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Omalm Ortluo , Mi. 1 Fwrnitm Bt.
Council IBInflaOfllco , No 1 I'cml
Street , Ncnr Brotulway.
Now York Offlcc , Koom ' 05 Trlbnr
every trctnlnp , ci pl Bnnikj * Teat
oat ) Monday morning dail ) .
IBM rr Hiir.
Ono T r . , ? 10CO I TLros Monthj . W.
llzllontnj. . . . . . . . R.OOOno | Konth. . . . . 1.
Per Week , 26 Cents.
rat vstitiT Hi ! rcBUsniD inrar WIDHMDAT.
On * Tear . t2.0Q I Three Uonthl . I
KlxEonths . 1.00 | Ono Month. . , .
A i OommnntcMlons relating to Ko vt and Kdllorl
cutltn should bo addressed to the EDITOR or Ti
All BnslneM Letters and RemltUnoo * ehonld 1
aldrcs-ed toTnn DB PonLtaniKO OoxrAnr , OMAN
Drafts , Chocks and PostofEco ordori to bo tnado pa
kbit to the order of the company.
N 13. HOHKWATKIt , Ktlltoi1.
A. II. Fitcli , Mtvnnp-cr Dally Circulation ,
0. Box , 488 Omaha , Neb.
Tun alight wave of the bloody shirt b
Blalno at Fort Wayne has md the snm
olToct upon the domocrata as a rod re
has upon n bull.
Gnovr.ii OLF-VKLAKD depends too muc
upon the Boochcr family for hia oloctiot
The latest campaign document is h !
letter to "My dear Mrs. Becchor. "
r. CUJMMINOS , formerly of Omaha
has obtained a judgment of $25,00' '
against a Now York policeman and :
dressmaker for false imprisonment. Shi
will probably havn some difliculty in col
looting the amount of her judgment it
Now York , but if it were in Omaha ch <
wonld have no trouble , as our policomor
and dressmakers consider $25,000 a mere
VAN WYCK'S little crowd assures us
that throwing rocks at their chief dooc
not hole Jim Laird. Bless your mull
Jim does not want any help. Ho is tak
ing ample care of himself. It's Van
Wyck that needs help and wo are helping
him down from the polo of reform , because
the higher ho climbs the grcatorhls expo
sure. IIo will look hotter and fool bet
tor trhon wo are done with him. Lin
coln Journal ,
Hoop right on. Van Wyck can stand
it. When the people have to cheese between -
twoon Jim Laird and Van Wyck wo
know the result.
' MB. WEAVEII had bettor keep cool ,
or ho may lese that $10.000 which ho Is
offering so generously to any man who
cm substantiate a questionable transac
tion cither in his public or private affairs.
Within the past ton days wo have boon
informed by a late partner of Mr.
Slocum , of lUchardson county , who
had § 70,000 or § 80,000 of surveying
contracts under Boss Cunningham , that
Slocum , undar direction of the late
Senator Hitchcock , paid Weaver § 2GOO
for his alleged political services , but , to
Mr. Slocum's disgust , Weaver , wo are
told , after pocketing the money wont
back on Hitchcock as ho did on General
Thayer and other leaders to whom ho
was under obligations.
BEE does not propose to intorlero
with the course of justice , nor interpose
any plea In behalf of any man or sot of
mon who wonld accept bribes for their
votes or influence in the city council or
anywhere olso. But qulto apart from the
partiality which the late grand jury has
shown for Councilman Woodworth , there
seems to bo a disposition to single out
Councilman Bohnas a special target. The
three indicted councilmen are charged
with accepting money for their iulluonco
and votes. It is not material what amount
any ono of them has accepted , the of-
fonoo is all the same. But why Kaufman
and Loodor should bo indicted for a mis
demeanor only , while Bohm is indicted
for felony , la something that needs ox-
iplanation. Is there some mo'.ivo behind
all this , or is it merely accidental dis
crimination ? By the way , why did the
district attorney notify Ex-Councilman
McQuckin who was indicted last spring ,
that ho would not bo wanted during the
present term as his case would not bo
TUB republicans of Douglas county
will have to put forward their very best
mon if they entertain any hones of elect
ing their legislative ticket this fall. The
democratic candidates for the state sou-
ate are very strong mon. Both John A.
McShano and Fred Mob have served in
the state senate and have given evidence
of their unswerving fidelity to the inter
ests of tholiMionstituonts , The ; nro both
popular , and it will bo very diflicult to
match them. The democratic house
ticket , however , is by no moans what was
oxpootod. "Six of the eight candidates
are entirely untried in public life. They
represent Iho various olomonta of the
democratic party , but they do not possess
the experience necessary to the making
of good laws' Messrs. Turtle and Clark
were members of the last legislature.
Mr. Turtle is not very brilliant ,
T > ut ho is Baio and sound on
most all important questions. Mr.
