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JB JBi. , * , r . ,
"Blaiue's ' Reply to too Indianapli
Sentinel Interrogatories *
Grand Republican Domonstmtioi
in New Yorki
Premont and His Influence Ovoi
the Old Guard ,
"Hondrioka and Other Democratic
Wholesales in Ohio ,
Platform of tha Paity of Nc
anil the Geimniis Otlioi
1'olltlcal News for tlio Past For-
ty-Elilit Houis ,
Tlic Intcrro RtorlcH Answorctl.
INDIAVAPOUS Ind. , Septembci 23. - In the
I31aiua libel suit in the district court this af-
toiiiojn , Mr. Blaino'u attorney filed the fol
lowing answer to the iiitorrogaloiics pio-
poundoJ by the Sentinel's attorneys of Sop-
tombaro : I , James G. Ulaiue , of August i ,
M aiue , ou oath dopojo and say , iu answer to
the foiegoiug iutofroz.itorios :
1. Harriet 1) . Stinweod. ;
2. In Georgetown , Kentucky , in the spring
Of IbW.
3. I lived in Kentucky as assistant plo-
lessoi or tutor in the Western military insti
tute from January , 1818 , to December , 1S51
In ISIS and ISl'J tlio institute was at George
town , in 1830 at Blue Lick , and in 1831 at
Drennon Spring ? .
1. The lady I married Hcd m Kentucky
fiom the spring of 1S31 , engaged as ti teacher
in Colonel T. r. Johnson's Pemalo semiupry.
The first two years at Geoigetown aud the
last 3 eir at Mlllersburg ,
j. I finally Ifft Kentucky in the latter
part of December , 1831 , and want to Now Or
leans on business , and tlicuco directly to Aug
usta , Maine , which place I readied on Kobru-
juy 0 , 1832 , and was next employed as princi
pal teacher in Iho Pennsylvania institution
foi the instruction of the blind , m I'hiladel-
lili'a. '
0. My wife left Kentucky in March , ISjl ,
accompinied by myself as far as Pittsbmg ,
Pa. ; thence traveled plono to New York ,
-whcio pho was met by her brother , Jacob
Staiiw.od , and undei his protection piocced
ed _ to her mother'u residence" , at Augasti ,
jMaine , where 1 ne\t met 011 'J ,
7 , b raid 9. T was man led in Millorsbuig ,
Kj. , on the 30th of June , 1800 , in the pros-
< .nce of Sarih C Stanwood am ! S.i , Blaine.
Thu mariiago vvas secret- Having doubt sub-
eqututly of its validity under the liws of
Kentucky , which then stringently renuirod a
liceuFO from the cleik of the county court , I
hid tha ciarrirgo solemnized a second time m
Pittsbnrg , 1'a . ou the 29th of March , 1831 , in
the presence of John V. Lomojno and Da\id
10 and 11. Jacob Stauvv oed was the eldest
brother of my wife. I had no acquaintance
with him nt the time of invmiriiirohad ; never
seen him nor ho ird from him directly OL indi-
icctly before my imrrbgo. I niPt him for the
fust time in 1'ebruiry 1832. I Ind two letters -
tors fiom linn nftei my nniiia o and before I
met him , ono warmly welcoming ire as a
anemue of the family an I the other imiuurng
if he could piomota my business inteiests by
a loan of mono } I hid no other corropon-
donee of any kind until I had personally met
lam In Fobruaiy. Iba2. Myufo had two
othei brotheis , neither of whom I hid over
mot when I came to Now Kngland in Febru
ary Io32 , uor did I ever meet any of the male
relatives of my vvifa bafore my arrival in Now
llngland in Kebiuary , Ib32
12 , 13 and II. My first < * hild , a son , wis
born in the hou'O of his gi indmnthor on the
IS.h dayof June , 1851. His mine was Stan-
\vood Ulnino. Ho lived with his pirents m
1872 , IW'i unil put nflS3l , In I'hilndclpln i ,
nnd died July 'U , 1S3I , and was burled in the
Stinwood family lot. in 1'oiojt Giovo come
teiy , Augusta , Maine ,
lo , 10 and 17. A monument was pliced , by
nn duection , over his grave a year after his
death , thus in-cubed. "Stmwood Blame , son
if James G. and Ilariint b. Bhino , bom Juno
IS , ISM ; died July HI , Ib'il. " 3
Ib. 1 have not mj self teen the stone since
the hrst weak in > luly , but I have reason to
behove , and do believe , sinrothut date many
letters and figmi s thereon have been defaced ,
nnd that thf iiguro ' ' 1 ' in the > oai 1851 , his
been entirely icmoved I hive no means of
ascert lining uy whom this v/as done- , but have
TOi'on to belioyo and do believe , that a pho-
topi null was t ikon of the defaced stone at the
instance of one publishers of tlio Now Ago ,
a demoiiatie paper published in this city , and
that e ipies of e.dd photograph were sent to
dlvrin und sundry persons , including the pub
lisliri i of Iho Indian inohs Sentinel , the plain
tiffin tins suit.
1 know the book refertod to as "Tho Lifo of
Jamcji G. Bli > ino , " 1 did not revise thuol -
union become in any degree tesponsiblo for
any statement inndu in it though I BIW jiails
of it bofoio its publication , but I did not and
hav o not , tn this day , seen No. US , to which
the question refeis , though the statement
then > made was doubtless derived by the
author , Kaswoll H , Conner , fiom conversa
tion with me ; but not fiom any special au
thorisation by mo to make it.
, ) AMK.S G. li VIM : .
Jlstret ! of Mainn. ) sf.
Be fore mo , WInholdS. Chont , commission
er of the circuit court of the United States , in
and foi said diutnct , pcisonally appeared
James G , Blaine and subscribed and made
oith to the truth of thu fougiiing answeis
Witness mj hand and otiici d seal at Augusta ,
in said District , tint. 17th d ly of September , in
slid the year of our Lmd , one thousand eight
hundiad and eighty-foiii.
Mfal ] WINIIMII S. Ouour ,
CiunmiKsIoncrof the circuit emit of the Umteil
Stites for thu Uistndt of Maine ,
Illnlno Ijiilliiislnsni In Now VorJc ,
NHYOHK , September 20. Mi , Blame re.
ceived n gieat ovation at the headquaitera ol
the national commltte-o to night. I'lfth avonm
from Twenty Si\th lo Twoiity-ninth streetSi
was crowded with fifteen thousand pooph
long before U o'clock , Iho hour of Blalne's in
troduclion , A platfoim hud been erected before
fore the pirlor windows of the headquarters
nnd was tastily decorated uith fhgs , A bun'
of music played many liv ely airy , and electrii
llfihts and fite-workx lit ui > thu scene , Tlu
tlmalasm of the croud wax extraordinary.
