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Monday Morniug Nyvoinbcr 3
-Tlie fnwrM of Kltra Mllcliel will
! from Uio rwUhnco of .1. J. Hrowtt , InO ,
Shoiiimiimonuo tlili nftornoon i\t „ ' o'clock
tlio lutormoiit to IKin 1'rwiH-ct HlHcoiiwlMj
Dean MlllMttURli wlN conduct the MrtlcM.
- dipt.V. . . ' . llroatcli ii rnUllwl In * firi-a
dial of crt < llt for lii | t of tli work In Mint
Itifj the icinl | > lion ilelfc-Ulon to Counui
HlulT * VfUlny. He did the Krt ler i > att o
tlio work Hiul bfoftinn r 9 | > oiilblo for nil bilN
The * UUo convention of tlio V. M. C. A
will hold Us liny tcxtioiu in 1U room * Hotth
o t corner of Viftwith anil rnnmin , ixni
thcwo of the livening in tlio I'rfsbytorlni
church. Ne\t Snnil.-xy v\rnli'B ' n Brand union
moolinc of nil the tity clmrchsi w ill bo hch
In tlio opera home.
The fourteenth annual ball of the Dnran
Knglno couuwny No. I will lie holil nt 1'al
coner's thai ) , tlili menuiR N'o\ ember 3
CommltU'O of nfHinKcmfnU , Hint Honnoy
I'eter Daiutall. TUos. McMillan. .1. Vamplcw.
Supper will to giu-n in the hall.
A * ! the "kids" hail moro fun thai :
conlil well bo piled in thri'O plloi Kridaynlght.
Oatw wcreimhinpcil , nigm wcro trnnnfi-rrcil
null thing * In central turned topiy turvy. No
rre ttrra t mad * anil ovorylnxly neomi'il to
concede tbat it wai the "lio ) " 'night out.
The extent of tindnmngo doiio \ > y tlio
fire \ lll not oxcool S30.1W1 , fully covered
by insunuico. Th'J two upper stories of thu
( till liotuif , alcohol hoiuo iitul elevator are do
utroycd with the Jam's column. The distil
tery will start nt thooarliwt posidblo ditto and
all tlw I'tnployoi ii-o now busily ongaifoil pie
pail" ? for the machinery that 1ms been order
< ) d anil will soon ho hero.
The Nebraska annUomry of JhptUt
churchoj will bo hoi I iu the 1'irst Uaptlut
cuureh In thia city , coinmencliiB Tuisday
toornicjr , Xoteiubcr 4th. On Wednesday eve
nloR and Thursday will bo hold the Sunday
school contention In the iumo placo. On
Thursday evening will opoa the seventeenth
aanual meatlnp of the Baptist state conven
tion. This meeting will continue through 1'rl
tUy and Saturday.
County Clerk Lea\itt and hi * clerks liavo
btj.n busy to-day getting ready for election
For each polling place envelopes , ncalltg wax
needles , thread , pens and penholders , pencils
and iu fact , everything needed will bo sup-
ulied. The ballot boxes for the country pro-
cinta will bo nont nut this ovunlng ; these in
the city will bo taken out by Mr. Loavitt at
eorou o'clock Tuesday morning , and it is im
portant that ono of the judges should bo at
each { Hilling place to receive tlio anno.
A sotnatlomil story appeared In an even
ing paporFriday to the effect that a married
woman who was loft in this city by her Imi-
band had been euttced to Mollin Wright's
sporting house and that the landlady kept her
trunk in payment for board. It now trans
pires that the woman referred to his not Rot
any husband , nnd that she wont to Jlollie
Wright's and btggcd to stay , and that upon
- taking her departure eho was not only allowo 1
to taka her trunk , but that the landlady re
fused to take any pay for her board. The
paper referred to tays that a gentleman iu thU
city offered the woman money to 70 to her
huaband in Chicago , but that she teftuod it
and preferred to go back to Mollie Wright's.
The Academy of Music wai well filled
Saturday night to witness tha fint appearance
n | Oaaka of Whitehall andSullj's negro
minstrels. Tlio troupe in over fe.itnro equali
the performance ] of the beat average burnt
cork companlej and met with the h'arty
sympathy and liberal applause of the whole
house. The song and dance sketches are
artistic , the jokca and tonga fresh , now ,
and excellently rendered , tie exhibition of
-contortion give by Kirhi 11 "groit , " the
specialties are all well presented , and tbo
afterpiece , coined by local genius by tte way ,
is stupendously mirth-provoking. This same
company oppeara agiin Wednesday night In
a benefit for the mother of James J5arrett ,
the unfortunate member of the company ,
whose death from diphtheria , n week since ,
was reported in these columns. Ke.xt Satur
day night the troupe play at Dohany'j opera
-houto in Council lilulTn.
