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Gov. Gleyelaiiu Assanllcd liy a Granl
A HairBrainod Fool in Persona !
Attacks Cleveland on a Public
Thoronchlare ;
Kefusod Eveoutive Olemonoy foi
His Felon Brother
A Deranged Petitioner Seeks Fis-
tie Eevongei
An IntcrostliiKi Albeit Unimportant
Incident of Not the Slightest
I'ollttcrtl SlgnincnncD.
Al.DANT , October 20. The city was throwr
into great excitement this mornoin by the report -
port that Governor Cleveland had beennssault
od while on his way from the executive man
slon to tlio capitol- Some reports said ho hat
been assassinated , and others that ho had boot :
fatally wounded. The reports spreadi quickh
and hundreds gathered at the capitol , nnd
sought out the governor's room to inntnro , at
to the foundation for tha rumors nud tha con <
ditiou of the governor. The following fact !
HA wan assaulted in front of the medlcnl
college this morning , by Samuel Boano ol
Chomnng county , who was ejected from the
executive chamber last week for creating n
disturbance while seeking n pardon.
Boone struck nt the governor with bis tight
hand , but the blow wns wnrded off. Ho repealed -
pealed the striking several times but failed to
hit the governor in the face. Ho then darted
towards n pile of cobble stones , but wns inter
I cepted by Dr. Geo. H. Houghton before ho
he'obtaincd n missile. Boone returned to the
attack on the governor , when Houghton
seized aud hold him and tbo governor deliber
ately walked on.
Boone was released and wont quickly
to his boarding bouse , where ho was arrested
shortly afterwards. Ir. Houghton overtook
the Governor and conversed briefly with him
about the nseault. The governor proceeded
to the capitol. Ho nlluded only cnusually
about the matter to attaches of hid office. In
the police court Boone pleaded not guilty and
asked two days to prepare his case , as ho
wanted to telegraph to Judge Boardman Smith
of the Eiiprcma court to defend him , Tha case
was put down for Wednesday. Boone was seek
ing pjrdon for his brother-iu-lawwho was sen
tenced to two years nt Auburn for shooting
into a crowd , assembled near his house on hal-
lowecn night , and seriously injuring a boy.
Boone aud his wife requested the governor at
JClmyrn , to pardon him , and the governor said
that he would look over the matter. When
ho returned to Albany the governor spoke to
Distiict Attorney Stanchfleld , % vho was strong
ly cpposcd to granting the application , as he
did not think there were any grounds for
Last evening Boone reappeared with his
wife. She went into the executive chamber
while her husband remained in the anto-room.
She became excited and violent in her
language and the governor's attendants say
aho struck at him , hut he seized bar arm ,
asked her to bo seated and be calm. He rose ,
she sat down , and then fo 1 to the floor In
-violent hysterics. Two orderlies hon removed
her to a house across the street , where she was
treated. She has been hysterical mott of the
time since. Boone rays when ho heard hii wife
scream he rushed into tbo room and
found the governor just letting go of her. Ho
was put aside by orderlies who removed the
woniin. He claims the treatment was so
severe that she is in a dying condition and he ,
overcome by his feelings , attacked the gov-
ornor. A reporter of the Albany Journal ,
who cilledvlicra Mrs. Boone is , saw her , nnd
the brnisos on her arm , where it ia alleged the
governor seized her. Attendants said that
she -K : n n Cumatoza condition and apparently
Boouo , who nssUiltf < J _ the governor unsuc-
sossfully , solicited for his brother-in-law , who
is confined in Auburn prison for shooting a
man : n Chemung county a year ago. Booao
met the governor as ho was walking over
lEaglo street from the ox cutivo mansion to
the caplt 1 , about U this morning , and struck
nt him , nt the sumo time uttering an oath.
Governor Cleveland throw up hU arm nnd
warded off tno blow. Several persons near
by , who had seen the ufTair , ran after the man
nnd captured him. Governor Cleveland ut
once proceeded to the executive chamber.
BOOUP oamo horj about two weeks ago to press
an application nnd the governor then
mid to him that ho would take up
his papers at his earliest convenience and
would dici o It ns soon as possible. His im
pression was that the prosecuting officers of
the county were unfavorable to the pardon ,
and if so lie could not grant it , unless they
saw tit from further reflection , to modify their
statements as no pardons were granted in op
position to local authorities. Boone , at this ,
demanded immediate answer , yes or nc , and
said to Cleveland if the district attorney bad
reported ngainst the pardon ho would slap his
face , and if nut ho would como bask and slap
the governor's fuco. In a few days Boone
telegraphed the governor that tha district at
torney nud saved him a fuco slapping by ac
knowledging that Cleveland's statement was
true. Lust week , ono morning , Boone and
his wife appeared at tha executive
chamber , and the governor granted
them an audience. The woman was
in a state of great nervous excitement and at
tempted to strike the governor , Ho caupht
her by the wrist and said to liar , "my dear
women , you arn beside yourself , sit down and
let us talk the matter over reasonably , " At
that she throw herself on the floor and scream
ed and shouted until she was retLOve i from
the building , Boone and his wife remained
hero over since and Boone his followed the
governor back and forth from his houeo to the
Capitol , He has uttered all manner of threats
to shoot Cleveland , OiC , and was regarded asa
"crank. " Ills has had several
a . wife tits of
8" " " hysteria and her attending physician urged
Boone to t iko her home , but ho has refused ,
* ' Boone Is in jail and will be examined as to his
sanity , Wednesday.
