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Elaine's ' Oratorical Masterpiece at
South Belli ) , Indiana ,
An Eloquent and Logical State
Protection the Key-Stono of Amer
ican Progrossi
The Great and Only Issue of the
His Previous Eoception by the
Ann Arbor StudentSi
" \VarnliiB Them Against Free Trade
Iilcai ami the VlBlonnry Theories
ot 1'olltloo Economic Tc.xts ,
JACKSON , Mich. . Oct. IS. Blaine loft Detroit -
troit nt 8:30 : this morning by special train on
the Michigan Central. This is the last day
of his torn in Michigan. The first stop this
morning was at Ann Arbor , where the most
remarblo scene of the trip occurred. Thcro
was a very Inrgo crowd around the depot , but
tha students of the university of Michigan
seemed to have taken possession of the place ,
and when Bluino appeared , their cheering and
yelling were BO hearty and so loud , and so
long continued that they seemed like
ly to occupy the whole time that
the train could remain at Ann Arboi
All attempts of th o local committceim-ii to
get n hearing were utter failures , but when
Blaine stretched out his hand , indicating thai
ho was about to speak , the uoiso immediately
subsided. IIo beganlby eaying : "During the
war we used to hear n great deal about the
rebel yell , which was supposed to imply great
viror and determination , but it seems to mo
that the young men who do mo the honor to
appear hero to-day could have terrified the
whole army of Leo. [ Laughter nnd cheers. ]
But I am glad to witness it and hear it , for it
implies the enthusiasm aud strength of youth ,
and from the youth of the country the repub
lican party Is constantly recruited. [ Wild
cheering. ] What wo lese from desertion and
disappointment and dissatisfaction on the
part of the o dcrs is far moro than made up
yea , tenfold made up , by the young men of the
country who are just coming into action.
[ Great cheering. ] Not only tbat proportion
1which Lola's good for young men of all c'assej ,
but wo have a very remarkable proportion of
tha educated youuj ; men of the country. I
wish to leave with these young collegians _ a
problem in relation to the great industrial is
sues of the times : a problem which will com
fort the ii ia their future careers thet is to
rind out why so many col.ega youths who are
free-traders at "U bscamo protectionists at10. .
[ Laughter anJ cheen. ] I think
tha answer will ba found iu the fact that
at < IO they have taken their degree in tlio
university of expeiienco , which , after all , ij
much wider ; much moro valuable than the
, imiv-erillrrt ) ! 2neory. [ Cheers. ] Our college
/ boys are taughtr-1 was myself taught it when
I was a colleiro boy the doctrine of free-trade
but the United States stands 0,1 a perpetual
and irrefutable argument barrier In a now
country of the dootrluo of protection. [ Knthu-
siastic and prol nged cheering ] I am glad to
meet you , not merely ns those interested in a
political campaign , but as young men who are
the pride an l hupo of the country. In dealing
with the great problems of the tuturo in
this marvelous cxpciiment of a
\ people , governing themselves by free
and guaiversal biifTrnge , nothing can
avail except our cJucatfd imd constantly cor
rected pu lie opinion. [ Uhoer. ] I wish to im
press upcn every man who has the advantage
of a university education , tlut he is every day
moro nnd inure indebted to liia country , and
that jubt iu proportion a.s ho progresses in
knowledge nnd wisdum , jii4t in that proportion
v/ill he bo expected to p ly back in patriotic la
bor t j the country which lus nurtured him.
[ Good , good aud checr.1 , ] I congratulnts you
on being born to euch great opportunities , to 11
harvest that is ripe for the reaper , into a field
that ii continually expanding. By the time
you have your decrees you will go forth to the
battle of hfo in a great nation of < JO,000,003
freemen. Yon go forth , each of you , with just
as good a chance in life as any other
man ha , aud you go with the added oppor
tunities which education gives. I commend
to you your respnn ibitities , for the responsi-
billies of an cduc.itod American are higher ,
and deeper and broader , and greater , than
those ; of nn educated man in any other laud ,
and jmt in proportion aayour opportunities
aru _ greater will you bo hold to account i this
lifo nnd tha life which is to como , " [ Great
and prolonged cheering 1
AT faOffll HUM ) .
SOUTH BEXD , Ind. , October 18. At n lit-
llo past U o'clock tha tra'n arrived at South
Bend. The city was thronged. The work
shops and mauy of the bntiiuesK houses were
clo ed , and the day was dovotad to
politics In the foienoon there had
bean a Brent trades profusion. Thu
afternoon was to bo given to the Bluiuo recep
tion and the evening to n torchlight proce.1-
tion. Blaine was escorted through the princi
pal streets byti largo body of 1'lumed Knlghtn ,
and there was a continuous line of decorated
houses and a continuous crowd along the
whole route. It was about G:30 : when the
procession reached Iho ntand erected near the
court house The two Michigan senilorH ,
Coi.gor and Palmer , were first introduced.
After they had givensomo account of the tour
through Michigan , Blaine was InUoduejd
amid enthusiastic cheers.
