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The Jim Grow Congressman From thd
Second District as an ArtM
The Slave of Monopoly Masters
Ho Misrepresents the
Anil Votes Against or Doilgcs AH
Dills in ahelr Bolmir < VGoort |
Kocoril for Funornl ,
YorkTimci ( Hep. )
People of the Second district of Nebraska
braska , how hare you boon roprcsontod
in the last congrosal Have your interests
been carefully looked after , nnd your
I wishes boon carried out by the man whom
- youliavo honored with the high ofh'co of
member of congress , nnd who receive the
handsome salary of $5,000 oi > ch year for
from three to five mouths work ? Wo
publish this week mi abstract of Mr.
Laird's record in the last congress , com
piled from the Congressional Recordand
published in TUB OMAHA DAILY/BEE /
September 25. To assist the readers of
the Times in deciding upon this impor
tant question , wo have nnnlyzod the
record carefully , and find the following
facts , which you can verify by referring
to the abstract published in this issue :
Wo find that sixty-seven bills of general
interest , in which every citizen of the
Second district of Nebraska is concerned ,
reached a vote in the houso. No man
who understands the import of these va
rious bills need bo long in deciding which
flldo ho is ou , and upon which side ho
wanta his representative to voto. Yet
out of these sixty seven bills your repre
sentative voted ou only 37. In regard
to the passage ot 30 of them ho had no
Mr. Laird , during his candidacy for
congress , admitted that ho had boon n
railroad attorney , but promised , if elected
to congress , that ho would bo "tho attor
ney of the peojtlo. " From his record you
can judge how well ho kept this pledge.
Upon all bills directly atlticting the U. P.
and B. & M. railroads , the two great
monopolies of this state , and the only
roads between which and the people of
this district there is any contest , you will
find that ho voted in every case for the
railroad except one , when the case was so
tlagrant that ho dare not votoand dodged.
This was the case of the forfeiture of the
U. P. , B. & M. , nnd R. P. nnd 0. B.
railroads , which came up quite early in
the session. Would you vote upon this
"bill is you had the opportunity , or would
you run away from it , as your congress
man did ?
On the bill to lower the oxhorbitant
rates of railroads for carrying the mails ,
ho voted JVo. Would you fool badly if
the poor railroad companies had to carry
the mails for something near what the
service is worth ? Your congressman ovl
dontly would !
But that is not all. When the bill
came up to increase the postal compensation
sation to railroads to § 1,050,000 , ho voted
Yes. To increase the pay of railroad
postal clerks $300,000 , ho voted Yea.
How hard ho did fight for the dear people
plo against the railroads 1
But there is more to follow.
A. bill was introduced to compel the
Union Pacific road to pay money into a
sinking fund. That is , to commence to
day the government the $33,000,000
which that road owes it , and is past duo.
This time your congressman was there
and voted No. Do you think the Union
Pacific railroad ought to pay its honest
obligations to the government. Your
congressman evidently does notl
Six bills were introduced declaring the
land grants of the various ' railroads , aside
from the U. P. and B. & 'M. , forfeited ,
aud ho dodged them all but ono. In
every case the roads have failed to com
ply with the terms upon which the grants
were made , nnd the hundreds of thous
ands of broad acres ot fertile land , legally
and rightfully belong to the people , and
should bo opened to settlors. Would
you vote on these bills if you had an op
portunity ?
Again : The improvement of our
indirectly affects tha railroads , as to bring
them into competition in the carrying
trade would circumscribe the power of the
railroads and compel them to make their
charges raoro reasonable.
When the bill for an appropriation to
improve the Mississippi came up before
the house , Mr. Laird dodged it.
When the motion to lay the river and
harbor bill came up for consideration , ho
dodged it. Would you vote upon these
bills if you had an opportunity , or would
.you lun away from thoru as your con
gressman did ?
A bill to strike out the $300,000ippro-
prifuion for the fionncpin canal came up
aud Mr. laird dodged it.
A bill was introduced to create n com
mittee rn the traffic in alcohol. Manu
facturers of , and dealers in alcohol don't
want any committee fooling around.
Their business needs to bo done in the
dark aa much as possible , and in ways
that are dark and tricks that JJTovain.
Mr. Laird was on hand to "fioTiT hia
friends of the trade and voted no.
Mr. Laird is a tariff man , running or.
a tariff platform. lie certainly believes
in a tariff upsn necessaries , but ho does
not know whether ho believes in n tar-
if ! on whiskey or tobacco or not , for when
the vote to reduce the tariff on these two
articles came up ho dodged it.
Your congressman voted in tavor ap
propriating from $3 000,000 to $1,000,000
tor letter carriers ; $1,050,000 increase to
pay railroads companies for carrying the
mails , $300,000 increase pay to railroad
mail clerks ; $2,500,000 to build a navy ;
$500,000 to complete steel cruisers ,
placing $250,000 at the disposal of the
president as n secret serviso fund ; to ap
propriate $31,500 for three commission-
TO to visit South America ; in all $0,481-
500 ; but when the bill came up to ap
propriate $500,000 for the relief of poor
farmoro , mechanics and laborers of Ohio ,
\ / who had boon rendered destitute , home
less , half-naked andolarvcd by the floods ,
Mr. Lulra voted No.
Millions of trade dollars have boon
purchased by eastern bankers at 80 cents
on a dollar , and nro hoarded up , with
the express intention of having the gov-
tirnment declare them legal tender , or receive -
ceivo them < tl face value , in which case
they would at once bo worth 100 rents on ,
the dollar , and the binkers could unload j I
at a clean profit of twenty-five par cent. !
on the 'investment. Well , the job was | '
npo and 'ho bill to make the governj j i
went receive them waa introduced last 1
winter , and Liird was on hand again to
help the job along , nnd voted Yes.
THK SOM > IBll'a rniKSD.
< P Mr. Laird voted in favor of making the
Mexican pension bill the f pocial order fein
n certain day , but when the day arrived
ho voted against taking it up.
When the bill to make appropriations
to pay pensions tras brought up Mr.