S re olio Seal of North Carolina Tobic
Mrs. S. Schlesingor nnd daughter. Miss
Fannle , have returned frcm a thrco week
trip through the east.
Rev. 13. A. Foj-lestrom , the worthy pastor
of the Swedish Lutheran church , was given a
surprise party and a gold watch by tha joung
people of his church on Friday evening ,
Andy Atkins , traveling agent of tha 1 ! . & .
O. , li in the city , nnd announce ] 'M Intention
to distribute 2.0CO red books throughout the
city to-day.
Mr. Frank Williams , advance agent of 'La-
cy'j 1'lantera Wife" combination Is at tno
MHlard making arraogempnU for the appear
ance of his company in this city on Saturday
W. W. Slabougb , K I. , a young man and
ono of tha ambitioui young men of the West'
ern Reserve In Ohio U in the city , looking
after a suitable place for a location , Intending
atnodUtant data to take Horace Greely'i
advice to "go weit and grow up with the
country , "
X. D. Borden , Flattimouth ; John A. Arm
strong , North 1'latte ; ! ' . S. Klfp-nr , I ! . I ,
Fuller , Weeping Water ; F , Reamer , Jr. ,
Husticira ; Harry Collioge , I.mooln ; Frank K ,
Caffey , Fort Robinson ; W , C. Curtli , Den
vcr ; W. W. Fuller , Chicago , ai.d Mrs. L
WcbdUr , Kir.sii ) City , are at tna Metropoll
t n.
Army Ordcru ,
Uccraits Patrick Htggina and Micbao
Ljons , enlhted at Foit Douglas , L'tah
ara aiaigned to company I , Sixth in
fantry ,
First Liout. Willhm E. Holfman
Ninth infantry , will proceed to For
Bridgjr , Wyo. , and report to the com
minding oflicar at that for assignment to
thu temporary command of compiuy 0
Hinth infantry.
The travel directed is necesiary for th
public service.
lUcruit E'iwin D , Waterhous ? , en
luted t Furt Dnn lai , UUh , ia aaaignoi
to company II , 0 ; > i infantry.
The IB VO nf abjencj f rran ' " ) da ;
XT wt a I > t Lieutenant F. II K Kr/steui
lil t If Inn try , in rvrJon No. 10 ! ) . ( Utei
Port Sidney , Neb . Ootr b r 31 , 18&1 , i
extended t antyhr (2S ( > d < js , wi
prrnUtion to aupljr tit Un diurt ri D
vltinn fit the Mi touri , for au
of one ( I month.
Folof Nrrth Carolina Smoking To-
is thu be t.
Ttic Steamboat "Missouri U , S. " Moored
al tbc Foot of Farnam ,
Tin1 CnptnlnM HiMiilnUceiiccs of Tom
Ili'nton ,
Ycalorday afternoon while about BOO
pprsonn were gazing intently upon the
workmen engaged in placing the derailed
H. & M. switch engine upon the truck , a
uleamboat was scon coming down
around the bend of the river. I > jforo
tlio boat had reached tlio bank at thu
foot of Farnam utrcet , the crowd had
translorrod itself from the U. P. bridge
to the place whore it was about to moor ,
and aoomcd lost in wonder at the epecla-
clo presented.
The bo.t proved to bo the ' 'Missouri
I' . S. " which wont up the river three
years ago hat spring. It in a stern
wheel steamer with n twonoy-fivo foot
jcam and ono hundred and forty foot
tool. This boat was built by the I" . S.
; ovornmont to bo used on the Missouri
n making a survey of the river and the
alloy. This service , which was bran
3ver four years aqo , consists in moasur-
tig the distance from bluff to bluff along
, ho river , ascertaining the nature of the
oils , the depth of the river , the mote-
ial of its bed and in short all the facts
ivhich make a complete topography of
his stream. This work comes under the
nginccrs' departmental Washington and
ias been lending valuable aid both to
ho government nnd the people living
long the river bank. The work has
icon fully completed from .Sioux City to
'iorro. Next spring the boat will again
o up the river to Benton , Montana ,
vhoro tlio work of again taking up the
urvoy of the river and valley -rill. It ia
bought it will take abouttnro years moro
o complete the survey to the source of
) f tho"river. . When this service wai
lone along the Missouri in this atato
snly the river was worked , the valley ,
for some reason , not being surveyed.
The "Missouri U. S. " ia novr on her
way to Glasgow , Mo. , vrhoro she and her
row will moot Captain AVeliman , civil
uginoor in charge of the survey. The
vork at that point will bo taken up ana
ircotod toward the mouth of the river
uring the winter.