Clark Is intelligent , but not safe and not
sound on the question that is most vital
to the people of this state , namely , the
regulation of railroad tolls. Tire years
ago we opposed him and other heavy
shippers who were candidates , both on
the republican and democratic ticketson
the ground that their relations to tbo
railroads were suh as to neutralize their
mofalnoca to the people. The records
of the lost Icgislaturo fully sustain our
objection. Every heavy shipper with
the exception of McShano , voted with
the railroad attorneys from first to hut ,
and their votes on other question were
traded by the railroad managers to Boia
Stout and the Lincoln ring in exchange
for the votes of the Lancaster county
According to the Omaha RcpuliTtct
John M Thuraton , the Union Pact
windmill , spoke at Seward exclusively <
the tariff because his audience was i
agricultural assembly. Why Mr. Thui
ton should attempt to entertain Nobraol
farmers with long-winded disaertatio :
in favor of high protective tariff Is som
thing that might puzzle the average min
ni that subject is not of especial intorc
to tbo farmers of the pralrio state
Wha'ovor is good in high protect ! )
will bo looked after and secured by tl
combined capital , and the great weal
and influence of the eastern and midd
states. Mr. Thurston , however ,
evidently endeavoring to attract the t
tion of the farmers from the quostio
that they are really interested i
such , for instance , as the questions i
transportation and railroad rogulatio
which are of much moro importance
our people than { no tariff. The princip
struggle in Nebraska and all the nort
western states is for cheaper transport
tion. It is high time that the farmo
and producers were protecting their ov
interests , not only in theory but in pra
tico. The railroad millionaires usual
have no politics but their own interest
Jay Gould sot them the example , wh (
ho said that in a republican district li
was a republican , and in a domocratl
district ho was a democrat ; bi
everywhere and at all times 1
was an Erie man , The railron
bosses make contributions to the can
[ > atgn fund of both political partici
ind are nearest allied to the don
iitttit party. They make no mistake
n selecting candidates. They secure th
lamination of their pliant tools , and the
ho party masters ask the people to oloc
hem. Are the people of Nebraska gc
ng to submit forever to railroad dicta
ion in politics ? Do they propose to al
ow the railroad bosses to continue t
iack primaries and conventions , un
hus force upon thum obnoxious candi
latos ? Are the railroads to bo pormittoi
ny longer to elect and corrupt our log
ilators , our Rtato nxooutivo officers , am
'ur congressmen ? These are some of th
ital questions for tlio farmers , the pro
ucors , the shippers , the merchants , tin
lanufacturerH , and the taxpayers am
ho people generally of Nebraska to coiv
Look for a moment at the second con
rossional district. Are people prepare ;
9 ro-olect James Liird , whoso fisit nomi
ation was scoured by fraud and by tin
id of the railroads , and whoso sccom
omlnation was obtained in the same wai
nd with the same assistance , bocausi
is course has bcon so satisfactory to tin
lilroads' managers ? The two great rail
Dad companies of thia state are non
sing every means within their power tc
aturn James Laird to congress , but we
innot believe that the people of th <
ocond district will trample upon tholi
wn vital Interests by electing him. II
hey desire to aid in elevating the mot
'horn the railroads demand , they an
b liberty to do so , bnt wo never wani
) hoar thorn murmur afterwords ,
man who deserts or betrays or opposes
10 railroad interests will never obtain
icir assistance the second time , party or
) party. A representative may betray
id oppose the people , and they are ox-
ictod to bo mildly ontroaiod or forced
' cry of party to do what their judg-
opt condemns. If the people are really
IToring from railroad domination , as
oy claim , can impudence and doapot-
a gJ further than to ask or force the
oplo to elect the mon whom the rail-
ids domandr nnd who have time nnd
lin betrayed the people ?
rho distinguished Hebrew philanthro-
it , Sir Moses Montofioro , will attain
3 ago of ono hundred years to-day and
) event will bo celebrated on tha 26th
il 27th by the people of his raoo in
ndon , Now York , Chicago , and other
go cities. Thia eminent contoaarian
i man who has amassed great wealth ,
t it is not on that account that ho haa
[ uired a world-wide fame. It ia-hio
ilanthropy thab his made him beloved
hia own people , and respected and
nirod by every ether civilized race ,
roughout his long career
ya boon a vary benevolent man , and
deeds of kindness will never b < far-
ton. Truly it to said that the
eld is bettor for Sir Montofioro'a.lifo ,
I all must vrith that there were many
re like him. His-father was nn. Eng-
i merchant , and traced his auocntry
ik to Spain , from the time that hi
Dfathorfi.woro driven by persecution to
i into Italy. It waa iif Italy that Si ?
OB was born and passed hi& earlier
trs , receiving hia education aud bogin-
ig his busluvsa career thoro. Ha mar-
d in 1812 a slstar of Nathoa. Meyer
ttuchild , founder of tho. London
inch of the greatest banking establish-
int in the world , It has always boon
9 dream of Sir Moses to BOO Palestine
a scat of a Jewish empire-with Jorusa-
n as its capital , and ho lias given the
at labors of his Hfo to the accomplish ,
jnt of these objects. In 1872 ho made
i first trip to Palestine to make a per-
nal investigation of the causes of the
jcct condition of the Hebrevrs residing
that country. Ono of the results of
is investigation was the establishment
the Palestine fund for their relief , of
lilch ho has over since been the admin-
Irator. No man has over done moro
r his own taco than Sir M sna has tor
10 Hebrews , His influence with the
asha of Egypt and the Sultan of Tur-
Dy in 1810 , after tlio maaiacro ntDamaa-
is ; his untiling efforts with the Czar
'icholas in behalf of the Russian Jews
i 1810 ; hii nblo and tuocoos-
\ \ labor with Louis Phillippo ,
ing of Franca , In reference to the nuuo-
Ion of 1817) and his pleadings with the
IpanUh authorities in 1803 , all are ro <
inombcrtd with gratitude and thank
giving by the downtrodden of his rai
who have been bonofittod through his o
In England , where ho has livol U
greater pirt of his life , Sir Moses Mont
fioro is universally lovod. In 1837 1
was knighted by the quccnand in 1810 si
created him a baronet ns a recognition <
his services in behalf of his rac
Wo have boon asked why wo don't koc
on pitching into Morton. Wo simp
answer that the fool friends of M
Dawos won't lot us. When the Bi
struck at Morton direct from the should
these self-constituted gUardians of n
publican principles arrogantly nssalh
the BKB for slandering the school lar
thiovcs , and while they are loudly pr
claiming the BEI ; as a libeler of Dawi
and associates , they have compiled tl
BKF.'S scathing editorials about Mortc
and published them as a campaign doc
mont. Ono of thcso campaign shoo
has just reached us , enclosed in an 01
volopo wilh the following letter :
NnmiASKA CUT , October 23,1881.
Omaho , Nob. ,
Dear Sir : Enclosed circular came I
mo in n state board of agriculture 01
volopo from Omaha hand-writing ui
It merely shows that the opinion <
Tun BEE is considered of weight in tl
state by the machine managers <
Dawrs and his ring.
