Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 03, 1884, Page 4, Image 4

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Oiufthn. Olllco , No. IHO Karimm B
Council lun > onioo , No 1 lcn
Htrcct , Near roft lwy.
New Vork Offlco , Itootu 06 Trlb. .
mblhhod every irntnlnR , except Sunday'
enl ) Monday morning dally.
Oni Teat 810.00 I Three Uonthi I
IliUoiuni t.OO One Month
Vet Week , 25 OouU.
Ttni wnstUT m , ruKLUnio BV T , WJDKMBAI
TMKS rOSn-Att ) .
BtTcat n.001 Three Months (
UMonthi. l.MOnoltonUi. |
A i OomrnnnleMlons relating lo Ncwi and Edlti
niters should bo ddre cd to the Eurroa or
AHBirlnr 9 Letters and Remittance ] ehonli
tdir M < dlaTniiD PoMHm-to Coxrisy , nMJ
Drill * , Checks end PostoflSco orders to bo made |
able to tie order cl tbe company.
K. HOSHAVATHIl , Kdllor.
A. K. Fitch , Mutineer Dally Circulation
0. Box.IS8 Oniftha. Neb.
VOTE for the § 50,000 paving bonds.
Tun vote of Nebraska will bo ab (
nr , ooo.
Is whom do you put your truall
n Colonel Smytho.
DON'T forgot o vote against the rs
road commissioner amendment.
VOTE for the $50,000 paving bone
Public improvements arc what make t
city. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
.loiiN M. THUU.STON and his coon sto
have boon "called back. " They ci
now take a rest.
THE editor of the JixccMor Is nnxio
to know what a mugwump is. Lot hi
look in a mirror and ho will find out.
A CONOUESSMAN who has not boon
bis scat two-thirds of the time ought
bo retired. That man In. ) im Laird.
THE candidates for vice president ha'
boon particularly fortunate in tbis can
paign in escaping sbnndal. Xot ono
thorn has over had a woman jcrapo on li
THE people of Omaha have soon tl
bonofita of public improvements , nt
they will no doubt vote for the § 50,0 (
additional paving bonds to pay for woi
to ba done next year.
was hanging oronnd the Was ]
ington bar-rooms ni ht and day , an
then ho wants the people of the Sccor
district to believe that ho waa nbsoi
from the house on official business.
Von : for William G. Whitmoro for tl
legislature. IIo is a ouooessful farmo
and intelligent and honest man , and hi
had legislative experience iu Moasachi
settj. No bettor man can bo elected '
the leg islaturo from this county.
DON'T forgot to vote for the propoi
tion to allow the board of education
expend § 45,000 , of its own fanda , for tl
erection of tvo now school houses nr
the Durchaso of school house sitoa. AV
need additional accommodationa for 01
increasing school population ,
WILL the 10,000 republicans in tl
Socoad district , who entered their pr <
test through the ballot box two yea
ago against the gravel train and saloo
bumtnor candidate , allow themselves 1
bo whipped in by the political bulldoze :
this year , and vote to disfranchise tin
district for another term of congress ?
THEIIK have boon parades of all kim
during this campaign , but the Bolva Loci
wood procession at Marnhalltown on Ft
day night last is entitled to the first priz
Two hundred men drcsaod In the muc
abused "Mother Hubbard" garment an
ladies' haw paraded the streets with
brass baud * a drum corps , and numoroi
Du. jMiLLEii is needlessly alarmed evan <
an unfounded rumor that the troops ni
to bo called out at Fort Omaha to charg
upon the varioua ballot boxes In this cit
on election day. Without paying an
attention to the opinion of Aaaistar
United States Attorney Bartlett and th
adjutant general of the department t
the 1'latto , it is only necessary to refer t
the constitution of Nebraska , which aaj
that no soldier in the regular army hn
the right to voto. If any soldier doc
vote ho is subject to criminal prosocutio
just the some as any other illegal votoi
l to the Chicago Times.
COUNCIL BI.UKKH , October Hl.-Govcrnc
EhermMi lias ordered the Mierlir hero to ni
point forty deputies for encli of four wards c
the city , with authority to arrest nil police
men interfering at the polls. Tlio mayor i
responsible for the peace of the city , and nc
thn governor , ndtho Buerilf and lilt men wi
not be allowed to Interfere with the police.
It is evident that Oouncll BIulTi wlllb
the scene of a terrible conflict on oloctio
day between the sheriff and his army c
deputies and Major-General Vaugha
and hia hostr. Hero is an excellent or.
portunlty for the gallant mayor to ami
his authority and maintain his dignity
If blood dooen't flow , beer will.
A rnoi'osmoN will bo submitted to th
people on next Tuesday to rant
franchise to the Omaha cable railwa
company. The partloj interested iti thi
enterprise are nearly all Omaha men o
wealth , and moan business. If grantot
a franchise they propose to begin worl
on the cr.bJo railway at an early day. In
atead of asking the city council to gran
therm a franchise , they have resolved t <
aik tbo people , which they are allowed tide
do under the law. The cable railway i
a public Improvement that will call fo ;
the expenditure of a great deal of money
and the people will undoubtedly vote foi
he franohite.