Captain Li Barge , a genial old gentle-
nan of 70 and a man who has spent his
fo upon the Mississippi and Missouri
vcra , is in command. Uundor instruc-
lens ho stopped at this point for mail
orivarded to the Omahn ppstollico , but
ot being abio to got it until this morn-
ig , will Ho over until that time.
Captain La Uargo has boon at work
pen and along tnia river over since the
ear 1851. At that time ho was In the
mploy of the American Fur company ,
nd visited stations along the Missouri ,
mong which wore Bellvuo nnd Fort
abeno , a short distance above Omaha.
Ir. L ) Barge is a Missouriin by birth
nd was reared In St. Louis , lie was
roll acquainted with Ool. Tom Benton
rhcn that great man was at the zenith of
is intellectual power. "Tho Pacific
atlroad , " said Mr. L * Birp.e , "was a
homo about whir.h ho always loved to
alk. " "You will aeo the day , " said
3dl. Benton in 1851 , "and 30 will I ,
vhon this concinent will be spanned by
he Pacific railway. " But thit great
run lived to see only the beginning of
it favorite scheme. "Another great
sprcwion of Col. Benton , " siid Capt
a Birge , "was to point hu forefinger
oward the west and say , "Iu time that
ill bo the east. "
Tha boat will leave this morning at 0
In Ev-rollc'rma't Stint In tlio Uccl by
a Ijlquor Vernier.
Saturday night at about 7 o'clock Ales
ndor Black entered the saloon on the
orner of Thirteenth and Center streets
E which premises ho is owner , and lots
o a party for liquor vending perposos.
31ack demanded of the bir-kcopor , it is
aid , certain advances upon rent not yet
uo. Being refused Black seated hiimolf
iear a pool table at uhich lion. I. S. lias-
all , city alderman , and John Stevenson
ivcro plajing pool. A quarrel was in
erne manner engendered betv eon the
ittor gentleman and Mr. Black , whotnin
slows wcro exchanged until Black feeling
hat his pugilistic prowcsa was not equal
0 the exigencies of the case and pro-
luclng a pistol ho shot at Stevenson ,
> ut missed in his aim and ,
13 Stevenson ran behind the bar to ch
ain the pistol belonging to the bar-
ccoper , IId. Stoyonson , however , so
ured two or three shots ut the tluoing
Mack , ono of which took effect in the
ugltivo'g heel , Before Judge Andor-
on , a short time after , Alderman lias-
Ball swore out a warrant for Black's or-
rc&t , which was served and thu prisoner
reloanod upon $ . ' 100 bail. Subsequently
uiplciom rumors came to the oar of the
jondsman , and In company with an elli
cor ho wont to Black's house , whore
ho culprit was found and started to jail.
n route , however , by some adroit ruse ,
31ack evaded his captors and lied. Uo
a still at largo.
( , ' < > itregilniikl ; | ! Services ,
In this church , at the regular morning
service , Hav. Shorrill preached his usua
able Sunday sermon to a largo congrega
lion. The pulpit was boautifullyadornuc
by a IIoral decoration made by Mrs.
Clark Woodman and Mri. M , O. Cole.
The decoration coniittcd of a man of
beautiful cut ( lowers interwoven in such
a manner BS to make the numbara " 18i ( ! ) "
and " 188-1" plainly visible upon thum ,
the first being the date of Itar. .Shemll'a
taking up hit work in thit church ,
Yesterday's lerinon was the beginning
of liev. Sherilt's sutoanth year of Ubur
with his Omaba congrexitioii , and thu
members cf hii chu ch in grateful re
membrance of hU past work hid presented
sented him with thU token nf esteem.
lUr. Sherrill in returning thank * for the
same ) wa deeply moved
In the erumng H younx people's nor
vice was held. The m ntirt ( irasj first
addre ied by ( ianrgii T Howaer. who
ai Jon irtontitied with tha Yauos ( Mcn'n
CbriitUn AisooUtion of tnls city , and
who , aft r serving that orgnrilzttiun foi
t-rn y .ui in Cnictgo , has been olcotvd tr
thu general mtorntnr ) thip < > f that tsiocu
tc n in Cuicinnvi , er.Urioj { upon hu dn
1 tias at an'early date.
* Oi < n O. O IIotrrd , who rapres ntw
( h You"g M n'l Carutian Ajsoclatui
of Omaha , at thn iittarnlli > Ml vnMi
( Ion In Horlln tu AUR\IU Ul , Ka\
brief , a history ol his > l it to thai
and the worktiiRs of that body \\c \ \
of the lordly hospitality in nhiah ho
tntortaincd nnd the able nunncr ii
which the convention was rtddtCMod lv
delegates from various iiiartcrs | of ( lit
globe , some spoikiiiR in three Ungiuco
French , German nnd Knglish. H <
address was full of interest from Its b
ginning and was listened to by his and
ionco , principally of young people , will
the greatest attention.
