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Wednesday Morning Ootobor 22
Ilcroaftor the C.upantors' and Joiners
nmon , No. &S , will meet at 7:30 : sharp nt Ihci
Jwlgo Weiss garo hli decision Mondn
in the case of B. 1J. 1'rench , charged with ob
strolling nsldoHalk nnd discharged the defendant
fondant upon conditions ho would kcc
the walk reasonably clean.
Ten now members were rccch otl Into th
I'ltBt M. 15. cliutch last Sabbath. The growth
of this church during the past year Ins been
remarkable. Now members are ruccicd nenr
y every Sunday.
The funeral of Mrs. M. 15. Toloy , wife o
G. W. Folny , occurred Monday nttcrnoon a
2 o'clock from her la to residence , corner o
Davenport , nnd Jefferson streoto. She was 3
yearn of ngo.
Tlio distribution of mail from Iho Soutl
Omaha { test office brgan th'a morning
The mail wilt bo taken to that point once n
day from each way on the Etrom.iburg run , it
closed ixmches made up nt the depot ,
Some people think docl'ri' charge * are
high in Omahn but a unit in the U. S. cour
dovolopoa the fact that n San Frnncitco docto
charged a Ncbniika man 8J,003 for three
months' attondnncf , mid got the monoy.
The following marringo licenses Imo boon
isiued by the county clerk : Henry Winlcrbin
nnd Sllss Ulizi Growcock , Nils Nilson nnd
JUtfl Anna 0. Hcnscn , nil of IDlborn et.ition ;
Andreas A. Wcgnpscn nnd Mira Ifnunchcn
Traulscn , both of Douplaa county ; 1'otcr
Kwnuson nnd Mica M.ittio Lnracn , both of Ir-
vhigtonNcbt ; and Jlnrcus McFaddcti..and
JlIIss Slimiio Batten , both uf Omahn.
The weather yesterday hid n tendency to
put n smiling face upon nearly every business
man hi this city. The dry goods merchants
were etandiig out in fiontof their places
of business , rubbing their hands nnj chuckling
in their uloovrs ns they thought of those big
piles of fall nnd winter goods which will begin
to disappear In n tow daya if the cold snap
only holda out. The conl merchants are in the
best of humor , nnd can scarcely keep from sing
ing , "Ohl happy day. " Ono nnd nil predict
good times ia the near future If tbo weather
clerk will only Icccpn stiff upper lip nnd not
l > a led away on another summer jaunt.
The wayfarer who vlalts Council Bluffs
and through nny unfortunate eccentricity or
irresponsible circumstance nttrnctn the atten
tion of the Ilnwkoyod police may indeed bo
said to travel n "Jericho road. " The authori
ties over there have n pleasant way of snatch
ing up visitora nnd detaining them in durance
vile untili'thoy ' c n substantiate or disprove
sorno lurking suspicion that the caller is not
all right. Within the past month there
ha\u been at least n half dozen victims on this
side complaining of the ( Marshal ) martial rule
prevailing in the city over the way , and the
consequent nuspenaion of the habeas corpus
law. Constabulary vigilance is nn ndmirnblo
virtue in young and thriving communities , but
-when it comes to carrying it to nn extent sub
verting the fundamental principal of the Magna -
na Charts , the Declaration nnd nil the great
Palladiums of our liberties , the metropolitan
guardians nro overworking themselves.
Mr. W. A. TJ. Gibbon returned from n trip
to Hastings yesterday morning ,
Mr. Hnrvoy Storck , n prominent lawyer of
Chicago , is at the P.ixton.
Chlel Skinner , of the Council Bluffs police
( force , wns in the city yesterday on private
Mr , Henry Lee , Fanny Davenport's loading
roan , anil Mian Blanche Weaver , of . the same
company , nro nt the Millard.
A despatch wns received yesterday by Mra
D. G. Hull stating that her father , Moses K.
Conkling , of Binghampton , N. Y1 , was lying
at the point of death.
