Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 30, 1884, Image 4

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Omivlm omco , No. 01(1 Farnntn St.
Council UlulTM Oilier , No 7 Pearl SI
BtrcetNcnr Mrontlwny.
Now York Oflleo , Itoom 05 Trltmno
mblifhed frtrr trorolne , eictpt Snndtj1 Tl >
enl ) llondnjtnomtriR dally.
On T r . $10.00 I Thit Months
rirlloruta . R.oo j Ono Month . 1.00
Pet Week , tt Cents.
rnn mttT * * , rmutmD JTIUT
Dot Year . tl.00 I ThtM Month . t tt
RUUonttn. . 1.CO | On Month . SO
American NewsCompnny. Sole Acsntf , N w > dc l-
tnln the United Stated.
A Oomrannlontlorm reUtlne to Now § ami KdllcfUl
nklteti oboulil be ddn cd to the KDITUB or Tin
All DunlncM ttt r and ncmlttanrvM should 1 o
ddrcMcdtoTHBllrii inroLismva COMPART , OMAHA.
Drtttfl , Ch * < * 8 and PmtofTlcc orders to bo m ao payAble -
Able to the onlcr of the company.
A. H. 1'itcli , Mnnn < ; or Dally Circulation , O.
OT IJos , < S8 Om.ilm , Ni-b.
Bt TLKK , like n bull in n china fihop ,
continues nmnnhing political crockery
wherever ho goes.
UTICA is represented by the Now York
Tinn * as being a city that boasts of bo.
ing the homo of Iloacoo Conkling and
burns incense under the nose of Join :
Kulloy wlionovor ho comes that way. II
is no pent-up Uticn.
A 1.1. the railroad organs in the slate
are harmoniously in favor of the pro
posed amendment creating a railroad
commission. It is always well for the
people to do just what the railroad
organists do not want thorn to do.
THE Now York Times' traveling correspondent
spondont has discovorcd more doubtful
states than any ono had any idea of.
After having placed Iowa among the
number of doubtful states wo should not
Lo surprised to BOO him class Illinoia
in the enmo category.
Chicago , who ha been a lifo-long
democrat , is now dolivorini ; campaign
speeches in Ohio for Blaine and Logan ,
and ho is doing some excellent work , lie
is an excellent orator mid his visit to
Ohio will tnako thousands of votes
nmong Irish-Amoricana for the republican
ticket , loth atato and national.
JOHN On IN AM AN certainly has a hard
road to travel in California. lion.V. .
T. Wolkor , state oupurintortdont of public
schools , has recently docidcd that OhincBO
children cannot bocuino pupilu of the
public schools , public education being In
tended under the constitution of the atato
only for these who can become citizens.
There are nearly 1,500 Chinese children
In San Francisco alouo.
IN accordance with the BKK'H suggos'
tion , the Nebraska republican state central
tral committee is making an effort to in.
duce .fames 0. Blaine to visit Omaha and
address the republicans of tills city and
vicinity. It is hoped that the committee
will sucsood. Mr. Blame's presence in
Omaha would draw an immense crowd
from all parts of the atato , and would
have an enthusiastic effect. If Mr.
Blaine cornea as far west as Iowa ho cer
tainly ought to visit the metropolis of
Nebraska which has always boon such n
warm supportorof the "Plumed Knipht. "
THK Indiana are buginning to learn
that they have some righto which white
men are bound to respect. The Fort
Hall Indians have demanded compensa
tion for the proposed right of way of the
Utah Northern railroad through
their reservation. They want only 500
head of cattle for the privilege , and they
will probably got them , as the secretary
of the Interior stands by the Indians , ho
having refused to sanction the attempt of
the railroad company to ride rough-shod
through the reservation without any re
gard to the rights of the rod men.
TIIK project of a railway tunnel under
the straits of Dover , connecting Franco
and Kiinlrmd , Imu long been dlicueaod ,
nnd while Captain Ends was in England
ho was consulted as to its feasibility.
Captain Eads pronounces the onterpriuu
entirely piacticablo as the bearings in the
earth show no great obstacle to the con-
atruction of the tunnel. It would cer
tainly bo a great enterprise , and would
1)0 appreciated by the multitudes who
dolly cross the rough seas of the English
channel. The main obstacle , however ,
to the proposed tunnel is England's
hostility to the project , on the ground
that it might bo uiod advantageously
against England in case of hostility.