The Woman's riirlttlsn As'.oclntiiin'
I'oi'tUi * Sloiillisnf Octo-
tf f and Nt
The following donationj have bn r
ceived : From Mr. Pnndt , $5 ; from a
frirnd , $1 ; a pocketbook cwnUiniDg $15
clothing from Mri. Harttaan , Mr * .
Smilty , Mrs. Bennett , Mr * . Merc r. MM.
Armstrong , Mrs. Beard. Mrs. N. PS-
rick , Mrs Alice Brown , Mr * . Romwr ,
Mrs. Poploton , Mrs. Divison. Mrs. 1'w-
kius , Mrs. Moycr and others. Ti uV > ! < ii
from Mr. Vandereooi. sad
now and then sent in a iev fc r trii
association wishes to &sr-M :
espeially to Mr. i'leaimtac , 'bo
jlven thetn ntarly eTeata f.v
.imo. To Mri. J. Miilird w * xr *
grateful for sendin ? cailt t-- > the >
It is very eiiy to lU TU c-i the brip rt
have received but of tic beJp pro
but of the work dana , ths i , If
can never be told. Mioy pxsr
and child hu been tn decoraforub'.e
fall with the old clothing you hive
to us. Great ha.3 been the demand foe
old shoes , cloakt , hits and hoods for
amall children. Cjuld you sro the good
wo can do with these clothes you would
never bo tempted to throw them away
or to sell them , having once received
their value , We find many needing a
cook stove , Should any of you have one
that you wish to dispose of , please send
word to Mrs. Peysley , city hall , corner
of Sixteenth and Parnain streets , giving
her your address in full. During the
last few months our matron's reports
show that over two hundred homeless
: \nd frlondlesa ones have received protec
tion , given homes and permanent work.
Most of these have boon poor women ,
, 'oung girls and children , a few youc ; men.
Ono poor insane girl was cared for until
icr friends could find her. NYhat would
iavo boon her fate without help at the
.lino needed' ' Could you aeo the grate-
ulness of these poor people when helped ,
ind weeks afterward do they often return
.o thank us for the assistance si von at the
ight time , aoniotimoa dropping on theii
cuces and thanking God for the ox-
stenco of such an association. Could
? ou work with Mra. Poysloy ( only ono
rook ) you would realize the great need
> f a permanent homo large enough to
: arry on this great work. Already a
iart of the city has been canvassed
yj a cominlttoa of ladies ap-
jointed to solicit aid for this home ,
vhich wo propose to build or buy as soon
13 the city has been well canvassed. The
unount already received and deposited in
ho bank for this purpose and no other 13
J22IJ 93. For raising funds for our
winter's work , wo propose 1st , a lecture
' 'Africa and the
ay Gen. Howard upon
5oudan , " to be given , in the opera home
November 2oh.Ye trust the people of
Daiaha will attend thu lecture , enjoy it ,
ind at same time help a noble ciine.
Secondly , to secure a room suitable for
e-itauraut purposes , thin honing to he
ro me self-supporting.
Thirdly An appeal has been made to
; he Ministers' Aa-iociation asking the
ninutera to interest all to work In the
Denevolsnt societies in thU city. SiJ/ew
low carry on the great work , willing
lands are as much needed as money many
: imc3.
A home is wanted for two boys aged
Lt and 15 years , respectively , ono an or
phan , the other has a mother. Apply to
the association room3City Hall. Please be
ready to respond liberally to tbo ladies
when they call upon you to build or bay a
homo But it is not nectary to wait to
bb called upon , you can send any amount
however small , to the treasurer , Mra. G.
B Kniaht , corner of Webster snd Twenty-
second street , Omaha , and it will ba very
gratefully received.
Last evening the enlarged Stadt thea
ter was filled bmh up and down stairs
when Adolf Muellar'n popular play ,
"Dcr Muinoidbiuer , " was presented.
Ono of the principal attractions was the
first appearance or Ilorr Julius Kcsalor ,
the famous Gorman comedian , who sus
tained the role of Mathiai Ferner. It
was very apparent from the first that
Mr. Keealor had created a very favorable
impression on the audience and the ap
plause which greeted him was both
hearty and frequent. Ho is an excellent
actor in his ! inu and will prove a valua
ble acquisition if ho stays in the gate
The full force of the stock company
very ably supported the guest , an thu
Germans atylo a visiting actor , and taken
as a whole the performance last night was
an eminently creditable ono and was re
ceived with groaf favor.
