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afluFilo of Ohio Re-
to Daly.
The Plumed Knight's Protracted
Presence in Ohio ,
Eloquent Appeals to Meet Eo-
sponse Tuesday Next
$300,000. , of Democratic "Soap"
in the Buokoye State *
Stubborn Eosistanoe of the Bour-
' boil "forlorn
Attcinptcil Dcmocrntlo I'Vnucla in tlio
Chicago Elections .VLIfool on
. , Kic.
CHILUCOTUE , Ohio , October 10. Blaine
lejt Columbus this mor&ing , Mr. Hanna , of
the state committee left thu party and Gov
ernor 1'oster took charge. The first stop was
&t Circlovillo. Judga Smith introduced
Blainc , tpnku as follows to a most entbuslaa
tic assemblage :
"If to bo observed by an entire continent
bo a source of pride , the people of kOhio shauld
bo very proud to-day , because the oyoa of
every state in the Union are upon them , and
tha action of the people of Ohio on Tuesday
moxt is awaited with deep solicited through
out the length and breadth of the nation. Ohio
8 now the only state that votes in October. Thu
average degree ot republican lead iu the
country ia to be tested by your vote , and your
vote will bo taken ns an index to the vote of
November. & > y only mission therefore , U to
urge upon you the importance of your action
on Tuesday next , and to ask you if you are
It ready for it. ( cries of yea , yo , npplaiHO and
cheers ) For the first time in forty years , for
the tirst time tinea 1814 , wi .cn Mr. Clay and
Mr. Polk vcoro the nominees of the two great
parties , the tariff for protection become ? , from
the very first day of the Qampnign ,
a subject for popular discussion. The discus-
hion ia well nigh cloEod , aud the question Is to
bo submitted to a jury of eight hundred
thousand votes in youretate , and aa that jury
may decide , such will be the fate of protective
tint ) in this country for a generation. It is
too Ute uuw to go into any elaboration of
argument. Action ia the word. Action i ;
your duty. I refrain from doing
more , therefore , than to remind you
thai in all critical elections of past , unless the
crisis of " 03 aud ' 61 bo exception , never has n
more weiehty or more far reaching responsi
bility devolved upon the people of Ohio than
that which they will iLcet on Tuesday next
and meeting wnicli I hope and believe thay
will fully and faithfully discharge. "
PoRTaMOLTH , Ohio , OctoberlO. The recoj-
tiou at Chllicoths wai elaborate and artUtic.
The npprcaih ta the stand was through .in
avenue between parallel lines of uniformed
horsemen. At the upper end of th\i \ aveuuu
were two rows of girls dre sed iu white , rep
resenting the states of the Union , unit holding
up a series of green arches , through willed
liUiuu passed. Upon the stand were thrua
smaller pirls representing Mnino , Vermont
and Ohio. Chilhcotlio waa iiottlcd by _ Virgin
ians , and the indications of the origin of the
town were seen iu the unusual Dumber of
horsemen nnd negroes taking part in tha pro
cession. General S.unuel H- Hurst nude a
brief and exceptionally good introductory
speech , and the jieopl < received Blaine with
every demonstration of enthusiasm. When he
got an opportunity to speak , ho aaid : M'roin
my sjiool days I have been familiar with the
Sc'.oto Valley , and have heard much of the
\ rich land of Paint Creek. [ Laughter nnd
; ! cheers. ] I am triad to eco their inhabitants
before me. I : vn glad to see before me thu
great representation of the rich agricultural
portion of Ohio. I am glad to _ call to thuir
miiida this morning tha duty which the nation
expects of them Tuesday next. Your chairman
baa been pleased to refer to the six great contests
in which the republican party was engaged. It
ws.i the vote of Ohio that gave strength to thu
legions that followed the gallant young 1'ro-
mont. It was the vote of Ohio iu October ,
IHb'J , that in a largo part secured Mr. Lin
coln's election. It was the vote cf October ,
1804 , that secured the great victory to loyalty
and union on the roar of civil war. It was
the vote of October , 1808 , that rewarded the
great hero of the war with the presidency aud
repeated it in 1872 , and it was tha votes of
October , 1870 , and October , 1SSO , that elevat
ed two Ohio statesmen to the president , al
chair. [ Applause. ] It remains tu bo seen
whether the great legions of republicanism ,
whether great c aiu time have gathered upon
the plains aud in the valleys of Ohio ,
nhall n w bo worsted in thn
encounter of Tuehday next. [ "No , no , no."J
Whether in this eoventh conflict for tbo great
principles of n gwat party , y n will maintain
your splendid record of twenty-eight yeais ,
f"\Vo will , " and cheers. ] It ia too late for
argument that has been exhausted. It is too
late even for the appeal that has been ad-
droned , ' 1 here remains only your ovvu aeneo
of duty , and your own loyal determination.
1 thank you for this kind greetiug and com
mend you with all your em > rgioi to tin duty
of Tuesday next. [ Prolonged choeriug.J
At 3:10 thu train arrived
There was n tremendous demonstration.
There were fully 20,01)0 ) people in the streets ,
and in the meeting around thu stmd whore
Blaine was i troducod. Hu made a brief
fipeech , presenting protectvotariff ! bsthogrcat
isnie , and urging thu imp rtinuo of thu Octo
ber vote in Ohio us bearing upon that ques
tion and upon tbo presidential cjntoat.
IKONION , Ohio , October 10 , Blaina's train
arrive 1 bora ah nit dusk An Immense crowd
proved around tbo dintngulshad visitor aud
cheered as ho alighted from the train Bhtlno
wax escorted by u b > dy of Plumed Kni hta to
the Inu4u of Mr. Wilson , where 1m took toi.
Later hu w.i dilven down town to a largo
sUnd , from which ho reviewed a torchlight
procession. After the precision tim people
called for a oposch. Blalne , in response ,
spokn at Koina length in the , earns
vein ai at other p1ao ? . In tha procession v/
the young republican club from Aehl.ind , Kin-
tiuky , and ano'her from Huntln ton , West
Virginia. Alluding to ihesa , Blalne said : "I
am pleased to nnt * in tld * vast RssninbUge ,
yon hive repre cntitives from the npixwta
nbora f the Onto and that KontucUlans aud
Went Virginians ara co-mingling and co-opor-
ntinK with tha p oplo of Ohio for thu common
caufei and to thu common end. [ Cheers , ]
Kentucky U talcing on a now Ufa and when
the days of denio-iailc free trade ura ended In
hercoiincils , ho will stand as aha ia entitled
to stand , in enternrsu ; and progro'i" , along * ! o
othernistorntate.OMo. [ Clmsr. .J Themsetingd
weru rvinarkiibly lrgu and onthu laatiu ,
that JihiuH uniuinentod upon U , pronoutclm }
it a rmiurknble dlspUy , and concidoring thn
tltiiatlon r > f the town , remote from great
cities , the lurgoitand fi e < t ho had overne u ,
Ddinooratlo "inaii" tor Ohlc ,
Special Telegram to the I'KL * .
