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    The Sinn of State sailing the Ms
Eotarded by the Clustering Bar-
naolos on Her Keel ,
And the FOES and Mists o
Doubt Ahead ,
Does She Bear to the Reefs o
-Disaster ?
v'The Situation , in all Its Dubious
Glooui , Detailed ,
Contending Forces of Jealous
' Partizanship ,
l The Bloody Shirt , and the Eohel
, Yell ,
" .
, ?
Counter Oriuiinations of Frauc
* < and Ohioanory
jj Raibing Their Olauioring Threats
i at the National Life
, And Impeding Oommeroial and
Business Energies ,
Hie Xcccl ol'a Mortuary tjuiotus
' on SOIIIR of tlio Knbid
! Special telegram to THK BKK.
NEW YOIIK , November 10. Daniel Man
nine , chairman of thu democratic state coin' '
mittee , arrived in this city to-day from Al
bauy , and had a long interview witli Senators
Gormand and Jonas , of tha democratic na <
tionai committee. Manning said that he had
learned enough to convince him that the re-
P"blicjn national eomnnttoo had concerted a
scheme to have alterations made in tha vote
of certain counties in the state to make it ap
pear tht Blaine had a plurality , Klkins ,
chaii man , Jones and other Blaine managers ,
Manning said , were well aware of the fact
that the retuins showed on their face that
Govemor Cleveland had carried the state , but
but they calculated on making the result
doubtful and throwing the question into tlio
courts and finally into cougtoEB. Minuting
stated that the reimblican national committee
had , since last Friday , uccured agents in every
county in thu state , who are resorting to the
most disreputable means to bolster up POIIIO
charge of _ fraud , in the liopo of being able to
have ceitain districts , which gave Cleveland a
plurality , thrown away.
Tno Tribune as unfalteringly as over pi
claims its belief thut Blaine and Logan nru
elected. It says : ' Wo see no occasion to
change our ppiniin thus far maintained that
only the official count can determine the result
of the election in this state , and that it is
likely to show a fcinall plurality for Blaiue
and Logan , The democrats themselves In
spite of the idle vaporings of their newspa
pers which started in , the night after election ,
with claims of 60,003 plurality , and since da-
creased to nbout 1,000 The only count is
now a li tlo less than 450 in this state. This
and the errors such as nio already discovojed
more than wipe it out. The whole canvass
must bu conducted n ith the utmost openness
: md under the most ligid legal
scrutiny. with resort to proper
comta wherever necessary. Then if lulr
count gives Cleveland n plurality of only a
siuylo vote , ho will ba inaugnrnt3d. If it
gives Blaine a plur lity , nn mutter how small ,
he vi ill be inaugurate. ! . Bluster and throats
may promote public disorder , for whicli those
who use them will bo responsible , but they
will not be permitted to tlfect the icavitnblo
The Tr'buno says in its nowa column * that
Bhdne rrived jesterdny many distinct nnd telegrams from tt'o Houth , from
mon who worn confederate soldierc , expressing
the greatest fedr that ditonler may become
chronic in the couth if the democrats nro en-
t listed with the national administration.
The negroes aie reported in a fright through
out the tenth at the bare prospect , and mcfl
troubles on a largo scale nrd fenrod , nnd many
of the bravest mn in thu south , one of the
telegiamsj from Viiginia nays , are appalled at
the consequence ; ! that might follow from the
> .eusi ) of insecurity and cjns qnent panic on
the part of the mgroes. Nothing can bo ex
tracted from those in authority at the rooms
of the national republican committoj nave-
that B'ainu is elected , and expressions of ridi
cule und disgust , nt the democratic rejoicing
throughout the country of the last two
or three days. The republican etato commit
tee are reported to be in receipt of despatches
from v jripin parts of the atute odvislug them
to stand firm and not allow demcc'atic bluster
to dismay them , The senders day they will
ie Bntislitd which over way the official count
m&y be determined , but tint it is thu senti
ment of thu best men of their localities that no
falsa counting or fnmd shall bu allowed to
chaugu than unit. 1'Vars of rioting in this
city that vvtroso prevalent Saturday uf tor-
noon exist no mote. The utmost precautions
have been tnken to pi event , any demonstra
tion ot popular feeliig on uthor bidw. There
will be no moiu such demonstrations nt all
ev. nts until lifter Tuaidny. New Yoik is
( ilently , patiently awaiting the ovotts that
nra to come.
I'roparntions for n hard legal striiBglo is
being made by both parties. The republicans
have employed able counsel , headed by Will
iam M. Kvixtt- , The democrats are not per
mitting the grass to grow under their feet.
They have requested Hoscou Couldlng to rep
resent them befoio the etato board of canvaat ,
nr . Ho has not yet been hoard from , but i
is expected \\illtnKotho great cnsa will
out hofitatlon.