STANNAUD-Tn Una city , NovnmlxT L'd , at
1:3. ) . in. , .May , cluiiiht ; < tr of William and
Katn SUcmanl , a 'oil 1ear and ii diiya.
Fun ral to-t'ay , Nc tmbcr 3d , at 1 ! p. IP. ,
from the resilience , Nineteenth and Williams
tr < rt.
CAMKUON-IntliU rlty , N'nvomW 21 , n
< UiKliter of JumeH ti , C.iineroa , aged t
A tarn ,
] < 'iim < ral to-day , November 3d. at 2 p. m. ,
friin thn residence , earner of Kin ) ; and IIIun <
do ftlfB'l.
JOHN'HON In thiicity , Novemlwr Ut , n !
llt'l : ; H. m. , M ry , ilmighter of Mr. and
Mri .TohniM > n , gi > d 7 ) oar ,
I'imerft' ' Vday at 10 a. m. from thu rcnl-
denco , 1 197 Buiith Koiir'eonth utrcet.
Tito Ulcyrlu
The 100 mllu race between Miss Ar-
maindo and Willhm Patterson took place
Saturday afternoon , thu onntestanti
starting at 0.25. On the fiftieth mih
the tire to the lady's b.cyclo broke , ant
iho fell from her racing machine. An
other ono wai ofTiuotl hnr , but she refused
fused to USA it , saying ho had hurt hei
knee in the fall. Frank Parmitltin , the
refuroo , decided to withdraw the stakes ,
and declared Patterson thn winner of tin
race , Mri. Anmlnd.'n objootions to thi
contrary uotwith Undinr/ .
Morlny , pupil of Henrietta Crane
Kill givd intimation in the Dxla-trtu tyt
tern of oratory F. r irfurniatioii rill a
room 20 IIith ; Srlto. . | betwu. n 8 M an <
30 a , m. and 'J and 1 p in. , S ' 'irJ ' y
30 eod
AU u\tiiiiii iii rixui-on ( oittio \ ( \ \
Oi IronImposition. .
following stnllstlcs In rcgnril tc
the inMHitoclurlnc intorosta of Oninhn
wcro compiled by Mr. Clotii Chnao , cdi
tor of Iho Onmhft Kxcolslor :
At the request of .lolin M. Burks
lv 1- , of Lincoln , sub-commissioner t (
secure mxtiut.tctiiritiK alatiatica nf the
sUUe of Nebraska for exhibition D
Now Orl iis , the editor of this paper
has pre jr d n report covering nil the
wanufActur'.Pi ' , indtmtrics of Omnha
ThM dgu > vs will bo diaplnyod at thu
gr * t lotithoru exposition to advortisD
o r n4t rn uotrci > alia to the world
T3 * siww.ii. ; is Avondorful. Exclusive
of tl * U UMr. . cific shops the amoum
of MftTxl inrstoil in the nine leading
i J ! ciri . ( OniAlia 13 four million , ono
i Amt t-s.i fifcy-tivo thousnud dollars.
Ortc 5 fijTj > luuulroil hands nro cm *
, vhoiu is paid $040,000 in
Th # value of matorinls used
i > .V)00 ! . , and the vnluo ol
4tilCU ) Htinunlly.
t ) i exhibit in full bolow.
hsa taken conaidorablo
. TKK 1'Al'KIMl HOl'.NK.
iiwi fw.rc tablishmon(8 ( will ; 200
/ > Tvbrtm $ T > 0,000 n yo-ir is paid in
v-HC'f > n. CHfHtJi-l probably amounts to
Sr.lfMIm ( ( , < : s.\\COO was used last year ,
i tit SM.OOO put in buildings.
' vi.lnr of pr.ducta nmonnts to 2,000-
t'ifif ) j , 3.r. .
l.n.l.f.T.r' WIRKIVMI'ANY.
Ct.j > fU.X fv \ > 0 : forty hauda cmploy-
* d. v-kcfiK , SIS.OOO ; value of material
csfri , S20.\O.V product250,000. .
C j ul , $ : : \000 ; surplus , $35,000 ; 90
o lih ) ompkvcj ; waijos paid , 810,090 ;
ralae of products , § 100,000. This
oomp ar h.\s been in bueinosa in
) aiiiba only n year and a half , mnnti-
ictures ICO to 125 barrels of Hour
every twenty-four hours Inlo SOO to
,000 boxes of crackers , and has a ca-
)3city for J50 barrels. Tholr trade ox-
ends through Nebraska , Missouri , Minno-
ota , TO.XBS , Colorado , Idaho , Montana ,
) akota , Wyoming , Now Mexico and
The Omaha and Grant smelting and
oGninp company has the enormous capi-
al of § 2,500,000 , a sum moro than half
ho combined capital of all other establish
ments. It pays $250,000 in wages to
00 hands , and its annual products are
aluod at SM.OOD.OOO
The capital ii § 100,000 , paid in ; 140
, auds are employed ; wages , § 80,000.
