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.Blaiiio's ' Royally Eultoaslic Rficculiou
in the "Sncto Stale , "
His Great Speech at Springfield
the Oapitnli
Eloauont Tributes to Lincoln anci
Stephen Ai Dougla8 (
'The First Republican President
and the "Little Qinut , "
.Again he Forcibly Defines [ the
tlio Deiuucrncy Air Its
to tlio ( editions
of the
Old South.
October 21. Tib. Blnlno loft
. for Siiringliold , Ills. , at 11 o'wlock
this morning. Ilu was nccouipanied by ala > go
reception committee frun Spriu < field um
several frlemls from Cuicag , umong whom
were Joseph Modill and V , B. Farwull. Tin
firft Rt p was nt Attica , Ind. , where 5,000
people were nt the cldpot. Dlalno spoke brief' '
ly , Hnyiiig it wa-i too late for argument , it w.v
now time for action ,
TOLONO , October 21 At Dunvillo 20,000
assembled nt the depot to see BUIuu , who
njioko from tlm rear of the trnia ns folio s :
"Aftrr nddrcmug audiences in what at <
called doubtful states it is with relief ant
plea-stiro that I stand before n vit multitude
of republicoiiB in a stnto that Is not doubtful.
[ Cheers. ] glt was under an Illinois man now
enshrined in history that the republican party
won ita first great victory , [ prolonged cheers
and from that day to this Illinois has novei
failed the republican party. [ Cheers and
cries 'sho never will. ' " ] He then spoke ol
the importance of looking after the congre < -
aional districts and urged the ro-electlou ol
Sir. Connor. ' .1' ' "I
Sl'utNOl'lKLD , 111. , October 2-1. The 10
publican demonstration in this city to dy
and to-night , considered on.all sides , was ono
of the largest political demonstrations et'er
held iu any city of the state outsida of Cni-
cago. Kxcurslon trains were on nd the roads
centering here , biinging in thousands of pee
pie from the central a .d southern portions of
the state. A mod era to estuuito places the
number of strat-gen in the city at not lea-
than 00,000 , iuuluding scoroa of uniforrneil
clubs , brasi bands , etc. The principal stui-d
was on thu grounds in front of
thu executive niansi in , with another
iu frnn t of thj state houso. Tha
proceedings wera opened by a pirado
in which various organizations present took
part baing an hour iu p.ixsim ; a given point.
Tin feature of thn dcmonstrauon wa < the
prtsenctof thbtt-eighty un < ladies mounted
on white h irees and an iqunl number of Ren-
tlemen on b'nck hoises During the uftor-
noon i.p clii-B wer < inadu from aovHrnl stands
by Gen. Logan. nx-Gov. S'anurd and Gen. A.
A. J. Sm th , of St. L mis. Tha arrival of the
train bo ti ing lilaine w.ts dslnyed until n fovr
juinut' " ) befuro 5 o'clock. Uowas driven im-
mcdinluly to tne p > rk , followed by an im-
muuso procession. Ho spoke us follows :
"I could not stand upon this grou'd without
hnvicg my mirid inesinthblv c irried bickto
tlio spring of 1801 , when the Hist ro uhlicin
president left Ins homo to enter unon that
extraordinary miss on , whoso insults fl 1 the
most memorable chapter In our history.
( Cheers. ) I could no ! stand np' > n this
grouud without having n y mind can led buk
to th. ) return h r nftor the fit uij uu riiiint r ,
of the ( ; r'at dcmoo atic chi fcain , who wh n
the iosuo CHIUU lutwe'tn hirf party and
country , chose his country ( renewed chtfe
nnd if I did not reinuinber thtn-i thingd
thu } ' would bo brought to mind uy
the fact the sun f Abraham I/mcolu
andthssonof Btfphuii A. Douglas are to-day l
upon tlm soil o * L > iiiinis. uphuluing thl priaii-
pji-s fur which th-ico two reat pi r it < stood
side liy hiilu i > th il.fl : dn > s which u hered in
the civil war. [ G nf. LhcHrmg. ] Men diu ,
but thu pr.uuirl'n which in tluu ioit cmtoit
pre'-crvud both Iiliu'ty ' uud T i.ion uro lodav :
iiicuruor.ired in th > < ( p-ed of the reinblfcau (
pvy. [ KuiidW d cheers J Wur do I buhovii n
that I um in inlgi g in thu languign of
pxtnvaKnicu wh n I my that tlio bond of thd
Union would bo weakend by the tinmipli of
tlm ic pircy. [ Tli.i/o ho and clieeis. ] )
Hectusi thi html of that puty is iu thu
poutli uui iu thu hinds of tbu
men win ( wnniz-d th ri hellion , vvhi h Lin
coln and 1) ni lati joined In rc 'ctin/ ' . The
dt-fil ) r.trt ruljul .ti"ii of th'i ili'mocrttlu paity
to d iv it th < c with thu nolid boutht-ni states it
willdrtw un uh , nliiutor.1 votes from the
north to giv limn the political mastery of the
Union. l'iiivc.ii _ imvvr do it , nnd i um Mire ,
that io pro'e.'iii ( ; a ' . , ills' ' , Kiuli a consumma
tion ai lunt tlio G'unb ) of bo'.h Lin j In and
L > nglas would open tneir ponleroua marble
jaw- . [ Gieat clitenn ( ! . ] There are two
outln , tno now F-mjtu iud the old south The
noiv Miuth lookH forward hopefully
to pregriss , to regeneration ,
to ill * tiiumph uf the principles
that ttiidtrliw thn union The old eou h chor-
riuhiM tha f thu rebellion , nutures .
the hop-i of ruvenpe. Shall the north join
foiiMa with the old Houth or with the now ?