In mercantile nnd financial circles thn tur
which nlfnirs nro taking Is viewed with littl
less than nlnrm. Should the ounrrel bo pit
longed it will prove di n < trous t
the business interests of thu country
This nftornoon's Mnll and Ktprem ; iyn
"Members of the republican nntionnl committee
mitteo nro still unwavering in their belief Ilia
Hlaino and higntihi\o rocaivcd a plurality o
llic Mitoi in UIH state. Thpy awnit with per
fact composmo the result of the ofliclnl can
vnsslwhieli will begin in the si\ty counties n
1 p. m. to-morrow. Theyndvlsj allicpubMcivii
to bo cool aid temperate In nrtimt nnd hn
gunge and to a\old nny rxhlbition of _ nn in
llBinmatory character. The democratic ncaro
crow about altering the returns is the sillies
nonsense. The returns were filed In thnollics
of the c'erks ' of the several counties four dn.y
ngo nnd the only alterations now pos.iblo i
through rovlfion , towhich both paitif
must bow. TIIK m\Ki.oruKNTH : of TIIK PAH
OK HAirniUY. "
New is received from Virfinin in this cifc ;
to-dny tlmt nil attempt is to ho mode _ by th
republicans to raise the "bloody shirt yell
nnd show primn-facio evidence of frnud il
Virginia. Vor this purpose nllidav its nro being
ing gathered in mchtiiond nnd 1'eloi.oburg
nnd evidence is collected to show that negro
voters have been intimidated nnd tissue bnl
lots have been illegally used , nnd that it
mnry districts , the republican on the dectioi
board of supervisors wns n tnegro selected bj
thu democrats. It Is nlso allfged tha
in mnny voting places , the ballot bo ;
was placed in n high window so fcroutn
fiaht that the voter could not see whether his
Ute ) wns deposited in the box or thrown tipui
the Ibor. Meanwhile the actual vote and the
plurality nwnitj the notion of the canvass bj
thu counts to-morrow. On that day nt 1
o'clock , sixty boards of ccunty supervisors
13 of which are republicans and 17 democrats
meet to open and canvass the returns by elcc
tion districts. Legal knowledge of the vote
begins when this U done and legttl remedie
for wrongs dona will then commence.
KEYSTONK , N. V. , November 10. In regan
to the fraud In the I'ifth ward , no contest wil
bo made to-morrow by the republicans. Free
man , lending the republican party this evening
ing , says : "The vote in the Fifth wnrd hav
ing been represented throughout the state nf
fraudulent , it is only fair to both parties tha
the whole truth concerning it should at once
bo made known. The full _ electoral bnllo
box was found to contain ninety-one ballot1
moro than cast according to tha poll list , am
that excess of votes were drawn out by a mat
blindfolded , in accordance with the laws o
the states' If fraud was intended the parties
failed to accomplish what they desired. The
r publican party have no reason to find fnull
with the result of thi vots. as it gave Cleve
land only 200 majority , which is an ordinary
voto. The roll was carefully watched n ec'
tion day nnd the ct suit ns declared by the inspectors
specters appirently gives each party what il
is fnirly entitled to.
Special Telegram to THK BKK.
NEW YOBK , November 10. A secret meet
ing of the directors of the Western Union tele
[ jraph company was held lost night. The
very unusual proceeding of calling such
meeting Sunday night has led to many
speculations as to what the urgent business
may bo that demands inch haste . One theory
is that some development in the Nuw York
election may have caused it. Another and
nero generally accepted one n that it has
joen can ° od by editorials in the Now York
mpeis advocating the inauguration of n postal
; elegraph system by the government. It is
aioivn that some of the older and better
equipped papers were not pleased with the
'ullness with which tlio Western Union cov
et ed election news In its bulletins. Their
ilaim is that tht ) wide distribution of those
Hillotius which went a 1 small and weak pa-
> ers and to clubs , hotels , saloons and even to
iiivato residences , not only deprived these
aige papers of the advantage which their su
perior facilities for collecting news would have
; lven them , but also took away from them
nuch of their constituency , the bulletins
> eing rend to va't crowds of people who would
ithcrwise hnvo bought pa ; ers , nnd In buying
uper.s would lave naturally bought those
Hiving the widest facilities , instead of thu
' and less perfectly organized papers
vhich , by these bulletins , were put on n par
vith the best as terns late news wns con-
lerned. The objections in brief are. that the
Western Union became a news gatherer nnd
distributor instead of merely a news carrier.
Jpotinl to the Chicago Unify News.
NKW YOIIK , November 8. To M. K. Stone ,
'ditor Chicago Daily News : Our footings
how that Cleveland has n plurality of l,4f > 0.
Tliero are \'A \ places to bo heard from ollicUlly
which will reduce this somewhat. If ( iarlield's
nsjorilies in thoao places are accepted the
durality for Cleveland will bo 71'I , but it is
oubtful if Bbino polls as large a vote in
lioso precincts as Cnrh'cld , hence Cleveland's
> lurality iray bo nccopted nt about 1,000. This
nleulution , of course , is based on thu returns
which have bcon received from Iho various
ireclncU nt this oflico from persona behoved
o bo reliable , und also have served the Ar-
ocinted press Acceptably in other yoais. An
xauiination ( if thu returns shown great dlf-
erenco of gain or losi in dilferent Bcctions ;
: unco the widely differing calculations.
( Joneral Macager Associated Press.
Sr. Louis , November 10. Completeleturns )
rom cloven counties in Texas give Cleveland
0'JSl , Blaine 7,403 , Butler 'll'.t , St. John 358.
reland , democrat for governor , 11,312 , Jones
ndependent , 8,8(12 ( , Norton , republican ,
CHICAGO , November 10. The present estj-
nato ns to the com flexion of the Illinois
tatu leglslatiro is that It will be a tie on
oinl ballot , the senate having n majority of
one republican , and the honeo n majority of
one democrat. Contesta nro likely to ensue in
hroo districts which may reverse this condi-
ion of affairs. Tha situation la made moro
interesting from the fuel tlio successor to
Uoubrnl Logan is to bo selected ,
Dfiif it'V , lown , November 10. r'uU returns -
turns pivo Henderson , republican for coiigrcss
1'JOH majority in tin Third district ; Blnluo
MO majority in the 1'ourth district , Fuller ,
republican deleatcdVellerby fi1) majoiity.