Promptly at nine o'clock Blaine arrlvci :
from tlio I'lfth Avenue hotel. Police Caplali
Williams occupied a neat on the bjx of tin
carriage with the diiver. No llttlo dlllicultj
v\s.s had in making a pi < agu for tha carriage
> Blaine was accompanied by Stnutors Huh
nnd Hawley , Colonel UnorgeV Houkei
Chalnnan Jonox and Setietaiy I'uiisendtii , ol
the national committee , Atsittant Uietiicl
Attorney.Tonny , of Biuukl > n , Jvx ( iovcnioi
Cornell , J'mory A. St > nu and deur e Bliss
In the absence of Janus U Wairon , chair
man of the republican state cunimltteo , A. S
Uraper , chairmua of the uxocutlvo committee
received Ml. Blame and conducted him tt
the iilatfnrm.
When Blame was rcc 'iiacd by the pee
pie , a tremendous hont went up. Tvfr. llrt
j i introduced Bliviuo a.s "the n'nlli ' in th
honored li t of n'publ'eui ' pro'iilenK" Thl
ctuiod mort' cheering , and then Itliino , < le |
ping lo the front of the pjiitfmm , tald To h
received by tli3 city of Jsew ork i indeed a
honor ; to bo received bv Mull innnnifienn
demonstrations as thnt w hich Ici' bi foi o me
touchoi mo tlroplji moves mo dci ply , nm
enlls for inv moat slnccro and hentfi-lt tliink <
fCheem ] Your treat cmirarium , this city
New York leinfents m its ginvvlh nm
erflntlour the rtntcd Stut s of Anirricn
[ Cheor'.l It is not merely the chit
innninpality of the impiro " "tati -
it ia Iho comnui-cinl mptropnhs of the contii !
nit , and 1 coneMvo It to lu ono of Iho chit
hononof my lllo lo be thus we mid to It
hearty hospitality. [ Cliei-r . ] 1 rmiew t
jou and impress upon yon the grititudo I fee
and the th.inkfulnosa I olfu for nil tint yni
te'iider mo. [ Shouts of ' 'you are wolcoiuo'1 am
contlnuiHl chcors. ]
Mr. Blnlno was followed into the pulots b ;
i omuls ol aiplau c. When ho had tlisippeiU
oil , lmory A. Storrs. of Chlctijo , I'uiti-i
Statoa Sonatnr Hnwley , and othei geutitmei
mndo short addro i" .
Mr V.lluH Huberts , editor of Iho Utic ;
Herald , mido in addioss , follow nil by ihout
for Blaino. Ho rotunu-d tn the platfoim nm
wiliifsed a piradoof 20,100 mambers of th
various political clubs , Aflor the unlformci
men had pis cd Mr. Bliino being cillixl fo
stepped to the front aud slid , "Allow mo ti
thank jou for this fine displiy and to wisl
you all a hippy good night. " Ho then re
turned to the hotel in hU
llonilriclcM nt Hamilton , Ohio ,
HAMILTON , O. , September 20. The demo
craU had ono of the largest meoliiigj ov e
icld in this county , Tlio number of \ cr on
s estimated at from tvveuty-fivo to fort ;
housaud. A largo number came from In
dlnnn. The chief inteiost was the appeal anc
of Mr. Hondrieks. The olhcr speakers prcs
out were AllonG. Tluumnn , Goveinoi Hoadlj
ind Dublin Ward. Letters of regret won
sent by Cleveland and Senator Payne.
Mr Hendiicks wis introduced by ox Semvt
or Thimuin , and by sijim
10 had befoio him au articli
viitten for the Commercial Ga/otti
ind copied very o\tensuely by the ropubhcar
) ipeis , to the effect that in lbC3 a club w.i'
oimi't' known as the "Stom
Iou o , " in St. Clair township , this county , bj
about seventy parsons , who vv cm disloyal ti
ho Union , and cilled the A'allaudmghin
club ; tint ho ( Ilendncks ) invited am
came to St. Clair township nnd helped fern
ho club.
"I wish to sav , " ho continued , ' 'tint I nov-
srknow there was a _ house cilled 'tho stont
louse , ' nor a St Clm township until I sawil
n tliiit article. I only refer to this as an ov
ample of tl'u multitu.ld of falsa statements
, he iepnbhc.inpro s puts in circulation aboul
lomocraticcindidatos. A ho never hurts f
nnn. It is the tiuth that hurts. "
Hendricks then turned to other topics ; first
arguincr th it it was tune for n chingo in the
idnunistration , oven if there were no seindal'
n the present administration. He icpoatci
, he argiiment ou this puint need in his othoi
iddiesscs , and m the nmin devoted 1'is time
, ho line followed in othei plices. The
nectinir was very enthusiastic nnd , b > icason
nf its sio , much con fusion existed al
lines , rendering it dillicult for a greater \ior-
lou to heai whit was and ,
X l.iotous antl Fatal Clicus lloivin
ArciiibON , Kas. , Septombei 20. A specla !
o the Chimpion sijs : A serious low oscuriot
) ot.Teon the citl/ena of Burr Or.k , Jewel
county , Kansas , and the show men belonging
, o a circus , on Tridny , in which ono mm was
idled and BOV oral wounded. A disturbmcc
vas raised by a drunken citien named lhott
ind a general fight occurred , .Elliot was ar-
ested , and wht n the circus men took their
iricts to the tiain a crowd followed them ,
rid just ns Mayor Marr had restored order a
man imed appeal ud at the depot
vilh a double bnircled shot gun aud hrcd into
he train. At this moment the ti un pulled
nut and the circus men fired \olloy at tlio
: rowd , killing J. LongneckiT. tnortallj wound-
ntrMajoi Mair , nnd elightly wounding a
) ny. Longueeker had not taken n pirt iu tlio
ow. lie- leaves a wife and BIN. children. The
ciicns is the simo that was in the horrible af-
air in Greoly , Col. , some time ao. It vvis
nllod to show at W ishmRton to day , and
hither about ono hundred of Bun Oak people
u'tit by Boci d tiain to arrest the murderers.
Jreat i-xcitemint iirtvnils at Buir Oak.
Auothei special to the Champion fiom
Washington says sixteen circus _ men were
irrested this morning by tlio sherill of Jewell
county. This afternoon they were taken to
reenleaf by the then ! ! of Washington conn
y. At 7 o'clock this evening a bundled mon
irrived thcio from Burr Oak , mil nt la1- !
iccomits iivohundrud men wcio at the depot
iw ailing developments.
The Intest account from Buri Oikeijs tint
Mayor Jlnnn is not jet dead but theio w no
lopoof his lecovery.
Hrr Ulnli'Bly'H Tulis ,
Speci ilto'cgrnm to the Bl K. 'Jj
LONDON , September 21 Tlio 1'nll Cn/ollc
s publishing a euiis of sensational ailicli-
lesigned to sliow the deplorable condition ol
ho British rnvy , which is statoil to bo fai in
euortn tint of J'rauco. The Gazette tie.
cl ires th it the bonti d supremacy of llnglind
on the Fins is now a thing of tlio pist an4 tn
rrgain It will eiusn the expenditure of 110 ,
! DOOCO. Tlio opinions of many n ival exports
n support of theao stitcnn-nts ! < < ] ) ilblisliod
diily m the form of intuviows and lettois ,
and SulcUlo.
