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James Yf. Davis Propounds More Con
\ undrums to Congressman
Weaker ,
All Interesting AlHilnvlt.
WAHOO , October 10 , 1884.
To tho'Editor of TUB Bun.
I concluded tint 1 wanted to hoar
moro about the record of J udgo Weaver ,
so I accompanied Mnj. Davis to his
placo. llo rend the series of questions ,
propounded through the colums of TUG
BRH , and then road the accompanying af
fidavit , lie made some scathing remarks ,
that a man , clothed with the judicial
prmino , would and did cornmH such
fraud. Ho also charges him directly ,
based on evidence furnished members ,
high in position , in his own party , with
attempts to corrupt members of the log *
islaturo , of 1875. And also , that ho left
Kearney roost unceremoniously , to avoid
giving evidence in a suit , founded upon
the sbovo charges , and made some tolling
remarks about the Judge avoiding a le
gally issued process. lie strongly insist *
ed on reform , and charged that FOBS , the
partner of Dawcs in the Crete Bank , waa
speculating in school leases , and wound
gr. ' * gj up with a strong apposl for the election of
J , Sterling Morton , and . Charles II.
On this 31st day of August , in the year
188-1before mo the undersigned , a notary
public in and for said county of Hichard-
son , in said state of Nebraska , personal
ly came Frank Wells , of lawful ago , who
being by mo duly sworn on his oath
says , that ho was an elector and legal
voter in the Falls City precinct in Richardson -
ardson county , state of Nebraska , and
voted at the presidential election at said
precinct in the year 1880. That when
about to vote ho was approached by A.
J. Weaver , the present member of con
gress from the first district in the atnto of
Nebraska , who asked this aftiant to vote
for R. A. Whervy who was at that time a
candidate for atato senator in said county
of Richardson , and agreed with this af
fiant that if ho , the aftiant would BO vote
for said Whervy , that ho , said NVoavei ,
would vote for James B. Weaver for
That pursuant to said agreement this
afliant voted for faid R , A. Wherry and
said A. J. Weaver scratched the name of
James A , Garfiola off of his ticket , and
inserted in the place thereof the name of
James B. Weaver and voted said ticket.
That on approaching the polls thia
afliant said to said A. J. Weaver , hour
about the electors , and said A. J. Weaver
replied that don't make any difference , it
ia all the same.
( Signed , ) FIUNK WELLS.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn
to before mo thia 31st day of August ,
1884. W. W. WcnELL ,
Notary Public ,
Tlio Result of c 8 tor day's Game a
Fair Subject for Arbitration.
Up to the ninth Inning the Union
Pacific's had the best of the situation
the eighth closing , 9 to 8 in favor of the
homo industries. Darkness waa fast approaching
preaching and as the ninth opened with
two new runs for the visitors , the U. P.'s
determined upon throwing away the
game and by a series of Intentional
errors and ludicrous mishaps protracted
the inning until night so fairly held the
A boards that further proceedings were im
possible. The U. P.'s claim the best of
the question on the alleged rule that , in
.such cases , the score at the end of the
last finished inning prevails. On the
other hand it appears that the homo
team frightened at the aspect of affairs
toward the last purposely protracted
affairs to steal the victory from their op
ponents. The following official score
presents the result , when time was called
in the ninth inning , the Evansvlllo's
still at the bat with two men out.
Visner , I. f 5 1 3 4 1 | 2
Funkhousor , c. f 5
s Bwyer , Ib 4 0 2 11 0 2
"WnlBh B , 8 4 0 1 3 2 2
Whitney , 3b
Cavanaugh.c 4
Taylor , r. f 4 1 n 0 0 1
Salisbury , p 4 1 0 2 Jl '
° as
, 38 o u * as u is
I "Goldsby out for not running.
; AB it mi ro A K
Sowders , Hi 5
1 Thompson , I. f 5 4 2 S 1 U
Marr , 2db. & 3b 5
Heard , s. B 5 0 0 0 C 0
Ooldsby.c. f
Hillery.c 4
lialferty , 3b. & 2b 4
Ciowell , r. f. .0 p
; + 4 Saunders , p. & r. f 4
* Totals
41 11 10 21 22 11
12345078 ! )
Union Pacifies. . . 10120032 * 9
.Kvansvilles 2 000402 Ojii-ll
tUntiniihod ,
Three-base hit Hillory.
TwO'basa hits Walsh , 1'unkhoiiser , Marr
and Saundors.
* Struck out Funkhouser (2) ( ) , rtnd Bannuers.
fit * Base onbolla Off Salisbury , 1 ; off Saunders ,
( * C t .
tr Left on bases Union Pacifies , 7 ; Kvans-
is villo , 4 ,
trt Wild pitches-Sounders 1 , Salisbury 2 ,
' ' * Crowell 1.
' -w. Time of game 2 hour and 49 minutes.
' f . Umpire Brandt ,
* A Complaint From Arbor Place.
I' ' AKBOU PLACE , Douglas Co. , Oct. 10.
To the editor of Tins BKK ,
Allow mo a small space in your valua-
# bio paper to inform the public how
shamefully the Inhabitants of this place
have been treated by certain men in
Omaha who delight in placing the names
'Hon. , " "Col. , " etc. , at the beginning
of their names. On Monday evening
following the nomination of Blaine and
V Logan a club was organized at the Quoa <
ley school house called the "Arbor Place
Blaine nnd Logan Club. " Everything
waa done up quite systematically and u
committee was appointed to ougago speakers
kers to keep the members of the club
and surrounding community posted on
all the important political uostions dur
ing the campaign. Accordingly billn were
ordered printed and pouted up railing
meotingthedatoof which Ihavo forgotten ,
Mi'Esrc , Baldwin , Hitchcock and K.
( ro ) lr , all prc mUud faithfully to bo prrs >
oat uud furnish financial prescriptions to [ I
cure u'l of tha political ills of thu country , '
"When the time came not ono of them
wai on the ground mid the democrats re
publicans , groenbr.ckors , prohibitionists ,
etc. , all wont homo alike disappointed ,
About two weeks afterwards nnothot
mooting was called and two of the former
mentioned politicians again agreed to bo
ou hand as also dld"Col"Smytho , and not
ono of these men came near nor gavo.any
reason for their absence. So ag n It
was concluded to make another dl'prt
and bills were posted calling a meeting
for Thursday evening , Oclobor Dili. Mr.
