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    I > AHA BEE
: n , No. 010 Vnrnnni 8f
CcnncllBIufTaOmoc , No 7 Pen I St
trcctKcar Broadway.
New York OfUcc , Iloom.O5 Tribune
ntery rrornluir. , eirr > pt Th
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Out Vint . 310.W I ThtoeWont hs . .
r. . l 1 One Mouth . 1.00
ret VT k , M Osnia.
ttr TK i . Jt.00 1 lime Mctitbe . t M
> telfanni . ] .w | Or.o.Month. . . . to
A.inrnin S Ttt Omnpiny , Solo Agtntr , Uow8 < ! a1.
A Cfl tBunl Uonfl routine ; ' , Newt and KA'torM
tttontfcmMtanddlecteJ to Iho nation OV Tin
ursKin trrrEM.
All Pmto M Txstsora 'nnd IVinlttweM nhonlJ bt
dd reused t'lTrntlrBr. Pontwaisn CtjxrAirr , Q AII * .
Ttnttf , ChojlB and rortotfto ordora to lx < waao p y-
* ib1 to ttau order ol the company.
E. nosn\7ATEr . Editor.
A. K. IFitct , Mnna pr Dully Circulation , * ) .
Bor188 Chnabn * - '
OT Bor , - ,
Qx Saturday Inat aovcn coiivicta wcro
whlpocd tit Now Castle , Dolmvnro ,
in the prcoonco of four hundred people ,
It ia n matter of curpriso that the atato of
Delaware continues to maintain the whip
ping poot. It ia n rolio of barbarism ,
nnd should not ho allowed to diagraco
that atato nny longer.
A Gr.EiT many people nappoao that
the Christian name ol Wcllor , the groou-
-back congressman of Iowa , is Calamity !
This is a mistake , na it is Dimply n nick-
namo. The ICow York JShtr naya ho got
the n.imo because ho tried to dodge pay
ment of n note by B.iyim ; lia signed it
whoa Buffering from a calamity being
struck on the head by a alone.
IT ia consoling to the people of the
United States who have boon deploring
the decay of our once glorious nnyy to
know that England ia in the aarao boat
with un. The Pall Mall Gazette asaorto
that the boasted nupromacy of England
on the seas ia now a thing of the paat ,
and to regain it will cause the expendi
ture of 59,000,0000 The British navy
is declared to bo far inferior to that of
Franco , but wo question whether It
would require 50,000,000 to put the
English nnvy in the lead.
Mn , KEELY on Saturday last gave an
exhibition of hio mysterious motor in
the presence of a largo number of Block-
holders in the motor company. The test
wau made nt Sandy Hook by moaun of n
small cannon , the motor form taking the
place of gunpowder , nnd it ia said that it
was highly satisfactory. Mr. Kooly n.v
aurcd the a&aotnblago that by the lot of
December he expected como grand results ,
and that the present year would BOO the (
motor perfected. Ho proposes to apply
it to telegraphy as well as to the move
ment of machinery. Sir. Keoly may P
not , after nil , bo so much of a crank na
some people suppose , lie certainly linn in
BOIUO good backers , among the number of po
wealthy brokeru and manufacturers being
Philadelphia , Now York and Brooklyn.
"I am not a Monopolist or an Anti- at
monopolist : I shall attempt to repres
ent our yooplo to the boat of my ability , mi
and care lor their interests , if I go to Si
Lincoln. " IS
Such are the sontimontn of Goo. D.
Moiklojohn , Esq. the Kopublican nominee orCi
for state senator for Ci
nee Boone , Nanco ,
Morrick and Greoloy counties. Cedar itrci
Jtapids Era. rci
Thooo who are not with us are against pi
us. The man who straddles the lending ho
local issue in the present campaign can of
not bo Hifoly trusted with a neat in the he
state senate nonato. Mr. Moikljohu maybe nc
bo competent and honest , but Ell
if ho 1ms no clear convictions th
on the question of railway regulation , th
after all that has boon said nnd written im
on that subject , ho is not fit to represent or
the farmers of Boone , Nance , Morrluk BlU
and Grooloy counties in the next Jcghla nn
taro. In our own experience with legis Oil
lators , wo have never made n ye
mistake in counting n trimmer , bu
who is "good lord and good sir
devil" on the monopoly oido. Mr. hoOn
Meiklojohn may bo an exception , like On
"Burnuia'a white elephant but wo would lib
advino nobody who desires anti-monopoly sta
Ian a passed by the next legislature to tin
take any chances on him.
Tun iron rule of monopoly is well il. ov >
lustratod by the condition of allalra in ;
wil ,
the coal regions of Pennsylvania. According
cording to the Philadelphia Jlccord the
producers of anthracite coal have agreed ( { 01
tie ;
to combine on the out-put and prices. tie
The percentages assigned to the different
companies are as follows : Heading , Oran
40 ; Lohigh Valley , 10 ; Delaware , Lacka- ind
wanna and Western , 17 ; Delaware and
Hudson , 12 ; Pennsylvania Railroad company
pany , 0 ; Pennsylvania Goal company , -1 ;
and Lake Erie and Western , 1 , Thin coal
monopoly , while starving the minors , ha
levies a tax on all the coal consumerM of nc
the country. The consumers , however , out
would not object to the tax if the mo ho
nopoly would only pay its employes pn
living wages. The avcrago wages of the fci
, miners of Pennsylvania run coi
from CO to 00 cents a day. They ro
cannot thomselvu und
certainly support fn
their families on such pay , If they can ad
from actual ntarvatlon do-
keep they are - E\
lug bettor than one would eupposo they Epa
could on euch wages. The condition of pami
thceo miners ia indeed deplorable , and ah
thcr cough' ' | to bo eomo remedy against of
the grasping greed of monopolists who rci
heartlt'eoly rob them by all tons of com a
When iho of coal
binations. eupply go
exceeds the demand , thu miners 8m
cither reduced to half time or laid oil' ini
until the deuuud picks up again. The ot :
millionaire monopolists dp not lote n all
rinllxr , Imt it is the operatives who have who
to pay the losaet and undergo hardships wJwi
of all kinds , whenever there is na over * wi
or & decline in priced. th
Twenty-five yours ngo the first petroleum
troleum discovery WM m&do near Titus
ville , Pcnnsvlvanib , and since that Urn
the IVitnoylvftJiij oil regions have tup
piled the principal mnrkota of the worl
with oot l oil. Five hundred millie :
gallons were exported last year , and
thfa vast quantity Germany took th
largos 1 , part , The recent rcporta fret
the oil fields on the Apnheron poninsul
hi the Ca pian ftcn , twar the town o
Baku , nr.tutally cnuwroino ulc.rinnnirn
the American oil producers , for the ind
citiona are that tlwso oil fields will crc
long supply the Etiropo n d mnnd
particularly tliAt of Germany. Such I
rotul ( wouhl indeed bo Jiarvatroin foe '
lime nt leivit to the American oil indus
try , especially in view of tko fact tli :
there is now a vait over-production.
