Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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Vltnl Qnostlons II !
Of any school , what is thn best thlnj
in the world for quieting and alUying all
irritation of the nerves , and curing ml
forms of nervous complaints , giving nat
ural , chlldliko refreshing leep always ?
And they will tall you unhosiUtingly
"SomtfamnfJf > > i > W
Askany or all of the mostomincntpny.
aicions :
'What is the best and only remedy
that can 1)3 relied on to cure all duoMcs
of the kidneys and urinary organs ; such
ns IJright'a disease , diabetes retenlion.or
inability to retain urine , anil nil the dis
cuses and nilmonts peculiar to Women"
"And they will toll you explicitly and
emphatically "Jiuchu . ' . ' . ' "
Ask the same physicians
"What is the moot reliable nnd uro < it
cure for all liver diseases or dyspepsia ;
constipation , indigestion , billiouancss ,
malaria , fever , ague , &c."nnd they wilj
toll you :
Mamli-alc I or Dandelion I'M"
Hcnee , when thfsa rcineiliw nro combine J with
other * Cipiall } valuable
And oompoundMl Hop lllt'cM , mich n
dcrtul and mvrUrlous curnlhu powder Ii developed ,
wMeh Ii eo varied In Its operationstliit no dlrcaso or
111 hoslth can possible exist or rciist lt power , nnd
> ctlll . . ,
Ilaitnlc < i Icr the moil frail woman , vicakcstlnva
lid or smallest child to use.
"Almost ileod or nearly dvlnR"
For years , and given up by physicians ,
of Uright'a end ether kidney discnsen ,
liver complaint ; , ecvcro coughs , called
consumption , have brcn cured.
Women ijmt nanly ctiy'\ \
From ngony of neuralgia , norvousneei ,
wakcfulneas , and various digcases peculiar -
liar to women.
I'oop'oclriwn outof thipo from ! tcruclalln/j > iiis5
ot rhcuniMimi , InCauiatory and chronic , of enlfcnnj ;
Er ) MIO | II I
"Snltrlicuui.Mood polionlnj ; ilgpcp8lafndlgci'tloii
nnd , In fact , almost U. diseases trail
Nature l/rbclr / to
Have been cured hy Hop Illttcrii , proof ol hlrh
can bo foucd In ccr } notjhb3rhood In the known
jrNonogcnilhiovltlioutu bunch of crocn Hopn
on tno v\hlto label Shun all the vllo , poisonous stud
" " " " In their .
with "Hop" or "Hops" name.
uv WAV or
Oil VI V ,
Connecting In Union DnjKitH ut KnuMisClty ,
Omulianml Donv 01 vv Itli tluougli trulna lei
Ami all points In thu Gnat Went
. .
( Jniiul Union Dopotut Chluitto
ultli throiiKli tiiitni ( or
And nil Kiwm Oltlon.
Atl'corla vUtli iluoM tmlni lorlndlanap.
olli. Olnclnn ill , Colmfl/ ! ! , nnd nil polntw in
tlioboiilh-Kast. At Sf 'jfluls with tliiouull
tr.ilna lor till jiolntu Hi i 11.
I !
running their own tnilns bcUvieu olilcimo ,
Lincoln and Denver , anil Chicago , Knimas
City nnd Denver. Through cars beturuii
Iniilanapolla und Cyuncil Jtitiinj , via IVorla
Solid Tmliia nl iio : niit Diy Conlicsnnd
JMillnnn IMilncablccpliiK Cars ma run dally to .
mul from hi. J.oulsln ; Hannibal , uuiiicy ,
Kooltul..IluillnKtim , Pular Unplilaiind Allxit
Jcatobt. J'anl und SIlnnuipollH , 1'nrloi I'nra
vlth Iticilnlnn ( 'IriliH tn ami fiom 8t. I.onN
null I'l'orliu Only line cli uiRoot cam lntvv < en
hi. 1.0111snnd DuHMiilncH , Jowii , Miicoln , o.
Imislm , nml Denver , Cnlumilo
H Is nlso tlio only Thiouuli I.lno 1 tvv con
It l Uiiown M the Krent TIIUomjiro\U
J.INl. of Ajueilcu , und lu unlvcifilly admit
'fd to ltd the
finest Equlppol Hailroad In the World for
all classoa of Travel.
Tliroiiftli Tlclon ( vl i this line for wile ntni-
It. 1C.COUDOU tltUetollltta Intbo UnitcdStntcs
MU Ciinudu.
VIcp-rri .AUcn..Miiii rrr
A victim of early Impnicioncc , crctlne nonfoui
tttllltr. pmmaturn droy. oto. hanim tri < i In
mcvi'rj known ronu-ily. lit * illn.nvon'd a elniuli
iqinn of Buif-curo. which hu will uuael ICI'.IJLJ ( j
The IMonecr Mutual Ilcnellt ABUOchtlou In tlio
fit&to of Ncbraskx
Itlacooperatltoln Its norUoK and all n-e-rnbcrs
havoavoloula the uianagcincut by > oto at the nn-
null mecciOKa.
Its aim Ii to benefit I Is own inombors , their wljowp ,
and orphans , In ca < o of death , uccldent , ilcknces nr
tola ! pi-rmaucnt dlrablllty of a member , at KCtuul
coot with coonomlml nianagimint.
Arclliblu homo aisodttlon. Act ho and reliable
uen's wanted tocanvais for members In Nebraska ,
Kaiisai and Colorado. Address ,
Secretary and Ooucral Manager ,
BBA.TRTUE , - - - NEB.
rroiidcnt , Treasurer
[ SUOOESSOI18 TO THE J. M. 11 , & U , CO. ]
John IIock tt Mr Otncrtl Auent cr Nebraska and
vV'ettcru loua.