CaitAfiO , October 10 A prominent and
Influential democrat received a letter from
New York to-day faying that money which
the national committea promised to lend to
Ohio left New York Thursday niKtit and was
in all probability in Ohio now , Tha mini sent
wr a $300,00' ) , and wa collected from all parts
of the Unite' ) Statoj ati'l sent to the national
committee. Tlioetatoof ( jeorgiacaatributod
$2.1,000 alone and New York more than that ,
Amount , A round sum wa soot from Chicago ,
The democrats , it is understood , going to
make n eupjrb nnd mn/nificont clfott on tbo
vmyovo of election to cut down the republi
can majority in the state.
A Conservative View of Ohio ,
Special telegram to TIJK BKK.
CHICAOO , October 10. Senator Alli. < on , ol
Iowa , returned thli morning from Ohio , HP
was not M cnlhusiaMio concerning the result
In that state , apparently , aa when ho passed
through Chicago n few days ago to make ad
dresses there.
"Will the republicans carry Ohio I'1 ho was
"Thcrois no doubt nt all that they \\111 , " he
replied ,
" 1'rom what you saw and hoard , how
much do you figure the republican majority
will bo J"
'That isdilllcult t > pmlict. I am afraid
m ono will know exactly until the election. "
" 1 don't believe it will , If it reaches 1
COO we will bo doing very well. "
"The republicans carried Ohio four years
ago by 10,000. "
"That is very true , " suld the senator , "but
no one. should compare the majority this year
v\ith that of four years ago. It would be
manifestly unjust. The proper comparison ia
with the democratic majority two years ago.
Then lloadloy was elected by a majority of
something like 12 0"0. If wo reverse the
atatu and are tuccejsful now with 1C(00 ( ma1
joritv , I shall regard it na a very ureat trl1
ilinph. "
Ohio EUiutlnti Marshals.
Special telegram to THK BKK.
CIMJINNATI , Octobsr 10. The Knqnirer today -
day printed ? n exciting local stating that Unit
ed States Marshal Wright had appointed 700
republican doputloi for Tuesday's election , but
1'ositivoly declines to appoint democrats and
gravely warns htm of the responsibility ho
tjkc.1. Bright la silent on the subject , but
prominent republicans claim that only 300
have tuon appolntud , aud tint part ot those
are democrats. Bright is atill swearing them
A luliol mi Colliding ,
Special telegram to THK BKK.
CHICAGO , Oct. 10. A statement on what
appears to bo good authority was made by n
democratic politician to-day concerning Conk
ling. Ho said that he had direct and reliable
information from a private source that Conk
ling would , after tbo Ohio election , take the
stump in New York for Cleveland and Hen-
drlcks. At the democratic stale headquarters
no ono had any knowledge of it , but said they
hoped he wou-d do eo. At republican head
quarters the idea was pcouted a * absurd.
A. Political Outrage.
Special telegram to THK BKK. |
CHICAGO , October 10. It is proposed to call
a mass moating of citizens to give expression
to the popular feeling regarding the mcdi
tated outrage of tbo county board in appoint
ing as judges of election , mcmbero of the dem
ocratic party only , aud in appointing voting
places in disreputable and inconvenient local i
ties. _ _
Democratic KtVoria in Cincinnati.
Special Telegram to THK BKK.
CINCINNATI. Oct. 10. Senator Bayard nnd
General Kosecrana arrived and will address a
meeting hern to-night with Uendrlcks at the
music hall.
On , CITV , Pa. , Oct. 10. General Butler
on his way to Pittsburg was met at the depot
by u crowd of two thousand psople , with
brass band and military aaluto. Ho was
driven to tboba'o ball grounds where nn im-
n.enso crowd awaited him. His arrival wus
the signal for great chperitig and after oder
was restored ho spoke for n half hour , asjail-
ing the Standa-d Oil Company.
At Franklin 5,000 peopjo were galherad nt
t'jo ' depot to meet the train. Bntler was es
corted to n platform in the public square
whnro he spoku fifteen minutes.
The next stopping place was at Emtenton.
The party was greeted by a crowd of five
hundred. Butler was warmly received and
spoke for five minutes upon the general out
look of the labor pnriy's campaign.
AtFoxlmrg the general spoke lor ten inin-
ntei to ten thousand people.
Short stops and five minute speethos were
also made at Parkers and Bradya Bend ,
When Kltlanning was reached over five
thousand persons from nil parts of thu sur
rounding country , including thu committee of
wc'iition from Pittsburg , were at the station.
Butler addressed tbo assemblage for fifteen
minute ? , stating that it was the duty nf the
country to put a toll on foreign goods to pro
tect labor. The tax , however , should not bo
excessive , but just enough to make
up thu difference bntween foreign and
domestic labor. At the conclusion of. the
speech tlio Pittsburg committee took Butler
nnd party in charge , and then started on ita
way to that Iron City , making but one more
stop , at West Penn .1 unction , where about ono
liuudred people had congregated. When thu
train rolled into tha union doj.ot at Pittflburg
Lhis evening , fully ten thousand peoph with
L > r.iH bauds liiil gathered to welcome the dis
tinguished visitor , The pirty w .re driven
immediately to u hotel , where they took sup-
lie' , after which they proceeded to the meet-
iiu on Liberty street.
Long before 8 o'clock the street in the vicin
ity of 'the Peim bank building from the atcpj
of which the uddroiijBi were to bo made , wcri )
crowded , a > 'd when Butler arrived the multi
tude had prown to immense proportions and
not lei's tlun from twouty to tivanty-fivo
thousand puoplu wore present. It was a ro-
irmrkablu meeting , and go far as numbers aie _
concerned , it has never bueu excelled in thU
city. Shortly brfuro ! ) o'clock Butlf.r was in
troduced amid grat enthusiasm and dnafen-
ening cheers. When order was rcstoiod hebe-
iau an address and spjloi two hours.