This fear is certaJnly absurd , for England
and Franco could stop up the enda'of .tko
tunnel in case of war , and lot It remain
unused during hostilities.-t
TJIK result of the Ohio oloo-
turn depends a good deal upon the
amount of aslo-groaso mod by either
party. Republican advices from Ohio
are to the efloct that the democratic
managers are flooding the atato with
money , and are determined to buy it up
at any price ; nevortholeas the republican -
can managers are confident of carrying it
by a handsome tntjority. Senator Slier-
man is said to feel atsurcd of a victory ,
and so is the chairman of the republican
state central committee. Democratic advices -
vices are to the effect that the ropubli.
cans ore spending money like water with
the intention of buying a majority if it
cost a half.willion dollars : novorthelcsi ,
the democratic managers are cojiguine of
victory , and Chairman Barnutn thinks
they will liavo 10,000 majority in Oslo-
When ; iho congressional cu'npfttgn
opened in thia district , wo had \\o\wA \ \
that it would bo fraught out entirely on
the merits and record of the candidates
and without personalities. 'L'M oourso
has been pursued up to the present by
lion. Charles II. Brown , thoanti-monop
ely candidate , and , so fur M wo Inovc , hy
his supporters in the presn nnd on the
stump , NVo are nmaxad , however , that
Mr. vVenvcr's friends IIRVO been no in
discreet ns to resort to personal abum
that in as uncalled for ns it in malignant ,
A cruel and dastardly assault is mvlc
by lha Saunders County Tribune in lie
l. < Ml iss\/o , which bears upon HH fftco the
oar-marks of a deep donigntoprcjudlcolhc
votera of the district against Mr. Brown ,
not only in Satmdcrs county but through
the entire district by ropubllcalion in
thoWonvororgana. The article in question
represents h im an being a common
drunkard , After citing MI untruthful
and cxiJggcsatod account of the trial of
Dr. St. Louis , nt which Mr. Brown acted
as ono of the thrco attorneys for the do-
fount ) , the article concludes ns follows ;
Wo do not believe that the people of
this district will dishonor themselves ,
their district and their state , by electing
a man of such dissipated habits to rep
resent them in the cougrcsn of
the United States. Wo do not
boliovp they will elect n man
ns their representative , who is n ulavo to
liis nppotitu and passion , and who will
surrender his judgment , sense and honor
to their gratification , regardless of the
sacred duties ho owes to others. Wo ad
mit that naturally Chas. II. * Brown lias
one of the keenest , most brilliant and
finest minds of Nebraska , and hod ho
improved , cultivated and used thoao tal
ents ns it was his duty to have done ,
ho might to-day have stood at the
head of his profession in this ntato , and
been a man whom the people of Nebraska
would have delighted to honor. But
instead of no doing ho has abused his
talents by strong drink and debauchery ,
until to day his passions and appetite
rule and control him nnd render him
unfit , mentally and morally , to represent
the state of JNobraska in the councils of
the nation. The people of this district
cannot afford to elect such n man ns 0.
II. Brown to congrem , over a man like
Hon. J. A. Weaver , who though not
brilliant is brainy. A man of solid com
mon sense nnd good judgment ; n man ,
who as an attorney , judge or congress
man , has not disregarded his sacred du
ties to clients or constituency ; a man who
obeys the dictates of n sound , clear judg
ment , rather than the crnvlnga of n do-
proved appetite. Saying nothing of the
differences of the parties , those two men
represent ; the wide difference in the pri
vate and profonsioiml character of the two
men is sufliclunt to entitle Weaver
to a handsome majority over n
man of Brown's stump.
Now , the only possible excuse for nuch
an article is that yearn ngo Mr. Brown
had been ovor-indulgont In the use of
liquor. For tlio past throe years , however -
over , ho lias abstained entirely , nnd wi
venture to say that there is not n more
tompornto man in Nebraska to-day than
Charles U. Brown. In view of this fact
the attack on Mr. Brown is the more
cruel nnd cowardly. Even prohibition
Ists cannot consistently countenance niicl
nn attack on n man who has thoroughly
reformed and is to-day In the mor
idimi of manly activity and mental vigor.
In Omaha , where Mr. Brown is boal
known , such a charge has no woighl
whatever. Ho was elected two years ngr
from thia county to the state aonato bj
over 2,000 majority. The people ol
Douglas county are not so depraved ns tc
elect to the state senate by any sucn nm
jority a man who is a wreck. Mr. Browr
served with 1(2 ( other members In tht
state Donate two years ago , nnd no mar
In that body will dare to nrralgi
Mr. Brown for intemperance ii
drink or oven in speech. The
aonato two years ngo was mnUo np of
some very nblo men , nnd it was acknowl
edged that Mr. Brown was the moat in
dustrious nnd Indefatigable legislator in
that body. Every jingo of the sonnte
journal boars testimony to his active
interest in legislation nnd his rucord on
every issue that came before the body is
unassailable. If .ludgo \ \ caver's frioude
have no bolter argument In his f.woi
than their coirso nnd cownrdly personal
assaults on Charles II. Brown wo apprehend -
hond Mr. Weaver must bo a very weal ;
A I'KTITIO.V is now being circulated requesting -
questing the county commissioners tc
submit to the voters nt the coming elec
tion the proposition to authorize them to
sell the county poor farm , excepting
about 20 acres upon which the poor
honao is situated. The object of the pe
titioners evidently Is to extend the city
limits nnd have this land divided into
Iota nnd laid out into an addition. On
the other hand it is proposed to invest
the proceeds in a now county farm some
four or live miles from the city. There
may como a time when the proposed
sale of the county farm would
bo desirable , but wo bellevo that
now it 'fa altogether premature. The
present monetary depression and the
btmsequont dullness in ' .ho real estate
markobwould not justify a sale at the
present-time , an the farm would not bring
within ono hundred per cent as much as
it will sell for four or five yoara houco.