It hna long been known tlmt potmlotn
existed near lUku , which it n city o _
Homo 40,000 or 50,000 people. The
Uakti ciil field was for some yoara after |
the American discovery controlled by ono
man , mid there wan much complaint of
Iho monopoly which ho exercised. Ii
1807 n commtislon investigated th
matter , and finally in 1872
relief was obtained by th
abolishment of the monopoly , The oi !
industry nt Ikhu thereupon began to
grow very rnpfdly , llio production , whicl
in 1870 amounted to 8,500,000 gallons
increased to 2 ! , ( M5,000 gallons in 1875.
The trade , however , was ntill oonsidera-
bly hampered by n duty which took the
place of the monopoly. Tina duty wns
abolished in 1878 , and this gnvo a now
impetus to the industry. The produo
tion ! < jumped to 200,000,000 gallons ii
fem years. This abolishment of the
monopoly , the removal of the duty , and
development of the Baku oil wells are ,
duo principally to nn enterprising
man named Nobel , who was formerly n
celebrated Russian engineer. IIo is
now the principal owner ot the Baku
oil wolla , although there are other operators -
orators , who , however , continue to work °
tlio wells in the primitive stylo. The exact -
act nrcn of the oil field haa not been as
certained. A tract wnly about four
miloa eqnnro is being worked , but this ia
only n small portion of the oil producing at of :
region. There have boon about ' 100
wells sunk , none of them being over 7001 , . ,
foot deep. Nobel , lost year sank a to
well which llowod 50,000 bar-
rola ! n dny , nnd among his
pososiuona ho haa twenty-five others that
ro known OB ' fountnina. " While the i
transportation from Baku is not fitat- doi
, the facilities can bo readily irnprov-
ed It has a good harbor on the Caspian
sea , and is within reach of the European
markets by w&y of < ho Volga , nnd the
railways ncrosu western llusnia. Five
gallonn of oil can bo bought nt Bakn . for
ono cent , and it will bo noon tlmt thia ?
ptico is euro to bring it into direct com pn
petition with the American product in
the European markets , especially in those
the interior of Europe , the moat im in
portant of which ia Germany.
SOJIK few of the country pnpora nro
objecting to the permanent location of the nci
stnta ) fair at Omaha. They want it
moved from town to town like a circus. :
Suppose the state fair were hold at 101
Kearney , or Grand Island , or ColumbiiD , St
Fremont , or Hastings , or Nebraska lit
City , what kind of nn exposition would ; .
bo ? It would prove n failure in every iluv
rcupuct. Omaha nnd Lincoln are the only
places , where the state fair should beheld in
hold , nnd of tliouo two locations Omaha ,
course , is the bettor ono on account of
her superior advantages in the way of or
accommodations , mid the liboril n
support that she can give to ; at
the fair. The attendance of iy
the citizens of Omaha and the hn
immediate 'vicinity ia largo enough , o
nearly so , to make the fair n financial tai (
success at least. This cannot bo tiuid of fill
my other place in iho atuto. If Omaha
Miinoi ! , secure the fnlr for the next live
t'can ; < , then the next best place in Lincoln ,
if the atato board of agriculture do
tires to make both ends meet it will un-
locate the fair in Omaha.
Dttr citizens of course should bo very
iberal in their inducemonta , notwith-
itandlng the fnct that the manngora of
fair could well nllurd to locate it for
years in Omahn without demanding
vou < ono dollar as a bonus. Should Omahn
1 for
the fair for the next five years , she
at least havoto spend oomo money in
enlarging the grounda nnd adding to the .
general accommodations , as the oxpoai- .avu
ion ia yearly increasing in its proper cut
tions. However , if wo should fail in thia
matter wo can establish a permanent tin
Omahn exposition such as Kansas City T
other cities have , nnd which could irm
made moro of a success than the atato , to
. I1
' him
HANSCOM park , the pride of thn city , | j o 'j '
for some little time boon shamefully 'jtl
neglected. Who over the superintend- -tho
may bo the question arises whether
has help enough , or Is capable of s
properly taking care of the park , Thu : enta
fences are in a somewhat dilapidated roit
condition , and should bo immediately T
repaired. The walks should bo laid In ot
' "I
gravel , and the drives ou ght to bo mac- IK
vlimized , or otherwise improved. Ji
Everything that is hereafter done in the 'in '
park should bo of n substantial and per nuet
manent character. The city has jI'l \
I'l '
already spent u great deal unit
tnnnuy ou this public hoC
rcojrt , gome § 30,000 or $10,000 , and ilia u C i
pity that it should now bo allowed to irnoil
to wa&to and ruin. In some cities ' oil
millions of dollars huvo been upont tn 'in '
tnako artificial hllle , dales and glens , and > TO
1.0 .
other romantic features , while wo have
thcjo in a natural atato. Strangers ion
have visited the park are delighted 'hat
the spot , and pronounce it ono of
moat beautiful mid romantic litUo
parks in this country , Mid they think
Omaha has been very fortunate in tccur-
inc ; it for a compiufttivo trifle.
Tur. people of Omaha ought to erect
more brick buildings. In the first place
they are more permanent , and glvo the
city RU appearance of stability. Of
course , where buildinpa are liable to bo
lowered on the hills when the streets are
cut down it may bo policy to erect frame
boildinga. Kanaoa City , notwithstand
ing her hills , is almost entirely built up
with brick , St. Joe also has a largo brick
area , and has the appearance of n very
solid town. The dill'dronco in cost be-
twe n brick and wood ia not so great
si oomo people nupposo , and
the slight difleronco in cost is soon made
up in the naving of repairs. A frame
building has to bo constantly repaired
and painted , while the repairs on a brick
structure are comparatively few and inex
pensive. Besides , the insurance on brick
buildings is much loss than on frame.