DUIIIIJLK. IDW.I , Septemboi 20. John
Lingo shot his wife thiough the howl this
norning and then shot himself through the
load , Ho is deidBho ; may lecovei , Lmge
was a laborer , ? ged about fifty eight years ,
nnd a nativoof Darmstadt , Germany ; was Hit
womau'H second hnsbind and she his seconil
wife. Tins morning the couple had a ipiinol
which culminated in the shooting ,
A Ora/y Mill tlerer.
MT. tSTHin.Nt. , Ky , , September 20. L 191
light Sam Clay an old an respected Bchoo
.eacliDi , made an attack on S.ilho Oldhani am
her sister vvlnlb in her buggy neai his boiise
| lo Htitbbcd the former su\ end time ; , inlllctuif
: ntil ni'iuicH , Ho also attoniti'd ] to kill In
w ifu but thu escaped. Clay was not rtyardoi
in cra/y nnd threats nf violence made at'ain
liim by indignant citucns. No cause amlgnoi
fur his actions ,
Yellow ilnok'H IilinllH.
WAHIII.NOTON , Hoptombor 20. The actin ,
nsjiatant fcurgeon nt Brownsville , Ttxas , n
[ 101 Into the hurgeoii-goncral of Iho Mai no ho >
j il d scrvlco tn it there has be-on no cases c
yellow fovornt Matamorns , Mexico , or a
liroivnavillu , at that the season at the Mox !
cangiilf pnrt ) bus btrn the healthiest eve
known , The f over is decreasing at Heimusil
lo , Mexico. _ _
Tlio TalapooHiiaiul tlio Koliooner ,
WASIII.NI.TO.N , Soptembeo 2) . The cum t
imiulry nppomtod to liivunligata the commii
neil of thu Talapooa i and Biltlmnro cehoonei
fmdn the TalnpooHn did nil in its ] owcr t
avuid n collision , complied with the law In nl
rospucts and that the blnmo routs with th
schooner. Tlio dopaitmont approved th
( mding of the court.
Tlio N i\v Silver Vuuir.
WASIIIV TON , Hoptomlx r 20. The larg
mnvtllvei vault U lnii ln.d nnd tin tramfo
i f "iilvtr logins Monday Tha atorat'o capm
Ity u hfty million silm dollar * . Tliu BUI
plus c Imigo of the tlllfcrent ininU la ulsu to bi
placed in it ,
The Masne-isiii of the NatiJii's ' Lead
cr Asserting Ilsclf.
Cheerful Reception of Blaino' '
Letter at All Points.
The Plumed Knight's ' Eovivify
ing Presence in New York.
His Oauvnss of Pennsylvania
New York and Ohio.
Blessed Eniiohonincf of the Re1
publican .Exchequer
Cheered by tlio Magnetic I'rosonai
of''Our Uoi'ry of Nniaarre , " the
Great I'uriy Invites tlio On
liliilno's Yltnll/lnf ; Power.
Special Ui'pilcli to tlio BKK.
Ni.vv YoitK , September 21. The visit o
Blaine to Now York had n most stimuhitiiif
cltcct upon tlio campiign , anil republics !
prospects look much brighter than they did i
wct'kr"jo. Mr. Blaine his succeeded in nn
parting to the malingers some of Ins oun on
tlinsiasm mid brilliancy , and tlio rest of tin
campaign promises to be brillinnt.
Since Blaino's nm\nl in tlio metropolis UK
amount of money foiwarded to the natioun
coininittco 1m been laigoi than has been re
coned by them since the c impugn opened ,
yi ho reception tendered by the citizoua ol
New York to the republic in candidate l.isl
night was in some respects ono of the grandee !
political dcmnnslratious ever seen in Now
York. Mr. lllauio found time to go to the
photngraphcis nnd had two sittings fcr his
pictures. The plain for his \isitto Philadel
phia nro now fully completed. Ho will lorn
Xow York at li o'clock Mond.iy evening ,
reaching Novvark , N..L , at 8. Tliero ho will
jorecuvedns a guest of Hx-Congrossmati
I falsoy , and remain for an hour and n half ,
rheiois to bo a giand demonstration mndo ui
fiom I'.ittcison and
lorn delegations adjoin-
ng towns. A short reception will follow .it
Mi. Hnlsey'H house.
A delegation from the Union league of Phil-
idolplni H ooctod to moot Blaine .it thi
limit nnd accompany him to city. Three
ninnto stops will probibly bo made at l.lizi
. > ctli , Trenton , Pimceton , anil Germantown ,
.ho triin reiehing Philadelphia at 10.CO.
Ulnino will then go directly to
lotcl. On Tuesday evening ho will ionw o
liirado from the steps of the Union loigue.
Jfi > will leuc-I'luladelphii at 10 o'clopk t'u
s line oveniugj and is u\put toil to icach till1
city bj midnight , and at 10 o'clock ho will
! oi\o by the Now York Coutial for Alb.mj
and Buffalo , malting speeches from the cai
| ) l.itfoim en route. Ho vvill bo accompiniod
uy Secret uy ofVm , Lincoln , Chairmau War'
icn , Secretary Yroomau and A. S. Draror , o !
the ttutu committee.
l > lalnc'rt lottos at (1 L'ubllc Opinion ,
Special dispitch to TiiKBir ,
NEW YOIIK , Soptombar 21. The great top-
c of the day in all political circles was Blnmo'i
etter about his imrri igo. The publication ol
'Sir. Blame's manly letter has created fi most
avoiablo impression. The stoiy as told in
his lettei , In ? been long known U
'lame's intimate friends. It is susceptible ol
uch cleir pi oof that not ono can question tin
acts. It is said that Blame has boon really
glad of tha opportunity to wipa out once foi
all this indefinite blander which his been HI :
aguely whispered by jealous gossips
< ir a number of years , There
113 been no way of meotii g these imiendos HC
OUR as they were conliued to circles rf pnvatc
fos'-'ip , but , once the responsibility of its pub-
icity was aHHimicd by any ono of Blalno'fl
iomso was clear. At the tlmoho tolcgi.iphod
UK dispitch dui'ctniK the libel suit to bo
ironght in Indianapolis , ho contemplated ad-
Iresaing a letter for public ition upon the sub-
ect , but it wan thought then that it might
itrhaps bo hotter to wait the com so of atfaim
n tlio courts. If the defendants had not
shown n malicious ( spirit in then attempt to
nnuoy and h ina thoprnpicutmii by telling
ip tlio defense that of iif > coumty , Involves
endless delays , the lettc r published tins mom-
ng would not h i\o been mitten. Blaine is a
\oryimpatant in in. and ho brought out Una
ettei rs n shnrt cut tlnough the ina/o of Man *
der. This li ttai ban closed the mouths of the
oJitorsof lesppctablo opposition pipeix.
