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Science of Life Only $ I 00
Kxhin tccl YlUllty , Kcrvotii and Physlcil Doblllt )
Premature Decline In Man , Krrora of Youth , and thi
nntolJ mlerlc4 resulting from InJIscrctloru or exec
oc < 3 . A book for nory man , yonnp , mtildla ngrd
and old , It contains 1 ? & proscription * for all Rcul
and chronic dlacMOi each ono of which It Inraltiable
So found by the Author , whoso eipcrlcnco for 1 !
j c\ri li lucn M probably nocr Micro fell to the lot
of any pbwlcian. 800 pagra , bound In twnutlfu )
French mudln eranoaaod covers , full , [ jilt guaranteed
to bo a finer work In c\ory soneo , machanlcal , lit
crary and prof ceMoral , than any ether work oldln
this country for (2.50 , or tbo money will be refunded
In every Instance. 1'rlce only 81.00 by mall , pout
paid. Illustrative luimple 6 cents Send now. Gold
modal anardod the author by the National Medic * ]
AKKOdatlon , to lh officers of which ho refers.
The Science of I.llo should bo ro > d by the roans
for Instruction , and by the afflicted for relief , It will
benefit all. London Lancet ,
There Is no member of Bscloty to whom The Scl
enoo of I-JfowlII not bo useful , whether youth , par
ent , puardlan , Instructor or clcrrym ( ti , Argonaut.
Address the 1'cabody Medical Ink.ltuto , or Dr. W
II. Parker , No. 4 Uulfinch Street , Union , Jim. , who
nuy Ixi consulted on all diseases requiring skill and
experience. Chronlo and obstlnatoUiscuos that have
baffled the lUIl of all other phyi-IIC/il / clam ,
a epeclaltj : Such treated success tlCHL ful
without an Instance of failure. TUVCCI Cful
Car. 18th and Capitol Avenue , treats all cases Crip
pled or Deformed , aljodlsoisoa of It
Nervous System ,
Blood , and
Urinary Organs
All awes of Cuwturo of the Spine , Crooked Feel
tags anil Arms , Diseases of the Illp , Knee , anil
Ankle Jointa Also Chronlo affections otthoLhor
Ilheumatlsm , Paralysis , Plica , Ulcers , Catarrh , Asth
ma and Bronchitis are all treated by now and suc
cessful methods. All diseases of tno Dtood and Urin
ary Organs , Including thono resulting from Ind lucre-
tlon.or < ntpo tire , are ealolj and succowfully treated
and a euro gutrantood. Young men , mlodlo aged ,
and old men suffering from Weakness and Nervous
oxbaustlon , product indigestion , Palpitation of the
Heart , Despondency Dliilnoss. Loss oIMomorj'.Lack
of Energy an-l Ambition , can bo restored to health
nd tlgor , If oaeo Is not too long neglected.
Tlio Surgeon In charp It a graduate of Jeffer
son Medical College 1885) ) and has studied his
prnfoss.on In London , Paris and Berlin. If allllitod ,
c-ill or wrlto full description of your oaao , and medicine -
cine may bo Bent you. ConsulUtlon free. Address
Omaha Dispensary , Crounse's Block , Omaha , Nob.
Offlco hours 10-13 a. m.l-B and 7-8 p. m Sundays.
10 a m
IB.Scn o treatise either on tualo illseasis or
del irinltlo
1EO )
The nco of the term " Sha
Lino" In connection with 111 nav
corporate name of a nroatroad uK s
conveys an Idea of tut what Irnr
required by the traveling pub PltUe
lic a ShortLluf.O'ibk . Tlmi Bkund
and the best : I UijrjX3jS' Taxi :
tlons all of which are luiO' Ken
hod by tbo reatoei railway lu America. Nos
And St. Paul.
II owns and operates over 1,600 miles ol
ortbcrn Illlnolo , Wisconsin , Minnesota , Iowa
akota ; and as ts maui lines , branches and oonnee-
oos reach all the great business centres of lh (
Northwest and Far West , 11 naturally answers lh (
description of Short Line , and Best Itoute between
Chicago , ilUn-aukco , St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Ohlcago.lIilHaukce , La Crosse and Wlnona.
Ohloago.Jillwaukee , Aberdeen and Ellendala
Chicago , Milwaukee , Eau Claire and Htlllwalei
Chloigo , Milwaukee , Wausau and Merrill.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Beaver Dam and Oshkoth.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Wauknaha and Ooonomowoa
ChicagoMilwaukee , Madison and I'ralrledu Chlsa
Chicago , Mlln-aukoe , Owatonna and Kalrlbaull.
Chicago , Belolt JanosvlUe and Mineral Point.
Chicago , Elgin , Ilockford and Dubufjue.
Chicago , Clinton , Rock Island and Ocdai Hinldr.
Chicago , Council UlufTs and Omaha.
Chicago , Sioux City , Sioux Falls and Yankton
Chicago , Milwaukee , Mitchell and Chamberlain.
Hook Inland , Dubuque , St. Paul and Minneapolis
Davenpoil. "almar , St. I'aul and Minneapolis.
Pullman 8 copers and the Finest Dining Carl In
the flcrld are run on the mainlines of tlioOIIIOAQO.
Attention la paid to passengers by courteous omployoi
of the Company.
6. B. UCIiniLL , Ocnl Manager.
A. V II. OAUl'KNTEU. Qon' 1'ats. Agl.
T. CLAnK.aen'lHopt.
QEO. HKU.KF6IID , A s't Qeu'l. Pa Art.