8. Sloman , Hastings , Albert W.'Crlten ,
Hallimouth , 0. 0 , 1'lerco , Valparaiso , A. W
Dcitz , A. Sleinor , Ashland , J. K. Vnuder-
mark , Vnlparaiso , Willliun Tnylor nnd wife ,
Kansas City , Mo. , nro stopping nt tlio Metro
Vnnny Davenport the eminent nctroes , nnd
her husband , Mr. Kdwin H. Price , nro at the
Millard hotel. They have a suit of four
rooms , nnd Miss Davenport bus remained In
her rtom nil day. Her meals have boon
If nerved there , nnd ulio has refused to roccivo
any cards , n fact which n certain reporter In
this city found out by rather o hard experi
ence. She is in line form , having reduced her
flesh considerably.
Mr. Harry Walker and wife , of Ml. Tlens
tnt , Iowa , nro iu the city onn wcolc'elslt
with Joe nnd D. P. Hodman , w ith whoso funi-
iliea they are Wd iirm friends. Mr. Wnlkcr ,
who is nn Odd Fellow high in oflice in that
fraUrnltv , nttonda daily its sessions in Conn
oil Bluff * . This Is Mr. Wnlkor'a first Uiit to
Omaha nnd ho is 1 i hly pleased with Iho bus
juo""energy nnd thrift of her mci chants.
Mr. Frank Bundle , tlio catcher of the Union
Pacifies during the past season , for excellence-
in which occupation ho fell n prey to pnbho
familiarity , as all great men do , end was pub
licly christened "Stub , " has been sworn In
usbnllirf | In thedisttict court and u 1 11 servo
in that olllcial capacity during the present
sitting. Frank Is a handsome , nlca little fel
low , n dude nnd nn experienced accountant
nod lll doubtless mnko tuplcmlld legal fuuc
TORIN SMITH Yetloiday mowing Oc
tobtrSOttij Mr. Patrick H. ToMii and Mi 4.
Klizabatli Biiilth wii o united iu tl H Imly
bniiilu of wedlock by the Jlev. Father
After the ceremonies r/eio o\er the happy
counlu rcrnlrrd to their icsidenco on Call-
forola : u d T vtlfth streetathero n bouutifu
repa t wt had , coDgratu'ntiong cixclionccd
nnd the presents , both nuiucroui nnd coitly
were dnnateil to tbo bride und groom.
Mr , and Mrs. Tobin left on the inorclnr
train for the fast to enjoy their honuymooi
with the veil withes of all thilr fiicr.ds ,
JOUN80K-UIi l > .
. . . . . ' cvenijio ID Chicago Mr. Prauk
33. Jobncon oud Ml a Mfiria ller.d , both
nf this plly , were uuitml in ninrriago
The ceremony tnio pojformed by Rev.
FJeetwocd , at hli n-sidenco on Lanley
AVCDWO. The wedding was a quiet nflair
and vi r npjy attended by u few of the
f nlire k f iiajde of the contracliDg parlies.
" " " T in f"n rf S. R Jolnuon.lho
Rrocrr , and the bride is the
of Byron Rf oil. The vomijj
.ilo will ff < l a ni-ridij.f ; trJpn ( Mixico
after which \i } 'y will rftnrn to this oily ,
arriving litre r.ticmt the lit of December.
6wAp SjaJ of North Carolina Tcbio-
co ,
The City Conncilmcn Sit in a Double
Adjourning as a Board of Equal-
Tlio Vftcunt Chnlrn AMI ! a ISnro Quo
ruin of Members ,
At the mooting of the city council Ins
evening as n board of equalization there
wore present Messrs. iiechol , Fumy ,
ThrRiio , Woodworth , lladfiold , Hiucall ,
Locdor and President Murphy.
Ej-JMr. Lcodor was granted thirty days
leave of abaonco from council meetings ,
stating that ho thought it proper to do no
until public clamor was over or ho was
vindicated. Several of the council ex
pressed regret and confidence in his no-
quital of the charge of the grand jury.
The report of the committee was pre
sented but its reading temporarily defer-
rcdfcto await the arrival of the city en
gineer , and the board took a rocois ant
was called to order as
The reading of the journal was dis
pensed with.
From the mayor vetoing nn item in an
appropriating ordinance , viz : To II. T.
Shannon & Co. , § l,827.2.'i for work on
North Omaha sewer fur the reason that
t was appropriated from the wrong fund.
Veto sustained.
From E. S , Brounan stating that ho
considered § 0,500 as about a just com-
lonsatipn for violation of the city's con-
ract with him for curbing and guttering
n St. Mary'n Ave , Referred.