The Now York Time s this moiuuig fays
Iiit tha stitoiiitnt which lilaliio inikcg
'should close all lips on a subject whieh IMS
joon mtioilntod nnd discussed in this tun
inign only where manlinttis was foigottui , "
I'lns MOW has been adopted at demociatia
leadiju liters , Dudley bminlly , locil man ig
ngulitor of thodemoerlic national commit
.co , sajs that tholrcommitti o hasnovurin any
way e inctionod these attacks uinn Blaine H
invalo life , nnd tint they hau done all tin >
could to discourage these publications and cir
dilations. This extremely \irluoii.s\io\voftho
inbject may not bo nharcd by nil domocratiu
( adcix , At any rate J.hoy hn\u thnwcd no
outward signs of dlxippiuval of anything that
iis boon directed tigalnnt Ulninc ,
THh I 111 I 111 VI. 11 KUN ( ! AT Hlh ( .AI'lTAL ,
WASIIIM.TOS , September 21. The week
cloHes with a gtcater foaling of confidence than
it any time pre\ious stagoof the campaign.
On oscry nand may bo seen smilllm ; fncen ,
nnd nothing ; in In ard but words of cheer anil
congiatulatlonH upon the pros-poet , Tlio mag'
notiu ] ) rrpencoiif J\lr \ , lilalno as ho miugli-t
with tin pcoplo is idriady felt. It lia'
quitkotii d the pulse of o\oiy rcpublicin in tin
, ind , Tlio Mulligm dlschargo waielfictivt
only in its recoil iijion thosawhoweto hand
ling the gun. Hardy in the hUtury our poll
IIC.H hn n great effort so nlgnally
and utterly fal'ed ' ultli it piirposc ,
Blamo'a fiank and manly loiter to 1'lu.lps
published thin moriiing tcls at riwt forexci tin
tiiih OIIH and ubumiunblo Hbol upon Ian domes
tic rJutluriH , His cunsidorod hnrotlmt Jlluini
IIIB gained in strength this wnok am
that the tide haH fairly hot In that will moi
whelm all opposition , Tliin h the drift o
lopuhlictm opininn and foohngw Wiishmgton
as uhown by the talk HIIIOIIK tlio liui niimbtv
< if callers at the rooms of the republitin committee
mitteo to day , The mails brought in an nn
usually large * number of lolura from Ohio , al
nf which , without an exception breathed tin
aamoHpnit of confidence In tlio rcanlt. Thrti
or fniii from ( jenerid Wanicr'x dlstiict , pie
dlctod tin * ci rtam uloctlon cf Ta > lor , rojinb
lie in , to congress , hotwlthstanding Warne-r' .
largu margin , Hccn tary Iol > h ( rnon whosi
paitleular functlutl li to watch clonily the con
gro-Hlonal diHtilcU , tlimliH the republican :
urc reasonably ceitiiu to gain from four to HP
mombeis in Ohio and possibly inori' .
The ilemix.r tH line imui prettv much aban
doned their claim upon Ohm They are t dk
ingnow as thovdhl ubdiit .Muini1. They i ;
they ute going to Keip thoripnblluin iniijoilt'
111 Octi < b < r doun t ) 1HUO 01 L'0,0111) , nnd tin 1
thov nro Hiiro to < itiry the uUlo for C'levolumi
in Xovuiilmr. Thoysaytluta great Jinnj
\otos will bo cast foi lUbmston in Octobo
tint in tha follow mi ; mrmth will go to Ht
.lolin , liutlur and Cli-ieland The urcat | ur
mleit in liunur of Blaine In New Virl > am
riillaMhla ( | ; are tulilidentlvpecti d li
aroiiHOf nthintn in In thoio gn-at litlts , tin
rtfcultof \ vliKbvillUuluiitlyftlt. .
'Jho obst'riatan of Siinuol J. JUndall th
olhrr dny Umt IIP rccnrdi 1 roniiKatiii as r
doubtful Btnlc , t-Ilciteil fr ni i n piililunn hrri
the ronmk thftt the onlv d > iht nltout IVniv
ivhnnm wai whotherltwoi 1,1 , } * , 1000oi (
aiO.tOJ for lllr'ne. A Vi li ! i- ! | lui ih > mi > oial
whom In AVa hingt. n ID diy id tlml
IJnmhill's hopes of iVnn1 1mii \\e\a b.i eil
on tlio fiiiiou of nil the < 101 mu uppounl lv
Hlninc , i > lins for uhich ln | | ( l'n fully ma
tnn\l nnd wm'Ul Iwcougnnnmti- 1 immodintpl\
after the October olccuonH m Ohio nndVo t
Virglnl i.
"lintcHi"v '
The 'Kuiorin ,
Uo ros' , September 20 - Flip following 1-
the platform adopto.l by tin American i > ollti <
icul alH.uuo , which uomimtul Cipuin . ] '
Illhworth , of l'onnsylv nii , nnd Clmiles If ,
WatorniRii , of Now Yoi Ic , for president ami
\ico president of the I u d St\lc . We
demand the nppoal of nil nnturAllrntlon li\
and the pa'snffo of nn net by tlio conuroM ol
the Unitoil SUtos maknift i roMih-nco of t on.
ty-ono yoira ncciBsary to emlila fureiRiiors tn
\oto or holdolllciil poaitli'ii m this country
except whou'such foreign 1 1 rn citizens hive
8cr\Lilin thoaimy or navy ( f the United
Slates ; the pi siio of nn ait by congress pi o-
hlbithitf the formation of political orgiuiirv
tion * composed of foreigners o\clii9i\ely ; the
rights of HiilTraao to Amerli m-born females
thosamo as to males ; opposition lo tinminor -
lition nnd attempted colon itloii of foreig.i-
eis ami piupeia from foreign countiios , and
the absolute oppression of t lilneso immigr.v
lion ; an opportunity to M to direct for prost.
dent and vice piosldont oi llm United Stitcj
through and bv nn nmendmont to the const i-
tuliou of the United Statc ; the natixe born
titircns , while or colored , to rule and mnku
tholaw * of thocountryj no , ipiopriatiou of
public funds for sectarian purpmm ; the riglita
of all Amoucan citirens ns pio\idul by the
constitution to bo nnd protected
and n fico ballot anil i fall < i.iut ,
Fremont anil tlio Old Abolitionists
Special to the llKK.
Ki.Youir , Seplombor 21 It Is proposed
, o ha\o Genei.ll John O. I'roimmt accompiny
[ llaino upon his trip to the west. Genual
I'lemontwas among Ulnino's e.illeis to-day ,
The special object of "Kromontsisit lo the
nest will bo to make nu appeal to thu proh !
jitiouisla to stand by the topubllcan piity.
DID prohibitionists are said to bo stiong In
western Xow York. Some estimitos plico
their \otuas high as 30,000 in that ncighboi-
lood. They nro also strung in Ohio nnd
Michigan. Most of these prohibitionists are mnmljors of the
republic m party ; the moil who began their
lolitical h\es by the crueado against Rlnvory.