S. H. ATWOOD , 8.
JPlattsmoatli , - - - - Nob.
iiiADiBor TnoEOnanimi ) AMD man auoi
f JTVounj stock for calo , Oorrojpon'hnco sallclpto )
Chemical Dyeing
0. T. PAULSON , Proprietor * Onltl
Gcntlomcna' Cloth'ntt ' Cleaned , Dyed and Itrpilrod , 'ill
IjnUos' Druucg Cleaned and Dyed , without lUppInK.
PlumcaCliancdor Colored any nhaJo , to sample.
, Velvets ano Laoca Clcanod , Dyed tuid lle-fln- Cl
1212 Douglas Slreol , - OMAHA. NED \\lo\o \ \
I Bpccl :
Chicago , St. . Paul , Minneapolis ! m curei IIloo
The now extension ol this line from Waktdold op I
th *
through Oonoord and Oolerldgo A
ca o i
lUachei the best portion ot the Btato , Special ex
ourslon rate for land toekera over tbli line I
Wajno , Norfolk and HartUijtoo , aad vl Wall to a
prlodpil jxjli.U on Iba
Trtlni oier tht 0. , Bt. P. H. 40. Uallvrav to COT
nuton. Bloux City , Ponca , Uattlngton , Wayne and
liorfolk ,
0oxa.xi.GOt t HEUafclx"
01 rcmont , OiWiU.0 , NUIfh , and through ta Vll
[ entloo.
ftSToiitUiallln indtortnitlon cill on
0 , &PEOHT , PROP ,
Jill Donjlu Bt. Omitu , Nur.
Qalvamzco iron Cormctis
e TDormsr Wlnduwr , Tintati , Tin , Iron an d
C t "H' > ( iOrL' . fepeeat'i I'attnt MeUlilo HVjlUnt ,
HciitulJunUJ Ui--lictt Uar and Unoket Hhohluu' .
a u-.ho ien ril tot ( of ths lm Hue ol icio.l
- [ i , r ida .Uil tr bi , " ' '
IT CTOE9 WHEN action , It In a safe.
ALL OTHER IJEDI. sun find uprtvly euro
CTNE3 FAIL , M It nnd hun-
ncta Din OTLT drcdji have
unit AT ONOn on been cured
It when
XJV'Kll and DOW ilclnnsnnd
ELS , rontorlne friends had
them to a healthy _ . . -'n them up ]
"to die.
and a "SPECIFIC. "
It CIUIH : nil lIHrat. of llm Ktilnoyi ,
J-lviT , lllnddrr nnd Vtlnnry OrKiiimi
Ilrnpnr , < Jrncl , Dlnlirlcn , tlrlnlil'n
Dlnoiuir , J'nlnn In tlio Jlnrli , l.tilnn ,
or Hide , Itclcmlnn or Nmi.Ko-
I Icnllnn of Urlnr , N r\nni
IHnrnftffl , I'cnmln VVnlcnrftncn ,
ItarrHrtm , .Iniindlrr , llllloiiinrxn ,
Hrmlnrlir , Hniir .Slcinmch , Ujriprp.
uln. Ou n n 1 1 1 > ii 1 1 o 11 urn ! I'llun.
| i.s
B nd for Illustrated rnmphlot of Bolld To .
tunoiilaln of Abgolula Cure ;
HUNT'S iu.niiv : ro. ,
I'rnvldrnc-t- . 1.
Cocoti , from ulilcli Iho cxrens o
Oil linn brcn remove d. It linn thrt
tlmti the ttrcnylh of C'ocoi inlic
ullh Blnrc.i , Arrowroot or SiiRar
mid In therefore fir moro ccouoml
onl. It la ( lollclout , nourishing
flr , iBllionlng , C'.i lly rtlc | tcil , a
mlmlrnlily ailnplcd for Inialljs
will IM for pcrHonii In liraltli.
Sold by ( Jrorcrx
BAKER fl nfl , . JliislGL
oncoEflsou TO DAVIS it swruEn.j
Oonoj l Po
ro foi oil ) 390,000 acre * ouefntly sclented laadi
tcrn Nebraska , at low prlco and on easy termi
proved larms lor Bile In Dora In , DndgtvOc-Uax
, Hurt , Onmuig , Sarpy , V9tHDfflon , ttcilok
lers , and BnUer Bounties.
oa paid In ell paits of the State
ley loaned on mproved firms.
nry : fublloalmvi In office ConorponA
l n Boynl andU.B , Mill Btoamon i
lhintOermany , Italy , Holland and If rant t
orajfj Ont\v ril-:0 ; Prepaid fionjAntwerpJl | i ;
reluu$30 , InoludliiKbcddlni ; , ctc,2d CabinCI ; {
d Tvlp , 600.00 ; xoumlon , $106 ; bilowi from V .0
)0 ; Kicurulon HO to 0100.
rcVsr Wright Sons , Don A ? cU. II Bioi d-
1. T.
dwell. Hamilton k Oo. , Omaha. P. K. I lo
li Co. , 203 N. 10th Street , Cuh | B , K. K lu
' ' Knt > . cd-ly
\j Treat ice
Hood Itolcotilng Is of Inton st lo nil rlaswa.Vlll
nili'd f ri'O on n cclpt of jour address
IB bwirr Si'Ecinu Co. . umwir : i , Atlaula , Ou.
girl In my employ lias biwn cutvd of hat I l
was constitutional Hcrolula by Hie line ol HnUtli
lllc. J.O , MIDAMM. ,
Allat9i > iiaU > . , JuljJ5 , 188U
lave preHcrlbod BHifl'd SjiM-illo In innny
! I'oUoii and as a general tunic , and ll
alter nil other rvuifdlua t-\il failed.