! F
Vnnllln.T.eiiiniiOrnnice , elrfluvnr Cnkrt ,
CreuiiiiI'iiililliit | , Aci ilcllcutrly mill iuit >
iirullyui ( liefnill rroin which tlicyut-umiule.
miftKio ir TNI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chicago , III. Gt. Lonlo , Mo.
uimni or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's Lupuliii Ycnst Going ,
licit Dry Hup Yeu.l.
ATiT ? 331T
CMICAOO , October 10. The fodcr.Uion of
trades aud labor unions continued Iho discus-
nion this morning of tlio vatioui planks in their
declaration of principles without arriving at
imy losult. Certain of the di-tegfttoa endea
vored to introduce matters alfccting national
politics but were generally Unvaried.
A rojolution endorsing Congro sman Vorhan
of Cleveland , wai di-fi-atsd. The folio wing
resolution was ndopted :
' WllKliKAS , Tno many of evils complained
of by WIPO worker * cannot ba removed unloM
Ly Irgislntho cimetment.
Hi s ) Lviiitlmt wo deem it lhidutyof every
trade unionist and wage worker in North
America to work for cimildatM for legiilatlvo
honoi-j who have proved themselves to bo trno
frlmills of organized labor.
Tim delegates then went into secret session
to consider the allocation mndo by ono dele
gate in n publl'tcd interview that nn attempt
was being mido to have thofedcintlou declare
or ono of the national political partita.
When the doora lu-oponcd it was announced
that all mt3imdt > r tnnding4 had been cleared
away and harmony wan restored. At the af
ternoon session the consideration of a plat
form was routined. The raveiiu" system of
federation was remodeled. It was decided
( hat the dues of unions having 1,001) ) members
or under sbal baSlO per annum , For those
with nvcr 1,000 member' , DUO emit per mom-
her per annum ; local , state and trades asecm-
biles exceeding 1,01)j in membership , ? o. It
was decided tliat nny trade organization , hav
ing receded from a kindred body , bo not nl-
lowed leprcsentation 111 the federation. It
was decided to pr.n-ido for a committee to
supervise strikes , subject first to the approval
of two-thirds of the members of every union
represented in the confederation , A resolu
tion was passed demanding congro s to de
clare nil unearned land grants forfeited. Alsn
a resolution censuring the supreme court of
Now York for declining the tenement house
cigar bill unconstitutional. The election nf
ollicers roiultcd : provident , W. W. McClfl-
land , of Now York ; tecrotM-y , Gabriel 1M-
mocdson , of Washington ; vice-presidents ,
Joseph W. Smith , of Springfield , Illinois ,
lllchard I'ovvors , of Chicago , .1. O Sullivan ,
of Philadelphia , Fred Blend , of Kvnnsvlllo ,
Indiana , W. I ) . Ogden , of Cincinnati , Joseph
Bernard , of Milwaukee : treasurer , Itotoit
Howard , of Fall Uiver , Massachusetts. Ad
journed to moot inV nshiugtoa the second
Tuesday in December , 1885.
POUTI.AND , Oregon. October 10. Thol"0ro-
gonian" to-morrow will Interview the heavlist
shippers in this city , showing tbo probability
that the majority will not sign contracts next
year with the Northern I'acilio. but will give
their buUnefj to the Union 1'ncilic and
Oiegon Short Lino. The present contracts
with the Northern Pacific expired Jauiurjl'st '
next. The reason is ullcgcd perfidy on Uio
part of the Northern Pacific.
CHICAOO , October 10. The aim uncemont
is made that , beginning with Monday , the
Alton road , in connection with tin Santa Ko ,
wi 1 run a fast freight linn to the Pacific coast.
It will bo known as the Alton aud Pacific.
BALTIHOIIK , OctoberlO. This afternoon the
Baltimore & Ohio railway company obtained
an injunction restraining tlio Philadelphia.
Wilmington & Baltimore railroad company
from interfering with the transportation of
passengers , baggage and oxpresi matter in
cars of tha Baltiinoro & Ohio road between
Baltimore nnd Philadelphia , also requiring the
delivery of ruch nars to the Pennsylvania road
to bo carried to Now York.
CHICAOO , Oct. 10. Passenger rates to Mis
souri river points to-day ruled at S2.5D ami it
is reported there were BOHIO tickets to bo had
at S1.10. Rates to Sc Louis , Si.OO.
Losnoy , October 10. Mr. Joy , projident
of the AVabash road , at a meeting of bond
holders to-day , said the peril of that road was
cause J by acquiring moro lines thin the road
was justified in doing. The road had a good
future but was unable to raise money to pay
floating debt and remain a harmonious cor
poration. The alternatives were , n receiver ,
hostile foreclosure or amicable arrangement.
A committee was appointed to conbidcr thu
KAUNAS CmMo. . , CMobcr 10. The pas
senger rate to Chicago in 8i3 HO Brokers are
felling at Sll.Oj to S1U.U . The figures will
ho lowered before to-morrow.
WASHINOION , October 10. The matter of
chief importance trolled of by Mr. Nimmo ,
of the bureau of statistics , in his annual report -
port , submitted to-day , is theenormoin magni
tude of our internal commerce. It is f-liown
hat.tho value of the products of various in-
dust.lei In the United Srates is seven times
the total value of our foreign commerce
October Agricultural Ilrpurr.
WASHINGTON , October 10. Octobur returns
for corn average higher for condition than in
the past five year * , but not so high as in any
of the remark able corn years from 75 to ' 7U
In.lnbive. The general average is 08 , which
Is very nearly an average of any teries of ten
years , and indicate * about twenty-nix bushels
per acre , to a breadth approximating 70,000-
000 acrcw. The region between the Mississippi
and the Itccky Mountain slope again present
the highest fitniref , which iu ovary state , rise
a little above the normal standard of a full
condition. No state i-ast of the Misslsslppt
retuniH a condition aa high as 1 0. The low
est figures are in West Virginia , 7. ) ; Ohio , 7-1 ,
Louisiana , H , Texa , 80 ; Sjiith Carolina. 88.
A reduction was eaiihcd by drought. Them
is a complaint of drought in the Ohio valley
nod in tlio Atlautic and Gulf state * , but not
Biitllclently severe to loduca curiously the
yields , Darly planted i > every wlieio
matured , Lute plantings in tlio
tou thorn states sutforeil for want
of biiinmcr rains , and will bo light and not
well filled. Very little injiny has been done
by fnxt * . There waa a fioot In Vermont on
the 25th of August , and in eeveral border
fetatt-H about the middle of September , with
slight Injury to lata corn. The damage by
chinch bugs and other insects has been slight.