The commissioners would rognrd them
selves as bound to Bell if the people vote
them the authority. The farm would
fall into the hands of some land syndi-
oito at a price that would promlao them
mmunio returns , and the only poasi-
jlo benefit from an immediate
sale of the lands would , bo their taxn.
; ion for city nnd county purpose
Tliopluathat wo want to buy another
poor farm , whllo laud is ohoap , four or
Qve miles out , Is all mooiuhino. What
do wo want with a poor form nnyhow ?
The paupers do not work , and if it is cul
tivated the crops will cost us moro than
they are worth. Uouglna county docs
not need to engage in-farming ns a bmi-
UOIB , and a tract of 25 * or
S3 acres , ii nil the land
wo need for n garden patch to ruiso tno
vegetables consumed by the paupers.
The snlo of the poor farm is all right nt
the proper lime , when there in a rttl cs
late boom , but wo object to a reinvest
ment of the proceeds in another
farm , because it is not In the
interest of the Uxpnyers ,
THE ladies of Douglas county ought to
tnko a special Interest in Nebraska's ex
hibit nt the world's exposition at new Or
leans. Mrs. Dinamoor , of this cily , is
vicopresidentot "tho sloto association for
the exhibition of woman's work at the
world's exposition. " Miss Elizabeth
I'opploton is superintendent of the in
dustrial art department. It is their dc-
Biro that tholadios of Omaha should make
such contributions to the various depart
ments an will bo of interest to the visi
tors nt t ! . . exposition , nnd at the oamo
time reflect credit upon our city. The
department of fine nrta is ono lo which
many ladies in Omaha could
makn valuable contributions. It includes
painting in water colors , oil , and paitollo ,
drawings , pottery , painted porcelain ,
sculpture , etching , engravings , etc. Mrs.
S. C. Klliott , of Lincoln , is the superin
tendent of this department , The indus
trial nrt department includes carpets ,
tapestries , embroideries , nrasono , Ken
sington in gold or silver thread , bead ; In
fact , every kind of embroidery , lacoo of
every kind , plain knitting , crochet work ,
nolUng , quiltingfino sowing. All kinds of
work that industry produces are wanted
represented. The culinary department ,
in charge of Mrs. S. C. Smith , of Beatrice -
trice , nfforda abundant opportunity for
nn elegant display , as it includes n host
of articles that can bo elaborately deco
rated , giving a very artistic
appearance , greatly to the credit of the
maker. These are the principal depart
ments in which the ladies of Omaha are
expected to excel. Omaha Is the largest
and wealthiest city in the state , and con
sequently its resources are moro ox-
tonslvo and varied than these of any
other flaco. It in hoped that if this city
is represented in the exposition it will
Siavo nn exhibit that will bo creditable ,
otherwise it weuld be bettor to have no
exhibit nt nil.
TIIK coroporation counsel of Now
York City has made n suggestion which
will apply equally na well to Omaha. It
that in all cases of accidents for which
the city may incur any liability , the
police shall make careful investigation of
all the circumstances , and this should bo
done immediately as the facts are canicr
to bo obtained while they are fresh and
the witnesses nro ncccsaiblo. The evidence -
donco thus obtained would bo valuable to
the counsel In defending the case , and
having it decided upon its merits. If
this couroo were pursued in Omaha much
costly litigation might bo avoided. It
has boon followed in Boston for years
very Bystomalically nnd with great suc
cess. The proper way for our city
counsel to do is to make a similar sug
gestion , and see that it is carried out.
Omaha has paid out considerable money
for damages to person nnd property by nc-
cidonts , nnd had the evidence boon
obtained immediately and recorded
for future use , the results might have
boon much loss expensive.
Tin : llov J. P. Newman , D. D , , who
in visiting in Omaha , Is ono of the most
distinguished divines in this country. lie
was for many years the pastor of the
Metropolitan Methodist church in Wash
ington nnd is now in charge of ono of
the largest churches In Now York. Hie
lecture upon "Tho Typical American"on
Fridny evening nt the First Congrega
tional church , will no doubt bo very en
tertaining , as it is a timely topic. Dr.