In the erection of brick buildings wo cer
tainly encourage nn Important homo in
dustry ' , namely , the manufacture of brick ,
and this fact ought to bo taken into con
Now that the Farnam street grndo ifl
npporaching completion it bccomcn ovi-
dunt that a little more cutting should bo
done between Fifteenth and Nineteenth
Ltrcots. The grade ought to bo reduced
at least four feet at the Sixteenth street
crossing and correspondingly lowered until
. . .
til it reaches Nineteenth. Thia would not
seriously affect anybody , but on the
other , hand would bo a material improve
ment. The property ovnora between
Fifteenth and Sixteenth could well
afford to pay every cent of the expense.
Si'ch n cut would alao improve Sixteenth
street. It might for the limo being.
leave a steep grade between Farnam and I
Ilarney , but that must como down sooner -
or or later.
THE editor of TJJI : OMAHA BKU , in bin
private oflico In the city of Omaha , about
eight wooka ago , told the writer of this
article that ho would support James
Laird for congress , during this campaign.
* * * *
The best senator that Nebraska over
Imd , Hon. 0. n. VauWyck , Is in favor
if Mr. Laird's return , and ha knows him
his true value. Fairmont Jiuttctin.
The man r/ho Bays that the editor of
FinBinat : : anytime or place promised
support Laird for ro-oloction la an
unmitigated liar. It is equally untrue
that Senator VauWyck the best senator
ihat Nebraska over had ia in favor of |
Mr. Laird's reelection. SonatorjVanWyck
Iocs knoTr Liird at hia true value and ho
irill not hcsitato to toll the people of the
iccond district what Laird's services are iaa
Torth. a
THU "American politico > C
iiavlng its headquarters in Boston , has
mt n presidential ticket in the field , and
promulgated n platform "as is a plat
form. " It knocks the foreigner out ou
the first round , without oven giving him
my ; show. Thia "political alliance" t
the naturalization lawa repealed , inqu
ind demands the passage of an act mak- CO
nj a residence of twenty-ono years pi
iccossary to enable foreigners to vote or CO
mid oflicial position in this country , ox- .
opt when tmch foroign-boru citizens ca
lorvcd In the army or navy of the United do
States ; also the pasaago of an act pro- Vfl
libiting the formation of political organi foi
sations composed of foreigners cx- su
ilusivoly. This platform la conclusive th
jvidcnco : that there are a few idiots still hi
mining nt largo in Massachusetts. to
VIOTOUIA Scholllng , Morosini's dnugh- br
, will probably accept Iho offer to alng rei
concert for twenty nights at Niblo'a of
nnlcn at $500 n night. A little notori- SU
, no matter of what character , ia.nll hi.
lint is required nowndaya for n person
rocolvo i nn invitation to go upon at the saf
ago at n good salary. Mrs. Scholling pn
draw n crowd who want to aeo her
uat to satisfy their curiosity. '
I cla
1 never miracd n giunllo . ,
To plad 1119ltli itu soft blnck eye , t.j
lint wlion Itcnino to know mo well ! : , ny
Anil love urn , itva.s HUIO to die. Im
It is tlio democrats who nre now wa\ing thu qu
body Sclmr/ . ind
Btumi ] epealcora are in danger of getting wil
heir tvoth euubiirnt. qu
Wo fltniul corrected , Mnlno didn't po hall
out. She wont hoa > on bout , by 1'0,1UD. , pin
Bulford , who failed to ( 'i't ro-noinliitUiun ind
coiiBri'83 in Colorado , is riinninff "wild. " nol
A circiiB man out west Ima boon Bold out for aid
ubt. HU'HIX Ruud deal like JJutlor IIO'H got
.osliow. [ YoiikcrH sUtosiimu.
did not desire the nomination , Imt aiuco I
ri'cuivud It. I do w-uit to bo vlco presl- Din
awfullybad , tllendricki ) .
llondiicUfl UilnlcBlio Is the cork on Clove- dis
nil'H iisli linont iircsont. Clovulnnd tldnkn cou
n very heavy blnkor. [ SyracuieStaudanl. the
The man who wrote the democratic plat- ino
Is gald t bo at work on a now style of toi
icyclo which will run in euvcutoon directions o
once , try
Prohibition St. John now fools how ilmrpor sli
n thankless tooth It is to Imvo n eorpunt Lliis
hlld. Ilia boy In thu land ulllco uwoara that rill
will vote for Jllalno.
dUtiiictlon Involving a palpable dltTorcnco
bogus applicant for campaign club ox-
in n torture ; the gouulno n torcher ,
St. 'f -churgaa nn ndinlaslon foe of 2 rol '
to all his cnmp mootliih-i ) . Jluatncliu
COIU09 high , but \vo must Imvo it , [ Uo rep '
Kvonlug Journal , I sol
The Oil City Ulizzard thinks Clovclnml "ia dei
receiving the wild , hilarious support of the inly
proas which charuutorlzed the early atti
tngoi of the oiinpulgn , " the
U Haid that JIra , liovn Lockwood Iwars u I
triklng resflinblnncc to tlio Into Mis. l.ydia t *
Mnkhani. The Worcester Onzetto tliiulta this ' ° 10
bo n campaign Blunder.
As Go\urnor Cluvclaiul poudv'H on the mul-
tplymg cooliuiss of the iiulupcndonts how ho
' dwell -If ho known thorn ou these
bundling and uxproitivu Hues :
Cominlttfloinaii "fhoD , tir , you rafiun to
contilbnto to our campaign fuudl" Gov- Ing
irninout uerk ! "I do. " "Whom , then , do iz'H
iutoml to BuppotlV "Aly fiunlly. " pul
The report of the death of lion Duller in pat
Jinaha waa cuuted by the doaporuto Blcknom haii
ruuilit on by old lluii' nttemiit to swallow sou
dtuuocr tie patty. - [ IVoru 'I'latiBctipt , clir
Jr ) , I * Fury Widlcor U to have a cabinet pou * tin
under the Lockwood ailinlnUtratlon.
In the way thing * will go under a fuinnlo flui
Tusiduiit. Kvur/thlng ill run to nutiiuio ho
rio-a-brac , um
Ivcutucky tuny Invu hsr fuulls but the has icnt
s.vnarad treed many of th-/m
thmv \ rofulnz | to
rflnoininato John D. W foj
L , ( lft conRrc , .
Thi * may bo a .terrible . l > hW ftt the crank
p-iitoii In Amorlcn , but.i , como , like ft 8VVCBt
rHwiitotboIong-sutrer. , , , , . 1Ilteigent | | peaplo
of tlio country.