From James Neville , asking that a
lydrant bo placed at Twentieth and
Isrnoy strooto. Referred.
From B. E. B. Kennedy , asking that
amagos duo owners of lot 7 Nelson's
ddition bo paid. Referred.
From the city treasurer , that ho had
laid damages duo from change of grade
n Izard street. Filed.
From the chief engineer , asking for a
month's lonvo of absence. Granted.
From taxpayers of Ilorbach's second
ddition , complaining of nuisance in
Hoy. Rofarrod.
From Frank Murphy , protesting
gainst the paving of the north end of
ixteouth stront between Izard and
fioholM except in compliance with terms
" petition , which calls for Colorado
andstono laid on not loss than eight
uchea of sand , Referred.
From Joseph Barker , a similar notice
ith regard to Ninth street between
Douglas and Capital avonuo. Referred.
From Hchlesmgor Brothers and pro-
orty owners on Loavonvrorth street
sking permission for that firm to erect
agon scales on Loavonworth street near
'hirteonth. Referred.
The deed of Henry A. Delaney and
ifo for right of way for a main sewer
uown as West Branch North Omaha sow-
r. Accepted and filed.
A number of bills were referred with-
ut reading.
From the county commissioners asking
Hit a change of grade bo made on Far-
am street from the Troinor track to the
, ty limits , so as to improve the country
oad loading west from latter point. Re-
1 < rom E D. Titus and others asking
or a six foot sidewalk on north side of
) olawaro street and Franklin street from
launders street to IVouty-oighth stroot.
From property owners along St. Mary's
venue protesting against the construe-
on of gutters nlniig said avenue from
forest uvenuo to Phil Sheridan street or
cross intersecting stroota of a width of
ix foot. Referred.
By Rodfiold The contractor engaged
n curbing and guttering on St. Mary's
avenue bo notiliod to construct the same
f the width of three foot only. Adopted.
was taken as the democratic parade moved
ut Sixteenth street.
_ Mr. Kaufmann hero appeared In coun-
il and was granted amonths leave of ab-
once on similar grounds as in Mr.
jocdor'u case
Several side walk resolutions were ro-
Resolution by Thrann to advertise for
ale Lot 0 Block 20. Withdrawn.
The call for committee reports brought
none forth except from a special committee -
mittoo which reported in regard to the
iropoeod pjwing contract with James
. < \ > x for paving ou ; iJth ( street in district
o. 31 und on certain other ntreotn.
They recommended a now contmot witn
tyx und that the paving on Oth street in
dinriot 28 bo constructed on aoaud foun
dation 8 inches deep and in the other
listrlcts n broken atone and saifd founiin.
on bo used. The report was adopted.
A special committee reported In favor
of placing two iitroot lamps on Pleasant
trcot , ono on each side. Adopted.
An ordinance levying a special tax to
my for curbing und ( .uttering done { on
South Fourteenth fitreot. Passed.
An ordinance levying a tax to pay for
similar work on South Fittoentli stroot.
An ordinance levying a t x to pay for
similar work on Thirteenth otreut south
of Loavonworth. Passed.
Aft ordinance levying n tax to pay for
ctubing and guttering on South Eluvnnth
struct. Pasted An ordinance covering
similar work on Twelfth street from the
lorth line of Howard street Passud ,
An ordinance levying tax tpay onn
iftlf the cost of yradh-g Vmtwi utroet
'rum Thirteenth street to city limits.
An onlluancn appropriating tnonoy to
? ny R. T. Shannon &J Co for sewer
work was rejected on account of error.
An or din noa levying a tax to piy coal
I paving Ninth street from Huruoy alroot
oto U , P. right of way south ot Laavun-
worth street. Patted.
An ordinance appropriating various
sums to p y for newer wuik , curbing anil
yuttctintf , paving , etc.
An oldiimi co uppropriating money to
pay Uu h Murphy it On. for construc
tion of emms in diuiiict thirteen was
pasacd but nf lerwatd rucunsidttrcd urd ro
An ordinance levying a tax to cr.vcr
iho cost of Rowers in district No lit
was ri'jectud until the buurd of iquilun-
tiun nportud.
An ordiii'inco upproprlating moupy to
? y Jt T. Haurman it Co. and suvurul
otluir vaiinim hums. 1'aihcd.