Newman has had abundant opportunity
lo study the typical American ns ho has
boon thrown in constant contact with the
various prominent typos of our cituons
in the national capital nnd in the great
metropolis for years.
It in to bo hoped that the mnyor mil
council will nt once fill nil the vacancies
in the ollico of registrar , if there nro
nuy , with competent men. This is n
presidential year , and every voter ought
to bo registered in order to avoid confu
sion. The registrars ought to make n
thorough revision of the lists. Wo have
now nearly 10,000 voters in Omaha , nnd
it will bo n big job to got them all prop
erly registered.
llrniuli nilvoi llnnl n < iilmolnlrlpura
ipo a run lop do n on a hot ftoro until hcatMl.tnn
ITMIIIVU tlinroiurunil > m li. A ehrmlit will uut INI rv
iwl tu ilBioct tun pruteuoo of animonlo.
In n million homo for A qtutrtrr of a century It li i
ituvil mo vonvuniuiV rvllablo ttst ,
_ _
UiKrni or
DP-Price's ' Special Flavoring Eilracts ,
Tl o
Dr. Price's Lupulln Yeast Gems
IVr Ui-bl , llfilthr llrraj. Tbn lloit l > rr Hop
Yvut lu Ilio World.
/ will Positively not bo I
Inserted unless palu in advance.
[ OSKV lo nf l on chkttiK llilrr id TlplCt i
1 boiiKht nd Kid. A. t'oreiran , 213 8. 13th
C.'l'.Y TO U > ANn mm . > fSOO. and ntwora
M 0. K D T ! < sol Co. , Ketl K'Uto mil Lo
" A rnvm 84. 3iM
\UIfA MKAttCfAh EXC'IIANOK-t.rge or
O mall Inftti ) Uiftilo on rrro > < * 1 s-curHy. 1M7
tfnt. B12-ltn
\\fANrKD-OooitOottiiin u'rl ' for ement IIMHO-
work &t N. W cir. 17th ana lnui < lMitKcH.
311 30
\v ANTKD-Nurso RliUlSaUDotiulij ttrcct , near
I JcfTtrKin. 313 30p
A\TANrKI-S6 tUM. AlHy 0 ? South IHh St.
\ > 842 SOp
KI ) A female cook w.d a dining room Ctrl ,
Api'ly ' ixt Ilroweill lull. 837-30
trotxiirer for n
WAN company , Apt ly A. J. Trclour , rlty.
"llT'ANT ji ; > fllil far Rcncral homo work rit 43D
ConiontBt. Mrs U. U M > nc. 810 tf
irAN'TIJU-SccondRlrl. Inquire 016 south IRth
etrcot. 8i7-23y
\\7ANTIin A rollcblo mld < IIcKcd worcm , fond
V T of malm homo In Mmlly of thicc.
Good wain to the right iiarscn. Addrcii"Ij A W. "
lleo office. Sll-m
\TANTI > AKooil Irl for hou cwork. Nnnobiit
> flrst-clais need npnly. Imiulre at 101 south 15lh
Etirct. 310-30
\7ANTUD Oooil girl at 171SCam ht.
A ( Icrnian clrl f r general hou e or
WANTKD 15th ttruct , ( th lot aouth o f Leave
worth. 260-tf
7ANTKU A good gltl. elfier German or Scan-
dlna\ Ian , at IDS corner Capitol Avo. 270-Ip
) - , OK OKNTLKUEN-In city
WANTEI-IADIKS nice , light and pleasant
work at their own homes ; $1 to 25 | nr day easily Mid
itiietly | made ; work rent by inall norantafslnir ; no
xtainu fnrronlv. 1'icaso address KtliaWo 11 ant's Co. ,
1'hlladeljihla , 1'i. 803-lra
I-aundresj at 8 W. cor. 18th and
Harncy. Wages 91 per week. 318-Stp
Sfan an J wife , mtn towork about promises
mises , M a week. Wlto to do chamber work ,
$1 per week. Hcfercncoa required. 012 Douglas
. tl
A plioo by a jouni ? man to work
WANTED and evenings , fur board , whllo at-
tindlng the telegraph collcgo Adilrosn lllchcio ,
1110 Karuam street , room 2 , up stairs. 333-39p
Situation In ttoro or ollico by an errjo
WANTED man. City icltrenco. AddrcBi "O. "
317 S. 13th street , city. 310-1
IlK.N'l' Homo and turn , vUth ana llarney.