Ho bpolio at eon u length on the tariff as the
jgieat issno In tha campaign , urpjulng that tha
maintenance of a pntectiyo policy was ) offer
for greater importance to the workingmeri than
to any other class in thu community. In tha
Ba'iiu connection ho warned tlu workingmeu
that their labor unions \umld ba pjwerlutH to
prelect them against the competition of the
cheap labor of the world if the protective tar
iff were abolished , Bluino was driven tn the
houw of Mr. plum Studeb ker , whoso guct > t
he will bo until .Monday. Later in thu evening -
ing he reviewed n very largo torchlight proces
sion ,
J.I.\I.VI'H hi-KiX'ii AT HOirru num
SOUTH lii.m : lud. . October 1 ! ( . The follow-
tng in ISlalne'u speech at South Bend : "Men
of Induna ; The struggle in all human
society ii ilr t ior broad. There is uo UBO in
propounding fine theories to them in u'ho is
iungry. TJICM IH no USD in lurnmiu ! iv/i / )
political pricclplo to ono who U In r ary Af I
shelter. There is no n o In talking philosophy
to one who Is naked Food and clothing ate
the pritmtty elements of human progie ? < < , and
to eecuro this you mint put the people in the
wav of earning giio.i wages. [ Shouts of
' That' * tight1'nnd cheers. ] I never oaw any
man moved to enthusiasm by silently con
templating the prii'perity of another
[ laughter ] , while 1m himself was in nsed. 1o
11101.0 him you want to nuke him feel his own
prosperity. [ Clucrs. ] The beginning
therefore and the end of wise legislation I *
lo ri\o every man n fair aud c | unl chance nnd
to leave the race of lifn oi > on and free for all.
[ Cheering. ] What agency will bast accomplish
that , what legislation will most tend to thtt
end ? CerUlnly it will not tend to tint end to
throw open our parts and say , send yo all hero
your fabiics made bv the cheapest and most
distressed labor of Kuropo to cotnpelo with
our own people who are Just openine their
shops and building their factories , for if you
do that you cannot spin n wheel or turn n
lathe in these factories at homo unless you can
pot jour labor at thu Kuropoan prices. [ tlmtVo. [
Wo begin right thera , and from Ihcsa consid
erations wu didttco the conclusion that tha
protective tarilt is pilnmrlly for the bandit of
the laboring man , because- yon t ku In your
baud any inauufiicturo.l article or cast your
uyo upon anything which cannot betaken
taken in the hand , you lind that the chief
constituent element in Its cost Is
labjr. In many cases the material Is but ono
per cent and the labor is ninety-nine per cent
in tha cost of the nrtic'u ' , therefore all legisla
tion of r protective character is and must bo
mainly for the benefit of labor , because labor
IB the principal element in tha cost of the
fabric. Hence if thera bo any man who is me-
cm'nently and above all others interested in
the tarill it is tha laboring man. [ Cheers. ] If
you compare the two great political p irties in
relation to this question , you will find that tha
republican party lives , moves , breathes , and
has Us being in protection , [ Great cheering. ]
A protective tariff was ono of the first fruits
of tha election of Mr. Lincoln , Wo have had
it for twenty years on tha statute books with
various amendments which have boon added
from time to time to make it moro protective ,
i.nd the result is that all history , ancient ,
modern and mediaeval may bo challenged for a
national progress llko unto that which wo
have made since 1801. I am merely recit
ing the facts and figures of the assessors
books nnd of the United States census
tables , when I say that in the last twenty-
three years of the history of this country we
have added m re wealth , double over , than
wo had acquired from the discovery of
the continent by Columbus down til the elec
tion of Abraham Lincoln , [ Prolonged cheer-
inc. ] Tharo must have been some peculiar
and potent agent at work to produce this
great result. That agent was the protective
tariff operating to ntrvo tha arm of labor and
reward it fairly and liberally [ Cheers. ]
Whether that policy shall bo contin
ued or whether it shall bo abandoned
ia the controlling issue iu this
campaign. All other questions are laid asidu
for the time. There are many vvnich are worthy
of consideration , but two weeks from Tuesday
next wo shall have an election in every state
of the Union to determine with reference 11
this question , what will bo the character of
tha next congress and the future policy of tlio
government. You have before you , tiio re
publican party , pledged to sustain piotoctivo
tarilf , and illustrating that pledge by a
enecilic and consistent example , extending
through the last twonty-threo years. You
have , on the other hand , the democratic party ,
which in fifty-one years , since 1833 ,
have nevein a single instanea voted
tor protection and never controlled congress ,
that it did not oppose protection ( "That *
to. " ) I eay therefore to the laboring men
nnd to the mechanics , some who may do mo
the honor to listen to me , your unions , your
leagues , all these associations which you have
formed for your own advancement are well
and proper in their way. It is your right to
have them and to administer them as
you choosa but they arq not as
strong as a rope of sand against the ill
paid labor of Kuropo if you take away the
protective tariff which is now your background
and support. [ Cheers. ] So do not ba de
luded by the idea that you can dispense with
protective tariff and substitute for it your
labor unions. [ Renewed cheering. ] I do not
distract your attention with any other ques
tion , I do not hope to dwell upon
the great isrues ' that have been
made and settled by republican ) within
the last twenty three years. That party has
made a deeper and moro glorious imprint in
history than any ther political organization
that over was charged with a responsi
bility and it is the patriotic pride of every
man who has belonged to it and has shared to
labors its responsibilities its triumphs and its
honors. [ Great cheers. ]
A Ulster of the Murdered Policeman
DicH of Grlof.
CINCINNATI , O. , October 18. Policeman
Mitchell Gorman died to-day. IIo was shot
last Tuesday in a small riot among the colored
men n't the WesU'nd. Gorman attempted to
arrest a man and was "hot in the back by an
unknown mau. This was the beginning ot the
riot. Henry Brown , colored , was also shot in
thoiiffray. Tuesday avonim * ; on the receipt
of the news of the wounding of Gorman , Mm.