Yours , oto. ,
J. SinuuNd MOUTON.
Under the circumstances it is no longc
the province of the BEE to keep up ii
fusilado , while it is between two firci
The state board of agriculture and th
Lincoln Journal have kindly relieved
from thia duty. Wo have douo all ths
could reasonably bo expected from a
anti-monopoly paper. Wo have f urninhe
the ammunition , and they find it mor
effective than any they can got up , fo
the people don't believe anything the
Wo oppose James Laird because h
always is the boon companian of bar roon
bummers , political dead beats and dlsso
lute characters. A man is known by thi
jompany ho keeps and Laird has altvay
managed to bo in the very worst corn
pany. Years ago when ho was a residen
if Juniata ho had a narrow escape fron
indictment for being an endorser 01
forged school district bonds and the enl ]
excuse was that ho was imposed on by i
jishoncst partner.
When it was shown by an abundance
> f proof that Lnird had boon a party tc
; ho Stinking Water pre-emption fraudf
lorpotratcd by Simon Kelley , the Hast-
ngs saloon keeper and a gang of Laird'c
itrikors , our high-tonod congressman
rlod to shoulder the whole job npon hia
> rothor.
Wo oppose Mr. Laird for re-election
Tocauso in congress' and out of congrose
10 is a railroad lawyer. A man cannot
orvo two masters , nnd whenever the
orporations that employ and own Laird
ommand him to dosori the people on
ny question ho will do DO.
Wo oppose Laird for ro-oloction bo-
suso his career in congress ia woroo than
blank. A congressman who haa boon
bcont from hia post of duty more than
alf the time and cither voted against the
noifn wishes of his district or has
edged nearly every important issue-has
D right to aolt for n ro-oloction.
Lasirbut not least , vro oppose Laird1 on
: counV of the infamous methods by
hich ho coourcd his nomination ,
gainst these methotfo moro thnn 10,000
'publicans ' entered their solemn protest
trough kho ballot-box two years ago.
In adbtriot whioh gave Garfield'noat > ty
i.OOO majority Isaird received Joss-than
1,000 votes altogether , and only got
rough by. a plurality. In defiance of-
is robubn Laird inahU npon bolng sent
ick for aaothor torm. This is the height"
DuniNO iho next four years foaf
His of the regular army will reach the
0 of sixty-four years , which will pui >
em on tha retired Hoi. Theno Qono >
1 are Bristtdicr > Gcncral : Augur , , who *
11 bo sixty fonr yoaro old on July. 10 ; .
85 ; Major-Gonoral Pope , who willi
ieh the r.go of oisty-four years on
rch 10 , IBOBj ; Inspector - ( JonersJl
ckott , April U ) . 183(1 ( ; and Mujor > Goi > -
il Hancookv February 18 , 1882.- The
tlromont of General Augur in.Jtdj
xt will probably , pronoto either Col-
ol Wosloy-Moreitt , oS the Fifth ca -
y , or Colonel John. Gibbon , , of' ' the
vonth infants ? , fa bo brtgadior-
noral. Golonoll Gibbon is commanding
a department of the Platte In > thoiab
ice of General Howird. Ho is.tho ran ft-
; colonel' ofr the army , hia comaiio-
in botring date July 28,13CCj or-toii
ars lu advance of that of Colonel Mur-
, t , houco the chances are greatly in. his
vor. Qonouul1 Pope wsll probably bo
ccoodod by General Howard wlio ia first
the list of brigadiers , although there
some talk of General Terr ; , command-
g the department of Dt&ota , securing
is promotion. The suicessorof In- ,
lOitor-Gsmeral Sackott'wUl lie an ofllcor
' his own corps , and aa Golouel Nelson
. Davis , the ranking cslonol , is mark-
l for retirement on Septambsr SO , 1885 ,
ioutanant Colonel Joiioa is very likely
i bocoino Inspector-General.
Tun Now York n , "whioh Bhlnos for
11 , " does not , however , shine for Ulovo-
A Pnpnr Krnml.
IJOHTO.V , OctobufS : ! . Win. II. ifcmnuy , ol
'ftilihiRlou I ) . O , has been indicted by tlio
Fu'tuil H tales vraml Jury of the circuit on the
liargo of ricIriuuliuK tlio nary dcp rlmuut ,
lu wat a. btallouer mid mmnHfd moat nf tlic
lartiouerv used In the iliKucut de | nttiiiouti
f Uio capital. 11U plan , a < tt'lewed , WM tc
ocuro oruord from the < li'imrtmeut and ri'wlvc
luymunt ( or the good * wllliout dvK onn *
liom ,
Mr. William HnlhallProDOflDfls a NnB
ber QncstiOLS to Irisli Ameri
can Democrats ,
oney Denounced ns a I'Yati '
and Mrs. Vnnrcll Condemned
Tlio Bcvero UflVels or tlio
Tmto Procession.
OMAHA , NEIL , October 22 , 1881.
Totho editor of the UEK : I wish i
say n few words to Mr. McSivoenuy
frlonda in tins city through the colun
of your paper. I did not intend to hai
any thing to say on this subject if it wi
not n fact that the friends of this impo
ted fraud had the audacity , to hoi
his nnmo on their transparencies , in th
city on last Tuesday evening in the dom
cratia parado. I would HI
to ask those gentlemen a fovr qucstioi
and have them answered :
In the Grot place in what way was Mi
McSvroonoy connected with a aoolot
called the Irish exiles of San Francisci
Oallfornia. Said society had boon con
pouod of eleven members , of which tli
notorious Colonel James H. Plyn we
the loading light ?
Second. I would like to know wlu
became of all the money collected b
those eleven frauds to aid the prisoner
that was secured by the Catalpio froi
the hands of the British government ?