Anordinauco vHtabhihiDg the grade tf
CJiurJcfl street was brouglit up on third
rue din 15 und withdraw n.
Adjourned to incut ut 7 o'clock p. in ,
TIM : IIO\BU oi' f QUA UKrioy
WPS oalUil to onlcr agnia und Ihuir re
port road and adopted ,
Ar'j l
Tlilovcfl Ilrcnk Into Ilio Our Barn
Anil Klllo Tlio Onsli JUoxcs ,
Monday nlghtthlovos broke Into the St
Mary's a venue car barns and rifled the
cash boxes of all four cara. There is
generally in onch box about $15 and al
of the change was taken. The boxes hac
been taken from the cars and locked up
In a liltlo room adjoining the office.
This rsom had boon broken open and the
boxes taken out in the main building
and there broken open and pilfered.
Several of the employes of the com
pany were [ asleep in the building but
none of them hoard anything of the in
The car drivers are responsible for
their cash boxes and change and if the
company hold them strictly accountable
for this loss it .will fall pretty heavily
upon them and especially as winter
weather is just putting in nn appearance.
It Mas thought by the police that thong
ng of thiovca and burglars had _ been
driven out ot the city and indeed it did
seem so AS no depredations were re
ported for some timo. If they WPro
driven out for a time they have returned
with reinforcements and it Trill bo a
good scheme for the citizana of the place
to kocp a good lookout for them and gtvo
thorn a worm reception whenever they
call. If ono of them can bo filled with
cold lead it will have a strong tendency
, o put a stop to the burglary business
'or a timo.
Seal of North Carolina Smoking To-
> acco is the best.
1'olluo Court.
The police court room put on a com-
ortablo appearance yesterday. AB
ho gpng marched in they were permitted
o hover around a blight hard coal fire
which shod a warmth throughout the
ilaco which was decidedly cheering.
John O'Donncll was first called upon
o glvo an account of himself and ox-
ilain why ho had boon found in a state
> f intoxication. IIo said ho lived at
Missouri Valley junction and was a rail-
oad man. IIo came up to Omaha for a
itllo fun. IIo had had It and was now
cadv to go homo. The judge permitted
ilm to depart rrith a warning.
G. D , llardy , Pat. Mahan and Michael
HcShea were each fined $5 and costs for
laving boon drunk.
Pat. Roakbud , the notorions , was ar-
osted Monday night for boating his wife
'his is a favorlto pastlmp with Rockbud
tnd whenever ho gets a little full ho goes
lomo and amuses himself by giving Mrs.
lockbud a good trouncing. Ho was ro-
cased a short time since from a three
months' stay in the county jail for a aim-
! ar oll'enao. This morning his wife re
used to file a complaint against him and
10 was discharged.
.licliigan . , olfor to send their celebrated ELKO
'LlANcus on trial for thirty days , to men
young or old ) tifllictod with uervoua debility.
OPS of vitality and manhood , and all kindred
roubles. Also for rheumatism , neuralgia ,
laralynis , and many other diseases. Complcto
obturation to health , vigor and manhood
uarnuteoil. No risk incurred , as thirty days'
rial In allowed. Write thorn nt once for illus-
.rated . pamphlet , frco.
10,000 bushels Choice Winter Apple
'or salu in car lots or lois. Your bu
ness solicited.
u27-lm Nebraska City , Nob.
B. fc 31. Improvements.
The B. & M. company is pushing the
works on its stock yards extension as
apidly as possible , a largo force of men
) cing employed. The expectation is
hat. the track will bo ready for trains by
ho middle of December , and the only
hing which can cause a delay beyond
hat date is the non-arrival of the iron
> ridges for street crossings , which have
> opn ordered from the oast. If those
iridges arnvo by the 1st of December the
road will bo fully completed by the ICth
of that month. The tracks will run
hrou h the stock yards and nlford all
acilniea for loading and unloading
cattle. For the present no dupot im-
irovompnts will bo rando ut the yards or
u the city.
The company ia r.i present engaged in
luilding n now round house in thu tiouth
> artoftonn. It will have nccoinocia-
ions for five onginon and will bo com-
> le ted iu a few weoks.