( 'Tha now" ) Yen , Itt un stretch ontour
hanili to that new south mndo up , it ic is true ,
largely of m n who took pait in the confedar-
ate striinglo , but who have turned their backs
upon tin past and are looking hoiiufu ly to the
fulnrn. Let the i-trniglh , the influence , the on
pres'lfjeof ' the r publican parly uu to the up
build ng of time new sou h nud so luntr nt le :
gality h is a f iHud or the Hag han it follower ,
lot not tint old i-ou U tiiumph. [ Tumultuous
chtifring ]
j , Tlio evening vva < dovotud to n laradp ]
of the iu.ri.liinclubs , bearing
torchoa nnd ilMcharging firowoiks.
It is fBtiiiiiilul that the unmoor of
( wrs'i 3 nmoiiuUd to fully n hundred tuomaud.
Then was aluavey emend illumination
of tliH publicbuildini ; - ' , pl.cei > of Im-inmB mid
private ivai luuuts uf republican citizens dlong ;
the Jim ) of march. Thu htroeU ara brlllUnt
with the glare of torches and sky rockets , and
voud with thi muniuof lirau baridi n' d gles
clubs , and euthusijiilo rhorus of the people ,
rk .Special to Chicago Tribune.
John Kelly speaking to day of the local
nominations , Duid ; "Yes , the candidates for is
county oflices nro nil In thu field and the real
hard work of the campaign hni opened. 1
um confi lent of Grant's election to the
nwyorAity. "
"Huu < yon estimated the vote ho will
prob.xbly poll ? "
" 1 hava not figured tint nut yt , but It will
bo nn overwhelming Inrgo ono , I nm of the
opinion that the vote to bit cist in tills cltv
election day will bo e\tr.ordiii ry heavy. 1
elli veit will o.ich 2.'n 000 If It does out
ticket will receive fully lOO.fM'O ' vote ? , that of
the republicans 70 n 0 nnd perhaps "f'.Oi'O ' , and
thoGrn" < i combination will coma In for the
remainder , "
"Will h , necording to your figuring , will bo
nbout 6J,0 0 ! "
"It will not bo over that. "
"You nre licensed , Air. Kelly , of having on-
tcrcd into n deal with .lolio .1 , O'liilon by
vvhbh Tammany lull is toatcrilico Clovelaud
in exclmmjo for rrpubli nn votes for Grant"
" 1'eoplo will talk , you know , " replied Sir.
Kelly , with an amused smile , 'and such ru
mors nro circulated by interrptrd ptrtlts who
know they nro without foundation when they
strtth'in , butgivo them bitth to further
thdrown prospects No combination what
ever has ceu entered Into by Tammany Hall
There is no necessity for it. Wo cnn win this
race without nuy outside assist mo bv , as I
said bflfore , nn overwhelming mnjotlty. ' * '
"What do you think will bo the roult in
this statii nf the Cnto > t between lilalno and
" 1 CJimot sny , but I think it will bo romiuk-
nbly close. "
COLVMIICM , October 2J.-OfIieinl returns nro
nil in nnd the footings com pie t d by the POO-
retiry of stnto to-dny , m follows : For sec'o-
tary of state , Hobin'on , ( republican , ) 301fi'JO ;
Nevvitian , ( democrat , ) 380,2 0 ; Morrii , ( pro-
hihltionist , ) 0kC7 ; Herald , ( greenbacker , )
3 , 80 For supreme judjo .Tohnson , ( repub
lican , ) SUi,017 : Martin , ( democrat , ) S'S.O 3 ;
Hofcborough , ( probibitiouist , ) 0,857 ; Grogan ,
( gr enbacker ) 3 780. For member of tha
board of public works , Flickinger , ( 'ppubll-
cm ) 893.8Sfi ! Bonfer. ( d-mocrut. ) 370,802 ;
Kirkcndall , ( prohibitionist , ) 0,001 ; Ogdcn ,
Special Telegram to the HKB.
KKABNRT , NKII. , October 21. Ono of the
largest political demonstrations over held in
Buffalo county was hold hero to-day by the
republicans. Both afternoon nud evening
largo processions and enthti'iastic meetings
were hold. Over a thousand people wore in
the skating rink to night to listen to rousing
speeches hy Dorsoy nnd "Robertson. The
speakers wore frequently greeted by loud ap
plause. Three hundred torches were in line.
This county will give llorsoy an overwhelm
ing majority.
I.vniA.VAroLls , October 2-1. Heudricks
arrived nt Groencastlo this corning. Ho was
met by n reception committee and a largo
crowd nnd escorted to the Central hotel where
ho witnessed n parade. At 10:30 he appeared
nt the wigwam and nddiecsed ten thousand
people. Ho diactt < rod the tariff , ho riing the
position th * t the tariff thould be for the pur
pose of defraying the expenses of the government
mentHe said that Cleveland was nupportcd
by the best elements of the republican party.
IOWA'H Titouiir , s OVEU ritoiuuiTonv LAW. A
DUBCQOB , October 21. The state suurnmo
court to-day rendered nn opinion on one of the
sections of the state prohibitory law , thu effect
of which will bo that justices of the peace
have juiiidiction to try certain cases under It ,
where the fine is $1.03 or less. A month ago ,
Judge Hayes of the district court at Muscat -
t ii(3 (1-ci'lpd that on the ( puo < tion of jurlsdlc ] |
tiou of u juxtice , the cost * ai well as the fine
should bo counted in If both were over Si 00 ,
the c e should go put of the justices to the
distiict cmirt. This was regarded ns nn anti-
[ iruhibitory decision. A day or two afterward
Jiulh'o bt .tsman of the diutrict court at Bur
lington decided to the c mtrary , that costs
should not be cunnted. which was
regarded _ ns a prohibitory decision.
His decision the supreme court nflirms. Tlw
case was that of n saloon keeper nrrested uu
Jer iho now prohibitory law , not for colling
> ut for keeping intoxicating liquors to sell , the
tame contrary to the new law. Ho was taken
before n justice of the piace ploidii't ' guilty
und , but was convi ted nnd fined $100 and
cootB which amounted to 8)2 70. In default
; f payment ho was sentenced to jail for forty.
ivo ilajs. Ho presented n petition to ] ) ti-
trict Ciurt. Judge Sttilsnun and was granted
writ of habeas coi pin. On the hoiring1 the
court decided ho e ould ho reinnndnd to jail ,
mil in ih s ho appealed to the supreme court.