John C. Fremont was their oldest stimhid
juarer in 1850 , and it is now thought th it his
icuty ondoraomont of Blaine miy do good
IIIUMIK his old followers , _ pnrticulaily if ho
goes out and gi\os thorn his cndorsomonts in
> ei8on. _ _ _ _ _
Tlio Irish ami Politics.
CiNCis'JfATi , September 21. Tlio I'miuel
i ranch of the Irish national liaguu at u meet-
ng this nftoinoon rcqueHtod tlio re i tiatnn ! of
) . W. Callisou of this city , whuh was grrnt-
cd , Callisnn had w ritton n counnniiication to
commontiui ; uufaviir.ibly on the po-
itcalpo'-ittonof Patrick Kffm , inesident of
lie leipuo. Callison also ncciwd 1'giu of in-
competency as president au < l dihlnnicsty while
reasurfrof the orgini7itioii , Mi. Oolhaoii
an well known citfrou of Cincinniti.
AVasliUurno and t'lb
Special Tclegiam to THE Bra.
Nh w Youic , Seteinbot ] J. Tliero is Eon r.
talk Ijero of asliing ElihuIJ. - ! . Wnshbi'rno In
cnnio here and mnLo aoino Bpeechon _ lo the
.ho Ciciinins. Tlioro is no public mm in this
country who stinds HO high with the 0minima
mil from whom n few speeches would do BO
much good.
Rnulil on tl > o 'JCnilir Juebtion.
Sjicci il Dispitch to TUP Bh p.
NK\V Yonic , Sciitember 21. Jay Gould to-
r ! ly perpetrated an ppigiam. Some ono asked
inn the moinlng of fioa tiado. Ho paid , "frpo
, rado means a reduction of ISO | icr cent in
vngesnnd a.'iO per cent icdnction in wages
ne.ins roolutiou , ' '
Blaine and Aitliur.
Speciil to Tllh litK.
Xiw : YOIIK , Sopteinbor 20. Piesident Ar-
, hur did not come to town , nnd BO no intci-
low between him and Blame took place.
An Impromptu Duel.
Lous\ i r , September 21. llnriy Clay , a
veil kiionn lawyer and politician , was shot
and perhaps fatally wounded tins morning by
\ndrow Wopleicouncilman from tlioi luvenlh
\ird. Clay was ihinKing and wanted to
boi row money fiom his fntnd Wcpler , who
vould not lot him Imo as much as ho wanted.
JUy began abusing him and went out and
got n pistol to about him. On returning , the
lien each armed with instoli ) , Riid they were
t'.uly to fight it out. They took stands and
\Veplor hred , the ball Bli Iking Clay in the
; ioln , tanging diiwnwiud in the thigh. Clay
s a gi.indt.on of the great Henry ( JJny , Jlo
nado \oyago to tlio Aictio rigioiiH In the
It-fated 1'iotcus. Ho Is prominently men-
ionod for congieuH fiom this dixtrict. Clay's
vonnd la very daugrrous , though ho may lues
Vdpler gave hiniHolt up ,
Undo Sum ArrnlKncd.
Wisiiisi.rov , Heptomber 21. Snili hu\o
) eou untcred in the United States Limit of
laims agninsit the United States by the Choj-
ipeako X , Ohio Canil company and Great
' ' .ills lUanufactuung compiny for damages
aggregating In two cam * , IK ally a million dol-
ars. Action has been brought by both com-
iiinies on aecountof piospictno damngus to
> o i aneed by thti proposi d oUeneiim of the
WoHhingtonaiiudnut , pnni'lcd by act of con-
griHSof July in. 178. , woik upon whieh has
ihendy been bigiin , The I liter unit IH to be
jiought by Beiijnmin T JSutier on behalf of
Cansci its \Ictlmi to bo miserable , honoloM ,
iimfiistd , and depicsscd In inlml , > cry lirlt.v-
Mo , langnlil , ami drowsy. H Is a dlse.iso
\\hlclKloo3iiotgetwcllof Itself. H reMjiilros
careful , persistent attention , ami n remedy lo
tluow oil Iho riinc'i nnd tone up llm dlKes-
tl\o organs till Ihoy pcrfirm their duties
ttllllugly. Hood's Harsapailll.i bin proven
Just the remilicd remedy In Imiidi tils of cases.
" I h.wo taken Hood's Bars iptrllli for d > s-
iicpsli , fromwlileli 1 liavoBuireredtwo jears.
I tried many othtr ineilltliiPs , lint none proved
ho sitlsfatlory as Hood's Harsaparllla. "
'JJIOMAH COOK , Jlrusli JJletlrlo Light Co , ,
Sick Headache
"Tor the pist two years I Invo been
nniltleil with BCVUIO Jioail.iihcs and dyspep-
hla. 1us induced to Iry Hood's Birmpv
IIII.I , .mil have found greit relief. 1 iheer.
" Man. H. 1' .
fully reei.miiu ml It to all.
A.NNAIIM. , K w Ha\unCoiin.
Mrs. Jlary C. bmllh , CamUrlilgeport , Mass. ,
was .1 sufferer fromiljspeiislaamUIek luaU-
aeho. bhu loulc Hood's hir aparllla aud
luuml It Iho best remedy she ocr
Hood's Sai-saparilla
BoM l > y all dniKKlsls. 81 ; U for 85. Mule
f.nly by 0,1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , JIass. (
* Dollar.
IOQSDosesOno , ,
The Hew of ! tie ! World AM fo
I&G & PasI Day ,
Oliolera Ravages Along the Mod
itorraiionn Districts ,
England'a ' Prosout Unsettled Po
litionl Ooudition.
The Discarded Mistress of
Seek Rsodross.
British Anxious Dread of Foniai
Dynaiuito Outbreaks
linot XllHson Coining Bo
licinliin Aiiil-SoulAllHiu Uhlnonu
Alliilru i/ypt / Mullein.
IN souTiauv nuscr.
Special Tclegtam to THIS HKK.
hosDov , Si-plemlxi 21. 'Iho cliolor.i slil
roinams in the nunl distiicts of soiitheri
1'ianco where , notably in the dcpaitmento
Ardocho , which lies on thoriun Itlumo jus
north of ( larda , little hamlets hi\o boun siul
dcnly atilcken with the epidemic after It hm
appirently left tha department. Some liftooi
now ullagu lm\o bieli Msitod during th1
week ended lo day. Over olio-half of then
aioin thol'jiennes Oiientalen. In the luge
cities there lm\u l > oou only occasionn
iloith ? .
It a curious fnet thnt the news scniceli
Italy is \ astly hotter than it is in the oul1
if I'laiKO. Dming the pist fortnight it ha
been impossible to keep tiack of tlu progros
[ > f the disease in the latter legion. From tin
stirt it his been uecosinry to ranaick icaici
papers in oriki to obt dn full lists.