Kinear ; a sister of Gomun , becann 111 and
this morning , upon hearing of his death , she
fell into a comutodo Btato and died in n few
hours ,
Morn Mini 11- ; Strikes In Ohio.
Cor.inmuH , October 1'J. The balance of the
Ohio Central and Buckeye creek rerions have
struck for an adv.mco in the rate of mining to
eighty cents per ton. These include lha
miners in thu AV. 1' . Rend Sunday Ciook
Coal company and Columbus and Kastorn
railway company. The operators have refused -
fused to concede to the demand and tha
mines will not robume work to-morrow morn
ing. This action will cut off heavy contribu
tion s from tha Central which have been made
to striking minors in the Hocking Valley.
Itlnina at
BI.OOJIINCJO.V , October 1 ! ) . Telegrams to
day from politicians and railway officials Indi
cate that tlio Blaiuo party will certainly bo
liero on the 23th , The ( .arty leave Springfield
ut 10 a. m , aud arrive hero at 12:05 : p. m , The
only stop on thu route arranged for Is hero ,
where tha party will stay from ono to two
hours. Fifty cars have been chartered by
Chicago ropubUcans. Ex-Senator xiavid Duvia
will bn president of thu day ,
Fatal BollcuKvplonion. .
SHTKIWVU.LI * , W. Va , , October 1'J. Inlelli-
( ; enco from Middloburn , Tyler county , nay
ihat the bollor of Isaac Wehrmau'a eaw mill
m Ten Milo creek , exploded yesterday mornIng -
Ing , totally destroying the building uinlSJiiu-
chinery nml InstunUy killing John KOK and
William. AVordon and woundltiR h'vo other
ueu , two of whom , fatally ,
Canvas * ,
NKW YoitK , October | 10. Mr * . Belva A-
jocuwood , candidate for president of Ilia na-
llonal equal rights party , apoko to-night to uii
auuioncu of fjOU.
The Completed Oliio Returns Showing
the Full RcmiMcau Hajorits ,
Bourbon Efforts Oonoontratod in
Now York and Indiana-
Astounding Soliomos of Bribery
and Base Intrigue-
Kelly's ' Far From Sanguine View
of Now York ,
Roosovoltluipoaohos Cleveland as
a Party Honohuiani
Butler Accused ol Scrvllo Heimult-
oniiiRin ltln Prompt Denial Po
litical NU\VB oi Every Ooin-
Cor.UMliUs , Ohio , October 18.- The returns
by counties are complete and do not chnugo
the pluralities given last ulght. Unexpectedly
the prohibition and greenback-liutler votes in
crease proportionately with these of the demo
crats and republicans. The prohibition vote
last year was 8,302. This year it U 0,510. The
greenback vote lust year was 1IM" ! , .
This year it is 3,700. showing no coali
tion , but the party lined were cloaoly follow
ed. Tlio totnl prohibition and greenback vote
was 11,447 ! , or 1,120 more than Itobiuson's
plurality. Thu rust of too republican state
ticket has an average majority over nil of
over 5,00 . The total vote is "SO.IWt. Last
year it was 718,108. In October , 1880 , it was
710,180. aud iu November , 188'J , it was 7.- !
UG7. llioru was no change in congressmen
except an increase of ICO in RomoU' majority
over Kurd ,
OLKVHLAND , October 18. The can
vass of Cuyahoga comity is as follows : Totnl
vote of the county , 44,1U4 ; of the city , 33 , G5.
llobiuson , ( republican ) for secretary of rtato ,
received in tli.s city 18,1)11 ) , m tlio county ,
22,330 ; Newmuu , ( democrat ) had in this city ,
17,032 ; in the couuty 20.7.SJ ; Morris , ( prohibi
tionist ) had in this city 1'JS ; in the county ,
3'JS ; HeroUl , ( greenback ) had iu the city , 1 ;
and in the county G. Hobinsou H plurality
over Newmau iu the city , -IS'J ; in the county ,
2,05'J. 1'or supreme judge. Johnson , ( republi
can ) had n plurality over Martin of 570 m the
city aud 2,255 in the county.
For member of tlio buaid of 'public works ,
I'lickinger ( rep. ) has a plurality over Benfcr
( deiii. ) of 1,1-U in the city aud 2,8'J1 ' in the
county. 1'or ulioritl , lutvster ( iep. ) has plu
rality over Sawyer ( dam. ) in the cjuuty ot 1-
287. 1'or com.ty clerk , Kitchen ( rep. ) over
Mullory ( dem. ) 51,18 ! ) . 1'or prosecutor , llad-
deu ( loji ) over \Voli ( dom. ) 3,137. Vor pro-
b.ito judge , Tilden ( iep. ) over /chring ( dom. )
1,083. In the Twenty-tint district Foran
( dom ) has 1,270 over IJurnott ( rep. ) In that
iiart of thin county in the Nineteenth district
Taylor ( rep. ) has 2.B01 over Alvord ( dem. )
I'lilLADKU'iiiA , I'a. , October 18. Since tha
Ohio election the possibility of a fmi m be
tween the democratic machine aud the 1'enn-
bylania liutlerites has been reopened , and it is
no longer a secret tlmt active negotiations arc
pending between Chairman llensol and the
Butler loaders looking to that end. The only
hitch if > the difficulty of arranging a satisfac
tory distribution ot electors. At thu Bella-
fonto convention a committee was appointed
to wait upon chairman linn-el and state the
viowH of thu Butler people oil tlio
desirability of forming n fusion
ticket. The minimum number of electors ( U-
mantled by the ISutler leaders was ten. This
proposition Was repudiated by Chairman lien-
HO ! as well as by the o.hcr democratic leaders ,
and a fusion upon that basis was declared to
be iuadvifabla and inpructlcablc. This inde
pendence was owiuj ( largely to the encourag
ing reports fioni Onlo , and the democratic be
lief that with Octooor victory in the west ,
1'ennsylvania would waver and give the de
mocracy more than an equal chance to got an
o.ectoral ticket from the Koystuno state. But
the republican victory m Ohio has
overthrown the oirnfully developed
plans of the democrats and a fusion
which a month ago seemed improbable , is now
one of the possibilities of the next few days.