H. M. SrmcKUM ) , M I\
f , ( lu. , Julj i
neuroon my farm Ixn l > t > eu curud of a fearfu
of lllood t'eUtm by the mo of threu bottled
It'ulipecillo. AMUIKW J. llox.uin ,
r'onjtb , Da. , Aux 6,1881.
\V1II pnrlfV I'm BUOOD. '
uiul iti' . .IHIILJIIK itu/u-Ti
iii-iiMu. Wamor.MiiirtHo , in
i'.ilnn. l.-i'k ur
d'llr > "M nli olultly
! L1 1,1 , IUll l'Ul Will
K ' " " " ul"l'lallW
our nldrwi to'l hf ; J
TinrortillnrlllpM < if some A
Kno\vn Mon In llnlhvny C r ,
Old conductors hnvo n largo fund ol
information end anecdote , nnd It would
astonish pcoplo to learn how criticnll.
thoytwatch each individual passenger ,
ind how well they can describe the trnv-
sling hnbita and idiosyncrasies of promin
ent people. Men starting on a long
journey nnd during ita progress are _ Buro
to nhow BODIO individuality , and railroad
men being exceedingly observant , can toll
almost nt a glnnco whether n man ia uaod
to being away from homo or not. Ono
experienced conductor gnvo nomp of his a
recollections in a recent talk with the a
writer. Ilo commenced by comparing c
Grant , Conkling nnd Blaine , flaying : t
"Iloacoo Oonkling generally gota ono Boat d
in a drawing room , nnd ho gota nil the t
newspapers ho can buy , rnads them nnd ti
throws them all over the drawing room in
n mass ; beaido , ho always has n porlman-
tcau full of law papers which _ ho d
otrowfl nil over every scat in the drawing *
room. Conkling is n very vain traveler
nnd wanta everybody in the car lo look fc
at him. Now , there's Blaine ; ho's just .
the opposite , Ilo always buys the whole : '
drawing-room and shuts himself up , 01
lint Grant is n queer old fellow. When
ho was president of the United States ho
nearly always traveled in a special car ,
but now , unco ho has become n private
citizen , ho travels just about the same as
ordinary folks. You can always find
Grant m the roar end of the smoking car :
with n cigar In his mouth , nnd there ho
sits with a hand on either arm of his >
chair and mnokcs nnd smokes , seemingly
oblivions to everything around him. lie
never looks nt ono. Sometimes howill
look out of the window for hours. When
ho's not doing that ho'n glancing over n
newspaper. Ho'a indiflbrcnt to everything
that'll . if the train
thing going on. Why , bt
he's in stops ou the road in the open
country for EOino minutes ho uovor
moves , never inquires what is the matter ,
but sits and aniokes stolidly until the
train starts , while nil tlio ether passengers
put their heads out of the windows ergot
got off to BOO what's gone-wrong.
"I remember"continued the veteran
conductor , * 'a trip to Chicago Grant made yc
iu my car some time ngo. Ills scat waa CO
directly behind a lady who -was traveling i
alone , nnd who , by the way , knew very na
little about traveling. She bad her window - oei
dow up for some time , and it was pretty
chilly ; beside , the black omoke was pour At
ing into the car. -watched Grant a
little while and I uavr ho was annoyed , as so :
the sin'oko nnd the chilly brcezo blow
right over him , Presently ho go5 up and ,
loaning over the lady's , put his band on COl 1
the catch and lot the window snali down. or
The little woman gave an involuntary wit
start snd turned aromd fiercely , but the
Grant novpr noticed har and dropped Titt
back into his chair. After n little while
the lady hoisted the window again , and out on i
some of the passengers who had Been the
affair , smiled at ono another. Then the
little lady beckoned to mo and said , >
"Conductorwho is that hog back oj 'roq '
"That's Cfon. Grant , " said11. o
"Oil" ' oxctaimod the little vrornsn.and of o
iho dropped the window immediately , alvi
jirant heard the question , bui never lot
m nnd wont on rending his paper aa if rani
lothincphad happened. catiB
"Herbert Spencer was the aoat lest-
OBS travsler I ever oaw , nnd Bob Inger- it t
loll the teat. When Ingorsoll en tors a itclui
ar to go on a jouiuoy , the first thingho
lees is to hang up his big Bl uch hat , rep He
.lion ho begins to znalco himfolf oomfpit- Sav
iblo and toforo tha train starts ho jaot
icts as though ho wore nt homoin his
itndy. If there'suo ono on tie train
hat ho kiic-rrs , il clon't tko him long k > of
ilriko up an ac'iunintance , and everybody cur
looms glad to know him. Ho'a a very phi
oily , liberal' traveler , szoukos noly > oJl con
ho time on the cars , and always Mrrios cal ;
bundle of choice si rs with him. 1 N.
'cmombor one nlglik tlioro was a freight
vrock , and our trahi. had to lay up , for
hroo or fourhourj. . It was a tortibla Chit
tight . the wind biaw a hurrican9s .anil 1 L
ho rain carr.o down iu. torrents. Tnor- ; ; agri
oil was ouo of- the paaaengors. Kvery- waj
jody got tired. Nobody could got any- tint
tody to talc ! < to. At lajt a wiry little Jud
Scotchman , who waa traveling through hia i
America sight-aooing , learned who luijor- ajjii
ioU was , anili ho lacJclod him then and- did
iaio. Ingwaoll wno-juot in the hanior , waa
md in loaa ihwi tot ) minutes everybody imr
i the car crowded , around hinv nnd eve
ii tuned to him for over two hourj , aud < au
hop aaaungcirs Doomed so phaaod and eni pen
artainuJ tint they forgot all about the thh
nnd thu.nccidoui.J of a
"But Oscar \Vildo took the cake , and
licar Wilde was moro bother than aHi thai
ho women who over rods on n railroad "ad
11 o had nu idea that ho wa lha COB
reatoat man that America hn3 > ever. mai
icon , and ho put on moro aira than if ho J < w !