Laird dodged it. If you had anopportu- _
nity would you vote an appropriation to
pay the pension of the wounded and dis
abled horuos of the late war , or would
you run nway from it as your congress
man did ?
Ho voted for the notorious Fllz John
Porter bill , and then voted to pass it
over the president's voto.
The ] vote came up on the nct regulat
ing pensions and ho dodged it. Were the
thousands of soldiers in this district en
titled to A volco in that bill ? There was
nobody there to represent them.
It seems as though nny man in con
gress could have an opinion , upon the
bills mentioned bolow. It is certain
that the people of this district have , and
are entitled to have their opinions repre
sented in congress.
A vote was taken upon the bill to ap
point n committee on woman suffrage ,
nnd Mr. Laird dodged it.
A bill was introduced requiring the
postmaster general to rnako reports of
special agents on star routes , nnd Mr.
Laird dodged it.
An act to remove burdens on American
marine nnd encourage American carrying
trade , dodgod.
Repeal of pre-emption and timber law ,
To restrain Chinese immigration ,
To assist the world's fair nt Now Orleans -
loans , dodgod.
On the 07 bills your congressman voted
ed tbrno times , and no raoro in harmony
with the views and wishes of a majority
of the republicans of this district , aside
from the regular and necessary appropri
ation bills. If you call that being rep
resented in congress , by all moans vote
for Mr. Laird's return. Wo venture to
say , a man could not bo found in the dis
trict , of nny party or any faith who would
do loss good or moro harm.
Ag-alu the EvnnsvIllesFnll Before the
Union Pnclllos Score 1O to O ,
Despite the fact that the weather was
n'trifle chilly , a fair audience witnessed
yesterday's game at St. Mary's Avenue
park. The whole exhibition rras inter
esting and exciting , both sides leading
brilliant dashes for victory , and not a
few startlingly fine plays wore mado.
The course of the game is fairly stated
in the following official score :
n In ro A K
McKelvy , p . 0 0 1 7 1
Sneod , r f . 0
Visner.Sdb . 1 55 1 2 1
Funkhouser , 1. t . 1
Dwyer , Ib . 3
Walsh , B. s . 3 1233
Whitney , 3b . 0
Cavnnaugh , o .
Taylorc.f . 1
Totals . -
10 7 * 2G 15 7
B Ib ro A K
Sowders , Ib .
Thompson , 1. C . 2
Marr , c . 2 0 G 1 0
Beard , s. B . 1
Goldsby , c. f. . .0
Hillery,3b . 0
Rafferty , 2b . 0
Cxowell , p . 0 0 0 G 2
Sounders , r. f . 0 0 0 0 0
Totals . -
C 5 24 1C 7
Union Pacifica. . . 01303120 10
Evansvillcs. . 000040200 0
Throo-bise hit Visner 2 , ITunkhonser ,
Two-base hit Beard.
Struck out Mclvelvy , Visner. Cavanangh ,
Hillory , Kafferty , Crowell , Sounders.
Wild pitchesNone. .
Potbou balls Cavanangh 1 ,
Base on balls -Oil McKelvy 1.
Time of gnine 2 hour and 25 minutes.
Umpire Ilockw ell ,
Manager O'Loary of the Evansvillo'0 ,
has contracted to remain until the end ot
the week and the Union Pacifies will
clpso the season in a grand farewell game
with the present visitors. It is eminent
ly appropiiato that the Evansvillos should
close the season hero. Similar to the U.
P.'s , independent of all baao ball associ
ation , the strongest opponents which the
homo nine has mot and host known of
all visitors to the people of Omaha , no
better selection could have boon made for
the farewell exhibition. It now devolves
upon every true lover of the nttional
? amo here , oyory admirer of the excel
lent team which has carried the name of
Dmaha into every metropolis in the cen
tral west , and the best nine west of the
Miesouri , to liberally patronize this last
exhibition. The management are com
pelled to rely not a little on the support
; ivon to this last gtmo for a satisfactory
settlement of the club's finances. All
these who feel that they have derived
any pleasurable benefits from Jtho di
version Bllbrdod by the Union Pacifies
during the past summer should turn out
on masso. If circumstances prevent your
attendance at least buy ono , ttvo , three
or moro tickets.
Itoncilr Concert.
A country concert by oily talent will
> o given tomorrow evening in the Saratoga
school house for the benefit of the Sara
toga Union Sunday school library.
Among those who will participate are :
Hiss Ponnell , who will prosout a song
entitled "A Summer Shower , " nnd will
also bo associated with Mr. Ponnoll in a
duet "Messenger of Spring , " Mr ,
? dnnoll will sing , 4'Tho Uoatswain's
Story. " There wi'J ' ho several other
numbers , including songs by n male
luartotto. A full programme will be
mated in a future itsuo.
Tlio Hcptibllcuu Military Company.
Notwithstanding the inclemency of the
weather last night , there was an excel-
out meeting of the republican military
company. They will moot again tomorrow
row night , nnd will make room fora ftnv
moro active and intelligent young men.
They elected the following officers ; 0. 0
Howard , captain , aud Mesirj. Crapp and
O'Brien lieutenants The uniform cap
of the company arrived last night. It h
of white Ihnnel , with flat crown , broad
peak , with "IJlaino" in gold letters in-
pcribed upon the band in front. It looks
very pretty.
A Ojulono In Hloily.
Ho ill : , October 8 Intelligence u reached of
'n cyclone In CatarU , on the Island of Sicily.
Trees were uprooted , hous's destroyed , twenty
pmoni killed and fi'ty injinoJ.
This Siale to bo Well KtimenM at
the Cotton Exposition ,
10,000 Square I'Vct ' to Ho Flllcil
With Ncbrnskn'n Products.
Ex-Governor Furnns arrived in the
city inat evening fresh from Now Orleans ,
where ho has boon in the interest of
Nebraska nt the Cotton Exposition.
Mr. Furnns has returned to this state for
the purpose of collecting her exhibits
nnd getting thorn in ehnpo for shipment.
lie has boon innldng n tour through the
southeastern counties aud has gone before -
fore their boards of commissioners nnd
laid his plans before them. It is in
tended to have every county in the state
represented as a county , the whole mak
ing Nebraska's exhibit.