The uxcitcmeut of Indt work han qniotrd
down nnd buftiiu' 4 lm reeumrd. ' 1'ho lown
eougrosslonal dolivntion slnnds 7 repnblicnn ,
ono fuMonlst. Weaver in the Mxth , ami
three democrats llivll in the Kighth , Mniphy
in thn Scciu.d nnd Frederick in the Filth.
Ktntno's majority in tlio Main based on the
vote for conircMiiim ; : v\ ill ba about 18,000.
NKW YOIIK , November 10. At n mooting
the Tnmmnny hall comiuittea , in orennizatlo
to-night , district leaders , almost withnut ox
ceptionn , teported that their ticket was beatci
by trading on the part of the county deuui
cincy of Cleveland for their loc.vl ticket. It
ono it.Htnnco only wnsT.vmiuanyhnll member
reported dMoyid , It ii claimed th it Tain
many wna next to unlvorFnl in its honrst nlle
glancn to tha national ticket , Kccister Kelllj
siid that Itl.iine men vvere wearing the rntint ;
democracy ba-lgo in his district , Kellly nisi
charges that Mniirico B , Vlynn , n promincn
enmity domocr.icy man , had Riven a young
man named Oornmn , n bartender , $ IUO ti
depert Taiiituuny. Other mombora madi
spcciKo charges ,
Special Telegrnm to THK BKK.
CIIICAI.O , November 10. Criminatlous nnt
recriminations nro passing between the Arthur
nnd Blnir.o republicans hare nnd in other parts
of the atatu on the outcome of the recent election
tion , which his not only given the control of tin
nation over to the democrat ! ! , as the case nov
stands Hit also promisrs tha election of i
democratic senator fr m Illinois to BUCCOCI
Lognn. Arthur men , many of whom became
"Mugwumps , " say if the Blain ites had not
insisted on shoving their camliihto dovvn the
throats of thu convention and had nominator
Arthur , ho would have been elected
Hlalno men retort Hint if Arthur mci
had not fallen from their allopiance , Blaine
would have been elected. 'Iho fact is , nol
only did tha Arthur men knife Blaine , but
thoywout further nnd refused to vote for
Bhiino's conspicuous backers , mich as Cieorge
1C , Davii , who is succeeded by Ward , demo
crat , in the Third cougro'xioual district , wind
U several thoimnd republican. They went n
etep further nnd put tlio knife under the ribs
of nil the candidates on the republican state
ticket , who did not bear the veiy boat record.
The result ia that the democrats have exactly
lialt of the legislature on the joint ballot ,
while there are two district * in doubt , both ol
which the repub'icaus must got to imiko it tie ,
Carter Ilnrrison , having been defeated for
governor on tlio democratic ticket , is trimming
! iis sails for a cruise into thu United State :
ST. Louis , November 10. St. Louis city
nnd county gives Cleveland 101,105 , Blami
140 , OCI , St. . John 11S2. Cleveland's plurality
J0.411. For governor Marmadnko ( dem
150,072 ; Ford ( fusion ) 111,871 ; Marmaduko's
plurality 7,381.
nj ; up Frauds.
_ YOIIK , November 10. Civil Justice
Kelly nnd Police Justice Power who linyo begun
gun investigation concerning tlio trading o
votes in the Sixteenth assembly district on be
Imlf of the county democracy , cay they hnvo
discovered cloven cases of dis'loynlty ' to the
national ticket on the part of Tammany hal
memboni and will place the evidence bofoio
.ho imtlonnl and state democratic committees.
lioscou Conkling bus buen letaiued by the
lomccrntlc national committee to net in any
> roceedings that miiy arisii in relation to the
> endiiig canvass. Conkling is to-night in
consultation with members of the committee
of lawyers who have undertaken to see a lair
The Old I < ' | IIK in
AIOUSTA , Ga. , Novemkor'10. The deino-
: ratic demonstration in this city to-night in
onor of Cleveland's election was the linest
isplay ever made hero. Bioad and Green
treets , two miles long , were streams of lire.
Cvery house bora nu illumination with appro-
iriato designs. The iirocension was nn hour
n passing. There wern displays of every
rado and profession. The htudents of the
nodical college carried ske'etons. Men who
iad not carried a torch in twenty-five yours ;
narc'hcd to-night under the lljg of the union ,
nd Georgia pledged her allegiance anew to
o the common country. Speichos were made
iy Patrick Walsh , member of the national
emocrntic committee , and otheis , The town
s nbla/.e.
A I'ropliul. In
WAriiltTOWN , N. Y. , November 10 , Attor
ley General O'B. ion , ono of tha state can- '
a sing board , in a speech to the democrats
ieie , Buid : ' ' I have no fears tint the wlahos
> r judgement .of . the people , expressed nt the
jallotbox , will be faUified or defeated. No
iarty or set of men can htonl the electoral vote
f the emplro stato. The laws of the state in
egard to the elccti'in and the counting of
otes are too pet feet to admit of fraud , Thu
isoplu of N'ow Vork are toi much in earnest
; o tolerate frunl , even if it were poesibla ,
'he votes given br the pcopla of this state
vill be honestly counted and tlio result truth-
nlly declared. "
on llu ; I'liirnlKy.
NKW YOIIK , November 10. Klkins , Jon's ,
' 'essenden , nnd Senator Hobnrt , of New Jer-
ey were nt the reimblican National head-
uartors to-day in conference , the result
liich is not known. Warren , chairman of
ip republican state committee , returns homu
lis evnning , nnd Vrooman to-morrow , A , H.
iraper bonce is for the present thu committee ,
Vrooumn said to-day tha domncrats claim the
, ate from the Inside by 801 , and thu demo-
ratio investitfdt'nn ' of letuins In thin city has
owered thut amount to 4ll ! > by roason'of errors
, 'alnst Blaine to the sum of 125 votes ,
At the demecratlc huadijuarters this is not
erilied , an ollicial saying tlm democrats were
ow struggling for what Is already won ,
Alliniilun il < ij.