AXIIANT , October 20. This evening the ex
citement over the asuault upon Governor
Cleveland had largely abated. 'The condition
of Mrc. Boone , Buffering from hysteria since
her Interflow with the Goternor n neok ngo
to-day is m t dnngorons. The statement tluv
she was Injured by the Governor during tlu
interview is entirely untrue. When ho tel <
her that ho could not pirdon her broth
er without invcatigftt'on , nnd that Iho cnx
mint tnko lU turn , oho flew nl him run
n'tompted to scratch his face. Ho eeir.od her
by tlio wrists nnd said , "Why , you poor ,
foolinh woman , why don't you bchpyour
self ? " Mr ? . Boone wni then led out into ni
ante-room , w hero she loll upon the floor In n
fit , She is not injured , further than sustain
ing some bruises inflicted on herself by her
for whom Bonio soneht a pardon Fairbanks
nlso n "crank. " The go\ornor to-dny re
colvod n dispatch from thi warden nt tha An
burn prison , staling that Fairbanks had boei
pronounced Insane Jjy medical experts nm
transferred to thu insane department.
LONDON" , October 20. The I'nris correspon
dent to the Telegraph states that the court nl
PekinoiTured through the Washington govern
ment to pay SS.OOO.OOO.gto compensate the
French for their lousesnot aa owini ; to orroi but
in order to smooth the way for settlement. The
correspondent says that Ferry considered the
offer too small , America is so satisfied at the
attitude , which she regard * as worthy of de
fending , tbat FreUngliuy cn declared his Ina
bility to understand the reluctance of France
to an nmicablo settlement of the dlllicultics.
The Standard's Hong Kong dispatch sayi
that n loan of $3,000.001 hns been obt inoi
by tha Chinese government from the Honp
Kong and Shanghai btnks The appeal lo
people for Iho loan was n comuloto failure.
The tola' ' tenders nro only 1,000,000 , at par
nnd GOO.OOO nro nt1 per cent below. Banks
refused the Intter olfers. It in believed thai
China will bo in straits for cash to continue
war and that her financial difficulties will
lead toan , earlier settlement of the struggle.
The Times' Pckin correspondent is informed
that the French commanders , if ordered tJ
march on I'ekin , wilt ask for a corps do arms
of10,100 men of nil brau.bes of service , two
pontoon trains , 8,001) horses , twelve field guns ,
floating and shore hospitals for 8,000 , and n
number of light draught gunboats.
BEHUN. , October 20 A dispatch has boon
received nt tbo Chinese < y confirming
the statement that the Chinese , under Lin
Mings Chuan defeated eighteen hundred
French at Tamsui on the Cth iost. French
operations there were frustrated by torpodoea.
Count Minister , the Gornun minister to
London , has bean entrusted to reply verbally
to Foycral of Lord Grauvlllo's questions re
garding the Congo conference. It is believed
that the German government hns informed
Granville that to one important question an
swer can only bo given by the conference.
PARIS , October 20. General Briero Do
Lisle telegraphs from Hai Phong that n largo
mass of the enemy appeared in the Ked river
region on the 13th. and made an attack upon
Tuyen Uwang. They were defeated with
great loss. No French killed , the wounded
are doing well.
P.Utjs , October 20. It is reported that the
Chinese made an attack on Thai Uguyen in
ipper Tonquiu , and had boon repulsed with
leavy loss-
Van AVyck At Ulysses.
Special telegram to THE BEE :
TJussES , Neb. , October 20 , Senator Van
Wyck addressed the largoat audiences of a pol
itical nature over assembled at Ulysses on 3 at
urday , the 18th. He spoke for two hours and
showed the fallacy of the idea tbat any rail
road legislation could over bo expected by
ilecting railroad attorneys. Ho also ridiculed
10 idea of a sixteen yaar old boy taking sido-
vith the rebel brigadiers by ignoring the
wishes of his constituents on the Fitz John
. 'ortor question and the slender _ plea
.hat he votcdhls honest convictions
Che senator was loudly applauded throughout
and the opinion seems to prevail that Laird is
igono goslin.
INDIANAPOLIS , Ind. , October 20. In the
Tinted States court this morning the case of
Jlaine vs. the Indianapolis Sentinel , libel
uit , was set for trial December 2 ! ) . The do-
cndant'a attorneys had n subpo-na issued for
ilaino , to servo on htm to-morrow. The ar-
; nmouta between the attorneys was that ail
vrits and subpo 'nacs bo served on Bluino's
Tlio Dead JrlHli Statesman ,
DUIILIN October 20. At n meeting of na-
ionaiials nnd others , yesterday's expressions
f condolence with A. M , Sullivan's family
voro made. Masses were celebrated and
irayors olferol for tha r.posa nf his soul , in
no > t of the Catholic churches. The mayor and
orporation attended the funeral.
Many thousands attended Su livtu's funeral
o-diiy , among them the mayor of the corpor
ation. Bishop Cluga ot Dublin , and the Irish
members of parliament.
Ticliljorno's Ticket of
LONDON , October 20 , The Tichborno
iaimant was secretly brought to Pontonvillo
> rin9n last night , and wus ditchnrged this
riorniug , unexpectedly to himself ills time
fan still three dny a to run. At Scotland
fnrd the claimant received a ticket of leave ,
equlring him to report monthly by lot-
ar to the authorities , flo appo.iroil to bo
n good health. He will remain quiet for the
iresent , keeping his residence secret.