"The funds all /y. r . fijouicj tj,0 depn -
lorn ,
'Kvory eenVroplNl ( the prwt Jont.
i\roiy \ ° 1'wira llllt ( h" hilt nothing ? "
cyihK | ' " " thu countryl"-Xcw [
o kS
Tlio * , srne of "fiddlers" applied to a now
political ! faction In South Carolina , reminds
i of tlio dnys of " " "
"loco-focn/i" and "Ixirn-
bur-nrrs" and the liko. ' 'Uddlm" are a ort
of i-ndopctidont , glviufr Iho psotiliar nnmo
cauno d 'mn < ratii ray they jihy second h'ddla
to the rcpubllcnna.
Uolva A. I.ockwood Ii a "vidow , " It h
mid tlml Mio pnrnH § 10,000 a year a * n'Mnpart-
mcnt lawyn. " Hho always Retstho claim and
wlnn her caic. Bolva l nearly CO if n day ,
bright ns a ni-w dollar , keen wilted , honeit ,
nnd nit a nhnm. Hho is not anliainrd of the
tricycle or the candidacy ; not she.
The Oil City UlbMKird Pays : "It Is tr < uifo {
how deeply interested many of the candidates
are m the salvation of the country. The feel
ing ti-em no deep that n person who doecn't
know better might bo led to the conchnion
that Iho averngo candidate connidcrs his own
sahatlon and that of tlio country inioparable ,
the latter depending mainly on the former. "
[ Carter Han-linn plowed his sloorsdown in
old Kamtuck when n boy. Wo now know
where the story originated about the fellow
hitching hlnnelf In the yoke \vllh n calf to
break It , and sailing over the plantation yell-
intf , "Horn wo come , d n our fool souls ! "
Carter mint have boon thu man who gave the
calf lossoni. [ 1'ooria Transcript
Mr. llutherford B. llnyos , roadmastrrof
I'rcmnnt ' township , SunHnsky comity , Ohio ,
announces In a local paper that he will not
' make any nprechei during the picsent political
campaign. It la understood that Mr. 1 [ ayes
is now engaged upon Iho greatest effort of hia
hffl a rococo hencoop with Queen Anne
porches and agothle back door which opens on
a South Kensington feed-box. Mr. llayns
will aluo bo rcmomboroU as the gentleman who
ate Mr. Tlldcn'u Thanksgiving dinner in
Ciittlnir the ' .Ticker ,
lililo Springs Motor ( Hop. )
A great many republicans have stated
to ua that to cut n part of the state
ticket would injure the success of the i
national ticket. "Wo can not see it in
that light. Wo can elect 'Shodd lieutenant - "
ant governor by twenty thousand ma
jority and snow old Dawos under a bank
of snow so deep that old Sol's rays will
never melt away the political snow bank
that will cover his political remains. You
can walk up nnd down our busi
ness atroot , and ninotcon-twcutioths of
iho men you mcot will toll you that
they are going to vote ngaiiist Dawes.
You cannot find a republican among that
number that will cut Blaiuc , Shcdd , or
any other good man for the sins of an
other. It would bo just as reasonable to
kick out of n public school all the teach
ers because wo dialiko ono of them ,
Men , who have the sand to cut n rascal , of
have the judgment to select the wheat
from the chaff. It ia the sensible read
ing public who are going to scratch ; and
you can reat assured that they will vote
carefully nnd judiciously.
Morton ruul tlioTailfT.
Sidney 1'laindealer-Tolegraph. " * nit
The irrepressible J. Sterling Morton
again before the people of this state as of
candidate i for governor. Morton is a til
free trader to the core , a member of the die
Cobden ( club , of England , and doubtless diemi
many of our Sidney people remembered ab
his bombast "Tarifa" speech of two da
years ago. we
Attorney General. ch
Western Celt. an
Mr. the democratic scl
Montgomery , nominee -
inoo for attarnoy general , is a man fully od
qualified to fill that important oflico. In fr
comparison with his adversary on the re crc
publican : ticket there is indeed a striking- thi
contrast. If Mr Lease Is elected to this chi
oilico this fall instead of Mr. Montgom SOI
ery , wo will forever believe the republi
can boast that they can elect a yellow
dog in Nebraska. Loaao'a nomination
was a burlesque on the legal fraternity Te
the stato. The mon who
forced his nomination cannot ma
surely bo his frioilds. It was
the greatest Injustice to him to impel po
him : to exhibit himself bcforo the pee pai
plo. The man has not ono qualification Oh
0 fit him for the oflico. There was a lee
clash between Senator Van Wick and tlio IltU
brass-collared ; tribe ho has spurned , the IltUMl
result was the abortion , the nomination No
thia honest but illiterate man. But an
surely ! the citizens of this fitato cannot ani
soiiBumniato the injustice by electing bal
liim. . Fortunately the democrats have
nominated a man for whom the people can iiy
iafoly vote , and Mr. Montgomery will
rove fully worthy of their support.
Weaver ou the Tariff. the ;
I'dllor Lincoln Journal. Pa
Certain I newspapers claiming that I first Fo
'oted | against striking out the exacting Th
luuso in the Morrinoii bill , and at the ru- goi ;
juest of Hon. E. K. Valentino changed a
> vote , I desire to say that I voted the boi
jrat and only time that I voted ou that boi
lucation to strike out the enacting chuso , oar
that Mr. Valentino was in Nebraska , cut : .
ivith a sick wife , and did not vote on the i jlls
juostion. ; I'0.3
1 am in full accord with the republican J01' !
platform on the question of protection , lis '
have never said anything nt any time
in accord with the principles there
down. A. J. WiiAVint.