AI.IIANV , November 10. Thu democracy of
Vlbany held a monitor celebration to-night.
'housandii of strangers in town , The city
ivai illiimlnatod and houses decor&tud , Gov ,
L'luvelaiid witno-ised the parade from the
vindow of the executive chamber In the caji-
tel , but did not review it , Thu nnmbor of .
'isitors nt thu executive chainber wax very ' I
urge , Many congratulatory telegram * were 1 1 '
received , r
News Hems of Interest from Wilhii
Our Own Shorts ,
Important Decisions in the Su
preme Court Yesterday ,
Lieutenant G-ainral i- Sheridan's '
Pirst'Annual Report ,
Second Day's ' Session of the Fie
ri i./ 0ni , ) i ,
_ _ _ _
The Sullivan-Lnflin Fight at
Now York ,
Doubly F tnl Uosuli of an Htcudun
Fijlit Fli ott's Amblili
Fli-co , Cr.liiK > 4 , Ktc.
WASHINGTON , November 10. In the eu-
promu court to-dny n decision was rendered In
the case uf tlin county uf lluena YisU against
thw Iowa Falls & , Sioux City Itnilrond coin.
pnny in crrcr In the supreme court of Iowa.
This was n suit brought by tha county to ea1
tnbhsh its oipiltnblo title umlur thu "swmnri
Iniul net'1 to 22,000 ncrcs of luiul within its
lluits , which ia also claimed mul legally hold
by thu railroad company under congressional
grant. The questions presented hero relate
to the action ot' the lower court in admitting
cortiin : evidence objected to by the defense.
That action wan over-ruled by the supreme
court of Iowa and judgment uf the hitter in
favor ot the railroad company In hero at
lirined ,
A decision WAS also rendered in n case
flowing out of the proliibltion law in Kansas ,
imtltleu John Foster , couuty attornuy ot
Saline county , agaltist the slate of Kansas ,
K\rel Johnstone , attorney-general. This was
it suit brought by the against
Foster to r-inovo him from ollicu becnuso ho
hud neglected to prosecute persons guilty of
selling Hitoxicatingjllquors. in the county in
violation of tha atntuto uf the stnto known an
tha prohibitory i liquor law. Thu trial
below before n jury resulted in n verdict
igaiust the defendant and judgement thereon
removing him from otlice. Ho appealed on
thu eround , 1st tint the prohibitory liijuor
law was unconstitutional , and L'nd that inas
much as tha proceedings against him wore un
der a writ quo warranto , wtiich in Kansas was
a criminal proceeding , ho was entitled to tiial
In accordance with the ciiminal codu
This court attiring thu judgment of removal on
tha ground that both questions which the do-
fuiuiant would raise in hU own defoiiEU hnvu
aheady been decided hero against him , the
first in Uattenieycr vs. Iowa , 18 Wall , li ! > ,
and ; Beer Company vs. Massachusetts U'J
V , S. 25 , and secuiid in Ames vs. Kansas , 111
U. S. , I ill.
WASHINGTON , NLrember 10. Tha annual
report of LieutenshYQensral Sheridan bos
been made , covering the purled from Lis
assignment to thu command of the army , No
vember 1 , 1SS3 , to November 1 , 1881. Ho
myx that during thid time , the entire terri
tory under tha supervision of troops 1ms been
unusually free from collisions , resulting in
loss , either to lifo or property , but the services
if the military in the west cannot bo safuly
Hsponsed with for many years to coma. The
Lieut-general expresses proat interest In the
lational guard of the atato and thinks that
lungrosa should designate thu number of men
, ) u\t each stiito should have , mid
irovide for them arms and camps and
rairiton equipage , under some wise method of
icconutttbility for this property , whonavor the
itata government themselves appropiiato sub-
itantial sums of money for thosupport of their
of pec t vo military systems in such a manner
.hue thoao sums cannot ba ulfoctod by party
egiidatlon. ICxcf-pting for our ocean coin-
nercu and for cur tunbuaid cities , ho does not
bink wo should bo much alarmed nbout the
> rohabilily of wars with foreign powers , since
t would requite moro than it million and a
m f men to mnko the campaign upon
and against us. To transport from
> oyond the ocean that number uf solditrj
vith nil their munitions of war , their cavalry ,
irtillery , and infantry , ovun if not molested
> y ns while in trjnsit , would demand a lurgo
> nrt of ths chipping of all Kuropo. He cam-
'stly invites attention to the defenseless con-
Illion of th seaboard cities and nifontly tec-
iinmeuds the early beginning of a ueneral
ystem of son const lortiljcution , ) to bo eon-
true ted in uccnrdanco with the lequiiomonts
nvolvod by thn latent improvements In heavy
iitillory. "This nai ion , " ho says , "IH growing
o rapidly that then ) are Hgnu of other troll-
ili'H which I hopj will not occur anil which
vlll probably not como upon ns if
ioth capital and labor will only bo conserv-
tlve. Still , it should bo remembered , that
obtrnctivo explosives are uasily imtilu , and
hat the branks of the United States , sub-
rousurias , public buildings , and the largo
lerc.'intilo hoiisoH tJii bo readily dumolished ,
ml the commeico uf entliu cltiei dontroyeil
y Infiirialad poopla with moans carried with
eifect safety in Ilia pockets of I hi ir cloth-
MKntoroLirAN iiooiiv our OPHIIAPI IKIIIK
NKW YOIIK , November P. John L. Hul-
van , of Iloston , and John M. Lallin , of this
ity , had their inucli talked of bout under the
jvised ( Jneesbury rules at Madison Sqioru
lurden to-night. The better man was to have
lia full proceeds of the IIOIIHO. The ijuustion
f "knocking oat" WHS not coanldurod alone.