Buy B. II. Douglass & Son's Oansi-
: um Cough Drupa for your chidrun ;
hey are harmless , pleasing to thn taste
md will euro tln-ir colds. DS. . and
Crado Mark on cvorp drop. 1
lloiiuko at Homo.
Judge Boneko returned yesterday
: rom a trip through the state , where hems
: ms boon making some democratic
speeches. IIo suja that ho fools highly
flittered with the manner tn which ho ia
everywhere received. Ho also say * that
the school 1 And steal ia u bltUr pill [ ut
.ho farmers to stvallotr nd they are going
to vote ngninat the republican utato ticket
nn that account IIo fuels very hoptful
and auys that ho ia now confident thul
ttio domoorauo state ticket will bo olootod
on tlio 4th of N
AbsoItateSy Pure ,
icl ( . ( .v.uti n \ r ikrlot , A ratryvl 01 fri tAft \
Aft xlli Mid wl < olcB > iuu tit. Moie vcoroinluJ th &
bo ruliu-i ) l.ln' ) , ua.ii.ui'Ctb ; > ! t In cou | itlm |
* lth li ) multltuJe ol lo tut.thuri o ) lif Ji ma
, hri.At iii/uiicra Bjlit KU lo n > Ili'tAL
! MAtt.u . VOi'iIJCU UO , , ICO % Y I1 street , N , Y.
The SoDthcm Part oftlicCilyForliflGu
Against Fire ,
A Bountiful New Engine Honeo
Erected nt tlio Corner of EIo\onli
and Dorcns Streets.
for a long time Chief Knginoor Butler -
lor haa boon trying to impress upon the
city council the need ot moro engine
hou ps. At last ho brought the matter
before thorn in such a light that they
agreed to erect a house in South Omaha.
In accordance ) with such a plan a lot was
purchased at the corner of Eleventh and
Dorcaa streets , and after it had been
properly graded the work of bulldinp ; an
engine houao was begun.
This now houao in now nearly com
[ ilotcd , and will bo ready for occupancy
n a short timo. Through the kindness of
Assistant Chief Galligan a BIE reporter
was driven out to the now houao and waa
lormitlod to look through it. It is a fiuo
looking franio structure , two stories in
icight , and 24.\GO foot upon the ground
with twenty-four foot stunding. The
ceilings are twelve feet high , making
[ iloaasant nd convenient rooms.
1'ho greater portion of the lower story
will bo used for the hose cart. In the
roar two stalls are built and on ono side
of them is a place for drying hose and on
: ho other is an apartment for grain bins
md also n place for the storage ot hay.
The stall doors are arranged in the same
nauuor as those at engine houao Mo. 2 ,
and will work with the tapping of the
song. In the rear part of the room is a
light of Etaira leading to the second
story. In the second story twenty foot
lave been partitioned off in the front
Dart for a sleeping room for the fire boys
md the remaining forty foot will bo used
or a hall in which political meetings and
gatherings of citizens will bo held. From
ho olooping room to the first iloor ia a
irnsa polo , familiarly called by the fire
boys a "skin polo , " which Is to aid in the
npld transit of firemen from the second
leer to the first when the gong calls
hem to duly.
Taken all in all it Is the best arrranged ,
nest convenient and largest engine house
n the city and is an
ornament to the southern part
of the olty. In a few days it will bo oc-
upied by the fire laddies. Mr Joseph
Yandorford , now a member of company
? o. 2 will bo foreman and have charge
of the now house. Ho will have but ono
assistant for the present and the now
company will bo known as No. 4.
Old "Bolivar , " the .old bay stallion
who has has boon in the fire department
or about eight years and has run tonoar-
y every fire in that time , will bo taken
out to the now house for active duty
; horo. A single cark will be takou out
md will servo the purpose there until a
argor ono is required. Chief Butler
hinks the water pressure will bo strong
enough in that portion of the city so that
an engine will not bo needed. The houao
s plenty largo enough to put inanongino
n MSG such a raovo should bo necessary ,
When the now house is occupied the
city will bo divided up into fire
diatricta , and each engine company
will have Its territory to cover , and yet
it will bo divided so that at least two hose
carts-will attend. The boundary lines
mvo not boon definitely determined
upon as yet , but No. 3 company , which
goes to all fires now , will not go down
nto thu southeast part of the city , that
) art of the city being covered by com-
mnio&No. 2 and 4. No 4. will not como
urthor up on Thirteenth street than
Jackson and not farther on Tenth street
than the railroad crossing. The hook
and ladder truck * will be run to all fires
IB heretofore. The now houao is > plenty
argo enough to put In a single horse
took and ladder truck and such a thing ,
a now contemplated , in which caao the
jig truck would not bo run into the ex
treme southern portion of the city.
