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Tuesday Morning Sept , 30
. . i-cnt week
H c.urtw - - - - - per
No. 7 rowl Stmt.'Ncar Bronaway.
f5oo J. Ilaltor'u now foil slock o f cloth
Col. Jc ao Harper is to speak hero this
The Magic Mirror to-night at the expo
nition and good music.
Il.JUhoads and Mra. II. A. Nye , of
Areca , wore yesterday given permit to
A number of Knights of Pythias leave
to-day for Sioux City to attend the ttrand
Since the first of January lastthoro has
boon 325 marriage licenses issued in this
! county.
The United States officials have now
secured olliccs in Burnlmm , Tulloy &
Co'a. building.
A wagon drawn by two cows yesterday
was a gentle reminder of old timca to
the old Dottier.
Lovers of beautiful and artistic olfecla
should not fail to see the "Magic Mirror"
at the exposition to-night.
T. M. Hunter has boon appointed U.
8. commissioner to fill the vacancy caused
by the death of Marshal Key.
Excavation commenced yesterday for
the now house to bo built by Mrs. M. A.
Smith , corner of Mynstor and Seventh
Mrs. John Shaddon , who was thrown
from a wagon on circus day , is recover
ing from her Injuries moro rapidly than
was expected.
The marriage of P. J. Ewing , of Nelson -
son , to Mrs. Mary M. Sprlnk , of this
city , takes place in St. Francis church
this morning.
Mrs. Jane Ilothorington is having her
sanity passed upon by the commissioners
for the insane , with a view of having her
taken to the asylum.
On account of the democratic prima
ries the council did not moot last even
ing. They will moot this afternoon to
open bids for the improvement , of Indian
It is said that Davy Mottaz , who
nerved us efficiently as city jailor , and
who has tilled other positions faithfully
is liable to bo nominated for constable by
the republicans.
The United States circuit court mot in
Bosiion yesterday. Judge Love , who
has beeen stilloring HO from n carbuncle
near liia knee , is nt homo , and Judge
Shiras , who is to sit in his jilaco , could
not arrive until last night.
There ajo still many births , deaths and
marriages to bo reported to the clerk of
the countytho law requiring auch reports
and imposing a penalty for neglect. The
number thus far reported for the year
past is ; births 350. deaths 07 ,
Yesterday one of Rockwell's trucks ,
loaded with cases of dry goods , tipped
over at the Northwestern freight depot.
.Several trucks liavo got stalled there
lately and one other foil over , caused by
the bad road leading to the platform.
Wall McF. ddon , who has so instant in
season and out of season with his mar
tial bund , at all republican gatherings
and noldiors reunions , Is looking for a
nomination as constable. II u has Iwd
much experience to fit him for such ; i po
The man K an , arrested for attempt
ing to burglarize IloH'amyr's mill .Sunday ,
was in court yesterday and gained a con
tinuance of two weeks to enable him to
got testimony to show that ho wasn't
that kind of n follow , but that ho wan an
honest man , and engaged in soiling Cor
liss engines.
Ilavo the aldermen and city oflicials
forgotten the promise tnado by the Union
Pacific railway company to lay n double
track and ruu dummy trains every half-
hour 1 This promlso was made and re
peated , and made and was a part of the
agreement by which the Union Pacific
got the § 10,000 advance devoted to it.
There was a report thst ono of Pinker-
ton's detectives arrested a man yesterday
morning at the transfer who was said to
} > o a counterfeiter , and that he had 5 ? 100
in counterfeit money on his person when
arrested , that ho was one of the gaiif
whom the ofticors had been looking fur.
Inquiry of the government ollicials here
failed to confirm the report.