17WH . I , . Monroe , Gth and Douglas. Telephone
391. 3 rt 4p
Mil HUNT Iloom with or without board , at 172 *
F Douglas street. 310-HOp
" \\7"ANTED A homofnr ayoungglrl of 15 In the
IT country.where she can make herself useful ,
withoutoxp'n o tuono who Interests himself in her
welfare till she pro\cs unworthy. Addieis " 0. "
"Itiulloa by a comuctent vounir lady
as nurse clrl. Itcfercncoi exchanged. Address
'll. \ , " lleo olllce. 83lp
"IV'ANTBD llv ix Kentlcraan , room and board In
i private firmly , where tli-iro arc no oticr boar.1-
crs AddliSJ-C. U."IJco olllcj. 32S-28p
WANTED Sltintlon asfclcrkin drug storo. H\o
years' expcrl-uca. Itcferouecs the best. "U ,
D , " b-.xE45 , Oni.ilia. 3fl5-SOp
rANTllD A Hlliutlon aj clerk iiiji goal hotel by
V t an oxpcrirnccd young m n. Oocd efcrtnce
furniahcil. Address "U. M. " Ike ol'lco. 314-3jp : i :
WANT KB Sittntion 0.1 book-keeper , nssiUant
book Kcci cr or any kind of ollico we rk. line
several years e\perienco anil can nho the licit of rcf-
cicnrcH WutilU go to any pnint in the state ol Neb ,
or Western ion.i. Address U. II. Morse , bC2 10th St.
Council llluirs , Iowa. 30l-lp
WANTED A fltuatlin as driver of a delivery
wagon ( 'an furnish gcoi city references. Ad-
dries " 0. H. " 1012 Capitol ave. 307 35p.
' ' Sltuitloii M book Vtcper , experience
S years , 4 years In the banking hmincfs in the
east. Address "Iluskin" Minneapolis , Minn 24S-p
WANTIID Any klndof otllcc work or would lo
book keeper or assibt.uit book kceiier. Addrcus
"W. M. " lice olllce. 2702Sp
situation aa bookkeeper -
keeper , in w bolcsalo catabllshment In Omaha.
Address'0. ' " euro lieu. 858-tt
ll/ANThU / Hy gentlcnnn and wile , two or thno
Tt farnishdltnom * , sultJiblo for light houtekcep-
Ing. Address llo76. . ' , city. ti3d-lp :
7ANTIID K lurnl'hed room. C'ill or adilreis
W \VII1 Young , I3CO Far mm St. 2i'3 29i
AN EED About Oct. Uh , a competent and
W tliorough title abstractor. Address , witii ref
erences , stating experience , age , fiaiary expected , &c
J. " P. 0. box ll.Wllbor , Neb. 302-29
\ ' 7ANTKU 2 or 3 furnished or unfurnished rooms
i > In desirable locality. Koferencoa exchanged.
Addrces'M ) . 11 T. " Boo olllco. 320-29
V\7"ANTED Hy a lady , a handiomily fiirnlihcd
It room , where no iniotion ) will heaikcd , lthln
six bloeki of the po.Ullice. Address "L. H " Bee
o'fei. 3iO 20i |
' ) - I want purch : u a printing olllce located
ted In some Doling and grow Ing town In South
uni Nebraska , or Nortlieru Kansin. Oun pay n small
pavinent down , balance inpayments of (50. monthly.
Aililiusa "Ijing , " care Unuir.i Bee. 2ril-2p
\l'AM"ii : ) DrcssnmklngatMrJ. A lllce's 117 N.
> > 16th ht. 4 Hlnrt trimmers , 4 waist makers. 2
Hlrmo InaliirN , 2machine hands for Wldtu liurlilncB ,
2 ( .illoietcs for work on tailor ma do drives Nnno
but llrstalaxs help lienl .ippl ) . 'J.3-ip
\\7"ANTiD : f,000 uii Ilrst-clasj cltv sccurltj.for 6
> T yiars , at 0 per cent. Address Box 020 I'ust-
ollim 708-tf
FOK nilKV-KonoeD rnfl Lots.
iriOll UKNT Neatly lurulshod rooms ut 1201 How-
L1 ard struct. 'J10-lp
poll HI.NT Two rooms handy for otlleu In the
1 new .nick blok , lorner J-tli and Capitol u\o.
245 3p
JAOll ur.NT Fun.Uhed moruforone or two gen-
1 , at 101H Ci | Itolau'liue. S2J-tf
- , > 0l ! UKNT Se\cn room homo , cor 2U4 and
] 'Webster btrcet , J30 501 el month. lniiilro | 1811
Cats street. 323-30p
lj > 01t UE.NT I'lc.ijant furnished rooms.1707 Cass.
I1 312-10i >
iriUlt Ui : . > T A new neatly ( limited rolUgool five
_ l } roomi , within two lilroin from stores on M
Jlarj'acr.iiB. . Apply at W ) man College. 111320
< 0ll UKNT Kurulshed loom , 117 south 17th St.