? ho value of material used is , old rail
nd aorap iron , § 98,000 , coal g35,000 ,
miscellaneous $4 , 503 , total § 137,000 ; and
5259,000 represents the products.
The capital of the South Omaha stock
yards ia put at § 500,000 ; 150 hands are
imployod , $103,000 paid thorn during
he year ; stock passing through is valued
t $3 000,000 , and products are § 420-
00. i The buildings and land and tracks ,
reclusive of the picking house , coat
about § 300,000.
Capital , $90,000 ; 40 hands ; salaries ,
$20,000 ; ma'.efiala used , § 150.000 ; value
of products , $250,000.
Capital , § 200,000 ; ninety hands ; sal
aries , § 40,000 ; materials used , 210,000 ;
products , -2,292,000 , including taset .
? he valce of the grain used average }
orty-five cenU per bi'shel , and the
pints manufactured in worth twenty-
ire cents pet4 gallon exclusive of revenue
tax. The revenue tax averaged per
month in 1883 , § 150,000. The
capacity of the distillery per
day i.i , bushels 2,215 , gallons
208,800 , with storage room for 10,000
> arres ! of bonded whiskey. Fifty-five
ons of soft coal per day h uied , and in
1882 , 1900 head of cattle wore fed from
he slops. The average monthly a lea
aat year vrero $150,000.
The Woodman Oil Wurka employ
sixty men at § 10,000 salary ; paid up
cpital , SIM.OOO ; mitorials ujdd , § 350-
000 ; products , $5-10,000.
SATCBUAY , November 1.
Board met pursuant to ttijouniment
Present , C iMmijaicaar-i Knight ,
O'Keeffd and Corliss. Minutoi of meeting
iicld October 25th read and approved.
The clerk was instructed to return § 10 ,
the amount deposited in road 35 1 li to W.
S. Barber.
The following account/I were allowed :
Michael Fox , luitbor for county . $ 3 08
" " " " . 1'j | r
Ailarn Htrlnglinc , Ininber for Cfjunty. . U'J 00
Kar k Thelson , on account grading
near Millard . 31000
Altxrt Timber y , crodlni ? in section
IS 10 , 12 . 118 20
T. .1 Nolan , work on road . lit 50
N. If. TlinniM , workonroail . 1)3 ) 00
H. Wahlecker , work on road . I CO
John Verbeck , work on road . ! ) OD
Orcar Hill work on roul . 7 SO
I aviil Hofman work on reid . 7 r > G
1) . Ueyo , work on rood . 1I CC
Noliui , work on mail . ! ) 0 ! )
McCI noi < an , grading nuar Me-
ru'fiaii'fl . . ( /IK
II. Teitgo , work on roml . 30 00
II It . r , work on road . 1000
It. Thorn CM , work en road . 51 0(1 (
Nicholas Cruiut' , MO k n road . . ' ! ( > Of
I' . I' , ( iilb rt , worlcon road . 00 00
I ) H. Drown , work on mind . > ! . ' { fit )
F. Mngio : grading In r o II , Hi , I' ' . . 1 'i ' < > ' <
WllUnl WuUli , woik on ro.vl . . 'M ( X )
Jas. Wal.h , ( { rnduiK at CrotaloV Hill. l ! > l.r
V. 1 * . Mfxirti' , ticket for jioor . 3 K
K , K. Moons , titkpt fi > r | io.i . 7 75
Adjourned to November 5th.
H. T. LKA > ITT , County Clerk.
Funeral Held Ycnlen1nyAI
trr/ioon , tlinl nf Mallu Taking
I'liii-i ! To-rtjiy ,
The lilt iad rites over the remains o
0. C WiUon , thu ill fated unuinour o
the li. & M. switch engine , were heh
yeaterday afternoon. A short samcu
was hold at thu homo of the deceased a
Fifth niul Divuvm ntroats , conJuctot
by Ovurland \ < \ a N > . 123 , cd" tli
brotherhood of buomotlvo vngineors
Thu remains were nccompaniod to ( Joun
cil Hlullit by twenty uight. member * o
'O ' crliMid Ijilgo an I wuro thwrn p'aco
obartfu of Jh Uijy , J Kiel
Tom KUodJi. II. 0 , OahOiv , Law Buuder
Ifttul , 1 * Hrummols nnd I , . Arnold , n
ftpuciiil escort nppoinlud by the brothiir
hood of this city to nccompany the bod' '
to its final resting place at Shanandonh
Invra. Besides the escort thn remain
wcro accompanied by the wife , father
brother nnd sistora of the unfortu
imtn engineer and were Intorrci
in the ccmotory at Shciiandoah , lown
after a aormnn and the regular burin
services had boon held in that placo. The
members of the lodge turned out in their
now regnlu purchaecd on last Wcdnca
day , and all were expressions of deepen
sorrow for the loss of their csteomod niu
worthy brother.