had boon the cz r of Itusoia and the ore- the
purer of Gormauy , tolled inio otxx the
Would you boliov-o it , ho paid the porter * tail
uf the sleeping-car , to loll people * nt atr. . on
lions alon ; { the line , wherever tbo train uu
slopped , lhat Oasar. Wilde was ii the cur , was
Ho wns Iho vninaat , moat conceited mule for
1 over saw. Ilo wouldn't driakw tor pna
oul nf Iho glass nt > the cooler , but sipped Thi
it out of a silver- and gold mug ho carried bw
with hiia , and ho'd ait with the tipo of *
his fln prs proved logolhor acA looic up in '
at the roof of ihu caa as if ho 77ua about tid
to offer up n j-j-ayor. wai
"The followlngriory is roiUd 9ox. . -
President Ilnytva Mr. Ilayoi , thoa urea- ;
idpnt , was tiavoliiv nbsurbcd iu Uio af
fain cf state , whun lie was i' litoly waltod
upon by tha conductor ul tl-.o train
nnd his ticket rcopealcd. i'lio praaldsat y .
cxplninod uio hu was , bill * tho. conductor Bill H (
aaW that hia.ordais were imperlitvo. Do uf
declared that ho- was oLViged to oiow cot
BCinothiiifjat tlui end of the rout * fore huUr
o cry pauengoi who traveled with him , Ur <
Jid if did notmako'uny dilVcranco. who uo '
iho man wao , ho must cither hevo a. tick It
t , n pane or iho money. An Proaldont lei ;
iluyoo liad wither n ticket or n psis , ho leiDi
reluctaiitly pulled outhlipcckottouk nnd Di
counted oat. enough money lo pay his
fare. Hayta was n 7cry close mnn in DiI
money mailers , and ho was highly indig I
nant at the treat meat ho hod uudorgono. '
At Iho end of the road hs atalked into the
tllco of the president of the railroad nnd
laid the facts Vofcro hiia , , whh a request o
that thd oo'aduotpr bo cither dja-
ihargotl or r prim ndod. The rnil >
road olllr.ial cnlmly paid him
back the injury which ho had given Iho :
conductor fo ? his furp , nd Mr. JJnycH
roauincd his journey iu a happier frame
of mind , 'llio couductw , when ho found
out t'jat the president of the- United
Statoun& } \ inadu a copiplaint axuinst him , lo
waa vorj appTohunaivo , and hJa fear of
dtainiflr/.t vas by no means ullayud when
hu rec Mvod n sumtnons from t'au president
of th o road to go at once lo headquarters
NV1" " ou ho arrived Mr. Hunts' etory wiva a
rt > ( Vaati-d to him , and ho v.-as uslccl if lu anthing to Bay. Mr. Conductor
touk the rules out of ) , U poclpt and road
them , Maying that lit ! saw nothing in them
that isumptcd f.oy poiscnuer , oven 6i > |
hi h a potaonago ns the pieeidoiit of tin.-1
United Btutoa. He WM thtu toM thnt1 I
so far from it being , the purpose of the
prcildont of the dismiss him for
I a broach of the rules , ho waa to bo im-
I mediately prcWOlcd to a moro responsible
| position , with n muo ! : l Bher "alBry. f ° r
, 'iis faithfulness.
"How do you got along with the
tramp.'ng fraternity ? ' the writer naked
the conductor of n west-going train.
"Oh we . ave some funny adventures
with thorn , " , ns the naw r"Nearly
nil of these who ] > e.tlio' . ' { ; w y ! inv. °
money , and orofcr 1 ° take , th ° sk inci
dent to otoaling a ri'lo tiinn to pay their
faro. In an accident fiomo wopks ngo n
boat was killed who hcd on his person
over $300 and papers showing him ta bo
the proprietor of a livery stable in Cali
fornia. It is remarkable how' persistent
some of them can bo. Six of them
stretched themselves in the water tank
of a dead engine that was being hauled in
the middle of a freight train , and when
discovered , refused to como out , nnd
told the conductor that they wobld like
to see him crawl in there nnd put them
out. A bettor plan suggested itself that
of pulling the engine up to the tank and
frowning them out. They capitulated
when about six Inches of ice cold watur
fiad been soused upon thcmand ; all came
'orth like drowned rats , with the oxcop-
.ion of n big Irishman , who could not
'orco himself through the hole until the
jnginoer had lubricated him with black
"Bootblacks that are up to the times
lover pay faro. They wait till the
rain is under headway , run along bo-
ido a car , catch on to the irons of iho
leer , awing themselves under nnd find a
omfortnblo seat on n brakoboarn , whore
hey while nwny the time playing cards
nd sleeping and enjoying themselves as
nuch as those- who irmy bo reclining on
ushioncd seats immediately above
hem. "
iliiAT SAUCE. The universal favorite
loth in the I' . S. and Great Britain.
Vholc.somo , delicious , economical , nnd
lutriclous. Saves anxiety , waate and ci
Saw , ) or. ii
Ion. Tcrloy Pooro in the Boston Budget , T u ?
William E. Hobinson , an educated
oung Irishman , who was the Washington
orrcapondont of the Now York Tribune ,
the epring of 1840 , wrote eve ? the nig-
aturo of "Persimmon" a sketch of Rop-
jntntivo . Sawyer , of Ohio , in which ho
"Every day about 2 o'clock , ho feeds ,
osut that hour ho is seen leaving his
iat and talring a position in the window
ick of the speaker's chair , to the loft.