Chairman House ! , although reticent , is in
favor of the movement , bolioung that victory
with tlio aid of the Butlurites in practically
n.suratl. Thd Butler leaden claim they can
handle between -lO.iJOOand JiO.OUO labor votes.
With this reinforcement , and with the de
moralization thu prohibition ticket is B | > nu'J-
ing throughout the state , tha democratic
leaders assert that Pennsylvania can bo
wrested trom the republicans. The o in
however , violent opposition anionc many ,
leading Butluritoj to u funion with the domu-
cruta. Memboru of the Butler state committee
and other prominent hibur men doprucatu the
movement as weakening the Inllnonco of thu
now party. Among republicans the idea of u
f union ticket In tlio utatp la laughed at. Chair
man JjGcd-i , when questioned about tin matter
this morning , HiUd : "It is too Into in the day.
T/io idea of u fusion between the ButleriteH
and the utato democracy id ridiculous.
Special telegram to Tim BKK :
BAI.TIMOHK , October 19. The Butler move-
merit has gene to Emaili owing to positive in
formation having como to the knowledge
thcjhead of the oigani/atlon hero that Bu.of
is acting under orders fr in tbo reptibt ( "
national committee and has his expanses paid
by the republicans who alsu control his move
ments. A few diiys ngo Gen. W.H Parsons ,
chairman of the national greenback labor
committee for Maryland , went to Now York
to get Butler to comu hero and upuak , Ho
was reform ! by Mr. llutler's managers In Now
York to thu republican committee , He went
to thocommUtco nnd was told that tha repub
licans could not affuid to send Butler to Mary
land m it was not u doubtful Btato and they
had no money to spend in experiments. Gen-
Parsons publishes a letter netting forth these
facts. 'I ho Butler party was to have put an
electoral tiokat in thu liold next Wednesday
night , The meeting will not now ba hold. ,
SI jiim.KH'rt DINIAI. : . ]
[ Ans < > ciatod 1'tata , ] i
SuuuiHE , October I ! ' . Butler telegraphed
' ' ' from Hoston as follou'H , regarding the
statement of I'arsona of Baltimore in the
Now York Time * and Brooklyn Kntfo that
the rcpublicim national oommltlcu tmld the
exponn-s of the Butler campaign nnd there
fore : nntrclloil ills movfincnls : "Jtavo re
coi\ed 1'nwon' * statHnonts. There is no tone
word ot truth In it. IIo nukorl mo some weeks
ago for money to organiio M nrylAiul , I de
clined , and told him my plan ot campaign
had been placed in the hand * of Mr. I'limutnn ,
whom 1 warned ngninst him altriWArdn.
1 refused tti oo Tarsons. Plimpton told mo
that ho h d refused to liavo nnjthing to do
with him. I had hoard of Parsons Letoto ,
and that lie was n fraud. 1 found a loiter hero
from Mr. Boyon , marshal ot Maryla d , a
member of the national committee os the pee
ple's putty of state , asking mo to como
to a-'altfmoro , U ) whl.h I replied this
unrulng , puttln him in communication
with Mr. Plimpton and referred thU letter to
lini to see If ho could llnd occasion so that 1
could go to llaltimore , as some change had
been mailo in my cngaijoments in Ohio , which
night Bixomo thu opportunity. ThU was
lone tint JIOIIN before 1 had neon Panom' nr-
tiolo in the Times nnd before I hoard of Par
son * , except as nbovo ftatod.
[ Signed. ] HKXJAMIN 1' . UITLKII.
Special telfginm to TlIK llEK.
NKW YOIIK , October 19. In his speech at
Brooklyn last night Theodore Hoc welt said :
'I have always boon treated in n courteous
mnnnor by Governor Cleveland , but ho is not
the man to bo rolled upon to stand up against
the wishes of his party , or net other than n
partisan. I don't say that the governor has
ictod from any improper motives in his veto ,
lint tlio man who acted from improper mothes
ivould have acted as the governor acted.
Laughter and applamo.l Grover Cleveland
iins shown himself not nblo to resist patty
dictation. Ho would have to not as a servant
of tlio democratic party , and the domoo ratio
party Is not n good servant of the people. "
Special telegram to Tim BKK :
Nuw Yoitif , October 10. The domoratio
loaders , still stunned by their recent defeat in
Olio , are concentrating their forces as rapidly
as possible into this state and InJ'aua , Al
other fields nro to bo doaertod , and money and
speakers poured into these two stales. Bar-
num. however , is not going to rely upon on
thusnvsm alone to carry ollhor of the two
states upon which the committee ii now plac
ing every hope of success. A company o
well-known business men of Now Orleans win
have made their fortunes as members of the
Louisiana gang have already gone to Indian
apolis to commence buying up that state.