The republicans of Nebraska who
not ma'xo a living out of politics are c
fronted with B grave problem. They
liovo in the cardinal principles of the
publican early , mid nro not yet rcadj
hand over the nflairn of the nation to
domocralic parly. They know that
change merely for the snko of a chai
amounts to nothing. But when pa
leaders urge them to vote nn unscratcl
ticket from president down to coui
commissioner because tin's is a preside
inl year , they very properly hosiln
They are ready to c
thcif votes for Blalno n
Login , but they are not prepared
have Ncbratka roprcscnlcd in congr
by unprincipled railroad capp
nominated in packed conventions ngai
the known wishes of the party. They i
not rcndy for the sake of their party
re-elect moti to congress who havoaho
a reckless disregard for t
material wclfnro of the produce
Can they conscientiously vote for the :
publican state ticket when they km
that the convention was under the cc
trol of John M. Thurston , the polilii
boss of the Union Pacific , and Captt
Phillips , the political boss of the Bi
lington & Misssuri ? Can they vole I
Ed. Iloggon for nocrotary of state wh
they know that ho was an active associn
of Qlcn Kendall in the school land ro
borioa ? Can they support Win. Lcoso f
Utornoy general when they know that 1
was nominated by fraud when tin
know that Frank Hansom , a very cot
Detent man , was counted out bocnuso 1
s a pronounced nnti monopolist at
rlond ofSonator VauWyck while Locso
i bricflosa lawyer who never had a cai
> oforo the supreme court. Js it not tl
) lain duly of honest republicans tor
mdiato such candidatcsandby administo
ng the physic of defeat to teach the rai
oad bosses and dishonest loadora thi
hey cannot foist rascals and imbocili
ipon Nebraska because this is
( residential year. Why should the
'oto for crooks and monopolists on a
; ount of Blaine and Logan ? Why ahoul
hey hand over the state government 1
hiovoa and imbeciles for two yea ;
ongor ? Why should they send any ma
o congress who is owned by the railroac
ml in collusion with land-grabbora ? Th
icxt congress will have nothing to d
riththoprosidontlaHssuoand very little
nything with politics. The next congrei
rill bo a legislating congress and Nobrask
ughtto have thrco members in thi
iody who are loyal to the interests of tli
ooplo. Our state house should bo cloa
d of crooks and jobbers. The thiovi
hould bo impeached or ii
iicted and prosecuted , and the echo
inds leased by fraud should bo rrcovort !
iy action in the courts. Can this I
, ono by electing cadidotos who are tl
lolitlcal creatures of the railroad bossi
nd jobbers ?
But what about Dawcs and Mortoi
ho ono a man of straw who did nt
enow enough to protect the people fro
; no organized gang of thieving specul
; ors , and the other a notorious monop
ist of more than ordinary ability ? B
ween thcso two it is Hobson's choic
, nd ouch voter must decide for himso
rhothor ho will scratch or swallow tl :
Don't forgot the legislature. Dcfoi
very candidate who has a bad record , i
rhom you know to bo wavering In h
onvictions about the necessity of railroa
ugislation. Don't lot Nebraska rcmoi
ndor the heel of the monopolies for tl :
.oxt two years.
What has Charley Brown from Omahi
.ow . running for congress , over done fc
janaistor county that the people slioul
upport him ? Every time ho wn
out up here to the legislature ho trio
irst and last to remove the capitol , t
ill the appropriation bill for the noi
rings to the capitol , to do anything an
vorytlung against Lincoln and Lancas
or county in his power. Thcso ar
ilmn , unmistakable facia and cannot b
leniod , neither by him nor the party h
olongs to. * * * * *
Vhoin does ho expect to work foi
Us dear old "OmahogB , " where ho ha
3on taught and learned to kill Lincoli
very chance ho sees fit. Yes , of course
o nays , "I have to do as my constituent
ill mo. " Yes , poor Brown wants ou
oto in Lancaster county , and ho will go
"in hia mind. " The wholi
> uth of the Platte is up ti
iiat scheme und rnckot , and when tin
atos are all counted Brown will find ou
lat ho has to stay in the "Omaha con
ross' instead of the congress of the Uni
id States. Wo don't want him , Wi
0 not want a man that works only for tin
ty of Omaho.which ho haa always ahowi
horover they send him. While wo al
now ho can never got a republican vet ,
1 Lancaster county , two-thirds of tin
amocrata declare themselves ai-alns
Now , brethren south of hero , aland bi
leaver first and last for our success on !
atiro welfare south of the Platte am
10 state of Nebraska. Mnartn Jour
Why do the friends
of Mr. Weaver ap
eal to aooUonal and local prcjudio
nd aeek to array the poopli
) uth of the PJatto and cltl jus o
.Incoln . against Charles H. Brown
las Congressman Weaver no other clain
pen the support of the people of thi
outh Platte country than their sootiona
valry and the groundless jealousj
jainst Omaha which has boon fostoroc
| r her enemies over since the firs
ittlors struck this locality ! Is Oharlei
. Browa to bo slaughtered by his polili
> 1 frlonds aouth of the Platte bocaino hi
/cs in Omaha I Is ho to bo sacrificed t (
10 bitter and vindictive prejudice whicl
10 Lincoln .fatirnttl has for years aoughi
instil in the minds of the people at tin
ate capital ? Is Mr. Brown to bo pun
lied for his fidelity to his conutituonli
id his fearless dofomo of the tax-payer
Nebraska in opposing the aohomes ol
under and robbery upon which tin
incoln rings have thrived and grown
t ? It ii not true that Oharles II.
Brown tried first and last at every li
latrjro to remove the capital from
coin. His record in the state BO
shows that ho voted liberal appro ]
lions lo the state institutions
only sought to cut down festim
which ho know to bo oxtr.ivag
It is true , however , that Mr. Br
has Ktcadily and at nil times opposed
penitentiary ring nnd nought to pro'
the outrages , not only upon the citl :
of Omaha , but upon the whole st
whereby a tax of from $125 to $1
day is levied to enrich the ponitanl
conlractor. It is true Mr. Brown
posed the importation , into Nebraska
the convict murdorora and dcsporadoc
Wyoming , who wore for years kept in
Nobmlca penitentiary , and finally
cured the passage of the act ]
hibiting the further Importa
of such Workmen for I
Stout to the detriment of honest labo
with whom they compote. If then
anything wrong in that Mr , Charles
Brown is willing to take the responsil
ty. Mr. Brown did oppose the caj
job , first , last , nnd all the time , and i
not to hia discredit that ho did
Everybody in Lincoln knows that
support of many members to the cap
bill was procured by bribery and corr
Lion , and no honorable man co
50 on the record smircl
with the suspicion of bnlng bought up
I udgo Weaver is deserving of a re-el
.Ion why do his frionda and support
look to bulldozes the democrats of Line
ind tbo South PJatta country , by thrc
itid intimidation Instead of appealing
opublicans and good citiV.ons of all f
lea to support him because ho ia wort !
lonost and competent ? Omaha haa no r
y with the city of Lincoln , either at
ommorcial , manufacturing or polit !
enter. Llnclon merchants and inanul
uors do not compote with us , nor
ro have any fear of be
lutslrippod in the race for common
upromacy. Wo never have had a st
flicor since Nebraska became a atato
ho union , and wo have not had a c <
; rcssman since 18"U. when the term
ilr. John TafTo expired. A\odonot i
loct political advantages from A
Jrown'o election , nor do wo expect tl
10 would slight any other section 1
auso ho KVCB in Omaha. If Lincoln
ound to poison the minds of the Sou
'latto country against us , aha may soi
ay discover thatjsuch warfare does i
The situalion regarding the distr
ttornoyship has assumed such form tl
'HE BEK can no longer take a neutral
ilcnt stand.