0 unfolds a-greasy paper , in which is
intahicd a chunk of bread nnd fiaunigo ,
some unctuous substance. This ho th
spose.i of quito rapidly , wipes his Imnds
ith the greasy paper For a napkin , and
on throws it o-utof the window. What lo
tlo grease ia lolt on Ilia hands ho wipsa
his almost bald head , which saves an
itlay for pomatum ; dis mouth nome-
nos aor7cs as a finger glans , his coat ?
eves and' pantaloons bolng called into
qaisition B napkin , Ho uaea a jack-
nfo for a toothpic1 ; , and then goes ono
Moor again , and abuseo the whigs as
British perty , and claims tbo whole 9tl
Oregon na necessary for the spread of
ili-atlon. I believe ho gees , like Chip-
in , against cl the seductive nrta of odu- ;
tion. "
Mr. Sawyoran bringing this tn 4ho not -
> of'tho nouns , distinctly admitted that
was true , and had Mr. Robinson ex-
iciod from the further occupation of his in .
porter's aoat on the t&or of thohouao. _
was afterwards known ao
OW InvctmitoStrlctiii-oti -
the I urethra , apoodlly and pBrmaaontly
red by our improved mothodo. Pam-
lol , raferencon nnd terms , two Ihroo-
it stumps. "World's Disponcory Modi- nl
Association , COrMain ; street , . ButSalo ,
Y , rh
icago Efrlll.
see that Oraugo- Judd is ciitiog an no
rictiltural paper in Chicago. By the
, did you o or bear- howhogoi his > o
start It was nearly fifty voara ago.
dd was aiyounj' rcan , nad'gnt it into
head iiiat tJlorp wao a fio-ld f or an
riculturniijournal in Now Yerk. Ho
In't : havc > miich money b t ho had what
butterbrains.As soon r > iho first
mbor of Iii pal ior wns ioaued ho wont
er to the Herald ollico and prepared Bi
"ad. " Jn his paliny days Judd'a
nmanahip.Tras r opjrted to-dlscount any- on i
ng Greolay eve r attomptad in the way ontn :
artistic etching . Judd wrotohia "ad , "
concluded by appending , something
looked lilie ' "alt , " meaning that the
d. " was to occ upy fifty-onolines. The
aipositor , ioivovor , translated the
irks ditiLMiiUj r , nnd-thn morning
da's "add. " ppoarcd fifty-ono times iu
Herald _ ID laot thab was aLeut all
ndvorlioing matter tte ] paper con
nod. I'taytp aaradin bold characters
every peg ( . , and in nearly every col-
an. Whoa J.udU BBVV fcho mistake ho v
dumfound od , but whsa a bill caraoin
moro tuvnt y than all the property ho
ssesBcd ATM worth ho was paralyzed.
o rusultt i > f the matter wns that every-
ly was tall .Ing , about Judd's paporand
got a looir , that in a short time brought
wealth an d plenty to the editor , The
lo of B-icco SB thus neeiJnntally Btartcd
followed by Air. Judd until at ono
no ho wa i worth SCOfliOOO. Ho'a down
ain \ \ > a , but the old man has rjot lots.
iis'-a , ? Dr. I'rn7ii's Throat nnil J.unc B l
.iniho only euro euro for ( . 'oi-efw , CoUa
th * ) throat mul limg * . Do ncBlaat ii
IUCi * ' I4 nmy Xtnvo 'atnl- Score * anil
imuriMlaof nrfttofm puojile ewe Uioir lives to
r. IVnziuu't Throat nnil Limp lialaam , ail- '
unily Alll own \xt \ wlthov.4it aftoa once
i'VK it , anil < lUco\terio r ita muttuloiia > ewer ,
u put 141 in iu-flo fiiiiiily bottle * nail noli
i llio em nil pr'xjo ol T5 cents yt-r bottlK Soli
Kulin & . Co. anil C. V. GooJinau.
liUubmv Chrcfllolo.
Uo Dliln.X'WaiK to Ciivo It .
The London Truth totta this story o
i'rauk 1'ower , A well known EogXaii
lovrannpou niaa , gifted , with nTivid isaag-
nationA : little while bofwo ho wont
Kgyiit ho wns cltting with BO UID
ricnds. Yea kliow , ' ho said 'khat 1
ace held hiph rank in the Austrian ar-
ny.1 The Irionda FAld thai they learned
hi3 for the first tlwo , and ho prcceodcJ :
NVull , 1 wunt Lack a few montln ago to
Viouua , and wcut lo BOO n play at the
Ihirt ; thiuter. 7ho Kiuprosa of Austria
was Bor.tad in & box aurrouudcd by her
< li & and enjonioiu She recognized
mo aV once , aad soul n chaiubarlain to *
desire mo tr. como up to her. I found
her Majesty alone in a imall retiring-
room behind her box , and ahu pointed tea I
seat.1 rl1i3n ho imuacd. 'Go on with
your ntOiy , ' naiil a friend. 'Gentlemen ,
lie cun'iluued , 'na an ctlicer and a gen
Human yuu mint allow mo to say BO
Seal ot North Carolina Smoking To.
bacco is the bet.
\iilnD'H I.fincsonu * Trip Ac-ross
tin * Continent In li ! . " Ing.
Denver N'ewe.
A man named James Nolan arrived in
Cheyenne on Sunday from San Francisco.