In the novoral counties ho has visited
the boards have given him from § 2CO to
$300 to nsolst him in gathering their
products and shipping them to the expo
sition. Lancaster county yesterday do
nated $300 nnd Air. Furnas before ho
leaves Omnha will call upon the comtnia-
sionors of Douglas to contribute ) its pro
It is intended by Mr. Furnas to com
pletely fill the 10,000 foot sot apart for
Nebraska's exhibits. Ho will take for
exhibition 200 bushels of winter apples ,
1,100 bushels of wheat nnd other
grains in proportion. Besides
these various agricultural products
there is from this state n fine nrt depart
ment , a dairy department end other do-
partmoiita representing the several inter-
oats of Nebraska. One of the most un-
quo thinps will bo the Nebraska sod
house. Enough sod will bo shipped
from this state to make n Nebraska cot
tage about eight by ton foot on the
ground Its back ground will bo n gallery -
lory of pictures and cuts of the many
beautiful buildings in this stnto. Among
them will bo the now Douglas county
Court House , the Paxton Hotel nnd
other fine structures in this city , and nl.
BO of the state buildings.
The exhibits to bo shipped to Now
Orleans from this state are all carried free
to Lincoln where they nro taken pre
paratory to being started for their desti
nation. From Lincoln they Trill bo ship
ped over the Misouri Pacific to Now Or-
icons without expense to the exhibitors.
Air. Furnas feels considerably elated
over his success but his binglo efforts
scarcely sufficient to accomplish nil that
should bo done. Much time nnd expense
would bo saved if those who wish to bo
exhibitors would communicate the fact
to Mr. Furnas.
A. 1'lnn to Fuse "With tlio ButlorlUs
* * " ' Palrt Agents , the Colonl/.a-
'ni " tion Committee , and thej
Chicago Tribune Special.
COLUMBUS , O. , October0 Elaine's visit to
this city has arouseu mo oj thy ot the rcpub
Hcuns iu this democratic stronghold ; in fact
it has awakened an enthusiasm that will pro
duce peed results election day. The way tha
republicans have gone to work has somewha
alarmed their opponents , hut the local lenders
of the democracy say that It will not hur
them , as they have discovered n way out n
the dilemma. This la nothing more nor lees
than a fusion w Hh the friends of Ben But
ler in this state , and if this will not
aid them hero it can bo said that an
attempt will bo made to accomplish the feat
in Now York. It may bo possible that there
la nothing in the movement so far as it relates
to this state , but when one comes to hear the
local leaders discussing the subject quietly iu
the corridors of the Neil house and when the
following conversation is studied , ho cannot
avoid the conclusion that something of this
kind will bo attempted by the democrats , who
ere indeed desperate.
"There is no method which , if adopted by
the democrats , would , it seenrH to me , insure
them success in this election"said a veteran
democratic observer of po iticr , talking of the
coming election to the crowd of county officers
and ward strikers ; "and it will ba very strange
if they do not ndoft it. "
"And what Is that ! ' , remarked the county
clerk , to which the veteran replied.
"Why , by a fusion with Ben Butler's
friends in this state and Now York It is not
all prubahlo that the republicans are going to
uet every one of the northern states , bosidon
New York aud Ohio , and unless they do they
: annot elect their man. Of course , Ben But
ler doesn't expect to bo elected , but ho does
want to got all the votes ho can for the
> nko of its moral effect four years hence on
; lie democratic party. If the democrats can
in any way piovent the republican party from
getting enough votes in tha north to elect
r lai no , the election will ho thrown into the
louse , when it will , of course , bo democratic
beyond a penidventuro. "
"Well , " asked the probate judge , "can it bo
done ?
"IVK HAVI : THE cou.vr. "
"Well , that is the oisiest thing in the
world to dj. Let them face the situation
fairly and say that their only object ia to pin-
vent the republicans gottlhg enough electoral
votes to win. In this Htato we hove the
counting machinery and will use it , Then
wo will fiiBo in New York with the B itlor
leoplc. Ye ? , I would go further than-fining ,
f I had the say , by withdrawing the Clove-
and electoral ticket and supporting
, ha Butler electors , with the vote of
the friend * of Butler and the demo-
cratH that would vote their own ticket , there 1 $
10 doubt but what the result would bo the
election of the Butter electors , thereby throw-
ng the election into the House of Iteprtnta-
, ivo' , which of course , boin , < democratic ,
.rould elect Mr. Clovclaed. I can see no possi
ble re.vson why it should not bo , us the demo-
Train have nothing to lese by it and every thing
to gain , It would make them actually sure of
success in the end , "
While this may bo only Idle gossip among
.ho hangers on of the county and state com-
iilltccs one thing is sure , and that is they are
doing everything In their power in this part of
Jhlo to capture the few friends of the alleged
Uon of destiny" ; and now that thoiepub-
loans have been warned of one movement
that may ei'om small , it behooves them to bestirring
stirring , as the pluco that the democratic
rang will try to pet in their work will he down
n the coal mines among the stiiklng miner * ,
Tlio Commercial I'ulno Qulclccnnil
Hy the Cold Simp.
The continued warm weather had a
tendency to make trade in all branches
of business very dull , and the merchants
throughout the city were upon their
fact's an anxioti ? look as if fearful of the
con.Bi' < juencoA if tlio thing should con-
inuo Several weojcs ego the retail mor-
obanta put their Blocks of fall and winter
good's upon their shelves ana counters ,
and through the columns of the daily
pipers invited customers , At the time
ho goods were first displayed It was
nought that cool weather would at oiico
i * in an appearance , but in this thu
mer hints were doomed to dhappoint-
inont , for warm weather continued , and
for a few days last week it looked aa at
this section of the country was Kuliiy to
bo treated to n second edition of sum
Monday night Uioro wai n slight ripple
upon tlio commercial sen cniiacd by the fail
ure of Slirovo , .larvls & Co. , but it was
only for a fovr hours and then all was ns
calm and trai.quil as before the break.