1'ark Godwin ,
ilair Republican.
iistrict attorney by the democrats. They
ould not have placed a stronger man on
ticket , In our opinion. Somewhat
noxporioncod and youthful when elected
the difficult position ho now fills , its
rying emergencies have boon mot with
ignal ability , firmness and diicrotion.
does not signify , however , that ho
walk away with his onorgotlo com-
ictitor , Estollo , as ho did with Mr. 13 urn-
mm. The situation is changed
iVashington , Burt and Sarpy have an old
core to settle with Douglas county , and
hey can settle it very satisfactorily by
'oiling up a round majority for a staunch
'opublican instead of allowing thorn-
elves to bo represented by an Omaha
lemocrat. The Republican entertains
kind foolinga for our district
ittornoy , but ho is ou the wrong side of
fence , In a position to aak for
opublican votes which ho must have to
elected ,
A Study of Nolirnuks. Politics ,
ipoclul to the Chicago Daily News. Crc
OMAHA , Nob. , Sept. 10. A study of urn '
tolltics in Nebraska reveals an interest- 'OH
atato of afTm-H. Ever since its organ-
z'ltion the stuto haa been intensely ro-
mblicau. Its fealty to the grand oil I
tarty hni boon stronger proportionately Chi
that of Kunsas or IOWA , Public ChiDr
lontiment , however , haa been quietly Dr.
ihaiicing siueo Jay Gould got control of
Union Pacific railroad. That nstuto DP )
luaucior was not content with matters as
found them , llo wanted over ) thing
mdor hia thumb and used All his emi-
resources to got the whip-hand cf
party politics and to run the legislature
m favor of railroad corporations. The
republican conventions were packed by
railroad fllawyors , agent * , auditors nnr1.
others who fnvored tlio grasping ninn < , {
corporate "monopolies nnd were filling
to manipulnlo the state nomination ? .
Sitting Hull nnd Civilization.
Chicago Herald.
Sitting Bull ia about the lost man on
earth ont would expect to discover nny-
thing wrong with our civilization. Ho is
n aavn ro mul n dull wilted ono nt that.
Ho has never been noted ns n philoso
pher. It hnn not been suspected that ho
had brains enough to look upon any ono
fact , nnd say that it was Inconsistent
with another. Ho has apponrcd to bo.n
wild man who took things about na ho
found them nnd naked no questions.
In thia ho haa been mijjudj'ert. After
spending n few dnya in Now York city ho
told nn inquirer that the most surprising
thing about civil zation was the fact that
little children nro sent on the streets to
make money when they ought to bo nt
play , White men accustomed to such
things would pass troopa of these little
money getters nnd wago-winnem daily
without n thought. The anvngo from the
laud of the buffalo noted it instantly ,
ana evidently hnd boon reflecting upon it
to some extent before his opinion was
naked. It required no Caucasian educa
tion or civilizition to convince him that
such an arrangement could not bo desir
'Ilia fact that many states have passed
laws forbidding the employment in shops
and stores of children of tender years
shows that public opinion has not boon
unmindful of the evil , nnd proves further
that without such restraining legislation
thcro would bo much more child labor
than wo now soo. All through the man
ufacturing districts of the cast little boys
and girls find themselves condemned to
toil which has no end but the grave.
Swarms of them may bo seen going to
their work early in the morning , dinner
paila in hand , or returning haggard and
weary in the evening. In nil Lirgo cities
thousands of them nro so engaged in fac
tories . , stores nnd offices or ou the streets.
At ngcs when the children of the well-to-
do , nro preparing to outer school without
ar idea ns to the source of food or cloth
in ing , or the value of money , these little
to are experiencing the full measure
of the world's selfishness , and nro finding
in the rough contact with thousands of
their elders in the struggle for broad the '
stern truth that they must work or
That the bivilization which forces
these little ones to such cqortioua ia not
entirely a success in plain. Education ,
wholesome food , auitatilo clothing , and
proper recreation shsuld bo within the
rerch of all ; yet there nro thousands of
shildren in America who never have any
theao things , rnd whoso power to gain
thorn nil through lifo is reduced by the one the
very fact that in youth they were with mil
out them. Theao boys and girh will , if 1'Ic
th live , bo fathers and mothers. A
en which destroys health in
youth , which impairs the vitnltry of the
young , cannot fail lo leav lis dotnriorat-
iug { imyress upcn the race physically and
In nil thin hard struggle for the poorest
food nud clothing , it is not strange V
that ! tha Dakota uavago was unr.blo to
discover any advantage which civilization
might claim over barbarism. In their h
aboriginal stito the Sioux had an abun Hat
dance to oat and to wear. Their children
were tenderly caaed for until of un ago us
that warranted their introduction to the tl.U
chase , and then in all the barbaric sports tl.UA
and pastimes they were given the fullest A
schooling. Aa their parents hnd sustain- Addable
Jifo so they were taught. They had
fresh air , exercise hoaltn and sport. Of
creature comfort they had more than
these enjoyed by thousands of white able .
shildren. Civilization ought to offer A.
something bettor than barbarism , not for
the few only , but for all.
An Exceedingly Mean 11 cui ark.
Texas : Sittings.
Dak )
Bob ] Nickolby married a wealthy old add
naiu ser her money. She paints hor- Onu
BOl up nnd makes quito a handsome ap-
aoaranco : , at a distance , at balls and vv
iartisa. On the other hand , Sam tlon
3huzzlowit'a wife ia young and good-
ooking naturally. Both wore in attend-
nice at a ball on Austin Avenue , and ami
Mra. Nickolby waa painted like a doll.
Soxt morning Nickolby mot Ohuzzlowit
ind raid : Ice
"Our wives looked beautiful at the
jalllast night. "
"Yes , " responded Ohuzzlowit , "and tHa
wife looks that way yet. "
The Brilsh scientists are journeying to
Hockey Mountains by the Canadian
Pacific. At one of the stations , Crow 11
Fee , a big chief , waa on the platform.
L'horo was a rush to shako his hand. Ono
ontleman purchased hia tobacco pouch , AilJ
long buck&kiu article , for ? 3 ; n lady AilJTC
nought his necklace for § 1 ; a gentleman TC
sought hia wi # for § 2 ; a lady bought his onie
arrinR9 fur § 3 ; another gentleman soured -
urod his moccasins ( leaving the chief in onieF
sock foot ) for § 1.75 ; a man cut off a F
oak of hia hulr ; a photographer took his
hotograph ' , and a reporter tried to buy F
shirt. It was a great day for Crow
7 >
IF ' FjFi
Fi [
o. ' ,
F Kin ;
F [
coinF [
on !
FlF [
F [ ?
Vnnllln.l.rmmi.OrmiBc , i > lc. , flavor CnUn ,
rcMiui lliiiUlliiui , tciii > ilfllraluly mul nut-
rally tbolVuU iVuiu \ \ lilch Iliey lire iiiuilo. F
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
ililcago , III. St , Loulo , Mo. F [
MtKCRI or r
. Price's ' Cream Baking Pov/dor part Ideil.
iNO Mrf
. , Price's Lnpulin Yeast Gems , , >
licit Dry IIu | > Veil. I. L1
; znr o-s
we luuti uvi ox Qiutnir. *
loincd on chJttcli. Uilltoad Ticket *
and Mid. A. Foreman , 213 S. Ittli
748 tl
VfONKY TO LOAN Ia UEH o ? JSCC. nd npwMd
1 > 1 0. F Durli ) nj Co. , Reftl Bttito nl Loft
15 } ! Ftrnum St. SC3-I
tmoll Inani a clo on rproved ercmlty , 1C17
flrnt. 812-lm
A 7AKTKD Stone Cutters , Attention Tlirto thou-
M Mtirl men Mantel to work on Iroostonoln Now
York city. GeM r y. I'Jjiht IIOHM. Work euro.