Special telegram to THIS BKK :
NKW YOHK , October 19. John Kelly wa
visited a day or two ngo by Joseph W. Lucky
editor of the Kochoster SuJay Herald. In
thocourfo of a. short conversation , Lucky
asked Kelly , what Clovoland' 3 plurality it
New York would bo.
"Cloveland ought to got 40,000 in this city'
said Kelly.
"Will it bo safe to estimate that ho will go
moro than 30)00'"Askod ( ) Lucky.
"I think not" was the reply.
'But will 30,000 in this ijity elect Clovolnn
iu the state ? " Lucky asked.
"I think not" was thuulfct i'9 panno.
Ono Moro Democratic Iilo.
Special telegram to TlIK Tilf.
Niw Youic , Octobsr I''f-Chairman War
ren , of the repub'ic n comiiittee , is very in
dignant at the statement' ] iiiblished in the
World , and telegraphed over the country tha
ho haJ sent t telegiam to isiamo urging hi
immediate presence , in New York.
"Tho whole thing is n lie , " said ho , omphat
bally. "I sent a telegram yesterday achiti (
Blaine when ho would arrive hero , as it wa
necessary to know the fact to arrange for n
grand parade of republicans. "
The Meed of Victory.
Special Telegram to Tim Br.K :
Cor.UMliua , Ohio , October 19. The republican
can stuto executive committee yesturda ;
issued a congratulatory addrcsa to the repub
licans of Ohio on Tucsday'fl victory. It show
that on the head of the ticket the republicai
gain was 20,010 * , while on the other ollicer
and congressmen it waa 110,000 , compared wit
last year. It closes with an appeal for a lonj ,
aud u htrong pull for November ! . .
Tlio Fnt , Htoclc Show ,
Si'RiNamr.D , 111. , October 19. The com
mltteo of thu Illinois statu boatd of ngricul
ture , having in chaigo tlio arrangomenta fo
the holding the Eleventh American fat Rtocl
show in Chicago , No\ ember 20th , will meo
at the Sherman house , Chicago , Tuesday Oc
Causci Its victims to bo mlicr.iMo , hopeless ,
confused , .iml depressed In mlml , very lrrlti- :
ble , langiild , and drowsy. It is : i diseiiso
wlilch docs not ( jet well of itself. It requires
careful , perslbtcnt attention , and a remedy to
throw oil the causes and tune up the diges
tive organs till they jier/orm their duties
willingly. Hood's Barsanaillla has proven
Just the required remedy In hundreds or cases.
" I have taken Hood's Harnaparjlla Tor dys
pepsia , from which I have BtiiTcrcd two years.
1 tried many other medicines , but none proved
so satisfactory as Hood's Barsaparllla. "
THOMAS COOK , llrush Wcctrlo Wght Co. ,
New York Oily.
Sick Headache
" For llio past two yc.ui I have liccn
anileted with Buvero heailaches and dyspep-
bla. I was Induced to try Jlnoil'H Haroapa-
illla , and have found jjreat relief. I cheer
fully recommend It to nil. " W BY ! '
AN.vAiii.i ! , New Haven , Conn , " " j
HIH. Mary 0. Bnillh , Camlirldgcport , Mass. ,
was u bulferer from dyspepsia and sick Jieail-
aclio. Bho took llooil'a Barsaparllla and
found It the best remedy she ever used.
Hood's' Sat'sapaHlIa
Bold by all driiEfilsts. Si J M * for$5. JIado
pnlyhyO. I. HOOD ft CO. , I-owell , Jlass. ,
IOOaDososlOno. Dollar. .
he SuOCaius Rovclalious in Mine
Bauer's ' Memoirs , Just Pnblislieil
'bo Eioliost , Baoiost Series of
Royal Scandals
Written Siuoo tlio Libidinous
Roicn of Oharloa IL
tferoiless Dosioation of Nobility's '
Vaunting Pretonsionsi
Hha Domostio Honor of Qneon Vic
toria Assailed ,
A. Book tlmt GoiiiiiitmtlH ltn Author
to Siberia or Hotnny Itny Goiiurnl
i NO\VH.
Special Telegram to TUB HKK.