'at ' Kheedy , Kulllvan's backer , said tliat the
toston man had no intention tf knocking out
Is opponent , About (1,000 ( people we o pros-
lit. Domlnick QUCalfroy , Charlie Witcholl ,
Uf fjreenlinld , and I'addy ] ( yun who will
par Hnllivan in January vvcru among tha
lining. Jndgo Oilderslenvu , County Clerk
Caunan , Ktito Kxnulor Mntphy , Thomas A.
'Mison , Putur Noo/inn , n Wcranton , ( I'll. , )
allroad man , Henry 11. Drown , mlllionuiro
onitractor of Piltsburg , Pa. , Oal-e Cn < n ,
Unity Hill , Jack B.iiko , George Konko ,
ll .iry Webb , Mike Unnovan , and nil uther
"profemtrs" vveie pim'iit.
The luttlo wns Rhiitt , sharp nnd deci ivr.
Iollln wns knocked nut in thn second round.
Lntlln at the IU < < t squiring before Sullivan ,
nppmrod terror utrii-Ven. Sullivan led for
Lallln'i ) fnco but did not land , In-followed
flgnin but l.ittlln rn hed to clu-o quarters nnd
hung hi * LMO pound * to'ii nr-sk. Tlm
crowd hi rd. nnd ( hitcfeieo , Mike McDmf
lil , of Chicigo , parted the men. Scucel ;
hnd thev fnred each nther th.Mi K lllvni
reached for hi * oppnnout nd bi'gautavagn ,
fhoit-iirm PNpntimcnh upon Lnllin's fnce.
hudilenly SulllMin icnxenrd hm ! elf
from nilothor hug that Lallln had
nlhclcd , and the hitter oniik
to thw floor exhausted , lleforn l.nlllm ic nin-
od his fi-flt time wns called. Thn second lound
found the New Yorker short of wind nnd completely -
pletoly unnerved. At the call. Sullivan lunp
ed to Iho centre nnd lodged sov oral ittluunrn
nn Lnlllln's fnco in such inphl Miccosulon that
the hitters felf-eoiitrol , o nearly gone , then
left him completely , nnd 1m tutned to tun
like n vihipptd dog. Ouick ns thuiifthl
the champion HHW his vnntnpo nnd
leaping to Lalllln'a side , ho shuck llio Hoeing
pugilist behind the car nnd pi > nt him cpraul-
Ing Henselojs to the Moor. Tlio IntRO crowd
greeted these contrnntrd oxamplea of cowntd-
tin nnd pi-owess with mlnglod hicsoii nnd
cliorrs. Lnlllln fniling to reniHind to the third
rail , the DoHon champion was allowed tlio
NKYOIIK \ , No\ ember 10. Virst'clni * pas
Honger r.itei to Chicago \voio reduced this
moinini ; to SlO.fiO by the Urk- , West Shoio
nnd ] , ackawnnt. : The broktis eull for less.
i'K.\t \\ANUII. i : : .
Niw : Yoiuc , No\ombor 10. It is ntntuil
lioro that the West Shore has asked the Now
York Central to rest ere the rate * and poo' '
ImstnoKs. It N understood that the Now
iitk Central told thu Went Shore receivers
that it would agruo to roitoro rates but not
enter Into any pooling nrraiiRomont
ASbtdNIM ) .
NuwYoitK , November 10. U. A. Wrijjhl ,
president of iho Hnnuoll Vnrnaco company ,
> 3s.gncd ! to-day. Liabilities SOIL' 000 ; nomi
nal nsaoti S518.000 ; nctnnl ns ets S.11,000 ,
, ual value of which is but L',800 ,
NKW YOIIK , November 10. Tho. Lackn-
wana is said to have given notice that unless
.ho rates to Chicago nro rcstorsd in four or
ivo days it will sell Chicago pnssago at ? 0 nnJ
Uuirnlont 51.
LONDON , September 10. Under socrotniy
of thu colonial iloiirtniont | replying to nn in-
piiry said tlnit it was true that the Diitlsh
nlmstor at Washington Lad boon instructed
to negociato a icciprocal commorcialnrrange-
nent wheioby America should toiult in ra t
iho duties on West India sugar nnd thu West
IndlosHhunld take elf duties on certain articles
mported from America , but no nrrnngomont
was contemplated nnd no proposal had been
undo wheiuby the West Indies should impose
inferential duties on Kngliah ns opposed to
American manufactures.
BOSTON , November 10. Loading clearing
muses of tlio United States report the total
; ross ovchnnpes of the week ended Novomher
8th Hi S71l,0.iT,7iG ) ( , n dexiieaso of 1' per cent
compared with the conosponding week last
CHIOAIIO , November 10. A mooting of thu
general passoniror ugents of oastwnrel
roads will bo held hero to-morrow for thu pnr-
; ioso of discussing the question of the rtwtoru-
tion of rates to tlio seaboard. TJio opinion is
oxproaicil In railway circles that the attempt
will bo successful.