The cold wr.vo which struck this sec
tion Monday night has hnd n decidedly
stimulating affcot. Merchants who have
boon very gloomy over tlio outlook now
wear a sweat smile of contentment and
ono and all express themselves confident
of n first-class trade nnd that bminoss
will open up at onco. A llttlo spoil of
this kind will have a tendency to open
the pocket books of the farmers nnd start
money to flying.
Both wholesale nnd retail merchants in
all branches of trade speak hopefully of
the proiont outlook and say that the fall
and winter of 1831-5 will bo n memorable
ono in trade circles ou account of the
enormous business which will bo trans
acted throughout the country.
Public speakers and singers find U. II.
Douglass it Sons' Capsicum Cough Drops
s sure remedy for horsonoss. 'J
Dr. Abbott , of I'romoiit , is nt tha Paxton ,
JUovon members of thu lloso KytliiRO com
pany nro tttho Gees hotel ,
Sninuol Burns has gone to SU Louis nnd
St.Jooonnlslt. .
Oenoral Gibbon returned from n trip nmon
the western poits yesterday.
Col. W. 1J. Hoynl , who has been In this city
'orn few days , left yestordny for Arizona.
MM. M. 1Crnuo , of Chicigo , Is visiting
with Mrs , S. U. Brunor , on Delaware street.
Mls& Alllo Bmnor , of Missouri V.illoy , is
the Kuott of her sister , Mrs. 1' . U. Hohlnson ,
n this city.
Miss Kmmn Wnlbrldgo , cashier nt the 1'nx-
ton hotel loft yesterday for o visit with friends
n Pennsylvania.
Col. K. D. Webster end Col. W. S. Oliver
ntorunl revenue officers , returned to this city
nnd are nt the Pnxton.
J. M. llollmaii , Gov. DHWOJ' private cecro-
tnry , is nt tlio Mlllard.
G. A , 1'niory , n blfj cattle mnn , nnd wlfo , of
3hoyenuo , nro nt tha Pnxton , ni is nlso J , B.
Thomna , n cattle nmn from the suno place.
Hon. .T. B. Phllpott , Lincoln ; W. H. Tarns
worth , Blnir , Mrs. Grconlcnf , John L. Manns ,
Grand Island , Thos , O'Day , Noligh : John Liv
Pnche , Schuylor ; II. M. Uttley , O'Neill ; H.
Chlllborp , Wnhoo nnd E. M. Poole , St. Paul ,
registered at the Millard yesterday.
M. Seudder. JunlaU , Neb. ; C. Smith ,
Boat ice ; Mra. Wright and Mrs. Hellran ,
Lyons ; II. A. Spring , Blair ; ,7. W. Agler ,
WakeBo'd : Henry Pontenollo , Decatur ; A. S.
Miner , Wnyno ; Hurry Collinpe , Lincoln ; W.
J. Kdwaids of Chicago , are nt the Metropoli
W. W. Blackman , Fremont ; Mrs. F. A.
Smith , Loup City ; Mrs. E. B. Troadwoll ,
North Bend ; D. A. Holmes , Oakdale ; Albert
Johnson , Button ; Hon. S. P. Davidson , Tecumseh -
cumseh ; Hon. A. S. Paddock , IJobt. W. Fur-
nnn , Brownville ; C. H. iTrnvor , Alnsworth !
E. B. Smith , Long Pine ; E. W. Grinoll. Ft
Calhoun were at tha Paxton yostcrd'y.
Mr. Geo. A. Joslyn , of the Western News
paper Union , started on'o trip east yesterday
morning. Ho goes to Now York nnd thence
to his boyhood homo in Vermont , whore he
will make a short visit and return with Mrs.
J. , who has been traveling in the cast for the
past two months. This Is Mr. Joalyn's ! ir l
visit homo since ho took up his residence in
Omaha ,
W. O. T. U.
The tenth annual convention of the
Women's Christian Totnporauco Union of
Nebraska will bo hold in Omaha , com
mencing to-day The flrsl
mooting to bo hold at the First M. E
Church , Davenport street , of which the
following is the programme :
7:30 p. m. Music.
Crusade poem Mrs. Jennie E. Ford.
Prayer llov. Chas. Savidgc ,
Address of we'como Mrs , C. .T. Soulo ,
Rssponso Mi-s. MoryT. Folsora , Gibbon.
Itecord of the year. Organization of State
W. 0. T. IT. Mra. E. M. J. Croloy , Valpa
Influence of the local Union Mrs. A. A.
Hardy , Beatrice.
Recitation Mrs , Wm , Luce , Fullerton ,
Benediction G reelings.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Each day's programme will bo published.
Postoflico changes in Nebraska nnd
[ owa , during the week ending October
4 , 1881 , reported by Wm. Van Vlook , of
the postoflico department.
Established ; Ewl , Frontier county ,
Henry 0. Wiant postmaBlor. Omro ,
Nanco county , Henry E. Knnpp post
master. Rivoraido , Holt county , Evand-
or 0. Booinan poutmastor. South
Uaiilia , Douglas county , William G.
Sloanor , postmaster.
Postmasters appointed : Clear Spring ,
Antelope county , Charles H. Webb ,
Dixon , Butler county , Uarvoy L. Van-
[ lino.
Eitablished : Prolo , Warren
county , James E. Stilllor postmaster.
Discontinued : Crowfoot , Buchanan
Postmaster appointed : Lowner , Polk
county , Mollie E. Guild.
All for Joe.
An interesting event to the parties im
mediately concerned , transpired at the
Catholio cathedral yostcr day. At I )
o'clock Mr. Joseph McCaffrey was united
n marriage to Mies Elizabeth Kennedy ,
llov. Father O'Connor performed the
ceremony in the presence of a largo nuni-
bor of friends. After the services at thu
church the wedding party and their
guests repaired to the rcsidonco of Mr.
Andrew Murphy , on Jackson Direct ,
where the wedding dinner was served.