The now houBo when completed Swill
lave cost the city about $ .4,510. All the
vork , . except the bricklaying and plaster-
ng , has been dona by Chief Butler and
us men , so that the city bavo had to
my vary little for the labor.
When the now house ia in working or
der the city will bo pretty well fortified
against the demon tire , except in the ex
reino ncsteru portion. Chief Butlur
: ias not yet t'iven up the idea of an en
gine houao at the head of St. Mary's Avenue
onuo , and Buys that If the city will fur
nish the place on which to build it and
thu many to do the same , ho and his men
will go to work and build a house this
ill. [ Jo is very anxious to have a fine
bouao built where No. 3 now stands , at
the corner of Sixteenth and Furnnm
streata. Ho hod at ono time ,
plaaa drawn for the building
uf a house at this plaou
but they failed to materialise. IIiu plans
called fur a structure which would have
cost between § 15-,000 and $18 000 , and
would have been mi ornament to the city.
11 ? thinks , howovur , that it will bu only
a short time bufpre the council will con *
sHer it a necessity to build euch a build'
lie reports nil the apparatus of the do
pxrtmont in excellent shape and the
department very tftioicnt. By the neir
house it will bo necessary to increase the
paid force two men. In speaking of a
paid hook und Jftddi-r company
to take the place of the volunteer
I'innoer company , ho cruel that
there should bo nt least six p id men
upon the hook and ladder truck , but that
hi > did not ext > oot to gut moro than three
About the only now nppavatui which wit
buvo to bo bought by thu or-culug of thu
now hnuau will bo eotno not ? hose , am
not u great deal of that.
The city lias been very free from fires
of late , but with the firut starting of fires
lu the stove * the boys look for many a
lively run , but are prepared now ffor
whatever comos.
Two Won nurium by Slack ,
While drawing off slack from the furnaces
nacos at the Smelting Works Sunday
morning , William Ktnnoy fell into the
hot raotal , and was badly buruod , lie
was taken to St. Joseph's hospital for
treatment. Kinney ia seriously hurt bul
Dr. Mcrcor , the attending physician , is
hopeful of getting him around in good
lUomlay morning John Kieaer , another
etnpli yu at the HmultingVntks , was
huriiftl by alack , bin not euri'iusly enough
to require treatment ut the hospital
FOU SALE A geol family how ,
buggy auii Imrncev , L , A. RATH ,
Pout Ofllco Box 80 ,
S. W. Cor. 15th St. and Cnpltol Avonuo.
On the European Plan. First olas * In crcty r-o
sncct. Table supplied with game and all delicacies of
ho Benson , where you pay ( or only what \ ou order > 1
> cr bill nf fare , llooms attached ( or transient ens-
am. Will also keep day boarders at the most
Bonaolo rates.
AL.3T , 803 Tenth street , totncon rarnam and Her *
nry. will with the aid ol guardian Bflilta , obtaining
at ftonoRUnco In the pact and present , and on
trtaln conditions In the future. Boota and shoos
made o order. Perfect eattbfactlon guaranteed.
14 12 Douglas Street ,
Friday Evening and Saturday Nevfc.
Tun nun ol tba Cjra " Sbo
Lluo" In connection wlih Ih
\ K corpornto n me ola CTDA ro J
I U conveys an Idea of tutrhat
required by the traveling pub
lic Short Line , Quick Tlmi
tnd the boat ol accornnodv
tlons ill ol which HO { nic
hed by the roatcst nlhvav In America.
And St. Paul.
It owns nd operttcs ovei 4 , BOO nllea ot
orthom nilnols , Wlaconaln , Minnesota , Iow
Kkota ; aud as ia main lines , branches uid oooaBc *
ona reach all the great buslnees centres of ( be
forthwest and Far West , It naturally answers th <
esolptlon of Short Line , And Best Iloato between
Chicago , Milwaukee , St F&ul and Mlnncapolle ,
Chicago , LIHwaukco , La Crosao and Wlnona.