Ivinix , lll. . . November -Choose , quiet ;
'egulur sides , 7i 0 boxes of p'irt skims , "iHJ ,
5utti-r , lo lower , Regular sales , 17 000 poiuuls
it : > 0 cent" . Private Bales , clieoao , 7,100 boxes ;
inttor , 11"ODD pounds.
' I Hi I'li AT AND rAII.UUK.
CAIIILI. , Tumi. , November 10. John A.
riiurluy , member of the State railroad com-
nieslon , has jn-.t . bcon defeated for ro-oloction ,
anil the linn of Thurloy , lilovinii k Co. , nuiilo
an assignment , Trauliiy'ri ' individual liabili-
ics nio > f1,01)0. \ ) .
Nivv : YOIIK , November 1 . - The Union 1'n-
Ific btatoinent for the quarter ending Sept ,
Oth , shows : Net earnings , gtt'JJ.OOO ' ; iulor-
st and dividends from iiu'dstment , $51OUO ( ! ;
otal net income , SlDOt : , < < 00 , l''ixod clpuyos ,
sltKOuO. ! | Duo togovurnmont , S71I7.00J , teal -
al , * L'llfiOOOj miriilus , S-.yOH.OOJ.
I'KC'il'Kl'llVK 1'KAl'K.
New YOIIK , November 10. It it rumored
hat n movement Is on f. . ot to lestorcs rates
rom hero by taking into the pool the West
Shore and arbitrating of per coinages.
curri.Ni ) nitui NKW INIIANI ( > .
HQIION , November 10. The HnosnoTun
icl routu to-duy reduced juiMungur rates from
ioslon to Chicago to Mi ( , Hist class , It being
cut of 1(0 , and at the same time iniido u cut
f S7.on rates from ISostoii to St. Louis ,
niklug rates SI' ) for first-class tickets and S1K
or cecond class.
Special telegram to THK IK !
CIIICAOO , Novoinbor 10. W. II. Unlkley ,
ha Quincy street harnciw maker , of faith-euro
nmo and W , H. Torrey , his co-laborer , ro-
urned Saturday from Wntortown , Win , ,
vhore , ninco October Kith , they have hold n
eriesof inootings for the purposoof curing tlio
Ick nnd maVing converts tu the Kreo Moth-
Hat faith , Tliuy speak unthuslastlcally of
heir success In performing emeu , many nf
whiih as di'scribed by them , are of a truly
nurvelomnaturo. Tlioy report total of 81 1
icrsons cured , among whom weio reuidonts of
, Vi connIn , Iowa , Mimiesota , Illinois and
tllchU'iin. Toward tlio cloHO of tlio erios of
iiootingH it was nccosmiry to isauo tickitts of
idmihBion to tlio chuitli , so gieat was the
: rowd collected there day and night , Mr.
I'oiiuy , p. oviom to presenting a list of names
if persons cured by suuding their handkur
chiu'H up by linlkoluy , who by returning
hem to thu Benders , thus transmitted healing
iower < , This was clone where it wai iinli is-
iblo for the persons deciding to ba cured to
get near the platform , Uy way of comluclng
the skeptics , 111 ! weio cured through tlm in
strumentality of green ! ea\cs given by llulke-
ey to diipaeod man and woircn who unuoimo-
ng the-lr instant cuio as a mitaclu , uiuatad un
amount of cunfidenco which no number of
Kkoptical Indhlilnnlo could orftthrow. Olh
OM having touched the hem of Imlkrloy's R.U
inrnt aiinonncfd llieuifrhcs instantly cured
The Alabama Claims ,
WASHIXDTOV , N.\ombar 10. A decision
was rendered by the aupromn court of tlio
t'mtod States to-day In thi Alabama claima
of the Gient Westotn Insurance , np ) > ollnnt ,
ngnit st the Tinted Htnlcs , appeal from the
court of clnims. This wns n suit brought by thr-
Insuiaiiee comi-nny to trcovor SSOU.lHfi will
mti'test , nlleged to bo due it from the Oonevn
nvvard fund on account of n wnr risk tnken by
the appollunt against vessels dofttrovul by
unfoileinto erulsm * . Tlu court of claims
isniUced npiellnnt's | petition upon the ground
.hat it had no jurisdiction. This court nf-
lit inn that judgim nt , and holds thut tlm court
of claims was prohibited from taking jurisdic
tion by lApicss statute * us to the merits of
controversy between the Appellants nnd tlio
1'mtcd Sutos nrhing out ot the Genovn con
vention. This ojlirt declines to express any
opinion , lor thn reason that n spccl il tribunal
has been created for detiTininlng tueh quos-
LONDON , November 10. The Mnrk l.nne in its weekly review of the Biitinh
grain trndo snyr : Tint weather for the pant
week hns boon fairly propitious for threnhing.
Deliveries of grain by farmers hnvo lieen
liberal in amount Nntivo w , oat declined 1
' 's. Bales of Kngl.0i ! uheat during the week
axgregated l'ilSIqiiniters ! nt il s , ag.iii st l7 ! ,
1"0 quarters nt 40s Id dining tlio corr.spond
ing week last venr. Vlour is lower. Medium
to infoiior making Imrleys 'Js lower , l-'oreign
wheat Is driiirginif along with prices in favor
of buyers , The downward movement con
tinue. " , and it is Imposslblo to predict when
ami where it will stop. The pontion nf Undo
is without ptecediMit : the free supply Is
crushing the lifo out of it , Mniru Is in small
supply ntid prices nro unstained. A heavy
drop , liowovcr , Is expected when the Immense
American crop of 'HI gets fairly in motion ,
Tnidu in cargoes off coast Is trilling , There
were thirteen nrrivnls , three cnrgoc sold ,
four withdrawn nnd five remain. Sixteen
cargoes due. Trade in cargoes forwaid small
and purely nominal.