Cnnio &t mice. at any janl In Iho city , liy
onlcr nf the Master Stone C'uttcrs' Association. ; , ,
\VANTnD- A pond coat-maker. Steady work at
T so * l prices Will riiy fare. Address Iminedl-
otrly , J. W. Uo nlckUcalrlco , Neb. 102 27p
tccond hand sato , | 2,000 poumli
clithtor om. Mint bo clicap. Addrcn "M. "
, gltlng 1101119 and description. 10l-22x
\\TANTii ; ) A Rood l.iindry itlrl nttho Kminct
It House , llth meet , between Karnum nnd IMr-
nej. 1ST 7p
WANT2D-A plrl for lions * wotk at 1210 J f kson
Sti Scandlhaxlanpreferred. 18t-21p |
\ ANTCD-Dlnlng room plrl at the ScandlnaUan
II lljto' ' , on South lltli bt , 182.3p
" \\7"ANTii : ) An architectural draujhtsmnn who
II undcretanJsthoroughly oilico work , construc
tion , ami detail driHlni ; . Apply personally or by
letter , OooV. . I'luld , 022 raniani St. , room 9 , 2 < I
Floor. 181-SSi )
EUX goodrl | ! for RCticril house work tn
small Umllv. Ailj ] | 420 north ISth St. 3fO aij )
ANTiD : Oiiocncrifctlemantotcllood ( , tt
iniploynient. Call 421 oouth 10th St. l"
17ANTEI- Woman cook 1015 Hartley St. I
> "HI
"IT ANTBD 4 poo.1 slaters at Westoili Cornloo
works , 1110 DousrUs Street. ltO-2t
ANTKB-A l > oy JO J arn old ftt JmnlrV 100.
fctorc , corner lOih nnd Ijca\enworth Ma.
A stronff middle necil1 woman for a
rc'pomlblo position at the 1'axton Hotel , Inquire -
quire for House-keeper. U3-2p
/ANTKU-Aladyoookatnorthcast corner Ittli
and Howard street. 133-21p
TS/'ANTIID-A good Kill for kitchen work , BOI
II Plcrco street , cor. &tli. Good wages. Oerman
or Bohemian preferred. 161-22p
W ANTKD-A sottlnff girl at 1017 IIownrd. _
883 2Sp
WANTKU Olrl for Roscral house work at ' 39
Con\cntSt. Mrs. 0. E. Jfaycc. 818 tf
or country , to tnko nlco. light and pleasant
work atthclr own homes ; $2 to $5 per day easily and
ipilctly made : work lent by mall : no canvassing ; no
stamp for reply. 1'Icaso addicss llcllablo Mant'c Co. ,
Philadelphia , Pa. 03-1m
TITANTED Acnt8 ( to nonaio ino Hell Pat'nt
I T rt'eathcr t trips. Address or call on Ooo. W.
Dell , 1120 Harnoy street , Omaha , Nob. 530-lrap
WANTED By a wjdov lady , slouitlnn as house.- .
keeper , Addresa A , W. BEE office. Council
V ANTED A permanent situation with somn
larpo house by nn expert book-keeper and
horounh olliceninn.av'o 31. Al St. Louid refer- wh
'nccs fromlmpoitcr , w holcsalo d'ocery , liquors etc. . 2o.
security f rcn.uircd. English nnd German ,
"lease address II. Jones , 1S01 Ohio avo. , St Loul ? , Co.F
. 105-22p
rX7 ANTED nmiiloymcnt In any Kind of business
II by nGcrman man who speaks both lunxua cs
Lpplyat "C. 0 " No 7P3 bouth ISth St. 17S-23p I I
tTrANTFO Emplojacntbyapood Germanbutch- IF
Vl tr. UJInnnwcilcrI337H. ; lUhSt. 103-Slp ton :
rXTANTEIJ SCW'IIR In families by a good dress-
> maker. Jntiulre 317 N. 17th St. 152'23p F
El ) A sltution ng cook , In hotel or rcstau-
rant ' > y a colored man , Is competent and can
e the boit of reference , Call at or addrrs ? Joseph F
laths ! , south 16th St. 114-22p
city ;
PLANTED A position ns tlcrlc In Hardware or cityF
VI Wholesale house , ha\o had ten years experience F
proprietor. Ilcferoncca gl\cn. Addroaa 'C. A. " a.
liliclllco. _ 003-tf
J OUDK married man wants Eltuition as book-
CJL keeper , In wholesale tetabllshmtsnt In Omaha ,
iddrcai " 0. " Bco. Bie-tt nc !
_ . _
- and
rT7"ANTED To correspond lth a young lady that Fat
Vl would tra\cl with npontlcinau , businces profit- \at
ble , correspondcnco contideutal. Address "VV. M , wat i
i."caro of Jleo. H3-:3p sold
WANTKD A single gcutlcman desires room and For
board In German family \ \ hero the German Inn-
uago ; Is spoken.V1I1 pay reasonable price for treed ForF
cronunodatlons. Address 1' . 0. box G2U 100-24 ForF
HT'ANTKD Oatcly'a universal educator , CO.OOO F |
II ROM since January first. Agon's ' wanted In C
akotn , lov\a , and Nebraska. For terra call on or o
ddrcsjV. : . D. 1' . Lowry , roam 6,110 north 10th St.
Imaha , Nob. _ _ 171-27p F
nCTANTED Onelarjeor two smill unfurnished 60
rooms for man ami wife , state pricoand loca- the
. Address "E. " this otlico. 170-23p L.
v\ ANTED A sm II furnished or unfurnished F
rooms by a young man. Addrces , slntbf , ' prlco I ?
vvW location. E , 1) . Hcndy , Bee of Ilco 183-22p J.