6MB. Tenth Btrnetl . . . . OMAHA , NEli
Or , I'tlettol lilllaid MI ] fool Tables peel inateri
"I iiotrr liollovo n J"
Tlmt tlis jfmnff widow W * JM nndgin \ \
Qer the Rmvo vv here lier lm b BU Hen ,
But tint it wtulil not joy renew
To vrelcome giro to Xumbsr Two
I don't hollevo III
Tint Lnuri ( fll * tns only t
C n nu her fomlont love rely.
I ( K-rcr-iva itj
lint ( lift * , ulia ilnp not tMl i * < riMn
Tha SAtiio aweet f ilo lo other in n
I don't tolteve it !
Tint ionloun liuibancl1 lots nio Iiurtl ,
And th y nhould ! > ' innm their guard ,
I ixrcalvo it ;
1 Jut tint Ihflne fools by 1 Iy mon ncotcha ,
Are WAtclihiK more tiwn th y nra watohod
Idon'tlxOlmoit !
SoiiBonnllc ,
When tlio summer Is departing nnd tlio year in
growing old ,
Whan Uio fofwl * are assuming richust hues of
red mul gold ,
Wnen n roftcr , deeper iwtiro lints tlio clotullo *
noonday skies ,
Anil Iho sutiK'i Rlupm glimpses of Ilia walls
of pirriillso ,
When the HOUR birds Invo departed to a region
Ions ntiftoro
And tlio melody , moHlluoui , greets no 111010
the longing oar ;
When the vvilil geese flying southward of np
proachlnt ? winter warns ,
And tlio earth's rlpn fruitage , Rarnorrd , srfelj
lies in Miillond barn * ;
When the nnl \ \ > < i nto growing Chilly , nnd moro
v\olcomo la the nun-
It h then tlio thrifty coalman ixilds n dollar
to the I iu.
[ Somerville Journal ,
In llio Olonmlii ; : .
'Twas but a inaiilt n. Rcacrely Itirnod fourlccn ,
Before 1110 on tlio Imsy tliorouKlifnio ;
IJecoiiilnj , ' BarmuitH linf hei pretty form ,
And down her back In luanstiH hung her
Less gracolul In Iho puiilliur'H slatoly tread
Ohio' labyiiiilhian JIIUK'O ' of wild fernti ;
Sim Deemed to draw mo lo her as the alccl
Unto the maqnotnnrtiHliling turns ,
\Vitli Blackened pace I lingered cloao behind ,
Her every mnvotncnt follovvid by my heart ;
And all uncoiicliiiu of her womnn'H Hvvay ,
All innnconc.0 she plied her woman's art.
Her dainty foot tripped on with scarce tv
Bound ;
Her milks dwelled to beauty uurovenled ,
\wl \ lu a wondrous 111370 cf draping nklrts half BURRculod what they imlf con
No tenee , impassioned arm o'er closer hold
A dear OIIO'H loving , iinrcBlatlng form ,
A.nd ntill moro closely las naw raptures
AnJ fiercer fronrles Hurped iu quenchless
sumiii ,
rimn o'er her budding , nearly ripened breast ,
And nliouldcrH round us i'arib'ri Helone.
\Van \ drawn , her jaunty , perfoct-littIncbiBmi ( ,
A Bplendul tiling of lloeuy , silken uliocn.
rhon-midtlcnly thcro cimo n glare of light
J' ' oin out n door where Miinury lemoiiaelefi
Went trickling down liorco thro.itrt by thirst
li.iir wns wool Her faoo nn nco of
"Look Nodi Look novr. It'u like tliom
3urlocuu things on Mrs. Jones' wall ,
lin't ill"
"So "tie , " said Llod , looking ever hia
jidlcr'n ahouldor. "Noll can do any
"This ain't no good , " uaid Nollmodoat-
y. "I v.iah 1 could do anything , Ned ;
I'd paint n nice lot of llowcia to hangover
ever your bed. "
"Do , Nell ! " Jim oxclaimod.
inateri"I tliat for us , Nell , " Nod
nddcd , as ho looked admiringly upon tlio
drawing on tlio table. At that inntant
ho little group nroundtho table wore
liloncod by a woman's voico.
' If 1 wore your father , I'd take thorn
lotions out of you mighty quick , miss ! "
Thogirl looked up turning a frightened
ace to tlio speaker. Ilor hpa trembled ,
) ut aha inaatorod her omotiona 1x3 ahu ro-
tlied :
"I wnoliod tlio diahco , ma , and swept
ho kitchen "
"Aftor 1 told you a do/.on times or
more ? " Anybody hearing that voice mid
ono would have boon prepared for bad
.grammar , and tlio fjrona cxngoration n
scold commonly indulges. "Why don't
rou hunt up your clothca nnd BOW the
niUoim on Uicni , instmul of putting all
, ho work on mo ? "
"I'll mend them , ma. I didn't think
it was itny harm to learn to draw und
paint u littlo. "
"Learn to paint ! What dope a chit
llko you know about drawing ? It'a
downriuht la/.incns , and I'm going to BOO
if your fathor'n going to encourage it ,
when you ought to learn to inako your
on n clothes. When I was na old aa
you " Tlio supposed head of tlio IIOUBO
3ntoriug at that moment , Mrn > Olmpmau
.tuned to him wrathfully :
' That girl haa just lind tlio impudence
, o talk luck to mo bccauao I spoke to her
tbotit tending to her own clothes , in-
Htead of frlttorin' away her tlmo in non-
DciiBo on paper.