A MurduriiiK Lmriatlc IJOORO.
CHICAGO , October 20 , The Journal's Vir-
ouqua\Visipecal ( ) ! says : John Herschka.a Gor
man sixty years old , only recently ro'eased-
rom the insane assylum , shot nnd killed hiu
vifo early jestordoy morning , and then took
.o the woods , carrying a gun with him. A
> aity of forty armed men nro scouring the
country for him.
Grace Nominated ,
NuwYonr , October 20 , At thocitl/ons
neotlng In the academy of tnuaio to-night ,
Vm. It , Grace , the predecessor of Mayor I'd-
on was nominated for mayor. The speakers
ncludod Hev. Dr. Howard Crussiy , Oswald
Htondonfor editor of the Staalzoiling and
Win. A. Cole of the Irish American.
Blaioo's ' Masterly Intemretalion of Ihc
Meaning of Democratic SnGGOss,9
A Result Eoploto with Sinister
The Restoration of Ante-Bellum
Southern Power.
An Utter Check of All Presonl
Road , Soldier , Farmer , Trades
man , All Lovers of Lihorty ,
His Hpcccli nt Ft. Wnyno tlio Strong
CHI Political Document Kvor
KtKiiAftT , Ind. , October 23. Blnlno let
South IIoLl this morning nt ten , The plat
of the dny is to drop onu speaker nt encl
plnco to mlchcB3 thocrond after Blalno leaves
At Klkhart thcru was n crowd of eight then
ennd. Blnino left the train there nnd nscen
dod the stnnd , from which ho spoke ontlrol ;
of the tnrill Issue. Ho said tlioro , the demo
crntic party mr/onderod its nuthorlty. In
dlnna was very Important among etatoi , fo
itt industrial products last year reached the
enormous sum of S 1 0,100,00J. Ho wanted ti
ask niiy fair minded person if such"pro pority
could have been attained without n proteclivi
tariIF. Tlio two parties worn divided on this
Icsuo. Bo careful of your judgment as free
men , upon the 1th of November , lie said , a
ho bid Blkliart farowoll.
Fr. WAYNE , October 20. About 2:40 the
train arrived at Fort Wnyno. Tliero was n
largo crowd nt the depot , nnd nlong the route
to the A veil n homo to which Blalno waa
driven. The streets in front of the lioto
and court house square , oppoaito nnd ndjac n
streets were filled with a dcnso macs ol
Immunity. When Blaiuo nppcarod on tlio
balcony , ho was loudly cheered , lint from
0110 portion of the crowd , including n number
of men wearing tall wliito luta , there came
cheers for Cleveland and when Bluiuo
attempted to speak ho was interrupted
by shouts and yells and cheers for Cleveland
coining from the saino quarter. Ho therefore
declined to sneak from the balcony , and _ re
cnterint ; tlio hotel ho left it again by tlio side
door nnd in company with chairman New
and Hon. Win McKiuloy of Ohio was driven
up Cnlhoun street to a point opposite LI rary
hall. A great body of the crow I followed him
nnd here. Handing upon the driver's seat ho
spoke as follows :
Citl/.ens of Indiana , tlio October elections
In Ohio nnd West Virginia Imvo put a now
phase on the national contest , or rather thy
have reproduced the old phnso. [ Good. ] The
democratic party , as of old , consider now
that they hayo the south solid again. They
bdliovo that they will surely get 153 electoral
votes from the sixteen southern stntoa ami
then they expect , or they hope or they dream
Unit they may eccura Now York nnd Indiana
[ "Never , never , is ii n dream ! " ] And that
with New York nnd Indiana added to the
solid south th y will seize the government o
the nation , [ They can't do it noverlj I < o
not bollovo that tlio farmers , tliobusine
the manufacturers , the merchants , the me
chanics , and last of nil , nnd most of nil , I do
not believe that the soldiers of Indiana can bo
put to that use. [ lireat cheering , nnd cries ol
"Never. ne\erl"l I do not believe tint the
men who nddod lustro nnd renown to the nnmo
of yourstato through four years of bloody war ,
can bo used to call into the administration of
the government , the men who organized the
great rebellion , f 'No ' , no , noverl" ! In the
senate of the United states , the democratic
pirty Imvo thirty-seven members , of which
number thirty-two cam , from the south , Ol
their strength in the lionso of representative' ,
the majority comeij from the south , nnd now
the intention is , witli nu absolutely solidified
electoral vote from the south , added to
the votes of the two states I Imvo
iiamod. to seize the government of the union ,
( t c.m't bo clono. That seizure can never bo
nado. ]
11 means that as the south furnishes three-
'ourlhs of the democratic strength , it will bo
; i\cu tbo lead aud control of the nation in the
ivent of n democ atic triumph. It means
.hat tlio wont linnnci.vl and industrial system
of the country Khali ba placed under tlio di-
cction of the south ; tbat our currency , our
jauKs , our taiiff our iutnrnal revenue mws
n short , that our whole system upon which the
> uBinots of the country depends shall bo
ilaceil under the control of that section. It
neans that the constitutional amendments to
which they t > ro BO bitterly opposed shall bo
inforcod only so far as they nmy believe in
horn ; th t the national credit as puar-
antccd in the fourteenth amendment ;
hat the payment of pensions to soldiers of
he union as guaranteed in the same amend-
nent , shall be under their control , nnd what
hat control might moan can bo measured by
ho bitterness with which Uuuo amendments
were resisted by the democrats cf the south ,
[ 'hero is not one measure of banking , of tnrilf ,
if I'm an co of public credit , of pensions , not
Jiio line of administration upon which thn
; ovornmcnt is conducted to-day , to which the
lenixcrats of the south are not recorded as
lottlle , nnd to crivo thorn o < ntrrl would moan
i change , the like of which lias not been
cnown in modern timos. It would bo as if
ho dead Stuarts were rooilled to thn tlirono
if England , as if the bourbons ehould bo in *
vlted to administer the government of iho
'Vench ' republic , as though tlio Florentine
hikes should ba called back and empowered
.0 govern the great kingdom ot Italy ,
"Good. " ] Such a tiiumph wiAild bo
ThU section , under n wise administration of
he government by th republican party hat
teen steadily and rapidly gaining for trio last
on years , In all the cilpincnts of material pros-
> ori y. It has added enormously to its
wealth since the close of the war , and has
hired fnllv in tlio general advauco of thu
count y To call that section now to the rul-
irs _ ip of the nation would disturb its own
ocial and political economy , would
u-klndlu smoldering passion and
under the peculiar 'leadership to
which It would bo subjected , would organi/o
fin administration of resentment , of tcprUnl ,
of ro\ci > KO , nnd no greater inisfortuno than
that cmild como to the imtionor to the with.