PAIUS , November 10. Great excitement
prevailed in the lobbies of the chambers this
afternoon and evening , owing the con firm a
tion of thu report published in the morning
Liborto , tlrit the ] ctbinot council on Satur
ilny decided t > forego demanding indemnity
of China , MUCH discontent prevails on ac
count of this. In the Tonquln committee of
tin ) chamber "f deimtlo.H , Chnrruau , clinirmnn
of thu committee , has resigned , and the com
mittee ban icsulved to postpone presenting its
report until i'erry has made an explanation ,
LONDON , November 10. The loss of Stow-
rt ] ) ro . nnd Spsncor by the burning of their
11 works at Strood -50,000 pounds.
The funeral of Postmaster Ooneral Fnwcott
ccurrod to-d y. Fully Ifi.OOO peisona
n attendance.
A troop ship with 2,030 manner , left for
ho Ii-lo of Slcj'o to asiht In roitoring oi-dor
in'ing the croftnnt ,
Ifl'Ilia crofters from neighboring islands nro
locking to the Ishi of dkyo to nssist their
jrothren in maintaining their rights ; 2,50 (
croftern will meet n detachment of pollen on
.htiir airival , and will conduct them to Vig.
I'Jion they will demand of them the object
f their coming. If an nnnntisfnctory nn
worn given the Islanders will c induct the po
! co back to the landing placunnd request theme
o leave their shores.
The Plenary Council.
l\i.inoiiE : , November 10. The 1'lunaiy
ouncil nwmblod this morning nt tha semi
nry of St. Suljiico for the trnnnnction of bus
no'H. All members weru prrntnt , n number
f subjects wen ) iiresontrd , but nothing wni
uterminud. A dayir two will bu nquired
o arrange the Mihjects to bo connidored , after
vhich the woik of Iho council will bo presented -
nted ,
The only nbsont prelate Is Itlshop Twigg , of
'ittsbiirg. The tlneo Ciinadian liiehoim MH !
) oidf , vicar npustollc to Northern Japan ,
vhilo not taking | art in thu deliberations.
lave been aiinigned by court sy the privilege
f peats at all M'sslonn. At lh eatliedral to-
iglit , 111 hop .lohn Ireland , of St. I'aul , de-
xored u permon , Biibject , "Thu Chinch , thu
uppoitof the ( iovernmoiit "
JVi'W Cnrilliinls.
Hosiit , Novoinbor 10. Ala consistoiy to
ny the pope created nlnn now cardln tin. In
lis allocution ho ad veiled to the painful po
tion in which tlio head of the church was
ilnccd nnd thu trial tlnough which tlio church
as now passing , llo dwelt on tlio progress
lat Calholio fuith wai mulling throughout
ID world , and especially in the United States
vliero thu Iho plenary council hud just us-
'cmbled. ' Jlu mentioned tlm fact niiw bishops
ad been appointed in Australia , India and
lironghoiit the mint and oxproascd gratllit.i-
ion at the rostoraliun of thu t > uu of Cuthaga.
Dlsnslcr nt Ken.
liotTON , November 10 , Advlcs dated No-
ember 'J , from Tin Its Island , says iho brig
ulia ! ' . Jloskill sailed from Wnvassn , Octo-
> or 11 , for Ilnltimoiu , with guano. October- !
10 onconntored a hurrlcano and sprung u leak
which necessitated abandonment. The crow ,
ight in nil , took lo the boats and mudo for
Juicas Island , and in alrompUng to lai.d thu
> oat c.ipsl/.Eii nnd all on board except thu cap-
ain and 0114 siiloi- were drowned.
ixo Jtlll
LONDON , Novaniber 10. Thu franchise bill
vas passed by thu house in committee of the
vhulo without aniondment. Tlio result wiw
reuted with choorH.
California ,
SAN I''it.\NfiM ' ) , Novtmber 10. Litu but
ncomplHtu figures plncid the I'lrst congius-
onal ijisliict of Cullfornitt in doubt. Later
igures show thut Cat-others , republican , still
mils by I'M. Thu olliuUl count will bo mudo
t ii not probable that this will materially
hnngu the figures.
111111 ! ) ' l'n-liii.
WA IIINI.TON , November 10. Upper Mis-
Mlppi fair weather , light varlublo winds ,
nuily stationary tempuraturo , Missouri
'alley fair weather , hcht varlablo winds ,
nouily stationary tumpuraturu.
Bc iuiiiP df itie V/ctk / on
Occnaion for Grnnt Eeooiptg of
Range Stock ,
Hogs Irregular , Scoring a Slight
Advance ,
Wheat Very Frisky with Unus
ual Activ/rs'i /
Corn Buoyant nnd I tf Better Fig"
OAIH Also llul. ( Pork A ( N
if ,\ ' ili-s iiHlir.tlc
Special tolrgmm to THK Uis. :
CHICAGO , November 10. Among the fresh
rocelpti were nbjut)0 ) cars nf Toxnria nnd
westerns , mostly Tmnns , which would lenvo
nbout leO o ra of nathes of which tin ro were
irob.ibly not over to cars th nt could bo cla.v
ulliod nn fnt cattle. Trndo wn ? rather slow
nnd prices on e\ery thing but thu best natives
ladcnvout little or no change at compirod
with S'lturdny. Low grades of nativoi sold
o or on account tot tlio big run of Texnns ,
yet native steers that catno nnywhero near
Htintlnx the chipping or drersud beef demand.