The point wai as abov 1 stitod on the que-tion
f thu jiKtico to firm him over § 100 and that
an iuihctmciit was fifbt necsnnary. The court
to-day pavoitsunanlm .inojiiuion , Judne Iteed
lolivuring it , aflirming Judfjo Stulsinan'sdo-
THU niroiiTANT roisr
n the opinion , which in n Innntiiy one , IH this :
'This cl im is that the costs which art taxed
ngninst the defeuil.nit and the impri omncnt
o which ho is biihjcctad in cusa of default in
tha payment of line und io4a , constitute n
urc of tlm puniahtnent for thu defennK , nnd
lonce that he can bo held t'i ansvvnr therefor
inly upon indictment , but wo think tliH claim
s not well founded. The cotts which uniler
ho btiituty may bo taxed to thu de
emlaut _ are such as accrue in tlm
iroceedin.s for Its enforcement np.ihibt
dm. ' 1 li''so custH ate merely inci lontal
.o thu Jiroceeding , they arn collected
or thu coinponsalion of ( ho public oUicns
vho render * ervies in the cause aud the wit-
le bin who gi'-o t stiiuony in it , but they in no
iroper hunse pcrtnfrt to tha penalty winch
nay 1)5 imposed nn tbc defend .nt iu tlio ju g-
nuntcf the court , by way of punishment lor
violation of thu htituto. " The opini.n goas
to sny thodofinito Hum called thu line U
ulnno thu p unity and thu cni > t < are merely in-
idiiitah. ( TliM court thereforoulliruiud Judge
jtutm.iii'o dec ! ion.
THU UTI ; , i
niKi aivf. THKin KEAHONS rou BOLTINO.
Jtici Special to tha Chicago Tiilune ,
The stalwarts at Kotcoo ConVlin 'd homo
vho will not support Jamoi G liMm ; have
icrfccted their address "To llepub ICMIS , "
iviug their public reasons for bolting. These
lumber seven , and nre , in subitince : Vint ,
he Mulligan letters ; second , Mr. Blaino'n mi-
atlsfaotory c planutiou tu thorn ; third , hU
ack cf rtatesmanshli ) and his opposition to
vine- measures ; fourth , the dictating of n
etterho wlsti d to me us n volunteered lot-
r ; fifth , hlngr > at wealth with n > ucra.
ivu professiou from which to derive It ;
ixth , his Ino'inipbtency and riiclihisenes-
secretary of state , which , but for a timely might hive p\po ed the nation to te-
sulw destrurtlvo in the ] > enco nnd harmony of
the lUIH/rd world ; tevonth , hi" pe'statetit
sockiiut of the presidency , nnd bfing linnlly
noiniiinted by the ' tmcen lng clamor nnd In-
t rrsteil pnrtli.iii < hip of n ola R with whom
contact is depredation. " This document has
bi < on presented peisonal y nnd by letter to
stalwart * through ut the country for signa
tures. When foeii to-day by the Tribune's
coiraipondtmt it born fifty-nine name. " , nil but
ono representing ultra stalwarts , ninny of
whom have openly voted the democratic
ticket In pa t years and some of whom have
stood nt the pulls nil d y vvoiklrg against
the candidates of the republican party. It is
claimed that the > ist will bo Increased when
the country towi H nr < > hoard from , ns they am
"several hundred in the county" in fynipnMiy
with the figiKrs. The Utt r are reputtblo
men nnd represent n tmtqun Colliding stalwart-
Idii peculiar to O < , eida county. Many of them
will content themselves vyi h voting for St
John or Duller , nnd 8"ino will not vote > I nil.
1'orhaos tvyo'thirds will vote for UlavQlaud.
Tholr inanifetto causes nmusoment nuiong republic -
public iu nud democratic suppittsrs of liuino.
nnd its publication is hold to mark the full
extent of the harm its signers can work. A
prominent democrat paid to-day that Conk-
ling had oent wHnl that if deemed expedient
ho will speak Hi Utict for Cleveland , This is
doubted by his friends ,
The Milwaukee Hln/e.
MILWAUKEE , October 2-1. Harly tills morn
ing n fire in A. Chapman's dry goods houjo
was broufht under control. It was prevented
from spreading further than the basement of
of the building occupied by SUrk Hrbs. ,
whole-gala dealers in carpo'a. The fixtures
iiltns of nhnpman nro not fully matured. It
is believed ho will occupy temporary quirtors
for n while and ro-build tha old stto. At noon
the vault wns opened nud thn entire contents
found in perfect condition. Total loss. SSOd-
000. Chapman's loss on building is ? 2XnOO ( ;
insurance , $151 000 ; loss on stock , ? 100,000 ;
iiiMicod , § 325,000.
Ireland' * * TJ ird Lileiitciintir.
DUULW , October 21. The lord lieutenant
of Ireland will continue nt his post until the
close of the 80 sion of parlUmnnt in 188s ) ,
when Hirl R > seberry will probably ucc ° ed
him , The Irish executive urgrs ho imprisonment -
mont of the Limerick nuth rioa if they persist
in refusing to pty the police tax Ilu also
recommends that the government bo allowed
to levy tax upon citizens without the consent
of corporations. The cabinet referred the
questions to Itannonnnn , chief secretary for
Ireland ,
Tlic Tolnphiiiio I'literilg.
WASHINGTON , October 24. Tlio examiner-
in-chief of the patent office , in the telephonic
int rfcronco patent case , sustained the decis
ion of the examiner of the Interference in fa
vor of Bell as to issues A , B , 0 , p , K , F , G
and L , and have reversed the decision m far
ns it applied to issue "G" ( which involves the
princiole fentu o of the telephone ) , which ns
awarded to McDnnnugh and which thu oznm-
n-chiof decided in favor of Bell ,
Tlip Urunsvvlctt 8uccc hlon.