Thirdly. Why did Mr. McSwcenc
leave California and go back to the ol
country 1 I would like to have thes
questions answered , It in time thn
Irishmen in this and other lands bega
to think and act for themselves.Y
have boon swayed too much by party an
party loaders. Now I would asti my fol
low countrymen what has the democrati
party done for Irishmen 1 Wo have bee :
good and faithful adherents of this part ;
and what have they done for us ? 1
what way have they bettered our condi
tion at homo or abroad ? What apecin
benefit have wo derived from the demo
cratio party ? What allegiance do wo , a
Irishmen , ewe to thia party ? Who
claim have they to our undivided sup
port 2
Tnoao are questions that I would lik
to have answered by some of my demo
: ratio friends in this city. I have been ;
; oed democrat all my life , but I am a
present a republican , and I will toll yoi
iho reason why. In the first place wi
were told at the Chicago convention b ;
Mr. Bragg , of Wisconsin , that the Irisi
night go to hell. That the democrat
jirty ; could got along without thorn ii
, ho iitat placa was iho case of Mr. How <
tt , of Now York. This gentleman wltl
> thor members of congrooa waited or
President Arthur to request of him t <
ibtam a stay of proceedings in the caai
if O'Donuellf from the British govern
nont , and after waiting on the president ,
10 ( Hewitt , of Now York , ) also waited
in the British , minietor at Washington ,
tilling him not to pay any attention tc
ho above mentioned' delegation as it war.
> nly gotten up for political purpoaoa to
ileaso the Irish so aa to draw a largo vote
or the democratic party in the fall elec-
loco. In the next place the English
ircsa has advocated tho-causo ofGrovei
Homeland und , denounced JUmoa C > .
Maine. Now I hold it is the duty ol
n Irishman toopposo any an all mcas-
roa thai ) England advocates. Cannot the
Ltnorican people elect a president with-
ut England's dictation ? Da Amori-
UIB forgot Mason and Siiddlo and the
'rent ' atluira ? Do the Amoricaaa for-
ot thai1 the English pzoplo hold open
lootings in both Liverpool and London
ivorlng secession ! Does the American
ooplo forget that England never lot a
lance geby to heap all ) the indJRm-
os that laid in ihoir power-on this coun-
y and its pooploNOTT It
n goinR io ask the question ,
: o the ATJtorican people gorng to vote for
10 Englioh candidate for president ?
ho English proas wanted to know from
10 American people if it was the Irish
pnamiten < of'thiu country that were go *
ig to aoud'a president to Washington ,
lahmon , saturn England liar answer in
ovember and lot her know that the
iah are a. power in this land. Any
{ simian with ono spark of love in his
; art for the bxul that gao him birth
ill not vote for the English candidate.
For aavon < hundsod yearn England haa
) ld us in olavery. She Imadopopuhisd
ur laud , che has driven us by starvation )
id oppression from our u&tivo shores ,
Lilos in O7ery. loud ; oho haa filled iur
ison pouo-with the noblest. , of our Inn-
ed ; she haa mnvdurod on the gallova
ousnnds of OUST noble oona , and huu-
uda of thoiuauda uioro oho has driven
touxilo ; iho hna- robbed our matmiu ) .
irea and dopopulattoct our countrj\by
; r free trade ayatoni , and ntaUo pau ots
our laboring olawei by.taking fxm
om the jrutookiou that our homo > n.
istrios should have had. , alto haa Cone
'orythitiffAo ' oatorminito our race and
ivo ua , if'pocaible , from the facivof
o now [ an going to.oak
in again , Irishmen of the IFnJted States ,
o you going , trrtoto for the Enpjiah
ndidati for president o iho United
atea , SUovor Clovelatd. If yen. do
in have no Ibvo for the Itad that gave
> u birt'j. , Wb. are ala\oa in our-own
ad , iind wo should not adTOcato
o cause of slavery in this
DO audi indoppnduuB. republic
In csuclufitau I witlu , to say that wove
, vo have hai enough of petticoat goy-
nmont at home ; wo don't want any in
ia country. Mrs. Parnoll wouldigroat-
uid ihooiuaoof Ireland by remaining
hoioa and. her household
fairx Irifibmon roe oot her oa > nccouni
hcr.noLllrvrjoa ; bu4..wu doprccatp anJ
ndoran her action In.talcing pAit in pa-
, iciballaic in this , country , nad if the
Ishmoaof Ohicag.aitroatod hca and the
iCTrloi fraud hos , as tlxiy
JOOTVO to bo troalod , they irould give
iom tie cold shouldor. The democratic
uriy will not nuke much coniUl ori of
idic laisat imnortations. Ijrishmon leva
lOiUud of t'leir , nativity an J their birth.
to live m hopeo of toeing 2kor soma day
iko her place among the nations of the
urkh as a frca und iudepeadont republic.
> nr earnest desire Is to 100 oiu people
mn north to south and from easi to wcet
no hoincvr.oiiiouB people ; to see tlio
roou and the orangu intertwined and to
30 peaca and prosperity amongst our
eoplo U > the desire of all true Irishmen ,
Yours truly ,
Oetober U3. The
auking liujsa of 1L D Coako & Co d Bt'lay
Ua follow Inh' iiotico at tlicir usual
our UiU mornings "Owing to our inability
L > meet preening ( loreiuul , W6 deem It better
) r ull iutemU concoruod to suspend tempera
lly. " Total liabilities , S1TO 000 , of wlit-.h
aoOOOuf llyeoourid , It U buhated that
he li'in lll lu tliuo l > nv all crudilora m full.
NEW YOUK , Oetx > bet 211 , The failure ot 1U
I ) . Ccoke & C J , barkers , of Washlngt n ,
duo tooiitetdodp'puljtio.'n. They lm\o bu
tiromcters of the Kloririi Cannl company , ti
WneMtRtou & Ohio rnilroail , both of whd
wcro luavy drawcru on their resources. I.i
Ulltio' , ? 150,00 j ; nssets , gooutitles of Imlc
ulta vnluo.
Tlio came of the fnlluroia mid by Mr. Coo
to bo dno to general flulnltago ofalnc ? , n
and the prevnlbiit dlttriHt throtit liout t
cntmtry. IIo says that the ass'ts are me
than ample to pay elf every liability.
"BILIjY i'1-JIl"
A So'f-Appnlntcd Oitnrdliin of tl
IVixoo ol'tho Newsboy Frntor-
1'hiladelphia Record ,
"Now , thon.Raddy McGinty , Icapo
the line , or I'll bo afthcr kickin' tlio ri
white nnd blue sluflin' out of ycz. I1
spoke to yez once , and I'll Bpako to y
no moro.1
The abpvo somewhat intelligent r
mark , which was apokon with an air
conscious authority , wan overheard I
a Record reporter hurrying throuj
Jay no street , above Seventh , on Satu
day afternoon , where throngs of now
boys wcro waiting for the last editions <
the four or five afternoon papers whii
have their distributing rooms on th
narrow thoroughfare.