There was t , lively racket at the corner
of Broadway and Pearl streets yesterday
about noon. It seems that Chnrlcs Al
len , who has boon driving an express
wagon for Billy Lewis , had BOIIIQ prior
ancu , real or imagined , and unexpectedly
went for Lewis vsith a sling shot. lie
only got in ono blow , cutting Lewis' chin ,
While Lenis gave him ono or two torn
bio thumps , causing the claret to cover
Allen's face. Allen was arrested at once
It is predicted by some of the knowing
democrats that lircadbcck will bo the
nominee for recorder. Some of those
who want to get the nomination for
county clvrk are urging the nomination
of Mr. Cramer , of Avoca , as recorder , it
ueoining that Counc 1 Ulull'j ohnll not de.
maud both noininattone. Among those
nainoi as possible capturar * of the nomi
nation for county clerk la William Pat-
ton. Mr. Were ii aliu talked cf , and
M' , G-ilIagher ems to have nome sup.
porters. E.
Mow Ilio Suntlny Nlgtit KnnHslIc
\VI\H Stopped No Moro Sun-
For some weeks past there has been an
attempt to slop the Sunday night dances
at the beer garden and to close the
saloons on Sunday , but both have seemed
to bo rather diflicult tasks. The hotel
men claim thnt thny cannot keep their
birs closed tight on Sunday and satisfy
their transciont customers , The saloon
men claim it is not fair play
to compel them to close and let the
hotel men have full swing. The beer
garden proprietor thinks Sunday his best
day , and that while the down town sa
loons reap their harvest on week days ,
ho ought to have his on Sunday. The
chief of police has ordered the sal o urn
and beer gardens closed on Sunday.
Sunday night ono of Tim Hun men
learning that the boor garden was run
ning full blast , and chancing to moot ofli
cor Hurley on upper Broadway tackled
him about It. The olliccr ccomcd sur.
[ iriscd. ' Why , " ho Bald , "I wont up
there a while ago with orders from the
chief for them to shut up. and they
> remised to do so nt once. Tilt : BKI :
nan and Ilurloy then wont to the boor
garden on n tourot olaoryation. They
ound the dance going on lively , and the
crowd \vai not the most select in the
world. The police ofliccr reminded
ho proprietor pretty sharply of the or
ders to close up , The .latter protested
against obeying.t"Why , I might just as
veil shut up entirely ns to stop the Sun-
lay night dance. " Ofliccr Ilurloy did
not know what to do , and doubted wheth
er his instructions nnd authority wont far
Enough to warrant his arresting the pro-
irlotor nnd hu wifu , who teemed ns much
ntorosled M any ono. The ollicor con-
luded to seek further counsel.
Chief Skinner had gene to bed at Nou-
naycr's hotel , nnd Ilurloy woke him up.
Jkinner said that the beer garden was in
ho outskirts of the city , nnd perhaps it
vaa justns well to lot it run , and if any-
> odywanted to complain then the police
nako thonrrosta. With this undorstand-
ng Hurley wont back to his beat ; and
L'IIF. BKK man strolling along down the
troot , chanced to meet Mayor Vnughan.
"What are you going to do about the
ipor garden , mayor ? It oooms to bo run-
ling just the same ns if orders had not
> con issued. "
' 'So oflicor Towns was just tolling mo.
. 'vo boon away , you know , nnd I have
> eon trying to have the saloon men settle
hose questions among themselves. They
ay the hotel bars won't close Sunday ,
and make that nn excuse for keeping
opon. I am going to issue orders this
week for every bar , hotel nnd all , to bo
ilosod tight on Sundays. But nbout this
> oor garden and dance come on , lot's
; o up nnd sou Skinnor.
The little mayor then hastened to in-
orviow Chief Skinnor. Ho told the chief
o take men enough with him up to the
> oor-gardon , and see that the order for
closing was carried out , nnd the dance
topped , and if not obeyed , to nrrost the
tropriotor nnd his wife. Then the chief of
lolico , with ollicors Towns and Ilurloy ,
narchod up to the boor-garden. It
ookod to bo business , then , nnd it was
lot long before the mueic was stopped
and tha lights wont out. It was none too
soon , for the crowd had got tougher , nnd
a light was just starting when the place
fas closed. Ollicor Ilurloy was left to BOO
.hat the place was kept closed.