W 'ANTED To boarilagcntloTan nnd his wife for KE
the winter. No other boarders. Address "H. " E
clllic. 14C-2I lion
Icr :
oems , furnished or unfurnish-
T cd , for light housekcepiuif. Address "X. E. W. " IcrE
Haollico. 137-24p E
IITANTKD Board man nml w Ho. state terms ami I
locrtlon. Addrces "K. " lieo oilico. 122-HZn I r-
ANTED Some ono to adopt nboy babe 4 months
old. Iiitjulra at 1'ocr housa. 117-23p box
IWANTEH Partner In tin nJ liardwaro Inulness F
established. Apply "Hardware. " Bee olllce.
120 23p
' VN'IEU Board and two rooms by n family of [
four In n prl\ate family , References oxchingcd. L1
ddrcss ' ! ) . H. " Bcoolllco. 105-21p '
nt/ANTED-SJ.OOO on flrtt-class city sceurity.for B
years , at 0 per cent. Address Box 020 1'ost- '
700-tf L1
I'ou aniiT - . .
Uonso-j n.2.3 : .
HUNT A small fiirnl-hed house , moderate
rent. Inquire 1013 JoneH St. 177-21p P \
7\01l KENT Furnished front room sultablo fnr
man and wife or two gentlemen , 2012 Humor Bt ie
8 0-27p
01l KENT rurnlshedrooms 1823 Capitol a\o. L1
HENT Three hnuicaol fix roorrseach.
ThrooStoiejon Cumlnit eticet-
Ihrceiligant i'lit3. : lUfercnces required
180-27 Opposite I'ostolllce. U
FOU HEM1 Fumlshdl room for onoor two gen
tlemen. Inquire at 1710 Ioun1aa ) St. 1GK-24
71011 KENT Two \ery desirable furnished rooms il
near street car line , eight minutes nallc from I' , otto
nnd convenient for t o orthrco gentlemen , can cbtH
obadby apply Ini ; to 8. E. cor , 20th end Chicago
irc'cU , or 1' . I' . C. Go's olllce. 181.J7p"
TtOlt KENT Newhouio with 3 rooms closets and "LJ
ce'llcr on 4tli nnil Walnut St. Inquire at August
ndonNeb. . llr and
om Fictorv. Chicago St. 167 22p
OH hhNl A nicely furnibluri room sultaule for rear
tu o gcntlemiin , 710 south lOtli St. 169-28p
TlOU : KENT nirnUlicd or unfurnished with or Tl
without board , two rooms In n line nelghborlijod hlt
omcnluit to Street car , E017 ClrarlcB St. 139-1 Inqu
TtOIt HENT THO new Iy furnished suits of room ) '
lor ccntlcucii , at 8.V. \ . coiner 20th and Hurt , 5
20th. 145-27 oT d
lee'lylurnlane l room 105 north 18th "
76S-28p TV
r.iOIl lir.NT Afinall cottaco of three rooms. War-
ren Sultilcr , 213 noutti 14th St. 133 tf - . . -
TlOll IlKNT Furnished patlorand bed room at
2K3 Harnoy Bt. 1S2-22
ItENT CotUue _ of lhre room , 23d nad
ciukktricU. T.'J. Fltzmorrls , Beeottlco O. "
FTAOIl HENT-rurnUbcd front aud led rooms $10 > /
or { 12. iir mouth , 1318 Jones , between 13th and
lit. 13I-Z3P * "
7IJK HEM' nirulthcd room 1313 J&cksou. '
89S-20p _
7\OU KENT In the northt'rn part of the city , n Bit
furulihod bed room mlp > rlor with board pro-
. Coinmcrelsl tru\elcr uud lj ( prc'cncj. 1'or BitT.
artu-ulirn Inquire N. U cornrr 14th and Vaicnport T." , littuten 3:30 : and 4 p. m ItO 2p2 .
ui * UI'.NT Futnlilied room lor one or two gen-
f n-enai2M icyBt. 1BC-22P [
I Ha *
7011 KENT Holies 6 locics mil kitchen 7 2 8 or , ou :
126 2'p ho i ,
T7IOR R sA house llh B rooms , Inquire cot *
JL1 tcr KthanJLoncnworthSt. Joo. I , . Hill.
HEXT New tt"re , ulio room A cry cheap. E.
1 Satagc , 13th and Hlckcry. 127-Up
1IE.VT FurnliheJ rooms. Inquire 2W ! north
1 ICthSt.
poll HENT A hnu with foiirroonn and kitchen
I 1 Inqulio at 20th St , ono block north of St.'t *
nvp. 093 S4p <
- imall futnlshcU front room , U03
' Howard ( trcet. D 5-22l |
7IOH HENT House nd brn Sfith and llarnoy.
1 < Win. } , . Monroe , Cth and UotiRlu , tolcphonoSSl ,
"TTlOH KENT T\vo nicely furnished front rooms.
Jl' Will rent single or en-suite , 3. K. 20th nnd Dav
enport. ' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ lll-SJp
FOlfn'ENT Nicely futnlslicdsulto ol 2 rooms , 310
W. 13th St. 076 2 < Jp
F OH HENT Homo | ) FIX iviro rooms , RO.OO.
O. 1' . D l3 k Co. , 1503 l-arnatn at. 607-tf
771011 KENT Lirga second story room suitable for
JC manufacturing. Applr 1113 Harney St. C5.1-2 ?
7TIOII 11KST IMrnlshiid room U18 DoJgo St.
J1 061-22P
ipOK lir.NT NlcolyfurnUhcd orun'uinMiodrnoffiS
1 without bo'ird ISM Davenport St. 102-22P
I poll 1 UENT-Furnlshcd rooms 1003 Farnaui St.
i I poll UENT New tt\o room cott ? o hi excellent lo-
'cation. $20 per moDth. D. H. Goodrich , 1513
Mrnam street SHO-tf
Foil UKlrr Nico'y furnished front room milUble-
for two gentlemen. 10J3 Dodge St. 000'23p
Foil UENT A two etory frnmo bulldlnjr eultab
for bmliipM. l.nrgo cellar , upstalra miltiblofor
residence. Inquire ou promises , corner 20th and
Pittco St. 9 S-
FSi ill UENT Nicely furnished front room 161&
DoJgo street. 110-tf
FOUIIUNT Six roum cottage , flno loc-itlon , hv S.
T. Peterson , R. E. cor. 16th nnd Douglas. 617-tI
1 pOlt IIIOT llooms In Crounso'g Block , ( t. 21
Hitchcock. 613-tl
FOH HENT Ono g na nquaro piano. Inqulru
ofEdholtn nnd Erloltaon. 440-tt
"FT'OIl ' KENT Ono coodslx room house 525. per mo.