I'nAOUK , October 24. Uoforo the death of
thn duke f Brunswick , Prussia informed the
duke of Cumberland she would roc'gniro him
as the dukp of Brunswick if ho would re-
renounce his claim to the throne of Hanover.
The duke of Cninborlnnd rep'ied ' : "My
father's ' fan shall bo king of H nuvor and
duke of Brunswick or remain duke of Cum
berland. "
\Vli-p Henry ,
NEW Yonif , O't'lber 21. The prize fight
between Jack Dempsey nnd Tom Henry for
S500 " side , was fought to a fini-h in six round. !
bi-night in this city. It resulted in a victory
for Demi sey , He pounded Henry out of nil
Wnmeu'fiPtirifitian Temperance Union
ST. LODI9 , October 2i. The third day's
ses iou of the Women's Christian Temperance -
anco union bjgan this morninp. Mrs. Wal
lace r-nderod n report 911 the department of
franchisn. The olecti in of olflcurs followed.
Miss Willard was ro-elected presldont. She
nccopt'd in a hort fpeouh , aftir which the
cjnvaution adjourned until the afternoon.
I'oMpnii'-U tduir Ilncp.
Pirrsiiuita , October 21 , Teemer-Oonly race
was postponed until November eighth.
Won't linn.
NKVT YOIIK , Oct her 21. Louis D 1'hilliiis ,
republican uominco for mayor , declined to
Afl'airH In
LONDON , October 24. Wolsoleyvlll bo
ready Nov. 1 to advance from Wndy Haifa to
VnnlllnI.pmaiiOranuf , etc. , flavorCakei ,
LYfnm , riiilllii , .ti.i. il llciilvlymill nut.
iirullyuitliulViilt IViini uhicli tlieyuruiniiilt- .
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chicago , III. St. Louie , Mo.
tiincna or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's Liiiulin ] Yciust Gems ,
He.t Dry Ilu | > Ycnit.
OTOI3. Cj .3 13 3H1T CH1OCT3XSC3.
\VK M.vlfi : BUT ONE QUiUTY.
Grand Mass MecliDE of the Veta
Union Soldiers ,
The Heroes of the Late Oivil
War ,
Assembled Through Dologntes in
Mass Oonolavoi
Domain ! Better Requital or
Their Services ,
A. Series of Resolutions Demand
ing Moro Pensions ,
Annuities Asked From Congroa tor
\'otor ns "vVlilovvH
nnrt Orphans of
S old Icrs.
INDIAKATOLU , October 21. The nattoual
convention of toldlcra nnd sailors assembled
lioro this nftcrnooii in response to a call
issued by ( Jon. F. W. Hnskoll nnd fli > n.
Merrill. Delegates worn present representing -
ing nbout 1,100 organization * . The object of
the convention is to tilto action looking to
securing pensions for nil soldiers nnd Bailers
of the Into war. Gen , J. 11. Ciminlisn was
elected chairman nud John 0. IlatMeaty sec
retary. States were called Allowing d legates
present from Now Yorlc , MwsnchusnttH , Ver
mont , Maine , Pnnnsylvnnin , Ohio , Michigan ,
Iowa , Illinois , Nebraska , Kansas , Missouri ,
Kentucky , Indiana , Maryland and 1)19-
trict of Columbia. Ohio , Indiana nnd
Illinois were largely represented. It Wis
ordered that all resolutions bo referred
to n committee on reaolutlonfwthout | ! reading.
The call for n convention was then rend and
the committed on resolutions appointo J. The
wai made to consist of ono member from each
stitowith S. S. Bitidotto The commlttttu
retired to prepare a report and the interven
ing time was occupied in listening to recita
tions , etc. When the cotntnittoo rnturned
the following resolutions wore road : "Wo , ox-
aoldiora nnd sallora of the Union army nnd
navy in the war of the rebellion , I851-C5 ,
now In mass convention assembled , do now
prodont to our comrades and our representa
tives in congrosj our views and our desires on
the question of pensions. Belloviug that our
comrades who nro now auffarlng from diseaio
or wounds are entitled to the kindest consid
eration nt the handi of congress. Therefore
bo it resolved , That wo oiler the following
amendment to the present pension law :
First That every poraon _ who served in the
military or naval Borvico of the United Status
for the period of three months during the
wnr of the rebellion and has an honorable
difchargo therefrom , nud who Is or shall bj-
como disabled , nud shall _ al5o bo dopondciit
upon his own Ubor for his support , shall be
pineal upon the list of pensioners of tha
Uulttd States , and bo entitled to receive a
pen-ion during the continuance of such dis
ability at a rate proportionate to the degree
Second. That nil widowi or minor children
of siildiurs and sailors who nseucli are now re
ceiving under existing lay * , the nuin of S3
per month bo entitled to'and receive tin sum
of 81'2 per month nnd all such widows or
minor children who shall hereafter bo found
to bo entitled to a rnto of ? ? 8"pr month under
the existing laws nlull bo entitled to and re
ceive n rate of $10 in lieu of said rnta of $8.
Third. That if nny Invalid pensioner who
died or win su ill hcteifter din leaving n
widow or minor childunder cightyoars of ago ,
both of such pensioner ? , such widow and such
minor child , shall bo entitled in order of suc-
cceion ii mec1 to the original ponslon in their
own n mo without being required to prove/
that the ( tenth of such pen loner was due to
military or naval Borvico in the United Stato' .
Fourth. Tlut pensions granted widows nn
account of minor children should bo contm-
tifd without limit us to ago' wherever it shall
appo ir tlut such inmiiM are of nuHouud minder
or physically BO helpless aa to render them in-
cap'bio of earning BiibaUtcnco.
Filth That In considering the claims it
dependent parents , the fact nnd causa of death
mid th fact , that the foldier loft no widow or
minor children having been shown , It shall bo
necessary only to HIOW ttiat such dependent
parent is without "tliT present MUMIIH of tup-
port than his or her own manual labor.