It would como ns n reaction rtc'.Mmt Iho pin-
grosuof liberal principled'In tint ocUon n
progress so rapid that the republicans nto
wigdig varnoftt conttsln in thofo flatca who u
Interests nro most denlomtrably identified
with the policy of proto.tiotugMint
I nm sure that ItulNim will protect nnd on
the whole will conclmln li stand where die
bun stood In the past. I bellcvn that \oil w ill
ttntuluh ro you stood in the war , Hint you
will stnud for principles nnd policies which
base undo your state bloom sml blnooin ni n
ro o nndlnch hnvo mndo tlio Ainoricnn
ropublioin inamifactuics , nnd in agricultural
the trading nation of tlio world. [ Great
cheering 1 The lead tig n tlon ( if the world ,
not niproly In n material sontc , but In n moral
philanthropic feme ; n country in which every
man hilt n good chnuco an ts\ cry other nmn
and which among other great gifts
( ehccni ) . You cnjny llmt sutrrnga nnd on Uiu
fourth day of November next , you nro to sav
\\hlchparty , for which pulley , you will
cast your votes , ( loud cries , "lor bUlnol for
Hlaini' ) ! Not mo personally , ( yen , ym ) . No ,
I nm not gponldug for mfself. No man over
mot \\ith misfortune in being dcfoateil for the
Prcwldoncy , whlloi men lla\o met with great
misfoitunu in being elected to it I nm
pleading no personal cmise , I am
[ That's it and cheers. ] I nm pleadlrg the
cause of the American tanners , and American
mnnufacturois , nud American mechanic- " , and
Ainoricnn labor , ngainut the world , [ Uooil ,
good , good , nnd great cheering 1 I am nn-
pronched by some excellent jioojilo for appear
ing before those lauHituiics 01 my country
men , upon the ground that It is Inconsistent
with the dietilty of the oilito for \\Wch I nm
mimed. [ No , no ] But I do not fuel it
to bo so. Thorn is not n courtier in
Kiirone , fo proud , but that ho is glnd to un
cover his bend in the presence of the only
earthly sovereignty. I acknonloilgo nnd bow
withpndo to the free people of America.
[ Great and prolonged chooilng. ]
After ItlnmoMr. . McKiulov wni called for
nud made n brief peoch ; which wns onthusins-
tically applauded. Blame was then driven to
the residence of Hon. .leiso L. Williams ,
where ho will spend to-mRht. After ten , thn
clergymen of the city called upon him in n
body. To-morrow ho will go to Indianapolii ,
making several stops on the way ,
DunuqUE , October 2b. General Logan ar
rived hero thlii evening by soociat car from
Chicago. Ho wns nccompanlod y
Wolf , of the state committee , Col. Patrick
Donan , nnd others. The reception committee
mot him nt Galena nnd escorted him hero.
His arrival wns grot ted with the roar of can
non , bands of music , marching Hclubs , nnd a
largo concourse of people. Tno city w s pro
fusely d.corated , democrats nnd icpublicaus
alike uniting in these testimonials in his honor.
The Herald ollico ( democratic } , which is di
rectly opposite the park where the speaking
occurred , was decked out in gorgeous array ,
.Logan was escorted from the train to the Lor-
imuo house , where ho wns followed by n largo
crow d to whom ho bowed his acknowledgments
from the portico. Kvery one wns anxious to
shako bunds with the distinguished visitor
nud ho good humorcdly accommodated na
many ax possible. The ciowd in the city wns
large , variously estimated from 0,000 to 10,000
people. Special trains wore run from all di
re .tions nud poured in largo numbers. At II
Log-ii was escorted to Wellington I'nrk ,
whuro n great crowd had nlready assembled.
J. 1C. Graves presided , and there was n long
list of vice presidents nud other oliiceru.