The speaker was Wm. S. Herrity ,
short , broad'shouldorod and muuculi
nowaboy about seventeen years of ng
bolter kuown to fame as "Billy tl
Scrapper , " and hia note of warning w ;
addressed to a email specimen of carro
topped humanity who had attempted I
oust a still moro juvenile colored bqy 01
of his place in the line that was bcaic ]
ng the distribution window of the Ito :
At that moment two dimiutivo younj
stors approached the "Scrapper" an
each handing him a cent , took the
places at the end of the line of boye.wli
were making as much noise aa so man
gigantic English Sparrows.
; 'Well , I'll toll ycz how I works it ,
said the sturdy youth in reply to a que :
tion as to what ho had been paid foi
' yiz ace these kids comes hero to gt
their papoa , and the big 'uns 'ud hav
everything their own way if I didn't lee
out and kapo ordor. They'd bo aftc
pushin' the kida out of their places in th
line , and scarin' awny the darkies an
Rinornlly upapttin * tfyo whole buainut
jiat out of diviltry.
"And the little boyn pay _ you to kop
order nnd protect thuin in their rights ?
"Right ycz are , and it's chape at th
money , fur I'm only after chargin1 them
sint a day. " Hero ho suddenly dartc
icrosa the street and cufTed a boy on th
lioad who was wrangling with ono of hi
little clients over some early oditioi
papers. "Quit tryln' to chaae the kid
jfer dirty duller. Paid fur yor place , di <
ftzl an" what if yrz did , that's no roast ) ]
rur ycz to chato Johnnie Baxter , ia it ?
3o then wont up to the window to oottli
mother dispute , aud the reporter turnot
; o a small boy for further information.
'Oh , ho mokca about § 3 or § i a weol
vt this job when thero'o anything goin ;
> n that oolls the papers , and ho enl ;
7orka at it for two or three hours. It
ho morning ho nolh paper himself. Whj
a ha called the scroppor _ ? Why.j 'caust
lo'a so fond of acrappin' of courao. " The
.dmiring . youngster then proceeded tc
oil how the Scrapper had fough
cores of ambitious young pugilists from
ho .anks of the newsboys and bootblacki
nd had cosno out first in every encounter ,
"Olv ho'a n dandy , "Dtoll you , and he
ights as fair aa they raako 'cm , " wan the
ugh paisp with which the Scrapper's
ittlo admirer wound up > hisaccountof the
icro'a ctoinga.
For O7or a year Mr. Ilerrity haa boon
looping order and protecting- smallci
ry from impoiition and the bullying ol
ho largo ? boyo , and ho has become to be
egarded as judge and jzry im all the
fiuablos that take place among the horde
f bays that,1 gather about the neighbor-
oed mentioned. Ho takaa great pride
i his fairnssoi The payment of a cent ,
hilo it entitles a boy to bo cnref ul ly
iokod after for the day , does not allow :
im to take any liberties Trith tli boyl
ho have nob'paid , and any-movomeut oi
lat sort is promptly stopped by the
tapper's waming voice or muoculat
: ma. _
m YOUR BAMjWM 'JffiflAT ' !
] ! rnnilsnrf7ertl vU tt9 absolutely pur *
JTV-n a ran top do . " > on a hut stor r.olll hcarrtt.tncm
DM. * * ) thticovurunil'sincll. A clitmUtvlll HZ& bo r *
. * ul toilitu < .t tliu rr caca of aminuula.
8ilitlUURL.\t33 HAS NEVERt Elit.V ll.STIOMB. :
R million liniuM fof n. ( ] iurtor , o : ft century It hu
tho-cuniiiiiiuMV rollablo test ,
_ _
Tbfl'r uf tt , tug it tltlltloui IIM ! t4ura I flmor known , > nil
If. Price's Ibpiilin Yeast dems
Fun Ujtit , llpaltiyi Ilroi'I..TSie licit Drjr Hop
, " - - ' '
Yii-tln the
Hardware Store
d tu th & ut
) fi iinelia Burrougti .
.617 Dodge St , - Omaha
TtLKl'UONK NO , H < .
will p'osltlvoly not b
Inserted unions pftKi in ndvnnco.
TO T.OA5T-W : K > ! r
lonnoJ on cfnltcK IUtn-s < l Tick *
MONEY and cold. A. Foreman , ZW fl. Ill
7lt tf
Financial litclnnic , IVRO or small IOM
mkdo on approved security 1517 Djuglat St.
? TO LOAN Inscnu of WOO. und ni.wn .
MONK r D vl nnd r.a. , Roil EiJ t and r.i
A. enia IMS Farnam 3J. pj
t , ? WASTED.
17AXTKU-A K od barter at 412 south 13th SU
" \VAXTED "Klrl fttH'a u hou e , Sontli loth S
> P24-5I
"XVMNTKD Immodlitcljr , good girl fet ironori
> l housework , a. W. coi. UiHiorcUDt. 707-23
T\7ANTKD Girl far ( toao-nl houtowotk at ! 2I
TT Doughs sited , nc Jcllcraon. "W-23p
WANTf 1) A Jnb printer , None hut a peed eobt
man need apply Aildresj "F/&II / , " North Bom
N'ch. 771-27
- 104 S IPS
-St. 8162J | >
A salesman who iimlerstatnU the till
liltiirc trade , no others need apply. M. K Mai
tln,310S inthKt. 815-24
'I'O TAtLoaS Wanted uood bushclnnn an
L prcsscr toork forndyo hotuo ono used to tin
woik prcforr d , steady woik and Rood wigoa to on
that will tulj. Turner's Steam Dj c Workj , St. J sot
Mo. 703-23ji
WANTI'.D Dlshwaslier.snnllijlrl and girl to wet
lor hot boariUttho Emmet tfouso. 787-27
WANTED A Rlrl who It a first-class cook an
Uundrcss. Apply X. E. cor. Chicsco and 21 :
\o girl for general home
IT work , 1724 Dougbs street , cor. Zfllh. 780-2 i
" \T7"ANTit ) Mlddlo aged woman , ooiy work
f > peed wage * , HI south 12th bt. Cigar store.