1 SM SOp
fTiOlt HUNT A nicely ( ur.n hcd front mom suita-
1" bie for oue or two gintlemeu. No , 317 north 10th
street , W53p
.Vm 1 | IUN : T-A lumUhcd room at 1816 ; chlrajo ;
IIK.NT A toro , aUo half of anotlur store ,
171011 north If.lh htrrol. 310 27p
71011 UKNT Mccly fui llbod uiU of 2 roams , 316
' W. ISth St. B76.lp ]
iiMilt nr.M - Anuu moiuamt live rooms oterhvad.
I1 Northcait corner cf 17th mil Nicholas itireli ,
nrar oil workr , 92'4p
KENT-To drn'Nt of attorney , half of double
1 iifllee , loo.itnl wltliln one block of I'axton Hotel
Addicts "Ilex. " lU'U olllce. VOO 3 p
1T > 011 lliXT-Afurnl : hcil liont room , > t OJS South
I1 SCthht. SOO-lo
KENT luulh front toom/lOU
FOU fctrett. 283 2p
171)11 ) HUNT AluiUHi with ul.'lit looms. Warn
1 HwlUler , 213 Miutli 14thM. 290-tf
1710U UK.STAn tluiiant buck btnouient H. V.
1 corner lath an.l Iojk-o ) fits , one block from / it
oilier ; 'J5. p.r mouth , Uorsj & lliunner , 1134 ,
Karnani bt. i.1l0
171011 HENT rurnlihed room ISIUUod.-eSt.
1 SM-SCp
lll'Nr 1'leaiant room , furnUhad or unfnr
1 nlihid , vn tulta ortluglu , Ih'U lU > eupoit street
T7IOH It Kl'-NlcoU lurnUlud front room 1K09
1 IXxigo ttr t.
OU"llTNT : r-urTiT Tit4 i > r uufurnUIm.1 uitiTor
' ulthpiit Liciid , two roiiuu In it line iitljjbborluuJ
cc HH Jilc-nt t > Strict oar , 2817 Clark * Bt. 139-1
Fort TIENT A farnlthfd room ItOO Farnam St.
Iji > ll HK.ST Jnre woontl story rotim St.fuitablo ( Ar
innnufirturlng , Apih 1113 ( Urnrv St. 'S ' > '
KENT Furnished rooms 190S K rnmU
| rre-v
KiH K1-.V1 Xiceljr luianheU Irout room l lf
1 Dodge street. 110-tf
f pOltHKST Six tnom oo4U ? , flu * location , hy 3
J' T. 1'ettrwn , 8. K. car. 15th and DOH | M. 617-ti
1011 RtXT : Rootr.9 In Crounw'a Block , n. M
I7OK IIK.VT Oui grtn'l ' * 'iuiro piano. Inqulr ,
1 } olBdholm and Krlotaon. 440-tl
' One rood six rom house * H6p r mo
I7 0It HAI..K A zoo < ] frame house , 5 roorci , ! lls in
1 pooil order Mint lx > moved at once. Aj > rly to
Ilic Wcitirn Nawepapcr ULIOII , cor. lith and flow-
Mil ItlCCtl. 311 If
. Two IjcJstenJn with unltrtnw * . Al > -
| > ly No. 1118 N. 17th streetMl * Joneon.
315 lo
JMHSAIjK TwoiLcoml lutid ttoits , ? S inch , nr
1 both $ 6. ' Hilt , " Dee o.1eo. ! 330-tl
I roils \t.E A KOOiI lot 23il ana Chrt ttcet. Also
n liouiuot D moms to rent , orucr ISth anil Clraco
A | > | ily on prcmlsoj. 335-4p
TJlOlt SAI.B C'llKAl' A Rood laundry bti'lnem for
JUntnan ulthasmall family. Kent only f 12.10.
Uill 7I8S. Oth street. ; : BMp
Jr > Oll8A > * K Very chinp liulMliiRR and lettehoM ,
1 1CS S llth st.tct , below Douglas and Dodge.
J7 < Jit SAI.U A good side bar buggy 217 H. ISth
1 street. SM-tl
J"llOU SALK 76 jards ol RODd Ilmsselscarpet , now.