The follow is tramping across the coun
try with a wheelbarrow nnd is making
the walk on n wager of § 1,000. From
all appearance his tramp is n genuine
.eat of endurance. Ho is lo arrive in
Now York city in 125 days and has to
walk all the way. Uo has nhoady con
sumed about a month , his actual titno
being thirty-eight days , so that ho fools
ijulto encouraged over the prospect o
boi.ig able tn reach the o.tstorn motropo
lia in the tlmo nncciGed , His roughcsl
trip thub' far has been through Nevada ,
where hoomul many of the roads very
His avorajjn speed thus far has been
thirty-fiva mile * n day. Ifo camps out
when not able to got suitable * accommo
Jations , and states' that with hier blankets
tie sleeps as warm no could bo desired.
Qo has a compass , a hydrometer and a
thermometer , and takes obiervatiraa of
iho temperature , winds and other natur-
ki conditions. Mr. Nohn puahed out
yesterday morning for the eaot trundling
lis barrow cheerfully along.
"Hnwdum I'sotl J
This is ono of the latest idcns in inedl-
iino. Dut whalovor you do with your
lawdust , don't tnltn It internally. Bathe
our head with it , stratch your buck with
t , or niako a slicking-plaslor of it only
lon'l swallow it. The great medicine for
lobility , wonkncBS , dyspepsia , rhouma-
ism and liver troubles , is Brown'a Iron
Jitters * , Air. John Jenkins , of 138-Jef-
oraon St. , Baltimore , aaja , "Malaria left
no very weak. Brown'o Iron BiUars
av ino health and strength. "
"This is a protly limp of night lo bo
oming homo lo your wife , I must say. " '
I know , zhal , my Hiio ) dc r ; bull boon
iut with the proceali'ii , yo oheo. "
'What procession , I'd liiia lo know ?
horo'o been no procession to-night. "
'Yesh , hao , my dear. Biggss' p'ooah'n
f the cam ( hie ) pcigiu Took us flvo .
oura to piwa given point. " "Jiow many
rero in the procession ] " "Dud Ilaudall
nd mo. " * 'And it took you five hours
j paea a given point. Nonsense' ' " "No
onsonao 'bout. it. my dear. Given point
ash a a'loon , " [ Chicago News.
Clients ,
"I baa become oo common to begin nn
riicle , in an ole ant , interesting etylo.
"Thon run it into some advorticoment
ist wo avoid nil such ,
"A > nd simply call attention to the mor-
s of Hop Bittero in ns plain , honest DI
irma aa possible ,
"Tb'fnduco poop o
"Togiro them- one tritri , whidiiso
rovc3 their value that Ihoy will never 1
10 anything oho.
"Tun U srn > T crably noMcod i n ill
16 papers ,
Kuligiuns nrxl eecular , in
"Having a Inrgo gale , and is supplanting nil ;
her medicine. ! .
"Tliero 5s nji use deny i2cr the viriuesof tie
op plnnt , : md the projir otors of Hop Bittara
aliown shrewdno3 and * *
vo great nbility _
"In comijounding a modiuinpr whceq virtnaa
so i > alpablu to every one'aobaervjvtidn. "
Ditl.Sho JUte ?
"Sho lingered and aufl'6ied along , pli-
.f ; away all tho- time for j&ara , "
"Tho dooioro doing her no poocV'
"And at last vraa cursd by Ihkj Hop
ittors Iho papon ray BO msoh about. "
"Ibdeedl'IhdeetU" *
"How thankfal wo aho-jld bo for Ihct
oclicino. " '
er's Mioery. .
"Qlovon yaara onr daughter auflbrod on
bed of miaory , ,
" 3mm a camplitation of liidnoy , liver , . '
lor.malia trouble ; > nd Nervous dobilityt
' "Jndor the care of the best physicians
"Who dkcaao variouo
gave-hor unraos ,
"Dut no rolfef ,
"And now she is jeatored tsua in good-
sallh by aa simple a remedy as Hop.
ittors , that wo had shunned for years
ifors using iiTiiE PAitEm.
l ntlveriiH OettinK Wall.
"My dnughtera nay :
"How inuoh better father is ainco holed -
led Hop Bitters "
"Uo is getting wsSl after hip long ; s Cj
ring irom a-diaciva ? declared iacurablo. "
"And wo are BO glad that ho uaed yoEt
ittera. A LAI > Y o'l Ulica , N. Y.
without a bunch cl green Hopa
tlit.whlto liJxl. Shtui all tlio \ It , jiolaouocu
iffslih "IIo > ' or 'litps * in their maiu.
IInstotU'r'8 htmr- '
ach lliUcrj Unallti
blooil ilcpuri. tii ra-
tiniiacathartic , anil
nbiipviMuitl bllloua I'lW
H.edlb UnlliL-ithu LcJ k-t
f allliK iMiurpics o !
the Jibilltatcil anil
checks | > reinitmoUii
1 r.
cav. KakcrmiiU uo
bilious rumlttent , avii [
ilBu ) > i3'.aa'iil bowel tia
c o m p lai n 18fto , offli
a m n n K tbo o > ! u
\\luch it entirely ru-
iuo > ii In iroploil
< nn'trio'lierutlii
ll\urand boMclB &ro
nlily iUfcteil by the
onmkliicil Inlliuuco
of alunato , illctnml
wat i , It 'H a > ry
or tain l > y all drugyUtj and
alum e
Til :
- l u union liak. Ir II , < pa
* t > . f < 0uau ' A > . t.ur ( * * ! ' * ' .i l' u tMtctrtV' ) aa
i U.ttu'.Kllll til. J u 1 HjlUlJhfflO 't t - * 1
- - -
77. CO
' lh ; > i iiJ ' * St. l '
Yiosirattor . Ability , ficnlal and
Phvslcnl VV aUnesfi [ tit. curlulnnil jthcrAtJoc-
llon& ol ftuoat. SKlit or lUncs ,
oiii Sores nnd Ulcers , < . ircujvti V L
M ( * , on * n fli'UtiU , * jHio'.j- . m 4 l'rl
Diseases Arlslnu trum lnuUcr lion
txposu/o or lnduts&acet. . i > t > iuro '
vtlu iiv | H'CU ' L iut Ur.KtlliVf , dill
iiJ vld' cutv iJn. r\ yttJ oj ttu ft * , i. | Vj
tirriVtiitola * vcU / * rienuic
rcnUrtrinc Marri ? 9 impiopei or uauiPpv. u
iruntaiiyrr. J. I'MftithM Wse ) tt k l l i , * i \
a tali 1 ( UUl V t ffv to li y \iri. . Ci * lUtiwU IV ff ;
1w vi ty i&Ail frvv. nuJiuvl > l Writ * t i * jAi. Uii .