Losuo.v , October 19. The mcmoirH of
Carolina Bauer will crcato oven greater sen
ntion than Carlylo'a dyspeptic dissertation ,
fho qiiecn Is especially hurt by the pnblic.v
.ion as the reinlntftccncorcontain rovelntimis
vhich may bo called horrible and rovoltlug
with regard to the liouso of Cobiirg fron
which the luiglidi monarch obtained n hus
jand and which she has boon trying to cnnnn-
70 for moro than twoutyjyoars. The family
was so hideously poor in the beginning of the
present century that three of the piincesso.i
were brought on a show to St. Petersburg to tr ;
and catch the fancy of the brnUl grand ilnlco
named Constantino. As ho would not make
my selection himself , his mother cho o for
liim the youngoat of the three , only fitted
years of ago and who eventually hnd to roturi
liomo , from his abominable troatmont. An
other of the girls married the 1'rinca Alex
ander , of WurtcnburR. Ho jiad thin lep/i /
Liloaled body , and the expression of his face
was brutish , his forehead being disfigured by
a b g wen , and ho was n fearful glutton
When too young princess awoke on thu morn
ing afto the wedding day , shu found Ler him
baud beside tier gnawing a bifj ham bono wltl
brntlfih ferocity The revelations of Karolino
Bauer makes with reference to the late kin ) ,
of the Belgians , to whom she was morganatic
ally marriedabout twelve months will remove
that monarch from the pedestal of na acity
and ostodin upon which the l.iboriom pulling
of his family placed him , and L'aron Stocli
man , the friend nnd favoritn of the iiueoi
and late prlnca consort , is proved clearly t
lm\obeeu up better than a pimp , oven will
his own cousin. All these rovclationn lent
point to the \low which Lahouchoro is piench
ing of the marriage of tha LTUIH ! duka o
Hosso with Slllo. Kttlomino. "Why , " hi
asks in thu Week's Tiuth , "is the marring
spekou of in Ilessu Darmstadt a
a scandal ? Is it m ro of it scan
dul than Iho marriage of the patents o
I'rincCHS l.ouisu of jiattenburg or of tbo 1'iin
cess Louisa and the ManniU of lioruo. " Th
real scandal ho thinks lies in the strenuous o
forts of thoQiiQiu to bring about n dlvptce.
"Tho coiiduet , " ho says , "of our 'goo <
Queen" " words which ho writes with hlgnll
cant quotation marlrs "has boon i
the highest degree. Further revelations wit
regard to the death of 1 lans Titnkart increas
the painful impressions produced by his earl
death. He lltcially was killed with Itindnan
The clu'ef source of his downfall nnd the nervous
vous dlsoaso uhich destroyed his reason am
life was caused from aristocratic ladles wh
would insist on acting as nmuteur models fi
nude and voluptuous liguiCH which abound i
his paintings.
A mm. TAiaiT WANTI : ! ) m I-IIA.NCI : .
I'AiilB , October 18. In the chamber of deputies
uties to-day , Maiquis Do Hoys interpollatei
the government regarding the economic crisis
Ho dumadcd the same protection for the agr
culture as thu manufacturing industry. Forr
replied that the government wax equally M
licitous of both industries , The trnth of th
position , he declared , was shown by the prc
posed Income tariff on coro.ils. Ho though
the present time , however , inopportune for a
discussion of this project , anil theraupoi
moved tha order ot the day. Adoptci
25'J to 17H. Moline , miniHtc
of ngnculturi ! , will amend th
bill Incrosaliigthn duticH of foreign livn stud
no as to make the duty on oxen fifty francs po
head , sheep live fruncH anil xwino tun francs
ilu will nluo Fupport the demand of tlio conn
ell general of Aixne , that the govornmen
shall levy ( i duty of two fruniH per hundroi
weight on wheat and four francs pnr hundrei
weight on Hour. The French prem la abiiorbai
in tin ) discusi-Ion of piotcutivo ilntieH. Th
Itepubllqiio I'rane.iiHo says the econoni ;
cribix through which 1'Vauco ' is no\
passing can only bo cured by th
sovereign remedy of increased customs du
ties. .Slidi increase , itcontomU , will iimelior
ate thu distress * In the agricultural Industry
and will lower Iho price Of transportation am
make moro abundant the circulation of mono ,
throughout the interior of the country. Tin
Ilappd doclurus that Moliiia'ri urnject will fim
leHiciiingeuppurt. When it Is Been tlmt 1
will incrouBii the price of bread and meat , th
deputies will think twice before approving it
The Jtadical eava n giuat majority ot the com
mission on protective duties uro fa\orablot
the proposal.
IIOlKlllll IOItlII ,
BIIUSHKLS , October It ) . The liberals wei
victorious in the elections hero , at Antwerp
OH tend , Licgo , and fifteen other towns. Th
cloricalu elected their candidate lit Bruges
Nhullos and nine other placoH , Thin is at
important tilumph for the liberals who con
Hldcred that tlio education act bus boon eon
doinnod by the people. .Innnon , Vim Ham
liecl : nnd lloyviirt. were elected in this city
Thcro wan light dliijrder hero nnd uoinu ar
rests. No HoriotiH disturbance ocuurrod , however
over , and troops weru not rc < | till oil. ( iieu
oxcltoiiiont jirovalkcl in all towns and mucli
unnimutlon WAH munifosled. Crowds of puu
plo ] irucodeil by bands and singing Bongs
murchvd Ihiough tlio.ntr ctH ,
A Hrocy.ti In Manitoba.
TOHO.VJO , October 18. The Afall'M Wlnno-
ptg Bpicial says 11 telegram from Col. Oarry
fctates it is reported that Louis Kiel was shot
n 1'rincn All > urt during 'riot ' there and the
; o\prnmont wires IIANO b 311 cut.
WiSSKi'tti , MuniUib October 18-Tho
nnor tint Louis Kiel w 4 shot and Major
'nirljr't 001111111111 ! of m mtcd police mas.a-
led , publiilieil In nn o\v liift iMpor hem and
elcgrapln-d to uuttido I nt , fs a cinird.
S , October iy. The Uti-st ollieinl dii-
atches from China UU ) Hint there hxs been
o fighting at Trtinsili lnco the 8th. Admiral
? ourbot aks for n 'latallion of marineg to
tralghtod his luinllninrtioi. \ .