I\lr. \ Chapman , who , after taking to
limaolt a bccond wife , discovered ho had
voluntarily placed n heavy yoke upon Ina
lock , looked nt tlio little group now hud
dled together , 11111 to nnd with ticarud
" 1 toll her , if 1 AN as ho father , I'd take
Imt la/inosH und nonaonso out of her. A
irl na big aa that ought to Vo at work.
You ought lo take hur to tlio factory with
raOhapman. . She can carry spoola up
ind down ataira , or do something useful ,
utoad o' sprawlin' nil over paper nnd
ilatod , usin' ti | ) ponclla. "
"I did'nt think Nell wna bit ; enough to
jo to wnrkyot. I'll think about it. "
Tlio father's heart plead for tlio girl
vhoDO upbraiding oycs forcibly recalled
, ho dead , and reminded him of hia obli
gation to tlio living.
"Well don't bo to long thinking
about it said Mrs , Chapman number
; wo aa nho left tlio room. Nell stele to
lior father's aide , and ellpped her hand
in hia.
"Don't mind , pa. If it wasn't for
Nod nnd Jim , 1 would'nt ' care , but I'd '
rather bo with you at the factory than at
lioino. "
"IIuBht" Ho feltiiuhamod of it , but
lie waa afraid hia wife would overhear
her , "I'll sea about it don't ' fret nnd
don't ' talk back. You must bo good
children , " This was ( uldroesed to the
group collectively. The boy mutineers
were pioparing to knuckle their uyeu
when ho added harshly , "Nona o1 that
nowl" whereupon the boys choked lumps
down their throatH , und puahing their
fista straight do\vn into their pants
pookola , while their father glanced at the
naporNoll left lying on the tablo. Ho
bout suddenly over it and then turned to
Nill ;
"You copiud it. "
"No inderd 1 didn't ' pi. "
"I saw her do It , " emd Jim , coming to
hia Dialer's aid manfully.
"Sho did it all out of her head , pa , "
Nod nillrmod , they both looked nt Nell ,
uud Null Mushed aa fiho cant her eyes
dow. "
"J can do over so much bolter than I
that pa "
Mr. Chapman sighed. Ho wished ho
was not so poor. Ho wished ho could
send her to school. Ho wished so
many things that ho roallxed keenly for
Iho thousandth time , ho had inado the
inlataSo nf his life in marrying Hannal
Cone. It would not do to lot this non
Mnso grow to encourage it. Host Uke
Nell to the factory. Work would occu
py her time keep pwico in the house
maylx ) .
So it WM settled to thn uatiVaohorA oi
Mrs. OhapmMi number two. Nell , nt
the ago of fourteen accompanied her
father to the factory the following Monday -
day- ,
Hague n factory waa so vast , the crowus
of men , women and children who wore
shut up In It from early morn till night ,
were so numerous that a ocoro moro or
less were never noticed. It niadoa great
difference lo Jim and Ned , however
The Btopmolher's breath grow colder
now that Nell was out of hearing. They
had more surprises in the shape of smart
blown , and the stop-mother's voice grow
shriller. Trro pillows were bedoncd
oflonor with tears , and two trembling ,
fearful children became afraid of their
own nhadnwfl.
Meanwhile the great chimneys of
Hague's factory projected the smoke of
thousands of tons ot coal heavenward , the
the looms produced acres upon ncrcs nf
beautiful and costly fabrics and Nell
Oh'ipuian'fl feet toiled up and down Btair-
ways that seemed to lengthen aa the day
were on wearily until there scorned to bo
no end to them. "It waa easy work"
Mm. Chapman number two said. _ "A
biby might carry spools. " Mcaiitimo
Nell , with dark , heavy lidded oycs , hol
low checks , and tired foot dragged her
self Tro.irily to and from the great fac
tory , until but 1 will not anticipate.
The inhabitants of N were
stunned ono burning July day with n
sound that sinoto their oars llko the
crnah of worlds. Doors were burst open ;
walla trembled ; the earth vibrated ; every
pane ) of glass in the town waa shattered.
It was just after the noonday meal. The
great engines in llaguo'a carpet factory
had made two or three revolutions , -when
the workers wcro appalled by n sound
accompanied by a blow that threatened
thu total destruction of the factory.
The towns people running to their
doom , looking towards the factory saw a
pulf of yellowish mnoko hanging a few
momenta ever ono corner of the mill-
When the smoke cleared away , a hole ) in
the wall na largo as the aide of n small
hounu was observed. Around this the
workers in the factory , now standing
silent alid grim , gathcrad with pnlo faces.
Tlio towns people mingling with them bo.
hold n few courageous soulu bearing out
the dead engineer , nnd half a score
nminiod for life. When the authorities
collected their trite , nnd investigated the
matter , they arrived at the unexpected
conclusion that it was a merciful dispon-
nation of Providence that BO few were m-
juroei , and but ono killed , when , had the
"accident" occurred five miuutcs later ,
or fifty minutes earlier in the day , hun
drcds would have been killed and
wounded by the explosion of the boilers ,
As it was the factory would resume
operationo in u week , or ten day a nt
, .
j jj j j
Chapman wai among the wounded.
"All Inn own fault , " Mra. Chapman
number two aaid. "If ho had boon
minding hiu own business in hia own
place it wouldn't ' have happened. "
Tina in the oars of a man to whom the
doctors hinted hia chances for overseeing
bky or earth again waa problematical , waa
as bitter na anything In Job's experience.
