The al-
ogod grounds for the dissolution are a
uilura to support.
Two suits , ono by the Commercial
iatlonnl bank of thia city and the second
> y Christian Ilathman , of Blair , have
) ooninstitmed _ against Rudolph Dorn ,
if thia city , the gontlcmnn charged irith
icing implicated in the Nebraska school
and frauds. The suit by the Innk ia
> rought to recover $1200 , al-
; ged to have been advanced to
ho defendant. The Rithman case is for
emu § 3,000 , alleged to = jlmvo been raised
> y the defendant upon the plaintilFa
rodit. Writes of attachment were issued
both the of non-rcai-
i cases on ground - -
onco. Two' ' lots in North Omaha have
> con attachednnd the Western Korea and
y'attlo Insurance Company , of which
) om was uocrotary , garnished. It is
iiought by the attorney H for the plaintiffa
tiat enough property can bo reached to
iquidato their claims. Dorn has been
i the city only two days it is said since
ha warrant for hia arrest was sworn out
n September in ono of the western
ounties. It in thought that ho is now
n the aouth.
The complaint in the case of the state
gainst O'Brien , charged with an assault
with intent to kill upon Boron Johanaon ,
vaa withdrawn , and the defendant al-
owed to plead guilty to the simple charge
of assault and battery ,
The case against Mrs. Hammond for
jbtm'niim goods under faloo pretenses
rom Mclnnia & .Bu3y was continued.
Churlos Schtdtn waa complained against
> y a man named Frodorich for Hulling
quor without a license ) .
1'At O. JIiuvcH nianUV&io.
I'o tlin Kditor of tlio J5cu :
I dcairo to say a few words through
r'our niodiutnt'to thoao gentlemen of dem-
> cratic persuasion with whom I had the
zoutrovorsyyesterday. . I do not in-
: end , and will not engage in any bandy
ing words on the struct about n subject of
such national importance , with men who
3o not know anything of the merits or
demerits of either party in their attempts
to obtain the doctoral woto of Now
For my part J aui : i republican , a
itrong parti * : tn. I love my party but 1
: hinkmoro of my c-untry than I do of
: y party. L prefer to maintain tha atd-
aility of Iht ) republic and thu porpe-
.uity of ita inatitutiona to an
.tnfair and fraudulent count
; hat would soctiro the OUCC831 of my par-
; y. I doalro further to oxproaa my con
tempt for the outrageous audacity of the
lomncratio party , in attempting to for-
uulnto public opinion on such n mo-
nontiiu IMUO. Tlio calling of the moot-
npa lost night throughout the land by tlio
muirmau of the national executive com-
nittoo is uimocoasary and unwarranted.
Nothing has been done , nothing IB
; harged as having boon dona to create
my apprehension. That the poopla may
uuet and discuss any measure of public
.volfaro is it ( constitutional ) guaranteed
rivilrgo , but it should not bo used to
luzter up , and anticipate public opinion
10 as to load the leas informed into the
xslief that some terrible outrage is about
: o bo perpetrated. The conduct of the
lemocratseinco election day is not only
nrlofonaible , but almost inaupornblo.
The fact if , that the democrats arc noir
mckerint ; up their lips to yell fraud
, \rhen \ Now York to-morrow pronounces
mr doctoral vote for Blnino and Logan.
I'ho best democrats know , and say daily ,
; hat "Bulldozing is ratlin nnnd. "
As much as 1 might diMika to neo Mr.
Jluvolaud president , 1 cheerfully say , if
10 has oiui majority I would rather it
would bo 10,000 , and that 1 would ob.
I cut to any interference with hia peace-
iblo inauguration. Will the democrats
my and agree to as much'
When I moot a man of superior intel
ligence , I admire his genius ; when I moat
n diecusaion au opponent of an higher
order of attainments and profound upon
iho subject matter , 1 adimrn hia accjuiro-
nents ; but I detest a dispute where thorn
! s nothing but prejudice , chuok , and
lownright impudence as n substitute for
For rent Corner store , brick build *
ing , Sixteenth nnd Webster at roots ; also
itoro in my now block next tn the cor *
HIT , Ktiqiuro of John II. Erck , Si'i-
teouth and Webster. ivttt
Yestord.vy Philip \ Au-Jros appeared
In the county court and atkcd that nu
iiijunction ba granted to re&.raiiv the
cntinty clerk from irauing n ceit'iticito to
Louis 15rVa , n jiutico if , ho peace.
Andrea olnuiu lhac at tho. Is'.u olcciion in
the SicoJiulvard ho r.t458 votoa for
juBtico of the peace , while Berka had but
130 , and yet Berkn was declared elected ,
and now ho ( Andre * ) proposes to contest
Iho election ,
Absolutely Pure.
This powiicr ncr v > tlei. A marvel ol puitity
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W'lh the iiiultltuilo ol low lent , hoti walght nlumor
phojpbat powder , Soli oily In can * . UOYAL
HAJU r I OWUKIl CO. , ICO Wall street N. K.
S1OOO. Given
Ifninm or an'Injurious Riibstnticcs oai < bo found
In Andrews'Pearl Baking Powdr'Is I > os-
[ Ivelj-pURE. lioliiKcncloriOil.niult Imoninla
rccuhcdlrom such chemists nHS. Diumilnjs , ] los-
lon ; M. Dclafoiitaino , of Chlcntjo ; nnd Gustavua
Uode , Milwaukee. Never sold in bulk.
Jjxko fct. 287 , S ! ! > ! & 201 r. Water St. '
17t. : . riinrlc'i S . , f . Louis M .
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tions of TltroaUSMn or Cones. Blocd Poisoning ,
'M SorCS and UlCOIS , . u-a' ' i wilt , impiranc'iLj '
flfrc.i , ' liu-l Bflaitiuo lirliicl * ' i . " > lj. lrlvatirlr. ]
Discuses Arising ( run * inal crctlon. Exces\
Exposure or IntiUts < mcc. 'ifii proJueo - o or tiia
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to irali 1 ' n\fi' ' > i'Ct ff to fu T o'lInCitmiiliutlon tL t <
J'-Oup 1 J mttU frtr. ninliu\l . ,1 ! U rlto for ijue-aloui.
A Positive Written Guaranlefi1
t'\\ca \ In * l cnr-tblern i i M'Jhlnms tt
o , ntllNh or Jaiman , 84 paeon
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oiMilwaukee. .
Ale , J'ortor , Domeotic oud Rhino
121.1 Ki ft
Dr. Youi-g's Elnctric Belts.
i on .Mr. ci-iiK or
110(11 ( , HKtKSKhS OK
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iifTercrj how tboy nuv ) > a enrol , anil reoour
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U ) op HKiHuisK , uill ba sent freobj,0t on ro.'elpt
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1UL 11. YOUNG , 445 CantlSireet , New York.
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Measure , Weigher ,
DreilRtr , Kico
Washer , Tom t.o ,
I'uinplJa , Starch ,
W l n A n J Fruit
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u'.Ua 1973.
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JSS88 PIAUuS ? ORGANS , ilt'tt/CARS , ' ' ,0.
fir Ktrirf'l H'Rffctlt r ftmnrtn ;
vYO&SnJil' CLASS , CII'MA ' , Ac. , io.
jyWiHve'Ai i Sjf ' , GOLD MEDAL ,
ii ii UTir r i1 . ! , Z' 'x. ! -
iSliStnaxili ll. ) > c LVllrTla
"fiimebaugh & Taylor
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® i
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