Baldwin egreed with ono of the committee -
tee of the club ( the writer being present )
to como out and msko speech and bring
"Col. " Smptho 'along. Quito a Jcrowd
gathered around the school house nnd
waited patiently for the appearance of
the political M. Ds but as usual not one
of them caino near.
Now , Mr. Editor , for my part 1 do
not car. ) a cent , for I am satisfied that no
power under the sun can defeat that
gallant loader of leaders , James G.
Blalno. Bnt I do hope you will give this
room in yonr good paper so that no ether
community will bo gul'od ' by the prom
ises of these gentlemen.
Assuring you that Ohio will give ua ton
thousand majority for Blaine and Logan ,
1 remain , yours truly , XiMio ,
Horsford M Acid I'hosplmtc.
Dr. C. H. S. DAVIS , Meriden , Conn. ,
says : "I have used it as a pleasant and
cooling drink in fevers , and have been
very much pleased with it. "
Tlio [ Omaha Bloyclo Itaoca to Take
Plnco this Afternoon at Ath
letic I'ark ,
Quito a number of prominent wheel
men from various parts of the wosfc have
arrived in Omaha to enter In tbo Omaha
club races which take place this after
The following are the entries for the
several races , made up to date :
Half milo dash , § 25.00 gold modal
Tno. Nicholson , Minneapolis ; 0. M.
Woodman , Omaha ; P. M. Shaw , Glen-
wood ; Roy Iluncio , Omaha ; A. X.
Uuddo , Omaha ,
Ono milo , § 25.00 gold medal F. M.
Shaw , Glonwood ; Roy Runcie , Omaha ;
W. Patterson , Toronto , Ont. ; C. M
Woodman , Omaha.
Two-Mile Race § 50 ; silver cup ; Jno.
Nicholson , Minneapolis ; F. M. Shaw ,
jlenwood ; W. Patterson , Toronto ; Roy
[ luncio , Omaha ; A X Budrlo , Omaha.
Throo-Milo Race § 35 gold medal ; W.
Patterson , Toronto ; P. M. Shaw , Glen
wood : Jno. Nicholson , Minneapolis ; Roy
Huncle , Omaha.
Five-Mile Race § 50 gold medal ;
Jno. Nicholson , Minneapolis ; Jno. G.
Hitchcock , Omaha ; F. M. Shaw , Glen
The other contests will bo a slow race
and fancy riding.
Those taking pirt in the parade will bo
at the Millard hotel at 1:30 : p. m. The
parade will start at 2 p. in. All Omaha
md visiting bicyclists are requested to re
port with wheels at the above place at the
appointed time. A cordial Invitation is
extended to all bicyclists to participate
in the parade.
The line of march will bo from Millard
hotel , Douglas street , to Fifteenth , to
Howard , to Tenth , to Homey , to Fif
teenth , to Fornham , to Tenth , to Doug
las , to Sixteenth , to Athletic park
Sherman avenue.
Further particulars desired by visiting
wheelmen will bo furnished by the presi
dent , O. H , Gordon , or captain , John G.
Hitchcock , at 1312 Douglas street.
Dressing and Undressing the Sick ,
A medical paper gives detailed direc
tions for doing this. Tlio whole may be
summed up by saying that such work
ought to ba done carefully , kindly , and
gently. But there are a great many sick
folks who are almost able to dress them
selves , and will bo entirely so if you give
them Brown's Iron Bitters. The Rev.
J. S , Cain , Lowisvillo , Ind. , says , "I
used Brown'a Iron Bittera for nervous
prostration , and found it entirely satis
factory. "
Robbed and Shot in OentrnI Park ,
Now York Commercial Advertiser.
Alvin L. Smith , of Falls City , Nebraska
ka , was shot and robbed in Central Park
Sunday night. Ho Tras strolling along
ono of the paths when a man sprang out
upon him , and , and presenting a pistol ,
demanded his money. Mr. Smith
knocked the man and pistol down , but
not before ho had received a bullet
through the hand. In the strug
gle which followed ho lost $200 ,
which the robber made off with
The firing of the weapon brought thrpo
Park policemen lo the spot , but while
Mr. Smith was attempting to convince
them that ho had not attempted suicide ,
but had boon robbed , the thief made his
escape. Last night Patrick Curry , of
No. 118 Chatham street , waa arrested
and charged with the crime. Ho had been
seen loitering about the pork for several
nights , and ho answered the description
of the man who attacked Mr. Smith.
TlicroBlinn uu No Alps
When Napoleon talked of invading
Italy , one of his officers said : "But , sire ,
remember the Alps , " To an ordinary
man those would have seemed simply In
surmountable , but Napoleon responded
eagerly : "There shall bo no Alps. " So
the famous Simplon pass was _ mado.
Disease , like a mountain , stands in the
way of fame , fortune and honor to many ,
who , by Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical
Discovery" might bo healed and so the
mountain would disappear. It is specific
for all blood , chronic lung and liver dis
ease , such as consumption ( which Is
scrofula of the lungs ) , pimples , blotches ,
eruptions , tumors , swellings , fever sores
and kindred complaints.
A. Steady Voting Man ,
Kvansnillo Argus.
"Jane , I hear your beau is a little wild ;
not very steady , they say. "
"Oh , yes , ho is ; ho is ono of the most
steady young men I over saw. "
"SteadyObnoho / can't bo. I've ' hoard
ho was any thing but steady. "
"Wellho is just utoady. llo has always
come to the homo every ovenlng , uinco
wo were lust engaged , drunk or sober. "
ly ! Dr. Krazier' * Maxlc Ointment. Cured as
if by magic ; I'lmpleu , Ulack llea'ld or Grubs ,
Blotches und Jvruptluna on tbo face , luuvln
the akin clear and beautiful. Aim ; cures Itch ,
Salt Hlieuni. Sere Nltmliw , Sere Lips und old ,
Obtttnnto UlccrJ , Sold by drugKUtn , or
mailed on receipt of luico. CO cents. Bold by
Kubn li Co. und O , V Goodman.
The new ileparturn by 1'rlnceton College , in
tbe recent action making pytim wtio excicI CH
compulsory up'in the ntulunU of tie ! two
lower classes , will bo watched v.itli interest
liv tbo aiithoiitlca of otber educational inutitu
in thin country
You l ct ,
Softly tlio evening n'nr '
Wai MilnliiK i'i tlio west ,
Awl I.una from her goldim car '
Slicd Rracioni Jieaco BIH ! rest ,
A maiden , nUrry-eyoil ,
Ioi > k < ! il up with IHMH' wet }
Her IO\CT whl | iorod "Stewetl or fricil ! '
Slio fullered , "Stowed , you bet ! "
[ BmllncUm Trco 1'rojs.