.lev .1 , / . ArniHt roiiK HldH
to tlio Hrnrulwny Methodist ,
The congrogntion that assembled in the
tr. E. church on Sunday evening last ex-
> octing to hear the Ilov. J. Z , Armstrong
lolivor the first of a scries of lectures
hat had boon announced , on the subject
of the "Disposition of Man , " were some
what astonished by the intelligence that
tlr. Armstrong , who has for the last two
'cars occupied the position of pastor of
ho M. E. church in this city , has accept-
ud a pastoral position in nn eastern city ,
or which place ho expects to lonvo this
week , and that n now minister has boon
appointed to take clmrgo of the field
For this reason the series of lectures
vas not commenced , und instead , the
taster bestowed upon his audience a few
vords of farewell , lie pressed the mum-
> era to extend to the now pastor a warm
volcomo , nnd spoke encouragingly of the
ogress the church had made during the
ast two yuurj , both financially nnd spirit-
inlly , and expressed the most earnest
topes that it might continue to prosper.
le exerted the members to action nnd
udustry ; dwelt upon the good results
consequent uponn liberal distribution of
nonoy among the poor and needy , und
eminded the church of the obligations
under which as n church , it stands , to
ondcr assistance to all manner of chart-
able mid Christian institutions.
In conclusion ho said : "When wo
noet again , it may bo ' beyond the river. '
Your spirit will then bo free. Wo will
hen look upon the past , and all the
rausactions back there in Council Bluffa
rill stand out in full noon-tide splendor.
You will see it well then , and remember
low merciful God ira * to you and to me
is wo went a1 ambling through with that
tard work ,
"Now may God help us so to live * that
vo may got there , all of us on the
ithor side of the river. If wo allow the
world to Invo too strong a hold upon us ,
and take too many chnnces , nnd carry
thin on , too long nnd Into in the day , wu
nay fail to get thero. And then wo will
mvu another kind of recollection. It
will bu thnt of privileges nnd opporluni-
Liei , and xlurlmu chances , of which wu
liavn fail i'd to take advantage. Wo will
remember how we thought of everything
uxcept the salvation of our souls. How
this uaj extended to uu , und wo said 'I
will 'not , ' nnd wo are hut. May God
help uu to forget everything else and help
us to prims forward to the mark of our
high calling In Christ Jesus , that our
salvation may be sure in the end. "
The following transfers wore filed in
the county clerk's ollico ycHtordaynnd re
ported for Tun BKK by P. J. McMahon ,
September 25 , 183 1 :
Lot ' - ' . blk 2'J ' , Howard's add , Council
liluuV S1CO.
M. K. Hjhrorto Chas. Shearer , It 1C ,
blk 18 , Ut'ora1 subdiv , Council DlultV
? UOO.
Patrick McCuo to John J. Tiarhs , w.l *
s j RPO 12. range 7ft , town ! ! > ; (2,000
0,11 1. & P. H. to W. II. II.
Da'mrv. ' oi nw { nnd nv J swi euo 125 ,
ranib 7 < i , town -10 ; § 150.
Thomas K. lludd to Lydia Yigler , U
12 , blk 35 , Uftyllss A Palmer's ndd
Council Blufl * . $175.
J. M. Palmer to Lydia Yigler , It 10
blk 35 , nnd It 0 , blk Ifi , Baylies &
Palmer's add ; $2CO.
John Drummond to "Dorcas Osier , It 0
and 7 , blk 2 , Carson ; 8500.
Tlio Stiuuoiiftf til Opening of a Very
Otcdltnlilo Imposition ,
The Woman's Exchange opened Its ex
position at the skating rink last evening. .
The attendance was largo , end the praise
justly earned will cause the attendance
to keep up day after day , nnd probably
Increnio. Those who expected to see an
ordinary church fair , were most happily
surprised. The building had Its exterior
ndornod by flagsnnd the interior prcaon
ted n brilliant appearance , lighted by the
olcctrlo lamps , and the booths having nr <
ranged very showingly n stage , with drop
curtains , scenery etc , has been built nl
ono end of the great hall , nnd in front of
this is n beautiful grooping of llowors nnd
About the nido of the rink ,
are stalls or booths arranged much after
the fashion of a great exposition. Not
only have the ladies themselves some iino
displays of ncodlo work and art , fancy
articles and tempting jollies nnd fruits ,
but the merchants ot the city have taken
great pains to make pleasing displays.