To liu up atnirs in a close back room , nnd
hoar n ahrowioh stop-inothur scold hia
little boys all day was n hell on earth.
There was , In these daya of utter wretch
edness , n aouud that John Chapman well
know ; n sound of hurrying foot and then
the ahrow'a tongue lashed the "lazy lump
that ought to bo working in n neighbor's
kitchen. "
Aa there never was any love in the caao
at all , on Iho second wife's part , when
dire poverty flung the door wide open ,
nil the windows in the IIOUBO were not
largo enough to echo her discontent and
ill humor tn the ends of the town.
Nell Chapman sat in silent despair in
the ono room set apart for herself and
her brothers. Although it waa a little
past high noon , nnd thu nir was stillling
hot , her little brothers were compelled
to remain in their room. Nod nnd Jim
had been guilty of the enormous oOonco
of "litorlng the house" with the trim-
mingfl , and pieces of paper they had
gathered nt Judge Uannor'a house , whore
thu paper hangora were ut work. Such
brilliant paper was no\orsoon before
The boys swooped dorm upon it as mi-
uors might appropriate n gold mine. They
woie it around their logs , nrms , nnd
bodicn , and waltzed awaynithit homo ,
wl'cro In due Bcnaon , Airs. Chapman ,
gave them "such n warming" that'both
cried themselves asleep in broad day
light in their bod-room. Nod on thu
Hour- Jim in Null's shielding nrms.When
she laid him down boauloNedgently.und
Boated herself ngnin , it was in an atti
tude the Almighty never intended youth
to tako.
llor elbows were planted on her knees ;
her lulms clasped her checks and chin ,
and ahu looked atroight before her into
As iiho ant there in the darkened room ,
she recalled a face in which compassion
and tendorncea were blended so sweetly
that her memory could not grasp nn approach
preach ut n frown upon it. It was not
possible the dead mother could sou thu
living if her dead mother could BOO
them now , it would bu lorturo inconceiv
able ) .
What could n girl like her do ? If her
father did not recover his eye-night , her
brotheia would bo bound out. It would
bo ns much as she could do lo pay her
own way.
As she snt with stony eyes staring nt
the door , the cat pushed its way in , nnd
rubbed against her , purring. It hastened
to littlu Jim'a sldo it always purred
around him when ho cried and curled
beaido him , Mra. Chnpmnn number two
banged out at the front door , leaving it
wide open , and when Nell , recalled to
herself by the sound looked down upon
the floor , n broad bar of sunlight falling
through the door of the room , slanted
across the lloor
It fell upon the tangled trimmings of
"them little wretches "
pnpor brought in"
around their legs nnd arms , nnd drew
with them in u heap aa Ihoy lied from
the heavy hand of the atcp-mothor. The
HUtirlot tints burned like lire ; the purple
shimmered : yellows ahono like gold.
As Nell looked at the queer patches of
purple and dull brown interlaced with n
net work of tangled trimmings , die
started. Her nulao quickened. An
idea formed itself slowly iu her brain.
Then she How fairly flew to her trous-
mo in thu cupboard , brought forth her
poor Jittlo box of cheap water colors
pilhotlo iu their uheapncas , and liar
iihubbv ptnoiU , and n piece of paper and
bi > gnii to paint ,
The llloa hummed through the open
door , the cat purred loudly boildo little
Jim , the air palpitated with n-jat , but
Ned was oblivious to nil theio. It was
only when Mrs , Chapman number two
returned , nnd noisily slammed the door
to , that Nail paused in her work. Then
aho put her paint box and paper In the !
hiding plnco.
* * * *
"If you pleiw , indeed sir , 1 did it nl
myself. "
"Il'm" ' Mr. Hague , the elder , lookoc
down upon her through hii glakac' ) in :
way that almost made Nell's lienrt slant
still , she vfM so overcome with awe by the
appointmRiita of Mr. Hague's privnto
ollice , nnd by the manner of Messrs
llftptic , father and son.
"My father did not intimate n doubt ol
the truthfulness of your statement ; he
simply expressed surprise. Thia is , ]
inuat say uhl by the way , what is your
"Nellie "
Young Mr. Hague looked meaningly til
Iho older Hague , the elder H guo aiiil
aomething in a low tone to hia eon , then
the latter aakod abruptly
"How la your father , Miss Chapman ? "
It sounded so strange to bo called Miss
Chapmnn that she was Hurried , but she
managed to say , "The doctor thinks ho
may sao again. "
"U'ml h'm ! said the older in a pecu
liar ; manner. "Very odd unaccount
able. "
"Notnt nll"imid the son. "I have
hoard of cases almost similar. "
"Il'm ! rare rnro , 1 should Bay. " Ho
wheeled ncound to Nell auddoiily then ,
"My child this , 1 scarcely know whnl
otany of it Boat put it in Boono'a
( lauds and lot him decide. "
"Now , that ia precisely what I do not
proposq to do , " said llaguo , Jr. "It
wont bo fair. Boone muat not know
whcro wo obtained the design. I aiig
jest I bo permitted , aa usual , to order
ilm lo supply any details that may occur
, o him , in preparing the design for the
frame. " '
"You are right quite right. And you
Miss this is the moat extraordinary caao
that over came under my notice call on
us Bay in n week. "
"Makeit Saturday if you wiah , " inter
loscd Ilagufj Jr. , kindly aa ho looked
nto the wistful eyes , that aooinod to
search hia very soul in their anxiety.