T1'Vanca ' ( no\v paporl stixtoi that General
) > i l.Inlo has tolrginp'itxl that ho 1ms only
' .HOD olToctlvo troopi , which are iniulli Jent to
ceupy any extent of thocnomy'rt country ,
Itid'iHlrlrH In
1'Aitirt , October V ) . The petition ot French
nerchants In Ale 'vndria was proscnlod to the
Immbor ot depuKoa through tlioicopies
dent of the Ato.andria chamber of commerce
trging tha imiv'aillato piymcnt of the Alev
andrin IndiMiiinty to na\o Krcnch rccidcnts in
hat city from ruin. The commission an
tctltions nmdo a report dcclating Its urgency.
LONDON' . Octobdr 10 Tory election agents
throughout the country , in reporting to head
quaitora in London as lo the ctfcct ot thu gov
ernment rmHitrlbution si home , declare that It
will ba deUrucUvo to the fortunes of Iho par
A SiiiiimoiiH For An American.
LONDON , Oclobor IS. The Glebe says , n
sumnvouH has boon raised agaiuit the Ameri
can , G. 1C. liogorri , for nsxaulling the limn-
i\icr of St , Stephen's lovio\v. ! The a-isault
was made on noiouut of tha article entitled
'Tho ' Man from Now York , "
'iho HunKnrlnii Oynnntltcr ,
LONDON , October 18. The Hungarian min
or arrested on the arrival rf thu steamship
rd Clivo from rhlladoliihia , ha given ovl-
dcnea that thn dynamite in his possession was
U ) be iiaod with felonious intent.
Flro In
AfOHCOW , October 1 ! ) , Several wnrchouiea
and tha ( lerrmm theater In the cantor of the
town are on firu. It is likely that the llamua
will spread to turroundiug buildings.
The Oliolorrt.
October 18. During the past
'J I hours there were nlxty-four casent hirty-
povoii deaths from cholera , at Naples ; at
Genoa no cases , six deaths.
DoslriiotlvA Fire ]
fia. , October IS. Twelve
stores heio burned thin morning. Loss $100-
COO ; little Itminmco. It was llko the fire which
occurred one year ago.
Tlio Uiiko of Ilruiiiavlolc Dead.
Bimi.v. Oclobar 18. Wilholm , the first
dukoof linniHuiek , died this morning ,
UonioorntH Arming.
CIIICAUO , October 18. In conmuntlng upon
the Biiporvision of the polls in this city on
election day nnd the appointing of deputy
United States marshal * and deputy BherillB ,
the Times thin morning prlnU the following :
"Tho democr.vtn , that is to say , ono hundret :
of thorn , organized yesterday what they arc
pleased to style n vigilance committoo. Jt Ii
composed of determined men who are re
colved that m Intimidation or violence elml
ruloat thoChicigo polls ; nt lenit that there
nliall bo nouo dona by ronuliIicaiiH , mid
their ordorH are to piovoka no fight
theinselvcH nor to imlulgo in any as long IK
tha contest is merely wouly , but if any bull
dozing ia attempUid liy no ro or other deputy
marshal' , to resist It and if any democrat it
xhot to sea to it that tha i-hooter at once s'.iT
fern the panio fiito. So the inattor standH , ami
if the feeling keeps gnmlng in intensity theru
will bo serious trouble in Chicago on election
day. "
A TliroiUniion Gable Cat.
Special telegram to the BIK.
LONDON , October ID. Insiders in the cable
now ntuU the Mackoy-Bonnelt cable
pcoplti will not murtirlally lower the ratas
lioyond thu present tiiilT Howovpr , It In nn-
dc'i-Hioiiil tlmt u vigoroiM attempt will bo made
to Hecme thi ) p'ltronitgu ol largo cable custom-
era by offers of ho.vvy rebates on accounts.
This muthiid of obtaining cuat m and dractia-
ally cutting charges will ho resented by thu
muinberx of the pee ] , who assart they will
fully meet every move of this kind by proper *
tiomitoly liny rate ) .
TUKI- ' .
mtiniiroN im.\ca IIAOKH ,
JllilcsilTON BICACII , October 18. Thice-quar.
tew of a mile , ii-yoarH old : Myrtle won , Knv
mot micond , I'aul Kernan third. Time , l:20y : ,
Alilu and u furlonff Hulllm * allowances : Tony
Vostur won , Carloy JJ. , Btcond , Noruna third.
Time , Is.'WJ.
IMilo aud a ipiirlur : Contcmnial won , Li/.iio
MaoBacoud , Hjyul Arch third. Time , 2:12 .
Seven fmlongH , 'l-yearit-old and upwards :
azard won , Sujjar I'Jum second , Josie Cartel
tliiid. Time , lml. : :
Mlle mid anuartor , over five hurdles : Koch'
c tor won , Bally Hocoiul. Time. 2:23. :
" \Vcntlior To-day.
WAsillNnrON , October 10 , Upper Missis
uippl generally f.ilr woathcr in Houthern par
tlon , local rainH partly cloudy weather It :
northern portion' ) hicioaslng Honth , veering tc
northwesterly winds , decided fall of tomporn
turo. higher Ijuromcter. Missouri , local raiiu ,
jiurtly cloudy weather with probable HIIOWS in
J.iltota , brhk northerly windi , decided fall
temperature , higher baiometei.
IMnyor Orauu'H Popularity.
Special Telegram to thollKit.