Among them nro llarknoss Bros. , Gas-
sady , Orcutt it French , S. S. Keller ,
hooper A' McGce , Boobo & Co. , J. J.
[ Miss , J. Mueller , 0. B. Jncqucin , J , M.
I'hilllps , Motcnlf Bros. , nnd others , BO
.lint in dry goods , carpets , hardware ,
'urnituro , millinery , mualcnl instruments ,
joota and shoos , clothing , etc. , there Is n
very fine showing. H. II. Stuart has
some of his fmo crayonings. W. W.
Jhapmnn also makes nn art display.
The success which the Indies have mot
with from the start , and the appearance
of the hall , naturally load to the ' ( iicry ,
why cannot the farm association , or some
other permanent organization take uptho ]
work which the women have so richly
sturtcd , nnd organise a permanent expo
sition , so that every fall Council Bluffs
nay have such a showing , or an oven
argor and better ono I
This exposition as is generally under
stood , Is for the benefit of the 1'rcsbyto-
ian church , and to help along the now
jullding enterprise.
The exposition is to bo open every
afternoon after 1 o'clock , andovory oven-
tig. Entertainments nro arranged for
each evening , and with refreshments and
; oed music the place is made very attrac-
, lvo and pleasant for all who visit it.
IVo of the police force trill bo laid off
Wheat No. 1 milling , G0@t5 ! ; No. D , E0@
GO ; rejected 15.
Corn Load purposes , 155@40.
Oats For local purposoa , 35@10.
Hay S10 00@1200 per ton ; baled , DO@GO
Kyo 10@J5o.
Corn Meal 1 30 per 100 pounds.
Wood Good supply ; prices nt yards. C 00@
701) ) .
Coal Dollvorod , Lard , 11 50 per ton ; soft
5 00 per ton
Lard Fairbank's , wholosnllni ; at OJc ,
Flour City llonr , 1 G0@3 80.
Uroouis 2 05@3 00 per doz.
Cnttlo Bntrhor cowa 'J C0@3 5. Butcher
stoorH , I 00cl ( I L'j.
Sheep 3.50.
lloga iao@105.
rnonuoE AND rnciTS.
Quotatlona by J , M , St. John & .Co , , corn *
mission morchanta , 538 Broadway.
1'oiiltry Live old hona , 7c ; epriiiR chickens ,
2 U.2 50 per cloz.
1'eaclioH fl bus. box , 1 00.
Lemons I SOgJfi 00 per box.
liuttor Creamery , 18@20c ; choice country
ire.KRKB li ( per dozon.
Vegetables Potatoes , 30.D10o per bushel ;
onloiiHIO@COc [ ) or bu ; npplos , clini"o reeking
or eating , - 5U ; boaim , 1 T."I@6J per
buahol ; Sivvot uotatooi , ! 00 " > er bbl.
Full atock ot ctirpota ut ilarkneaj
Bros ,
NOTIOK. Hpeolal vunlseim'nti ! , stio an Lout ,
TounJ , To I/oan , For Hilo , Tu Kent , \Ynntt , , limrj
iif | , oto. , will In ) liucrtocl In this column at thu lovr
rate of TKN CKN'I'H I'KH LINK ( or the Qr t Insertion
nnJ F1VK CI-J.TH 1'KH LINK lor raoli guboqucnt n
vrtlon. Leave aihortlnamonta at our ollico , No.
'oar ! Street , near Dronlwav
- ! lr t.c-U H carrlnifftmilth. Aililroan
WANTFD-A , CoiiiicillIultrt | ) ,
SAI.i : HIIAhONMILi : . Coif roasting ,
1 r | > Ifu mul uriH < orImlnvii , Onlinio In loun.
IC.IHIMI , 111 lumltli. AiMri't-n K. U Willl.uua , IS Nurtli
Inln M , , Cuuiifll
J7011 Hl'.Nl'r Tuonfrvl } lutnlalu'il front room * , nt
1 tlil ) I'lret Aiumiu.