Graves made a short A etch and then pro-
seated Cul , D. B , Htmdcreon , who spoke
briefly , Loznu'a appearance was the signal
for tremendous cheering ; which lasted fully
live minutes. Of''s > fy ) g restored , ho said :
Ho confined h JSliia almost exclusively
to tariff. After tiaukiog the citizens of Iowa
for the reception tendered him , lie briefly
sketched the records of the two parties. Lo
gan gave several illustrations , Hbowing the
practical effect of tariff. He claimed that
under a free trade policy before tlio Ainoricnn
manufactories were established to compote
with J' > gland , the American people were
compelled to pay sucn prices us England
phoso to put upon her goods , and
it was only when a tariff
was imposed thttt prices were lowered by
lioino consumption. Log n dwelt upon what
lie called the magnificent record of James G.
lilalnu and claimed that this country should
Boloct him , as tr- - " 'ujne ty , and patriot
ism , _ nnd of stateiflaiKVllVirTv thoconclusion
of hit speech ho was t\\'tn \ triiV jeers. At
4 o'clock the general was driven to
ho ; hotel , nnd at G o'clook n dolegn-
< i jn of five hundred veterans c.illod upon him.
Tlio general addressed them briully from the
lortico , nftor which they filed through the
mil way and shook his hand. In the evening
t torchlight procession , which numbered about
COi ) , with several bands of music , paraded
he prlnclpil streets uf the city. The general
eaves at 0 a in. over the Illinois Central for *
3edar llupids. From there ho goes to Mar-
halltown , thence to Oskaloosa and thtn to
WKRT CAUTIIAQF , N. Y. , October 20. Tlio
ire which began tliU morning Is expected to
onsumo the cntiro village. The mauufactur-
ng buildings ore destroyed with thirty dwell-
ng houica. The fire is now on botli sides of
Main street and water Is powerless to slop the
UlfUA , N. Y. , October 20. The most do-
tructivo fire that ever visittd northern No AT
York broke out In Carthage this morning and
lurnod nil the afternoon , The fire bogou from
ashes thi own from Uuiaell't ) tannery whlcli
et fire to Katon'H plaining mills. The flames
pread rajiidly to tlio liana furniture manufac-
ory nnd Fnrr's tub factory , crossed the river
o Kast Carthage , catching upon Gnlot'Hplain-
ng mill , totally dcstroving the fuctoiloi
and buildings on Hythor and 1'rlnglo'u
sland , then spread to nil the houses
in Spring street , Mechanics atroot , Church
troot , the new opera hoim * , Peck's hotel , the
) ifldples church and ucadoiny on JIain street.
Clio Kpiacopal and I'resbyliirian churches
wore burned and many residences , School
street , upper James street , Clinton struct , nnd
.ho oust Bide of Main street are nil In ruins.
The flames spread so rapidly tbat the firemen
could not keep up with them. At 0:30 : they
scorned to bo nearly under control ,
ind it was hoped to save the business blocki
of the village. It is estimated that 2(10 (
lou.ea were destroyed , und tbat the loss will
reach 31OUu,000 , There nro not tullicient
dwellings loft in the town to shelter the in-
mbitauU , Cartliagu wan extensively engaged
n manufacturing , and all ita Induslrks are In
The Railway Tronbles CnlmiualiDg in
Active Hostilities ,
Th First Battle Yesterday on
Wall Street ,
Vaiiderbilt and Gould the Point oi
The Bitter Railway Freight and
Passenger Strife ,
And Its Tremendous Depression
of All Stocks ,
ill Spcclnl Koliort of Yentordnj'fl
Iitvu Hloulc mill I'roduco HUH ! .
ness nt Chicago ,
AVAIjti 8TUU13V.
Special Telegram to THK BKE.
NK\T Youic , October 'JO. The oncitomont
in Wall street wns intense nt the start to-day ,
witti Vnuderbilt nnd Gould stock boarinitlio
br.iut ot the nttnclr. The opening was weak
but tbo mnrkot gi-ncrnlly rocoveri'd. During
tbo Hist hour there \yero largo buying by
shorts , who were taking in prohU. Now
York Central opened § elf nnd sold down
another i ; Northwestern went off 1 per cents
St. Paul wont to TA nnd then regained j ;
Union 1'ncific nnd Western Union nro con.
spicuously weak. Tlio former scored 11 drop
of 2 per cent nnd the latter \ per cunt , nnd
the subsequent recovering is on y 1 per cent
from tlieso figures. Coalers nnd miscollnnoouB
stocks sympathized with the woaknosi in the
Gould nnd Yandorbllt specialties , but not tu
so larao nn extent nnd shorts have caused the
rally by taking profits in stocks which sulforcd
tlio most during the past few days , nnd will
begin to put out further lines when the bull
o iipio call nny turn. In the loan crowd to <
day , Now York Central nnd Union Pacific
were scarcer and in good demand nt advanced
rates. The former loaned as high as i per
cent per day for use , nnd it wns the snap
game that caused the rally. The demand
shows how largely the short extent has been
increased in the pait few days.