WANTED A Rood Rlrl for general housework
cor. Capitol avcnuu and 12tli St. 7f > 3 25p
ANTF.D Sewlog machine hands at the Omahi
hhlrt Factory. 60'-tf
AN1EU Agents fur tlioMutua Hail Intnuuci
Co. ieldrc33 the Company at Stuart Neb
032 im
" . I'Jrst-clM p'aets foi
\TTANrKD-Tnllors. - * sitting
VV tailors fttSil 12th St. 033 lui
D Agents to Bcllln Nebraska , a nowbool
by a popular author. Jones & tlMClilcK. 211
N. 17th St. 847-23
WAMKD Lndiesor gentlemen in city or country
toiakonloo , llclit andilca9tnt , work at thcii
own homes , | 3 tofj a day cislly and quietly made
work sent by u bit ; no canv-velni ; ; no stamp for replj
PltasoaddreajllcllabloMan'l'g Co. , Philadelphia , Pa- ,
WAirrCD-ABCotH to ecll Gatolj'a UnUoieal & 1U' '
catnronrnoiithly payments Call on or ad'
ilroti VV. D. 1' . Lowry , toorn C , 119 uoith 10th St ,
Omaha , 371-lm
TT or country , to take nlco , light and pleasant
ivorknttliolr ownhomes ; 32 to5 per day easily and
lulotly made ; worlt fcntby mail : no canvassing ; no
itamp for roplr. I'loaso address Kcllablo Jlanf'n Co. ,
I'hlladelptilt , PA. BOHIm
TTC AKTED Actuation as meat and pastry cook.
V > Understands both European and American style
: f hotel work. Axldrcci "Cook , " Bee offlco. 701. 23p
AA ANTUDhit'iatlon'by a joun nian 03 liu ten-
TT ilcriir dcrkln a. market. Uillnuorad-
Iress A. Wolf 1512 Dadgi bt 8.0 23p
; "X" young UJy to do
olllco work or Hnu nee llo work. Ain also a coin-
ictent teacher. Addr ( .n "E. L. ' Bco olllcc. 793 24p
Cl ANTED "ituatlcnliy an expirlcnccJ sroctrv
T man , can Keepbooka If desired , Good references
; l'cn. AJdref8 "A. 11 " Bee olllco. 774-25p
ri/ANTKD Position by a jounc man as clerk In
TT store , best of cityrtferoncos ( jivcn. Address
'J'A. 1C. " al5 Opera Uouio Block. 7E4-S3p
rvTANT'D A Bltuition l-y a younir man 09 8&lc -
V V man In any store. Can funiljh thn befit of icf-
rcrrcs. "A. H. " Omiha Bco. _ 705 22p
nrTANTKD A situation by an experienced gro-
VV cenrnan. Good references given. Address 123
orthJCth street. 764-25p
rTTAKTED A B'tuatlnn ' by a first-class practical
VV painter , canablt ) of doing all kind * of work in
iat line. 744-22p
A Y oun ? marrtcd man wants situation aa Dock-
.JL keeper , in wholesale establishment In Omaha.
dilrfH " 0. " care lice. 50. tl
HIT-AXTED-Het of bnoKs or oliisr wrHiiig to do
VV cloning * by llrat class book-KcMcer. AddrfMs
J jr. " uoiiec' . S07-0p
riTANTCD To runt a store or Itdlf of J'rtore , with
TT fl-.turcs , in good business street. Address B.
I. Council lilliir Bco olllcc. SOU 23
niTANIKD Families n want of fcTialo h"lp can
VV be acciimdatod promptly bj Icarin their or-
era at 217 N. mh ktrcet. 024p
vanling a good , oatslde line ,
JL addrow "J II. C. " Lee olllcc. 750-25
- lot to be prv'd in weaMy
i-t TANTED To buy a c ty
> > 1 or monthly inttallments. Addieen" ! ! . II " Bco
Illcc. 613-tf
D ? J,000 on flrH-clae3 city oocurlty.for &
WANTt , at D per cent. Address Box 020 1'oel-
nio.- _ 70fltf
"o uuiiT--Mony.i vnn Loir.
' Vili'UENi "Two flinit nnturnlshtil front rooirs
b' 1 with bay windows , suitable for light houfol.eip-
as. Call at nortbucsioniiicr 16th. aid California
UclJ. _
. 'Oil Kf.N'l uruIsllCll rcum at 1810 Uodgo street.
I < 820 29p _ _ _ _
[ TMlt 11K.NT Nc l > furnUlied riwrns new block ,
P iiiudtrn iiniro\iiucji'8cornir | 16th and Capitol
\c.ono block f roml'ost olllco , prices rcisonablc.
I OH KENT NMcelj furnisliid room llr > , t Hour , suit-
L al'Iofor two cuitlomon 111 &oath Ibth St. 81. lp
neil IMINT A iluslrablo front room cm first tloor
U Hiltable tor guiitlcmcu 111 h. 18tb ht. 812-28
[ 7011 * KENT Fnrnl lied room and board S3 01 per
L * week. Very best location , 1SU Dacnpott. .
raoll IlKNT UrlcklniLUunt. IntiuIroDinghtnro
[ } corner IQlhard Uuu laa _ ° ' ' - "
QlOH llENT-Hnidonco on Podgo btnstt , 11 icomj.
D all cimitnlonceD , range , hot and o"U water , etc.
liolmin McCague , op | > oelto postolllco. 7CD23
rnOtl KENT 1'our unlurnUlicd rooms convenient
D fjf hovSBleO ) Ing. Sli ) X lith Urcet. 701-3lp
neil HENT Tlirco unlnrnUlicd rooms for house.
L' kwpiDg. llcemgr'u Llook , lor.ltn and Howtrd.