The wheat trop will exceed that of hut > car
by about 100,0 0 OOU Imtlielir. TliroBhlng is
tlow and late , with results thus fur confirming
the indlcBtions _ of former ifporto. The yield
per acre will yield about thirteen and a third
miHlieix. Tt'o tjnality of the present
crop is general y very good , especial y in the
eastern and middle ttatcn , on the western
slope AJlfghunied , MIchiim , Wisconsin ami
Minnesota , S mo depreciation in quality M
noted in Indianu , Illinois , Iowa , Missouri and
Knntas. Tlio average fur the entire breadth
la Wi.
The indicated jli-ld of rye in about twelve
bushe-ls pr aero The quality IK superior.
The yield of outs in n little above thu average -
ago yielding about twenty-wen buMidit pur
acre , and making a crop approximating fi'O , .
000.000 buehulH. ol gaud quality.
The bailey crop makes a yield nf nearly ? ! !
bushels per acre and a product exceeding M- )
000 bushels of avviiigequahty. The cnndltion
of buckwheat averages 87 , Indicating u crop
slightly under the aveniyo. Thu condition of
thn potato ciop h r presented by 8.S , live
poli.tH luwer than In October last year , two
points lower than in Ml aud ' 82 , and the name
a in'80. October rutuitiN of cotton indicate
a reduction of nearly 8 points In the aviwge
condition , from 8/.0 to 71 7 BH the result of
continued drought In arrcntlnc ; thu develop
ment nnd dcKtroying the vitality of plants.
Tin * proHpo.ts of the tobacco crop is reduced
to tl.o miiiiinum , Drought Imi LH-OH general ,
and 1U effects are manifest in every ulute.
Of ten eucccEsive crojia only tun have avtr-
aged a lower condition in O ctober. Them
weio t-1 and 3 , when avrrtgcH wcruGfJ and G8
respectively. Tlio average was 88 in the
great cioji year of 'rtU.
N w YOHK , October 10 , Failure * lost
waek ro | > ort d by Duo < t Co. . il'O
17 luit week.
TIiB Great Demiicrallc Caudal Revamps
HisHacKeeyeil Bobbies ,
Eeoeivod by the Bourbons of Oin-
Ho Indulges in'His Garbled Ke
iterations ,
" The Source of Revenue Must
Not Exceed
The Ncoda of an Economic Ad
ministration , "
The Antc-illluvlan Howl With Its Ut-
unl QnntA orDollbrnto
ClxeiXXATl.OcloberlOfi Hesdricfcs reached
herj to-tiny niul was driven to tli-i hotel with
out any parade or ceremony. In the afternoon -
noon ho took n drive through the suburb * nnd
roceh cd calls , but nindo r\o address. Senator
Mayard. of UoUwntr , TuaRa Tliurnmn nnd
General Kosecraus aroalito in tin city to at-
to ml the mooting at night Senator Uayard
visited the chamber of comhiercoand maile n
btiof speech to the effect thnt ho lind found in
the public lifo great help in the business edu
cation ho received whnn youth.
At night all theco freiitlomi'n were driven to
Music hall and found It almost impossible to
outer BO great was the throng. AH llondticks
nindo his way through the throng on to the
Btaoand appeared at the speaker's desk the
enliro mass of nconltt rose to itn foot auJ
cheered again and ngnin , waved hats aud
handkerchiefs , and shouted for Cleveland nud
HondrlckB. Similar domonstrntlonii of lean
Intensity marked the appiarauco of General
llosecrans , Senator Bayard , Judge Thuriniin
nnd SoiiRtor rendition.- . K. Infills ,
preaidcnt of the Cincinnati , Indianapolis , Ht
Louis & Chicago railroad. ca'lod the mooting
to order nud intioducod Senator I'cndloton AH
The latter then In n very few words jntro-
duccd lloudricka , who , after a reiwt tion of
the demonstration tnodo when ho entered the
hall , began his ppoech by saying :
Thoelo.tion next Tuesday isof preat Import
ance on account of the offices to be filled , but
more especially because of thu influences
they will have on all thu states at the Novom-
b r election. Ho therefore appealed to Ohio
to give all proper consideration to this elec
tion. The selection in November wits not
only the choice of men , _ but n decision of
national policy. That decision would turn
not only on the man presented , but on tha
policies and principle ! ! represented. Ho then
proceeded to nrgub that there should bo a
change in the administration of the govern
ment and gave among the f ease us , the con
cessions in the republican platform that tat ill
was laid unequally nnd that more revenue was _
collected thin was neccitery for the economi
cal administration of the government. If
those faults WOM concaded by the party
which has been in power nearly n nunrtcr
of a coutury , ho asserted there should bo a
change , so that n remfedy could bo applied. In
prcof of theadmis-ion by republicuus of _ Uio
oxhtonce of mi oxces'lvo , r viwue , ho cited
IVosIdont Artlmi'd inotVHg'a two years ago ,
when Aithur called Uio attention of coneress
to the matter and suggested appropriate legis
lation Ths revenue lawwai modified but not
sulliciently , nnd iiow the excees cf reveuuo ,
above the requirements of aa economical ad
ministration was SS5.000.COO annually. This
Bum was improperly deprived from the bnsiueEC
uses of the country , and tha Roveinmont com
pelled to build expcnsivi vault ] for Its sloinpo
He naked if the republican party under thU
prices were obtained for products nud fair
wages for labor. The republican oratoru eaid ,
"Let well enough alone1 and wo were not
able to answer that short but powerful argu
ment. Do thsy say so now ? When wheat is
DO canlB a bushel lower llvnn it was then , when
men nroovcrywh'ro seeking employment , and
after tindintr it nt reduced wa oa. When tim n
are hard indeed , as they are now , the argu
ment if , "Lot there bo n change , that timoi
may bo bettor. [ Cheers ] 1 think that
argument , ought to hive great weivht
when the party In piwer koopa calling
in from the neopla eighty-five million *
more of taxes than in nocessaiy. Turning to
the question of what remedy the democrats
proposed for this excessive taxation ho said
the declaration of the pktform ti which tha
democratic nominees are pledge : ! , nnd said
that beyond question they met the case. "A
banner thus tnccribeil , ' ; he raid , "was placed
in tim hands of fijovcr Cleveland and Thou
A HcmlricliH. [ Hern cheering for several
minutes intonupiod tim spanker. ] When it
ceased , ho fund ) , ' 'And they were required to
carry it before the public , nnd with it If their
hands to cither Blond or full. [ Cheorn. ] That
platform 'ommauds my auproval and
I pledge lidulity to it in my otiicial lifo. "
Continuing his argument , for a change
he said , it might bo bettor , it could bo womo.