Tnkon Tliciu
Now call in your summer ,
Take your ul'tor uut of pawn ,
Sunny tfaysj Well , what of that !
Don't you fret ; the suininor.s gone.
Tbo lo..f Is In tlio sere and brown ,
The nights RURgcit n chill ;
Motnuotocs ftU Imo left the town
Lett of their own free will.
Hlio'll Blinro You Lot.
Think not the girl you love loves not ;
Slit ) loves , depend upon it ;
With willing heart she'll share your lot-
If there's n lot upon it-
llov. Dr. Dcoms tolls his congregation to ROte
to sleep if they frcl sleepy In church ; that
both ho and the lord will forgive thorn , but
that they mint sleep quietly ,
Stringent laws against swo.xlrng have re
cently ueon passed in Spain. The ovll having
bccomo n serious ono. Kuntuckliins contem
plating n Kuroponn lour should pasta this
item of the bar.
A Pennsylvania pcddlor who 1ms carried the
nlckuarno of "Honest John" for fifteen yeara
baa just owned tip to n dozen robberies and
ether crime * . His fa\orito motto was "Tell
the truth. "
They were expecting the minister to dinner.
"Is everything nil ready , my tdearl" asked
the head of the luuso. "
"Yes , ho can como nowiw isoon as ho likes ,
"Havo you dusted tlio family bible ! "
"Goodness , graciousi I.foigot that , [ Now
York Sun.
"My labors , BO ft > r. hnvo only boon plrtlally
successful , " Haiti a returned missionary. "Ma
ny ot the poor heathens scorned disposed to ac
cept the doctrinoi of Christianity , but are loth
to RIVO up the practice of canibalism , "
"llathor tlillicult to reconcile the two , " was
n comment made.
"Yos , they are soniowhat antagonistic , but
ultimately I hope to eradicate cauibalism on-
Ltroly. Already I have been able to convert
a largo number to the extent of saying grace
iofcromea's. "
Holding services at place ono time I took
up u collection for the oupport of missions ,
i'horo was a poor old lidy jjresont , who I no-
licod dropped a ? ! > gold picca in the hat. i
mow she was very poor , and not able to afford
so much , and thought aha had intended to
lirow In a quarter but made a mistake. The
next day I mot her husband on ttto street and
said to him , "Look hero ; your wife put n S3
gold piece in the hat yesterday. I think nho
mist have made n mistake. " "No , no , " ho re
plied ; "my wife didn't make no mistake , She
ion't often fling , but lot mo tell yon when she
lings she Ilings. " [ Texas Preacher in San An-
; elo Standard.
Michigan , olfcr to send their colebratcd KLEO
PLIANCES on trial for thirty days , to .men
[ young or old ) afllictod with nervous debility ,
loss of vitality and manhood , nnd all kindred
troubles. Also for rheumatism , neuralgia ,
paralysis , and many other diseases. Complete
restoration to health , vigor and manhood
guaranteed. No risk incurred , 03 thirty days'
nial is allowed. Write them at ouco for illus
trated pamphlet , froo.
Tlio Blisses rmrson , of Wisconsin , Gross
the Continent ou Horseback ,
Special Dispatch to the Globs-Democrat.
CHEYENNE , W. T. , Oct. 8. Miss Em.
ma , Larson and her younger sister , of
Wiscon , arrived in Cheyenne last even
ing after having crossed and rocojBsod the
western portion of the continent on
horseback. These two adventuresome
young ladies left their homo in Wiscon
sin early in the spring of 1883 to ride to
San Francieco and return. They passed
through Cheyenne in July of last
year on the journey west. The peculiar
ly interesting feature of this across the
continent trip by Miss Larson and her
sister exists in the fact that neither of
the young ladies has boon in anywise
suspected of a desire to attract notority.
Miss Emma Larson is plainly spoken ,
and , while educated and refined , has all
of the peculiar freedom of expression
that her trip through the western wilds
would , have given har language. She
perfectly at homo with the hones and the
revolver , and yet she has all the reserve-
that could bo asked of any young wo
man. Her sister is a few years her
junior and a very independent young
lady. Mies Emma Laraon will have ridden -
don about D.OOO miles in all her trip
when she arrives at her homo again. She
has been gonp nearly eighteen months.
She rpdo a faithful horao westward and
still ridpo her. The colt that ran by its
mother's side when it was in Cheyenne
last , has grown to a pretty big animal ,
and makes a comfortable change from
the two horses the ladies generally
mount. The trip from the coast to Cheyenne
onno was accomplished without partic
ular accident. To-morrow the young
women will again resume their journey
A Valuable Oliili Tunic Ilcad this
PINK BLUFK , AUK , 0t. 24 , 1882.
Messrs. Jt. A. Itoblmon & Co.
fj'iulsvlllc , Ky.
Gentlemen Plosso ship via Memphis
ono gross lIuyheaTonlo. Allow mo to
congratulate you upon the largo sale of
your Hughes' Tonic , and the general
satisfaction it has given. Your friend ,
( Signed ) WM. L. DEWOODY.
Prepared by R. A. Robinson & Co , ,
Wholesale Druggists , Louisville , Ky , ,
and at retail by Schrotor it
Bocht , Druggists , Omaha. Retails
at $1.00 per bottle , six bottles
for S5.00
AnxloiiH for tlio Fray.
Chicago Herald ,
An old soldier , who had an empty
slcovo and a painful limp in of his logs ,
said last night at republican headquar
ters that the vallwr now shown by some
of the politicians reminded him of a
"At Chancollorsvillo , " ho continued ,
"tho reserve , iri its march to the front ,
stopped a ininuto where they had pitched
the hospital tonta. Tlioro were hun
dreds of wounded men lying around
unattended and a few were un
dergoing oporation. Ono follow who
had como to the rear scared half to death
with a patch of blood on his coat was put
on a ntretchor and oxutnincd , Tlio sur a
geon tort ) his coat i ff and finally got don n
to the hide. After looking him nil over
they said , 'Git out of this , ' You ain't
hurtl' You see hu'd been spattered with
a little blood and ho probably thought ho
was hurt , but ho wasn't. Being in good
shape ho was ordered Iwuk to thn front ,
but ho hung around telling tlio reserves
how hot it wus in tlioro and how
anxiouu he was to git back. Just then
orders camn to move und ho began to
udgo off Ono of Burgcantii nabbed him
and rnado him tall in , despite his protests
that he didn't belong there and that ho
must join his own command , which wns
notly engaged. As the reserve got tinder
dor tire some nno caid to him that ho
would find it hot enough right there if ho
waited awhilo.