Up to this hour there hai boon no change
from Saturday's situation in the trunk line
passenger rate war , nnd tickets nro soiling to
Chicago nt the out liguros previously tele-
graphed. Lower rntcs nro expected , and
thcro is no longer nny doubt that the trnlght
pools will bo completely broken up also. West
Shore starts the boom nud it is announced
that a largo contract for grain wan made to
day for 7o per buahol over tbat route between
Chicago nud Now York. The lowest cut rates
have been away above this figure , nnd the re
cently ngtced fchedulb was over 50 per cent
greater. There is n complete domorulizitiou ,
and within n short tin.o , grain shippers say ,
Chicago ngonts will bo taking stuff for what
ever they can get. It was reported this after
noon that nn elfqrt will bo made to oust the
West Shore receivers , because of their smash
ing of tlio pools. The tchomo is for n party of
bonuhoidors to demand of the trustees the re
moval of the receivers through the courts , up
on the gr mnd that they nro Injuring the
property by their war tnctics. Of course the
cutting of rntes will necessitate the IBSUO of
additional receiver certificates nnd these tnko
precedence of bonds as claims ngainst the
company. Ilonco the bondholders nru called
npon to Interfere ,
Special Telegram to THK BKK.
CHICAGO , October 20. Among the fresh re
ceipts wore 271 earn of Texans nnd range
stock ' 15 cars cf which weronhippod from Kan
sas City to dressed beef operators and out of
the 7,000 fresh on sale there was scarcely
2,000 natlvci. Under very light receipts ,
prices ruled strong at 10@15o higher than on
Saturday on all fat cattle , cither natives or
rangers. Native butchers sto k wns scarce
nnd so'ling ' higher than last week. Stackers
nnd feeders were in light supply aud steady ,
with chances of ( tolling higher than at the
close last week. Them were no really first-
class nativoa on snlo. There were but a few
loads of good second class natlvet ) and they
may bo quoted at G 75gli 25 for medium and
common.natlvcB , such as have to compote with
wtsturns , are set at no fixed values nnd are
Belling all the way from 4 511 ® 25 , There were
n largo number of good through Tex ns
that would mitt the cinnlug trade. 'I hero
were also a largo niimbar of line north
western nnd western rnngera that were 10-
[ > orted nt 10@15 higher. Importers , averngo
111 ! ) pound' , sold at $710 ; poor to fancy
chippers , 1000 to 1COJ nounds , 81 l)0@l ) > 80.
The sales r * ore the following. 228 Montana ,
1201 , S5-10 ; 200 Montana , 1302 , ? 5 10 ; 22'J
Montana , 1175 , 31 HO ; 2 > if Wyoming , 10'JS ,
31I ! ) ; f > 7 Montana cows , 113 < i , $115 ; 20 Men-
tan bulls , 1155 , S2 60 ; 223 Wyoming-Toxaus ,
JDD , 33 1 , :
Thn hog market opened somewhat irrognli r ,
yet the average ebowod little or no change ,
riiero wns n steady demand for an hour or
, wo , or until after it was known
, hat the down town and board of
, rado markets wrre'rathor lower , when tha
demand full elf and the general market elated
other weak. A largo number of common to
'air packers sold round about 75St-IBOl ( and
ho best packers atuboutOO@5 10 , while best
icavy nude fi20@f > ] 25 , nnd fancy heavy and
Philadelphia 5 305 35. Light were neglected
ind dull boat making only about ! ! )05 10 ,
nnd from these figures down to 1 fiO J 1 80.
Mixed IpackinKgrndes , 2 80 < S)3 ) 00,11.3 , ! CO ® 100 ,
lonvy. MGO@3GU ) ! > a500@5 ' 251 light , 1CO@210
bs-ir > 0@605.
MarketH run along mrtro staadily to-day.
Wheat ruled a shade easier oirly in the HOH-
slon nnd toward the eloso of Iho regular board
mt rallied a shade on thu afternoon board ,
closing fuirlysteady at a fraction under Sat-
inlay. KtcolpU continuu liberal No new
features worn duvelopod. Cloning bgiiroi
were 72f for October , 71 for November , 75j |
for December , 70t for January.
The market wus again active , prices ruling
irregular , but showed \ery litllo changu from
Huturday. jtecoipts show an iticroiue. At
tbo opening tbo market was weak , November
Belling oil i@l whllo vcar took a sharp upturn ,
ndvanclng 'I , November soon fnllowcd with
nn advance of 1 , then receded H , fluctuating
\ jry rapidly nnil clowl J under S. tnrdfty.
\ or unchanged , May J lovvrr. The market
, \l tlionflcrnoon notion wni flrmor , closini ? t.t
In1 for Oclobpr , 40J for Kovembcr , 10 , for
the year , 3'JJ for M y.
y.OATS. .
Killed very steady nnd n oliadp Iiigher , cloi-
ing nt J Jc for October. 2.1 Jo for November ,
20Jc for the year , 23o for May.
Hilled very weak onrly. declining 20@25c ,
but now \VM tlronger and dccl no vtn * recov
ered , thomnrki't clo.iiig nt $10 00 for October ,
fcfl.70 for the yu.xr , SU ! )2J ) for .Tnmiary.
llasy early ; clowd stronger nt 87.15 for Oc
tober , $ , .00 for Non-tuber and December.
1'irrsiiiini October 20 A more surprising
turn of ntlairs thtn that in the oil mnrkot to-
ilny has not boon soon for month * . Trnda
looked for n further decline in prices and fully
expected that the opening would bo below 00.
Instead of breaking , however , prices advanced
cloven cents nmul the urntintonno excitement.