Sixth , That in all applications whoio it ap
pears that the applicant was reculnrly unllstfd
nnd mustered into service , that fact nhall ho
jirinm faelu evidence of soundness at time of
nl enlistment , b t fuch pronimptlon shall he
subject to rebuttal by record or other compe
tent evidence. Doll ving thutlho foregoing
ombraceri only the just and cmilttthlo domunds
nf.tho veteran ? of thulutu war , and ns all leg
islation to this end mnxt depend upon the active -
tivo ci-opprutsin of tlm li'gielatnro ant' olli-
claU of tlm country , wo earnestly urge upon
tlid BO and milom to ( , 'ivo their sup ) nit at
tlio polls only to such party or candidates as
nr , anil have bunn , In fuvor of such just leg
islation in the interests i'f men who stood in
lliH difunco of the country In the huiirof nenii-
The resolution * wcru unaminouidy adopted
and Mr. limd'tto , the chairman of the com
mittee instructed to bring l-o matter before
congress. Adjourned.
Special Telegram to Tun 15ns.
OIIIOAGO , Oct. : ! I. "There is no man who
can prevent mo from appointing as many mar
shals as I choose , except one , " "Long Jones"
nald thin morning , when the talk of the demo
crats regarding mi Injiinclluu to prevent his
flooding the pnciticta with marshals was
brought to hln attention.
"Who iu that ? " the innrriml won asked.
"Tho prrsldcrit of Ilia United 8tatOB"ho rn-
plied , "mid ha can do it only by tuklmr off my
head , J huve told UU-HO demociaU who have
cuinn to mo tnat I d m't intund to appoint one
mo jo deputy muishnl than la necessary. Tli < > y
might ai leat permit mu ti exercise n IHtlo
dlst-ri tiuu and judgment. My reputation it
i nt that ( if n fool or n blood-thirsty brigand ,
I tuko nutlco that the ( mm tor whuncu tin *
nunpus comes , morn p.iittuilurly ID a lied
duinocrutio atrongho d , 'J'h y say that the
democruti ara utiakli g in their boots. Well ,
why thuildn't they ? Their consciences nto
uneasy ; Is all. They havu put up plans
for wlmlr ale fraudi nnd tlipy nro ffarful that
lhn i % frauds ulll bo dico\orvd.
"Cmildnu liijiuicti'in bi'sfcurednMnttrnu ? '
"N'ot niilc s they lm\o pi oof that 1 pnrpo e
intindilntlon. f < nud \\holfflilo butchery
Tno ino t dillicult thing I to srcuro till proof.
It dmi't i-xtdt. 1 doulitthetherlt willbd nrc
o'pary to appoint any moio tnttuhnti than
there won1 four yearn ago If them | i a nc
wiity f r it , I Mmll not lx bwkwird about
it. It is monstrous to n sumn that thti demo
ci.ita nro to bo ) > ermittcd to have everything
their own nv , "
"Docs the fetloral law lontricl a marshal in
Uin appointment of deputies ? "
"No , it leases the num'ier ' to hi ! dNcrotlon.
H lays that n marshal rhull appoint nidi dep-
lltlei" us he- deems Ufcosunry lor n fnlr elei-tlon
and the preservation of tlm publh peace. "
A gontlpinnn uho utatiiU very close to .louei
sniil t'i ' day that the marshal had kept hln own
counnol as to what ho purnosod nmg and 1m I
not divulged It to his Hunt intinnte a ociatc <
The gentlemen hnd his own opinion , which
wa.s that Jones would puroui' thu courto ju >
daemnd bent nnd If he thought It was necea
pary to arm the marhnh lit ) would do no , 1m'
not until election dny.
"TAI/KlUt UOCKI14. "
LONDON , October 1 ! ! . ( ! . V. . llosers , nn
American , n rostu 1 nt the instance of L'urktn-
son , editor of the St. Stephens Itoviow , nn thu
charge of nssnult nnd battciy , was befnro the
How street police court to-day. Train , the
barrister for the prosecution , s.ttd that It gor- *
had visited St. Stephens Ituviow , and ni n ru.
suit of this visit , nn nrticlo of nmnslng char.ic-
tor was inserted iu the Hovimv , nnd in this
Itogers was dubbed "Talker Honors. " KogetH
objectud to the nrticlo nud rtn imted the iitlico
of thu Review. Ho thoio indulged in nSu < l\o
Inuguago nud throttled mnimliur I'nrkuiBon
and vowed hooulil kill him. 1'iir-
klnson , however , rocoixed no serious
injury. After that ho assaulted
Oiishli-r Dalgldery. There was no doubt the
Barrister continued , but that lingers was it
dangerous gent cmnn and wns connected with
people throughout the country engaged in
various dangerous offenses The no.nior ho
loft Kngland the bolter it would bo for him.
Manarvr Parkinson of the itoviow tcstilicd
thit Itogors called at the Kuiaw ollico nnd
offered to write nn nrticiu. nnd this nrticlo
appeared in the liovlow. Substipiently to
this ho mot Rogers at the American Kxchangu
and was there assaulted by him. Itogers
nctod like n madman nud uttered
the menace , "ha would do for
them nil , " Hogon , ho further testified ,
gave him nn uioful Information regarding the
presidential election in America nnd nothing
ho said appeared in the Itevlow. Ho was
seeking information of this kind bocnuso in
connection with Wnllucu Mnakoy , tlm Koviow
was coitcmplatlng the publication of n spoclnl
edition referring to the American jiresidentlal
candidates , lilulno nnd Cleveland. Ho had
boon recommended to find "Talker Kogers"
as ono who would ba likely to give
him the facts ho desired. lt < igors said ,
in defense tint ho has boon tioated unfairly
hn had bunn called n rowdy and n rullim "d
accused of being nn Irishman ns ocin.ed with
dnngorous people. The fact was that ho wns
nVormontcr nnd the accusation that ho was
connected with dynamiters was made with the
solo int nt to cren'o prejudice iigainst him.