The happy couple were substantially
remembered by their friends , being rod-
u'onta of many costly and useful giftu , a
chamber and parlor sot being most con-
Mr. and Mrs McCaffrey have secured
a cottage on South Ninoteciith street ,
near St. Mary's Avonueand will nettle
down to house-keeping without delay.
Indiana 1'joiiilHrU to lllnlnu.
Special telegram to THE UKK ,
INDIAN'ATOLIH , October 8. ° GoI. Heddlug-
ton , ono of the beat pouted politicians in thU
atite , who his predicted thu result of thu
cloctlcns for thlity.fivo yws nnd noicr ,
mleBed , boa most completed o thorough tour
of the ttato and tays it will go republican by
at least 15,000. Ho bases hm rredlctlcn on
tlia liirht prohibition vote and general tumluK
of tha CnUiollo vote to lilalug ,
Too Trlllmi ; to 'IV
Special Dlnpatsh to the J'rs. '
Gilntwtov , W. Va , October S. Monday
evening , vv Into General John A. Logan Jvvnn
speaking from the platform of the car at Htn-
tun , In tills state , a man named West stepped
to the cir and said "You are the first nmn
who rninod the rebal linn In tlio fUto of Illi
nois. t wnut to oliiVo Inuds with you. " flon-
nrnl Logan 1il , "Who Is your authority ? "
\Vo < t replied thixt ho did not know , but tlmt
10 ( Logan ) did it. General Logan became an-
! ry and called Weil n Hur and f pat in hU fnco.
The train moved oil nnd hostilities wcra BUS-
Pollco Court.
Only two prisoner. ) walked into the
dock for trial yesterday morning.
Chas. Limp WAS accused of being
drunk ; ho said yes and got $5 nnd
Oharlio lloss , ( not the long lost
Charlie ) was charged rrith carrying con
coalodwoapons. Jlouday night ho entered
a colored dive and began nourishing n
murderous looking revolver around and
as the thing looked as if it might go olTan
otlicor was called in and lloss was placed
under arrest. This morning Judge
Bonoko fined him $10 and coats , a the
same time remarking that this business
must bo stopped , as altogether too many
persons are carrying concealed weapons.
Tlio Blblo Iu the Schools ,
Dcriioir , Octobers. Tim evening tossion of
; ha Episcopal congrois drcwa great crowd , The
subject of ditcusilon vvns moral education in
the public tchools , Tim lint render was Itov.
J. M , Clark , DD , of Syracuse , N , Y. , who
chimed tlmt ho was a friend ot the schools
> ut was not satisfied with them , The tend
ency is to touch material prosperity as the aim
of life. He fonrod tlmt high culture ami de
based morals nnd favored moral outturn In
school" . Header .Kovv J. D. Kramer.
) f Now York. did not defend
the public schools , but Christian
education to know to.iuhliiK.must know
the teacher. Tin United States is n tciuhor
nnd knows no religion. Schools were non-ro-
Helens in foundation. Ho favored Christian
schools coparnto from jiubllu cchcols. Ho be
lieved it nnfnir to force the bible on nil nnd
such n course to bo contrary to the spirit of
Christianity , llov. Dr. G. W. Smith , of
Trinity college , the first uponker , agreed that
the church hnd no rlfiht to force religion on
thu echiols. Tlio state has done
its share by the incorporation of Chris
tian colleges nnd by encouraging
thorn. Kov. lr. ) Morrison , of Opdensburp ,
believed that moral nducation should bo glvnn
In schools. Itov. llrnntus Brooks , of Now
York , llov. Hannibal Goodwin , of Newark ,
N , J. , nnd Hnv. CJ. A. Cftratonsou , of Erie ,
nlio spoke. Tncro seemed to bo a strong son-
tire cut opposing the bible in schools as nn iii- | method ,
NKW YOHK , October 8. It ii staled that
Maud S. made at Hartford a half milo in
1:03L : Last quarter In 30 | . Bha will bo
driven Tuesday next , the weather permitting ,
to beat the record of tt.Ot'j. ' Jay Eye See
and I'halliu will be retired fur thu season.
COVINOTO.V , October 8. Track stlir. Seven
and half furlongs , all.ngee , Billy Gilinoro won ,
Pearl Jennings eccond , GlongArino third ;
time , 1:31)oo : ) /MO ot'ltos. throe-quarters
mile , two-year-old fillies , Li/zto Dwyrr vyon ,
Vnllisia second , Lady ot Lnko third ; time.
1:101. Milo and half handicap , Vangunrt
won , Illflight second , Breechloader third
time , 2-AiL
CHICARO , October 8. The rnces wore post
poned on account of ruin.
CAIRO , Oct. 8. Advices fromDongola ttato
thu Mudlr is sending out spies to nsslst the
Nile oxpodition. Sheiks from the Khartoum
nnd Shondy districta with fiftuou hundred fol-
lowcis , hove eubmitted to tha inudir. Sholk
Kcir advises a depot ttu ostahlishod nt Dob-
bob and undertakes to procure cornels and
cattle therefor , A courier from Dongola re
ports that thn mudir is quelling thu rebellion
at Jcb El Dair. News of tha nmdlr'H victory
at Korti reached Khartoum nnd grontly en
couraged the gntiison nt thttt place ,
CIimusK llOUTun.
LONDON , October 8. The Times despatch
from Port Arthur says tbnt the Chinese gen
eral retreated from Kolung on thu town of
Bnnkn. Admiral Courhel ia in puriilit with
2,000 French troops.
nnd Wrcmllnu IloutH.
NEW YOIIK , October 8. Jock Deinpsoy ,
champion light weight , and Robert Turnbiill ,
of Long Island , fought a flcico eight-round
battle , Qiieensbury rules , in a public hall to-
nieht. Dcmpsey forced the fighting from the
start. Ho wu awarded thu SIL'5 purue.
In the wrt'stlinir innUh in Trvinz hull to
night between T. Ucarorircr , champion of
Europe , aud Augustine Schmltt , cliaiiiion [ ) of
Germany , under Swiss rules , Schinitt pulled
his nntngoniut'u arm nut of tha socket and was
awarded the pri/.a of $ .250.