"I will bo back Saturday , " Nell aaid
simply as she slipped out. She thought
aho would have fainted if she remained n
moment longer , her joy was BO great.
* * * * * #
Tlio prcBont ownora of Hague's factory
, ho foremost in the land , point to an olo-
; nut roatdonco on the summit overlook-
ng the town , whore the hobby horses of
.ho grand-children nnd children of Hague
lenlor and junior ahino under the trees.
The Hngucs amassed n competency and
retired from active pursuits. The groat-
cat ntroko of busincsa the firm
of Hague & Son ever did , waa
when they put their famous "Bar
of Gold" pattern on the market. The
series of patterns following yielded them
arger prolitu in two years than all the
irofita of twenty years lumped together.
There is a story current iu the trade that
; ho profits from the original "Bar of
jold" pattern amounted to upwards of
two hundred thousand dollars. Inci
dentally I may mention that the suc
ceeding profitable patterns were designed -
signed by the came hand the hand that
unappropriated by Hague , Jr. , before
the firm retired from active buainccs.
Noedleaa to add that Noll'a brothora
md father shared her good fortune , or
; hat her father thinka to this day that
hero never waa a pattern aa handsome aa
"Tho Bar of Gold. "
in Mind. In the Diamond
Dyas niora colorinir ia gi\cn than in any
ulcran < l > ci. and they give fasUr and moro
bnlliaiit coloiH. 10 at nil drugfnsts. AVolls
KIchardson & Co. , Burlington. Vt. Sample
Card , 32 colors , nnd book of direction fore
stamp. '
It is about time for the summer hotels to
mil down their blinds.
September oyster jokes ha\o been scorched
> y thu hot wnvo.
It la n doubtful compliment to your irilk-
inn to tell him his milk makes your mouth
A Wall ptrtet broker , prominent and i ory
ve.iltliy previous to the recent panic , has ap
il'cd for and accepted n position on the New
York police forco. His principal duties uo\\ ,
ni huiotoforo , will bo "roping thorn in. "
I'lvohundred rats undertook to devour n
.nxnii ) sleeping in an old ware hoeuo in Nor-
ilk ; but th y ddnt ! know their man. lie
dlluluvur " 00 with a club nnd melted tlio
icnrts nf thn others by tolling how tlio Chi-
: ago fire i educed him to poverty. [ Detroit
; 'ieo 1'icm ,
When Mrs. 1'inaphor read that 'Too Chow
lad fallen , " HIO ! B.ud this might liogooil nous
o these who liked tlio ntuir , but she wouldn't
my the nuxtiirq If it were to fall to tluoo
unta n quart. It ia supposed the Rood vvomnn
vns thluking of chow-chow. INoriistoun
Two titizons Iu Ukiah recently etrugploil
or the jiosetttHon of nntci _ inolon. The
trongor of the twnln was victorious ! , nnd v\a
bout tnallc oir with the pnzn w hen lu.s on-
.agonist . | iulkU n kmfo nnd btabbod him to the
mart. Danger lurks in the uutormaloii from
very conteivablo jioint of view. The safest <
il.iu ia to cat clams. I Sail I'rancisco Nows-
A man in Southern Arkansawruta the
ollow mg nutlco nnd tacked it on a tire : "Tina IH to nutlfy inorchaiits not to 'low my
vifo tn got iintiilii at tliar stora on credit fur
no an' hur Invo plajed miltH fur she'n n t.ui-
Ion. i lived with hur us long nsi conld mi'i
lou't behuro nho could ctt nlong vuth n saint.
tliia in also to notify folku iutoroatcd In the
tauso o oddj cation that i nm going to t ko up the old ] 5cson plnco nuxt [ ouday.
Arkausnw Tr.iv cler ,
'J hero Is n young lady who liven next dooi
, o lilugg'ii hntibo , mul while lUogg had Lonin.v
ly thu otlur ovouinc ; nlio uas hoard In her
omlonvorti to ex tint music fron. n iiiano. "Otu
lelghbai'H daughter is a very good player , " ro
narked lilogg , ntfobly , during a pause In the
cinnc'rwitldii. "Her time U n little slow , " was
.ho critical respnimo of Ulogg'u caller , \\\w \
uiiienul ] | to 1x3 u connoisseur in music. "Yes , "
laid Jllo g , ' 'her young man in there , and very
Ikoly she his eot the clock back. [ Lowull
"I imderntniid that you 1m o stopped jirac-
tisiiip , " Raid the secretary of state to nn rmi-
nent colored phjgician. "Van , sab , 'clttJcd
to gm up do tradu nn' go tor proacliiu' . In
dis country dar ain't no mimoy ti bo madn in
nractlslu' o'nudtcino. Wysali , tfl had cr
vott-d my time u IOKO to ter mithin'
else cz I h is tor dls iisluoua I would or been
putty uolldlf by dU timo. Utiur two thlrila
of my patients iiubcr paid mo , sail. " "Why
didn't you situ them ) ; " 'Toulilu' done no
good , Vato da wuz ilvad , fnh , I cot du wus'
alaiiH o' patients. None o' 'om nuuor had no
healthnud constltntio" " Arkanaaa Traveler-
If your complaint is want of appetite , try
lialf n v\hio-gmsn \ of An OHiuia HltlciH
lialf nn hour before dlnnnr , Beware uf couu-
torfeiU. Ask your grocer or clnifk'lst fur thu
; enuluo urticlo. mauufacturod by Dr , J , G. 1 !
k Bonn.