The sudden n'lvnnco ctught the nhotU badly ,
nnd two failiiroi occurred on the p trolonm
oxchnnifo. The nnmt impoitnnt of these wni
10. B. Thompson , for whoso Account two hun
dred nnd fifty thotunnd bnrrolioto bought in
under rule. D. K. Foster fulled for twenty-
five thousand barrels. The mnrkot opened nt
OOJc , nnd on ho.ivy buying enured
by the report that the Standard
had c.illod In nil oil which
It bad been bringing for two week" , went im
mediately to ( > 3 | , from this there wca n decline
of 1 cent but pncei ndlied ngnin under n bull
rlil nnd jumped to 71 \ . The scene following
has seldom boon wltno.ised on the Kxchnngo
111 this city. Brokers shunted thoniAohos
honrno nnd trampled on i-nch other In tliotr
frantic endeavor olthor to buy or cover ,
0 oxuis fltickod to the Kxehango nnd tha lob
bies wns packed. After reaching 71itho
market fell oil to G8J nnd closed nt O'Jl. ' The
transactions nru uatlmnted nt' ton niillllon
barrels ,
NKW YOIIK , October 20. The Test financial
article Hays : The news of the morning was all
in favor of depression of prices. It it be'
liovod the West Shore contracted to tnkt
grain from Chicago nt seven cents per biuhol.
There teems no prospect of immediate im
mediate improvement In the wnr on rates. It
seems coupled with n purpose to brcnk down
nit prices , in order to got possession of cortnin
stocks. The Jersey Central Is ono that being -
ing the key to the coal trade From n Now
York standpoint it is oxident that thu Head
ing cannot hold control of the Jersey Central
owing to its own financial embarrassment.
PiTTHiiunn , October 20. Another failure Is
announced. G. B , Thompson is short 200,000
jtirroh on meat contracts. Great excitement
in the oil market to-day. Gil advanced to71 ,
FAi.r , Ilivieii , Mnss. , October 20. The
shutdown of mills olfect to-day. Ton thous
nnd persons nro idlo.
NnwYoilK , October 20. General Pasnou-
jer Apont ; Abbott , of the Krlc , snid to-day ,
.bat his road would meet the Now York Cen
tral and West Shore roads on rates this side
of Bulfnlo and that all lines would shortly
make reductions on emigrant rales as fur IIH
Buff.tlo. It is expected that West Shore will
make it further reduction in n few days.
Pennsylvania retains the rchodiile rate * .
Bo.sio.v , October 20. Loading clearing
houses of the United States-report their gross
nxclmngos for the woelc ondln ? October 18 , at
S707.00J.097 , n decrease of 53COOGOO , com-
pnred with the corresponding week last yoar.
TIII : coLoiuno-uiAii roon.
CmoAflO , October 20. At a meeting of the
roads in thu intercut , what will hereuftnr bo
known as the Colorado-Utah association , pro
vided for , nt thu mooting n few days ago , wni
formed to embrace nil Colorado aud Utah
.rallic to nud from , nnd through all Missis
sippi river points between and including Min
neapolis aud Cairo. Thu linns embraced in
, bo now pool nro as follows : Burlington , Hock
[ -land , Alton , Northwestern , St. 1'uul ,
Wabush and Missouri I'aclflc.
The Grand Trunk nnd Michigan Central cut
ti passenger rate to Toronto to d.iy from ? I4
to $11 first-clam and from § 11 to $8 for
DAIIU rnonucTa.
ClilCAno , Octocer 20. Interocoan , Klgin ,
[ II : tiheoao slightly more active nnd regular.
Sales , 800 boxes , light skims at 7V < tSfull \ ;
crunms II bid. Butter weaker and lower.
Itcgnlar sales , 31,000 pounds nt 30 31.
I'nvatu sales , 3,000 boxes of oheeso nnd
4'JOO pounds of but'or.
It Is nsjortod that nil roads running to Kan
sas City have boon selling tickets from lieio to
Irnt point nt S5 GO for savural days nnd It is
stnUd to-night that the Wubaih nud Chicago
% Alton are selling still lower. This : is a cut
if three dollars.
Turl ,
BUACH , Octolorl20. Three quar.
.or inilo , Bennie Lea won , Coutovsn. nocond
Miss Daly third. Time IIOJ. Sown eiglita
: nile , Tolling Wandering won , TsletleHooind ,
Harriett third. TimoI30i ] . Mile handicaps
til agus , Little 1'Ved won , li'oyal Arch second ,
Logan third. Timu 1 45 , Seven eiirhts inilo ,
[ irtonlund won , Stmthsproy souond , Kcuador
third , Time 1 32A , Steeple cbnso , chert
course , Cnador Odott won , Uotart second ,
KruppGun third , Time 2 : 45.
Pofltnl Treaty Wltli Dfo.vlao ,
WAHHINHTON , October 20-Postniastor Wen-
oral Hatton and the Mexican minister to-day
concluded iv postal convention providimj for
the exchange of mail between the U ill ted
Stales and Mexico nt domustiu rates ot post-
Wlro WorUorV AVnui'H Cut.
1'mHiiumi , October 20 , W. B. Scott A :
Co , barbed wire inanufacturorx , lmo notified
18lX ) employos Uiat wages will be seduced ten
per cent.
Cleveland and iho N. Y. N , G.'p.