Upon the tonomination of Par
Sodwin , wo were not only friendly d
ioacd toward him , but were inclined
upport him. The position taken
iim , in urging for trial certain crimil
asos , which wo j regarded as of vital i
lortinco to the tuturo welfare and go
[ ovornmont of the city , entitled him ti
legroo of credit , which wo choorfu
iccorded him.
The endeavor , however , to dischaj
lia duty in a particular case , or in a ci
ain class of cases , can not outweigh t
orious charges which are made ogaii
.im . , and which are not only sustained
ho judicial findings of the court , but a
radically admitted to bo truo.
THE BEE , consistent with its w
nown policy , cannot support any m
: nown to bo corrupt , or shown to bo d
The facts regarding Mr. Godwin , ni
rhich are practically undenied , show hi
D have boon guilty of converting to 1
wn use a largo sum of money collect
s the administrator of an estate , and
sing money collected by him as an i
) rney. For such conduct wo have fi
uently demanded the disbarment
thor mombora of the legal profeasio
nd wo can not now , in this case , pursi
: iy other course.
The conduct of Mr. Godwin iu usiti
Imiuistratlon money , in payment of h
flrn personal expenditures , nnd wit !
aiding the same from the legal clalr
its , who wore poor people and great
i need of what was coming to them
holly unjustifiable and without palli
on or excuse. A largo number of otln
mrgca are made against Mr. Godwii
id strongly sustained which show hi
i bo without that eonso of moral righ
liich required of every man that 1
lould pay his just and admitted debt
lie case of Mra. Hill , who for mai
mra in this city has tolled early ar
to , keeping boarders , IB ono thi
lould have strongly appealed to h
use of justice and long before th
lould have demanded at hia ham
mo recognition other than it hi
colyod. After running up a boat
11 with Mrs. Hill lo the amount <
tout 5500.00 , putting off payment froi
no to time , ho finally refused to pi
iy portion of the claim. Mra. Hill wi
ion obliged to employ on attorney I
10 the claim , whereupon Mr. Godwi
oadod the statute of limitations , whicl
such n case , was an unjustifiable a <
i his past. Ilia pica wi
'orrulod. Judgment was ontorc
; ainst him for over ? COO.OO and no
ithst ng elocutions have iasuei
id third parties boon garnisheed , in
10 dollar has Mrs , II 111 been ably to r <
izo to this day.
Wo find no fault with a man who b
ason of poverty is unable to pay a dub
it no auch excuse can boollerod by Mi
adwin. Ho la a single man , has bee
tting a good aalary , and ought at leaf
have shown a disposition to do aonu
ing toward reducing the cUim of hi
iidlody , who ao generously"had
m in the past.
TUB apito work of the Fourth war <
jistrar , Capt. J. S. Woods , was showi
his deliberate violation ol the law
which requires him to publish the re
tration list four daya before election
aomo paper dcoignaled by the city co
ell. It waa the duty Of Captain Wo
to ascertain what pnpcr had been so i
Ignatod. As a mailer of fact Capt
Woods was duly notified under an ot
passed by the city council some 1
months ego whereby THI ; Br.n was dpi
natod as the paper in which all elli
advertising is to bo done at the ratci
forcd by the publinhers in their bid
printing in July last. Cnptain Wo
know this as well aa any other roglsti
Ho published hia notice to voters in 1
BEK together \vlth the others , but
turned around und had the list of vet
in the Fourth ward published in the J
blican paper that docs not roach (
voter in the Fourth ward where Tun I
reaches five. The acceptance of the c
ditions impoaod by Iho cily council in
resolution ordering the cily printing
bo done in Tin : BEE was baaed upon i
receiving nil the advertising fiat the c
has to do during the period covered
that resolution. Our rate for rogist
tion lists is four and a half cents a li ;
whereas the legal rate la ten centa ]
lino. The rcdnclion on our part t
conditioned upon the publication of
the liata. Captain Woods having v
latod the law , wo print the Fourth we
list the same as if it had boon handed
to this paper. Captain Woods can ni
pay iho Jtcpublican tor hia illegal put
Mu. HAHIIY CtAUK.who is running i
float senator from Douglns nnd Bar ;
counties , is a bright , active and indi
trious youngman.andif ho did not lack t
legislative experience which every cam
date for the state senate ought to ha
wo should cheerfully recommend , him b
Mr. Clark instead of first going throuj
ono term of the house , tries to climb
the top of the ladder at ono leap , and \
fear therefore ho la not the equal of M
Ferguson who haa been in the aona
several terms and haa made a fair rocor
Much aa wo would like to endorse M
Clark wo fool that it would bo wrong
give him preference over a man of know
Integrity and oxporionco. Mr. Clark
young enough to wait.
IT now turnn out that the oxtortiona
assessment upon the republican cand
dates was made to pay for Govorm
Dawes' school land explanation in aboi
two hundred papers. Most of these p :
pora wore furnished with Dawoa' suppl
mont by the Omaha Itcpublican , an
this explains why Caspar E. Yout , chai
man of the republican atato central con
mittce , was ao anxious for a heavy a
BCEsmont. A heavy draft has also bee
made on the stationery department <
the Jicjntblican. Pencils , paper , ink ei
velopes , pens , blolting paper , otc , ha\
been sent to all the republican ceutn
committees in the varioua counlics an
precincls , upon the order of the sta :
central committee. The campaign ce
lainly has proved a big bonanza for tl
Omaha Itcpublican , but Its proprloto
have made the poorest fight for tl
regulars that was over known In N
braska. It can bo truthfully said , hoi
over , that under the circumstances UK
have done aa well na could have bee
Dxpected , for no weaker ticket was ovi
put into the Cold. It has simply been
iofenaivo campaign from beginniug' '
Stickle , who is running again
Laird in the Ud congressional diatric
jarned his honored title in the rob
irmy. Ho makes a strong point again
Laird that ho voted to reinstate Fi
lohn Porter , but neglects to say how r
would have voted. Vote the atraigl
republican ticket. JVaucc County Jutt ;
This is a sample brick of the villninoi
ics that have been fabricated in th
sampaign by so-called republican papoi
.hat are a disgrace to the party. Captai
Stickle served for three years in tb
Phird Wisconsin regiment , and was i
oyal and gallant a soldier aa over stoi
> od in shoo leather. Everybody wh
Iocs not dance lo the music of the rai
oad bojsoa ia n robol.