/I'AUK.N I I' . Sept.S.lnl , ISSI.In , tliu Hiibsrrllior
L corner llth Htreut ami 'itnl Atuniiu , Council
Hilda , u lil.tck liOKUOlKhlni ; almut 160 ) iouiul * . Onn
r ri > ' | UD tiil ) touo\o | | iroH > rt > , p.i ) ch irgnuml tuUo
ho B.iinuiiwuy , Inane KrlokHon ,
-Afol.l cro H on OikUnd n\i nu , JUrkut
rOST Olcn a\anuo , North Main itrcct , ot
II mail way. Thu llnilor will return to UKK ollico.
/ 1 KIIMAN AND KHKXUII Ttione doslrln ;
( j ( loiuoni In clthor UI < K UKO ill ouM call upon cr
uiliirt'ta Jlru.Vtutcott , KUI Mnln btioot. Host of ro
Mrs. A. K. Whlttnkir > mi rcmotnl
RKMOVAti ilulu fctic'd to 31 Vine
IlKNT-rurnUho ,00111 , 230
' n\cnnv ,
rt01l ltiNl' : furiilahuil room , WO Washington
) 1
J"7 > JH HALF OU III'.ST Tlio Orvw I'acklui ; lie
1 nnd inachlncrj , 1-r.itcil In thla city.
IWlmjja pa-ilav. Oilcll & Uav ,
/ AMha f.Miry luuiym Council IIIuU.lo ( aku
. .Timlin * . Doltwod by rarrlerat only twenty
ounts a woek.
\\rANTKl > -l > liilnirroumilrl Immuillatil ) . Waeu *
11 gib per month , apply of Steward ,
, HAH ! My riulileiKM , corner 7th rucnue anil
1,1011 If taken soon Hill null for tf..OOO
below > aluo. Will alio iol | furniture. oarKt | ) , 4.O. ,
all or In part. If not nol.l at once nlll rout proml-
c , wltli homo furnl li i or unluml-hcil , at
moilerato rent. Any one thinking ; nt makliii ;
their lumo In Uunncll lllullt will do well to Invettl-
irate thin oBcr. It U tlio lut bargain mcrorieri'il
in th city M A UlTON.
> ' \L1) l'AI'KUKur ulu at Uu oltloe , at U ceuu
a liunilrml
E , Eice M. D.
or otb r tumort removed wlthAl tb
knlle or ilriwluj a blood.
Oicr hlitj-y at practical n > rl nco 0 few No.
I'uirl trci t , Council IlUifl *
rV > nnult.ttlnii ( red
Justice of fche Peace ,
Omaha and Coouoll
Heal oiUta ooll ctloa ; ? noOJJ Follow Block
Council Bluffs , Iowa
, OE.G--A.3SrS
Musical Instruments of Every Description
I claim to have the best selected stock and In-gost variety of any
no nbout here. I can duplicate New York and Chicago prices every
me ; mid that I sell low those 77flo are and have been my customers will
jear mo out.
My line of Plush TGoods is especially fine , such as Albums , Odor
es , ' .Toilet Sets , Ladies1 Arm Bags , Purses , etc.
I have the largest stock nnd best variety in Cups and Saucers , j
Toilet Sets , Tin Toys , Dolls , Doll Oranges , Wagons , Sleds. Carts and so
on without an end.
As my traveling agent may not get around to see you in timeI will allow
ou 5 per cent on any bill ior traveling expanses i you will call at my
tore and make your selections. My samples will be ready by October
1st , 1884. I guarantee low prices.
Assortments of Toys from 8100 to $5.00 put up'ready to snip.
Both new and second hand , ranging in prices from $3.50 to
$25 each. Take advantage nnd call early to obtain
the best bargains. 1 am making a big ieduction in
Aa I ncuil tlio room to display my stock of stoves.
A. J.JIANDEr , , Council Bluffs , lena ,
325 DroiJuay
L'o close out our stock of Summer Goobs , we are olleeiug them remark
ably low.
S ! -
'resent price 50c , former price 75c. Next quality has been reduced
trom 10c to 25c.
lleduced 5 per cent.