Positive V/rhren Guarantefj
cnctt * kvUtartl l rt lit Ik nt * .8tcTtrjwhcr * . *
or Uiruun.Uft i > acc , d *
r13 s s ?
1 fiwKJi-tl , . " ' 'Jr.
Tt. . medicine , romblnlng Iron with
KCtoblo tonic * , fjuirltly nnd rornpletolj
t tins IMftprpxIn , jmlinrMlnii < - ( H ,
1 mjiiirnlllorMldtliiliirlntClillNnitil rcvern ,
, \nmilijln. .
His nil unfailing rcmftly for Diseases of the
KhlncjH nnil l.lvrr.
It ta liunlunlilt for I > lsen cs peculiar to
tVoinon , nnd nil uho lend > e < lentnry lives.
ItiloesiioHnliiro tlittPCtli.foii'ehfn'liiclic.or
produce comtlpntioit of/iT Iran rncillcmr * do.
Itcnrlclicsnnil purlrVs the Mood , Mlmnlntrs
tlio nppotltp.nUls tlio fwlmllntlon of food , ro-
llovi" ? llcnrtburn nnd Helphlnsv tend strength-
tin the muscle ? nnd nerjcs.
I or Intermittent FcvcM.ljissltrxTe , iJirkof
rucrRV , > Ve. , It lu'u no cijnM.
St ) TliefffTiuIno Imsnboiotrndetnnrknml
croiscil realities on nrapiic. * . Take no other
n.d.cnlriir inwws IIIKJIICIL to , nminoiiF , r .
.zfUMlsjntelintlie BROAD CUIh . ; eln tnc
Ever offered tb-tlic uubllfco
Tbo Btearnghlpi of this vcll-ny ! n line are bu'.lt eton
on , In water-tight oompmtaioiih , nnd are furaish-
with every requisite to make ih pr > ssago bhth
ito nnd ngrjeabls. They tarry tCte United Stitea
nd Kuroptno malls , and leave New York ThtJcu-
kysandbntnrdaye for Flyaiouth ( LONDON ) Ciibr-
3urp , ( PAltlS ) and HAMHUHO.
Kates : Sttersjo from Kiraps only ? 18. Ffcrt
abln$56 , { Afiand $76. Steerage , 0' lr
Henry PunA Mark Hanson , F'.K. > JooresM. Tc- ,
ontaln Omclia , Oronoweg & Sohoenfejeti , ngontu ) }
ouncll Bluflfs. C. B : RICUAltD & CO. , Ocn. Fua
K'ta , 81 HroaiT7C.y , N. Y. Cb-A llcamln kl & Co-
L'ncril Weotern Ajcnta , 170 Washington St. , Clilca
. iies.tcstrdir. 'ajfoptyrc lira
* * l > ici > lj'rt.ftlcv. Sstninnl
/enkncss. NiRht Lcst - by Dreaais , Ptaplta on
r Face. Lost Minhood , . sJ/t1FfJ/r < irjs < Tliert
mnfjfnrrlint' ! < { . ' Tr s nppropriattr 3 > . . .T.eav
r.concc ustJn eachci-se. Coniultaucas. pcr-
r-il or by Icttrr , nocredly confidential. Kcd-
'Ues sent bv r.'fiil and Express. No inoTis on
accaee to indicate ccr.tcniu or ccndor.
. .
i mnt. . i > urti
Victims of } on tbJuhmpmdoncp.cftu tinn Norvo-e De- *
lity. I'rematuro D uay. and all disoxvtts Itrouafel on
ration or * xovtt.vil ) Ipnrnof
11 euro Nprvoi ao , IjunNHjr' " . It'i ' incallvj- * ? -\lvsl3 , ;
i.nilul'i. ' KM t , . i hiii AIH JIM I \ -
it. Antiimii. ll . .i nvpiivii.i - ii ii
liHiinril ) . h w. h i -I. IIM | i ii i U * u
IliilllNlll 1 ll'li 11 * Otll Wl . I I C > II ll M All I ; | | i I. HAI- . Ill .mil in i-n. t.-.i i Ii i hll.c
/ , uiul cuu bj riicltdr uij lu un lliu.iiul tjy IQu i aiu nt.
Winter Is cwn'ntf , ! it8oancno the you Itii aches
il } > 2lu9. la vU > w eMs fact * o Bay 117 ono of
llnroo'e Jdxitiio Belts. 11oo , dcUxt yon will
> lil lUiounulh-m , SWnoyTrni.ble3 r.a > l other Ills
t flesh la 1 lrto. Do not Jp.ay , but call at our
iou anclexrciiaabslis. No. HJU Douu ! siicct , cr
F OuiHlm.-.u's , li'10 Farnam Jt.,0ir.t.'ii , i' < ob. Or-
re ni'flil ' O O u
anlE itcnrinw Oo. , ol on , Qtv ,
iitm toin. eoooa.\
, Uerrlitna ( , ' Kcwti > t.
is liT
Royal Bfovaiia Lottery I
nt llnvanu , Habu , Every ISi
to 11 E-uys.