" 'Tho fighting is protly good here , ' ho
chattered with his knees knocking to
gether , 'but it is a lootlo mite bolter over
there , ' pointing in the direction of his
own regiment. You eoo ho wanted to
slide elF the roar ngain , but wo kept him
right there until wo all retired. "
"Somo of these politicians are like
that follow. They are dying to got at the
rebels and slice them up , but the fightluc
was 'a lectio mite bolter' twenty years
ago than it is now , and they wbro not so
ferocious thon. What army corps wore
you in , boss t "
Scrofula diseases manifest themselves
In the warm weather , lloods Sarsapar *
Ha cleanses the blood an romorca every
tniut of scrofula.
'Tolocnt college"U the name of a echool
situated near Spurtn , On.
The now high school building at Hartford ,
Conn , , is said to bo the only absolutely fire
proof building In the world.
The offer o 100.000 marks , m do noino tltno
nijo to the university of Holdclborg on condi
tion that women should bo allowed to study
llioro , has been declined by the faculty.
Miss Lydtn Becker , of the Manchester ,
England , fchool board , who has been attend-
ng the recent scientllic meetings In Montreal ,
anil Philadelphia , is A somewhat uotablo
woman. She has regularly \oted at the
Manchester municipal elections elnco 18G1I.
Since 1870 she has been a inombor of the
school board of that city. She is au honor
able secretary of the National Woman's Snf-
rage committco nnd editor of an KnglUh
Woman Sufif.kRO journal.
7 The people of ( Washington City have a
grievance in the ehago of frequent changoi In
, ho text-books of tlio public schools. The
Star does not liesitato to intimate that there
s dishonesty at the bottom of _ tlio matter for
, hobcnolitof the book publishers. ASUS-
> ! cion of this kind has long prevailed else-
vhoro in reference to frequent book changes.
5au Kr.iucisco has moio than unco sullered
'rom changes ; nor does the outlook ' promise
relief , The rush of aspirants'for nomination
o seats in the board of education , to which no
sulaties are attached , can hardly bo construed
, o bo nindo in a spirit of Bclf-sacrilico.
The now year at Ambornt has stirtod out
very auspiciously. The Frenchman class is
the largest that has entorcd for n good many
roars. It Booms to bo made up ot ovcollcnt
uaterial. It numbers 101. The three upper
clasiei all have about the usual number , as
several new men lin\q taken the
ilaces of those who loft. Very
ow changes have boon made In the
acuity. Owing to the illness of Professor
3iowoll , Mr. Cowles , who thai been studying
n Knropo during the past \ oar , instructs the
sophomores in latin , and Mr. Ayies has the
reshmcn. B. Clark , of Northampton , ban
jccii appointed instructor in political ucono-
ny. Ptofessor Kmerson and Nell are still in
The trouble between Hebrew citizens of
STow York nnd the school authorities is HUI- ;
ilomentod by n color line dispute in the Hnli-
'ax schools , which is engaging the attention
of dominion journals. An amendment to the
( chool net , which has just como In force , per
mits colored children to attend certain ml-
vnnccd schools where win to children are taught.
Having passed the qualifying examination , a
colored girl was lately admitted to ono of
these advanced schools , and nearly nil
the white scholars in the higher department
forthwith loft it. Their parents petitioned to
have tlio colosod children excluded , but the
appeal has not roo\od the tchool commission-
era , who are bent on enforcing tlio law. Taxes
are laid in Halifax for school purposes on col
ored und white citizens alike , and yet there is
this grossly unfair movement to keep out the
children of parents paying their share of
Bchool duos.
Women are to be admitted to lectures in
University college , tin Toronto , nnd the con
cussion is regarded as iv great victory for the
friends in Canada of the higher education o
An Incident ol ISUit How a Party of
Emigrants were Relieved.
Lakoport ( Cal. ) lice.
Many of the readers of the Boo were
doubtless among the number of those
who "crossed the plains" and still retain
a vivid recollection of the perils of the
overland routo. If the stories of all oi
them were to bo collected and
they would make a very interesting chap
ter in history , and furnish another prooi
of the trite saying , "Truth is stranger
than fiction. " While talking not long since
with an old California ! ] , ho related the
manner in which a party of Missouriam
were saved from starvation in the fall o :
1802 or 1803. At that time the war was
in progress and the Indians were partic
ularly troublesome. This party , number
ing in all men , women and children
some thirty-five souls , were surprised
near Gravelly Ford , on their way to
Uumboldt , and lost all their stock. Noi
a horsonor a mule was loft , and the par
ty were compelled to make their way or
foot to Iho nearest Battlement. Many o :
the party were women some with babies
in their arms and the terror of thai
journey across the arid alkaline eauda ol
the forty-mile desert may bo moro easily
imagined than described. Four of the
young men of the parly were sent off ii
advance for relief nnd reached Virginia
City more dead than olive , and made
their report to Provost- Marshal Van
Bokolon. Ho at once started out to
obtain subscriptions to send aid to the
sull'tirurs. but as ho was personally tin
popular , did not gather in the ducats
very rapidly. An old miner who was
himself a 4Uor , impatient at the delay
wont at once to a livery stable , hired i
couple of mules and a wagon nnd drove
to the principal stores and asked for pro
visions. They were readily given Ho
then went to u dry goods store and ob
tained a box of shoos of assorted sizes
and called upon the only females , who at
that time were found in any considerable
numbers in that city , for contributions o ,
fominlnp wearing apparel. With the
proverbial warm heartodncss of tholr
clais , they generously responded , and it
less than an hour from the time the news
reached the city and long before tlio
Provost Marshal Uad got around his Hub
scrlption list , the team was on tbo road.