The funeral of Daniel Mnlin , the fireman -
man , will bo held in the Blutl'4 thia after
noon. A ahort service will take place ill
his rosidoncp nt Sovrnth and PACtlio n (
noon in this city , after which the remains -
mains will bo t.ikou to the Blulfs , ncoom-
panled by a committee of his brother fire
men , Ilia wife nnd othrr rolativca who reside -
side in that city. The regular funorn
service will bo held in the Baptist church
jn that place , after which the Intcrmonl
in the cemetery will tnkn placo.
FOK. SALE A good family horjp ,
buggy and harness. L , A. RATH ,
Post Oflico Box HO.
The Iowa City Republican editor
wrotna strong article headed "Load Her
l''or Bear , " but when the Industrious nnc
enterprising compositor made it road
"Load Ilor For Boor , " and the citizens
came around Iho next day to call for aov-
oral "aniiluo , " ho promptly wont out and
nurdorcd the typo.
Honl Kslnio TrAnsfcrs.
Tlio follovring transfer wcro filed in
, ho county clerk's otlico Tuesday nnd ro-
) ortcd for the BEK by tlio Amca1 real
estate agency October Mlat , 1884 :
Aug. Kouutzo ol al. to JolmMcShino ,
w. d. , It 14 , bll : 2 , Kouul/.e4th addition.
J. O'Connor otnl. to Convout of Mor-
cy. part lot in soc. 22 , 15 , 13. § 1.
F. T. Davis to .J. U. Erck , q. c. d. ,
t 4 and part It 3 , blk ! ) . § 1.
J. Kmp and wife to L. A , King , w. d. ,
port sec. 23 , 15 , 11. § 1800.
J. Barker and wife to G. E. Barker , q c
, part sec 0 , 15 , 12.
G. E. Barker and wife to J. A. Croigh-
on , w d , part see ! , 15 , 12 § 4000.
J. A , Ilorbach and wife to W. J.
Stribblmpr , w d , lot 12 , block 3 , Hor-
bach's 3nd add , 3700.
Absolutely Pure.
ht pownor never virles. A mrvol 01 purtlty
rtngtli and wholcaomenei' . Hoie ecacomlcal than
10 ordinary kud4iuidcaunotbo ! Enid In competition
with the n.ullituile of low test , Phurt uo'xlit ' alumur
hotpliat jjowder , HolJ o'ly In cans UOYAL
UI.1 Urt IEll CO. , 108 Wall rtreet N. K
Dr. Youngs Electric Belts.
\ , H OK MAS
( Kit ) , UKtKSXXI O
t ) I ) V t \ \
iiH u inn o u
V.O. A MKDrcAt. WOIIK 10 HE OlfKN AH < ibhowllljl
nllortri Iwiw tncy miv 1 ) tiireil , and eoo\r
leath , Htrcriuth and MailjVlor , \ ITIIOIT TIIK
in OK MKDICLNK , will bo Hont freu by po.t cm receipt
I atatnpod mvulono. Ail lrrs ,
1)11. It. YOlJNJ , 1 5 Cana Ptroct , New York
oot-20iii 1m
? ractico Limited to Diseases of the
Eye and Ear.
503 Farnam StraotOMAEIJ
Rural Nebraska ,
The lenlir ; ; ABriciiltural and the Stock journal nf
the west , 20 pantn fcj rulutima , rut and ktltcliod ,
n aicli no foiiu , hu a hamUoinu Illustrated ccner ,
aril h B been iHtahllahcd I5ytarj. 'Iho best moth'
n In nf western f irnilnv , Kruit UrouhiL' , Ktc , and the
IilvoHto , k Intuust of the ( Ira/ing and Ayii-
cultural rrKlunn of the w t , ably ill-tlnU aid re
duced. No ono who till. ) a ( lower cr plant , or a
fi > oft of land , who nuntia her o , cow piic or chicken
uin afford to bo without thu llnral Nebraska.