TllllOLllllOLTlTAn ,
f < Italy , on the contriiy , givui n duly bulletii
uy proluces aud the best of the Bjstoni is th.v
the bulletins are boruo out by IcltcrM from \ n
ilous puts of the Infected country. The U la
iiumbci of deaths In It dy up to data IH ( ! , : ' - M
ni about 1,000 nioio than thu total foi Franco
iVmcrie.ius must not bo decolMid by ;
lluctu ition m the death rate m Naples iub
jtippo mg thitth rpidemio is on the decline
I'lobibly .v month will olapao before it is mn
tored or it birns itself out. lAuthci ra\ago
In the smaller cities may hoospoctod.
In Ki ] lin there his boon a total of 282 death
of which numbei 2U occurred to the prounc
at Alicinto and the rest in twoof the pyic
iio s province's , Loiidi. Farngona.
1 Wl-Jim IN NAl'lKH.
Ycstordiiy great locil fete n
St. .r.inu nina tn Naples drew out ono of th
Iirgost thiougs over seen in the city. Thong
the police kept the cafes elosod it is tone the miiio fact of the assembljH will
duce ginvo results in spreading the
Urlllah I'ollllunl Ooinpl ion t ions ,
Special Teh-gram to TUB BIK. :
LONDON , September 21. The popnlr- den
nnstratlons for and against the franchlto l > \ ,
continuo incesimtly , and lirgo mass meeting
uf toiles are hold diily. An ! in
purtaiit riimui , which seems to luvo substan
Li d bisis of fact , is in circul ition to-night. I
is to the effect that the I'rmco of Walea am
Dukoof I'dlnbmgh hive foimilly notiliei
the Marquis of S inlsbury , the conservativ
leader in the house of lords , o
khuu intention tooln for tlio franehieo bill a
tlio autumn ses ion. The lorson arsignud fo
Llus deteimuiAtiun is the fear that tl.o Inten
sity of the h itri-d which has been minlfe-stci
ioward tlnipeeis may bo oxlomkil to th
: rowii Itself unless repieHentatives of loyalt ;
in iko this ciitiLOiHion to the popular will
' ' ' to conceal the !
J'lni 'I'niliM do not attempt
filisfaotion ovirthu now complications It
vvlnch tholibiial mmiBtry is becoming in
lolvrd in ( oiirteiUiriLo ( of liind Notthbionk'i '
Klionin I'gynt. They throitcn to conlnn
tlio autumn hcsslon to pailiiniont to a dr
ciiHHiim of the IVyptian ciiostion | am
bebovo tint the fit nil ontniii'li monlH thathavi
uihou , m me forni on , will alford Ihoin amph
initPiiil witli which to tmbaiass the gnvorn
inont and wt ivo nil the ilincimsbn of the frui
Jnsobill. The tones aru now lo itmg ovei
Llio prosi | ) ct that ( joulnu will doiivci him
iiilf from Ins enemies at Khiiloiini befon
Wolaoly gels thioiigh bin i laboraln pii-pira
LmiiH lei ths ICHCIIO. InthiH ui't It Is t > afo ti
my tlmt tlio toiy onitors wou'd ' ovorwhiln
tlio govirnmcnt with inliculo. In the mean
Limo llm LOUIIO of the government rigarilin ;
LJ onion's ilisp itcln s is widi ly ami hovi'.oly ei It
I/oil. It Is pOHitivily stated Hi it the o ills
lutchnsuro fieipiently euitailod in the wwof
lice bofoio being made public1 , and in som
uuioi hiivo boon Hiipiirossud idtogether.
Spocid Disp itch to Till ! 15n. .
JjON'DON , Koptiimbir2l It' cm bo dehniti
ly Hinted that there will BOOH bo a cliango ii
the lieutenant governorship of lielaml , I'u
Spe-ncor will icliro not I itoi than next yeiu
and it H ( | into possible hu m.iyrcHign in a fo\
ivroku. Ills lopnitcd that the Maiquis e
Itinon , who has just roslgnod thovico royalt ;
uf India , IH to mieceoil Spencor. This stat. :
mentis doubted In vlowof -mil Kipimx del !
cite health , but the fact tint ho 1s an arden
Catlioliu might make the nppomtniuut an ox
ciodlngly jiidicloiuono.
Tlio "nolilon Grail" lto..n iJ.
l Tcltr.uii } ; to Tun li ! K ,
J.O.MION , Hoptomber 21 , CJoiman now ] > .
PI.IH nay that u neh American has locontl
olfend 81,000,000 to the heln of JEIchir
\Vugnor for the nxcliinvi ) right of poiformln
lilsopnia , " 1'aiHiffil. " The ( < iiirdiiii of III
lions , Iniwuvor , absolutely rcfusiil to onturlui
the proposition , and ducluiud that as long the
ho lived "I'.imlfal" nhould bij pioduecnl .1
Itiyienth only , In ooiiiplianto with tlu wul
uf tlio dead mast 'r.
OutrnKO ,
Special ti legi.un to Iho Jii.i : .
Ill ni IX , .September 21 , Much Intciubt I
oxtitod In ( iirmany by Iho approaching lib
of the p | : al uf Mine. Kolummo from the d
cicnof the suproino tiibunal of D.unirttail
which dlrorcixl lur from the ( irand Dull
Louis of HIBHO , and allowed her L'l.OOt ) pi
iiiimiin 'I'liuappeal will bu heard the Hit
prox. Thn general opinion among Iho ( iermii
lawyers in that Iho lady will win thu cvsu , an
tha Jivcrca hi anmillul.
lilHli Di'UlartilloiiH ,
Soptomb < r 21. The Niitioiii
Lcagno hold a moating yostuiday at Ilnllina
loj , Joseph M Kuinoy , mombui ofptrliamoi
for Knnis , dtclared thittlrelund w uld uovi
bo contenlfd until nhu was fiee. The Ins
inemborH of ttiocomnaoiis , ho Haul , oji | r ll
llbwral ( fovorninent bccai < uj they ONpu t. moi
ftrt lhi < poi UMfil'M" Kfii'l oui wtii
adnnloil in f or of Imleprtndt tire nnd pewnn
lirnprioUry. 1'nmrll wa i chostnl ni the fu
lure premier uf Ireland.
Chlnrso ArroKAiiUf.
1.0NMXV , Soutetnbor 21A Timci I'm
Chowcoftojixindeiit llhulritlntr Iho ignoranci
mul elf.ikhnon ! of the Chlne i' , Instiuices thi
case of a joutig , intelligent Chlnimin win
had btou r years at Yaloaml Hirvaiil , am
\vhotncitstlut Iho CliltiMit refrain from at
taekimc the 1 ranch
from lofty imill\o % nut
savs Hint Iho Chlm-w could blot out tin
1 rcuch licetlo-imtrow.
1 no MOIIJU'O of Oppression ,
. ilTeloj-mm to iho Bi if.