A driver having volunteered to take
charge of the mule team , tha minor who
had organized the relief corps , procuring
a horse , went on ahead of the team with a
lantern , for it was dark before the lean
started. All night the team was urged
forward , and at daybreak thonoxt morn
ing a carnp-firu was soon , which proved
to bo a govonnment wagon containing
rations which had boon uent out from
Fort Churchill the proceeding overling ,
but which had stopped for tlio night al
that camp. Without accepting thoinvl-
tatli n of the oflloor in o > mmand to stop
id take briiikfant , thaVirgliiia city imply
triin pass id on and met the sufferers al
the uiKMidoned overland station called
Uagtotrn , It was fully four hours before -
fore the government wagon appeared on
the icenu , and when it eamti it had boon
entirely aupurcoded by the Virginia City
The miner who organised
led thin relief party was ono of the
locitqrs ot thu Siwago mine in tlio Com-
ntock lode , and was subsequently n
Duputy United States Marshal in Wyo
miug and sergoant-at-aruu of tlio Ari/.nm
housu of roproaontaliveB. IIu now lies
in our jiil accused of inurJor , Hi
niino is Klislm P. McOurdy.
An Imllnnn
TnoInil , Oct. 10.- The arrest of Iho
hmbami nml two som of Mrs. Homlcrsnol ,
hose btxly WIM fouinl -(1npsUy ( In n ci < -
loin , ilocnpiUtitl , tlio held ! ! ( ) ( In tlio
lm h"t eroitetl KretocUonif > ! > nt hero to-dny.
Mrs. HrnuVrghot rofimnl to PI'RH nwny n fntin
to which she lm < l n deed in fee ohnplo , which
tlio father mill oldest son wanted to ilt | xm >
of. Several hundred itooplo were present nt
Iho trial nnd about noon tnndo im niiaticcosi-
ful olfort to lynch Iho three innonor * .
At ( town o'clock thia nvonlnp the mol ) took
.ho oldest con out of jail nnd hung him to a
beam In tlio barn \\horo the crime wni com-
mittod. Ho made ix ronftmlon tlmt his fnlhf r
hot the mother , nnd that ho cut her head elf
with nn nxo.
At ten o'clocki the IvnchiT * , two hnndrcd
utronpr , pawed through I'oll City on the way
, o Cnunollton , thrco rolled above , to hang the
'nthor nml the ether son , who nro in jull
A Crlmc-SonUetl Iluln.
NKW HAVKN , Conn. , October 10. In tenr-
ng down nn old homo here the workmen
ound general underground luvsanROS lending to
tubtorrancnn vnnltii , where Rovoral counterfeit
silver rlc-ceo ami lirokdu'dica were found. The
aH occupant WM entirely ignorant of this.
The plnco hiul n bad reputation. Murder nnd
nrioiw ether crime * had boon committed
8nm1loE la DnUota.
UnooKtxiis , Dakota , October 10. John
) coth h very low with smallpox. Ho returned
rom Chicago October ( ith. Some bimnesa
non of Amora interviewed him whllo the
rain paused thoro. Some pnrtiei have died
n the north part of the comity , nnd others nro
ick. The city has ordnrud vaccination on-
orcod , |
Foil co OntttitK In Texan ,
COLOIIADO CITY , Texan , October 10. Intel.
( renco has just been received that 8 miles of
viro fence in Uorder county is cut ti pieces.
"hia IB the first norlous tone ) cutting fornovcr.
1 mouths.
A Withered \Vcetl Still.
I'lHEnsnuuti , Vn. , October 10. The tobacco
actory of Wilson t McGIll shut uown on no-
: ount of scarcity of tobacco. It employed 300
Tlio W"G. T. I/ .
I'KOUIA , 111. , October 10. The closing sea-
ion of the state convention of tlio Woman's
Christian Tempcrnnco Union was devoted to
ending of papers and reports. Thn following
dicers were olcctpd : 1'rosldont , Mary Allen
Vo t , of GaleiMirRj vlco president , Mrs. K.
. Ilibbon. of 1'eoria ; corrospondiujf secretary ,
lolen TJ. Vood , of Chicago : rccoctllng socro-
ary , Iluby .T. Ciilbort , ol Chicago ; treasurer ,
Mrs Ii. U. WilkliiH , of Kockford.
Buttcrwnrtli'H HitccoiHor.
CIIIOAOO , October 10. Dally News , Vice-
iort , III. : The democratic ( ommitteo of the
Ixth congressional district has named K. W.
HaiadoU of Rockfortl , ns candidate ) for Con-
; ross , vice Thomas liuttorworth , declined ,
At ChicnRO Cbicntso ! , I'liiladolphiix a.
At Milwaukee Milwaukee G , Baltimore 1.
At Cleveland Cleveland a , I'rovMcnco 11.
At Detroit Detroit 2 , Now York 2 ; Ue.
At St. Louis ( Union * , ) Nationals I ! , St.
Louis 1.
At Buffalo -Buffalo 7 , Boston 25.
Bold lloliliory.
JOHNSTOWN , 1'a , , October 10. Five masked
men battered down the door of the house ot n
farmer named .Joseph Gates nnd compelled
him to RIVO up over 81,100 which he had BO-
cretod in the house. No clue ft the lo bors.
Prohibition In Cmimln.
Toito.STO , October 10. The liquor party
hero is completely crushed by signal defeat
yesterday In Stanstoad nnd Sirneoo counties ,
Tlio feeling It * growing hero that if the Scott
act is submitted it would ba carried by a largo
majority ,
Iilino in Itnklnu i'owdore.
i'rof. B. A. Williams , M. D. , Medical
University , Buffalo , N. Y. , who is the
highest authority , says that , "Calcium
Tartrato ( improperly called Tnrtrato ol
Lime ) , advertised as the limo found in
Baking Ponders is derived from the
wines that produce Croaru of Tartar. It
is a constituent of the grape and ether
fruits , and is absolutely harmless.
An Incident During Goti , IOJIIU'B
Trip Xlirough Went Virginia ,
Washington Special to Chicago Tribune.