[ Voice : "You m v bo counted out. " ] " ( Jon-
tloiiien , " said Mr Jlrndiickn , "tho-o'a no dan
ger of that. Of all the men in this country ,
the honest republicans uio the most tirtd of
that business.1 Ho then , in a facetims man
ner , rnad the demands of the republican plat
form for the restoration of the uavy , ami for
I ho destruction of polyi/amy and said ho too
wanted the navy strong enough time no for
eign ] ) ewer shall dare to place American . Hi-
/.ens in tli'j jails of Ireland without cau u ,
whether tholr names bo MeSweenoy or any
thing else. Referring t > > the German defec
tion in Ohio , ho Bald that the re
publicans were trying to innko up
for it by getting thn Irish veto. This he re
garded OH proof of desperation , nnd doubled
thn likelihood of the Irich voting with the republicans -
publicans , for n man who at f i > crotary of state
allowed Mc3weeny nn Americ n citizen to bo
inn foreign jail without charge or without
trial. AfUir iidicullng thi plank nc.dnst | xi-
lygamy in tlio republican platform , ho cloud
by an uppetil to the fieoiwn of Ohio to reguid
the ballot OH n thing too sacred for barter. If
votcrx are determined that there chould bo n
pure 1ml ot next Tuesday , the democrats could
win ; if the btllatn : were permitted to t ) < >
bought and Bold , thui w uld Iniv ,
_ Senator liaynrd followed in n speech of con-
Hi'derablo length , after which thurt addreo es
were inailo by Judge Thmmau nn < l Gnu. HJ-
Ariliur In ] Scworlr. .
NBW YOKK , October 10.--President Arthur
was In consultation until tlirr.o o'clock this
inornlnir with John J. O'llden , liernnrd liige-
lin , Robert fi. NcOiinl , Dowltt O. Wheeler
Wm. David , United States DiHtrict Attorney
I'lihn ' Hoot , 1'ullco CominlEaioner Kteplcti I ) ,
French nnd Corniilfiu N , Jllliia , AmoiiK * the
vl ltori < this murninu worn Stephen I ) . KlUns ,
Win Laimber , 1'rof. ] } . Ogden , Dorcinm
Miunliall , Moitun McUhatel , Hchuylor Cro
by , J I ) . QuIntuMl aud Attorney
Hunt lilcyulr ,
15 < WTON , October JOA ( ivo-mllo race ba-
twccn K. A. Slduner on roller ukatox ana
Kraulc I ) . Stunlck on A bicycle won won by
Hltinnor In 17 irdnuteu and /J teconda Ijeating
the record by 01 seconda.
Iowa nt the Wnrld'H I'Vilr.
OKIIAH ) t\ru > H , October 10 The Iowa
cotninltaion for the world' ' exposition held n
full meeting here to-day to make filial ar
rangement * for the state exhibit. The fund of
? 3if < X ) i > more than half provided for , nnd the
comiuliftion took action to cecuro the balance
Immediately. Contrary to expectations ,
IOWA * lir.U di'pluy will bo M-ry line , lows
will have twenty tlinunnml foot of space , thn
largest amount awarded any northern state ,
except Minurgotn.
Some InterrHtin j KnotsCoiicrrnlnd Hie
Victliuq of the
Special to the St. Paul Pioneer Pic * * .
OvvATONNi , Minn. Oct.-I sppclal in to-day's
Pioneer Press tells of the murder of our form
er townspeople , Mr. Porcival , vvifaand child ,
the wife licing so well known m tlio daughter
of llov. G. C. Tanner , pastor of the Kpisconal
church nf tliti city and superintendent of
county sihoolc , created the moot profound
tcufalicm over experienced In Ovvatonim. The
whole community Is in sympathy with the at-
Illetod parent. Mr. Tanner ban gone to Ne
braska for the remains of ills daughter.
PVVATONXA Octolicr 8 A letter just re
ceived from Ilov. Mr , Tnnner , father nf the
murdered Mrs. Perceval , dated 1'ullcrton ,
Nub- , October ? , gives In a clear nnd concise
manner the facts of the tntrlblo tragedy an de
veloped lifforo the coronor's jury. This testi
mony , wliiln it alfimls no real clew to the l jr-
pptratora of the on me , scorns 10 point to ) < ur-
ntval on the author of it all. Tlio facts , romo-
what problematic , nro as followr : Sunday ,
I'urnival and Mair were at I'dinonconV , a
neighbor of IVrcvvnl1 * , on good termi. Sun
day nightor Monday early , Mair , who
lived with Ktmdvnl was nhot in the
head. On Monday Baltd , who lived nt
Perceval'i" , was either im.slng the circle or
ontiml there and shot , and put into
a pool Mrs. Porcoval nnd baby wore idiot In
bed after lulirintr. Mr. Porcoval pot homo
from Iftillciton about 10 p. m , , entered the
house , put some articles in the lmby'n crib ,
went out and put up his team , went to the
Imyetnck nnd wai idiot twice. The homo nt
present Is locked and tlio keys nru thrown
away. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Perceval
and the babe are buried near the houia end
will probably bo brought to Ovvatouna for
burial. The atatotii'nt that Mir. Perccvai
\v s out re god wiis incorrect. She nnd the
babe wore shot after retiring , Tha lady's til-
ver and jewelry , which were supposed to have
ben taken , are safe nt Vullorton.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press says : G. IT.
Klllott of St. Paul , resilient at No.10 ; Knct
Soyenth street , and employed m the auditor's
ollico of tlio Manitoba road , was interviewed
last evening , aud made tha following itau-
ment : "I came from Knglnnd in September ,
1881 , sent out to this country by Sherman fc
Co. of London to learn farming. I went to
Ovvatonnii in this state , at once , where I met
Percival , Furnlval and liaird , all onrragod , nn
I wa , in fanning , nnd all from Kngland.