The l'mv.rH and \V < ist Africa.
BllL'HSl LH , October , It is reportud that
thoagcnta roprosontin ; tha governments of
England , Ami ricn , Franco , Portugal , Spain ,
Holland and Bclrluni will attend thu inter
national conference in Berlin iu the latter
pait of November to consider thu W Ht
African question ,
Iron lUIII'i Kemimo ,
PlJTdliUIKill , October 8. Fort Pitt iron and
ntcel works , closed the past thrcn montlm on
account of Uck of o-ilora , resumed In all < lu-
jiartments , giving uinploymont to several
hundred men.
] < Yoat in Dakota.
YANKTON , Dak , , Octobers , A heavy front
foil here last night. Ice formed on pools.
Corn Is out of danger. Vegetables uro all
CINCINNATI , October 8. The game and toy
book manufactory of Peter ( ! . Thompson
burned , The adjoining houses were somewhat -
what pillaged. Leas 100,000 ; iusuranco tin
AVcalher To > Dny ,
WAHIC NOTO.V , October 0. Upper MIsHlish ) .
| > 1 fair light variables winds becoming south-
eil y , liiglior teniiernturo | , lower Imromiitcr ,
MhBoiin Kiutliorly vvlndi , clear , higher tern-
lier.ituru , lower baroinetcr ,
A Oliuruli Jlurnrd.
EAL CI.AIUK , October 8-St. Patrick's Cath
olic church vvui totally buriiod this aftarnoun ,
LOM , $ ' 1.0,030 ; iuHiirunce , $ iltOUp. ) CViiao , du-
tutivu lluo.
nirtliiiillHt Oiiiitonnlul ,
MABH , October 8 The gath
ering at tin Noithanipton camp ground to
cukbrato the centennial indHiitmdenco of
Amen an Muthoilmu nuinburtcl about 10OuO
[ pemuuii ,
Hard Tlineu In Frnnoo ,
PAIIIH , October 8. Primlduut ( Jrovy biued
i docnjo grtnting lifty thouvand francs for
tlio tt'lief of umimployo'l ' worknna at LJOIJH ,
llonoru Declined ,
QuiNOV , MAKH. , October H. John ( julnor
Aclami Utclined the numluutioa of the dtmo-
cmUfor conifci u.
Now York Women.
vrrMo , N. Y. , October 8. The women' *
nifTrngo pnrty utato convention wnx hold to-day
n tlio Clirlsthn Amociatlon , hall , The pint-
'orm ' Adopted contains the li unl culTrARn
ilntik and In addition OTpri > ncs sympathy
Mth the Irlnhmen , Gnriutn , nrgrooi nnd sol-
llcru In their tlTurts for Ireoclom nnd ndvnnco-
iieut , niul cilU on them for help to abolish
voincn's dltfrnnchlHinont , ANo oxprf.'K'.q
ivn.pathy with tninpfrnnco cffnrt , but loaves
no Individual inombers to chooio incthoiN ,
Hio ndiiil < ou of Dakota nn a now ttnto In epa -
> a cd ns long ns women there nto debarred
roni voting.
The Out lUio Wnr ,
CIIIOAQO , October 8. Tickets to Missouri
Ivor points continued to sell nt § ( > , though
oino vvrtti oddicd nt $ * > f > 0. To St. Louts the
ntn varied from $2 to $ 'l All oast-bound
trunk lines claim to IMI maintaining the sthcd-
ilo r.\tcn.
MuCiilloiiKh'M Ooiidltlnn ,
NEW YOUK , Oct. 8. John McCullotigh , the
actor , arrived In the city this evening nccom-
mnlod by his frlond , Capttin Conner. Mo-
JiilldiiRh WJH hnmmlmtoly tnkon to n private
lousi ) . vvlitro huvvlll have on opportunity to
rccupornto. Conner said Jlr. McCiiIlough
rns hi flrst-rnto condition.
A Match of
BOSTON , Oclolor 8. Peter H. Conloy
ilgui'd nrticlca for his raci with Termer , nnd
'orwnrded ' them to the Intter for hU slgnnturo ,
ponloy being nllovvod six seconds ttart In n
our mile rncu to bo rovvoil in unooth vvoathur ,
) ctolier lUth , nt HiiUon , IVnnsylvaniiw
IriBh HironKth In i'nrlliunont.
LoNno.v , Oct. 8 The Irish party in parlia
ment has increased its adherents for the com-
ng Bcmion. Goorgu Errlngton , mombar of
larlinmont for Longford , nnd other Catholics
vho hitherto hold aloof , will join the Par-
Tenement * .
NEW YOUK , Ott. 8. The geucrnl term of
ho suiireinu court handed down tha unnnl-
uoiis opinion to-day declaring unconstitution
al the bill pABRcd by thu lopUlaturo forbidding
ho manufacture of clgnts in tencmcntn.
PITTSIIUIWI , October 8. John McCullough
vna nt the union depot for a short time this
nornliiR , ho wn rational , In good spirits aud
niickly ii'cognl toil sen oral friends vvlui Imp-
Hinod to bo In thu depot. Hu loft for Now
York this morning.
Ktvlllo nnd Orccu Whooping Up tlio
Third District.
Correspondence of THK BKE.
Sr. PAUL , Nob. , October 7. Hon.
William Neville addressed n monster
nnti monopoly and democratic mooting
hero yesterday. In the house of the
ring-load or of the sohoollaud steal , Mr.
Neville gave the details of thn groal
robbery perpetrated upon the children ol
the state of Nebraska. Ho took the
tabulated statement furnished by tin
state board , ns their defence , and showed
that oluco Glen Kendall aud the prnsonl
state board took charge of the school
lands whole counties have boon appraised
nt an average valuation of one dollar per
acre , while prior to I860 the lands were
invariably appraised nt from $1 to $10
per aero , ilo called attention to
the fact that Keith county's lands
had bcon appraised at an nvorago valua
tion of fifty cents per aero , but that the
appraisement did not appear upon the
tabulated statement , and that after the
steal had boon nipped in the bud , by the
injunction of the court- , which has siuco
boon made perpetual , the BASHO old ap-
praisorajvoro appointed to ro-appraiso the
land. , .ao termed the proceeding nn
ovasloll of the order of the court , ns the
court decided the land was worth .ftj
per ncro , and the * pPW vrs Having
sworn to a valuation of from foriy c52' ' <
to sovonty-fivo cents per ncro , n month
apjo , could not now for fonr of perjury ,
swear to a higher valuation.