A most rrmaikab u incident which occnrrci
in West Virginia during the recent trip ol
Gen. Logan through tint state U related by
native who happened to to present. Thu
train on which the vlco-protldcntlal parly wa
traveling had stopped at a mnall station nu
the Chcsapoako & Ohio railroad la giva the
citizens of the place nn opportunity to see ant
hoar the Boldior candidate of the ropubllcni
p trty , as bus been douo nil along the route
\vhero the circumstances or the program
wi.nantcd , At this polut tlioro were
gtthorod about the rear plutforn
of the car on tlio steps of whlcl
Gen , Logan , xlood a crowd ot rough looliiuf ,
imtivetf , pressing eagerly forwaid to ehukti
hands with him. The general WAS reaching
down , holding on to the car with hin left hand
and disposing rapidly of UIOHU who tippronch
cd with n hand ulmko and n plonmmt word ,
when u lank , rud-faced mountaineer , withoul
cent or vest un and having his * hiit ojipn , exposing <
posing his chest , roachodo ut his bony fi t Bin
exclaimed : "J iurunu nhako huncirt with the
man that raised the first rclml regiment in
Illinois. " Logan straightened up like n Hash ,
and In n voluo Indicating the utmost nutonUh.
ment and pa Hlon , eai ; "NVhatV that ! " The
Went Virginian repeated his remark , the sur
rounding crowd in the maantiniu having
pauiiod biouthlessly in expectation tlmt sotno
thing was about to happen. Making n quick
reacli outward , but falling short nti tlio
Hurprisod follow drew back , ( Jon , Lugun
shouted in n raga and hoarsely :
"Any man who nays that 1 over did ii an
infernal liar , "
The man tnado t > omo taunting reply , whlcl
ect Logan perfectly wild , for ho Instantly pa
into the fellow's face , awl then felt rajildl ;
around in Ids pocketu , evidently for Homo
tlilnir to hit him with , llo could llnd nothiuj
but a c'gar ' , which ho drew forth , and , lirn
breaking it , threw the IMKCIM nt the now thor
oughly Btirpiisod object of his wrath.
" ( Jot out of thin , cried Gem , Logan , "or I
you don't I'll ' pay this colored man [ pointing
to the car portorj n quarter to whip the life
out of you ,
By this tima the train began to move , nn <
nn It pushed nwny from thu uatonluhod WUH
Viri/lnluim they iccovercd theinnehus In time
to uxprtiBD tlu-ir admiration of their Hury
Htatouinun In ringing cheon ) , which wax repeat
ud until the train WUH out of tight ,
Tlio Alleged I iu-t-liinlo IjnllurH I'ro
N , Y , Special to Chicago Trib\ui \ :
Ni ) special attention wni paid nt lupubllcai
lutionul huadqimrtera to-duy tu thu publlca
tlou by uovurul New York papui'd this mori
eiig of ullaged facsimile lottstu of Mr , liluln
on thu Hocking , Vulloy trnntactioiw , Co
Murrltt Bounded thu key lints , liowover , who
' I regard thnao letters ui foigerles. Mr
Blulni hat Biid tlut ho deed not mid 1ms no
owned any Hocking Vnlloy Block , and 1 bohev
him , This whole affair , as any ODU can ueo ,
uprmix upon the pwplu tu nilluenoa the Ohl
ilectlon. Bcforn he could ptcpnro nn nniwrr
ha people would bo no lnny ( is to hnvo no
Imo to read it , < u oh * Iho clrctton would bo
wer nnd the result known , "You can nay that
vo tin not Mpcct nny illsnitroiw clloct , " ho
continued , ' M the pir-d sen < n of the jicoplo
vlll prevent that. The nuoitlon i wiiothcr
ilr , Hlnino lied or not. I ray tint , nnd that
holiroof ngamit him ( > not eoticlmlia rti
nr HI thl.i now lot of loiters is cunccnntd , it
utterly worthier , "
llx-scretjiry l''osimdrn ' ami IhonAtlonnl cfflu
nltteo , togctlur with Bnvoral out lder , noln-
ily SecH-tnry Clmmllcronl into oxecutlvo
e sion this morning , nnd Iho Hocklnir Valley
latter wns thoroughly discussed. It WIM fin.
Ily coiiclmlcd that the national committed
ould take no action nt nil. Said Mr , Vossen *
on :
" \Voeoncluded \ that Itvn < t n prlvnlo bnsl-
ess trnns.nclion of Mr. Ittaino's , nnd some-
dug wo could take no ollicinl action upon ,
Vo don't Tt g rd It ns worth nny nnswer nny-
tow , nnd lmll look with contempt niton nny
ITort to m < ko out of it patty capital.
The Hon. Stephen ! dkin , when nskednljont
. , laughed nnd answered :
"It is of no importance whatever , nnd not
orthy of n reply. Them Is nothing In it. Were
ro solid ns n rock , nnd will show oloction-dnv
hat is in it , along with the other scandals. "
BIO ! ' inA'ji COUGH
5y Ing Dr. Frniier's Throat nnd Lung Bnl.
am the only > uro euro for Coughs , Colds ,
fonrsoncsH nnd Sere Throat , and nil dtaensos
f the throat nnd lungn. Do not neglect n
u > nf > h. It inny provo fatal. Scores and
mndrodsof Rnttoful ptraplo ewe their lives to
) r. Fnuier't Throat nnd T.uiu * Balsam , nnd
o _ family wll ever bo without It after nnco
isiug it , nndtdisco orllllr Its mannlon * power. '
t is put up in largo family bottles nnd milder
or the small prlco of 75 cents per bottle. Sold
Knhn k Co. nnd C. K. Goodman.
X , Now Buckwheat flour nt Nelson's
Elegant Y
Underwear nud lloaicry nt
I'Mrttt UiHtrlot.
lion. Charles II. Brown was appointed
o address meetings in the First congress *
onal district , nt the places named below
s follows :
Brownvlllo , Saturday , October lllli , - pm ,
Tecumseh , Monday , October 13th , 7. D , in.
Hmnboldt , Wednesday. October loth.
1'awneo City , Friday , October 17th , 7 p. in.
Beatrice , Monday , October 20th. 7 p. in.
Lincoln , Thursday , October 23rd , 7 i > in.
Nebraska City , Saturday , October HBtli , 7
> , in ,
Dates for Oinalm nnd ether places In the
( strict will ba duly nnnouncoJ ,
0 , S. Montgomery , 3Csq. , nntl-monopoly
cnndulato for nttornoy general , will sponk pur
innt to appointment , at thu following times
ml places : *
Wahoo "l-rldny o\onlntr , October 10 ,
Columbus Saturday entng , October 11 ,
tlio MecoiuV District ,
Captain J. II. Stickol's nppointmonts :
Suttee , Friday , October 10 , 1 ! p. in.