[ 7011 HKNT PlthJo ooin fur ti n head of hornec ,
P vulh water , 88pe * month. II U. Copson , ! 5th
nd rac'fto ' fct. 770-53
rjianilENT Afl o nom oottagoonS. W. corner
L1 Karnnm and 22d. Apply to a. H. Doanu&Co. ,
. W. tor. UlU auJ Ucu.Ua , 788-tf
HENT KilinUhcd rooms 8181 soutU J6lh
POIl , half block from Bojd'd opuahuune.
700-1 f
r > to3r3rtth7Ti''ttrdTilej ) rlbli "or wTiiteT AupTy
Llatbt Cliiik'SllJtel. 7 CJtl
- HKNT Tno unfurnished rooms lu eecond
R-OU : , tuitali'o lor tuall family. Alio stab'orooin
) rene or two boms. Inquire at Meat Market Ii
Sth bt eot 7CJ23p
| 7Mit ) UeNl Willi beard , nicely fivnl'hi * ! ruonm
[ ' uibhgasand talli room , at 8. W , cor , lllti and
on u itrteti TtT'iBp
7OH IlKNT A small room nitn or ultbctit board
[ 1 1721 Pouu'lM't. rSl 24p
[ 71011 HKN'T A brick d ttazo 016 room * clly water
[ ' andiucdern Improvcineutii } 17 i tmonth H. f.
orncr of 6th and lllcl.urv I3t 7M 25p
r01l ItKNT A fumlilied roomot ISIS Jacison M.
L ? 72J-4p
7(011 ( H NT llcjdant rooaa with board 105 N
Uthbt. 7"3 ° P
[ TiOll 1U VT KurnUhul room for light hc'iii-el.eop-
I1 Ing. leaNanti w of the ri\cr , bridgu and
miiitll lllulh. houlliwosto rncrSth and Howard.
riOll HUNT -Two furni.hcel rooms at UU S. lotb
tlrett.'ddoor ti , ol Ilickop. _ 702 tl
t. ll NT Very deilrablo lurnikiid locinaiii
< rally located. Apply at AtUuMn' * milliner )
Inro. Hihbt >
T.OR KENT To or Ttfcms for light
1 Keeping 2017 Charles
rt \ UKIIRAY bw pee < t pasturinff. Bprtait water.
ffOH Ht'wr CotWife of n e rooms. J. . " lloo
1' 1612sulh 6lh Rtrcet. 8J9 U
OlTilF.Nr Ihrconeir brick tores on
etrcet , cue a corner. opposite P. "
822 i.1 *
ITOU DAIB Two ( Monil Jxinrf plinoi. i Kdholm
X1 * EiICiMn'n Mania Btoro on 10th Kt PSO-H
KKNT Suit oof room ! nr.d boaid 1812 IXxlgc.
Oi : HUM llooufci In privai-i lainny wither
Ifl ' or lthoutbcotd. Addrcui "K. " Dee ottt'v.
JJ1UK UKNT I'HDfSftii'-l orjons Tom two dollaic
V Up. A. Hoqio , 1619 Dodno. 49-lm
11KKT To tle'lra'ole jooms , Also largo
FOil parlor , suitable lor oncer tn o etntlcmen.
quarter black ( mm St. Mat ) 8 moiinc ,
B201'Ioisir.t street. 637 U
UENT A houeo with clfrht toomj. Warren
FOH , 213 South 14th direct , 413-tl
UiN"T ; Ila'f ' ol doutilo liou-u , tout rouiim ,
FOIl ; ' < ? ilP4ldltlmill , n mouth. Apply room
ZJ , Omatit National B uk. 376-t
KENT U nJ omofurnished rooms 3181 tl
FOU St. Mrj. May 8pcncoi. 872 tf
1011 KENT A furnished room 1608 Farnam St.
( poll KENT Ono jr na aquare piano. luquil *
1 ? oir.llioljiand Erlckson. 440-tl
I'OirsALK Ono of thirbcst res
taurants and InUcry combined In Nebraska with
It * * ! locution and trade ottabllshol In cllv of (1001
imputation , Onl ) llr t cla 9 restaurant In the place
\nt\ doing moro In bikcry line thin ail others In city
imlilncd Ice cream pallor In season. Oven * , Ice
loiwts and evcrj thing complete.Mll cll fiirnlthnl
mil Jcivo overjthing , Wlllne'l nt a i-argaln and tit
Ighi man w Ith small cash pa > mont and balance on
eng time. HO purchaser cm nnke It pay for Itself. ,
> V d. W1SB , I'lattsmoutli , N'cb. 817-n 22
) ' Xcat , small hotel , lone lease , cheat )
rent. Capital noccssary $2,000. Address "II. K. "
3eo oinco. 70J-2Sp
SALE A good horse for cajh. Inquire at T.
FOR IJwoMk's grocery ttoro. S01-24p
I7OR SALE 1 Fausago chopperhorao power ; ono
I ? rendering kettle , ono l rd | rcss. Apply at Brook.
in Market , ror. Itltb and Pierce E02-U
SALC-8CO.C03 feet dry lumber , Ash , Oaky
POR , BasTOOod and Soil JUplc. E , A. fitln'on.St.
Iharlcs , Jlichlpan. SOO n21p
SALK Now bowllnga'ljy. Kvcrvthln ? com-
FOR . Inquire at Meat Market , North 18th St ;
SALK OH HUNT A hou'o ol B rooms Imcl
nndsofjwat3r,21otsvvlth birn 24x30. lle-nt 810.
icr rnont'i. luqtiiro north-east corner SOth and
'lerco f r. 778-tl
pV T. - v q iintltv rf Job and newspaper type for
f fx'o ' .Uo a good Zither. C..T. Bunco , ciro Boo
fllci- 755tf : Q
! , " > , ilNC Tor sale , ono new 10 II. P. Portab
! . < tuino and boiler on skids for ealo cheap Inqul
llclurj , & Clarke , U. V. H. Y. 17th and 18th St.
- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
raOH SALK Cottage of 6 rooms , barn , corner lot in
P Shinn's addition ; only 81.5 0 ; small cash payment
nil lnJanco monthlj. Bargain. McCague , opp.
ostollicc. OlOtt
[ JVOII SiLE OH EXCHANGE A water power Qist
i ? mill , reasons for rolling gh en on application to
oo. E. Eraffit , Wavcrly , Neb. e
[ 7AOH SALE-Now phaeton. Inquire of Qoo. Hlg
L ; gina at north-east corner lOtliand Dodge.
TtOIl SALE CO feet on Fotnam street between 58
J andtO. M. Lea , Grocer,2Jdand Loavonworth.
71OU SALE Kino biumojs chance at Grand Ishnd
1 Kcb ? j.COOonja the bank building 22x44 ; on
llco building which rents for $15 a month ; a largo
re nnd burglor proof sifo with Yale time lock cost
,000 , also very largo bankbook fire proof enfo ,
ink counter , desks , hud coal steve , In fact , a com-
oto Innk outfit , together v.lth lot 44x68 on Locust
reel. Title perfect. Terms J cash , ba'anca on ono
id two } ears time if desired. Call on oraddro'sJay
White , ( Irand leland , Neb. 022-tf
TAOll RALE Clisap. nrestaurant In good Io catlo
at 220 north lOtii at , 607-23 pn
pORSALE A good frame house , 6 rooms , all In
peed order Must bo mov cd at once Apply to
o Wc.torn Newspaper Union , oor. 12th and llow-
d streets. SH-tl
SALE Cheap a second hand high top buggy.
. Inquire at Slinpson'a Carrloyo Factory , Dodge ,
tw ecu 14th and 16th. 280 tf
J > OH SALE 520 acres land on Middle Beaver , In
' Smith county Kansas , 250 acre under fence ,
: nty of Ih ing water for stock. Good frame house
\20 , with Kitchen 12XCO. 290 acres In cultivation ,
ice jl.OOO. Terms i cash , balance on time to suit
irchasera. Will also Fell CO head cattle If purchaser
sires. Address Thomas Mltchcl' ' , Smith Centre ,
insas , or Fulton Si Grov e , Klerton , Neb. 257-lm
10R SALE 100 pianos and organs , boxes suIUtlo
' for ooal or feed boxes. A.-noaoo. 383.1m
vOR SALE 150,009 brie ) : on cars at Belleruo. II.
! T. Clarko. 218-tt
pOIl SALK A whole tock of clothing , boots and
1 shoCT , buildings at coct , retiring from business.
H. Peterson , 801 south Tenth street 113-3m
QK will buyn phaeton a 1818 Farnam St.
'dJ ' 635 tf
20th and Cumlng
S.Pjri * * .
POll SALE Two open aeccnd-nuid bu glrg end
ono dollvoi y wigoti , nlicop , ot 1810 H noy Bt.
Kl-il _ _ _ _
LlYourg man , goodT imian , wishes a situation as
book ko | ier or copjistBeit ot references fnrrltli
AdclnssF 1 ! Crowloy. care Dr. K. W. Leo. 2Cfc
nth Utli street , Onuha , Xcb. _ 810 27p
O T Bull dcij , aiitwars to nairo of lliilo , 2carn
J old , whitowitli jtllow Hp.ttn . , cara cut. Hututii
J Itain onndgctrewjrd. S23 tt
) IDSropchcdforniUDglot 2 st and Nlcholaa Sts.
> 814 25p _ BKAHSA fQjAUl ) .
TOTlfiK or LOhT NOTES 'Hiis reitilics. tint I
i lia\o lost two lotcd pijaldo to mv order , ono
idobj Jas. SMcnar for fcl.KOJ , ditcil May 23 , 183 * ,
d ilni ! 0 mm. after date with 3 per cent Intcrtbt ,
done for 81,500 undo bj Gcu Toiiipauii tliteil
i > Oth , IBS ) , and dno 1 jcir afterdate with loner
nt Interest. Thoomituiliavoiiotcrliceii endorsed
Boldbr mu and all parties nro uarnul against pur-
a lngthek'uiii ) . lluasonablo reward will bo gitcn
! thvir rccoi try. Au mtln bklemr , Ttkamah Neb.
813 25
OST A wino colored leatlar handbag on lOlh
J btrcct , containing between to\en and eight
Kara Finder w 111 n.ctUo liberal reward by re *
ruing to tlili olllcc.
OST Monday night , Jlosalo ear rln ? . en 10th
- itreet , between Davcminrt and Cipltol a\or.uo.
ease return to No , 1512 DmenportSt77023 | >
T AboutOct 15th , a gold seal with inlatlih
JO \V. Q. C , " Hcturn toBeuollleo for suitable ! ro-
> rd. 7U3 23p
kjoko for buggy. Owner can have
1 tha same by calllne at thu faint shop of ti armon
,0 , , No. 512 north 10th otrcut anil pay for this uo-
o _ 777-23p
IINNI'AI'OMS property toexchiiieo for Omalia
roil estate I' . P Fa > & Uo , 1211 Farnam St.
T40 25p
PAJIILY Storage , steve repairs and general re.
pairing , C. M Latou , 111 S. 14th Hi. 74C-nlp.
fits , dCIIHODUll , Murnctlo
1 ten N.V. . coiner 20th and Cuai bt D agnoseg
caHalrtic. 7 < ! Unir
) HIVY vaults , sinks and ccfsnools cl ancd at thi
bhorteet notlco and at any time of Iho day , In .v *
tlrclyordtrloM way without the lent nitle < atlon
occupaotsoruiLjhbor , with our Impruvoil anU
orltbs apparatus A. Evans i. Cj. , lota Caultol
> _ _ 710nldp
JIUVY vaults , finks and cuespoola cleaned with
unit ry clearer , batlslietlon auarantood by F ,
Abelsuccnii6orto J. M , Smith , ) box 878. 0)3 nlOp
UliniilBTAMI'rt :
L IVn Printing Co , 502 tf
r. 14th m Jones , ro.
celvc4iatfi > iita tuIirlB ! , ( from y disiabu not
Al.o aJttiou
.s su ; otiK a
At the eld stand U17 rorca-n Stuet Ordeiiby
tm > u t UcittJ MH prouii.tlv tfV.p 4 - jt | ,
coo Ku , tii.