LONDON , September 21. Scotland Yan
uiculj declinoto di ems llij Stand ird'itstata.
mcntotn cotillion botvvcon Iho Inviiicihlca
nnd nihllisU for . nltncks upon lifo nml
prom-rtv In London. The bollc
Is tint the story u well fouudod , mid nno'.hei
djimmitofcaie is imminent ,
nolioinlnn Aiill-Hoolnllinii ,
Spi-olnl talegram to the BKK ,
: , Soploinber 21-Tho nnthoiitics ol
Bohemia are ngnln uiglng war against tlu
munchUts and many suspected persons hivt
boon expelled from J'rnj , 10 during the
AiiHtrlnii r.Ii-otioii KiotH.
AniUM , . opletubor 21. A minor stale ol
siege is proclaimed heroimiug to the election
lint" . Thooiiposlthm journil at StoboiU Is
mirpressoii. 'I Im e-dltor is arrostod. The mill.
lary lm\o bei n cent to VA ugg to supprtvss the
rioting. ' 1 ho mayor is BH pemJcd.
Gaolom In Itnly.
JtOMr , Septomher 21. Bulletin of the pro.
giws of Cholori in Italy for the pist 21 hours
Ii2 ( coses , 111.1 diwtli * .
Tlio Kiillrnail a
Cuii'Uio , September 20. The Renoral man
agt is of the \\esUni and HonthvvoHlein lines al
, hen adjoin ncdnosAion this morning , rosumeil
legotiitmus with n MOW to forinim' n pool ii :
Joloi ado and Utah business. No progioas ,
lowever , was made , and Adjournment was
.akeii to 2 o'clock this afternoon. The iuv
uessionl.ut night was that no further nt-
, empt would bo made at tins time low .nil
n setth inont of Coloi.ido and Utrh tradic , bo.
jond an atli-mptlo maintain rates similar ti :
.ho ninety ilajsann-ement entered into yra.
.ortlnv with lospect to Nebraska business ,
Ki eight agents of all Oumlu lineihivo been
n fi'ssion to-day , tndeivoring to avirago it
jinlt to Nobiask v points , lit confoinnty vvill ;
, ln > action tnken by the miuageis jostorday.
A numbi i of othuatu inlend leaving thu eitj
, hia oMMimg , mtl in cisonf failure lo ngreo ti
Bomt' bmis of suttli'inont tins ufteinoon , it it
leomoil iluublfiil if negotiations will bo to
Binned again nc\t week.
in agreningnpiii a nini ty tliy's truce rogird-
it g llm Nebraska tralllo as miliciteil In thci'i
dispitches j ehterd.iy , 1C now transpires thai
Lho lines ngread to n piioling of the live fttocl
Ir.ilhv , thus allowing the Diuhnglon HH i.buo
of the tintlla whith has bci n goin to the Trl
put ilo roads , The lIurliiiRton Is also lo receive
ceiveiln pie rata of the local business of tin
Union I'uuda dm ing the cuiitinunnco of th
tiuco The di'poHition of the compotith
tloml fioighl is nut to bo clnuged in unypu
ticuliu from the iiresont status farther Uw the tafcs tire to bo maintained. 'Hi
aw irtlingof porcont-igos giov.iiif' out of tin
Nobiasla pool is to bo left with Air. Tucker
'Jha ngieemojit WHS signed to-day by the gen
eral man igi rs. In the attempt to an-uign i
piol on Coloi.ulo and Utah business , Iho Sin
to I'oionowed its domind for the alundon
montof the Trip irlitn pool , and an theio vvif
no IiiclimitionRho\va tow aid recoedingby either
or HII Iho genei. il confei i neo adjoin nod un
lil next Woilnosd ly , when the subji-ct will hi
lenowed. The del ills of the Tians-Continen
til pool hive been ni' irly peifectod and the
meeting uilloiuiifd till no\t Tuesday , when s
report vvill bo made to thu inanagcis
A Fatal llntllo Hutu con
CIIIUARO , Soplomber 21. This afternooi
.hirtoon toughs from the nmthorn aiiburbs of
.ho city v lulled the outlying Iowa of Nilcs
wheru corlaln iremljciH of the pirty had beet
worsti d in a drunU n IDW last Sunday. Ai
ittcnipt on the liait of the gang to
vengeaiico on Iho individual * who had nr
cm red thur diinily , led to a distuibinci
xirdi ling on the propitious of a liot. Stones
clubs and piutuls woio udod with serious ro
units to a number of comb itanls. So fai ai
eniitod | , however , only _ onn man wai fut.illj
njincd. Ho is .lou Chiiisell , u Nllns gaidmcr
wlioitcoivid u bullet wounilpiinliiciiu' Inslan :
Icatli. The inviulorH cncipuil frum Niles In i
w.i on , puihiiod a longdiHtunco by a crowd ol
nfmiatod citi/cns , headed by the local con
Htalmlaiy , but they wno finally captuiod bv
.hoLiiku Vinw pollen ami lodged in tlo vil
aKO jail , win 10it is fo irod ri'vungefnl violonu
n ly bo attempted ,
Unix ) Itixll haitmluy.
At Cmcimiatl-Cinunnat 17 , Athh tics 1 ,
At Tuli-do Molro'ijlltaii 1 , Toll do 2 ,
AtM Louis bt J-oiiis ) , Alhghuny 1 ,
At Cloveland- Cleveland 0 , New York 1.
At Indianapolis fndl uiapolm 10 , Arrglnh !
10 , ( iamo calhd nn account of daiknes .
At Hnlfalo Jinllalo 0. rhihulnlphia 'I.
At Columbus OolninbiiH li , liiltimmo 13.
At Jotiot-lJotiot ! ! 7 , J'rovidenco 8.
At Loulsvillo Lonisvillo2 , ISiooklyn 1.
At St. LoulH St. Louis 15 , Urooklyns 1.
At Lomsvillo Lonisvillea 7 , Athletics I. '
At Columbus Columbus 2 , Mctiopohtan
At Clnciimall Cmcinmitas 11 , Unlllmore
10.At lajlanapolli ) Indianapolis 2 , Alto
{ hunyii I ,
AVciitlicr To-Day ,
WANIIIV.ION , Suiili mbei 22. l''or ' the Mia
Hiiuri Ya'loyj ' cooler , gonoially fair weitlier
and vaiiiiblo winds , becoming southerly ,
gj-J ' !
KK VHEAXi 1 .i\lT/SKr ! !
II nlnm i/rn u tnj" I" M ' " ' * anttnUull bt ) . „
i \ - t'J'i .il TitVint.'Powder. I j1"
tii.JT. 1' ' I' ' " l'irsiilHnilU ' tlinonlft
11 -a .1 'n. a i tuH. lannllu > s.Jio
i u rm' no 01 C luini * ! ) ; iiiiii uiistn-vi
Nt i r sold In bin' . .
Tlie Democratic Pmiuenliel
anil the "Forest Oily , "
Pursuant to the Slanderous Too-
tioo of the
The Former is A id with An
other $ al
- I
Ono Moro OhaptiV- from Grover's '
Savory Eeoordi
_ i
The Oity of Ohvoland Suffers
Another Conflagration ,
Umloniiiblo Xnitlin or D.istnrtlly At
teuiplH of ImipmlnilcH to Destroy
the City.