1 Also ono fit of parlor furniture , scvon I lccc § , or
ulll trido for n horse. Henry Drown , 23J and Mich
igan aenuc. . 11)3 tf
I7 > OH SALE Wholcsa'o notion waffon , horsoi , hir-
' ness , all complete , nith established route In ncs-
tern Iowa. WlU bo suldchcip. Satlslactory reasons
for tollluf. Incjulte lice ollico. SPS-lOp
poll SAM : Hotel The Oxford hoiiso , the best
' location In thlsi emir ( city , for further ) artl-
culars , call on or address 1' . Jr. Kleth , proprietor
Oxford House , Oxford , Neb 3uO-7p
T70H8AI.KCHEAP 3 lot In W. A llcdlik'i nddl-
i1 tlori. Inquire Of Chan. Uoughcity , U. J' . freight
house. 317--JH'
T10U 8ALK 1CO.OCO brick tt Florence , 86. ro per
? thoiiBand at kiln. It , W. Cowan. 317p
T70lt SALK OR TRADE Hardwnro store for Neb
JL1 landa. W. G. Spurrier , WlotaIowa.
lOOi-eat o w 4tp
SALS lruu ) stock in Southern Nebraska , In
IpOll 1 town with Rood trado. Will Imolco about
16'OdolUra For particulars address "L. L. " care
of the Bee. 231-Sji
? Ull .SAl.i ; Chop a second hand hl n
1 Inqulro at Simpson's Catrlairo Facton , DoJ e ,
between llth and 16th , 230 tf
SALU 520 acron land on .Middle Pcatur , In
ginltli county Krtns.1950 acre under fence ,
plenty of lit Ing water for stock. Gooil frame linnio
10x23 , with kitchen 12x20. 200 acres In culthatlon ,
price81,000 , Terms 4 cish , balance on time to suit
[ lurtliascra. Will aUo fill 00 head cattle If purchaecr
IcilrcH. Address Thoiu.ts Mitchell , Kmltli Centre ,
Kansas , orl'uiton k Qro\c , HUcrfxi , Neb. 257-lm
FOR SAL1 > A stock ol ttcncral merchandise , nnd
Btore for rent In a thrhlnn Nobraskfi town. Kcr
I'articulars , address "Q. U. " Bee olllce , Omaha.247'tf
EtOlt SALi ; XillKl ) House , brick , thrco ntorlcn ,
only hotel in town , 0 rooms , to lea'o for3 or n
r'cire. The jiroprlotor of the N'tllu'li House wishes to
> ell the furniture and fixtures of thU hotel on cisy
: lmo and terms and lesno the hotfl f or tljio state J
above Alaouonld sell hotel outright , ItJaRrccablc ,
h'or inrtlculnrs Inquire of John J , King , Agent , Wcat
Point. Nebra < ka. 2490 !
1011 SALi : A fresh milk cow. Apply to W. Hoy-
F er , 1020 r.irn.un St Ml-tf
Ij-OR SALE 16U.OOJ brick ou cats at licllotuc. II.
L1 T. Clarke. 2l .
SAIK Furniture nnl fixtures ol n boarding
1 house dnlntr a good business. Best location In
town Apidy N. W. cor. 17th > nd Capitol a\cnuo.
° .t1-30p
FOIl SAIU Fiosh iniUh cons at rny yards In
North cmaha , near Ittncr's tricl.yaul. J. W.
Penny. 198 EOp
FUH HALE Stock , llxturcK , horse and wagon ,
nt first-class grocery store , a bargain. Apply "A ,
11 , C. " Bee olllco. IDB-tf
ITtOlt S A 1,12 Loose hay dclHcrcd in largo or small
1 quantities. A new line aide bar top buggy anda
wholesale notion or peddlers wagon. ; C. J. Canan&
Co. 176-1 m
FOlt SAM : A small , hut complcto stock ol frcs-h
groccrlej , ith n ijood tindo , m a good locality In
city. Addrc8s"0"IcoolIio. 100-lp
tJ SALE A wholetock of clothing , boots and
1 shoufl , buildings at cost , retiring Irani business.
U. H , Petcrion , 801 south Tenth street. 113.3m
FOIl SALK Cheap lots , $5 00 down > .00 per
month , and assisting worthy pcriona to build
nice little homes. 11. C. Patterson i Co. , cor 13th
and Farnaui.
TfOU HALE Two second hand pianos , at Kdho w
I1 & Krlckenn' * Mimlo Store ou Ifth St ?
l OU SALE Corner 8th r.nd Firnam , 00x132 feet
i1 now occupied by City Mills. Apply on prcmi ca
077-tf W. \ViLaIlAI : > S.
Ij'lOIl HALi : Bailer and cnglno. I have nearly
now tjollur and engine and Knowlo'd pump , 40
norsopower , for bile chtap. T. S. Clarkson , Hcliuy-
ler , Nib 022-lm
I7IOH SALK Northeint corner 20th and Cuming
V street O. F , Da > is & Co. , 1595 Farnam street ,
875 tf
FOH SALK Cheap , ft nice cottage , full lot , cltj
water 5 li'ocks f roai the court lioiue. M. Lee ,
roocr , 22.1 and Loavonwortn. S.r.7-1mn
FOlt S ALE-Englnos now arid second hand 10 h. p.