Balrd was a quiet , delicate-looking young fel
low of perhaps nineteen or twenty years , and
with a habit of avoiding Btraightforvvaiel
glances that is nut propounding , lie wax not
dissipated , and was very intimate ) with the
Perclvals nnd Furnlvnls. Ten months after my
arrival Porcival and Fiirnival , having rnceivcil
money from Kngland , and being tolerably well
elF , wont to Nebraska to visit their friends , tlio
Shnws , nnd to prospect In Nance county for
land. In August , 18811 , having bought 'land ,
they settled there. liaird did not go with
them , but two or three v.-eeks after tiioir de
parture , mysteriously disappeared from
Owatonna , end no one knew where ho w s
until October of 1882,1 visited the rPorciva'a
and found him there at work , and , as reported ,
doing well. They seemed to like liaird quite
well. When 1 loft Oivat-mnn , the agent of
Sherman Co. asked mo wlicro Batrd wast
His mother , in Kngland , had not hoard from
him for iv long while , nnd had written tu , the.
agent asking mi vvhordirtioutB , Furnlval wai
Percival'a partner , well-to-do , and a gnod
MIB. Pir ival had several mlativra and n
good many friends in Minneapolis. She was
a nicco of Mrs. J. Bripge , and had tivo broth
ers there-I'rank H. Tnnnur , a stenographer
in the Minneapolis & St. Louie office , end Kd-
ward C. Tanner , one of thu postotlice em
ploy OK. The former started at once for Ne
braska ncd the latter has gene to the family
homo in Owatonna. It was tbout two yens
ago that Mr. and Mrs , Pprcivnl were In Min
neapolis on their wedding trip. She was a
graduate of St. Mary'anchool at , Kuribault and
an exceedingly estimable lady.
A AVIlo BEurtluror
COI.UMB CITY , Intl. , October 10. Chaa.
W. liutler , son of Dr. ( > eo. Uutlor , a wealthy
ihyaiciau of C InmbuH , was executed hero to-
lay for the murder of his young wife at
I'lorceton , Iii'l. , in 1883. Ho escaped from
ail once after arrcet , Due was retaken. All
ifforts to save him from the gallows were of
10 avail , the supreme court and governor re
used to interfere.
A. Voiitlil'ul Floml.
PirfBnumi , October 10. Leo Itaigcl , aged
hirteon , was arrostcil for niRllciously destroy-
ng the sight of both eyca of it little girl ,
Uertlo Ulack , by throwing mortar into thorn ,
o Oooil Tt niplaiOiiiupalu" .
Special Telegram to Tin : HKK :
LINCOLN , Neb , October 10. The executive
coni'iilttoo of 0 o grand lodgn of the Indepen
dent Order of Good Templarn met in this city
ymtcrday and outlined n plan for a vigorous
inmpaiKn in Nebraska in the iiitoroit of prohi
bition. Several prominent speakers are to ba
employed during November , December and
January , among whom will bo Col. GoorKO W.
llitiue , of Kentucky , MM. Mary A , Wood-
lirii'iru , of Ohio , Hon. .fohn Sabioskl , and
others. A thorough organization of the whole
Ht.ito Into districlK was provided for and pre
parations made for a Hystomatio fight against
the liquor power.
"Wontlinr ' .
ION , October 13. Upp'-r Missis-
ilppi and Missouri Vulleyo lair weather fol
lowed in riorlhurn portloim by Incioadcd cloud-
inees , light local riiinn and noutli to went
winds vvoiingto northwcutt-rly in upper portion
tion Missouri valley , higher temperature in
Koutlicrn portions , and lower temperature in
northern pnitlons.
.rf-T/ man Rcncral than any
other rtlBoairj. H ta InsldioiiB In character ,
and manifesto Itself In running sores , pustular
eruptions , bolls , swullliiKS , enlarged Joints ,
absccHses , sere eyes , etc. Hood's Sarsaparllla
expels ull trace of scrofula from the blood ,
JcavInK it 1'uro ' , enriched , and healHiy.
"I was Bcvcrcly afflicted with scrofula ,
and for over a year had two runidiiB sores
on my neck. Took five bottles ol Hooil'.i
Baraaparllla , and consider myself curcU. "
0. K. Loviuov , Ixivvell , Slass.
0. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mo , , had scrofulous
gores for seven years , spring nnd fall. Hood'H
Karuaparllla cured blm ,
Salt Rheum
William Hplcs , Klyrla , 0. , suffered greatly
from eryelpclas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times his hands would
crack open and Wi-cd. Untried various prei > -
aratlons vvlthout aid i finally look Jlood'a Bar-
saparllla , and now sayhi" I am entirely well. "
"My sou had salt rlictim ou Ids bands nnd
on tlio calves of his loss. Jlo took Hood's
Harsaparllla and li entirely ciircil. " J. .
STAUTO.V , Mt.Vcmoii , Ohio.
' Hood's cSarsaparilla
Sold by all drii Bl l . 81 i six for S5. Made
only by 0.1. JIOOI > & CO. , Lowell , Ma .
IOO Doaoo i Ono r" > Mar.
In Clitnn.
PAUH , Octolior 10. Adtspntch from Gen
tral Hrloro Do I.lslo under dale of Ibo 8th
s.tys ( ( Negncr is pushing the Chlncso
towards the vlllngo ot Yontkc. I have ordered -
derod that Kiptu\\ where General Nef riot's
forces liad engaged the Chlncsn | bo ctrongly
occupied nnd the Lee Cliimn river nnd oilier
Millets closed. Tonqnln In tranquil , The
Chlnpi-nbaBdHlminbci'iidtlvon off nnd the
chief killed. One Hoot Isclosoly watching the
ceasl , I nsMimo immcdhli rommnnd ol .tlio
trwp * . Am about It Imvo Hanoi. "
Admiral Peyton , uiini Ucr of mnrlno , cent n
dnpatch to Gen. Dol.inlc , congrattilnUng him
upon Iho euccess of the I'rench.
The Matin sUtes Unpl. Kojrgtrr who ne
gotiated the Tien Tsin treaty has challenged
M Hochefort. on account of nn cditmlnl writ
ten by him criticising the treaty.
KnKll li Polities ,
LONIXJN , October 10. The prospect of a
compromise being rcachwl bolwecn the
conservatives and libernls is improving. The
alleged gmornmcnt tclicmo for rodtstribulton
of jurlinmculiiry seats to coin-cl the dlspaiily
oxiatlm ; bntweon tlio rcpreieiitnlKn of the
population In connlies and boroughs linn been
iinoothcd for sottloaient. Thn marqulu of
allnbury nnd Ida conservative colloaguti the
hike of Ric.Innond and Karl Cairns , are hold-
UK n cmifernncoat Gordon caitlo , the rest-
douca of the duke of liicliuiond , lo kiug to n
settlement of thodllliculty tin liberals.