The Be&t Writers
L'ontribiita to It pajon , Tlio IMItorl-iIii ro crisp , and t'j thu poini , it ii publliiliud at the
low DUbtcrlit o'i pr'toofil ' oou jcar hat a larger
ilrrulut rn than thit of an > dthcr publication of
thli * kind in tbo wbt , and ntetiplfH rt Front Jtank.
unions thu bust Agricultural end block Jour-
L&li In the Cmtcd Htitoi.
The Home Circle.
I > cpirtment < f the Kuril Nubratka U a flpohl
foaturu whuiri Ua > j ruahea It a uclcomo vllitor at
thur'amlly Klrtaido.
Agents Wantsd.
Vie ray IHMm toiH an 1 Local Agent ? a hluger Ca.M >
C'oinni'ii lon than any o her publuhi ra In/iiiurloi
and Kl/ii llnol. * , 1'c-Au Knitcii , WalcUc * , , KHKI
Loll < > and ( ! iili uho ta t Kubicriptloim tor u- >
IlluitraUd I'mrulum I.ut 2 cvntn
The Weekly Bee
And the III IUI , NF.IIHASKA one lear uioh for
it 2i , only .ti ruriU m < ro linn tL > pi leu of the , llr.x
alimu h very U ) ) > nd Irl ulo tends u 10 cent <
cr attunl' * foutllt , tainpla coplra and 1 Hunt riled
I'rvmiuni U t. ulll roccltu an cWiitnt asjortiutnt of
lleautiliil I Icturo Card * . AddrefH
II H H5I1TII iiCO , , UO , ICil 8 lith Bt , Ore h
fv ub. m u
l > , pul.rn. I ' \\illnii < < > m ounil of i ml l.iur in
kixl I.iinu ha ! induced ( uino unirin | ipltd | < n < j li
AtUinj't t" iolii > ( irt a miiiilu urti. ! < l tliuis oui but niv | r'ti ho U ITirin Iron
< ' "UKh . < itliU or < uuauinj I nit , fcbou d IK ) mrifii
Hlmrv t ' i > nn liftMi thtA artii 't U r * | iur < n
purHntf. IUcn i.Util ll < IIM. uru H IN ; riMMii
IIHd.ti i . u > I tlio ( iruprlotur li * u nJ oiili'H'-u
nnniroli ) K" * * " " * " ' " 1'idauin , ri i .iiifUliiH
hixl . - at i 4 > ii i md Kith I'Ai pur. < ' l l.l
\ \ \ \ \ > , In w ' > r I wit'i ' I i > tbiiiiiiilioil
iiH * < ' ' y A t < n ' * } m , lift ' > a
Himebaugh ' & Taylor ,
Buy your Fine Bronzed Hardware at Home for
less than Eastern Cities Can Deliver it.
Send for Our 250 Page Catalogue , only one issued in Nebrassk
Counter , Hay , Stock and Eailroad Track ,
Ordra for Mio Indian Deuartmenfc given for BuQulo Scales ex
clusively. Scale
1405 Douglas Slreet. OMAHA. NEBRASKA
Visitors to the State and others iniieed oi : Men' ? , Boys' andilclren'p
Clothing , will do well to call on
The Strictly One Price House in the City
And examine their goods nnd prices. Th y carry the largest stock , atrl
sell lower than any other house in the city. Merchant Tailors
don't fail to call at
L216. FARNAiW ST 1216
At rfCflpJkwJ-XJ JCA&Tb W Jim
PASarNOEIi KLP.VAT I TO ALL FLOOIIS. | 1208,12C9 on J 1210 Farnam St. , Omaha , Nob.
. . . _ _ _ te3&i * ia ra qrfPHWjH
J03 BRADY ST. , DAVENPORT , IOWA , U. S. A. EatablLshod 1878 Catarrh , j
DoafiieEa , Lung and Nervous Difletwujn Speedily s dl-ermanently Oarod. Patiuntt j
nr id at Homo. Write for "Tiie MKniOAL-MisfiKXNAKY , " for She Pooplo.
OonscltaLion nnd Oorroiipoudonco Oraiie. P. O. 3os 292. TeJephone No. 26.
RON. KD WARD RUSSELL , Postmaster , Davouport , eaya ; " Physician of f
tie * AOlUty and Marked Succees. " CONGRESSMAN K\HHY ) , Davonport.M1
" -'to' : " 'An jQonorabln ITiin. Fine Sticcoas. Wonderful ( . ' 'iron.1 ' UourflS to 6. B ,
: g ; j sr > > J ft * jftt O M * " > fv 3 < ? , O * *
iL JLtMUlftlfl bflsiKtrtliC
" ' ' " " " ' *
snrl MM P 1. . ( c"-1
g i S