Al.DA.vr , October 20. In irt-sponso to or
invitation Governor Cluvoland. and etull wll
review the National ftardn in. Now York oi
) IAM AND MO UK till ) ,
Co.VN'Ft.UWiM.K , PA. , Oct < ber 20. ThN
morning when Itico Orbin cnmo clown to
breakfast nt his parents' homo in Bradford ,
ho exclaimed In ( tightened tone ? , "I had
terrible dream lost ntrfht. I dreamed I eliob
n man while out hunting Inat Thursday. " Ills
relatives Uuqhcd nt the matter , but young
Orbin insisted npon Roing lo thnsconoof the
shooting , nnd finally persuaded his brother
Indnw to accompany him. At a spot fl o
miles from hit homn in n dsnjo thicket wai
found the body of j \ ' Klint with a tullct
liolo through bin bri 3 Orbin nnd his com
panion were horri ! / ] Tlioy tpturnod to
town and notified , J | C Campbell , who will
luld nn Inquest to-i | UH w , Orbln'fl story In
recolod with some ( jb J of incredulity , the
general opinion htinl 5 vt ho shot IClInk nc-
cidf ntnlly nnd wn pi * il to cunfuss. Both
men bore good rcpntl < i-
-t rr
Trotililnun 18
ST. I.OUIH , Mo. , 0 | 20. The Test Be-
spntch special Irom * \ , . l , Texa ? eayi , Adjn
tnnl General KinglcyiPw mnnder of the eta to
'orccR , lolt this nooni Fort Worth , to on-
Fnrca the onlf r of Governor Ireland , to hnvo
lim Coiirlright , dcniiorado , turned over to the
Now Morican Government. Itntntdtho
people of Voit Worth will resist , nnd-blood-
thed is almost certain.
A Child1 * Ffttnl Prank.
( JUKlKO ) , October 'JO. A farmur nt SU Ja-
cobln lelt four ulnldren in the lionxo while ho
wont to the field this morning. The older ,
iged 11. placed n II nlcof powder on the steve
nnd n quantity insldo. The steve was blown
, o fragments nnd the house sot on fire. Throa
children were fatally injured , The fourth
may recover.
lUiUllod With Hiiok-shor.
SliKLiiTViUB. Ky. , October 20.Robert
Clark , residing near hero had been accused by
Klijnh Kirk of circulating evil reports about
the letter's daughter. Kirk to-day got a shot
gun , rode out to Clnrk'n house nnd wai tiding
up nnd down the road watching for the
enemy's nppoarnnco. When Clark opened
the front door nnd fired twice , riddling the
would-bn dnyor with buck-ehot nnd shooting
bis bend almost off.
A Brolceu Diuii ,
NKW HAVKN , Conn. , October 20. By the
breaking of n dam to-nlirbt , the strooU of
Ansonln were Hooded nnd nil movable nrtioles
swept into the Nuugtuckot riven At onetime
time the water was four feet deep on the
strcots. No life lost. The milla Vlill luvo to
shut down.
CfilCAdO , October 10 ! Charles J. Downie.
nembor of the board of trade who murdered
lit ) brother , William II. , September Ctliy oom-
nlttcd Milcido by hanging in his cell in the *
nil to-night.
j I'roHouted far Stind y
ToitONTO , October 20. Several employes of
, ho Canadian Pncifia llailwny wnre summoned.
, o appear in police court on the charge of
violating the statute against Sunday work
which they dill yesterday. The company
strto that urgently needed repairs to rolling-
stock forced thorn to nnk the men to spend i\
mrtiou of yesterday fitting the cars for active
1 Uo Duttil Duke.
Bun I.IK , October 'JO. The body ofi the >
dulco of Jbrnnswlck lies in state in tha cathe
dral. Many Gorman and English notables
will attend _ the funeml. CJuut Ilosenoy
throiiitli 1'rinco Bismarck , has written , tha
oinporor asking htm to assums the temporary
government of the Duchy.
Thn IMijIuu JCicctlone.
FRUSJIKLH , October 20. TJio Liberals , tu
view of their success in municipal olectitmn-
ycsterday , demand that the cliamber bo dls-
lolvud , and the government rocign. T"io dor-
call , however , claim tint but little change
nts boon made m thu relative position of tha.
" \Vcathor To-day.
WAHIIINQTON , October 21. Upi > or Missis }
sipm' : Threatening weather and rain ; pro' .
ibly snow In northern portion ; winds gener
ally northerly , with severe local storms ; de-
: iifed fall temperatuio IMiesMirh ThrcatcitT-
ng weather nnd rain ; brisk northerly winds ; ,
oner temperature , except nearly stationary
n northern part.
AlfalrH In Ttirkcr.
CONHTANTIKOPLA , October 20. IJnrthe ? ' re-
nforcements nro giiug to Yemen , West Arai-
iia , where a revolt still contlniu fl. The su
tan'u Gi'rmnu iirncHvitien are stronger than. ,
ever , lie made all German pachas imperla.
aides do tamp.
9 , '
S1QOO. Civen
Ualumorniif lnnrloi ] , 8ubstiuiccscun bo fouiua
9i'Androwf > > 'PoarlBakInRl'owdor. la l > os- .
hVclypUR . liolmrcmJortcil , ami tettlmonlnUs
.l-celvcdircni rsncli j-Jiuiilstitt ti. JJuna HnjsItos
ton ; M. IHiIaContulu- CUcuco ; and GusUvvui :
Code , JIIlwuiiKee. Never koJililu.built.
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cwftere reeognizeei
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