Hnllwny Hclioinp.
HKIILIN , Oct. 10. Bismarck \ \ prepared n
project to bo laid boforotho Uoichatag at the
o.imlug session for the purchaoa by thu empire
tf all rallwnya now owned by different federal
Tovotnmcnls and the admlnlstrA-
tion thereof in Berlin. It Is stated that the
s'ovrrnmonts of Bavaria ami Wurtonlnirg and
jaxotty onposo thla schou > o of consolidation
of the railway power It la also atatod that
if their opposition continued. Bismarck will
Boll the Prussian railways to the German em.
| )1n > , ami threatens to cruabjotbcr railways by
Tlio EtiKllHli In
CAIIIO , October 10. Colonel Kltchonor tel
egraphs that n minor in prevalent nt Ambo-
kol that the rebels captured three Europeans
with their dragoman. If the report ia true
Iho prisoners probably nro * Col. Stewart ; Power
or , correpondent of the London Timex , nnd M ,
Hcrbin , French consul at Khartoum. ThU
givoi Boine hope that the lives of tliosn three
men have boon spared. Ono hundred low
lioats formicg part of the Nlln expedition ,
lia\u arrived nt Assouan. The Canadian con
tingent passed Aaanuian in stcamera.
Olioler * .
KoitE , Oct. 10. Cholera reiort [ for Italy
the pist twenty-four hourj , Ono hundiod
nnd twenty-one fresh cases ; twenty-five
MADHID , Oct. 10. Four deaths from cholera -
era In Spain tin past twenty-four hours.
AiiHtro-JL'iirlcisli Tro ulilcn.
VlKNNA Oct. 10. The Au tilan Kovern-
nont thiuatuns to retaliate against the Porto
unless the latter fulfills the terms of the treaty
relating to the junction of Turkish and Aus-
; ro Servian railroad.
An Aged I'roluto'n DiinorH.
SOKANTON , Pa. , October 10. Thn Father
Matthew Bociellcj of Laukawanna and Lu-
zoriie counties ti-day , culebratod the ninety
tuurth anulvurrary of thn birth of the great
temperance- cetm. li"ivo thoiuand unilorm-
cd men werj inline. *
Call to lintHOIIH Abroad ,
DirnuN , October 10. A movement Is started
among thu Irish National Loigun societies to
extend an invitation to Irish-American load
ers , including Alexander Sullivan and Con-
gicssmnii Finerty , to vhit Ireland.
Tlio French Ooilo.
October 10. Capt. l < 'ournier , who
negotiated the Tien Tain treaty , fought a duel
Ln-day vith Henry Kochcfort , on account of
tli'i editorial written by tha latter , criticising.
Both eomlmtanti were slightly wounded ,
Konrnlfr lost much bloodbut remained con-
IoiiH Ho Kbook hands warmly with K"che-
Fort and complemented him upon hia skillful
A Peruvian Oonllugriitlon ,
PAITA , Piiiin , VIA GALVKSTON , October 10.
A quarter of th town burned this more Ing ,
Damufre , § 200,000 ; no insurance.
I'liolpg County Tor Hllclcol.
Spoial Dispatch to Till ! Bin : .
HOLDUKQI : , NIII. : , October 10 , A l.irgo and
onthuuiaatic Stickol mooting was hold here
ant night. Many voted worn made. There-
mbllcans goncrally nru disgusted with Kn"sol ,
.bo republican candidate for state aonator ,
I'liolpa county Is for Stickol by a good major-
CoviNOTON , October 10. The track was nut
fast. Miht aud eighth , non wiimo.'B , Strick
land won ; Lafton Bocond , Tiornoy third ,
Time , 10'Mile : / , non wlnnortt , Wnrfield
won , Wizard second , Lommntu ; third. Time ,
1:17 : , Barrett utakui , mile , two-yoar-oldi" " ,
Troubadour won , Bootbhck eocond , Jim Gust
third. Time 1:4C. Seven and one-half fur-
lorn , " , milling Ida HOKO won , Galaxy lucond ,
Alex Aminit third. Time , Ib7j. : Handicap ,
Imrdlo , Tomahawk won , P , Line Bccund , San-
foid third. Time , 220. : !
CiuoAco , Oct. 10. 2-15tiotM'artlia : Wash-
iiigton won , Grey ICaglo second , Almont
third , Hubert Johnson fourth. Jcnt ! tin o
'Jil4 : ; Stallion race , Ottawu Chief and J. W.
South only utartera ; former won , Boat time
28. ; ClafH 2'M ; , iiacing , only two beats
paced , Katlo Jlownrd wun full heat , Dandy
Jioy uecoud. Best tlmu 2:1UJ : ,
iiitiniiroN murii UACEH.
BuunirtiN BiiAi'ir , October 10. Trackgood.
Three qmtrttrii mile , niaidonc , nil ngeti , Luroy
won , Bay Miller tecond , Charley Kuko third ,
Tinif , 1:15 , Milo and furlong , liliz/.ard Won ,
Blue Hebel eecond , Trantil third. Time ,
'JlIi. ; ) Milu nnd ( piaiter , all ogej , Hare
won. LlKiin xocoiul , Jim Carlisle third. Time ,
.li : : ! | . Seven furlong * , non winner * , Battazar
won , Broyfoglo sucoml. J'anyli A Ballaul
till (1. Tiiiiiil:3X : Mile , all iijrfi , Pope Lea
won , Backua second , .IcssUi I ) third , Time
1:50 : !
Odvornninnr Imnil OpurntioiiH ,
WAHHiKiiTON , October 10 , The commit
eloner general of the laud olllcu lias submit
ted ( ho report of the operations of the ollicc
for the fiscal year ended Juno SO , 18S1. Tin
coinini'Hion renown IIH ! rccdimondation tha
the pro-cm ptlon law ba i epoalfi ana makes i
number of important BiigKontlaim re ardiug
oilier imitteiB. Hu Bays that thlrty-tWo caseu
of Illegal funcing nf public land.i have been
reported , the uiua encloied ngKreKatiiig-l , ! , '
080 acres. Twelve caieti have been actoc
upon and aulta recommended to compel the re
moviil of fences. A very large number o
c-jinplnmU remain unlnvuatlatod ( ; for wnut u !