The ningixtratn said it wai wrong of thu pros
ecution to intlmatn that llognis was n quasi-
criminal nnd tuo demniulH of juntico woufd ba
mot by binding the defendant over to keep
the po.ico.
Tlm UnlvormilUt Convention.
I'KOHIA , October 2t. At nine the Unlvor-
salist convention was called to order. Thu
committed on nomination reported as follows :
1'resldent , J. D. W. .Toy , of Huston ; vice
president , J. II , Swan , of Illinois ; recrAtary ,
G. L. Domorott , 1) . U. , Now Hampshire ;
trensuier.K , B. Fellown , Now Ycrk. The
place of meeting thj Church'nf Our Futhcr ,
Jirooklyn , A motion t accept thu rf-pnrt nnd
proceed to harlot was laid oil the
table on account of the special older for
11:30. : _ The morning , nftor > ; : ! , was chiefly
occupied in a debitous to thu bust means
of iucrtjoning thu initsioimry npiilt and raising
moans lor mi-sionary work. The report of
the commliteo on oflicial reports reeum-
rnendiMl piihlilng of the work. The report
was accepted.
A communication vvas received from the
Jefferson street lunclitoH , Inviting the con
vention to join in the celebration of tlm 100th
birthday ot Sir Moit-s Monltofeorr. The con
vention adopted a series of reHiilntiuiis recog
nizing the venerable gHntlamatt'ri high rank in
the world' * workiTH , and lr Mirier wan ap
pointed to ropruMint the Univermhst iliurch
olliclally TJiauonvflntion then proceeded to
ballot for oflicers of the convention. The re
sult was n ratification of the nominations reported
ported by thu convention. It wai decided
that thu eonvKiitl n next year meet at liiook-
lyn , N. Y. The spirit of thu convention in ! !
iluxtuil throughout all ili'uusdi ms Iriiliuntud a
clediio 11 inciojso thu uflicluncy of thu iliurch
by mis inniiry work and to Unit end a niiitud
olfint to Hi'ciMi fnnils was ruuoinmxndi'd A
renoluijim In favor of the Nupiiicxnioii of in-
toinpioanca pasted us also n uondeiiiiiation nf
tl'O ' iilea that prlvuto th mitrr ihoiild not
ho taken into consideration in thu Holuotiori of
persons to places of public honor and truut.
Catarrh Cored
Catarrh Is a very piovalent disease , wltli
.dlatrcssln iilid olTcnalvo symptoms , llood'rl
B.iibaparllla Klvc.s ready relief and speedy
euro , from the fact It actatliroiiKh tlio blood ,
nnd thus reaches every part of thu system ,
" I suffered with catarrh fifteen ycara. Took
Hood's S.inup.irllla and J am not ti oulik'il any
with catarrh , and my general health Is much
better. " I. W. LII.MB , Postal Clerk Chicago
& St. Louis Itallroad.
" I suffered with catarrh 0 or 8 j earn ; tried
many wonderful ctirc.i , Inhalers , etc : , , upend-
Ini ; nearly ono himilrcd dollars without benefit.
1 tried Hood's Barsapnrllla , and wan greatly
Improved. " II. A. AIIUKT , Worcester , Masii.
Hood'H Sarsaparllla Is cliaracterl7ed H
three peciillarlllea : 1st , Iho cnmtiliuttlnn ol
remedial necnla ; 2d , Ibo ] irojiortlont 3d , the
yroccia of securing the nctlvo incdlcliiiv
cjiulltles. The reiiilt Is a medlclno of IIIIIIHIU
Klri'iiKtli , ( 'Ifectlni ; cures hitherto unknown
.Send for hook containing evidence ;
"llood'u Hnmniiarlllii tones up my nyKleni ,
c.H my lilnoi ) , hli.irpena inyiiiipi'tlto.anil
H to inaku inn < ivi-r. " J. r. 'J'lioin-rtoN ,
ter of Deeds , I.ovvell , Tilass.
" Hood'H H.irRiiparllla . bouts ; ill ( illicrs. nnd
H win Hi ns\\i.'iilil ; In j"lil. : " I. IIAUIUNUIUK ,
uu ILinli Hlrcct , New Yoik City.
food's Sarsaparilla
Bold by all UrnuKlstH. ? I ; nix for $5. Ma-ia
only by 0.1. HOOD ti CO. , Lowell , M.tss.
IOQcDo joe Ono Dollar.
LONDON. OctoK-r ' 'I. Contrary to liU cu -
.0111 ( ilnd'totio real hi
* speech , tn It hn refers
fors to n po.slbln reform in the hniwo of Lorn1 ? .
1'hn liberals w 111 n.fraln from dltcumlng the
froiiehUn bill. The
Times ndvlura llm govern-
nent to proceed with the Mibjecl of rrdlotri-
mtinti .is soon as the fr.inchisa bill is
> y the honso of common. . The Lord * w.ll
then ImviMio pretext to rejert the franchbo
.nil. II lull I.H the houno of Louis to pni > stho
rniiihuu bill vvithont dolny , then tlitpctntten-
lion to the ii-form of Its ciiiintituanU. Htich
plorin I he I imen savs , vv ill bo Lent cllected
> y the Lords taking thn initiative.
Thn Irinhhome.ruhi mi'imVrs of the lioiiso
.if c minions - .
input theory that the present
aefslon of purllii-
11.1 ut m solely fur thn cou-iilernlion of the
fraiich M ) iitu-stloii. The infiition of thu
minis'ryt i cniilino IhodueiinMon to the frnu
Uilsolililln p ninly dofini'd in thi > lirxt non-
ti-lico of the iUeen's | tpcccli , but the Pnrnell-
HIMi nay tliiit ilioio mo at two other
multiiru which mint bo fully dis
cussed nt tlil nesdon. Oy Is the
uirRO thiit men known to IMI innocent
vruiiiuifiulfor the laaintraxlia inurdm
Ihotthur is the i.cci.witlon . that SecieUiy
Urn . .ill , tjollcitor It .Itonand other Dublin
ullicla vv m Bliluldod fiom punishment for
bestial crimes of which they had been judid-
iilly IHOVOII utility.