THE Lincoln Journal printa a list c
Candidates for the legislature , and marko
horn either as democrats or republican !
t fails lo recognize the fact that ther
, ro anil-monopolists in Nebraska. Fc
natnncc , Mr. E. C. Calkins , of Bnfial
ounty , has never boon a democrat , bu
s n republican and an nnti raonopolisl
) avid Butler ia marked as a democrat
mt ho doea not claim to bo a democrat
3. J. Ryan , of Fillmore , la marked aa
lomocrat , but ho Is really a republican
Ir. ArmitagOjOf Adams county , allhoug
mt down as a democrat , ia an anti
nonopolist and republican. The sam
i true ot the houso. According to th
rouriiil there is not a single anti
lonopolist running for the lower house
WHILE wo have nothing to say agains
lost of the candidates of the so-calloi
rorkingmen'a ticket , wo do say that th
iokot was gotten up by a gang of politi
al blackmailers , who blood caadidalea o
11 parlios at every election. The hones
rorkingmon of Omaha take no atock ii
uch aoll-outj , and their only safety is ii
otlng the anil-monopoly ticket. If anj
andidato on that ticket doesn't suit you
Drateh him but don't give any counto
anoo or support to shyster workingmei
ho make a living out of politics.
WHILE wo have said a good word foi
Ir. McOullooh , it is well to remombci
: iat Mr. Points , who ia a candidate 01
10 anti-monopoly ticket for countj
idgo , ia a man of spotless integrity , ii
hose hands the administration of the ea
> tos of deceased persons will ba porfoct-
' aafo. Jlr. Points has always boon pro.
ouiiced Iu his sympalhios with working ,
.on . and producers generally , and there
no good reason why aiili-niouopolials
iculd vote againat him.
WHEN Fred MoU waa in Iho slalo i
ate thirteen yeara ngo , ho voted for
impeachment and conviction of
school money Ihiovcs and opposed
manner of jobs and corruption. He
n man whom nobody can buy or b
dowj , nnd , if olocled , will represent 0
hn with credit.
JOHN BAVMKU wont to the legialat
a year ago last winter to lobby throug
bill that would have put into the pot
of the clerk of Douglas county nl
S12.000 extra foes. It ia almost
necessary to ndd that JOHN was cl
at that time , and cxpcclcd , lo bo
TOM BiivsNEU , candidalo for the le
laturo on the republican ticket , will
coivo the votes of the soldiers , an
served through the war in the 214th i
128th Penntylvania , and made a g
A Crattli of Trnlns.
K.VLAMA7OO , Mich. , November 1. The I
of two freight tniins comitiR from Stui
Icmocrntic meetlnt ; elowi-d up at Nottn
The engine of the train following cnxshml i
tlio cabonso of the first train killing Wll
( Iroen , ( ieorgo Keens nnd fatally Injui
Hank Statement.
NKW YOIIK , NovcmliBr l.-Thu wseltly b
statement shows reserve decrease § ! > 11l
Tlio banks now hold Sil,28tCOO ; iu execs
the legal requirements.
rtr.indsnilvprtiftctl nfl at > ffniirtyi ] > uro
PHeeneimtopdovnon a hot ftovn nntllhratoil.t
cmuvo the co\er anil uncll. A clu'tnl-t will uot bo
lUiruU to detect the linucnco ot ixmmunla.
In n million hornet for n quarter of a century It J
loud the containers' rollnbla test ,
Br , Price's ' Special Flavoring Extracts
Tboitronr ( ttnottdrtltlou i)4lnalaraIflKTorLnonntiin l
} r. Price's Lupulin Yeast QGIT
lor Llitht , Healthy llrpail , Tl.o Best Pry llup
Yeast In tlio World.
At the old etand 1417 Farnam ( Street. Orders
clcgraph so tfcltcd aca promptly attended to. X
ihone No. 225. _
JyTOVji-v TOIflAN In sums of f3COani ! upnari
1 0. F. Uz\\3 \ atd Co. , lUal Eitata aud to
.genla . , 1C05 Far ram bt. 393 tl
lyT ONEY loaned on chattels. Biilroad Tickc
jJL bought and cold. A. Foreman , 213 S. IE
Financial Exchanso , nrgo or small loa
3UAHA on approved security 1617 Douglas St.
[ JfTANTED ACistca33p ! try cook at the Cc
V V zcus. 045-tf
A urod coatmakcr , gocd ptices sttri
it work and fae ( aid. J.V. . llearlc
eatrlcs , Neb. 072 Op
. \ 'ANTED Agirl for house worl : atN. E corn
M is h andLea\cnuorth , mutt be a gocd oc
aihcr atd Ironcr. J\ouo other need apply. OCO
, \7ANTED A ( tcond band copj ol ccinpiled sta
utcdO'Nt'jiftska. State puce. Adjiess "i
. " Bee olllce. :0-Ip
\7ANTFD-AbOliercook from the caet whoci
li givcbcbtof reference , wiihcs a eitnatiin i
; ad cook In a hotil Inquire U22 south Ktn St.