JUO.JL Hitchcock. .M-tf.
TnOHSAI.U-Tho Chestnut gelding Clho , lira VJU- )
J' old , sired hv l > oroy'a Sturn , ( record 2:23) : ) . At
four yc rs old Cme , tr.ntc'd n full mlicln 2 : 0 at the
Nebraska State Fair , ami can row show much faster
gait. Is well broken , kind nnd penile. MayboBcen
Council IlluuY DrUIiiL' pai-ic. Inquire nt tbo
1'ark of I' . JlcEroy. A. J. Populoton. 183-2p
FOll SALK'Stockntnrc ' ° , horse nnd nagon ,
of first-class grocery store , n bargain. Applv"A.
n. U" Boo otlico. IBO-tf
n.i SAIiVA Rood , substantial horse power.
C Since putting In steam luvc no further tro for It.
lire. J. Bauman , at Columbia llroucry. 155-SCp
SALE Horse , kind nnd ( fcntle , cheap. Inquire -
quire nt Kdholm & iirlckton'd Juwclry Mor * , op-
poslto P. 0. 170 23 '
FOll SALE My toil ) , two horsei , wagon anil
Iiirnc Trcd Jloehlc , S E. cor. llth and Far-
uam EtrectD. ICO tf
FOUSAF.E Alargostovo ( aarl n3)for ) sale nt a
bargain. Inquire of Itevn , 1103 Douglas Street.
FOll SALE Ioo3D hay delivered In large or small
quantities. A new line s'de bar top buggy ntida
ivliulesilo notion cr peddlers wogon. , U. J. Onani
. 175.1m
FOlt SATjR A fmo largo carriage rr coa'h hursc.
Inquire ntBluo Barn , 10th St. , between Dodge
uid Ctij.i'ol avo. 1'Ai-tf
.iOll BALE 150,00) btltk. II. T. Clarko.
tpOK eAljK I'tiiiilture nn.l . uuurufl of a biiirdlnc ;
1 hojsodulnga geol busincin. Best location In
onn. H Jlannwillcr , S07 south llth St. 1 0-Kp
FOll SALE Flno lot , oa t ( pint. In block Uuce , on
Georgia a > euuc , Inquire 1500 Howard strict.
000-22p !
FOHSALB A small , but complete stock ol fresh.
groceries , with n good trade , in a good locality la
ity. Addrcsa " 6 " Hcu olHse. 100-lp
FOK SALE A wholostock of clothing , boots anil
shoes , buildings nt cost , retiring from business.
If. : Petcreon , Ml south Tenth street 113-3m
FOR SALE-Chcap Iota , ? 500 down S5.M per-
month. and aesUtlni ; worthy pcroons to build
lice < little homes. K. C. Patterson & Co. , cor 13th
Farnaui. 637-tf
FOll SALE 200 acres of land . 1 to acres lmpro > ed ,
32 acres hay , 8 acres hog putuie , 7 acres cult- !
atcd ( timber , 3 acres natur ft timber. Good snring
ate' goodhouie and other Improvement ? , will bo
on very easy tormi , if sold coon. Forotherln-
ormatlon Inquire personally or by mail of Win. Clair ,
'orcst City , Sarpy County , NeK _ 45Mm.
POU SALE Two eeccnct Sand pianos , at Ei'ho'm
& Erlclmnn'n Afr.Rln Store on IBth St.
710U ; SALE Corner 8th nnd Farnam , 00\132 feet
now occupied by City Mills. Apply on premises
077-tf ; W. J. WEL&HA.1S.
ITICU SALE A water power and stone quarry with
ten acres ol land , 45 cubic Inches of water and
foot . fall , with easy facilities for fl dam , adjoining-
city of riattsmouth , Cass county , Neb. Address
n. Case , No , 511 south 13th ( treat , Omaha , Neb.
OIl SALE Furniturennd stoves suitable for
boarding ; house. Inquire 16th , 'aiul Jackson St9.
Nelson. 048-21p
rpOIl SALE Boiler nnd engine. I have nearly
now boiler and cngina and ICnowle'a pump , 40
lOrso power , for sale cheap. T. S. Clarkson , Schuy-
, Neb. 922-lm
FOll SALE Northeast corner 20th and Cumloj ;
street O. F. DaUs & Co. , 1535 1'arnam street ,
rpOfl , , SALK One half Intoio-it in a good creamery ,
also nineteen lots , tfor particulars , nddresn lock
"Os , Yorl : , Nib. 819-24p
rpOR ( SALE Cheap , A nice cottage , full lot , city
water 5 blocks from the court house. II. Leo ,
occr , 22d and Lca\cnwortn. 857-lmo
7011 SATiK A butcher shop and toolaln Bchuylcr-
NibrMki , with a llrst clw trade and In a food
iratlonobject In selllnz , paor health. Addreitf ,
'lastpcr&lIerbrioVtiiliuxler , Neb. 831-23
fT'OK SMiK-Kngtnea new anil nccoriU hand 10 h. p.
15 h. p. And 20 h. p. portable and stationary ; also
olli'Mot nny sire and stylo. Hichard & Clarke , U , V
Y. bet. 17tn aud 18th Sti. Omaha. WB-tl
n\0n SALE A nilntlnv otlico Bilitablo lor a small
newspaper or Job oflico. Wil neil for cash or ei-
aange for Omaha City property. AddrooiX. . X. O"
ollloo. Uf'U
TIOR HALK Two open aoconil-nand bUfRlna ud
ono delivery wagon , chcip , at 1E1D Hwnoy BJ.
OST Gold I eo pin lone slender , between
Seaitan'n and 1513 Capitol ave EouarJ nhen.
returned to Mrs. Parker , 1613 Capitol luc.
iTYn lo ( , Pauline Wecser hnring left my home-
without Jmt cause , I hereby warn everybody
tiust her nn try nocount , nal will not pay nny
contracted by tier , Anton Weeter.
maha , Sept , 22d , 1881 , 173-2lp
OST WolncsJay,8eptombcr lSthn larie leather
Jtallbolnnlley , between Farnam and Hanoy St. .
12th and 13th Ste. , contnlnod a lot of peddlcr'e-
Dtlora. $5 no reward will bo Kiron 11 rctuuied to
ot llotz & lUeunetclu , Fornam St. 174-2ir-
nAKr.NIUP Sept. Bth , 1831 , on the flrat farm
Lsouthcf Poorliousen twoyenrold brlndlo eteor ,
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