SoinnClRVclnnd TJcooiil ,
Special Tolcfiiam to Iho Bnr.
CHICAOO , 111 , , Snplcmbtr 21. The Inter
Ocoin's Now Yoik special snjs : 'iho World
iaa annouucetl thnt the Simvill shortly
aunch a new scindal about Cleveland. It
dcolaioj th it ulida\it3 ! lm\o been prc-
tare-il and that they nro to bo used to break
Clovoliud'a 'Vowing popularity. " I met
.ho other night at the republican headquart
ers tx man who h is now tcandil about Cleve-
aud , and n German Inly
'or whom ho vetoed the bill which
would lm\o displaced a relative of hers in ono
> f the liuir.ilo city departments. As I uuder-
stamlthis coming scandal from two or three
jiorsona who have epukia of It , the general
acU iiro assoitcd to be about as follows :
THE siouv.
Ii. Clovolind from nil accounts and some
admissions , appears to Lo an nilmiror of thu
jontlor BCnnd to ha\o iniintainoJ In tunes
wst whit h'.a defender- call nn irregular con-
iculinu with ono or more vvomon. Shortly af-
.or Ins appc.ii.inco ut Albany as _ governor , ho
was obscrv cd to bo n frcipient visitor at the
lousuof a 1'nltnlo lady of C'ernmn extraction
who hid movpd into a piutlon of the city
nioic thin IIBU illy infested with tha curious
mil inquisilivo as to other peoples' busmen.
They talked so much about this lady aud her
distinguished \isitor tint they became ou"en-
sivo in their allusions , and the lady bioko up
n. r establishment ami removed , as 1 am told
bj an Senutor who bus become familiar
with Mi. Clov eland's personal and political
movements , to Holland I'atont. which I un
derstand , is in Oneida county , aud Is a summer
Shortly afterward a cimngo wan received
from llulfalo consigned to her , and in thin
\chicloshooccaiiontdly drove .Mi , Cleveland
about w hen he happened tobo fn her neigh
borhood The nitimocy of the two friends at
Albany uaa so notorious that it was common
tilk among novvspiper coiicsuondtnlB thoro.
At J Miami Patent I hear of its being re
marked only by HID nqout of the ISlack Uiver
raihoad at tint point.
At tin ) Icgislativo bof.sioii of 1SS. ) Senator
Titus , of Kiio county , introduced a measuio
designed to ieorgani/u the city department of
Bulfalo. He consulted with liovcrnor Clovo-
uid from time to time af to its main provi-
HIOIIH , nnd felt that < lie governor coincided
with his v lows , i'lid behoved that when the
iill was pnbseil ho would approve of it. It
vvns u moisuro of political impoi tane'e to Sen
ator Titus , niul Its pinsago was calculated to
biting then him at homo. Its dofe-it on the
itln i hand would bo a bad "eet back" for him
in llrlo county. Holheieforo labored bird ti >
secure its passajo by 113 lirgo a vote as possi-
ilo , anil Buccuodcd in getting it thiough both
: IOUKUS by geed majorities , but much to thu
ehnjiinof Titus , and tlio astonishment
of his friends , Cleveland vetoed the bill anil
eft Titus in tlio luich. The governor lead a.
long homily on homo government and vetoed
-ho bill on the giound tint it was a prrttsaii
measure. Two cxplaralions are given as to
why ho took this unexpected course. Ono is ,
; liat among the Ituifdo ollicinU who would
iiNubeuu out of ollico was a rela-
Live of Iho hidy to whom the Rovemor wiia
[ laying such marked nttentiou ,
All other , iis Ih ivo heaid it fiom thollx-
scnator ulhideil lo. is that a Air. Hutchison , a
Bulfalo , who would have autfeicd it n ,
Jill luul become a law , hnd been manager of
in ins mo asylum in which M iriu llalinn h id
jcoa conlinoil ami knew all the cncumstancCH
of Unit Ecundul which was then
unexpected and that Governor
Dlov eland did not care to antagotifco Mr.
lliitcliinmm ( it tint time.
M"rs. Halpln has re tinned to Now Kochello ,
when ) nhu ri'nidus 'with her biother-in-law , and
the latter is said lobe threatening thonewB-
[ i.ipers with libel Milts. MIH. llnlpln disap
peared foi Eoino wookn , and her return at this
LIIIIU is 8.111 ! lo bo In eonseipioiica ofadetci-
mciiatlon of Governor Cleveland to prosecute
the Imlfalo Telegiaph edit < r , and establish
exact fuels In the scandal by a unit In cilinlual
com t in which Mrs. Halpla may or may not
bo a wilnesi m his bohall ,
"This hondalH , " conllaucM the ceimtor ,
"won't bittlo this election ono way or the
othoi , but It undoubtedly would bo a good
thing to havu the exact facts brought out le
gally , and exact justice done all patties. "
Cr.KVKi AND , September 21 , The scones of
two weeks ago wcio repeated to-day on a.
smallei Bcalo , The Hats iiro then w&3 thought
to lm\o originated in AH accident , To-day'a
occiirrcnco loads to the belief that it may have
beoa incendiary. This noon a fire broke out
In Monroe llios. & Co.'ij lumber yards , in
uppei Hals , anddeslioyed alaigo amount o
prupeity , intlud'ng ' tw > million feet of lum
ber. When the llamua wuro fairly under con-
triil , a doiifo biuoke was seen pouilcg from
inaulu the firm's dry house. No Iiro was out-
tiulo , no wind was blowing pparks. It was in
disputably incendiarism. That Iiro was ex-
linguithcd with a loss of about 83,000 ,
llotweeii Hand 1 o'clock , while the depart
ment was about going homo , a thick umoko as
If from coal oil , miduouly poured forth fiom
the iiisido of the diy uhed in liion no , Strong
& , Uo.'fl lumber jnrd Bomo distance away.
That two biispiciom looking men were seen
watching this Iho nt its inception without
giving the alium Btrcngthens the theory of
uison ,
When this last fiio bioko out and it bocnmo
ceitainthat iiicendinrlcs weio at work , word
VVHH bent to nolghboiing tow ns for help , anil
engines came1 from Akron , 1'ainsville , Sandus-
ky , Klra and Abhtabula. At nine o'c'ock
this oveiilng the iiio is under control and no
further diuigor U nppii < lii > ndud , Mtmrco Uro.'u
Iocs is esllmaled at 70,1X1(1 ( ; innurance , 8100-
100. ISrowne , Htroiisr iV Co. ' 4 Ions is estimated
at fiom § 100,000 to § 170,000 } Insurance about
thu same.
A.Mniimto'u ( ii'atnl Dilvo.
ULOOJII.NQTON , 111 , September 21 J. S
Kouaho. pieaideut of Iho Third National bank
and u leading merchant of this city , was
killed last night , by being throv/A from a
buggy in a runaway , within a few blocUa nf
IIJH own house. Tbreo ribs we ro driven Into *
hU huiga. Ho was 5'J years of uga ,