Chloago , MUnaakoa , Aberdeen and Ellemltla
Ohlcago , Milwaukee , Eau Clalro and Stlllwctoi'
Chicago , Milwaukee , Wausau and Merrill.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Beaver Dam and Oehkotb.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Waukiislia and Oconomowoc. ,
Chicago , Mllwaukoo , MaJlsoa and I'r&lrledu CUftn.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Owatoona and Falrlbault.
Chicago , Belolt Janea\l'lo ' and Mineral Point.
Chleftgo , Ellin , Rockford and Dubuqne.
Oblcago , Clinton , Rock Island and Oodu Rapldl.
Chicago , Council Bluffs and Omaha.
Chicago , Sioux City , Sioux Falls and Ymkton
Chicago , Milwaukee , Mitchell ondChamberlaln.
Rock Island , Uabuquo , St. Paul and lilnucapollj.
Davoupoit ' alnmr , St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Pullman a copers and the Tlncst Dining Cora In
ho n - rlil are run on the main lines of the CIIIOAOO ,
attention I > paid to passongerij by courteous employes
of the Company.
& . S. UERRILL , Oent Manager.
A. V H. CAIU'EOTER , Don' Pass. Ajrt
" 1. CLARK , Gen'l Supt.
QKO. UHU.FFORD. Ass't. Qcnl. Pa A t.
Besides the advantag of a solid Kngljh and
c l education , sped oaro will bo devoted to ShoO
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Practical Surveying
iHeepg , Banking aMComnial
Tlvo nowprofceacrslu\o been added to tha faculty
crtiilepurpoeo ,
3T Voml tfuslo , German and French , optional , JS3
NEW STOliENrd must present themselves dutlng
ho ntok ending August 81 , betweou Oanl 12 a. in. ,
nd they n > uat be ro uly to stc.nd examination to Jo-
Iilo their rank In the courao
Prof. Lambert will ( -ivu due notlco lortta resump
ten of the evening courw In Chi'rulMry. Tuition
co. No distinction on account of creed ,
aug , ID tu tlium H.\t At
The Pioneer , and Still. Aliead ,
100,000 NOW IN USE.
Fast up r8iHii'g the lan(8t old Ift'liloncJ etoto
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iT8 nd ( or Catalogue. Price Lltt , Fta
Pructico Luintcd to Difieuses oi ! the
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by fuuU rotionor exit * awill tonruuf
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* " " " - " '
" ' gLaer
baugh & Taylor , " I
Buy your Fine Bronzed Hardware at Home for
less than Eastern Cities Can Deliver it.
Send for Our 250 Page Catalogue , only one issued in Nebraask
Counter , Hay , Stock and Railroad Track ,
Orders for Hie Indiim Deoartinout given , for Buffalo Scales ex
clusively. Scale
1105 Douglas Street. OMAHA. NEBRASKA
Visitora to the State and others in need oH MenTsT Boya' audildren't1
Clothing , will do well to call ou
The Strictly One Price House in the City
And examine their goods and prices. They carry the largest stock , and
sell lower than any other house in the city. Merchant Tailors
don't fail to call at
1216. 1216
PASSENGER ELEVATORS TO ABL FLOORS. | 1SOB , 1CC8 and 1210 Farnara St. , Omaha , Neb ;
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KAED7A 7ruian : or ot BTaiOTLr
\ \
403 BRADY ST. , UAVEKPORT , IOWA , U. 8. A. EuUbllshed 1878 Oatarra ;
" - vfnoBS , Lung nnd NorvouaDUoajeeOpeodlly ud 1 oimancntJy Ouvod. Pat Ion U
f U tHomo. \ . fey "TnB MvwifiL-MisaioifAJa , " for the i'oopln.
, j uit tlon and Oorrmpondcnce Oratu. 1' . 0 , Box Siia. Tilonhucoo. . 5 i
HON. EDWARD RUSSELL , J' wtmaMer , Davenport , Bay : " I'livniclan of
EX Ability ntt Marked Saccoa. " OONGRKStJMAH BfTJUPHY , Davemwrt
J * An iaonotahUi Man. Flno Bncccaa. Woiidurfal Ourita , " Hournfi to 6
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