\\llliaiii ( riirien , momhor of Parlinmont for
Mnllovv , nnd wlltor of United Ireland , will
loail tlm ntiack upon thu Ki'vernmout In the
liuillUBcniulnlc.ine , nud Timothy Iturritiirton ,
inombor of Parlinmunt for Wntmeath , will
Inkothoinltiatlvoon the IMiamtrjsiinoxecii-
Lioim. Mr U'HiliMt has Biliren-d neverely In
Ills pocket for liii expoturu in United Irelnml
nl the offenses of Cornwall , I'olUin ' , ( it al. ,
although nearly nil of his nlloRa
tions hwo been proven true In the courts.
Hols now undnr jiiJcincnt for i'3,100 oh-
t iMied by Uolton iu n libel suit for AIiO.COO ,
> ud O'llrien nj-s that ho will never Kati-fy
Lho jiulKinent nnd will go into bnukriiiitiiy
lust. Mr. O Urieii therefore has nn individ
ual grievance to n-dross , aud ho in seokinn iiri-
vnte veiiKennconttho same time that ho Is
championing publio rcornllty.
Mr. llarilngton In nmply qunllliod to dis-
HJ the MaunitrnBiia cane , having mndo n
searching in ventilation of nil thocircunistniicos
In Connomata , whuro the murders wera per-
petrntod nnd nvMDrod. An Important piece
of docnmentnry evidence bonring upon this
cnso h is Into y been discovered , nnd is now In
Mr. Ilarringtou'a posicsiion. This is the
criminal brief given to Peter O'Hrien , of
coniuol for the crown by Ucorgo liolton , the
crown solicitor In chnrgo of the M am-
trasniv trial. A correspondent of the Oablo
Novvs was to-d.iy Riven m opportunity
to examine thU brief. It bears
many curious memoranda in Mr. O'liiinn's
hundu-rltltig , which that gentleman will find
exceedingljMiwkwatd to explain to the uatis-
faction oflair minded men It contains the
iinmo of the panel of jurors from which the
JOtltjury was drawn. Oppoalto ouch iiamo
unnoted the religion nud ( Killtlcs of the juror ,
with an opinion of his character aim thu
chance * of Ins voting for conviction. Thn
body of the lni f i-hows conclusively that the
Crown was iu thn po 8enMon of many Im
portnnt facts which vveio deliberately with
held from iho jury. Am ng the moss of
ovldonco thus suppressed wan 11 dep ) iton !
from tlm boy Patrick Joyce , who Is the only
muvlvor of thn tnigody in which his father ,
mother , and threii It others were murdered.
In this dcpopiiiim tin liny s were that Mylca
Joyce , who one. of th > i men hanged for the
crnno , wns not present nt th time i f th"
mur < ler Altogi ther the ovldenco ajiiuiHt tin
crown ofliciils IH HO ftiong that Mr. ll.irlug-
toi nayit hn h IH eiion b proof to have thorn ul
indictud for conrpirucy to murder.
TuiiUB UAUTK , Intl. , October IM. Uov
Ilondricks received n great ovation hero to
m'slit. Ho arrived in the city at 7 o'clock
this evening from , where ho nifdrrssc
nn Immense crowd this nftornoon. A lurch-
light proc ° 8 < iim to-night , which ho reviewed
from nhot I , wns tin ; Inntent yet Keen here ,
< l,0)0 ( ) muruhern being in line It wus the most
nutdilu ilemonstriiti n held hue fiiryoars. A
fouturo of the pro tusioii HUH u company of
mon carrying ! m onm fifteou feet
lonit. All nloi g the line there
VVMH grcnt inthiii-i.uin and fireworks nn nn
nxteii'ivn coiln. At my bmi o'H hoii es
and priva'n ' riwtileiieos wcru brdllaiitly ill'i- '
iniiKtetl Tlm mnnl at llio wigw n > was mi
( lin-oanil di-ni' n.liativrt that it vvnH with
icat , ( l-llii iihy the peaking procro'Ied , lien-
lrick VV.IH w.lillv eheuroil ; tlio noibo ouiHido
Llm wlgwu'ii Iw pcr'tuiH who c.nil I not ( rut in
wa-Ho . lent 'h ' it voInntierH wno en led for
liy ihxch iirniHii to MipprfKs it. Whim quint
wa < paitia'ly ' rcKtoinil Ilondricks niudu n
twenty minutiH HI < UH-I. |
It < nil nilKiIjiincrlcl. . - .
Dt'lit.i.v , Octnbur ! 2I , Tim United 11 eland
i'-oiir/iifes thn nriO orilii's of Limerick to 10-
inaln rt a f htiutlielr ni-Mtaiico of the tax
for thu p.iyrnont of extra polico.
OITAWA , Octobur 21. AH mounted polio
not netdo'l dnuwhero Invo been AenttoPrlnco
Albart. It was ii'ported that the hulf-huirds
thorn would nt'umpt iliBtorlj.inco imdc'r Kilo'i *
piiidnnco if their land claims ! woio not iiiiini'
dlatuly udjuittd.
Tlio I'Vcncli In
LONDON , OctobcrS ! . Atlvlcesfrom Mftdn
gai-rnr rtato , It Is hollitved to ba too Into for
t' e I'Venih to udvar.coon Artannnuiljo , trio
Capitol , This will cuuuo u delay of eight
iiiuiiths. HickiiLHH among the French ID In-
Tlm N 'vv Itcluuin Oaliliiot.
, October iJ I , It in reported that
a new cnfjinot will bu fonritd with Cerrnurt ,
as jireiiiitir ; TliorlaBCii , minister of tha interior ;
C'l'iiuyn , of uMiuidiiire ; Itecker , portfolio ol
juutlco. No othe
UI. Preparations are l o
ing mull' by linii/o' for a momtiT ileinoiiHtin'
lion in lion r of Jacobs amiVoeuto , mombora
of the Into cabinet.