Hastings Saturday' October 11 , Up. in. '
1'riondavlll plooao nrrango for hall nt each
Ince. Ladioa especially luvitod to gruco
ccasion by tholr prraenco.
By order of Committee.
Unptaln ! . U , SllclcIo'H AiipnlntincntB
, t tlio following points in Bouthwcstorn No.
irnska on the dntcH hero named ;
Minden Monday , October 13th , in the
Holdrodgo Tuesday , Octobcrllth , evening ,
Oxfotd Wednesday , October lOtli , nt 7.30
) . m.
m.Homorvillo Thursday , October Kith nt 2
Arapahoe Friday , ( October 17th , nt 7.3' '
; > . in.
Indlanola Saturday , October 18th.
Culbertson Monday , October 20th.
McCook Tuesday , October 21st.
Ahnr Wednesday , October 22d.
Blooinlngton Thursday , October 23d , at
7.30 p , in.
lied Cloud-Friday , October 21th , nt 7 , 0
) . m ,
Friends will plonto nrraneo for hall nnd
name hour when not heroin etntcd , as well ns
ndvortiso nppointmont thoroughly nt each
ilnco. Ladies especially invitiyi to graca onch
> ccaalon by their presouco. By order of Con-
jiOHtional Committee.
8. S. KKVNOI.DH , Chairman.
Hon. Jamoj W. Davis will address thee
o on thu political items of the day at the
'ollowing placeH pqo | > lo withour ruforonco
tarty esspccially invited.
At Clonn Creek , October 10 , 7 p. m.
At Firth October 13 , 7 p. m.
At Blua Springs October Ifi , 7 p. m.
At Beatrice , October li ( , 2 p. m.
At Cortland , October 17 , 7 p. m.
At Sterling , October 18 , 7 p. m.
At Ttcimi'fh , October L'O , 7 p. m.
At Table Hock , October 2 ? , 7 P m. -
At I'nwnoa City , October 21 , 7 p. in.
At Burchard , October 25 , 7 p. m.
At Humboldt , Ootober 27. 7 p. m.
At Falls City , October 28 , 7 p. m.
At Stella , October , 27 ! ) p. m.
At Auburn , October 80. 7 p. in.
At Nemakn City , October 31 , 7 p. in.
At Nebraska City , November 1 , 7 p. m.
At 1'latUtmouth. November 3 , 7 P. in.
Hon. Win. Neville , mill-monopoly candl
late for congruss In the Third district , will
ddri'PH the people as follows : '
Albion , Saturday evening , October 11.
Humphrey , Monday afternoon , October 13 ,
Oakdnlo , Monday ovenlng , October 13.
O'XNeill , Tuesday evening , October M.
Long 1'Ino , Wi'dnctday ovenlng , October
AInsMor h , Tlmrsday ovenlng , October 10 ,
Yuleiitlne , Sutnrday evening , October 18.
Crutghton , Monday ovoidng , October 20 ,
Niobrara , Tuofday evening , OctohoT 21.
St. Helena , Wcdueaday evening , October
1'onca , Thnisilay ovnning , October 23.
Jackson , Friday evening , October 21.
Hurtlugton , Saturday evening , October 25 ,
Wuyno , Monday evening , October 27.
Norfolk , Tuesday ovenlng , October 28.
Stantou , Wodncfday evening , October 21) .
Wisner , Thurnlay 2 p. in. , October 80.
Went Point , Thursday ovenlng , October 30 ,
Oakland , Friday livening , October 31.
Blair Saturday om'ng , November 1 ,
AiipolntnienlH ( or Gun. Clmrloa F.
Senator Mnmlorson nnd other Hpoakera will
address thu puoplu at the following plauon on
the dates named ;
Weoplnc Water , October llth.
David City , October 13th.
Lincoln. Ottrber llth.
Ai-hland , October Iftth.
Omaha. OctolxT Kith ,
Nebraska City , October 17th ,
Biownvlllo , October 18th.
Falls City , Octobnr 50th.
I'awneo City , October L'lht'
Fuirbury , October 22d.
Itcd OlouJ , October 23d.
Arapahoe , Oc'ober ' 21th.
York , October 27th.
Con ti ill Oty ; , October 28th.
Giand InlariJ , ( Jctober 20th.
ICrnrney , October 80th.
Holdrego , November 1st.
BpciiIiorH mid Apnointmcnfti in Third
Oonuri'HHlonnl DUtrlol.
North Bond -M. A. Hoitigan and T. S.
Clarlison , tjatuiday ovunlng , Outobur llth.
Ailington , W , Tucker und H. G. Ma-
goon , Saturday evening , October llth ,
Oakdalo-J W. Tucker nnd H. O , Brome ,
Monduy evening , Oclobor Kith.
AtkliiMon-.I , W Tucker mid H. 0. Brome ,
Tuesday evening , October llth ,
Kwlng .1 , W. Tucker und II , 0. Brome ,
Wednesday cvcnln ? , October 15th ,
Scilbnor J , W , Tucker nnd 11. 0. Brome.
Thursday evening , October lOtli ,
O. K. YOBT ,
Chairman State Central Committee.
' , W , LOVK , Cluiiman Congressioaal Ccu.
tral Committee , Third Dlstiict.
Hon , 0. M , Lnmbfrtion nnd Htm , J. Ii .
Webster will speak at N < rlh Bond , on Satur
day ovoninp , October llth. Thn Fremont ;
Land will accompany thorn and n big rally will
bo lintl ,
I ton , G , M. Lsmbortfon will npo.ik at 1/mip
City. Sherman county , next Monday enonlncf ,
OctoW lath.
.T. W. LOVK.
Chairman rop. song , com.
fnr Ocorjo AV. Dorsny
nnd J , O , Tnto ,
Ord Monday nvonlng , October 13.
Broken Bow Tuesday uvonintr , Octobir U.
Loup City Wednesday evening , October
1C ,
Central City Saturday evening , October
Fullerton Monday ovenlng , October 20.
Columbus Tuesday evening , October 21 ,
North I'latto Wednesday evening , October
1'lmn Greek Thursday evening , October
ICoarnoy Friday ovcnlntr , October 21.
Schuyler Saturday oycning , October 25 ,
am. W. K. DOUHKY AND OTIIKtl fil'RAKKruj.
Albion Monday evening , October 27 ,
Blair Tuesday evening , October 28.
Dakota City Wednesday evening , Octo
tier 29.