There ia n forty-livo-joar.old.mulo In Lau
reiis comity , H. U ,
An early lu tory of Normandy , n vellum
inaiiudciipt , lately Bold In London for i ? 1,1)00.
ThoSutk'j , ivlargo river In Jhltish India ,
\Mthn dChCout of 1 ,000 feet Iu 1M ) miliu , or
tbont tiUty-nevvu foot p'i- mile , U Iho fastest
Ion lug liver in tlio u or Id.
In the harbor of Toulon may still bo i > oui
the Hello Poulo , tliokhlpoinuildi thn remains
> ( N.iiioli'on I. u < ro In ought homo fiom St.
llolono. Sim holds the post of honor ut the
entrance to the uisenal ,
Vercoilliti boasts of mi oranga tree CGO years
> ld , It um pl.uiUiil hi M''L ! by Klcauor of
Carlisle , vvifocf Charles 111. , Klug uf Na-
o' : lady of tha nobility latily I ur
iod hi r favorite cut In n tnow-whitocofhnrov
rred with n porgemi whllo Mlk pull , Th inii
trc9 nnd n UrRc cnntlug nt of female mourn
ITS followed tlir * rsmnlni. Prlc ta clianting
solemn litany met the bier Mid escorted It t
Ilia KTI\ .
A vrry inlorp'tlng ciiriOTlty ia shown In n
flrnv window in I'lttolmrK. It it a mi nature
working model of the lnifp t utefttn-lmmme
in the world the Criiyot hammer In 1'rancf
The model is dimply n cluck , nnd tingcai
lminm rvhioU in ono ca e weiplis 100 ton *
In tha oth * r Is a pendulum tlmt mov en nouo
le ! y up nnd down. Not mnglQ dctnil n
tha fto\l lummer Is ommitled In the
A largo tarantula was found In n bunch o
Innnnas the ether day by a fmlt dealer in In-
( liruirtnoIU , The spider , with iUnott , A\ai pnl
in n pliss jar nnd fill upon fllw and cockroach
o . In a very short lima hundreds of jounp
tBrantuln bog-in to creep out of the nest , am
the parent spider moved to the ether sulo 01
IU prhnn , crouching > nntlnn1c x , as if astoiv
islicd nt Iho multituda of Its nlf
D lee nro frequently preceded by n Ronno o :
weight ( n ho back , loiiu and lower p-vrt of tha
abdoinancmiBinff the patlont to suppo n he hna
BOino nUfcctlou of the kidneys ur neUUboritif
orgiiin , At limoi , nym toina of IndlgoHtioi
nro preflont , ns llatuoncy , uno.-uilnesfi of the
stomach , etc. A moistcro like perspiration
producing a Aory disagreeable Itching partlcu
larly nt night after goUIng warm lu bed , its
very common attendant. Internal. Uxterua
nnd Itching I'ilos jleld nt once to the ninillcn
tion of Dr. IJoKanko'sl'llo Itemody , which net
directly ur"n the narta ntfoctotl , nboorhinp the
tumou , alm > lnRtno intonno Itchlnpr , nud of
fueling n permanent euro \\hcro other romu
dloR have fallod. Do not doliy until thodriJu
DU tha BVfitom jiroducos ponnnnont disability
but trv ft und ( HI cured. Schroler & Botht ,
"Trado nuntiltad bv O. I' * Goodman. '
Amiunillspntelln tbe BROAD CLAIM oIMngue
Kver ufTorpd to Uie public.
„ vcrv
feu thinly arc KUJ
to Kli'go'j ' Foid. Ite-
ipis ncrompauj ci-r :
mi for l'udfllutB , Cm
tards Hlnnc Mnnjck
tc , andunliko man\
preparations , tno "lit
tie ones' need not bo
enicd n hen the doscrl
i moH but um cat
their fill Hissafonnd
ontrat d preparation
ofhoit , thoroughly st < uu. i onked ih Its manufac
ture. Sold bj iliutisl3 In cans , four Bl7ca 3oCi
B'IC , $1 25andfcl 75. o I tha choice for famillo .
WOOMtlCII A , 00 on label
10 1 iltuil st , i
/a ciMIrol toolo . * &
apfftliiif efe2ulilUtlltTor.tiivuea9Tprl&K ] (
tt.l. wnrll cur * . In. ) | It , Dl&rrbx. } cvfr ftbl Afar &nl 11
Jlontmtftti. I ) tt Or/tni Af w drop * iinraTi d H loatfl.rir
0 Klul or t.1 . tue ul | 9 kll pummrr Jrlno Trj It kuOl
IWKT. "f rounri- , Ali vnur trtxrr or dn & l tot ll l-b > l.cs
ff&lfBtu\ill * u c by Wl 3 U B bli.GFUl AtiDNE ) .
J. -urUPPEBMAHH , S3L3 A02S ! ! ,
U'ho reputation ol
Hostellers Stmnach
HitttrHas a proven-
tlvo of epidemics , a
btonraclilc , nn in\fr !
orant , a { 'tneral ro
Btoratnt , andn ppc
cillo for fntr and
bu Ious aflections
rhfiinnt Ein.ncrv aus
? I dcbilltv , constltll
tional wcaknciH , is
esljiWished iijion the
eound b.iin of moro
than t cntj j ears'
e\jcrleiieuanil cm
no moro lo
b\ the aptrap nofl
trinn niiscltntlll
prctcndcra , thin the
eierlastniK hill bv
the \\mds hit IIH
lo thrnuvh their di fl u or talu bj all dnigifUtj
ind dealers cncrnlh
JtrAIXlKTm8 ) 1)21 ARTMfNT OF Till Pi ATTE , )
'llfK ( . 'I'lIITHIMMTKIl '
hopleinbur Ittb , IhSl. )
Scaled propoHila , In trlpllciti , biibject to the usual
ondition , will bo rccolvul at tbu ollleo until 11 a <
i t-iitmcl.i ) , October IMh , 1E81 , at nhlihllino and
ibcctlii'j niil bo opi in din presenru of blililcrs lor
nrnUbiiu thu nmteriiNDiid ronetriKtliig In nccor
ancouith phiis , sieiincation un.l Jrivulngs , thn
ollonln ileM rlbod bullcllii , viz ;
0 Set ? Non eominlfsloncd Oillccrs < iuarttrs ,
1 bets Held Olllccrs ( iinrtcrol
0 betH C.iptallis ( , iuirtirs.