Ho said that Judge Hamor was ap
pointed by Oov. DAWS to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Sam Savage nnd
was a candidate to succeed himself , for
which reason ho felt compelled to white
wash the state board , and stop the steal
at the oamo time , so the judge decided
that Gon. Kendall and the board made a
mistake , by reason of which the leases
were illegal and unauthorized , and for
that reason ho was compelled to
inako the injunction perpetual.
Mr. Neville then ably discussed the antimonopoly -
monopoly issues , nnd his audience being
exclusively farmers gave the closest at
tention. In the evening a grand torch
light procession , headed by Grand
Island's Gorman band , and Bt. Paul's
brass band in the center , illuminated
our little city from ono on1 to the other.
A vast throng , estimated at from twelve
.o fifteen hundred people , gathered at
ho court house to hoar the brilliant pra-
; or , Hon. W , L , Green , in the evening ,
and foe two hours nnd n half ho throw
lot shot at the hydra-headed monster
Snoko Sail of N.irt'i Carolina Tobrc
First DlBtrlct.
Hon. Charles II. Brown was appointed
.0 address meetings in the First congress-
onal district , at the places named below
as follows :
Foils City , Thursday , October Oth , 7 p. m.
ISrownvllle , Saturday , October 11 ill , 2 p.m.
Tooumsob , Monday , October 13th , 7. U. m ,
Huniboldt , Wednesday , October 10th.
rawiieu City , Friday , October 17th , 7 p. m.
liontrico , Monday , October UOth. 7 p , in.
Lincoln , Thursday , October H3rd , 7 n in.
Nebraska City , Saturday , October 25th , 7
i. in ,
Datoa for Omaha and other places In the
llstrict will bo duly announced ,
C. B. Montgomery , ] 5 j. , anti-monopoly
candidate for attorney general , will apeak pur-
iiiant to appointment , at the following times
and places ;
Sovvnrd Wednesday evening , October 8 ,
David City Thursday evening , October 0 ,
\ ValiooIrldiy uvenlntr , October 10.
ColuuibuH Saturday evening , October 11 ,
Tlio Campaign In tlio becoiul District ,
Captain J. H. Stlckol'a appointmenta :
Falrbury , Woduesdny , October 8 , 'J p. m.
Alexandria , Wedncbdav , Oct. 8 , 7(0 : ( p. m
Kdgar , Thuiddny , October 0 , U p , m ,
l'.iuliohl , Thursday , October 0 , 2 p. in.
Button , Friday , October 0 , 'J p , m ,
Huntings ; Sutiirdny1 October il , ii p , m.
FriundH will pleaiu nrrango for hall at each
) Uce. hudloa eipuclully invited to gruco
xciuloii by tbcir | ucwnci' .
ISy order of Commlttco.
Ifon , James W. Ua\ia will address the
[ Xttple on thu political Items of thu duy at the
following places peoplu vvlthuur reference
patty i > scciully [ liivitud.
At Vruliurulnd October 8 , 7 i > . m.
At Wuhoo October U , 7 p , m.
At Cloen Cicok , October 10 , 7 P. m.
At Kinh October 111 , 7 p. m.
At lihiu Hpilngd October 1C , 7 p. m ,
At lieutrlce , October IU , 2 p , m ,
At Cortluml , October 17 , 7 p. m ,
At Sterllug , October 18 , 7 p. m.
At Ttcuiu-eh , October 'JO , 71) , m.
At Tubiu lloco , October 2i > , 7 P in ,
At I'ftwno City , October 'i1 p , in.
At liuchard , October " 5 , 7 p , ui ,
At Hnmboldt , October 27. 7 p. rn.
At Tolls City , Octobrr 18 ! , 7 p. rn.
At Stella , October , ill , 7 p. m.
At Atibmn , October HO , 7 p. in.
At Nonmkn City , October 31 , 7 p. m.
At NVbrankn Citv , November 1 , 7 p m
At I'lnttaniouth , November 3 , 7 p , in ,
Hon. Win. Neville , nnll-monopolj ; candl
Into for congrpus In the Third district , will
addrptfl thn people nn follonrei
Kcotln , Wednesday evening , October 8.
3'nllerlon , F ld y evening , October 10.
Albion , SntimUy evening , October 11.
Humphrey , Monday afternoon , October 13.
OnkiUlo , Mondny evening , October 13 ,
O'Mcill.TucaiUy evening , October 14.
Pine , Wednesday evening , October
h , Thiirmlny evening , Oc'obfr If ! .
Valentino , Satortlny evening , October 18.
Crclghton , Monday evening , October 20 ,
Ninbrara , Tuotday evening , October 21.
Bt. Ilclcnn , Wednoiday evening , October
i.I'onca , Thin-nday evening , October 23.
Jacknon , 1'ridnv evening , October it. !
Hnrtlngton , Saturday evening. October 25.
Wnyno , Monday evening , October i7.
Norfolk , Tuesday evening , October 28.
HUnton , Wednesday evening , October 29.
Winner , Thursday \ p. in. , October SO.
Went Point , Thursday evening , October 30 ,
Onkliind , Friday evening , October 31.
Blair Saturday ovaning , November 1 ,
Appointments for Gen. Ohnrlos V ,
Mnnilrrnon ,
Senator Mnndcrion nnd other spankers will
nddrosB the people nt the following places on
the dntes nnmedi
Weeping Wntor , October llth.
Dnv id City , October 13th.
Lincoln. October llth.
AMilind , October 1Mb.
Otunhn. October Kith.
Nebraska City , October 17th.