3E"roj3 rit
Nos. 8 17 niul 21U S. Main St. , - COUNCILBLUFFS
Has Enlan'ed and Ko-fitted His Store , and Oil'ors Extra Inducements to
Purchasers of DRY GOODS , FANCY GOODS ,
734 Broadway , . . . - Council Bluffs.
Having opened in a now store I invite the inspection of ladiefl.
Its. S. .1. NOUIUS. 'JK1 ! Hromlway. . . . . Conn
A. F. OfATTKUJIL' OK , G.Assistant. 0. B
Maiiiigtr. Assistant. Secrutory.
All kinds of Detective survico furnished in nnd out of
the city on short notice.
0ll'co"n5x ' > ? ' ' ' I COUNCIL
% nd ! i BLUFFS TOW A
* * T Y
ft * ! . $1 tl Vir4 7 < 4uy&4ro
Waves , Switches , Whatnots , Langt.'y ard Pompadour
Frizzes ,
H.H. HORNE & CO. ,
Wo make n specially , nt our EASTERN factor } ' , of FINE HAVANA nd
\A11A CIGARS. All Cigars sold by us arc of our own manufacture and warranted
as roprosontod.
OPERA HOUSE CIGAR HOUSE , | 652 Broadway , '
Boots , Shoes and Bubberg
Alt nen and clean. LOWKST I'KICKS anJ shmvn In PLAIN FKH'RES. SolM geol . No
shodilj. All work wanantctl.Yo nto bound to got acquainted , II iioods and prices
Kill do It. No trouble to show Roods Mill orders sollrittnl Ooodt sent t > all
parts0. 0. I > . subject to apjirjMil Call and look uicr our stock all
Boston Boot and Shoe Store.
117 Brondwny , Council Blulfc. E. J5. ADAMS & CO.
Wo can tum out moro horse shoes than 1103- two men in
Town or Nebraska , for love or 11101103 %
All Shoes are Hand Made and NO MACHINE
3HOES USED. All Work Guaranteed.
719 Broadway . . . . . COUNCIL BLU7/FS
] Keep Horses and Mules constantly on hand which
wo will sell in retail or wholesale lota.
All Stock Warranted as Represented.
\Vholoialo and retail dealers In Grain and Baled HaTrices rea
sonable , Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Corner Fifth Avo. & 4th St. , Council Bluffa.
SMITH & TOLIiKn , Agra. ,
7 and 9 Mala street ,
A Complete Line of Fall Goods to Selecc From.
n Iowa and Nebraska , and sold for the least money nt 337 Broadway , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
MRS , D , A , BENEDICTMaiinfaclnrer , ,
l urtaliis , In Lace , tl'b , Turcoman , Etc. oil cloths , Mattings , Linoleums Etc
hoicest and Best Selected STOCK in the WEST ,
ijomo nnd bo convinced thnt wo are headquarters for all goods In our line.
Jhoapest place to buy CARPETS , Curtains and House Furnishings In the
i'C'tv. Upholstering and Bedding Supplies.
Mail Orders Filled PromptlyCarrlane
201 Upper Broadway Cor. Stutsman St. , COUNCIL BLUFFS.
Drders in the city or country solicited. Prompt attrition and satisfaction
la bettor prepared than over before to fill all ( U'lnandn for washing. Wo call your
Mention especially to our capacity for doing family washing. Very low rates. All
cindaof work done in firat-clasB order. Special paina will ba taken with Ihimols.
Jrdora sent by mail or othorwiao rccuivo prompt attention.
ALBERT P. JOHNSON , Proprietor.
v tfjtM n IP ff E" C * * A Q ft rr fRrt 'jn rvi
Metalic Caskets and Wooden Coffins of all Kinds.
3XTo. 12 3XT. XVOC/xlao. J3t. . C3oia.3ta.oll
d"Unc ° aud om
W.i' . AYLSWOUTII , 1MO Ninth street
KndomJ by FKA.M Linrr.
UnrhilltJ or Tone or Flnltbi
Best Modern I'rlca tu Buy.
The Kimball Orran , o long aud favorably known In tba weit. rrtcommomi' .
J. L. STKAVAKT , Bole Agent for above lines of Go. War , u ra
ncil Ulutfd , Iowa. . CorrwponUen.e Solicitod.'f