1 Coinmlssarj llnl'ilint. .
1 ( jmrterniaster llulldlne ; .
1 Oil Hoiito.
1 Mnri7lnu. )
\ KiiKlnu Ifoiiso , ami
I llako lloiuu.
All the alnj\o to bo ot brick , Also , tlio follouinp ;
of ooj.
1 llnlhllne ; for Workubops , and
1 Ice Honso
The o buildings totio located on fcltcs in l > odcsiciia.
cd at Fort I ) A. llu ! K.ll , Wjomliii , ' . Tliovork to
le cnmmincc d b > October 25th , or na snnn thcrrnftt r
as contracts uro mnipletcd , 'l' u nts IhrracKs , and
and two uta Captain * ( jiurtcrs to bu c niitcd | | Ii )
Ice yii-t , IbSt , anil tlio roinalnln , ; lullilluys \ > \ Juno
JOth , 1SS5. If practlcilita ,
rro | > hiU nn ) be nml o for cither or all of the ImlM
K . tbo prleo of each tn bu fctak'il scparatol )
Kichproimaal must bo acconipanled \ > j auarant\ |
n thu kiuiiol "i.OCO , executed In accordance \\lth
'orni * furnished bj thin olllcc. 1'refcrcnco Khcii (0
articles of doniettlo moductlnu and nmiiufacturu ,
roiiilltlons ot prieo and > | iialit ) belli ) ; CHiial | , and Midi
inference h'lun to artkleuof American production
md minuf icturu | > n > iliiccil on the 1'iiclllo coint tu the
extent of thu ( .ommnpttun rv < iiilredb ) thupuhllct > ir
tin ) there.
Iholiotcrninent rmrvis the rljrht to reject nnj or
oil bUU or parts thereof. 1'lans and cpvcltlcationa
nnv bo bcun and ixninlne 1 at thUiitllcu
HUiik proK ] aU und ln > truetlons an to Mddln , . ' .
xrmiof ( ontruct , pajmont , andcirculir e-ltlni ; full
iifcrmutl MI to bidders , vvlll bu funil hed un .ipjili
tlon t < i thU ollld !
Kntclopus cunt.iliiliif propota's to bu niirked
'projiokaU for txn triictlun nt i'ort I ) . A. Ilniwell ,
ivjnnnii. Ttrrlton. " und uiHIn-neiil to the under
l.'iiul. ( i 11 DANDY ,
Clik I < > uart0rmatcr.
sejit SO olt n ) tit
thttolt Arataue Co. , ol ticndon ; Cub
' ' ' ' ' " ' '
C * tcUMtb 'N.'Y.i'crpUiLI..V"'riC ! ! ! ! _ ! ; oCfiO
Ctrard yira , ruiidch Uil't.l , .
Tlili medicine , cnmMnlnir. Irnnvlth pure
Vocetablo ton ! , nmoM > Biid tvmiilctcly
< urm lj priiln , ItidlKi Minn , \ \ iiiluii'i- ,
linniiro ltlm > ilHiiliirlti ; , ( hills utieil'uvcTM ,
und NcMti.ilnln.
His an unfnillntr remedy for Dl'cnscs of tlio
HMiicjH unit Mvrr.
U Is invaluable for Dl'nni peculiar to
Women , nnd nil vUio lend rcdciitntv llvci.
It duos not Injure the teethcnwohcndndic.or
produce ron < .llpitmn oilier Iron Mcttlctnti tto.
Iteuriphesand purlliet the bloodstimulates'
IhrnppptltP.ntiU the n lmllatlon of food , re
lieves Honrtburn nnd licit hiiig , nnd EtrcnglU-
ens the inusdes nnd nerves.
Tor Intermittent Tcvcri , Ijisiltuue , IJicKoi
Energy , ilc , It lias no equal. i
fi- The cenuinc 1ms nlmvo trndonmrk nnd
crusted red lines on \ \ rnppcr. Tnke no oilier.
jiiJccuirbj IIKOU- , ( iti.tiH.u , d ) . , iiu.Tinoiiaii : %
Qlcctnnd&yphil ! '
complicated forms , also al
diseases of the bkln nnc
Flood promrlly relieved ane' '
' ' . [ rrrmncnttyctTcdtiyreme-
, Js / AV"ts Ic fr1 la oifi/Vnir'
u"i- ' . ' < ' . ' ? i.4 > 7 > tv' ' < " 'IVir < frr. Scmlna
Wi IKII.-SS lxt t I.osrea by Drams , I'lmplea or
ho ricelosl Manhood , jitiattlvt It/tin ulnTI > ert
isiiucnici niifiiiliiii. Ih : appropriate le.r. av
sa arc ; used in each case. Consultations , peru -
\u- I or bv letter , sacredly confidential , fled-
' < ru. . ncilt by Mall and Express. No marks on" to indicate contctitu or tender. Address
Jii.lAMES.No. 204Va3hinnon ? Sl.Chicagoll | .