15 h , p. and 20 h. p. portable- and stationary ; also
boilers of any nlzo aud style. Hlchard & Clarke , U , I'
U Y. bit. 17tn and 18th Ht * . Omalm. 613-tf
FOR BALI ? A printing oflico suitable lor a oinal
ncwxpapor or job ollico. Wll eell for cash or ox.
chungolor Omaha City property. Addrces' X. Z. ( > '
Bee olllco. 488 tf
FOH tIALK Two open nooom.iiar | < 1 lug-tgs | in
oce delivery wagon , cheap , t I31U Dmney t.
STUAYUD \ toJ milch cow , 3 years olJ , with a
* hlt Hpot In bhape cf a heirt , In the lace , anil
rope on her horns. Kewardof $5 will baal > l Urlau
i Sclavsnli , Ilo9 Dauglai street. 331 30p
QTIIVYKD OR STOLEN A largo red cow about 0
Kjycnrs old. one ear split and ono rut off. Kinder
will return to Cba ttot , tth and Harcy street.
O311 A Knight Templar Witch Charm , going
M < am south 20th street and St. Marj'uaunuo to
U 1' . depot , nr on 14th , lUth Douglas nr How
ard H reels A liberal reward Mill bj paid to finder ,
If rcturlle > to olllci of Nebraska Implement Co. , 4U
3,14th street. 3IS-2p ! )
STOLUN One i4nrk bay horst and platform wagon
at the circus grounds. A liberal reward will be
paid for his recoveryTlmnnJk Co. , ISth and Datcn.
portStB. 322-29p
IfiOHND A ladles wrap wu found In the circus
1 tent Friday afternoon. The owner can hear
of Its whereabouts I.v applying at I his olllco , de
scribing mine and.pajlng for thij advertltomont.
D . H. 1' . Jensen hasr mo\ed his ofllee ami resi
dence to the N , K. corner 16th and Lca\cnworth
IV TUB. SCIIHODKU. Magnetic HealerK now ocated
111 at 1821Cusetrtet. Uiagnosci diseases free ,
PHIVV vaults , links and cesspoolJ cleaned with
tanlUry cleaner , HAtlsfictlon guaranteed by V.
U Abcliucociisorto ( J. M. Smith , ) box 378. 97i-lm
K f\f\ \ Cash will buy ( plcndldlldo-b rbu ( ri
U.UU at U10 Farnam street , 000 tf
S r. A A Cash ill buyancxcollcntrlJInirordrl.
JiJ.UU ( logdouble buna , at 13101'ariiam.
HAY for prime baled hay at lowest prices , ad-
die's T , S. OI.AHKSON ,
e:0-lin Schujlor , Neb ,
MUIIHAY hasgooa putiirmg. Spring water.
fl MKUN Hi the tubscrller on hi * enclosed land
I about 4 mlloj north of MilUrd in Honshu county
N'elri < l > aon the His tUy of July , IS , a sorrel pony
br.ii''oJ "II. A. C" on the light hind Hank , tup-
posed to IM ) ub.iitSOvr old Hi.SRV : ll'H. IM
Bcpterr.bor ! 0th , leSt V-3-ltw5w
. 1'artlei htvlnc abtnuoncd home-
utiMililn Noithwo-it Kan o * , | linu corre iK > ud
uithmo by lt er t once. I'nao Jlulliolland , lleil
Entatt ) uij Financial agint.oilou , Kansas.
/"IKNTIULHOai'JTlli-Cor. 14th * nd Jones , re-
W rclviM | atlt'nU tuHering from any Uucaiu cot
contagious. A ) o div Ui a delicate con lltlon
18J 1m
IP 6
bxw ;
Wo have the largest and best stock of Shoot Muslo In the city , O3inprising Ber
lin , Vienna , Peters' "Leipzig" Cheap Edition , Brosluu , Mayonco editions.
Small Goods and General Music Merolmndiso of all Kinds ,
J owolry of a designs made to order. Largo stock of
Diamonds and Fine Gold Jewelry.
HowardWaltliam , Elgin , Lancaster and Columbus Watches
Cor. 15th nnd Dodqe , opposite Postoflice.
iJU .
Sold Ly - L. B. WILLIAMS & SON , S. P. MORSE & CO. , - Omaha , Neb
Fine Silverware. iante ! Clocks
Walnu Clocks at Bottom Fdces.
J. n. MILLARD , President. WM. WALLACE , Cashier ,
Capital and Surplus. S5OO.OOO.
Flro and Barf/lar Proof Safes for Kent at f m 85 to $50 per nnnuin.
Finest Stock of Real Bronze and Builders' \ ,
Hardware in the State.
Largest Assortment of General Hardware and
Mechanic's Tools m the City.
250 jmgo Illustrated Catalogue Free.
1405..DouDlas ? street , OMAHA