NJI\V YOIIK , Octobar 1'J. The ulti/.jns'com.
milter ) organi/.ed huro two yuan ) ago , roorgan-
I /.oil last iiMitniid ilucldeil iipciii the ru-nomi *
iiarion of Willluni K. Ciraeu fur mayor and
resolutions were adopted endorsing ( i race , and
culling for n limn mootim ; to bo held at the
academy of imislo to place him in nominn *
WiiKKU.vo/W. VH. . Oct. 18. The retuiiiH
ro ntlll incomplete. Caiuful eatlmaten placn
the democTAtlu majority at about DCOO , It
may Iiu u httlo IUM. It will bo two or throe
duys hofoio tno leinoto oonntlei can bo hoard
from olliciully ,
Tlicrongu ExDOsfc McSweenoy
Liijof | aue ,
Another SOT * * is Demooratio
War : hrottlod ,
MoSwoenoytr J'.ttornoya Eolato
the loal Faotsi
Not an American Oitizon Wrons- ;
lully Imprisoned
But a Fenian Incendiary Sworn
to British Allegiance ;
UlmlncH Efforta in tlio Hcllof tlmt IIo
\vnft a Nnturall/otl Aiuoricixu
SiKtlal Telegram to THE BKI : .
RAN FIIANCISCO , October 19. Daniel Me-
weonoy , arrested by the British government
'or stirring up sedition tn Ireland , wlillo
llaino won secretary of state , mid about
whoso case tlio democrat ! ) nro making such a
mwl , is Bhown up in no very enviable light In
,1m , Clirouiclooi to-day. Tnat pnpor hai nil
interview with Jiulgo 0. Coonoy , who nctoil
na McSvvooney's Attorney all through the pro
ceedings for hU release , laying the casa
before Blaine , It alto has an nflltUvit
by Judge James Meo , who for a
tlmo nclod na McSvveonoyVi attorney.
They agree throughout , the story being in
follows : "Mcdwccnoy was uatuiali/cd ,
in Cnllfornln under thu name of Sweeney.
Savon or eight yearn ngo lie went ti Ireland.
When ho carno. uncle he announced that ho
had bought land thorn and was point ; back to
Hvu in Ireland the remainder o his days , IIo
sold everything ha possessed in America and
took up residence in the county Donegal , Ire-
laud , resuming the name of McSnconoy. Ho
MU for and was chosen poor law honso guar
dian , nml wan compelled of course to take the
onth of allegiance to Queen Victoria , which
amounted to renunciation of his
tVmoricun citizenship. IIo mixed
iu politic ) 'and trhough intemperate
utterances won arrested under the Coercion
act. As his attorney , Judge Coonoy , s.iys ho
inndo the best showing ho could for him , and
that Dlainu nnulu strong representation ? to
the British govoinmcnt on McSweony's be
half , an strung as ho could without declaring
war. Tending negotiations Gnrfiold was thot ,
nhd from tlmt tlmo till Arthur wan inaugurated -
rated , which practically ended Blruno'rf secre
taryship , ho was in no position to push
matters further whllo Girflolil was lying
cm Ills death bed. However , 113 a result of hi ?
representations , McSweonoy wan ollored his
liberty if ho would return to America , which
ho refused. Yet this assorted immigrant ,
whom the democrats Imvn brought to thla
oountry , is going about mailing lying sprcchea
against lilaiuc.
Mho Buiuictt-Ttlnokny Cultlo Lamlctl.
CONKV IHLAND , N. Y. , October 18.-Tho
B'nuett-Maclcuy cable landed nt12:15 : -
thla afternoon , nml ono end was placed in the
cable station. A tug loft Faraday with two
miles of cable on board. She buoyed ono end
two milcH from the shore and than started for
the land , paying out thocabla. When uquar
ter of n mlle from shore , the bnhnco of the
cnblo wni celled from the tug on to n raft.
Hope * anchored on the beach connected a raft
to which the raft with n cable aud small
bouts were attached by haweerj. A number
of sailors on shore hauled in ono rope whllo
these on the first raft hauled the other. Thin
it was landed.
Floods in tlio AVrHt Indies.
BAI.TIMOHI : , Oct. , 11) ) . Heavy rains are re
ported in .Fnmlcn. The rain full on the eve-
King of the 7th was ( i | Inchon. Hallway
bridge * were Hooded tn n _ depth of two foot.
Telegraphic communication is Interrupted
throughout the Island. A vessel arrived re-
purling to have panned a largo quantity of
trees and vegetablu matter evidently washed
from elf the different West India Islands
through heavy rains.
Tlio Great Hebrew Philanthropist.
NEW YOIIK , Oo'ober 19. Tiioccntonnary oE
the \onoriblo Sir Mn'cs Montofooro wan cola-
liratod to-night In the J'Mvo 1'ointn hnusa of
industry by the emigrant classes of the young
mon'ri Hebrew asHociatlon. Tlin hall wai
crowded , many of thojo present bovine : been
c'liablod to como to AmciicA through thu
philanthropic Sir Moses ,
$1OOO. Given
iraliim or any Injurious Hiibstimccscun to fouml
In Andrews' 1'oarl Baklnrj Powder. Ia pos-
lively PURE. Jlelnuemlorj > eilund testimonials )
receivedTrumxuch chemists as H , Danallayg.Uos-
ton : M. Peliifontuine , of L'hlraeo ; and Gustavua ,
Uodo , MHwanlcv. Never kohl Iu bulk.
29 Luke fct. ' 257 , ib'J & .Ml \\tndSlf
fo 5eafei ) % c
* > * ' * ? * !
* M
4-W3B ! * ! ! . .