0101 ]
\TANTEI > A Hikt-claBH T. W. I trk .i
II fi22 liroaduty , c'ounol UluOp. 00 1
\7ANTED Tra\clinc ; talesman to icll rubbi
t boots an ] slues ou cnTimlsiIou. to tlin boot ai
ioetr > dottrcughout thoNorih west. Ilcfertiicnar
ured Addicts " 1 B. 1 * . ' Bee office. 03 Cj
\ ANTEDInmeclattly , aK odcook , 1720 Cap
f i tel a\enue. CSS-lp
'XT'ANTED A gfod woniiii cook at 67 toutli 101
'Vfctresr. ' Jlrs. Hill. 057I |
\7 ANTED CSood girl fcr general hounmorl
t > u t bo n g'-od cook. Applj at 2420 Harnc
root , Mrs. J. Jt. Tburston. 053-tf
AA.Vl'fcl ) A gotd glil tu do general huusewor
Inalimlly of twj pcisumt. AJdresiA C I )
: o cilice ,
- ' In the Ofnts' Fiiinlshln
Oocdi derailment , ilntt bo competent tno
igh mm. None but the Icsi need arplj. The ho
re'crcnces reiiulnd Kit AN K J. IIAMJE. 037-1
yANTED-Immedialdy , 8 good galvinlied Ire
Comcena ) > er The highest wage ) will b
iM 1 hco. iluetto i , So , Fremont , Neb. 029.4
\TANTED- A compjtent girlat north we t cornc
> 18th and Capitol ao. Coed wagespald.
VANTfcD In a fort-night by tiady eipeilence
man , situation ai bretd and cake b kcr. Bel
cis , Apply J. Irwln , Baker N ith Bend , Nob.
\TANT ( D A goodactho woman to do thtmbe
work , wagetjl.p r week. Apply at 912 Doua
li tree t. 010-lp
\rANTBD-At3IBN 18th Itrcet , OmTha , a gh
01 do geoenl hoinewcik.
\rANSTED A neat girl to cook and walton Ubl
in prnate boarding hxubc. Appl ) 8j5 north ICt !
cct , up-stnlrs. 8W-31
VTANTED Agcnti for the Mutu lUil Inurtnc
Co. Addre < u the Couiiiany at Stuart Neb
_ 632-lm
CANTED Tallora. First-clasi elttlue p'ace fo
V ttllora at U/l 12th St. 633 1m
\7"AMKl > Ladlesor gentlemen melt ) oroountr ;
tolakonlcr , lUbt and llcaaint woik at the !
u hou ct , d2 to t5 a d y easily aud quietly made
rkwnt by u ail ; no rani a iMri ; > o , ampler rupl
: asv addreu Ueltablo Man f g Cj , I'liiikdclpnla , 1'ii
- to Hell Oatvly'v Imlreibal IMu
catoron monthly iiijuiviiU Call ou or ad
aW. 1J. 1' . Lowrj , loom t , 119 noith 18th ht
uba. Wl-lm
\ or ouuutiy , to tike nloo llgbt and pleauni
rkattbvlr ouiihoiiics ; j | toJ5 per diy atblly ant
Ittly made ; work Knt by mail no raiuiitJlng ; m
mp far r < < plv. i'loano ddn-iu llelUhlo Mkof'c Co.
lladfli-nia , l > * . hiix.lir
i7ANTFD-By rourf la' ) willln * ofaov iilnu
I to do at liutaj.gosu wilwr. Adirr j"il. u. "
\\TANTri rofltloa jeoond girl r > rlvatcfai !
pro erred , hcicroniu given. Inquire at I
Si heel build Ing. 1013
\\7ANTKD By a girl apUco Infmall famllvti
V' ie nJ or general hriuicwcrk. Innulic
MO Clark St. 07H
\7ANTED Position M nur o. lloffrcn'c glv
V ilra. J. N. Elllngwood , 112) N. 17lh St. 02
A \TANTir > A position a book keeper or ct
Iionkn toVconorpoatln thoetonliiff , by ac
pcUmt book keeper. Spcik Ocrnnn MI < ! Engl
litBiol reference. Addicts "ri , J."llco ollloa.
" \VANTKI ) ny Geim n ttlilow liulr n sltiui
i liouckic-cr. ] Addresi Jlrj. 0. M. IVt
postoflice. 017.
\\7ANTEU Aposl'lnn * * housekeeper by oncn
thorauirhh uodcrstiDiljtbolmslnccs , Add
II. / . lice clllco. 011-1
T\rANTKH Situation b ) ft nun atd nlfo wltli
i' children ; rran to c.iru for hordfM , etc.noil \
to do houjouul , . Cin bo eacnat 212 S. 10th tr
" \\AMio : cj competent printer , Mtnatlon
M country olllro , tlioroithly ( umlcrstAtuls e\ <
tiling connected ttlih running n country olllce , n
rlcil. AddteM "I X. t , . " rnro of lice fli
- IMWH situation ai cc
Alouni-cmrticiiinnn cctalillahmctt In Omn
AJdtosa "C. " care llco. 80fl-l
Kiirutshcd kltelioa nnd Dinlot ( re
In prUnto horse , EO'-il location for . ! } boo
tn Addicts tor ono week , "il. M. K. " lice ell
VVANTED-SICCO for 1 or two \ cars IB p-r ccnl
TT llr t cl.iMBCCtirlly. ' 'EinDltc"lee ! olllce.
- an intcroslln cll
WAMTD-Tolmy . bu lncHi In Onnli.i. Ana
stitlnu terms ' 'C. U."UtoclIlcv , Council illuffa.08S.
A furnished rocniIth or wllli
WANTED \\lthln tlx blocks nl the 1'oit olllco. .
drcsi stallnu location and tsrnis "J. II. 11" llcooll :
TA7ANTED T o clay bii tilcra at 1T21 Oouila' .
V ' loo. :
_ _
- a small furchhc.t hov
WANTnU-loicnt It dcil bc ! tnd ( he
AildrcM "II " drawir 22 , city. 070
t * . . . . . _
VilOU HINT : Tworoomslnrnlshcdor unfurnlsl
X1 cheap , I. r light house keeping near depot . ' V. J. " Bco olEco. 077
KENT Two c'e ant rot ins In suite wllh m
crn ImprotcraenU. lirunncr'ahlojk , H.V c
lOlhand Da\cnpott. Itclcrcncoi required. ( j"6
WANTED-A i rtncr with ? 4,0:0 tobuy an Int
cat In an o tabllshcd and cooil pajlng busln
InOnuta. iddas0. M. H " poitulllco. 01
A need business minvlth ( mm <
WAXTED capital , to lake rnc-lialf Int
tet In it lust -class legitimate buelncns , located In <
bcstpirtof Omaba. AddrtlB "IIP. " thli office.