Itrnwmillo , October 18th. :
Foils City , Octobnr lOth. i
1'avvneo City , October 21st' . . + J *
Falrbury , October 22d. y wv
] { td Cloud , October 23d. j , I
Arnpnhne , October J ! Ith.
York , October 27th.
Control Cty. ; October 28tli.
r.raiul Island , October 2'Jth.
Kearney , October 30th.
Holdrtgo , November 1st. * '
niul Appointments In Third
Illnlr M. A. Hnrtignn nnd N. A. Hainbolt ,
Tuesday ov oning , October 7th.
Fnllortnu L. W. Onborno nnd H. C.
Brotup , Tuesday evening , Octolicr 7th.
Mndison J , W. Tucker nnd II. G , Ma-
goon , Tuesday evening , October 7th.
Contrnl City L. W. Oeborno nnd H. C.
Brnme , Wednesday evening , October 8th.
Genoa J. W. Tucker mid H. G. Mngoon ,
Wodnusday evening , October 8th ,
Coiumbui M. A , Hnrtignn nnd N. A.
Un InboltWednesday evening , October 8th.
Gibbon L. W. Osbori o mid It 0. Broino
Thursday uvcnliH * , October 9th.
Grand Islona M.A. Hnrtigan nnd W , A. ,
Boll. Thursday evening , October 9th. - ,
Wood lllvor J. W. Tucker ncd IF. G. Ma-
goon , Thursday evening , October 9th.
Sclmylci L. W. Oslonio nnd H. C.
IJromo , Friday ovcnliif , Octibcr 10th.
North Pliitto M. A. ilortigan nnd W. A.
Boll , Friday evening. October 10th.
Clnrkn J. W. Tucker nnd II. G. Magoon ,
Friday evening , October 10th.
Noith Bond M. A. llnrtigan nnd T. S. -
Clarkson , Saturday evening , October llth. t
Arlington-J. W. Tuckpr nnd H. G. Mn . ,
goon , Saturday evening , October llth. "
Oakdalo J W. Tucker nnd IF. CcBromo'J
Monday evening , October 13th. fBTSfi * if
AtkinsonW. . Tucker nnd IL C , Brdmo ,
Tnosdoy evening , October 14th. \ u ,
Kwliig J. W. Tucker nnd II. C. Broiie ?
Wednesday evening , October 15th. * W
Scribnor J. W. Tucker nnd. U. C. Bramcy
Thursday evening. October 10th.
0. U. YOST ,
Chnirmnn Stnto Centrnl Committee. „
J. W. LOVE , Chaitinnn Congressional Con
trnl Committee , Third District ,
Appointments jor George W , Dorsoyj
unil J. G , 3C to.
Ainsworlh TuwJlj 8Wnnjf | , October 7 ,
N-h'n-Wednes JoyV October 8.
Pierce Thursday , October J.
Creighton Friday , October 10.
Ord Monday evening , October 13.
Broken Bow Tuesday evening , October 14.
Loup City Wednesday evening , October1
15. *
St. Paul Thursday evening , October 1C. A ,
Scotia Friday nfternoon , October 17. ? K
Grnnd Island Friday ovenlng , October 17. ,
Contial City Saturday evening , October j
Fullcrton Monday evening , October 20.
Columbus Tucwday avoning , October 21. H r
North 1'latto Wednesday evening , October.P. . .
1'luiii Cruok Thursday evening , October f * >
Ivonrnoy Friday ovonlnir , October 24.
Schuyler Saturday oyeuing , October 25.
Albion M ondny evening , October 27.
Blair Tuesday evening , October 28.
Dakota City \Vedntnday evening , Octo ,
her 29.
Tokumnh Thursday evening , October 3D ,
West Point Kiidnv evening , October 31.
Mr. Doraoy will bo accompanied by cnnd\ (
datfs for stnto olfccea. 0. K. YOST'A
J. W. LOVK , Ch'n State Con. Com. j JJ "
Ch'n Cong. Com. *
the GreatestIflcdieal Triumph of tha Ago !
Non * of impolite , Ho wels coilivc , 1'alu lu
ll o licnil , with n dull actuation In thu
jack , part , 1'iiln under tlio aboulder-
jlaile , Pullnoi * after eating , with adls-
ncllnntlau lo exertion of body or mind ,
Irritability of temper , Low Bplrltiyrltb
a fooling of having neglected omodntr ,
Wcarlucm , Ulzzlneii , 1'lutterlng nt the *
llearti Dots before the eyes , Ileadacbo
over the right eye , Ileitlcaineii , with
Otful dreami , Highly colored Urlue , nnd
TDTT'M 1 1I.X.8 are especially adapted
.o such cases , ono close effects euoli at
cuanfto of feolltiRQa \3tnnlslithoBuiroror. .
They Increase tlio Al > l > ctltenml cause tlio
body to Tnlio ou l'le litmn ttin syitcm Iu
nourUlieil.aml by IhulrTonlo Action on
lliu lUKettlveOrgnui.llrciilarStaoUnro
> roiluc"l. l > rl -JKo. . 41 Murray Ht..lV.V.
GKAT HAIU or WHISKEKB changed to a
GLOSSY UI.ACIC by n. single application of
this DTK. It Imparts n natural color , acts
Instantaneously. Bolil by DniKgUts , or
receipt of 91.
sent by express on
Office , 44 Murray St. . Now York.
BtTMIter , Sceop ,
Measure , Weieher.
J ) r e d B c r , K I c o
Washer , Tomato ,
1'umpkin , Starch ,
Wine and Fruit
Strainer. Twelva
articles In cue ,
M'.liS EiSTB. j
Mora toU thin til
other Stevci ami blfler *
cooiblneill I2verybo > ] jr
Ilkcilheinl Wa'rulka
Urge blflcri anil Mlicra
for band ( ul power * *
Wllt < let
The lluntci Sifter Mfff
Co. . Cincinnati. O. , 4w
C. misc. , Now VeiL
Asrcnts wanted for our
Kluhcu SitccUlttcs ao4
Oi. Amelia
1617 Dodge , St , - Ornaha ,
Tn.BlM.OJfC NO. J4J.