CYliHliluu NIlilllBiu.
ST. PlcratsiiUKd , October L'I. Only two
pemmn nro icjorti'd to havti bt-eii oxecutotl
hero last Saturday. 'Jho othoi H vvert ) baulshcil
to Hlbcrla.
li iJi.iv , October 'Jl. It ia proposed to
rmro by mdwcrlptlon ten thousand ] iuunda for
the buiielit of " thu family of the late Alexandra I
Hullivnn. 1
Frig's ' Rusiness at Ibc CMcsgo
StotlYarflsaiiflonCliaDgc ,
Thu Light Receipts of Oattle
Ohook the Dodlino.
An Overstocked and , Hog
Markoti '
Wheat Opens Dull Wi0loaing |
Improvomon' ' ?
Corn Presents an Un led and
Puzzling Aspci "jr " <
) nta Steady nnd a Bluulo
FnrK AVoAk vv Itli Bettor
tonu rmrd Fliinor.
Special Telegram to TlIK UHB.
There were on'y ' BO to 55 cars of western *
nnd no Tovnns 111110113 the fresh receipts this
miming. The high ro cipts hnd n ctlmulat-
ug ulfoct on the market nnd thn sharp decline
toted yesterday may bo said to have been
checked , jet prices underwent llttlo or no
change ono way or another. A few droves of
air to good native steers sold nt 51) ) higher
ban was bid for the aamo nt the close last
night but tno great bulk of the number on
into , either fresh or stale , sold around about
, ho closing prices of last night. So far till : *
week , fair tu good natives nro 10@lfHowcr
.ban last Wfck , nud seco'd class 25Vj30
lower. RntiRO eattlo mo 10 hifther. Good to
choio 120iSKU ( ( ) > n Ibi. , fi .Wfeti 30 ; common to-
r , lOOOfinlffH ) Ihs1 Wit ® * HO. Sales HI-
O"lornii < i , 10 ! > 3 ll > - . . 5 O-VJlil Texans , 008 Ihs. ,
110 ! ; 175 WvomingH 111 tin. , ( 7fi ; 00 Wyo-
iiilngs , 1265 llw , 170 ; 151 ! Wyomiu s , lll
His. , 5 15 ; M7 Wyomings. 1107 Ibs. , 5 05 ; . OS
Wyominss , WSOlhs. . 500.
With Iresh iwiptn of nbout 2. " > ,0 , 0 and the
nunbor left over them must have bonn 30,000
to 3fi 000 on silon much grooturnumber than
could bo dinpoBodof , hence values were gen
erally reported nb 5SilOo ( lower with n much
[ letter quality. Common to fair puckers sold
around nbout 4 7nnH ( IX ) and best parkera 4 95-
( ain 10 , with choice hoiivy nt fi 10(25 ( 20 , nud'
fancy nsnorted heavy and Philadelphia * aU
'JT5 35 Light sorts remain dull nud > re
jected. Pneking nnd shipping , 230 to ! I50
Hounds 1)5(0,3tfi ) ( ; light , KiO to 210 pounds
Wit HAT.
The market ; ruled nVinomnlly dull on thiv
regular board and cloned n ehndo earner , but
Displayed strength nnd life nt the afternoon
roision , clcHing ntthn outside figurrnof the
day ami J5@i ovnr jesterduy. Kicelpts con
tinued fii' , nit r-how n falling oil ns compared
to the proviocn i nys of the week. OuUido
ndvlcus were of an untnvorablo lonor. C nbles
nil ting a , dull nnd weak feeling. The clo since
tigures were 7HJ for Novembei' , 70 forDooem
be.r , 7" | fur Jnnunry , 81 for May.
Huled unsnttled ami irregular.pricos lluctu
ntlng rapidly , with operators [ apparently bad
ly DiuzKd aa bo what courpii to liursno. The
niTk t opened ( inner with November { © f
higher and fop thu year j higher , but nVring
for November Increased , causlnff n dno ino ol
1 ; ralliul nguin , closing on the regular bonrd
J o very ester dny , ywir higher , M y J higher.
On the mterniiiiii board priced wore etronr ; nnd
high'T , cloning atI I for October and Novom-
bt'i ; ! t'J , ' for the year ; ! ( ) for Mny.
Ftnndv nml n thadp hfiihcr. Vfor \ Octo-
but : "l\l \ , for Novunber ; 2i 1 for thu year ; 2Jt ! )
for May.
Killed wonk on tha regular board , bub
t eng In thn iifturnoon , cloningnt 15fiO for
Octob.r ; 11.70 for ihoyonr ; ILIUJ for Jnn-
tuiy. ,
I .A 111) ) .
Firmer nt 7.17 ! for October' 7.02 for No
vember and ih'cuiubcr ; 7Ci"4 for January.
No II'IIMOII in Olilii ,
CouiMlli'H , ( ) . , October 21. The greonbaolc
st.tto coinmlttco to-day ndouL'd iriolutioni
n jectlng nil propositions f r fusion. The
' oiimiitteii decided to opuratn n lively and
cast as lurgo u vote as pnadibhi for liiitler.
1'rdv idciicoVI. . M
Nitw YOHK , October 21.- The second came
of basu ball between the champions , 1'rovi-
I'juconnd Mctiopohtans , wns again won by
the fonntr. Providence , 3 ; Metropolitan" . 1.
S1OOO. Civenf
IfuliimoriiiyinJurlonsHnlMt.irieeciui bo fouiia
In AndrowH1 Puarl Jlaklns Powder. Is l > os-
tUulypURE. lIcliiBcniUirsed.niiiltestlmoiilnU
received from Mich tlicmlstinsR DnnallajH.llos-
aiu ; M. Delufontnlne , nrrtiicoK" : "d Uustuviw
Bode , 'jluwanUx ; . Iioversol\luliulk. \
ac tt. 87 , a i aai i