Buslncfs. An actl\e merchint
thorough bnelncts education and bablta c >
tcmplatlng a change January li 1. 1835 , w i'hcs to p
rhafc an Intcrot In a well established mercantile
manutattuilni ; Luslncec , wculd buy cut a email b
ness , has 810 ( MO cash , can [ urnlsh refcrciccs otahl
orldcr nnd would cxpcctPJim To secuio reply , i
dross qlvinc luil name und paitlculats , "Xlcrchat
caio llco oltico. 850-Bt lowkt
WANTED-SB.fOO to S20.0CO on thirty , fl\ty
ninety daj a , best security. Address "S " B
olllco. S39 1
Itylottobo pa'dlnweel
ormonthly Installmenta. Address" ! ! . IT. " I !
olllce. 012-tl
T\7ANTED J2.000 ou Drst-clasa city Bccurlty.foi
T ycara , at 9 per cent. Address IJoi 6 0 I'OE
" 1" ° _ _ 708-tl
ron ESSr Bonnoa and iato.
Foil KENT Single rr tuit of rooniii with Ba
rocm furnishuj orunturi.lsi ) d atC07 south 20
at. 070 ;
Knr rent forOcira. . 103 acres 3j mil
1 N. E. KlKborn SUtloa.
100 acres I mile N E. Forest rlty.
Kl ) " j mile * NV. . Florence.
ICO " (1 ( " " "
101 " 2 miles south of Konnard.
160 " 4 mllesN.W. Waterloo.
4SO " neat Fremont.
110 " near Schujler.
160 " In Cedar Ccuntr.
J03 " near Valparaiso.
160 " C ini'es south of 1'anpiUlon.
4J " 6 miles S W. Omiha.
2) " atHoicncoLiku. Botfgs & Hill. He
Zstato 1403 Tarnam ht. 085-1
I70K UENT Pleasant furnished room.OOl N. 17t
538 Sp
FOIl KENT House of 1 rooms $13 , house of '
roonis40 , desiiablecittago full lot * 20 , housa
ooms'jlS , homo 4 rooms 10. B-illou Bros317Sout '
3th St. 073-4
{ poll KENT Two furnished roomi. will rent scp :
rate or together reasonable , 1019 Douglas St
[ T'OIUIENT 10 room housa 2Ut and Burt $45.
V 4 room house 2Stt ] and Douglas $10.
5 room hou'e north 18th St , S15. Bogga & HI
leil estate HOB Fatnam St. 031-1
jK UEM rieacant furnished room nt 13C9C i
bi Itolavo. 07fl-7p
T\0lt UENr Aneweix riom cottage with wel
( 1 cistern and cellar , coal liouio within halt bloc !
f Curalnir sticet and block and a half of street cm
iqulra cither nf Key cr In Da\Ia , room 12CiU"hto
loc k , or at 020 \ \ heaton St. CiO-3
[ Tlun UEM'-I'or thrfomonlhsiifiirnlshcdcolttg
L1 six rooms fine Ion , reasonable toiuis Ap
IV I'axton & Qallaiilicr. Uth bt. 019 3p
7011 RKXT Klcoly ( urnl'hej room location ex
i ? cello tat lllb HowiulSt. 913-3p
j OK UFNT Houtobttwccn 22.1 and S3 on Le v
J cnwcrth St. 051-lp
7O1UFXT _ rurnlshcU room 1414 Dodge etrcct
Ojl-olj )
KENT Suite of futuUlitil looms with beard
suitaljlo for man and wife or four liuclo gciitlo
icn Address "S. " Dec ollico. ajl l
71011 KENT Ono uufurnUhcil room for house
'keeping. Becmcr'a block , cor , 6tn and Howard
00t : (
71011 KENT rieisant rooms with board 105 N ,
- ISthSt. 741-Sp
7IOU ItENT First-cl.vs tbico Itiry brick , mcta
roof , warehouse , hjdraullo de\ator , cincrcti
isimiiite. Haliroadtrasktodoor. Barker & Maj ne
Itli aid Fsrnim , 02S-tf
jlpll lit NT Thrso rooms , 2il lloor t f csttagohoiisi
004 south lOtheticct , nuar Lea > enwoith , fur
shed or unfurnl.hwl , 030-lp
OK KENT lurnlslied roomsat 1818 Dodgobtrcct
jlOH KENT Ono deilrablo room , suitable for oni
or two gentlemen , l/ot-atoj uuo-quarter bloct
oni St. Marj's avenue , bath room and tot ni
Id water , 620 Pleasant street. 637-11
TiOIl IlENT-iults of nicely ( urnlihcd rooms , t
1 K. corner 20th and Datecpjrt ttrcec. OU-lp
fOll HUNT Nicely lurnlbhcd room. 117 soutl
1 )7thetreet. ) 013 ip
r\OIUlENT Brick basement , 10CO Jackson street.
I 8S4-lp
roll KENT New cotta o , four roomi , hall , closet ,
pantry and largo garrit. 833 South 22d street.
twcen lea\enworth anti llamii. Inquire next
icr north. 635 Ip
rOU UEXT Furnished and uiiturnlihed rooms
with baud modern conveniences , homo comforts
00 Kuniiii , Week abe > u now Couit homo 032-Eip
rOH HKNT-Uuu c , 12th fclrect neat Howard. Ap-
to Wcato rn on up ipe r Un Ion. 03 < - < p
roll KENT Two nlcily furnished rooms 1013
Dodge St. _ Utt-lp
roll KENT -A dwelling hous containing nlno
roomieoft and hard watiro , 1317 WutMcr St
at $35 per month , posucsalon Nov. Ut. Inquire I.
inner , 1315 Douglas St. 023 31
fOK KENT Furniibeil rooms 1211 Datencort
1 btreut. Kluiball Home , 811-4
rOIUlENT A tix room houno with barnon Charles
bt near K'ng ' ; * 20 pir mouth. Enquire of II
o u * Sd ami Michigan Avenue. b7Mp
ENT- nc ( lore room and oltlcesuo-italrs
in January lut , 1SS5 , on 13ih betc u WilllauH
d Hickory ngu raat l. J. Ka per. 0 tf
Mll KENT II eroem hou.o with celUr and cle
tern. Inquire o ! Sim. E. l.odJU , 2ith between
. and ChliaSt
.import } . 012-1
oil 11E.VT Pleasant furnUhid room ( i. E cor !