CKKJS , j.oo , .nAr.vr3. ioo
Hublfct to no manipulation , not controlled by tit
trtiulu IntureitV It Is tl < I lro3t thlutf In t
iturs ot chance Jn oilstccc * .
FoMnformatlomnil purilcdlumpply toSHISlir ,
, O nAecntvl'12 LVoaamy , N Y. c.ty.
KAUU & CO . 17 W nut Bircot.flt. Louis , Mo
Frank Lobrrno , L. D , , SO WymJotto , Kin ,
21-m.Ve & w Iv
Da , K. (1 Wiuiihi li axi AMD Buys Tur.uuiiviT , &
iiarajittu.l BiiccUo for Jlyetcrla , U | IIOJH , Uoovul-
Ions , H ! * , I < cr oud H uralgl , I' ailicho , Koivout
rodtratuu c&uroj by iho uga ol rJcohul or tobtiuoo ,
'alnIuAitsa , JlotiUl du rcfsloii. Boltwiliirf ui tbo
rain , 'jojultlig In Iniquity an ( ' < icajilrv' to Kletty ,
ocfty mil Oeath , Prtiu&turo OU ngu , liaronaji , IMI
Il'0\.crln ltliiifi , Iiivoluixary Lcmou Mid Bper-
patKhoiawiucxl b > otcr oxutlontol lu ! tro'ji , self.
Uuwcroisr Indulgence. ach bux , cuitalnv cnt
oi\ith''i Wt-atm&nt , $1.CO k bnx.oi blx bottlei lor
'i.i-0 , nib oy itallreV4lj [ a rocUpt ol prtM.
ra curl IDV rue. WUKc&ch cuJcr rccolted by an
Mr Bis koUlin , Bcoor.ivlUhcd 5Cktxiv will
hopurcb > icr our r.Ui.u giuiantoa 10 rotund the
ucDoy lithe trratmtuicu'ooii not cOectaoure. Ouav
intrtsIpnuxl only br JOHN C : WKST k CO. ,
) y S8.mi ry 'fdi ' Maillaon St. , Uhlci o , IU.
llMlilcuoo No , 14C7 JanM Rt. 0 ffco , Xo.'Hl ! > fir
'm bt. Oil ! co tourt It ! ta. lo I | > . in. tn * I'1 tu ? I
1'iH T TfcJM't ' 'tottct VI ' | ti v\ ' ! ( . .
The remarkable growth of Omahn
during the last foTT yearn is a matter of
great ast oniahmout to those who pay an
occasiona 1 visit to this growing city. The
development of the Stock Yards the
necessity of the Bolt Line Iload the
finely paved stroota the hundreds of now
residences and costly business blocks ,
with the population of ou ? city nero than
doubled in thu Itst five years. All thte
is a great surprise to viahora airf is thf
admiration of our citizens , Thlo rapid ?
growth , the biasinais ncth-ity , nsd the
nany substantial' improvements madn a
ivoly demand for Omaha real * estate , and
every investor hns tnndo a handsome
Since the Wall Sttoofc panic Z&st Mjy ,
with the subsequent sry of hard times , ,
: hora hacbcon less domniid froni'spocub-
: ere , but a fair deir.nnd from investors
looking homos. Thir latter class are
taking advantage of low prices in build
ing matcria ) and are securing thoit 'homes
at much loao cost than will w > posciblo a
year honoo. Speculators , too can buy
real osta * 3 cheaper now aad ought t > take
advant present piises for fatnr
Jprofi a
Th foyr years promise * greater
vohprnonta in Omaha than the past
i o yoari.which have beoa1'as good aa
WB could reasonably dcsiro. Hfew nian > -
Uibcturlngiostabiishinonts azd largo job
biaj ? IIOUBM are added almost weekly , and-
all add to iho prosperity of Cmntea.
There nro many in Omaha and throughout -
out the State , who have their- money let
the banks drawing a nominal ? ate of n-
toroct , which , if jcdiciously Invested in
Omahn real' cotato , would bring them
much' ' greater roturno. Wo have many
bargafas rrhich' wo are confident will
bring the purchaser ! brge profit ? ' in the
near f ituro.
Wo-havefor sale- the fines } ? resi
dence property in the norlh1 and
western parts of the city.
North TVO have fiiia lots at reason
able prices on Sherman , avenue , 1 7 > th ,
frSth , 19th and 2Ofch streets.
West on Faruam. Davenport ,
Cltuminjr , and all the leading stre3ts
in that direction.
The grading oH Fnrnam , Califor
nia and Davenport strseta has mode
iccessible some of the finest and
jlieapest re. idencH property in the
jity , and wilh the building of the
street car line out Farnum , the uro-
perty m the Avesternpartof the city
vill increase in value.
We also have the agency for the
Syndicate and Stock Yards proper
ty in the south part of the city. The
levelopments made in this section
y the Stock Yards Company and
ue railroads Avill certainly double
he price in a short time.
We also have some fine busines-j
ots and some o'legant inside
lence. " for sale ,
Parties wishing toanve.sfcwill find
onie good'b tii u
i3 Siiuth 14th S
Bet * veeE > Farnlmuii and Douglas.
P. S. Wo ask these wha have
property or sale at a bargain fco give
IIB a callAVp want only bargains.
We will1 positrroly not haudle prop-
arty sb rjoreihan ! its rerJl value.