" ? 1
1111 Douglas 81. Omaha , Nob.
Galvanized Iran Cormrp.i
\VI11 ptirlft Iho ELOODTcpii
l.totiH LIVCRtimlKlpNCYS
and Jd "Toi.i , rill' .
nnd VIO Oil of YOUTH. Us-o-
pipsln , of Appetite , jn
dl i lion , 1 u k oi MrLDRtli ,
ndlir'unaltsolulclv ' ' I , , lun'clesaiul
Ji Ific ii"l.u mind nnei
supi > li'0 fiialn l'nv\e'r.
. . PulTi iinf'lioin cumpUliits
WD U X , i BU * > JU-C II iurt3 Jl ! r SCXWill
find InDIt. rr IITER'SIBOtT 1ONIO n fatn nnd
fl'0dy euro , tfllvcs u clear , htfllMi/comple-vlon.
rrccfuKiit J > ticnilits at VP ' "Iff li'K nlj udd
totliopopnlirltv fiftlioorlpliiM. Do not txpcri-
tnciit petthoOiuoiNAi , AM > IU ST.
SGIOHGC of Life. Only $1.00
Eihuuetoil Vitality , Norvona and rhj-slcnl Debltiiy
Premature Dccllno In Itan , E ro-3of Youth , an the
satold roljorlca esultlne from Indiscretions or ci
esBcc. JL book for every man , youif , mlddla cctl ,
ml old. It contains 126 proscriptions for all acute
nd chronic dlsouaoa cnchono of which In Invaluable
So found by the Author , whoao oxpoilonco for 3
yc ra IB such r.G probably never bo.'oro IM to tha lot
if uny physic en fCO pages , bound In bcitntifn
'rcnch muslin mooaaodcovors , fell gllt.fran t itioi' !
3 bo ft Encr work n every cense , mechanical , lit-
ry and professional , tlnn uny olhor work Eold In
bio country for ? 2.tO , or tha money will bo refunded
a every Instance. 1'rlcaonly 41 CO by mail , poet-
paid. Jlluotratlvo simple 6 centj. Bend now Gold
msdaUwardedtho author by tbe Nfttlounl Kodlrnl
iwoclr.tlon , to tbo oKIroro nf which ho iolcr3.
IhoSclonso of Life should bo road by the yotug
or Instruction , nml by the Mlllotcd foi icllof.
tbenofll \ \ \ nil. London T.Mior.t.
There ! a na member of aoclcty to whom Vho Kd
nco of Llfonlllnotbo useful , whctl-ci yocth , pki
nt , eiiKidlftn , liistrnctoror cl. < rpym n. ArgonuS.
Address the Peabody Mcdta.l Institute , or Dr W
rker , No * BulCnrh Street , Ior-ton Haa. , who
o consulted on all dUt-uon roqulr'-iK eklll at.d
onrc. Ctironloaudab tliiaiodlieat. mtbat hve
tha kill ol All cthcs phju-ltra !
ilncU trotted sr. . c ? , . ( > 5U : ( ( illy
follnre. T
h\l \
Of the FJorthwost , Detroit , Minn
country of WOODS AND LAKES , 00 miles west
fSt 1'aul. Three trains dally on tlio N P. It. R. ,
Ith20 Day Excuralon. Ticktta ftl about one-hall
An clegtnt house with nccommoilatlonn for DOO
uosU. Ft. R. COLBURN. Proprietor.
( Faculty 1'rlzo Medical coilcRo of Ohio ,
And ether Diseases of the Anus and Ilcctum ,
120 S. 14th St. Cor. Douglas
vo od and wtf
Tlio tto.imsb.lps of this well-known line are built of
ron.ln watertight compartments , and are furnish
ed with every requisite to inako the passage both
afo and agre-cable. Tliev carry the United Htnte
ud European malls , and lea * e New Yorks Thun-
dajaftudaaturdajifor I'll mouth ( LONDON ) Ctor.
boarifl'AU18)nndllAMlUMa ( ) )
Hates : First Cabin , & 5 , fOi and J75. BteornL'o.SSO
Henry 1'undt , llark lloii en , K U Moorcs.M. Toft ,
jrentuln Omaha , OronewleiciSchoentgeii , agentsln
Council CluiU 0. 1) ) . HICUAI1U It CO , Ocu. rail
AKU.Blllruidnai.N Y. Obis. Kozmlunkl & Co-
General Wentoiu Ai93te , 107 Wanblab-tou St. , Chlaa
DrNvrjt , Col Siptoinlwf. 12 , ISsl.
Scaled proioaaU ] ullllx ri cch od at thu oillcu of thin .
cjmiMiiv iiji to Oi toner first , li > 3l , far lh < | uarrj iiiK i
ami Wiling on b ard of cart too.OOj ctlblo feet ol
KtonuMbeilelhircl during the vcar I'-oS , The
coiuunj | risen stheri/ht / tc r Jurtanj andallbldt
QFor an ) liirttx r Infurnntoni npj Ij to h A Marjutv
tico president , Ulllord Murk , liomcr. rilorado
0 : f CLI cc > KL.VM > i ( J > ARM Co.
Owing to the increase
in our business we'vs
admitted to the firm
Mr Edwin Davis , who
is well and favorably
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
fchose who1 have desi
rable property for
sale , to place the same
us. The new firm
5r7il ! be
213 South 14th St.