15th and tlowu.d btreeU (03-tf
Wll KENT Kurnlihcd rocm mid board $5 03 1'or
week. Very belt location , 1SU Da > enpojt.
IOK KUVf L rgo iuinlihe < l room , llr t lloor ,
> ultjbl fcrt ju < iitlemeu , 152 } te.tniMorth bt
JJSp _ . i
10U RK.NT OH HALl llou * , . aim ct un ZuZZi
1-ith. pritx ] jl,7oj ; ruU | | 6 pir ; call a :
Suuta 13tbttn-U tZ-lp
( > RniST-On nlco1j fiimlsho.l front rom for 1
F ortnogcnllemtn , 12Jl outn 13 > li ( treet , 2 doors
* oulhof Ktsslor'8 Hill. f9i-lp
IlEST With board , nlcelr f.unlslie'l ionm %
I7OII and bath room , at S.V. . cor. 14th urn )
Jones Itrceti. 757-lp
HEN r new mtUfro with fourrooiiK , lOtti
Ijvill lict. tcMcnworth and Maion. Inquire fit
32J10th street Ut. 1'arnam and Harno > . A. KalUh.
IlENT Klcgfintlv lurnlshtil front room ca t
ipOIl cieoo iire , tnojerncsnvciilcncc * . S. W
corner 17th and Cass. Ml-tf
"I7IOK HENI Thlrt-cnrewtlvvelllDgsbyO. T Ta )
JL1 Icr , corner 14th and 1) ) > ujl s. S43-II
1OH IIBNT lloufo 7 rootM good lo.'Ality bv C. T ,
J1 Ta > l-r , earner 14th and Dotitfai. 840-tf
JIENT OK \LK-A hou o of 5 roonn hard' '
1 andtoflwater.ulotswlth Inrn 2lv3fl. Hrrit l6.
per month. Inqulro north-caet oincr tCth and
Plcrco St. "TS-tl
IT'Oll ' UKNT Two or Ihrcoinnt room * ftirnuhed
JU to gcntloaian and wile , 2110 California St.
I7AOK ItEiNT urick tia-cmcnt , Inquire Uiug Store
JU corner 10th ard Douglas S(2-tf
ROOMS With biard , dcj r b o or winter1 Apply
atut Chvles Hotel. 7 01-tt
TJIOK HE.NTTwo furnished rooms nt 1411 S. Kith.
JL1 direct , 2d door S. of Hickory. 702 tf
HEN'T Fuanlshcd rooms S10J south 16th
ftrcot , half block from Boyd'a opsrahouse.
RENT Very desirable furnished rooms cm-
FOR located. Apply at Atkinson's mllliniry
store , 16th St "CO-n
T MURRAY IIM good iiastunnc. Spring waltr.
FOR HENT Cottage of fl\o rooms. J. Phlpps lloe
1612ncuth Dth street. 033 tt
FOR KhNT Suite of room ) and board 1812 Dodgu
poll KENT I'lunosandorgauu from two dollars
1 1 up. A. Uospo , 1610 Dodgo. 4SD-lm
"IT'OK ' KENT Ha'f ot double lieu o , four room ,
JL' Shlnn's 2d addition , 811. a month. Apply room
2S , Omann National Bank. 376-t
KENT Han.lsimofurnished rooms 31fli Et
HthSt. Mri . Slay Spcncor. 372-tt
KENT A furnished loom 1600 Faruam St.
FOR KENT Ono gr na square piano. Inquire
olEJholin and Eriokaon. 41o-tf
T AND FOR SALE-BO qutrtar sections 1st data
LJ 11 ml 10 to 23 miles frcm Omaha , f20 to S30 per
icre. long timo. Bojtgj & Ulll , Heal estate 1401 Far-
] amSt. Q7a i
L01S-100 ( jood lotslnPark Forest only 7
Oblocks from Street car llneon south 13th St. . J160
to $250 per lot Doggs & 11 ill. 930-1
FINK ItrsiDHNCi : LOTS 300oiy choice lots 111
Oma a View addition , only 3 blocks frem "Now
Fermlnus" i f both rod and green car Hues , $4CO for
nsldc , stoo for corner lots. IIcg < a & Uill , Koal ca-
A o 1403 Farnam St. OJi-1
TNS1DE KEAL ESPATE-SO lots on Farnam.Doue
1 lai nnd Ucd.o In UOBRS& lllli'a first and eecoml
ulditiona S1000 lo Sl'OO. Boggi & , Hill , llealcstito
l4C8FarnamSt. OS2-1
rTlOH SALE Siloon with all equipment ! ready for
JC business , locitcd Inagood Nooraska tonn , not
ar from Omaha. Licence uuirii.tued fUuro and
crms rosonallo. For further information applvto
lohn A. Frcjlun , who'cjalo liquor dejlcr , No. 1305
) ouglasSt. , Omarn , Neb. OS7-J
ITIOR SALE Desirable cottazo gcod nelghbo-hood
r tOic msmlily pajmcntj. llillou Bros , 317 South
3th St. 975 4
170K SALK Cottage 3 room SJO montlilj paj--
merits. llillou lircs. , 317 eouth 13th St. 1)74. )
SALK Best locited ro'ldeuoo lot in On-aha ,
FOA , murt bo sold. Uog < s A. Hill. 9SJ-1
moil S VLi : OR IlENT-A Ladies' Boardinu.House , i
. good locitlou. Adilrou " ! ' . II. " Ueo cilice ,
050 8p
FOlt SALE Oil EXCHAXOEFor horses or good
inuliM , a SJ.OOO tock of goods , consUtlni ; cf
lothing , hats , caps , bouts shoes , and Cents'
nderncirVlll tnKo SDIIIO horecsin part payment ,
art on four months' time baUrco cish. Ailarcss
W J. E. ' Lock Box 21 , Onroa , Iowa. 018-11
WOIl SALE Nearly new , snlonclM bite burner ,
C" Elkhorucooklnj6to > o aud huuaehold frrniiurc ,
t24I7Ua\cnportitrect. 9131
710K SALE The oulco and business of the Oakland
. ' IndeJcndent , Oakland , Neb. , nno of the bet
ejlng ofliceain the west Will sell business with-
ut ollice if dcslicl. Addresser call on Goo.V. . N
rewbtcr , Oakland , Neb. 005 3
[ JESlAUllANT FOR SALE Onoof the best ro < i- V
.X tuurants and bakery combined In Nebraska with vt
3od ion and trade cstablUho 1 in city ot 0030
opulation. Only flrst-chss restaurant in the place
ul doing more in bakery line than all others In city ,
unbilled. Ice cream pallor 111 season. O\cnr , ice 0
ju = cs and e\er > thing complete. Will sell furnished l
id lcaxee\crj thing.Vlllscll at a bargain and t < h I
ght man with small cash | ) ajment and balance on
ng tiiuu s.o purchaser cm miho it pay for Itself.