United HtatcbSupremo Court ,
WAHHIWITON , October 9 , The Supromi
court of the United States will mrot Monday
iiutt for the October term. Hix Justicoa art
already in the city , and all are expected tc
take goata wbeu court reassemblea. The num
bar of conns on the docket are 1,025 , or Ci leti
tlian the corresponding time last year
Ycsicrtlay'sBnsteatllicSlocnaruS '
and on 'Change ' ,
Tlio Oattlo Market Marked by No *
Olmngo ,
Flogs in Full Escoipt anf , -jr
Demand , / " ? /
A-notlier Phenomenally ! / Day
/ /
on 'Ohaiige ' , ' ' ---w./
3ouiploto Dearth 6f Spooulatiou
in Wheat ,
Corn a lljIit Hhnilo Steadier OatH
atron > I'orkRnblor Ij
S | > ocial Telegram to Tin : BCR :
CHICAOO , October 10. There were 150 cars
of Texnna nnd 112 earn of wcttcins among the
rcsh arrivals. Northwestern cattle were in
ino order. The quality of several droves was
equal to any grao-frd c.ittlo on the market
his week , and the notable feature in the west-
irn trade Is the strong demand for range cown ,
specially those from the northwest. The
; oneril market was about steady. Shippers
roslcidiiy bought about six per cent of tha
rcwh arrivals , and natives were in fair demand
vlth little or no change in prices. Dost would
nako $ ( J.7r > to $7.25 , though there was none oE
, lie latter on ralq to-day. Medium natives
were slow , having to compote with
teed westerns on nala and gen
erally had to takn iccond placo. Native
nitcficri' stock was in light aupplyand steady.
Low grades lOcfifllfio olT. Good to ohoico
shipping , 1200 to 1350 ll . , 95.8or sSG.r.O ; com
mon to fair , 1000 to 1200 llis. , ? 4.005.70.
licit range cattle steady. Texans lOo lower
at 53 30@S3 80. Sulcs-201 : Wyoming , 100'J
lt > s. , S3.0J ; 350 Wyoming , 1HG Ibs , ijl.10 ;
102 Wyomlng-Toxas , 010 Ibs. , 53.70 ; 132 Mon
tana , 1'2I ! ) Ibs. , § 5.25 ; 218 Montana , 12-17 Ibs. ,
45.25 ; 228 Wvomlng , 1217 Ibs. , SI.10 ; 31)0 ) Wy-
.uulng , 1209 Ibs. , SI.DO.
lioos , ,
Iteeeipts for the day were rather greater
, han anticipated , yet there was a good demand
and prices ruled firm all round , wltl u e light
ylvnuce on rough hoavy. The demand for ,
ight assorted was not as strong as mnul , and
Homo salenmon claimed that they could not '
imko OK good sales ns yesterday , * Cannnn
vnd rough [ lackers again sold around abont
$ t,90@$ , and good mixed at from Sfi.25@
S3 60. Best heavy at S3.COg85.80 , nnd fanoy
loavy ami Philadelphia' * at S .8. ' > KS3 00. '
riio market closed steady. Packing and shining -
ing 250 to 3r)0 Ibs , $5.GO@$5.90 ; light , 1KO
to210lun.SU J@5 m.
Tlio day on change vva ore of extraordinary
lullnoss and the fluctuations in wheat , corn
loiug insignificant. ' "
There waa n dearth nf outside orders and
; oner.d lethargy among uinojik' local traders.
Jn the aftci noon board thn foaling in wheat1
wai little stronger , thn mnrUct closing i > phade
hotter than -yesterday , at 77Jt'for'Octotttt' ,
7i for November ; 83 j for December and ! } tf
for January. Ilccujptn continue free wltli' '
cables indicating 'quiet foreign markets , ' / ;
Hilled steadier than vostc-rdiy with jwarulor.
advnnca In prices. There was less disposition
to force nalus , and npuculativo olfurings were
not aa largn ns vesterday. The receipts show
i falling elf. Tha closing was quiet. Quota-
; ionH : { JIJ for October , fi'JjJ for NovembiT13i
: or the year , -II for May.
ICniicr , and closing at 1(550 ( for October , 121 > 3
'or the year , and 11 ! G7i for January.
I.AUt )
[ jower but steady , closing at 7 CO for October ,
12 40 for November , and 12 42& for January.
Kino Cliuroli IJumcd.
CHICAGO , October 10. Tlio Third Prosbv-
; erian church , on Atlilnnd avonuc , ono of the
inest chinch edifices in tao city , burned thU
'orenoon , The structnru was valued at $ : ( ) , -
000. Loss fully $5.1,000 : fully insurod.
Tlio losa will roach fully 675,000 , the value
of church , together with its furniture being
$100,000 ; insurance , $00,030. The fire is sup
posed tu have originated in the organ loft , and
was duo to the rocklcssnooa of a smoker. _ Tim
chinch was ono of the finest etruc ures in the
city. It was completed abuit three years ago
md poiaesslng. a very expansive organ which
latter is completely consumed. A portion oE
tha walls of the church only are loft standing.
The loan , it iu now known , will reach
S12)OOI ) . The fiio was caused by the explos
ion of a tinners lamp ; a number of workmen
niving boon employed repairing the roof of the
: hurcn. Included in the general loss waa thu
jitmlay school library of sixteen huudroJ vol
umes. _
Civil Survlco KxumliintloiiP ,
WAHHINOTON , O.tober 10. The civil BOW
vlco examination of applicants for aervico in
the departments at Washington will bo held
at Chicago , October 30th. Applications for
this examination must In Hpnt to tlio civil
service commissioner at Washington. A eun-
llar examination u proposed at St. .Louis ,
October 3Ut. The applicants for special ox-
amlna'ions , for the patent illlM , will ba exam
ined at the eamo time ) .
Klvcr CoininlBbionfirH Coining.
KAKHAH CITY , Oct. 9 , Tli9 members of the
MUsoini river coinmission arrived this morn-
njj from St. Louis , made examination of the
river banks and channels iu thh vicinity ami
left this evening for St. Joe aud Omaha.
PURE CREAM . . . . . . . .
S1OOO. Given .
II alum orany injurious guLstanccacan bo found
biAjjilrows'l'eiA1 3akinfc Powtlor. Is IKJS.
liv t'ly P U R [ . Uuing cndcr cd , and iMtlmomali
K > eclvcdTram such cucmlsUasH. Panu llayn. He * .
Kin : M. Udafontaine , of Chicago ; rmcl uaitueM
| Iodo , illlvvaukco. Never sold la bull : .