Tokamnh Thursday evening. October 30.
West 1'oint Friday evening , October 31.
Mr. Dorsoy will bo accompanied by cnndl-
dates for state olSces. C. K. YO.ST ,
J. W. LOVK , Ch'n Stnto Con. Com.
Ch'n Cong. Com.
Oreatcit Medical Triumph
JlowcUcoitlVD , 1'nln In
tlio hcml , with n dull , ncnnatlon In the
bnck pnrt , JL'nln umlcr tlio nhoiilu > r-v
Lltulo , 1'iillncis niter ciitlngrlth nilln-
Incllnntlnn to exertion of body or mind ,
Irrltnlillllrof temper , I.ow plrlt , with
nfccllngof hnvlniineElnctcil Homo duty ,
Wcnrlurnn , DlzzlncR * , IMnttcrlng nt tlio
Heart , UntH boforatlio cycm llcndttcho
over thn right ryr , Kcnllcmncifi , with
fltful drcnnm , Highly colored Urine , anil
TUTT'S V 11,1,8 are especially ailaptoil
to such cases , ono tloao oITocts such a
chanBooffoollnrjas to astonish thoBUfforor.
They Iiicrrnie thn \ i > i > etttcnm ! cnuio the
body 10 Tnko on Klciilithui tbo fy tcm li.
iioitrUheil.nnd liy their Tojilo Action on
thu IHueitlve OrgnliB.ltrmilnr Mtooln nro
liroiluri-d. 1TI"Q aBo.1 1 niurrnv Nt..lV.Y.
GHAY HAITI or Winsicnns ohanRctl to a
Gr-ossv IH.ACic by n sliiRlo npnllcntion of
tlili Dm. It linnnrts n niiturnl color , nets
instantaneously. Sold by Druggists , or
emit by express on receipt of 81.
Office , 44 Murray St. , Now York.
ta/TlcVota only 85. Shares in ProportlonTtt *
Louisiana Stale Lojtejy Co
"IKadoAerefy certify not ue mpcrrttt tk -
tennetnenti for all tht JfonfMy and Semi-Annual
Diauingri o/ thtouisuma State Lottery Company ,
and in venon manage and control tht Drawing *
thcwselva , and that the tame are conducted uicA
\ci\eet//almen.andin ] good faith toward ow par.
tlto.anA wt authorlit the company to we tkuetf"
iineate , vithfae-ilmilti o/ cur tiynntura attaehea-
In ill tvlvcrttsemintt. "
tatorponled In 1883 tot 15 years by the IcgliUtiut
for educational and charitable purpotci vritb cx }
1U1 of 81.000,000 to which a reserve land ol OT I
9553,000 has oluoo been added.
By an overwhelming popular Tola III ( ranohln
mi made a part of the present itaU OQDlillntloa
adopted December Sd. A. I ) . 1870.
The only Lottery over voted on and tn
dorsod by the people of any Stato.
t never ao es oi po > ponsi.
Ita grand single numbei drawings tain
place monthly. :
A splendid opportunity to win a Fortune
Tenth Grand Drawing Olaaa K , in the Aoad"
omy of Munlo , Now Orleans , Tuesday , Octo
ber lltb , 1831 173d Monthly drawing
CAPITAL PRIZE , $75,000.
100,000 Tickets at Vivo Dollars Each. Krac
tlona , in Fifths In proportion ,
OAPITAI. I'HIZU . . . . . . BTJ.MI
1 Uo do . HJ.OCS-
1 do do . 10,003
3 H1I2KO OF tflOCO . 13,000
I ilo 000 . 10,000
11 da 1000 . 10,009
t/ ) da 100 . 10,000
EO ) da 100 . BO.OCQ
60) do 60 . 26000
100' }
0 Aprr ° * lnj tlon prlio * ol 0760 . . . . 8.TEO
9 do do 600 . 4,103
B da do 163 . - . . J.SiC
1937 PrlKi amounting to . 8 ffCI
lo the office of the Company la New Orleans , u
For further Information write clearly giving rail
iddrou. Uako P. O. llouey Otdoit payable and
iddrow Itczlatored Letter ! to
Now Orleans , l > n.
Postal Notes and ordinary letters by Mall or Ei-
pretl ( all tutus of 16 and upwards by ICipreaa At out
sipenoo ) to
u A. nAOTmn ,
or LI. A. DAOFIIIH , New OrloaLj La.
B07 Soventb Bt. Wublnxton D. 0. . ,
To Contractors anil Builders.
Wanted , prnpoaaM ( or the building of QuuntvHchoo
home , dlttrlct 37 , Dou lm precinct , 1'Juna aml pee >
IflcatloriH for which may be neon on ups Mention tot ho
undorHlKncd , to whom all riropreala must tin addreis-
cdon cr bfforo the VIM Instant , tha oi nunltto& ro-
wrrlng the right to reject thal.ucut or any teudor.
1,1' , KVANS ,
Clitlrman of Cotnmltteo ,
oct 10,11 , 13mu : 1617 Douulas Ht.
Nursing molh'rj re
Juccil by overtaxing of
tbo iietvnui ( orceor by
be Oraln ipon thoivs-
tom Induced by pro-
oufoJ nutting , shculil
at once coiunicuco ue
lr ( U'dKb'd Food as a ,
tally aim. Itwlllnlve
.tu'iulh to tlio rootbor
md luinrovo the sum If
hrtlio little rue. lie.
ncinber , ItlJue'a 1'ocil
ng In ma tor JO
. \ti4rii In KutlttiU i uu . 4 inc , thertfore In not an
uiitrlcil prrpiratlon. In caim , four tlzrd-SSo. 05o
tl S5 ami * l.76. bold by ordgKl'ti , WOOLIIICII In
CO , on laid.
' . Sctop ,
Meaiurc , Weigher ,
lrcdier , Uica
Wailier , Tomato ,
I'umpkln , Starch.
Wine and Fruit
Strainer. Twelve
article ! in cue.
Tbo Qrtiist
Mara loU thw all
other Sieves an4 blfttrt
Ilkcitheuil W * m li
_ . Uii ; hlllc [ n4MUcf
> * * lai hlad tud IKJWU.
Wiltt ( r ciulojuc ,
TbolluntciSlftecMf ;
Co. . Cinclnnttl , O. . 4jt
AeenU wanted for ciiir
itchen S [ cUltie < ami
Witt Conk. Daolt