' . S. Wlt-E , I'lattsmouth , Neb. 817-n 21 jp ,
pOR SALE Two aeoond hand pianos , at Kdho.tu i 4f
. &ErIckson' MiBlo Store on 16th 8k. 890 tr
710RSALE Restaurant with fixtures ; best trade f I
A in the cityreason for selling , ill health ; address
| M. L , . city.
fOKSALE-I'our 18 foot , walnut counters , and SO
feet of lirst ( .lass fcheh ing , ikslrab e foi drun.gro-
ry or book ( .tore. Inquire at the olllce ot Congdon
arkson & Hunt , 1324 i'.irnam ttrcet. SB'Jtf
pORS\LE 1 sausage chopperhorso power ; ono
rendering kettle , one lard press. Apply at Hrook-
i Market , ror. 13th and Pierce S02 tf
* OK SALE-SC0.003 feet dry lumber , Ash , Oak ,
Elm , Basswood nndSoltJUple. E. A. Stinson , fat.
arles , Michigan. S00n21p
E Aquintltv of job and newspaper tjpo for
. sale. Also a good Zither. C. T. Bunco , ciro Bc
ice. 7Mtf :
011 SALE Cottage ol 5 roonnbrn , corner lot In
Shlnn's addition ; only $1.5i 0 , small cash payment
d balance monthly. Bargain. HcCaguc , opii.
stollicc. eiotf
10R SALE OR EXCHANGE A water power Gilst
mill , reasons fjr felling gl > cnon opnllcatlan to
o. E. Bragg , Wa > crl ) , Ntb. EOl-lru
1011 HALE New phaeton" Inquire of Ooo. Hlg-
gina at nortu- cast corner 10th and Dodjo
J _ _ _ _
IOK SALE-00 feet on Faroara street between IS.
aud JO. M. Leo , Qrocer , 2dand Lcavenworth.
_ _ S33.1m
IOK SALE Pine busiresi rh uiro at Grand Island
Neb. S5.COODUJB the bank building 28x44 ; an
Ice building which rents lot $15 a month ; a largo
) and burglor proot eafo with Yale time lock cojt
( WO , nho very largo bank book fire proof safe ,
nk counter , desks , hint coal stove , In fact , a corn-
He bank outfit , together r.lth lot 44x69 ou Locust
cet. Title perfect. Terms J cash , la'ancoou nne
1 two jears time if desired. Cell on or addreM Jay
mme , Grand Island , Neb. S22-tf
10R BALE A good frame house , B roorrs , all In
peed order Must bo moved at enc . Apply to
> Ucttern Newspaper Union , cor. 12th and How-
I streets. si4 tl
'OR ' SALE Cheap a sucond hand hUh top buggy.
Inquire at SlmpBon'j Carrlairo Factory , Dodgo.
, wccn 14th and 16th. jso.t !
'OK i SALE 160.00J brlcn ou cars at lieUovuo. u.
T. Ch > rk .
IOK SALE A whole lock of clothing , boots and
shoes , buildings at cost , retiring from business.
II. Peterson. 80i south Tenth street 113-3m
DK will buya phaeton a 1310 FamamSt.
tjtj. _ . _ 1336. Q
'OR ' SALR Northcaat corner 20th and Cumlng
itreet O. V. Davis & Co. , 1MB Farnam atreet ,
76 tf _
'OK ' SALE Two opuu eeoonu-uuia Duguioa , LU
one i dJllvery wa on , cheap , t 1810 Hirney K > .
_ _
niAYED-From mt lurn N , W , corutr SOlh and
Dougl s.onu black Inrst , wo ght aiout 10,0 lux
ill boc deformity under rleH j w. Any person
I'ligBUdi ' hcrse , pleiso notify \V. J. W'.UIunu.
) phone3l3. _ nag tf
N NEWCOUBhthobosi Rag Carpet \Vojvcr.
. NW-c ! rjieforialoat35opor jard , 1241 Shcr
ia > cnue. 052-lp
AKEN Ul'-On October 'JS , a light 1m hone ,
hltaipitlnforehe.idaoiUwhitiMi t ju.tabo\u
'tllle. tV. IMiott , one tuile west of the liirra'K * .
AJIILV Storairu , eto\a rcpa'ra and general re.
pairing , O M Katon. I U S. I4th St. 74C-nl3
RS SCIIROpKR.Masuetlo Healer , I j now loca.
to N W. corner 20lh anil CiiJ ht U'agnoseii '
ossufree. 729 n 17
ill VV vaults , sink ! and ceiwonUcleanel at th )
blurti'St notice and at any time of Hio day , In an
ulj or ltrle t way without the U-nt molm'ntl'in
ccupinUnr ntljhbon , with our laiirn | > al aail
rkoiappiratui. A. EVJIU & 0) . , 10)3
( IVt vaults , sinks arid co8i/jl | , uitmnnd Hitri
unitary cleaner. SitUUctlon guaunte d by > ' .
vbeliucoe Mr to J. M , Smith , ) box 378. STAMl'S-Oii yraauufucturtH In Omaha.
lUia 1'rlntlng Co. V ) > tf