sold fully as well ns nnv time and in Bomo in
stances were repotted linnor. There were
none that could bo cUssed as first clots on the
market. There were only n train or two of
westerns that were lirnt class. Among the
TOKBIIS were n few trnina that were good
Ono train of the Vale Blanco ( Now Mexico )
TexaiiB weio on thn murkot. The Concord
Cattle company , of Wyomlrg , also had n train
if good cattlu on slo. Ioft > rior to choice
shipjiors , weighing l.OiOfTJl.-lfP , sold ntS4.20
vrli , if ) , mainly nt S5 l0ji. ! ( ( ItniiRO cattle In
'nil supply and good demand ; Texas bulls ,
S2.2j&'J.50j cown , SU.40air. ( . ; steers , S3.05 ®
1.33. Fjr wcstjcottlu , 53. 10o1 Thosilea
undo were as follows : 18 Montana' , 1.323 ,
? 5.W : ; lll ! Montaun ? , lUt > 7 , -r .l ; 14S Mon
tana cows , 1,17 , S4 0513 ; cows , 1.01S , ? : ? .3 ( ) ;
17 Now Moxico-Toxnns , ! ttG. ; S J.O.I : 23 Neb-
rnnkn-Toxans , ! I2I , ? 3rU ) , 67 Nebraska cows ,
JOB , ? 3.-ir , ; 71 Wyomings , ! , ' , St.lifij 7 tailings -
ings , 1.1KL' , § 3.70 ; 3a cows , U'J'J , 83.50.
lions ,
The market opanod acti\o with n good demand -
mand all along the line. 1'iicoa ruled some
what irregular witli im advance nnywhero
From Tito 1 DC , thu nvcriigo b Ing nbout lOc.
The quality was C'lnsidcrnbly ' below that on
Saturday which will pnrtly account for the
i regularity of the advance. Light to medium
and good packing sorts got tlio bulk of the
ndvnnco , best heavy only telling ni-badu higher
UH Iho shipping dumand was m.t at all urgent.
Sales were -linfrflOO for common nnd
rough packoisHiO@l ; 7S for good to choice
packers , and 180 4 'JO for heavy. Light
sorts nf MO to 223 sold nt 4 75W4 80 , nnd Bort.s
of 1(10 ( up sold at 4 ti5rf)4 ( ) 70 , whllo okips ware
dull and rejected , n few loaiJa making 1 15 ®
4 "K. " .
The market displayed grantor sign * of lifo
t.i lUy , than in many wauks. Trading
throughout almcst the entire day was activu
and lluctuations qnltu Hovcru nnd rapid. The
innikot opencid very wait , Ditccmber touch
ing Tl\ \ , than rosn to 73 , H ihl to 721 , r.vlllod
shitrply townrd thu cl'iro of the regular KPssion
, o T.'i i.7.'l | . "p t ' " ' ' * > n the afternoon boaid ,
jack uguln to . ' \ \ < 4which : w.ii thu cloiiug
ignro. May n.ion | > l diop.iud down to 8U
jut nijo to HI ) at the cloEo of tha days
trading. Hoccipts continuo free and the
strength nliown by the mnikct was n surprise
to n g rcnt mmiy tra'.luis and caused somu free
covering of hhoits.
Alpodiiplayed pioat activity , accompanied
ly a tliarp rise in v lueH , particularly for near
iituroH. Is'oveinbrr udvnnccd fully Tic nnd
closoc atI I or 4c nbovo the lowest fipnrPs of
ho dnv. The ye r chund Httonp nt SS7 , Mny
181. lleceipts weru only modernta while
hlpmenU continuo free , causing n inaiked ro-
unction of the amount in store.
Also tilled strong , closing ( jS4 ( over Satur-
lav , 'it 2o-j tor NovombiT , 20 for December ,
J5- ? for the year , L'8J for Muy.
Advnucjd C0@20c , closed steady nt 11 37i
ar thn ypnr. 11474 f ° -Linunry , 11 ( iO for
' 'obrnary.
I. A H I ) .
A shido easier , cloilng at G 00 for Novem-
mr , 0 KU for December , li ' . 'lij ' for .Tnimary.
A CJiicMion < > t liiinil T < ! I in re.
CIIIUAIIO , November 10.In the matter of
pituin lands In Michigan which had oncu
ieon granted by Iho guv eru mint to tliu stnte
o aid in the construction of railroads , which
allroads were never built , mid the grants
npsing , those lauds wt ru . cold as nuy other
mbllc land. The tecrotary of the interior
etcntly hold thut such hinds could not bo
lold for $1,25 per ncro until after they had
lean olforud at auction. Thu meeting of the
iwners of meh lands upoif * whofio titles thin
lecislon places a cloud , met hero to-day and
appointed n aommittcu t < > taVn i.i-cfainry ac
tion in tlio preinin-s. The dpcis'on is saiil to
dfect thu title to several million ncrea uf lands
u different states ,
I'niitiuiil l-ul-
LeNnox , Novoinbrr 10. Tha house of com-
nons tu-day rejected by a vote of IDltolC'.l
an uniendineut to tha franchUo bill , tlm pure -
> o n of which wits to prevent the bill from go
ng operation until thu i-bemoof redistribution
should bu adopted.
A AVlso I'rojccl.
TOKONTO , November 10. St. ( Icorgo eociety
.his city , appointed n committal , to consider
, bu bo < menus of preventing immigration M
mid nndeslrnblo aoe.silon to th population.
Mini ) Ir ,
Lout.svj.l.r | , Ky. , November 10. A walking
watch gnubyonleant ) , HM honra , with ulx
Female utarte.H began hero to-duy.